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The Coup Plotters Are Panicking (Ep 1352)

2020-09-22 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive ties between these billionaire backers and the liberal’s planned post-election coup. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a show that not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bone, Jean Psych Centre, Romany, maybe onboard here for taken about. If that's the way, Ladies and gentlemen, this situation is looking better by the moment. We shall see never put my faith in these republican swamp rats at any given moment. They can bail unusual, but the news is at least for that. I have got that story for you. I am going to now pull down. My George Soros connection to the coming cool because they are now threatening bull involved in the coming coo EE. Oh yes, yes, some talking about things like executions, not kidding I'll show you how to get there, and I want to prove again to you that Biden has not in fact a good guy, but a liar and a wholesale fraud completely Tunisia, but you may express VP.
Protect your online activity from prying eyeballs. Did I get a VP and don't wait go to express the and our complex bungee get Europeans, and I welcome that. Thereby GINO Show preacher Joe how a fine, Sir a man I'm doing good. Then how do I really really good glad to be here been Muslim, the summit just pre show tunes dogs. The understandable way, put all of you to state that my dog. At a dog not stop eating. Should we have all these toys and only the EU sues? What is with dogs interviews use, that's manufacturers. What do the store bought a budget, but a bunch of a dog toys and ease the lady in the dog tourist areas. Like the total wasting money? That's all you can eat, where they want any, actually reach you resent that doggie military school, so we get rid of this outbreak. Let's get right there, we gotta loaded, so then I shall brought you buy parlor parlour, I am one of the what is in parlor, or why
because we need an alternative to twitter. They are censoring anyone and everyone they can get their hands on. It doesn't aligned with the liberal message there already threatening to censor election coverage. I covered yesterday, yes, election covered, if you dare maker, their tune about the election that Donald Trump one. I assure you they are going to do something to stop you from posting they're, going to call it misinformation. You want to speak freely about the election want to speak freely, burying the you wanna go Parlor p r l e r it the hottest social media property on the internet. Right now we have millions of users and we are honoured, DAB, Senator TED crews and other big name accounts over there. You can follow me. There I am at DE bond GINO, one parlor. It's like twitter and Facebook, but better because we actually that you speak go to parlour our com or visit the app store today and download the app go to the app store today down.
Load, the parlor wrap your she's got a red background of white P for parlor, P, r, l e r d com or find this in the Appstore speak freely. I've given twitter all your information there only gonna screw over India and go to parlour and speak freely without fear censorship, parlor doc. And download us in the app store, parlor, p, r, L, Europe she and her eye Joe. Let's go so some good news on this front. If everyone keeps their word and the republic inside and says, they'll take the vote and vote for a constitutional. It's like they claim they support is Republicans. Then the selection of whether a Jamie Coney, Barrett, barber logo or the couple of other, the fine candidate Donald Trump may nominated. He said he will nominate their candidate this Saturday TBD time this address, then we should be. Ok, which would be absolutely spectacular, because we would We back to a five four Supreme Court Majority Way way way way way way way way. If there was ever a time for the gavel Jerry live for,
A basic story right bene? You never countdown Roberts, ever Robert liberal through Aithra right right now it's for four roberts isn't leaped. Just I, He was nominated by a Republican. He claims. Whoever you know aligned with can constitutional conservative. I throw that out the window it's now for, for so we will finally have if If the nominee is turns out to be an actual original list, a construction is, we will actually, a majority, you know Thomas, isn't, gonna. Let you down, you know a lot. I'm not gonna, let you down gorse experts, pretty good cavern. Whereas most of the time but we'll, have a Any chance Robert GIS discard Roberts, his vote altogether and waste the ETA Good news. Now I gotta get to the core. The shoulders were absolutely loaded today. What does she do? This doggies become get it part of the show she so good. She just hangs there are now observe feeling
Then you know Mark of loves his dogs. They become a partnership. See you're barking tobacco, but Lucy never parks. Ever then Paul is gonna call, so the focus groups have met folks, on the Supreme Court block we're gonna open to show. What did I do Joe? The focus groups are in attacking you know, that's all that matters to the Democrats, Unita. They never talk outside of focus group. The demo that's all, say something they pretend its principal dreaded. Air quotes become a part of the Sharia, NATO, but the Democrats don't have any simple. So nothing they say could be principle. They have to have principles. The principle conversations you get yet had helping where they don't have any they just rely on focused with you, no one, baseball, any Alfie about baseball players. If you pay and left right or centre, you want to know which direction the wind is blowing, so if you Are you going to shaggy fly ball? You want to make sure that compensate for the way. You know that sometimes you see, I feel this in the affair. What are they doing here? They pick up grass, and I know it s your eyes.
Do you see the winds blow it? So you know to run faster, slower footballs going to certain directorate. That's where the Democrats do We have grass up any outfield this huge way, the political Windsor boy laughed Ok, we're going to show right after the death of Repaper Ginsburg. There was, Democrats came out your guns ablaze. It we're gonna pact. Is Supreme Court these the porter rican statehood, we'll get us of Gayety trials for all our political forest. Ok, I'm exaggerating the! Let s pardon, but there may be a text that maybe stop don't don't complain. We discovered that possibility. They are it takes. After all,. Now all of a sudden as we see the focus groups have met, and all this talk about packing the court and other radical ridiculous cities. All of a sudden are coming down. How do I know the focus? Groups have met and are warning the Democrats.
Guy sound like the lunatics. You really are. How do we know that view it s worse than times right. The focus users alike, You guys are really insane. You know that we are grass grass in here like you're right. We are unsafe washed times Joe Odin declines, to take a position on expanding the Supreme Court. Of course, he does because what happened? Ok groups have met, ladies and gentlemen, they told buying in his campaign that's crazy. We ve had Supreme Court, just assistance, the eighteen hundreds dead insane. Like crazy pills time so, of course, bind grass and the air is like We should talk about back a little bit such Biden because remember that campaign focus groups
Are not always the same focus groups as the Dc Capitol Hill Focus groups, advising policy Adam shift. Churchill and others. Leadership on on both on both sides of the house. For the Democrats they have different focus group shop, so those focus groups have met to. How do we know that she didn't examiner check out this piece. I said we are, we produce. The receipts here. Democrats tempt down threats to peace. The high court in the filibuster over trumps go to speak by the great carry picket. You think that was by chance. You think this is all principles, all The democratic principles and K packing the Supreme Court's really say like after tried that What's remember that all packing the Supreme Court thing- and you know who stopped if they are the Democrats for liberals watching if there was a Democrat, I know history really your think his own party stop them because it's insane in case you RO watching packing the Supreme Court means adding more justice is to make it
the broad majority. Even oh right now it would be a conservative, leaning majority, five, four, that's insane! Why is it insane? Because when republicans are in charge, then they would do the same thing and liberals would do it and then you wind up with what jobs twelve there in six hundred and forty two judges on the Supreme Court. This supreme Court would have to be held in the asteroid. Dome you'd have that has just this awful around you'd have to have. It might do. The old Ella Colosseum did the Raiders Replay era was arranged for than the Yellow policy Europe. They did right. I'm not crazy? Well, I don't know what that that seated at a hundred thousand people, eighty thousand you'd have eighty thousand supreme. It would be like TAT, STAR Wars movie, the really add ones at the end, we're like the imperial set its meeting and that they go up, not sideways they and their voronezh screaming off with his head or something you'd have like a hundred thousand Supreme Court. Just this is this is stupid.
We have nine justices worries at night, because want to put a lid on behaviour like this. It could be seven, they could be five, it could be eleven Those who are, but we settled on the number nine, because it's enough that each person This is a decision, makes a difference at relatively representatives of the ideological spectrum of the country, which is voted in Republicans in the center of the White House, because its conservative centre right country. You have a centre right, five, four Supreme Court: it's not six three, if their please stop! That Roberts is not a conservative. If you have a five work and serve supreme Court in a centre right country? There's nothing unusual about that. It's only lunatics. Who wants you to believe that and that's why the Democrat the focus groups have met the phone These groups have met, are telling their democrat friends this. Crazy pills. You're, all insane.
Showing you again how its centre right country there's a reason. Something else is going on to. I want to address a second check out this Byron York, peace. It is excellent that he has an email that she is really good stuff Byron renewed daily memo Biden keeps Supreme Court, less secret refuses to It's a vow cord packing. This scheme stay quiet on. Because he knows it's crazy pals. And why would he not release his list. Because his list of Supreme Court nominees, if God forbid selected, is populated with lunatics. Who are already on the record, taking guidelines, lay term abortion, all that kind of stuff. You probably don't like if you believe in the little thing, like you know: liberty and freedom, a thing like that. Where's by deciding to release this list.
Does the minute he releases this list, what you may say again by claims to be a moderate. Why He released a list of actual moderates because left, leaning, lunatic fringe people go crazy, so he's trying to duck it. He knows if he releases the list of left wing wing lunatic candies. He has Joe P They submit to keep the left. Villona takes office as you the moderates, the actual moderates into focus groups and moderate. Your vote in this in my country will be like way way way that Gee nominated Joey, beggar doughnuts is on the record, saying amendment is a is a relic get rid of it. I guarantee you there's some some legacy of jurisprudence. These people have had on this list. That is, the Liberty and eighty freedom and he's terrify so he's trying to hide it. These groups of bed now
Showing you how powerless they aren't. I mean this I'm dead serious when I say this, I said it yesterday and Fox. I said it yesterday and my show I'm going to repeat it again today, Republicans you're in Charge ACT like it act like it. You are in charge, act like you're in charge, a centre right country, did a centre right Senate to pick centre right. Candidates by a centre right president and two on it. Save consent of a centre. Right Senate approve those keys the eighth and see them on the Supreme Court. There is nothing, nothing sera, controversial here nothing now. The Democrats wants you to believe that they have some power here. They do if Rami votes and we only lose more Cowskin Collins. That's fifty one votes to forty nine votes. We don't need J
Traffic is to tell you that is in fact the majority. Fifty one, forty nine, we win, you lose you No power, there's nothing! You can do Nancy Pelosi seems to think she has power. I didn't Read that in that constitute judge you catch that the constitution with the house. Representatives has the vice. It said pirated we got. I thought that was the Senate is there. Didn't version. You sure an appendix come up again, miss that so I Currently, Nancy Pelosi, she apparently thinks there's an appendix to the constitution, where the House of Representatives hasn't advice and consent role for a quarter points. No one else has seen that by Nancy. She seems Did she has arrows inner quivered? Look at it very nice in wall, your journal policies, empty quiver, The headline comes from policies: s statement that George stepping up as we can that she's got arrows in the quiver. No, you don't.
So bad lie now, cannot prevent the president's senators from doing their job. They have no role here, police, He is just puffing she's, just puffing ere. She has nothing. She has no quiver, She has no arrows. She is nothing. So what is threatening, because as you know, and consent, roll on appointments. They don't consent to them at all. The house, the Senate, that She saying no doubt Odo, maybe We could impeach the president which in turn, tie up, descended in a trial we covered this yesterday and of ETA. Up the Senate in impeachment trial. Then they can vote and consent, on the President's nomination for the Supreme Court and see tat justice. Ladies and gentlemen, this is of all the dumb I d Nancy policies HAT and my gosh. She has had a just inside what a pity of stupid ideas. This one is at the top of the total.
Of ignoramus ideas from the wash your journal, peace. This is a gentleman by the name Kill, Rita MAR from Yale LAW who, back and ninety ninety nine. During the Clinton impeachment trial, wrote this coverage wash your journal. Peace wrote this in the half your law review. This is back in eighteen. Ninety nine now keep in mind. This is if this, if Nancy Policy Impeach, is the president. For selecting a transitory garbage is on its face. The dumbest idea, of course,. Ok, I'll read, em are once again it will be argue that the Senate has a legal and constitutional duty to put the country to a gruelling? Expensive, disrupt, if an salacious trial. If this is what the house already demands, keep in mind. This is about the Clinton impeachment. Again, this this view reflects constitutional confusion, article One section three gives the Senate quote the power. Or to try all impeachment.
But it says nothing about the duty to do so. What That means in plain English, Ladys, german Nancy Pelosi and peaches. The president on a totally fabricated. Crime of selecting a judge, the Supreme Court, just one of its constitutional duty, the Senate should dismiss it immediately. Trial known have dismissed me. You have no obligate jury that you, even if you said, They have no obligate, no zero obligation to try if they have the power to follow that. The pollution they have the power or to try. No, obligation to if Nancy Polo and peaches, the president for soul acting a judge, the Supreme Court, pursuant to his its duties, there's no confusion about better off its high climate the meter it's a high crime stupidity. To appease the president for doing this. Mcconnell, should discarded immediately and throw a right and a garbage that might make
back in waste their time at regional. Maybe you could teach him forty five times. That's ok, we're not holding any trials proper, fake, beta nonsense. You understand me like that. You want to play ball, sharp up. You're not goes. We can both play ball. You tie up your time. It would actually have the opposite effect. It would make the Democrats look like the book foods, they are the zebra each retrial number seventy two Joe submitted it gets. What are Mcconnell year were throwing that went out to seventy three to Mario we're busy right now advising and consent. On the Supreme Court, just we're going to see tomorrow, while you idiots are impeding the present for now the seventy fourth time have fun. No good job. Very well done So there are three segments to my three sub segments to my opening black here before. These groups have met their telling the Democrats DE lunatics. That's why they're starting to turn around and some of this, the Democrats, how side have no arrows in their quiver? They have no quiver, no bow, no, nothing have zero Mccord
will throw it impeachment right in the garbage and say, thank you. Have a nice day go waste your time again. Third, on this. The Democrats so called principles. The Democrats, Stone have any principles for come come. I we just waking up to this now principles on what their Democrats, somebody do. Principles principles them rats they never me they will never Be collision of principles and Democrats on the ale during my voting is a great video from our iranian Mcdaniel and the art And see had Tipp to them This is a this is worth. Every second is about emitted. Fifty two, This is a montage of every kind, Democrats talking how important it is. We Phil seats on the Supreme Court? We have a full cod ray of nine Supreme Court. Just as Cuba These are the same. People now say: don't you dare feel the sea? So we have guessed appearances by
Bernie Sanders Elizabeth more in common than ours. Listen for the voices watch, this video! This is dynamic member. They a principle, principles are not. We shouldn't fill the sea. We don't need no justice. Here's like there's a Democrat They may exact opposite check this out How can people deserve a fully staffed court of nine, the president nominates, and then the Senate advises and consent or not, but go forward with the process, and we are seeing here- and I hope this is temporary- is disrespect for the constitution. The constitution is one hundred percent clear. The president of the United States has the right to nominate from one to the adjustment of the Supreme Court. Sonnets function is old hearing and about the blockade on selling a natural anytime vacancy, in my view, is harmful to the independence of the article three branch
you're, not keep. I see the Supreme Court, which represents all you, cannot hatred against the constitution too, pretty much everything they can to avoid acknowledging the legitimacy of our democratically elected president. American people expect President's nominee to be given a fair hearing in a timely and sing every day. That goes by without a ninth justice is another day the Americans, people's business is not getting. I say you do your job vote for a Supreme Court nominee. Instead of just saying that, like a rose, the matter, you are no matter what your qualifications, because you are set by this presidency, we will create a unique for you and refused to entertain. You must have consequences, and I think that if you want to stop
dream is in your party, you start by showing the american people that you as president of the United States and the institution. The american people deserve a fully staff. That's very rarely animated doing this. Shell, because she's always sit around with the board over there. You know video, coming up spots and stuff right is less with bourns like we need our staff of our policy. She did that their budget office, but I do it's our casting. She actually didn't like it. This is like a campaigner for the Republicans You gotta you denied, yet we agree thanks guys pressure and Ladys much pay a couple hours there to make it guess. The packets, Joe Biden, thanks had Tipp, aren't great job on it
it has got about a million views are now and social social media, because it's the Democrats again their present principles. Take your principles. Democrats right up Was you again, I still don't know where the was always. I get a lot of email suggesting where the was who is producer finds it all areas he thinks he knows where the was. Who is, I don't know, but wherever was always take your fake principles and stick em they're in the so called. Was you because you're frauds, your frauds, ok, I'll get the main excitement emitted by Abiden. It's actually, Segment Biden is a liar and a fraud. I can't think of any other way to frame but is it literally says that right here I try to think alike, fancy stuff. Sometimes you just gotta come out before we get Can you show bracky by friends in Oslo in twenty two, Every business, the country's learning, how to adapt day by day. We know that, but why our banks, unnecessary fees
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to be a senator to be the vice president, United States, Joe Biden, doesn't have a shred of dignity or character. Oh my god,. You can't say that no, I just did because it's absolutely true and what he does is disgusting. He lies all the time he lies fluently infrequently because he's good at A twenty remembers what he said. I want to show you first, this is the least offensive. They had a video come at the end of this block. That's really gonna. Take you off to the least, but here's a tweet by buying another one of his just totally made up fraudulent nonsense- think that I poked fun at all the time three from Joe Biden. How this is this is this is a quote from history: this election is Scranton versus Park Avenue. What do I owe you? a job. You know Biden screen this grand kid? He does the whole Notre Dame fighting. Our agenda scrap, get lunchbox gain a strand working class neighbour, Pennsylvania, strand kid, so he's too
he's implying that middle class. Kid from scratch: Verse Donald Trump Park, Avenue Guy strand kid so trumps, the park Avenue but as any you that actually true again A frame self is the candidate of the middle class. Worse than his amateur has agreed. Peace. Somebody asked me how to access. This are be in the show, very simple: you access the show. By going to find you know that calm, Slash newsletter just put that in year on your search, are there, but you know that complex newsletter and click subscribe. It's free will send e these articles everyday. It's that simple we pick the best articles on the internet. Here is one of TIM Carney washed, examiner buttons fat free. Park, Avenue versus Scranton lie. A remind that. The major media outlets will never fact checked by so doing you wouldn't be unreasonable right folks, if folksy felicity and all that binds the strand kid noted them fighting arduous grant kid. If he's this kid Donald Trump
the candidate, a park avenue that the Park Avenue but will be supporting drop in the Scranton people, largely supported by nets easier figure out right. You can check that kind of stuff. You know fact fact checked fact: checks import another only happens it conservative, so TIM Corny, check out who the real soon, kid versus Park, avenue kid is and I'd say, you'd be stuff. You won't be you be stand if it didn't come out wrong for buying, because he's a liar, so here is ready found out about the Scranton kid Joe Biden. He says quote way. Start where my brother, John Carney, upright part, started and see park. Avenue is actually supporting what is agreed by a till one margin park, avenues behind Biden that can possibly be real It is this great kid quote: buttons pain is raised over a million dollars from donors living a park avenue. According to the EP, see violence. His brother rights, that's more than
times the one hundred twenty seven thousand dollars raised by the Trump campaign from the same area. Ladies and gentlemen. Remember media fact: checks dreaded air quotes again folks they make their appearance twice that the media only fact checks, conservative stuff like when we actually quote Nancy Policy, you no actual, not airport real quotes. We call Nancy Policy, it further watch him. My show you easier and we got fact checked on Facebook for an actual quote like its missing context. None of that was the quote. We put the context in the article that articles do elaborate on the headlines. We gotta get a fact check on that tweet by discredit kid Trot Park Avenue guy, really that's funny, because eight times as much money from park avenue flowing into the Scranton kids campaign.
Rather than the alleged park Avenue kid trumps, Campi kind of weird how that happens. Now you may say: well, then that's kind of rough, two com, a liar and a fraud over that is clearly exaggerating. All right. That's right about really what kind of got my vote today will really have sent me. Is this disgusting filth out of his mouth yesterday by fear, Folks, listen if its common electoral strategically to never repeat your opponents attacks, especially when their false. Why give em air. And its fair enough for you to say now. Will then why are you going to repeat what you're about to put out? This is really disgusting filth, bye, bye because the German this this, what he's, is so grows and so offensive in such a lie about trump And what Trump allegedly said about our military? That I
so we believe this reflects even worse on binding. Whose knowing how our country that this president others revere our military Jimmy. I met him at the radical left there, some time at the same people, I don't. There's a worse attack outside of scholars, someone a pedophile or racist thence someone hates our military and thinks you're losers. I really I'm not kidding. I don't think there is a more damaging attack much time politically, I'm told by any persons character. Because we were veer our military here, the same people, not the lunatic Despite that fact, Joe Biden knows that debunked discredited story that trump all the military, guys losers and suckers. He knows it's fake endless, What he says about yesterday, which really speaks to how awful of a human being human being the sleaze ball is check this out of the way spoken about many of you,
brave women and men who served a nation uniform those have given their lives and services destination speaking for by reality that he referred to them as losers and suckers terms cause those who serve mainly element. Second filth, filth, disgusting, filth, literally disgusting, felt. That's what it says here, because I ire filth That story has been discredited by everyone who was there when these alleged comments were made? It's not true, and what does he do, he adds to wait another little proviso there. He says always been confirmed by every major media, it's been confirmed by nobody its false again, I get it. It's an axe
Matic truth, you net. Rarely, if ever repeat your opponents attacks. This is an exception, because this line, I'm telling you actually speaks to the filth, binds become. More than what he thinks he's doing, which is indicting from their common, is garbage and its false and he's doing right now, because whites soon. The air like this finger, a focus group, told him. The military vote may be leaning trumps way. That's the only reason is doing this and lie because he's filth one more segments where I get the sorrow, yeah Georgie make? It appears tat you're not supposed to talk about that. Thank you, Only quadrupling quintupled down when you tell me not to diesel, go on and on and I have a lot bigger audience than the liberal lunatics trying to intimidate me I've just war did you now you can speak to your five honey. Followers on twitter I'll speak to our million people, every single that you can't win.
You are familiar with me: I'm back you're, killing a double about this exact least with gobbling. This is totally completely double motley asymmetric warfare. Right now you can't win. You cannot win every time you tell me not to talk about something I will double and triple down before I get to that. Second, I to wrap this by saying that up with this, ladies and gentlemen, the man again take no joy and telling you this clearly losing his cognitive capabilities? It is a fair question to ask if the man can think like the president, if it requires native capabilities. He clearly, not have here is Other video we run these two or three times a week of I'm in an interview with, I believe, MSNBC. I don't know the anchorage. What is it I'll tell him? I know I'm sorry, thank you,
in the middle of a statement again losing where he is and the anchor covering for about an hour. A worry we'll get back there lay lists is about twenty five seconds pay attention. Halfway. We talk about immigration. He totally forgets worry is again check this out. There can be no deportations and the first honey days of my campaign, you're goin, to freeze importation, pre deportations for the first hundred days, only people we deported our people who committed a felony. While here that's number one. Ok, I lost them but that's good, because we could. We could talk you and I on that. Ok, but like but think about about where we are using a prompt today or is that what he means notice if you watched it on video again rumble dot com bongino? If you like to watch a video version of our show, it's free you'll know The point is, I lost their lines you reading for teleprompter is its weight. I thought it was an interview,
if it's just a species reading for teleprompter. They just put a disclaimer in Cairo where pretending to ask questions job, pretend they dancer, but there coming? This is an interview halfway to he loses himself again. No joy and telling you it's not funny. It's really sad batteries what's that says, he's a liar and a fraud? That's an in depth. In purely of his slimy character, but again don't wish disease on anyone even worse lie or fraud, political enemies, I've never something funny about that. Guys running to be president. Every time you try, go down a list, one or two he for That's the list because one he lays it out. He doesn't know. One opportunity at an anchor of course has to cover for just like their covering for his Scranton cared lie. Discredit kidnap park ever
really park avenue donating to you. You clown not trump pathetic, yet they continue to cover for the it's unbelievable watch, it really is It is then I say I'm, but we bought an item because you sooner or later they try to maintain some semblance of dignity and vehicles, and we ve got a report on this. There is going to show that the man was not cognitive. We capable being present we cover for they don't care, they don't care, throw away. All of their dignity. I don't know if I'm going to get to my next sponsor a good friends at liquid iv. Gosh I've needed them over. The last couple days got a lot going on, hopefully have some news for you tomorrow about some inside baseball stuff could ivy their energy multiplier thick. They keep me. Supplied with energy and energy multiplier seriously. I've needed this stuff go to box of here's, a radio energy multiplier. It's great stuff, Paula loves it takes it before every work out. You all know that
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stakes by Michael, Anton, very good America at the point of no return game? That is not a paid advertised, but I just like Michael's work. I've never met the man communicated for the first time with the email. Yesterday he was very kind said, and I see now but I don't know but Michael Ayrton roadie peace exploit their shock. It so and the american mind, which we been covering for two weeks now laying out in detail the Democrats plans for a coup if Trump wins the election peace aptly titled. The coming, who the shock of how that works out. So now Joe, you know the Democrats as well as I do What are the two rules of the conspiracy to create a coup we ve been covering for two weeks. Number one. Never ever talk about the cool, because, if your expose the coup will be exposed, rule number two when the Democrats, who, after the election, is exposed they want to blow. The plodding on the Republicans. Never talk about the coup at get expose blame,
cool rule number two on Europeans and, of course, Let me add: rule number three character assess try to discredit your opponent to actually use your own words against you. So of course, Michael Anthonio authored the book. The coming to see me the article becoming which is just so fantastic. Has now become a target and conveniently in their peace they wrote, targeting Michael Anton for character assassination. My picture appears there too. Why because the first rule of the coming coup is don't talk about the coming coup, which I do all time Raheem Kassam I cite the national policy. They have an article up about this, not a joke. It'll pass by Natalie winters. This I'll be in the show. Note all read the shone out today, but you know that come Flash newsletter headline
member of the transition integrity project the coup plotters that the transition integrity part that are calling for a street fight after the election if I'd loses the transition. Integrity project founder calls for securing a former Trump official who, with that person, be. What, if I told you it was Michael enter. Yes, the guy who broke the false first role, the Democrats coming through, which is never talk about the coming coup and Jeffrey We don't write an article Joe called becoming too, would be really bad real bad. You, ve gotta, be the article he's gotta, be the headline becoming coup DE broke, the real right there broke rule yes, some the calling for the execution right now, Michael. I think this left violent insane Ludovic by the way just on one of these people are tier,
one great, a level Wes bags, whereas but these anti phobia IBM are legit violent lunatics. Most of these, people are Malabar eating basement dwellers, eating hot pockets, Imala Mars for Dessert MILAN Mars. By the way they remind me of my childhood. Be Stella DORA the fudge things in the middle. Remember, those those were good, that's what they do there gold medal. Winning, why I want to say something different was seas, will say, I dont actually believe they're going to execute Michael Lantern, because again these are there guys. I call for violence it in the minute the violence gets to their door there on the phone like infants crying to the police, they claim to hate begging for help. I'm honest with you, violence is never a first option. You should avoided at all costs. I want
the horrendous video on brazilian jujitsu account. I follow of our challenge. You know these percentages. When they bring in people to fight them. In the present you just u coach beats, does not out of the sky like remake as I cry in turn and purple that's funny. What the hell is, this guy do try to teach this guy live so bad. I was present funny about left this think it's funny. They think it's hilarious, I dont so their call for his execution from it. National post peace? Member Michael aunt, I broke the rule, Joe. Don't talk about the comical ed. If we don't write a piece called the comical big mistake, so this those Gilman Bonus guy sounds like a real bad ass, Nels Gilman is that is, see name, mills, the Terminator Gilman near Gilman who serves, as vice president of programmes at the Chinese Communist Party, link, big. Grown institute out even took to twitter to it Russia's desire that Michael thought be executed in the same fashion is robber, Breslau
could he insisted. Michael, I thought is the Robber Press, Aleck Nazi sympathiser friends of our time. Times and deserves the same fate. Mills, the Terminator Gilman, is back Joe in between bouts of training for his next. You know, Mme fight he's he is my tie in the morning, rare lying in the evening, and brazilian jujitsu in between bout is calling for the execution of Michael Ayrton who expose the left plans for a street fight after the election. He wants some executed, like repressive black. So I saw that I saw that too bye, bye, nails, the Terminator Gilman with his bow tie and California rules and the Mars afterwards, maybe so adorable. I saw that we by Gilman, where you call that exact
We therefore he's he should be treated like bresler methods, execution and you know me: I can never lay off a good fight folks, it's just my thing. He said social media, homeless problem. But I love fighting on twitter to that's, why I say: don't forfeit Twitter just make parlor your home and then go back there to fight with the lids. Whenever you feel like it, So I saw that I promptly. I never show my own tweets on the show. This may be a first is it it may be. The first I'm here now Saunders your Gilman nails, the Terminator Gilman fake, tough guy, I sit males you can you're conspiracy theories and ran them right up here. Caboose Betsy, actual copy Casey was curious about the big question mark that now that I know your terrified of the attention we brought to your coup I'll, be shorter boil down to my efforts to exposure destruction agenda, which is what we're doing today, because I always always keep my word The more you hide your coup in them,
You go after ass, an attack people like Anton and me in the national pulse writers, and otherwise I use my audience, which is a hundred a thousand times yours to continue to exposure. You can't win jockeys, meaning another double mouth yes, I it's not really just to be grateful that, before you do that it's not a quadruple we, even though we ve done force its two two sets different, but we need that against Gimme, a double please I just want to be here: it's not a quadruple, that's rare! It's a double double Joe. The lead nails, the terminator? No, you can't win. You understand, you're picking the wrong fight. Patio view for a second. You have even remotely intimidated me or Anton or anyone else from talking about your sorrows connections,
money and all your transition, integrity, project and project, respect devoted whenever you protect the results. All these other projects, you're doing for Europe, Could you are insane We're going to recover the segment we covered two weeks ago on the coming code. Backing it, because I was told that to buy mill the terminator. How do you like those potatoes? We're gonna do it again. I got one more spots: many cover or less much em we're going to recover the George Soros connections to the coming, who only because told me not to that's the all we raised it, and will you tell me that will do Tomorrow, you will make it Barely George just replay this loop, you like them apples yeah me to me too,. Our last sponsors that our good friends, it simply safe use a thing about home security companies, laudable. Are you with ridiculously high prices, tricky contracts and really terrible customer support? So what
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not you, and I know you love this story and I due to the great Julie Kelly, who writes that american greatness has a terrific book out. I think it's cold, disloyal opposition to another terrific book. Julia recipe, up the billionaire backers of the insurrection by you, legally, where she talks about the big money backing this. Street fight. The Democrats are planning if Trump wits. Not a screenshot number one, when we were told not to talk about job baron you get the rest rest. Brok, sues Rosa Brooks. What are they founders of the transition integrity project again calling for a street fight after the election. I can't say that enough is Rosa, Brooks Georgetown, professor and Obama, administration alone, she's, a former can so in board? Member for the open society foundation? Weird
don't open society created, and nineteen. Eighty three by George Soros that we're too, and we must talk about George nowhere you to do it the foundation, is a massive donor to hundreds of left wing causes around the world in July. Sources, Open society foundation and ass. They five year. One hundred fifty million dollar investment in racial justice groups include black lives. Man be marxist, Terence Wynn, a lot of talk about that folks again means we talk about it even more. So now. We're just lay out simple facts like the transition integrity project, which should be called the trend. In chaos. Project calling for a street fight the election, not illegal one, but a street fight threatened get tree right after the election Cofounders is Rosa, Brooks. Who is a associated air of George Soros, Open societies foundation again, democratic and specifically nails Terminator Gilman. I Judah play this
segment and call it a conspiracy theory. I can't recommend that highly enough play this segment call it a conspiracy there. Why present people will go look up and find out. You are the lunatic not ass. They might play they won't there because they know Julie, Kelly's article people, go, read it and will look it up and find out that we are the ones telling you the truth. It's the lunatics trying to cover this up. So you know sorrows. Liberal, mega billionaire donor to left wing causes other groups is involved and to look at this one on protector results, which should be called the try the results of the election but rose up Isn't the only connection between DE pocketed foes of Donald Trump in the post election insurrection, another group called protect the results is working hand in hand with Rosa Brooks. To quote mobilise if Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the twenty twenty four.
Your election and prepare for potential post election crisis. Ladies and gentlemen, they are doing nothing of the sort like the transition integrity project. There paraphrase Sri fight. Regan List of what the election results are says, nothing to do with getting Donald Trump to acknowledge, Donald Trump wins Street fight, not illegal one Let's go specifically that went the sorrows again only because they don't want us to talk about it, Julie, Kelly's peace again in the show notes. Please read it on George Soros, while this group Hector results, one of their main organizers is a nonprofit called indivisible should pay attention. How they have. This is how they Beijing shuttle their money around basin, Washington Dc. Indivisible was found that in twenty sixteen after trumps election, according to a political watchdog endeavour
Apples main donor is the tides foundation shock, a Soros financed pass through organization. Weird, This guy's name just keeps appeared just insane started as a Google document detailing techniques for opposing the republican agenda under Trump Indivisible now has a mostly Washington based staff of about forty people, with more than six thousand volunteer chapters across the country. The New York Times reported in twenty seventeen, that year indivisible raise nearly eight million dollars a figure We presume is much higher and twenty twenty the groups Policy director is a former advisor for an immigration advocacy centre, partially funded by grants from shocker George Soros again, I know we're not supposed to talk about this stuff. Eight is to quote New Gingrich Verboten. Here in we'll just
about it even more now you have my word and my audience, I'm being dead serious here as serious as a heart attack Every time they write an article attacking the people, using the violence. The Democrats are planning after this election. If they lose, we will double down and cover. This Zack segment in some various warm every day. I'm not kidding you think, I'm joke and I'm not don't play the play. The bathing, what we should do here, three skip ahead: that Atlantic segment. Do you mind with their cause total chaos? We can't. She shaken our secular, had not yet you your character
Can we skip ahead, the Atlantic segment APOLLO? She said she said. Yes, what did I say. Oh she's right, I said: do you mind? She said now? Ok, good night, I'm in a clear manner, so about the same sheet? Music, so good. My say. Listen other media really are the dumbest people on the planet. Yes, there really the same. I write em right now. I have these little like headlines. Yes, they really the dumbest people on the planet. You know the facts fact checkers fact checkers. Where are the fact checkers when you actually need em? What am I talking about? So there's this piece in the Atlantic at by the way, the great undercover Huber on Parlour and twitter, who is just fantastic, You know the range lunatic here that these day, these people on the mother probed that just screwed over the present led by their captain Andrew Weissmann. You know the Mahler probe, the fake Mahler probe the pro russian collusion. They Newton exists
Andrew Weissmann. This. This clown cannot get over the fact that nobody's, expose them as a political, partisan, hack and that a genuine, authentic, prosecute everybody knows it. He can't get over there he's been humiliated his rearing in at least the legal profession will always be scarred by his efforts. So we can t use the double or triple that he gives this interview in the Atlantic, the Atlantic, which you think would do a basic fact, check right data data ones around the fake story about the losers in suckers, the Atlantic, George Packer, the inside story. You the mullahs, probes mistakes. He gives In our view, this guy Packard Andrew Weissmann end. They repeat three told: discredited hoaxes and the Atlantic makes almost no effort whatsoever to fail check any of what this clown Weissmann says. You don't believe me: let's go to planet, peace number one screen shot from the peace. Here we go
again with the Constantine collecting thing it says, team am also can close to establishing a conspiracy between the term campaign and the russian government. Oh, my gosh again with this on August. Second man afford dined in New York we constantly in, but you could me and board business associates with ties to russian intelligence and oligarchy. Ladies and gentlemen, many times on this show. Do I have to debunk the this. We'd, Konstantin Calumniate and was a russian halogens operative meeting with man afford. There's your collusion. We gotta help please, for the fifteenth time figure that Mahler Report linked to Russia was the state Duma men intel source? Who is that person Constantine Kallenbach? So Mr Packer, who wrote this peace
in the Atlantic. Did you bother to fact check any of what Weissmann said? We were closed. Establishing collusion. Campaign manager, metaphor is meeting with this guy column. You mean the same guy. The Obama administration use this a source for years. That's been widely reported, so just to be clear. Member sublet defending metaphor at all. Make no mistake by the way But when man afford me through this guy and shit, some polling data which anyone can get their hands on. That's right. In collusion, but when the your butt administration meets with the same guy he's sensitive source, we got a hold up on high. Am I missed, something here, of course, about the Atlantic cared to a basic fact, Jack. Be sure this credited this immediately not put the little caveats and there they put myth number two Weissmann pumps and this peace. Here we go again
but the Trump Power meeting without Junior the Russians we're done junior trumped our oh, my gosh, you we govern the Atlantic peace every here they go again Joe here. Go again quote the spectre. Of our being shut down exerting a kind of destabilizing pull one. A decision making process is sandy. Weissmann Spock describes numerous instances, large and small, when Mahler declined to pursue an aggressive course for fear of reaction of the White House. For example, the special council shied away from supporting down. Trumped junior detestable testify about his Tori. Yes, Twenty sixteen meeting in Trump Tower with a russian lawyer offering dirt on Hillary Clinton you're, like all my car she reading article, if you're a dance- and you know anything. You like that's right, Weissmann, Saint Malo, trolling Mahler under the bus. We should have one further with this Trump Tower meeting, really because
it's really interesting, because the translator at the Trump Power meeting, the Russian translated, who doesn't even like the Trump family, already was interviewed by the F B. I did Andy Weissmann miss this because it's been covered. Extensively by Mark Hemingway the clear investigations quote varied from from power, meaning that Later told the F B, I quote, there was no collusion, o O. Old Charlie Packer from the Atlantic Public Miss that, with its and later at the meeting, was like hey guys. There was no collusion here at all and I don't even like Don Junior by the way matter of fact, He said there was no mention of Hillary Clinton. Atlantic guy fact fact check. Of course, that article run in the Atlantic Facebook page in Twitter with no fact check at all, but if we were to come Andy Weissmann, on our Facebook page, we'll get fact checked on a quote because its full stuff, so myth number one.
Man of former is meeting with a russian Intel guy, the same guy, the Obama State Department was using all oh miss them or to the truth. Tower meeting. We had real info on that. You did The guy was actually there said the info, you claim that doesn't exist, that's really weird. What's the third one! This is important. Here is the third myth. Weissmann repeats He says on that obstruction of Justice charge Mahler declined to make a determination because of long standing, Justice Department policy that a sitting president cannot be indicted, lay and gentlemen. The This is not true, why man is a liar. He can Get out of his own way, this guy a committed and a lie or when it comes to the Trump Katy lies all the time. You want. The proof. So just to be clear? This is worse ones a little the other curies there was no info the trunk power meeting, the translator told them so collusion. I was there.
With the Ukrainian. He wasn't russian, tell involving collusion? Obama was meeting with the Obama administration. Third, this is important. There is still this myth out. They are promoted by liars, like Weissmann, that Bob Mahler didn't charge Trump with obstruction of justice. Are we clear trumpets not charged by modern? First? justice be because there was an office of legal counsel programme, mission on doing so badly. Not true, don't Send to me. Listen to Mahler Capitol Hill literally under oath having a correct himself, went Lou said ended in it intimated that pay. You are. The only reason you didn't charge drop is because you are prohibited by the oil, see office of legal counsel. You are you guys are following this Ladys, it's important, because you're gonna hear this. Dick. You us talking point amongst your liar liberal friends, and people like my over and over again. All they would have charged trump they would have, but they didn't because,
The office of Legal Council's legal gathers said you can't charges sitting present. That's falls Here's smaller than his own words, I wanna at one action to my testimony this morning wanting about to one thing that was said this morning by Mr Lou. We said, and I you didn't charge or president because of the alleged opinion. That is the correct way to say it as we say in the report and, as I said at the opening we did not reach a determination as to whether the present committed a crime, and with that, Mr Chairman Red answer, questions you pull up that land thing. Polygon, though, did think we just put up at the you know I see there is. Is this is Weissmann serious? Does he think we're all morons Bob Mother just saying, well see guidelines which have nothing to do with it what what is it? What did you tell the Atlantic
lying anti Weissmann he says it right there, their mother client to make a determination because of long standing. Basically, oil see justice by passing here. Making this up he's just why is it the jordanian and he it, never trappers and liberal morons will repeat the talking point. A no no Donald Trump would have definitely been charged would have It was just the o guidelines that gun the way now What are you saying that nobody, what you, when the lawyers, it's just fake but again, you'll, see no fate book fact check on the Atlantic peace. None. The lies or just go on, and on and you're dopey liberal friends say a all the oil seed guidelines, or else we would a charge of fake you're, making that up the Trump Power meeting devastated not according to people where their growing delight trump, then they'll say Metaphor is meeting with a russian Intel Guy Socio Bombardment, racial. Where were you on our that's? Why will go back to the headline of this?
the media really are the dumbest people on the planet because they think you're, dumb and you're, not. You going to see this throughout the election you going to see. Ray litigated russian collusion nonsense because they have nothing else. Now have the facts. Thanks again for germany- and I really appreciate it- please subscribed to my shell. Launching early, exclusive time window now on rumble rumble. Are you B, l e dot com slashed by and if I may ask a favor with humility and rate, is the respect. I mean that, can you go to the app store and download the rumble app where the gap with the green triangle. Rumble are Am B l E. Please watch my videos over there are there still on Youtube a year later on Youtube now, but I dont like supporting tech, tyrants like Youtube and others that really paid us nor Twitter. That's why I'm above the to to please go to the appstore download the rumble, app watch, my videos, air and rumbled, that
such bungee? I really appreciate we'll see automatic detail VON Gino.
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