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Some Personal News I Need to Share (Ep 1353)

2020-09-23 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive new report which has the Biden campaign scrambling for answers. I also address the troubling new evidence that the big tech companies are squashing conservative voices. 

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Ready to hear the truth about Amerika on a show. That's not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bone Jean. I want twenty strikes again as a bit. Greatest year on record folks, awfully Thence better where they are Donald Trump, reelection effort. I've got a little bit of bad news, personally, I want to share with you today. I don't care We get the personal stories because you all have important things and lives to live, and in this time now we don't need to waste any time on my personal issues, but given nature of edit some something new where's, my in credit oh and loyal audience for five plus years now you are entitled to know so many get to that. At that, but there are other things going on and we'll get a move on after that you and we're going to plough straight through hundreds
stories out yet that stories back. We got that in the Tec, tyrant somebody show you evidence, direct evidence of how the Tec Tyrants Youtube Twitter all these fake fake book. How they screw with conservatives, its irrefutable evidence, military from my phone, not a penny. Shoebox may express Vp N, latest German, protect your online activity today from prying eyeballs get a Vps. Don't wait, go to express Vps, dotcom, slash, bond GINO, again, damn by GINO, show preacher Joe? How are you today? Fine, sir? Hey, hey, I'm doing good I'm doing good? I know where the show is headed. I'm gonna shut my mouth, their move along. But I appreciate apologize Balkan Joe job at length Jos, always I've got very good friends. As I said the Joe before and Joe is one of them, so I'm just kind of red and folks If you would just be patient with me today with the spots there are good come, these are paid a lot of money to be on the show to talk to you. They, like the show they like you
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happens? No matter what right we pledge that sell stumble my without the open but yeah the unstoppable bells so some of you watch my show and see me on Fox NEWS at night noticed something I've got a lot of emails about. It received a lot of emails about it and I have to address so I have a growth on my neck. I tell my left side. It's been there for a little bit of time. Now I thought, cassettes me and I'm not the brightest guy when it comes to my own, Sometimes I am, I thought it was because I again choked down jujitsu a few weeks ago, pretty bad and I had some swelling on my neck. So I thought that's what it was, but I was shaving for fox and friends on Sunday morning and weirdly enough. I'd receive probably four or five facebook messages. In my my my Facebook account from viewers Saint. Then you ve got a lump in your neck.
Nor would it reminded me of this probably no time for damp watch. You know humour, but it is because it's my shop? Never see the movie? What is an old school where the guy has Tranquilizer DART, where we'll feral shoots himself with the neck adjacent areas if the darkness lacking and the guys like Stifler kiddies, like there's a dark near now, while people we're trying to tell me this dark your neck, it's a lump and because I'm the guy, I know a guy in guys. Typically don't take medical advice, blood of me or my friends, don't which isn't the smartest thing I ignored. But that was a mistake. I thank God. I have the greatest friends in the world than best wife in the world. To I have a friend is a doctor, Doktor Stephen there's, a good friend am I used to be a had next surgeon and he went and gave a look right away and he said you need to have this checked out via
limiting mri. You know likes yesterday lights TAT, so I went yesterday and nursery who listened shall regularly some very low this new lists, as you ever see the scars on my c one right. They, I can't will my arms much, but you get it. If you watch me on rumble, I have like humans fatty tumors alot. They are not cancerous at all. There. There only hurt when they grow unnerved stuff, so I've had had loved the taken out of my body like comas again or not cancer. So I thought that's what it was in. My neck was alive coma and I hope on that over belaboring. This story. I went to get to the point, but it's really hard for me. Talk about this, because I just learn this yesterday, so I went in and the doktor there Doktor Todd's, radiologist and Joe from the MRI machine. I think the name of the war and the woman there too. I can't thank them enough. Forget me, and I got an MRI yesterday, contrast and without contrast to both them, and I when I came out of the MRI machine at the look on the doctors face changed a little bit.
He told me in the room and say that it is not a light. Palmer went to an area which is very scary. Now that's the banners, so the Good NEWS is It is a tumor bite it may this year, strong likelihood that it is not in fact cancers. We don't know what it is. It's in a very weird spot in my neck, near my carotid artery and near vocal cords and things- and it is a big- is seven cm head to caboose and front to back. So it's not something to sneeze about for us, but it's scary. You know I mean I am- I debated telling you all about this, but again I've received it. Prevails from people who are starting to notice it. Now it's I can't even move my neck.
Weirdly enough in the MRI from just the ears of other stuff weightlifting in they founded the generative neck disease, and my see five see six to that's what my neck. That show it to you, but I really can't move my neck that much, Maybe over there you can see that some of you have already seen it. It's grown pretty quick, so
You know what's see what it is. I am. I want to thank again my wife worse because I may well, but any guy do whatever you know without a good woman, but I also want to thank the radiological Doktor Todd promised to put his last name out their candidly, because I'm not even joking, I'm afraid some lunatic all, but I know my friend Doktor Steve Adler doesn't really care because you know, but he there were. These are just great people and, like I said, the imaging folks, their Joe another woman who is air. Forgive me I was, I didn't,
naturally, our name on the way out, because after the doktor after the radiologist told me it was not a lie. Palma, which again is not dangerous at all. Look a very very rarely animal, not a doktor, don't take my medical advice, I'm just I have like poem is aimed in dangerous to me as a better way to say that all you just take a mountain. That's it There he told me it was an ally, Palmer, folks, everything he said after that honestly sounded like Charlie Brown teacher, because all in my head, I can keep thinking was the worst. And the problem is I've had a lot of medical issues in my life and typically when it good news. They tell you it's good news and last thing you wanna hear is every time this Good news is bad news.
Also another growth in their as well, not in the neck, but in another area. That's a little bit concerning so yeah, oh Molly, forty five I've got young kids and a dog the great door, shit right, there's never even barks during the shell- and this was not the news, I need it having that I chose this shared today to folds of honour, because I just want you to understand that life goes on no matter. What happens for me, for everyone else is show will go on, no matter what happens, no matter what happens? No matter what happens, and there are people who have suffered far worse than me have folds of honor a charity which they scare people who don't even get to go on the air, a talk because they're dead because they died for you overseas. So our struggles are minimal and I've always told you about the Bernard now I quote from the natural we all live: two lives right,
We learned from the one we live after that, and the genuine path to happiness is through suffering. I knew my wife and I knew she said to me last night. She said I knew something was going to go wrong. Everything was too perfect. Even in the struggle this year, you all have made our lives even in the straw, this year, you all made our lives unbelievably rewarding. You have it's an honor to do the show every day and speak to nearly a million people who find white me Joe. Who in Paul, I have to say and add to the conversation. Interesting is an honor. That's almost unspeakable literally because I dont know the words for it. As I never saw myself in this position
I'm I'm gonna move on. I just wanna. Do one more thank you here, because this matters and I know he'll hate it, but I want to do in any way, because I don't really care for hates it, because you know left wing media folk song Carom up anyway, because you sick for years, but I had a cancel last night, some of you probably notice my Tuesday spot on How did he show on Fox NEWS which have done it pretty much every day for the last I dont know four years I couldn't go on the air last night because you know I just couldn't it wasn't right. I was just taken at all in and lot the here. They said when the doktor said: that's not a La Palma. I just didn't even hear anything after that. I just heard that's not a light Palmer. Everything else was, then in a foreign language, because I didn't hear a word, so I wasn't. I couldn't go on the air, so I call them the Booker Hayley Use great from
You show, and I say we I can't go on tonight. I told the: why are we see? Jesus you know could not have been more support. Issues like you now have the Fox family is now I get it. Folks is over some beef when I met him by Jove, then stand behind the scenes. Are real people there. It's not just some big corporate behemoth. There are real people with real feelings at work there and not show, and for anybody when I tell you that when your second you need something: the Fox crew as the first ones air for you when it does it's not just the Republicans either. So we can put politics. For aside for a moment, but within just minutes of calling, I didn't tell shown Kennedy anything good chance? Gonna show to prepare You know my issues in my issues Johns a friend, but I want to bother, of course on call because that's what he does and spent I'm not kidding two hours on the phone when he's probably which was probably busy preparing his own show me wasn't. He was talking to me and he got me The phone with some friends of his who provided
some significant assistance to me that I would not have gotten any other way and dumb I'll. Never forget that! So just remember, you know for the lunatics out there like to attacks on you, don't know the real Sean behind the scenes. I do and I've told you that a thousand times yes heritable donations is work for people behind the scenes that he hasn't tell you about for our troops and what he does for his friends. He had only to call me am I getting. I didn't. Monochrome he's got his own job in his own life. He's gotta take care, but he did in two hours later still on the phone with his friends. Help me out and to those two doctors is well. You know who you are. I deeply deeply appreciate your help. I be flying up on Friday to New York and I have some updates and thereby
Regular show this week! Ladies and gentlemen, don't worry I'll record them. I don't want to. This is too important a time to be pussyfooting around, got to get on the app so I'll have some updates for you. Alright! Now, let's get to the real deal, because we have real news There are today in its import, we get to it, there's no time to lay down your arms and this political fight. So you know folks. This line about Joe Biden that oh you know Uncle Joe. The Scranton kids know today fighting guy, Scranton kid: you know Joe, It's a really good guy! I mean you know Joe Gonna, be the comic agent, the sedative after the chaotic years of Donald Trump, and let me just say about Donald Trump- you before I get through this whole myth about that's a whole jested segment. This myth that Biden is somehow a good guy, as if you'd know that it is a myth The case for they never trump crowd. These supposedly
servitude. Dreaded air quotes Republican, never term kraut against Trump is become increasingly ridiculous by the moment about you're, never trump, because you're, a democratic liberal. You have a great kits trump is concerned, active and is governed relic, ITALY conservative, I would even a conservative presidency not rivals since Ronald Reagan, and I think I, to make a very strong case for another, a based on fact. If you are liberal or a Democrat and you dont like rope look in the conservative party you're right, you should be never trouble, no problem at all. You do your thing. Well, do hours we're not going to convey You I get that, but further reports. Blake and crowd out there claiming their never trump on principles. Your case now that this third Supreme Court- seed is opened up and president trumps list of people are pretty, can a bit of here your case against
is now ridiculous. Tax cuts deregulation getting rid of this racist, critical race theory, nonsense, government reforms, plan. Parenthood fights thou, pretend we three Supreme Court justices hundred of conservative justices across the Appellate circuit court. Your case against Trump that you the sands and in new wet your or because of his tweets. Is absurd. Now. Would you Rachel ridiculous? It's it's child listen. I I I what you're saying I've got some people, don't like the tweets. Again, I don't care, I it doesn't bother me. I don't care some do. I might discredit I've just saying if your principles are conserved like you say
And your arguing against Trump and conservative principles, not you're feeling about his personality you're. Just why? Because his principles are you principles, whether you like him personally or not, principles is governed by your case is ridiculous. Having said that, I had to get that out of the waste has been bother me since yesterday. How these never trump guys like the one in project, otherwise known as the good project, you know what they are citizen there still are like measuring their name because such clowns theirs. No begging your camera, the republic a case against shop. There isn't one. Ok, you just admit you're a democrat move up, but onto this. An argument that Joe Biden he's a good man he's. Be a nice sedative volume for the country after the years of Donald Trump he's, not a good man. So I very sorry to have to tell you that you know why, because good
and don't do corrupt things. Good men make mistakes. Great man make serious mistakes, but good men don't do corrupt things over and over again. What do I mean by that. There's a fascinating video by Rudy Giuliani, who was on Maria Barter Romo, show on Fox that got Shockingly, almost no media play at all. Rudy Giuliani Who knows and has been all over the Hunter Biden, corruption case in Ukraine? He does this hit the appearance with Maria Barter Romo any starts talking about member the tapes a job. We play them. The Biden, tapes Reese talking to poorer Shankar. Again, if you haven't heard if you watch this show, you heard them on the show if you dont want to show, you haven't, heard them because they were played no, so some leak tat. Of Joe Biden when he was vice president talking to ukrainian President Bush Anko. At the time we play the mother.
Their devastating A really lay the groundwork for the Biden: corruption in Ukraine, where binds kid hunter, had a fifty thousand dollar plus among job there a no show job for an errand. Natural gas company for experience. Hunter Biden didn't have, while Biden was appointment in Ukraine. Giuliani, says, wait for it in this way or that there are more tapes, remember his job in point, man and Ukraine demanded the prosecutor looking in the company, his son Hunter, was working for the prosecutor got fired buttons on telling people he demanded the prosecutor looking into his sons company get fire the media in care about the story. I wouldn't it be. Weird of Biden was on tape. Talking to the present, Ukraine demanded. It was fire. Giuliani, says there were more tapes out there check this out. He shuddered, leaning on Senator ever goes your guess, enshrine of those whose number.
We're waiting, Bruges areas like here on jobs and on various my. What are we gonna learn about Hunter Biden from this report. What you're gonna worry is that there is no way that so chefs de the crooked oligarchy who paid them. Family somewhere between eight fourteen million. Was paying for a for a drug addict, which is what this guy has been just, I can function, I don't like it you showed up in Ukraine with a no show job. So what was there no show job for shows influence it with them. That's what you man in in in Ukraine the pudding- by Obama he was given out all the money he was so fifty needed him In order to save this company- and Bite and went ahead, and did it any bribed poor Shankar it's on tape. There are five witnesses and there are four thereof: recordings of conversations just at the time
the firing took pledged that have not released for courting here, amount about two and a half hours of conversations between Biden and poor sector, we're all in your all. In in February of twenty six though, should be released by President Trump Presidential declassify them and put him out. I, but can I don't forget you had enough we'll get things! Those wonder if we know that you have been heard. That right where we it was out on the front page of the New York Times so Let's change the name for a minute, let's say Eric Trump is working in Ukraine for a company. In a no show job and getting fifty plus thousand dollars a month for a couple. Call charisma itself natural gas. The owner of that company has a corruption investigation going on against them when he hires Eric tromp right down
drop, of course, is the president and he would be the point man in Ukraine and is on tape with the ukrainian president demanding prosecutor. Looking into the corruption alleged guy running a company that hired Eric demanding that their prosecutor looking to be fired. God, I'm sure that story be nowhere to Carping right ago, nobody to store of course, would be on the front page of every newspaper in America from now until the end of time. The output of the omega beginning Tad you'd, never hear the end of it. Till Donald Trump was in prison. Eric Trump was bankrupted at an egg of course it's not Eric Trump we're talking about its Joe Biden, kid Hunter. There are more tapes out there. Are we going to see those tapes A marked the russian collusion hopes, which was dropped before the election and twenty sixteen before. Contrary what you're liberal friends tell you what I do? I have,
simply because they always say you know. If they wanted to me, switch trump. I used to keep this up on my phone. I have it here now I don't I must have closer, but New York magazine. I should keep the article but my phone reported on it was leaked to New York magazine the fake russian collusion oaks before the November me election to damage from you can look that up. So because the liberals that they didn't try to damage trump before the election, that investigation happened or while thus have a sleek after that's, is false. You just dimity. Are we talking about. Which is where, because now we have evidence direct evidence, Julia bodies are these: I gotta go on tv gets too he's claiming their tape. Trust me, there's tapes of Joe Biden talk can this be ukrainian president, allegedly demanding, I ask you to looking at three sons: company with the sea with some issues with the law. Get get fired, so ok uncovers and nobody's concern, listen to me any
serious media outlets series which eliminates almost all of them. Any serious media that will be all over this story today. This could be. The biggest corruption, scandal, pre election, we ve seen in our lifetime. Is it fair? Is it fair care to hear those tapes before the election? Of course, the answers yes listened. Ladies, When is it going to change anybody's mind in this hyper polarized environment, honest, Sadly I have no idea it might not job. I is probably on tape. Talking that's some really horrible things and people dislike, this president, so much that some of these damn I don't even care, but is it fair to have these who played of information before making the most important election decision of your lifetime. The presidential election knew about the answer is, of course it is.
And any serious media that would recognise that, but they won't you'll, see trip out after the election of Joe Biden, winds in an old drip out, trips and drabs in the media's technique. You know how they do it right, like they did we Gaza and all the other scandals. They drifted out slowly tramp tramp, tramp tramp tramp, why they drifted out slowly. So you the full punch of the scandalous and hit you at once my gosh. We therefore people die ass, he did nothing about it. They drip about little. I'll get some information as they know, it's gonna come out eventually and they rip it out so that a year and two years later, when they scandals lost its paunch due to all the drips when bring it up again with the next strip. Concern they go look at this guy, GINO conspiracy theories talk about old NEWS, Joe it's all lose its all. We ve been reporting on this, but you you know you have to start you. Usually you drifted out in a very cow
waited technique to take you out. Do you want a punch force MIKE Tyson through the ribs at once, or do you want a little lighting maiming and, of course you want that even what goes on in its annoying for you, it's not a rib breaker, that's what they do. Rip it out so they're, just little love taps that annoy you? But they don't reckon break your ribs and after two years of em cover in it dribs and drabs. This telling you the real story? They go. Look at these conspiracy theories still talking about in Gaza, as if those four patriots didn't die there. To notify you bring up in gauzy now, you'll have a left wing lunatic. Site like media matters, bring it back You know a lunatic, bring it up at gauzy again as if those four people came back to life killed, did nothing move on move. I bought the very valuable and move on dot. Org move dot org. The lunatic website move on data. That's literally their name more dot. Org was fed. Debt should go. That's a great point
literally founded during the why didn't teach me where they drip declared In impeachment charges Wade, he was doing what the White Ass, we had alike Take their care. Katy talk about the showcase kids watches show he was doing what whiskey will in the White Ass, they drip the store. He out the media slowly slowly, slowly, slowly and jobs, right for a year and a half of dripping. Instead of telling you the real story of of Clinton's corruption and lying, they were like move folks move. Dot org, that's their actual left to say time to move on. That's exactly what they're gonna! Do it's a great point whether That is exactly what they're going to do with the Hunter Biden story. I want to get to a third sponsor today, but This story gets worse because there's been breaking news, yesterday's. Why I'm talking about Hunter by because it's for the before the
and you need the information now not afterwards, hopefully or spread it to your left. His friends Maybe we can change one mind. I hope I get An article in a minute about how the Hunter Biden story shockingly gets worse votes. Today how about by Patriot Mobile. Every day we see new, shocking videos of lunatic anarchy. Threatening innocent people, destroying businesses, burning down neighborhoods, throwing molotov cocktails and attacking the police. These rights have endured because the money keeps flowing it you know the Verizon donated ten million dollars to a myriad of social justice organizations, including our shop as national action network. I do not know that the first time I'm here about that. Patriot mobile shares your values and, unlike big, more mobile, won't send your hard earned money to aid in the destruction of America. Are fun plain parenthood. Instead get the same rules
able nationwide service and support a company, loves America shares our values and supports our police. Switching is super easy keep. Your phone number bring your own phone by a new for you, the way you're good, Gonna patriot, mobile dot com, slash standing at free activation, plus a special gift with the offer code then or call there. U S customer service team at nice. Seventy patriot, that's not seven to Patriot, nine, seventy patriot veterans and responders, save even more so please make the switch today. That's page mobile, dot com, Slash Dan Patriot Mobile. The council s or nine seven to Patriot. Ok, So our back. This show, as I said shockingly the case of Joe Biden and his are corrupt, fair the operations gets even worse. Like my god, how can I get worse? his sons at a no show job in Ukraine collect and fifty k a month, while his dad's deplore man in Ukraine and accompany them.
Corruption allegations against. It was being investigated, Joe Biden, once the person investigating the company. We fired and he gets fired. Yes, that sounds really bad. Yes, it gets worse. I say: supply not surprising that, starting at all, it's the Biden, family he's a guy good luck with our national review, gray, peace, beer, The show notes. Please read this police by Gmos, consolation newsletter. That's how you access to shoulder its gonna bungee know that council newsletter subscribe to our our newsletters free, of course, will Sunday these articles everyday, this national review article is worth your time by Jack. Rob saw was an emotion beginning to show they still trying to get my head to get. Some ways here of national view: Senate report details Hunter binds extensive foreign business dealings and Obama officials effort the distance from him I feel, people know John Kerry had annoyed about how turbine overseas we talking about they didn't that's really weird, because what else was Hunter by Joe Biden, kid doing Overseas lever,
seeing as family name keep. It might even have any skills to be getting a lot of these job. Here Obviously getting these jobs, as he acknowledged himself in an interview hundred by way, because his last name is by but Joe Biden Scranton kid best friend your lunch pocket job. Just like the rest of us who work job little Joe, he got a fifty thousand dollar gig with the ukrainian natural gas coming right. Just like today's vote right, I'm a cake man, they let him out of here. Of course, I don't buy it for the country in the Marines right back, were they I promise you they're, not making fifty thousand dollars a mine is actually doing a real job like real people and real patriots do. I should like to bring up a, but it's just my kids don't get that I've got, connections. I've never had a ukrainian gas company offer me fifty thousand dollars a month for you pay your daughter, Isabella, really talented. Can we pay our fifty came? I've never had, and if I did, I would laugh it off and of course like what are you insane? You have my word
I will not be taking any jobs with ukrainian natural gas companies. For fifty k, but don't worry, the verdict is in true again you know bad infomercials, but where there's more. Yes, this is a bad hundred by infomercial. Theirs surely more from the National review case you you never get. This is unbelievable. Unbelievable nothing about this outside of conservative outlets in national review and just the news and elsewhere quote in the course of hundred guidance Globe trotting business career. He wrapped up more. Four million dollars in quote questionable fine. It's all transactions g, a thick with well connected foreigners, while strange how they collect collusion it goes on. He was talking to a guy, the other. There is sometimes a yearly value deject. These has.
Yeah he's at your once. We have confused by this to be true, really weird, and this is already far Inclusion- backers, Screenshot Nepal, as they get quick to trigger figure, I know, are really ahead. He partnership with chinese businessmen connected to the church These Communist Party and the p liberation Army wow, that's really weird. He took cash from the of the corrupt former mayor of Moscow, Moscow, Garcia Channel Russia inclusion and he sent funds the ukrainian and russian nationals living in the? U S that are quote linked to what a pity, to be an eastern european prostitution or human trafficking rings. According to the Senate report, oh no biggie their folks. We have these son of the vice president involved with the Chinese Communist Party wants to Destroy the United States, the people's Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party.
And there are allegations he's involved in some money transfers between organisations linked to human trafficking and prostitution rings from Eastern Europe without its color coding kind of weird, how assign, unlike the front page of New York Times, you no kind of strange, no and now, of course, the Democrats who are hapless, buffoons, Wait for they ve already done at this morning, so I'm conduct they may getting ahead of something that's already out some almost behind it, while getting out of it. The Biden stay. This is another tromp effort to collude with foreigners to expose My son's far and collusion shore. NL accuse RON Johnson of AWE. Fighting and writing about in this year, but like bread, Cavenaugh member that camp. Sheldon White Ass, the ridiculous senator from our Rhode Island Democrat Loser, member of asking Gavin about Boo, yeah cabin us like dude, what
this like kindergarten. You know, like you know, proofing my Does that sometimes this was in a Senate hearing that'll be next, is RON Johnson, the one who's in charge, the Republican Centre from Wisconsin. In charge of this report that They'll they'll have a hearing on RON, Johnson, goofing and writing about. It is your book when he was nine in grammar school based well, then that sounds really bad. Is by two thousand things a lot of trouble. Chinese communist party, prostitution rings Eastern Europe, Ukraine, the Moscow Mary, oh yeah, gets worse and see the details and Moscow Mayor story. This is just a duty, so what such client of Accompany Hunter Bind was affiliated with was Alina about arena wife of form Moscow, rare Yuri luzhkov who was fired. Twenty can by then russian President Medvedev over corruption allegations when you gotta do in Russia, they get fired. You get really bad bad arena became
Russia's first female billionaire after plastics company received a number of loop lucrative public contracts with the city of Moscow. While our house as the main convenience as a binding deal, scarf use. This position is mayor to approve over twenty real estate projects that were built by a bad arena, owned construction company and ultimately generated multi billion rouble profits for his family. According to the report, client of one or punter binds companies, Moscow collusion. So here's for those you watching on rumble on the video shop rumbled icons fish, GINO, here's trumpery, Sometimes liberals need visuals trump. Russia collusion tromp. Russia collusion. They never meet its like opposite poles of a magnet you really
Push they they don't meet because there is not here's Biden. Russia collusion a magnetic, a magnetic attraction. It lacks like high powered magnet. You can't pull apart. You don't think it's an interesting story that corruption allegations surround this Moscow mayor and his wife, and then one of honey by its companies. Has a financial Rachel with him. You don't think that's what you did. Where're media? The answer they have their heads in the wise Zoo By the way, thank you to everyone who sent me the dictionary definition of where the wise, who is, of course, I know, but to keep the show semi faint framework and the I pretend I dont know where there was always the media their heads in the wrong was Seuss, didn't want to tell you anything
watching the show you actually think by car sweetened kid threatened kid without more money from park avenue than from scratch. Never trust a bargain. You really that's funny because by Campaign donations from Park Avenue eight to one compared the trumps you recover that yesterday, another by could go normal guy job, just like you and I have kids in Ukraine and fifty came normal guy. Just like the rest of us. Now you may say gas, that's bad Chinese Communist Party, Moscow corruption, human trafficking, prostitution allegations restitution rings, but about waste to movement. On this suggestion, just checking we heard we heard anything from them of Syria It is not a job we hardly even to meet to movement course. Nodded said protected class, the Biden family. Believe all women, Joe oh yeah, yeah acceptable. That had the allegations against job. I don't believe her, don't believe our
not to be believe all women, but by all we mean all women accept people like you show by prostitution. Range of the meeting will be involved in this right now. Where covering not you we're doing me to you are not doing me too you're doing me to accept for by. So gas can they worse. Of course they can get worse. Here's another obligation in the National review, peace. So there's a political figure in cars, stand got his own issues and he's got. Can genes to Russia. So here's a quote from the report Given Rocca chefs clothes. Connect, close connections is the classic thing. I too leadership and cause extend the tents poetic. Situation, how turbines longstanding relationship with Archer Devon, our chances partner and invite men in transactions with Rosemont Seneca, both I and the fact that the payment was time perfectly with Vice President Biden Strip, the Kiev, to discuss sanctions against Russia for the invasion of Crimea, the April twenty,
second twenty fourteen payment from rock issue the Rosemont Seneca Ball. I raises serious questions. Report reads: let me translate that for you So there's another guy in causing stand making payments to accompany control by hundred Biden. While Negotiating with people in Kiev in Russia, I'm sure they're, paying again four hundred widens vast experience in foreign debt. Eric relations, which is what Joe I'm exactly zero. I'm not kidding, I have more experience in farm land, of the thirty six countries with the secret service are probably fifty plus cities overseas. I've dealt with generals with heads of the military heads I'm not Bessie with you doing security events, I more foreign policy experience than honour by and I was never offered fifty k a by charisma, our big payment.
By the Moscow mayor or cosmic stand. Political leaders are ukrainian human. Figures, and whenever I never, I never got that weird I've got some video coming next, owing to my final sponsor, for I play this, but damn what put this, Here's what we're up against file. This is really a stunning This is video of some of our folks out their support black lives matter. And I get this second in Burma My message this up, this isn't for effect either take Joe, is you know, you're Whitey, but just not today. Oh ok, I'm glad you put their little caviar and you think I'm kidding way theses video coming next, the BBC, I'm not joking. That's not a joke! We. Thus I kill. Why do you don't mean like now, all job sweat, fewer out
are you sure you know? Why do you and I both big trouble where these are. Their word suggest that fella met in it. No, not you yeah, Paul, ok, she's Colombia, Why does she? Ok, I'm not really sure she's married me. Remember these people don't actually are principles. You like me to believe all women except Paula, maybe rope in to their quote, the crowd. Even Nepal is not in any way why waste? association evident. Why associates right where this is like, where we live in in a vacuum of stupid right now we can get out of my final sponsor day, another company, friends that we, the people holsters, here's mine that is actual we, the people holster. Of course, if this is the act we, the people holster, meaning it says we, the people, how to practice their constitution breadth easier. We, the people, love this, I've covered wasn't warning enough for the last two weeks have reminded us all by the second amendment. If the less sexy
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primary could design, alas, for an easy at the easy. Just can't and the right of the hostages isn't right up against that hit bone. You know how can uncomfortable that can be with us other crap, holsters now's, the time american companies gonna. We, the people holsters that calmed away slash. Then we, the people holsters, that comes less, then get yours today, every helstone, three comes in a lifetime, guarantee s right, get at it. Ten dollars off with the offer code, then you're not going to find a better offer anyway, satisfactions guaranteed, if it's not a perfect fit, send it back for a total recent we people hawsers, dotcom, Slash Dan? We, the people, holsters Dotcom, slashed, end Use Africa, Dandridge great you're, gonna love. This cannot a good feedback about art. So yes, I was not. Sadly, I'm not kidding about this video. This is from the baby. See and we got it from an account called defined the BBC, which obviously highlights liberal nonsense on the BBC, and this is it bunch of commentators talking about the Euro. B movement in whatever and
don't worry. People say you don't kill Whitey They don't mean that today I guess this is their form of peaceful protesting. There's not a joke check. This out, jury TAT, James Bond I have read some James Wolden. What I find striking every time that I saw of interact with the idea of white power black powers that those myths talking about these capitalist myths so prevalent, today. That's so real today, like the myths that we have about black power, Black power, what Canada is still in world where Africa was never colonized was never pillage for its resources. Let wiper What is trump towel at these things up against each other, but when we say we were kill why's? He would already made me want to kill Whiting. We do But when we set a cough, it's a cobbler stood not today show, but when people react of people saying that were white privilege, whiteness is a capitalist structure. It benefit. Zau hurts white people, it has no black people, it hurts black people but still
this kind of fear, a black alternative and its these so of rhetoric, spottled against each other. These extreme Cox wrecked rhetoric of supremacy. Though our as a second sleep, sleep easier, because they they don't want to kill Whitey today. So what we're good? for today, I don't know about tomorrow. They want to kill Whitey tomorrow,. Did you notice show one thing about that? I notice Prodi jumped out to him that they all think this is a layer. I was going to say that I was gonna jump right there, left it's of your fucking again. Please watch the video rumbled outcome, flash bond for my video, I'm you can watch it on Youtube. I pleased out of we watch it on rubble, rumble dot slashed by Jean I'm from done with these techniques. So they all think it's hilarious, that they want to kill Whitey, but you can just not today be tomorrow. Maybe after that,
like Jane. You know the transition integrity project, our whole street fight their play. You know, maybe after they lay by Kill Whitey, just not today, Can I just encourage you always the issue on the other foot approach. If this was an enemy, by say, a prominent tea party activists who went on. News and said I don't wanna, say put another word in there because it would be offensive, but even a just even use their words. Everybody, Talking about, say, white, liberals and someone's tea party guy and Fox NEWS said something like yeah. You know it's a killer but don't worry not today, you be in jail for threat, I'm not kidding Are you don't questionably be banned from fashion the sacred saying, wouldn't even air, they would dump you our railway and you would prefer. We be in prison for threatening people, but again,
cause, it's an activist for black lives matter and other groups out there supporting them and other things talking about white supremacist Bobby having a tough time finding its interim power. You have any actual evidence. Of course you don't. She gets a pass course by moving on. So you know, I've ve been involved for awhile is an important statement. Folks did my fight against the Tec. Tyrants goes on goes on every day, I'm tired of them. I am sick of it. I am sick of Youtube. I am sick of Google Twitter Facebook, all of em. What they do to us is ridiculous I'm tired of it. So you know some of you out there, some very few but I'll get emails from liberals once more, who still insist that this suppressing Conservative content on social media platforms is in fact a myth. It is not now
fair enough. Some will say Dan. Your facebook page is constantly one of the top. Posters in the country. Ladies and gentlemen, that's just organic, because people go to my facebook page. Unlike the content, Facebook does everything it can to fact check my page with fake fact, checks and threaten me. I have the emails from Facebook on my Facebook account we will reduce the distribution of your page if you continue to post factual information like your posting that they fake, factual, you don't understand, on behind the scenes, so the lip So tell me that all your facebook page gets traffic tons of travel you're, not watching I'm watching behind the scenes Youtube crushes our continent all the time I'm free to talk about It openly now cause we're on rumble again. I pleased watch movies for free rumble. It's you do, but better advice with them of course, financially now, because I put my skin in the game, I don't mess around when I, If I am all in.
I want to show you how bad Google actually is. Google Owns Youtube: some of you may not know that they hate scuba. Here's a great story in the show notes that I just the New John Solomons excellence. He has an account on rumble due by the way, rumbled com, a welcome over tony cats to rumble we got bunch of other personalities coming over there to Guatemala is. Are you sick, a Youtube too by great article just the news. This was my carry Sheffield works at the website of their google. Queues of censoring conservative videos, pushing Leaning news low in search results eulogy, that's not a shocker Show you how this actually worked. Let's go down at the Solomons peace those who talk about how they do this stuff. So what am I spotted
here they do not ask me to call these parts not paid at all. They do not ask me, but they are sponsors, remember job creators network here that the Bob the voter registration site. Well, they put a video out a video footage of left this dry, its that tea party riots. Why? Because there isn't any video tea party riots isn't divine, they out, a video of left, this riots, here's covered, what's gonna happen to it, here's the care. If your pc is the news on Tuesday, the job creators, network and advocacy group of business leaders, criticise Youtube for what they said was unfair, sent the ship of one of their videos by blocking direct access to the video within inappropriate cod a warning label, the video shows footage of scenes from my tea party. Writing no recent riding looting and violence nationwide and asked. Is your city next, its video of this right? You have to click through these inappropriate contact labels. First, before this conservative group,
That advertisers on my show by the way is allowed to show you the video of the leftist riots. This is real. Happening right now. Google, I hate you. So does you too? youtube by the way, suppress all you we ve got another outlet now run all you do right when you do that all you do is push more people. Are you can't win this fight with me anymore? You thought you had a spider. How does by the toenails a little while ago, you ve got nothing on us anymore,. Suppress all you want. I know you're your liberal lunatic. You know agri gator. Whatever you call him content viewers are watching the sugar we push this down in our search result on Youtube right. Had you get it go right ahead, don't care. As I said when I joined parlor, our best friend was twitter. Every time twitter attacks,
servant of parlor gets five hundred thousand new users every time Youtube goes after me. Rumble get ten thousand new subscribers keep up free market. Worse, both works both ways. What are they doing? Google outside of suppressing Serbia, videos, like the job creators network, video, inappropriate content of left this riots, here's another one on Google search. Say some quote: carry Sheffield. Meanwhile, conservative new sites, including bright Bart, daily Collar and federalist, all great websites, quote, have seen their Google search listings dramatically reduced by the search and according to maximum lot, who are substantial tv? Why creator of election betting, odds that calm analyze, data from Sis tricks, a search engine, optimization firm, tracking, a million different Google search keywords, or what did you find found that the tracker shows a Google search. Visibility for bright part. First, plunged in twenty seventeen before following two.
I zero injured Twenty nineteen lot wrote a real, clear politics, noting that both bright pardon, the daily collar confirm their Google traffic dropped sharply as their search rankings fell. I'm sure that was for religion but recently have course it was in bright part daily, Cholera conservative sites that, by the way, we're all over the collusion hoax. The daily All our Chuck Ross broke the key details of the spy gates, before anyone in the foot, mainstream media and yet very search engine is not there. Ginger results are falling and collapsing. Listen. I make the mistake to sometimes- and I ask you: forgiveness and serious, sometimes I'll tell you to go to you now say: Google, something it's just some ingrained in my head. It's hard to get out, don't use em, you have other with that.
Acta go policy, one of em. You have other search engines, other options out there and again with you two about Poland, videos off there. You know why, or or even though I have a significant financial stake in their competitors? The reason I don't pull my videos are content of Twitter Youtube is There is some liberal one day there may be. A video there that may be useful in changing their might, but my home for social media. From this point on a parlour in rumble fake books gonna to ban eventually to I'm sure of it, when it goes away, goes away, parlor does everything they do. So it s a really bad. Now, showing you the skin. But this is so again in arm involved in rumble. So I was talking to a friend. And he said you want to see how bad Google, who owns Youtube Google logic they should go to Google and Google. This dog videos, rumble even better all right- this is common sense. You think, if you, Google,
dog videos on rumble. You would get what Joe is videos on rumble. I think I know that's crazy. You would think right, Joe you it should be clear job you're, not a internet database you are the finest audio producer, the bill, I'm not I'm not either. Paula is manufactured, really super smart, but any Could figure this out, including us here that if you, Google dog videos on rumble you would actually get dog videos on rubble. Here is my A screenshot, oh my actual phone, when I googled dog videos on rubble, look what comes up Youtube Youtube! You tube. Youtube. You too, I only included the top five, because there's pop we twenty more of Youtube videos that they got from rumble, put on you to night and six, but they're not
more, because Google owes you too and shut you down just twitter is doing everything it can to keep parlor hidden too. You have choices. Folks, the free market works. Work in the parlour we understand going on. There is some you know we were working on it. We had so many people in the beginning no websites perfect. No app is perfect, rumble either, but we a working really hard, and we ve got a really good product. Asking. You is as a friend and again somebody put his own skin in the game. Stop going to these sites. Loaded parlor go to rumble. First, you need to see some it's. What do you want to fight with some liberals? Go right ahead. You want to post something,
to Youtube as accounting create open, ellipses it when they go ahead. I'm just asking you to make this your hope. I promise you, ladies and gentlemen, I'm fine, my wife and I live a very frugal lifestyle. It's not about the money. It's about put your own skin in the game ass. What it's about for me! I will never see. Probably my lifetime, see the fruits of any of that. My kids, but whenever ok, I'm a minute wrap up with this story today and tomorrow to get this more tech, tyranny which began with the election coverage and it's just ridiculous. What they're doing but this story is quite hilarious and I want you to see. Please read this in the show notes I to follow up on dirty, annulled story from the wash them examined the other day about Princeton University should do this, is it a showdown check it out? Why
Examiner staff, Princeton, cheap, empty virtue, signalling may prove very expensive folks. Am I gonna do a screenshot from this cause. I just want to explain this to you, because the story, if this doesn't put a smile on your face. You have no sense of humour at all, so Princeton University decided that they were going to cater to the woke black lives matter, marxist crowd and they without, of course, statement, probably on demand of our group, a blue checkmark, twitter people. That our universities, racist, Joe Racist, we kids, it's on even fix it. It's all races, you gotta, you can The statement, of course I I'm exaggerate- was there, but they still prison university. I'm not put out a statement suggesting university was was racist. We gotta do everything we can. If I worry, what are they doing there, woke signalling to, though woke brigade. We knowledge, our white privilege
racist? We are against our black students, it's kind of a rough thing to put out there now Now. I can tell you right now: I can categorically state my company bungee, knowing bungee no report Rumble parlor, whenever company I'm associated with, we do now Judge anyone based on their race, where there from Acts or anything like that, we actually believe in things like real, diverse, even their political beliefs, your talent and you're downtown care for your liberal and I come from. Can you imagine ever a thousand years putting out a statement. Acknowledging your company is in fact on fixedly racist? signal to the World Brigade. So what happened? What have you got the sturdier they Tiana low broke it the
apparently the federal government that allocates fair Education dollars to universities I prince than and elsewhere. Thankfully Joe as a condition for those dollars which we should all be glad it's in there and conditions. What. If you're a racist, we're not give you any money, oh probably, a good idea. They jogged rather dinner. I think buddy. Pretty much agrees with that. If a racist, if a unit, So he came out and said we are absolutely racist against black people, you're not getting my money or jobs, our polish or anyone else, but fair right. So now, Princeton got a little problem federal government's open investigations to Princeton them and is saying that we should give you any tax dollars anymore, because you guys are racist whenever just me. You just said you, you re you're racist. You put out a stable. So now for instance, in a little pickle. What's the pickle, the pickle now is Princeton Because there's an investigation open.
They can number one come out and say: ok really now, with Europe Folks Princess, not racist, let me go and directed principally oversee. Is there not that down there? They discriminate against conservatives. Yes, then they discriminate based on race. Maybe admissions who not their admitting. I dont believe that so Princeton Universe, He has choices. They can mountain, say hey when really racist against minority black students. I dont believe they are. But we just said that the signal the world people, so we were just getting Princeton, mercy therefore, will be the laughing stock of both the world. Brigade who will attack them for saying how, dare you say, you're, not race against, like everybody, is white fragility seen idea project your racist year, its eight. This is the patriarchy white supremacy. So you see how option of a wonder screwed they if this
the Red brigades say they're, not racist, forgetting, but then what happens they lose boatloads of care. From you, because a federal government does want to give money to racist people or they could go down have to wing, continue to insist that ear unfit Simply racist lose millions of federal dollars. Do acknowledge on the record, to the federal government who Ceasar Emmy Institution, like to know that right, where their located departments whose getting money from them fair right, my tax are gonna win institution acknowledging our race that I want to know who the razor sharp, though you see, liberals, where the actual non races there, the races so my tax dollars to go to university, paying racist, I want to know who they are. Don't you so that's option two.
Can continue down there. Yes, where racist path cater to the Woke brigade, the woke divorced from wealthy stand, And they can undergo a full investigation where taxpayers like me, get to find out who eggs, We, the racists, are their racist, ass, the races, social media and we could take a tax. That back sounds good. Then. Again. Tell me how voting for Biden, if you're, never trump republican lunatic, tell me how this Happened under the binding administration out dad. This is just Donald Trump weapon eyes. The federal german is, if you have an institution getting my money, acknowledging its racist against black Americans. I want to know who they are. There. Get your mail imbalance now or government. Orson whenever you want, but do not. I don't care if
there is a nuclear explosion before this election. You better get out there and vote, because this kind of stuff for mocha stands going to happen more and more. If we don't get try Donald Trump RE elected. Are they german thanks the opportunity it again it will be? When I can in this new shows this week, don't worry, I made the record Friday morning a little early, because I have a trip up there. I will let you know, I don't keep by secrets for my audience at all. So appreciate your patients. In the beginning, it was kind of an extended segment on my personal situation, which you know, but given that optics of it, I don't want any veto, worry that I'm. You know something with something more so now you know so I thank you patients again. I appreciate the best audience in the world police inscribed in the video shop. Rumbled accomplished, bungee, no, it's free were up to sixty thousand subscribers already, which is pretty incredible since I just announced that last week. So please help us get to you. You know couple hundred thousand. It helps us a lot at our subscribed to the pod, all free apple, podcast and elsewhere.
Thanks a lot folks say or do you in Bonn GINO.
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