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Stunning Connections Exposed in the Schemes to Take Down Trump (Ep 1169)

2020-01-29 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the stunning connections between the players behind the Ukraine/impeachment hoax, and past anti-Trump hoaxes. One of the connections is to a known, liberal mega-donor. I also address the real motives of the Democrats calling for witnesses. News Picks:

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bonn Jean. Ladies and gentlemen, what have I told you from the start? all of these anti trump Scandals is Spirits, see theories group efforts to this mantle Eddie He kind of effort that Trump Administration puts forward. They are all related. They all know each other, the guy You ve been rule of, thereby Juno show. I will exposed to you today. I promise you some more devas, gaining connections between these. Interweave Ukraine, Impeachment Mahler Spyglass is therefore going to blow your mind. Some of involved but he George of good or bad ladies and gentlemen, as Joe and Paul another golden rule of this, whenever
your evaluating a new anti tromp hulks hours scandal. Air quotes. Remember this. These people all know each other They all have something to lose when Trump expose it. We're gonna get today. Welcome to the Damn Bonn GINO show produce to show. How are you today, fine sir? I'm doing well in AIDS all connected baby. It's all connected every single tie them they'll. One is that I spent a lot of time working on this today. So everybody's got a bear with me: let's get right through it today show brought. Our bodies that stance calm, listen postage rates have gone up again, thankfully stamps that calm eases the pain with big discounts of post office, retail, hatred stamp stuck up? You can save five cents off every first class stamp that adds up quick and up to forty percent off Bing rates that adds up Quaker that kind of stuff. It really really adds up, especially for small businesses like ours, here up on plus stamps, that com
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Special offer right now accused a for weak for trial, plus free postage, and I did no scale without any long term commitment. Here's what you do just go to stay can't click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in D DE? Do it today go to sleep, It's that calm click on the microphone but the homepage and an hour Dan for this specialty go check it out. I folks let's go so turn on this morning by various sources of mine. This. What actually Our two seven is always one of my best, but I've gotta cover. I got my ted the goals and everything in this case are people suddenly stopped being meted out all day, yeah ideals and so ass. It was, I got this morning- is pretty good so, as I said, to these people involved in all of the anti tromp hoax. Think, conspiracies to take him down whether it was the spying on of the trunk theme, spy, gay, Mahler Gay? they all know each other and they all have something to lose when you keep that mine. All of this is gonna, make sense.
So this morning I got an email that was a fascinating from a friend and I want to start, you guys, you remember, ladies out there in the audience during the impeachment here. Brings in the house on the house. So we now have the trial and the set aside, as you know, but impeachment hearings on the house side. Then one by the Democrats, because the Democrats are in charge of the house the day of the majority that what are the witnesses they called who was like man? There was this big pressure campaign by dropping the Ukrainians to produce this? information, investigations on Biden and Trump Team, give up military aid if data? Produce at information: that's what the alleged quid pro quo, something for something was well. What witnesses in this fake pressure campaign, because Ukrainians, if it already said never so pressure, can be associated in existence a hoax. Just like collusion the rushing it's a hoax Ladys Germans hopes. But what are they Oh cried main witness. Is this guy? You came up their knees like I got to go.
Man on this pressure campaign? Was this David Hobbs took out his watch. You ve imposed peace. Here we can see member homes, homes homey, there is an article by Philip Bob November, twenty nineteen If it homes made clear how pressure was applied, the Ukraine time, argued that it was a the Ukrainians are said, the opposite, but David Hobbs, those of energy, that is our homes, made clear how pressure was applied to Ukraine and how that pressure continues. Amazingly, the Ukrainians don't feel the pressure, but homes knows nice. Job homes, Well again? What's the operating thesis of the Dan Bongino Show for the last few months? All these people at all of these scandals know each other they all have something to lose when Trump exposes them so Joe. What is the let's say, battle plan for them?
is to create a crisis upon crisis scandal upon scandal hoax upon hope So what happens Joe Man, Donald J Tromp is removed from office impeached or the political. Damage is so much it he's not reelected. Does everybody understands you, please listen to me horse blinders. Straight ahead this. Never stop because there's too much to lose. Now you say: homes, homes, what is homes who does home now, when it was, he connected to. You just said impeachment hopes that homes was involved in saying that pressure care, AIDS real against Ukraine is despite the ukrainian saying, otherwise, any aid being delivered What he said was conditional majority deliver who, with Holmes related to on this, by gate. Hopes in the collusion out know each other. This is cool.
Easy job get ready. Now you weren't crazy time now. The last few weeks have been constant crazy time. Every day I got female this morning, to foyer request by the citizens, United, a great group run by Dave, Bossy and here's a phone some Emil's they got from this woman the State Department is names, gonna, sound, very familiar, Anais, Stephanie, What's your last name put up the sea, not forgetting the less it ah Stephanie HOMES, Craig I don't know how they re easy therapy home sky, while that this happens. Be the wife of our body, David how about David homes who have ledges oppressor care. Pay you create is that the Ukrainians themselves said didn't exist. Now, keep this email approval. Here's an email the citizens United got. This is, ladies and gentlemen. This is stunning. I want homes,
and I want to talk to homes stat, you want witnesses, Get homes come on home in Let's see your body so from Kathleen Cavil, like two Stephanie homes, talking about the russian collusion thing? The Russians are trying to influence the election saying hey? This is really worth reading. Seventy home David homes is wife. It's it thing, because Kathleen Cadillac is the State Department official who did what Do you remember the name? Smokes know exactly what you did? Yes, she interview, Christopher Steel? Yes, yes, the the. Suppose it air quotes author of this deal dossier which was used to spy on tromp right. So I did. This can possibly be that a state department, official Workin for John Kerry State Department who is being pressure. Our ukrainian gas company hires Joe Biden, kid
former Associated John Kerry John, carries Harvard this official Catholics interviewing steel, Christopher Steel, who are supposed the author of the dossier, she's taking note passing them through the FBI. Stephen lay cock at the FBI, whilst ok, hideously emailing, a National Security Council members, Stephanie HOMES, who is he wife of David HOMES, who do the Ukraine Hawks impeachment scandal is the one alleging oppressor campaign against Ukraine. Is that Ukrainian doesn't exist, this crazy this raises is just nights for raising the Democrats, an immediate all care about. Any of that now course view not watching the show. All This has gone over your head. What you don't even need to know we're understand this and I've written two books on this, but my life, you all a very busy. You have jobs, you get darted. Do your fingernails have got kids
grace. I understood you don't have to understand every internet connection I just made all you have. Understand this? What I'm telling you the umbrella take away from this is If you want to know, why did you can listen to it again and understand how it all went down these people all know each other? Their battle plan is bull alleged colluded with the Russians that didn't work, get Mahler that Denmark russian collusion again at work alone who created collusion at their work alleged crime, in quid pro quo that Denmark nothing in this never stop these we all know each other. The lady in the State Department who interviews Christopher Steel, ten, these before they use? The FBI uses steals information to get a Pfizer warrant this I am the Trump campaign, the same state. Informative, visuals communicating with the wife of one of the primary,
we're crap witnesses in the faint Ukraine quid pro quo. Paula you get this. Is this making sense man, I gotta today my already wrestler, listen I'm just too, because we all get see that uses all the time right. So we may not sometimes be a fair audience referee because he may know too much echoes not only is Stephanie HOMES, the recipient of a state department, email from Kathleen, Cadillac conveniently working in the John Kerry Hillary Clinton State Department, where their deep the embedded in Ukraine, because people who are associated with them are working for a natural gas company that hired Barack Obama's. Vice president son. There. Also we merely about MIKE Flynn come on back here breed a flimsy and those in this too. Ladies and gentlemen, no one this building the authenticity of these emails? Nobody ethical path
there really really that how come Catholic again Citizens united, how come I would like is emailing there. We go Stephanie homes, wife of David HOMES, Emily articles about how mentioned are National Security Visor MIKE when discuss sanctions with russian ambassador? Despite the Nile, why is TAT we have emailing Stephanie homes on the National Security Council, about this wife of David HOMES, who apparently fabricated, pressure oppressor charge against Ukrainians on a quid pro quo. The Ukrainians won't even attested why. How do they know each other? We know how David Hobbs Stephanie homes know each other they having be married. But why is cavil like doing that? What what? What's that? What's the I don't understand why you should,
interested MIKE, went on these fake charges. How it goes on. There's another email hear more about Russia can't we like again email Stephanie homes fast, aided by this breaking news about trumpets phone calls with Russia is tries Tucker Carson, always says do oaks. Please keep this in mind. These people all know each other are involved in all of these hoaxes, because once more they did is exposed. They're all I'm going to be. His I stains on this country and they know it. I dont
What's gonna happen with literal justice, handcuff surcharges I dont know, but I've told you before we should pursue that vigorously. If laws were broken, people need go to jail, but I'm telling you as someone who worked in D c for a long time, There are a number of political campaigns. There is nothing. These keep people care about more than their legacy. Nothing Ladies and gentlemen, these people all thought they were on the right side, a history ring and now this trump character to the wall, even if we have to make up vague charges against him now what they did is being exposed and they are sitting in corners crying with dunce caps on desperate to make this goal. They know if they can impeach Trump. The political pressure to investigate them will go with it.
Remember the theme. It today show more stunning connections. They all know each other. Now here's where this gets fastening, so at first segment now we know carry Clinton State Department. Emailing annex c woman? is the wife of the guy. Who was Adam shifts one atom ships made witnesses alleging a quid pro quo that never happen also seems the proper woman who ate a view, Christopher Steel, hired by Hillary Clinton, to produce the fake dossier used to spy on trumped. There was at the infinity so few calculus folks out their differential equations, never Paul offers greater Cacus preach out my thing she hated pre cap, I loved it calculus hard thing, Pre calved, might think calculus
that's so much Godfrey Lebanese was at the guy. You curse me brother. Somebody get ok, part to the deuce, Part two of how all these people know each other and they are going to keep trotting out scandal after scandal after scandal, so Gentlemen. Clearly, as I discussed on yesterday's, shall which please you must listen to them Ukraine. Quid pro quo was tried before twenty eighteen yesterday, I showed you in New York Times article alleging a ukrainian quid pro quo by the Trump team dump, the poor, bad for investigation, Ukraine or we're not going to give you javelin missiles, another hoax that happened at twenty eighteen, but as had two to seven, I thanks and I but I do agree that may have been a test run for
another ukrainian quid pro quo scandal which we are living through right now. The impeachment hoax investigation, John Biden. Ornament a terrier. Why Ukraine just well Lady German for the exact same went words. Why are the Democrats? I told you they're trotting out, plan after plan after plant hoax after hoax, if their hopes, nine, these hopes or not, these houses are not picking. Why not a nigerian scandal? Why not lithuanian collusion scandal. Because, ladies and gentlemen, the democratic, the democratic trotting out these Faye coaxes, because these fake hoax, our covering up their malfeasance? now each other, and they all have something to hide Hilary dense involvement with Russia. The scope of our project in Russia They stole our military technology. Hillary Clinton promoted that Hillary Clinton paying off aren't spy, who allegedly He's russian sources to interfere in a campaign or
call the Obama administration to reset boot licking the Russians. They don't want any that come out. So what do you? Do you alleged tropical with the Russians. Ukrainian Quid pro quo scandals and the test run in twenty eighteen in the impeachment hopes were living through now. Is Nothing more than an effort to hide election affairs between key Ukrainians fusion GPS and the Obama restrictions blind eye two hundred Biden job this kid nonetheless appointment to a natural gas company for a million dollar deal, while by most appointment? That's why this is not random. Now. As I told you yesterday, this lab partners say former associate of former we are sitting, May Rudy Giuliani. Who was look into some ukrainian corruption using its legal scales and investigative scales.
Giuliani had known this guy love partners, and this other guy. You Gore Froman. Yes, it forever from, and I'm sorry. These guys, eager froman. Ladies and gentlemen, how early did eager froman and less partners become targets at all? now now a I kind of it a little bit yesterday, but I want to have to Tracy beans. Have her article today said I for decency up on my shone out. Spongy know that calm, slash newsletter bunch that counts. She's letter subscribe. Read this article very get it short sweet. It's on my shone out said I. How early with partners and Froman Why does this matter? You see what I'm go with this the left finds out. The left knows they have to cover up their involvement with Ukraine in the twenty. Sixty
actually understand that may also know they have to cover up Joe Biden and Joe Biden kidnap corruption in Ukraine. Why? Because job I'm gonna run for president want to damaging and I don't want the Obama administration, which is gonna, be out of five soon, to turn it The scandalous administration in the media really was so they to make the Ukraine scandal about Republicans step. One step too they find out. Rudy Giuliani is over there uncovering devastating collusion between key ukrainian figures. U S! Diplomat the new queen, any Bob Administration interfere in the twenty six, the intellectual get through that the second step. Three they fly now that this guy left partners and its other I've roommate eager froman. Our deal but Giuliani and potentially feeding him information job. What do you think the left does? Didn't I
and I knew tat. I go up on the left and go well. What do we have to do, while, of course, we have to character assassinate target this guy partisan froman? To stop Giuliani from looking into what happened in Ukraine is really just answer Del Sol. Let us get the party with a show today, which is even more fascinating again had Tipp Tracy Beans, so they TAT, originally filed a complaint against froman and porn. Associates of Associates, Giuliani that bulls eyes on their back the minute they started. Looking at what the Democrats didn't, Ukraine there's a group that Father complain with the southern district of New York Department of Justice that started this whole thing matter of fact: if you go to the website, the campaign legal centre, whatever it is, you can even see the average there bragging about this. Look at this October of twenty nineteen. The sea I'll see whenever campaign legal centre, complaint,
salts and arrest of Jus Ukrainian American Trop donors connected the Giuliani daylight. Look what we did send us some money. So now we know that the sea- I see the ones who started this. That said, you better go, get back, I'd, partisan, froman, a workable Giuliani. We can have a lad. You may find some stuff over there. This is this can't be a camp, Simply be Joe that one of the sea Elsie's bigger donors would be. Open society foundations. Services massively be while, of course, it is because of your work over this Youtube Youtube Backup slashed by Jean up. This is from their website there, the only donor. There are many. This is a screenshot. There are more than for. I just take a screen shot in the interests of space, but you'll see that as a picture, my iphone. Here, pay legal thought, this is their website. You got there page and there it is
when society foundations crazy, just not Tower George Soros Group heavily involved in the whole Ukraine scandal. The daughter of a group that initiates the legal action against Associated Giuliani, who wind up being prosecuted. The southern district and in Football Donald Trump. Crazy man, yeah tree, I don't know Joe, I saw snarled and now it's odd about that If we look at the data that complaint you'll see its July twenty fifth, twenty eighteen right, Michael gin to you is if the recordings remember they were taken, there found its partners and from an M recording the president. Why would you do that. Well, you probably do because you will work in similar, for somebody wanted to produce evidence of a ukrainian collusion. Quid pro quo. Scandal doesn't exist, but if there
recordings were me April, thirtieth of twenty eighteen. Complaint wasn't files or July twenty fifth of twenty eighteen. How early were froman, roman and apparent is targeted, in other words, Joe yeah was errant effort by people, acted, Soros or others in the Ukraine other Obama, loyalists was there and effort to stop this investigation, Giuliani and Roman and partners were involved in an effort to pressure them. Did partisan, Froman say not where we're good we're gonna do our thing would Giuliani and Somebody say: ok, let's go to plan, be Joe? What's plan B life's drop, lost through. Don't stop legal action against amusing. This other district in New York by conveniently funded by sorrows no I'm just ask it. I'm just
asking these questions, how conveniently rightness timeframe there Vesta gating, which Giuliani Leon, partisan froman. That is their investigating. What's going on here in Ukraine, all of a sudden, this pressure campaign starts, my guess- is they warned them and said you are going to work for us about. Turn over whatever you got maybe they were using the recordings leverage, because I knew something was coming down, the pipeline later Timeline fits the glove fits. You must equip member Johnny Cock nor yet belfry doesn't fit. I was kept. Why do what? Why do we always get this done fit yet why, by GINO the pop culture stuff
Ok, this gets even better, so George Soros Funding Group is funding the sea I ll, see TAT pushes this legal action against two Giuliani associates conveniently around the time may have these recordings of Donald Trump. What what would Soros this group has to do with any of this? Let's grab. Back to John Solomons Wonderful pieces, guys been absolutely terrific, which again I'll have the show notes today, but you know that place newsletter. Let's go back to this John Sound pieces from a little while ago, but it's worth reading again today, you busy press, you create the drop rope of George Soros during twenty sixteen election man that can't be How does this there's no way? That's true. Unfortunately, it is somewhat The allegation they're keeping Why am I decide they? All, though, each other.
And they all have something to hide. There's another witness for Adam Shift. In addition to homes, who is another witness for Adam chef in the impeachment hearings on the outside. Not only David homes who alleged pressure campaign. It didn't exist whose wife is dealing with the state Department, while they would dealing with Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steel Guy Another witness was our former ambassador Marie Avant of our former bastard. The Ukraine who's been turned into. Say Marie Ivanovitch by the left. Now, if you did deeper into that peace, and then you can read it John Solemn is peace are have time to go into all of it today, you'll find out that their The allegations made by ukrainian prosecutor that Marie Evolving is? U S. Embassy in Ukraine was pressuring the Ukrainians to drop.
An investigation into a group called Anti AC right attack member that yeah now come on? Who funded that with this? I don't even want to quit, because my boy, you gonna, get like this Can it had explosions like I used to have on the news explosion segment on fridays? We talk. You still does not start with a g, I know where you are. George attack is funded by blood. George Soros is open, society, foundations say, move their funding to see I'll, see that funded the action, against Giuliani associates. Looking at the malfeasance of Ukraine son, This is crazy. Talk we're all not Joe rob. That's all a conspiracy theory we're all crazy. Oh oh, they catch back on that
God how this is like an informal wait, there's more really! Friends! Let me die this altogether way. George Soros is Aunt AC, funded group in Ukraine, a ukrainian process, there's told John Sound and repeatedly stop in the bank, like the left says they just made that up, because the ready etc. With the talking about a UK, Said the ukrainian embassy? U s the? U S! Embassy nuclear. Forgive me was pressure the Ukrainians, to stop an investigation into liberal mega donor? George Soros is funded group anti see. That group was also funding again in an effort, I believe, to make this all go away and effort. Get to Giuliani associates looking into ukrainian malfeasance in the Obama administration prosecutor, their bragging about it. Folks.
They are not even hiding this nonsense. Ukraine, gate, whistleblower, gate, spy, gay, Mahler Gay, ladies and gentlemen, it all acted now for those, your regular, listened to my show. You know the sorrows angle of this gets even ugly. The sorrows a sea group in Ukraine, attack that our. Obama, Embassy and Marie Ivanovitch allegedly said: don't prosecute them you can. Leave them alone. We have only there major donor alone- George Sarah Lemme, also immediately hired an FBI official by the name of Karen Greenway to work on their board after she retired from the F B, I was working with my serious effort. That's all others story. They know each other folks Conveniently air Daisy, which was on that do not press
lest was look into a guy by the name of refer. Cash is a man, we need to really look at this guy for corruption. Who was conveniently all So we target of Simpson, who runs views Gps, who, when he was a report, for the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece targeting Dmitri forecast that can be so Soros is group doesn't like far tears and hill, We Clinton's Operate Alfred Fusion, GPS run by Simpson, doesn't like forecasts either. No it's Well said he they had a wide goals or any dead don't worry, media people, my elbows, don't work, of course, yet even plug my own ears, but I can reach my eyes. They seriously don't gotta like bend them
worry media folks. None of this is even mildly suspicious that all of these people seem to know each other and have the exact same goal. I'd what we did in Ukraine and Russia an alleged trumpeted at all, but it gets better yes, yes, it gets. Even how can that be because it does. Not only is Glenn Simpsons Group targeting Dmitri Fur Tash, a business two of George Soros in Ukraine who Soros is group wants targeted while Soros. Group is being investigated, attack itself and the U S is putting pressure on. Ukraine is not to look into Soros. This group. Sources group open society foundations with funding this action again, get the Rudy Juilliard Ease, associates prosecuted was also funding. They demand.
Proceeding integrity project which, after the elections, after this the dossier bid. The bank was by a guide. I dare Jones, who was a former stay, for Senator Diane Feinstein Democrat who now still working to try to take down the trunk. And pay due to democracy, integrity project, while Resurrect fake russian collusion charges again. You know, there's still doing this, and that group is also funded by Soros. Is money care talk about? That's all conspiracy theories, please please, I'm begging you independent fact, checkers and people with a brain, notably I'm leaving out your list cuz. I have none of what I just said. None of those quality fact check. All of this you will find out. All of it is true.
You can speculate on motives, fair, I'm simply suggesting you. If you are replace any of the Democrats, Obama, loyalists involved in this scandal, Jovanovic homes, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steel, Kathleen Catholic with conservatives this would be the front page story on a newspaper every day for the rest of our lives. How is it that all of these people Bob, and this scandal know each other are married to each other, are working with each other or are taking money from each other. How is that that doesn't disturb you even a little bit? It gets better It gets better with a quick break for the sponsor. Ladies gentlemen, today show also brought you by bodies that lifelong listen, I was
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reason their picking me specific anti troms scandals is not by chance right. Take Russia, because the Democrats have a problem erosion, the scope of our project. Hillary Clinton pick Ukraine, because of the binding scandal in Ukraine and ukrainian efforts to work with Democrats, and sorrows and others to interfere in the twenty sixteen election, so they figure if they just accused, of internal law go away check. So second part of this is how the scandals are all tied together to show all the same. People, Russia in work, Ukraine must try that here is a segment: from Lord Ingram shall stay of dubious the shell ones about a minute, thirty ones about a minute. These are critical. Let me lay out what you're about the here. Would you well? Of course you want because edges property for, but what you find it odd that the fake whistle blower at this
Center of the Ukraine hoax trumpets colluding with Ukraine. A quid pro quo that this same, bake whistle blower tried job All the whistle before ADI Nother faint charge that Trump colluding with the Russians. Jody get the FBI to fight. Jim call me yes, The same same guy said: Gatt Save GAB booklet. When he's got a guy all joke for those, you listen for a lot, then, would you be shocked to find that out of you wouldn't here's to segments from Lord Ingram Show Play caught one first, where the greatly Smith Sarah Carter, Robert Lord Ingram, do great investigated. And they lay the south it. Oh my gosh, there's a footnote. The Mulder report, with the same fate so blower alleges another Faye collusion charge between the Russians. That's bent upon this It's just not each time now check this out so tell the Ingram angle that can
special investigators are asking the White House for a May. Twenty seventeen email from the same alleged whistle blower sources this email may show that the person who kicked off the impeachment sham proof Please manufactured evidence against President tromp and What note in the Mulder report tells a story joining you now is least Psmith investigative journalist, author of the plot against the President and Sarah Carter host the Sarah Carter POD Caston Fox NEWS Control, we explained in simple terms tonight what this Male could mean about the motives of this suppose it whistleblower right what this email, as it appears in the Mulder report, at cited in the Mulder Report, The Mulder report uses this email to insinuate that dog. Tromp fire. James call me at the beginning the Russians shortly
after this shortly after the date of this email, then acting director engine cave opens up an investigation, Donald wondering if here acting at be had at the behest of the Russians. What this looks like is is that the the person known as the whistle blower appears to have a habit of Troy, time to set up the president, indifferent intelligence operations. First, the Counter intelligence investigation, two thousand seventeen and now with impeachment care, be No, no. The liberal media have stand Le Monde and all these others there told this is all a conspiracy theory. George stands at Thomas Guy Media, Brian Spelter, of course tater. They all told us is sought Chuck tied the second dumbest guy, by the way my buddy, I'm, you know you are how
we gotta, get to say your name, because I don't like to disclose the upside basic good, dude a few conservatives at that he said to me yesterday now without lemon you're gonna have to revise your dumbest people immediate chart. I don't all down the months, I think he's neither three or four he's devils taken over stealthily chalk, that Chuck tat always creep in our number one, but this can't be Joe. This the same fake, whistle blower, who alleged the quid pro quo? We noted may happen because we read the transcript. The trump call is the same fate: whistleblower, who said email, suggesting that Donald Trump was colluding with the Russians. We already cover the so my show money go but its relevant again. Now, because all this party stuff and others, Ukraine, stuff, he's the same, it was a in recited the muscle in the Mulder report, where he alleges that they may a big colluding. The proper administration, but the Russians to fire call me a totally discredited, debunk nonsense.
Not a scintilla of truth. Conspiracy, theory that has been shredded by every sane person and then we, find out shocker According to lease met, which you are there that that that email from they fake whistleblower- may have been used by Andy Mackay, deputy director of the FBI, whose right wife was running as a Democrat responded by Hillary Clinton associates. We find that Andy Mackay then use that information to then open it for investigation at the drop on russian collusion, based on the fake whistleblowers fake charge about russian collusion with the Russians. The fire call me can t quite voting. Totally witnessing the totally I'm confused
we see and like all of these people illegally whistle blower guy FBI, Guy State Department, Guy Soros Group, Guy Dan Jones Guy Glenn Simpson, guy that they all know each other and their trial out scanned the left, your scandal in an effort to set up shop and get him remove, no now. Yes, here's part do we find out? Not only did the fake whistle blower in the Ukraine hoax about the phone call where he alleges equally, broke off the didn't happen because we read the transcript. Send this either EL about call me and the FBI and Trump firing him cuz. He working with Russia's. Now we I doubt, as I discussed last week, Usin Ingram segment as well had tipped our that the fake whistle blower may have also escorted people into the White House in January if twenty sixteen right right right Who are these people? You cry
the issue at knowledge about hotter bite and his shady charisma deal in Ukraine while, as that was the vice president. What what are you doing. The White House in January, twenty sixty that can't be Joe, we ve been told the Obama administration, you know anything about it, pursues Hunter and a big money. That's not even possible right. Of course, it is check out part two of the Ingram sing. We also, as we pointed out Sarah. He set up that meeting in January of twenty eight sixteen and the Obama administration with the ukrainian prosecutors Obama, White House officials- he signed them all in and it was about Biden, corruption, bereavement, so it Obviously times he's a mall. Three times he's involved in its obvious that they all knew what was going on in that they were all concerned enough that they held a meeting in a White House about Hunter bite and in this connection to bereavement, though
option that was going on in Ukraine and now what we know based on what we can see actual tangible evidence is that there is, a strong possibility that he eyed- I don't wanna, call him a whistle blower anymore, because this is it abstain or right there somebody that is anti trust. Somebody appears to be targeting trump, which is why it has to be investigated. No one's knocking at your door. That's me. So now we find out that the fake whistleblower was involved in fake russian collusion was deep. Be involved in the Ukrainian by ukrainian collusion with the Obama administration interfere the election day, and we find out that the fake whistle Laura, initiated the fake complaint about a fake quid pro quo between Donald Trump and the ukrainian present. Now. Do you understand why sleep his ball. Adam shift, sleaze ball, grotesque sleaze, barbed wire,
collusion, hoax or Adam ship, desperately once the keep the identity of the fake whistleblower secret. Now. Do you understand why Adam shift is desperate to keep him from testify. Folks Now do you understand why, as I covered yesterday, show the iter agents, community inspector general that receive the complaint from the fake whistle blower, whose apparently been involved in a lot of attempted set up. So the Trump Administration now. Do you understand why Atkins underwrote testimony about how he received a complaint is being hidden by Adam Shift and whilst the whistle blower may have spoken to. Now. Do you understand why nationalistic Dirty Council officials, with a fake whistleblower involved in multiple set up to the Trump team, went to work for Adam
if in August the National Security Council the same month, fake whistleblower, a complaint was file. I'm really sorry do you in Sri media losers, who are. Seriously three years behind these stories, but a few, listening to the show here in this good kind, common this solid commentary and Fox and reading the work of the investigative journalists out there and twitter and elsewhere. You have missed the scandal of the century. They all know each other folks, every single one of us,
Now now their peace in the show notes again available punch. You know that com, please inscribed in news letter bunch either consolation newsletter. I listened without going to spare me remember. I just want you to read this stuff cause it's important. If not go direct. You don't have to like an answer to our website that lets a or anything, but these are really important articles. I just like to make a convenient for you. That's why we put together the newsletter Argo Cleveland has an excellent piece of the Federalist a totally it's a little long, but worth your time from this week. Headline Margo cleave on the Federalist. I e G report proves Obama administration, administration, spied on trumped campaign, big time, remember what we're talking about on the show today, all of these people involved in the eighty trump hoaxes know each other and they all have. The hide their role in it, so they.
Trotting out scandal, after scandal after scandal, in an effort to desperately get rid of trump before he gets rid of them? the same people over and over we'll Margo clean who did a very deep dive. Some of this may be a bit regurgitating from, but its import Now, because I want you to do what I, are you understand now is why this, These people are trotting out scandal if the scandal, because this is what they have to high the biggest polluter- call spying scandal in you. Its history and Margo Cleveland Doug. The idea, report and came up with footnotes and reductive, footnote. That's to tell a really atrocious story that media will have, you believe, doesn't exist. There PS downplay the significance of the edgy report from day one? We ve exposed
now get after now get it over and over, but there's footnotes in there that are still reject and by the way, Chuck rashly is all over this. Apparently some of them. The actions in the idea report that cover the spying scandal. From what I hear, from folks are devastating and paid. They vary different story than the media narrative that are the energy report. Wasn't a big deal really wasn't any spot. Really go to take away number one from Margo Cleveland peace? This is long, but it did I'm going to read some of it. She talked about how the idea report by Horwitz added that quote basin, a review of the woods file and communications between the FBI. We identified a few emails between page and members of the jar J Trump for President campaign concerning your pain, related matters that can be Joe. That possible. How did the idea keep that up a second. How did the Idee report that the media told
conclusively show. There was no spying on the Trump campaign. If we're quoting it, how did show that the F b I was reading emails between page in a campaign. Clearly this must be a lie right now. The media's like you, of course, she goes on. Don't let the quote view emails part mislead. Five surveillance didn't just accidentally sweep in a few random campaign communications rather than few campaign communications? The idea identified came from its limited review of the woods file and select FBI communications if the area, weren't morons. I do that in there they notice that the idea report this point clear and a footnote stating it did review the entirety of the five intercepting communications. Only those pertinent to the ideas review will finally abuse. Can I translate that?
are you follies? Do please do the media morons, the meteor idiots the idea report absolutely conclusively, she's, quoting it says the FBI intercepted in red pain emails with Carter page at em. What we would call in I mean every day, not media Idiot language spy. On the campaign? He also says the idea Report says: hey. They understood but a few emails don't be confused Joe by they only read a few emails. That's not what the idea report says. It says they when we read these few, because they don't even bother trying to read the rest of em, there's a rest of Can there be the rest of Joe safe to but there was no spying, o reading of near pain emails? How can it be? How can it be the the report, says otherwise, because the media's lying to you.
Because they're scammer Democrat full time activists working, these same loans in the interwoven. Eighty trumped conspiracy theories to make short trump leaves office you believe, what's real, isn't real, yet she's, quoting from the Idee report about the FBI. Reading campaign email did you I see that you can read it. The screen and on our Youtube account Youtube that conflict spongy? No, really it right! There. So now we know conclusively again when I already told you but worth repeating from screenshot number one from Argo Cleveland. There is now no question. The care paid and its communications we're spider. None amongst serious people, not Spelter Todd Lama, I'm an arrest, the Vienna Nervous, NBC Roswell ratios. I'm talking about the serious people, take away number two
Clearly this can't be true: the media told us there was no spying, so there definitely wasn't spying, then, in an effort to influence that I'm campaign to oh, oh, that be a dick level a malfeasance would then, if not do. We know. There's spying show that some other spies they sent to interact with the Trump campaign try to influence the Trump campaign, to do some bad stuff to way that way sound like Joe. I sat up yet here be camp, wouldn't sunlight, I write about crazy, no, no you're going to sell it can set up you're pretty much aid already. Maybe you should do this illegal thing and, by the way, speak into the wire and went to the fore, the Emily I, of course it would sell set up that because it is it. Is it if your media lunatic an irritating, yet it doesn't sound like anything, it sounds like a fair. They very well. Let's go to the Margo Cleveland Peace Part two: did they try to influence the tree?
campaign to quote in August twenty sixteen conversation with Carter, page that FBI spy. I hope that this step and help or secretly record he wasn't spiral helper, Carter page on it, October. Surprise helper then asked age shall get alot of this quote if the Trump campaign you can access information that might have been obtained by the Russians from the Dnc files. Well, he s How would you know about that? page had none of this information or gets better use me. Thank you for all the emails but allergies. I appreciate this need show you forget? I went up, but hoppers next slide show us. How are we doing more than just seeking evidence of collusion Joe? He was trying to influence the Trump campaign. Whoa whoa, whoa, Halpert tall. Age. What quote that impact, campaigns we
the views that information in our hearts be. So how who is as a known intelligence background who is being paid by taxpayers through the Pentagon's Office of net assessment that taxpayers funds spying out of the trunk e G, wouldn't that be nuts. We ve only been covering that four months. How, but he's got a long history of intelligence being paid by the taxpayer, is now prodding Carter page of the Trump Camp but hey. If you ve got stuff on Russia. He didn't you really use it before October sounds to me, like? I sat up care because media told you the map. You realize we're dealing with full time. Pravda associates right now, right, Pravda, the Russian, propagate the Soviet Union's newspaper. You understand
What our media is right, there, a joke. There are Mars therein embarrassment, those are direct quote. Can I read to you from the report direct quotes and PS spies, pushing the Trump campaign to do something illegal and that's not a story. There reading campaign emails. That's not a story how it gets even better again, big had Tipp to Margo Cleveland for Poland out these nuggets from this extensive report. Where they quote passively listening in on the Trump campaign to the FBI, oh of course, Not the media told us that did not happen, while whatever them It tells you the opposite is true, so the answer is, of course they were passively Leslie. Let's go to the Margo Cleveland Peace for point number three here is a from the Idee report. Again a quote media people. I know you don't know what quotes are because you're really stupid, but these are actual quotes from the idea report after
careful consideration? The crossfire hurricane team? That's the FBI, team investigating Trump has decided. At this time it is to utilise you're c h, ass, that's code for a spy really as a listening post, rigour any observations they have of it. Pain so far, what It's a clone. Well, the F B, I once there were stopped she's spy bout data, now goes out, I'm gonna get there, but it goes on to say why are you not, we gotta be a little careful here, but they make no effort to backtrack that at all, just to be clear. The FBI is using spies as passive, listening posts inside the Trump campaign.
Seriously. In what universe do you have the living, where that is not spying on a campaign. Please I'm serious, the liberals will ya I brainy encoded skulls immune to facts data. Because your police state, tyrants, you'd? Ok, I what universe is that not spine? So we ve now established three things they have. By spying on the team they were reading there emails on the campaign, the FBI. They were actively trying. Influence. The campaign all quotes by the way that they were establishing a passive listening both inside the Kip. With more spies. Now you see with their I'd only the biggest political spying scandal in maybe world history, I'm not being hyperbolic,
There have been spying scandalous throughout human history, none with the dense network in technology employed to try destroy and wreck the Trump campaign fabricate a fake crisis. Russian collusion, amazing, Romania. We may get since other stuff. I'm sorry, please don't miss tomorrow, shell folks, I wanted to play this devastating new GEO p campaign it I'll get to that tomorrow. I will also get it tomorrow, what's going on with witnesses, but this stuff was important. Today as quickly at a certain sum up: State Department, people working with Hillary Clinton, political opposition, research, people, then email people on the National Security Council homes, whose Married David homes, whose now a witness for Adam Shift in the Ukraine collusion hoax. The ambassador Ukraine is alleged to have said, do not prosecute a George Soros funded group that is pushing to have people Investigators who were targets a fusion gps, far cash for short,
Scoop is now funding a Dan Jones, former democratic staffer initiative, to keep the collusion hoax going while source who is also funding another group that is are getting associates of Rudy Giuliani to have them prosecuted to flip on Donald Trump, The basic aim for tuna folks are really pay. Please subscribed my Youtube Channel Youtube Doc, I'm slash. Mancino were almost therefore two thousand. Subscribers really appreciate it all free, of course, no charge at all, and we put a lot of work into the video programme to so they say I will see what about you just heard TAN Bonn GINO show you can also get Dan's podcast zone, Itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter. Twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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