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The Big Coverup # 974 (Ep 974)

2019-05-07 | 🔗

In this episode I address recently surfaced FBI emails and texts which expose the depths of the attacks on the Trump team. I also show some disturbing videos which address the scheme. I discuss and debunk the liberal’s silly economic messaging and, finally, I address the China trade war. News Picks: Devin Nunes demands information from the FBI and the intelligence community about Joseph Mifsud.

Hillary Clinton hilariously claims that the presidential election was “stolen” from her.

The FBI suspected the CIA was behind the media leaks in the Spygate case.

How many spies did the Obama Administration use against the Trump team?

Poor Americans are benefiting most from the strong Trump economy. 

Democrats are all in on confiscating your firearms.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome a damaging ourselves we should show how are you and this fine tuesday morning when it is a fine fine tuesday daniel so ass to be yes the other reason drones ever lab day it's up to do with bad every day of new enshroud new access new herrick their wherever they know very well that they like it adds an ice flavoured at the shop around a lot for you today this maybe a debunk athol today we're going i am or some liberal narratives yeah that are yet to be used throughout the twenty twenty election some economic ones and educational so don't go anywhere is gonna be really good starve i promise i gotta find anywhere else but i want to open up today talking about again
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peace from yesterday that is incredible right by chuck ross peters i suspected cia was behind the inaccurate media leagues so strong the lead investigate for the fbi suspects that the entire time the cia and john brandon we're running their somewhere behind the media leaks used to force the russian or listen ladies and gentlemen none of it part is new but the text the emails we saw yesterday in a letter sent from the senate over to the eye office ron johnson chuck gradually sent a letter over the ideas office which sums if we saw yesterday some tax and some emails repeater stroke waves to you what i've been trying to hammer home on this show for ever in perpetuity for eons now is not about russia gay spy gate conspiracy gate this is obama gate area go don't rush just story
illusion hoax i have insisted to you from the start was cover story to hide a bigger scandal the orb about ministries use of the united states intelligence infrastructure the intelligence community does by on an attack globally political opponents the rush this story was a cover up also known as joe what is a phrase we would call you know basically a backup plan for some in case of an emerging insurance policy we heard china like the aware we heard exactly where have we heard that before from the same fbi investigator peter stroke texting is the eye companion and girlfriend lisa page we need an insurance policy i share the russia collusion story was the insurance policy to get trump out of office to cover for
scandal bigger donald trump bomb administration was spying on political opponents more then just donald trump this is scandal now from the daily collar peace chuck recipes which will be in the show notes today please read it this is important peters look again lead fbi investigator in this trump case suspected cia employees were being an inaccurate leaks to the press regarding possible tromp campaign contacts with russia according to email stroke sent in april of twenty seventy released so the sea i'm beginning to think the agency soccer about the cia in for a lot earlier than we thought who's been saying this forever now and has in shared it completely without she's talking about the fbi
be clear he thinks the cia got information very early in this case and was hiding it he goes on i now sound familiar it explain all these weird seemingly incorrect leads all these media for how long we would also highlight the agency the cia is what shocking as a source of some of the leaks folks got the info a lot earlier than we thought this i'm all you know i'm almost hesitant to bring this up because i know the feedback the audience is gonna be negative but it's ok i'm only here for the truth i mean number cinema virtue signalling anybody in my trying to be fake jim call me geopolitical always his coffin is jessica captain morality you the biggest society the biggest zero when this whole thing jimmy called but i
i'm interested in the truth and stopping this from happening again have insisted for a very long time to you that the fbi they had it in four trump point completely stipulated this cabal at the top commie mikhail baker page stroke and in some ways maybe price step had it in four trump i have no doubt about that none i believe they were baited in now the cia and john brandon who i have a note here was the ringleader of this entire thing brennan is bomb as guy he is oh this is a political hack pretend to be the head of the cia the nominal head of the cia
brennan's real job for obama listen to this we are an episode nine hundred and seventy four may be one of the most important things i tell you any real job is not to run the cia brennan's real job for a bomb is to be his hatchet guy and to you who's the cia as a political opposition research tool not an intelligence gathering tool that is brennan's job brennan job is then because remember care what you ve seen in the movies the way the real world work the central intelligence agency has absolutely zero law enforcement powers were none they cannot arrest anyone they are not gs eighteen eleven they have no arrest authority at all the fbi does
please understand that distinction and i think many of you see where i'm leaving here in need it to stop a bomb as political opponents there is an ongoing effort to use him and is far in partnership developed overseas friendly u s intelligence it friends of his words similar positions overseas heading their intelligence agencies to develop dossiers of information on bought up iraq obama's political opponents this broke email is critical because it led me to believe although they hated trump some am i going to go to jail i believe for criminal leaks they were unquestionable co conspirators in the biggest political spying scandal of our time point stipulated pleased i'm not defending this cabal at the top of the fbi i'm simply telling you the truth that i believe brennan was the one pushing this onto them because he
didn't have the law enforcement tools he needed to enhance spying operation when he's a net yes when his initial operation to unmask people and use intelligence tools they essentially wiretap u s citizens when that fell apart suspicion started to develop and they to enhance their spying he needed the courts and the only people can swear out warrants in courts are eighteen eleven federal law enforcement officers and other costs applications of federal law enforcement officers who raise their right hand in front of a judge the sea i cannot do that strokes email is very telling that he the agency may have had in for a lot earlier than we thought in other words what stroke is saying is how how long is to see i ve been doing this
that's his email rid yourself this mine i didn't and on that point words on its on his honest on his computer keyboard peter stroke type that email to his fbi colleagues now keep in mind they distinct possibility it's not be naive that stroke that email in april to see why himself you get it here yeah no question he's a coke and spear not that absolving the fbi saying all they were do than they had good intentions they did not they did not there is no question any more amongst serious people have looked at this male this case from the start john breton and the central intelligence agency and others in the community had weapon eyes that community on behalf of the
bob administration to attack is political opponents and we're using the fbi for their law enforcement tools to be able to spy further through the pfizer courts is pretty strong did it pretty devastating edna you i'd say this is this scandal joe we ve only set this now for a year and a half the real scandal is not so russian collusion hoax the rush collusion hopes that tromp was colluding with the russians was a cop story insurance policy later on fostered through eight dossiers and media people who were being weak information like the stroke email says by the cia and others to cover aspiring operation and make it seem legitimate that it went brandon and others got busted from it
violating the tools of global intelligence to use as a political opposition research firm for democrats in the obama administration they could say our look we saw all these media stories about russian collusion so what we were doing was legit but it's not just about collusion iq that the audio video of given newness i cannot play this press conference enough okay this is march of twenty seventeen keep in mind the timeline donald trump has been in office for less than a few months it is almost immediately after donald a points is intelligence are dna idea coats and he has confirmed so down tromp finally has some control over the intelligence community just days ass their donald trump regain control of the intelligent swamp job
devon nunez is invited over excellent republican congressmen from california who has been all over this case no you just days after donald prompt starts to rein in the intelligent swamp by appointing its own guy new as is invited over to the white house complexes is important by a source why we he be invited by source to the white house complex because again i'm sorry it after pete this for a long time listeners but our new listers will not get this new nets had to go to the white house not because it was a political decision because the way intelligence compartmentalized and the federal government it is not connected to the open internet there are certain pieces and tidbits and snippets of intelligence that our other specific computers in specific locations that can only be accessed by going to those specific locations three
in devon newness is invited right after trump gets hold of the intelligence community by a source over the white house is because this information was available online due to the white house saying it was created at the white house i'm sorry it was delivered on a silver platter that exists only in the white house now on their specific computers new nasa's invited over remember what we're talking about you not lose the lead of the story it is a puppet master of intelligence community in obama administration that is not doing intelligence they are doing politics for obama using rachel they have foreign partners on masking spying on political opponents is not about russia it is of spying russia's they cover story don't get rope in so my book is called spy
gate and not russia gate nunez goes to the white house he meets with a source a bit later he goes out in front of the cameras gives one of the most important press conferences i would strongly debates you and modern u s history one of the first things he says at this press conference and play close attention to every single word this is march of twenty seventy thy recently firm that on numerous occasions the intelligence community incidentally collecting information about u s citizens involved in the truck transition data about u s persons associated with the incoming administration details with little or no apparent for intelligence value for what lee disseminated in intelligence community reporting
i have confirmed that additional names of trunk transition team members were unmasked and forth and finally i want to be clear none of this surveillance was related to russia or the instigation of russian activities or of the trump team o folks need to translate again goosebumps yes please john and i asked the raven translator initiating nunez translator den thank you dad i love actually cosby dad j g sounds like a female kit from night right thank you are who you should call her cat ok not care who you cat nunez translator nay dedicated cat we appreciate that let me translate for you whatever nunez were saying there thank you sir this story we have been told the whole time is that these spying happened and this is the damage story to this day
to this minute that the old administration spied because they were concerned the russians at infra traded the trump team and we're attacking our democracy newness clear as day that he just went to the white house and looked at a bevy of intelligence on mass raw type intelligence disseminated widely throughout the intelligence community specifically on trumped e member that was not about russia or as tucker she was a brush up was not about russia does the insurance policy makes sense now the whole rush story was a our job insurance policy to cover rob a massive government
spying scandal under the obama administration that peter stroke in his email is clearly alluding to i said i believe there is an element of cia here that stroke is trying to cover his own but she realizes he's now will co conspirator in this that he will the insurance policy he wasn't suckered in twenty aided tromp he willingly took part there is no question the c i a push them into opening this investigation none remember britain's august meeting over capitol hill regan was over any starch bridge thing people up on capitol hill he says all i didn't know anything about the dossier he may not a buddy certainly knew about the steel information christmas information
he breathed the gang of eight and harry read in august all of a sudden harry red magically writes a letter the f b i u need to open up an investigation because this this is it's all information it came from steel brennan is the puppet esther he's the ringleader it clear as day guardian peace read the garden peace we put up all the time the guard here's the headline news carding april twenty seventeen ladies and gentlemen a month after that nunez pressure i just played bridge spies were the first to spot trump teams links with russia we're here's a sub headline we see each cue the equivalent of the british essay is said who have alerted u s agencies after becoming aware of contacts in twenty
fifteen twenty fifteen whose president barack obama donald trump is even running for president get importance twenty fifty damned if i may yeah you stay in the brenner might have been workin the fbi to some degree yes exactly ok don't you read in yes rennie is working as far back as twenty fifteen and i will debate strongly even earlier with far intelligence partners forget why trumps name out from it russia because it confused to everybody and is working with foreign intelligence partners who have his job overseas do you kingdom and others to see convert u s surveillance and spying laws
by on basically but obama's political opponents that's an issue if you're not a u s citizen i'm it happens all the time couple of years what nunez clearly states in that pressure is u s citizens were on massey and when when when brennan can go no further and develop more additional information from on masking in every tool he has with his foreign partners he employed domestic tools are courts oh yeah came to get fired warrants to legalise the spine knew less talk about all the time do not translate our number two he talks about it all the time nunez says and that's what led to the legal spying what i call a plan b what he calls legal spying do you
domestic tool to spy on obama's political opponents this is only the biggest political scandal in human history they went nice in your name your intelligence agency to spy on your candidate others and barack obama's political opponents now a clip of all the cook you play joy think this one gets the most play ever this may be the tenth i may be more we played this cut a former obama department of defense official evelyn farkas who goes on msnbc and basically exposes the whole scam that nunez just talked about in that pressure forecasts goes on msnbc and is asked about russia again its own you're a cover story the collusion hopes to cover up their spine and farkas in one
we most candid frame the unbelievably stupid media appears i've ever seen in my life she gives the entire scam
to esa bc in this now id for this cause i was arranging my former colleagues and and rankly speaking the people on the hill and now it was more actually gained aimed at telling the help people get as much information as you can get as much intelligence as you can before president obama leaves the administration because i had a fear that somehow that information would disappear with this in your people who left so it would be hidden away in the bureaucracy that the trump folks if they found out how we knew what we knew about their the staff the trump staffs dealing with russians that they would try to compromise those sources and methods meaning we would no longer have access to that intelligence so i became very worried because not enough was coming out into the open and i knew that there was more we have very good intelligence on russia still then i had talked to someone like former colleagues and i knew that they were trying to also help get information to the hill sprayed this is great she says i was worried
that the trump administration in coming enrich administration we're going to find out how we were getting information did you notice the article up on screen when farkas started land cheese on the air to talk about it's a key part of that that everybody which focuses on what said and not the fact that you actually on msnbc with make brzezinski no if each to discuss an article in the art along the screw if you go back over wine that on that cuba perfume listing on the audio specifically in the peace it says that the british and dutch allies were basically feeding information about job there it is thank you american allies including the british in the dutch had provided information describing meetings between russian officials putin at associates of president elect trump ladies and gentlemen none of this is illegal the fact that people
may have worked in the trump orbit had business dealings in a foreign country isn't even remotely illegal no one is f bridge charged or even a watch that there was a crime on that score basically says in this head that yes we will worried that when they found out foreign governments were feeding us information on our political allies that they would shut it down the most candid honest media appearance you will ever see buying obama administration now joe and i were kind of italian radio never say we're talking off the air because it's not on the air so who cares but you know joe and conversation before the show are interesting and our air worthy because i rely on joe to tell me what's confusing what's not and what he finds illuminating just enjoys an engineer you didn't have time to read through all these dark and like i my job to produce the content has to produce the show so for the show we were talking about why she did this yeah why
basically goes army are gives up the whole cookie jar your answer was we produce and folks i say this with no heir of protection at all is not one of these i came over me and my baby i promise you i don't care i must say that at all when you do television when you do it a lot it becomes like anything us imports really critical understanding this cut when you do television a lot it's a job i don't mean that the priority of kind of nasty way it's a job it just put majority as a camera you're looking out of the same camera go on fox with you go on then oeuvres die down after appearance number five hundred and you just kind of do your thing joe was on a radio for thirty years i promise you need that is characterised by w c b emmy wasn't like sweating about it you just do it but after while it's a j o b origin l b b of joe biden misspelling ripe that you didn't do it farkas
we did a lot of media but she wasn't a regular fur i now is probably looking for some kind of job or to stay prominent she's on msnbc it's our moment i knew the feeling is i remember when i first started doing tv you feel like you have to say something profound every time being right you see that radio guess i'm sure there lay your duties zone is right they get in your studio when you see be up and they ve thought about this all day and you can tell it scripted what their say after while you just start doing it on tv and its natural like a mark stein or somebody goes on still goes on turkey's funny because he's funny because you just is against comes i just witty but you can t like the guest for the first time they ve coach themselves do this hit they know every word diagnostic she came in there thinking she was gonna be like i am
expose how deeply the russians were in bed with them and ass she gets into talking about this article about the russians and they get the interval she sees this interest from mika brzezinski and she just keeps going in going now realizing she's essentially interrogating yourself on tv that's exists you got lost in a moment she saw the that that this our calls and meek as eyes why why this is interesting she notices nobody's cutting it when you're in tv in your saying something done they you write off not serious they could they do a host very good show if it's just something stupid they'll just cut you write off makeup just consider the lake and she's like i'd better keep comments let me just talk about how we got the information cuz it's gonna sound so cool i'll sound like wyatt earp never realizing she was given up the cookies the entire time i'm telling you it's gone it did
simple that sadly what happen it is that simple yet gap did you how many times over at an end and you get a guy walks out of the studio afterwards and they get lost in this really hot interview and all the sunday walk out they got that all can i just say that on a year it happens over time crap what did ass she got law no skill tv parson on the democrats side would have gone on tv and given up that kind of information none all very diplomatic about how they handle things i dont mean nice or morally upstanding but when you brennan and clapper they handle the media totally differently every means in code the carpets of intelligence i didn't see the dossier until december what did you say steel information that's a whole other story
a very diplomatic on how they handle their answers not farkas don't ever forget that cut got a lot more to go spend a little more time on that then i plan but it is so important just untie this up it is a spying scandal that's what they're covering the russian story was the insurance policy forget russia hoax it was a hoax story develop the cover for the obama male look why we were spying the russians were colluding they weren't ok we cannot as spying thing now you don't too bad all right today show brought to you by and i can thank him for a good night sleep boll and branch wheel of boll and branch sheets are the best sheets out there we love much more not going to agree on everything but i think we can all agree good sleep the key to a long healthy productive i've nobody wants to wake up tired you need good sheets getting a great nights
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i spying on the trump campaign but how much greater from byron yorks peace spying argument is offering it just kind of doubling down what we talked about before we oh there were spy the spy the story is the story but as you are indicates in his peace here it's not just the fact that there were spying its many spies he writes the peace shoot me there was also speculation about other possible fbi surveillance but to help cooperation on page buys a case where the only ones definitely not so are we saying this is key let me set this up follow up with what york is saying is so we already know that a human intelligence ass at a spice the fine helper were sent two to go get information from the trump team we also know that pfizer warrants were used to spy in the treaty what bar is saying excellent excellent point by your by byron you're here
so bar was saying if the f b i really too the truck matter seriously if they thought it was a threat to the republic would that be all they would do no other wiretaps surveillance no other confidential informants nothing given bars already looking into the question his frame being suggested he suspected there was more now if you read peace what is referring to is but a bill bar at testimony up on capitol hill had index it is that he was surprised at how a minimalist the operation was right right a human some of you may be confused you may be saying way way way then you just told us at this spying operation by the obama team was a huge big scandal now you're saying bill bar is up on capitol hill surprised about how small the operation was no no no no no no no that is what i'm saying
i'm saying bill bar joe air quote was surprised my how small the operation do get where i'm golf it is your oh yeah yeah what's he saying up on capitol hill is listen you dobbs not you were my audience the people upon capitol hill this in the end the red it wasn't just how poor and pfizer warrants on carter page these people told us that the russians were attacking our democracy to overthrow a u s election you think it was just these two page and helper go back to the headline of the article there the question they were spied on trumped he none amongst reasonable people the question how much how many spies were their joe further tea time do you really believe ladies and gentlemen bill
bar was surprised airports how small the operation was or do you think bill bar is dropping a hint that you're gonna a surprise when you find out how non minimalist how maximal ass the operation was i would err on the ladder togo is dropped hints for two hundred dude are is laying it out right now he's dropping bread crumbs for entrepreneurial people interested in the truth again it doesn't include the mainstream media out there who want to get to the bottom of this this is a bigger footprint we been led to believe again circling back the story one this story here is the spying scandal now russia that was it skews merit
great peace in a daily signal today started bunker funny you know this i take it over these ed i appreciate all of fine feedback from you which matters a lot to me i know a lot of you liked economics angle to the show an hour earlier episodes we were really really heavy i love economics i have a passion for it always have i maybe say i mean i'm an economist by desire not by trade my might might it wasn't finance not economics but i've just fascinated by i love it i always have been the allocation of scarce resources but i love you democrats weapon eyes economics and weapon i stupidity and they make arguments that are so easily debunk by fax and research that if you do even a basic amount of homework on any other talking point you will ever lucian argue with the left his folks ivan doing debates on cable news now exclusive too far but i did to do cnn and msnbc the clubs or all out there on youtube and i honestly tell you i've never been uncomfortable and debate whether
one or lost the debate is up to you i don't really cares of scorecard out there it's not like a boxing match but i can t you candidly speaking and i mean this from the bottom of heart at my bottom my heart i've never been uncomfortable in any can i masturbate with a leftist because they never ever the facts in their site daily signal has this piece out which is great the new leftist the point is that the poor the americans in the middle income americans joe biden through this talking point out the other day to there are not benefiting from tromp economy there being left by now i debunked one company now growing faster than the bug to this yesterday was that this is benefiting the managerial white collar class the expense of the blue collar class if you go back and listened yesterday show i threw out some numbers showing you that it's the opposite that production employees wages are now growing faster than their supervisors so the talking point first that began work
level dirt under the fingernails employees wages are growing slower is just inaccurate it is just not right i don't know any other way to say there is no debate you're gonna get with getting with your left his friend that is going to make that fact and non fact ok it is a fact we now know production level employees in the united states salaries are growing faster than a supervisor so forget that talk but it's not true all you need to tell them and there's no one could have read the nobody's gonna research and on the internet make you look stupid they want even bother you just call you a racist or something right europe we haven't done annoyed at home are god gave him and so he was a radio has just say he's signal the array similar says that's all laid open from the daily signal peace here's quote number one from the peace now point number two right that this is i've been so first its production level employees are making as much and the supervisors who do it well right that's not you're talking point number two
minorities women are being left behind by the trump economy a true quote daily signal in april the unemployment rate for americans with a high school degree felt the lowest rate since the great recession unemployment the workers with disabilities fell from eight percent to six point three percent over the last twelve months the lowest level since two thousand eight hispanic gonna pointed slower suspend since nineteen seventy three off when the measure began black on appointed of close the historic glows climbing slightly since the end of twenty eighty folks black gonna climate close to historic laws hispanic unemployment the lowest since nineteen seventy three americans with stability with a high school diploma production level employs wages and are on wages going up unemployment levels going don't you understand if you have these basic simple facts in your repertoire and your cabinet of ideas you will ever lose a debate with the left us they
ladies and gentlemen we make stuff up they just make it up somebody tells them in a focus group saying that you ve been tell em i can say been left behind by the tropical just saying it is going to make a political point but it's not based in reality it is just not true i don't any other way to tell you that the very clear of people the democrats are running ought to help are actually benefiting from trump not obama this policy's there's another piece here about wage growth so we just about historically low unemployment for the very groups the democrats are trying to pander to in the past quote from the daily single piece agenda being shown us the title appeal by the way poorest americans are benefiting most from showing economy here's a quote in the past dear wage growth was six point
six percent for the tenth per cent tat of workers that's work with the lowest incomes according the annual report of the council of economic advisers listen so tat number one the law waste wage workers in the economy and ones the democrats are claiming you're being left by their wages grew six point six percent you may say what and sound right people at the top of the income distribution must be get richer no that's six point six percent is quote double that point three percent growth rate for workers at the top of the end distribution folks nothing they're telling you it's true liberals math is hard i get it six points six literally double three point three the poor
workers wage gains are twice per in percentage rate you're not not real money it percentage which is what matters to us a hundred thousand a year and gets a three percent raise its more money than a guy who makes twenty thousand algae gets a six percent raised but the point is that per cent this growth is what matters because it's based on this scale level and the wage growth in productivity we jeez are growing at a faster rate my cache nothing nothing they tell you is true it is so frustrating but and listening to liberals but so easy to debate them and more quickly for egotism lestat here yes i'm not going to matter the road every two people are going to the gym and they say you know i debate chris hahn a lot and other liberals and marie harf and others on the network
oxen they say you know odd i must drive you crazy an egg and they think they're surprised off when i see no it then drive me crazy it all i actually love those hit riper that's not my favorite thing to do do you want to deny you dared you you did you say you say that often the me you will like man that debate last i must drive you not evokes can it doesn't it's my favorite appearances because i know the facts are on my side i'm telling i have never come off the air and said that my wife my office is right next to our bedroom i go to bed after they had you not lord ingram inanity it's late and eastern time go to sleep i never ever walked in a big man i got smoked on that ability you take it what you want of noxious we can't just just tell me the truth they facts are ever on their side i am not with some superman like i q i just read that's all you have to do that the bunker left it is so simple
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it's for a d or overwhelming on both sides good piece there's a couple follow up pieces after them i'm going to put them all in there the latest german hughes my taken what's going on with china and why tromp is a really good position right now you know what i was doing commentary from vietnam on the north korea the north korea second north korean summit vietnam i brought up the point off and that it's interesting how these figures are so biased against tromp that they can't see the obvious this to china and a second but it makes sense and i want you to consider what i'm about to save its import little background so right now donald trump is threatening by friday to impose a twenty five percent tariff on a volume of chinese goods into the country terrorists you know what they are they are tax imposed at the border chinese goods that come into the united states makes those goods more expensive it also makes those chinese goods less competitive now too it is it
let's not dispute the economic obvious points about what a tariff is but it makes chinese products based because more expensive and people by less of them you have a hundred dollars to spend on goods those chinese goods you got that's it made in china where a hundred dollars now they're a hundred twenty five and have a hundred you're going to seek joe and alternative substitute should effect also called in economics you're going to seek a substitute something else now tromp would like those to be american made product sometimes at work sometimes that doesn't there's things called comparative advantage absolute advantage beyond the scope of this pod guest today we ve covered in past shows but i wanted this china thing because this twenty five percent tariff at the border on friday if they don't agreed new china trade deal will be done standing for the chinese economy now it's ok peaches and cream for us either but it's interesting even the wall street journal which lists and they are not the hard core can
evidence let's be candid their chamber of commerce republicans they are i enjoy their stuff on that knocking just who they are they will they are almost universally against terrorists it's interesting i'm starting to see a different thread even amongst the you know bush public insights column the moderate class starting to recognise a trump maybe onto something here could me folks i mean the economics of terrorists are not very good but the p basically says this and this is where i want to die this back to north korea didn't it was kind of a non sequitur but i had a set up that way you know i was in north korea was saying out what is so strategically unpredictable he just does things nobody's used to his tweets he handles foreign policy his ability to flip on a dime and not consider the political ramifications ladies gentlemen to be candid right now the politically correct them
to do a job is to dump the terrorist threat let the chinese goods come in tariff free make them for four u s consumers mr why doesn't he do it because tromp reckon eyes is the very unique threat china poses a globally to our economy by selling of cheap goods which is good for us we want stuff cheap we don't want more expensive stop right the problem is they are stealing our stuff over there yes engaged in an intellectual property war where they are stealing our stuff creating global instability hollowing out a manufacturing base by stealing our stuff they are creating bevy of regulations for countries for companies echo over their say if you come over here and build here for to whatever you're gonna have to share your company secrets with us what about how's that fair trade europe is starting to understand along with the wall street journal and a lot of even a little terry unmeaning economist may be coming around to this too that the law long term threat posed
china is ruthless theft of our intellectual property our entire capital stock of our brains are economically does appear a software code our business ideas if china stealing this we won't have anything left yeah so trot this figure it out that of here strategically unpredictable exactly like he was with the north koreans sends out tweet one day kim jong who the negotiations are gone well i like what he's doing and i think we may be able to get to de nuclear radiation the next day deals over sorry the american media doesn't get how that so valuable in the journal even in the journal peace alludes to the fact that hey this guy strategic on predictability maybe getting china back to the table they have no idea what he's gonna do he may actually his own political interests because
terrorists are taxes institute catch on a border of twenty five percent of the chinese goods against every ounce of political advice he's getting a chinese believe he's telling the truth or may believe nobody else would do that i find interesting because the media always fears pay attention is part now korea angle number two how trumps egypt on predictability nobody can figure out what he's gonna do benefits him and our policy even with the north koreans he's got lot of concessions others have taken backtrack now but given time but he's strategic unpredictability is the same strategic unpredictability the media sites with kim jong on for being so dangerous and unaware i want to mess with kim jong on joe because he so unpredictable so
at this rate unpredict abilities faced with the north korean tyrant who we should mess within should let him do is thing but we have a president whose not tyrannical all democratically elected president a constitutional republic when he is strategically unpredictable this is a bad thing peace so uncouth these all over the place no one knows what he's thinking yeahs thumbs what is firms that agrees with thought drop this guy yes the chinese new in the past that all of these efforts to institute terrorists were bluffs they knew it you're bluffing they're not do that no president's gonna hurt his electoral chances you now see how the chinese are gonna have to come to the table they are going to have to come the table because they rely on exporting products to us more than we rely on importing products from them you may say
that doesn't make sense it's the same thing is the no it's not we can find substitutes elsewhere understand that the it states at all cost it's not free the united aids confine rubber dog toys and anything else elsewhere the chinese cannot find a market like the union it states elsewhere nobody has our money nobody our prosperity nobody they meet us we want their products but we don't need them and it is that strategic unpredictability by trump that has force the chinese back to the table because they think he may really do this tariff no
a politician would have done that not at that we'll stock talk and i want to make it out like no politician is never has instituted a tariff before but not to the degree that impact ladys germans no questions can impact our economy the stock market this our future profits is not a reason it went down yesterday went down in the opening today because i'm afraid that you know product costs are going to go up because chinese importers of terrorism but i'm telling you it is unpredictability that is ultimately break the back of the chinese on this and get them to stop stealing our stuff which is the only way to move forward one last story for the day you know it's again it easy to the bank liberal garbage i mean i just wake up every morning in my head with what liberal nonsense talking point we get the monk tonight so you know liberal media and their liberal democratic
the allies in the richards group still always tell you they're not doing something when in fact they are doing something and it's always call the conspiracy theory you know spying on the trump team you right wingers bunch of conspiracy theorist we get apology for that but i'm not expecting the media is not an honest group of you know people anyway so very bad but one of the big conspiracy theories the writer was engaged with the left is common for your guns chicken conspiracy theory that don't want your gardens ready you crazy we're not worried about law abiding gunners ok julia sure about that corey hocker senator from new jersey serious crime presidential candidate corey poker american should be quote thrown in jail if they won't give up their guns wash them examiner peace by john gauge may six twenty nineteen are basically meaning yesterday is a player yesterday a three day what sort of vapour seventh
as yesterday okay may sixth i'm losing track of time that was a conspiracy theory as in a fascinating what you say quote corey poker where'd you this is all a conspiracy theory no but he's coming for your guns except the democratic quote again however this is corey booker speaking we have a law that bans these weapons but why why was i dont nobody was for your guns and we should have a reasonable period but she's people can turn in these weapons what this is possible clearly is a made up quote from corey buckets right now we have a nation that allows in streets and committees like mine these weapons that not exist saying later that if they dont comply with these regional appears that they could be thrown in jail folk again i don't do nonsense here we all the i'm just quoting a very serious credit
candidate for the presidency is currently a u s centre in one of the biggest states in the country new jersey tell me again our all the conspiracy there's what kids spirits theory air quotes have we been wrong on the democrats want your gun small while the other day the the goofy guy from caledonian who i'm running for president too he's another one that wants to take your guns and throw you in jail a funeral tournaments tournament don't worry job going to give you a reasonable period to turn your firearms oh thank you so much and i say this no already seen it liberal states where they have instituted gone registration we didn't do anything wrong we have a few the mental right to bear arms to bigger i've given right to defend ourselves and our family we are not giving up that right
and ladies and gentlemen i'm telling you right now you will see civil disobedience on a mass scale if something like this institute we ve already seen it and liberal states where they ve instituted gun registration you know how many people have registered their guns yeah closed that's zero percent of people we ve seen with my stand capacity magazines being outlawed you have to turn yours and you know how many people turn in approximately none you will see civil disobedience on this on scale you have never seen before you now throw people in jail you know where i live my address is probably out there on the internet you can have for me and others first am i gonna fighter the other put us all and yellow as acting luck force we're all conspiracy theories
amazing i folks at article again as in the show no today please check it out rita pass it on to your liberal friends say i thought you said you weren't coming for the guts what happened there are two reasons subscribe to the show on youtube each about gaza conflict by juno and also subscribe to our show em pod cashing gonna apple podcast i already sound clouds subscriptions are all free you too by hard cloud all that google podcast abbott they help us move up the charge we really appreciate your support that i folks thanks a lot i see ottawa just ten bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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