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Take a Stand Against Coronavirus Hysteria (Ep 1202)

2020-03-12 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the latest key takeaways from the coronavirus outbreak. I also address the hysterical, ridiculous media coverage of the issue. Finally, I address the latest explosive revelations in the Spygate case, which are damning for the plotters. 

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get ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn gina president tromp decisive all that last night i don't think there's any question about that of course the response by he now cancerous media is just not helping at all ladies gentlemen a lot to do about today obviously given last night oval office address by the president ratio sponsored by express vp in my listeners you're there internet with express vps join them today and express vp end calm slash bond gino welcome it bon gino show on a nother troubling day but we gotta get information their priests joe how are you today man i'm doing good just live in you know carefully
i put it everyone else's jan i'm not i'm not doubt krajina attic as it is worded as in this is how i have to deal with it now that's and we'll get it and we're going to deal with this we're gonna do it with facts and information i got that the address last night i've gotta there's a lot of other news going on as well are you not just the corona virus outbreak let's get to it today if you buy a buddies tommy jarvis and waited comfort when it comes to cover down below this underwear and then there's tommy john the revolutionary clothing brand that's redefine comfort for americans everywhere including me i've been using tommy john for a long time way before they were a sponsor because they're just the best there comfortable and as i say tommy john doesn't give enough they give three eighths fabric fit and function tommy john obsesses over every detail stage using proprietary fabric support perform like nothing you ve won before as a result tommy johns men and women's underwear sporty no wedge guarantee comfortable stay put waistband at a range of fabrics that our luxury
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right before the address at nine p m the address at nine p m eastern and i said i'm pretty sure he's going i is not based on any inside information folks i don't want to mislead you i'd just was put reasonably i've read he was gonna win out some more wide ranging or restrictions in the united states the united states as we can see from the washstand examiner piece it covered this i want to go what's happening when i think should happening obviously the dow struggling now the yes and peace stock markets what's going on link guys we're all gonna get through this and want to stay optimistic we are the greatest constitutional republic in the house if humankind cell ok then we gave our seems amateur trumps strategy to contain the corona viruses extreme but necessary i agree as i said to you the other day ladies gentlemen i can tell people not overreact all i one people are you're all smart europe going to react as you see fit we are now as i keep repeating a classic prisoners dilemma
prisoners dilemma meeting it's hard to tell people don't do this and don't do that when your neighbours and other people doing this in that simple as that preparedness does matter and i think the president is now that's gonna grasp around the problem as it did before and is willing to do what is necessary to stop this it's gotta be examined or peace disobedient outside a lot of you listen to the speech but it's important because it was a couple of miss tebbs during the speech you know we have to become did that they had a later correct it's not it's the big deal the media wants a groove course to believe it so trump wednesday night in oval office addressed that the federal government will be restricted travel from europe support with section of the united kingdom for the next thirty days insurance company the way that by the way this not include travel goods are strong about people they they corrected that later everybody clear then that restriction does not include goods it's for people in europe
companies will waive all call pays encore corona virus tests not for treatment but for that's important too tromp also called on congress to take legislative action to aid small businesses workers and those who might be financially effected by the pandemic he added that the sba companies harm by their pandemic through low interest loans get this more suggestions later some readers sense stuff in listeners excuse me that i felt really good ideas that's restarting now i can't highlight this enough because the media ladies and gentlemen is not helping they are committed to control owing to the chaos and disorder that is causing massive economic this location i dont believe commensurate with the threat here want to get through the tom hanks story do and how tom hanks i think that all of us a public service yesterday no i'm not kidding not owned by getting second programme by talking about it when you get to all of that but the media is not helping we're going do something right now that's
here wow severe the illnesses for those who you under fifty as again i dont believe is commensurate with the response but why is the responsible dramatic because we have people in the media contributing to the chaos notably number ray on my list of of dopey dubious people in the media now a sound number three gemma costa who again despite the fact that we're going to a pretty severe crisis right now is absolutely correct the keeping the attention on the chinese propaganda that god forbid you call it that on virus this is an actual segment last night where of all the thing in this speech last night president trump proposed gemma cost is worried call that a foreign virus which exactly where the virus originating i listen to this job are the president referred the corona virus as a quote foreign vi errors that that i think was interesting because
as i was talking to sources earlier this evening one of the points of the present wanted to make tonight wanted to get across to americans is that this virus i start here but that they are dealing with now why the president would go as far as to describe as a foreign virus that is something we will also be asking questions about but it it should be pointed out that stephen miller who is in immigration hardliner who advises the president is one of the top domestic as you advisers and speechwriters right was a driving force in writing this speech and i think it's going to speck can i come across to a lot of americans s backing of xenophobia or to you i kind of charm in their speeches and you're wondering why the markets or selling off again today you have toilet paper emptying from the shelves can't find a bottle a hand sanitized from here to saturn why because instead of the media giving us com
sober analysis what do we have we have total dip wide slight jim costa talking about what is unquestionably tautological factually a foreign virus these concern that stephen miller trumps him again shouldn't guy may have had some input into we need a farmer i don't even know how to describe to you the stupidity of what jim across the just said folks these people are contributing to the chaos it is now become can't read this stupid virus spreading through the media rapidly here's another one roy red noted wire the fbi vinos someone backed into blog member that joy read from msnbc noted russian conspiracy there's a person i dont even put around the dopey scale because she's not even to be taken seriously i dont even consider her a media person she's just a boy
again conspiratorial liar joy read again conch a meeting to the massive misinformation campaign and making sure that we don't focus on precautions prescriptions d did stay queen of this virus none of that joy arena i want to focus on identity politics and hoaxes hears joy read again promoting the fact that the meat was of corroding the hawks i should say that trump called the corona virus a hoax debunk ever where but again msnbc allows this joy reach should be suspended for this but it doesn't matter as its msnbc and they can say whatever trump never ever called the corona virus hopes that is a total fabric the pump by every serious personas plant but here's joy again in a time of panic that there stealing it the people again with this nonsense evening i'm joy read in new york as the quota virus place
around the world will witnessing real time how the quality of leadership in a country matters it matters how transparent and frankly competent a government is in a time of crisis this year in the u s the trunk administration has struggled to present a coherent and unified message about the corona virus outbreak careening from downplaying it with trump tossing off as a political hopes to just seemingly scrambling now just to be crystal clear on me studying idiocy of these people she dares to criticise the administration which is doing everything i have zero that ladies and gentlemen i am not interested in golden calf or pravda like coverage of the president i'm not i'm telling you with certainty they are doing everything
possibly can this is not priority one point to two point six already can it is priority one everything else has been sidelined everything joy red is talking about the administrations mixed messages while she repeats a hoax that trump called wrote a virus a hoax who is really giving us the mixed messages right now folks well had tippy yossi guesser forgive me for saying your name wrong who's been covering the media response to this and how their inflaming the public and causing a bad situation to get worse i think deliberately at this point it's good for ratings and bad for trump so double whammy here's political again hide a recycling this talking point we're headline number one about the mismanagement and mixed messages now the trump tee
doesn't know what they're doing hearing our political trumps mismanagement help fuel the corona virus crisis by dan diamond pay its mismanagement this is new thing folks they have to talking point tromp mismanagement they must get this from focused goose maybe dan diamond i don't know maybe someone leads to a more democratic focus group says it mismanagement that's a good talking point secondly the testing that didn't go what the cdc originally those are there to talking points again though not interested in helping you they're interested in fostering the chaos so damn diamond again the media's point has been tromp mixed messages not dare make two messages makes messages so damn diamond and political like trop is mismanages we heard that from a focus group this is the talking point we're gonna stick to that's interesting he's got a politico another up he said they haven't political a little while ago whitehouse drama please scales up u s response to unpressed
did corona virus bio dan diamond a month ago now joseph as in the audience referee here yeah dan diamond who justice you are days ago wrote an article about trumps mismanagement was writing a month ago little over a month ago about the unprecedented response looks well what is it then why is it an unprecedented responds meaning tromp team took it so seriously there was no precedent job just checking can be my de facto dictionary that kind of unprecedented means without precedent correct strewed in thank you sir so dan diamond a month ago trump team so serious the response was unprecedented then diamond total mismanagement almost as if a focus group
between dan diamond in the truth in the last month it's a dead you can't put out unprecedented respond unprecedented responds seems to imply that took me so seriously his response there is no precedent for it it was so serious you care right that we have the right he's mismanaged is but remember joy readers rigel of course its trump putting out the me message dm right ok maybe that's because this is a deadly but i really i need this once i need because this is so dumb ok moving on there's the diamond again in a tweet member trump not the mixed messages not dance in political and other here's an actual tweet from their diamond yes in late january trumps initial response is more widely held as strong and appropriate responses but nonetheless ivory says test failed as there is no backup test plant nonsense as staff muted made up as americans
i'm stuck on crews is what did you want to do officials own frustrations because you got called out by yossi guest editor forgive me for years they forget you say your name wrong is crazy guy called out it is all nonsense so was an unprecedented response turned into why a precedent in unprecedented response so here's another headline from political but remember trump that's giving out the mixed messages so political miss about adjusting this guys doesn't know what he's doing is another political have i wish to put out about six or seven different versions of the same story corrode of ice quarantine travel ban could backfire experts fear ladies and gentlemen if you having trouble is just days after that then diamond article about the unprecedented response that he's now backtracking on so just to be clear
the is streets complaining about not allowing a ship the doktor had affected patients while we figured out how to clear the ship a perfectly aubrey it and sound response based on this infections of pathogens this now but he raged forebears complaining about the travel ban saying it would backfire if you having trouble following this please understand that's their intention the media is in love with this chaos it hurts trump and it contributes to the chaos they love any gets clicks this is all they want this day and diamond cannot even surgically remove his own head from his rectum he doesn't know what where is correct they stop the ship from docking eugene you're outward just wrote a month ago that the travel core theme is a bad idea now you want to let a travel ship with infected patients doc what's
he's right dan is it an unprecedented risk he's taken seriously or is he mismanaged get not taking it seriously which one of your articles is true only one thing is true here you're a liar and a fraud and you are desperate for clicks and new desperate to hurt the present in absolutely inferior now on a serious note let me get you some serious information out here and let me get you well why i think we may be turning a corner on this because i don't want to leave when i'm a cop movement but i don't want to sit here and put lipstick on this either this is serious again the question i keep tell it was not as a serious that's already been asked and answer of course it is quite how serious and how should we price the risk and what should we do about it the daily mail which paul always comments issues
the longest headlines ever please read the show notes stories in their italy in trouble right now there's a lot of fear as to why italy's had such a bad bout of it maybe because of their they kissed each other on the cheek allowed this that is of course a small bank there but it's probably a factor but italy now it's all shops except pharmacies in food out which would be closed as the corona death toll climbs by thirty percent eight hundred twenty seven and twenty four hours and i see use our advice to stop treating the elderly folks this is serious this is italy's into real trouble right now there have been some tree eyes technique set up as we can see from the male peace where some of these hospitals they dont have respirators and an or i should say be precise precision matters especially now with ease to us if not to the media folks they don't have enough equipment to treat everyone
so quote in another development top doctors suggested that rather than admit patients on a first come first served basis hospital should swap to catastrophe medicine tippit used in war zones and during natural disasters with those with the greatest chance of survival are given priority in other words rationing if a limit on beds is implemented it could mean elderly patients with no signs of corona virus being being turned out if i see words to make space for younger patients who have longer left the lip the guidelines should apply all patients needing intensive care treatment and not just those suffering from corona according to guidance published this week by this organization that's why i'm out here to put lipstick on that for you okay that's bad got a lot of people in italy you understand what they're saying they're right yeah they're rationing beds and hospital equipment not based on who arrives at the hospital first but who is younger and healthier a tree ash type situation
meaning some elderly folks who come here not with corona may come in with the flu some unrelated pneumonia some other infection may not get adequate care because their being tree eyes to death serious unquestionably when i hear it again so for anything now let me leave you work which i believe may be i think we may be he turning the band on this i'm not saying on the number of infections that's probably gonna grow in the united states i think that's obvious at this point the question i ve been asking the whole time is now is it serious yes it serious i just told you the number infections are gonna grow the question is how serious and i leave a lot of the media misinformation and a lot fear of the unknown we don't what corona is has contributed to a i believe a disproportionate response this proportionate responses are solve
by education facts and data paul s made interesting question last night she said why do you think there wasn't such an outbreak with the h one and one swine flu and i stood a couple resembling trump wasn't an office but secondly i believe a more practical reason i believe generally calling it the flu which what it was a variant of people under stood they know the flu they know what it is they know people die in over decades of dealt with the flu knowing someone with the flu having caught the flu or years and years of the public dealing with the flu people knew how to products price the ring in didn't overreact corona virus is not the flu it's called flew because it's not the flow and i think that uncertainty is causing uncertainty and what the costs are going to be for people now having said that without neither do i want to show you a story from the new york times that's
everything you need to know about this right now in one headline the stories about tom hanks pretty famous actor you know the forest campaign cast away fame new york times this news headline by damien cave gotta get it says everything you need to know in one headline tom hanks gets australia wear corona testing is a snap how does that headline encompass everything you need to know about where we are right now because ladies and gentlemen in that headline they leave out the most important part of that tom hanks is done the public a great service by putting this information out was clear in putting out that he and his wife rita and i wish nothing but the best for them this is no time for bs garbage stupid i god bless you and i hope you get through this you your wife and anyone
you may have been infected new contact with you from the bottom of my heart but tom axis pretty clear in the is that its symptoms were relatively mild having said that that obviously is tom hanks is over sixty that obviously is not the case for everyone people overseas the what other health problems this is really serious and could be deadly but ladies and gentlemen for the magician overwhelming majority of people under the age of sixty or fifty with no other health issues this is serious it's an issue but it is overwhelmingly not life threatening hags put out this peace that it resembled a call we thought they had to call again information is what's going to get us this will allow us to appropriately live our lives and price are risks and determine what risks
are willing to take its the confusion foster the media that is not helping now what does that have to do the headline now that we all know someone pretty much everyone knows tom acts the problem with why does nobody knew someone with because it weren't that many effectively now that we know someone everybody a watch tom hanks hopefully god willing recover in the next few days are few weeks and hopefully will here tom hanks and they'll understand they'll be able to more adequately price what the risk to them is but that's not what to do times focuses on in the headlines the second line of the headline eggs gets corona how can we use our show you where the test gets are everywhere because the test cases talking point number to readmit trump mismanaged number one mixed messages that's media talking point number one number do again in that way without looking at how this is to score political points number to the testing kids folks
cdc botched the testing kerala there's no question about it but there was a reason that it was botched a worried sure they would work they were afraid of false positives and nobody took a step back it has been fixed also i've told you repeatedly a talking point the new york times chooses to largely ignore in favour hysteric hysteria and hyperbolic nonsense they leave out all the key details the reason we couldn't get testing kids out with state lab state colleges and state research labs is because there were some fda regulations in the way as if only repeated now ten or two times on the show the president device press got wind of this ordered the fda
dump those regulations immediately and the testing kids are now going out by the hundreds of thousands if not millions by the end of the two weeks within a problem yes who fix the problem the trump team and the vice president again the new york times they could have in their pay tom eggs tests positive for corona says it felt like a call could have done the public a huge favor allowed them facts and data that adequately price there onerous that's not what they did tom eggs corona it gets thank god he's on the united states and australia had to to make sure they got that cheap shot in the title you have the redoubt first couple paragraph to find out that has indicated that it symptoms worried that severe i'm not even again in the interests of keeping politics out of it because i'm not going to contribute to the media may lay in the chaos here
it doesn't even matter at this point what administration put those guidelines in play you figure it out but i'm telling you he put not out there to score points against dinner they did it is irrelevant the bottom line is that up team saw the fda within the way and so get out of the way and let them fix the testing problem a fact again frequently ignored by the media or written in such a way to make it look like it was trumps problem that he started rather than fixing absolutely disgraceful moving on i got more about this and this is important and this is why i am can vince this is our job right now to be white house here in this media thought through and many others
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the tweet from the new york times had tipp daily collar where i saw this on their twitter feed just good work here our times calling everyone who calls it the one virus which is what it is said some concern there's including peo tom continent gostar are taboo on virus there just what it is by the way to describe covert nineteen critics the term which goes against the recommendations of health visual being racist and xenophobic this is what these idiots are concerned except for the fact when you go to the new york times right just a couple weeks before in their own tweet member calling it the issue on viruses racist new york times viruses turned up in japan south carolina thailand singapore there is going to be this this is this is the stupid we're dealing with yet this is the stupid worthy of this is what we're dealing with this is this is that this is the media in a time of national crisis made worse by the media this is what the media's concerned about
stunning ironic by the way the nba which had this beef with china in the beginning and then acquiesced in them is now if you mrs story by threatening to cancel the season has at least postpone the season thus far fairly alot of players upset that he was one of the players who was apparently according to news reports was infected this guy rudy gobert i don't know what he was thinking here but you can see in this video of those you want to watch out this guy before he doesn't it's touching he was giving a presser he left the press conference inside it was a good idea to touch the microphone in the table thinking he was being funny it's not funny it's not funny i don't know if you know it was a joke it's just not funny folks this isn't the time for stupid gallows humor okay it's just not funny it's not funny but what he was thinking that ok i got some listener email yesterday a lot received a boat load of listener mouse on feedback about what we can do
one of the proposals i suggested yesterday which i want to stick to you today is a tax caught in a big way an enormous middle class tax cut the long term ladies we don't need any short term fixes right now we need a long term fix i would like to see a corporate tax cut his well let's that money back in the economy let's do it now let's cut all necessary government spending and focus its words needed right now on virus integration measures that's my plan there are seven something interesting now which i had to look good job i can imagine your last name of course lucy cps if you know what help right now to a massive cap no gains tax cuts alive landowners stock owners and others who are going to pay a pretty massive head on their side when they sell them in their land and assets white dad zero that out zero it out right now let's let the capital flow from
we were its needed to small businesses and elsewhere zero it out he brings up a good point a lot of land holders whose land this appreciated due to inflation and other things can't sell the lamp why because if they sell the land they're gonna get a massive tax bill they can afford zero that out let's let capital flows we let them sell the land to people who may have a better use for that people don't want their stocks right now let them sell them get rid of this capital gates at capital gains for stock probably going to be an issue right now given the damage marty great idea look i've been read nor your feedback and i really enjoy its a great idea zero out capital gains that you will see this economy once we get a hold of this and of seen as announced and we start getting information and people can price the risk and realised with the three it is to them based on their age and health condition i'm telling you the economy is going to recover it is going to recover we have been through this before we spanish flu we
through it before with each one and one we do it here and south florida with the zika scare we have been through this before we will get through this the light at the end of the tunnel we are going to go the other side of this the old while the majority of people in my listening audience right now understand this well if you are in fact it if you are young and you are healthy you will get through this likely with no long term damage if you're older this is very serious and should be taken seriously weakened if the right out the next few months but you will all we get through this too it is not death sentence even if you are older it is not and before we move on to the next topic i'm just asking you to please do your own homework and avoid at all costs the mainstream media you are not getting information you are getting misinformation
i in other news because there is a lot going on although related but in a separate topic legal insurrection is great coverage of the supreme court put i'll stay yesterday and the remaining mexico policy to be clear what this is president trump the migration protection protocols are called the mp be put out of things you gonna put out an edict if you're going to request asylum in the united states you have to do it for mexico that's the end of it of course liberal states in our you should be able to walk into the united states to claim asylum which is insane legal insurrection by the great bill jacobson tromp remained in mexico asylum role continue supreme court stays the lower court injection from the ninety nine now it's a stay a stay on a lower court juncture say not our people can just come on end and do whatever they want to claim asylum where they won it will get it stay in the supreme court but for now that power c of forcing people claiming asylum to remain a mesh was allowed to stand
unrelated to everything that's going on right now with our border control to be fair there's nodded the the outbreak is not been efforts obviously bed europe right now south and central america not at issue if we get a problem having said that border control was an imperative right now no question about it so the good news is trumps remain in mexico migrant protection protocols you have to claim asylum from executing taken by the united states is stayed for now good news again there's other things going on out there besides let's get a more just a tease if you don't mind i am taping today of four o clock an interview with doktor chris centennial forgive me for saying the dust i covered his article rejects the other day his article one nuclear he's a medical doctor over its for rejects he put out another article corona virus myths are spreading faster than the virus i believe he's been a sober voice
he reached out we're going to interview him today at four o clock it will be a corona virus special about thirty or forty five minutes from a medical doctor some of the some of the things will cover the mortality rate there's been some conflicts evidence and how long it survives on services what the safety this is in the air will be asked this medical doctor all of these questions we will launch they'll be irregular show tomorrow you will be seeing this at some point tomorrow we will you according it today just to tease on that you wanna get ahead of it you can read that rejects article i just posted being shown us today but as you know the council s newsletter for the shown us ok now the theme of today show intentionally or its this cancerous media coverage of everything i want to continue with some on more stunning device vince because there's other news out there about here the media spun you up again on this
i gave flynn debacle and now that the story is totally changed and completely one eighty you're not hearing anything outside of largely conservative media now that the correctness of a minute before i get there get to my last sponsor because this is gonna it's gonna be a good segment you didn't hear any this anywhere our bad outside it can rid of media about what just happened about russia just helping trump again we today show brought you by our friends at ashford university this and distance learning has been a priority lately ashford universities the place to go ashford university ashford that easy you slash by gina we all have an idea of what our dream job looks like but it's gonna handed the odds are you need at least the bachelors degree to make dream reality i know it's hard to go back to school and work and i did it ladies and gentlemen i did a distance learning program at penn state it was terrific it was the best thing that ever happened to me i learned more through distance learning i'm not kidding than i did go into a broken water not a job that
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slash bond gino that's ashford that eu slash bungee note you start your degree today ashford that eu slash bungee no go today in czech amount thank you ashford you ok so you know that this information pain in the absolute feckless of the hapless media is getting more grotesque by the day i will always defend their first amendment right to a free press to the day i but again as i always say that includes the right to be stupid and unfortunately the media has to take us up in that offer at every opportunity you see this story the great jerry done levy over worse than examiners all over this step as a peace up in the show no said is an absolute must read because your liberal friends who are always confused a little dopey are probably still promoting the talking point the eye see the intelligence community said the russians are back again in an effort to help donald trump you ve heard that right you heard member that story problem is it's all been debunked
we don t be worse than examiner not russia only problem intelligence disputes the media's twenty twenty interference report shot shocker as we heard went to her a week ago the media from a leak likely from one of adam shift staff adam share for one of the hapless collusion hoaxing feckless democrats up on the hill again interest in promoting this information on behalf of the russians and everyone else leaked to them remember intelligence briefing happened up your folks this was the story and they told us that the i share your back and twenty twenty in the election and their back to how donald trump now that that story has through media driven ass most see through the right it through membrane gradients has pushed through to the collective membrane of the united states the idea that the russians are back to help trump and
been festering now like gay leave the grotesque examples you now that has been festering like a postulating infected ok for three weeks to quote my friend charlie email secret service friend now the truth comes out show but it doesn't matter because liberal imbeciles in their media allies have already told you that a true hats rightly actions are back in their helping trump here from done levies actual peace now of course now that it's festered for awhile we get the unclassified fact she from vienna about what actually happened in the briefing we get the fact sheets from the actual director of national intelligence quote the eternal the community has not concluded that the kremlin is directly aiding any candidates reelection or any other candidates election by the way folks bernie sanders too was accused of the same thing
nor have we concluded that the russians will definitely choose choose to do so in twenty twenty the fact she reads is that russia only problem china ran in other countries like north korea cuba and other non state actors all have the its unity means of potential motive interfere in the twenty twenty elections as a way to achieve their goals so again ladies and gentlemen if you do you understand and why i relentlessly focus on media coverage here it's a shame it smee genuinely sad and sub full of sorrow i'm not kidding that we the waste america's time on correcting legions of false data points put out by a boat destructive hoaxing column jane promoting conspiracy theories group of imbeciles in the mainstream media it is really said but if i don't do
this no one will and you will actually be under the belief that the corona virus is gonna kill everybody that we're all gonna die that we should all living in caves and that the russians are back again twenty twenty to help trump despite the fact that that's not at all what was said in the actual briefing but again you probably won't hear a lot about jerry done these peace because it in the media's interest to promote the fact that the intention community said nothing of the sort that the russians are back the albatross or bernie for the memorandum friend bernie to tone of neurons let me be crystal clear but remember that story to snatch the media reporting tromp was gonna get help by them but bernie to conveniently bernice anatomy the establishment democrats and leave just in time that the russians were helping bernie parent accordingly i see that's another bogus story to the downfall of our constitutional republic is gonna be this media it's gonna be this media met effect is this a dope
the bbc showed up at a speech i gave you that wrote this story about a say damage those blaming media yes the verdict is it ladies and gentlemen that is absolutely true and i have the evidence to back it up you have reported misinformation on a daily basis whether on the ukraine hoax the whistle blower hoax the spy gate hoax or your coverage of the corona virus outbreak which has been devastatingly awful trumps mismanaging guineas overreacted terms in this matter he's under reacted trump doesn't know what he's doing what he was doing in january what john didn't janet please tell me it was racist what trumpeted today was racist what trouble calling it will on racist we're short testing kids down the other article member the article political we're not short testing gets this
is your media democracy does die in the darkness and the lights are being turned off by these media imbeciles astonishing astonishing we're living through this i had to get a this is another shame on me if i don't get it we get time good john solomon is excellent new website out there just the news solomon as a peace up we have to cover because it's really stunning in its gravity johnson march eleven twenty twenty fbi's collusion case fell apart in the first month of the trunk presidency new am i will show now the information in here is astounding let me get this
who first screen shot for us because a lot of you a regular listens to the show no that january twenty seventy in the first month of the term presidency is sound and indicates the headline the fbi viewed on january seven january seventh christopher steel who produce the dossier the interviewed his sub sources who he said he was getting information from sub sources who told the b in january this case is be ass and it doesnt stand for bernie sanders its garbage and yet the f b i continued interviewing anyway and renewed the fao a warrant three times three times by knowing it was based on this the dossier and it was all a hoax but something else happened in january twenty seventy not just the sub source interview look at what happened and mike when they get this memo from them
a team that john solemn and get his hands on listen to this you want to talk about the hopes of the decade the biggest witch hunt ever for my point quote according to an internal d o j memo dated january thirty twenty seventeen ladies and gentlemen just weeks after they interview steel source and find out their whole cases a hoax after the january twenty fourth interview the fbi advised that based on the interview the f b i didn't believe mike flynn was acting as an agent of russia mothers team wrote in the letter we what come again on this so to be clear here we note on this chauffeur for well over a year now then anywhere you ve twenty seventeen the fbi knows there investigating a hoax because the guy perpetrating the hoax christopher steal his sources are interviewed and tell them without sight
we now know is well that the fbi interviews mike flyin at the end of january and that a memo we sent in the yo j indicating that they knew conclusively that might flynn was that colluding with the russians he forgot i just want you to understand the gravity of this might flynn going to go to jail over this but according to internal memo the fbi advice based on the university did with when they didn't believe when was acting as an agent of russia hole we moses now read this and that it started solomons peace that's the only little nugget and what else up in the january twenty seventeen well i just told you about the interview so it's got a little bullet points time line here
quote and rapid fire sequence in january twenty seventeen u s officials one received more the poor warnings about the credibility of christopher steel and his dossier they re debts fact from the uk folks uk don't trust this guy january twenty seventy goes on in january twenty seventh ye may affirm that key targets of the fbi's counter intelligence probe made exculpatory statements denying collusion to undercut resources ok so their target actually made statements say never innocent and it can loaded january twenty seventeen they concluded that retired lieutenant general might flynn trumps securing device it was not engaged in collusion with the russians ladies and gentlemen
do you again you understand how profound what we're telling you today is a new fund was innocent they knew that here was a hoax and they knew people they were targeting carter page and george papadopoulos were innocent because they had made statements on recordings to inform us that they were innocent and yet the case proceed now you may say you ve got a media angle for this whole showed that it where's the media yeah that was kind of a law enforcement intelligence media centric angle they clearly engaged in when i believe at this point may be potentially criminal behaviour starting initiating and continuing a case based on what we now know to be an unquestioned hoax cushy liberal free so when are you this because our blockheads but you may save the media know this and if they did know this that might flynn was innocent
then surely they shouldn't have continued the hawks against mike where no no they did no look at this reporting from nbc check this out how come this wasn't all over the place ever care fusion can the lady in you know fusion can who gets all weeks when they needed something fbi fine nothing amiss in flynn russia even when russia eavesdrop official tells can delay you may say why we can report this fusion can by the way when that article five back in january twenty seventy ladies and gentlemen i believe at this point the intelligence community the f yeah i again knows they got worked by this by the cia led by john bruton and knows they were pushed into an investigation based on a hoax they know about flynn and guess tenth and how that help or shows up remember the fbi opens up cases on everybody but flynn and august tenth magically the next day
a source helper shows up has information about flynn and then a dossier shows up about when on the same day i believe this was that the impetus of this operation to target flynn i think the b i some people are trying to clear the deck here but some aren't and once they you're out that they're not gonna get anything on trumped do these wiretaps and a report pointed this on when they go back to the flint stuff later because that's all they ve got what we already said he was innocent doesn't matter go back to it keep repeating the fact that it could be a russian disgusting what's my evidence that you see my point here that they stop to give up in january collusion hawks and they know that i know there's gonna be difficult please follow me in janet if twenty seventeen its clear now that everybody knows socks the flint things a hoax the page thing is all the puppet apple as things are hoping to hold ass he has outlined the fbi is that a clear
the deck has to put out something so they have to go to a different angle now because they are reasonably coveted they're not gonna get them on this can spear it'd collude with the russians shirt so they start moving to differently so on when they start owing to the lying to the fbi story because they re getting mike whether they want to make sure he goes down but they start moving we're different angle on trumped to which i predicted am i shall always audience archives judy knows a long time i told you once collusion collapse which it did pretty much immediately that they were going to move through the obstruction charge and john solomon has an absolutely fascinating angle on this john solomon writes in his peace that this february meeting now jim combing has with donald trump now becomes off we suspicious
jim call me director the fbi has this meeting where president tromp in february call me knows what shall conclusively at this point that this whole right they nothing is a hoax so sounded as an interesting theory here that he's gettin window which again if your regular listener you are probably familiar with call me shifts immediately understanding the collusion thing is a hoax to try and get tromp on what traction of justice and what better way do it then to go and feed him selective pieces of information and the white house wait for the response to the full hearing of call me and others months later then suggest by the hiring of mahler that those responses to briefings and otherwise were in fact came obstructing obstructing the investigation i know that's a lot harder understand before along because it's a brilliant brilliant point it's a little
afford each what you need to understand solomon makes a brilliant point they know call me this point knows there investigating a hoax unbowed unquestionably instead of just saying present i'm sorry you been a victim of this we screwed up com this devious lying before the biggest in this whole thing maybe with the exception of brandon but i'm not even sure combing most of the white house and uses his briefings with trump and the response to those briefings as evidence that true is obstructing justice because obstructing justice is all they have because collusion sobering think about their brief the collusion hoax leave select information if fires me or any one else then use those firing to get mahler appointed to invent to investigate him for obstructing justice based an investigation that was based on a hoax the whole time freak ingenious man set up artist gene
how do you hear that devious these people were really point it's in solomons peace read it it's up at the shown once again bungee no doubt com slash newsletter please check it out that we are part of either burning but the funds that we have a lot more listener email i got they sent me the article i put it in now i'll put it in the show notes that maybe you can check it out one final point some are brought up the fact that bernie sanders an email from a listener keep springing up finland i told you already he keeps slurring denmark by saying their socialist denmark's own prime minister has said you're not socialist i've slurring us but he keeps reality we often but it keeps bringing up finland too and their healthcare system an astute listener the show of you or the show on youtube sent me this article is we actually covered this forum cnbc riders feminist
remit resigns after healthcare reform fails so bernie sanders bernie we need to we need to be more like friendly with their health care system why did there permit resign because they figure out how to handle the finances they were facing financial collapse over their broken healthcare system again folks burn supporters and other socialist medicine supporters out there don't like these get in the way of your stupid arguments i understand your committed to absolute absurdity ridiculously at all times but say finland as an example when finland is in fact collapsing in front of her eyes was because they couldn't fanned the finances of a government run healthcare system is just peak stupidity but you guys and ladys unfortunate who believe in this stuff socialism are very good at that i thank you for doing it i really appreciate folks please subscribed to a youtube channel especially during this time i want to get you accurate information and i am genuinely afraid you're not getting anywhere else youtube dot com slash bond gino
all free we really appreciate that and also go to the when your iphone apple podcast and subscribe to our show there for our audio show we always appreciate it means a lot to us helps us move up the charts again i have yet interview today four p m we launch out tomorrow it's gonna be thirty forty five minute special from a medical after everything you need to know about corona real information not media stereo nice for tuna folks i see automatic you just heard in bonn gino she followed then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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