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The Culture War: An Interview with Michael Knowles (Ep 1286)

2020-06-27 | 🔗

In this episode I interview Michael Knowles, host of the wildly popular podcast “The Michael Knowles Show.”

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, thereby GINO, show interview series. Today's gas is the spectacular Michael knolls host of the Michael no show from the daily wire Michael, is terrific. This interview, we always record the intro after the end of you, so you know what you're in for this view goes everywhere- it gets into every thing from the Democratic Party, their history, with racism to tee that use battle going on right now, you're not going to want to miss this. So, let's get right. You today show brought you by your friends that a MAC folks we live in really trying times are now being conservative puts us under fire. I wish it didn't, but it's true but we're not alone one
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further adieu. My good friend Michael knows, I welcome the Durban GINO Show interview Series. Listen, we needed some deep thinkers on the show, so I recruited and asked assumes a few weeks ago and now out of the bullpen. Listen, this isn't even the number two. This is starting picture. A number one aim to the great Michael Knolls hosts of the insanely popular podcast, Michael Knowledge, show Michael, thank you for joining us. They really appreciated Dan. Thank you. It's great great to me here. I not having you sooner on the interview. Show is a real. Travesty speaks to my awful judgment and my view. We should take that into account in any future episode. Really in your hearing living at his age. You learn a million things here. Every one of them is like going to the top and the charts. So I totally forgive me Y understand your brother. I appreciate that we are very busy, but I've watched you frequently for those you don't know, Michael, that's a real shame. You better get to know about this in this new show, because
phenomenon. I strongly encourage you not only listeners interview but to watch Michael some of its debates on college campuses. When he's asked really dopey questions by snowflake left this who leave humiliated as a result, he has a little bit different style of me. I admire it. I wish I could come to stay little calmer, like he does, but you know assists been really rough, so I may get right to it. Michael you take on the current Statue you wars going on right now. I've made the point frequently this really isn't about statues, its power showing you who's in charge and a basic forfeiting of entire election electoral process, then I judged and democracy there just sits there
now in raw power. Your take on that, of course, it shows you that this has been a lie from the beginning, from the very first moment, calling Capron extorted to protest the american flag, all the way to tearing down the statues. What they initially said was that the college capper Nick Kneeling protest was about police brutality which never made a lot of sense to me because is protesting the flag, which is a symbol of the whole country, but then it became a protest and the Betsy ROS flag, which is obviously not about police brutality that police. In those days, then it became we're in a tear down confederate statutes because they were raised this terrible people. Then it became we're in a tear down. U S grant will you S grant actually defeated the confederacy now they're tearing down Abraham Lincoln, they tear tore down saint who need Para. Sarah, a catholic saint, now know that one of the black lives matter activists ones to smash depictions of Jesus. This is not at all about the no good terrible people in american history, its about utterly,
undoing american history, and why do they have to do that? Because the progressives want to move towards their utopian future and the thing that constrains them from doing that is the past? Is history every one of these radical left a smoke, a movements in history as smashed the past smashed history, and this one is no different there, just doing it under the exploitative guise of black lives matter. And I mean Michael when you re. The very hallmark of an unprincipled movement are air quotes principles that keep changing. I mean if the protests about what wives and the cap and protests which I'm glad you brought up It wasn't about protesting the very essence of what America's about Then why is it that, when that this is a tell right? This is one of these giveaways. The Baltimore Ravens had a game overseas in the UK when this was all going on and the kneeling started if you notice Israel while ago, but they need furthermore, our national anthem, and when
save the queen was plainly stood up and what they were asked why they were like what we didn't want to offend the the United Kingdom. I thought it was it about flags that here by MRS up there, I thought you had principles of course It's just about an attack on the United States itself and you see it even beyond the statue toppling you see in the sixteen nineteen project, which is based on eight July in the New York Times. The lie is that America was founded explicitly for slavery, that there's just nothing to back them up many academic historians, even many on the left, have written to the times and set its trash, and yet the Pulitzer Committee gives them the Pulitzer Prize, it's now being taught in schools. This is a wholesale attack from multiple institutions, academia, the Holly would obviously be activist movements on american history itself and the question is: are we going to stand up we're not? Are we going to stand up and say America? Has a wonderful past obviously
had some problems. We ve overcome many problems. It's never going to be perfect because no human institution is perfect, but overall the the good country, or are we going ere it down. You know the people who are behind black lives matter or Admittedly there own words quote trained? marxist? They say that they want to disrupt the quote western proscribed nuclear family. This is not about a black man who was killed in Minnesota, Georgia or anywhere else. This is about a wholesale attempt to attack the United States and sadly too many people who just want to prove that their not racist and they're, not bad people, in that you know that they don't understand what this is really about to me. Or giving it made it. Is the essence of the whole useful idiots, smart I'll, buy you know by the Communists and marxist and what I mean by it, and I don't really that's their line, not mine. By the way, incorrectly variety for words in your mouth
the United States, is full of a lot of genuinely compassionate people, as we may disagree with the laughed and people you know involved in the gun, control movement, but many vital question their martyrs either wrong. I'm a believer the second amendment, but they probably are genuinely concerned about public, save that he's going about it all wrong, and there are good. You are, of course, a violent rioters as well and aggressive criminals out their vandals. But I baby and taken of advance taken advantage of by this useful idiots model where these people at the top understand exactly what they are doing and there leveraging, the good will of a lot of good people who then just show up and start you know. Yes, this is our cause, but they don't know what the cause really is necessary, exactly the right point. You know the worst governor in America. Andy Cuomo in New York recently said that protesters, quoting quote tearing down statues, is a healthy
suppression of political views and what he said was it's a wonderful expression of being against racism and against slavery. They are. Let me ask you a question: do you know anybody who is pro racism or pro slavery? I don't think so. I haven't seen many of those people and in what he's implying here is that if you oppose them, if you don't post the blacks where people want to tear down the statues, the you're supporting racism or slavery, you know, but one issue. It kind of open my mind on this whole topic. Is they talk about institutional racism? Well, if the left controls all the major petitions, big Tech, Hollywood, the mainstream media administrative government, higher education, lower educationalist goes on and on. If the left controls all those institutions, then, if there's institutional racism, whose fault is that I,
they get to that a second that was actually my save my notes. Second question: for an all systemic racism: your genius, you tat, you do any of you, for we shall always this sub Michael, no show that their project, if we're cross, posing it's like the justice leading wailing where linking rings here, yet all dead wondered twins actually folks, by the way, Download Michael show talking to Michael knows course: host of the terrific Michael, no show Apple podcast, wherever you get your podcast make sure go check it out. You will not be disappointed. You there's a couple of things. You just said, then one of em I wanted to get onto is if we were in inherently institutionally systemically racist country then how we're racism be such ay and aggressive career, ending attack. I think we shall be steal one of our great thinkers who brought this point upon a cable news interview. If this was a racist country that accepted racism as a de facto means of operation, then
I can say someone would be. Is a racist, be such a catastrophic attack, pubic area? That's one of our guys we're systemic. Where is but it's not it's a career. Your killer! It's over! You have your branded with that label, it is done it just doesn't make sense being called a racist is the worst thing you can possibly be called in the United States today. The way that I mean this is, I guess they central flawed premise of black lives matter. The premise of black lives matter is that there is a group of people out there who think that black lives don't matter and, of course, not me, and it's not unanimity, we know, but there is secretly out there this evil group of people who thinks black limestone better now the way I know that isn't true is I looked on Instagram a few weeks ago and everybody was posting, the blacks, where every company, is sending out emails about how they think black lives Matter Brooks Brothers, which is the
such a white company. It is like you have to be translucent to shop. It looks rather than that old school in and they say this whole email black lives matter. We believe likewise, administrative Government- everybody agrees with this, but I guess what's at issue here is they have to pretend I think, It's just something in liberalism which is always about liberating yourself from the oppressive past, so you always need a villain, but guess what collects clan, isn't a thing anymore. Ok, it's not! Actually! The last time I saw someone wearing a clan hood. It was the democratic governor of Virginia Ralph North Nano. He made me the lack of a sky. We all know yeah right black, we lay. I brought this up on Friday. Show Michael Clan Hood wore black. We don't know yet so don't get out of your sight of inferior. We're. Not at least two weeks, but you're writing letters when the queen, but right last night we saw a maid Sri political figure,
in your representing this. This grotesque kitty was wrong, or them, no, maybe the quaint old guy- and we don't even know because he has an even admitted, do it yet this dynamic racism topic up. I brought this up. I was testify upon the hell recently and about They sell police reform issue, and I just what a very simple question I mean, if we're talking in commonly understood English in your using the term systemic racism you're referring to the route term of a system as it were. What system are you talking about, because most of this system is where the complaints are emanating from our systems run monopolies? thickly by German, rats and not only Democrats, Michael but far left liberals and I I dont get how people don't make disconnection even kind of like the useful idiots should be saying. But what system are we talking about right
It's a fictional problem, all the city's they're burning or Democrats cities, all the states, their Bernier Democrat States, all the institutions that are allegedly racist or one by Democrats, but that doesn't matter it's about creating this fictional villain. You know there was a professor at Cambridge University in the UK and she was just a lecturer actually, so it's a little lower level. Professor. Between it out abolish, whiteness and you know if if twitter is censoring Trump for harmful and violent speech. Surely saying we should eliminate an entire group of people that should count as violence. Page right now we was allowed to stay up. She actually got a promotion for it from Cambridge University and it raises questions massive whiteness. What does that mean? What is whiteness, because I dont think of myself
primarily as white White. That's not something I identify with very much. If identify catholic conservative American Little bit sicilian. You know I mean obviously, especially when they enter the kitchen, but they're all the, but I don't think of myself as as a white guy is as my top identity and then I ll The research Pew Research Centre did a study on this of racial consciousness, and it turns out that asian people hispanic people in black people have relatively high racial consciousness somewhere around fifty percent. Think of of their race, Your important in their identity for white people. That number is very, very low. It's about fifteen percent, only five percent say it's extremely important to their identity, so there is no real white racial consciousness in America, even though that's what the radical leftist say that there is, but actually when they say that sort of thing abolish, whiteness the effective that is to try to create a racial justness, where there actually isn't one in the first place and that's been what the left has been doing for decades. There try
to create racial divisions for racial identity. Politics to create a problem were actually relatively no problem exists, it's their divide and conquer strategy and its only guy amp up through November yeah. You know I've brought this up ballade on my my show over the last five or six years. How given notice with low this is very rarely in a political strategy without come out with a message is a vote for us. We going to do this, and this is typically that not vote for but John Vote for the other guy, because they hate you, because you are fill in the blank black muslim and immigrant women whatever it may be. That message has been so beaten in through the media to a lot of folks out there into there. You know skull that they believe they believe the Republican Party has some agenda against the boy. Population, America, which is utterly absurd? I mean the school choices their them pushing their things like to opportunity, whether you believe in them an opportunity zones, not a huge fan, but that's definitely
this issue targeted towards the minority community, This is clearly a strategy where you said, divide and conquer, where I brought this of a law that the only way to divide and conquer is to get people in an identifiable box that boxes and always a simple one. Your union versus Non Union Chart and that's what they do and they pitted against each other and, I think, raises a convenient one for them. Obviously, because of their troubled history, I mean that's not going to go away, we should ever run from it. But having said that, it's easy. I mean you can see something like skin color, so makes for an effective weapon. There are more and more than say, immigration, which doesn't always work. I even first generation immigrants sometimes to buy me. My mother in law is a first generation immigrants she's to the right, Genghis Khan, on immigration. Now I mean seriously rapid skin color worse than because it such an easily identifiable virginal. Phenotype too, You know America has this. One thing that holds us together, which is love of country
its patriotism. President Trump start in its administration and, as you said, we all believed the same blood of patriots and people all the way back into America's earliest history came from different places some of them had slightly different. Religious beliefs are broadly similar, but slightly different, some of them. But what would let us together was this love of country and any yet what his hat? and over time is the left. Has tried to take away anything that holds us in common, I mean they don't even want to speak the same language, the language of English. They don't want us to have any sort of religious precepts in common. They ve been just trying to take that away, and the last thing that held us together was at least respect for the american flag, love of our country as a country, and I think that one reason you're seeing so much flag burning, so much statue toppling is because if they can take that last bit of unity away, then they will truly have a divided country and they can finally try to conquer it.
This is a loaded topic and I didn't intend to spend as much time but you're fascinating guy to talk and last question on this now move on to some other things, but I had Cure Davidson recently in the innovation and she was fantastic either of you want on way longer than I expected, because you just was just the open my eyes to a lot of things, and she said a great conservative really fights for things. We all believe in, and she said you know black America doesn't always see it that way in kind of hinted at what you just said. That ratio identity is a large part of being black for them, because some of them are treated differently. Some their recent racism does exist. I dont believe it's the echo epidemic. The left wants us to believe that is certainly not nonexistent either, and she said you know we're behoove the Republican Party to sit down at the table and willing be willing to get really uncomfortable and have these conversations- and I see no, what cure? That's really well said, because we should never as a party and obvious. I know you would agree that we should never run from area stream and the histories. There is something to be talked about, so we can avoid it. I mean there are.
People alive today, who are black? Who at this at a counter? I say this autumn. That said colored I mean. Can you imagine the indignity of that? The answers I care. I am had children who have ended. This is still discussing their families. We should never run from that. I think the left no sorry belong with it, but has forced us to run from this cause, we're afraid any time we bring it up and you what I have a candy conversation like that really happen that dignity, Look these guys are racist or their virtue signalling, and you can't win that's right in. I think you're? I was a friend of mine. She makes a great point here and I think we should take it even further. We should have, as is candid, has opened a conversation as the left always pretends to one about race, because the left would be abolished it would it would be demolished by that conversation. I asked this on my show the other day, because people were getting so radicalized on the left and on the right and racism is, has always been the Fisher in America which our enemies of abuse to exploit us, and I
I said: why is racism bad, but simple question. Why is we all agree? Racism is bad, but what? Why is racism ban? There is only one answer to it: there's only one civilization ever in the history of the world that his opposed racism that met views, human solidarity in the way that we do and that's the west, and why is that? The west? Because the west is shaped by Christianity?
and you can go back even a little bit further to the old testament is well. The reason that racism is bad is because man is made in the image of God. The reason that we have human solidarity is because we all say we go back to one common ancestor. If you take that away, you take the religious underpinning of the west away, then they have no answer for that question and that's what the left is trying to say now. I think it's why why they are so conveniently Juny operational division, but the white should embrace that conversation. We should say absolutely we want to talk about race in America, because we want to talk about the religious values that underpin our whole civilization, which you leftists are trying to rip apart, but is the only reason and the only way we could ever have a sort of redemption and and go you coming together on this difficult? question raised in America. We're talking to Michael knows, hosted the great Michael knows: pod gas, veil, bond apple, pod. Guess wherever you get your pod guess download. Anything quick break will be right back today show also brought to us by Echelon echelon
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smart and make a fuses me sometimes. So, as I gotta get to the dictionary and enough of this, the foot Soares out afterwards just to figure out a way to save up the differ them like a just, and it's not like I'm moving on the great conversation meant everything going on with race in Amerika the statue wars, but some if you about the media, they I'm gonna, stereo type, all of em, but sadly a large majority. The left, leaning media are interested in, as I say, I my show. Often our story not thus story. You know had one job to get the facts right? They couldn't even do that's like being an ice maker who can understand in refrigeration of freezing kind of an issue. Do you any tips. Having been said, the subject by the way, many these attacks- as I have from you- know, alleged media figures here of any tips for the audience or even the report. Can party how to break through this media monopoly. On the message out there I'd love to hear your respect,
yeah, I mean, I think you totally understand this Dan and you are- and I appreciate the compliments at the top of the segment, but I do have to say you- you have seen a little bit ahead in in so many of these instances with the bunch you know report with parlor. Without you, you ve, actually kind of seeing where these things are going. So you know, I always appreciate that you can speak in terms that everybody understands, but you knew clearly see what's going on in the media is really the key here, because for decades in decades the media were the gatekeepers right. So they stand in the way that the media are fake news. Some people misunderstand this: it's not just that they publish fake stories which they do and it's not just that they contradict themselves day by day which, during this whole corona virus, locked down is become, it seems to happen by the hour. It isn't just that it's the fact that they are a corrupt institution broadly
it's not just that one story here there was wrong. It's the way that they select stories. It's the way that they pretend to be objective is the way that they pretended just getting to the facts because their dishonest there it broadly ex them fake news and so you won't, you will see just total differ, story selection between a right wing, Alan and left wing out, which is, I think it's helpful to take a little bit of a look at both, but the only way that we can crack through that edifice. Those gatekeepers is by speaking directly to people. Social media gave us that opportunity. Social media is largely why president trunk was able to win and twenty sixteen you didn't have to go through sin and you can go directly to people, and that is why, by the way, big taxes, clamping down now major leftists blame big tech for
undermining the media and giving Trump the election and twenty sixteen, and they are damn sure that it's not gonna happen again so over the next four five months, as the selection increases Uranus in more and more people being censored, there already censoring the president of the United States on Twitter, and I think that's why you perhaps the silver lining to this storm clad is you're, seeing more and more people moving over to platforms that are not going to stack the deck against them. Platforms like our which I just joined yesterday when we listened ways add Michael J Knolls on parlor following stat as soon as you can and followed What do I mean a thing with parlors we're not telling anyone are banned in twitter or asking people to make this you're social media home you liked across post crossbows? You want to keep native content there. The Aurora do euro thing all we're telling you, as we will not sensor you over there, and I appreciate the compliment is: was very nice here. I just dumb unama. Do I just disallowed chatter out there and I didn't like politics, I read for office. I didn't like
Roger born started budget overboard like Twitter, I jumped at our borders, but on Europe with the media commentary just made the a brilliant point out the audience understands you, it's not that they have. An opinion. Everybody has an opinion, everybody's, biased everybody carries bias into what they talk about my biased towards libertarian conservative values. I'm sure yours are the same. There's nothing wrong with that. We base it on facts, but there is an understandable bias there. I think the point with the media, as you just indicated, is that they were ten they're telling objective story when it's really a subjective interpretation of events, and it really just pianist just be candid, where a left, leaning newspaper- and this is an opinion- peace- it's not journalism, but they don't do that. That's right, they may
can't do that and that's that's what makes it so dangerous in the country because they go on tv and they got their nice tie and they're nice jacket and that really serious face that they practice in the mirror, and they pretend you know that there is just going to take the fact and that that is the case I mean I mentioned in a little bit earlier, the sixteen nineteen project. This is news peace from the New York Times, where, which is that they have all the news, that's fit to print, or so they say it. The central thesis is a lie. The lie is that America was founded to protect slavery. In fact, you read in the declaration of independence their complaining about slavery. They knew slavery was a major problem from the very beginning. So it's just is simply not true, and yet they will publish that if they are willing to publish in major feature with a sigh true lie? What elsewhere they lying about? What one thing always notice is in the newspaper abc, I don't. I don't know about all the topics that are in the newspaper, but I do know about some of them and see arenas story about one topic in you realize wait a second that is
True, I know because I know something, but I know that that is untrue, and then we go into the other stories that we don't know about, and we take it to be the gospel truth that just The case are, I think we should apply our own experience here and recognised when they're getting something wrong, and I think one of the great achievements of the Trump administration is. He shown the media to be the dishonest hacks that they are and what that means. For us, it's a little bit more work. We have to look else, where to get our information. Yet its hat I mean you, see these public opinion polls. I read one on the air the other day. The media was below Congress in entrust Anna and accountability will believe they're getting Trust Europe information, its worthy evolve, their time. How do you get low Congress Michael. How do you get a low carbon? How do we trust you less than Congress? I mean this is real Congress, but he likes Congress. No one doubts caught your baby, It is now reporting you're using honours
I would say at least several demons and hell right now rank higher on public opinion polls than members of Congress, but somehow somehow the media managed out through them amazed at demon, that possess, Linda Blair, actually due to appease soup and that he's war pie was it here? I don't even know I don't know, there's a demon genders to the left, this maybe there's a but that duties more popular than the media, and you think I write about being a joke. This whole thing is you and I have one job with our platforms. It's a job. I love what I do women activists. I know this matters to you, but still a job. The job is get downloads and viewers and I hope, by cross posting people's content. I hope we can get them for you me and everyone else, but that's a man shrink it's a measure of success and if your show socks, if I may, and you ten downloads issue after three years of doing it. It's not for you maybe try raised ball, try teaching our very sorry. They know anything
but if you're in the media, I call you one job. What here the one filter now say that you're one John Bright, to get eyeball that trust you and only forty. One percent of people believe what they read is actually true. That's like a bit bad signal that says you really sock there. That's right. And it has real world consequences, because when you look at something like this corona virus locked down, I mean to me this was the most hilarious media self own. They tell us for months that this virus is the deadliest thing that has ever existed. If you so much is walk out your door, you are killing grandma you're, going to be responsible for thousands of deaths, and then these left,
riot start to break out with Antiphon black lives matter and then all of a sudden there completely change their tune. Corona virus went away. I guess that will secure the corona virus. We thought it might be Hydroxide Clark when turns out. It was leftist riots and there's nothing about corona virus for weeks and then now, all of a sudden, the riots are dying down and what happens the media with a perfectly straight face. They tell you again: stay home where a mask he can't go outside you're killing grammar, and we look at- and we say your actively now trying to more or less imprison made my home you're trying to shut down my business shut down my livelihood based something that you obviously do not believe this one bit it during the White House Press briefing, one of their reporters from sin and had the mask on very serious talking to the president and the minute she thought the cameras rob. What did she do to her? She takes the mask should take their right off. We charge last week I just on it point of personal privilege. Here, as I say about here, and there was a dude in charge, had the mask on I'm joke is not a joke. Heated debate got to sneeze theirs.
MIKE Tune, what's deployed, the whole point is for the seas? Did you miss that keep literally drafting sneezed all over, and I put that thing back up again as I was really so. I agree with you. I dont get it. The virus is not even alive. It's not a living thing, a virus, it's basically it already sequence- would have lifted layer. It's not even what how we would know to differentiate between a rally movie trump. Rarely have I cant figure that out but Michael, but bothers me about it. I think would probably get your go. Do here is at its height there good, hiding it anymore, like your articles from a few weeks ago that the New York City, communist mayor, the plaza, has instructed, is department of Hell. Do not ask people testing for covert if they were at a black lives matter rally or a protest.
And now the media away wouldn't even know, and now the media's reporting in New York. I saw the new personal, no connection between this spike in cases at all and the rallies we didn't ask about you, like ok, there's, aren't even trying anymore. You know it's over. I read today just a win through the headlines. Unlaced show in PR the Times everybody who made them. They said the spike in cases has nothing to do with the protests. You remember a few weeks ago when they said we need contact tracing. We need. Thousands of Americans become contact. Races if you so much is go to the bank to get some money out. You know you got a sign in so we know where you are and yet, if you shop with a hundred thousand people and tear down a statue, we can ask, we don't want to know you. Don't you see, I see no evil and here no evil. Doesn't it make? You wonder? I said you supposedly cohesive union miss a country is a constitutional republic, its postal function. Do they think people aren't
pick up on that immediately. Think where useful idiots too, I mean there are a lot of common sense. Americans, a majority population gets it and do they? Are they really? This I mean serious course of red. Do they really think where this stupid We know you didn't ask about the protest cuz. It was covered everywhere and now you're saying it has nothing to do with the protest. You didn't ask about it and I wonder. Thank you a serious question: do you think they're that stupid or they're so fixed on gaslighting people that they're just going to keep trying and trying and trying, even though you know Lucy's going to continue to pull the football away?
about numbers. It's about influence. I think that probably ninety five percent of Americans are basically normal people, maybe they're a little bit on the left. Most people are more left in me. More left the new, but you know that whatever we might have disagreements, but their basically normal people, but there's this five percent there's this small number, who are outrageous their radical and they have a lot of influence so the EU. No just a couple days ago, I got to sit down with the attorney general on the verdict on guest with Senator crews, and we said mister by the way I do mean interrupt you, but I saw that they could from that on. Twitter are outstanding. The vote
Ass, Michael, no droughts standing, you guys go from like the most serious topics to kind of like a good joke. It. I've ever seen bar like tat an interview ever so real sorry, go I'm really nice job. I want to make sure minorities knows to check that. While I appreciate that, thank you and me, I need to know that the authority general does have a great sense of humour and it doesn't come out very often because you obviously very serious job, but we asked him. We said what is this: is this a popular uprising? Is this really the voice of the people tearing down these statues and he said no from what you can see it in the way these are organised, they are very highly organized by you know very radical groups. You can name the groups, but this small number of people is creating the impression that that it's, this is the popular opinion and in you can apply that same observation to the mainstream media, that the number of people use abortion as an example-
percent of Americans, think that there should be no restrictions on abortion, a full. Ninety four percent of Americans think that there should be some restrictions on abortion, and yet I think that six percent everyone who ran for the democratic nomination for president everyone who works at CNN everyone worth so their voices just get amplified so much, whereas that that you know we talk about the silent majority, would sell. Majority might not agree on everything, but the vast majority of Americans are reasonable people. The trouble is that can't get a job at CNN, yeah I'd. I dont disagree with you and I think the social media ecosystem makes it even worse. The ECHO Chambers harbour mean you see things on twitter, I'll, give you a quick start by me. I've been through enough, we can run for office and stuff is always something I've been to a couple of things. Have a really do you know you loosely podiatrist hard hard to get past people attack you for everything they go after your family whenever an you at the time because of social media when you're going through it, especially when you're running, go. You swear it's the biggest thing ever that the who countries talking about it. You're republic, like shielding, face up to- and you know what
Nobody knows it's trending number one on twitter and nobody knows nobody cares the up, but it gives you the impression, with the left, this blue checkmark red brigades on Twitter, that all gosh this is really the worst thing ever say. I agree I, which appointed. Let me ask you a question on em: it's. I gave related button, but not so much more from a bigger picture so most by gay thing has been obviously debacle. I mean I thought I was under the assumption, wrongly there were some red lines, the left wooden cross- and you know I ran for offers a couple times in. One of the things I ran against was a patriot act. Candidly I didn't give a hoot tat. It was signed by a Republican George, W Bush. I just thought it was a really bad idea for civil liberties. I ran on it. I explain why, beyond the scope of the conversation, but I really didn't care, I thought a red might have been crossed the public in the I've itself, which is the hallmark of a free society, the ability to have a private self that doesn't exist in communist, your neighbors rat on you, their surveillance everywhere. I said, I think that disappearing. Because of this patriot, I what I find it
troubling about this whole spy gate scandal from a big kind of global view. Here, is not always the left not bothered by the fact that the F B, I was clearly weapon eyes to spy on anymore. Forget that he was a candidate. Is it citizens do not bottom, they still our braided. You do cable news. You hear the left this delay nothing to see here, don't you where this was great. We should do more this, it's insane! Yes, you ve hit on something. Then I actually haven't heard anyone else talk about this publicly: the distinction between the public and the private. This is the key. This is essential to a self governing republic, and the left told us explicitly in the nineteen sixty is that they were obliterated, and one of the mantra of the radicals in the sixties was the personal is the political which is to say that the pride that the public there's no distinction anymore. It's all the same, it's all fair game. It's where you get cancer uncle
sure political correctness. Some you know everything that has run roughshod over our civil society in recent years and at the spy gate is just a perfect encapsulation of this and there's obviously so much more that's coming out. We know that Joe Biden was involved in a very high level. We know the proper uncle bomber was involved at a high level. We ve seen emails, and you know we mention to the attorney general a little bit earlier. Well, one one thing that I suspect is going to come out in coming month: are the results of this Durham investigation into just how politicized the Obama administration govern had become into just how fortunate a tool it became for the president's own political motives that is always in to our government at a time when faith in our institutions is already very low, that that could push us over the edge, and so you know on what the money and I sort of wish that
this information weren't coming act as we have more faith in government, but me in a light, is a great disinfectant and the only way that we will be able to claim this up and restore any faith is by airing out all of this dirty laundry. Be a great clothes. Is it ties back to the beginning of the left? Really doesn't have any operating principles anymore other than power power, the two on their tool box, whether they generally through the court system or use it to culture. Wars are used to politics or just raw brute force. That is their tool we will obviously be seen they don't care about civil liberties cause. I don't care about Donald Trump, sages care about their own civil liberties. But I heard it interesting take by David Horowitz a while ago and at the cause the last year or the year. The anticommunist that when it's a strict power intimidation play for you, you're, really just fighting against your enemies to get them out of the way, because in order to take power, you gotta vanquish your enemies. So there
no real operating principles, its trench warfare, whenever you have to do to win you in- and he calls me at the Anti communist, because you and I are the anti communist we believe in freedom and liberty anyway gets in their way there, the eighty eighty cottage there against Us- and he says that's why you know one of the big mistakes of the useful idiots Democrats, not all, but the people who believe the liberal you believe their principal when they're, not in a perfectly samples, not just spiky civil liberties, but when it comes to even things like when you algae, be the algae boutique you right here. When we call things out like hey, listen, this kind of a cultural problem in some other countries where they do not throw people were gay of buildings, that's kind of a really bad thing. We should speak out very wary doc, cultural relativism, don't you dare bring your like wait? I thought we cared about people
gay rights to be figures showing you again. They set about principles at all. No, not at all it's funny you mention that culture point. I once made this this observation to a feminist friend of mine in college. I don't know if she would call me a friend, but I considered her friend and in the issue, would talk about how there's a rape culture on college campuses and that you you here. This is a phrase that keeps coming up. They basically tell you are birds are report. Is this dangerous for women is Felicia, which nobody really believes, but that's what they say and I said ok will hold on deep. Do you think that some cultures are better than other cultures? and she said no, absolutely not all cultures are relative. You can't say that our culture is better than any other culture as a right, and you think there's a rape. Culture just said I said so you're telling me that may lead dug the rape. Culture is not any worse than the not rape culture and then I think you're mine, just melted like you, she did. She didn't have any any response to that Bobby. I have seen the units on college campuses with videos priceless because they are not ready for you,
I didn't mean it in the running of the public. Can I just say I'll leave you because you're both Michael knows downloaded Spock. Yes, do it today don't even way paused there I'll go, do and I'll come back and listen, but do you think when you are doing that and college campuses near debating these liberals, really melting down like you just describe. Do you think? the function of the fact that they ve never really been challenged because their bathed in this left this culture and meanwhile guys like you and me everything we say, challenge even facts. I can already cut taxes and tax revenue, and I think that's not true. Ok, here's the Treasury table yea, don't believe you ever we're so used to it that we're condition to a negative response, but you think they constantly lose debates like I've seen you just destroy people on television debates. Because you're just not they ve, never on the other side. Ever, I think that's.
Exactly it, and I think it's actually why you know I'm buying pleased that I can do it sometimes, but I think it's why just actually conservatives in general have this advantage is that the left has never heard the other side and urban studies on this John Hide actually did a study on this, which showed that the right understands the left better than the left understands the right, and it's not even just because we're so brilliant and good. Looking and charming, and in all these other things is the cause of the culture that we live in. We live in this pop culture. We are moving about in the culture of leftism, so we know exactly what they think at any time. We say anything we
had damn well better, be able to defend it because you're going to have a lot of arrows coming at you and that's going to hone your views, you're going to throw out some old opinions, you're going to go deeper on some others, you are going to leave at leftist college or a leftist high school or just your leftist town. Knowing what you think a lot better than the left will, I guess that's a little bit of a silver lining in the storm cloud when we get down to this brute bare knuckle, be no political power battle, we will at least be able to understand our adversary much better than they can understand us, and I think that's why they've been sick, as the recent elections and they get surprised when we outbox them and hopefully they'll be surprised again. Very soon. I promised my last question. I let you go, I know I've kept away over and I'm off the clock found them get payment. I find you so interesting. I want to get this last point it we're talking to Michael Knolls, hosted the great Michael, no show. Now that's a brilliant point. You just made. I read a piece in town Hall long time ago, for
I forget who wrote him a band Jonah Goldberg. I don't remember what the essence of the piece was: the war against smoking. Cigarettes was, active dramatically affected. I mean you. Rarely see a smoker anymore public twenty years ago, was everywhere mothers to smoke in the car. With the windows closed, I think they it was like you know them, Jeffrey KIDS, it's great wafted, whatever baby and he wrote the reason of war against smoking with so effective is because everybody knew a smoker. You knew how they You knew how to talk to me. You knew what there's off points were you knew where to poke them. I know how to talk to my mother. She cut back dramatically and this vision and actually do what she was. She was great great, mom, sorry folks, just messing with you there, but he said that the reason the war against the less war against the second amendment and our own, if a firearms is such an epic fail despite later Billions of dollars spent is because of what you just said. They have no idea how to talk to us because they just
don't want to admit when they talk to me, like you suck your racist and you hate emigrants, do that's it everybody just tunes about that's what You know this is something we I mean actually tying into this point. You notice that the right these days is a little funny or especially in political debates. We have a little bit more of a sense of humor. You know, and I think that the reason for this is when you, when you don't understand something new. You just pull your hair out right, you just you kid you're, totally humorless, like the shrieking people who have been shrieking since twenty six Fenian formed one that election all the way up to shrieking statues of Christopher Columbus. But the reason conservatives can laugh a little bit is: is we kind of get the context? I I understand why the left is tearing down certain statues. I understand why their yelling about this. That are the other thing that there is a line from Chesterton, which I always stuck with me said the angels can fly because they can t
themselves lightly, not that they think everything's, a big joke, and they there never serious. You gotta be serious when you gotta be serious, you had a fight when you gotta fight, but you also have to be. Take yourself a little bit lightly. A little bit of humor goes a long way, our great report in President's have known that the great statesman of history of known that it and the people who have to have been well to really effect in important political goals, have known that too and went when you see the leftists frowning and moping crying all the time. That's not someone! You want to lead you don't know you want them to lead us in. You don't want to follow them. I think if we can keep that kind of perspective knowing what the battlefield is, then there's a chance that working to continue to outfox them, because they just don't know where we're gonna become and from brilliant absolutely brilliant analysis? That's why we win the memoirs ever seen. Mimi Barras, singly stupid it's, so I am really
Take our staff and hijacking put dumb punchline said unbelievably revising Michael can't. Thank you enough for your time. You really and insightful guy. I bade rates it. It's a travesty and an immortal sin. I did not have you on the show sooner. So thanks my dad, you say much miss it. I got it demands that mobile do I will do a badly or it would be great. Thank you briefly is the great Michael knows. Folks: states again will see all Take it easy just heard in Bonn, GINO.
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