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The Democrats are Calling for a “Street Fight” (Ep 1340)

2020-09-08 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Democrats’ plan for a “street fight” during this critical post-election time frame. I also discuss the disastrous Peter Strzok interview about Spygate, where he repeatedly lies. Finally, I show a video of the sign thief that stole two Trump signs from my house. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee, now get kind of questions about an old Wall Street Journal article model, maybe a week or so ago, that I read about dates for the election. Critical dates, absolutely Critical they'd, you must must know my father used to say growin up Daniel. That's a must. Why because these dates will decide who the next president, as and when and these critical dates are the dates the Democrats are planning their Quote street fight. What I covered yesterday, there chaos post election I got an email from a place again and stop trying to scare. Is I'm not trying to scare you I'm trying to prepare you there's a difference if not interested in being prepared knew just wanna.
Pollyanna his view of this. It off the Democrats. Just can accept the election outcome of drop, wins go right, that's your choice. Maybe this is, and you know that the content for you- that's ok,. But I am not going to let them pull this again and be caught empty handed like we were after the fires, looting and protest before Felicia about your express VP and protect you online activity from prying eyeballs today my savvy listers get a Vps. They go to express, VP end Slash, Bonn, GINO go till I get a VP and welcome thereby Juno show producer Joe. How are you fine, sir? Hey man I'm doing well doing? Well, my son's got liberty, I'm being, yeah, I know I rate I just cheated and got to talk to that. Little job is not so little any more. On the camera tell me he was coming back so welcome back! Are the leather neck? marine little Joe lead, Dear Sir John, who again, is it isn't so little anymore as our enemies and combat may find that one day to the road there
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sensors exactly we want them. No technician require this. No contract, no push sales guy, no hidden fees, no fine print. All this starts a fifty I was a month. The matter I want to thank simply safe is great. U S news and world report named it the best over our homes, security of twenty twenty go today. Go to We saved our complex Dan bond. Gino forget that Euro get a free, hd camera for my listeners that simply if that calm, sleigh standby GINO make sure they know to make sure they know our show sent you are I Joe? Let's go so folks again and more new over series days, I got the stroke in every today and a lot more coming. But about will the court's pick the next president? Not you? Will the courts? Do it? courts. Do it our people, gonna pressure, the courts, and how is the Democrats Quote Street fight their planning their words, not mine. How is that going to affect all this Wall Street Journal article I saw today I get to the one you been asking me about in a minute, will the courts picked and ex president? If the elect
This close, the fall out could make Bush. We Gore look like scream social by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board its in their paper today avoid about this now to be fair cause. I don't like to mess around by this. Is we ve got NATO yesterday's feedback for Labour day less did yesterday. Audience on the coming coup, show, was phenomenal for a holiday. Really, incredible. I got the jars and I think it's because the content has people concerned I'll, say again a few very small, but a small percentage. Maybe, for five percent of the audience has sent me: negative feedback, say hey, I you know you're trying to scares, I'm not I'm just trying to prepare you for what the Democrats are telling you to be prepared, for, if you don't wanna, be prepared. That's your choice. I don't think it's a great choice, but that is your choice what are we preparing for ladies gentlemen, going to use the disenfranchisement excuse, disenfranchisement there
where are you going to ignore legal guidelines, the courts on balance and when they have to be and they're gonna, be like we don't to worry about the law in these specific states, we can't distant franchise. Anyone Ladies and gentlemen, that's it! First thing word disenfranchisement. I think it's a focus group tested word: they use Joe you, show up after election day and try to vote at a poem location that is closed because the election was therefore have you been destined. Franchise doors at a focus group way to describe you then I, MR deadline, I blew it. Ok, thank you, but that's gonna be there enfranchisement unit. Believe me from this Wall Street Journal or article. It's got a screech outnumber once said quote. In the twilight zone of twenty twenty everything's up for grabs deadlines, laws, election laws, election deadlines- you know all that stuff back to the art. Last Monday, a federal judge issued preliminary injunction that orders Georgia officials to count all ballots.
More by election day. Even if they dont show three days later, where this was filed by the New Georgia project, a group founded by Democrat. Why things He's governor Stacy Abrams, who the judge year, yours go. Here's the key lie the job. Dream allowed about election, there lies expressed their election. Our reluctance quote to interfere with George statutory election machinery, but you included again. Their quota risk of disenfranchisement is great. Lady. Gentlemen, it's not disenfranchisement! If you try to vote after an election is called election fraud, if you attempt to do that, if you make a mistake, you made a mistake, but you miss the deadline. These guidelines are being thrown out now these lawsuits are all over the country again, if you don't want to be prepared for any of this, and this kind bothers. You I get it I am. Gonna be left flat footed on the ground.
Nor should the republican establishment, republican voters, republican lawyers, the republican president, the Republican House of the Republican Senate as to what's coming, because you don't want to hear about it. Cuz you don't want to be scared. You are very limited number the audience, but this is super important stuff pursuing right now to have election deadlines completely thoracic you'll be disenfranchised you're, not disenfranchised. If you can't research online when elections happening or have to. Google is something crazy. Joe like when is the actually happening that's hard for some people to figure phone, computer right. Here's! What I'm always messing with way! is that twenty twenty election and mice they now artist is you're, not disenfranchised Europe in distant intellectual by not googling or doktor, going
begging or whatever the data, the election, the judge we don't want to do so franchise. Anyone who can't research when the election is You watch it happening, I know, she's been ongoing team in the show. Through over every deadline. Deadlines have now get to the deadlines that matter and in a couple minutes second to hear the data. Is regarded as these courts fight Dreg as these court fights drag out. Forget these dates the date somebody tell you two minute: throw them right out, The constitution said Sylvia law sets out the law says in Georgia to that. You have to have you Alison by election day. The judges like math way through four days, because we want a disenfranchise people can't get a ballot and by election day, why screen shot you the journal? Please get ready for this one. Can someone email me? The constitution is well prepared for an election controversially, there's laws. Ok, then we're laws in Georgia to folks quota vital
We drag out in the courts its mid November and absentee ballots are being counted in a key state. Although missed tromp retains a modest, led. Male votes are breaking three two one from Mr Biden. Imagine what's going to happen here, folks, the law on this jurisdiction requires ballots to arrive by election day. So there's a to the side of thousands of late deliveries, again, people who could figure out how to get their votes on time summer. Seeing postmarks, it's not clear when they were even mail. Thousands more been discarded for suspects signatures, but the red action rates are higher in urban areas, magic echoed through the courts. What do you think's going to happen come on You read it you now whom I owe you the smartest audience out their emails or genius. You can be the best ideas greedy, come on. What's in there, you know it can go to the courts and what are the arguments can be all its racist urban areas? Of course, Democrats think only by black people and a span of people live in urban areas because
what is more, racist and himself do say: urban Area Disenfranchisement Urban disenfranchisement, but they didn't get their votes in time, but this is clearly racist. Its racist today regard, those balance, the majority of our house Eric and black voters. They're gonna stay. This is gonna, be there. Why I'm getting you ready for it now? So Have you married do what they do and the constitution said that than the statutory losses the electors have to be this by December. Forty, ladies and gentlemen, the constitution also says you have a double degree of privacy in your paper, send your things and matter is spy gay people, either deeply. Sorry. If this bothers you, I'm just telling you They are already in the states, disregarding election deadlines. Now these people see the constitution stature We launched stabilized toilet paper. It don't take this stuff seriously. Now
a lot of you. But I ask me about the article I discussed. I don't know it was two weeks ago. You know I can ever gauge time and the show probably was to use it I was a message that there are specific died guy, mines. The constitution is laid out and subsequent statutory federal law about the presidential election. I'm redo those days the article is in the show notes today. It's there I put in the shelf which they discuss unless we put it right It's the first article in the shone out you gotta by Jean that calm slash newsletter. That's where you subscribed to the show notes course, with you know, it's free subscription will send it right with the article come right here. Even says here is the article listers have been asking me about about the key date: let's go over some key data December fourteen, so the elections November third December. Fourteen two key date: that's when this state each specifics their electoral votes, must be decided by September. Forty must
they are not decided by December fourteenth what happens so that states electoral votes there forfeited Florida, God forbid, where I live, can't figure out its twenty nine electoral votes by December. Forty you don't get anything knows: For you remember that this I felt that sorry you're out. Why does that date matter?. By the way, the statutory law Congress, road pursuant to the constitution is at the electors must be decided, Monday after the second Wednesday in December. That date is December. Forty track at me. Again. These states are all in that articles. The two first article in the show notes check it out towards your time. Congress also road into the law. A sixth day safe, harbour provision, six days before that this fourteenth deadline, which reads: December e, where, if there's a contract see about who won the state. You have sixty
the figure it out before December. Fourteen that's the deadline. The verdict is in December fourteen no matter what yet it if there's a cunt Merci about who one might say in Florida where I live. You have days before December. Fourteen to figure this thing out six, if Joe Biden was, do it it six. That means by December aid. You better have an answer or what happens by December is and what happened the sweet this between December eighth in December fourteen? If there is no answer and the law suits are still go in and nobody can figure out what to do with this? These that's it we're postmark that are sit near when the Democrats Democrats get mark. My words can happen. Uk disregard those bastards Personal data be racist watch what, why it's gonna happen. You'll regret. Not listening to figures, show if you wanna be blinded you'll be ready.
Then the republic gives them well, but to be ready for this. Well in that window. The state ledge laid your has to decide. Let's say they can't. When agreement, the vocabulary this every day, there's arguments about dispatch of votes with no postmarked dispatcher votes with bad signatures. Oh you track me. Republicans want these votes, the military. The Democrats want the urban votes, the Republicans the signature wrong votes. The Democrats don't want those they'll, be a lawsuit over every single vote market track it cast at check and send it to your friends tell you what a thousand percent. Certainly that's gonna happen, so you have states to figure it out. Ladies and gentlemen, this is when the street fight is gonna, get worse. That sixty He's between December eighth in December, Fourteenth where the states have to figure out who one remember transition integrity project thing about the street fight, we keep talking about, that's the transition to take it.
Project run by the Soros affiliate Rosa Brooks whether talking about forget the legal options. This is going to be a street fight. That's when the street fight is going to start, not start, that's when the street fight is going to start getting really ugly. If this scenario happens, I just need you to be prepared. Folks. I need you to be prepared. I let me get to my second sponsors. I got a lot more or less like at the stroke stuff. I've got a loaded show today. It's gonna be a good one and I don't want to miss any the country, including I The video of the sign in front of my house. Yes for those you follow me on parlour. I had my true size that day this year, stolen from in front of my ass now and although the videos not great, we have this now, that's on video I've subsequently what for new signs to jam it right,
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research on a lot on Fox. I haven't done much lately, but Chris, when, after on twitter yesterday saying I'll buy gas this coming coup is loser, talk! Ok, it's the Democrats. You are the losers, the it's their dog. We use their own forward yesterday's show that December's X, two December, fourteen a day window where the states are by statutory? U S law and a presidential election. You damn well better figure out who won this election. You state legit it has got it now. You have six days two figures out. You can expect unprecedented chaos during that time frame. Market. Now. Even the media is starting to figure out YO the media, starting to figure out if they continue to downplay
the problems with male in ballots, because you know why would they do come on? You all know the answer to this sound a quiz show tat. I am asking on a question, but you sometimes you can avoid an assertion. You can never ever avoid a question of brilliant political mine once told me that the brain is wired to automatically respond to a question they can ignore and assertion why, why would the media all of a sudden, a summit of show you it's in a second with this Associated press story, the eight p: why are they now starting to acknowledge it? Mail in voting could create a big problem because, ladies When you can't say, mail in voting is not a problem at all, because trumped said it's gonna problem and then when mail and voting becomes a problem, you need to take to the courts to win the election. You can't then say our up You didn't you guys. You said it wasn't a problem that effect. We have you headline right right Right here I just thought you all said: no, no trumpets lie
follow them. Media logic you meet. The media are full time, liberal activists, we all get that right. Paula. That policy Joe everybody understands, and nobody actually takes the media series cigarette soda time. Liberal activist they're not telling you this story there telling you a story, a story, a narrative they want to tell you is whenever Trump says the opposite is true, because we hate trump it so more complicated, so Trump President. Has already highlighted the massive problems of mail and voting repeatedly. As you know, so of course the media hates trot. Ass the proven wrong at every turn, because our liberal activists are not serious people. So what did they say? David say: tribes, crazy, fact check mail in voting. You say: ok, but now there realising they ve got a problem Houston. The problem is this: when they have pursue in the courts to throw out
action deadlines because of the problems mail in voting. What they don't want, is people going back and pulling your articles gone way here? It is on my phone right here. You just said a few weeks ago. I was in a problem. So now, all of a sudden, you see an AP articles, this one, where they're starting a leak out there. There may be an issue. Would mail in voting trump but trouble. Even though we hate them, we may This later saw AP headline. In battle grounds. Absentee ballot rejections could triple wow. I dont tromp- was crazy, bringing attention due it's in the mail that are rejected, typically at a higher rate and in person voting as the New York Times Adam Lip Tack reported back and twenty twelve, How you tellin me trumps, not wrong, focused! Please! a tribute to any of this to media integrity by the AP, because I some of you were liberals and watches, go down the media
finally standing up for journalistic standards that acknowledging what they ve already acknowledged through the years that this is a significant problem with with fraud and distant ballots in male and voting at a higher rate it in person, but that's not why they're doing is there. You're, not acknowledging tromp is right there doing this, because they liberal activists and they need a tool to go to court and fight legal battles. Their activists are not media people to keep the election going on past the deadlines. I just told you about TAT said period. Your full stop from the peoples. Read it just here. This is the opening thousands, absentee balance get rejected and every presidential election, yet no kidding we this all along this year there that could be much worse and potentially pivotal and hotly contested battleground state. She, you think fellows.
With the corona virus, creating a surge in male and balloting in postal delays across the country. The number of reach good ballots in November, is projected to be significantly higher than previous elections and folks. If you ve been watching this show for the past few weeks. We have only discuss this in the problems of mail. In voting repeatedly repeatedly, there are fewer problems with absentee ballad voting because you have to go and requested. I'll. Never certain security measures, mail in voting where you are sent a ballot, whether you asked for one or not is opens. These, ladies and gentlemen, it is gonna, be the wild west and the aid peace figuring out right now that they are going to need to say there's a problem, mail and voting God forbid Trump. Once did you notice by the way, oh just a coincidence, don't worry that as the poles are starting to shift now and swing states and Donald Trump favor,
All of a sudden, the press shot Joe. This is crazy. All of a sudden, start to say: hey Sunday, mail and voting- may not be such a good idea. Why? Why? Because they dont show Barbara Solaris Talk, Joe Biden was gonna win an epic landslide, so they said TAT just ignore trumps problems with the elections, gonna problems when we don't want any issues now, oversight, Fraid you're, not they could lose and now they're all of the other telegraphing through the whole planet. The globe hey, there could be a problem, why this is so transparently obvious. Now. You never want to leave the buffoons at Facebook out of it, so our facebook, you know Zuckerberg Ecru. Of course they gotta get involved in this To forget these people all read from this same activists playbook. Is that it it is a bit of a longer cut little over a minute thirty, but it's worth your time. This is us
book CEO Mark Zuckerberg,. This is our main viewing with axioms. Where he's basically laying out you say, the Facebook game plan. Fourchan out. Oh no, no come on Facebook get worked faced with is not a game plan. It's a democrat game of the Democrats and to play at Facebook, as if they're not the same thing with the Democrats Here, soccer burg, laying out and preparing as I've been warning you again for two weeks now, given the body to soften up the body, the american body Politic, that no matter happens after the election. If it's not a binding victory on election, it does matter: what happens? We're gonna keep this going as long as we want, We're gonna, let you talk about the election Zuckerberg right out of the democratic playbook check this out. One of the things we Other media need to start doing is preparing the american people that
there's nothing illegitimate about this election, taking additional days or even weeks to make sure that all the votes are counted. In fact that might be to make sure that this is a legitimate and fair election, so we're going to do a bunch from messaging around that? Just make sure that people know that that's normal, so if one of the candidates than in any other races claims victory before theirs, Consensus result then work to add some information context to that post, directly, saying that on that There is no consensus result. Yet I think that this is important, because the unfortunately, I think The risk of of civil unrest in the period between? we voting in and a result being called. After that and We need to be doing everything we can to do.
Chances of violence or civil unrest in the wake of this election. If that were to happen, would Facebook be blamed? Embark lie I can't see two to one other people do, but I think what we are trying to make sure that we do our part sure that none of this is is organised on Facebook. We will make sure that none of that stuff is is happening on our services, but the country is, is very charged right now, so I regardless of what we do. There's some chance. This happens across the country, I will make sure that we do our part not contributed. This is incredible noticed how the Democrats and Zuckerberg, because they're they're, really that these they're all liberals over there. We get it right. There's a couple token Republicans and whenever work on Facebook, but roughly mostly it's mostly liberals it is the only the Democrats in their Democrat oriented groups like the transition integrity project which Soros
person running it. It is only them calling for a quote tree, find their words, not mine. Right. I have never. The my conservative losers. You go, get it we fight after ever. We have members that that's the Democrats and yet look it's Zuckerberg excuse her we're not going to allow election misinformation after what he said sickly solely transit, if not troubling, we're, not gonna. Let Donald Trump say one death very go! That's the translation and his excuses this, because don't want to be the cause of violence. We ve got no one's calling for voting but the Democrats is it. This is like the gipsy do flipper risky, the flipper risky gypsy dues. This is a total one. Eighty, it is the Democrats calling quote street fight you think they're talk about not all we just made it for illegal and no doubt they specifically say we're not going to use it
what we want to street fight, that's their thing. Their group and Zuckerberg is talking about Trump. He's not gonna, let trunk declare victory of trump wins. Ladies this is that we are living in this Toby in our universe. Right now I mean it is up to you to be prepared for this. Are you reach out to your local republican clubs? You ready to tour to get out there and peacefully pro ass they afterwards, unlike this violent Sri fight Democrats, I also cause you're countries at stake. You have between November third, in December, fourteenth figure this out election, in December, fourteenth with a presidential electors are chosen and in that. Stay window between December eight December. Forty, you can expect unprecedented chaos. If there's a conflict in
they'd about who one are you ready? I hope so. I am. Folks, the people were dealing with, some of them are vital. Aggressive animals thieves there their brutally violent Sri criminals. These radical left this be glamour a bunch of marxist terrorists, Antifa, is a bunch of fat, fascist terrorist. They will attack you at a moment's notice. Remember these three winners who attacked me and my wife. Thank you Paul for bringing us we had Guy who told me you want to fight me for two straight miles, you never get off his by we. Crazy white woman telling my hispanic colombian. Why? What a disgrace to humankind she was, and then we had the other guy who again called her a bee rhymes with stage a rhymes with class for the aid Our two miles, yet they were tough. They were very tough them ass. My wife said you are on the phone you say we're talking. She said what
scared by. Why should not really they were threatened to fight Dan for about a half hour straight by people who want to fight? You don't threaten to fight they just fight you, Joe you It's a pretty tough guys rang. There are there serious question about I've, given my opinion on this many times, my mistress about the toughest guy when are they the talkers or the doers, smother the doers dance? Yet? Actually that I thank you, get them yet Very quiet now, better effect that reminds me the river. We owe that movie a good fellows we're really out of the copse pull up and their boat details the character and they arrest them, and you are a member of a baby previously and re really artists, as I knew they were cops because they were Kirsty says because if they were wise guys, I would have already been dead. That's suggested, the cops are tough guys I what it, but that lies are inaccurate. People are gonna like people induced that they just do it. They don't like talk about all this poor loan and their criminals. So here's video,
from my network of home cameras. I wanted, by the way, had tat boat, simply save and my friend, Brian former police, a friend of mine who does these cameras systems I want to give my huge at that there's a networked inside and outside my house of cameras. We see everything, so I want to have to verify What some awesome home security, european in New York area, New Jersey area email, us on our website. I'll. Send you to my phrase really goes forward detective with the policeman and he was kind enough to pull this video since this loser. Woman, who are can see. Here's the front so first, you must not go to Youtube accomplished by Jean Luc check it out. There she has been puts our hazards on pulls up Front of my house there there you go, She sent me like the loser. She is her. Car probably smells bad because most of these radical impulse mercy as grabs my sign it's a run, for it is very slow. She doesn't have Herschel Walker like Speed, gets back in our car
the hazards on by drawing attention to Amerika speeds off like a lunatic so little does this moron sign thief know that there is enough of cameras around the house, not hard identify so get mugged shot we will put it on the shell for you. I don't know if she thought joy, maybe she was under the misperception. This total zero. She is a Democrat, so they really not that smart, many of them. So maybe she was under the misperception that if you steal a camp five. It's not deaf. Don't worry care paid side that that I pay for my property, that's ok, that's it! It's all right, just got no. That's a crime. I get it. A liberal, so you're Dumb by nature, I understand that, being a liberal requires you to be a moron, but once we
Some activity on her will happily broadcaster mug shot on the show will make you famous. I then proceeded going to five hundred dollars, Thank you to do the job campaigner receipts around. My social media can check it out of parlor bought for new signs, which I will be putting up so steel, those while by former that money goes to the trump gave. You are single, handedly financing, the Trump campaign effort. Check out that video, you listen and on radio or a digital youtube that complex budgetary idiot, but a loser more on its second people, sometimes bad people. I love you all, but liberals We piss me off. Can I say I'm sorry I just if I let me get the main export. They shall abide by our friends, thereby patriot supplies, while folks, it's time to be prepared. If this, if you haven't, got the right
please say growing up this subtle drift? I have repeatedly said over the last few days about what's coming then you're missing out big time here there is chaos coming because Democrats of advertise the cask, get ready and get ready. Today, when you look at our polish, given me a look see, it's got me a little worried them. Maybe can be worried. Gonna look see was out. Are you ready for? What's next? It's a hike. We come in shortages, power, outages, grocery stores, closed and social unrest. I know you're gonna send me that with some like bury wait music. He always does this as you have requested, have enough food supplies on any the less at least thirty days, you better here's the harsh reality, most Americans, you gotta when sure everything in your life that matters you ensure your health field, Eyeglass Insurance, dental insurance, Homeward How do you not over food and George, when you gotta have avoid the panic masses? And let me last minute rush order. You for weak supply
of emergency food today, high quality emergency food, from my patriots by less twenty five years and stored you wanted to- I'm a government would have starvation. Nor, depending on the governing our only option so sound like too bad options plan ahead, avoid pain, a being unprepared. Go to my patriot supply dot com right now, build your emergencies, food supply with meals at last up to twenty five years and stored ship directly to your door, folks What's coming are using today to repair the still to prepare she's me there's still time for you to do the same. Go to my patient supplied outcome. The original Patriot preparedness Company get the best food, supplies out there. My patriot supplied outcome. My patriot supply that come go today. Ok, so tromp. Moving on gave a speech yesterday, press conferences well sudden Northport echo the White House, which I ve never seen down before that probably the first time, I've never seen oppressor out there. The acoustics aren't very good here, the image recent eyes, so we out there and before I play brief
video of what he said about me Terry Brass and the Pentagon. The upper level of management now military not liking him, but the soldiers having a good feel form. I want a cat. Out by saying this, and I mean this, and I want you all to take this to heart and important. Can I get find a human being? That is more respect, as I said yesterday, I'll say today, I'll say tomorrow and I've said: do out every show and have ever brought up this issue. You're not gonna, find him with greater respect for military and law enforcement me you can find a lot of people, millions of him with equal manner, respect, but not more because it's not possible my experience with them working with them in my prior line, a work whether it was the delta for sky. I met in Afghanistan, or the green berries. I worked with Indonesia. They are the best of the best of the best of the best.
Having said that, I don't think there's anything patriotic about sending our best overseas to fight wars where there is no exit plan matter fact where even the end game is unclear. Present Trump feels the same way as the most page. Arctic and military support of decisions. You can make artist it about our military that preserve the lives of the best of the best, and only put them in harm's way when absolutely necessary. Don't ever forget file Connor's rules of war. Look I'm off folks worth your time. Fox Connor was a great military mind you. Some of our prior president's have followed his rules of war His rules of war were very simple. Never go to war for long, never go to war alone.
And never go to war unless you absolutely have to because people buy a lot of them. The you absolutely have to do it is there another option. I told present Trump my belief in Fox Connor's rules of war personally in the oval office, I'm not name drop and I'm just telling. I believe he feels in general the same way and its fair for us to be saying that if we get it, dedicate our finest men and women overseas to fight in combat overseas. Then, what's the exit plan was on the north portico yesterday and he said that so I'm going to prove I'm going to show you some headline showing that this is a real concern about this.
Cereal military complex, it seems than ever want to pull out of any area wherein right now check this out. Biden shift away our jobs through open borders and sent are used to fight in these crazy endless wars, and one of the reasons that military, I'm not saying the military, is in love with made. The soldiers are the top people and the Pentagon, probably art, because they want to do nothing but fine words, so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the plains and make everything else stay happy, but we're getting out of the endless was you know how we're doing we defeated one hundred percent of the ICES Caliphate. One hundred percent, when I was in when I came in it, was a mess it was all over. They have it in a certain color. All ISIS, a year later,
I said: where? Is it all gone, sir? Because a you, it's all gone crazy, my philosophy, but be nor what's wrong away. Said course, you know the liberal media active Esther. Real media people jumped all over mess if he said something, irrational archaeological? Why are we in endless conflicts? Listen, I get it back, turn geopolitics into a simple campaign site get us out of endless wars, that simple to saying, there's more to it than that. I get it. I understand that in turn, sure relationships are important and are sometimes there are no ways to avoid it. No reasonable ways to avoid conflict. The folks, what's the battle plan here, literally, what's the battle plan? What's the exit plan? What's the victory plan. Is our victory plan just any time, there's a conflict overseas that we
send soldiers to solve problems? Government should be building themselves army the sovereign and law enforcement authorities and counter terrorism is to solve themselves. Why are we doing in here at so calls out this freight train from military leadership to defence companies. Now, listen, I'm a capitalist, not saying it. Be illegal for you to work in the Pentagon as it a general occur. No, whatever ever it may be in and go on working and defence industry. Your input could be valuable, I'm simply just think, we should recognise that once you leave the Pentagon and go over to work for them industry? There is a conflict of interests, no. The people paying you now are Paying you because, I think, Such a wonderful person are paying for your content for your contacts in the Pentagon.
I know why but offer jobs. Given my prior Lana work. Could they ve been pretty just about why they're paying you and for your operational now, ladies headlights, Jim Mattress, rejoining General Dynamics, board of directors, not false. Jim mattress, here's Dumford Lockheed at Stanford top, U S military officer to board another one for more zone. Just retired. U S! Airforce, head honcho joins Board of Big defence contracts. I Tyler Rockaway had Tipp the stern of which, by the way on social media, put these headlines out there, but it's just a couple. I faltered, I'm on that suggestion. They did anything illegal, leaving the Pentagon to go work in that space afterwards, the defence space I'm sick, suggesting that maybe trumps onto something that the
but who are promoting endless endless conflict with no Sid plan whatsoever, then go to work companies that make a lot of money off. Friendless conflict are not doing anything wrong. Thank God. Those companies Producing the weapons in the products we need to defend their cells are not knocking them simply saying that in a same constitutional republic, where we wait pulls motives and intentions behind their decisions. We have to information away their motives and intentions and ignoring the fact that they work for companies now that do profit off some of this stuff is just ridiculous, trumps right to call attention to it. What are your motives? Are they pure here? Do you? believe that we're doing the United States a long term positive benefit bike bring a true presence in Afghanistan, or is there some other motive here that the defence company, want some over there. What is it Frida way that and we
you'd be asking these questions since the block army, move on this the block, I really wanted to get you yesterday the show I but we would that they are too wishes by Michael Lantern, the coming coup Peter yesterday. I show you miss out on the candidly. What I think is some of her. I know self praise thanks, but I think it some of the best work we ve done. Yeah destination was really really good. He Joe agreed, but we one of us is always like apps. Yesterday we were all United Service Good, really good stuff, but I did want to get to this Peter Stroke, EVA Interview this weekend, you know the FBI agent, who is the lead and the data for the spy gate scandal so He's trying to redeem is horrible, broken reputation for basically being in charge of investigation that spied on President Trump, then candidate, Trump and what are you doing? It goes on CBS. You know, of course, you're gonna get a friendly there. I mean CBS again and activists are not real media people.
And he did this interview, which is just show so chock full of easily disc It lies that up, what he thought he was doing when we re asleep but my credibility by lying again and saying things that are just easily the book, I got for cuts from it there all pretty short. Here's cut number one Lead FBI investigator Peter Stroke, who apparently doesn't even know its own case, suggesting now that the straight aliens started this investigation into Donald Trump because they heard. Donald Trump say something about russian emails. Well, I'm an the date show you strokes. Just in eighty eight he's got the dates backwards check this out when they saw that statement by trumpet that triggered the memory of the conversation they had with pop up lists. So dollar trump, with his own words, brought this investigation down on himself
quoting what the foreign government told us. Yes, I guess who's this guy, a moron. I mean really. This guy has the iq of other of a sea urchin. So he suggesting that the July twenty seven speech, where Donald Trump folks, you remember this twenty sixty wearisome rush. Since you know Hilary Z browser out there, the press would love it. If you found this, remember that malice and not the best thing, so he wasn't telling the Russians to get the image you saying the press would love it. Otherwise you get the hint. When did that be chap. Russians, russian salaries, emails! Remember that when did it happen? Well, let's look at the New York Times reporting on by the way. Big participants: monkey on Twitter for that she's a great investigator. These are his screenshots. Donald Trump set on Wednesday July twenty seven that he hoped
intelligence services, had successfully hacked calories, email and encourage them to publish whatever they may have stolen. So you know Joe dates and stuff so trump this speech in July, twenty seventh Peter stroke. Our the tape you can see in that clearly says after Australians heard that on July, twenty seventh, then they came the FBI and said hey. We have information about Trump and the Russians. This could be really suspicious, so Joe you're fired, Roy Twenty seventh street silly investigator is definitely the smart modest person in the room with the FBI come on so that would mean what that the Australians, if they saw that speech onward. While we got a real, probably going to talk the Americans there would have to be. Why, twenty, seventh or later that they gave the temporary thanks both the trick quite easy. I can tell you confusing this campaign is stupid. Ok,
Let's go to the Mulder report as to when the Austrians approach the FBI, our July, twenty sixth lightweight, so they earn July. Twenties luck that you well said: jokes, neighbours without a t shirt you little are these right? So do the Lee FBI Refugee trying to redeem is credibility, can get his own territory. We didn't darkness and Donald Trump really started, because you are strategies approaches after Donald Trump made an ill advised. Statement of July, twenty seven Prescott Peter, when did the What did the Austrians approach you? Because the report this July. Twenty six, the day before trumps Prescott, sorry shut my bad My bad so sad heritage, whose, that up here the lead investigator nuts, supposed to take this guy seriously. The smell What more people die?
three more. Let me get to my last browser. I got three more than this guy can't get anything right. Strong, listen by the appear guys I work with their fantastic. The people were bob in this spying, operational, were seriously not I'm telling you I'm not getting. These were not smart people, as one of my friends in the, b, I call them they were briefer. They never end the gated cases, street cases, bank, robberies and stuff. They were briefer, stay brief people all the time, that's what they do. They probably followers sheet to note I got a few more dynamic. It's. My last sponsor today Show finally, Bertie by friends that I target folks preparing yourself in your firearms skills. What matters right, safety and proficiency. It's kind of hard with these quarantines to go in train not now, because you have the eye target system cell.
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Acquisition site alarm inside picture trigger function, grip and more. I target comes in all major caliber, including two to three and five five, six, you can say sharp with almost any fire If a liberal was reading that they'd say with VE calipers twenty two three and five fifty six but no it's two to three and five five? Six, because this in fact is a conservative shell. When we know we're doing right now you get ten percent plus reshaping with Eu Africa. There follows laughing, don't let's circle, as is the case whether or not you gonna train, take back control with I target pro that's the letter. I target pro dot com. I target pro, calm use, offer code and lady gentlemen? You gonna love this system, the feedback we get on it is phenomenal. I target products, com use Africa, damn so not only two stroke, not know the time line of his own case. I mean he's, obviously line. We started it because we are stressing and Tipp after the speech the Austrian Tipp was before the street PETE.
For the speech you may want to get your timeline down, that he, but here's Peters broke again along with his media allies, who don't bother to call them out and by the way the interviewers just a joke. I don't know this guy seems like a nice guy, the guy you interviewed him, but what do you think when you do this major interview, Peter structurally to redeem is reputation. You'd have your basic timeline down. She could question the guy. It's an interview back. Fourth back fourth volume No! You don't care body, the guide, us! Nobody, the facts of the case. We dislike Peter Stroke, lights, here's another one hears Peter Stroke again with his media body here, Pumping the MIKE worldwide lied about sanctions hoax when No, in fact might flame was ever even asked about sanctions check this out for what you're ready to closer investigation of when we were. That, obviously didn't happen. What would change he had a budget phone calls in contact with the russian ambassador to the United States
for the Trump Administration had assumed Power Flynn called Ambassador share Gay Kisyak. What's wrong with it, I think what makes a problem is when you look at the content and nature of the things that when tells the Ambassador Flynn Ass, kids we act to retaliate for Obama, administration sanctions against Russia, the conversation in which Flynn potentially interfered with Obama's foreign policy was recorded by: U S intelligence. So, instead of closing the case struck sat down to question flame, the strangest thing happened. It was very clear that he wasn't telling the truth and we repeatedly tried to get To that I mean this guy. This shrunk is seriously a sociopath. This guy's in on a interview, and it has even remember what he s when so. He makes two assertions in addition to his first lie: easily discredited, easily discussion do we not smart It's too assertions there that he knew
If one was lying and they tried to guide him to the true he did as fast. Someone that the second and he s, foot Sanctions and eighty lied about this conversation with the russian ambassador about sanctions. He did that I say, because we actually have the FBI notes. The trio to form from Peter Stroke, who you just saw, there's interview with Flynn again, let's what again Paula. Let's go the three page notes and let's look for the word sanctions go to page one. Three o tuna, from Peter Strong. You see sanctions anywhere in there. I seek rotation about the expulsion of russian diplomats, which Flint acknowledged in the b, I notes You see! No, not! I don't see sanctions Joe. You say it do this again body! Sorry, that's do don't. Ok, there's page one! So, let's go to page Where Flynn lied about the sanctions that don't appear anywhere in the actual, not I hear again talk of expulsions of
diplomats which what is always acknowledged you talk about the FBI's acknowledged to sanctions, sanctions naughty, anywhere Nepal, yet they were Paul. Has given me a had not that looks like a no from Paula. We have a definite definitive now from job. Ok, let's Finally, the last page clearly Peter Stroke, says when lied when they asked about sanctions. This is where the sanctions question appears, may see going Line by line, I see the expulsions coming up again, which again is always been acknowledged. Always if, when explosions explosions Polly there again not from Paula that looks like a no from her. My visions that that great job taken audio response in the use of sanctions and there are clear all clear: like you. So there is no talk of sanctions anywhere so Flynn according to Peter Stroke, who apparently doesn't know its own notes and doesn't always own case because he's really not smart. This dance doesn't know how don't case open, doesn't
What he asked when is suggesting you, even though we have the notes, because I ve been declassified that might Flynn like em about sanctions he never asked about in his own notes, he's so saying we knew Flynn was lying. You did that's funny. We have your FBI notes about that to an end, Fbi, I we always produce, received your folks. It says that they have we went through it all they didn't show up the transcript. The transcripts they came back and drafted has three or two and listen here: the top when they talk to them about stay discern, no physical indications of deception. Way, no physics this gate. Indications of deception. Peter structures told us that when law about sanctions in ever asked them about and that they knew what was lie. Then did they tell the FBI? They had no physical indications of deception, no deception, but he's lying no deception,
we know actually whose lying clearly Peter Stroke, whose too dumb to figure out how we opened up his own case and also too stupid to what's in his own notes If we had not as media in this country and this interviewer, I don't know this guy at even knew a little bit about the case, speaking of which, by the way I have an interview. Show this week is a special. Despite gate space. With the great definiteness can have page on at the end of it. Don't miss that's going to come out Saturday. That's actually knows the case stevinus, unlike the interviewer, whose just accept be not only accept Peter Stroke, note sit in the audio. We know my foot about sanctions. Did you read? The actual notes were out of you The guy's name, he looks like a Bob Bob. Did you read the note
Where do you see sanctions discuss the matter? If you all know where what's his name, devalue, Paula David, Bob David fobs less even more, maybe Bob last named whatever Bob David. Doesn't even smart enough to read it out. People are unbelievable. Here's another doozy struggle. Again or this one's that so much this is a bizarre that member that merits, if the narrative, it's always about this issue, knowingly massaging a b s narrative and again the Reviewer Bob David, who knows nothing about anything, not even questioning strokes on man, afford member present transformer campaign manager. Giving pooling data to a russian Intel officer. Oh my god, if that's true colours, It's definitely real check this out at noticed. The total of any curiously whatsoever on be on behalf of the union
who is totally unprepared check this out? According to a new report by Senate Select Committee on intelligence manner, for it was a great the counter intelligence threat who sought to secretly share with a russian intelligence officer, sensitive, came in down if it poles is theirs to give due, who ever they want to give if you're, giving that to somebody who is passing it to a foreign adversary. Who is targeting our elections? How's that possibly ok? Oh, my gosh sky had dance. I can't I don't know David Bob Bob there I ve never met the guy, I'm just saying Maybe you want to ask him so You're telling me you're, suggesting here this is serious charge that president trumps, nor campaign manager was giving pulling data to a russian intelligence officer. Until we find out that again because again You are totally unprepared that it's not actually a Russian in Ukrainian Ukrainian, who, apparently so
danger to society. He was a source for the Obama. Registration State Department, no way yesterday, shone out, of course here Solomon and actual reporter on my this guy, who is totally unprepared the Ukrainian by the way, not a russian flag, as the Intel danger to tromp had extensive contact with it. Mama officials, memo show the Obama admit straight state department considered Constantine Polemic, a quote sensitive source said it report now identifies him as a russian Intel officer. Now you think that would be a deal question four stroke. If you were prepared interviewer, Sir you're suggesting trumps campaigning your past information. Will Russian Intel Guy, Sir he's not russian ukrainian and he was source for the Obama State Department Sophie spy. Why was the Obama State Department considering him a valuable, sensitive source? I'm just asking PETE of course show
its inhabitants because he's a duds, because even though I we opened its own case, this guy is a class a dunce. He likes about things that are so easily discredited. Where some of us since he was like, you did, because I thought in your notes anywhere now we we were lying railway. Really then why'd. You say you showed no signs of deception. I'm just asking beat beat come on this. Shall I tell you This is an open invitation. I'm begging you Ben did me come on this shell, where some now, actually knows the facts of the case. Will ask you this. I'm sure you'll lie in Spain and chooses to being whatever racist massage in its homophobic transfer. The Democrat Playbook, I'm sure. But I know you'll have no answers. Please you don't have any answers. Here's the last one. And the most embarrassing quota. The whole interview where, despite the fact
We know what are the FBI lawyers lied. He's now played guilty to about doctoring evidence to make Carter page with ECHO And spy when, in fact was a: U S, intelligence asset, working on Russians. We know FBI lorry lied about that, despite the fact that the fire court is now thrown out two of the four five this is being illegitimate and despite the fact that the FBI a Christopher Seo sources who told them all this information was John Stroke doesn't take, the credit for this at all as mouth visas. This is not all. We were just a little overwork listen now, that's I'm over worked a lot. I had a really long day, ironically on Labour day yesterday, and I have another one plan today data as an entity? Well after ten o clock at night that doesn't allow me to go on a year and say things that are lies just because I'm overwork.
You can't handle your former job and the FBI, please the country in the world the favour resign you're a danger to the public. If you don't listen to this pathetic use for a human being here don't worry! All of this was just due to us being overworked. I dont think it all that its anything improper, you get people who are overworked, who make mistakes and don't get me wrong, inexcusable and stay Ladies and gentlemen, this is near sociopath behavior, you were overwork it. So let me get this straight. The FBI lawyer, who was contacted by the CIA. Contacted by the CIA and told they this, the guy you're targeting for spying, is actually working with us to go. Get russian spies I may change that and doktor that evidence to make it look like the contact with Russians wasn't nefarious when it was in fact, very patriotic. That was due to be ever work,
How do you misinterpret that? I'm just here? If I'm an investigator, and I'm interviewing Jos Neighbour did Joe Rob the bank on April twenty six, no sir, I Our job is house all day on April. Twenty six, if I'm overwork white change that to do on this subject thing I did not see Joe in his house and April twenty two: how does that not get in there like clients? The FBI lawyer, who put in their that Carter page, was not a source for this year when he in fact was a source at. Do you? How do you messed that overworked? How do you think that sounds the truck out there on long halls, o carpenters. We are building houses in the Florida son in the middle of a hundred, three days. Servers in restaurants work in twelve hours shifts to pay the rent euro. Europa work, you of
PETE. Oh my gosh. We feel so bad for you, so overwork was so pathetic. You are you're pathetic. Pathetic And your information is wrong. We know it's wrong into the interviewer David Bob. Next time, do your homework. That was pathetic. I you know Miss Caswell nesting by the place, Listen spending money wisely, folks, spinal story. The day, can airlines decided, is a good idea to let their staff, where pins for the marxist terror group, all black lives matter. You know the. What do we want dead cops? When do we want them? Now, I'm not telling you what to do with your money. Just telling you be smart about it,. I'm pretty sure you probably can't wear a magazine.
American Airlines to allow flight attendants, wear black lives matter. Pit sparking backlash g think Parsec the blaze you think. I guarantee you, you petition, aware, make Amerika great again a pretty benign message on political we're tones unless but added sir, at its heart, a pretty benign message, make Amerika great again right. You wear that you'll probably be fired. Black lives matter. You know the marches terror group there that pins, ok, spending, money wisely, hi folks. Thank you for tuning in. I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to the show, thanks for the feedback on Lucy yesterday, she's been such a great dog. Only had it two days, she's such a good. You barely even she said
there you heard on one side. There was just a little whimper public and even come off, never says any desists ass. She must have go out. You know they're! No, you got a train of step, but thanks for the feedback, and please watch yesterday sheriff you, Mr Youtube. Dotcom, Slash, Bonn GINO. If you want to watch the show of you when I listen Apple, podcast. Reverie get your podcast. I really appreciate it see autumn deserted in Bonn. Gino.
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