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Shady Schiff’s Show Trial is Collapsing (Ep 1108)

2019-11-12 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the stunning display of left wing bias by the media in their coverage of the fake whistleblower. I also discuss the reasons the Democrats’ star “witness” against Trump is actually a liability. Finally, I address a critical immigration story and I make an important announcement about the show. 

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Fox News host accuses Drudge of being anti-Trump. 


A devastating critique of socialism from a Venezuelan insider.


Why is Mexico pressuring our Supreme Court to uphold DACA? 


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now this is the same bs over and over and over again you know i heard limbaugh yesterday rational above clip was played on the hannity show this is the cavanaugh supreme court hearing over again this impeachment far it's the exact same thing trot out witnesses the witness saying the same debunked discredited conspiracy theories like they did against cavenaugh pretend you have new information what an absolute farce i've got a ton of information for italy that an exciting announcement i want to make on the show one of two this week and a whole lot more go anywhere welcome to the damned by gino show producer jokes
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joe let's go out the bell about i'm always lost when i went with joe joe a day off and shows that here i'm lost without commentary but without the beth it doesn't get around me and where i need to go i have the ring my own bell ding ding ding like apollo and rocky to doing that they are so remember had some great commentary so they had tipp to him about how this impeachment farce fiasco lie hoax hoax number three somebody hopes number one collusion hoax number two mahler was investigating this time he wasn't he was covering up and by the democrats third alex it's gonna be the impasse ukraine the other didn't happen you are all familiar with it so folks like think bread cavenaugh supreme court hearings where they trotted one debunked discredited witness after another out in front of the night to tell you brad cabinet with some kind of a serial rapist which was utter
the absurd and ridiculous limbaugh made the comment that is this impeachment farce miser that and i thought it was really he's absolutely correct folks this is gonna be a basically broken record every day of people coming out one of these committees as he's impeachment hearing start tomorrow on wednesday saying that they heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from someone else that there may have been this illicit deal we have the transcript of the phone call between president drop in the ukraine prime minister with his so called illicit deal never happen the rest is judge instead this week on the show with me when i was doing my interview is white noise yet it's all noise it is noise it doesn't matter we have the transcript now again
i want to set up for you you with it cuz the media by the way this is going to be a devastating show for the media devastate wait till we get to the end of evan matt bevin kentucky day i've got some don't go anywhere this show is going to be nuclear for the the media joe is in on this just they were in the cabin ideal unesco is a networks airing that interview with that lady we think he spiked punch really is what are you talk but you ve made that up it has enormous there was testimony yesterday for made another insider in this let see operation that the national security council operation to take down trunk is that's what it is namely or a cooper she gave some test money about the deal in the phone call that never happened because we have the transcript and hears cnn framed it again in apocalyptic populist term check this out
from three more witnesses just within the last hours have been released including the first witness from the pentagon laura cooper testify that the pentagon's position was that money to ukraine should oh it's inappropriate or authorized by the house in the senate i didn't along by the president but she was told all of a sudden and late august that ukraine might have to commit to investigating the president investigating on the president's in order to get that money so what's your reaction to that and i read as quickly as i could ask some of their synopsis of her testimony and what's damning about it is it says that the president she testified that the president directed through the office of management and budget the withhold a further three hundred ninety one million dollars worth of military aid to ukraine here we go again joe witness number fixed
one thousand seven hundred and twenty two suggesting that the transcript we have a call whether illicit were holding up money to you create if you dont give us information and by an information is in there ok it's not there there is no deal in the transcript but again it doesn't matter to see and this is not a news if you think this is a news network i genuinely feel sorry for you because you're living a life it's a lie you're being propaganda is gaslight lied to every day and you're under the fake you're under the guise of fooling yourself that you're listening to actual facts data points a new so cnn perspective wolf blitzer their perspective is this is devastating because it's another witness suggesting a deal that was now good deal that's not in the transcript exists so what is the witness laura cooper from the pentagon actually say again unlike cnn which will this is an opinion show that ironically does more news and cnn
we're going to show you the actual transcript of what more acute reset suppose you she has evidence of this deal quip quid pro nil thank you to everyone who sent me the last for nothing neo liberal a guy i guess the route of nihilistic it has a quid pro near here is take away number one from laura coopers testimony again were actually producing the transcript the real transcript so she's question mrs gruber you ve never had any communications with the president about this issue where keep that up so i perceive that laura cooper has wrecked knowledge year of this deal cnn is like their sold on it so they ask ever communicated with the present about this i've never had any communications with the present period what about acting she they make mulvaney no sir ah how ready then
why do you know about a deal the president made have you got a communication with the press about a deal you heard about third and fourth here no none but what about the chief no not with him either ok that's that an open and shut ebeneezer nice work off this year's testimony take away number two gets better opposite so she's ever talk to the present or the cheapest stand by this at all but she sure they ask you get me read out at any point of what happened on the or on the on the july twenty five call i never got to read out i don't think i know everyone the oda you gotta read out on the car ok we're home so you telling me that you you haven't even seen the transcript but you already know about a deal in the transcript then you haven't seen they go on they say ok so the first time you learned about developments on that call was when it became public in september yes that's correct when it was released
the public that was the first time i had seen the card at this is it better you see the july twenty five transcripts evolving president trumpet president zaleski i saw that when they were publicly released in other words works folks do you have much information is laura cooper does they asked we're gonna say ok do you now have any understanding of what the president's concerns were with regard to corruption on july twenty six the day after is called zalewski i think i have this is this is classic i think i have the same interpret asian of anyone really give for the first time i don't have any direct knowledge beyond what actually in that transcript and what he's aids himself next question why are you here out of the cricket dandy the play is the alleged cricket mandate sound
you're so she's never spoken with the president well she's ever even spoken with the cheapest that she has no direct knowledge of the transcript she had never seen the transcript until you all at home had seen it was released to the problem we now have the trends then what are you suggesting is in the transcript isn't there you're right cnn this all put what you're jealous laugh and before the show is let's just show chapter seven of the book now just like just check with twenty do we you got a bow manual which are you really you're right folks you got about a quarter you ve really locked up now my client my eyes you maya is as i believe it will help people fall for the stupidity this is incredible now one more time
are you how awful this witnesses testimony was for the democrats not for trot final takeaway we're going to go through the whole thing but she says i went with when asked about if she heard about the deal from vocal entail issues i know they knew about it based on what a basket of vulgar and our ambassador taylor told me not that those two with a source so information is second hand from taylor joe whose information is formed an so in an exponential it's it's for she gets it or than by tat i mean this is like is this geometric or arithmetic expansion of the hands is passed through before you actually got so now again it sets second hand she hearing from tailors got a fourth and after she heard a second it there's more so she says but i don't even know what the source of that information why so congressmen zelda nasser do you recall the first time
that either of them talking about taylor and vulgar told you that there is a hold on the aid to ukraine cooper i don't recall specifically when i mean i know when i met with vulgar in august honour about august twenty is so that's a specific i didn't damn you know routinely about this throughout the summer cell since then you stated that a bastard vulgar mentioned something about a statement correct yes but did he say anything about the time about ukraine knowing there was a whole body because she goes i don't call if he said everything specifically about that folks again this is all a big m you understand you're getting work you back work work a girl this like rupaul all that i'm here you gotta folks is you're getting worked you're being treated like total idiots as if you can't read the transcript different you very eyes and candidly see ya around is expecting you not to read them and see it
expecting people like me not to go into the details about what's actually in these transcripts yes so just to sum up block one of the show you have another witness who does it even have second hand information she a second hand information from someone who's got a fourth hand taylor she's not sure she even specifically talked about the ukrainian aid the eu we had no idea the aid was on hold the ukrainians felt no pressure over the aid she hadn't seen that script this witness until you saw in the public she can't point two they demand for ukrainian formation based on aid and the tragic and has no no direct knowledge of this deal at all you write great witness democrats this is really an open and shut case you guys adam shift just wonderful job you're doing here what it tell tradition
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talking i lit up i'm talking up that a democratic it should open up better the democrats are talking up colonel venom into we had laura cooper yesterday from the pentagon colonel vin men is their star witness you know it showed up in its military units alarm which i thought was a little odd because colonel then been works in the national security council they dont typically dress and military uniform colonel they made a member were not allowed to question colonel that exists in the military which again is almost farcical considering how the democrats have absolutely shredded an american patriot lieutenant general mike when because it fits their partisan out so we're going to take a hard power so this way are not allowed to question anybody in the military stuff for good i respect honour our military personnel and always have but that has candy very little relation to the fact of what's in this transcript are not we're talking about a teaching the president over the contents of a phone call we
i'll see where the information your claiming as there is not there so byron your has a knock out peace in this by the way you really gonna want wanna subscribed survey showed something to get to this later within announced what we're going to buy gino dot com slash news imagine that again later subscribed to my showed us are get these articles to you in your email box everyday this one's terrific by byron european is definitely worth your time wash them examiner analysis the democrats have a colonel problem and it's a big one so byron yorick like myself and others actually went through the transcripts again of what colonel women the damage star witness suggesting again job for the umpteenth time that a deal exists between trump and the uk it is that is not in any transcript and no one seems to know what the deal is except they heard it six ten to someone who heard a ten pan women their star guy because women
however i impressive military career and there's enough this that doesn't take away from that at all but it doesn't impact vitamins recollection of what he says he knows if it's not accurate now going through the points environed yorks excellent piece he created as four points for take a ways about why vin men is good opposed problems for the democrats even though they claim easier starwood swipe it be takeaway number one women had nothing new to offer except his opinion by your says what women seem to be an important fact witness the first would actually bit on the college will finally john finally yet a guy who is actually the college july twenty five right but the problem of joe is worth the white house already released the transcript of the call and nothing venneman testify testified to nothing is new its call we have the transcript
so the men had an opinion about the call joe and when questioned on its opinion about the call by john ratcliff and others and excellent excellent congressmen from texas whose down an amazing job in both spy gave this women often batman fitted mitchell was it he had policy differences with the president that he could detect no illegality and call it tall the verdict ladies and gentlemen they have of women from if years job simple question you know you're not attorney neither am i correct by disease you would be kind of a common sense every day and the now assess now because some lawyers are some of the worst legal annals ironically i have ever seen some of you know i'm done in my view has the trip if you're going to trial joe on a case right bank robbery case you and your staff witness lawyer joe in the case that you are putting on the stand to finger this
joey beggar donna to rob a bank gets up there and says we beg doughnuts didn't rob a bank do you think that creates a small problem for you george i would be concerned and i would be the vertical enjoys very smart really of course another how does why yes that would create a problem if you are witness when question has no new fax number one and the facts he does add to the case are only has not facts but his opinions and even his opinion is that the price broke no laws in this car kind of a big deal when european and not just a crime but a the cry or mr metre high crimes try to trees it or bribery and your star with this can point tat none of that didn't commit a crime no but where a pigeon for a crime i don't think he committed one now been in one at odd about how we disagreed with the president's policy great thank you for your speech
research i mean is when you're done with the military you're done with your service to the country i mean this go run for office i got it's really hard we lost we knocked on tens of thousands of doors we sat there at every strawberry fair the whole shaking hands until i got arthritis in my thought right joe that's i voted for your job it's really really hard but joe that's how people change with the core policy they run for politics corrected you are a military officer thank you for years service in the military your function is to protect them sin which i believe by your service you ve done thank you you are not a politician if you don't like the parlous see and you can point to no legal issue
the car then run for a rich man maybe the public like you maybe they won't maybe you win you can impact policy all you want but i'll take a hard pass on colonel vindictive what our policy to ukraine is i'll stick with the present the united states in the constitution thank you very much i'm holding back a little bit here is paul experience before the show today take away number two the byron york peace definitely worth your time when are we find out colonel women start witnessed withheld important information from the investigators in mid ended his opening statement in a standard way by suggesting while now i'd be happy to answer your questions by renewing says whereas
turned out the answering questions cooperation did not extend to both parties what does he mean by that wealth you actually read the transcripts of women's testimony you'll find out he was very cooperative with the democrats but when the republicans at basic since like who ve been men may have shared some of this information with sensitive information about the present spot his lawyer man invoke off jump right in willing to share that you're not save a guy in the national security council a military officer whose willing to say we may have shared very sensitive information yeah yet you want to use it to impede the present despite the fact that the imf you should ve been as he's already stated its opinion any information he has in fact the fact is thing that happened was an illegal was women what's its relationship with the whistleblowers
why did he know the whistle bar was he talk in adam schiff forces this all important because i believe this is all an effort to hide the real scandal which is democrats collusion with ukraine it doesn't seem to want to talk to the republican willing to answer questions where the democrats i urge a by the way if you read the byron your piece there's an exchange with least elden where this law there could not be more obnoxious although even says and what one point could republican caution from new york one hey you know this is gonna become public at one point in other words like this is dicky s where you go where you gonna be embarrassing he's gotta care read it take away now three women who by the way celebrated himself of this hearing as the key ukrainian export he's the guy you're one you create he's the man
by reducing they were notable gaps in knowledge cord women portrayed self is the man to see on annex c policy when it came issues involving ukraine quote from vincent de therefore ukraine i'm responsible for ukraine is an actual cook the most knowledgeable this is a real quoth army authority for you for the national security council and the white house yet time show them striking gaps in women's knowledge of the subject matter he seem for instance this we and curious about the corruption issues in ukraine that touch on joe one hundred by while that's fascinating oh he's the man in his he's the most knowledgeable knees in charge the regular is the authorities in charge of a charter that energy is the authority he's the most knowledgeable yet when they asked him about sore chaskey who
credible corruption charge against who runs a company burma and natural gas ukraine company a big issue internationally that then higher your binds kid ah by them in their donor never heard of our as such they machine here damagon i won't be used at the cricket bandaid sounded where you don't know much about that your way the guy who's the guy the guy he said he knows all about it except when it comes information reflects poorly democrats after you only answers questions basically by democrats crazy other keeps happening it's a bipartisan we really are gay ok sure it is you're big time if you believe that you have that again if you believe
that you are in your immediate yeah right you read my gosh p i'm getting so suckered i can't believe this these media people fall right into the trap rise yvonne you or i fort take away this and this vision is is works as part of the swamp ok let's we just be honest about this snsc it's been eager to take down donald trump from the start as byron york in the cases be spending was decreed bureaucracy this often opposed post listen have acquired from vineyard by holding my level sub pcs deputy assistant directly levels pc seas he's the guy interagency cooperation and his perspective is numbingly bureaucratic he said so i hope that my level some pcs deputy assistant directly levels pc caesar my boss senior directly with assistant secretary theses other deputy and ashes kurt even this direct counterparts within the energy but does that mean votes quote from york then believe
the inter agency has set a clear u s policy towards ukraine you know who sets the policy towards ukraine colonel women present states plato the constitution we you don't care about you pc sees these seem to a seat directors did you deputy assistant director of the pc i see you see interagency i see you see pc door care nice thank you all for your service gray you guys are awesome i worked in the government bureaucracy do you have a very important job so did i point you don't dictate foreign policy the present united states does you don't like it has tippy removed co run for office yourself by we have this thing called the genes that determine the direction of the country by the citizens of the country it's our country it's not yours swap brats thank you it's our country
if you move along you don't like our choice for president go run for president yourself so frustrating an immediate all by it and that this would be described as a coup every single day if obama was the present sure every day people would the outer whistle blowers would be out in everything you know it joe yes i do but that its trump its use patriotic shall get to that in a minute to swallow
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great technical reason is because their covering up the exact same thing they did themselves the democratic order accused trump of philosophy is mobility in the umpteenth degrees because the democrats committed for loans to small beer in the empty degrades the tried and true tactic and the democrats and why do they get because the media are democrats their full time liberal activist journalism in the usa is dead it's bury hope either of albion yeah you don't take cnn remsen bc unwashed imposed in your time series these are collusion hawsers documented liars and conspiracy theories i'm sorry i have to tell you that but it's true now what are they covering up first i want to play this kind of swore well eric swell while another just i mean our left field complete spirits see theorist hope sir who just self owns himself on twitter although this is the guy was gonna nuke the guy on twitter time out of the gunman
uses the same he ran for president he got negative forty six percent of the vote for receiving possible trap immediately be clown themselves completely this is a video audio of eric swallow kind of describing what they think they have on the present again and trying the same tried and true tactic of saying folks know we have evidence they have yet to produce keep in mind just like my mother lucian oaks adam ship and swallow up we have evidence they ve never produced here
those again with the same line to be checked this it's important that the president has due process and evidence is not a conclusion we have enough evidence from the depositions that we ve done to warrant bringing this forward evidence of an extortion scheme using taxpayer dollars to ask a foreign government to investigate the president's opponent but it's important that these witnesses raise the right hands and take questions from both republicans and democrats the president is going to get that it's important at the republicans be afforded the opportunity to suggest witnesses that we should call on that we determine whether that is relevant that that you the facts are just as important as is the process behind the facts as far as what if anything goes over this annex like anything new from these testimonies or is it going to be arrested station of what we can read and these depositions already these witnesses have been fairly consistent and for the most part they ve not been coordinating or talking to each other but again this is america and we don't just have
you know railroading of justice these witnesses you should come public and of the american people should judge for themselves as well as we will have to know what happened what then suck it didn't come on now work debt succour to the right yeah that were exactly be dead dead horse man eventually again the tricks of more water beat that debt or the breeders continue until morale a brute force there there is evan there is no evidence of ideal in it we have all read nobody is put forward that evidence the only evidence we have six times removed hearsay from someone who heard from some of the word for someone who presume there was a deal that didn't happen that's all there is no evidence swell whilst trying to convince america and suckers of the media again after being the number two collusion hoax or after ship that they know time they really have let me show you however
and by the way that we dig into this media cuz this is going to get really good in the second let me show you what evidence we do have this is actual evidence ok political a peace i've showed many times by can vulgar keep this peace in my you crazy and efforts to sabotage tromp backfire kiev officials are scrapped to make amends with the president elect after quietly working to boost clinton can vulgar david sort out political left wing political which who is in january of twenty seventy and exhaustively research well sourced article index that the ukrainians colluded to help clinton in our trump we have you will evidence about real evidence being complete we ignored by the media and the left that doesn't
there are not just the ignoring this peace and political that talks about the ukrainian collusion backdrop i'll get you in a second even earth its other just ignoring a job i've even though it gets better but show you what else we have evidence which again swallows accusing the other side of what his party did foreign collusion now we have hence the ukrainian collusion here's a see it be still yet to be retracted by the way folks who put this up many times you all let's just seen this episode six twenty eight british intelligence pass trop associates communications with russians aren't the u s counterparts really uk and talent through spying other truck the passing of the obama administration that kind of sounds like collusion crazy hidden it panada let's keep talk about trump polluting to make a deal that no one can seem to find the deal and the transcript where they said that they was even worse
not just at the media's ignoring the overwhelming evidence of far in collusion with the obama administration and democrat party too deeply impact torpenhow clinton now i'll bet they're political article is making its way around conservative websites they're interested in the facts in places like fox and actually do news local creeps up again conspiracy theory lunatics takes buzzfeed open wrong on just about free issue on the collusion out look at this tweet joe how a viral article there talking about the political peace joe not any piece of my website data about the political movements k how a virus article on facebook convinced trumps inner circle they had found their v three own ukrainian whistleblower the conspiracy theories liberal act said busby which are all in on the national cover up about the democrats collusion with ukrainians are now trying to discredit a left wing website pull
go for exposing the actual collusion oaks as well as evidence that yet you appear just like he had evidence for the collusion oaks it still doesn't appear but when actual evidence services the full time cover up left wing conspiracy theory media discredits the actual evidence a well resourced article this credit from left wing websites ladies and gentlemen we are living and i got a story on this coming up that you're gonna miss about matt bevin in kentucky versus stacy aims in georgia we the media is it free bids don journalism is dead bury it it's over completely hopefully don finnish stick of in working folks now i just want to show you what their hiding and why the second part
that's interview where he says we're going to give the president chest venza you're not sure thirty denied most of the witnesses this is only trial in the world where witnesses in defence of trump aren't allowed let's not call it soviet sighted soviet style it's a propaganda effort here's the catch even the witnesses they're bringing up laura cooper vin men are all deeply deeply flawed as it relates to the case they have no knowledge lindeman says contradictory things but years was crazy they brought up fiona hill who is again suppose we a star witnessed for the democrats about that oh no deal that no one can seem to find in the transcript so check roswell great piece of being the shoulder today but you know that calm he wrote a fantastic peace about how fiona ale who is
to be a ringer for the democrats rigour had bombshell but it had nothing to do with a democratic turkey boyd headline impeachment witnessed undercut the steel dossier bob shelf hester aroused daily or as is gonna get wait till these impeachment here is tomorrow you are not going to miss my show we are going to sum up everything for you we are going to give you take away the highs and lows this is gonna be the place to be expected showed explode in the next few weeks because we have got some great this is from shock ross as peace fiona he'll remember we're supposed to be a witness about the ukrainian deal all the sun it veered off into a different qaeda testimony didn't kind of work out that wealth for the dams quote fiona health services the white house is top adviser on russia affairs until july ta make she was quote shocked to find that their christopher steel author of a hoax dossier a former emma
six officer was the author of the dossier she says that's enlargement because when she met steel in the years leading up to this dossier he was quote i simply trying to draw up business its work it out gray for you guys dammit shit you're really knock it to that at park your witnesses don't know anything everything is fifth and sixth hand made no one can point to any demanded trance you can't find a ukrainian who thinks they were pressure you can't find the delay that craniums actually knew about the delay they did they know that is largely about corruption in ukraine which is a good thing at any you have a guy a colonel women who won the run you s foreign policy despite their not being is job at all never being elected and then you have it must be a halo comes up there it says hey christopher steal the author of the dossier i ass kind of shock more like i was sure tat it was drawn up business things we're in a little bit reared a bat
by the way a lot of you notice your regular system i shall i can slip dead in on foxier they we're in a little bit yes it was a cottage i thank you for the email you got that job we're a little bit now what are they really protecting you folks as i've told you and prior shows and i repeat you again the democrats and we are trying to protect their collusion with ukraine trying to protect their collusion with the uk agents to her drop they're trying to make although stories go away by counter accusing trump but what they opened the door yesterday's a really in trouble with christopher steel because there's only two pathways now as i said to you before either their right about christopher steal their christopher steel colluded with russians you have that trip nick offering their christmas theo colluded with russians and its information in the dossier was from russia's even though its all false you can see
for steel is own an interview notes when he was talking to the state department a catholic catholic as already indicated that his sources as you can see from this where a trip nick off and circle quote sources triptych off circle tobacco is a former head of our russian intel one of their heads and sir coffees notice putin's architect so if the keep in mind that what the democrat they have no way out of this now either their source for the dossier wrote it himself and his sources or russian in other words the democrats paid i too collude with russians he apparently or number to which i am reasonably confident is more accurate steel in writing i fear i think simpson may have had a role at it now your
someone else i've got more on that come in the future eighty here this one and its the always just really a bit player in the dossier meaning the democrats been lying the whole time even fiona hell seems skeptical scarce a strange business so your options are there you found the truth and he colluded with russians to hurt donald trump more steals lying and the democrats would they be calling this field see it all that is its deals thats yea it all is written by someone else they may be hiding their person out they'll call a person acts which will get to the future not angie no well either way nice job the audio pajama while the scope and just swimmingly isn't it i final sponsor then i got a couple more stories we don't go anywhere haven't you made my special asked me news
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saturday which i will be on by the way this saturday so make sure you tune in jesse watters show what is jesse accused rodger being anti trump says that's what you log on to cnn dot com for folks he's right i'm sorry drudge is very powerful when i think about you i don't play with the drug port the website judge has been an aggregator of news for a long time they ve done a very nice job the website through the years but for some reason i dont know drudge i've never met matra george obviously since last name i've never met matra my life don't know who he is you have some articles of mine have appeared on there the site is leaned left i dont know what they're doing on their headlines sometimes in how they write them i believe or mislead being an i think we need a place that is unabashedly conservative where you can get conservative news real news that favours and i dont know what happened to judge i dont care to spare
sure is a nice guy don't know never met him in my life but that is not the place to go for news anymore they have drifted unabashedly left and for some reason they seem to have a pernicious anti trump agenda i can't allow that i'm sorry i've relied on them for a long time no more i'm the now seem to you today that we are going to do i haven't told showed us either arrow report now now over the budget on report because i'm a simple guy shells the news i'll be making some additional announcements about the detail about that the future if you a heavy financial investment in it yet how are we gonna be drudge probably are we going to become a viable competitive edge on determined because you need to go to a place where you can get sound conservative news i'll be making some additional announcements about the detail but that the future if you'd like to get a head start on
now in a very near future and you want to go to a site that actually promotes the truth and conservative websites that gonna be any washington post new york times junk honor go to buy gino dotcom slash news letter by gino calm slash newsletter and sign of foreign newsletter today and you will be privy to some really cool stuff coming very very soon now right move and i had i do paula you're worried by the very guy she wanted me to make sure but you know that calm slash newsletter and i always i forget to details unlikely promoter my own staff ever and amend i'm serious ferociously rather this gives me no joy in doing that at all i have six thousand different business ventures going on it's not a money thing for me that she costing me more money a lot more right now if it making money later great it's not it really yes we need an alternative i'm sorry we can have this anymore you just can't have cell coming soon to punch
right now i said i was gonna dismantle the media in their nonsense today this is and pr let me just show you how these left wing media outlets our total complete fraud with media its forget it journalism is dead and buried they have zero interests and principles are not just to give you a little back before you put these have these are gonna be too tweets by appear by the way had tip i think it's here has things at red steel on twitter it's a guy named steve forget is less names are these miller but they have a podcast its having listened to it but i'm sure but he pre found these two so it's not mine but i saw them and i'd like to put the matter we're gonna have to the right people before it gets a little back so map heaven was the governor of kentucky he's yet to concede but is losing a ridiculously tight racing attacking map evidence a republic now baroness some credible evidence of some possible voter fraught you can't say that
left wing media when you're republican party someone else on the other side of the political i'll still eyes and conceded a race in georgia is making false a vote of fraud she has no evidence of it all and she was portrayed as i hear like someone out of the avenger let's go to and pr treat number one about bevin and i want you to watch the framing because if you don't understand that left wing media works you'll miss all here's left wing and beer without evidence joe bad habits as serbia and they are being claiming their news network without evidence that's how i should premises without evidence governor mad bevin question the elections legitimacy and he isn't the first politician to do so election specialist worried
unsubstantiated claims about voter fraud erode confidence in democracy ok before we get to the next week so let's pretend fermented npr was principle but let's disparate so their principles that are our we should not rom sweetener tweed rachel do not make substantiated claims the legitimacy of elections dont do it without evidence is not the same way they the same exact situation when it came the stacey abrams liberal democrat who lost fair and square the election in georgia and by the way still hasn't conceded this is how they frame this duty a fiery speech without it it's no don't just getting method in a fiery speech
stacy abrams insisted this was no normal concession decrying what she called deliberate cancel voter suppression by brian kemp the republican that she believes led to this results in the georgia governor's race ladies and gentlemen are you falling for this crap you see the framing you see how they do this bevin as actual evidence potential voter fraud not suggesting is going to overturn the results of the election by the way so did i in my congressional which we can in because we didn't have the time or the money for the loss i would say graciously by the way i know self thanks but i wrote an ice letter john delaney when we lost even though but there are serious irregularities bevin as actual evidence you can't do that we don't question elections
stacy abrams the democrat there's a fiery speech datum are you this money i love you i know you're not being goodbye this but you get it right like how to sober had a media frames this whole thing how they frame vin men as a hero finland was speaking out against obama he be a trader like they called michael the trader yea i like that exactly like that laura cooper ah ah testimony was davis really she didn't know anything i just showed you the testimony should even know anything she knew she heard from a guy you heard from for other people totally if that was again obama laura cooper would be discredited conspiracy theories right an alleged media by what you believe cnn bad if you are trusting busby please
take a mental health professional out immediately because like has been on the wrong side of nearly every single major story about your bus visa this political story it's a conspiracy theory its political you imbeciles i've got some important basic gonna wrap up the showing more such i get that there isn't it case that immigration is always a lot going on trying to stack is what each schedule all the information you need in an out and out so we're try at our best so much going on it's like retreated from a firearm there is a very very important immigration case look it may be a tease non fox check that out in fact i like thereby gino coming up tonight on how did he would have other teasing
how did the o my shell watching a team of had begun the other shop there is a very important immigration case being heard the supreme court it is on doc and dogma of course that's the deferred amnesty childhood rivals and there parents basically the amnesty programme by obama you may say what they had a problem with the with the law but it is not all that wasn't a la darker we're not was laws darkened opera were basically barack obama edicts they were not ah so gay nobody's challenging the dock there is no doc along there was president this opinion on it we should prosecuted not which is by the way broad based discretion by the president i question this from the start the president as the chief executive can dictate what we dedicate our assets to endorse what the president should not be doing is
picking a crime not a crime the differences i used to use this analogy alot when you're a police are you're given why discretion say on traffic tickets they give it take it you are on your no legal obligation or employment contract i was a cop to take it everyone you polo you understand rightness you ve probably many view parliament pulled over in a cop despite some a lot of a really nice they say i'm gonna give you warning now i get bored i got a few warnings maybe you take it too the exact i've got a few hours ago but there there no obligation to give you a ticket right however if police off they have discretion if it suppose you shows up role causes i am not going to enforce traffic laws at all any more for this class of people and how many
them especially on the highway you'd be fired me that's the difference or bob i didn't say we're not gonna prosecute this case in that case in this case as the chief executive of the country you want foresman nascent falls under the executive branch somebody said he said if you came in through the country illegally and meet this criterion not only we're not going to prosecute you we're gonna give you work permits to or special privileges totally unconstitutional now case about daca and dapa and the legality of it is now working its way to supreme court let me put up screenshot number one because i warned you about this lady general in a lot of trouble with john robert is going to be confused in the case by the way the wall street journal is called the court and the dreamer ponce ispy the right answer but they're very very that little left the wash your journal immigration it good stuff economics having said that there are even eight you stand there is a real problem with this case we are going to have a john roberts probably i'm going this
a little complicated may explain to you the way i can alleviate there in the cold quote plaintiffs also cite the court's five four growing less term in commerce versus new york department commerce to argue that the age as stated reason for assent in dhaka was pre textual pay attention and the president was using it as a bargaining chip to get more money for his boardwalk here's the key take way which alex we warn this sense this citizenship ruling would invite challenges to lawful uses of executive power and here we go what are they say i wasn't will complicate may remember just citizenship question president tromp wanted to include a citizenship question on the sense yeah perfectly within its executive authority to do so folks john roberts who is not a conservative who is sold this out many times justice john robertson the supreme court said in his is a swing vote ruling on this that now the
as it can include that question not because he doesn't have the power to do it but because he's reason was no good that's not the supreme court in other words joe you three texts for the press so now join our in the president's had john roberts is key from the johnny carson show gotcha and a rubber this show i know you remember this year alone but many others and the conservative side depositary here said wow now we're in a day we crossed the event horizon now now john operates is not voting on if the present has the power to do something he's voting what he thinks the president's motivations are how does he know number one and secondly what that the constitution supreme court you will determine if the president's mode patients were pure impure where's that where's that one so now
the doktor case notice what's happening here of course the left corner that great now we can get the president's headed talk about motive in prick she will evidence so what do they say about dhaka the left assuming of course to stop president tromp from throwing dark out and they're saying it's not that the power joe what who is the real motivation and the pretext for doing it hanging johnny robert you are with us before that one let's do it again you dig now there are some other left this group you're saying wow prisons reason isn't good enough and he can't do this he cat that's crazy because personal babo good that we have second class presidency now from the journal these affair stating argument here club universe
california the one suing to keep daca and other plaintiffs argue that daca was a valid use of the enforcement discretion granted by congress the present that's obama but then they argue at the trap administration abuse this discretion by reversing the same policy this is one of the many contradictions by the pointed ok so just to be clear you're arguing on one in that the president united states when it was barack obama had the full discretion to do i told you we couldn't do but then when president tropical the exact same off is different person he doesn't have the discretion to undo what the last president had the discretion to do even though he did it and had no constitutional power to do
i don't even know it like the left can't even get set store he didn't have the discretion to do it obama president trap is right in two ways first the last president did something he wasn't authorized to do which is present is rightfully undoing but even the less give me no no no he did at the authority to do what he should do because he's the president doesnt work because tribes the president now therefore you kid i'm doing can't so that another episode of way chapter six hundred twenty two weeks now do the kids if you really do not watching the show i'm sorry but you are missing out on all of the key stories about that you are you're montana if you're watching the news thinking here get the real skinny you're not that i got a lot of
tomorrow integrating these are then i saw the start at san francisco and harass horrible story of venezuela but folks please gino that calm flesh newsletter get ready by gino report very creative coming soon and we will finally have a place go for conservative news and we're not trying to be anything else other than that we want conservatives libertarians republicans and candidly constitutional democrats as well we want them no place to go to get the railways but you know that come slash newsletter check it out i'll see you just heard tailbone jean osier you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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