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Somehow, Night Two of the DNC Was Worse! (Ep 1326)

2020-08-19 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the even more embarrassing night-two of the calamitous Democratic National Convention. I also discuss the hard facts about Joe Biden‘s plans for your firearms and your taxes. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee shockingly night here with a democratic convention or worse than the one, I didn't think you're gonna happen I have the law lies. There are no highlights including a moment where Joe Biden about his wife and so get a spine, It's got a spine like or like a ramrod kids. So I guess I read a video like a rat I regret that we get the PPP hoaxes back again. Yes, this bit shockingly made a return. Also, I got
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Very of a school. I guess Joe Biden teaches that whatever it may be and they through this. They must have told Joe Biden this beforehand that hey you're gonna work the nomination tonight and given that we're not the big, elaborate convention hall with the confetti, you ve all seen, conventions and bake, it very balloons from the ceiling they run around Raven did they take their? It was Bill thinking about tomorrow I would, he saw a fleet would mac whatever? Was they hit a few balloons, a wave? They point to a few people? They pretend they know they got no idea who it is that, like you notice that you see us Are you don't over there on stage right Hilary spouses show point that someone in this they survive. About What is it don't break at idea? What its neighbours that have had our class? They didn't have that so Dr recreate this moment for animals library and they must have said the Joe and Joe Biden- listen some
People are going to come out from behind you and we're going to drop like confetti around you there and job, ion and jail. I think both for I was going to happen and they both looked surprise why this cringe worthy acceptance. The most cringe worthy I've ever seen eye kidding. It was pay for what listening even the MSNBC folks who loves you What time activists were the binds right now? Listen there the reason like
You can hear the courage and their voice check this out real life. Road celebrated zoom caused stretching across the country. We ve now heard some. Fifty seven: U S, faith and territories! That's why I guess I first glimpse of Joe Biden Alive, direct and Jill Vital right. There lay a celebration, and this is why a virtual convention- this is the balloon Drabant Andrew Mitchell. Normally you would be on the floor with Rachel neighbours. Did you play? That was it. That was when they want to put it This is the greatest on it. Pension old Dan Bogs. You show moment, forgive me for speaking. Myself in the third person ever use chemicals, That again, is there any way without school, up the whole system to queue that up again. Watch your cue to whole thing
Watch the under this Post Kyoto, but you weren't you here will reach the will to do just started spoke. I just told you what I don't even notice resembling clip check this out player against their value. Research into life rose, deliberating zoom cause stretching across three. We ve now heard from fifty seven. U S, faith and territories. I guess I first glimpse them. Joe Biden alive, direct jail biting right. There lay at the celebration, and this is what a virtual convention this is the balloon drought, Andrew Mitchell. Normally you would be on the floor. I did. I swear to you all my life. I did not know the Hilary face was in shit. That's the fact where she looks surprise equity. Joe Biden. By the way,
issue, Hilary surprise at the balloon drop Joe Biden, I think forgot what was going to happen. I think told them. Five minutes or others can be. People coming behind. You know get startled and they came and you Jacques, do I got this people? We can fix it. So bad so bad. I listen. I got some subsidies up it s. What a move enclave so Joe Biden, Joe Biden, comes out There's a lot of confusion about this afterwards, any any tries to thank his wife and there's a lot of people think he said I ma I'm Joe Biden, But if you listen closely to this clip clearly, if you put it up the area, he says I'm Jill jail binds husband, that's not the funny. About this. If you, it sounds kind of like Joe, but he does say jail. I think I put it up to my ear, pretty close, listen to about fifteen. But this is where he everyone how his wife is a spine and ramrod
Ramrod a risky check this one. I want everyone, I'm Joe Biden, swordsmen I heard you excuse me, you can see why she's a love of my life in our family, she never gives herself much credit, but the truth is she's. The strongest personal notions backbone like a ramrod. She loves fiercely cares deeply! can I just make a suggestion jail for the future, not here to give political advice, the Democrats, but you may not wanted describe your wife than those kind of terms back behind Ramrod, just throwing out there, a huge Eddie, does say jail. Put it up the area and listen a couple times. You definitely bright Paul, you, he says jail. Something to say. My God, Joe Biden, introduced himself as Joe Biden. Why husband, nor that eats? He says you were more quick on the convention last I was such a disaster is more fusion, not only about the Joe Joe Biden thing.
Why so? Last night a yo was given ninety seconds, I'm not gonna. Subject you to the whole disastrous. Ninety second communist manifesto she laid out- he's given all of ninety seconds to speak, which shows how I'm a little. At this point, I think the Democrats have little respect for her, not necessarily the far left based, but for her. I think they think she's, a joker I do. I think they do. I mean they're gonna. There give her some prominent position to appease the far left base, but nobody really takes our seriously. They were, they would have given more time, but at the end, Is she nominates someone for president and a lot of confusion ensued afterwards, you be dominated by right. Listen the end of her ninety seconds speech and there was confusion? What ran a mock after this check this out time, when millions of people in the United States are looking for deep sea stomach solutions to our crises of mass evictions, unemployment, lack of health care in spirit.
Weblogs and out of love for all people, by second the nomination Bernard Sanders of for president of the United States of America, God, my God, the chaos and soon afterwards. And b C twitter. She just death nominated Bernie Sanders Bernard Sanders know. Now access to clear this up. Listen! She is a dance! There's! No doubt about that, but that's what she was supposed to do: if you watch these conventions in the past, if you earn enough delegates, your name has be put into nomination. You win the nomination or not whether it's wrong, Paul or Bernie Sanders, or my cock you or anyone else who ran. If you earn the delegates your name has to be put on, it doesn't mean you won the nomination She was that was pre tape that was tabled.
I look, there's no way the Biden campaigns gonna, let them slap or of a slap in the face on a tape today, but it just told us Happen recorded again, she was supposed to do his name. Bernie Sanders name had to be put in the nomination. I just why you D get lost down Abbott holes because it was trending last night on Twitter did oh see just say that, like all my gosh you nominated Bernie Sanders should nominate Bernie Sanders for the presidency. She put his name into nomination, even though Biden one, it's not. I Sometimes we get to cover these be stories cause even NBC, got it wrong, and we see is I got my god. What happened? Nothing happened Bernie. And there's name had to be put in a yo see was given the job of doing it. I that's it. Covering anymore this bonacieux. Unless this is nothing else to cover it. Basically, the whole thing was
tromp is terrible. While we would have handled corona differently, despite being on tape, saying we wouldn't have, we would have done it differently and worse. We wouldn't have done the travel ban, trumps, crazy, come down to Chinatown like unaids, people Patsy, we say, and I mean member all that stuff at the play down the virus that major newspapers get crazy is like the flow. Remember all that. So it's all nonsense nothing, I'm not gonna subjected to the nonsense of waste your time or I may get to a more important story. Folks, the ppp hoaxes back again credibly. Is this just stunning how many times these media lunatics will go to the well on this thorough discredited debunked nonsense. Story so what happened yesterday, the Senate Talents committee led by chairman Marco Rubio. Since birth stepped aside, they put out last volume of their report now I want you to keep.
Mine the Senate Intel Committee, had no information that Bob Mahler didn't matter fact Bob Mahler, who concluded no collusion in case you messed it had more information and more investigative assets. You can be. ECHO Rubio, you can be Richard BAR. You can be anyone else on the set, an entire committee. You do not have law enforcement powers, everybody we stand that If you cannot arrest anyone, you don't have the threat of arrest by mothers team did had charging powers in the power to indict this Intel committee had less not more information and many times just pirated. What was in the Mulder report, so what came out yesterday What came out conclusively regime is no collusion which I'll get to in a moment which was covered sleep by the wash in times. Of course, despite the report being crystal, We are Rubio going on tv and say there was a further fifteen thousand time
was no collusion between Europe and the Russians that media managed to pull a another nonsense. Soundbites photo up sound by talking point. That's already been discredited and and with it again you don't believe me here USA today covering this thing that disastrous USA to a joke of a newspaper only known for being used this bird, age lining when you walk out of our hotel and you ll find it on your door. You poor man, It was a grave counter. Intelligence threat, republican lead, added paddle finds this how they choose to cover this thing. The report laid out clear as day again for the twentieth. Thirty thousand, I don't even know tat. There was no clues. This is how they choose to cover. What was there talking point here
buried in the report. I white, listen! You gotta, get your arms around this, because you're gonna hear this now throughout the campaign buried in the report again with another debunk talking point that poor management We are dealing with a rush in Intel officer, Konstantin Column, Nick and we, giving him polling data now metaphor: dealing with polemic, I'm not defending manner format, afford out a lot of issues, owed a lot of money and that everything man afford did was on the up and up and us is honest, reporters of what happened during the spy, gay and collusion hoax, the spy genuine spike scandal in the collusion, fake scandal. We need our report on manner for data dealings we and make their work kind of shady granted the information Even if this nonsense, it was pulling data was stuff. You could have gotten out of the Washington Post and it was all wrong anyway, didn't really matter, I'm not saying
Good, I'm not saying was on the up and up and that defending metaphor, I'm simply suggesting that the democratic new talk mines can be look man, a fortress, and pay manager. He was dealing with polemic polemic was a russian Intel guy. Wasn't he. Was polemic, really a russian and fell source, and if you because its dealings with metaphor we're shady. Then why wasn your bomb administrations dealing with Column Nick Mason. Column neck. When we're using them as a source of information. Why weren't, though, shady two way way way way way way and that can possibly Bay come on here. We again you're suggesting to me that again, the Clinton industry should all the Democrats massive ties. Russians using Russians for information in the steel dossier, touting that that that was no big deal, but one that Can't they met with anybody who is russian? That's evidence of a crime. That's what's called a double standard right
so you're also suggests to me that man affords communicate with calumnies, mean metaphor, definitely a russian polluter, yet the Obama administration on the record dealings with clinic mean the opposite, that they were on the up and up does not make any sense to you then polemic with dealing with the Obama administration to us, go to the New York Times here, the slime you no worse than USA. Today, not even worthy of the bird cage line. This is where the bear toilet paper. In case we go to toilet paper, Armageddon number to the archives, russian spy or hustling political operative, the enigmatic. Here at the heart of mothers inquiry by disgraced. Vogel and Andrew Kramer to known collusion houses. They talking about Colombia, I'm back again with the guy we were told yesterday by USA today, evidence Joe collusion. Hoaxes real metaphors deal,
when the EU is a russian spy. So if the Obama let's go New York Times had read up a little bit about what they reported about polemic, the guy who is working with the state Department under the Obama administration. New York Times, Yes, Mr Calumnies became a valued source for the political staff of the. U S embassy doubt no way that can't be. I thought this is a russian spy because They did not try to sugar coat the financial motivations of the oligarchy, who funded the political parties for which he work said David Merkel who though the Ukraine issues as the deputy assistant secretary of State for President George W Bush, so George W Bush worked well George W Bush was a kilometer along with Obama's State department. This is correct, easy time and again I am not defending man afore. I dont need to. That I'm interested in spy gate the scandal and what happened the facts there?
publicans involved in this to the Mccain is to which I hope to get too late or not to get to it. Tomorrow, means a whole lot about why Mccain legacy. Isn't what you think it is? There were reports, gets involved in this, but this was a crap run scandal media right now. Instead of doing some, honest work is lying to you again. We know that Guy clinics are russian operate. If he was, then why were you dealing with them throughout the Bush? In Obama administration, its eyes it a fair question are not just skies. In spite of the Obama administration, the New York Times call them e value. Source is here. You'd sorcerers eruptions by New York Times, number two to America, diplomats and washed in Kiev he's been away. Own character for nearly a decade, developing
reputation is a broker. A valuable information like the alliances of Ukraine's oligarchy in the country's handling of foreign investment and sensitive, no cases he traveled. Freely to the United States each this. The New York Times am I getting this right. He traveled Billy through the United to how is that. How did you, try really the United States or get a load of this and on a trip in May of twenty. Sixteen who was the president may have twenty sixteen definitely Donald Trump wrong. It was Barack Obama. So on a trip and two thousand. He met with senior state department officials, you mean Obama's guys for drinks at an hour the record bar in the basement of the Hay Adams Hotel across from the White House later that year twenty. Sixteen just checking Obama was the present right. Yes, he was later here he visited with the New United States ambassador to Ukraine in Kiev? Why? that's really crazy! So you re
headline of USA Grey Matter for dealing with russian Intel. Guy noticed how they leave out same Russian Intel Guy having drinks restate department, officials in the Obama administration notice how they leave that out. Same guy right here, so a being investigated to cause a matter. To jail. So are those Obama state thereby people being a vessel, but about the? U S Ambassador amendment: have you noticed how that's all left out of the story, and I want to go Let me get this in a second. Let me get to my second sponsor, but I want to get too how the honest reporting outlets, like the in times covered it. This release Should I and I'll show you get out the New York Times hilariously like USA today, Miss characterizes with the core of the report was, which is. There was no collusion. Later and we have a new sponsor, which is great for me, because I am a germ of foam of the highest order. Just like President Trump. That's one thing we definitely sharing I hate germs and I hate being sick. The scenario
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I did it before I suggest, causing out this story, because I'm I really sometimes get frustrated dealing with the media in their constant, p, p hoaxes. It's really outrage they still but here's a washed. In times of some honest coverage are put into show notes today. Bungee know that com, if you wanna subscribed, has shown us, but you know that compensation newsletter, here's a headline which tells the actual story washed in times, Jeff more knock. No, collusion in twenty sixteen between Trump campaign in Russia, Senate Intelligence Committee reports. Ladies that's what honest reporting looks like you want a report on this. Tax later on, you want to report on the bullet points later on that matter, for it had deal with column that calamity been shady. If that's your opinion or not. That's fine report on that, but the honest about who column Nick was metaphor, with a guy who was a known state department source and had reg communications with the Obama State Department. Just admit it and be honest, you can't
to make it like metaphor, did something unusual communicating with the Jason Bourne of Russia and that, therefore, you can imply create subjects there again that Tromp was colluding with the Russians. When you know that's not what the report concluded so there's the washed in Times Now, let's go to the ridiculous, discredited left wing blog noticed the New York Times where the you know, they're the Charlie savages. The atom governments can vulgar work. You know the Maggie Haber men, they discredited, how they still have jobs, It's really interesting, Gibbon, entirely embarrassed by their coverage and promotion of the pp hoax the collusion hopes, which is now the international laughing stock of the planet, how they still have jobs. Maybe, but here they go again, here's the New York Times coverage in the same report- you'll be led. Scented panel details ties between twenty sixteen shrub campaign and russian. Here we got by Mark Miss Ellie, jumping in on the p hoax again
Burying the led down in the report that the report concluded again for the twentieth fiftieth this time. I don't even know that there is now evidence whatsoever at all anywhere that any Trump campaign show or any american citizen colluded with Russia. The impact the election doesn't matter, folks, liberal dances or fall for anyway, because that's just what They do I hears what I got coming up here. I got the Clinton story. Clayton story. But his speech. No, no! No! No! No! went and not Hilary either his once kind of gross Bill Clinton story? I also want to get through. This Biden stop lying about its taxes. It's ridiculous! I get that in the fire of story. I bill Clinton. First, let's sit on this one because, This is a story of warned you about a heavy, unimpeachable, source on this that the bill Clinton shenanigans when it comes to Jeffrey have seen are going to get worse.
Folks, I don't mess around my sources. I never burn them. I might again keeping information from you, but the sore Who has given me this information is an honest broker, knows exactly what he's talking about so this surface yesterday, right before Bill Clinton, really awful speech last night at the virtual Democrats convention daily mail, exclusive it'll be up in the show, no check it out again, but you know that council issues later. The daily mail with the longest headlines ever by the way, which Paulo always note daily mail exclusive. Would you, mind giving it a crack bill. Clinton leans. And smiles when receiving a neck massage from one of the Epstein victims, twenty two and never before seen photo restoring trip on the pedophiles plain in Africa to Africa in two thousand and two folks. The pictures were out there now again to do actual honest reporting on this, the women involved in the back cracking massage picture of Bill Clinton whenever you want to do
as he said, that he was in any way and appropriate with her again we do reporting here, unlike the New York Times. Having said that, I am here to tell you. And some of my regular measures have already been told this, but I'll tell you again, the more is going to come out on this. And when I mean yes, I mean Bill Clinton relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and the people in his orbit. There is an eye witness out there when he wants to talk and ready to hear him again, but it's his information, that at a minimum bill, Clinton was on Jeffrey, have seen plain in areas of the plan. With what appeared to be under age girls. What was happening back there. The eyewitness doesn't know because you and back there, but definitely saw him go back and what would you be doing back they're going back there for a beggar Tito's I mean seriously. Why would be going in the back of a play with it Jeffrey Epstein
a really sick. I with what appears to be rage, when what would you be doing back there in coming out little later, more is gonna. Come out on Clinton. He's not gonna get a pass on this. When I don't again it's not my information, be irresponsible to share information. That's not my that I don't have the deed on. I didn't witness, I'm just passing on to you. What other sources have told me more is going to come out The irony, however, showing You again how the modern Democratic Party, the institutions, on up on the hill and the establishment carries have no dignity whatsoever, trotting bill, where did out on that day. These pictures surface. In the meat you you're a shows you that they don't really believe in the whole me to hear this. Woman is undoubtedly a victim, maybe a victim, as she claims of Bill Clinton per SE, but was a victim of Epstein in these photos, weather and you think this guy Clinton would be embarrassed and slither away. When you feel like all
Gas is really horrifying. Even though these picture out there to save face said the save the face, a Democrat Party, I'm gonna walk away from my region. I know he gave the speech lesson. I no problem at all not only bring new species into your post coverages. Be it a moment of just grotesque. Tragic irony, Bill Clinton to rip trump we're bringing chaos to the oval office in the Dnc speech, o o Joe building, then brought to restart the oval office? Do yeah a lot matter fact Bill Clinton We brought some stuff in the oval office. Bill Clinton brought some people as well into the oval office. Answers stuff left the oval office. It's a family friendly show but leave. After he brought said people into the love is, after he brought some stuff into the oval office. The stuff left the overall
and was later the subject of a dna evaluation. So maybe you should stay away from me. What trump brought into the oval office line? I'm just gonna, throw that out their bill piece of advice from an old, not friend, is still let him speak big dog. They called big dogs come out the big dog big dog, I listen began election coming up and I'm really gettin, as you can see from the beginning of the shell, with the people stuff making its return again. The collusion hopes I'm getting very frustrated with the media now providing honest coverage here. They allow these people lie
to be entirely opaque about what they're gonna do folks. I said last night on Hannity using analogy now. The problem with Joe Biden is whether you believe Joe Biden is a moderate, a left, this radical left this. It's not the problem with Joe Biden is Joe Biden, is not cognitive. Revered even know who, Joe by near and Joe Biden is so weak that he has become an empty slate the analogy I use last night is: if you buy a painting, when you buy a painting you by the piece of finnish start, don't you you want to see what the or it looks like you by a blank canvas, and it say the artist hey, come to my house and paint the painting. You don't know what it's gonna be. You buying finished product you're asking you right now the Democrats to buy an entire early unfinished, painting and Joe, but he's a blight. So he doesn't have any principles is too weak and he's not
ITALY there upstairs to stop. What's gonna happen, you take this guy home as a blank. Can and whose doing the painting Sanders Eo Sea and the people they're afraid of on the left that they're gonna give power to Sanders and others to write these policies, your tax, Is your guns and everything or risk. Here everything is not a joke You need to have a good idea. I'm gonna play actual video right now, Joe by saying what he's and a duty your taxes. This, let me get to my third sponsor. First cause I'm gonna role through this. I want to get to the firearms, but this important. You need to know, what's gonna happen, a while new firearms educate your friends to take on. Europeans are going to raise. My middle class tat is, he said, man, he said Molly, we'll times I got three, please the video to prove it. I we last night, I'm hungry services again a bad time for the sad because my mouth
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it is on these debating, which even more and again he's trying to make this point that binds not gonna hide your taxes he's already set it. Does this guy's each just a liar, or does he missed Joe Biden? Actual video clips? Here's the first one I have three of them. Three of I'm just we shall I kept them relatively short buttons. Some kind of town hall thing, and these aims in questions about social justice. I want you to pay attention to the inn where specifically says: he's gotta, repeal the tax cuts, the Trump tax cuts, those more tax cuts, Middle class, I will show you that too. In case you were a liberal and you don't believe me, middle class didn't get attacks, cut into trouble. You ever look it up or you are done so without here's video clip number one showing you item is gonna hide your taxes, even if you are in the middle class check this out number one. We have the good income and equity in history, the United States of America, since nineteen o too
The matter is there is plenty plenty, money to go around first thing I would do his present was eliminate the president's tax cut up again the democratic consultants on tv. The talking has, why are you lying? Why you're lying all the time, I'm serious or what explanation. Could you have four misconstruing Joe Biden zone position? He has already said this multiple times. He is going hide your middle class taxes. That's what repealing tax cuts means. It means your tax cuts. Go away and your taxes Go up are you lie. Are you so stupid? I'm asking you that you don't even know what Joe Biden position is really going on tv and humiliating yourself. I listen. I do tv following honestly candidate.
I can't imagine going on tv and knowingly saying something that isn't true, that anyone could pick up their foreigner computer and joint internet surgeon five seconds and find out I'm lying to you. There's your ability matter. You may say our man he just misspoke. He did because here's an interview Would CBS? Yes, CBS we're, even they call him out on it and say either we're middle class tax cuts. Eddies, does and give an answer. I was a member of the Democrats. Rezoning he's not gonna. Take your middle class taxes he's already setting watch em up this in squirm on this one? Will these challenges to check this out? You said you would repeal all of tramps tax cuts, but Jimmy just for the wealthy or for the middle class. You because trumpeted give the middle class attacks got a prompt gave him
class tax cuts. It was negligible. The fact is that what we should be doing is making sure that the wealthy pay there fair shit. You see him dance again. It was not negligible. The tax caught the standard doctrine was up dramatically and middle class tax rates, which I'll show you in a minute one from twenty percent to twenty four twenty five to think twenty, two and fifteen it well now for Democrats out through can't do That's three percentage points of your income, three percentage points, meaning if fifty thousand dollars a year, you're talkin about fifty one hundred dollars a year and attacks? I that's without this standard deduction. Payroll taxes in everything else, you want stared you're being lie to Joe Biden, Medical Scranton kit
Square yet Notre Dame fighting heirs, discredit, scrappy job lunchbox, he's a liar he's a liar he's an empty canvas. You brought home Bernie Sanders going to paint the painting on your tax. Are going up. What honey percent, not one hundred percent. Your tax got one set your taxes are going up. I want to be precise, unlike liberals, who just don't care and active to the reporter there what does some modest reporting for once trumpeted CUP middle class taxes? Did you miss that now it get here's the Washington Post, parroting Joe islands nonsense that he's not gonna hike your taxes, a lie, look washed, impose you think, I'm met, somebody must impose headline Joe Biden says: you're taxes won't go up if you make under four hundred thousand now here's the eggs Joe Biden says you will raise taxes on anyone making under four hundred thousand. Now he did say that here and say that Heather
the author of this working post me. Can you just acknowledged she didn't say that here you have said that, but that's not what he said. What he's on the record about taxes for three thousand dollars is not middle class No dad. Already said he's gonna cut the Trump tax cuts out, wipe out which will high taxes on the middle class, who got the tax cuts? My She is frustrating unit. More evidence that he's gonna. Take your taxes, here's the folks! I could do this all day. In the interests of time, because there's so much material to cover specially with the cataclysmic democratic and she go on here's the third cut. I could do twenty of these of Joe Biden again saying he's gonna, repeal your middle class tax cuts, which means you're gonna, get attacks. I'd check this out
in a way we pay for it by rolling back on productive tax cuts. Some two trillion dollar tax cut. The president put through now, listen to me listen, Scranton cared Lunchbox Joe thanks. Why you gotta spine, like a ramrod that guy Ramrod Guy now because again we do evidence year, evidence facts. Data you know that kind of stuff. By way, there is a good thing storm Bruin outside here right, you hear that is coming over. The MIKE my gosh did poured last night, which is gonna, get some new side. Put those perfect timing. Again, if you're a liberal watching it stand by GINO, he's serve any views, clearly line trumpet and cut middle class taxes. Yes, miss. Liberal. How do you know that? Because I was told by
King head on Fox or CNN or elsewhere, who said to middle class, didn't get a task in the trunk. Ok, I'm sorry you're a moron, so I just want to a simple search engine put in Trump tax cuts in what comes up, invest a pdf, and here it is right here, invest a pdf, the top tax rate under the term tax, that's fell from thirty nine to thirty seven, the thirty three percent bracket drop, the thirty two. So supper middle class. They got a one percent cut in almost three percent cut. Here's the middle class brackets Joe just in case again, you're a democratic can't through simple math, so the up middle class, you had a twenty eight sent bracket before Trump came in office. He cut your taxes, twenty four checking Joe that's for percentage points right, twenty ass one evening or yes, thank you for double checking them. You only the twenty five percent brand. That's the middle middle class, so to say I was cut to twenty two he's a three percentage points cut last time I checked year,
people who were in lower income categories. You have a fifteen percent bracket that was cut to twelve, checking and Joe. I believe that adds up to a three percentage point taxi. Has it done or table who were lower income than just at a check that out their didn't, want to mislead my audience? No prob! So again, if you're, a liberal, I'm. Sadly probably not tat bright? You probably believed that there were no trump tax cuts for the middle class, which is wrong, and your believing because you don't believe there was a middle class tax cuts because you don't believe me? There was a middle class tax cuts because at least that is what you do it over there surfing the internet. But this is my site might come our way threaten did your level. You probably believe two things you, two things that are false and this where I really feel bad for levels,
because I live in a fantasy. Let it does exist. You believe there were no tromp tax cuts for the middle class, which is fast only an accurate, but if you believe that show that makes sense why you would believe that by repealing the trumps TAT trump tax cuts won't effect, your middle class tax, because you didn't have been the first place. Both of those points are wrong as a matter of fact a sea t t T our. Why? If your Joe Biden fact do your homework nomes skulls? If at listen to me on a serious I disagree with you? Make me let him if you want to pay higher taxes and your middle class. Or in America, bus your, but yes, Joe by your guy? I've got it. In either. If that's what you like, he's your guy, if you want your tax
as it is now or potentially caught lower trumps, your guy, it's very simple I'm not gonna, lie to you. I've I've. To convince you, high taxes are a terrible thing for the country's economy. If you don't believe it Joe Biden, your guy, your taxes will go up. Just stop lying to people when I get through the guns thing to swim, really dug in this, how much the whole issue about firearms and the second Mehmet I'm hearing, from some Democrats out that you haven't already lately because it trying to sideline the issue completely zero, want to scare people in congressional districts that are swinging like the Conner Sean Parnell race shown Porno gray candidate by the way they congrats to Byron. Donald last night, who I thought was an excellent candidate. I tweet about him quite a bit. He one is primarily in the rate, the district ironic, congressional district nineteen Florida congrats to him lotta good candidates to watch so big big problem
but you're lying about your firearms. You, yes, ladies german, they are coming for your guns may get to my final sponsor. I want to get to this and I want to get to the when other video of the this member, a Congress toolbox, but this may be the tool box of about who I know I know you're either, so I wanna get to that. But let me get through the guns thing first before you that my final sponsored today Patriot mobile, ladies and gentlemen, sadly, America's students are caught up in the politics of corona virus in their education eyes and about the support the next year, nation freedom, loving Americans. Patriot mobile is running a school days. Promotion until September twelve choose either a free phone or a free month. Service when you switch to America's only conservative, cellphone carrier, Patriot Mobile Instead of charging hidden in fees and funding left wing propaganda, patriot mode, we'll donate a portion of your bill to students for life. There you go.
Get the same reliable nationwide service and support a company that shares your values, supports our constitution and puts people before profit. Switching Zizi keep your phone number bring your own phone or by No one call nine seven to Patriot, that's nine, seven to Patriot or visit Patriot mobile dot com. Use their promo code. Then, when you choose a three month of service or a free phone veterans and respond, as you save even more call. Now Seventeen patriot, nine, seventy patriot or visit Patriot Mobile Dotcom, Slash Dan Use, promo code, then again, patriot, mobile dot, com slashed end use, promo code. Then today I again on the firearms. What a little back, why the Democrats are in some districts avoiding the firearms issue.
Ladys German. There are very few categories of one issue: voters. What do I mean by that? This is an important take. What you gotta understand, most people, who are swinging, independent they're not necessarily mean IVO Republic in pretty much no matter what democrat lot of diehard Democrats do the same thing then I can across all there's not out of they have ever voted for look at my life, there are, however, about fifteen twenty percent of Americans who are independent, any given cycle and will kind of swing either way, they're the ones that gave Pennsylvania the Trump and others very few of those sway, independent voters vote just one issue: they vote on a number of things someone is on maybe unions and taxes and an abortion and guns. There are very one issue. They vote on one issue, but one group of voters which has always been powerful scheme. Power to yet our and other gun groups out there throughout the years, one group of vote
a lot of a move on one issue, our fire motors for an obvious reason: Beethoven: die, they want to be able to protect themselves and their families. They will vote that one issue I want oversimplified, but it's you had a tree as your needs. That's number one for them so where stand on. It is almost this positive on how they're going about you got it. The their guns you're out data care of your republic in Democratic Communist data care, if you're from Mars, if you, You lived under the surface of the moon, they don't care, you wanna, take their guns, they're not voting. You period it doesn't matter what label you put in front of yourself, someone's swinging districts congressional this year's Democrats. They weaken this here's what's coming for you for your guts, great grape, these legal insurrection, so good, it's in the shone out and up at Bonn, GINO report that calm our conservative alternative to the left. The unity of the draft report.
Spider guy, I dont know, but Coty was newski illegal insurrection, they're coming for your guts, addled Democrats Party Gun Control platform got election. Come Don't you want to know what's going to happen, you're firearms kind of important right? Well, let's get right, let's go to take away number one from this piece, which I encourage you to read in the show notes today, because you know that come an apple GINO report check it out. Here's. The Democrats are actually saying about your firearms number. One Democrats will end Universal background checks. Folks, this is a scam, as he says here, they will do nothing to stop criminals from purchasing firearms. However, they will stop you from turning over your shot gun too daughter or whoever it may be, if you are approaching the end, your life, your moving whenever it, maybe you will then to go to a federal firearms dealer, a basically asked for permission to do it, but what's the real reason? What's the real reason, the Democrats want universal background checks.
Member. Ladies and gentlemen, the Democrats and ever tell you what they really want. There's always a gypsy. Do flipper There can be some kind of side reason going on: it's never what they say ever they don't universal background checks because they worry about far Joe given is shot gun to his daughter. They don't care about that. Two things The first thing is: they just want to create obstacles so that you get rid of your firearms and turn a man rather than transcript. Few have to go to an effort fell, and I do that. Through Them- and you don't want anybody- know when your business than sometimes just not going to do it turn it and break it up whatever it may be, but the same once a little more pernicious. So what I love about this I got a lotta insiders on these issues and they tell me they always give me. The little quiet causes that's how they really want a federal list. The Democrats of lists sir they're thing there's
I think more. They liked to put you on a list of course team, less a fire Our motor, less and right now is the time I remember you're not allowed to keep federal lists of gunners they're, not, but if they are a background check every send, including farmer Joe turns over his shot gun to his daughter every, but universal backward, sound. So great right, they'd have magic list of every firearm and who owns it everywhere will buy what they want that. Why would they want that? I don't know. Well, if you know the Democrats, you know exactly what it want that, because when they repeal the second amendment or try to the de facto repeal it to a bunch of regulations. They know exactly where to go to get the firearms. That sounds like a power that there does it because most of them have set their coming from your fires, including beta while Rourke, who, Joe by
appointed, as is like guns, tsar guy. If he's elected, keep ignoring the fucker our motives as somebody, I don't believe me some Democrat firearms. You don't believe me again if your thing is to show up on government list as a firearm for when they want to come for you when you're firearms, then yes vote Joe Biden he's we're your guy just stop telling me it's not happening because already talking about it so to take away number two from this excellent legal insurrection pits worth your time what the. Mc Grath say quote. Democrats will an online sales of firearms and ammunition, guns and ammunition and online sales. This is a scam, There are no online sales in this sense. The Democrats want you to believe they you to believe, like you got a logical meagre, my vote, a cave, forty seven for sale deliver tomorrow.
Tat our critical. That's not the way. This works folks, by a firearm online. You still have to pick it up from a registered effort. And go to the same checks. The Democrats and they don't want any of that because they want everybody on a list show, it They want to know who has the firearms and where? Why want a block online sales able. Then she said they still have to go pick it up and get the background check intervening. Yes, that's right, but online sales just make it easier again there all about obstacles. First, when I mentioned in point number one, they want to put obstacles in front of you obstacle, so you can't trance reaffirmed your kids, obstacles. So it's not easy to shop online for what it's all about: making it de facto difficult too. Practice, your own second amendment, big, our God, given rights, any officer
They can create they. Well, it's gonna take away number three. Here we go again with the assault web saw weapons. Dreaded airports. Democrats will ban the men, factor and sale of us all weapons at high capacity magazine. Let me transit for you in English, because Democrats the really speak in proper English. They don't know what an assault weapon is, so what they really essays. Denmark want a ban scary, looking guns and standard capacity magazines, they call it high. Pass it because it sounds here. Hydropower, oh, my gosh. Are you talking about like a out from a rainbow movies that we have a democratic, don't know anything about guns whenever they open their mouths about guns, it's a source of tragic already because they sound so stupid. I will never forget true story up in merrily I dont know eight years ago running for office, I was doing to show square off what Richard share Juno's Ryanair Richard. As this, local show it's like crossfire cat type, Rochelle Mare with Brian,
rush later became the far left rather attorney general from Maryland Debate I think he's running for the position that I asked on the show, I'm not kidding eclipsed the lad. Their view were said to be what it is so often was he's like. He has no idea think I've is be the attorney general about that scary, you gotta watch the clubs or diamonds hysterical data No one saw weapon is so what's point number three. The Democrats want to ban assault, weapons and high capacity magazines again dreaded aircars Democrats want take all your magazines and take away all the weapons, because everything will be wreak reclassified, as are the sole weapon. Anything you put a flashlight on it Nineteen as deadly to solve. If it's a distinct category, we gotta call something something it has to have a perimeter right.
Right. I mean we call a phone, a fallen based on characteristic right. We call a car or not. We call a car a car in a truck a truck based on certain characteristics right, bettering those characteristics have limits Do you have a car with eighteen wheels you may its low it up, but it meet certain characteristics. The crazy thing about the because definition of assault weapons, it has no perimeter and no defining characteristics it all their black. The gods, that's definitely racist. By the way you can, it has a pistol you mean like a pistol, is that this all weapons, their data data Make it up. The car becomes attractive becomes a car, they don't care because they want to ban all of it. So, yes, Paid out soon to be binds guns are we'll becoming for your gun, because our categorize em all categories them all as a saw weapons. Your stay, capacity. Magazines will magically be high capacity,
the last one one I hadn't heard. General coercion. What do we mean by that? Let's go back legal and insurrection. Here's what they say quote the Democrats incentivize states to enact licensing requirements for owning firearms and read was what is add me based These are gonna, try to pull the same stunt. They did with Obamacare Burger hold up federal funds that the states not? to build low income housing in the suburbs. You live in if you know bill that they're gonna hold up those federal funds, but if you don't the list and a licence requirement for firearms and red flag laws are going to hold that that money to buy. Is that trouble, because you have states that respect the second amendment and have low crime rates like where I live in Florida, where we have crime everyone ask, and when his crime
but it's far lower than a crime rates in New York City, because you don't want a break in our home down here. Florida might not end well for you. If you don't owe me, but what happens if Florida gets hijacked by the federal government says you know what all those federal funds we give to Florida, yeah you're, not getting any of unless you start acting stricter licensing laws and red flag laws to if this again, if this is what you want I'm confiscation, taking away your magazines, putting obstacles. Do you purchasing a firearm. New federal control, overstay laws? If that's what you want just like, if you want higher middle class taxes, Joe Biden, your guy, I kids Aki ahead of it, but if you're under the misuse can believe cause you're a moderate Democrat yeah, like my farms, and I like low taxes that Joe Biden, your guy.
I'm really sorry, but you been lied to or you're lying to yourself. The evidence is right in front of your face. I just gave it to you. In their own words quotes video evidence. You no evidence like what doesn't exist and peeping out this videos great on a lighter note, we shall give to this end. There is I so I said I talk about the broken windows, police door. You don't running for offices, a weird thing it is its aid- can be embarrassing at times. I get it three times and you have to do a lot of things. You don't want to do that you just do you have to go to a bunch of barbecues Things that I am not a social butterfly my wife can attest to this. So can Joe I'm not. I am
totally uncomfortable around groups of people. I dont like me in the centre of attention. I know that sounds we're there. Really. You know believe me. I hate you have to do really uncomfortable. Sometimes there super embarrassing when you do, but I promise you in my three runs for office Never did anything is dumb, as is so. This Democrat representative total numbers who felt for the people's hopes hoax number to the post. Of its assets, the p o hold, so he felt for the party post office out. Donald Trump stealing mailboxes and storing them in the basement of the white. Ask as doesn't want the male delivered the election dumber than the people want. This idiot ran with this I speak the files, you I'm embarrassed for this guy and I'm embarrassed this guy's, a representative. Here's a quick ten second video. He put a he thought it there. Hilarious. Think about Z thinks it's a school. Here's representative Peter Value toolbox deposits.
It shaming himself to a mailbox, Eddie really thinks this is like a real rockstar storage check. This out, then I get less one Can you get it points out again? Can you won an imbecile chains himself to a male bite. You can you do that for me guy, then I get less one you're jealous. I saw that really this guy. What does dated August Nike, I'm declaring this guy officially, even though these are we have of more than a week and have left in the month, I'm declaring Guy Tool Box of the month, Peter files- you you know what I wonder if he really change himself, can you imagine if, like they lost decay and like you, come back and three four days and there's like a skeleton of Peter Fuzzy, elated eddies, all dehydrated like beef, Jerky Eddie forgot to anti himself back. No. Imagine I like to do and posts
doctrine in like a van for the video, while these chained out there and they forget that drive off and even worse, it's one of them boxes that had been removed over the past two administrations, Obama included because nobody actually delivers Ismail. So nobody sees the far easier for like for five days at ease their beef jerky. Like skeleton port defies using why hocker. We forgot to five zero he's shall change through the mailbox they go back almost they give up like the paid water p vitamins liquid ivy. So Hydro government I've given actual ivy, they come back. We say second piece: a beef, turkish law, euphoric chained to the male b. We thought it was
Kay because we forgot you, but we thought it was one of those mailboxes people use, but actually it was what those mailboxes the Obama administration was going to remove because nobody actually goes. There were really sorry. P nobody's seen you in five days because nobody uses the mailboxes the Post office once more because nobody uses them and he takes this thing looks good he takes. This is a real winter. What is with names that with the bless, YO and being a more was taken to what is with their rapid change out a few latter year, change out a few. As you go from the plaza out of the five zero more out of the month, even over. Yet I less story the day listener near poses a concern in yesterday's show notes. Speaking of around like the Plaza rhymes with the Fazio. Why is it
York city descending into absolute chaos. Well, there's a great art Michael Goodman. I encourage you to look it up said yesterday, showed us how New York City champion, broken windows, policing and throw it away. Folks, I mourn is a cop. I added as a police officer myself. I had an interesting experience. I got on the Nypd is a young man, while they were transitioning away from an older era where the running Ethan at the time was don't arrest people on the street for little stuff, smoking weed, jumping to turn style drunk in public? You know what that kind of stuff nuisance crimes discard disorderly conduct, crazy idea, which was by the way, is pervasive for decades it was never written down, but trust me when I tell you this was was fed the year. Do you want patrol, don't bring that stuff in here? If I got yelled at by a desk sergeant wants for bringing in a kid, ran, give it to her. In the street? I was work,
up in Harlem in it after you feel training unit and they will What are you bring in a crap in here, for you should be out there to rest street and people for serious that trust me. It was the way people thought back there problem was that nuisance stuff later turned into serious. Stop, because the same Cato ran from you do in drugs in the street and caught up with the same Cato someone later believe, Not it took a long time for people to figure that out to people who did figure it out with the creators of broken windows, policing, New York City, gotten away from that his screen shot. One making Eu Vietnam apologists first one important he important, he says: listen, there was no magic, Goodman says to newer crime going down it was you This Thomas Edison describe genius that one percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration broken when policing involved and exhaustive, exhaustive attention to detail Rudy Giuliani bill Brad knew was a police commissioner. At the time talked about taking back. City block by block and they were aid.
By developing technology. They put em, I pity pre boss is on the spot by showing them are. Crimes have been committed when and where folks I was there, I saw if you were that deaths sergeant yelled at me for laconic guy up for the footprints over drugs, all of a sudden death sergeant and his commanding officer brought in to one police plaza, the police commissioner and Jack Murphy and Jack Maple excuse me was the first up first Deputy commissioner: they were there and they were like hey. There was a foot pursuit overtook him. What and end the commanding officer appreciable. What do you mean? We told them? Let him go wearily there for serious. That now known no more Giuliani, one block by block what is police, commissioner analyzed. Every single crime is called cops that it was short for computers that this It's an Nypd, peaty police commanders used to go to these meeting sweating because for years no one asked too many questions about anything. They go. There,
get a pat on the back. Have a few beers go in there they're supposed to answer for a foot pursuit about it. That joint, too can we have denuded in Harlem? Their Giuliani did that it was an exhaustive attend. The detail and as though seo started lock up people for being drunk and public order. Some people on the subway? Those were the same thing for committing the arm, robberies and home invasions. They couldn't do it after that Why? Because they were already in jail for the low level snuff than had been ignored for years. Don't forget that that's the attention we need nationwide to detail. Or I folks thanks again to union. Today we covered a lot of territory and sore, but they did collusion. Think I keep playing music and fury in a little homework. The media actually does. The guy was a source for the Obama administration, all of a sudden worst possible he's the Jason Bourne of Russia. Calumnies bunch adopts question question everything thanks for children in our folks, more
No, it till it Jim needs help they go. On me as on the Monday show notes they are under attack. They are been fined again therein, Six figure range refine, the guys that tell us need help. Please they taxi yesterday there, under full frontal assault by the year by the book. Crash in New Jersey. Please help amount Attila Jim check him out to go fund me for that Monday account. We really appreciate basing folks Your mom, you just heard it in Bonn, GINO.
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