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2017-10-07 | 🔗
In this episode - This is the best workout program I’ve ever used.  https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/how-to-build-50-pounds-of-muscle-in-12-months Should you stretch before a workout? https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-the-worst-time-to-stretch?utm_source=tnation&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly_dose-171001 Why I eat fat to burn fat. https://www.t-nation.com/diet-fat-loss/massive-eating-1 Some beneficial exercise for people looking for simple workouts.  https://www.t-nation.com/training/5-most-beneficial-exercises?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=article3457
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Damn bone, Jean aiming to stop free speech to this speaker can no longer speak is exclusively a far less than the din bungee knows. I'm talking to moderates and the Democratic Party who actually interested what's going on. Not wine lemmings walking off a cliff into an abyss and stupidity waiting to hear the truth about Amerika, the Rich did the rich: did they lend money to people who bought homes and people never pay the money back? Why sounds like a great business plan on his shoulders, not immune to the tax with your host Dan bombs? You know I was there any data public it thereby GINO our first episode of rough cuts, waggeries Jargon already more than man- I'm usually not doing this, but until now it's been a crazy. We may live it up in producing content. All we cannot stop. There died box and friends. This morning did kill me last night at ten p m on fire
the judge Janine tonight so first episode. A rough guts, quicker idea came to my head up with a lot of things. I'd like to talk about not related to politics, so throw it in short show on the weekend, but questions I get asked on email all the time working out, starved Sue staff, so I figured I'd. Give you a little extra content on the weekend. If you like it, let me know if you dont, that's fine, certainly not going to get away from my political showed during the week either, but You're right it they the one wasting your time. So what Why should I get all the time and email totally unrelated to politics? Is people watching book live in a seamless, a well. You know what are you doing to work out? me too? I'm frozen. You never met me, I'm about six one. Two hundred twenty five to thirty pounds. I run between like ten and twelve percent body Fadge, pretty pretty normal for a guy, my age, but what work outside you and I highly recommend they get this all the time and that we should be clear before I start folks. I'm not here
and obviously not your doctor. You got to go, seek your own medical advice. Everybody is different medical issues and problems before you start any of this obviously go check out with a qualified medical professional. He can't do any of this stuff. That's right! You put that out there in advance. I get check ups all the time, because I'm a total ass for other reasons, but what I love and I highly recommend, unlike the show during the week, I will put everything out there in the show notes. You can make these articles yourself. I don't expect you to take any day you take anything I say at face value: that's not gonna! Listen! I challenge authority all the time and you should as well, but you last year the name of the training program I use is. It is not a joke, but I call dog rehab tricky that's the actual date with two jeez now, there's theories as to why the guy, because aims Dante Trudeau. I started this to call them dad. You can read the article yourself about the history of it, but I
on this on a website called teenagers are pretty hard core site for athletes and heavy lift theirs and stop it's a great website. I use it all the time they do. there's a lot of homework on their lot. A great research articles and I notice that the people using this training methane we're blowing I mean these guys the key many were amazing. Longer debate effect the title of the pieces, how I gain three pounds of muscle in twelve months which I've read that it was like no way at all. The gist of it, the nice, about an hour, but what is its super short, so work out is actually in the link. I'll give you, but the gist of it is everything is backwards. I know this isn't gonna make a lot of sense to a lot of people out there who lived ways, but would you weightlifter. You want to do the old lie thinking was Nina pretty prevalent. Radio was you wanna. Do big muscle groups furnish that you're gonna go in the German do like squats before you were, do like risk curls right, because that's when you have the most energy at the squad, put away to new back and said
down and up again is: if requires a large energy expenditure, be very fatiguing. You dont want to do that at the end of the work out. Well, Trudel does we think folks, I can't point do the physiology of it. All I can tell you is it worked for me, I mean I put on a side was about two hundred pounds when I started this work at three years ago. I am to twenty five to thirty. Now I'm telling this stuff works. I dont know why Does everything in reverse? If does in the work you actually do dumbo curls before you do squats at the end and Otto. What it is now that that's one part of programming lines out the programme in the link I give to you, I find it to be amazing, but the second The programme is its super short. Here's how it works. I think when you first started, you can have what you gonna look at it. You can go. This can't possibly be true. I heard you supposed to do you know, whatever eight to twelve sat, say to twelve wraps of bench presses and that's the way work. That's not the way this programme works. When you do.
french pressing in this work out you get on the bench shown you pick away can do about me. You know be ten times or so you knock but eight to ten wraps you take ten. Fifteen seconds debris, that's it! You knock out other two more you take ten to fifteen Second, you knock out another two more and that's it you're done now. That may sound easy. But trust me when I tell you, go, do the work out and get through it and you ll see the difference right away. The nice parties bank zoom you're done, but it is really hard because by the time you get to that third set, you ve only taken ten or fifteen seconds is spent. when you do in some of the bigger exercises you know that squatting and things like that. Like one of the things he has in the programme as it abbreviated W em, and it's really easy to read in the link you can look at, program yourself? You know W M Joe, is so Widow Bay. You ever heard of a widow bacon in various forms. Yes for years, for as it were,
If the EU has its dodgy Dante uses in the work out and to quote dog crap training would certainly have forty days buddy again read the article you'll see why a widow there is a set of squats and he has this built into a couple different training days. You end the programme with it where you going You pick away. You can squat for about ten pound about ten wraps and you do a twenty times. Now you may be same or what thou you just said. You can only do a ten year, but it is where the waiters resting on your back. This works and why is called the widow maker folks? This is savage. I'm telling you right now. I attribute most of my strength gains do this programme. Maybe this exercise a law which you do it like. It's it's embedded in three or four the work at sea puts in them it really really we saki healthier. Doubtlessly. I have dessert your squat meeting. I have to the crooked. My elbow. It's almost like a modified front. Scrap it just for those you.
squat normally put the barn you back when you are at their tenth wrap your done now. You have to take like like ten brass, you do rapid Levitt, then Rep twelve by that How do you get to wrap twenty? I there have been times. That is why I am saying you really have to check with the doktor. Firstly, these are really. This is really hard. Work at this is not introductory level stuff, but and I'll get some of that. A second too I'm telling you when you're done, but that twentieth rapid. You rack that way. There have been times like a legit Joe, had a sit down on the floor and people are looking to you. Ok, because you are like you're, not just breathing having your muscles are completely fatigue lack the gas, it is this searing you're you're you're dies, and you just that you can't I mean you can barely more, but the work out too I'll put the Lincoln there. It's written by Ganem, Nay Green is called how to build fifty pounds of muscle and twelve months. The work ass, a very simply lying down. If you have any questions, you can do
always go to the website name. They have these coup in Asia, but their rights. It's a really. I got a question for you right now. That's what's! like a normal rest time between reps well. You know what that's a good question and that's where I think the true del onto something the way most p. Well, I've been taught to work out a special weights in the gems. You do a set of say eight to ten wraps of something you take. a minute, or so maybe two minutes- you go back, you do it again and there's nothing wrong with that. I'm not suggesting that that's a terrible way to do it Fidel set. As you know, what we can here's, the genius of his programme by cutting the rest periods, are the answer, questions about one or two minutes drunken, but to a true del which was genius. Is you get by using only ten to fifteen second round. What I do is I count our ten breasts and I go right back to the batch. So one too many right back down again. The junior it is the first set
you do, which is just a normal sacho. You know you do an eight to ten rapture of the french press. You re ragged, that's where you, yet the benefits of extended work, meaning just do in a single you doing a YO yo lifting at eight to ten times and you're getting knows metabolites are accumulating in the muscle you're getting a muscle damage you need to rebuild stronger, but on those next few steps getting also that accumulation, but you are also getting some nervous system fatigue to at the same time it since the genius waited this a programme and I got talent there are the gray programs out there. I am just telling you it's worked for me and the comments on it. If you go the website, they have these q and a light question boards and step up their comment. Boards you'll see. Other people have got an amazing results out of it, so it s called the crab trading with two jeez I get caught is about to give all the time allowed. The young kids come up to me and you know they know me from the German see me on Fox and are like eight. Then. What are you doing like I've noticed you put on a lot of weight, and I tell
Dog Crabtree, think I'm kidding may laugh at me. I'm not joking! That's the actual programme are another hour I'm gonna put in air, the show notes today is just dispelling summits submits if you are getting into training for the first time. Grab. Training is probably not the way to go and get the some other stuff here, quick enemies quickly to second, but each one bunk one of these mess. That's out there that you have to stop before you work out folks every time. I hear this. I want to throw up there's an article together from tee nation. It's all source you can look at the source. Is yourself the research data, it's more than credible research data. You should not track before you work out. You should warm up now. What, I do for warming up then what's recommended in the peace, and we know attach, is about five to ten minutes occur to you. You have to go crazy, I'm not talking about sprinting but get your rate up indefinitely breakers when you want to make sure sweat, beads or our and your melon at some point right, break a sweat and do so
free movement stuff? You know arm circles, some some get your joints moving, loosen up that fluid and new joints and make sure you're moving a little bit beforehand, but stretching beforehand there's nothing but decrease the quality of your work out recipe. I know heard this for years, but fell players doing folks. Nfl players do a lot of eggs. They take me as well. These That's all right either telling you read the research I've been to every time. I see somebody. I don't like to talk too much in the gym Every time I see someone before a work out stretching I want to grab mango, who told you to do that. You know that doesn't Every guys told me to do that. Everybody, of course, such common knowledge that when you tell people it's actually counter productive, they they look. you like. You have ten minutes now. There is a good time to stretch the best the stretches after the work out. That's all you do what you really the troops you're not gonna longing your muscle bellies at much by stretching, but here's
but if you sit a lot during the day like I do, I have to I mean content production behind a desk right now. Talking to show this is what we do happens. Show is you're, probably not by stretching gonna make your muscles any longer than they were genetically designed to be, but by sit all day you damn I'll make em well make em shorter. Now industry, they start to tighten up stretching guys I'm a big believers stretching my wife that yoga and what I do is I go. I wait till after the work out with a muscles, or are you know, fully loosened up fully warm practically fatigue that point and if You have the ability to do this, that you go to a German. They have a sauna, it is the best. All in the world goes scratch in the sauna you is amazing, you'll get it you'll feel like a million dollars. I get give it about ten minutes. I turn the song up to a buck. Fifty and I'm tellin you, I've had done wonders for back pay enjoyed pain, everything I move it. And I said I would get the stuff quits alike.
that article B and I get through this content fast in on the pain. Top intentional sag way there I do get, emails about my stem cell procedure and I don't like to talk about it too. Much on the show during the week is a political show and again I know not Although we I feel like, I know you are personally, I want at least I get a lot of questions about your stem cells everybody does because here's the deal Joe anew at you- and I are both getten older. I mean we're, not ancient blood work. We don't worry, pass the mid point in some cases right away. You know start to rot. I'm he'd, like anything else, the human body you over use injuries. I said that my wife could she just started cross Vot recently. You know said to her here my opinion on on really intense working out over the years you're, making a trade. your trading decrease possibility of a heart attack for an increased possibility of an orthopedic injury
it's a trade I'm willing to make and what I mean by that is working out. There's no question: I love and adore working out intense working out. I think outside of a genetic predisposition, you're, probably significantly decreasing the chance of high blood pressure. By chance, stroke, Armenia decreasing it had nothing. Obviously the chance of a heart attack, your hearts, gonna be stronger. Your muscles are gonna, be it could be. Fits can be easier to move around and basically easier to live. Carry Things walking around even spend a day it Disney and the heat is gonna, be eased your for you than other people, the problem is This is a mystery to anyone by cost Lee pounding your joy over the years you wind up in the position I am now or I'm forty two sought a sob story. Folks up, we set a Mamma lookin for anybody. Sympathy, I'm just telling you this to make a point. My body is damaged almost beyond repair. Now I took it to the next level. I mean I played football
when an unregulated kind of informal league, where we used to clip each other and rip each other's heads off toward the game. I grew up boxing. I grew up a brazilian jitsu heavy lifting I've had twelve orthopedic surgeries bottom line is my joints are a complete mess, a very little cartilage left stem cell procedure done not long ago. The procedure goes this way you go in the dock Java and they do a life or section on you. It's not a big. We and you know you don't take a lot of fat. They take about ethical with sixteen ounces or something which are better. You know not a lot it's on the pound or less a fat. They take it from me. back. It's not painful at all. You lie down on your stomach data a syringe, canola type syringe and they dig. to your back and they take the fat out there. You know they anesthetize the area. First, you to go. You feels the pressure I did feel darn thing they take out fat They then centrifuge that fat to get out your bodies, own stem cells, your stem cells- this isn't
stem cell argument about embryonic. It's yours themselves. They too the stem cells out of the fat tissue. Now, I'm obviously not a doctor. But from what I have read about the procedure, your fat cells, your own fad, happens to be densely populated with these types of stem cells. That's the reason they use. It gets what they told me. They then get the stem cells out. It looks like chicken broth Joe. It's like this brownish light brown type fluid and my case first, they put it in an ivy, so it got into my bloodstream. The stem cells because the doktor told me that their attracted to areas that are in flame, so that's why they didn't I ve, but he also injected straight into joint. I did my left knee my. What is it my right on my right elbow and my left shoulder my left shoulder was completely damage confirmed by x ray had almost no cartilage laughed now I
the research. This to be clear. On this, I never put out any kind of hyperbolic box. The research on if stem cells can regrow cartilage is not even close, the conclusive. Nobody has an answer on that. Yet all and tell you is what happened to me get me money from their there, not a nobody's spots, where the show that this themselves, I just get tons of questions, because I mention that on a show, it was nearly miraculous for me I'll give you could example. My right elbow from Jujitsu from getting on board a lot when I was a white belt and could do know how to get out of our bargain. in our bars, basically bending your arm in the wrong direction tool in our most of you probably seen it in a U fc or something like that. Why would rarely tap to these in a couple times. I had my arm hyper extended badly. My right elbow was atrocious. Lee inflame the cartilage was damaged and I had golf ball size bone spurs on the end of could not shrink my right arm anymore. I had the one spurs removed, but I You couldn't straightened my right arm
no why that was I the stem cell injected directly into that right, elbow and my right arm within days completely great not just tell me what happened it's at em that saying it was magic. I'm just saying it happen. it's been nearly miraculous now. The problem, having is my left shoulder done and set my right shoulder and now I'm having problems with my right shoulder today is actually the first day I'm going to skip the brazilian Jiu Jitsu class in months cuz. I just can't. I thought you go before the show, I'm in so much pain, I shoulda right now that I just I just can't do it, but I personally you're asking me my opinion, I'm giving you my personal opinion. I kid recommended. Strongly enough. I dont know What works I dont know regrows cartilage, I found no credible research that it does that to put out there for you now. I can tell you this, where was in pain. I am not anymore and where I didn't the procedure done, I'm now in pay. So you know, if you
If you have severe ass the earth riotous right now, I can tell you look into it may be, for you may not be go, get a consultation, but I get a lot of questions on and what will your results? How did it work? How did it go? It was amazing, it that's the best. The answer, I got a question about no Jim work out so gay. What if I don't have a job and I'm just getting at the work ass and I want to start great question. I opened up the show. The dog crab. Training for people are a little bit more advanced and a really look at a dial up, because I'm telling you that's works. If you look at a pack hot subsidiary muscle, but for those you just start now, you don't have a gym now want to go to a GM or just like to work from home. My bested I see you is this- go get yours Alpha candle bout now oughta be crystal clear on this, be very careful I love love, love, kettlebells, K e t the Alley: cattle Bell, Makin a ball Kendall belt looks like it cannonball with a hand, looks exactly like a cat while their evens spray painted black
cannonballs room. These are amazing devices. Now there's a number of books out there. I guess there's a website things called Dragon door, dot com, this guy Pavel he has a number books. I can't do the whole show. An excerpt is very simple. Exercises are swings. There are their snatches thereon easy to see? You can actually go online and just go to Youtube. You know you don't have to spend the money. Just Google Kettlebells swing, Cannibal snatch, my bed advice to you is forget all these fancy. exercise machines, thousands of dollars and all this other stuff Oh bells transformed my life. I do two hundred swings with an eighty to pound cattle bell. Actually, we can get up to twenty four. The first on pre, proud of that I do two hundred swings or more to tie, so weak, and what tat what we secret service used to do a b. We had the ten minutes of ten minutes, snatched ass. It was called they would take the fifty three power cattle Bell and you
this match it over your head. You just basically rip it from the ground and put it right now. I can't do that anymore, because a bad shoulders. Why can't lift overhead? Do I take get, and I do a swing past instead, which is based We too hands on a candle ballots like a cannibal with a handle you squat down, you grab it like it's between your two feet and you just perhaps out and swing it now. I strongly suggest you watch a video first, as you could hurt your back. If you don't do it right, but I suggest you go I'll, get the LE get a set of kettlebells, get start with the light of one's first and telling you this snatch test and bring test. Ten men twice a week is a great place to start from a home Jim. It requires no there's, no excuse, you can the really I mean this is the kind of show where I or or I caress people on tobacco to be ok. I know you don't have time to work out. Trust me. I don't have the time to work out and I find every single day. So twenty It's a week is not much to ask. Go
garage get yourself a cat about watch the video focus on your form. You now want to hurt you back with this and drop focus on kettlebells swings twice a week into a ten minute test. This is great rate, actually transform your body. I got my neighbour hope that by the way, it's the way to rock and roll and what you do it taken note of the number you did, So, let's say using two. Fifty three count: power, kettlebells Jelly determinative. Indeed, whatever fifty swings next week how did you fifty one then fifty five started by the way when I doing the eighty two pound care about doing. Only a hundred eighty swings, I'm now up to, like I said to twenty in the most have ever done, is two hundred and thirty six, which is a lot for me. I use the eighty two pounds orbic, because I I just like the throw heavy stuff around but De I got that you also there. If you want your chin up bars or great, do you know that I had must have exercises right. If I
You must say I bought up like listen, I'm not interested in this complicated stuff. I want really simple gimme for must have exercised, I would say, Chin UPS, presses or pushups squad. dead lives or this case, Kennel Bell swings. I would say those four. So if you add a home Jim with a cheer up all right- you could do freehand squats or you can do squats using the kettle bell to you, can just hold it like you're like you're, like hugging. It squats shops or bench presses. If you have a bench she'll need some kind of China Power, but those are easy to find. Shafts are great by the way you need the greater. To show need any waiter all chin up your arms will explode, saw your back. Chips are great and endeavour so in the case of home, GM swings with it with the cattle bell it'll transform your life for easy exercise. We not look afraid they complicating the dog. Crap trading was a little too much for you.
I, what more we see more tomorrow, maybe maybe we'll get to promise Joe. We sure for rights, but not ever you watch What do you get the right approach for those your daddy brass? Go yesterday? We in that we are this. Commit fraud. I get asked a lot. What supplements I take one guy email me because I a really care about supplements but ally, which I understand, but some people do just. Equally, when I take, I have a pretty heavy lineup of supplements. Bio tests products. I also obviously like recast nutrition. I dare stared decay. Did they are sponsor of our weekly show, but that being straight, for that I use the products anywhere, whether they response or not. this foundation, which is their creating product. I liked your buyer. Like biotech products as well, they have an icy I'm a product, zinc, magnesium product that I take before go to bed at night. It's really really good. How did you sleep do than I something complicated, zinc, magnesium and be six, but I take that the stomach before I go to bed, and I even if we want to take a milk, the calcium cancels out the zinc, so
take that at night, during the day I use resveratrol, pretty religiously grapes extract. They taken pill form I use turmeric, which I really like four inflammation? It's it's a spy. Yes, but I take it- performs its really really spicy turmeric the piper rain, which I think is terrific for inflammation. By the way, the risk virtual is good for guys in four women. Not so one of the chemicals found that red wine, I personally, I think it keeps you young and vibrant, also has a lot to a lot of good at the estrogen effects. For guys, that is so, especially if you're on tea party, if you're out thereon testosterone replacement therapy, I think resveratrol should be like a must take for you. What else do I take? Would it I used to take spirulina. I got away from that. Whole garlic to take garlic pills from four cholesterol, because I need a lot of fat and I but take kelp, for I die low thyroid one point on quickly.
the diet frontier get a lot of questions about diet and I can certainly expand on these and later rough cut episodes. I promise strong believer in again. This is very dependent on you, and this is why I can't emphasize enough- and I mean it- I'm not just giving you some standard like a v on the beginning. You really need to talk to your doctor. First cuz. Some people have problems with cholesterol that are genetic and their diets going to be completely differently. I don't have that problem difference using I dont have then issue have always had relatively low cholesterol. I've never had a problem of blood pressure. I am a strong shrunk. Leave her in need, John. John Variety, massive eating plan out here, but after all, that the shone out to it in plan on talking about a budget quickly. I mentioned during the show, write it down the regular show and you spend the whole field of it about this The greatest plan, in the world. I think it has given me. Unbeliever was asked the gist of it. Is s carbs
at the enemy, carbs adjust the enemy at a certain time of the day and mixed with fat. So if you're going to carbohydrates, whatever they in whatever form. I mean, obviously we're not talking about eating like rhesus pieces here, but about healthy, carbs here, but you carbohydrates, you fruits, show you wrote meals, you're, you're brown or white rises, potato sweet potatoes. Those types of things that you need to, Them earlier in the day, around four p m or earlier, preferably after your work ass, when you insolent sensors, I sense when you insolence reception the very sensitive to the effects of those carbohydrates and the golden rule of his massive eating plan, which again you can read it because he has all the details in there never makes any significant quantity of carbohydrates what a lot of fat. So what you do? Why do we not want to have a potato it like a rabbi? Stick, but these the diet, is actually very high fat. Otherwise, and I've got an incredible result. I've been able to maintain ten, sometimes eight percent body fat by a joke.
Early eating the fat on the river? I e the whole thing: I don't throw any fat away. I eat a ton of our fish. Oil fatty fish coconut oil. It's my diet is so laden with with fat. You be like, oh my god, how does this guy stay lean because it works when you have to eat fat to burn fat? In my end in the pc talks about some of that? so you may civil. When do you eat the fat? If you can't we with equity we'd for dinner, let's this is where you got a break, a lotta habits. You know some, People want to meet potatoes. That's me, spent a staple of Irish in italian diet. You know me balls and pass the right for years. You gotta break that habit. Folks, you can add pasta just eat it. With protein with a lean protein like chicken, a chicken having it with. You know. seventy percent ground beef meatballs is probably not the best idea and the idea theirs The insulin surge from the carbohydrates are going to open the door to your fat cells, you're storage add cells in
fashion and are going to let the fat new bloodstream flow in there. So you don't want insulin, elevated while those heavy fat new bloodstream, but if you eat the fat, out the carbohydrates you're not going at the barn door to you. Fat cells just stays closed. You get along to burn the fat and you gonna use it for good things. You know Bob rebuilding your body at the inflammatory responses. So the long and short of it is. You can have the rib steak and assuming you, dont have cholesterol problems and other extenuating factors, but you can have it with like rice and potatoes. So it's a tough but the break I broke it ten years ago doesn't bother me at all, see what what are you eat beaches stake now I have taken a salad or taken broccoli. My wife makes broccoli with garlic in butter that his us, the maids like candy we, just don't do it, my my wife manufacture. Does it just by instinct now like if I'm cool having carbs at night and she's gonna be white rice. She will now
ever make steak or an oily fish may chicken show Mc Lean chicken issues, does it by instinct Mouth and both by the way, my theirs. oh obesity, basically, my family at all and we eat like mountain guerrillas. We you have never seen people eat like my family, my my wife and I Why is this lead, as you could possibly get the amazing forties could be TAT was forty two of coming gonna be. Diners Toby carry kill me that are you, but she she looks. Twenty one she's lean she's got that the outlook of Arab still, my kids, are in great shape their there. You know my fever my five year old, their super lean because we rarely allow them to mix carbs and fats are so that's a supplementing One last thing I get is a rough. That shows, I get a lot of questions. Given my experience in the secret service and the amount pity about guns. Guns, lava guns, a you have I ever
guns advocate to give you the whole library but the gun. I prefer to carry that. I like again it is up to you. You have to determine, with your hand, size and, what's more comfortable for you to shoot. I like that, lock, forty three, it's a nine millimeter it carry six in the magazine and one in the tube, so you'll have seven enough in the firearm when its fully loaded, it's a very accurate, gone? It's a super reliable gonna start the only got out, there's a lot of good quality stuff out there. I carried SIG Sauer in the secret service. Pete you two nine. I loved it, but it's a big gun are therefore He threes a little smaller. The problem is obviously you're. Gonna get a smaller magazine. You know six plus one rounds. It's not a lot we thank God. I've never been in a gunfight. I don't plan on any time soon, but seven rounds isn't that much on Bio, his carry an extra so that that'll. Give you thirteen of the seven plus the six extra in the magazine, but
He gets a really good gun. The reason I like it is especially down here in Florida, where we don't have the ability to ever put a went their code on. Thankfully you know you have be able to conceal it added to conceal a clock. Forty three, it's big enough to be effective. And they give you a nice goods, downrange accurate, shot, but it's small enough to be able to conceal. So I like the four thousand and forty three that have a forty two as well, which is a smaller three hundred and eighty, but I'm not crazy about the three hundred and eighty round, even though I use the liberty ammo, which is a special kind of ammo, I think the NY millimetres a really good rousing. Get that question. I fucked up like to give me some feedback on the show. If you enjoy it. Maybe I'll do another one, maybe I'll make it a regular, but if it's for you it says not for me, I don't get paid any extra to do this matter. Fact. The only person aid for this producers. Yahoo could have been. We are you know, so I feel like it. Let me now my emails, Daniel upon GINO Dotcom, talking
you just heard TAN Bonn GINO. She did more than online in time and conservative review dot com. You can also get dance, podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.