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The Backlash Will be Unprecedented # 992 (Ep 992)

2019-05-31 | 🔗

In this episode I address the Democrats’ impeachment threat and how we should respond. It could result in the biggest protest marches in recent history. I also address the hidden messages in Bill Barr’s recent interview. I discuss Hollywood’s latest attempt to attack conservatives.

 News Picks:CNN host forced to apologize after being accused of mocking a rape survivor. 

The producer of the HBO series “Chernobyl” hates Trump and he doesn’t want your business.

Debunking AOC’s 12-year climate catastrophe claim

Former State Department official says he warned Hillary Clinton twice about the use of personal email. 

If the tyrannical Democrats decide to impeach President Trump we could be looking at the biggest protests in recent history.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i went on a damaging our show on his fine friday preacher job related is a fine fine fine friday i switched it up on what the heck is that we should do it you did switch it up on me i was ready for the plan we get fifty we need that we need for the joe armoured cars master rattle your data so wants a desire while we get a statue array a lot to get to hollywood strikes again babby if it wasn't for her yes yes now this is a great while this is i got into a last night i want i want to make us a very sincere heartfelt apology during the show that i am not mess with you so stay tuned for that i've got a lot
some of you already know what i'm talking about if you follow me on twitter don't go anywhere for that one and i also want to talk about what i think well be the response to the terrain democratic impulses to impeach donald euro will go anywhere for this when i read a piece per year yet don't go anywhere this is gonna be a gunman right let's get to attend a show brought you barberries that express vps listen you they may think so kind of something map as other people it could happen to you you may think no one wants your ada or that hackers care grab your passwords or your credit card details you would be wrong stealing data from unsuspecting people on public wifi is one of the city and cheapest ways for hackers to make money when you leave your internet connection unencrypted it's a big mistake you might we'll be writing your passwords and credit card numbers on a huge billboard for the rest of the world so why would you do that that's why me family and i we decided to take action to protect myself from cybercriminals using express vp annexed
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boxing history myself why dig it i'd so i an article by great writer washed in examining rice washington secrets it's a column paul but dark great guy and he put up a peace today about rolling thundered you know what rolling thunder israel europe by here joe is joseph though just big lion and i went rolling thunder argos that it is a deeply yeah one of you they take their motorcycles they drive out the deasey memorial day member you know in it moraine appear w those lost him more rolling thunder chief predicts bikers will descend don t see if dems impeach job opportunities and article by stephen nelson forgive me sample bernard ear he i tweeted the piece out ladies and gentlemen this is a quick story but i think i need a commitment from you want something let me be can
here so the articles about their head of this the rolling thunder rally with the bikers when they do they were they ride through dc if they p tromp descending on dc and mass i i'm big cats when i say i'm not a big believer in alleys overdue only say not believe rallies that's that's that's not accurate i want to speak with precision here so no one misinterpret what i'm saying i'm not big believer in overdoing rallies in other words you call for a rally for everything the round he becomes meaningless i know this having run for office and having been invited to you know gosh hundreds rallies and a breeze this is gonna be the biggest rally ever undeterred like twenty people show here round please make a difference and marches on dc in and elsewhere they make a deal since when their coordinated they're well done obviously when they're well attended by
gentlemen when their done sparsely i know it sounds odd we should rally everyday no then they lose their effect one of the more active rallies i saw in maryland was when they a second amendment was under attack and every by this when i gave that viral rage the place was packed and listen i think it shit i'm really change the debate for a little while you know glenn ex rally in dc their tea party rally listen there's no question at that change the momentum indeed see you had the teapot the revolution in and around that time i mean things change rally stone right are important but rallies dungeon often watered down effect fact having said that and putting that that that that kind of predicate before but i'm about to say i they commitment from you and i mean this if they decide to impeach donald trump i treated this out this morning i need it
edmund from you my listeners that you will show up on capitol hill on day one of those each man hearings on day one for some of the largest rallies we ve seen in modern times i want that area to be forced to cover the protestations of hundreds of thousands of americans showing up on their own dime in dc i will i promise you this paula joan i make this solemn pledge if it happens and aids i do in peace job i will see you there on the hill on that day i'll tell you where i am you could come you can do whatever you want has a say allow shake your hand what actually over there ain't assize combat whatever you want to do i will be there on day one i need a commitment from you and every like minded liberty minded american patriot who can i get it people are although they came to older they can travel some maybe don't have
financial means i understand and i expected every single listener to show up but any and who can who the financial means and the ability to get there i need you to commit to that i need treated out i need you to ask others to commit to it i don't want to some kind of organizer about looking looking for any p r we don't need me pr and even do radio interviews anymore more largely ahmad interested i'm just saying let this be the start of a movement this rolling thunder guy has it absolutely right and remember where conservative so you see or be cleaner and more and more peaceful and its at any other time just like lend backs rally where they cleaned up them all their behold cleaner loved gotta be some eighty four rally where they break up the star box and they try to like punch this not out of everybody they disagree with but please
he's gonna leave this year i need a commitment from you use your face fuck use your social media your twitter your instagram to announce the when your friends had asked them for a commitment that if this impeachment this tyrannical but in peace donald trump moves forward to overthrow a duly elected president because you spied on him ironically you need to be there on day one to show your absolute discussed for what this governments become i'm just leaving that their folks with with with great humility and respect i'm asking you to come do you have my tell you what dad got that paula you know you'd put you in a lot of people would probably be surprised at how many job that parity bikers are concerned but if there were lean right all my gosh it's amazing and they listened i've seen rolling family you when i worked there that you know at the white house and my prior line where it's not a sparse
we attenuated thing go on for ever and ever and ever south africa and easier law abiding patriots seizure men and women and you know i listen folks that this this has to happen this has to happen i'm just asking you that joel be there in aragon haulage they uncle bob either you you'll see a beauty yours major what now with the youtube everybody knows what shows look at least do audio only used have to explain what you look like sees the elvis looking the young elvis out the old gravy sweat now as you move it all i got that come from me i hope we spread the word social media so bill bargain an interview to cbs news yesterday and wide we cuts sound a video from it are many users one clip this one clip where he ox about well let me just play the cliff let me decipher for you specifically what are you saying because john had it he's been talked about this repeatedly and i think a lot of people miss the point so play for
our and when i get back on the site from your side exactly what he saying why support you don't think that they committed trees and not as a legal matter they live can parents about how they conduct investigation yes but sometimes people can convince themselves that what they are doing is in the higher interest the better good they don't realize that what they're doing is really antithetical to the democratic system we have got it key piece of sound right there sean attitude is light we shows been hinting at this over and over by calling jim call me the super patriot it's a nice it's that he's not look into that he doesn't really me jim call me former a bbc fbi directors a super patriot shortage for while because he has intimate details on the cage occasions got really good sources that a lot of them who do this call me peter struck lisa page andy mackay brennan in others
in their own internal communications alot of especially the struck page text what they did and unethical immoral illegal in many cases by the way this theory out there that this person they retire about in the oj press release in the fbi that was accused of leaking that that person maybe rock congressmen doug collins has that there may be peter strong was leading to the media and in exchange for like kickbacks and stuff like that and other things there's an allegation that counts that there would be interesting but wanna be clear on this bar is now clearly looking at the body of evidence that donald trump steamers spied on by these by by personnel in the fbi and the intelligence agency in overseas intelligence agencies and others and its clear their thread that they were so oh blinded by their own sense of of hubris by we
are the praetorian guard of the republic that they were blinded to the fact and i'm not absolving them of any responsibility for what they did don't take this the wrong way that they were blinded to the factor but they were doing was so obviously unethical immoral and in many cases illegal say that because there are many quotes out there that nail this and forgive me if i'm kind of ruining some of them but the gist many of these quotes that talk about the the ability of our to corrupt people is the most dangerous for of moralising is that for of moralising done when people think doing it in the name of a higher court right do you big science in other words like you know what we're exterminate the population of alabama because we are in the right you're like wait you just said wiring like what are you talking about like you think
doing that is somehow taking some high moral highroad i mean to out human history we ve had tyrants fascist killers huh site maniac you who have have killed and taken away the liberty in freedom and and tortured others in what they buy he was a incur probably a higher moral cause now you know i don't want to compare the two to two stroke now i am obviously is a different level of depravity on that i take goes without saying but its mandate got a hammer that higher point all that this is the most dangerous form of this kind of stuff when they really think they're doing at the name of a higher cause and bar hits that is what i do want to gloss over that its very important take away and bar i mean listen
iceland ladys out there for some of you who objected to bar when i first promoted this guy's that i think he's gonna be a very good choice and the reason i thought he was going to be a good attorney general is because he has nothing to lose you know if you stay ask him about his reputation the same interview joe and does he say goes everybody dies words like i'm doing what's right you'll figure it out in the end history or get on the right side of it i'm sure but folks or i promoted from the beginning he has nothing to lose he's already been the attorney general what's he knows the right thing ass to get done and he's gonna do it they are going to attack him relentlessly just doesn't care i am absolutely sure this guy is is going to uncover this massive scheme now i'm a little disturbed that whoever this fbi leaker was again geishas it could be struck they're they're going to bypass process that's kind of a shame but this was a very important piece by bar
and bar knows exactly what he's doing here he will one hundred percent i'd be intimidated all right i got a lot of stuff to get you today that this week as well hey backed up so much that we have not my stuff yesterday i was gonna transfer today because we have some they stories so you know i don't typically talk about twitter spats on my show i try not to some people are on twitter and you know want to make this is this show about my personal picadillos twitter or whatever but this is important because i have to do a may call but here i have to apologise to you and i mean it i have been promoting pretty aggressively this terrific show on hbo chernobyl which is a pretty accurate historic recount of the nuclear disaster in eighteen eighty six in them portion of the soviet union and what what is now northern you craig it was one of the worst
environmental disasters in human history i have been promoting it relentlessly and the shell because it is so well done it's a pretty magical peace a television not of that changes i have no oh moneyed interest in this at all they are not an advertiser my show they wouldn't dare i shall repeat what of tat everywhere and i can tell you that but i have it apologize for promoting not because of the artistic quality of it it is amazing television riveting but i didn't realize until yesterday tat tipp to twitter users friend of mine who pointed out that they produce you're a director of this a guy named craig mass in or maize and i'm not sure how to pronounce it am i try to do that to insult the guy but craig mason is a virulent eighty tramper so
here's how i found this out i was directed to a tweet by stephen king yes even king your via you know it and thinner and all chiujio don't you know stephen kinghorn so stephen kangaroos vat is far left in article a human being is you're gonna get he treated this out yesterday it's impossible to watch hbo chernobyl without thinking of donald trump way although that no steve are you sure you although my life is politics yours is horror genre i'd i a priest it worked donald trump is that he sit like me joe and paul at every one else he's a foul human being but i appreciate as work but my life joe does not revolve of around donald trump night i'm genuinely sorry stephen king that you cannot show about a historic of catches
graphic environmental disaster in in one thousand eighty six and not think about donald trump i'm sorry i'm sorry i agree that you're really troubled mind that you so obsessed with this president that you can get this guy out of your head does the treaty continues like that he says it's impossible to watch chernobyl without taking donald trump like those in charge of the doomed russian reactor he's a man of mediocre intelligence in charge of great power he can i can global that he does not understand do holy moses here he's a man of mediocre intelligence your eyes only managed to be a business tycoon up and down road the ways of the business cycle build majors fractures all over the world he's i didn't money like most successful business people have any man
to get elected president united states is first time out of the shoe put your rights steve you're so much smarter you wrote thinner that you use glistened very talented writer i read fitter it's actually one of his aye sir no doubt i enjoyed dinner river the guy that he gets kirsty to lose weight off you know it was a great book but steve in the thing that man's intelligence is not getting any one over to your sign it promises but it goes out k so i found out that what he waved it this is now this treaty is being celebrated by craig maison whose like stephen king you'd wrote this i'm so glad you're watching this show smartly so i responded back to this guy of so who is hollywood elite has continued to humiliate themselves on twitter chernobyl the failure of socialism the exact updegraff the controls are means of production by these acts opposite the trump deregulatory tax cuts agenda so this
i a news producer chernobyl this personal what he writes he says chernobyl was a failure of humans whose loyalty to or fear of a broken governing governing party overruled their sense of decent irrationality you're the old man with it ain't you just worship a different means portrait taken a shot at me in other words for being some kind of trump act light which i am not i support the president's conservative policies ladies and gentlemen understand this are not taken in necessary shot if this guy he's tweets go on and on he promotes trump fake news and he hates suggesting number one that i'm a socialist from the movie the old man with a cane he's talking about is a socialist in the movie who puts you don't potentially hundreds of thousands of lives at stake in uk in belarus and elsewhere by not acting early on the cheap bubbles disaster suggesting i'm socialist is
you know i did so dumb that didn't want to waste your it's really stupid it does not even worth energy it is it's so dumb for me to expound on further would waste your time i'm just gonna leave that pardon there but for this guy to do when every book being many tyrant radical liberals in human history and excuse the system socialist and blame it on well this really is about socialism this is about human failures is so unbelievably stupid that i my wife waistlines said to this guy craig watch don't series he's offended the i who produce chernobyl he's offended that conservatives like me shapiro and others have promote he's offended who promoted series so point number one you know to rewrite history because you did a
historically relatively accurate tell us in series on in other words he and his tweet i hope i'm not confusing and just stop me existence i want you to understand why i'm ask i'm apologizing for promoting this now ok i am we should not play german word of culture war here ok we're culture war here and reaching these people and me promoting their stuff was foolish on my part i owe you a sincere apologies i should have known better that this area did not actually want people to watch you stuff i get through that a second to take away i want you to government is he i ve been his eminence hollywood lunatics start to come after me after i began to that little spat they're saying how dare you attend the producer vp knows what is peace when that is not what the peace met it is
story called recount of history if you tell it right what actually happened you don't get to interpret it another way let me give you a better yeah well maybe it in our work here go ahead if your gun to do a historically accurate retelling of the tyranny edie i mean in africa and you do it accurately i'll get to say later while my interpretation is eating i mean who was a bloody torturers tyrant was really a decent guy who was doing the whole thing for the sake of garden country and we're just kind of you know we're just putting this there for you to see it that that's not what happened he tells very good well done i i've i've told you a great was historically accurate telling of an event that happen because tyrannical so
phyllis people like bernie sanders and others who subscribe to this nonsense didn't care about human life they cared about the soviets you will salute wag the hammer and sickle we'll get to rewrite dad if you rewrite it did rewrite it say this is not historically accurate but it's my telling of chernobyl you get a german that's not there the understood they made a very accurate up and up to the point where they show the miners digging under chernobyl nude because it was hot underneath there he told it currently and he attacks serve additives who promoted saying this is in accurate retelling of the horrors of social know you guys are reading this wrong we're not reading history wrong you're just anybody in this way
human failure not a failure of socialism you want drugs seriously he was readers twitter feed you think i'm making this up here actually mad that conservative chuck watery from ever chuck worries and concerns those them the dating checks it conservative here tat shock watery autism feed for promoting the show so i'm s you again with respect this is partly with his ladies and gentlemen dont pure hbo get rid of this don't watch this guy's garbage felicity it's not gonna make a dent in his income i don't care about but don't watch this guy's garbage he doesn't want you to boy come about leading some formal boycott us but i'm telling you this guy this not want you in the audience and he doesn't want people like me promoting is done ok do you got body nice job
web rules by the way you are always welcome here i get your emails i disagree where do you want to listen to my show bring it on you want to support sponsors growth with a business here too to keep the show on here hbo this model by the way is let's payment billions of dollars first series let's do it pack your job and then when people appreciate our work and interpret history accurately let's take a big all over them what's crap all over them and try humiliate them on twitter for promoting our are you pete when a hollywood this job you only stupid that you think this is a is this model for the future that forty find percent of america that supported i'll try for forty seven that should forgive me i would like to be precise and of these act number whatever it doesn't matter close to fifty percent of that
country supports this man and his policies and your business models the crap all over them when they promote of commercial ah my show is not cheap foams i give this area are free add and he starts lacing into conservatives on twitter feed there so many very very talented morons out their joe lydia staggering stealing first stupidity in hollywood is so unbelievably guy ladys we are in a massive culture war here and it's like i told you about the left it's not that they don't like your ideas they don't like you and you are welcome here can survive liberals and democrats you welcome here i don't agree with your ideas on carefully probably most most everything
but you are always welcome here you want to promote our show promote to show after all was it you sometimes on the show to you wanna promoted go right ahead based are tweeting the euro don't you dare watch my show and promoted for free my wife said to me last night we were all europe get ready people she said you know it things that you read that email you know you are the purser email me it was from a former bernie sanders supporter who now listen my show and enjoys it i promise you folks we didn't respond back school you fill where do you get off my female big dope we set our thanks a lot we appreciate that what kind of stupid business model is is this is your guy hbo keep her mind i mean the politics business this is what i do therein entertainment business you take it
entertaining the producer and director of the probably one of the best series ever produced on tv to go out and crap all over an audience and people who are promoting your content what kind of stupid business model is this case wage rio show me your pictures of it idiots and thank this moron craig mass who by the way i believe was ted cruises all remains a guy crap doll over ted crews nice work you are one of the dumbest people i'm serious i have ever seen in my life and hollywood is full of morons you could be one of the biggest idiot i have ever seen concern seem to join my shop screwed turtle dude why sure man ok ok thank you i'm as one apart left to and i would have i was looking for do what you on monday whoever directly you guys they greatly
but it's a shame this idiot on his twitter feed is running your operation wait i got a couple more in hollywood to it gets better it doesn't just end if i'm telling you it is the dumbest industry ruby attendance is down gee i wonder why conservative rapid all over conservatives you got i wanted to see this x men movie and then i find out that eighty who plays the phoenix in the movie boycotting alibi but because they will terminate life in the womb ok tags skipping not one haven't i stay sophie turner how about you entertain that's your job right but tell you can have a political opinion but you think it's a good idea to crap all over people all the time we're gonna boy alabama cable boycott you no excellent movies are terrible anyway sorry but who did of that an awful job i got more this isolation about you
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our quick not unheard of and i know i can beat this thing out but it's important i don't get into the culture war snuff a lot and no other podcast do i'm origin the next item gate in other things like that but this one important and this guy kind of gun under my skin yesterday because we can just enjoy sports or entertainment anymore we have to have the people moralising he couldn't you say on twitter feed joe hey listen guys i'm a liberal but you know i get that the ship appeals the conservatives for various reasons i appreciate you guys and ladys tune and in everybody's welcome units already set as always it is stupid conservative do you know what you must show smartly more telling real you really are so stupid yea details even king staggered even king the way you wrote that thank you for watching it like the smart way whatever dude such an idiot i'm sorry about the hostile told there but i really sometimes my wife and i just want to sit down
i enjoy good quality entertainment which they show is ended the be room more lies idiots who know nothing about socialism the history of it or anything who have to china and their social media to ruin it for everyone like they grew in me fell we want a protest social justice ok don't find your worth one million dollars started shout if you got to do it on sunday white people ever watch the football game i watch the super bowl one time in four years now we find out now x is gonna boycott alabama me georgia i live i may set album before forgive me george taken up by counting georgia that has a big industry netflix in disney as well well there you go ex disney made my decisions easier this summer it's funny how disney does business in china the world's largest surveillance state which impressed
thousands of are weaker muslims right now keeps them as political prisoners but don't worry about that as of one child policy but yet disney nowhere keep film and in china as that torreon bore the boss you journal pointed out today these these culture war bob i got to see you doesn't help is company were boycotted nice job disney screwing for everyone so again ladies gentlemen spend money wisely and we find out netflix as well which paula we have got to cancel i can't stand these idiots enough i really can't netflix way i i've never make it allied here we gotta cancel this garbage netflix does business in egypt other places all over the world that have you know but pretty trouble history with human rights but netflix wants to boycott georgia as well because they won't terminate lives and the boom in the womb wombs of women yeah ok enough really became i now i but i had this is in my head folks bad and i always
i shall try to not waste your time and i feel like i'm going on and then my apologies i just really p o about this because where such a great country and we used to have these safe not safe spaces but these safe kind of sweet here's where we could all go and enjoy ourselves we go out to a restaurant a good meal without the owner you know some written a maga had off your head we used be able to watch a baseball game a football game watch a great series i chernobyl and sit down and be able to watch it and you're not that's all gone now folks it's all gone we live in a totally different way this is the orange man bad world we don't like trumps trump like stephen king has to be a part of every single component of our allies it's at that point our kids you not where i gotta restaurants and i genuinely afraid that someone spitting in my food if they recognize i'm not kidding it's why my i thought i only go to a couple places all that stuff oh it's not i have friends you can
are you pretty horrible stories movement i speak in a bad decisions i all over fake libertarian just in a marsh congressmen for michigan who is the first and thankfully only republican who is calling for the appeal donald trump in one of the most foolish moves i've seen in my life tat this guy's not libertarian i don't care i use this support him vocally he had been a good war for liberty in the past but as i that would mahler your past history not absolve you of your future mistakes especially when your future takes like the one a marsh made calling for the impeachment have tromp although he was targeted by the police state is going to do such kadesh profit damage to the liberty cause your past work goes out the window and i'm sorry for that and i'm sorry for it is the big apology show that for having backed a marsh in the past it was a big mistake i thought this guy was the real deal he turned out to be the biggest phony of all now
it's been very isolated i've actually be gettin hundreds of miles from real libertarians saying thank you for taking this guy on i don't know what he's doing i'm done with this guy but once in a while one or two i begin i favour if there were more i tell you i'm not here to kind of pain and on rosy or rosy picture of anything one or two maelstrom libertarian say now you're off based in a marsh is a great warrior for liberty well i know em i guess i personally have run into meant a couple events it is always nice to me sound like rude in person i would suggest as on a personal fat bob one libertarian i do know quite well is and paul and rain all who no one with the same straight face this is going to attack ran paul's libertarian bona fide he's right ran paul was asked if he is gone to support just then a marshes move to impeach the president paul whose libertarian
provides again are better than anyone nigeria report he doesn't see any other republicans joining a marsh on impeachment after this on libertarian russia prob here was ran paul on fox news talking about exact this was a libertarian republic and i think the whole investigation sort of has an unlimited marian feel you have intelligence community than has so much power than many libertarians we ve always said gosh this much power could be abused and when i look at it i see an abuse of power from co me from clap or from brennan from all these guys who i think took this power the dad this great power we entrusted with them despite foreigners and they do against americans for partisan reasons so i think this has to be investigated i think it is wrong for any republican to think oh gosh this is a legitimate investigation i think is very partisan and as you have fact right i knew i'd i knew why i love this guy you know i i i
brand is always always listen there are some trump people who get army for support ran i dont care idle our politicians of any sharp there's things i disagree with rand onto but this is a principle of guy who is better but the spear or the liberty movement for airports telling you exactly what and saying on the show for days now a marsh on the wrong side of this argument nobody suggesting every single move tromp made the investigation was what terrifically thought ok there were mistakes of course there were mistakes the quest jenny is not to try to make a mistake in office when he was illegally spied on and on no investigated as of course wants you to believe that's not the question
the question joe are is are those mistakes criminal temporary the answer to any rational person is of course not are you crazy he talk firing down again did he know ok so you're mad that he had a thought you didn't like he talked about firing bar mahler did he know he didn't you're mad the trump was upset he was being unethically investigated investigative a crime you commit it's a crazy and i my libertarian listen better on a site i'm asking you to me cuba is well why respect a while but i can't take get support tomorrow the debt your tree azure needs where you're going to dedicate your energy you think it advance this is the cause of liberty and justice real justice not this fake social justice stuff
here too a limited government and big individual god given bigger rights you think your advice seeing the cause of liberty by implicitly backing and unethical investigation into a president who you didn't like his for storing the investigation after the police state mechanisms we always feared would be abused were abused and spied on this president york and more about the present thoughts about it he was good fire again he was gonna hold back document that by the way it does indeed say that did it no he didn't all mcafee documents what do i do stared you're upset about the president being upset but you're not upset about the spying now i know why guy or i can already predict your response well she's always spoken out against police day by day this is the
right here ladies and gentlemen this is the five how many times do i have to tell you about battlefield morality or with them this writer for human events will forgive me i forget as less namely these chamber he calls him wartime servitors versus peacetime conservatives do you understand what battlefield morality now we are in a fight for the future of this country with a bunch of socialists police state tyrants weapon there's a government big government liberals and bankruptcy specialists who are driving us off in an economic cliff and in that fight this is an existential fight for the future what this country means you have chosen just in a marsh to derek your energy to impeaching a president just to be clear because you didn't like his thoughts about being investigated
are you insane and our people defending allows principle is not the principle or pass ladies and gentlemen i tweeted about a marsh how i thought he was terrific for liberty i think i donated aided do i talked about him on a radio i don't run from at the time i method but something happened there's a break here something happened to get it is acting in the most unethical immoral anti liberty matter i have seen i've never seen a complete one eighty like this in my life seems we're in a little bit little thank god for brand paul speaking out against this very
libertarian investigation my gosh a marsh i came why i'm really stunned that same people are defending this guy you wanna talk about it the personality but do you saw worship this guy like a golden calf or marsh dead yet you you you kids he threw what's going on here you wanna would pay the president are you nuts because you don't like the fact that he died firing the special could by the way even if the fire discretion council and began you reality visually eager fire everyone sees the head of the executive branch doll but we'd all alike oh so our impeaching him because we don't like his personnel choices folks i'm sorry again you're welcome here on the show but of yours
putting a marsh i don't know i can't with a straight face figure out what you're missing here we are in battlefield morality here we are in a existential fight for the few sure this country you don't look at the guy next to you in the trenches and playing that he hasn't changed this underwear in three days as hot lead is coming your way you really don't care now in a cart a party in dc during peacetime that change you're underwear for three days probably a good idea i haven't done that change and twice really scott thanks to tommy job but waiting in the trenches ladies and gentlemen egg that probably gets looked over and
since my problem with a marsh in his tree of needs in this trench fight this existential fight for the future that country he has chosen to prioritize what the guy who didn't changes underwear for three days despite the fact that the enemies bearing down on us on believable myopic stupid ignorant misplaced and frankly when the only person supporting you out there are socialists big government liberal and media hacks you would think of maastricht figure out he's probably on the wrong side but he hasn't magically he d keeps doubling tripling down my mouth is gonna want or now talking about this and am gonna get hungry and i don't like it hungry before i go to the jail all my stakes i made maya but less than we
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type in bonn gino into the search bar don't wait the offer soon got almost states that calm type on gino in the search bar to get your father's day state fix package too now i'm hungry i may have to delay the gym absurd it happens again today i want to get useless motor through these stories and i want to leave you for the week without my opinion on certain news items big news yesterday coming out of the trump campaign about the imposition of tariffs at their southern border with max trot made a bold announcement last night we see in the wall street journal tromp threatens tariffs on mexican imports in response to the migrant search listen ladies and gentlemen quickly on this story i am obviously a free trader on my that a i am a real libertarian who believes in liberty economic and and the like but the city they show that the southern borders untenable its eight we can't keep going like this we affair
if we have no southern border we are border patrol agents changing diapers i'm not kidding us on a joke about trying to be funny that's actually had yet we have a medical crisis at the border of course you are ill who need medical attention we have shown you're coming across at in a dangerous track across our borders it is entirely untenable this cannot continue the mexican our mid ladies and gentlemen has done very little about this i am a free trader i always will be i hate tariffs but an no this is gonna rank also my conservative friends specially some people i know i was back there right at the examiner and other places but that's fine i don't know what else to do again stopped britain they were in some kind of peace time morality hear me this is war time reality we are this is this is going to cause such national security crisis airport the one percent of the population of guatemala has left to its
of illegally entered the united states this cannot continue there is no way it can continue like this what other siege question do you have while we could build we're trying the democrats don't care we could make people can asylum for mexico we're trying not to the court's keep getting in the way other choice are you giving the man i think this is the right move but let me take that back scratch that not the right move i think this is the less wrong move because right move is peacetime morality you know what i'm saying shall i go there's a right and wrong here there's not a no right yeah there's a wrong and are less rob theirs you didn't changes underwear and the church trenches for three days who should have an end is him take
here too the eta me to save your life you don't worry about the less wrong changing every the underwear he had to do something what do you want him to do folks impact us it'll impact me it's gonna impact business what do you want him to do what six yes you do you have you want a suggestion for me for less less wrong i hate tears this is gonna be dude nobody damage to our economy in some sectors it could be significant i'm not naive about that and i'm out here i voted for you you like it democrats and writer publicans i don't either do something upon capitol hill passing massive border control package build the wall and do something
about controlling illegal flows from central and south america into the country it's as simple as that you can make these terrorists go away just like them how to deal with the white house tomorrow they won't do a job because their total complete cowards all you want to do is complain about trump terrorists they do point step here you are correct thumbs up to thumbs up what do you want him to do build a wall we're not doing that make claim asylum in the first country they lay there our don't let's hit the court's involved in outline travel ban from countries with a history of terrorism are not doing out either when a fight that the court's ok so you have you have no solutions this is gonna sting
what is going to sting mexico a lot more it's going to sting us they can help us here is a way to come into the country legally we have a process for that process matters we cannot maintain tens of thousands of people entering the country illegally we have no idea where they are it is they from security issue it is a border issue it is a sovereignty issue it has to stop so it is the last wrong idea but it's the we write one right now and if you on a change it democrats and rhinos and you go do something about it i capitol hill and finally cut a deal but you want because you're candidly useless you are you're totally completely useless it's pathetic alright i warned you a while ago about but i call them
rural cannibalism how identity politics joe wherever this story out its inevitable inevitable sally back have a good note on friday i been a little bit of a debbie downturn in like that but i meanwhile identity politics is liberal focus on the color of your skin your national origin your sex whatever it may be how it inevitably who's gonna resolved inevitably sees me result in liberals eating themselves alive how the movement had to be cannibalistic and the example i use at the time with her the charter school movement in new work in the success academy you some of these are tools in new york brok science and others that the success came out asian families were upset that so was mayor build the plaza of new york wanted to basically institute race quotas now why would bring asian families be upset because of asian families word is getting their kids into these schools are kids had performed well and the quota to increase the number of another ratio minority over asian american
would decrease the number of asian american slots in the same school so i said to you that i get politics is inherently by nature cannibalistic in it has no future to eat itself alive just like the pro abortion movement the abortion movement over time is allowed it centres on death that's what that that's the whole focus kennedy politics eventually will turn one minor group against the other as political interest change which role events we get them i realise that there's no future in this either having said that it was a story i picked out wall street journal today about single payer the push for single payer and new york here we go the caterpillars have continued public unions outwards government worker unions versus single pair look who as that about government run out here by their editorial board faster big how lip
less will eat itself alive why what's going on here again so it was the communist mayor build a block zero others in new york other liberals state assembly in others they would love to him when a single payer government run healthcare plan for new york another would you want health guarantee aren't you gonna go through the new york state government that's how you gonna get your healthcare well what happened there well the traditional progressive interest group for single pay or health care want single pay or health care why because they want better health care no no no progressive radical liberals want government run healthcare because they crave we haven't said donwell jew you could try all they want control over their at interested in better health care they no government run healthcare stakes they just want to control oh you and the best way to do it is to be able to control you can live or die through your health care
so these radical progressive trying to push this in new york think they have a good opportunity to do it even though its fails and even liberal states like california in vermont who liberals push for it there and it failed couldn't get it instituted the public sector unions including as we see in the peace the teachers did show which are pretty radical themselves now save time baby red flag on gonna feel let's go onto the road for a view from the peace the new year stay united teachers also worried about retirees who have left the state and continue to receive subsidize union run health benefits otherwise you're paid for their healthcare unions quote dont want to give up what they fought so hard for and suddenly see their members either lose their coverage or lose it because their pensions are enough stay here in this state sets
senator diane sabena a former labour organizer i'm mom issue diane sabena is never voted for republican or consider doing so at any point our entire like i don't know that i'm take it i guess but i'll bet albright if she has let me know corrected on the show they are eating themselves alive ladies and gentlemen the identity politics focus democrats will inevitably target hispanics against black voters its asian voters as the interest groups at the time because they are not all alike minority voters are not robots conservative like yeah we know liberals this i don't know they're not minority voters are moms their dad's their soccer coaches there lay employees their teachers and architects their pilot their secret service agents there radio sound protection engineers executive producers
events in wives they have displayed sets of interests when an asian mom loses our kids spot in an excellent new york city high school because the liberal mayor institute's ratio of quotas in the system all of a sudden trips to the asian mom or may not be the same interests of a hispanic or a mother weapons to be blank why identity politics has no future because you can't pay people against each other given erase democratic a cat characteristic you can't their interests are not the same that's a narrowly races to insist there their interests are the same the melanin continent doesn't control your neurons people differently this only a shocker to liberals but ladies and gentlemen is not just that their financial interests are different as well you can't tell
teachers unions in new york that have organised and tall their members we're gonna give you taxpayer funded health care for the rest your life and then say oh by the way that same pot of money is going to be paid for taxpayer for that healthcare for everybody else to the teachers all the sunlight way way way way way way way i worked for that you're gonna give it to illegal immigrants in new york is well potentially or people who never work they and their life for that for the movement is inherently cannibalistic liberalism stinks because liberalism won't work because it can't work the math doesn't work strategy doesn't work the ideology doesn't work it is a ok system one more thought i leave you for the week so new york they public unions teachers unions are bothered by the single pay amanda because their fight so interests are the same origin john i swear to you
do tell millions of seniors on medicare who at a pay these taxes their entire life that all uncle birdie he's gonna institute a single payer system nation why it's going to cancel your medicare you take what happening in new york state is ugly way so you see the backlash to that one when your voice that onto the back of america's seen you since senior citizens hey medicare broke it spent horribly design programme but you think there's a backlash now to changing medicare weighty tell him it's gotta be cancelled and you're going to read dude you push you went to a government exclusively government run programme with tat folks thanks again for another great weak i really appreciate if you subscribe to our account youtube dot com slash bonn gino it's free and are you too became wash the visual and the show and viewed subscribing autobahn podcast as well at school even to subscribe on google pod gas apple pie guess i'll radio sound club we really appreciate helps us move up the charts thanks again for another
great week i will see you all a month day sir you just heard tan bonn gino show you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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