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The Coming Coup (Ep 1339)

2020-09-07 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive article about the Democrats’ coming post-election coup. They’re not even bothering to hide their plans anymore. It’s frightening. I also discuss the sophisticated disinformation campaign being employed by this former military leader to destroy Trump. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bungee now show it's gonna. Take your baggage cook, your buffets seriously. This coming coup Democrats are planning. I read a great article. This. Again in the american mine. You know what it is called. Shockingly, the coming years talking about that all last week, terrain pick. Analysis of the woods. True, the deprecate, the Democrats, replanting in front Our faces right now, amazing. How it's not a bigger new story? I've got that, hopefully, will get to the point stroke, disastrous interview this weekend of also got some The Bonn GINO family, which would be interesting, you'll, get extortion, Pictures of the new dog check that out, and of course, a story on Friday. The
ridiculous story about President Trump. Military in the cemetery. I'll give you the truth on that I've got the real scoop, so I bought GINO role was in effect. Friday in case some of your wondering why in Tibet Frazier, but you may express weeping protect your online activity from prying eyeballs today get a VP an annex ass, VP and dot com, slash bungee no go today welcome and thereby you know shown this Monday produce to show. How are you today after that weekend, well coup cook? To how do you do yeah? There was ok but yeah. We We have it back, yet it was a long weekend. We have got some special surprises for you this week. Joe is well aware of them. Maybe towards the end of the week, will be able to tell you a little bit more, but it's been a busy couple days, sillies our let's get right to load and showed today today's first Bozrah, and the the teeter inversion table, use gravity in her own body weight to decompress your spine, relieve pressure, new discs and surrounding nurse I
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program. Add for the ultimate inversion experience their aversion tables have now These are reviews on Amazon, a rate of four point. Nine stars and with this deal, you'll get one hundred fifty often you gotta, teeter, dotcom slashed in you also get free shipping for turn the sixty day, money back guarantee. So there's no rest for you to try it out. We love it. My wife too, when we can The new Teeter fits pine aversion table, plus a free inverted program. Am I going to teach her that consular stand? That's tee t r d accomplished in teeter that complex there, go today: you're gonna, love, it check it out. I told her, I saw all of last week I been morning you I'm just trying to do a public service. I promise you, on my word on my credibility on everything that matters me, I'm not trying to unnecessarily scare you I was traveling this weekend to a different place, and when I was travelling, a couple of people came up to me in a restaurant, asked me some stuff and to those people watch, my show they know me who watch you now
I'll tell you the same thing, I'm telling my audience now. This coming coup, the Democrats are planning in front of our eyes, is really really big deal coming here sounds like a bad either. Let's not a conspiracy theory, I've just using the Democrats onwards. Folks they are living currently in front of your eyes talking about a coup. It sounds crazy. Does it That's crazy! No, of course not you the show you get to see everything in advance. There is some people out there who still I'm making this up. So I sent this article this weekend by no less than probably two thousand people. This thing must have one viral by guy I've seen on fox. You know I'm a contributor of their seat of that, but I ve seen him on tv. I watch the network to It was in the american mine and peace is called becoming go. I didn't not plan this. I am I
the land wrote? It listen folk This is in the shone out if there was ever a time the red the show noted today, but you know that Flash newsletter safeguards. My shown us it's free, I remind you that stuff everyday it I'm going to hunt for read this, read this and send it to your friends. What's the premise of the article bottom line up front the premises? articles this. There is a conspiracy going on right now to basically overturn or to overthrow the results of the twenty twenty election. If Donald Trump with Joe Biden Win stowed away, everything will be ok. None of this will have, of course, yes, a truck with no matter how big the wind is. He could we forty nine and a half out of fifty states using job I've met there now hiding the fact. Actually, I wouldn't be jobs. Some states are the brisk and main issues put up their electoral. What's so They're not even hiding it and as the author right which is a great great premise. What are the two Rules of conspiracies I'll get through this stuff into second.
Number one, never talk, about the conspiracy member fight club. What's the first rule of fight club, never talk about fight club. What's the second rule that debate sway to hide the conspiracy, the coup conspiracy. To pretend it's not a conspiracy at all and the trumps doing it all gonna love. This show stay tuned. Go to shot number one for Michael Lanterns, terrific piece about that thank this is a long one debate, a paragraph one But, ladies and gentlemen, this is worth your time. They talk About the ravings of Joe Biden and about not respecting the election results, and things like that and says here. This is an important day. There are openly ab ties in what they're going to do if they're gonna lose so quote from the peace one might dismissed
such comments is the ravings of dementia patients and it has been who never got over his own electoral laws talk about by obviously, but before you do consider this, over the summer, a story was deliberately led to the press of a meeting at which one hundred democratic grandees, Anti Trump former Republicans and other ruling class apparatchiks got together on George Soros is dying to game various outcomes of the twenty twenty election once such out with a clear Trump win it. Eventuality former Bill Clinton, Whitehouse Chief of Staff, John Podesta playing Biden, refused to concede pressuring states that trump one to send demo that's the formal electoral college vote and trusted that military would take care of? The rest We have already discussed this report there.
Referencing in the Michael, Anton Peace, the transition integrity project, if you, been seen this report. Look it up. I've got a lot more in the sad. The lady Runagate Shy: our job as a law. Affiliation with George Soros, liberal money. Guy loves to give money limit, Steiner, yours, stun, binary, stun Rosa Brooks. I know you're stuck hold your your ear your astonishment containing like a beach ball underwater their openly talking about states, Trump wins Just sending Democrat electors two thousand, That, anyway, is any words. We don't respect, popular vote within our state. We're. Just gonna send our people to elect Biden anyway and we're gonna. Let quota military, take care of the rest corner. The peace. Post they're, not hiding this. This extremely dangerous. I cannot work. New and in more dire
stronger terms right now,. Be ready for solid month of total chaos after the election. I'm not trying to scare you, I'm simple repeating to you with the Democrats or or red already telling us, member that for Miss Dennis Green meltdown of coach, the Arizona Cardinals, a football team when they play the bears and they lost and the guy Ass to stupid question and then a screen meltdown, it says They are, who we thought they were. They are look it up? It's a the Democrats! are? We think they are eighty free speech at the free elections, tyrant, socialist who are getting ready for a coup like you, ve, never seen before out in that.
It's crazy. The media would stop that, whether because our feeding, right into it, remember these Jem from the washed imposed last week, this tweet this little duty if I'm all nervous with a nice washed imposed perspective, the elect more likely sport, violence and a constitutional crisis it will oh oh hold on Joe there's a caveat. Every scenario except the Bible. Landslide simulation ends catastrophically in every other accepted vied with. So you think now the media will surely stop this, coming coup that there already What is going to send Democrats, the Electoral College and see what the military take care that this is in you mean they, the media, you take the media and a fair. Free society would be like this is insanity. And humiliate Joel humiliate this group you'd even suggesting even suggesting a co yo, the worst imposed, celebrated braided kids, bring it
we're gonna, tweeted outrider article about again tell me again Dunbar geophysical purveyor, I'm just list to your own people. We let the military coup there are going to send Democrats even if Trump went to state the Electoral College, the washed imposed. Every scenario. Other than abide win ends. It catastrophe itself, washed imposed piece about hey. This is really dangerous. Discussing a coup openly like this. This group should be out it and humiliated. No, that's! Not the peace process as us. That's not the piece of this little gem gets worse this coming copies. This is a good one. It's got a screenshot number to keep in mind the golden rules of the conspiracy. Never talk about. The conspiracy rule one rule to make Conspiracy, look like it's been brought on by your opponents, not by you virtuous fight
we'll talk about fight club, sexual fight club. Never ever talk about like screening number two from the american mind coming, but the coming coup, peace, so good, so good. They are talking about the transition integrity project report. Here in this quote, you read it up and down. And sideways? It is a battle plan for the coup quote again talking about the tip delete report from the exercise darkly concluded that the quote: technocratic solutions, courts and reliance on elites observing norms are not the answer here. End quote: Promising that would follow the November elections would be quote a street fight, not a lot no battle job. We have only brought this street fight line up ten or twenty times That, at least for folks, I know sometimes eyeball hammer a story to death. I only do it when I think it is of great importance to you, because I'm telling you there are still people unprepared for the election November. Third,
I need right around the corner. There are still people unprepared who really believe Trump wines that the democratic he's gonna be like you know, we'll have to fight on another election. That's not gonna happen You need to be prepared right now they are preparing for their words, not mine a street fight, not illegal one. What would that me. It is a street fight, not illegal won me do I have go back to debt scream day. We thought they were their acts. Telling you their advertising right now, what they're going to do the washed imposed? gotta be a cataclysm in the streets. These trends, integrity project with these democratic, they think tankers it's gonna, be a street five folks.
Noticed how they say a street fight because you may say fairly of fuel. People who really thinks this is some job and budgets. Oh he's losing his mind, this is hyper, but if you really, by the way shame on you right now for doing that. Given what the Democrats who put us through over the last year when the streets. If you say it is our street fight that terminology used all that it is their view, clear, Joe, a street fight, not a legal one, a case here, take it like we did. Main street fight. You know in the way people kind of throw that term around courtroom and with a street fighting, that's not with a day eliminate that it's a street! not a legal one matter of fact About all the other stuff, too, don't worry about the courts what about the media will go into the streets or they have gone through this if you're a resident of a liberal city, they said your business burned out. You know exactly what they're talking about exactly what you're talking about.
Now, of course, you know the liberals who watch this show say: oh my gosh, you brought of George Soros. You can't do that. You're not allowed to do that. While I get the double barrel middle finger cause. I do whatever I want whenever I want, and I don't give a damn what you say and whenever you tell me not to talk about stuff, I talk about it again, even more just a piss you off. That is that's how you like them. Apples I dont care. Does now thing you can do to me ever nothing, nothing. My audience is bigger than you are. It is more loyal than the idiots that follow your sites. We will talk about Soros whenever we damn well, please and is a network of people. Why does that because, ladies and gentlemen, the report from the transition integrity project say- and this is good- the street fight Conclusions have been echoed by the washed imposed. That, again, is not be openly trash than the media's recommending acute a cool but is being celebrated. This report, this
somewhat behind this report. That has a really interesting connection. So before I get the screenshot number three in the coming, who I want to go to another article that talks about the transition, equity project, that is a must, must read in the show notes today, revolver September. Fourth, twenty twenty. Transition integrity, project Is this Soros link grew plotting a collar revolution against President Trop, a collar revolution, With the Orange Revolution, the Green Revolution is that the kind of stuff that our intelligence operatives and our military use overseas to destabilize unfriendly regimes, It is. Color revolution, its trump we allowed Do that here in town? Military people- military- oh my gosh, Dan, now you're really talking conspiracy theories. I am don't worry. I've got receipts later. Former millet. People using the exact same tactics to these
Able as other countries right here surely that's illegal, not only is it not illegal, it's celebrated by the worst imposed that others. We, let's This revolver piece about who is behind this transition integrity project report recommending a street fight again being celebrated by people other who don't want an election. They want to quote street fight screen shot number one from this revolver? Please please. Please read it in the show notes today So what is the transition integrity project and what does it have to do with the color revolution against Trump so friendly media outlets represent the transition integrity project and its agenda quote. This is from Newsweek enough left this radical a bite partisan group of about eighty political operatives and academics has been involved in discussions about what could happen if President Trump would have the November elections and contest the results potentially refusing to leave the White House, the boy
in Globe, reported on Sunday that the group of Democrats and Republicans, all of whom oppose the press, convened an online meeting to hash out scenarios as part of what has been called the trends should integrity project in June. Ok, this is fascinating. How news frames this transition integrity project preparing us all jobs for a street fight, they frame a number one Joe it's by partisan, is where they always there's always some republican lunatic. They they pull out of the other ways: like the Lenin project. Also noticed the Likud product, this guy's dead. They don't believe anything actually republican. Probably Four reuben from the washed impose, who advocates all day for liberal issues, but she's an alleged conservative, seems kind, we're done it definitely a viper Some group number one and noticed how they frame it, that no no when Trump loses we're just about him, not leaving the White Ass Day so
if you're reading this again remember the conspiracy, the first goal. The conspiracy is never talk about the conspiracy, so it's not a conspiracy to remove Trump from the White House if he wins it's a conspiracy all did its non conspiracy just to get trump out if he loses and doesn't want to leave. That's not what let me be Chris. Clear, that's not what this is about. If follow me Joe If Trump loses legitimately, trust me he's going believed the wider. A hundred per cent That's not what this is. You don't need a transition integrity project. This is only the trenches and integrity project, Partisan, it's up by partisan the people. Publicans abarbanel, real Republicans. This is a partisan project to soften up the black for the coup coming if Trump wits but notice again, they the conspiracy by blaming an untruth, no, no, where only here if we lose its views to get it that's what we're here for never talk about
conspiracy number one number two always blame it on Donald Trump Genius, malignant malfeasance genius. It's got a screenshot number two from this revolver peace must treat quote, What are they not say about this, ostensibly by partisan group, but they don't say that its founder Rosa Broth, shocker folks, you gotta be stun- is a long time close Associated George Soros and is open Society foundation, who has a whole chapter in mine, export, followed them by the way she serve both the special counsel of the president. George Soros is Open Society foundation and, as a board member of the open Society foundation, here's a quorum from Georgetown LAW two thousand six and seven brooks with Special Council will present at the Open Society institute. New York Brooks is also
It is a concern for human rights watch. Currently serves only Advisory board of the open society, foundations? U S, programmes and Advisory Board of National Security Action and Harpers Magazine Foundation, Shocker George Soros money. George Soros is Souci foundations, the open society foundations are women seated with that and sorrows a long time. Partner and affiliate of his is running the transition integrity project, saying don't give up the election, no matter what and turn it into a street fight afterwards and in blaming it on Donald Trump, not wanting to leave the White House. Stunner stunner George Soros is money would be by isn't as at shocking. How did that but that's just reared sore, so always creeps up Africa's. Apparently there really is it did what parts that conspiracy theory? That rose! Brooks is running the running this group, the Tipp transition negative part of our neighbours on what's
these fears. If you work at the open societies foundation, it's on her own little save anything there. What's a conspiracy, that's a Soros group just follow the money. That's why it's a title, marriage book, it's right there, his money, fighting AIDS, is what what I'm not sure what parts that can spears There is no I'm serious to the liberals to watch what which part of that is not accurate. Ok, the issues it's all accurate- you just said- like that we point out that we know where your money is coming from, and who's trying to destabilize this country shock sure, as has also been involved in Ukraine and other places where they ve had collar revolutions? The Orange Revolution, the Green Revolution and I ran which would necessarily sorrows thing, but the Ukraine one all there were some the ties that one but that's all other, that's a whole chapter in my book- gets it for another day. What we're too can about right now is the coup coming and how the military people, former military folks in
CS from Soros link groups and so money are planning to destabilize the United States and nobody is talking about it outside a conservative media. Bizarre how, besides, how become ever? That's all Y know the rest hey by their rights member. That's us, you don't have to buy rights. This is all free. Again, just challenge any part of this liberals that fact check at which point This has been an accurate, the street fight part, which is an actual quote: the Soros money, which is obvious, rose group, the affiliations which, which part. So what does the collar revolution something Erin? Folks and military folks here have used over decades.
The format revolutions overseas for hast Thou regimes, revolver does a great job explained if this great, since first it ignored on collar revolutions. Color revolution in this context, refers to a specific type coordinated attack. The! U S. Governments been known to deploy against foreign regimes are really, particularly in Eastern Europe, deem to be authoritarian and hostile to american interests. Rather than using a direct military intervention to affect regime changes in Iraq, collar revel attack of foreign regime. By listen to this here's what I call a revolution does overseas. Are they doing this here to listen the revolutions attack of foreign regime by contesting its electoral legitimacy. Ah, oh really they re this more number one Go check. Ok, number one check contesting Lecture legitimacy number two Joe, organizing mass protests chip check?
Stu their wow got that one of this war What can I say, mass protests and acts of civil disobedience, weird kind of looks like What happened here like a street fight, Yoda streams refined. What else do they do all they live Bridge, moving your car tax to ensure favourable coverage to their agenda in the western press, not all wars composed tweet. We get it right for Czech March, your. You shot, I washed imposed three right, magically, blame all this stuff on Donald Trump doorway for like Donald Trump. It's gonna be radicalism and generic up Miss Polly. Go back to the well again about what. Tell me again now: there's not a coup just but forty fifty days away.
I know I read through: please explain: I've I've, I'm I'm interested here, this is all insane conspiracy, theory stuff: why This is a right wing price out somewhat subscribe to this. We can, as a right wing provocative tore me. I'm the prime you're, the one, to call for a street fight to pull trump, the White House, industry, five and we'll provocateurs at a Larry's hilarious. I'm done with this article folks, someone to get to the third screenshots front over the coming through article this, the revolver article, the coming through this show much material in there. If you don't read this, I love you open Shame on you! If you don't read these two articles there telling us what
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Bon GINO, don't wait. This is the business bang for you, so getting back there peace about the coming q. One of the rules of the coup. Again, don't talk, about the conspiracy to create a coup and, secondly, make sure you blame it on Donald Trump. So we don't look like the bad guys, so here Take away number three from the cap. Coup in the american mine, famously exhaustive discussion of conspiracies Matthew, he goes out of his way to emphasise the Dispense ability of quote operational security I e silence to success. The first rule, the conspiracy is, you do not talk about the conspiracy
the second rule, the conspiracy, as this is even more important job. You do not talk about the conspiracy, so why are they talking about the conspiracy that well they're? Not The street fight all this is all being blamed on Donald Trump. You don't believe me, you say then, that there too king openly in the report about a street fight employment in collar revolution, tactics, Irene, tell and military uses to destabilize foreign governments. To these belies us pyramid. Harry people about this, or I told you, I've got receipts hold on hold on, don't go anywhere today. I watch this show twice. Labor they by the way, thank you to every labour who built this country. Craftsmen of you you're the best I shall turn their that beginning. You guys and Lady Russell. But how do you hide the conspiracy and talk about the kids
you're see. At the same time as I said, you simply blame it on Donald Trump. It's already happened whose one of them- Leave conspiracy, people involved what all these folks connection or o Hillary Clinton in the last by gay conspiracy, which was an actual conspiracy. Here's here we're doing exactly this already prepping the public, how they have no plans. They can see this welcome. Street fight? They're, not gonna, could see no matter what, but don't worry, it's Donald Trump small member. Don't talk about the conspiracy blaming because you know mail in elections and troops in chaos and whatever that kind of stuff play this video. We have to have our own teams of people to counter the The force of intimidation that the Republicans and tromp are going to put outside pulling places. The big organizational challenge, but at least we know more about what they're going to do and Joe Biden
not concede under any circumstances, because I think this is gonna drag out and eventually I do believe he will. When we give an inch tip media research centre for Poland, that club for us wow, so Georgie catch it Joe Biden shouldn't can see no matter how badly he loses its right. What was it wasn't? Step number one, Joe with Color revolution model quoted in the EU, legitimacy. I did I miss that you got that right. You did you check mark, since that was ok. Thank you just gesture. We need you to cut back check me, unworthy, wrote Ross. Facebook may get involved, but that's actually a real facts so question the legitimacy, that's what she establishes right there that needs Donald Trump people. You see what they up to Donald Trump stupid don't could see no matter what step one of the color revolution and again show you so the actual costs, This is happening, don't make it look just blaming entrepreneur. What's trumps, people doing all this sewing alive.
Chaos, pre election with male and balanced, which have been documented history of being fraudulent, double the rate of purse about abandoning a fact, immediate talked about but ignore all that pretended mail in voting is a new fraudulent phenomenon under Donald Trump. So we can blame it on him. Even other means. Ported onyx, so we high rates of fraud and mail in voting and Democrats many times before pretend its Trump thing. RO little kid bits out through the media like that league transition integrity project so Stability in chaos recommend civil disturbance, don't concede, no matter what an employee Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton confirms that, higher coming coup article right. There first rule the conspiracy. Don't talk about the conspiracy, it's right in front of our eyes,
They're just managing to blame it on Donald Trump, despite the fact that cirrhosis people behind the scenes documented focus of their relationships. That in question are already play For a street fight right funny ice folks are my kid: men go get food and stuff, I'm I would be remiss if I I am doing that and I a scare you and I'm not trying to freak anybody out. I'm just telling you prepare for three or four weeks of real chaos after this election. If Donald Trump winds. I am not trying to scare you, I am simply presenting to you. There talking points and what they're telling us they are, who we think they are there saying it. What do you think Street fight means they're ready? Your thank me for later. God forbid,
this happens now. I said to you: they're, using a model for destabilizing foreign governments right here in the United States. Right now It's a command Dan military folks, former military people who hate Trump could be involved in this I'm not telling you this telling you look at the New York Post, Africa's paramilitary, really because there are open with advertising it mark more new year post again would be in an article in the show notes. Democrat pack is you anti terror technology, anti terror like we use overseas, anti terror technology to counter trumps campaign, vestiges, gush who's running that. So there's a democrat pack, you intelligence techniques, we used to destabilize terrorist organisations and foreign governments use I'm here against Trop? This is be a conspiracy. Theory. Budget shows crazy, he's just
making this really here screen shot. One from that, the group noticed title the group by the way. Remember that Europe, don't talk about the conspiracy and blame it on trot, so now they have conspiracy to use anti terror tactics to destabilize tromp here and what are they All the group quote their feet. Distant fall this. If this involves. The group is being advised by retired army general, no way stem Mcchrystal, the former head of U S forces in Afghanistan; the Washington Post reported Friday, keep us up, that's it has been positive, advertising at the Washington Post report? It is a former army general Mcchrystal running. This group quote. Listen to this and what you had to spend Reagan from the extra system. Or use artificial intelligence to map out trumps claims on social media and then attempted they counter narrative through network of three point: four million influencers across the country
Paying some users with large following to oppose the president were a form decorated army general is working to spread this information in the United States openly halls. The defeat this information member, the demo, it's always do what they do. They accuse you of what they are doing. The conspiracy is right. There told you military people were about to wash them closer, but nobody cares about this ever tire. General is using anti terror, entail techniques that model the collar revolutions reformulated overseas, really the United States trouble and no This is a big story. I'm just checking. Do there is this morning this here so the stairway Mcchrystal gonna map out narratives here, new narratives, really
the peace clause on till you this artificial intelligence to map out trumps claims. They told you, paying users with large followers to oppose the present building quote counter narratives, because, on its off said, campaigns or a battle of ideas, but they're really a battle of narrative said this David. I can bomb a democrat media consult whose an adviser to the pack, he told newspaper quote today: those narrative spread quickly online. Which sideways nicely into my story about a narrative, TAT, viral online. On Friday, Following the military, you know the same military just a coincidence. I'm sure that Stanley Mcchrystal served in total coincidence a narrative, went viral on Friday that Trump doesn't always disliked the media he hates them. He thinks there's hackers and losers. Anyone
tromp, as I can take say, and I and what you do he really hates whereby State Europe moron you ve never met, Trop hates the military that went viral on Friday. Where did that narrative come from where our trump there's really well amongst the military. He's, given pay raises two supported very the choice, has rebuild, The military. Adding new ships, new planes, better technology. Weird, how he's been won hundred percent behind the milk pulling them back from unnecessary foreign wars when they come home and caskets. Now, all of a sudden, on Friday, a quote narrative, just like the Democrat operative working with Stanley Mcchrystal said how these now If just emerged online with people with large following through, they admit the paying where's that money come from.
They talking to that transition integrity, project, those people working with source, I'm just not just checking I'm just asking questions. That's all we're doing here. Speaking of narratives, that are now re emerging again that this superpower group or pack group organ with the Stanley Mcchrystal Military General using military attack, We're destabilization here What is this narrative that reemerged again this week and from the absolutely hapless, buffoon Kamel Iris Couple hours russian interference could cost us the election watching them examiner? gets older in the US, and here it is again again. You realize people really think: you're morons the PPP hoaxes back peace back again, they don't care. It's been discredited, the bank everybody involved, has been totally humiliated, camel hair
there's a care one bit it's right on back Russia, Russia's hurting us tromp, hates the military. Who did that that truck paced the military I've got inside sources on it. As I said they say we let me get to my my neck sponsor because its import knows exports. Often that's right, gotta, The two pager today today issue also brought you by our friends at all form. Now, listen, you know how much I love helix matches. I seriously the best. They think I slept ten years was last night. It was a perfect confluence of events. I was super tired. I just got back from California. I slept all day. I didn't take us news and we got a dog yesterday I'll, show you the video at a minute. I was so tired. I wanted my heels matters out our turn. A lamp off I've. Nearly comatose. I'm surprised I lived through the night, that's how well I slept Emma Helix matters. You know we live here
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fomenting a coup right now in the United States, using military tactics, reviews overseas and Intel community tactics to break up terror organisations with people in the military who are openly advertising their association with who are open. We claiming in reports in the traditional integrity project that their associated with the Soros people their names, are on. It. And that they want a street fight after the election, because they're not going to concede quote under any circumstances ordinary according to Clinton. How is this not the biggest story in the media right now? How how How is this? Can you please can you? Can you tell us? How is this? Do you have any idea? You dont show any idea, really let me run etc. I I know I gotta. Let me say this dead series: do you think armor cos there was a republican group. Taking
They from I don't whose illiberal bogeyman become brothers down. Actively talking about not conceding election, no matter what a street fight afterwards, that's not even illegal one, we're not we're really going to shoot. You think that would be a big deal. Military people were involved using counter terror and insurgency cactus, I'm just Darwin that out there really big, big, big, big, big big. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome, sir and now we hear all of a sudden they're going to start building narratives and paying people with big follies to promote fake narratives all of a sudden. On Friday what comes out President Tromp was, in France so a couple years ago, he didn't want to visit a military cemetery. Does he hates the military, stare losers and suckers. Now I saw the story a bright part that covers every year the stories confirm Jennifer, given a Fox news did not
in fact most salacious parts of Atlantic story Your pollack, upright. Thank you jaw stories not confirm me. Give you a little bit background here. And talk about this on Friday, because the Bonn GINO rule apply every red and eighty Trump story. I'm not gonna, get on the bandwagon and talk about it until I get the deeds myself, they d Sales of the story on Friday, the narrative that suspiciously emerged about the military shocker jumped as well the military. How do we break that back? on a trip a couple of years ago to France with President Trump, there were two cemeteries and r R, the resting so some of our military dead. That he visited one. He was supposed to go to the other one. Anyone want to go because he just did wanna! Do it basically because trumpets the military was the narrative.
Ladies gentlemen, I say this: I am ivy, I'm I'm stumbling here because I want to be careful. You know frame this. As a hey look. I know people look especially because I I don't I stay house? I do my show out of my house- I don't I'm not that guy right, but I can tell you this I know the president for President pretty well, hence my stumbling here, because I know that sounds like one of those things look at me. I'm special, I'm not no more special than any of you, but I've had the privilege of working for three president's, regardless of their. My the goal the associate serve. Are you familiar with ideas I, but I don't care they were president of the United States. I was proud to work for all three of that. Missing their behaviour. I'm simply suggesting is a constitutional problem. I know the president pretty damn well. I spent a lot of time on them.
I'm telling you right now, looking into this camera, you are being absolutely lied to buy a bunch of buffoons, creating a fake narrative using sophisticated disinformation techniques to make you believe something that is absolutely categorically force. I have never in my life, heard the President United States say anything other than about the military and law enforcement, specifically how much he adores them to the point of he almost worships what they do. Do you really believe a guy like me, uncle was killed in combat in Vietnam, get the bronze star with a v device for valor. I never met him talk about him all the time a memorial day, even a veteran stay. I talk about All the time on my family was never the same. Gregg Ambrose, my family was pre Gregg and postscript my grandmother, God rest his soul. I lean Sadler.
Was never the same. Every one My family knows she never aren't. You were my grub. Gregg died in combat Vietnam day. He was supposed to come home in the bar. We own gibbey Spar, sixty fourth place of Myrtle Avenue. We only for decades. They had the welcome home signs up. To military men showed up, neither one was Gregg, you think of this point Thought the military were suckers and losers. I would tell us, I'd go blank himself in two minutes flat. I don't care who he is. Do you really believe that you know beyond this show. You know, I call it straight. I always have you believe for a moment, then, if this president daughter military were suckers and losers, then I would even give this guy that
I'm a day or given the time a day would be the time he wanted. I have never ever heard this president say anything has not only the press, his family, his daughters in law. The people around him speak with absolute reverence about our military or police officers, are corrections. Officers are e, our firemen first responders. I have seen and heard stories from people. I know on the ground that working motorcades with him is sometimes is dangerous, because if he sees firemen cops, yes to stop the motorcade get out and say hello, Same with our military folks, you Helen me. You heard a rumour, a narrative, convenient one week where I come from that it takes the military are suckers in your dumb enough to believe this and promote this, Now you know why awaited on this, so Jennifer Griffin from Fox NEWS has a
source, who supposedly confirm this story that the president did want to go to the cemetery. There's the tweet Jennifer Griffin from Fox Listen, I'm not shouting. Jennifer heard this from someone Georgi. That's why I'm here, you this stories, fake, quote: Jennifer Griffin from Twitter when asked. If the present could have driven to the US to the cemetery. This former official said confidently. The president drives The other world leaders drove the cemeteries, peaches did Monica. Ladies and gentlemen, that is, that is fake. I'm not suggesting again the source didn't tell Jennifer Griffin that oh I'm sure that anonymous source did that story is in fact fake. I have a source who was their fact. Listen to me fact there on the trip- In the decision making chain on the french trip
No, why the president didn't go to that cemetery fact. It was a ninety minute, DR while he does Dr Ninety minutes, rarely it was supposed to be a drive supposed to be a lift. The helicopters because of weather and the low ceiling they couldn't fly. The healers having been the whip in the transportation Send for the secret service having been a transport Should Asian and having an actual motorcade french member. That one policy will you that Tripoli? Yes, you were, was I there just to confirm for I was you weren't, you write so maybe Kind of a good source on this worked in France motorcades in France, was the whip. That's a Emmy supervisory position. In the secret service, having they'll maintaining staff in contacts for my priority, work with, say you think up
credible on is it was one hundred percent, a bad weather call. They did not have the assets last minute to secure a ninety minute, motorcade pouring rate, the president, wanted to go the exact opposite of what that source told Jennifer Griffin. That story is fake, one hundred percent fake. I don't care whose telling you it's confirmed yet confirmed as fake guys we're there. That is, what happened the president wanted? go to the cemetery it a one hundred percent, a bad weather call. That story is in fact fake. Here's what else is fake. Let's go
screen you from this bright bar peace again in the shone out showed us today are the best we ve got a real grip. Also said she confirm the trumpet asked why veteran served quote. What's in it, for them, they don't make any money. While that sounds damaging holistic. It goes on that reflected a similar claimed by the original author in the Atlantic, who doesn't even deserve to be named about a remark? Tribe was alleged to have made it all international cemetery, though, what outcome tax, it's impossible to know whether tromp was praising them for volunteering, regardless of personal or financial gain that is the Atlantic in graphic presume, mocking them for doing so. Again. The claim here now I just move at the first claim is that you want to go to the cemetery, because you just as doesn't like the troops, I'm telling you, which, de that stories fake, it was a weather call period. Its fake id made up second story.
President drop as marking the military coups. They don't make any money and they died. Imbecility I mean to the ten thousand degree and I follow- is there to have been in the lab. We been around the president quite a bit. That is not if there is even a quote, which I would question strongly, but even if that's a quote, if you know the prey Believe me, I am not covering anything. I know exactly what the president would say. What the president is implying is that I've said on the show. Have I not Joe a thousand times at nobody's. Getting it's in the military or police officers, and they do it anyway, have Joe have not said that, on the show, a thousand times about cops yearly, sparrow rethink theirs. What up for the money there show not because they give about this country, willing to give their large that's what trouble
so. If anyone who talked to him and no true, he said that a thousand times that these guys Already doing it for the money, but of course, if you want build a narrative like Stanley Mcchrystal, military disinformation, OP organization wants to you too, The quota around me look at these workers and losers, who died for no money as if it's all about money, it's the exact opposite anyone! Anyone who knows Donald Trump and is spoken in four or five its nose. He said that a thousand times that these are the ultimate patriots, because they I'll. Do it for the money, that's clearly what he means. Now you may say Dan why you bring this up? Why you, given this story, sales, it's already dead, which it is because folks the coming, who is coming this it's not the end of it. This story about trump the military are losers. This absurd,
or absurdity is the iceberg? underwater. You know, how much is going to come out in the next three to four weeks, all fake trump hates the military, Trump hates cops. Trump's veteran Tropez told people, children puppies. It's all coming out. You need to be ready, and I bring this story up and eyed the bunker, because you need to be ready to a credible sources like my people, who were There on the trip to tell you so you ready to come, at this, this information with in formation coups coming. Why? Let me get to my last sponsor an usher, quick video
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waste camera! I have a short like twenty second video here, there's my two daughters with the new puppy there and dumb youngest daughter, Amelia. We wanted a surprise Sir, so be told her that my eldest daughter is about her friend Lucy, a person was coming to visit, so the woman drops off the dog. This is real. A joke, jokes Edison up, my youngest daughter has no idea that Lucy's, actually the dog and its hers. Here's a quick video watch, this great, oh my daughter, finding out this is her dog and it does no person aim Lucy. But there is a dog check this out. That's your dog, doggie Lucy. How are you don't I? What I'd
my daughter. I know your kids in your dogs are always the cutest ever when they're yours become a job. They look at the start. Come on book at their picture. Folks that conflict budget of your wife, you ve waited Alex faked. That looks like an equal. What is it? What was that he walked from returned a jet? I guess or which or is that, like the gremlins, I don't even that looks I can t walk for maternity. Judie, commander dog is cute. I want this talk to be almost his famous jasper, Dana parental Start, Lucy Great first night, the house. There really are you a lot of. You asked whether I let me just rap the show quick on this article on, I think, I'm in a cover some more of it tomorrow as well. I didn't even get through the Peter Stroke stuff. I'm sorry! I'm gonna get through to the Peter Stroke Interview on CBS is whole areas that had stupidity, theirs much misinformation, it's so easily debunked I'll get to that tomorrow. I want to end on this because of this. Coming to this information,
military intelligence tactics, you see what overdue trump and blame on Trump Glenn Greenwell as fantastic peace and the intercept. How did this happen? where the media is now confirming fake news and Trump didn't want to go to the cemetery? How is this happened? The media's confirming fake news. This piece is worth your time Journalism, new propaganda tool, using quote confirmed, Mimi Opposite says out claiming to have confirmed Jeffrey Goldberg Solana, states mentioned losers, name about trumps troops, many are again abusing the term. Ladies and how can you confirm a story? I'm telling you is fake. Note always confirm trump didn't go because he hates the tubes. That's not that's totally Faye. How did this happen Well, in the peace, Graham links to another our time. This happen we're in mess NBC Nbc fusion, candle, Laney, unknown fake news, specialist he'd like to a video where
Kinda lady. I wanna play video first big words: the lady and actually confirms a story like the Trump cemeteries in France we know is fake. Member? The CNN story where they said Don Junior got the encryption keyed the Wikileaks see before member that job where they were public, many God, on September forth, there was a problem with the story: one dont Junior didn't get them on September for the encryption cables, an email with email sent the dawn. He don't even responded. So, as you get spam, Dean friction key for the emails was sent after they were public once September, fourteenth, that's one for not September four But not only did CNN confirm the story. Fusion Cambaranian, known conspiracy theories quote confirmed it to you. Don't believe me, listen
This is it. This was the video embedded in grand group, which removes pc records of Delaney in confirming a fake story check this out congressional investing airs are trying to figure out who sent email it gave Donald. From his son and others a decryption key for hacked Wikileaks. Arguments to bring it NBC News, intelligence and national security corresponded candle. Anyone can tell us what just now learned. I know you and some of our colleagues have just confirmed some of this information. What's up that's how two sources with acknowledge of this are telling us that congressional investigators have obtained an email from a man named MIKE Ericsson. Obviously they don't know if that's his real name, offering Donald Trump and his son down from junior access to Wikileaks documents. This was about September, Twin, sixteen right in the middle of the campaign when Wikileaks, with putting out some documents, have put out other documents. Remember that oceans had hack the Democrats and handed this stuff over the Wikileaks. So the issue. Here is congressional investigators
not know whether this was a legitimate, real overture from Wikileaks, but one of the sources they presume that Robert Mahler knows and can get to the bottom of that through that Acknowledging intelligence resources he's gather this command. This is fascinating can the lady in fusion hack fusion can is firming story, that's totally wrong. Some random sent on junior and encryption key to Wikileaks emails, that already public debts and even a story. I get spam emails all day, but who, FED the story to CNN, initially told him. No, no, no don got the encryption key down, trumped junior, be for one public. That's totally not was totally debunk. Take up to date twice to CNN it at an who confirmed, the story, just like the fake news story about them Ok to the cemetery was confirmed. Its fake now
dream on pc explains its elegantly. He says well. But what is clear is that confirmation, which MSNBC and CBS, as claimed that had obtained from the story, was anything, but all that happen. Was it the same source which anonymously whispered these unverified false claims to see it in the head and here, the same false claims that other outlets which claim they quote in. Tenderly verified the story. They done nothing of the sort the same wires, this, personal lied to the letter or the same group behind them had to say group telling them to lie, did Jennifer Griffin Fox, just like story with fusion can CNN source lied to them. He got the email Don Junior September. Fourth, he got it September. Forty, definitely what public you dances, the lady and confirms independently because it's the same guy thought it depended. That's how this can use to happen. There
Why not have a sure thing, generally with your journalist, a really bad idea. But their use anonymous sources. My sources have to stand item is because some of them. This is not a story with national security implications. The story about Donald Trump. The military or losers- this is someone's opinion is not relevant Joe, that we get on record whose opinion it is: the kind of people, stir? What is motivation is is not fair, Joe. It's important. Thank you. If this was an anonymous source about a russian plot to new United States next week. I don't give a damn who the sources anonymous or I'll, get it out there. That's not what this is. This is someone's opinion that Donald Trump doesn't like the military that flies in the
Some reality, as going Green Walled, indicates year in an excellent paragraph about stupid. Using an anonymous source in this claim was called green, while the inner sap. So we have anonymous sources, making claims on one side and trump and former Aids, including bolt and by the way, is a harsh trump critic, insisting The story about the cemeteries, inaccurate on deciding whether or not to believe the Atlantic story based on what best advances one's political interests, can one resolve this factual disappeared. I just one side say in this: the other side saying that did not happen. A father media outlets could confirm the original claims for Mug the Atlantic author that obviously be a significant advancement of the story. Let me try Like that very simply green, while there is a simple question, how is it that John Bolton, who hates trump and sound can be Sanders who likes. Tromp will be talking about her book later in the week, but we have both confirmed on the
could non anonymously. I just gave you their names for liberals. Written he's, not anonymous it's no name and then, and then not an army and liberals Little South On the record, say no, no, we were there that cemetery trip was the weather call. It has do with liking or disliking the troops at all there on the record, yet worship to take more seriously cowards. Use their own aims, giving an opinion about an event that never happen. I'm telling you on the record, using my name that my people have told me. I was there. That story is fake news. But again we're supposed to take anonymous sources more seriously, man what it showed any proud of that. Got a lot of surprises this week. You're not gonna want to miss any of our shows. A big one come in at the issue is not allowed,
but you'll know by the end of the week. This never happened before I can't even into it stated Hey nice again for tuna, really appreciate a big emotional roller coaster. Can I please share the shell. Ladies gentlemen, I'm not kidding it's not a joke, I'm not trying to scare you, I'm simply trying to get you prepared for people who are who we think they are because they're telling us who they are. They are preparing a coup in front of your very eyes, just listen to this listen expert unit and please subscribe to the show Youtube Durkheim slashed by GINO, an apple podcast and wherever you find your guess the show is subscriptions, are free, really helps us move up the charts slap Cinema, deserted in Bonn, GINO.
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