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Schiff & The Dems Implode Again (Ep 1076)

2019-09-27 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive hearing on Capitol Hill yesterday where the hapless Democrats completely humiliated themselves. I also address John Solomon’s revealing new piece which blows up Joe Biden’s nonsense. News Picks:


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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee? No. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Another absolutely pack book signing last night Enviro Beach. There are people up in the balcony pack it Caesar pictures out our Youtube account was just unbelievable. Thank you to everyone. It showed up for my books. Ninety four! who book exonerated of Europe, specially the guy who came from Mr Gay people drove over from Fort Myers politics have pictures. Yesterday it was packed. You all have really been great. I can't You now have a book sighed again tomorrow, Saturday, two p m once a noble Palm beach gardens and what is in October, forth in a village is far Paula. Susan, yet October. Fourth Barnes Noble This is my last too. You can also go to premier collectibles and get my book over there. I miss well so
he's so much it's a great honor producer, Joe how're. You did Ale Danny it's Friday, so yeah it is doing. Well, ass in everybody knows about right. May you Joe, and I have had a very long way ahead- is it's been crazy? We appreciated patients yesterday resembles listen to show ever fails I've got more on that today. Let me lay out what we're gonna do. Really Over the hearing yesterday and how sleaze ball slimy Adam Shift, a broken fish of a human being I mean Britney humiliated himself from the Democrats as a another hearing attempting to destroy the present. Steve have Donald Trump imploded and secondly, at I first I want to kind of pick up on where we left off. Yesterday, about what they really hiding. We ve crowd, dragging the Ukrainians, mine stubs, bad, but their hiding something else year before the shell. I got Solomons revelations last night and a couple of other stories
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by human sleaze, Ball Adam shift. He brought up the director of national intelligence Regarding the Assad Whistleblower complacent, really a whistle blower complaint, it's a deep state operative wants to take out Donald Trump who leaks information that was benign to the media to do spy gate number to the collusion hoax number. Two, that's basically what happened, as I said, yesterday and I sent on more Ingram show us that this was a perfect only orchestrated hit the Lee so the media in advance. The hyperbolic language trump made. Promise Mr, were far leader the way the legal citations in the underfoot, noting was worded in though in the alleged whistleblower complaint. The way that they talk about the classification the document if it were to be classified later. This was a professional the orchestrated hit, don't go anywhere. Is it going to show you exactly how this happen, but
showing you what a slot but completely slimy sleazy slime, easy, that's my new words slime, always sleazy slime, easy person, Adam Shivers, here is Adam Shift, giving up completely fabricating out of whole cloth fabricating, our that he says or in the whistle blower complaints, and he goes on later, can claim. He wishes. Joking thrill funny job. What are you tired congressional here is about a paradigm shift takes its forty two is derisory Joe patchy ray. We will get the good fellows reference he takes. This is funny here. This swine ball Adam ship, completely making this stuff object this out the essence of what the president communicates. We ve been very good to your country, very good. No other country has done as much as we have, but you know what I dont see much reciprocity here I hear what you want.
I have a favor I want from you, though, and I want to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. I want you to make a dirt on. My political opponent. Understand lots of it. on this, and on that, I'm gonna put you in touch with people, not just any people, I'm gonna put when touch with attorney general, the United States. My attorney general Bill bar he's got the whole weight of the american law enforcement behind him, and I'm gonna put you in touch with Rudy you're. Gonna love him trust You know what I'm asking, and so am I going to say this a few more times in a few more ways and by the way, don't call me and I'll call you when you ve done what I asked. This is in some in character what the present was trying to communicate.
With the presence of Ukraine. It would be funny if it wasn't such a graphic betrayal of the presents oath of office, but as it does represent a real but rail there's, nothing. The president says here that is America's interest. After all, its guises drill bit, I think that's a compliment for him. I think you're being very Thank you, Daniel, you, understood and he just made that whole thing up, yeah that when he just that now now why? and this has been covered on cable news, and I think the difference with our show is the. Why matters we so then, allow haven't. We always explain the war, Why did he do that? Well, obviously number one. He has no character he's a spineless jellyfish, but we knew that. That's not news I'll, Adam Schiff to sleazeball. We knew that you know ten years ago. Why did he do what he did well to reason
the actual transcript the call between Trump and the President of Ukraine. where the Democrats allege that trumped sold the country out and was wasting information on his political opponents, which is not true. The actual transcript is benign. you may have a political judgement about how Trump conducts foreign policy, but there is unquestionably no criminality and I'd make the case that what trumped said was totally appropriate, the corruption of binding the Obama administration of Ukraine is something we should be. Look you I'm not willing to forfeit that argument to people. So that's number one he didn't read from the actual transcript and literally lie to you in the american people, because there's enough in the transcript. That's gonna win dietary peace, Donald Trump, nothing bingo. So we had to make up and he's a man of completely of completely devoid of character here, no morals are. Ethics. Are all he's not a broken politician.
Broken man he's not a bad politicians, a bad human being. He is an unethical, awful person. I would not trust what my accountant, my kids, my car, my house, nothing he's a broken man, but secondly he did it for another reason. Does the Democrats tactics the Democrats have a propaganda arm? It's called the mainstream media, they work for the Democrats. They work for them like sycophantic boot licking, but kisses, that's what they do. They are employed by the bats. What they do. They may not be physically taking money, but they old their souls to them a line of Faust the embark in a long time ago. The Democrats knew if Adam Shift. Did that and wide about? What's in the transcript give us information are portable, shake you d better. Nonsense. Sir sleaze ball shiftless spouted from his soup cooler.
They knew that's what the media would pick up there. It is that the media was gonna portrayed. I tried what's actually in the transcript, because their boat, licking sycophants, with not lots of integrity either. Folks, as we said yesterday in again, thank you for almost listener ever The Trump Ukraine call and the whistle blower who reported on the cop. They re you know, claims are false. There was no quid pro quo, in other words, deal caught, something for something They initially stated Trump threatened to withhold. military aid to Ukraine if they didn't investigate hundred, but that is not in the call that has been debunked he's a hundred percent false. Second, they said tromp ass, for a favour to investigate how turbine That is not what he was talking about. The favour was to invest. Ukrainians wrong the corruption twenty sixteen election, thankfully Trump ass, for that they made that up to finally trump
Zalewski, you need to talk to Giuliani, sell it. The ukrainian president brought up Giuliani, not Trump, so the three said tenets of their accusation, which we discussed at length yesterday were entirely the pump, so shift made it up for a comply waking media at a laptop like dogs and throw that out their misery that Batman Movie with, though the Christopher Norman, like dogs, well that guy's Crocodile Calaboose Ways bread, they begged, like dots, psych talks like dogs, they're, gonna lap it up now. Thankfully, bread, Wench trip Congressmen Republic, the republic inside I am, he came back and very much slammed and stuck it at Adam shifts face. So we needed one of the cell bizarre want to leave you to bet listening. Adam shift will always put you in a bad mood. Is he's a jellyfish spineless human being just broken person? Here's Brad, Winch Europe Republican, just drop it ah by Adam shift for the stupidity check this out with her the information from you as the chair, this committee, or the Senate,
telling US director. I wish I had the confidence of knowing that, but for this hearing, but for the deadline, that we were forced to set with his hearing that we would provided that complaint. But I dont know that we would have ever seen that complaint, Doktor Webster things Chairman, I thank you, Mr Maguire, for being here today. It's a shame that we started off this hearing with fictional remarks. The implications have a conversation that took place between a president and a foreign leader, putting words into that did not exist that are not in the transcript, and I will contain those were intentionally not clear and that German described it as parity, and I don't believe that this is the time or the place for parity when we are trying to seek facts, nor did as it were involved with the conversation agree with the parity that the chairman gave us an unfortunate. Today, many innocent Americans are going to turn on their tv, and the media is only going to show that section of what the chairman had to say, but I am also
glad to know that many Americans have seen this movie too many times, and there are tired of it, though we declare that guy said the books and it gave us the guys really whether we need this a garden. We totally disregard thing we need is a garden. so bad writer. Talk about an odegov, the lives I job course these are owning the lips thug. Like glass, appreciate I just but a play that did not leave you in a bad mood Friday, knowing that there are people out there who are tired of this spine, Liege spineless, Jellyfish, Adam Shift and are willing to say so in front of the television Devon New. oh by the way, also did a spectacular job. I can play clips all day. Oh yeah, I've just smoke it out. If you please, I beg you graduate
So the Democrats, in their latest roll out of there lay his fake news varied eyes. Never do. Ok, we got now I told you I would explain to you. Quickly here how This was an orchestrated professional head. Let me set I'm going to show you Adam Shifts tweet in a second now the data, it's gotta matter, and what I want to tell you. This was a professional hit. This is not a whistle blower com, This was an inside deep state hit. Our Donald Trump Folks, Adam Shift, has claim, the Lee that he did not see the whistle blower complaint until just recently. Now what is the theory state policy? the twenty, sixth, or something I even twenty. Seventh, twenty seven September, twenty seven I will just so you know, I know liberals or listen to have a tough time with facts and stuff. It's now September, twenty seventh Friday Adam. She, this claiming up until recently yesterday today this week, he didn't see it
whistleblower complaint had no idea. Any of this was going on. Remember with this. Is it's a deep state alleged whistleblower? who complained about a call trump made in August, the Ukrainian presently the allegedly sold the country out to get information on its political opponents right. That was the allegation shift says Joe. I didn't know anything about this until recently, really check out tweet from shifty jellyfish shifty other data on the street by the way August twenty eight. You could seek Natasha Bertrand Collusion, noted, collusion hoax, her and of a formal deep says, the same operative random ships. Looking to date August withholding vital military aid to Ukraine, while as personal, where's, withholding vital military aid to Ukraine. While his personal lawyer seeks help from the Ukraine government to investigate its political opponents, it doesn't take us able genius to see the magnitude of this conflict or how destructive it is to our
so security by the way he re. Eighty tweets by the way quote: retweet Natasha BAR tread, who says, became Trop. Has this national security to review funding for Ukraine to ensure that money is being used in the interests of the? U S, folks. What is this I'd like to you. the collusion homes, part of their party. You were harsher barter for She now the these bag. Folks, I told you to Natasha Bird tread What s up there would fusion candles radiant? These are the only collusion hawsers. These are DV propagandist Pravda. Red state. Not only read state like Red Republic, red state advocates for the democratic activists and hit job people in the deep sea, Bertrand was one of a lead collusion, hawsers weeks current view
we can believe in and others Ignatius washed imposed, we're in Tell people feed to them. False leads. shift is conveniently quote: tweeting collusion hawks her saying: hey We are hearing rumours about this. You crazed up job. They were steering Roma folks either obvious ship had the complaint early. Now, it's obvious professional it This was being coordinated with the media, who worked for the Democrats, people like fusion hawks or net conspiracy theories, Natasha, Bartram noted conspiracy, second metal winning conspiracy theories, resolve coordinated this river award needed head now again, adding some color to it. What should be done. folks that whistle blower needs to go up to the hell. Yes, sir, get up get in there get them up there.
get tat, whistleblower get him up there and I have my by the way again about who coordinated this whole thing, workin on some stuff there to Surestay stating who quite is operating that person up today. Hale right now let's see exactly who they spoke to and when under oath, I want them under, Where exactly did you speak to congressional staffers about this because Adam, chief says he didn't see it until September, but treating out in August allegations that are only in the whistle blower complaint along with ease. deep state, ally, propagandists thing, conspiracy theories, Natasha Bertram sounds like a pro hit me course, its appropriate, because their hiding some, which I'm conveniently gonna, get to write
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I've been getting a lot of emails receiving a lot of emails from you aren't I really do appreciated and some of them have said this, and you because you email to me letters, you said Dan, they are not really hiding the Biden stuff their hiding the crowd strikes of. I agree. I discuss that yesterday we had a little bit about today's well another angle on what you're doing here, but they are hiding the Biden stuff to folks. Are you know that? But somebody ridiculous? Nobody wants a big scandal, without Obama's vice president breaking during a twenty twenty election regardless violence in Germany as well. Maybe that is some of your emails. I got a lot yesterday just said well, speed, orchestrated by the Democrats too, because they want to knock off by Mr Ferber on folks. I totally completely one hundred I disagree with that. I'm, I think, that's a faulty theory. The Democrats by is already losing. He is all fallen out of favor. He is a gas machine. Nobody wants.
a Democrat, the biggest scandal of the new cycle to be focused on a bomb. As former VP as they are running and have to answer questions about folks, I've got evidence for this. I just drove on this out because it's my opinion, member, yes During the shall we play the Elizabeth Warrant Katya, where she's asked about candle when she finds out it's about biting its. You automatically backtrack combo Harris same thing. Ladies gentlemen, out of these nominees are running in front of micro, demanding an investigation abiding. They know. By means of Joe he's a wounded political animal right. Now he s new, they get it and what ceiling at some, so you know what he had to be destroyed himself. Get out of the way right. You ve ever been clothes, said Suzanne, that's probably not even such as they say son, so that everything they say Don T said: where's the beef door underwent the commercial data you're out of away violence I've seen now. Nobody wants a democrat scandal. I again, I respect your opinion. I love your re by for those using
Democrats want this. Do I a hundred percent disagree? But having said that, I do agree that bigger scandal on you know my body to seven. I wanted my good sources. He agree show that this is about crowd Shrike, which Donald Trump brought up in the transcript we brought up. You should now. I discuss crash strike yesterday, quick, A nation crowd strike is associated with the Atlantic Council. Victor pin shook a big of the ukrainian donor to the collective foundations on the Atlantic Council, its stocked with a bunch of eighty trump and it actually former GEO people as well, who don't like tromp the Atlantic Council part. up we Parizade marks the company Joe by Kid want to work for in this. What looks like to be a corrupt deal? You know, I seem to be. You know over in Ukraine. At the time is son got the appointment, the charisma, I point a lot of the connections in this web of people yesterday, but what I
have you yeah she's. One of the angles, though this that's been ignored, is the Atlanta councils eyes the pinch work and I think the Atlantic Council, the people involved with crash like we're them you were heavily involved and in fostering this collusion hoax. What else so they hiding? So I'm sorry for those. You didn't listen you this, and he s really show, but if you wouldn't mind check it out, I needed me to gloss over that. Penitent want to repeat the whole show. The bottom line is this crowd sure I'm sorry for those. You didn't listen you this me yesterday show, but if you wouldn't mind check it out, I invited me to gloss over that. I didn't want to repeat the whole show. The bottom line is this crowd. Shrike did was the ones that determine not the FBI, the Russians allegedly hacked Dnc, Sir That's the whole russian collusion oaks and that they gave the information a trump later. If the Russians not hacked Dnc servers. You understand the whole hoax falls apart. The F b. I never got. The service yesterday explain this intricate web of relationships between people,
out, strike Sean Henry, a crowd: Shrike Bob Mauler, who had worked for Bob Mahler, how I'm the day and see who involved. With with getting me make sure the FBI and ran and and referring the thing, the crowd, strike and other ladies and gentlemen, they all know each other. These people, the Atlantic Council assessment, but one of the people Fonzie Atlantic Council, this guy Victor pinching. I want to show you something because one of the theory- we put out there early on about the Mahler probe was at the hall. purpose of the Ukraine actual scandal, was the silence people, Joe them one of those key people, was Victor Pincher. In the collusion hoax and now Ukraine actual scandal with the Democrats to get them to shut up. One of those key people was Victor Pincher, so. You what saying joy ages the audience announcement there is russian collusion scandal in advance
Clinton's in Obama's involves acquaintance promoting skulk avowed russian Millet military intelligence theft, project, the Clinton's promoted the uranium one deal the fact that they whose Theo who use russian sources all of the Clinton collusion Obama. Russian collusion is real. It involves the ukrainian side, the Obama administration, getting information through the and see. Sarah gets you left from Ukrainians about Trump and feeding into the FBI's. I make sense now when Trump got elected, they needed cover their tracks. Yo Yo track you white the dirt clear they needed to cover that they were afraid. People start speaking out. So what did they do smaller team, one after people who were involved the Clinton's and the Democrats and tied them to Donald Trump. The answers, the air everywhere vex or burn all I dare Pasqua and one of them is ukrainian, Victor Pincher by time the trump they can get these people to shut up,
Let me check out this CNBC peace? This is going to scramble your eggs here. Listening to this one, Mahler, is reportedly investigating a hundred fifty thousand dollar donation from a ukrainian billionaire given to the Trump founded. by yet Knee Lee Monday April night, twenty eighty, who is that you, Any a billionaire made Clinton, daughter and Atlantic Council remember where all these people said crowd strike all these eighty trappers Victor Pincher, now let me get this straight. How about the victor Pinchbeck. ukrainian billionaire, whose heavily involved with the Clinton's in the Atlantic Council where the whole, The and see hacked by the Russians thing crowd. Shrike all so all these people sell our meeting through the Atlantic, they all know each other right just to be clear what they don't
each other directly. They're. All in this same sphere, rebellion whence rising. this same guy Pincher who, as unquestionable ties the point that these one of their largest donors at twenty five million their foundation and who s said yesterday the Clinton's tried to do since themselves from one all they started to come out. Mothers invest waiting for a hundred fifty thousand dollars speaking feet. The trump by the way no allegation of illegality and all every respect I have speaking fees. People pay me to come speaks of them is nothing unusual about that why would they do that? Folks? Put you, asthma, skill further. You saying that MR saw my fifth grade teacher put your thinking. Calves are boys they're. Doing it to shut pinch shook up. Pinches is a man who it's a money clearly to people in politics, buying it
It's all leave that for you to judge pen shirk doesn't want to and the bad cited Donald Trump. So if someone came and talk to him about his operations, which I'm gonna get to witness, again operations with Hillary Clinton. Some one had a shut him up. So what better way to shut him up and send a molecule, go we're looking at your stuff for your payment, the Donald Trump he's, probably looking like four Donald Trump, the hell are you talking about? I gave you will recall twenty five million. You look at a hundred fifty thousand dollars speaking fate. The gay working Becky paying pipe down body now pipe down about. Why put down about what? Let's go to peace number. Do I love using left wing resources by the weights shall create, as liberals have our ethical bears. A very rare news. We
this. Is your guys worry Ross? Newsweek ego Youtube accomplished by Gina, you can see for yourself. I read if I thought you were nothing. he says me more than using left wing resources in bright. You get the point news we glory Ross for eighty in twenty fifty. I can give you the time six with DNA am eastern daylight. Hilary quite bids Better factor has trade links with I read: real cool. Who could that be Hell, Aris bigger? We wish we had to think TAT. I was also able to see someone assembly, but you can't we gets. I appreciate who also gets oil, where we will not get very well. Let's put our tinfoil thinking. who would have suspicious ties to wear ram whose connected the Hillary Clinton, whose off deeply involved with the Atlantic Council who has connections to crowd, strike that determine that the Russians
the Dnc servers when we have had no hard evidence of that and by the way here tends to be ukrainian as their accusing trumpet being above at who could that benefited? Well, let's go to the peace. More importantly, we shall ensure that question for you again from from left wing news. We another propaganda, Alan enemies of Hillary Clinton wanting to discredit her for her White House bid are likely to seize on news that one of the biggest benefactors to the Clinton Foundation has been freed, It was, I ran and maybe Each of you S, sanctions imposed on the country. LA cute. You crazy, an oligarchy. Victor pin shook they give us It's yours. If fifty four s nice has corners, they Clinton's for at least nine years in the United States, the Alps and Ukraine, earlier? This year, he was confirmed, as the largest individual contributor to the Clinton Foundation, whose
These include the creation of quote economic opportunity and growth here for the collective quote. Listen to this part at the head here, He also eyes links to the Tony Blair Foundation and represented its biggest single donor in twenty thirty Tony Blair. In France, the United Kingdom, what the same United Kingdom, who sharing and tell what the Obama administration about the trunk team. As we pointed out that CNN article yesterday that UK that Tony Blair yea yes right said Joe Use, they get they'll do voices are the radio. Say forthwith, pull out to one hundred and fifty thousand feet here, so we can look down on what's goin on lose you in the wokery. What is going on here,
exactly what happened with spy gain the collusion hoax. The Democrats colluded with the Russians. getting information from russian sources through Christopher Deal. Mark war, the Senator democratic Senator with trying to foster relationship play Deripaska the Democrats in interfering in by getting information from the United Kingdom and others about a political opponent, Donald Trump and basically folks, just recall about information. I just said and swap out go reversed the tape and just edited folks and swap out unjust, swap our trump for the Democrats. What they did they said Trot did everything they did. That's all they did, because why because the boot licking sycophants in the proper media will run with it. Yes, Trump did you have
any evidence that known all, but the Democrats set of true all you understand. This is the same thing. Victor pinch shook and its operation with the United Kingdom at its donations to the court. The foundation, whilst simultaneously, potentially vice Maybe the war with his business with I ran. Was it It then scandal in Ukraine and all they do is plug drums name. It now thou this back. Why was this a premeditated calculated professional hit on Trump.
folks, whereas the collusion hawks was invented out of whole cloth, bike, steel and Simpson in their dossier. They didn't have anything on Trump in Ukraine. They tried it. So remember what I'm talkative Here the Democrats collude with the Russians they want to see Tromp colluded with the Russians to hide their malfeasance, so they make it up in the dossier copy the Democrats, unquestionably, major scandals in Ukraine, PIN shook the Clinton's Biden. corruption with Alexander to loop and the DMZ Dnc Lukashenko, from Ukraine. The MP giving information, and now your fusion gps, they replace the name Trump did it. They have nothing chow Mahler tries to fabricate that charge through what the Victor Pension
peace we just saw where they investigate pension, speaking Frida Trump. Where does that go? no aware no are. They can't even make anything up on that because there's nothing even remotely illegal, so Joe, they sit and wait They waited out the deep staters, the frauds, hers the inside baseball, fake whistleblowers. They wait like snakes, ready to pounce what were they waitin for you the ukrainian elections. They know there's ukrainian presidential election and they who's gonna call when the elections over Trop course he's gonna call congratulate him and they wait and the minute he opened his mouth about Biden told him at the present.
in Ukraine crank corruption. We know they were involved in over there. The Democrats Biden family right, the minute they do it. A phone call, I doubt in my mind, goes over the capital hell staffers for these sleaze, Ball Congress, people and senators says we got em now. You know why got a bag. It reminds me of the time you over the lawyers. Lynn. Remember this way to fling goes on vacation who job with this guy do yes, yeah beautifully stated by plane goes over the Dominican Republic. Conveniently Obama kicks out these diplomats when he's air MIKE Flynn cause the russian ambassador wow folks, these deep state crap is real.
you can care for off. All you want. You don't care, I'm here to report what's happening now, when you think is happening. This was a professional org. straight and hit where they were waiting on that call and it immediately turned into a leak and a fake whistle blowers scandal, because why. They have to erase Hillary's ties and binds ties, and the Democrats ties to Ukraine and replace it with Trump and everything they tried before, including tying trumped up trumped a pinch of Denmark. Now, why was Pincher What's going on with Pincher can I ran and what are they hiding again at their hiding a lot of stuff Biden? Ukraine, the insane? I want make ourselves whether I'm just trying to how deep the Democrats quagmire is with Ukraine. Folks there's a list. We keep. By the way, this bad news we peaceably in the show notes that I hated him the clicks, but you need to read it possessed.
Wing resource. You can use against your liberal friends. Go that's a conspiracy theory really anew sweet conspiracy, theory gets a democratic, makes a lot of sense. Doped down a little further in a piecemeal you're. What I want to talk through an insensitive Paulson, we propose further use. If I want to talk through this, mind you, I want you to listen to you understand what Hilary involvement in Ukraine is. This guy pinch shook owned a steel company called Inter pipe insure pipe sold. Some of this matter real joy. I ran for over a million dollars. Why does it matter. the allegations are, or were at the time that the sail from pinching company twice Rangel violated? Specific? U S, sanctions against that deal! You are now loud to sell that kind of material for an invoice over a million dollars to. I ran the invoice why so over a million dollars. There is a list, then job cuts.
I'll buy or we'll get to that the second a list of companies that violate these sanctions, that gets maintain men by who State Department, who is right at the time of the sale by who Oh Hillary Clinton and miss Curiously, pink cheeks company, despite credit allegations they should have been on the list for violating their sanctions. Mysteriously disappears. who manages the list. Hillary Clinton might be the Recruit recount found under the family. The northwest get the northwest where's the list waste
picture on it, you can only do it is twenty five million dollars and donations to the cliff felt now not out, of course, not now job don't be silly comment. I may not joe what you're conspiracy stop it now, just they drive in the audience crazy, but you're, silly conspiracy, I'm sorry, guys lotta people, the book signing ass for you gave us. I wonder how we gotta make a guest them. next book, I'm gonna have you out of what I would like to promote, Braga beyond forgetting will do is show beforehand, I'd be a lot of fun. Folks. Let me say, as I got a lot more to get you again this collusion gate, spy gate, Hoax gate part to the Democrats, as Tucker Carson, Carson beautifully said. The virtue is this they claim to be virtuously: combating corruption by Donald Trump and the Ukraine. What they're really come is there mortal sin of their deep involvement in Ukraine in corruption, and I know you,
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Rarely must reads there are a lot of should raise. This is a must read up at the show. No now John Solomon, the once secret memos cast doubt on Joe Biden, Ukraine story these once secret member. So what happened? Last night, I just got down telling you but to do this quick as it's it's easy to explain a little easier than Hillary Clinton. Ukraine angle, the Democrats, I I agree with your emails are covering a lot of things in Ukraine. They are covering up Biden there covering pillory their covering up the ukrainian collusion with the Dnc to give the manifold information to the FBI, their cover and all that machine go now your I get it, but the Bible those important and no. I don't agree that the democratic candidate for president want this out there. So so you understand the store It's simple again binds kid gets the job. A policeman natural gas company after buying travels to Ukraine, a twenty fourteen. It's a lucrative billion dollar thing, fifty thousand dollars a month as well in Ukraine, actually talking about natural gas, among other things, the investigation star,
into that deal right away. It sounds corrupt smells bad Biden, then get tries to get the prosecutor fired. Bad effect does get the prosecutor vis Victor Shokhin. Looking into that tourism, video fire, ok, simple, right binds kid gets us gig Ukrainians, look into it by demands a guy looking into a good fire. That is the scant now by The story is this Joe Biden stories, Oh, no doubt we as one of the prosecutor. Looking into my kid sweetheart deal fired cause. He was our delete bad guy and Outta there Cases against my kid, Joe Biden against Hunter, had already concluded by the time I made these demands. The verdict is in that is colossal bs. I not have that his true self from the excellent Johnny sound
please, please read the lake it my shone out. It is well worth your time. Let's go through Johns. Talking point you John has documents, unlike abiden from the ukrainian government and others, showing that that Biden story is complete, total bs. Let's go to take away number one priority. the company, Joe Biden, kid hotter works for in this fifty thousand dollars. Sinecure has burst, was lawyers. Remember the cases that we hold a footing Why do you say that babe? What are the prosecutor looking to just get fired because he was corrupt? Not because I need to do my kids from the beast wrong. For instance, Burma's American legal representatives met with ukrainian officials just days after Biden forced the firing of the prosecutor and offered listen to this folks quote.
Apology for dissemination of false information by: U S, representatives and public figures about ukrainian prosecutors. According to the Ukrainian got government's own member the meeting the effort you're. The meeting began the same day. The prosecutors firing was announced So Biden Story story, a the lie, Joe Biden. This was a career guy. We wanted and fired it didn't matter. He was looking into my kit the act lawyer for Joe Biden, kids company, hey we're really sorry. We lied about the prosecutor that thing yesterday by bad. Nelson Months moment. What are they the ukrainian government. This meeting was it taking notes, Joe Biden worry is a lie. The lawyers four hundred binds company already better. They lied about the prosecutor.
worry? Natasha Bertrand collusion hoax. There's nothing to see here, Joe, nothing to see here, The worry at all. We have a carpenter sweep it under take away number to the this. Once youth they actually try to set up these lawyers meetings with the Obama duration. Listen this one! In addition, recent get hundred binds company. First, first by little job there. Fifty k a month. This embarrassments american teen offered the intruder ukrainian prosecutors to Obama administration officials to make a move. jail for lying about their prosecute. According to that memo, and the american legal teams, internal emails wholly Moses. Not only are they admitting to lying about the prosecutor and Joe Biden people now
lawyers for Hunter binds. Company are brokering arrangements. Maybe the Obama Minister, what the heck are. charisma lawyers. Doing setting up meetings with our White House. They work for us to make amends for what job amendment four wiring about Shokhin, the prosecutor or even fire, because he was crop, no five years. Looking into your kid, a man we have to make amends for if he was fire because he was corrupt. What for what liars. Don't worry, media people there's nothing to see here, nothing at all but trouble get a pale trumped, our Moscow yeah. That's the real story. Total imbeciles take away number three, this one's a duty to the Giuliani thing. I love this.
Please remember their thing is our Trump said Giuliani over there you got number three arrogant quote Ukrainian I ask you to say they have tried to get this information to the d o j since the summer of twenty eighteen- oh really fearing it might be, it's possible violations of? U S, ethics laws. Why isn't that fascinating? Jus? First, they I had a former federal prosecutor, bring the information to the EU attorney in New York. Could I say, showed no interest wow shock or deep state. The OJ swap rats, our uninterested in any bind corruption, Airbus's lastline there the Ukrainians reached out to present. Tribes, personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani Way way TAT S, not what they told us show. The Democrats told us Giuliani, initiated all that's what they told us so now we know the real story that ukrainian smell, a rat here and a potential criminal case against the v peace. Kid they go to prosecute
swab whereat, the OJ type say where not interested and then they re. the Giuliani to try and clean up this corruption, but yet you're right. This is all a tribe scant Dobbs photo for photo conference, cosmetic screenshots screen, shot for Johnson, peace investigation. Ladies and gentlemen, with not closed, keep that up. There remain. or bindings job I lie all by the Am I demanded the prosecutor. Looking into my kid was fired that case, pretty clothes. Looking into my my son's company breast no wrong from the peace so you're, just some media outlets have reported that evergreen by the way, that's some meat. They say some deprived. The hacks have reported that at that time, job
enforced the firing in March of twenty sixteen. There were no open investigations. Those reports are wrong again, evergreen folks ever agree. British based investigation of a Reese owner was closed down or early. Twenty fifteen on a technicality when a deadline for documents was not met, but. the Ukrainian Prosecutor General's office still had to open inquiries, March of twenty sixteen when and is demanding the prosecutor looking into this case, be fire. According to the official case file provided to Solomon, one of those cases involve taxes, the other allegations of corruption? He smiled ass the cases against it, we're not closed and settled, until January of twenty seventeen? I know lives, you can't do math and follow basic numbers, but Joe last we have it your summer brought up J's abacus last night. We have spoken about him and you don't need If you have Jays advocates, did you notice
I want you to do some simple, but a guy named J sent us and advocates a long time ago. For you, a renegade republican. This is so joy. I want you to do simple man from his is very very lackeys. Maybe local complicated get the avenues out area I want you to do subtraction for me and away from the January of twenty seventeen. I want you to subtract from January twenty sixty how many Is that how many years that ten, twenty or once the Abbe guy knows this tough? That near ten years or twenty you know think about it's hard to get this right. That's one year, I wonder if you play, we have the shares its weight. I know we have the idea that Jane every I know, you're you again for the abacha we're introducing Jays advocates to our new lizard, but having said that show that there's a second part to this question. Very good now you can call it a lifeline if you need, I know which one year difference between Jack two thousand and seventeen and March two thousand, and sixteen in January two thousand and seventeen after or before.
or March twenty two Paula life. Why lifeline? You need take your time. Seventeen. Sixteen I'm gonna take a guy to say it's it's after Dan from then on I read correct so we now thanks to Jays Africa's brilliant Joe, our because their job, claim the investigation into his son was closed when he demanded the firing of March twenty sixteen but Paris by themselves and the official ukrainian case files showing January of twenty seventy. After as Joe beautifully stated, those cases were still open me. People dont worry Doll, you I worry about the true. No you just right. over your mail and don't you worry, stood beside you,
I have a problem I broke it. No I got punch by my brother once said: sparring were train of her mixed martial arts thing. You want me twice, member, that power comes out there. She is I said I think we have a problem. I noticed waiting. My nose was like here on the side of my face. Yeah you got problems, you'd, like you, want to move that things straight again, and what did I say to you? She, I You should stop now make now we get to work remember that she's, like my gosh you would idiot. I want you more I couldn't smells like six month. I've gotta be kidding me notice Hell broke it. Don't you worry folks where it costs right over your silly little heads investigation was closed. Ok, just start selling Jason
It was our plural four, as it advocates is, or abacha ass, high, ass, richest selling to media people. Can't you basic net Victoria one more take away, and I can I get too quick stories. Ira, ok, so Shokhin the prosecutor, five months fires, ok to his kid. They said he was corrupt and he was told he was fired because corruption actually was looking to escape from the South and EAST a newly sworn up and affidavit prepared by European Court show can actually testify. did he was fired and March of twenty. Sixteen eighty was told the reason and the reason was Biden was unhappy about the charisma investigation quoth. The truth is, I was forced out because I was leading a wide range of corruption probe. It's a very small things that natural gas firms active in Ukraine and job Son Hunter was a member of the board of directors. Showcase testify in a sword affidavit again media fault,
Don't you worry? Let's focus on the trumpet. Moscow from power, Moscow exactly that one that doesn't exist. That's the real conflict of interests right! you, son of a bitch you as a further sign of a biscuit. Well said my friend. Yes, I you get that. Let me just die all that a quota dams are hiding their Ukraine collusion. Dams are hiding Hillary Clinton, Ukraine, involvement, dams, devastating scandalous Biden. You now know the true Biden line and shifts asleep or that it wanted to actually go yes, I want to leave. You would suggest some good stories, because I know it's been a kind of a depressing weak when all the thousands of or other and also but I reed. I title these. These new rules, storage, member, the new rules right, we win, you lose we're done, play a nice. Okay, you want to use a linsky rules, will use them to I am done with the nonsense. We're now. Battlefield morality. You want to destroy us, we're gonna fight back again,
I believe the sick or violent stuff for you lose It's on the left, the Anti first amendment, eighty four people, but we are going to fight back using pollen. the that you use on US dog care at all so here are some of the new rules here. the guy. I absolutely adore Tom Comin up on capital here yesterday, Tom Home, it is best disclosure- I know Tom Matters, but matters, but our times up Capitol Hill testified. immigration, and He just whites Congress on fire check out this cut. This is great and we wonder why I say are being attacked, our facilities being shot at being burned down. We will why spouses and children born leaders are bullying schools and churches. Last year I was gonna races and a big it because I am forced large EU enacted if I'm a racism bigot for enforcing laws and you and acted. What's that, make you Europa long way. We I hate, you make a return.
but all I love this guy. this is my new montagnier. I love tat moment. He needs it. You know what Tom, if you I know you you may want to show. Sometimes Can I send a pair of these to you. I want you are capital Hale after you do that next time I want you to sit back. I guess all I want that's all. I want What worries us up reinforce it was you idiots right, do all we can to see that you follow always nice enough to bring in a cigar. Although folks, I don't backing away from regos, we got a guy who is nice enough to bring some stones that power. Your friend we regard role and drag your journal measure.
gave his followed. Thank you part. That was your profile moment due in the shop will mainly be get jealously guarded, Dont went home and so that the chair of the committee- and why this, what I mean by new rules when I say This is the new rule segment new rules. We are gonna fight back viciously. I can't see, people now you want to accuse us of being racist you're. The real races now omen, gives exactly zero about any of this crap They usually be erases. The chair tries to it again. Representative is just Jaya. Paul and open as having none of this watch. How this, as this may be a triple thug life classes for the first time ever in the show listed a home in short that down. This is five stars check this out, Mr Herman,
We have noted that there were three Manasseh, serene the Republicans and the Democrats, the ranking member, we increase the time of one witness, one member of Congress, who was interrupted by a who test that is done with the approval of ranking member. Please respect the chairs authority, the generation. years ago, the german home, at that you you work for the taxpayer. The taxpayer. You work for me purple. Ladies and gentlemen, I love Tommy. Yes, you work for us. We don't work for you. You may have for new rules that should have an old rules as per the constitution who work for us. I love this,
who testified up on capital, Hale, Corey Lewandowski, Tom Omen model. there are no better than the plant one on your caboose is thanks, but no thanks. Finally, last story: this is a great one. So no rules again the media wants to dig up all tweets from people's pass in a dish on them and destroy their lives. So we have this story. Some of you about this guy Carson king. He put up a bit No sign of a game ought to raise money. Forbear raised two million dollars donated to ask, but also, of course, the hack lunatics in the media, what they want to do at the lunatic the more register. They wanted to destroy them. You know, Joe God forbid. You don't eat a million dollars to hospital. You can't do any of that. So some Rob report fake rapporteur. You know full time. Spineless jellyfish, maybe he's related Adam shift somewhere down their geological line. Maybe they should you like. One of those Jean testing things this guy by the name of Erin Calvin. This report is to be a good idea to go. Dig up this Carson king, two million dollars to charity dig up all
us from when he was sixteen percent You know Joe. What we say at sixteen is always indicative of what we think it. Twenty and thirty sure. Yes, it is ended. The Boyne registered these crimes. You're like. While we do that for everyone, we dig up their social media, but you do well that's shocking because we dug up some tweets. They were all over the internet. I come off. The internet here are some tweets from errant Calvin. The rapporteur out and why pay day, let's go to the next one, is the reporter writing about the guys all tweets by the way. There's another doozy here, bigger quite a few paper at the second one. Too many of these any word as b he bade now. Would you go my gosh off my for my poor old pard, my French, yet either next I just got hit by Tory a most make up. Guy, never talk to
Ange Gay men, Bow Aaron shells any new rules. Ladies and gentlemen, what happened a poor Alvin here the mind registers statement on poor old Alvin, Erin Erin Cow, whatever his name is Aaron Calvin Valve and have it. We hear you you're angry and here's what we're doing about it Carol, Hunter that the mood register well, what they do about it yeah they gave her Melvin Erin, Calvin, Melvin Calvin. He got the boot quote reporter is no longer with the register night. Quadruple quick, quit gobble up. I've never got Grau, you want to start digging up our pass. We're gonna dig up your slimy pass to new rules. We win you whose sucker, you're out of a job now have a nice weekend job. I folks, I was a business They start. You have you at its totally my fault.
Some of you may catch, are jumping rattler Beth. I messed up coloured by had ascended Joe. so I tell you if you don't ever mention, is that now sometimes you mess a majority. My fourth, but thank you for everything this week. Thank you. I mean You all are the most while greatest audience ever and am I can't say that money for being hyperbolic Barak made my life. So great will hear your children. The book signings, the guy from Michigan event from stand now, and the Fort Myers family last night drove three hours. Thank you for making. a book number two on Amazon exonerated You are really wonderful and I have a great weakened or miss me. I'm talking to night for the news explosion. I really appreciate a folks thanks so much just the next week. Taking one day, sir, you just heard tan bungee knows you can also get dance broadcasts on Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.