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The Curious Case of Julian Assange # 959 (Ep 959)

2019-04-16 | 🔗
In this episode I address the puzzling connection between the Julian Assange arrest and players in the Russia-gate scandal. I also address some the more bizarre moments from the Bernie Sanders townhall on Fox yesterday.   News Picks: Outrage after CBS shows an image with the words assassinate and Trump.    The Julian Assange affidavit has been unsealed.    The 2020 Trump presidential campaign is destroying the Democrats in fundraising.   More profound hypocrisy from socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.     Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i love him they thereby gino shellfish jar unit i hate dan i'm hanging in their brother ready to go this is a mere shows i'm going to shut my mouth and lay well now i always appreciate your comments about obviously a rough day yesterday for catholics and jam mean just everyone around the world not just catholics the history lost and i noted notre dame now that no shouldn't make the cathedral my wife and i have been there sorry notre dame like the college stop young announced is obviously a lot going on it's you know just the iconic place into watch the imagery of the steeple collapsing and a fire which is devastating off somewhere about about that at the end of the show briefly but that just a few today i must have to mention that lady
i have a really important show for you today i mean that i've been working with a lot of sources on somebody had tipp them in a little while but i think i come across a real conundrum a dilemma for the obama administration yes and assyrians important you d tune in this is about the key the timing of the julian assange arrest and where i think this is going and a number of facts there's that played into it now let's get right now i have no time to waste so i appreciate tat everybody just tuna industry to recreational bought you bible that simply say listen alarm fear the willy the heavy jimmy's panic whatever you want to call it there are dozens of word for fear apprehension anxiety but just one for except ahem home security to stop your fear at your front door and keep you safe and sound simply save simply say to home security estimate knows it feels good to fear last system i use i wish to be alone first when i like simply safe super easy to use this
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so they know we sent you simply saved our com slashed ambrogio get right to it ladies and gentlemen what is going on with the julian assange case and what is going on with data point they now this is gonna be a little complicated but i assure you this is worth your time so low wages give you the lead first if we had the dan bond gino post headline it is gone to be the timing of the julian assange arrest who i think was in bob and the investigation of scientists is the founder of wikileaks of course the timing of the arrest is very suspicious who was involved in the investigation specifically data point day and others is she ass fascinating let's get to the curious case of data point they first now i'm off the issue some had tips before we start i wanted from the boy
from my heart thank people like chuck ros jeff karlsson in this specific case my buddy boy column to seven nine i want to thank tracy beans i want to thank all of the journalists out there on twitter they did the real investigative work on spy gay while the media sat in a corner with their dunce caps on this specifically i wanna hat tracy bees who's been all over this from the beginning and my body to its com to seventy nine sources they were working on this for a long time ladies and gentlemen let established some facts first the entire crux of this debacle this fiasco this scandalous by gay drama ok let's you speak clear so we understand we're going was that the russians worked in conjunction with wiki reach julian assange group who was hold up the ecuadorean embassy was recently arrested that russia worked with wikileaks and assange to get there
can see males at we're hacked out there and that we can leave in the russians worked in conjunction with the trump campaign do understand that use that make sense if that doesn't make sense none of this will make our good so to be clear on this joe i'm reliant on needed area if assange who had not been arrested up until this point has evidence that they did not frank get the emails from the russians it is going to be impossible to conclude that there was a conspiracy between the trump campaign wikileaks and the russians this is not hard to understand the liberals serving a tough time digesting this if i information on joe i said i got from tony and i her joe and you're alleging conspiracy between me and tony and in turn later i don't get the information from tony i got it from bob i can't possibly have conspired we tony but it doesn't work that way
there may have been third party satellites working with russians who gave the information to wikileaks that's entirely possible but it can't be unknown conspiracy between wikileaks and the russians if wickedly didn't know they got the information from the russians epic make sense edward were we're together thank you julian assange would know that rocket assange is funds wiki weeks he has been here up in the ecuadorean embassy in london freons not anymore he's been arrested now this is where this gets fastening put add on hold for a minute what julian assange is the key to this whole collusion thing if he did not in fact get this information from the russians that they give to the trump team there can be russia conspiracy notice that timing of the arrest captive to seven i they seem to wait
until after the mulder report was issued an obviously after ball i was appointed in sessions was gone i wouldn't do that where does the gentleman this indictment the jury diamond under julian assange where indicted and this is not new the indictment was issued in march march eighth gabriel plot new foundation but it's not new either now it's who issued this indictment and who like he conducted this investigation that's fascinate let's rewind a bit data point day is a just department official whose held a number of different roles
lot it as a bit of a hero in the trump administration evidence by the wash the poster when he as you can see this this lawyer stepped into defend trumps travel ban this headline from the washed imposed but he also up whose availing an extra campaign it that's a february seven twenty eighteen peace by the washed imposed data point data be clear is adjusted their justice an official who tell the number of rules the u s attorney for the eastern district virginia medical place where a lot of terrorists or tried also aware the mrs clinton case hillary clinton the el case had a number of investigations going so bright day wench issues the travel ban sally yeats who is the acting deejay at the time deputy attorney general fuses to enforce it she gets fired dana day takes over he becomes a trump favorite quickly we found out later after the nunez memo that went day also sign the third phase
application i promise you this is gonna have a connection to assigns in a minute just hang in there folks remember a science is the key to this whole story so one day it was a was a hero of the conservative right till we found out he signed the april the third via the second renewal of the five applicants despite the trump that every body started to question what was what what's going on one point that there's a number uproar pearl data point they and anti data point they people out there let me explain a little background on data point they let me put out the lead first where i think i'm getting out i think a number of different sources that a pipeline me information here i think there's a distinct possible the date of one day a lee justice department official may have flipped on a co conspirators in the spy gate trauma call me and all the other bad actors and is now actively
involved in the investigation of all the players who i dont trumped him it gets good i want you to look at this executive order barack obama sign just days before trump takes office in this executive order barack obama on the screen right now read it to you for the audio focus on a youtube channels well youtube that consular stamp on gmo check it out when you get home if you listen in your car car radio elsewhere brok burma a man's a prior executive order changing the order of secession in the park of justice notably he why so way data one days ability to take over in the order of secession and replaces them we three obama point these channing philips zack pardon and i lean decker in other words data point day would
position nicely to take over a leadership position of department of justice if people are relieved of their duties right before trump takes office brok obama's the panic any issues an executive water wiping pointed out of that order of secession okey dokey you try can we draw you don't obama's got a real problem with a boy day taken over a leadership position in the oj if trump when he gets in office just days is to fire some these people so we changes it so that these three people get post is people into leadership positions icing point day out we're good very good ok i'll call now other washington post piece about went they remember we're gonna die buoyant data with scientists is poured it
big enough washed imposed again same author mats zeppa april april ten twenty eighteen days a day former top justice department official now at f b has interviewed by mahler and turned over notes is an interesting portion this peace there they describe why blent day is still around the fbi and everything this is fascinating when gets into office ladies and gentlemen he fires forty four plus united states attorneys across the country which is common their poetic our point these tromp wants to bring in his own government prosecutors right remember that but three people we know of do not get fired one of them is dana point day
the other one is rod rosen stein and the other one is our body john huber who is now investigating all of this the gate drama so just to be clear point they get i stopped by obama on an executive order days before trump takes the presidency they want him out a leadership point hey signs the fisa warrant that their advice that you would think why it's got to be an obama but he signed one of the wards to spy on trump went they also fights for trump's travel ban tromp fires the u s authorities does not fire one day where does point there go what whereas point they been this is why i think this guy has
and is now telling the trump team exactly a body knows about the malfeasance that happen or if not the trump team because trot may have target of this obstruction probe at a minimum he's probably working with huber right now on this massive spying scandal what makes me believe that data point it was also appointed to an interesting position acting assistant attorney general the national security division april of twenty seventeen he resigned of sheep observed that many resign april twenty seventy he was that position during the obama administration as well ladies and gentlemen the national security division as i've told you many times that the deal j there of that division who at the time of by gate disaster was no other than john carlin bob mothers former chief of staff is one of the final people sign off on the fire
location indicating that the information the dossier used to spy on tromp was true point day was the acting the attorney general over there was one day one of the people who had had some questions about the quote possible bias of sources catherine average peace with good great fox news fbi clashed with tee j of a potential bias of source for surveillance warrant mackay been paid tax indicate this is from the peace just nine please before the fbi applied for a fire of war to spy on the trump get to to surveil a top trump campaigning bureau official what battling with a senior justice department official who had considered continue concerns about the possible bias of a source pivotal to the application according to internal text messages obtained by fox news now they indicate it may be a different person but was one day one of the people in the
social security division at that time in the day o j who had serious concern it's about possible bias ladies and gentlemen this would explain why boy day may feel a little burned daddy john hancock his signature one on the third pfizer warrant the second renewal of the fine words and maybe a little furious later on joe if you put your name on a warrant the spy on somebody you are shared by the fbi that you're source was a gentleman even though you are concerned about is biased and they said you don't worry this is all a jet and you signed it anyway you're a decent guide would you be upset later on i'd be a kind of tee o dude you're bp owed so would data point here is a just slightly possible that one day
told you re a little complicate but i promise this is worth your time point they signs a boy renewal member this war finally yeah yeah happens in that january to april period of twenty seventeen pop up this is interviewed and joseph myths cities interviewed if so what is the guy who is alleged to have started off this entire scandal by telling papadopoulos that the russian have dirt on hilary they interviewed miss should if they hadn't nation he was a russian agent why isn't included in that april pfizer was birthday misled miss serves disappear no one find them if miss is not a russian agent and did not pass that information to trump then the fbi whole case one with the wikileaks angle that they help service it in
mason conduct this whole case is a hoax if so was working with friendly to set up papadopoulos you're not looking at russian collusion scare though you're looking at a federal entrapment scandal was broad daylight too when he puts his signature on that pfizer war was point a furious enough to have turned on these people now here's war disconnects to assign remember days interviewed by mahler you see at worst imposed peace lena boy days viewed by mahler as part of its investigation it invests nation we are now completely confident i am i had nothing to do collusion mahler knows from the start that pollution is a hoax he's not stupid is clearly an obstruction of justice investigation meant to do two things as i've insisted from
start mullahs investigation is to shut down the trump team number one to keep the heat on them and keep the head off hilary and all the other malfeasance in the oj bill political pressure for impeachment but secondly number two the smaller probe into obstruction will encompass every single person in the fbi was environment despite a trauma gel what's the effect that the effective anyone in the oj tries to interview anyone involved in the spy gay trauma mahler and say what joe not at all you care in our view them constructing our investigation into obstruction chinese man elegant elegant did it sickness and depravity well yeah yeah slaves perfectly why point day would be interviewed by mahler point dana
the whole bring these sign one of the five rewards point day was killed out of the chain of command by obama trouble insert back into the chain of command point is in the national security division as mothers old chiefest they have carlin is signing off what all this information it's fake to spy on the trunk team point day has the keys to the kingdom where they can really is only one of three people not fired by donald trump i love the anti troubles he so stupid he saw ruth orange bad bad heart red stupid sure about that do you think he did point they go because he like this pie selection i will pass on to you that it is highly likely there are people with injustice and the fbi who are talking right now and who have become integral portions of this investigation put it together
who knows everything steinway sooner believe he's a good guy by the way but has the information and he rose and stuff political operator roses sides gotta do it every asked to do to save his reputation point day who is in national security divisions are signing off on this stuff he knows carlin car then we're smaller sultry for staff point they signs the fires and the other guy fire john huber whose now investigating all of this for the department of justice oh is this case fascinating wow woe darn right now one more one more backward peace on wednesday so try it establishes obama wanted him i stout trump wanted him d frosted trop is that stupid not only is point they interview by mahler remember the obstruction both shut all these guys up what day is it
you buy mahler about a number of notes he took based on interaction this day that is with jim call me call who told him about meetings with donald trump now if you are trying to conduct instruction investigation like mahler point it would be the perfect witness if they action we believe that trump tried to obstruct the investigation as jim call me as alluded to write in the past years and direct he set up has alluded to it but what of point they had the exact opposite story what if when tat story to mother always this mala report on thursday gonna be nice nice what have pointed story because he talked to call me is
tromp told call me to obstruct the investigation but that trump did nothing of the sort i spoke to call me direct that somebody told me we have some of wednesdays memo they don't indicate any level of criminal obstruction of justice at all costs most about his conversation i mean point these memos what is conversations about call me all a lot of people are mammals ladies and gentlemen is is one day another white knight in this or what item gray nights because what they were involved in this is a disaster to but point day clearly knows everything now maybe same gallery thought where we have new julian assange i led but assange if i told you to people now i've keys to the kingdom that's how i had a lay this out assange brazil
sorry did not get is information about the dnc emails from the russians and got them someone else then the right collusion story is dead later uk cholera austrians have even get your information from the ratcheted stress orange knows appointed day knows a lot about this spy gate debacle too because he signed the pfizer's and was in the national security division and obama tries to ice amount and he's been interviewed by mahler any talk to jim call me about the memos policy make sense i need reinforcement you sure ok thank you dear so we know there are two keys to the kingdom one day and assange these two were connected let's go on here tina puente day was the united states the government lawyer the prosecutor for the eastern
stricter virginia dana boy when he leaves passes down the investigation tracy dirty mccormick that's the name on the assange indictment back in march but ladies and gentlemen mccormick wasn't in office long enough after being passed the torch by twenty to have conduct signed off or lead this investigation herself cheers we therefore short period of time this is a complicated investigation you see what i'm going this theme that's the gay should do massage ladies and gentlemen like we led by paying a boy day how bout all how is it susie data point day if anybody anybody out there knows who wiki
got the reformation remember the liberals and the media their entire story about collusion hinges on one key fact that wiki leaks got their info from the rusk east from the russians over its red dawn style if i did not happen the same guy who obama try to ice out and who trump kept on the one guys aided and get rid of three of whom he is one of em out of forty seven feet i heard s authorities he's not on that list he's there the whole time if he body knows its point day everybody knows the russians didn't do it or didn't give it to wikileaks and that's it asking the russians our friends may or wiki reach for that matter i am simply just think you that i do facts he knows its point day now tracy dirty mccormick was acting
they then this is so crazy he's gonna baker beggars i promise again i get it i just want to make sure a heavy active tracy beans and my boy the seven nine because i like a really there are people out there doing unbelievable work out there when tracy dirty mccormick who takes over signs the indictment of assange leaves the position a little bit later she's acting in their and investigate can i believe was led by point tasty who takes over for her zack terwilliger who the is that well said spectre gadget buddha heck exactly www factor will occur is the son of george terwilliger ok geek realities out again who the hell is that a sequel due more to do the flying
augurs deserted much too willingly ladies and gentlemen was the deputy turning general of one william bar yes your attorney general now remember bar been attorney general twice the deuce so the attorney to deputy attorney general for william aren't price of george terwilliger a guy he trusts a guy in public speeches in that position talking about the deputy general bars acknowledge how important that position is here it's a son or the his son gets a point and shoot me george terwilliger to that position the eastern district virginia where there are looking
the whole assange case folks who else too well of workforce actuator who's running the easter district scooting assange now has the indictment out he worked for chuck rashly at one point why is it important insignificant senator gradually for anyone has been a federal agent me included i a secret service agent one thing about grassley's office do not mess with grassless office if you are in the fbi ladies and gentlemen anyone out there listening with an fbi agents secret service d and eighteen i've been anywhere you know what i'm telling you it's true crossly has exact we zero tolerance for law enforcement malfeasance he has had a reputation for decades for destroying people up on the hill from me behind elsewhere if you come up there what you're facts out off we
we know that terwilliger go worked up therefore gradually his dad worked for bar well augurs now running this office with this key investigation about us on that how to be run by point day before whose one of the few who s attorneys trump didn't fire and who knows all eyes now let me tie this sub via this is gonna get even better as twenty seven nine or say you know what you're doing a federal or local investigation you wait for the bad guy to commit the crime before you arrest them a i'm watching you want surveillance rob a bank i have this you come out with the money you know
now you don't you know you don't let people commit like a violent crime in front of you but if you have a source and you have a guy on tape and he's gettin ready make the drug deal you wait for the past the pants meaning to drugs get past for media yet its i've seen it on tv police mobile boys don't former guardian pretends he's getting arrested do you know why did they wait to arrest the sarge until after mothers report was issue ladies and gentlemen is there an investigation going on behind the scenes or at minimum of fact finding mission will call it about what the hell model been doing the whole time in other words this is a big confusing no area tied up where they waiting for mahler to put in his report a bunch of stuff wiki leaks colluding with the russians
knowing me entire time that they didn't get the info from the russians could it be that be nice to give wooden be great to get that writing by mahler knowing the whole time the story is a big nothing burger wow the worm seems like it's turning yes it i saw it never or altered at explanation it would explain why mahler wrapped up his investigation and weighed the weissmann is is peace led bulldog whose who's a key player in this whole thing is weissmann knows the dossiers politically funded when mahler hires of three knows collisions out weissmann quits all of a sudden at the end these gone all this the mahler investigation wrapped up wouldn't it be nice bill bar whose now the attorney general whose probably seen point days information probably has a decent
that the wikileaks russia connection is tenuous if not non existent goes up colleagues as you realize your whole cases based on this right collusion that you ve been supposedly investigating four six hundred seventy five days what exactly you find that out heads delivery of the mulder report or are they way informal or to put it down in writing point out later hey bob you sure about this folks this case is my way worrisome those i could give you behind the scenes a candid show with not scripted there is zero teleprompter what is theirs i'll show you my studio account there is no teleprompter here at all not i have my notebook and that's it now they looked down occasionally to prompt myself to be reminded about things cannot go on all day and my wife we get upset
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but the page is important and type in dan is a microphone at the top of the page stamps thou com click on it type in dan that stamps that come in or dan and you'll get those special offers stamps that calm click on the microphone top of the page and are dan her special offers ok let's see possible by i'm just trying to keep everything straight i'm i'm sorry one last thing on this case so john hubert the u s attorney out their supposedly in the gaining all of this it's also pretty fascinating that john huber is a pointed right around in june when i talk about all the civil war stuff has mueller gets wind of june that you in july likely gets wind of the fact that these fbi texts have been exposed to a blow up this whole case indicating that they were spying on the trump team with very little information at best remembered peter stroke himself the lead investigator who says
there there so hubert support right around their time and hubris one of the three that are not fired by trump folks his case is gonna get really this thing really fast members assange has information assigned just been out there for a very long time there indications that critical players involved with but the conspirators in this spy gay drama who have asked it is sources and lawyers resources have met with sarge sarge knows something there's no doubt about that the question to come now from this point on i'm going to leave you with a couple open questions because i don't want to justice is all tied up in any a bow and a ribbon who is the songs getting information from if we can confirm this was not in fact the russians this is going to be devastating
how early on the key points is that the f b i know about a sausages information in other words you didn't get it from the russians still not only really hard evidence about the russian hack the day and see how much of that got its way permit me a man to way around the fbi and if it did why did they still investigate case of russians achan dnc it would make sense then why the fbi wouldn't demand the computers from the deep see and would allow crowd strike a non law enforcement entity to do it folks these things about the blow wide open smaller report is gonna be fascinating like note on that i'm gonna be travelling this week for some fox stuff aids we are going to do a video a video show it may not be in my studio it may look a little you know you know youtube sometimes people do not gonna be out an iphone raining but it's not going to be like this place
he's tuna and i cannot miss the mulder report on thursday friday but i travelling and i absolutely do not want to miss the show and i want to be there for you so forgive us about video quality but please tune i promise you will still have all of our facts and are things in irving clips and stuff like that so paulo wanna be dimension and unjust i'm after our folks on blown away by the sole mariamne yet me to do is appointed go fascinating me fascinating point they why would tromp not fire point they point day knows every point days the guy in the eastern district as there are investigating this whole thing about assange who's the key to the whole collusion thing tat this guy could take everybody down is he working with its venus aboard the treaties is fascinating with uber fascinating what you know about assange this move on
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ernie just blowing it again this year to town all with fox news bernie sanders as we're bernie sanders always does which is monopoly it massage words never answer a question and resort immediately to class warfare right i mean this is the standard bernie sand and so i have about three clips are burnt and we have a little guest appearance by cardy b to already be there a priority i believe it is going to be easy but i again i want to highlight through these serious eclipse bernie sanders lives in a complete intellectual vacuum right let's play clip number one this is burned sanders argument you gonna pay more in taxes but watch how he just conveniently deflects from the real problem with his dopey answer play that what we are saying to that family afore i ain't gonna bay that twenty how can you not paying anymore premiums and pay any more
payments you're not paying any more deductibles how's that what are you guys doing you're not pay what does that mean you're not gonna pay something up costs and does you're gonna pay more in tax and do members of congress now have gold plated health insurance we don't while they have a special plan its outside obamacare the different plan but remember members of congress are they going to do that transition is right of course ok interesting bernie answered this question here he said yes thing that you're paying upwards of twenty eight thousand dollars a year in your health care which is actually eight absurd number are aware he's getting that from that's a nice extraordinary number i mean there may be people who ever second that may but by going by an app john their case is ridiculous you pay
we want to go with a more accurate measure of central tendency like a media in a remote think about why job if you're a generally healthy guy anymore aber has stage for cancer green failure liver problems and is as well it has a brain aneurysm the company bring you to him and averaging about is absurd his medical bills are are two million dollars a year yours or five thousand the average is one million i know it's not even so bernie it it's interesting how they use measures are central tendency when he takes it advances are you guys are and one or two thousand dollars a year or you're not gonna pay that you're just gonna pay more attacks ok you're not paying that most of you that's not true sick people may be paying but then he says you gotta pay more in taxes but that's not a question of there are two types of questions right
there are like binary yes or no choices in questions of the answers hinges on a margin in other words nobody asks you in the in the winter you know he yes or no it like of course you idiot its call they ask you how much you wanted it sixty eight seventy seventy one in other words the margin matters did agree what degree of heat what i'm trying to get out of your birdie notice how liberal strategically answer questions you're gonna pay more attacks yes bernie the degree of more matters what are you one percent bore or do you mean a hundred percent more because the sir is to pay for and for demands bernie sanders own tax plan independent adam looking at this has said your tax rates are going to double imagine or your paying now times that by two and even then you're lucky to get a doctor's appointment
as doctors and hospitals are going to have to take a forty percent pay cod under bernie sanders plan which means many if are going to leave the industry and you are going to have to get line as the supply of doctors and hospitals what decrease folks i thought breton martha did a decent job on but when are arguing you're leftist with your left his friends by the way about this what you gonna pay more attacks yes how much it's not a binary quest jim meal or less here is what is the more or what is the less agree matters origins matter noticed how we skips over that that of giving an appropriate answer you all line because forty percent pay cuts are becoming for doctors and hospitals will leave the business you will pay double what you're paying taxes out await in that light the data
else matter ladies and gentlemen but birdies very slick at avoiding the details now showing you the like you vacuum bernie lives in and how some of supporters don't seem to understand joe guess what i'm saying the difference between the yes or no binary questions and now on the margin that degree sheriff keep them except when you're at its yes or no the is of course he how much matters right how much in tax not taxes yes or no bubu more does how much barney supporters always leave that out they don't seem to understand this this is fascinating little clip i put together here joe did and paula thank you of party be she's performer and entertainer whose had some issues of our own recently by the way here's the first caught with show how to edit heavily due to some custom nowhere his family friendly clip joe edited out but if you have kids
in the car and you want beliefs either you may want to pit the fifteen second events but this is party you complaining about our tax rate i think
the government is taking forty percent of my taxes and uncle sam i want to know what to do with my intact money because you know what i'm saying like for you don t like when you don't need to a kid from a foreign country they give you up dates of what they want which at the nation i want to know what to do with my tax money because often new goals and the streets is always dirty was voted the dirtiest city in amerika what are you doing this to read from the damn trains are no yonder spending may not be imprisoned because we given to on the where's one jump through what i find most so what is wrong with life do you money why is yeah doorway my money i want to know i want receives i want everything our knowledge and money where there are many of us have money ok oh right here's cardy be about i would sum for i mean i don't even know what to call that its that's it
at our eye on why she so upset about it it gives all her money she's a obviously a million every wealthy based on music cells she's upset but where our monies go and how the government's thanks how their prisons buying two under under where's yes on it on three pairs of underwear and job issued yet a job soon graciosa now someone could fronts would he be at this entertainment of added ass cardy be who she support for president caper mine this is the same woman who comply it's about how much money she's gotta pay to the government of the governor basically states where you sporting internal running i don't know you i'm always gotta bernie you know because this is the thing re bernie don't say things to be called like their speeches that have been activism a very very
very long supper but me love this is great yeah just activists from those photos when he was a communist activists communists to confiscate all of your wealth all of it all of your wealth cardy oh my gosh ladies and gentlemen i tell you all the time i wake up every morning thinking to myself the lord almighty that i not in fact a liberal they live in an intellectual vacuum i'm tired of panama peru breakdowns isn't because the government people who used for osborne birdie party who wants literally double your taxes and end some folks this is an epidemic on the left of intellectual dishonesty you know i have a wall street journal piece about this just the kind of tone for
get back to bernie cuss wall street journal is a fascinating peace up today about this very topic how rules are constantly living in an intellectual vacuum it's called sanders tromp in the midwest again by james freeman who i really enjoyed work and the outcome of the wall street journal there's an interesting they and james free means peace where it talks about how people just don't any homework on this tax law at all and it large swathes of people who in fact math radically got attacked cut it is they mathematical certainly they gotta taxed got how endless snippet that law lots of people don't believe they got attacked even though they did here it is examining the j c d data that studied the tax bill joe scotty's but at the time foundation rights at twenty nineteen the trump tax level reduce aggregate tax liabilities of course across all income groups via an estimated
one to fifty nine billion relative to the private prior law for example the group of taxpayers thirty two forty thousand at twenty nineteen will pay an estimated five point four billion dollars less that's at thirteen point five percent compared to the prior law these statistics don't even measure the benefits and job and wage gains resulting from the corporate income tax cuts which triggered spike in business investment how are people make in thirty two forty thousand dollars a year joe getting that big of a task that a possible bernie sanders and others told us it was a tax cuts for the rich not if you do or isn't it if you do homework you understand that that is not in fact true you have elizabeth
auto tweeting out tax refunds are down yeah no kidding alyssa because you paid less money the government might you put that in there that the can we hit a double motley on this one you don't want one more alyssa gets the triple monthly that's a unique honor the quadruple muttley is only held really rare unique moment like the europe that way but really the i saw less about the quadroon george george i was gonna get this dreadful bartley job with the quadruple do you're getting what are you back cause you pay less body you gotta tax guy got what modest but should be like every day to be a liberal like be no end listen mulatto and not understand basic math orderly bert i thought you were gonna go up already how much kind of matters what do you mean five dollars
five million dollars how much exactly our taxes gonna go up put on he yet how much more do i put the heat two hundred and seventy five i am god that's called enough in i'll stay in this area what about you and i let's get back to burn because i hear my wife their support we got videos together appears birdie now parties a millionaire we now know that will get to that the second to but ears martha on the stage where town hall asking bernie the tax rate as a millionaire who claims to despise million moon billion of he doesn't like i'm here
ask him about his own taxes taxes do show that you're a millionaire you did make a million toys sixteen twenty seventeen you're right that five sixty one and twenty eighteen but you're marginal tat great tat she was twenty six percent because of president tromp sacks got so why not say on leading this revolution i'm not gonna take this we're doing i am i pay the tax that i go and by the way what donald trump up here and ask how much they pay in taxes away what we got the president i go to prison watches your network a little bit president drop my wife
just released ten years please do the same let the american but just the rapid newsstand allotted time vilified millionaire why don't i will apply the fact that i think people who doing phenomenally well right now as you know for forty we have seen a shrinking middle class forty million people living in poverty and today it just so happens that the very wealthy are doing incredibly wealthy bill to say that people have a whole lot of money subjects as billions of dollars of wealth take should pay their fares taxes bridewell blotted out bill upon my last question on this a lot of millionaires millionaires give it time to charity you gave three point four percent of my wife why do give money to charge are women to do what we d all does you quite right there are people gates foundation to a phenomenal job we do what we do guys cry you always have to
i admire the guy's temerity i mean you talk about co days this guy's incredible here a multi millionaire at this point is made millions this guy burn right bread martha ask me very sensible question your running on april vision suggesting even said mc killop tat move as a billionaires should pay more money of which focuses its just logic here you are one you are a millionaire yad when you our taxes were caught pursue a jury tax law by president trump signed by present you objected to you did not pay more you talk tat rate happily and pages notice that reflection he then goes right too well ass
that is true but he paid that's not the point president drop me joe paul and every conservative libertarian even a lot of moderate democrats out democrats out there are arguing the lower taxes we're not hypocrites i dont want who repay higher taxes because i dont i pay them either because they stink because they governments wasting your money like cardy be suggested there's no way but what s pretty i hope as little as possible i hope i up there is i paid ten percent tat would be terrific if you didn't break the law and the ex law allows them to do that pursuant to investment whatever losses you may vanity depreciation sketch whatever may be the lowest what tax do i want to pay the lowest about possible and i
sure you president drop feels the same way there at what point please point out hypocrisy there he's trouble not arguing for higher taxes you are what its woods stupid answer why do you pay the lower tax rates if don't you tell everybody those are bad those tax rates bad orangemen bed prior tax rate higher good bernie do you pay them now i don't pay this well why not boys shrub whenever it control rescue you you're the one you're tax rates notice again slip number one this when i say swept by me the boxing slip jam you wanna dark under swept number one he doesn't answer the question he goes right to ask trump i don't care i don't trumps answer it's perfectly aligned what is this tax cuts he doesn't want to pay taxes
at that rate you're you the one what's there's always you there that's deflection number one you gotta go as trop deflection number two he goes back to his argument about making it a baby in everything rather than a march your question when he says no europe a billionaire should pay their fair share party no kidding what's the degree of the fair share its not heed or no heed fair share or no fair share its what is fair share and he'd know winter mean does it mean seventy or does it mean five hundred degrees or you burn your house down degree matters to understand that he won't never mail down because bernie sanders fair share is everything because he's a socialist that art
but he will never tell you that ever he doctor question when it comes to use specifically all the time this guy is a phenomenal brought ok less video from this actually get now we ve got to more ok this is bernie being asked about book sales which generated him above but a lot of money and made him a million of his answers fascinate but i just want back on the taxes recently in a when you wrote wrote the book and you made the money isn't that the definition capitalism the american dream we do not what we want is a country where everybody has opportunity and i have a college degree come you know it's late subtler alot a lot of people don't have a college degree alot of people on top
state centres i want everybody in this country to be able to have health care to have educate to when they turn on the water help drew drinkable water not toxic water so what we are fighting before but it is a society not with just a few people can make a whole lot of money what society where everybody in this country has the opportunity to live in security and dignity did ok at one gets the gold medal of stupid answers in it in the town all which i so let us be clear on this he's asked about facebook which generated him six figure money and me and if a million out should be seven figures but i believe is blocking the advance was around eight hundred thousand thousand i want to be precise rigour unless he made a million dollars that passes then it salary and whatever else is doing he's asked if that's capitalism and he just lies it says no so let's defined capitalism because liberals clearly dont know we're capitalism is kept
but alas is the ability to own private property in socialism and communism everything is owned by the collective in other words on by nobody which is why no gets destroyed now you may say well who is making generating money from a book sales evidence of capitalism because joe if that book was then a socialist country the law since on that book the publishers lie since the trademarks all the copyrighted material in there would not be owned by bernie copyright joe is otherwise known as party happy tangible property it's called intellectual property the same intellectual vacuum the liberals live in right now so is a six figure advance on a book sale capitalism ass by any measure if you know what capitalism is which bernie either dozen or is lying about i will defer to the latter second so first tentative
closing the ability of private property what's the second tentative capitalism a price system a rationing system there are no prices per se in communism and socialism things are priced the market doesn't work because there is no market the driver prices from each according to abilities to each other their needs collectives work on farms produce food that's not price is distributed according to your needs is a book job not at your question is a book price or is it rash and on amazon well amazon the book is their right on amazon its bureaucratic yo yo job prize so bernie said again lying to you about what capitalism is book sales are he did not rash in his books them away to the collective for free he didn't go out to a farm collective somewhere and destroy
the item randomly two peoples a hey these are my great ideas go here then the third tentative capitalism ere the ability to trade your labour for wage you are not good and wages in socialism from according to their abilities you work on the farm you work in the factory you are then supposedly fed by the collective according to your abilities and needs while bernie say there's says that clip little mobutu's i want college are you a senator ok notice but he didn't say there he didn't say it off the road english major because in kind it is on that site of this works from each we take according to your abilities bernie just said i got a college degree so why is on a full time author why is s letter he just laid out what capitalism is there
they demand for burning box that's a market folks burnt decided to become an author why joe because he could and a prize for his ideas people why did even if those ideas are socialist every it was tat for a him a social system according to his abilities bernie would be a college for us there somewhere not a million dollar author don't expect liberals to digest any of this because i know which is way over your head and i know it's a cop hated like joe and i call on my audience gets it but the liberals why i'm sorry i'm not trying to convert you anymore because you don't wanna be converted you wanna live an intellectual abyss nothing i just said you anyway controversial capitalism is about prices looking for a wage not on a collective and owning property literally
breathing bernie sanders profited off by writing his book and when asked if that's ever so capital as we move motor i want clean water i your toxic water let a i got a rap today i got more don't mr marcia either it's gonna be really stacked i wanted to i got one more video i wanna play and i've got a bunch of stuff and a yo see and more i find this when i talk about would one day and other so please don't go anywhere a sea back you're marble i want to end with this picture really touching picture from the cathedral everything burned and die or not everything there was some structure left but look at this just amazing picture in this tragedy liquid standing there
ross so obviously do with that advocated folks you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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