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The Big Shakeup # 953 (Ep 953)

2019-04-08 | 🔗
In this episode I address the big shakeup this weekend in the Trump administration. I also address the breaking news about the trouble ahead for Democrats and the Russia-gate conspirators from both John Solomon and Devin Nunes.    News Picks: President Trump should tell the Democrats to pound sand on seeing his tax returns.   The Ukrainians have evidence damning to Democrats, yet no one in the Justice Department appears to want it.   Is justice finally coming for the Spygate conspirators?   The media is lying to you, again. President Trump did not call immigrants “animals.” This is another media myth.    Liberal lunatics are demanding a boycott of former Trump administration officials.   This is what single-payer healthcare really looks like.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wonder damaging our shout british ajar you did a baby feeling groovy its monday we're ready to go with wrath area cited joe out of my body its logs europe overly dramatic entries every morning i've got some good stuff i sent you a lot of videos over the weekend this here's what we're gonna get you today i want to lay it out for you newness again on maria barter almost show devon nunez just drops another couple bombshells i've got that breaking news the age s secretary reside i got a kind of an inside scoop on that adam jeff losing is my the sheriff they're making a reappearance discredited hoax or adam chef who shockingly still out on television we're gonna
it's all that but i want to start today with a great story of me and media matters this is a classic case you have any aspirations of getting the conservative podcasting doing me you're commentary on large or anything like that it's classic i want to get to that don't go anywhere today show brought you why bodies it lacks our enemy shavers wax rx there's the kid idea comes like this the perfect your wife's system cabrioily with that over a little bit look over my face wax are expiate conditions the watch system you can't miss this thing is great you know how much i love my sponsors and i'll only work of products i user can vouch for wax our excess great you're not supposed to stick this cartons i was inside your ear it's quite dangerous you could pierce your ear drumbeat says it on the back swabs so how do you copy you're in arrears where you go to the doktor is going to cost you a lot of money to go to the doktor to do that the customer view we actually got from one of our customers wax our actual one of their customers excuse me i have to go to the doktor twice a year to get rid of harden stubborn ear wax with my right
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variations whatsoever they may make big day getting it to the conservative commentary business you can expect the absolute lunatics it media matters to watch and although you as you gain some kind of whatever promenades over profile in this in this business jos prevail with them to what media matters does is they get it i dont know i ve almost nothing because it probably can't get real jobs but these peoples their basements usually my mom mommy's basement with moors you know with problems ned porn running in the background or whatever and they want fox news all day and they are assigned to certain programmes right so i like this this wacky guy andrew watches prime time you fight you i get used to their packaging and you and this guy bobby louis you follows foxen friends so he stocks fox and friends and what he was doing was they send out clips of you on fox and friends like i appear every monday morning they send out cots eta usually put nasty commentary on but here's the thing folks
why these are liberal lunatics the cuts are usually very good so i would say to actually steel is cuts and i send about to biodiversity is audience promoting my show drives this guy it's saying it's so we had a full blown melt down this morning and the result was melt down from me stealing his videos which is the us from fox and friends and setting joe never send you you joe there's a lot of video cutting is what is in addition to my lovely wife paula have i ever sent you a monday morning video from from bobby louis no because we louis does our job force so he's de facto working for us so so i'm sorry that i was using his videos to promote our car dead this is what happened policy draw it up on the screen right now put it up on the people industry should be prohibited lois he's out rev are those blocked me from twitter for years a used car
what will this is a classic switchboard widely quadruple motley likely recoveries i blocked people a lotta twitter because i i can buy sell so if your block on twitter you know why i black people or tat but sky is using this is the very thing like that in this area and i ve never heard of this guy i have no idea bobby louis's he stocks me and now he's upset that if their stocking me i use a stalker stop to promote bio stop therefore block me this is great this policy is not one of the finer moments in my entire time and conservative commentary i enjoyed this not out of this this morning i found i said that my wife this is great love it the more serious staff but i like the floor you know what's going on you know my i have to i hope some of it bob makes itself
curse india's indeed just secretary department of homeland security is out she had lie there for the wash them examiner trump announces person nielsen out is the age s secretary happen this weekend listen here's what i'm getting kind of behind the scenes making to spend a lot of time on this as you you'd i try not to cover stuff you're gonna get in the mainstream media because i don't want to waste your time you'll see it on the news anyway but if i have something to annul at it hearing it is about a mystery such as me and i want to act like its proprietary information just wasn't happy with kirsty nielsen eyes she was you know she's being defended by a lot of establishment rhinos this weekend to as well that i think he thought she was rather soft on the border issue so you know she was she was an ally of john kelly the former chief of staff not knocking kelly kelly was a great guy but not a lot of we're fans john bolton was not a fan it time to move along these personnel decisions happen all the time of course they'll be painted by
the liberal media's total chaos total ok although people or hire and fire it all the time in the executive officer the presidency not a big deal i'm hearing some potential replay kevin macklewain is the interim acting goodbye i'm hearing no chris callback kitchenette can coochie nellie a former cuban it male candidates from kansas and virginia respectfully good conservatives maybe and consideration so we'll see what happens but that kirsty nielsen leaving has led to a another liberal el down this weekend amongst the standard liberal lunatics one was a meltdown by people in the media again going back to to debunk talking point i want to knock out today now to be clear here's the lead here these two headlines you're gonna be use over and over during the election cycle you need to have this mental ammunition ready to fight back against your these lunatic liberals on twitter immediately to the bank the one is gonna be that donald trump called immigrants animals
asylum seekers animals it is not true yes we'll get this for us i get through the second one admitted but here's a first when i have a headline from legal insurrection the go in the show today by our friend fuzzy slippers we love headlong illegal insurrection media job the bonn bligh shocker like they never do that no job did not call asylum seekers quote animals i'd give you now this has got a beta set at this weekend folks about making this up by nato but always tucker calls them why the president calling asylum seekers animals you're just lying you're just making it up it didn't happen here is the actual quote courtesy of our friend legal insurrection please read the article at the show notes today eight that come here this is from our guide this or stacy whenever it is has trumped did not describe asylum seekers is rapists criminals animals he was talking about s thirteen here's what he actually said in may of twenty eighteen the fray
no county sheriff sheriff margaret mimms said thank you there could emma s thirteen member i know about if they dont reaches thirty certain threshold i cannot tell us about it so this phrase no county share of margaret memes at a meeting with the president in front of the media is talking about m s thirteen quotes right here if you want to see it you look in on youtube com slash mancino read the article the present responded about m s thirteen we have people coming into the country trying to comment in we're stopping a lot of them before taking people out of the country you wouldn't believe our bad these belarus these are people these are animals and we're taking them out country at a level and at a rate it's never happened before and because of the weak laws they come and fast we get them we release them we get them again we bring them out it's crazy they are talking about opera is talk about s thirteen yet just right the quote but folks if you're it
again if you're getting your news from the liberal mainstream media i genuinely feel bad for you it's not a joke i really do because you're being wide to on a daily basis and a lot of you were just lappet up lap ended up like you avenues to suit meal from the soup guy up a new york your lap at it like it's some kind of edible arrangement this is you know she did not call asylum seekers animals that question and statement from the sharp had nothing to do with asylum seekers at all have that at the ready the show was asking and making a statement which use me to be precise was making a statement about emma s thirteen gang members what's there otto rape torture kill those guys ok and because i'm seeing this one creep up again to here is a video of of these ball adam schiff alive
dabangg three weeks ago but we're going to have to continue the pocket because you need to be ready during this twenty twenty election season to immediately humiliate some of these liberals out there who are going to lie trump called them animals that such a lie the sheriff making a statement by mr team this how can one is gonna be that trump after the charlottesville incident where the woman tragically died at the hands of the maniac that trop called neo nazis good people you don't believe me that this is going to continue to creep up despite the fact that has been debunked seven's seven different ways from sunday here is sleaze ball adam schiff ahmad jake capper who should have called them out out i a know why do it again making this payment that trump called neo nazis good people can just turn with president from setting yesterday about your party the democrats and jewish coalition convention in las vegas you're one of the highest ranking jewish man congress what's your response
but i hate even dignified those remarks but look it's not the democratic party that believes that there are good people on both sides of a nazi rally theirs one party and one party leader who believes that that's donald trump there's this guy exactly this guy is the big sleaze ball in congress he's a job here he's a clown here it is not worth the dignity of any positive comment at all you know a guy treated me this morning it was nice mr positive or somebody like you need to be more passive now i don't i'm sorry i'm trying there's no way to be positive with lying discredited sleaze balls like adam ship he's a hack what is the actual now the fact it if you believe this guy there only two explanations believing a trump called neo nazis good people right one explanation and i'm sorry to have to tell you this and i never supposed to insult your audience and i'm not trying to do that if you just ignore it you just don't what you're talking i haven't done your homework this it is you're a liar
lying to yourself you're lying on behalf of adam shit you're a bad person you have no spine you're unethical and you follow unethical slimy people like sleaze ball dirt bag adam shift here's the actual quote from president shrub had tipsy core task is article at real clear politics the actual quote this is trump i am not talking about the neo nazis and white nationalists referencing charlottesville incentive there because they be condemned totally because they should be condemned totally mac damn partially joe nonsense be condemned not corner where referred condemn they should be condemned totally now if you relying sleaze ball like kofi adam chef a wire a day credit if conspiracy theories
it really a human being not worthy of our time anymore in congress and undignified who is destroyed his office the congress the credibility of any one else he knows this quotas out their short this is what bothers me so much about shit he's not stupid this is a smart guy who is just lying on cable news and i say the cnn at the jake tapir enough sat there jake i'm sorry but i know jake i i why are you letting this guy on your show he has no credibility he's the the collusion hopes or i have evidence of collusion are you ever going to produce it never never but i'm going to keep dog you're damn right now are deputy aren't to keep dogma you don't have any evidence why is this guy allowed on television president trump call neo nazis good people he actually said the opposite does that not
bother you a little bit that this guy goes on your network and emily these costs correctly lying he is a known debunked falsehood along with potato and people out there in a party president trump cards liquor into asylum seekers animals that's just not true it's just our true now make you get up memorize that call you cannot answer whether or not these white nash you know but what's edra you can only take so much shift from this guy it's horrible that's on monday nazis and white nationalist because they because they should be condemned or do you need memorize that because that's that actual quote that's what was actually said oh it's you so disturbing with this guy moving on i got a lot to cover today monday is always a busy shop so the uk
stories breaking wide open tipp the john solomon article up the hill again this week it in the show notes please again check it out go to bonn gino com click on the menu your seats as podcast you can read all these articles air or if you gone subscribe can subscribe to my email is always happy to have you we will send you the best articles we can find on the internet every day we keep him short sweet that article this weekend john sounded title dale ukraine ukrainian to u s prosecutors why u water evidence are democrats yeah real collusion scandal star they heat up folks i haven't even got no nunez she had ended with the nunez translated from his bomb shall interviews weaken were maria almost become must see tv on sunday with regard to escape i haven't even got that yet but just this may be we become around what going on right now in ukraine folks you cry me and prosecutors have one
a word and on earth evidence i discussed last week so makin a real redo all of it i ll just give you the top line information ukraine in prosecutors have covered evidence massive payments in the millions were made to accompany hunter by june biden son was associated with that that company those payments were under and criminal investigation in ukraine and evidence has emerged that joe biden may have pressure ukrainian prosecutors himself to make that please go away and demand joe biden actually on tape at a foreign foreign affairs seminars he's on tape bragging i'm getting a ukrainian prosecutor fired who was looking into his kid wow that's gonna be ugly if j b there's the race i can't wait here the details on that now this is multi layered story there also evidence and some public commentaries emerge from people i trust i have a good source in this as well that the u
ambassador ukraine a woman is less and jovanovic that she is out there bad mouthing the present she may have played some central role in this so just to be clear we're talking about ukraine prosecutors are there's a criminal investigation about interference in the u s election number one i failed to mention that a guy by the way mr hey you shall sorry the shako who is a the ukrainian was ukrainian media personality term politician may have been feed information to future gps it was working for hillary clinton negative information on on donald trump and his team who do we get that from you that from nellie or under oath effusion so we have information ukrainians are colluding to help hillary clinton number one and number two that they have information about joe biden and the obama administration pressuring them to ease up on a guy investigate and joe biden kid that would be tipp potentially devastating that's what we cover leslie here's the clip from peace that new and this is where it
it's really harry because the boomerang effect on this one is substantial and is very very real quote from the john solomon peace this is ukrainian by the name a cool like he says we worship was the share this information during a working trip to the united states told me in a wide ranging interview however the u s ambassador all blocked us from obtaining a visa she didn't what we deny our visa but also didn't give it to us although keep that up on the screen if you don't mind so this this person with information about that they want to share with you and states the department of justice indicating serious corruption between u s officials in uk and effort the impact our election and give joe biden catapez they wanted and to the united states to share and the u s ambassador over there is apparently getting in the way wider we hiding fellows it goes on one for
so ukrainian investigators colic said has been body spirited unlawfully out of ukraine and a move to the united states by businessmen friendly to the prior pro russia regime of viktor yanukovych why this is not unique of which scandal what you know which involve metaphor what that's but the matter we're talking about a hold on all them cranium businessmen businessman quote authorized payments for lobbying efforts directed at the u s government he told me in a dish this is the mighty quote these payments were made from funds that were acquired during the money laundering operation we have information that a u s company was involved in these payments that company is tat i hundred one or more prominent crafts ukrainian officials insist is it that special so let us be clear on this right to them
or which on probe the cover up job you no no no should be applauding bob mahler he did of we unethical disservice to the united states of america by continuing in illicit which onto a crime it didn't happen note tito's goes after metaphor which six a m in the morning raids man affords working with your new kovich and yet ukrainian show have information but the same guy you nuke eventually pro russia they have it you sure about the same guy people working with him and payments made the companies by two prominent democrats bad why on those democrats not under investigation year folks this is gonna get ugly i think those democrats are in fact under investigation i just don't think the ukrainians know about it and i think there are people within the bureaucratic deep stayed here doing everything they can within the state department
block the transfer this information black threw back to the united states folks it is all going to come out that's what i'm telling you jos what mahler you may have missed that amendment and i won't do that kind of quick i've got a lot of stories to get to you may have miss what i've woodham hinting at here bob dollars which aren't where he thinks he is doing a service to the democrats by keeping the heat on trumped so long even though he knew the investigation was nonsense which recovered last week at length he arrest and prosecute poor man afford for this for dealing with this guy you knew kovich what i'm sure let me get add is the allegations in solomons peace or some of the very same crimes may have been committed by a company like the democrats in other words once comes out the democrats
not going to be able to say joe although this is a serious stuff nobody ever gets prosecuted for this really right what about paul metaphor oh yeah i forgot about that you see what i'm go this here ma where's prosecution of man afford on these financial crimes aid to ukraine are but the same crimes ukrainian officials they have evidence of democrats committed to democratic they have nowhere to go what do we get to say or not we should are prosecuted metaphor but not these democrats for the same thing i know that our folks this is gonna get ugly real fast for the democrats once this information comes out but trot administration unfortunately is dealing with a bureau attic mess with people in the state department and justice will not get out of his way
as i understand your frustration lot of you may email me sit down what's to celebrate this story so ukrainians have evidence on the democrats and we can get it over the department of justice we listen that things are happen trust me behind the scenes things are happening but crop is dealing with a major obstacle and its bureaucrats in state and justice who are trying to block this information getting over it's not gonna work we are going to get to the boy some of it in solomons do any johnson is doing the omens working environment so i had to do him really great work read that peace really good in the shown us let's covered i get to show but you by bodies robin hood his mind thing out i love it just got my statement and email the other day robin hood resting up what you buy sell stocks ici s options encrypt those all commission free can't be that while other broker jeez charge of the ten dollars for every trade robin a dozen charge any commission fees you can trade stocks and keep all of your profits buses
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jumper nine on to choose anybody let's go to the nunez translator avenue nesses appeared this weekend i drive poor joe crazy the weak and when i called you joe you don't have to respond to vienna weak and i just do it because i don't want to have to look read again on friday morning when i get up at me you're barter roma shell which is really wonderful on fox news a sunday morning futures she has never knew as on a lot nunez comes on and he's gonna drop a bombshell usually does it on that show so i have to sit here right before church with rapt attention and i come out later and i dig out the clips so let's get right to it i have three that's your appears maria barter roma where pile not you our justice is coming thing based on that ukraine article these democratic world a tribe of what they did in ukraine i'm telling you this this i can end well they also when a world the trouble based on what yeah vanunu told us this weekend let's start with cut number one devon newness maria border romo says a great one
people is this capturing you ve got eight referrals several people lied to congress several people also apparently miss the five accord and i want you to explain how they misled defies the court but first tell us how many people as this capturing can you give us any names on this list in terms of your referrals well i'm not i'm not prepared to get any names but i think most people that i followed russiagate that for a long time they know of a lot of the names but there's five that are straight up five names then there are when you when you get to the leaks we don't know we think there is only a few people behind these leaks but there could be multiple people so on the leak the global leak referral there could be there could several individuals when you conspiracy i mean that could get up to a dozen to doesn't pay also affords we don't know all the people that are involved look we know struck in page and we know their involvement because they ve been interviewed but the others other people that were above struck envelopes drop that have i've been interviewed so we don't know if there
involved in this conspiracy or not but one of the things has been great if we as we have had so many whistleblowers so many people over the last two and a half years that have come great americans who have come and said look this isn't right and you guys have to the bottom of it and it's been it's been an unbelievable investigation that we have undertaken but i think there has been quite fruitful so that we can put the united states on the road to recovery to get over it this manufactured hoax oh boy or even worse than i do there's so much in that many what is about mid fifty cod i had to take notes on a wife to markets you on that one alone to get out to you that tidbits we have to employ the nunez translated because remember devon new as it was a great guy i really really love what he's doing gosh scarf you're going to support anybody out of your local district this guy is really been get near the bottom of this step
i can only say limited things because he's bound by confidentiality classified information so you have to understand the translator so translate a couple of you take away from what he said first he notes that there are eight referrals fight as five or straight up and any pensions those five or straight up that they are involved in this conspiracy now work spirits easy talking about folks if you listen to this show your you you're right of europe the scream something right now don't worry procedure we only talk about this ten thousand times on the showcase slightly apropos hyperbolic but a lot ladies and gentlemen they walked in a fisa court gotta make this real simple raise their right hand these fbi agents and swore to information that is true information was false what what's the problem the problem is people took up bout sign or john hancock and there sir it to a war
file which met dates the woods procedure and a file associated with mandates that you verify the information first in other words what's the somebody that somebody did this here's my signature dandy budgets so but a designer baby kids here why zappos like review to start doing i used to do that on the radio show began sharply to do so but he saw their name to a what's file authenticating and verifying information that was false how is that a conspiracy to lie with these people he's making criminal referrals now newness this is huge because joe not only did they signed their names indicate i said this on foxen friends this morning there the information was true here
the next shoe to drop the earlier it here first well you here in the later equipped huber i'll translated for your first some of their targets folks maybe papadopoulos adopt listen page you're being a wink at a nod it's not just that they knew the information was false indicating they were russian assets or involved in some russian conspiracy there information out their indicating that it was scope oratory in other words it they are a thing to do with it at all that was now put in the file not only are you lying saying yes papa it's a page a russian assets of violation of u s law information it indicates they had nothing to do with it at all and were absolutely not russian assets you left that out completely a conspiracy amongst some time global players
to hide potentially exculpatory evidence way till that evidence comes out maybe its inner reductions you think now it just goes on about this exculpatory evidence in this second clip although before we get to it now there's a couple the things he says there he met and that some of the other players are involved in a leaks to the media scheme we don't need to hammer that's easy they leaked information is classified to the media and i got caught we ve already been talk about james baker and the lawyer the fbi and he's under investigation for that anti mackay that straightforward doesn't require a lot of deeper analysis doesn't require the nunez translator bookkeeper mine the nunez translating the conspiracy i believe that's he's referring to this end to sign and verify information they knew is false and to suppress information they knew absolved page papadopoulos and potentially others of any guilt and collusion case is that clear job pretty soon
forget it you want to be sure before we move on now genuinely vinyl take away from clip number one because this is the deepest one he said we have to look at people above and below peter struck now why is this important because struck the lead investigator in this illicit investigation of the trump for the fbi he's a man level guy struck is not a field office level agent i believe these inessa senior executives service struck they very high ranking fbi agent so we pensions people above and below that significant it signifies can't be cause this this cabal of people involved in the in the attempt to take down of donald trump we may not even have all the players yet there and nunez says we have a lot of whistle blowers we know who those are two of your listener the shell i'm right can be confident bill price there peter strokes boss is cooperating now why
are these above and below agents above and below struck and what is he talking about had tipp tomorrow my sources morning brings up a good point ladies and gentlemen that woods file who else is signatures on that woods file who else sign their names were those people above and below who sign that woods file indicating that this information used to target the trampling the dossier which is false signing your name that it was true who are those who else sign that file folks i believe with the nunez translator point i think that's what he's talking about let's go to number two because this is where he specifically mentions how not only was information false but there may be information out their indicating sources that they were using for their information we're not guilty at all exculpatory information and they may be hiding places too there are still more information i have said this before this was their insurance policy a lot of people think the insurance policy was justly
overall investigation of the trump campaign it's actually much more territorial than that left behind there there was at school pretoria information we talk about another on your show many times so what maria if you take what the democrats have said at the robbed the last two and a half years there's only one thing that you can be certain of and that is whatever they tell you is wrong or a lie or they actually mean the opposite i really love new does this guy but you don't have that and i mean this is a compliment i don't mean this is it as is a negative or a shot at all he does it that ever filter everybody knows the echoes drives me with my wife crazy when you just lie given answer outside of a can focus group response you you can't they just that's why people like trompe just never gives a focus group tested responds ever either there's no notice is like at the others not only
democrats tell you alive it's exactly the opposite in other words tribe skill of collusion now collisions real issues our troubles with the democratic somebody saying on this case is the insurance policy to be very specific is not just the overall targeting of donald the spy on him to hopefully get him in is the presidency or get him impeached afterwards via the smaller problem i believe are you saying insurance policy is a very specific set of facts i e the dossier its false that people can see i heard in the fbi to all returned it was true i raised my right hand while simultaneously at the same time ignoring evidence that all of it was garbage that's the x pretoria information points out that was pretty simple this land one is key last one is this glass cut his great because he talks about what we did discuss last week we ve been talking about for a while now how the mahler probe was the lucian hoaxes the big hoax the second biggest hoaxes the mother problem they were investigating collusion i gave a speech
we can as a model was never investigating collusion stop the nonsense mahler knows at the latest july of twenty seventeen right after he's a point these investigating a hoax by this third clip here but new to us i believe back to the nunez translator is hinting at here is that mahler may have known before he was even appointed rose stein and others or what two pointed in the infancy of his appointment that i'll give him a little leeway that say after a week mahler may known in may when he's appointed than he was forgetting a hoax and he says somebody near leads me to believe that i was onto something my sweet paraca many people that are on the team the mola team are involved in a lot of these conspiracies right so you have you have that leader on the team the deputy supposedly and another a lawyer both involved in the chain of custody of this
dossier the democratic up the democratic otto jerk it is possible for me to believe that those two lawyers very smart lawyers didn't know in the middle two thousand and sixteen but information was dirt coming from the democrats impossible the other two we were too fbi i struck and page or kicked off the mullah regime so i the underlying information because believe i think the indictments that were made by the mullah regime i think some are very questionable and i think there's this is of them that always read like russian spy novels that was done on purpose to create a narrative to make the american people as they were indicting these people that somehow this had to do with collude between the truck campaign and russia yeah ass finally we go on offence i love this guy enough
butler did a great job exonerate the present mahler did not exonerate trump tromp exonerated trump mauler now we turn we turn our sights on mahler and start to look at what he was doing closer detail the microscope is on and nunez is opening the opening up the aperture on this thing to take a close look at what he did and he hits and a couple big things right there you may i missed it nunez translator romania like sounder for the numerous translator initiate what does he say he mentioned who for members of the mahler team the mahler team who knew early on because they were in the quote chain of custody for the dossier that this dossier is a political document was a hoax those human weissmann insane ahmad andrew weissmann lead investigator mothers led investigator andrew weissmann was briefed in august of twenty sixteen too zero one six almost a year
poor mothers appointed was briefed the dossier bruce or in the department of justice member weissmann work at the department of justice so why am i saying oh my god they are two members who were appointed specifically to the mahler team how to explain this away there too deeply conflated because of the department of justice you were breathed about a hoax document paid for by donald trump political opponents knew about the document are now investigating a case based on a document they knew was a hoax he met something else so just the take away number one mahler intentionally intention they appointed people who already knew the case was a hoax you may say dan this makes no sense why would bob mahler investigating collusion if he knew it was a hoax higher too
people from the department of justice who clearly knew it was a hoax because they were briefed on the year earlier exactly to cover up the so keep the heat donald trump that was the whole purpose of the mother robe i beat do we really need an analogy for liberals by if i know these acted unethically targeting job for robbing a bank yet there was no bank robbery they ve never happen and i'm trying to come shut up and i appoint a prosecutor i won't prosecutors you know the hopes and hide it and who are vested in the whole thing who was in the dossier andrew weissmann who got brief on a year earlier what better way to make the hope seem real data point one of the guys who got hoechst he says something else
he says in two fbi agents is well one while ones and at once a lawyer lisa page ones the aged stroke peter stroke we can talk about before struck stroke what adamantly care what is name is bloody people semi the correct to absorb edged care of rates uniform dark and i know what you mean i'm not interested are you able to exactly people are judged stroke it out overspread me brisk pronouncements broke i don't care what is production of his opponents aces last name is anymore managers that is this guy i was a dog what are you saying there is now not only does mahler pick two lawyers from the d o wise in a mud who know this is a hoax he picks fbi personnel page and stroke whom it was a hoax too because where the lead investigators involved in it the entire time covering paul this exculpatory information you may say well then that doesn't make sense
because mahler had a fire stroke in page so clearly he did what those to around no no no no no no no no no yes a rodya sought all counts thank you gets mahler only fires stroke in page who clearly know this cases outlooks because stroke has been investing their tax thing each other that there's no there there never we're just no evidence that this is true there texting the other that mahler why people who know it's a hoax to hide the hopes and just keep the investigation on trump because they're going to go back and revise their duties later and make it about obstruction not collusion in an effort to hide the collusion hoax make it go away and lock up donald trump for something else or its people after he gets impeached why does he fires stroke and pages so let me say it still doesn't make sense because he gets there ex from the inspector general go horwitz whose internal affairs guy from the department of
ass this essentially who gives mahler the tax mahler knows this is all going to go public so many fires until a like some white knight all look i fired these two why'd you pick in the first place you know this is our group's because joe were invested in the hoax that's what new nessus saying broken page were invested in turkey only fired and because they got the texan was gonna go public notice weissmann leaves the campaign excuse me weizman why you may say well why did they fire weissmann good question because we only found out about weissmann getting the briefing on the dossier we the public mahler no about it bruce oars testimony went public which was just a few months ago and ends
spaciously java leaves right after that weissmann model it was engaging in one of the most grotesque unethical enterprise i have ever seen in u s law enforcement of the justice system gross he high these four people precisely because they were investigated and invested excuse me in a hoax any they fired them or they left after it became public knowledge great guy you sure about that you're not a great guy if you believe that sorry total complete hoax can a couple more things get you stack show always our mother could i shall finally brought you our bodies have bravo company manufacturing i really really love this can be a products are top notch day bravo company manufactory betty some of the finest rifles and pistols out if you have not seen their collection but a bravo company m f g dot com i recently had hello there firearms shipped over to an f f fell deal here i pick
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i'm seeing this creeping up in the paul's amongst people who don't understand what this actually is let's be clear bernie sanders advocating for this now we ve common harris and others on the democrat side running into twenty twenty presidential election speak on behalf of what they're calling medicare for all this is not medicare for all its medicare for none it is a government strolled healthcare system where private insurance free market insurance you can gain control yourself you have access to make your own healthcare decision to have access to your own doctors and how you like that system be banned gone goodbye i see you later you will be key let us make no mistake under medical care for all which is government controlled health care you will be calling a government bureaucrats who doesn't give a rat's caboose about your health care your kids health care or candidly your life or death you will be calling them for healthcare we will
engaging over this presidential election so you can fight you be safe here on the show we will keep up we will be on top of this two thousand and twenty election like no one else we will be gauging at an all out effort to in or the american people about what lies ahead if they vote for a democrat who supports government run healthcare was kind enough to get this article from a reader it's from twenty seventeen december but it still describes what government healthcare looks like where they actually practices the articles the telegraph put it don't say title members seventeen by stevens winfried pace it's our going blind duties dixon mugged waiting lists for cataracts surgery ladies and gentlemen they can't find doctors to produce it you won't be they can't find enough medical staff to get people cataracts surgery who are going blind what's the problem with cataracts i'm not a doctor but you don't need to be after to do some basic homework cataracts get worse over time like many medical conditions so like the common called that proves what happen
over time is people start to lose their vision they become more socially isolated as the article indicates they stay home more and more and you're not only have the odyssey physical ramifications of cataracts which are destructive but you have cycle ones as well as social isolation kicks in its people can't see they can if their house after what this is permit run health care you are calling a bureau brad for permission to get on a waiting list to be able to see folks i bring this this is the second time now i'm bringing up in article associated with government on health care and eyesight because it's a sensitive topic for me i had an ant natalie of god rest his soul yeah great ants use my grandmother sister bob she's since left us by she went blind later in life and it was tough for our entire family she'll have make literally next door to me i mean here is our house who is our house we should welcome all the time my brother live there my mother lived there for a while
she went blind later in life and it was so dear called on my family because she had grown up with their vision or whole life and she was in basically sixties are so much you lost your site and she's the town all the time she almost wish you'd been blind her light because she had learned to see and i was just so damaging because you know too but she missed everything folks this is what lies ahead and is waiting for you in a government run bureau eric healthcare system where you have to pick up the phone and dial the number of a government bureaucrat to get permission to sit on a waiting list while you progressively go blind at home should you do extremely curable medical problem call cataracts explain the economics of why that happened last week and its obvious when you institute third party pay or the government velvet paying the doktor for your services the die fears in hospitals know that they don't have to answer to you why you're not the customer
course i am i'm getting my cataracts from you are not you're there the cypriot of their services but get less yet this damn sri you ate the cost the main aim is a word in this case who's the customer joe the j began governments the customer did you hear that cypriot but you're not paying you already get the government your money in your tax dollars governments the one they have to please it's not you and you think the government cares about you and how your services work out when you're cataracts are removed care about any of that they already have your money when you're paying for these services whether through your insurance company who can cancel and get away from or european in gas yourself whatever it may be for medical procedure you are the customer
ladies and gentlemen this is going to keep coming up this twenty twenty campaign dismayed here for all nonsense you are going to see it all right i'm referring my last story about the tax returns here the presidency ex returns i just want to thank you i have a screenshot here a quickly my book on amazon i i don't like to bother you with plugs all the time special for my content can you drive me crazy but we the title and now we have the book cover is out so it is basically the book cover just regular baxter we read your emails i got some suggestions and this is the title for our new book available on amazon exonerated fail take down a president donald trump by the swamp you can see on our youtube channel youtube dot com bongino can also go to amazon and check it out there sorry for the audio only audience but i know you're going to love the cover you propelled us to be in the number one best selling law enforcement category on pre orders only to please go check it out amazon barnes and noble pre order your copy today you're going to love it
real bombshell scenario is gonna be up i've got it special project i'm workin on to it we finalized up i'll announced and on the chauffeur so please check it out check out in a book i did you hear that dogs can you guys here that are the show that mother lies here at the door we love the dogs we have two i'm allergic so frequently bar the dogs who delay biology kick it then i have to go back my mother will come about it my wallet outside your polish but later come on joint join show josie covered over yeah yeah i had already rarely here are i with the dog spark in and if ever the lash overlays punch you begin trap president shrubs tax returns to say the stories driving me crazy so the democrats the men president trumps tax returns i say the president tells him to go pound san why would we give them
tax returns i want a basis on two stories ok story number one that's the irritating about this the irish story remember tape that with the democrats have shown no proclivity whatsoever to keep sensitive tax stated tax documents private they use and for political attacks front they attacked with the irs using other data to attack conservative groups but it's not just that when they had proposition eight neighbour voting for california when it came to a legalizing gay marriage and things like that i don't want you remember this but they were but he's a donated to the cause we're there i arrest data and the tax data for that the company that was involved in it was leaked in order to attack people that it donated to the conservative side of the issue yeah yeah my focus is ongoing that there have been people's private tax returns league so i want to take away yours drugs you tell him to go pounds and no doubt about but big there's a way for this and this is the mental ammunition you need to go out of a liberal friends until democrat can stop illegally and said
rising iris swamp rise to leaking criminal information about people's tax returns i would say forget it no doubt barrel middle finger to you i have no interest whatsoever in giving my tax returns and i'm not making any apologies whatsoever about it so forget it secondly the democrats now have engaged in illegal leaking we ve had that to tie the whole show together ever nunez said the beginning there are criminal investigations ongoing about not just tax returns and things like that where there have been probes and and and and criminal probes into stuff like that but there's also investigations going on with fbi does in criminal referrals from noon has overcome at least from the fbi about sensitive information about ongoing investigations into justice inebriated donald trump there was classify what instead do we have right now as can directive to allow live for us to engage in another endless mahler type which on it the president trumps
actually turns to fabricate process crimes and just make stuff up knowing our track record with the irs leaking that and leaking sensitive classified information classified at the highest levels why would we do that the answer is we shouldn't we should tell him that on sand and that's it that's the argument we're not releasing it forget it thank you have a nice day thanks for joining us there is a reason to do it i'm sorry they have shown no brooklyn be whatsoever to do this one sometimes it was said my mother was my last story but i have about two minutes left so many citizen i i'm gonna get into the border crisis stuff i know we covered a little bit last week we haven't really dug into it but when i do this on the border crisis i want to do a little the kind of a thorough job on it now want to make sure i tie it up but to give you just two give you a what's ahead when we talk about this mark morgan good friend he doesn't commentary for fox he was a lead border official entity a bomb under the obama administration ironically he was on foxes morning
and he there's an easy easy to their destinies right and available they get this probably a little bit more in a later show but we have to get it this floor s consent decree joe where we can not detain joe for more than twenty days in offices are what's happening it's a cent devising people to bring their children illegally across the border knowing they won't separate the family so when you release the children what happened show you have to release the parents to so what putting their leaving walking out into the united states essentially free people entering illegally and second the rules for deporting people for compromise doris guatemala and other countries are not this amos deporting people back to mexico we have to hold on to power but from honduras and guatemala where people from mexico we can support right back over the border this has to change if you came from regardless of your country of origin we should be able to support you back mexico to pass through that's fine they could take you back until you well across the border legally like league immigrants still so there are two key
change but i am going to get to that more i'm sorry last week which is really busy with a lot of going on in another report i folks thanks give her tuning that was a stack showed a lot of information to digest really appreciate last week we had some phenomenal issue police inscribed to youtube channel youtube dot com i spend gino and subscribe to your audio pod gas and i too and sound clarify how radio it is all free helps us move up the charts so thanks a lot folks i appreciate i see our you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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