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Tell the Left to Shove it, New Rules # 1016 (Ep 1016)

2019-07-05 | 🔗

In this episode I address the ridiculous Nike flag/sneaker ban and the outrageous liberal hypocrisy. I also address another outrageous liberal effort to promote an anti-Trump conspiracy theory. I discuss a liberal online poll that blew up spectacularly in their faces. News Picks:Old photos from the Obama inauguration show how ridiculous the Nike flag-shoe ban is.

John Solomon’s latest piece shows, again, that the Mueller team was hiding evidence of the Trump team’s innocence.

This may be the most embarrassing online poll ever conducted by a liberal.

The latest liberal outrage - husbands who love their wives.

Obama’s DHS Chief admits that Obama built cages for migrant children.

Watch: Me and Congressman Devin Nunes debunk allegations about Joseph Mifsud.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now i've got an idea by jean i shall briefly job how are you today yes made happy post independence day was our first day often forever which felt good up they're gonna be ironic on our day off yesterday folk show you how you yes you listening have grown the show you made this show everything we owe it all to you all of it we did more listens and downloads and views yesterday at our day off three years ago we were doing our best to carry out an old people listening to all their shipowners or whatever so love you are the best friend i mean that the bottom iheart joe you
we cannot do man i want to give a shadow my friend eric he met me at church because he recognized my voice from the podcast from and he's got a new while it haven't hurried distinct voice here baby i pulled that that change i staying there when i was with the guys doing and it goes that's producer joe so listen i might put your face my facebook page there so they pay pick your picture and hunters have you out of my face more pain i want you to know that you could see someone for producer jos basis shut out the erica make new friends however one big thank you to everyone in our audience that made me paula throw up between if you don't mind i was guest host john had to be this week i asked you to please to nato dvr you made us now or one for the night in all cable news thanks to you and number six in all of television cable and broadcast that tipp our body
at road a ban on twitter who oh this is all it does is follow cable you are out i've got a statue of usa this american flag are crows controversy generated by the left is the by now the most ridiculous absurd outright emmy we've reached essentially peak stupid every time i say that we peek out more on stupid it's like a geiger counter is stupid you don't like you detect radiation ding ding ding ding ding ding ding every time the stupid radiation detector goes off and i think we reached peak stupid we surpassed this i hope that's all i've got a funny story from i now look i know it's horrible i got a funny story by the babylon be which is like the union s hysterical we're just then a marsh be clowns himself again at another left this concern this theory to don't go anywhere the end to the show was stacked is a beginning also want to get it through the obama economy versus the trump economy one of the best articles have written on this in a long time are
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greater growing himself one that you remember how you hear one i have left i ok first shovel knew that the left as reach the geiger counter of peak stupid here is the they say he's a professor i something eric that michael eric dyson or sunday he was not msnbc this guy teachers and george town that is frightening enough if you go to georgetown in your childless the educated by this person i feel really sorry for you does michael eric dyson on msnbc talking about how the betsy ross flag the american flag with death teen stars in a circle and then the third colonies of the original stars and stripes other the betsy ross flag wrap this is michael eric dyson talking now this flag is an unacceptable symbol racism listen to what he compares at you and of course this goes back to college and nike they put the flag on sneakers and anti american college cabinet complained about it here is
i got eric dyson he wins the dumbest commentary for the weak award you what about the argument that some have made this is p culture run amok if you will make allowances but this flag on their sheer wire people upset about it here me no words matter symbols matter to why don't we were swastika four july fourth cause i don't know it makes it makes a difference the cross burning on somebody's law why don't we just have a nike you know celebration of the well because those those symbols are symbols of hate so we can take pc culture back it's amazing to me the people who will cried the loudest about pc are the ones didn't show up on the difference first occurred who'd you who do defend the people who were victims of white supremacy or racism or sexism or massage me but now pop up and say hey listen rachel pc if you wait for the battle if you have been celebrated the process you cannot claim the product so at this point i think people need to be honest about it and say sat a matter of pc there are many people were
our committees of color who understand complexity complication you can't have it the way you want it but something's a glaring and so apparent that has to be dealt with man ah talk about your hate machine we really have no how'd you get from parameter am i get or some can booty or something my daughter reset cambodia's that here there is good for your stomach as every although we both need some time for the cap well there's a fly read through you were reviewed in the play so let's just truck and people where do you start for us second let's try to unravel the smooth cause there's so much stupid and what he said the fact that georgetown hired this guy ask for reimbursement for that salaries immediately if your child this person's class remove him stat or her tomorrow that
he compares the betsy ross american flag the original thirteen colonies to swastikas burning crosses is so beyond stupid do i don't even know where to start but i do know where to go with this because it's a topic on a very serious note i brought up on again read it a diamond dozen but we gotta dig deeper to what goes on here and why they do this lady gentlemen the left does this all the time what do is they engage in a boxing match imagine that politics going on right now between conservatism and socialism slash liberalism slash radicalism cause that's what it is imaginative boxing match the mob match easy analogy now the boxing at your rules rules are re agree to an advanced no kidney punches no biting unless it's a thyssen mash wherever it may be no biting no kicking you know between alike none of that stuff no rapid punches none of that stuff right when i break you break you get it there are rules before and why are the rules they were also both try to understand the rules
the contours of the game before they go in so they can practise the game you know when your prayer sing boxing just bored yes it can be used in fighting to but it's a sport when i'm practising i am practicing sprawls and boxing for those wrestlers sprawl sprawl when someone goes to take you down like take you out at the knees and you sprawl you drop you have said about why don't box show why don't boxes practice sprawls because there are no ten thousand marketing it's against the rules now if there were take them boxing like big martial arts you'd have to practise sprawls to us had been taken down is this makes sense i get joe you get it only the need the azerbaijani yes but liberals and the orange may have a tough time with this there rules of the game we have so the game so everybody understands we agree on a common set of principles now why the left this and changes the rules in the middle the gave you maybe ask me how does a supply to the flag it doesn't just apply to the flag it applies to the flag the language
i tell this story all the time and it works in its applicable here too then a radio show i read this article we covered it on the air how the left says now using using the word i forget what it was it was either gay or homosexual describe gay americans one of those words i don't remember which one was now offensive and i thought to myself way that was never the rule right they political discourse it boy no offense was ever maybe if you were a about a person who is gay and for some reason him being gay or her being gay came up and a conversation you using the term gay was never me it's just a descriptor of tat and they where's the rules they shut down or you can use and i don't remember which term it was but the fact that i can't remember which term it was describes perfectly what i'm talking about the left changes the rules in the middle of the game and they hope you don't see it they hope don't see it because that way
you go in the ring and you haven't practice your sprawls and the left it and tell you take down are now part of this they shoot more generally what just happened i didn't know you could do this and the left wins the match because practice in your stand up you know your job subject crossed opposite boom guide it takes you are the legs you're underground eddies preakness not are you ground to pounce now you're like a rough hereafter did not take it the boxing the rafters why you didn't see two roles change the left does this all the time they do it with language hey that word is now offensive what i'm not talking about obvious ones folks are obvious terms that are ever universe i'm talking about regular standard words like they do it with rules even bath geller standard words like they do it with rules but even bathrooms all of a sudden as well whose allowed an immense bathroom weight was this ever an issue when did this happen
it's happening now again with symbols what symbols all of a sudden joe statues which have stood forever which nobody's been offended by or had been any kind of it's never been a national issue statues the birthday of of thomas jefferson that way now portions of virginia don't want to celebrate anymore these where these flawed and ladies and gentlemen of course they were flood when we have a flood history all men are flawed but is that how the new standard because jefferson own slaves any of the good things jefferson did that should all he wiped out and we should never be exposed to our history you know what they can you're telling the jefferson story is not to wipe jefferson clean from our history the key to tell him the jefferson story is to tell the whole story to good the bad the ugly the really ugly the scars the flowers everything everything
they're doing it again now with the flag the betsy ross flag which was never ever a symbol of anything other then beautiful founding of the united states score does it all is now all of a sudden due to lunatics why michael dyson there do it alone takes is now a symbol on poverty swastikas they ve changed the rules in the middle of the game and why so there it can win the boxing match how now oliver joe you make a mistake and amusing again the dreaded air quota you make a mistake one day of walking around and afford the july point parade with the betsy russ like which always assume that i grew up on knowing the betsy ross flag is in the original founding of our fight for freedom and all the sudden some guy hit you over the head with a bottle from antifa and says you look at this you're like way while the same way you
taken down by a take down at a boxing match where you didn't take downs report the rules how do you fight back against this folks the way we fight back this is we put on the referee had we throw the red flag and we call this bs out like trump does all the time i posted there betsy ross liked my twitter by instagram happy independence day folks rules in the new rules only become concrete set in stone joe if we accept them as the new rules and we ve done that we have allowed the left over and over to dictate to us as a culture what the new rules are well where instituting new rules and you know what our no rules are that your new rules rules and what listening to your new rules you can't refer people as illegal aliens they're here illegally it's a technical term
it's not a moral judgment it is legal terms for someone who enters the country illegally you can if you do we're gonna call you a scene of you do what were you want you new rules are you if i mouths it outright wheedle care now we're going to go out and i see some patriotic sneaker companies they went out there is smart move by the way put the betsy ross flag in the shoes now you're going to see us reclaim the rules and write the new rules ourself the betsy ross going to become a symbol of it always was a symbol of the fao think of the united states in the fight for freedom and liberty now going you this is not just fringe lunatic position on the left well yet the lunatic part maybe but not just a fringe there is not go ahead robber france's so rock who calls himself patel here is
mateau given a speech again knocking betsy ros flag for the less new rules about what it means we seek to repair the damage done following the legacy of slavery and segregation and jim crow and depression really important to take into account the impression that debt that kind of symbol would have for me our fellow americans or so the decision that the nike made showing that the dumb is contagious the stupid geiger counter to this stupid geiger counter has hit peak this is the noble of stupid the stew radiation is infected even what described by the way but all member when he ran a texas against senator tat goose claimed to be a moderate clearing he's a lunatic like everyone else ladies and gentlemen the new rules are our new rules not there the new rules are this we risk
act in honour and fight for the dignity big our god given rights liberty and freedom of every human being on the planet forget about race creed gender so two orientation where you're from what religion new practice you come to the united states we will fight for your right to be who you are practised a religion you want to practice to assembled a petitioner government and to speak freely that's what conservatism means everyone unless you brad the law violate someone else's civil rights your civil it's mine we are equal all people are touched by the hand of god inalienable rights that's what we believe it we are not to allow you now to rewrite the history of this country and said standard no human being or country on earth is ever reach that anything less than perfection he's the wiping cleaner the history books symbol statues and everything else we are allow you to do that anymore posts that flag everywhere
the big massive trigger warning for your dopey social justice where you snowflake friends you're not going to rewrite the rules now here's you had any doubt at all i know you don't but again i like to add some color and kind text to the store get remember that that boxing analogy folks it's important and i hope it made sense to the left does this strategically it's not like what you are doing is not legitimate there bring it does very very it's a strategic pillars echo maneuver which is designed to you appear like a fringe outside or not because the change the rules when you are paying attention you do know the word takedown reft didn't tell you so they change the rules in the middle of the game to catch you you get what i'm saying to catch you at the parade with the betsy ross flag she's a racist right racist you're looking around like oh you either talking about the same thing with happens what they when they re right the language
can't say illegally logged zita for what are you talking about they do not accept it follow donald trump rule which is giving in the double barrel middle finger at tell him to go pounds and now showing you tat this whoa outrageous is completely fake this fraud anti american eighty cop loser collins crap nick whatever his name is couldn't even a hack at vienna fell capper dick this loser that this guy's completely full account and they're just making this up at the betsy ross flag is somehow a symbol of ev nothing wrong with the united states here's an i up at i j review its a rather good money will be in the show notes today by man summers got about you that guy carried the shone out subscribe to email if thou email these articles write to you all to vote
from obama's inauguration show just how ridiculous nike shoes ban really show us that photo this is absolutely wonderful remember this is supposed to be a symbol of oppression from michael eric dyson who says it's a symbol on par with swastikas and and burning crosses yes there's a photo right there of obama's inauguration you can see what is it what why what do i see i see the breton aroused flag there it is on both sides the better ross flag at obama's inauguration supposedly yeah i symbol on par swastikas in burning cry right right you're telling me wide obama was a racist is worried you having that's out of the way what else could you be say you just said this was simple on par with swastikas pedro said we need to make this go away good decision by night why didn't no too catch it why didn't they flag that because
i was worried the role there weren't any cows baghdad job they changed the rules may boxing match allowing takedown hoping you're not going to catch to take down when they shoot to take down on you now i want to make a point on this too we can reverse this on the left very easily now we won't because we gab work conservatives and honestly folks we most let have this moral emergency brake which i call it i use that term often when i do cable news hits we have a moral and ethical emergency brake because we believe other folks have other citizens have big our god given rights is very difficult for us to put i am not explain its hard for us to hurt them unsolicited knowing that the rules are unfair it is its use
for me maybe i'm sorry i'm sorry but i am speaking in my heart i know it's i'd just like to do things you don't say jobs that are totally unnecessary and what the left us to us is entirely on ethical and moral and i feel like if we return fire that way that all is well i may be wrong folks we may it may come to this one they where it becomes just a total street fight and i get that but i'd be lying divided say had a hard time of it i know like you know there's some those may be it a big it is like a provider thinks and but really i'm really a softly and hard i know it doesn't seem that way but i i don't mind taken it to the left but there are some no goes i won't do it may get to this point we have to turn the rules on them to show them stupid their rules are and i think we may be getting to that point what do i mean by that i the rules you are so dumb that what if if some rally of like lunatics whenever maybe some like regional rally
the support of space aliens idiot i say you know some people who are like the whatever you know some crazy group what if all of a sudden joe yes a night flag was to show up at at at this group group for the day solution of america to morrow morning right now we see a bunch of fringe lunatics what if a nike flame shut up there tomorrow can we didn't we say the same rules apply in other words the less argument about the betsy ross wegg merrick dyson and better the less argument about it is because a couple people in some fringe groups which some stupid racists thing use this wag as a symbol so now for all of us the meaning is changed now we ve member now we can do taken the rule change happens like tat everybody the betsy rest like you're all races ripe doesn't say they apply what if all of a sudden
at a one of those rallies where they they start screaming pigs in a blanket fry em like bacon what are the what is it black lives matter rallies where they went they were calling for the attacks on cops what if antifa nike flag shows up isn't it legitimate by the left own rules the nike temples racist yeah no no no it's not it's never been nobody's ever the ladys gems than that simple racist no this is stupid to point is it's stupid when the left does it and this stupid rule can be it's stupid to turn on them too if anti for starch people about a journalist and are nike sneakers isn't it fair to say as is the nike some this rule racist now by their rules of course it is this is what you get with the left when geiger counter of stupid reach absolutely peak levels bringing the going now
gotta babylon beasties one innocent but before that i just want to show you pictures some black and white again just to show you how the left changes the rules in the middle of the game to paint you but how do we want to save our trumpeted that was his idea it was an independence they celebration on the mall yesterday there was a little bit arraigned but an ice cream independence day tat i do we want to take such trumps and it was his idea but it was an independence day celebration on the mall yesterday but a rain but an ice crowd showed up it was a celebration of america there were some military equipment there the left lost their minds oh my gosh as lord tribe the the tedious level six infected lunatic on twitter set were approach in tiananmen square in other words trappers like dictators gonna run over people would take this is how does the law there's really it is that the level six tedious to work
tromp arrangements syndrome infection out their lorries tribe as the actually tweeted that ok so just to be clear the rules in the past i want to show you some photos in a minute here i want to show you let us from eyes an hour at the r and john f kennedy inauguration had tipp jim pretty by the way national view how these pictures up in his twitter feeds where i found him i'm going to show you some pictures of democrat president's inauguration a military vehicles joe old rules ever a problem never approach in the past now that we haven't independence day parade the gathering on the dc more that's troops idea all of a sudden any military presence of any vehicle is tiana square communists are come at first let's go through the pictures just to show you how does the left is described for audio listers here's the first to believe it
that may be kennedys yeah that's kennedys inauguration of course we see some fighting vehicles on their right in front of the white house and at the stand see the next one believer firstly this is half the yards there's a couple of ex rolling down pennsylvania avenue and if the arts inauguration there we go there is a whole lot of tanks that eisenhower's rolling down pennsylvania avenue come in from the capital of course ladies and gentlemen eisenhower that a democrat but you get the point folks the old rules celebrations of our military during national events you know grayson things ain't got no problems to new rules they change on the fly and anyone else is a warmonger in a tiananmen square communist you use any the military equipment fly over jerry they all of a sudden trumps addict here showing you again how the left is garbage they are lying to you
pictures for those you listen i was just pictures of tanks are pennsylvania avenue rolling down the capital black and white it's as simple as that these people have no standards at all the rules are rules they are due gresham airy changes in the middle of the game to paint you as a fringe outsider making out what you did was a mistake even though they ve done it before obama is the betsy ross flag there so stupid i folks amity at this it's kind of a forty zero go anywhere attack at the obama economy story the show stack today we took it they also had a pile and all the staff of the european economy is the tropical mysteries priceless is your nails these guys to date brought to you by bodies at break ass nutrition this is the finest nutrition supplement product on the market right now it is called foundation and its
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and there's air marks not air max you know marks a car mark the shoe the issue is edible so we made it the soup folks you'd never knew what you never know what a socialist system you may need to cook your sneakers to eat them it's a dynamic to sue animals for food it's got an airport joe to constantly pump up your he'll barrow tie it's got extra pairing why does an extra repair job for standing in bread lines for hours this is the bernie sanders air marked by nike its patriotic represents the greatest nation on earth added shrinks with you as whither away the bernie sanders earmarked very funny daughter leave yard friday with a little bit of a humorous no given all this left the stupidity about our flag ok move it out what's next o other just a quick not i am sorry i didn't get to this after i was on
which on solemn editor of a lot on this but is proportionate brother john salmon is another great story up at the hill about all lay there pasco the russian oligarchy collect connected issues me to vladimir me your putin disgusted unhappy with him this is a really i mean it the story that's very important but i want to make the story saddle rational our story could spell trouble for tee mahler by john solomon it's up in the shota here's the gist of folks inheres why it matters this russian oligarchy of alike there pasqua who is intimately connected to vladimir putin it's one of his right hand guys darrow pasqua we known we now know is been working with christopher steel wrote the dossier we know we ve known after a while ass connected to mark warner democrats senator meetings were trying to get set up we know all that stuff but here's the critical information about the john sama peace and we need to put out there the fbi if you dare pasqua member this arrest
oligarchy connected the prudent and knows christopher steel as a business relationship christopher stealing author of the dossier and the bureau s thereupon scheduled during this interview in twenty six he says hey is there any evidence you know about that the russians are working with man a fortnight trump team to interfere in the election ladies gentlemen is before the election what is there a pocket tell them there are pask it tells him that's that miss thing ever i've never heard of such a stupid story in other words there are passing does amount should we trust or a posture i'm not saying that i am simply suggest thanks to you that that is a piece of evidence is that evidence fact based i don't know it is evident still its evidence in other words that the collusion thing obviously was a hoax the just the same story and what the court take away for you is was that its turned over to the matter team a big fat no it was not that's a negative in other words
information from a russian oligarchy deeply deeply connected to flatter me a potent that man afford in fact was innocent of these collusion charges was not turned over to the man of forty the kind of stuff again that happen the third world third world countries doesn't happen in a car katyusha republic but did happen here you see this over and over and over with the hack mala report the populations the john dowd voicemail mike flynn where they we'd sentences that are exculpatory the x opportunity he alleged exculpatory tapes of papadopoulos up has nothing to do with collusion that we still haven't seen or heard from the fact that vessel the sky the russian lawyer was connected to team hilary but met with donald trump they only donald trump junior they leave out the hilary stop this happens over and over the mulder report is garbage folks it's always been garbage that's what kind of reminds me about the just than a marsh nonsense which hopefully i get to later a marsh left the republic
party see ya wouldn't want to be by now nobody cares ok moving on in the vein of the russia probe left is just can't stop promoting misinformation on this folks it's it's just embedded in their dna now and that the fact that these people put this out on social media and public form we can all see and they think they're still credible is utterly absurd so we have this guy jonathan shaded put up this tree just its misinformation so easily refutable this is let me just say you know i'm trying to get personal but it's hard because this is true is he's at jonathan jade on twitter this is one of the miss guys onto i mean it because he said dumb he doesn't realise how dummy is like one of the things about me silly ignorant stupid as you can fix it if you know silly ignored stupid chain who treated this i get this second it doesn't know how dummy is he keeps tweeting
it's not that is factually incorrect and the bump in a photo snap for the finger and he just doesn't get it so let me read is tweet here's jonathan che on twitter conspiracy theory hope not job collusion hoax he says my favorite what about the trumpets conspiracy theory is that clinton direct the smear operation is talking about the collusion oaks and forgot to circulate the smear until after the election of my tent rights older all it all over the place that dent reviewed i'm gonna have to get you some like neural breathless down created because it's not really pathetic here to leave our stupid denies sir i've already covered this now fifteen or many times i'm sadly gonna have to do it again here is again this guy would have done basic homework but because he's a moron doesn't always a moron he won't do because you realize the limits of his own ninety
he bore or eighty five i q here new york and the new york mag new york magazine i had a circle this for jonathan shape because he's really not that bright november first twenty sixteen joe was that before after the election on november eight is november first before the election or after well dan at long it was before you joe i'm sorry but i'm a because i november so i circle date for jonathan shade on this using my i did this on my phone in the most unsophisticated way possible here's the article folks new york magazine november first twenty sixteen a week before the election to do maximum damage but shades idiot he's a more on any doesn't know how dummy not only was the conspiracy theory according to more on jonathan shape revealed before the election it was revealed a week before the election to do maximum damage but
it's an idiot he's a more eddie doesn't know how dummy is which makes them an extra super geiger counter area the guide of idiocy is absolutely peg ding ding ding ding ding at the top and the funny thing is change who claims to be an intellectual can't do basic homework this article not hidden there hasn't been pulled down it's not hard to find just google it being it what what search engine you use i dont care just look it up dude now the fact that i've just had a correct this misinformation for what the fifty eightth or sixty it i know it doesn't matter i get it liberals you are absolutely vaccinated the fact you have led skulls impenetrable two x ray intelligence i get it i know why beam anything into your head i'm just asking you to stop me
the force of yourself you zero credibility anymore you do nothing but why all the time free single day of your lives package they want a rebel ok whatever dude call just so you know if you dare get into the conservative podcast television cable news talk radio space ever folks joe you know this better than what you believe doing a lot i use one thing wrong on the air is a conservative wrong it is over they will come after you for this guy's an idiot armored car so stupid he said the george bush didn't support the war in iraq what more could we have checked for job yet if it ever get another job forever ever meanwhile we correct like stupid stuff we correct like tat tat shot climber thing works for agency human rights camping its agents
baby don't be silly rotten could not a big deal we neglected the next day no problem this change guy guarantee you will not correct himself because he can't he's the only two facts with no i don't know what we're gonna do i don't know there's nothing you can you can gradually listen this story covered up is a good one i am growing increasingly frustrated as the trump cards he gets better and better and a lot of good green shoots coming up in a trump economy a morning sun but some good green shoots i'm getting very frustrated by this liberal argument that bob i handed on the football handed on this great economy that we should thank obama waste which is so ironic joe because the orbit economy stoke so bad they blame push for anyone obama
out of office he takes credit for the rebounding trump years it's absurd a excellent excellent piece in the wall street journal which goes piece by piece and destroys this choice this argument again i'm not expecting these facts to penetrate you're dopey liberal friends skulls but may your moderate democrat friends and you are your union friends of people work for a living wage than keeping their job maybe this will make it then by before we get that i last spots for the day yes we love zip recruiter listen folks hiring the challenge we at that here upon juno dot com are always look at first that we're looking at is really really hard it takes a long time you got a fine as candidates for the job you got apple you got a look through reza maize who at the time to do this the recruiter makes it easy zipper quarter dotcom slash mancino sip recruiter dot com select gino it'll sent
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i've employers who post unzip recruited get equality candidate to the site within the first day you can't beat our folks and right now my listeners can try sip recruited for free at this exclusive web address zip recruiter dotcom slash bond gino that's zip recruiter dotcom slash b o n t i go check it out zip recruiter dot com the smartest wait a higher z ip zip recruiter are you see are you i t arza precluded that complex bond go check it out at that exclusive address stop wasting your time sifting through piles and piles empty i also resonates let them do the hard work for you ok this is a fantastic art will you know i love economics and i love debunking liberalize so let's get right you watch your journal peace this is wrong we really great very well done it's got a couple of charging is called a tale of two economy trumps policies are helping workers more than obama's that simple as that now i like this
is written by the journal these are not basically trump to be honest and newspapers are supposed to be but the european in column which is not the journalism side it can be very arson trumpeton should write a piece like this folks it has some as some meat on the bone their writing it because it's true the trump economies is kratom but actually first let's debunk this stupid liberal talking point about income i've heard this i heard it today i was watching the show on fox liberal commentator comes out of this you know the trump economies only work and for the rich and ladies and gentlemen absolutely categorically false but our peace number one from the peace they are the average up in the peace of the scribe it's very simple per cap income growth in other words income growth per person rachel you would take the economy is only working for the rich we wouldn't be seeing income growth broad based in camera ladies and gentlemen not true
when you look at income growth in florida indiana iowa michigan ohio pennsylvania wisconsin nevada and you compare trump with obama trump wins every single state and many other states like iowa he doubles if not more than doubles the personal come growth in that state was it across the united states across the united states to income growth under tromp is higher so your nonsense talking point that it's only benefiting the rich and personal incomes are stagnating is nonsense is made up it is a fabricated far left ridiculous talking point you just made up point or do you may say well joe dad
the hourly wages are a move in the trump economy stagnant an hourly wages upheaval in manual labor and hospitality their suffering it's only the bankers and the thirst and how will lovey crowd there are the only ones that are making money lover robber with the cigar indeed my calendar twenty two or whenever right on the rocks that is not what's let's look at this from all three journal bridge hourly earnings growth on a monthly basis during the first twenty nine months of the trip administration and this in terms of the obama administration whose who's got out who seem bigger and bigger hourly growth too a briton mining in construction and manufacturing in private emphasis in retail and transportation in leisure and hospitality trumped wins every single time
in many of those fields the hour the hourly wage growth is actually double what it was under the obama administration ladies and gentlemen you can make this stuff up facts matter facts to lie democrat do it is as simple as that folks and i don't mean idea this and this shows that about giving your homework here all responsible adults you do it everyone but i strongly implore you to keep the talking points in your head because you will never lose an argument because the facts are just not on their side there's no wait a misinterpret that ok moving on you may say now if you're in obama acolytes wow you know that prime administration i wish i maybe incomes are growing in hourly wages are growing but mine parties are definitely suffering in the tropics economy wrong again folks from the war
regional peace and i quote corey hocker made the claim that minorities are being left by really the jobless rate for black sid six point two percent which is only two point nine percentage points higher than for whites verses a four point six percentage point difference before the start of the two thousand eight recession unemployment listen to me liberals will sit up caught matter your ears jam in your mouth for a minute unemployment has fallen why says much amongst black americans as whites since december of twenty sixteen i know facts are hard for you but unemployment has fallen at twice the rate for black americans than white americans so corey booker is lying not only is lying the disparity between back on employment which sadly he's been higher and white
unemployment in america has shrunk under the trump administration to the lowest levels to before two thousand and eight here's another winner from the wall street journal peace data this one corey booker liar now nearly one million more black americans and two million more hispanic americans are employed then went berserk obama left office and minorities account for more than half half of all new jobs created during the trump presidency wholly moses you people knucklehead who continue to promote this a million more black americans are applied now than when obama left office a million two million more hispanic america's tell me again how the trump presidency if not benefiting minority americans please tell me you're just making it up your job
to making its aid why your point get out of a hat somewhere else a zone of magic gets the referee had you take it around you figure you're just make stuff up its aid why it gets worse kamel ours is another winter out there go again promoting factual descend from asian hoping you believe it what bout senator heresies assertion that folks are stringing together jobs to make ends meet well about five percent of americans hold more than one job and this rachel always held relatively constance since two thousand ted and yet there are now what three million fewer americans working part time for economic reasons that at the end of the obama presidency again not only is harris lying to you a minute china work many jobs this string together to make ends meet
ladies and gentlemen one point three million less americans are working part time due to economic reasons economic reasons mainly they couldn't find a full time job now then under president obama and the rate of people working fourth member alexandria case yo cortez promoted this nonsense to in that interview at margaret hoover economies not working while our work into jobs that is not true that data tells a totally different opposite story people forced to work part time for economic reasons there are one three million fewer of them now it's not only the house's lying it's the exact opposite listen folks i got one more these but i'm not here to tell you who devote for some my job you are all responsible clear thinking free adults and a constitutional republic in the greatest country in or do whatever sits j suits you
it's ok it's not my business who you vote for i would prefer that dog see the president winds re election for the best of the country because i believe in liberty yours and mine but this is i dont lecture you here do what you need to do i am just telling you that the other side is not telling you the truth you don't have to like trump even if the likest tweets you don't have to like is economics but why what is economics makes you a fraud or too stupid to know the difference there's no options either you don't do your homework find you don't know anything or do your homework and you're lying none of the points make about the trump economy are true incomes or not going down hourly things are not going down a going up minorities are not fairing worse deferring better hispanic and black
europeans are doing better people are not being forced to work to jobs less people are working to jobs and finally you may say well joe again this is only for service employs production more people will get their fingers authority for eleven are definitely get inside over the trump wrong again hamas guide raw yes wrong again body here we go a tighter a market is also pushing up wages for the average corey or come allah talking about corey book requires reggie hourly earnings for production level manufacturing workers have grown at an annual rate of two point eight percent during the term presidency compared to one point nine percent during barack obama's second term again now only in that way doing the work for a living or get dirty for a living get dirt in their fingers their the one suffering know they were suffering under obama their wage
are growing faster now under trump you're just making it up again and lives wearing isn't it i mean is that not the most thorough eviscerate joe of a tale of two economies you ever seen everything you said is true not the democrats nothing it's the exact opposite now i gotta to just two more stories and what will will run toby ever greater economic great independence day thank you for allowing joe and i have a day off a lot just did a marsh is now thankfully no longer republican caution from michigan for those you i've been irregular lesser the show just then a marsh was a republican congressmen who it was for the impeachment have tromp because he says he read the mulder report while he's totally unfamiliar with the case because as i said with the darrow pasco story earlier
it's not what's in the report its what's not in the mulder report that really matters the in other words a trump citizens masters but here that i used to respect the guy he said lost his mind how a guy can support this police state spy gate everything happened atomic claim to be a libertarian is an absolute show so of course just then a marsh use all about a marsh lately he decides on independence day july fourth that's the perfect time joe to release an opinion peace and the washington post honest twitter account this now go ahead lunatic today declaring my independence why he's leaving the republican party bye bye see here get lost now but he cares the the reason i'm bringing up is bringing this is not because i care matias leaving can't law then you're no good use or police state spying nobody cares ok adios that's not why the only real
bring it up joe is to show you that this guy doesn't have an ounce of integrity and him more i don't know what happened to him i used to support this guy he used to be a upheld every decent fiscal conservative a libertarian noise and did not to support the police they now i have no idea why immaculate getting any speculation because unlike just then a marsh i don't do that all i'm telling you is it all about just than a marsh waits for our independence day a non part in celebration of the greatest country in the history of humankind to put out a stupid at about its own independence for the republican party see a body get lost nobody cares note spine at all what a joke ok bye final story they important one and we getting a lot of you we have to sack apollo we're the free zacharias cutting your enemies first i know i do want to run long but i know
said that already i just want to delay this quickly forget the less story because that we get a lot of emails about this one story and if i don't get it i feel like i'm gonna let you guys doubts now go anywhere by good for zack of cnn i saw this here if the branded darby in cnn for the cut zack arise leftist he has not even like down the line moderate he's left this here on cnn and blew a couple people's minds when he said this about the immigration crisis gives president trumps mean spirited and often bigoted attitudes on immigration pains me to say this but he is right the united states faces a crisis with its asylum system democrats might hope the out of control situation at the southern border undermine from image among his basis a tough guy who can tackle immigration but they should be careful it could actually work to the president's advantage
since twenty fourteen the flow of asylum seekers into the united states has skyrocketed last immigration courts received one hundred and sixty two thousand asylum claims are two hundred and forty percent increase from twenty forty the result is a staggering backlog with more than three hundred thousand asylum cases spending and the abbe immigration case has been pending for more than seven hundred days it's also the rule surrounding asylum are vague lax and being gained the initial step for many asylum seekers is to convince officers that they have a credible fear of persecution in their home countries about seventy five percent meet that criteria some applicants for us i'll have suspiciously similar stories using identical phrases many we use the system to enter the u s and then melt into the shadows or gain a work permit why their application is spending
ladies and gentlemen that's a big moment i would seem small and insignificant not this is problem joe with being a liberal in the trump here eventually the truth is gonna kick you right between the legs you can only avoid the truth for so long whether it's on the economy whether it's on the betsy ross flag whether its on immigration asylum the truth is the truth facts are unavoidable you can't tell me well there's no crisis while their seeing on the nightly news tens of thousands of people piling into our country illegally every night that recognise given that there is a problem is eventually going to catch up to you could you claim on the economy that the trump economies terrible while americans are getting promotions in wage increases makes you look silly eventually it's gonna be a reckoning and you're gonna have people
we're gonna come out are going to have to be the true tell us to the great embarrassment chagrin of the democratic party there was not a small moment for each zachary admit trumps been right the whole time i less storm socrates it before but i'm the epic times out a piece of packaging you are a this is kind of new but not really it's funny how these stories come up and they get report it is new news but they're really not by mark tat scott the epic i'm looking to twenty twenty kamel harris airs heavy hitter lawyer involve of russian dossier folks also want to put this story basis quickly zero hedges well my explaining why this matters kind of related my second book on a plug my second book but are put up this as euro had stories well that was just there there's gonna be my shown us is com the chosen one is the recent one topic s lawyers the same operative who hired fusion gps for hilary ladies and gentlemen
la harris who is surging in the polls not telling the truth about anything as we saw with the economics thing be covered before by whose searching the pulses her epic take down of abiden using shady identity politics during the debate hired me goliath why does it matter folks whose mark alike you know what i we say remember the names remember the name's mark elias is the law i who hired fusion gps for hillary clinton to do the gate hit job dossier folks my second exonerated which have emerged in a while but it's available for pre order we're gonna abbott out sooner than you think i've done with it it's imprint now you're gonna love it but my second work exonerate the central theme that runs through the whole book is ladies and gentlemen the democrats have tried this before
is destroying the camp the campaign and the candidates integrity by linking them the shady foreigners they tried it on mccain they tried it on trump now all of us kamel hours hires this same lawyer hard fusion gps ladies and gentlemen get ready for this again as if they can create another far and collusion scandal would trouble don't be surprised you'll see some middle eastern stuff creeping around soon ma goliath is the guy you hired by fusion gps raillery now kamel hours some right in books like their fishing or why do you think they did that because this guy's a hatchet man he's an expert in doing these far in collusion head jobs get ready i put up the two article
because it's been reporters new news but again the epoch times had it a while ago that is a big big deal be wary to get to tons of emails on that so i don't know why you think i forgot are they gemma thanks to opportunity thanks for making this number one filleted friend the u really mean the world to me man i'm this shows a lot of big news coming up great things happening i really appreciate it put that much money into marketing you know what that means that the show is grown where its ground because you did it you told your friends we're neighbors your family members about it means world to me i'll be had a and they have a great weaken prescribed yours youtube com slash bond gino subscribe and apple podcast i radio down cloud wherever podcast are the subscriptions are free but it helps us move up the charts we really appreciate thanks folks seo monday
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