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The Adam Schiff Hoax Completely Collapses (Ep 1082)

2019-10-07 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the suspicious emergence of another deep-state operative pretending to be a “whistleblower.” I dismantle the entire hoax from start to finish in this comprehensive episode. News Picks:Liberal fact-checker catches Shifty Adam Schiff in two big lies.


The FBI’s newest crime report has bad news for gun control advocates


Another deep-state activist posing as a “whistleblower” comes forward. 


Bombshell audio & email evidence shows the DNC colluded with Ukraine to boost Hillary by harming Trump. 


Sworn testimony directly refutes the latest anti-Trump hoax


This latest witch-hunt is another grotesque abuse of power.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean of another whistle blower dreaded air quotes appears have emerged as i said our box and friends this morning it's interesting what's a blog things we already know what are you the whistle on site blowing the whistle on the results of the national dodgers gave us tonight we already know what happened there no we're solve the blow i folks welcome did a damned by gino shall welcome back to my good friend and ally joe armacost joe i want you to take a moment and tell everyone we got a ton of questions at the books on his by the way was packed in the villages and apollo you have the photo thank you to everyone who showed up
people love you their job people are very nice all we had a hundred people show up got hairs every little photo only the ass joey beggar doughnuts guy and a front but john very concerned about you and i was not of course last week very but about where you are because i wanted you to show that a picture of this handsome young man i'll everybody what you were doing well dan an audience thank you so much for hang in there with me i went whereas island too de my son graduate he is now one of our countries newest united states marines areas airs jos god that's why i guy right guy god bless you little jollier little job little july marie what a ban on the planet they did something that few people can do graduated the topics and the entire world food camp god bless you little joke joking
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what happened on the call between president shrub and the new ukrainian president gonna blow the whistle well blow the whistle then here we go we need a wife now as we review as of insane clearly holler peace they have written with the great mark of a nato com the great one for another it also i stated our fox inferences weaken whichever to play an amendment to clear a few things about that but away from their daily collar fees the great one market then blow the whistle on what we already have the transcript of vulgar folks is this hard i've i've i'm not i don't know why it's very bright so please take the roma have taught him through the liberals who june in or listen the background as the same people are playing this pod guess undergone this is crazy this is why we should take seriously the second was about yet we should but because seriously about why him or her
we have a red out of the phone call we ve seen it we re billig well john there's there this second whistleblower joe has first hand formation show that clears enough that gave birth to show you know well says first hand information would have preferred the call to town all world because you ve already its this dude i do so i would think it was a major blow up this week at a fox friends so i was what griff j i want to clear a few things we have to avonlea play the cliff first but i know i saw my wife so i did what nuclear this weekend griff jake it was on gas toasting fox and friends weekend i was a guest from my regular appearance which i do the kind of hinted at this end
here's how i respond and our clear some stuff up afterwards we believe that the next whistleblower according to our times article would simply reinforce the premise determined ministration was trying to leverage in some way
the military aid for exchange a investigation to be reopened in burma and the by rest come on you're not really falling are you you're not seriously falling for this are you we read the transcript you we saw what happened you have the guy gordon someone in a text message saying he spoke with the present is literally in meeting the next day with the ukrainians saying there's no quid pro quo here's what's going on here here's what their covering you see this article ukrainians effort to sabotage trump cancer there can you see what also covering let me show you some more future eu australian diplomats sabotage each of you want to see some more british intelligence passing information on trumped the obama administration you want to see some more christopher steel identifying russian sources dax what their high by the waves at ease ridiculous reports listen you know i have a generals and i really hate duly clips of myself because i could just say what they mean it is their job who s affairs
an account of their budget also fear is a their pet we'd be me i bring this up for a couple this is one to reiterate a couple of points what with so blow on what he already read the call done period let's move on sex they are hiding things here the reason these so boilers keep emerging there not whistleblowers their deep state apparatus ok take our trump is because they are i what i already showed these articles which all of was kind enough to print up from its british intel into australian australian diplomats russian sources you amy and politicians feeding information through the obama administration to sabotage drop their hiding it's just a simple distracted the obama restoration and other democrats working too high what they did are blaming trump for what they did it is no more it's not that more difficult than it one quick thing if you will allow me a moment of arm to discuss a little behind the scenes
i got a lot of emails about this clip this weekend folks please i mean this from the bottom i don't get mad at grief i listen griff is a friend but me and grief i need you understand we have totally jobs and this is not me again virtue signalling jump into the defence of fire or anything like that they don't need me to do that they don't ask me to do that griff he's a good guy but we have different jobs gryphus a news guy he's an opinion guy he's on the loose he'd griff job is to literally asked probing questions which i enjoy now i get frustrated that take up about it and i give a fierce opinion back as you can tell but remember folks griffin this proposed both grips the guy was down in at at this hour southern border who got the guy on tape too maybe was entering the country and with was we what are you get out of a legal proceedings for a promise a hyper murder yet he's done this to both as i'm
curious i've done a lot people were magic dawn he does not that's not his job his job as that his job is to ask questions of guys like me i know that he doesn't like come back as an hour you're crazy you're a lunatic nothing he asks the probing question which i enjoy i'm telling you i enjoy it i'm frustrated but he gets paid to kind of pro bowl i his job i just don't want anybody be upset griff griffin our friends were actually good friends i don't mind did it all that's my job is to fire bob's back that's that's the way this works itself i mean it i'm not like try another he doesn't need me to defend them grief but grips a friend of mine and then when he says something disagree with that's a media talking point unites is job to probity both sides i am more than happy to drop a bomb back but don't think like behind the scenes griff was poking mere that's not the way any of this works so i just want to clear that up in addition to play in this so you understand the ukrainian
is a hoax we a second whistle doesn't matter there's nothing there all the whistle on you can read this stuff yourself you have the first hand information the transcript is out my gases is the most frustrating story i've got a tonne on this by the way but please don't go anyway impeachment stuff a shockingly issued a subpoena on friday night right after we did the show by no subpoenas but i know what's going on there and i wanted they nailed shift again two big lie so don't go anywhere lotta content ahead but again showing you going on how this whole thing this move towards impeachment over this now nonsense lie that the president was seeking political dirt with ukraine a helpless campaign in exchange for military and it's a lie it's made up here is another piece this week and so undercover huber john w hubert twitter always that's great work i can't recommended enough i just want to put it
the conspiracy theory here that and i'm really upset by the way just tar laugh at odd fox who has been doing this and say things and she's just whereas i give you outside she refuses to tell you things that are critical yet the latest democratic spirits see theory on this is that pop up to provoke occurred vote who was the u s special envoy to ukraine follow me joe nine that he was one of key figures in this trump deal quid pro quo where you either gimme information on were not given you this weapons aid copy mia volga risk to be the middlemen democratic call em up taking them got him now joe we got vulgar up here he's gonna go on the record say trump and smash is this whole thing too shows up and smash is this whole thing to smithereens here
is an excerpt had to begin agenda be huber on twitter great account circle it all the red lines around this with this one he's too thing about this alleged deal about day the crane position honour on biden and an exchange of of of weapons and military volker as i was caught but the position would not stand i did not discuss the whole they talk about the hold on military aid with my ukrainian counterparts until the matter became public in late august like folks take it anymore again just you know i will work with her there and never been purse wait rude to me i that but it really appreciate if you would disclose the full spectrum of information before you leverage opinions donna selective interpretation of the facts as you seem so vote where's your guy the guy
whose claiming there was a hold up of military aid contingent on trumped getting information biden from ukraine and yet vulcan prince worn testimony joe admits he didn't can bring up the ukraine stuff until late august now joe follow me here is the audience ombudsman it's not going to be difficult i promise you i'll get it when trolls have a tough time with this if the call between trump and the ukrainian present where the alleged were not given new military aid unless you give us this biden step if the court but that was not in the transcript by the way again they leave that point out budgetary pretending that democratically who just actually found this and trumps had they have some kind of like minority report tom cruise movie mine reading device ripe is if you are going to leverage military aid in exchange for information in july then why would you not bring up the leveraging the military aid for information until august july
or july and august july august last time i checked is after july i'm not crazy right you know any particular spook like you do it was crazy talk they didn't even bring the military aid hold up until august when kind of extortion attempt is that now workers their race in the hall unfortunately he's not at a summit are always an ace in new on our or another guy well now he completely dismantle their whole narrative sean davis at the federalist does excellent work has a turn peace will be up in the show notes i encourage you to read it talking about this whole thing sean davis heads testimony from ukraine on voice call her vulgar directly contradicts the democrats impeachment peace again trumpet
give military aid unless the ukrainians gave him information on on on binding terry aid wasn't even mention the early a month later and it was totally unrelated to buy from john davis peace such knuckle i can't get over this stuff not shown davis the democrats here this is vulgar again quote as you will see from the extensive text messages i am provide again volker which convey sense of real time dialogue with several different actors vice president biden was never topic of conversation he said goes on volker test why did he never even mention the delay on u s military assistance to ukrainian officials until late august when you you reports indicated that the funding has been put on hold vultures statement directly
their cuts the claim that the funding was part of a quid pro quo meant to force the ukrainians to take certain actions in order for the military aid to be really ladies and gentlemen i dont know what more you need to see here to show you this is a hoax what they are hiding it's a hoax it's a hoax there is no quit throw quell something for something deal if this something for something was now are mentioned as anything military aid for information you want to mention a military aid first because with the alleged something for something was made in july but the something was mentioned two august oh my gosh you're losing iq poyser
stupidity we have to deal with on the left and it just says well you know there's a text message for bill taylor is concerned its a quid pro quo ok while that sounds damaging it does until you read response which she left out to the text messages from gordon summon the impact so are you s ambassador to the eu is in the meeting the day after the phone call who unequivocally states their president has been crystal clear there is no quid pro quo kind of a little i mean important detail to leave out now joe it's it's really its mind boggling this that the nonsense we have to deal with here there was no deal for military aid folks the mill terry aid wasn't even mention until a month after the phone call they said the deal was made on
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the deal who knows in his red iran is saying that the democrats wit this is your saying the opposite and now shift is lying about it again any kids with the second so called whistleblower deep state operative does it matter we have the transcript from our good buddy fact checker map colombo at budget or that come liberal fact check or liberal fact checker catches if in not one but two lies aid germans have not really show notes that not one job but you so here are the two lives adam ship who again on whistle blower one deep state operative he claimed quote we have not spoken directly with the whistle bar wrong put up the portion of mass peace this flat out false as washed imposed glenn kessler if listen if the washing posts which is it with a liberal activists fact checkers are liberal activists to if they're calling you out ladies gentlemen there's a problem as
going catcher noted in this september seventeen comment this is flat out false it says the committee had not spoken to the whistle blower we now know that's not true folks there lie this has been coordinated pre plant it what was number two weeks not have even known there was a whistle blower wait he said if not for the icy ig folks this is category false he's making it up ship as no credibility so again the something something in the transcript isn't in the transcript then they called volker up thinking find the well behind the scenes there was a deal even if it anything a it that's not what he said he said the opposite now shift who is who whistleblowers working with the whistle blower behind the scenes in lying to people about it no don't we do know think about it is the face of this thing is now busted lying about what the whistle blower said about the trench whereby the call we can now see me you know how they nail them joe they need them and
i don't think this was a good idea i want to be clear on that nokia because trump release the transcript again it was a bad i think it was a bad idea because now as i predict last week they're gonna want the transcript of every single call trumps on from now until he leaves office there was a dangerous precedent but there's no question in the short term that the tactic over he saw the transcript has smoked out all of these fake whistleblowers who now what they sat on the fire which was on the phone call wasn't there you gave it of saint john you shift thought trump and release the call and that the whistle i would be able to make allegations and they would be magnified you a compliant sycophantic press my gosh spoke audio so deaf their promises everywhere the national security and we would have no way to counteract it will be he said she said right here but that's not the case nine its he said she said and what they is it true how much more of this if now take man
might not much the ship is overwhelming body overwhelming it is so bad a chef it's gonna hit the fan man is judged to be settled the night there was a slight aeroplanes go you gonna get you know something you're better than others i was very energetic have very passionate about this case now because that you realise they're going to impeach the they're going to teach the president over a hoax over a horse a toad hawks what happened when andrew johnson wasn't a hoax you may not like it but you know what happened happen what have we nixon wasn't a hoax it happen what makes it was actually a peach that's there but there was a there he was going to be before what happened my bill clinton
not only was it a hoax this is a hoax speed up now sensing the fresh your black is this is just this is comedy gold joke is the chief cause he sees the cuts beforehand chalk todd full time liberal activists masquerading as a journalist this guy is the because the fake news is a total clown complete joker did i wasn't a huge fan of meat the press ever but at least russet attempted at least attempted to hide some four of a partisan biased and always work out so well check tat does even higher chuck tide is the rachel mad cow of brian stealthy he's an embarrassment to hold a librarian at this cloud has been on the wrong side of just about every trump issue from day one he promoted collusion hawks he ever asked the substantive quenched question a democrat chuck todd lost his mind
grace the journalist this weekend in an interview had ron johnson and why i'm into play the video and a second here there's a reason refund chuck tat all day believing provides enough material truck tired and its democratic activists friends are terrified about this as we showed many times ron johnson shows a native you politico ukrainian effort the sabotage trump backfire thought of news piece by piece written in january twenty seventy they are terrified liberal activists chuck tat included in that bunch that the ep whereby key ukrainians to sabotage trumps candidacy in conjunction with key democrats figures like alexander kaluza now the or who was working for democrats says they're afraid all this is going to come out so what do you do just make up a story
how did it instead not us chalk cod is terrifying here's they clip when listen ron johnson the senator from wisconsin when he brings up this fact about the ukrainian peace was shocked i'd completely freak out melt down this is called larry does it pretends to be a journalist check this out i have i have my third letter into the inspector general beheld the centenary asking to just firm just confirmed are you in skating those links to peter struck tomorrow night senators and i have no idea how about that i set up was and why is this point why a fox news conspiracy propaganda stuff is pop up on here is no idea i bet it i have no idea why we're gonna hear it is that is the centre has lying exact i must present drop is upset in why is supported
upstairs one news media ok you're not gonna get media as i urge answer dublin listen if that either double bartley i don't know what you're a cloud this is all you bereaves out there the fairy personnel cobb's laborers truck where's your people who work for eleven had fingers dirty all you even white collar people have been three brawlers renewal kids grew up in a street work your way up i believe that because it's like you have to cut it out of the show ok then i can i give you say that was agreed for bigger
caution cry what my style i dont know how these fox news fiercely what the fact there peter stroke unleash a page or taxation you do you miss that the fact it ukrainian in your efforts to sabotage trap was covered my left leaning our political did you miss this is what it sideways to miss that chuck what a disgrace i fillet this lunatic this morning bud fox refers listen i'm not kidding when i said just please shock resign in disgrace you are at work promoted the collusion hoax along with you for two years you guys the clouds you're not serious people you have lost all credibility you don't
to determine any more what a conspiracy theory is you are there conspiracy theory you are part of the conspiracy what a joke now again they are packed about this ukrainian effort influence i want to give a happier daily wire now the blaze tv you cc our tv to place we now daily wires peace bahrain severe covering this but the boys to be story it's in shone out i encourage you to read it bombshell audio email evidence shows dnc colluded with you create the boost salary by harming trump report says don't joe that's not possible that conspiracy theory because liberal activist chuck todd said so try to very credible source of information that's all forget forget every you just ready so back blaze tv somewhere
got a hold of somalia now i'm not going the whole thing how it's very long you can watch it on the blaze tv but i want to set this up for you again chicago don't worry this ukrainians colluding with the obama administration dnc don't worry it's all a conspiracy theory journalism is dead there's a guy autumn or by the way this is my first books by gate and is a follow up in my second book exonerate will recover a lot of this we looking for perform none of the affair patient here is new information about saying that take a cheap shout of them however back did a good job and the audio it i have not seen or heard the audio before let me tell you what this is and why this matters despite woodchuck cha concept there's a guy arms art him sit neck he's ukrainian he was head of what's called the anti corruption bureau its believe that
it can you crazy ukrainian just so where clear follow me here it is believed he was one of the people involved in the tree transfer to u s law enforcement authorities of what's called the black ledger on manner for what is that the black ledger is an unverified ledger of alleged cash payments made the poor man afford who of course was trumps a campaign manager briefly during the summer of twenty sixty right stand why does that matter no one's deny i am paul man afford took payments from ukraine nobody that's not to question the black list sure documenting these alleged payments matters joe because it alleges they were cash payments now why is an important issue because would feed into a tax evasion surreptitious narrative that man of fort was doing
something behind the scenes to coordinate with foreigners you get it please tell me that make area cash is king they that it's not from ukraine is not in doubt not to declare in a certain way right but it's not illegal over their former clinton people there were payments may get no one's in legend illegality it's not illegal to take money from a foreign government its illegal the declared in a certain way right but it's not illegal the black ledger that allegedly came from sydney carton sitting right that aim it is what initiated the investigation into man afford that he's now sitting in jail but for what if tat black ledger showing cash payments is a horse that was only put out there no it's not real sign of some
wrote i pay joanna cost twelve million algeria look at us i give you just like i did where's that i'd like to see some of it if i did i would what if the right of the black ledger it's a hoax i want you to listen to back who got ahold of audio listen this we get back or in any other so why this is so simple makin a play the whole audio the trick is it some bits in ukrainian and be it's an audio chauffeur snatches video you're not going to see the translation but i'll explain you check this out in april former prosecutor general loose anko the good guy remember that came in ass bad guy was taken out he this it's too given interview ukrainian media and in that interview he makes us stunning comment quote i don't know how but the americans at an audio recording of mr how do says them sit nick of his conversation now that's the guy who ran the anti corruption bureau he was resting
with his family and friends now in discussing how he'd like to help hilary where was sick of what now again i'm not this is not a back padding exercise got wind of this not the i had not heard the audio by got wind of this a long time ago that there are recordings not just they recorded going the extensive involvement of ukrainians in the twenty sixteen away to assist salary damage drum i did not get this on that taking anything away from the people it back in and replace you did this is but now he goes out of the audio and new crab otherwise i would play it it's in at the article and check it out the place tv to excellent what is in the audio
the audio is alleged to be sit make himself on the recording talk about how yeah you know we said that black why you're over we were really look into how pillory out folks if this audio is authentic you understand it is a key ukrainian involved in its supposedly an anti corruption effort talking about interfering in our election to help hillary clinton that damage donald trump what more i didn't do you dave i told you i wrote about this in the in a book we within their two years ago and spy gate exonerate which we finished six months ago it's all in there none of this is new you may say of none of this is new then how did back get a hold of it because phony fraud
fake news people like liberal activist shock cod dont care folks it is known complicated than that the narrative the trump collusion with the ukrainians over military aid which is categorically false there is no evidence whatsoever to back them up is a front i'd be real case now documented with recordings and swore statements of significant ukrainian involvement to damage the trump campaign at twenty sixteen this is all a front and people like chuck tied who pretend to be journalists they just don't care they only want spout liberal talking points and anti tromp propaganda they will not do any investigative journalism otherwise a frankly i'm still puzzle this happened that political i'm not kidding even political level rick yet why they wrote this i have no idea me to us or maybe to fix it maybe they thought joe
biden would be the front runner and they figured let's that's air the dirty laundry now given sometimes there's five no idea why they did it i have no idea but it's it's been did most i've never bring it on a movie bread that breach human rights that we have is funny bring it on you bet bring it always been broughton always brought and it's been brought in easy don't listen to show you this stuff a long time ago missing old moves the giant yeah you you listed in a short time he still believes that second piracy he doesn't really believe that before i got a lot more got another to show you how to democratic the sly impeachment we don't need to take a vote on a patron really you sure about that lot more to get to my final sponsor he'll sleep better the last night birthnight seriously bennett
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they keep flipping the santer trumpet the real narrative is the democrats did they they just replace democrats from the wall street journal had an interesting peace then i want to get to this other video at the end which is good bars request for food and how prompts backlash in australia italy in uk folks this is going on you know however meditate podcast publisher privilege here before i get to some of the screen shots from this peace folks are not being hyperbolic or overly dramatic when i tell you that with the democrats do in twenty sixteen the obama administration the binds the clinton machine fusion gps what they didn't twenty sixteen to interfere in our election in a pure prow power play to damage donald trump and destroy him personally is one of the most disgusting acts of political something
you should have seen in u s history and the ramifications worldwide and want to stoke flames here but i'm being serious warning the ram effect asians worldwide are getting very serious folks there are foreign leaders who are being put in the middle there are foreign eaters who were not in charge when a lot of this interference happen the present ukraine now joe was not the president of ukraine when ukrainian politicians weren't having themselves and the twenty sixteen election copy my brain this up we're on the verge here of causing a political world war not a hot one a cold political i'm not kidding a lot of these politicians now joe understandably or like hey what i've got my own domestic political concerns here in australia and italy the uk away my dealing with this mess
zeros did last time and now liberals on the other side defending liberals in the united states liberals in italy in uk you bet stay out of this or you'll be interfering again if you getting can use you should be the democrats intertwined us a global spying scandal that getting out of is not going to be easy the attorney we will bar trying to unwind this show going overseas and saying listen i need you oughta be honest about what happened we deserve the truth having very severe ramifications across the globe because of the democrats now the democrats involved sensing this freaking out here's take away never won the mark warner hack democrat from virginia he pretends to be like captain moderate total liberal activists your virginia voting for this guy i don't know what you're thinking total fraud who was needed
been spy gave himself mark warner's freak over the whole thing in about bar skinner damage our international relations what is he doing it's gonna dammit our relationship with these five eyes partners why you guys do is mark water democrat setter who sat on the sedative tell committee was the democrats joe texting back for it with a lawyer representing russian involved in this case in christopher still produced the fake dossier i want warner up there under oath so from the peace here warner freaking out not a warner suffering hang out warders freaking out is as this could put the five eyes relationship in jeopardy mr warner said using the term to describe the australians united kingdom new zealand and others that we were friendly me he said
the first row you start to feel their intelligence is being used for american domestic political purposes to smear an opponent mr trump than that trust breakdown are you kidding me you serious can you can you please read this the hill austria i am diplomat whose tipp prompted fbi russia probate ties the collected can red mark warner big pre troposphere political opponent what are you talk hearing about the orchard involvement in this case has been documented these people i'd ties to the clinton empire and mark warders saying trop is the one smearing people total fraud take away number two where sidestepping the league at her
in the wall street journal peace when prosecutors seek help from outside the eu in obtaining evidence for investigation usually goes through the d o j office of internal international affairs she's me or through the fbi the gas station at u s embassies around the world whose job is to maintain relationship with foreign counterparts folks let me clear this up the author peace in the wall street journal is coming to show you in a second it's not a friend to the facts i'm sorry they're not and if there's multiple by lines on it i don't know so left leaning person i'm not i don't know these people but they say so then what are we to get you in a second it's so absurd items stunned its let pass the journalist them at an editor the wall street journal yes overseas the fbi is a position when i spent time in russia by gas job bawler come and soon i was in runs job within russia too we have national action are stupid with the secrets
arrests doing investigative zeal for about a month i've been there twice actually the fbi it's a position in these embassies overseas it's an agent the position call they lee gatt lee shore for legal attache it's enough agent overseas eva everybody loves fancy terms its days fbi age there right lower level cases even on high level cases it's not uncommon for the fbi agent notice the lee gatt to make actions with local whatever russian f sb australians on the ground investigators they know it's aid can we get some out not uncommon what the problem here the journals like what is issue here i doing this is weird joe tool bars going outside the legal and asking for assistants himself folks the fbi agents at the highest levels were involved i've been this scandal david
but once you want over with the legal in london and have the meeting with producers of the dutch yea before the case was even open why would bar ass those same people to go back and uncover their own potential malfeasance decision miss that if we bar senses there's an issue with the chain of command and address who preceded this unusual that sound and ass the gate of work joe is any of his confusing confusing to meet an elite gets involved in the scale finally showing you again are the authors of this peace i mean missed key facts i liked the journal generally but this is just a bizarre article mr cot these office that he was a disease of the italian city wasn't aware of any anomaly in the behaviour of the head of the country's intel service and twenty sixteen mr bar
if you are looking at amongst other things where the u s and foreign intelligence services may have worked to prevent mr trumps election a theory a feat wait wait wait hold on hold on a theory a theory favoured by mr trump for which little evidence has emerged what what are you talking about a theory guys how many times do eager eyes said guys guy media event you said guys guys guys cut that out joe it's over boycotts everywhere just said guys displease police you can say what part of this is a theory how times guys do we have to do this ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump backfire on
oh yeah diplomatic tipp prompted fbi's russian probe has ties to clinton's steel identified russian dossier sources british intelligence pass tromp associates communications with russians onto you s counterparts i don't know how many times i have to do this before people like the authors these confused sir journalists in the wall street journal get do their heads that you insisting something's a theory because you don't like it doesn't make it a theory joe the theory of three plus three point six is a bizarre what it is but it's out there and i just want to say it's a theory it's just that it's not a theory there is a port illogical statement three plus three equal sex it's not a theory
this collusion is already documented it's not a theory favor by trump it maybe favor by trump but it is not a theory can you put up that article again who accepted even these these violence i you you need to immediately retracted or or humiliating yourself over and over again it's not a theory what part of this is a theory aroun of of forgive me if this were not the sandy gorman and giovanni like carano in rome this is not a theory what paul did you even do basic homework i got i like but i use it all the time and i'm not going to stop but this is bizarre don't you regulatory part you up a bit
we expect the retraction on this or in your editors no tomorrow it's not a realistic and they call that a theory and it's not a theory arise now danny again circle and at the beginning of the shell the democrats in each man charge that they're gonna run with is going to be quid pro quo tromp allegedly said no ukrainian military aid unless you give us information online for false statement made up a total fabricate we now know that didn't app now the democrats are terrified of this their terror why because when trump release a transcript their case fell apart now as evidence that their terrified here's is it clip avowed damning sousa of its very confused congresswoman from florida who never seems to have a good grasp might really she's sandwiches offers she's always confused about just basic facts here is her
the weak and show a chris wireless on fox chris wallace s or a basic question if you guys and ladys in the house are going to move forward with an imp sure in charge to pass over this but for a trial to remove the present from office shouldn't you take a vote and she says to misleading things one that there's no precedent for that there is and secondly that they don't have to take a vote because the constitution i don't our constitution she's reading but that's not exactly the way its word check this out you're the house has voted to subpoena documents from the but ass the white house says that it will not release those documents will not turn them over unless the that full house votes to authorize unimpeached
the inquiry as was done in the cases of bill clinton and richard nixon why is how speaker policy refusing to hold a formal impeachment inquiry vote or chris let me say this i would hope this has been a painful time this path couple of weeks now i would hope that the i'd house would cooperate with congress and actually acknowledge the oversight that we have a responsibility to do however there is no requirement under the constitution that we have a full house vote there is no requirement under house rules that we have a full house vote and there is no precedents we have a full house boat that boat that really dr allowing wait wait and wait congresswoman you say there's no precedent there have only been two times in in the history
the under the rules we now have andrew johnson back in the eighteen sixty was different in both the bill clinton case and the wretched dixon cases there was a clear president the full house voted and authorize a fallen peach when inquiry so there's a president who thus clear the way what is he doing in the middle of the show if you watch on the eu to be commercially figure in a homicide precedent and earlier event or action that is regarded as an example or guide to be considered and subsequent civil research upstairs precedent i feel like i'm at a spelling bee is vowed tat makes confused about what the definition of precedent is again one of the worst congress people from florida she's always confused she very rarely has a grasp on the facts surrounding her appearances before she actually comes on the air she says two things
then are absurd and disappearance with chris number one but there's no precedent for the full house of representatives to take a vote on an impeachment charge it's happened twice at both times the house has taken a vote on an impeachment charge joe biden finish what i just read and then a little law safari search door in the show now that would fit the definition of a precedent yes there would be a precedent thank you show your welcome daniel this is not hard folks dictionary dot com it's happened twice and both times there's been a vote we would call that a precedent demagogues always confused and says well it's not in the constitution we have taken up
it's not inaccurate it doesn't specifically say a vote must be taken but let me read that institution demagogues apparently hasn't read article one section two clause five the house of representatives not be house of representative lessen the house of representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment more than a thousand save oettinger ladies and gentlemen clean water shockingly as mentioned in the constitution i admit happening folks any person with functioning neurons under since the speaker of the house joe it doesn't say first committee no doesn't say that judicial committee doesn't say adam shift shell of the soul power mowbray hatred and
doesn't say certainly tat jerry nebular shall have the sole or impeachment maxine water shockingly as mentioned in the constitution i admit happening folks any person with functioning neurons understands that when the constitution is the house of representatives it means the members me in the least you could get away with it majority of members king a both that's why it's been done that way in the precedent that valve deming this confused about it doesn't the speaker of the house gets to teach the president my cache did she not read constitution before she went on the air folks i told you friday with the subpoenas they reassuring letters finally these you to subpoena what they did they waited for cars
to go home eliza this committee issued a subpoena now there's things gotta be litigated you may see why you said probably workin issue subpoenas because you know they don't want to go to court they want to speed this thing up i think ladies but the start a sense a problem here a real problem and the problem is in line with what val damning appearance for christmas was now there are people who jumped out before the transcript was released we need peace to present all of a sudden change some of their minds and i think now some of the members are callin shifty and jerry neither a policy you better saw this thing down so what better way to do then issue a few subpoenas now and now engaged in the opposite strategy and mitigate this thing out that we'll see what tracked they take but then we are both a lot of members everywhere every folks one last favor for you i have a good friend
i too am has done some outstanding real journalism unlike fake news chuck todd he's just released the second book you all know em bokkis which on fire good friend gregg jared who wrote the russia hoax folks this book is coming out you can buy today out tomorrow i have gone through most of it it is a spectacular spectacular compendium of start to finish and encyclopedia of what went on in the biggest hoax and scandal in american history highly recommended it is an awesome book it is a very well look at that well done foot noted researched analytical piece of material and the biggest scandal in american history please i can out which on by our friend greg chair at the story the greatest mass delusion in american poet history i have my copy here it is spectacular please go
check it out i would really appreciate it gregg would too it is very very well done you will have this case start to finish when you're done thanks again for june it this really really busy show today there was a lie going on but we covered everything we do the hopes we d this whole impeachment thing with a withdrew at the doing here in its import you please share this with your friends and have a good grasp of what's going as a political heat in the oven gets hotter moving forward thanks for tuna and police my youtube youtube accomplish bond gino it's out an audio pod yes an apple pod google pod guess i heard sound gladys well thanks a lot folks you just heard in bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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