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Stunning New Revelations About Whats Ahead (Ep 1049)

2019-08-21 | 🔗

In this episode I address the stunning new revelations by John Solomon about what’s about to break in the Spygate case. I also address the latest bold move by the Trump admin on immigration and Facebook’s latest attempts to keep control over the news you see. News Picks:10 stunning Spygate revelations that could rock the DC Swamp.


Watch my discussion on Hannity about liberalism destroying inner cities.


President Trump makes a major move on immigration.


Facebook is doubling down on suppressing conservative content


Millionaire Elizabeth Warren is a hypocrite.


This article is by subscription but it’s the best inverted yield curve explanation I’ve seen.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee yes yes we're going open up today more liberal hypocrisy yes mail to the wall again the biggest brides out their liberals every single time they don't stand for anything anything ever shall i might have forged usually you started a welcome to the damage of some of those they get really excited about it that was so well completed thereby gino show producer joe how are you ready we were all right along with the whatever you throw out there we can handle it you cannot i study its ever show listeners ship is exploding you guys and ladys are the best selling every bit of a run down we're outta so one open up the show again with more fraudulent phony a liberal hypocrisy to wear socialized
capitalism iran multimillion we must not forget about the other guy i got more of that on bernie unless warns that's good i've got up breaking news on immigration which is huge a huge and asked by trial and error their bombshell appearance by john solemn and last night unhappy that i'm gonna tell you even for the mainstream media right john i'm stun they ignore or what he said lady i don't worry i will give it to you digestible bet you need to take it and run with it are let's get right to one quick announcement i will beyond hannity this friday guess toasting for sean as always i with great respect and you may we ask you to to an end or dvr watch the show you have always made us number one one when i guess toast i will be on nine p m this friday on fox going in for sean please don't miss a thing right very much from the bottom my heart i appreciate our isolation by bodies that express vp i do not get online without express vps dotcom visit expressed
we began dotcom slash bond gino you'll get three extra much free with a twelve month plant why do you need express rabbie pm listen when it be nice search engines and social media sites were unbiased platforms that didn't choose a political side be great in a keep dream it twenty sixteen to tech to google brag donating millions of dollars to hilary these big tech companies pushed their poet agenda and restrict the free speech rights of conservatives these are the very same corporations we're trusting to handle our personal data online and i don't the music my web history email data or video searches against me we use in the bar gino household express vps every time we go online big tech companies can match internet activity to europe the address by or locating using your public ip address when i use expressly paeonies tech companies can see my ip address at all my daddy's man in anonymize by a secure vps server nice bus express vps he added benefit of encrypting
one hundred percent of your data to keep you say from here there's an internet beg us not eighty percent represents that's how complicated what's that by a promise stress we be in software takes a minute this when your computer a phone you tap one but new protected really is that simple lists invite you figure it out you have figured out feel like me believe you internet data belongs to you and to tackle its express vps the answer here we go protect your activity they find out how you can get three months free three months free express v p and complex mancino that's express views p m that consular sponging over three months free with a one year package visit express vp end the conflict fine gino to learn more don't miss our thereof when we talk about horse racing before the shell gemini cell folks before we get to the sooner we get to the material tonight i enjoy pointing out liberal policy not because i think it's it's
it's funny or adds a community although though sometimes it does show but to show you that on the arc of history your on the right side of it if you're a conservative libertarian or a good republican out there that believes in things like lib he big our god given rights economic freedom healthcare freedom and education freedom you are not a hypocrite you are on the right what you believe in you practice what you practice you believe in and what you believe in you believe for you and you believe and for others that is not the case the liberals it is a fraudulent political system this matters because this debate and a twenty twenty election madame it grow and the macro we're to matter the micro matters in other words we should be arguing that micro portions we should be arguing ex policies we should be arguing about air versus free market capitalism student loans taken over by the government versus student loans in the free market yes those issues matter but we also be arguing the umbrella issues to economic freedom of economic life
pretty healthcare liberty and freedom and the fact that we should be pointed out as well that liberals are generally frauds in other words if the system is so effective why don't they practise it themselves why is that not a fair i mean it i'm not i'm not trying to be a jerk with liberals that there is a serious question if liberalism is such an effective system why are people generally fleeing it appeared on hannity last night and i had a debate with her although over this why liberalism great why are people fleeing liberal cities if liberalism is so good why is there a poop map in san francisco about the locations of human waste that is so dead three populated would pins that you can't even see the map underneath it why is the episodes for the re emergence of pre industrial revolution medieval diseases why is baltimore and chicago becoming a crime capital the united states why
people fleeing these cities if it works so well why isn't it working if it's so wonderful why are people fleeing if liberalism is socialism such a wonderful option for twenty twenty why don't the people professing wonders practice it themselves because it's a joke it's a fraud and the joke is let's go to example number one this gets of the year honours for complete total lack of self awareness here's bar favor target on the show bernie sanders at bernie sanders honest twitter account this is unbelievable first checking address you video youtube com select what do i know you get this here's thirty three it he's going picture other demonstrations in hong kong thank god for these demonstrators we love you were behind you here he says the demo relations at hong kong are an inspiration to us all is the right of all peoples to protest for a better future we stand with these brave pro
i call on the chinese government to refrain from violence ok well said bernie but folks gee i don't you get it here bernie sanders is inadequate kid for socialism and has actively supported in the past communist revolution are you not believe check out this fox news peace period go by sam dormant april twenty four rio recalling excitement overcast rose revolution in cuba disguise a communist there it's on video it's me it's burning his own words video job me it's burning his own words he's a communist eddie celebrate listen we love the protesters in you have our full support on this shell period but bernie this guy's a colleague has actively supported regimes are the others as a protest where's he missus moon bone i mean
the boy i need seriously this guy's got a skull seventy two free does he nodded stand that he is actively on the other side of this you folks i've just asking you for a moment the war inaccuracies supporter please funding in but i'm asking you to just engage in a moment of self reflection to hear this did you engage at a moment of self reflection here this guy will take either side of either issue depending on how we thinks it benefits him electoral early you can't do that if one side of an issue is a principle you believe it ago we believe in oh government spending economic freedom and low taxes because we believe people spend their money better than the government we're not gonna take the other side of the issue me or a good concern because as politically convenient george w bush frustration spent a lot of money it was bad obama it was worse that budgets
or even worse i don't care whose insurance that it the obama administration but their bad does it matter let's principle liberals don't have principles you need another report to back up my assertions here that the liberalism so great even liberalism that even liberals don't practice it elizabeth warrant nautical forbes big anti capitalist she says you skip the cheese socialists is what year how elizabeth war and built a twelve million dollar fortune by mikhail it in there at the forbes their august twenty ninety art we in the show notes today upon you know that come she's more twelve they listen great great off job elizabeth worn making money i sincerely nice work society revolves around entrepreneurial people using their gifts to make money and produce value good for you the problem is a list
war is trying to steal bernie wore a bernie sanders pirnie warrant bernie warned that the two socialist mantled awry right the two areas that the two added hydra she's trying to steal his socialist mantle and run the fight life wayne remember what i told you three lanes in this democratic primary and only three lines i throw all the other analysis out the window i'm telling you this i'm sure of it there's the radical far left blame this century slain and the outside laid the radical far left way is currently about two candidates maybe you may be able to throw in one more but it's really liz warranted bernie sanders maybe throw harrison there he's trying to move into the central slain currently occupied exclusively by you have people like laney creep and i am a little bit here and there but that's the second main the third lanes the outsider late you have boot judge you have tell gabert patel robert free
since patel iraq those are the three lanes list with war and is trying to knock bernie sanders out by becoming the radical left us it is a gentleman she is espousing all of its economic not says she's a millionaire herself now my question to elizabeth warren enter spider sponsors enter our suit voters in her supporters how much is elizabeth worn don't sitting voluntarily to the government in additional taxes of our twelve million dollar fortune for quiet now good question elizabeth warren i jody is principle has our principles or that spending edition government money in government programmes are a source of goodwill and value added for society and that therefore us giving more of our tax money the government will lead to better kinder more compassionate government and a future so i sk elizabeth worn did what
she donating in her twelve million dollar fortunes of the government to bring back tat more positive future she can make a real difference just donate one twelve don't eight million in additional tax payments i will go aren you the answer is zero why elizabeth war doesn't really believe that and of course simple analogy is conservatives who are very generous with charity give money charity despite not being forced to why because we believe it's going to bring about a more positive future for someone we do a scholarship programme on this show not because we're force do not because we're looking for any applause or pats on the back we do it because think it's gonna help someone who needs it and maybe help by an hour won't small way benefit society at large numbers forcing us to do it we don't have to before to do it because we believe it's a good thing if elizabeth warren
this government is a good thing then where exactly is elizabeth worn on these voluntarily higher payments to the government the answer absolutely nowhere i assure you get a statue slim check this out to kevin macklewain enacting ds secretary gave a press conference just a little bit to go before we started recording the pod guess a big ball move by the the administration of the apiece up at the show notes from the daily collar tonight's worth you check out folks trumpet making big moves and immigration by amber apathy she's great but with daily call a trap administration seeks to terminate floris settlement limiting detention of migrant families folks what going on here why does it mattered this will be in the show notes today's well this article right now we have which called the flores consent decree it is not a law don't let liberals throw you there her ball when you were expecting the fast potential the floor as consent decree was a call
case where the government consented to this arrangement is flores case that the gun it would not hold minor children here in the country illegally would not hold m for more than twenty days roughly twenty days copy we're good what happened with the flores can said decree if i went if i lose your audience ombudsman shows that i'm with you what a hat it is of course because liberals is thomas soul says and i get to this second pillar more detail never think pass phase one interface to what happened with flores is the word got out rather quick you're not just in the trump administration but during the private bomb administration as well that we wait okay so if i bring a kid with me i entered country the united states illegally value i did states government cannot by their consent decree in this court case hold the child the twenty days well
but it happened as a result of that liberals of course who never ever see pass phase one interface to they never remember where the deep thinkers liberals are surface thinkers there's a patina of sensible thought that patina once you get beneath it there is no sensible thoughtless they never get past the they exhibit the crust of it of of sensible thought into the real deeper issues because they can't pc answers a cover up while the wound up happening is killed we're being released from custody while parents we're being held your being released into the streets there being released a family members and liberal started say watcher worse a break my god this is right this is her hurrah where we separate never mentioning by the way of course that the families were being separated because we did it there being set up because families but their kids into the country illegally they were perfectly entitled to showing up at a port of entry and
the the process or asylum claims that they didn't do they broke the law the way when anyone else gets arrested in the united states i'm pretty sure they know break their child to jail with them just as a cop ninety nine point nine percent sure that's actually how unhappy ok i'll be right you know you're a producer job you're under arrest go a little joe at a bouquet but let's bring him in a manner that is probably right right that's that's how it works we imprison the child as well of course liberals seeing knowing they had a soft spot started make it a big stick we're separating family which happened that their obama too what happened then joe well of course because the government caved too pressure which trump is now changing they started saying we're going to release the child after twenty days show we're gonna have to release the parent to vs according to flourish so
and what happened again this is where the deep thought happens and liberals you can now to now because again we're not cracking the cross you guys get to the cross part you never get to the volcano here's what actually happened everybody around the world countries around the world because we're seeing immigrants around the world flow to the southern border now got worse that hey if i bring a kid with me who's a minor then i'll be released from custody after twenty days and poof in the wind we'll be god the rent a child business was a what have you met an area that our two like phase sex we had one is one face too liberal stop at phase one private kurds ok what happens then forgot about our now we'll have to think about it because you buffoons want well up and that is of course people said well i do have any kids but i want to get into the united states illegally i gonna do
let me read the hidden trapper demagogic mourner what dwell that's just sounds each year doesn't air daddy how to that nowhere does it sounds pretty darn disgusting because it alias large percentages of people showing up across the border with their kid straight at airports were not our kids they were too african young children across the border because they knew they be led out of a detention facility my gosh again webs i understand you're incapable of deep thought i get it i'm talking to the rest bull democrats here even the rhino republicans who may be open to persuasion based on facts and data points this is what actually happen upwards of toys thirty percent of the people showing up a kids they weren't their kids you know they know they do a quick a test
one that's not your kid brother that's not your kid real but you didn't know you didn't know what time your kid really gimme a break just found out what gosh i dont have a kid you mean that the kid i just paid two hundred hours to a traffic over to rent by the way kids are being traffic back and forth trump finally drops the hammer on that today by the way the law suits are going to slow this down from the lives because again they don't ever think past phase one but that's an old thomas online remember we are on the right side of history we are not phase one only thinkers thomas all says the difference between conservatives and liberals as we always asked the question then what ok so you gonna let children out after twenty days then what will then parents
i'm gonna bring children because what liberals are going to complain about paris being looking and then what will then parachute on pair parents airports you don't have kids will rent kids to bring across a border we get out of the twenties ok then what then people are gonna start african children it voluminous numbers they get to united states illegally that's the then what then what but we do that liberals never do trump is god as of today is their discontinuing the floor policy and bottom line take away for we move on its trump is now say you come here with a kid we're holding you and you're staying it's not going to be a twenty day think anymore of course browser sue but again requires us to make the hard decisions liberals will never make hope by some that are for you get us there show got a lot more to get you are i today show also brought you by bodies at policy genius listen if your shopping for any kind of
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format manner because honest to god folks i could spend entire shows on each one of the nuggets in here this piece is that i get no commissions of john solomons articles or as collects i'm simply telling you you need go to the show notes today but you know that com if you subscribe to my email is my website will email you the stuff attain that every day please please read this johnson article it is a road map to what is being hidden it is about to come out what is devastating what revelations are going to be an eighty full of nuggets now here's a piece ten declassified russia collusion revelations that could rock washington this wall john salmon from yesterday at the hill he appeared on hannity last night it was a long appearance was about five minutes plus i can't play the whole thing i want to go to the peace but i want
play for you one now get from it in the beginning that we heard about and had been kind of filth bring its way around but sound sources are impeccable he's been all over this case something he's hearing about chrysippus theo giving raised the fbi but the fbi giving some back to christopher steel play cut the one by one happy the first one is a form called the ten thirty two we don't talk about it's an fbi form but it's the official commendation of what the fbi and christopher steel exchange with each other we ve always focused modern christopher steel give the fbi but i am told that these documents show the f b i may have given christopher he'll sensitive information in briefing among the investigation maybe disclose the existence of the crossfire hurt an operation which could potentially have gotten back to
ultimate employer hillary clinton and a democratic national committee raises your concerns about the control of information that the fbi when when working with steel wait what do you say let me get this straight you know i have a little i note book here have a little summary of these ten peace at the end that i promise you is gonna be the best three sentences you ve ever heard on spidey that will sum up how devastated what solomon just said is to us be clear on this solomon telling us that resources are indicating that now we was the fbi using a discredited uncorroborated lying source in christopher steel to spy on a presidential campaign and the administration the presidential ministration but they were give this source back in four sensitive
classified information to all by the way this sources and even a u s city cities are foreign intel person ah ok doing you a disservice because we ve been telling you all bad this really is let's go to point number one from solomons peace which is this negative information this was the biggest bombshell as i began you're not going to hear about this anywhere on the mainstream media side of ahead of you show levine and the excellent work of jeff curls in an up a bunch of chalk ross and people on twitter and as you're not gonna hear this anywhere else here's number one for me i'm not going to read the whole thing because it basically as we need to start here just point number one from the bombshells coming that basically would be it would be a huge discovery if the fbi fed trump russia intel steel in the midst of an election especially what is up research client was trot
supported hillary clinton at the sea folks why is this important part of you and my drawn up that new york meg peace folks you think a class find information that a piece of glass i'd information that they are investigating a presidential campaign for colluding with farmers would be damaging to someone politically you think he up a second restore without out there he'll be just keep at it you running for president me joe armored car and a story breaks on november first of twenty sixteen as we could see in new york magazine intelligencer section that in october surprise reveals fbi's probing trumps alleged russia ties by margaret heart ladies and gentlemen this is seven days before the elections this is a little this is a week before the election a bow i'm drops that the other campaign
may be a russian polluter you think that may be slightly injurious to a campaign where did they get dad in fall from so now you're telling me solomon s information by the way i'm hearing the same thing that the bureau that's supposed to be engaged in a one way street operation one way street information goes to fbi it's not suppose give me two ways you're not supposed to feed back informed should this feel what a hack worthy telling him date all they may add a classified investigation counter it i'll just investigation going on against donald trump
ladies and gentlemen god forbid with a capital f that that information about the existence of the investigation into trump that lead to new or mag and was it the new york times as well god forbid that came fusion gps who was employing christopher steel and steel got it from the fbi you wanted talk about election collusion and interference with a modern oh boy folks i don't need the hyperbolic we sell any of this you know shock at all panes or whatever the outrageous business the imbecility of this the shocking major this speaks for itself when you digest in simple so
a mug it's what i just told you now it makes sense why the democrats keep hope sleep clinging to this talking point that we have jim call me you by the way from the former directly libya we readily the existence of the trunk pearl before the election no no guy you told the foreign spied paid by hillary clinton to gather information a trump not maybe he'd oh well how did he get that all we told them you see that word games they play you getting this all we didn't leak it we just told steel what did he leak it because then you leak at the steel steel wasn't steals investigation it was the fbi do you understand how damaging this is the fbi's tire argument baker me mikhail stroke page all of them the fbi's price step
of their entire argument that dated and impact the u s election goes out the window completely for just one more point x i got nine more these to get to this is that good of a peace rare i said paul or ten screenshots money for peace rarely do that she was like work in full we to get the show out on time but one more note on number one because you you say you know one of my pet my someone about but as a former law enforcement i just want to lend you a bit of my own personal expertise in this you may be saying yourself now it may be obvious to some that others what why feeding back information to a source of problem fair question ok bye think think this through i'll give you a real world example the wider bulge your case why roger was an infamous
the boss than area mobster at these since passed but bulger was an fbi form it for a long time there information being fed the fbi agent handling i'm getting a lot of trouble for this back to bulger who was using the information sensitive information fed back to him engage in more criminality in the area snuff opponents you don't give information to a source you just don't do it in a sea i is even worse counter intelligence case would you give information back to a source to help the source when the sources are we helping you the source is supposed to be providing new the input to verify this you're supposed to be verifying he's ever made not giving in to achieve two then go back and say hey i heard for me the fbi here's another information you can use to spy on top and any fbi goes hey that's really
great stuff you our sources authentic no he's not here the information from you what you got from someone else you you dig please this makes our call me i've i tell the source hay and others source d told me that bobby rob a bank and similar issues we still goes rags hey i heard bobby rob a bank why look information is verified the sources is absolutely correct because it what we already know no no he told you what already know because you told in its one these not the deuce then you don't suppose they exist and some are classified in intelligence investigation gets a presidential candidate man is a spanner i spent a lot of time on number one but its importance as moved the number two executor easier number two from the solemn and peace the house intel interviews
here's a big bombshell here this about come out bombshell number to the house intel interviewed key players in the russia probing asked the dna declassed fathers interviews he says there are several big reveals i'm told including the first what is that a lawyer tied to the democratic national committee had russia related contacts at the cia boys is gonna be josh this is gonna be peachy now based on from information received that lawyer could could be saucepan working did the and see who we know had a relationship with james baker at the fbi who was a key figure in a when these pfizer thinks so now again you have a lawyer at the dnc a political party not investigative body not a law enforcement operations certainly not an intelligence operation we have as a lawyer for a political party in a presidential campaign we know it piping information to the fbi because the fbi's already admitted it we
also may have some evidence now this may be the guy feeding information to our intelligence agencies to oh boy wow isn't that great we ve got political candidates working with our central intelligence agency at our law enforcement operations to spy on their opposition this is just great this makes this makes cuba look like that you know that too the god given rights capital the known universe i want to go i gotta books i wanted you to my summary because my summary of this is gonna be so damning there's no turning back suggesting did i tell you we're going to tell you gonna tell you tell you tell you what i told you so now we know steel was getting information back from the fbi while giving it to them contaminate information we know a demo lawyers piping information to the cia and the fbi number three apparently their summit formation and help or documents this one i don't even know what the bigger bombshell isn't this seriously this they fought help or doc
its number three get a load of this part quoting solomon my this is an unbelievable folk i'm not over selling this my sources tell me there may be other documents showing our continued work king his way to the top of the trump transition and administration eventually reaching senior advisers like peter navarro inside the white house in the summer of twenty seventeen why come again now this has been written about before to be fair to other writers out there but again soon many sources are impeccable is see me to confirm what's been out in the public space for a while now that's the fund helper a u s intelligence assets sent to spy on the trumpet spy that's right lib spy s p why
supply and joe biden like that this spy was not only spying on the trump campaign but in twenty seventeen when trump is the president is still working on the frustration in the transition to verdict is in the obama administration engaged in the biggest political spying campaign in u s history that continued after obama even left office guilty is charged i don't might be a scarecrow and told him what where are you hear that he's a spy working on behalf the united states in kehl community to spy on a presidential kebby also may have been working to pay the administration and the care paine s and the ep and the transition
third party here it is course to the rest of the almost afraid to listen you should bigger folks please share this shell all you read it turns out there who shrimp please you guys are the best lady share the shell because you owe me to hear this number four purely there's an email chain and october twenty sixteen fbi email chain that is about to come out and in that email chain so solemn and says this sources say will show exactly what concerns the f b i knew about and discuss with you the j about using steals dossier and other evidence to support a pfizer warrant targeting the trump campaign is an easy one she me so now we have apparently email chain of fbi ideology officials who have told us theo was a verified
our third decayed source joke harangue emailing each other about how is information is not verify and how they have concerns about it easy enough to understand number five this when we talk about on the show but again confirmed by solomon sources we now know that there may be carter page george papadopoulos exculpatory statements transcripts and recordings of george and and carter page saying on they are not involved in russian collusion tired of it big deal when you're charging people with russian collusion as in the it's here in this peace here again this is take away number five this is take away number five my signal gotta give the best that another of new nessus five buckets these documents purport to show that the two trump aids were recorded telling undercover assets or cap intercepts insisting on their innocence
ladies and gentlemen kind of a big deal you're being accused of robbing a bag and you're on tape swearing you didn't rob a bank and you were in hawaii when the bank was robbed in california maybe kind of appeal the job just heroin that out there by the way for our liberal friends they don't care by their police they hooligans then tyrants they don't really care but yes if you're on tapes you didn't commit a crime it may be something to court would want to hear about just guessing their number six the gang of a briefing we discussed at length in yesterday shown what was it the day before i don't know i'm losing track of time by the way thanks the audience archives judy for uncovering my tea for thing paralegal eighty four eighty first a member goes back to twenty eighteen nailed it forever here's number six yeah so while we could talk about that for a long time the gang of a brief materials even worse
now we not only know the fbi's emailing each other in the oj about how their information from steel stinks apparently theirs briefing manual they handed out to the gang of eight showing there were numerous shortcomings in the information provided by steel indicating the trump colluded with the russians when in fact the information being used was garbage what's the issue there the issue there now we know the c a the fbi the d j and the gang of eight tell community all knew this information had serious issues kind of a problem now folks i'm gonna get seventy nine to tell him he's getting less sponsors i want to reduce and i want to give you my summary which i hope you like because i took a water right this is my was like me right and kind of poetry which are not very good at
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feel they have available anywhere my ali dotcom slash try slash mancino sixty percent off plus a free beg of treats spelled my o l l i e the coms less try slashed by gino we of my ali dotcom slash trifler spongy moving on take away number seven in the ten expectant bombshells is from sound is peace this theo spreadsheet we discuss this on the show before as well but again solomon seems to confirm the existence and based on his sources this is just spectacular south john alright i recently wrote that the fbi kept the spreadsheet all wow that great on the accuracy and reliability of every claim in this field ass yet ok joe keep atoms yourself i have a spreadsheet here they said steel was great he was a terrific source and all information was verified so we assume that on that spreadsheet it says verified verified verify bond
according to john sources it showed that as much as ninety percent not nine point nine not eighty nine ninety percent of the claims theo made could not be corroborated word debunked what turned out to be open source internet rumors a document he recently reviewed showed the fbi describes deals information is only minimal corroborated and the bureau's confidence in him his quote medium wow folks cheese again another moab mother of all farms dumped on the benefit that you won't hear anywhere in the media and again these don't seem like really regulatory things sometimes because your wise and everybody covering because the media was part of the scam of course i can tell you what's going on so just to be clear what number seven said to take away there is a spreadsheet indicating that steals ninety four and its theo's claims were not true or can
be corroborated at all and yet they stepped a big fat verified on the woods why for the fine work using steals information remember don't forget this you may but what is steals information what if it was only a small part of the dossier now no no no no no the deputy direct the fbi andy came who was the head per head i chose in charge of this case is already set on the record the fires of war would not have existed about the steel information yeah so back at you remember already acknowledged yep yet the ads said that we'd mentioned on the show repeatedly at source at mackay already acknowledged steals information was the core the pfizer the fbi's spreadsheet and a set of emails acknowledging that the information was garbage aids a simple one parent bill bar the deal jane the people looking into this have interview christopher steal it
clearly says from the documents that have already been forced into public view by lawsuits that steel admitted in the fall of twenty sixteen that base these motivate where political so well what this interview says that's a pretty simple one if steel acknowledged again that is motives where political ladys in june we have a big problem again we were told this was not a political head joe we were told this was what an intelligence here that and intelligence hit on trumped colluding with the russian that's not what christopher steel said not a liar liar ok so on fire me for pinocchio number nine the third pfizer i was hoping you wouldn't cash problem pollard put that number nine quicker saw my each in my head wouldn't go but it didn't work how to stretch that
third pfizer renewal application that's the last five that we ve mentioned this on the show why is this so damning we ve talked about this worth buys that's the one again signed by then deputy attorney general rod roses tat from solomons peace it's the one five application that the house gnp members have repeatedly asked to be released and solomons told that the big reveal in the currently adapted sections of the applications that contain both misleading information and evidence of intrusive tactics used by the government to infiltrate trumps orbit let me declassify that for you let me translate that into i need itself an translator too sometimes work on that he's a great writer i'd bad love john you know that he does transacted work but he's holding back some stuff i'm telling you solomon knows the whole thing up saying that from the start to take away from that number one as i have told you from a unimpeachable source
my side the fbi in january before the fbi as two thousand twenty seventeen before that last pfizer renewal is sign eager you'd one of steals alleged russian sources i say a legit because the all said a lot of things no one even though it is true but still india aided follow me here joe and each as the ombudsman reign of steel tat the fbi this information about trump colluding with the russians came from these russian source the f b i got a hold of one of em interview that individual the to be entirely untrustworthy that information it was written up and pass the gym call me who knows about it folks tat was january last pfizer is renewed into this spring in summer of that year and twenty seventeen january
february march april may june they all already know hence solemn talking joe about quotes misleading information and that pfizer i think trying to engage solomon speak here figure out what he sang based on me source i think that's what he's referencing that the fbi already knew the information in that renewal was false they interviewed the source you dig secondly when he talks about it'll exposed full of infiltration into the trump operation i think what he's talking about harps back to help us continued work during the transition and the trumpet major duration to get into the trump orbit folks think about in saying what i just told you is that a u s governments spy is spying on it as an essential transition team and and admitted
action potential year serious castro kim jong and stuff if your regular your regular listener this one's not really bombshell but will bring it up number ten records of allies assistance multiple sources have set a handful of u s allies overseas possibly great britain austria and italy were asked to assist fbi efforts to check on trumped connections to russia began its not mysterious we ve told you that forever see an answer ready report around at the fact that your bombshell in and of itself what we said it so many times in the show is nothing really shocking anymore the bomb administration clearly used u s attitude before wherein spies to spy on tromp because they couldn't because of u s i was against buying an american citizen again and the ordinary same world that would be
each one of the new york times washed imposed in every media outlets elsewhere but because a meteor hacks and were involved in the conspiracy spy interim none of this really matters which is really gross in and of itself ok i rode up this summary and we do this in red from violent you can see it here i was gonna put i was always i shall put the robot if you write something weird on air people speech i decided we run i rarely eight summaries because i don't i just like my show is my show because its extemporaneous and from the heart i put bullet points now but i wanted to write the serbs and want to summarize what you ve just been told and i want you to listen to this when read it slow so here's what we know now we know and unreliable uncorroborated source was giving in receiving info from the fbi while the democratic national committee staff hillary clinton and u s spy assets work to produce information on the trump team yet predict
exculpatory evidence also in conjunction with foreign governments spying on the ciampi and it was all signed off on by u s law enforcement intelligence community and congress that was brief time listen self praise thinks but that's about the best i don't know thirty word summation of spy gate i can produce far its by in conjunction with the ensuing took information for the fbi information the fbi and in conjunction with the media attacked the trump team all did the watchful eye of our central intelligence agency foreign spy assets u s by assets law enforcement
congress that all new about devastating absolutely one thousand percent devastating information i i'm gonna get this dream hesitant again to the old car someone is important because the economy but this report facebook folks in removing the facebook nonsense never ants facebook case ask you a favor folks i you know i don't like to do that but if you and my go to my facebook page liking my page it's the blue checkmark page parliament as it facebook com then the bonn gino please like the pace facebook is just crushed our page because i just hate conservatives we were getting tremendous traffic ending thousands of followers sometimes in a day i saw a facebook is horrible a distinct but this story should bother you it's up it
right part apparently there hiring a bunch of this is hysterical joe season journalists usable lucas no one in the show notes please really facebook is hiring the print media veterans to manually curate the quote news tab what's going on from the people of course the spaceboat can up as we have people picking their own new sources facebook of that dynamic closing we had on yesterday's show where we just prove to you finally curate a plan news tat feature the news tab quotas reportedly an effort by facebook to risk restore some credibility the sites news feed which it believes is come inundated with fake news and click back this is absolutely hysterical should the context
of that dynamic closing we had on yesterday's show where we just prove to you finally that the new york times is a conspiracy theory blog and not a new site anymore ripe so let's be clear on this we were victims of this they crushed crushed our page facebook because they're horrible and i am seriously considering just dropping facebook all because they just so bad it such an awful horrible entity i may keep a personal page for family for but the professionally to waste my time i don't need them anymore and it's just an awful horrible terror company i saw their staff a long time ago because i don't think there's any future and alienating fifty percent of the country it is an anti can serve active eighty republic in just liberal activists site that's all they do they target conservatives repeatedly and lie about it so what are you doing their hiring quote season journalists
curator news tat what is that really mean and what is facebook we're doing was sent me me what you're gonna do is high are people who are liberal journalists himself now too then go in and base we show up on this new step in here so article j thank you wanna see not articles you actually want to see so what gonna get joe you're gonna get p you're gonna get new your time you're gonna get washington post you monsieur what's the problem with that what's the problem that are you serious that's hilarious because they are talking about clean bait fake news stories these are literally not figure valley the purveyors of the three biggest myths we ve seen in modern times during the trip administrations the triple are recall him now jeanne collusion a hoax the trump is array this story a hoax an hour the session is coming next week another hopes
they have no idea it may come when they have no idea there's no indicators s going to happen i don't mean to marshal many get too i was gonna talk about the euro curve today i know it sounds i get them a relative point it's not now it's a lot of echo make voodoo and mysticism about the yoke of the democrats like us it inverted is a recession coming that none of the other signs are saying nothing to tell you why tomorrow but the important to do our times the washed impose and pr these were big purveyors of the biggest hawks in modern times they ve done nothing you exposed the biggest political scandal in modern times spiky they ve done everything colluding with the democrats and others to make are you believed a hoax and yet of according to break our facebook is hiring some of these journalists to curate a tab to use those sites which had been lying to you for two years now again zero sense of reflection whatsoever just like bernie tweeting s is supportive
hong kong protesters despite the fact that he's a communist no self reflection at all i mean really folks i dont know what to do but we need a serious competitor these social media company here a lot of men out there i'm on parlor now to i'm hoping it takes off but let's be honest right now it's just hard they seem to have the crowd effect we have the day they that they are horrible they hate conservatives and there's no business model future long term by doing this thanks again again i'll be on hannity on friday appreciate if we set your dvrs if you don't mind that i really appreciate that and big thanks to everybody picked up my grandma columbo he writes on our side that the bank this article the box the promise you drove match box bessie was a number one best seller in his category yesterday launch of his new book debunk this where he d a series of relies too must have before the elections
you can debate your liberal friends he was number one yesterday is category and that is exclusively thanks to you you're the best audience out there hands down all right thanks for tuning don't miss tomorrow show again attacked at the time is in recession artists total garbage don't believe it you just heard tan bond gino she you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at du bon gino
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