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The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn (Ep 1269)

2020-06-08 | 🔗

In this episode I address the insane “defund the police movement” and I debunk liberal myths about policing which are being used to fuel rage. I also address the inside story of the NYPD chaos and the Secret Service’s political fights.

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now we find that police is not possibly easy. Dumbest catastrophically, stupid, suicidal deadly. Policy proposal in the history of the United States. That's where we are right now what the left. Raised Amboise GINO show brought you by express Vps your online data. That's your business. Get a VP end today, go to express VP and dot com. Sledge mancino welcome The damned mancino show pollution show. How are you on this Monday? They may doing really really good, but before we go, I want to tell you that.
The National Sousa Interview, Dude, like you, was right. I, like you, I got my every Lucretia nice giant, nice Geneva great. I cannot. I appreciate your compromise, Joe Paula loved. It drew loved it. The audience feedback was incredible available on our youtube. Now, thanks for the problem, but I did not ask Joe to say: thou know there was an eight sues. Our interview this weekend is I opening about tee for socialism. Dishonor Youtube now and are an outcast channel check it out here and I can one commissioner, I thank you Joe very Batman, nice job as a nice job with the production quota. Thank you. Ladys jumbo jet alive today, I'm hoping to get the sum. I've got some developments and the spy gay case. It again are gonna open your eyes italian to my new book in it I got that define the police, this nonsense and some just insanity, revenge of the swamp, Andy inside story. What's going at the MIT media, are related Potential by reference to do can in their offering the patriot collection now filled with three comments, Great american beer soaps made with actual Budweiser beer come on, we'll get you kid that beer cell, but
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metre high standards doesn't happen. Twenty using do cannons great American Pierce have to clean up now that you put your best way Don't be surprised me start hum of the national anthem visit Duke in that car use promo code by GINO for ten percent off your entire order. Free shipping without is over twenty dollars. A range of do Cannas men's premium products are also available. Local target smell manhood victory today, Duke Cannon Calm, use, promo Code Budget Rigel. Let's go put my premium collection here wagon view something stuff all over the place. By Ladys Joam is defined. The police movement is quite possibly the dumbest most suicidal idea. I've ever heard in american history, but I don't put stupid ideas. Pass liberals manufactory pride themselves on them now before we get to content in case. You think I'm making this up, that they want to actually defined and remove police departments from some cities in America. I'm gonna play their actual sound from people in charge, a mini
Apple is City council, member where they have a veto, prove democratic majority. That of actually voted for this. Would a player sound remit, but I want We clear on something about this defined the police, because I dont want to start Monday. Animal calm down Because I know a life, I get your emails, I read your emails, I say a thousand empathize with you. Many of you were saying this in your communications with me, Impala New, saying Dan, it's over country law They found the police. We ve got blot economic on, constitute no lockdown going on you know. Job losses. Folks, I get it despair. Sadly, is everywhere, and I'm not here to give you a pollyanna issue, does not gonna be a fight ahead? Don't worry, everything's gonna, be peaches and cream. Folks, that's not me, but here to tell you this- positive note. Everything. Ladies and gentlemen, everything runs in cycles, everything I say
This detail before the shell, because he was depressed about it to not not get it. We have a long conversations before the shows we get the technical stuff up. And I said Joe I've seen this before You grew up in New York City in the seventies and eighties you know what street and urban chaos looks like. You were their turn. Style, jumping everything from graffiti topic. Pretty crimes to murder resource thousands of homicides a year in New York City, thousands thousands of people murdered in Africa's largest city New York. Graffiti everywhere: petty theft everywhere, public, urination drunkenness, you name of crime rates, assault, murder, gang violence. Three. Eventually, ladies and gentlemen, that crime hit home when enough people tragically. Sadly,
had their cars broken into daughters and sons robbed on the way to school. Their daughters and sons trash we killed by dealers corners when enough People had that hit them in the gut and it came home And visiting them at their house, and I agree that the grim reaper was knocking on their door. Eventually Ladys determine all the politics stop. They had hit the natural valley, the trough and they had enough, vote for Giuliani, because he was a republican Lotta Democrats voted for Giuliani. Course took over the mayor shipped from David thinking, in the middle of a chaos they Rudy for really Giuliani, because he was a nice ABC United States attorney known for law and order republican label, men very little people.
I say that, ladies and gentlemen, because we're heading that bottom now. And liberalism is nice and cute to talk about two liberalism. Castrates, you kicked unity. I've been this kind of policy. We can give us a movie black hawk down folks anyway, we get these pop culture references right, but I'm here about this one. I've seen that movie they have such great movie. I seen it. Our Europe agree have seen it probably caused the thirty times portion it probably cost you a hundred times, and I had This thing pleasure by those in the secret service of go into kind of aid a briefing up wash gonna briefing average. What mad ever spent. Who was one of the the chalk sergeant? Who was there in the blacklist of character play by Josh hard net and he was amazing and there's a scene in a movie where one Delta, guys is talking to the Josh Heart NET, mad Everson character and he asks. The delta force operator NED? He says this and now you know, what do you think about us be in here
Somalia and it's a the guy turn. So many says you know what I think Nobody gives a damn what I think figures when those bullets come flying, your way, all those politics it s word. It all goes out. The window does it have to do what I'm talkin about its everything. When the bullet start come in your way, your name descends into complete chaos. Drug dealers, the mob organ, crime and pretend terror groups moved to your city, because there ll be no policing your business, get looted and Rob forbid. There's a terrorist attack, organize mob start shaken you down for tribute money cartel start taking over the sanitation industry. The fishing industry. You know why that was a big deal. New York decided what the hell are you doing there. You know why sanitation issues a big deal, ladies, but if you oughta business you pull,
bridge cans out to the curb, like you do in your house. Of course, you don't you have industrial size, waste containers outside pray. Companies in New York companies all after have contracts officially forward, doesn't pick that stuff up. Private companies do the mob own that you want a business here. You need sanitation. I've got a suggestion. I remember me: the tea, was one of the companies and I suggest a day at Bob just say that was what it companies we used in the biggest our work. But there They come into, mobsters would come in and they say: hey I suggest you use Joey bag, it don't at sanitation, No, no, it's ok, we're gonna go Mister T said I don't think that's a good idea. I think are we braggadocio? Sanitation is a really good idea? It's five thousand a month. Turkey is a hundred a month. I think is a better deal for you. You pick put on put down, Joe God forbid
waste burn down bladder know how that would have in general. God forbid, People came in and shook down your place with guns out of etc. Say, and we would do that- Joey Bag, Adona, sanitation we get a nod? I'm just saying you should probably use our sanitation company, which is pretty much every business in Europe. You like that, I get shake him down, define your cups, go right ahead. You think the evil and men's hearts, that's Been around since the beginning of time is all of a sudden disappear because you made some kind of flowery talk. Folks Ike. Not emphasize this enough. Liberalism is cutesy and then in the esoteric non real world I was explaining armor costs, you know they get away with this all the time they can High taxes crushed the economy or what they do in the media, they just The media to say Ronald Reagan, did it
What do you mean you guys high taxes and the economy collapse? Reagan's have been dead, it doesn't matter ragged and the media because their morons parents it and that's how Democrats avoid accountability. You may say: well, then, why is not why would it does not happen again? Crime Rachel, spike they'll go through the roof and they'll blame the Republicans they'll try When the bullet comes your through your front window, God forbid. I thought so easy anymore. Folks. You can blame re again and blame Bush and blame Trump for Europe, go problems in your democrats. Cities and the media help. But when that problem punches you in the stomach you're going to start demanding accountability. You talk about systemic problems and you better ask him what system is causing your problems and that system is the kid are in curse of liberalism, which is a forest fires
burns down everything it touches on here, absolutely ridiculous interview even like Hapless Alison camaraderie CNN, who I Done more to promote the spy gate, hopes and aim she's at sea and an even she can't believe, she's interviewing in this video we have here now to cuts from it she's interviewing LISA Bender from the Minneapolis City Council, who they have voted to defer their police, but this is not a joke anymore. This is bout the hit home to the good citizens of Minneapolis. Camera interviewing her and she says basic questions here like well? Are you going to call if there's a crime, Freaking ghostbusters! I mean who you gonna, call checked.
ITALY is was driving? Does any council's announcement yesterday and now the hard work began is for us to build systems that really work to keep all of our community safe, but to be clear, you're not talking about reform. The word dismantle is intentionally different, then reform. This is more than reform. This is dismantling. I mean activists who support this, are calling this a police free future yeah, you know a lot of us were asked if we could imagine a future without leads back into dozen seventeen when we were running for office- and I answered yes to that question again, just please the lips tell me I'm making this up that that woman's b Liberalization arts, after total radical right there, that's an anarchist right there. But please again tell me I'm making set this quote from her: that's cool,
now created, we did cut her. She goes on to explain how what may not happen right now and we are working on a long term plan. She clearly says no now. This is what we're talking about defending the police in a police. Free future is manipulated to make a different point only for time Not manipulate hurrah just cut for tat, they are really talking about cutting off your police department completely. Now, folks, get another customer again because Aunt Allison Camera follows up with you. You know we gotta call question who you gonna call window born this up. When you get a crime She's no legitimate answer for this at all, but before I get that We understand the boy you not. I don't do what you do. You don't do what I do and although many my ministers are many are
they don't have experienced, will not force man and there is a general assumption out there. I think about loan for that bad. But people know what they know about. One forest went from what friends have told them from what you know you see in movies and reading books night. Really happens in law enforcement, however, The liberals have no answer for here at all. Let me tell you what a routine night looks like, and I want to ask you this go on talking about for a police officer when I was on the job. You to think about is I'm talking about each of these scenarios. When you down I'm on one, if we don't show up for these calls on good men and who does terrorism case. Now then, at this map, and really because I investigated one as a secret service agent in the long island, Melville Field officer, the secret service. They were selling on time? Cigarettes and said the protein proceeds to a terrorist group overseas like
that was happening on long island. One of the guys was who shows up when the person who took me off, I can hey who obviously, when the person a tip me off about their case. Hey this guy may be involved with middle eastern terror groups on cigarettes, hoo, hoo hoo shoe, shows up. I'm just asking who? U S? Military, I don't even like tat either, who who shows up they made it's a dramatic example. Ok, I'm fair enough dramatic, but real good, was up when you have a gang, probably new neighbours. When gangs cribs the blood's. The latin kings. We had a problem with them in the seven five priest when I was a cop. Name kids as they walk in that way to school. Who do you call your parent outta? You have for that.
I mean: are you not obligated to provide an answer to parents who they don't you know they don't have the luxury they get their kid in uber to go to school over their kids walk to school at eight nine years old to dangerous neighbours, who's gonna, protect kids, God forbid. They have to call my moment who shows up who the adventures this week. Who's your who shows up from Krypton. They were to use. The mob example shows up when they come in your store and tell you: Joey beg Adona Sanitation who shows up for their who hoo hoo. The social workers show up. Who shows up on eighty peace. What's eating peace peace where cases. Yes, this is a typical. My in law enforcement. You get maybe that terrorism every night gang problems every night shows up when you get any RP run as recall. Radio, on eight seven, five, King p, whatever Sutter Albania
tat was an emotionally the star person. Some of them dangerous, some of em, not some I'm barricaded some of them threatening people some and peaceful, just the cycle, pathological issues who shows up, you call my mind: there's a guy outside your house naked high on drugs with a knife in his hand, who shows up for the GDP Batman. In a flash, the bat signal you MC friends, get to show up your liberal friends before going to short about black lives matter they going to show up Who who show who show you got that through? Who shows up. We chose operated cases, you know what ailed cases are. Aided meaning provide aid to someone About twenty percent of my night on a given night, when I was on patrolling the seven five precinct, guy falls Whenever cracked his head, the sidewalk
my goddamn, William S, chosen for that year, who do you think protect CMS us. Who do you think calls the boss CMS, we the central. We need a bus. The carve show up first You think, secures the fireman When they were in a dangerous labored put out a fire set by the bad guys, you think that I love firemen a very dangerous job, terrifying. It's not that I don't take this. The wrong way are brave, is ready to fires. God bless you fire terrifies me, but don't carry firearms. Who do you think the you do know that you do know the cops via the security perimeter, of course, because you're a liberal, Brain is six feet thick of mush and five, if I brainy encoded led who do you think? protects the empty corner in the dangerous gangrene area
what he's serving a patient corners- God forbid, as a gunshot. Who do you really think protect? Who are you do know? The cops did that. Oh you taught antifraud did that. Let me draw one final: one: who's gonna sponsor the homicide investigations or the missing child cases are you deal with the social workers got to listen. I love social workers. I did my graduate work in psychology, a lot of good stuff, not a knock on you, the source. Who's going to do the homicide investigation at the missing cases battle about twice a week say Dan, all those kids were missing. Listen a lot of it was just a girlfriend. Oh boy, and run away from home at sixteen, and they showed up a few hours later. Some of it wasn't Who's gonna do that investigation. My mind, my daughter's missing our whole that we're gonna get a social work or over there. Now Why do we have a potential homicides dead body from as hold on hold on.
Let's get Aquaman Talk talks, the fishes, you know, maybe can swim puddle a pothole and get some of the guppies ended. What kind of insanity is this? The again You think I'm making this up, that they haven't thought any of this through these liberal lunatics, here's part two or that interview We're gonna camera who's been We call this on every other issue at CNN, simple question like What we are constantly breaks in your house, listen to the answer, this. Do you understand that the word dismantle or police free also makes some people nervous, for instance, what if, in the middle of the night my home is broken into? Who do I call
I mean I, I hear that loud and clear from alive my neighbors and I knew- and I myself too, and I know that that comes from this privilege, because for those of us for whom the system is working, I think we need to start. I can imagine what it would feel like two already live in that reality, where calling the police may mean more harm, as this is a problem with this before the show as I've. Over on the other side in our like green room, there fixing up my greasy face for the showed It's a matter of fires, so I dont shine all over you and she. I don't even know what to say to this, so break he's expecting your house that to be breakin is a sign of privy privilege. This is These are my words forced this is sincerity this is insanity.
They have no answer for what is going to happen to you. Make no mistake if they define the police, they have no answer for this telling you right now, people we'll die kid. We'll die teenagers will die, adults will die your property will be unsafe. Your house we'll be unsafe gangs, fill the void. Mobsters will fill the void, not be filled by gangs. Gangs and mobsters will shoot at each other and kill each other. They didn't houses versus the Lincoln Towers when I was, and it was gang Moors break out. Terrorists will get the message that they are free to develop cells in Minneapolis because, of course, is no police to stop them, but don't you worry, don't you just go right ahead, labs? Don't ever forget them watch a movie black hawk down. You'll, see that line differently. Now you know what I think when the STAR fly and all that politics and stuff echoes out the window or when the bullet
God forbid start flying in your neighborhood. All that Brill bs you ve been telling us about four years. I promise you you're going to dump that like a hot potato You'll have your own Moody Giuliani in less than a year, One final request here too, and I'm not kidding. The people in these cities are our citizens to one country staff in a train. That is one point You're, a lot of good people are being subjected to this nonsense. You know it's nonsense, but if you're not wanted speak on you're, one of those that are now twenty five thirty forty five percent of Minneapolis City residents, who are voting for this and love. This do not move to my town. When your city becomes Gotham and falls apart, we'll make Gotham look like robber room. Don't You dare move to my city and vote that garbage in here. My city down here is safe. We have laws
hiding citizens. I care about their town, their God, their people, their police officers and the sheriff Not interested in your garbage, I can't tell you what to do it's a free country, I'm asking you with humility and the greatest of non respect, don't come to my town. We don't want you or your stupid, defined the police nonsense. Here you will literally get people killed you live with the consequences of your own decision. Please all I can do is ask You actually believe in freedom. If I was a liberalized set, we'd have people like locked up in their seas. That's what they do. They loved the police. They aren't. I What more to get you, including almanecks, get some higher level tough on the stool interesting one articles wash, you turn everything they could. I shall also brought you by your friends Jane you sell, ladies and gentlemen Jen. You Sally response it for a long time. Summers! Finally, here a summit, no other in so many ways in Germany celebrating with a sound like no other right now get their cost
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You see other combat genuine back home check him out appreciate any self sponsoring show why. Folks, again it things you're cyclical. I don't want you to beat you down in this Monday. We are gonna hit a bottom and we are going to come back here. Our ages and the victorian area era. Then the french Revolution back the chaos and the Magna Carta I mean even in New York, I saw myself you have to hit rock bottom but to hit rock bottom. The hit you at home SAM, it's going to when people are going to be hurt, looted, rob and otherwise- and I wish- and I pray- that's not the case, but when it Its people at home we'll hit that bottom and people start to realize the insanity, what they believe in member the cat, ass of the late Sixtys and Seventys was followed. The greatest run for the conservative or movement and movement modern times. The Ronald Reagan era. Here comes in cycles, we come back, I know it, I'm sure of it. I'm ab-
we'll be sure of it. If I didn't believe it, I wouldn't say on this: shall we just have to hit a bottom first. And we may be getting there soon. May I know some of you dispute that, but I'm stay an optimist year. What else do we got. Is this thing article wash your journal by this movement towards chaos as well? That, I really think is worth your time. It's buyer! Mary, Mary and Stars Yo Grady, who writes about South America and central american issues all the time. It's called the culture wars in the street roars where she does Graham, she, the italian economists, and why Your values as a barrier to power, not without getting too deep into the weeds on the she makes an interesting point that we met Joe? I don't know if you remember this. We would talk about this in my basement five six years ago when we started this shelf. What are the shows we did? We didn't became kind of evergreen topic on my show. If we get this, sure from liberals all the time I mean if you re from people about liberals all the time. It's a. Why why? Why why? The constant battle against
things that seem like universal good. Why do liberals? You know hate religion, organise religion and the family, so much well, ladies and gentlemen, a simplified kind of the essence of this peace Grady rights and wash your journal is the the to state power. What liberals want full state power? The state will rule your life, the economy, your health care, everything. What are we obsolete? the state power. Presently I states it has not been present all around the world. The choke point has been the judeo christian work Ethic and the attachment to organise religion in the United States. People who fled religious opera I came here. There was something in their gene code. They weren't tolerate oppression, for from all over the world came. To get away from what they felt was an overly broad. Of government on their necks, whether was religion, their economic life or whatever was there's some kind freedom? Gene
people who leave to come here that it Hashmi into objective values and big, our God, given rights in the family, the left can't have that, because about a ladies and gentlemen? If the state is too high? all of the discretionary power debility you take your business. Take your life! Take your health care, make your kids education to indoctrinate you To do that, they have to treat people unfairly. If I'm going to in a war on the rich, People who earn money in a free society did nothing wrong broke, no laws in the process. I have to treat them differently and have to treat others ripe the other money right eye it's the other money. If you have a set of people who believe in judeo christian values that are taught stealing is wrong. You can't take people stuff. If they did nothing wrong, you can incentivize them to be charitable. You kidding can it government regulations that prevent theft and unethical behaviour, but of people
work, hard, earned money and become wealthy? In that way, you can steal from them Thing with things like abortion, believe in the Bible, judeo Christian values- and I knew you in the womb some immutable right to life is no pro abortion position, your support, the left was this. They have been detached people from religion and family and God, because That is an objective nor star that doesn't change and to have power. Remove all of that and to be the ultimate force in people's life, not religion in our family. That's petition for them. You can't have bigger God, given rights Stealings wrong wow. This always an exception for not if we steal from rich people well you know. People have a right to life. Only Three weeks after their boy
the warm not on a human being, has a clump of cells and stuff whenever. You can't have any right to self defence. You can have any that God gets in the way. What from the peace she talked about how you know they understood this and she said: you're about the organised blitz quote on the property of innocent people, its appalling. She talked about it happily in Chile, thou enjoy where they had this problem. Where the organizers understood the middle class was gonna, get in the way because they had a lot to lose. She's show aliens in the same situation with this rioting and aggression. Civil unrest remained remarkably passive. Undoubtedly the national doktor nation, as Graham she advised, is well underway. The thought these patrol streets and social justice media to scorn and silence their opponents is reactionaries they morally justify. The violence is necessary to overthrow their repressive.
The, U S is that so far gone there have been reports of peaceful demonstrators who, at their own peril, acted to stop this. Action of property and assault on the police, the bad news is that the drip drip drip of an intellectual narrative destroying western values and publicly shaming anyone who resists the ideological corrosion at the top is here to stay. Let me translate that, for you. You are going to be bullied into submission if you dare- all out the wrongs and are going on right now because the Was wrongs are used, Justify state power Remember what I told you Why does the left, hey God, religion and family Families and God teach their kids, don't destroy other people's property and burn their buildings down the left knee this chaos to get them no class scared enough to get the middle class frightened than if they need this chaos. That's why
They have their shock troops in Antigua, they need this scare them enough. First, stem a change to get them to be willing to do things. They wouldn't ordinarily be willing to do turn over everything to the government. Everything. So in order to silence any dissenters who say Harry, I dont know if this is a good idea, burning people's buildings that they're using social media and bullying you're just reactor, you know what you're talking about these people. This is to corporate elite David David stealing from you from this, is it's going to happen and we're seeing it now as the Tell urgency it takes over. You doubt me most, Get examiner article York Times, which still shockingly pretends to be a newspaper actual Fired. And one of em resign basic,
the tyre leadership or their opinion page for running and operate peace by a? U S, Senator Tom Cotton, about bringing order the streets potentially using the mill. U S, military! If things were to get bad Caitlin was upset. I can see them New York Times. Opinionated resides if the controversy over time, cotton, peace, the story of being the show notes today, budget the council s newsletter. If you want to subscribe to the shown us the New York Times, which the opinion page Apamians public- in opinion by a pro united States senator not some back ensure Tom cotton from Arkansas. Who merely suggested that the military was a tool, if, God forbid, the civil unrest was to get worse. They ve pulled the Epp Ed. Basically terminated the staff and the other ones resign
is bullying you into calling up down black white left right telling you to pursue week, was five. Its orwellian member wet than it did the Susa. Then I said the interview that After you know or Welsbach where it wasn't good enough. People to believe two plus two equal five, but they wanted them to believe it too. No dissenting opinions will be allowed. Ladies and gentlemen, this is where we're going back. Your time, still pretends to be a newspaper is, is tragically hilarious. Now, even when you speak the truth, maybe people. Are now attempting to Gaslight from known truth. They will not
what you see the truth rioting is wrong. Looting is wrong. Attacks on people's the media will apologize for these people because they need the shock troops to endeavour to win. In do such a sense of chaos that you are willing to do things in forfeit things to the Gulf you wouldn't be willing to do in peaceful ties. Remember the middle class that believes in garden. Family will always be able go back to the merrier, Anastasia Grotto, Grady Peace. The Chileans understood that the revolutionaries them class were always gonna be an obstacle. They had to lose their jobs, families, homes, they believe, God they didn't. Let them steel and burnt things down you after frightened these middle class people to death forfeiting everything over the government. How do they do that? They control the media and anyone who speaks out says this is wrong. We should be doing. This will be silenced and bullied to death, and even in the face of truth, the media will question truth and get you to believe two plus two, we close by
burning down buildings, Ezra. Here's an example. This is an interview CBS conducted with Attorney General Bill BAR. These crops are war where they're worth your time, because it shows you how the media can accept even basic facts. Ladies and gentlemen, I do not recommend the use of the military on our streets. Now I dont alive there is a tragic situation where there is no other alternative. I don't reckon I've been crystal clear. I think it's a really bad idea. Having said that the ability of the pressing United States that apply the United States military and the National Guard both. On our streets. Storing civil unrest in emergencies isn't is in doubt relating to the law It's called the insurrection activating or seven nobody, why have you even read? It is clear as day Rapporteur at Sea bs can't accept that you should have you Bill BAR who's been great on this.
Just sitting there try to guess what you pretending like. This is real check. This one-
I think our position was common, which was that it should only be deployed as a last resort. We didn't think we would need them every. I think everyone was on the same page. Do you think that the president has the authority to unilaterally send in active duty? Treves gives the governors oppose it. Absolutely these, under the science erection, the president can use regular troops to suppress rioting, confederate confederacy. Our country oppose the use of federal troops to restore order by suppressing insurrection, so the federal German sometimes listen to governor, since the last time that this has happened was the outlay riots and eighty. Ninety two, when the governor Palfrey Ass for active Judy shares your staying, your understanding and law, as you interpret it and would support, is that the president has the ability to put active Judy troops on american streets. Even if governors and JANET numerous times in the answer to that is yes, I am,
is this woman, a dance. So you're saying that you're interpreted, there's no interpretation, the ins Correction ACT of eighteen, o seven reading from my phone right here could have taken, could have taken her and where's the present United States. I believe that President Trump last time I checked. To deploy? U S, military and Federalist National Guard troops within the United States, in particular circumstances such as too suppressed civil disorder insurrection in rebellion. Even the hacks of Wikipedia got that right. Clown a they couldn't You have to call reference is that statue I don't read anything in there about meeting a governors permission stupid, not what the woman is about the media alleged journalists than this interview, she's
paint the image again. The Trump is doing something unusual: an extra legal, an extra constitutional bodies. Surfing power. She doesn't have it's right there. So you're saying your interpretation of it? No, no! I'm just telling you that's the law. Did you read it? Go to a period and just read it even your left. The cloud a people got it right again. This is worrying. You can read as clear as day that you post do. We call for empowers the present the plight of the? U S. A Terry France, correction. Rebellion in emergencies. Not only does it say that it doesn't say that it did that says about Did she like a marijuana brownie before this interview protection of it, don't say that somewhat reads, but
This is the media. Two plus two week was five trying to disk act, you from the realities of what is happening right now, to confuse you and create total chaos. Here, this interview goes on his along at the present again ass to be paid. That is a tyrant all the time, despite the fact that has been committed to law and order in this from the start, the war Outside of the White House, which I strongly support, taking back that street I have side. Information from my friend said it was devastating. What was going on there? That's true we're going to be clear member that way walked out in front of the church and away they tempted to burn down the night before he remembers. Radio you saw it you bet present walked out there. Back control, the streets. Of course, the media narratives. This was all just done for a photo up quick on this. What including worrying at dipstick Washed and examined in a J, Caruso IONA Secret Services to be ok, J D, hard pass. You ever told you that is totally fudging. The numbers on that he has no inside story at all that whole
thing had been going on for a while the walk was totally gay has no idea what to note tiaras by the way off the record booming none they claim to, but they know. Here's what really happened without walk outside of the White House and the clearing of the Sri that the descent The chaos the day before here's boy,
dismantling the media stupid out of check this out. Seven hundred and fifty officers hurt in the last week, one fifth of those have been in Washington DC. Most of those have been federal officers, TAT Lafayette Park on Sunday, things reached a crescendo, the officers were pummelled with bricks. Pro bars were used to pry up Thea the papers at the park, and they were hurled at police. There were fires said not only Saint John Church, but a historic building had Lafayette was burnt down. These are things that leaders did not looters. These were that these were the violent rioters who were dominated Lafayette, Partlet, went on a real danger that training and when it was on the phone from only let me get to this, because this has been totally obscured by the media. They broke into the Treasury Department and they were injuring police that night, the sardine Sunday night, the park police prepared a plan to clear, H street and put a larger perimeter around the White House, so they could build a more permanent fence on Lafayette sign. You proved on Sunday night the park police on their own on Sunday night determine this was the proper approach. When I came in Monday, it was clear to me that we did have to increase the perimeter on that side of Lafayette part and push it out. One block that decision was made by me in the morning. It was communicated to all the police agencies, including the metropolitan police, at two p m that day, the the effort was to move the perimeter one block, and it had to be done when we had enough people in place to achieve that, and that decision, as I say, was communicated to the police at two p m. The operation was run by the park Police Depart police was facing what they consider to be a very rowdy and non compliant crown, and they were projectiles being hurled at the police, and at that point it was not to respond Monday you're saying there are pungent on it as they were as and sank. Three of my colleagues for their did not see, projectiles being thrown. I was there when they were thrown, I saw them thrown. Ladies gentlemen, I have emails text,
the M Spaceboat messages from price Are we Twenty thirty people who were there as well, who can absolutely assure you The situation was descending into chaos. There they were ass to leave multiple times did not comply. But again the media will tell you know my colleagues where they are and told you two plus two week was five shore shore. Career agents and law enforcement will have no political bound to pick it all are telling me The situation was descending into total chaos in Latvia. In front of the White House, but don't worry eighteen year old journalist in turn degree in middle stern basket, weaving from east. The fish University, their law enforcement. They didn't see anything. Sergeant showed style.
The media? Is all went on it folks we're in a post, truth era. Let me get my fine sponsor no money I got a couple other really. The revenge of the swamp is coming around the bush or back. Colin Powell, Joe Colin Powell, not Dorsey current powers and endorse the republican president. Net since Abraham Lincoln Media seriously. This is a story. Be. No one Colin Powell endorses a Republican that'll, be a new story, got that coming up in a second finally finish your parts of our friends. At almost eggs, listen right now among states is offering our listeners A variety of amazing packages we had this last night: it was the wishes- sirloins they were fantastic. My brother had the burghers they word delicious. Their perfect descended dad for fathers day. Thank you for the mug. By the way, almost stakes really appreciates the drink. Some of you have said
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I tried to explain this deal long time ago, the Daily collar story. I will call this the revenge of the swamp segment, the bushes or back. You know the whole Bush data that the right o generation of that I have no personal problem of President Bush by the way work for him and his family. They were very nice me. I have absolutely nothing personally negative to say if I did I'd keep it to myself anyway, but I I'd be a sincere. They were very very nice and President Bush did some good think some of the tax cuts. You know you, We believe that our police officers and are military, a lot of things he did was awful. I mean expanded government. You know, healthcare programmes has done nothing to improve health care. We had, of course, the dreadful selection You know John Roberts, which was awful, but that and an they weren't really at some points in the presidency, the best kind of conservatives we want it. Where there are not happy with president troubling German, the bushes and importantly, Colin Powell- listen,
Colin Powell as a decorated history in the military. I'm not here to challenge that it would be ridiculous. I do not serve in the military. It's not my position to challenge that. But again, as I have said, about Bob Mahler as it about Jim Madison others. Thank you for your servant. Sincerely heartfelt, that is create an immunity process where the rest, the decisions you make for the rest, your life, some potentially very damaging to the country and the institutions. We love where you get free pass because you served in the military rather heroically it. That's not how this works No one gives me that pass. By comparing my service. They have just saying no one. Ever since not a he was a competent agent. Forget that nobody ever. So Colin Powell, daily Cholera, began being shown by the great Scott Moorfields. We love his pieces over there. Oh Powell. I cannot in any way support President trot this year. Folks,
Let me tell you one what's going on and to but let's go gotta one. First, going on how this is not unusual function understand that way. The swamp works, Donald is not a bull in a China shop. He is t Rex in a China shop. Like his style, are not up to you. That's why we have elections here, shaken up everything he's. In questions of our intelligence establishment, frankly, he's asking questions about our military alignment: you so what this weekend with Germany working potentially removing thousands of troops from Germany he's asking questions. What are we doing there? Why the Germans paying for their own defence, etc, Erica. You may not agree with the answers. Fair enough. This is perfectly fair to ask the question: twice. You jerk, it sure perfectly fair Trappers, asking questions nobody's S No, no. We can't leave Germany. Why not
the Germans aren't over. Here we have to, fight, communism on the front lines was at the best way to do it, but about Poland. Nobody wants to hear this. May say. Ok, so damned they just don't like as ideas. No, no! No! No! No! No! No! That's not what I'm saying it's The bushes, because a couple of apparently Bush family members have come out said now that part We are behind the scenes, I should say command say I want to be precise behind the scenes its rumoured Bush family immersion, active support, present trump they're, going to goodbye power, he's been open, had been penalised and endorse the republican president here so Bob, I think twice. So forget. How did you know Let me know what he endorses. The Republican that'll be a new story. It's not just they disagree with president trumps, Rex, in a China shop approach, their invested in it. Ladies and gentleman. There are people in the DC swamp in think tanks in cars.
Halting firms in lobbying, businesses who have spent decades I'm not kidding when I ran for office. Disgusted me disgusted me. I was in this place, one time or Romania. I can't even tell you how many people, when they thought I'd, win that congressional race how many people who wouldn't gimme the time of day. Came up to me when I hey. I gave him the heave how one guy called me and left me a nasty voicemail, nearly custody me, I'm not Stu, having my calls not return, we'll get used to it now because I did return yours daddy, oh, I was at a few, we left a message not getting up in New York. Understand its other, they disagree with Trump they do. They have built. Entire financial house, their connections and their power on for when seeing these policies that have failed, the Trump is questioning he's quest.
Everything everything regulatory infrastructure military commitments overseas. The John Has been types are invested in conflict everywhere they have jobs where they put white papers. Why papers have been cited by people they ve been paid fortunes. For that have said, we have to have thirty thousand troops in Germany, any less Adobe a nuclear war tomorrow, Your credibility goes out the window. When someone goes, you shut up where'd you get that number I don't know about arguing the policy be legitimate, Simply suggested chop resisting the very idea that he's asking questions and shaking up the DC swamp is disturbing. People's power structure, do their network of connections to influence policy and their financial future, where their paid for their advice that prison. Taking.
There's a reason, the Pussies and Powell and these other insiders, both in our turning on trumped. It has nothing to do with his tweets, nothing. They'll say that it has everything to do with the active. Asking questions that have previously been considered sacrosanct axiomatic, tautological truths UK She Myron Germany. Why? Not? Because You can't. We ve had troops there forever South Korea to. Dare you ask that question. Trade war with China to take back, The actual hard you can't do that even a w p O. Paper. On that I get paid ok for that. I've gotta go old, advising the w p O. Now our government policy, Nobody's listening to are we gotta get ready trump? So people listen to me, so I can soon powerful, though First order thinking like liberals, the sum
is attacking the bushes. The powers in the Balkans There's a financial and per Little prestige stay here: it's not because this is principle fall into the trap of each disagree, but his tweets would seriously gimme a break in turn. The page view the paper Ruslan on the audio right. You know it's been a big day, yet I don't have to give some other stuff tomorrow. I can't make one quick point before you this by forget this before you know also, why not the track back to the defect? police insanity the triple down in their stupidity, energy. I thought I just recovered brain cells after listening that IFOR, dimension. One thing I just want you to bring up to your liberal friends consent. You find this interesting,
the same liberals, please asking this question: if you know my put it on your facebook, your twitter social media platforms, s where I deeply appreciate it. The very same liberals. We're to you Can a man not That was a militia. You know, and really that's really the modern day police force the police Force is going to save you, you don't need again. Don't you find those very same mobiles or the one telling you now. You don't need a police force. There's like a verbal jujitsu. There. Tat, even the dumbest liberal, is going have a hard time putting out there without being laughed at You don't need a god. The cops are, therefore, that you mean it. You just voted the fun yet always cops you'd like the Duke yet like wash the stupidity off without anyone darted through, of course,
Your liberal children have to think about it. I told you I just want to give you some inside baseball about what's going on here to this is not the snow elements to this other than me talking, because it was from a couple sources this morning. First. From a very good am I pity, source. You know who you are the Nypd right now, if you are a New York city resin, if you're resin, any big city in America what's happening, any am, I pity, is very important in you. Should pay close attention? Am I pity is in complete chaos. Am, I pity, is structured a little different than other police departments they have least, Commissioner APOLLO, is a political appointee. And then they have a police chief, most apart have achieved for a commissioner, but not both they have to. Is a forced. Our police chief form, then is a police commissioner. Both least Commissioner Dermot Shea. Terry body and the police chief there,
rumours they're, both either resigning have been fired, have resigned then were fired, were asked to leave resign nobody's really got to the bottom line about what's going on here now the inside baseball. Is this an idle Really trust either one of them by the way they made some absurd statements, China. Cater to the rage mob, which is you can't? soft law and order on by this orders all the matters. We are only message. Supposedly Shay is ready to walk out the door Because communist mayor, the Blasi, has insisted that J who they said for three days and let the city burn when did Mack law and order was too tough and some of the copse we're too aggressive. Ladies and gentlemen, this is utter absurd. The city was allowed to burn for three consecutive nights: Isolated incidents they can examine, of course, they're always gonna, be so
apparently had enough of that talk and human, the plaza we're done. Why is that important? there's, the next police commissioner you're gonna, get there's gonna, be the blog you appointed, who I'm telling you it's gonna, be probably a left wing lunatic. Also talk that big police chief again a separate person, Terry Monaghan. These residing or out the door put his papers to retire as well, because this fight is please. He took a knee with everyone. You can't you cannot appease the rage mob, the plaza still upset Adam still upset at it. Again, it's all rage all the time and then he's done with them to four. Why am I warning you here, because I'm tell you. If this happens, we're going to see and why PD officers at the rank and file level residing and putting in their papers for retirement in levels you have not seen and you are going to have a leadership that has been entirely decapitated,
do we are going to be back that Charlie Bronson death wish in New York City in just a couple of weeks. If this goes down, it's very serious Friends of mine are freaking out how bad this is gonna get me. Am I pity. Secondly, quick comments. Baseball. The secret service is facing unprecedented political pressure right now. Swear to the dangerous time. What do I mean. In my twelve years there I can honestly say I've- had a lot of fights with local law enforcement management. Not, and I want to say fuck. Take in a bad way when you got when advance for the secret service. You know where it wherever you are so go Colorado, New York. You need a lot of local police ass. It's a secret service, a small we can't. We cannot protect the president by ourselves. We need local assets, these local assets take time and money. There's always a back and forth hey. Can you give us two hundred cops, will give you one hundred and fifty or a corset on one hundred and seventy five happens. All the time
I have never thou ever An issue where I said to a police officer, police managers sergeant captain or even a police. She If I really need these assets or I'm convinced the presence gonna get hurt, never where they ve tried to bargain me down ever even in the most liberal cities in America, nobody wants the president near soil. Up till now, I'm when you from people credible people behind the scenes secret service is getting unprecedented, pushed back DC area about fortifying the White House. Unprecedented push back the ethics involved are going get some unhurt. And, ladies and gentlemen, I'm telling you re now, ten or twenty people decide to going storm that place and if a talent, you're. A casualty results. These politicians? Are the ones the blame? It's not a joke is our fake sources like the New York Times,
He's a real sources and real people on the ground get the politics out of it. I spent two years of my life on a protection detail for Barack Obama, who I am, agreed with on virtually every political policy. The day I no problem doing that whatsoever as proud of my service period, the republic comes first. Stay strong other folks, I think we're heading a bottom soon I think, will rebound and will be better for it he thinks for tuna, and I really appreciate it on a convention. My book quick, ear. Manitoba this morning, our relations responded submit my new book, follow the money is available now for pre order. Follow the money, the shocking deep state connections of the eighty Trump Cabal, you're gonna love it dick actions? You're gonna blow your mind, their connections. I promise you haven't heard it before between the impeachment scam. The spy gate hopes that everything
it's all in one book. It reads like a police file, it's available now and Barnes, and noble and Amazon for pre order. If you wouldn't mind, please pick it up today follow the money again by me. Damn Bonn GINO. I would deeply appreciate it. It is now available for priority, Barnes and noble and Amazon. Please check it out. I would deeply appreciate a pre order. Today. I put a lot of work, into it we are now officially done and you're gonna love. It makes my other two books look like small details as one took a lot of work. So thanks for your time, I appreciated folks, I will see you all my just ten Bonn GINO shall follow then on twitter, twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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