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Tech Tyrants Declare War on Trump (Ep 1260)

2020-05-27 | 🔗

In this episode I address the troubling new developments in the tech tyrant’s war on conservatives and Donald Trump. I also address the infamous Russia “hack” of the DNC - did it really happen. Finally I address Americans fighting back against the outrageous lockdowns. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, no rain is finally in Florida. Noah has left the building along with the Ark the animals that are not lining up. You bite you anymore, which is a good sign, but I do they loaded shell for you today. The Tec tyranny continues, ladies and gentlemen, where the war right now a legitimate social media, free speech, war right now, a battle going back in fourth and attack tyrants, or on the other side of this they opened up a new front yesterday, which is going to cook your temperature. You are gonna, be up, twenty thirty degrees by the time. The shows how I got that more on that info. Russia, hack and Rick Ranal, outgoing, always the acting dna directive, national intelligence, with just a got shot to the Democrats by gay polluters that a whole lot more loaded showed very well.
It thereby GINO shall produce Joe? How are you did a fine, sir? Now come a pretty good man. How much go on, though I mean I can't keep up. I know it's hard to keep. Track of, even when he's already do as a tomorrow show right after we're done with this one. Yes, how loaded the show matter? I that's got right through it. I appreciate your patience sponsors. They love you, the show and keep it free. So thanks for your time and attention always We share. If you can listen to my shell for a while, you ve heard me talk about helix matches their the best. I have two of love. Em sleep like a clergyman, a cloud have. Fighting issue. Helix has gone beyond the bedroom and started making sulphurous they just launched a new car called all form and are making premium cost. The miserable self isn't chair, shipwright Theodore, all form is the easiest way you can customize, the sofa using premium materials at a fraction of the cost of traditional stores. You could pick your fabric look that's hours, we discuss my lovely daughter, Isabel, we put it together, a room. Fifteen minutes not kidding an eye
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There's got to be one of the agents, families nor MRS in the early days of fox- and he said some I'll, never forget. Someone in the audience or someone asked them about. You know Fox news and how we thought of this idea of doing a new station that actually did Joe get ready. New Is it not like liberal nonsense said he I just figured there. Was this untapped market in America called fifty one percent of the population? It up so great, slide ever so true that on tat market is there right now I'm telling you about probably forty. Maybe upwards of fifty percent of the users of these platforms are probably people to the right of the political spectrum. Who are tired of your nonsense. Twitter twitter opened up a new front yesterday. They are now Joe there and the facts. King busy
checking their business now yeah yeah, there's fact checkers now I thought they were a platform that a publisher what happened Wall Street Journal Article Twitter, It's a fact check noticed the trump tweets on male imbalance me follows an earlier appeal by the widow widower, their presidents. False tweets about the death of his wife be pulled down. Wait! What wait! What twitter is now in the fact checking business I bought. Call me crazy, but I thought Winter was an unbiased platform. You know the community since decency act and all that stuff, where you can't sue twitter for the content on their? Why? Because twitters claim follow me. This is not an insignificant point. Two is claiming along with Facebook, in these other platforms with air quotes. Where
Like a newspaper man, we don't make it a tory of decisions. So if something's plaint abroad put on twitter and a form of a tweet, that's the family You cared to us because we're a platform I dont get well you can sue a newspaper because they are not a platform there, a publisher that makes editorial decision rights of a newspaper, writes a story that Georgia costs from bars and has more in DNA be careful. He can contaminate everywhere. This marshal the enemy obviously knowing its false and job being a public figures down. They know it's false joke ensue and John will probably win that case, because Joe is not in fact from Mars. Just putting that out, in case some of the liberals with thick skulls, actually believed it, but if someone sat on Twitter Joe may be able to go where the person who wrote it but they're not able to go just not able to go after Twitter, because Twitter claims hey we're. Just an unbiased platform went out of publishing we're not making any towards decision now
the verdict is here, that's bs. Now we know that to be false, because Twitter has decided to editorial eyes and add commentary tweets and do so called fact checking it's over now it's over it's, for free twitter. Has I tweeted this out last night I got thirty five thousand retreats. Twitter has no idea, the Pandora's box they open- none, I dont know if there stupid to figure it out, but you cannot claim to be a plan. You can't so us we need to be protected. We don't make it moral decisions and then make an editorial decision to fact check a politician, but only one at Donald J Trump. Now now that I've set that up for you by the way, please go too far. Or their response, or my show, p r, l e r, I'm begging you parlor parlor, parlor, Co. There today Europe, its everything twitter,
facebook aren't they social media platform that will not target you. They are a sponsor the show, but I was a member just go there and set up an account today today, go do it. Parlor you'd have to deal with any twitter garbage and what we have to do something to do matters. Action matters talk is cheap. We have to do something parlor, please go today, go to the Appstore Download, so here's what happened here is the actual trump tweet that Twitter decided. They were going to fact check. He starts up. About male imbalance. Industry Trump says: there's no way zero. That mail imbalance will be anything less than substantially fraudulent. Mailboxes will be raw ballots. The fortune and even illegally printed out fraudulently sign the governor of California, sending balance to millions of people now and he goes on. Look if you like on Youtube. You can see it at the bottom. They have this little why they will get the about male imbalance. Here we go twitter open. It
Pandora S Box whole ban you're, not a platform anymore how you are in the business of fact, checking politicians, but only the present, the United States. You made an editorial publishing decision to none too. Literally, not service, Donald Trump. As a platform on twitter. Again you Sue Trump, you just can't sue Twitter, Twitter decided to add its own content, its own. Washing decision right there to an content that wasn't their job truck, did not add that fact check twittered it now, twitter. Here we go site good. They pull up a bigger had to their rescue me I did even put up with this. Here is, if you click on the fact check here is what you see trot, makes unsubstantiated, claim the mail and balance will lead to vote of fraud, and it goes into articles by weight for wait, for it goes the articles by sea
politics and NBC see up Tori arbiters of true jaw come on We say you the same two outlets that now and ineffectual. Claim that these claims are false, theirs, male in ballot fraud, that's not happening on a massive scale, there's nothing to worry, about what mail and balance. So see. Added NBC, just to be clear. The cue this spear loser networks, hoof three years told us, the collusion hopes was real and the spider its scandal was fake the year they got story backwards. Are there gonna, be retroactive fact checks. Is it going to be like back to the future retroactive fact checks on all of those tweet? bring. The collusion out I'm assuming you're gonna fact check Moscow, mad cow,
I'm assuming you're, going to fact check, sleaze ball, Adam Schiff, all those tweets about we have evidence of collusion. Obviously lies. No evidence has ever service. Obviously false. Are there going to be fact checks on there? What about the rain Chuck Todd from NBC what about George stands: Brian Stelter over it CNN and its lunatic? body. Oliver Darcy too not nutty fringe conspiracy theories. What are their twitter tweets? Gonna. Be fact check, of course, not because twitter is not a platform and there certainly not unbiased twitter is in an all out assault All out assault on a social media open platform. Now I'm not going to fall into this trap, you're, not it's, not an all out assault on free speech, don't fall into that trap. Mace again. What do you mean? No? No! No! I don't
It's not what this is about. Twitter is a private company. The fact that its ever the twitter Twitter is public in the stock market sent me to sign a private company in this talk about private, private versus governmental, that private versus public in the sense of stock ownership. It's not a free speech issue. That would be like saying my website, but you know that calmer GINO Report, you know you have to put up we're left decent. I don't it's my site. I put up on by GINO Report: that's our alternative to the liberal judge report. We put up what we want. That's not what this is about twitter, is claiming that, unlike we claim it's a bunch, you know that com. If we write an article about you that come, we know to be false and we put it up anyway, we can be sued.
Because we're not claiming to be a platform twitter, we're a publisher, twitters, claiming to be a platform and clearly clearly is not. So with regard to their club and by the way can you imagine if they would effect check the collusion hoax things three years ago they can save the nation. Can you the drama they would have saved us if they would have cut this ridiculous collusion, hopes and admitted spied on Trump early on. We would not have to have gone too for three years, but where was twitter in the wind man now they appear But showing you how ridiculous and house but this move by twitter. What I'm telling you I have no idea the Pandora's box they open, because I'm going to suggest that you may say tat if it's not really a free speech issue, it's a platform issue which it is that free spaces
twitter is not. The government is a pretty. They can write what they want they can dismiss who they want. That's why we apart, then what is well. There are two issues I just address: platform versus publishing their clearly a publisher now and deserve no platform protections. Not that's. That's clear and Facebook should be next, but secondly, where's the Effie see on this, the Federal Election Commission. No, no I'm dead city, I've run for office before the rules about what they call in kind. Donations are very strict where, ironically, that Joe Joe was it produced a morning. Shell. Very popular morning shown bored. I met Joe years ago. Ten years ago, Joe came out said: hey man, I love the first time I made no might hurt him a Monday areas do characters, but I'd never met him in person.
I commend your story. I do. This invitation had Joe comes out, says: hey man love your style. I'd like to take some Joe takes pictures to his very count, the guy very earnestly artistic. They should say politically- and I said I thank madam. We never connected on Africa's had a photographer at the time, but if you were to do that and take pictures from my campaign, I have to declare that as what they call in kind donation. Another word words gave me a cash value service that he used to get paid for photography. He can't just give it to me for free. I did they Clare it isn't in kind donation, it's to prevent politicians and other people from rigging campaigns by say giving them free office space and hundreds thousand free stuff and not having to declare you have to declare it s, not a cash. But an incline donation where If we see others, please oh me with a straight face how
This is not an incline donation to the Joe Biden campaign. A unit party found check on one party only self, that's all we ve seen on a president CARE than a historic candidate, Donald Trump. Even always the president. I say on what candidate. A fact check Zaire to hit him and signed a hideous using biased outlets like CNN and NBC, and their premise and even true that mail in fraud is basic we non existent. Please tell me again how that's not an incline campaign donation to the Joe Biden campaign. I'd love to hear, whereas if we see on this pool their plans. When protections immediately immediately- and secondly, If we see investigation should be opened up immediately as to who, in the company decided to make an incline donation to another. Politicians, Joe Biden by fact, checking his opponent
bracelets nonsense we have to prevent lies for a latest Jamaica, bad news for you, politicians don't tell the truth The time Republicans and Democrats, I'm really sorry to inform you. That is Hello, I obvious you were right I mean you're, laugh because a dub do, I have to say it so, just to be clear. Every time Politicians lies now twitter. If you're going to show you run biased and you're, not making in kind donations. Suggested Democrats, you're, gonna, fact check. Now. Every lie on twitter. Holy Moses Nancy policies account should light up tomorrow, but of course you would see any of that we see investigations stat immediately. Platform protection should be gone tomorrow. Whatever you can do, not a free speech you were not shutting down. You can't shut them down, but if they're are going to opera,
in the free market, according to free market principles which they are free to do, but there are going to act like a up a publisher rather than a platform that they have to operate in a free market like we all do. I can't print false stuff, but you know that come in twitter can either now I can't even get to the substances nonsense, so you say this male fraud stuff there checking down of Donald Trump fact checking, say male fraud in voting. That's not a big deal, really bad bad bad tap at that. But we have this Theo J thing. We just saw the Department of Justice Northern District of West Virginia. Nothin County male carrier, charged with attempted election for with absentee male ballots, come on. I mean then you're, just Poland strings here, just one case in West Virginia male fraud, but absentee ballots. Tromp was still lying. It's only West Virginia.
Let's try another one: let's go to the New York Times. Yes, the New York Times back and twenty that little electric Jose on male in ballot fraud. We didn't do with the New York Times, Adam Lip Tack October. Six, twenty dwell. Error and fraud at issue as absentee voting rises. Maybe I taught twitter just back check trumpets it there's no such thing as male and for outside a West Virginia Twitter. Of course look. It is snippet from the New York Times, because this is crazy. Do your New York Times Curly, I'm reading this wrong quote New York's lines. Yet votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested. The nose cast in a voting boosts statistics. Election officials reject almost two percent: a balanced cast by male double the rate for in person. Voting quote two more were you forced to vote by male. Mr Sancho said the more
in valid balance? You will generate Joe up. I miss that article in the fact check. I miss that I met Joe I'm just to be clear, Donald Trump. Is highlighting concerns the New York Times highlighted eight years ago. Just a piece on male and valid fraud. Here, letting some of those concerns and yet that New York Times peace, pointing male imbalance, that fraud is double double the level you get in person, voting that somehow miss the Twitter facts or twitter. Did you screw this one up? Oh royally, so far I come out dad. So you have. The rejection rate is double that of a purse of voting vavasor seen a case. Just recently in West Virginia. Clearly, that's it clearly, its lab. I mean twin twitter,
Miss their job. They missed it. They dismissed that stop West Virginia the New York Times they dismissed them there. Miss this video. Again, we played yesterday of Jerry Adler hack Democrat politician. Talking about the with paper only ballot paper. You know the kind of mail to you again. As I said yesterday, I met a place video again today. Male. You laptop laptop email. You paper here's democratic politician Jerry now that talking about his experience in New York and how paper only balance or a whole lot of trouble check this. What it's a very tempting point, I just as a very experienced politician from New York Feel constrained observe that, in my experience in New York Paper ballot are extremely susceptible to Friday. At least with the old clunky voting machines that we have a New York. They threw deliberate fraud, is way down paid to paper when they, when the machines breakdown they vote on paper. We have real problems so that that is
there's gotta be a way. I'll, be away. I'm simply of observing. That is a problem. There's gotta be a way of getting the best of our methodologies, but in fact MIT studies have shown that he encountered paper. Ballots are among the most reliable and I will be there is amiss count and I'm your current discover it. You can't discover mischance with these remaining obstacles skin with paper. I want a paper trail. I want papers somewhere but pure paper with machines I can show you We I can show you experience switcher remotely had spent He can show you experience pure paper, yellow paper male again, a laptop. Doesn't they don't jam of laptop in your mailbox, their share it Jerry now, but that twitter that, MR fact check fact check on Twitter, Miss Miss back.
Check fact: check Miss somehow escape twitter scrutiny course didn't escape anything twitters, lined user, a bunch of fraud, phony fix my way, twitter. I don't care what you do to me on your platform, not one bit. Believe me. I've got bigger plans for you. I don't care one bit. They ve already done everything they can. I use your platform This point only because I know the liberals on there are seeing the truth for the first time. That's it I'm put now by real stuff, overawed parlor, where the actions Now you may say what what would motivate twitter inspired Of mounds of evidence that mail in voting is rife with fraud from the New York Times, a recent we just saw and West Virginia. They miss that and Jerry ever himself self, claiming paper only ballots. I have evidence. This is a really bad idea. I made the
Just go on and on and our: why would Twitter miss all of that? The facto wow look at this here's, the director of sight integrity, cited twitter, yes, this is in your well Roth. Yo Yo L, YO, YO, YO, L oh yeah. Well, oh yo, YO! Well, that's a handle your idea. I dont Yo Yo Alan about YO, YO, YO, YO. Well, ok, you're way, The directive site integrity, a twitter. This is the guy making some of these decisions folks or involve them. He tweets defence, second, the present this guy, this. What does trees I'm just saying we fly over states that voted for a racist tangerine for reason. He's here three number here: three member through this, Yes, that person in the pink cat is clearly a bigger threat to your brand of feminism than actual that's easy at the White House.
I'm sure, yo, YO, YO, YO, Yo Yo, I'm sure your well is a totally unbiased arbiter of the fact checking true he's the director of sight, hilariously the wash imposed people? This is great. John Lovey big active at the New York posts in actual report found these. It was made, by Kelly and Conway's wonder how Yo Yo Yo Yo yo well, is obviously supremely biased against the president and his pro we in on a lot of these decisions at twitter over editorial keys, the director of sight integrity. How could he not be and the Washington Post is melting down? I can't believe it post reporters attacking of washing Twitter executive attacking Big- I call this Seize all the present Tangerine, where the ones doing that, if this is how crazy. The Washington post is smokes, I'm gonna get one
final article, the nearer personal stories was taken this segment, but this is important later germans is this is this. This is unquestionably the fight of our time. It's not a free speech fight and want to be clear that we have free speech again over. Another platforms like the one I mentioned before. Point we have reached is somewhat it's about this about the free market and the free market is going to operate according to a set of coherent principles. Platforms can do this, and publishers can do that and yet conservatives are held to a different set of principles than their no principles at all. I let me get to my second sponsor for a rap. The summit in your posts, article legacy box. Ladies gentlemen, door, get rid of your memories, revolved down this. You probably taken thousands, if not tens of thousands of photos on your Iphone. Your annual device, whatever
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not for forty four zero percent up. There's a big savings by today to take advantage of this exclusive offer, send them when you ready, gonna legacy box, dot com, slash bond, GINO and say forty percent, while supplies last legacy box, dotcom, Slash bond GINO Legacy Box that calm, slash, bungee no go today, nor could widows memories, ok, so, obviously, now we know that twitter should be treated as a public. Not a platform to be open lawsuits like everyone else. We know there should be some form of an f violation here for in kind donations. The Democrats, we note, Or has zero evidence that mail in voting is actually not a problem because he evidences everywhere, including the New York Times themselves. We know Democrats have warned about mail and fraud. No twitters grossly bias their head of sight. Integrity called the president, a tangerine, and things are a bunch of Nazis in the White House.
They use in all their peace. I dredged out by the great pulse, Barry I have in my show notes today as well, but you know that calm, slash, newsletter check out the shown us over. They read this peace, keeping up a neuron platform upon it and keep it when you're platform to show your liberal friends, twitter is run by democratic daughters and activists August sport of twenty eighty from the peace in case you're under the illusion again, a twitter is in targeting you and trying to suppress your ideas on their supposed platform, really a publication Federal records reveal eighty percent of twitters corporate pack. Contributions in twenty eighteen election cycle have got the democratic candidates why none of whom are moderates? Liberal Democrats also got top dollar twenty sixteen race, the lobbying
heard. Spere reviewed, moreover, show Twitter is sought to influence Congress and federal agencies on behalf of democratic causes and against president trumps policies. Ladies and gentlemen, twitter is nothing more than a left wing propaganda machine. That's it that's all it is, and they made a huge mistake. Huge mistake: this is the free market issue right now of our time, not the free speech. If you dont, confuse the two liberals loved to jump on any single misstep, and if you put up a free, steep speech issue there only gonna respond and ignore you and say the constitution does not. That does not protect them. This is nothing. This is not a government at three and their correct. Don't fall into that trap. This is a free market is player. If, if Twitter wants the play and be a publisher, then they should be treated as such, and if you're defamed on twitter
You should then be able to suit twitter to you watch how quickly they change course watch how quickly their shareholders start to say out Twitter just got cut in half. You lost me a whole lot of money, not so Or that the fact checking thing was good idea by moving on about that Russia hack we talked about yesterday. You know the Russia which Twitter must therefore jack bright, the Russians hacked Dnc. That's can in that axiomatic. True Joe didn't, you know, you're not even allowed to question it. You know how the media work slowly, Overton Window of acceptable conversation, the media, the left wing hack me including twitter concern our up a publisher media platforms. Twitters did I mean it's a conspiracy theory to even suggest that Russians may not have had the DMZ you'd
even allowed to talk about it. Well, you know, on this show we give the double barrel middle finger to anyone, how's it going about everything and we talk about whatever we want it's my shop, there's nothing liberals can do to me ever. We made all the money we need where good. I don't air one bit about what they say. We're going to ask questions here, but we're gonna. Do it based on evidence something investigative journalist, to do a long time ago. So yesterday I was just asking simple questions and I had tips even MAC, our climate ordered on Twitter who's, asking some more question. Saying: hey of this house happened, I mean where's the evidence you computer experts out. There know that there's obviously a digital footprint. If the Russians hack, the Democratic National Committee, stole the emails and then release them, Wiki weeks, then why is Wiki leak, saying we didn't get it from the Russians and why Can anyone produce an actual digital evidence trail showing the Russians hacked? The I mean are on that kid.
I know I can be sarcastic, but are these not reasonable questions? I mean federal, investigator, Joe wasn't, but those are really smart. Guy I pretty much guarantee Jos nodding his head, the programme sounds reasonable. To me, I mean if someone Jos, computer and wipes out our archive of Bonn. Gino show material. You get someone to come in and look at it. You would think that that's one would say we have evidence. You know whenever Joey Dunkin, don't did it? Here's how we know if they come to you, yeah. We think Joey Beggar, the innocent. How do you know that we're just guessing you're, probably gonna, be like? I want my money back to say. Well, ladies gentlemen, that's really what we have with Russia So yesterday we wanted to a don't mess. Yesterday shop, I'm pretty sure Youtube to Davy monetize. It was crushing that show because we were down.
I can twenty, but I'm sure they'll demonetized us today again because we're talking about taxpayers, we got another plan. There do not work, but that's fine because we're going to say again what we want Today we discussed some technical information showing that this Russia may not happen like they separated, but today use them even more stuff. Why? Some of its most of which will put up a punch? You know that come had Tipper Mitchell Mammoth, who wrote an article forthright member crowd, strike the company that what looked at the hack Dnc New member there right. Crowd, showing you say way with the FBI, never analyzed the Dnc computers, no, no! No! No, they didn't even odium call me said that was the best practice they didn't do it. They relied on a private company called crowd straight to do it so usage verses from Mitchell B, which will be up- and you know that calm later, forgive me for that. We Didn'T- I didn't, have it in time, so I just uses raw text On December fifth, have the House Select Committee on intelligence interview shown Henry Jonah?
the president of crowd, strike crowd. Shrike, loot, utilizes, Cyprus, purely professional conduct. Incidents. Response operations is interesting. Folks, accordant, please testimony. In April thirty, twenty sixty Michael assessment of Perkins cool we reached out to Quest Services of Henry and Crowd strike within is that you came to an agreement for crowd, try to provide services to settlements, client, who is believed to be the Dnc I'm just so, Perkins government saw confusing So shown Henry I'll get to him next, whose run, this company called crowd. Shrike. The Dnc says they were hacked by the Russians, but doesn't region the FBI they reach out to this Sean Entry and they reach out to Perkins Kui crazy that's the same law firm that hired Christopher Steel through Fusion GPS decree the fake Darcy, the same offer. You know the dust
They claim Trump was in on this whole thing colluding with the Russians with the hack All that you have ever that can't be their wise, the media telling us anyway, she I dont know so Olaf's work for the Dnc Perkins in we hire a guy to make up a fable about Trump colluding with the Russians and am when they tell us that the Russians and did the sea instead of going to the FBI. They the same law firm, who then high there's this guy, a crowd shown Henry who shot him he's gotta the FBI's archive here oh shown Henry, who was name what executive assistant director of the criminal cyber responses, security services, branch of the FBI by Bob Mauler no Well, no way, no, no shocker crazy
that's the FBI's own website by the way FBI. Dyke of that kind of thing. You know the government website. You know that guy, like Hillary Clinton, never had. She had like that Clinton whenever you know that bet that that they so weird how the law firm responsible for pay. For the fake dossier by Trump colluding with the Russians is also involved in this infamous russian hack of the day and see, and this war from this call the FBI. They call a guy who was mothers lieutenant in the I bring war when used with the FBI. You know the same Mahler who investigated the collusion hoax started by Perkins coolies that will offer Perkin coolies people
future GPA either there now you may say well, then, because they were a private company crowd strike doesn't mean there is evidence of the russian hacking Dnc annoyed at it. It does, but don't don't take my word for don't take my word for it: let's go to show and Henry himself in sworn test them we on their. This is amazing. So here are some of the transcripts of John Henry from crowd strike. Who began there too. We ve been told its unacceptable to say that the Russians really happened, He had seen where's the evidence not acceptable to ask a question, but he was That question. Why radically Adam shift of all people. She says: do you know the date and with which the Russians export, play the data from the Dnc. Interestingly enough, upon Henry's quick response. Is council intervenes ass, a lawyer for the liberals, watch Henry then stay
Council just reminded me that, as it relates the dead sea? We have indicators that the data was expatriated. We did not have concrete evidence that data was actual traded from the deep sea, but we indicators that it was actual traded way way way time out here he continues. There are We can see data actual traded and weakens, conclusively, but This case it appears that was set up to be export trade, but we just don't have the is this say it actually left that can't be The media is told us the Russians talk, the data was export. Trade to the russian they ve told this guy Sean Henry by Mama's guy hired by the law, I'm responsible for the dossier. Saying Trump colluded with russian. She almost member. My next book is going to be a duty. We are now done
follow the monies gotta be available for pre sale. So a way when I die all these people together it so you it's courtship. These people all know each other. All the people hate trouble know each other. It seems like the role covering up one big simple. Glaring Pandora's box fact nobody has evidence that the Russians took the data from the Dnc or hackneyed areas under oath. I swear to tell the whole truth, and but you do have evidence we don't have any concrete Evans. I'm not listen. To me to be crystal clear. I am not saying the Russians did not have the decency, mean I'm not. I don't know that. I am simply suggesting to you that you say the Russians hacked the conclusively. You are lying. Because you don't know that and either the guy who actually did the forensic analysis? Does your his words Amigo
Those are his words just lock. Glasses rethink. The class is on, you may say, Khomeini per can't, possibly The worse, the guy you analyze the computers about the Russia hack, I'm gonna tell you, I'm get forget, ready, folks, the I should have the decency, is the new dossier, another fabric, I believe it may be a totally fabricated fairytale. We know the dossiers, fate, get ready, we can't say sure, yet it may turn out that they did acted Dnc and I'm open any evidence, whereas it though the guy you analyze. It says he doesn't have any concrete evidence of that. Believe it or not. It gets worse. It always gets worse. Doesn't it from you? testimony from the piece about punch. You know that cannot weeded out later a pay.
Seventy five of the interview transcript represented Stewart asks of the leaf Dnc emails. What about me emails that everyone is so you know knowledgeable of what also indicators that they were prepared, but not evidence that they were act we export trade, in other words taken by the Russians to which Henry you know Bob Mothers Guy Crowd shrank. I replies there's not evidence, they were actually s full treated, their circumstantial evidence. You know, ladies and gentlemen, there circumstantial evidence as well that I am the greatest dresser and he hissed If you can kind of that is absolutely false, because that's not your, but it's circumstantial. Some may have written about twitter. What's yours,
You see me out offences should a cash that guy's snazzy dresser. That would be false. I wear basically the same thing every day, a t, shirt and sub genes or some short, that's it there's no evidence. The Russians actually took the emails I dead, but that they can pass we'd be drew. The media's told us that's a conspiracy theory to even suggested. Why am I bringing this up now folks? This is gonna, be dossier number two. Not only was the out where the allegations in the dossier, the Trump was working with the Russians to get these emails and to make every look bad totally completely made up. I'm starting to believe the allegations that the Russians took. The emails in the first place is make up to it
How can it be adduced lot more lot. More loaded show ed, don't go anywhere, including criminal acts. Stunning stunning, stunningly stupid video clip MSNBC who gets Are you Katy, racked in the middle of a head, by saying Americans and I love that everybody is doing. This is great. I every again always appreciate your patients. We have great sponsors we shall support you, have friends lifelong as apparent and have enough to worry about this more evidence of children becoming victims of identity, not kidding go to the Wall Street Journal today, huge article about credit crowd, credit card fraud exploding was stealing idea is right. There in the Wall Street Journal tonight check it out in two thousand: seventy, alone over a million children were affected by Danny that I have protection on my kids from Lifelock cost in parents, five hundred and forty million dollars. You don't want your kids credit to be ruined before they're even eighteen years old. There are steps you can take to help her
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Yeah I'll die, I can't breathe in it. I grew up with bad asthma and I'm just not doing I'm very sorry. I'm not gonna break anybody's laws. If it's a private business and I have to go in there d be happy to do at your business. Your call, but I'm not wearing it when its optional. My call you do what you you do you that's ok, but the mass Police are getting pretty ridiculous. Here's MSNBC again trying to engage in mask shaming. This is a new thing and getting completely wrecked by this guy. In the background, who is just by new here or so the people there are just not worried about a cow. They not worried whether on personal safety I have met anybody. Who is? I met some folks actually from lakes unable who live in the area. They were thing a few miles outside the town where I work
they are worried about their worried about that. Second, like the word about those coming in from Chicago but they'll quickly out at the same time, this place relies on that business. I think people here want a little bit more funding when it comes to these programmes that they could stay close. But again, I think people felt like Spring Court the decision here in Wisconsin, but it was time to open up big as a threat. He's wearing nobody's? Gonna happen. Striking images, cow Perry count. Thank you very much on our guy great video moments and thereby GINO show I'm easily right this one, topped by the guy. I looked back. I what Packers Jersey City. Other MSNBC may ask the same. Of course, these are the virtue, signalling buffoons who, as you know, the member. The russian collusion hopes. Are these guys the geniuses we're supposed to be taking our journalistic in fact checking visor he's here
We will now be here's wearing a mass. I mean look at the sky over here. Filming us negotiate your camera guys, I'm wearing this hideous like oil. That's right account because I'm worried about you, re hacked rag. I love when they get wrecked, like that, it's so beautiful, glorious. The watch rat. Remember what I told you during my time in the secret service dealing with the press corps, I'm not messing with you. These are some of the dumbest people you have ever seen. Retire life, I'm not kidding, I'm not. Joking, there were some very nice ones, some very smart was it was an AP photographer thug for really great guy sky Jason super nice. There was a couple reporters I met, who actually did their jobs, but the overwhelming majority, the White House Prescott the elite of the elite of the press corps where some of the dumbest human beings who have ever I was stunned when they could actually tie their shoelaces. Some of their conversations back and forth. I was like her
Lee Moses. How did this individual graduate high? It was really that bad these are some of the dumbest people on the planet. I am not messing if you saw what I saw my constant tirades on media stupidity would make a world of sets Will you stop laughed at them in the secret service? I'm not even get it. We built a cash. These people stupid. I want to tell MR of I've. Gotta hold it. I can't I've been out of road because I gotta live together. You pick up a lot of carbon.
There's no stupid. I tell you that stories are hilarious. I gotta tell you quit we're coming out of an event in Chicago with Obama. I don't know he's a piece of place or something like that non. The press guy is not a joke. Press pool is on the other side of the presidential limousine try to get a shot. I get a quote, is he's coming out of the pizza joint, so you have the wrangle, the presses, the press agent and I'm Tellin him hey. You know you got it. You gotta move. We get a clear a pair so am I am like I'm yelling, unlike every wine, they know to listen, you clear, the press guy. They ve seen you the whole day. I moved to your left
people were the other words whether the right everything's backwards on the speed. This is my right hand. This is by left their gets all best I get it happens. Sometimes what I gotta go David above my head, but that's because it leaves the teleprompter how Everything'S- always reverse folks, I'm! Actually there was like everybody, moved to the left, so everybody Let me therefore move by the head. You write with mostly you that that's that. Thomas people, you have ever met new life, Bolivia Just one example, if I were, I could go on for days of my experiences with the media, epic level class. One level
runs. I made Syrian like Avenger level power moron more more initiative. If that's even a word I'll, never forget that. Where'd. He go left, no, no you're rather left than any other. If we're like going to know all of you to the actual left, we do love. I thought that was left, but nobody said this ways than I need, like a big sign, I can't even recover the shelf. I will never forget that I'll get moving off. This is serious. Shall we have serious thought the girl lays down it's happening. It's happening, Turban I have this story in the show notes the name again punch. You know that consular newsletter sign up for my shown its Grave Fox news story about people waken up. I told you this was going to happen
weren't you a long time ago, New Jersey, businesses petition Governor Murphy to let them reopen hey. The politicians are still get paid, Fox NEWS that come there's a Julie must have checked out my shown us today from the peace. Ladies and gentlemen, I told you it was only a matter of time before people started to organise and figure out that there are very few of them in government and a whole lot of us sent to the government has been revoked. He's business people out of the politicians across the country continue to be paid. While businesses are taken a big head and having reliant federal assistance, they say This has caused the class struggle, people that really heard here. The working class and family businesses said this guy Falco, adding the jewelry store is very low risk for spreading infections. As long as precautions are taken what's happening here. I saw this on Fox news. This morning I was watching Fox in France, this New Jersey businessman, who in situ restore their getting together with a coalition of
thing like ninety businesses and their starting to tell the governor hey that EU tyrannical Governor Phil Murphy, one of the top three worse governors in the country after Cuomo Newsome Hall, a total horror show I don't care, who tells he's a good guys, a loser, they're telling him hey we're opening up. You can't come after all of us at once. He can. I warned you. This was gone to the government officials. Listening not talk about this job. I'm doing you a favor here, please listen to me as public servants, I'm not kidding. You cannot come after everybody at one time. We're businesses figure that out and they start Gathering, whether due chambers of commerce or informal, coalitions like this one and they say here's the day, we're all opening data have enough people come after us all at once, warning you faith in government is going to be permanently irrevocably broke,
everybody's, going to realise the futility of government in the face of collective action. You know collectivism when I got the left, why well that goes to waistcoats working say can make and they can organise on behalf the liberty to that everything has to collectivism, the sense of Soviet Union style communism. I warned you I'm I'm not kidding I'm doing you a favor back down. Now because, as you start to bankrupt more and more people- and they have nothing left to lose, they will they will fight back for their own freedom, they're, not gonna. Let you bankrupt their family and starved their kids. I warned you I'm ray trying to do you a favor, please listen! This is not yet best day you had was yesterday, it's not going to get any better. Businesses will eventually figure this out and are going
say we're all opening and there's nothing. They can do about it and then you're finished. Your credibility is effectively shot. Gonna pull your licence is really every since then. The entire county. Good! Luck with that good luck! Without one we'll be no businesses anymore in New Jersey, we're pulling all your licences, real, effective business threat, make it for my last bonds are here, but I got another story about Rick Ranal, who is just I I love Rick renounced sketches fantastic. It was the outgoing acting director of national intelligence, the great John Radcliffe, who will be wonderful to assist taken its place, but the door. He has just taken to fight racial or somebody reference. It also states that fathers they come up so give dad the gift. You really wants this year perfectly aged delicious tender states from all states to deliver the world's best stakes and
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There are high, but yours and individually, sealed for freshness and delicious flavour tasty and easy to make side. This is no work once their family meals, terrific, wonderful, desserts, artisan desserts. In much more right now, fathers they packages are ready to order and ready to ship the dead and many include free shipping and a free pound of their stay cut, bacon mongering Mama States delivers, guaranteed quality and safety with every Sir said that a gift of food, I love this year- visit Alma high stakes, dot com today and type in Bonn, GINO, Bioenergy, you know in the search bar shop for fathers day today go get daddy stakes, her lover, cottonwood of butter, night, delicious, poor doble. On top you every grenades, been doing a great job and so was Catherine urged by the way she was formerly a Fox news, he's a reporter and actual rapporteur at sea bs but all over the by gaping but she's, a journalist she's, not a politician. We ever wash your interview. She doesn't make part political site. That's fine, I'm an opinion. Guy
a little more opinionated the most people who, by the way, but cavern, has been doing a great job and regret who was again the outgoing dna we sent a letter by democratic, politician and spy, gay polluter mark water, the atrocious senator from Virginia just a horrible human being, and he was asked about hey Rick, Why did you declassify the names of the people who unmasked MIKE floods? Name because you know why would mark Warner? Hacked Democrats enter from Virginia be concerned about that Well because it was politically embarrassing that a bunch of Obama, Pope politicians, bureaucrats had spied on the coming national security vice kind of embarrassing now, so we The letter to Grenelle demanding an explanation grenelle whose just these days is just like right, left hawk. You know one two, three, four, three, four for three opera he's.
Us like early age MIKE Tyson, just waiting people up Grenelle sends a counter letter. This is from Catherine Carriages is Twitter, where she highlights a couple they basically, border. He can take his letter and rib it up is caboose. It doesn't really say that, but he cites this executive water, one three five to six about classifying national security information and he's they are centre warder. You know no reason for us not to give the public this information. You know here, the reasons we could be classified as it says this executive order. In no case shell information be classified, or tend to be maintained. This classified or fail to be classified in order to Conseil violations of the law or number two- This section one seven subsection too, to prevent embarrassed to a person, organization or agency. Did you get it? Did you get? You may not have get it so that you may have you made have gotten what I said you get. I'm gonna put down and pick up the same thing for he's bay,
we say to centred war. We know you're deeply involved neck deep, maybe eyeball deepen spy gay thing and we are not going to stop the class by material. Just to save you from embarrassment because you're a he didn't got it there, but believe me, that was the sub rig. And not what do you mean? Then? What is them we have had from Virginia Mark Water have to do with anything. In this case, let me say this: tweet bypass bury our connected. Don't worry, gets pulse berries than some good work. The guy we cited earlier in the year poster. Various is breaking records, show that the dossier peddler Dan Jones, who used to work for Feinstein. Is raking in a half a million a year and salary from George Soros, funded, Anti trump nonprofits too. Fifty thousand dollars a year from the tv, IP and another toward a forty, two thousand for media he's being paid. This
the collusion, myth alive and John Podesta Hilary lieutenant by the way help them raise the money. Then I understand that you turn about later with the Ngos are very Toma Mark Warner and how Richert analogy stuck into democratic centre remarked one was this have to do today. Well now we know that this guy Dan Jones Senator, who used to work for another democratic centre of giant finds, is being paid by George Soros, funded groups. To keep the collusion hoax alive. They do more water waste produced the receipts. Folks, here's the evidence for power from the policy. If the positive cut that out cut that out, she has had a tory control. Here's an article by the federalists again in the show notes today for you to read and to keep handy, but definitely worth you time by Sean Davis back in February. Twenty eighty is a former Feinstein
staff are running fusion, Gb S Post election steel dossier operation. I don't get it, let's go to the peace. What does this have to do with this democrat hack, Ranal, just stuck his foot right up is caboose. What does that have to do with eight? Let's go to the inside of peace Congressional documents and recently led text between Senator Mark Water, all areas at a registered foreign just for a russian aluminum oligarchy indicate Dan Jones, Soros grew paid. Guy is intimately involved with ongoing efforts to retroactively, validate a series of salacious and unverified memos produce by Christopher Steel. Dare you. Folks, do I wrote my next book entitled to follow the money oh Jones stand George used to work for a Democrat, senator paid by Soros, funded group to keep the collusion hoax alive, apparent, according to spare working with John Predestine Hilary lieutenant. We now find about the Dan Jones. What we knew for awhile with texting Democrat
Act centre. Remark Warner about getting in touch with the awesome. Waters knee deep in this whole scheme now is panicking because Rick reality classifying this stuff. Exposing Warner Warner demands explanation and Grenelle sense. It right back to boot, ass and says by the way, we're not going to prevent the classification to prevent embarrassment, as per this executive order, in other words, embarrassment, Eu Democratic, more one regret now everything's a two pager now, because the show is she's been loaded. The last week. I important story I want to get to this somewhat. To tease tomorrow show a little bit over today, but this is an issue for important story. By the way did not forget the Minneapolis story did not I'm simply applying to Bonn GINO rule, but extremely extremely disturbing. I'm gonna get that.
Extremely disturbing. You know what I'm talking about for those you seen it, but I gotta get to this today is important and I am up against the hard deadline for the show, the guardian. Finally, someone doing journalists Andrew Cuomo, you know the golden calf Messiah. The left has done such a good job in New York. Despite New York leading the nation in infections, and that's from corrode authority that New York, nursing home Andrew Cuomo, who put carogne of our speeches nursing homes amongst the most vulnerable population. This guy, the left, loves fight, We summers doing journalism. The guardian angel or gave immunity to nursing home executives after big campaign donations wore white, so so did just to be clear here. I'm gonna get to the screen shot from the peace in a moment,
Andrew Cuomo, who the left wing media, is still loading for his unbelievable work during the Wuhan virus outbreak up in New York, though, it was unbelievable, but for all the wrong reasons who put coronavirus patients into nursing homes, which literally got people killed as elderly people, then contracted the coronavirus from people were infected and then some when we die. This is your your hero. Are you insane? Now we find out from the guardian peace, that annual Cuomo less than two years after the flood of cash from great or New York Hospital Association. Cuomo sign legislation, quietly shielding hospitals, a nursing home executives from the threat of lawsuits stemming from there. On a virus outbreak. Provision in certain into an annual budget by Cuomo AIDS created one of the nation's most explicit immunity protections for
care industry officials, according the legal experts, you have got to be kidding me so the Democrats who don't want legal, but through the National Democrats Policy and her oh, they are fighting against legal protections for U business owners out there who do the right thing, but could potentially suit of Corona virus happens in your store, even though you ve taken all measures, they don't You too have legal protection, but Walmart, who was a big recipient of campaign donations, apparently from this lobby group for nursing homes. Has he'll, nursing homes completely from liability protections. After sticking people infected with the corona virus, it said nursing homes and costs. Thousands of people. Their lives sounds to me. Like human tragedy on an epic scale. And finally, you have journalism outlets, albeit not in this country. The guardian actually started to open their eyes about their golden
half Messiah Andrew Cuomo people died. Lots of people died, people's families, people's grandparents, their parents, dead stomach start asking asking real questions. I'm not going anywhere that story by the way that story, I'm gonna stay on that. I am not letting this guy get away with this. No freakin way no way I've wanted to get to this today I got a great Tipp by the famous two, seven nine or just terrific, what a great source is it going be tomorrow? Shall Marshall however Minneapolis I hoped to get to that new. Your post story. To. Let me take note on that. That's important about the media. I said I fuse yesterday: story is gonna, absolutely beg your beggars. I promise you but that Susan Rice email
Centaurus Self right after President Trump took office and hey Barack Obama, told us to do everything by the book in the investigation basically of Trump and Flynn. Remember that you owe me the best camping by quite a bit Susan licence herself, a CIA email. So hundred seven is an interesting question me this morning. He sent me some screenshots. Some evidence here With Susan Rice protecting Obama, was Obama, protect, Susan Rice and all the people unmasked, my friend's name, her whole wall. What do you mean their enemies? Teases they put up that executive order. If you don't mind, Paula, here's, an Obama executive, water. I want you to pay special attention to the date on this. This executive order is fascinating
Obama. Administration releases, long, waited new executive order. Twelve three, three three rules on sharing of raw signals: intelligence within the I see, theirs they January twelve. Twenty seventeen her we say, what's at all, about well again he's a for tomorrow was a buckle or Barack Obama in one of his last official act before he leaves office going back and retro ITALY rewriting the rules on intelligence sharing to protect all the people who illicit Lee unmasked and spied on trumped team people to make it seem like. Oh no look, we have these new rules. Now we can share, was Barack Obama actually protecting the maskers rather Susan Rice, protecting him poor. This is gonna, get fascinate do not miss tomorrow. Show it's gonna be loaded.
I folks thanks again for unity, and I really appreciate again, please sign up for parlor. Pierre are earlier today go to the app store, its everything, twitter and Facebook. Is it meaning free speech you're at your age, it's a wonderful sight super easy to use. They are a sponsor. The show check them out. Please sign up for Youtube, is well my Youtube Youtube com, slash bandanna! We put a lot of work in video for you bank, you just ten Bonn GINO. She followed, then on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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