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The Democrats Are Moving the Goal Posts Again # 930 (Ep 930)

2019-03-06 | 🔗
In this episode I address the outrageous shift in tactics in the continued witch-hunt against Trump, and why these tactics will never work. I also address the reasons socialism and big government spending will never work.   News Picks: Great news, new Attorney General William Barr will NOT recuse himself from the Russia probe.    The Democrats are all-in on police-state tyranny.   Christian baker Jack Phillips is 2 and 0 against the state of Colorado.   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wonders why we can’t just print our way out of debt.    Tax refunds are up in 2019 as another silly liberal talking point collapses.    The absolutely brilliant Thomas Sowell returns.   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez denies breaking FEC laws.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about amerika upon his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bone jean i live there but you don't show but you should show how are you today rip roar and ready to go baby rip roaring so i have surgery after this i respectfully asking everybody in my audience you know i love you ordered death you mean the world may as i do the show for you to say a prayer ray if you don't mind that's not a major thing i want to be dramatic but i have to go under again for the gas seven three time would show and i were going through a list of medical maladies befitteth get out my elbow cleaned out i have a bunch of they call loose bodies in there and that means i ellie and like member total recall on its watching agar quarto pops out of his heavy we haven't got quota when my elbow but i can't straight my lufthansa show your camera that's all it's straightens mile my left arm
so tomorrow i will show you the results hopefully to be a little strader i gotta get a bunch of bones were taken out as well so i'm going right after my show today shows like my wife was like how do you feel you little nervous about public back i'm good doctors are really really competent supercontinent guys so excited i let's get to another bobby today show party by bodies are twenty three me we live in a world we have access to data that gives us more personal into insights into who we are much more personalized than your dna now we can turn to our genetics for personalize health traits and more twenty three in me allows you to go beyond ancestry to access more personalize insights about you and your dna with more than one hundred twenty five genetic reports you can even gain insights about your health traits and more research in your personal life genetic reports is just the beginning and make i've gotten a few more since i did minor pretty fascinating i found that a couple things but we have some french blooded us even though that you can take the next steps by talking you're health care provider
considering lifestyle changes like adjusting you're sleep abbots or caffeine consumption listen you can get a bunch of these reports one of the deep sleep report find out if you know you can't sleep and i find that a few genes may have something to do with that alcohol flush for it is alcohol turn your cheeks as red pink as a glass of rosy you may have alcohol flush react learn about genetic factors it make it hard for some people to process alcohol see what you genes can say about your health traits and more by your health and ancestry service kit today at twenty three and meet our complex bond gino that's the number two three meta com slash bonn gino again twenty three in meat calm slash bungee no two three and made a complex bungee no go check it out tonight ok getting right to do so yesterday i didn't get to this i should have a new attorney ro thankfully william more we have in there was was can this now acting as is as the attorney general the united states announced this tat he will not will not
rick use himself from the russia probe finally some sanity up there as i said you repeatedly out of what a pile on sessions but the worst decision he ever made joe and i frequently bottom brought up with you will reduce himself and there was no reason to do so from the russia pro brace of the democrats set him up they set sessions up and he fell right into their trap which was by far are the worst decision he made when he was the attorney general so now we have an attorney general in there that can finally get a hold of the justice department now i want to bring up something critical here because bar a peace an opinion tied peace a brief about where the debt crash we're going to go next they were going to go to obstruction when collusion fellow party wrote a piece before he was the attorney general follow me here because the object he uses in this peace to now
down the obstruction charge is unassailable and when i give it to you you can see how stupid what the democrats are doing is and why this will lead to the potential collapse republic as we know so just to get out there the lead what we're talking about advance but bartlett in bar wasn't there perfect choice i agree there are some issues some people had with them but remember think about attorney general bar joe he's had this position before he gives exactly zero figure out the word it's a family friendly show about what people think of peace try to a pretty badly attorney general before he gets can tomorrow or or gets attack by the devil tomorrow this is he doesn't care he doesn't care he's had this position before you need a guy in there right now willing to do the right thing who is not concerned about job running for president being a u s senator afterwards power donations jobs bar
there's not care gives you the perfect candidate no stipulated and acknowledge i get your point a lot of you email me some problems you had with bar fine i get it i'm telling you from the russia probe the hoax the witch hunt perspective there no better guy to have in their because bar doesn't care what they think he is only going to do what's right bar knows this whole collusion investigation is a big hoax and a witch hunt and he knows it's designed to take down the trump administration and overturn the results of it of a basically a duly elected president donald trump winning donald trump would be the first president american here we appeal for the crime of winning a presidential election here's what bar wrote in general the world street journal has this today in an opposite column where they cover this is going down a very dangerous path preventative jerry now there's joe and i had predicted you know a year ago almost they were gonna move
from collusion aren't you while the present obstructed justice which is basically impossible the fact pattern that they have now babblers premise debunked it earlier last week are based on statements by me cape call me and jim baker lawyers at the fbi who grew refuted the idea that trumpet obstructing their investigation but on principle alone mad lord the democrat pack going after the present is wrong so i want to be clear we're talking about whereas last week the obstruction charges again the president joe you know we refuted based on the statements of jim call me who ledges in a memo that trump asked him to investigate people in his satellite i thought there was something wrong that doesn't sound like obstruction of that sounds like solicitation mackay who gave congressional testimony under oath instead there were no effort sets a quote to obstruct isn't instigation and jim baker lawyer the fbi when form this trump wasn't even informed even under investigation
so how you can obstruct investigation weren't whereof is nonsensical remove from that to the overarching principles of our constitution speaking there's no way given the fact pattern of this case in the russia probe that donald trump could possibly obstructed oversee he's a call from the wall street journal today if a prayer in committee legal act but can be accused of a crime because of his motive than any presidential action can be called into question based on the accusation of emotive ladies and gentlemen think about to think this through life equally again i'm asking you to use logic i know this is tougher our liberal free to listen to the show because you're so passionately virulently anti tromp i'm asking you to think only for a moment if the president with a legal act let's put but put me on the bone joe erin jim comin
you and i are not constitutional lawyers but we're not stupid either no verna one of one of these hours of the presidency under the executive branch is to fire subordinate officer joys call me subordinate to donald trump orders donald trump work for jim communist jim come he was working for donald trump daddy it's that are to figure out a call me was a subordinate officer in the executive branch donald trump as because the traditional authority to fire for any reason he deems jim call we did that perfectly legal act now i'm not suggesting to that these decisions are all smart politics although i think the firing of calm you absolutely was sometimes a fire you have supported officers may be bad politics job they may be bad takes they may not look good they may refer poorly on the presidency but they are illegal they are in fact
institutional delegated duties of the pressing united states to choose a subordinate officers so what the art the channel saying which is which you need to a lot of you need to understand for your liberal friends argue illiberal friends if we're going to you the president's motives tool your crime then do you understand that this could be done for any press for any decision rhine ever right right right i mean think about a job let's say the next president god forbid is a democrat let's say it's bernie sanders break red lines bernie and bernie makes a foreign power i see decision through our re engage on a higher level with the cubans to drop all sanctions the drop everything to read did the drive for policy everything we're going to fix everything with acute with furnishes we're going to change everything they are going to become our new partners on a level like the five eyes we're going to share intelligence with them listen
he said there's wish to press the united states and the commander in chief has the authority to order is boarded officers to do that can we arrest bernie sanders for that no now you can do it you could try to impeach him german allege a high crime and mr meta which they may do for donald trump it you're not gonna get him but a more it's not a crime to do it now created used an extreme example to show you that you can that we have ladys for that there are cut the two remedies the remedy there are in peace men and the next election where you can vote bernie sanders out which if he were to embark on a policy like that would most assuredly be voted out but you point motive and say well bernie and there is a communist and a trader that the united states and that in fact is a crime and we will look to arrest in it you can't indicted sitting president you can't point to motive
we ve bernie sanders joey they give you a different example if bernie said we're caught on videotape as a president united states taking a million dollar cash bribe from a cuban officer to do the same thing that's a different story that is not a legal act the president acting as commander in chief and making foreign policy decisions is not criminal it may be stupid maybe bad politics the president united states taking it ash bribe underneath the table is in fact illegal act that is legitimate allegation of a crime if it were to happen we need to understand this distinction likewise would trump if there were an allegation out their joe that trumpeting can a two million dollars cash bribed to fire jim call me by it competitor for jim copies job want and legal director the fbi there's absolutely your question there would be a criminal investigation likely and impeachment and an indictment after the president leaves office to this sitting president cannot be
diet according to the guidelines the orgy guidelines now he can't do under then the dangerous path we would be headed down if motive use this a reason to charge crimes at its sitting press you could show you could say that about anything you could say while the residents motive furs seeking de nuclear radiation talks with kim jong il's because somewhere down the future we think he may want to build a trump tower north korea you know no area that you have no idea you just making that up your fabricating charges folks this is this is a danger this would be the collapse of the republic because you could create and fabricate motives for every decision as it may the tax cuts bill the tax cuts bell to president motive to save himself money modest taxes the page cried lock them up chrome
yeah yeah exactly you would be essentially it's a great way to frame it you would policing things you care possibly understand which are the internal machinations right of a president of the united states you don't know that as long as these exit during his legal duties no matter how ill advised you believe them to be they are not in fact crimes and you cannot impugn while you can imputed but you can i use the motive is evidence of a crime i wanted to get out there because there's a lot of concern we should about people seem to not understand this that there are confusing the two always motors war to protect himself against the russia probe you don't know that you have no idea and even if you did even if you did that oh did for him doing it when he susie legal act there is not that it does it met tat is not you cannot use it is evidence of a crime you don't know that
we have no evidence of actual criminality there they say oh he told lester hold about the russia thing he simply said that russia too this is why i wouldn't have said it but that's a fire jim call me because of the russia thing and by the way even if he did fire call me because of the call russia thing is still not illegal he may say handle this investigation poorly he's a subordinate officer he can give him the boat when he wants ok i'm second story so are the power capital of joe this immigration stories me fascinated you know i told you that i thought trump one on the immigration fight now i got a lot of emails is theirs i paulo emails me negative stuff everyday that's fine i read the emails i put it out there for reason he they hate donald trump this guy got work is illusory and at worst ever my guide whenever man either i don't even know what you're talking about anymore but i still read your stuff so email away i told you
he won on the border battle especially with the funding of the rest for that is just too quickly reiterate this point before i get to the before i get to the idea that the they big food the coup de grace here prompt the money he got he needed five point seven billion dollars to build that two hundred miles of border wall that the border security experts and see bp and elsewhere had told him where critical so just to get the led out front bc bp what the president in a border authorities ice and others and they said listen we need this specific to hunt plus miles a border secured a meal this is where there is a real crisis in an emergency they got an estimate on that before point seven billion dollars on that price tag the president's got some money about one point six billion dollars from congress he took some more money from algeria funds that were taken there three impoundments funds funds that were impounded due to criminal activity some other money from the military construction budget that left him around
five billion dollars before there was even a declaration of the emergency in the emergency money was needed now i want to know point clear because this debate didn't set himself ass in the hall was spending this money sequentially in other words joe they can actually allocated money first no dispute about that the treasury for put your funds no real dispute about that the military coup structural funds next to no dispute about that and then they were going to be the disputed funds from the urgency the market the declaration i said to you over and over that the president who is a pretty darn good deal maker agreeing despair that money sequentially cut screw them over because the democrats can't sue about money that hasn't been spent yet and job the time they spend emergency declaration money the president is going to be potentially two years down the road he's already spending the other money first and it's gonna take a while to finance that now how does this
put into the story we saw yesterday you see where i'm going with that job by the time he gets in those funds they can't sue until he starts spending of steps he way way down the road potentially into the twenty twenty election a real right and we did so we rigidities in order that the water helen was about it we gotta go when you it is important to understand that big yes because again the president was knocked all you lost the you know we took it out on this he did not lose didn't lose we're not golden capping the president either i've just tell you he had the money they're gonna spend sequence and out there sure yesterday about this this guides and washed in examiners in the show notes a company a private company or a capital as we love it comes forward says hey listen we do the two hundred and thirty four miles a border union forward
point four billion how great that happy now even better if we wines up taking this and of course is it's a more complicated government procurement process i don't wanna be hyperbolic than just say and i will take it but if this company is right and other companies can match bid think about it folks not only will trump of one by spending the money in sequence therefore they can't swim for the emergency declaration money because it won't even be spent yet until the other borders bill we may get the two hundred miles a border we need that wall now for you they can gradually allocated one point five one point six billion they gave up which is going to be spent first in other words if that happens and they can match that spending there will be no lawsuit because the two hundred miles of border we need will be spent before you even get to the mildly disputed money the forfeiture funds in them
jerry construction budget now i can't attributed entirely to tromp because this company came out yesterday after they negotiations were over and said they could do it let this be a major slap in the face to the in borders democrats if these two hundred a border gets bill with my heart with money job they allocated from congress and the emergency monies never needed at all now what abby special envoy to map regrets now on a serious note this crisis the border is getting a lot worse astonishingly bad numbers is what that guy polity email me about he's not incorrect the crisis at the border is getting worse ladies gentlemen there's no longer any question monk serious rational people that what's going on in our southern border say national birds are there no question now you can
dispute and we should the power the executive to reallocate funds i think i'll go to the courts if we ever get to it as i just said the allocation of the funds you cannot dispute fifthly the president's power to declare an emergency declaration pursuant to the nineteen seventy six national emergencies like there's no question about that with a presence me shoot about for the emergency at the border is the allocation of funds that the declaration of an emergency now after the numbers mt yesterday again there's no longer any serious dispute about what's going on february joe seven six thousand apprehensions the border on our southern border up thirty i know you i was waiting for you you always go anytime i make the point that a genius is that it might be advertised clay madison square garden back in the in the night in memory that seventy six thousand folks i live in peace
city florida i dont know the population of the town i live and i love it down here i have no idea but i'm gonna guess it's not seventies thousand people and i was not really a small town like a decent amount of people live down here seventy six thousand some people were apprehended in february up thirty one percent i'm asking you are liberal to tell me with a straight face how this is not a crisis at our boy if we had seventy six thousand people a month appetite and did at our borders can you imagine how many got through we're talking probably about tens of thousands of people who are in our country illegally getting through every single month folks is a national emergency there's no question these numbers are absolutely staggering in horrifying i moving on i've been at this a while now in one of the guys
really a door of the people in the movement i mean really at the war whose changed my life i've never mademoiselle and i'm not really a sapien a guy i you know i never take pictures with people or anything i mean think we have a couple pictures with the protests and everything but that's different i see people i run into german green rooms and stuff and you know beverly agree that yourself we adjust our high just don't really care is taken a few very very few usually in other people's requested some i think but one guy i really like thomas saw thomas soul is one of the good thinkers of our time he was a disciple of milton friedman here economists that there i believe that the hoover institution over at stanford university he's just in credit oh he's written books and of changed my life the grid and most powerful book i've ever ever read is covered the anointed by thomas soul i can't recommends even strong enough terms i have no financial interests this box at all by the zero
visually the authority will change your life it's an older book it's not new what's been out gosh for decades but it really breaks down the ideological underpinning of the left that you know that the social the central planner laughed and how basically nothing they will do will ever worked the socialists because it can't work it's a fascinating fascinating book in ghana recommended but he has a new book out at thomas appeared on which i believe is david asthma fox business the other day and saw has a way of distilling things down whether it on this latest call for reparations which we addressed less we or the wealth taxes is a seven minute cut we took is too short cuts reckoned play seven minute cut in the show you up to now but i took to cuts from his interview with david asthma and the first one ass men asking him about this call by these radical far left this running for president right now kamel harrison others included for
operations to americans who they believe where the descendants of slaves and economic we unworkable on irrational programme which is explain this last week the programme category would never ever work if you giving money to other people descendants are people who unquestionably moral ethical and human crimes were committed against but not to them and you had enough did you with makes no economic sense so soul was asked about this and play could he was his answer it all another economic myth is is one that you expose and in the new edition of your book disco asian and disparities that there all disparities economic disparities in our economy etc are due to discrimination that that's the sole coarse and therefore they have to be addressed by economic policies the most recent fat is is reparations for slavery how do to respond to that
while this is one of any number of one factor explanations why everyone is that doesn't have the same outcome a hundred years ago it was genetics other times and places it was exploitation but again these are ideas that sound plausible but when you do a research you discover everywhere you turn there are a thousand reasons why people don't turn out the same it goes right down to the family in the first chapter of this book i point out but the first born as higher i in his right siblings and in later life earned has more achievements among astronauts for example of the twenty nine astronauts and they apollo program that put a man on the moon tool two were either the phrase border an only child now have you get equality amongst born to the same parents and raised under the same roof
why in the world would you think you're gonna get it among people who had such different histories and cultures around the world now the soul so as a genius he is one of the finest thinkers of our time any gave obviously a deeper answer to the question about reparations but the answer why did you dig into that a second it get two quick points saw as great as he has this thing called the then what right so then what any any mentioned that issues where one factor explanations whenever you're on your liberal friends are they bring things up like reparations your thing here should be them well then what what what what cable how we gonna do it while you gonna take money from people who say or say a wealthy black family right did as money taken from them or given to them in an ass the last week what if you came from say jamaican heritage and not essentially african heritage what if you came you're after what if europe if your parents came here just recently and worried the victim
slavery in the usa they get paid to is a strictly based on skin color so we talked about these things called one the explanations he relates to a larger topic of inequality and as in society but it's important you should always ask your liberal friends and then what and stop stop you can't let them stop at the first factor explanation here yet way of explaining it he was on a clip we to play on the show often i was back in the seventies the souls honest show on a television show with this pennsylvania a crowd who heads their welfare department helen abandoned you can look it up on youtube is fascinating and she talks about how women on welfare how need to support them and how pennsylvania and other state budget we should give the money and soul s are fascinated question ok but why you starting the story in the middle let's start the story the beginning of the buccaneers how did they get on welfare in the first place by any it's on it in his is in his answer there when he talks about largely this is due to a lot of family
factors families being broken up like there's not one factor here so that's first ask them what question and then secondly brings up another point for governments to equalize all of these factors are you first born are are you are you a minority status how will you treated growing up did you have to parents did you get the proper nutrition did you get all of these factors that can lead to different outcomes in life we can all agree right german people who are better nutrition probably a better life outcomes of people and people who grew up with a mother and a father and a house on probably grew up with different outcomes that is so before i know i was my wife and i both grew up in single parent households it's tough ok there are so many factors he brings up this point there's no way to control for all this and the logical extent that which he addresses in many of its boxes and high echoed dresses it milk fruit men as well as in order equalize outcomes at the back and in other words
you may have failed because of this this initial morgan stu to government policy to bring you up it requires but you treat people unequally height the great irony of government equalising outcomes is it requires you to treat people unequally because you can't control for all those factors think about what i'm telling you this is a critical point it is the ultimate endgame failure of liberalism and socialism you will never be aware the struggles jos had joe with little john and his son and an end is jobs and working and you i'd i go joe well nigh probably aware of about two or three percent of jos ruggles now we got two i have no idea i kick for all of those the government i ojo well and i don't know the government has an even less or idea shoved frontier eric from joe to give to someone else
less money than joe under the guise of equalising outcomes how do you know the money you take it from joe to give to someone else who makes less than joe that the guy's not gonna go spend it on drugs and the guy's poor because you ve do i deirdre you don't know that you can ever know that you can't control for those outcomes that we're so when you reach those work you see that's what he's talking this basis that you can't this guy he's is really really poor and you got this guy really really rich descent simple joe and i used to use because we i love so we ve uses quote so many times is you know let's you got this guy he's is really really poor in and you got this guy really really rich the simple minded one factor liberals well it's obvious we should tax the guy is rich and give some he doesn't need all that money and we should give it to the poor guy and then when you starts going well and then what and you start digging through the fog there's you find out that well or guy was rich anybody
what way is inherited partying on a bad business investments and the guy whose rich now we're taking from was poor here is an emigrant started a belt factory made a bunch of great bells worked for twenty years and finally was bought out last year and now he's worth a million dollars now it's fair to take his money give it to the kid was born rich and flushed it down the toilet you may say of course that is a fair bit but it's not the bet we don't know that of course you that's why the government shouldn't do it i don't think i like your tone that further read the equalize outcomes they have to treat people unequally the guy this whole life to make his million dollars and grew up poor work this whole life to pay off a guy what's this money down the toilet there being treated unequally let me play this second caught from saw this was a great appeared just say this is thomas all again a fox business with david has been talking about a well
tax redistribution and other things and saul again no one says it better play that can love to throw out there is the wealth taxes that there are too many wealthy people that in order to redistribute income we don't want to take away all wealthy people we want to bring back the guillotine but we need a wealth tax in order to indeed some of their riches what do you think of that i think that's that's one of the biggest fallacies because the most the metal kind of wealth is human capital which is inside people's heads and you can't count confiscate that number of current countries a force people out of the country have expelled and more river them out i wouldn't let them take their wealth with them and and when major did that in uganda for example but you got cut carbon economy collapse the asians who arrived destitute in britain
you know when a number of years they were past was again whereas they got an economy never recovered you kid if you can't confiscate the most fundamental well it doesn't the case but doing it means nothing if you can't do it folks this is one of the more profit on things and sole repeats the rats is throughout his works his writings as is his speeches mrs seminars alot of his youtube clips this is idea soul brings it brings up often you can control and confiscate capital when i say capital joy mean tractors factories business assets peters hard assets of real estate you can do that communist socialist planners will do that because a communist the essence of a communist and a socialist is that govern control the means of production the means of production of how we produce our economic output are those factories are that are the real estate the computers the phones you can confiscated but you
can never confiscate an idea soul talks about is so beautifully and so often and i hope i the shovel getting were digging a little deep into the economic the fake and i'm a philosophy myth material but it's really important you cannot confiscate nigeria and think about that it's not just that you obviously can't confiscated idea and when i say it thea joe i mean the idea that lets say that the japanese they had them just as they did when they when they started this doing enhancements in their production capabilities they invented out of procedures like just in time where whereof reese talking of yourselves and things like this you wouldn't hold a lot of excess inventory which would tie up your capital that was an idea the idea and i was reading that when i was in business school about a certain company that
found out a way to design their warehouses to be able to transport and import more products into the warehouse by using an ex based designed so that rocks would have more surface area to load and unload their products rather than the traditional square was june it was an idea an idea that lead to credible enhancements for that company in ability in their logistics to take it and export products you can't confiscated idea an idea travels with you so souls that when these countries implement these confiscation government planning and heavy accession processes is we're gonna we're just gonna to tax your stuff to death or cut escape it outright why people move and they take their eye de as elsewhere because you can't lock up their ideas there lodged in their cerebral cortex they leave with them and they take that idea and at warehouse shaped like an x to another country
where those warehouses become more efficient their economies produce more stuff making people wealthier one more thing about an idea just what is it about an idea that is different logically from material goods capital goods and i he can be reused joe what over and over and over and over with no there's no scarcity to it now that's the case what a caterpillar tractor say europe agricultural business and you have this you know ten million dollar piece of equipment that's gonna work on your field that equipment is the life span be ten years maybe twenty after that you have why one there's a life span it's not you possible one number one it has the lifespan number two again is common sense but liberals a hard time with this it's only
whose role of one place at one time it can't clone itself it's only usable in one feel in wisconsin you can transport it's a but that is likely to be used in wisconsin i thought the case what an idea in idea can be used everywhere the idea of not keeping excess inventory in a factory and learning just in time production methods the idea of bill then you're warehouse in an ex lay out rather than a square to increase the efficient dear the trucks coming in and out those ideas can used again and again and again and again and again now again there are patents and things like that there are some ideas like that you know software codes that can be patented and things like that but i'm talking about the big ideas joe pledges exchange of things like electricity you know there's someone thought of this wait we maybe if we could get a car into a wire change the world you will never
ever contain these ideas and this is where the still very ridiculous absurd silly socialist and their tyrannical communist bodies always go wrong you can try to i control and confiscate people's means of production they are going to take their ideas they are going to go elsewhere and he makes a fascinating point there idi amin mean in the ugandans mother tyrant when they took where the economy people left they stole authors after ugandans and they left they took their idea what else do you know what your baby rich and well we learn more or ask as a job took their ideas elsewhere we wish people like alexandria case yo cortez an eyes socialists bernie sanders bread lines bernie would understand it all right today i shall also brought you by bodies at general society which the double chamber just disappear are those bags and
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hypocrites on financing bigger government and how the author that it's a great breach job because i love categories and what are they all about list goals then in the business they call them list the like people who deal with so the author please put together a list of the four types of liberals that want to expand government like greek likes that like greek big governments we could go bankrupt quick at he hasn't sure thing in the in the pc has signalled the churchyard in there that's fascinating paula view could throw it out there be great if you can find it in peace i didn't tell you before there's a family operation here by waves and we have to stop before the show she's he has this little john it's about it it says people want to finance greek like big government like saying people don't do it
then it has another branch like irrational people here's than for its really great he has more categories of people want to blow up the governments of category one he has class warriors and their way of doing it finances greek like big government the united states is the hall tax the red tax the wretch that'll do it so he breaks down it's a great piece of business listen there's this just not enough money for that we set on the show repeatedly would you how taxing the rich at the rear alexandria case your cortez and people who we are castro running for president to seventy two ninety percent marginal rate will re according to their estimates between be two hundred and four hundred billion over ten years now say wow that's a lot of money on number one it won't do that because people the rich people will take their ideas joe and take them to another country with a lower tax rate which is what happens every time we do this but even if they were to stay
and actually pay those tax rates which won't happen joe the two hundred four hundred billion over ten years is the little short joe little bed just a little short considering that ok seo courteousness programmes the green new deal and others will cost ninety three trillion so job maybe a trillion to order by ninety three trillion charger boy that's not even cover not even in nepal so yet the number category of greek like expansion of the united states government the class warriors are just medical idiots and they're just basically like you they say tat the rich because they know people think while i won't affect me no it will it will we collapse our economy because as thomas all said ned clip before and i can have enough people who or what the successful have ideas it is those ideas which are financed the explosive growth in our economy ideas like the iphone ideas like three d printing
it is people who have later become wealthy off those ideas you have invented those ideas who have led to the german expansion of george and our jobs and prosperity in our economy engaging in the past six of envy you are we should get those people is just stupid and its frankly i think it's immoral these people were once he was trying to quote keynesian economic call the can easily so maybe she called the frankly stupid ok second care the glory of people want to finance massive greece that dominates the keynesians there now can even for some liberal yeah i gave him the baby the liberal wants who was trying to quote keynesian economic called the canadian maybe she called the right thing for it was john maynard means i can't just saying i don't mean to sound like a snub but if you're going to cite the guys principles you should probably know how to produce from the birthday therefore we should have assured made up for our security wayside we haven't you start
out there now all proceeds from our store go to sharing websites are living for employment problem can easier the battle occasions water just borrow the money now keynesian economics is a largely debunked discredited theory economists we name for now does blocks in spain economists john maynard keynes any idea was we should drive interest rates down very low via the other the bar in spending of money that basically the drive down of interest rate would incentivize people too marginally consume rather than save let me explain that kind of non walkie terms interest rates are high and you're a safer and you have sets in money say you have a million dollars if injured rates are high like eight percent or so joe that's a health it just where you can make a lot of money in yemen
but a million dollars in the bag three percent that's a lot of dull folksteads tens of thousands of dollars rack up to your bank account every single day kansas theory which again is large ben debunked was we need to set the vice people to consume on the margin he called it the marginal propensity consume because i believe that was the spending of money that would suggest great economic activities are wrong on that front the problem is its aim on cited as sole said again in his peace one factor view of economics if people don't save joe then there is going to be no money for people to borrow to build their businesses to build the productive capacity products people consume later you can't view concerned the buying of stuff computers hot dog telephones whatever without viewing
doktor inside of it too you can consume joe in other words what you don't produce that makes our it you have to have people in fact this is it hard folks about china be like trying to scare you perplexity economics is a simple stop so working one wrong is he wanted to which interest rates down very low visa fee government borrowing and end up and policies like that to incentivize people not save their money and therefore spending and that's great spending money is great but savings is important too because it gives people capital base borrow money and finance the production of this stuff we want to consume makes sense joan baked gaff too you have to build a computer before someone buys caves was short sighted on everyone now the problem endlessly borrowing and printing money used in the united states government printing press and borrowing of money from other countries is eventually you get
level so high that sooner or later countries figure out that are lending us money that we may not get paid back and ask what happens the effort to lower interest rates to make saving unpalatable no one wants to save money one percent did rather just spend it the problem is borrowing money to drive those interest rates down eventually does what leads foreign sure just say wait how much money is the united states borrowing exactly while they borrow too it's a trillion that twenty two trillion lending them a dime what happens in order to get our countries to lend us money you have to do what you have to future is in favour of those countries ok we'll pay you ten percent if you like this money i want fifteen because i think you're gonna default you get my point show the very the effort to print money and spend money under keynesian principles to lower interest rates to get people are not save and spend money ironically leads to each
grades going up in the future as people stop lending us money because we're gonna default it doesn't drowning fired so category two the keynesians that's the bug to category one the tax there people the bog there's not enough money there the rich don't have enough money to finances and they'll justly category three this was a good one because this the honest the honest liberal there are yeah which is very rare i am yet to meet one candidly speaking i don't i don't know one and honestly about their when it comes to economic area does the way to do this and financed by governments silk the middle class and began b not just about it there may be enough money not to finance ninety three trillion of the green new deal over ten years that's an absurd amount of money that works out to be roughly five thousand dollars per household in addition but you're paying now there's a money just not there but if we want to tax them
class or something like a v of that value added tax at the point of purchase you may find a decent amount of money you can problem we find tens trillions over ten years the problem is wire that you may civil wide aren't the liberals dishonest one of they do say that because joe the bulk of our seas i agree that votes or middle class america when you look at the breaking down into into fifths of our i'm categories lowering com lower middle middle operate common in the wealthy that's how we break it down into it into those categories the of people are in the middle class while those are also the ok joe voters yes voters the reason liberals are an honest and say hey what we can finance at least some of the green new deal by taxing the middle class is because the middle class of the ones that vote for them and they they'll get no votes if they tell middle class people who by the way your taxes are gonna go up forty thousand dollars a year oh so kind
or a tree the oddest webs what's the problem with that category there are no honest lips that's the problem course the case we have the interest rate problem warriors is not enough money with the rich finally the address is the modern modern monetary theorist category four the empty people this is where we get alexandria case your cortez again i keep bringing europe because this is a very dangerous person right now folks obsolete a better she proposed the preposterous idea of what we have the monopoly on the federal reserve on our federal reserve notes and our currency why don't we just print the money and the modern monetary theorists this guy just discredit some completely that's basically their bed back bedrock principle that while we can just printed well tell what's the problem with that one given this example on the show many times ladies and gentlemen when you print money endlessly the money you have now is worth less let me give you just a quick example ironically
from john maynard keynes himself yes the guy just told use economic theories have been discredited who understood in the long run the dangers of endless inflation entered keynes john maynard keynes it said what they say go you wanted to span roughly you know twenty five percent of the economy tonight the government that is so the economy is a hundred dollars to small whatever small town and the government says we're going to spend twenty five percent of we're worth a hundred hours the entire town on government service night now there's two ways to do at the first ways the obvious one you could taxes citizens at a rate of effective rate of twenty five percent ok and hope they pay and and we'll get twenty five dollars from the town of the hundred dollars a productive capacity there is a second way to do that to a second bay is the modern monetary theorist predator molesters print the money people and what do they say they say where we can just print
thirty additional dollars so now you have a hundred dollars in production capacity in this small town the government there small town government a just prints the extra dollars and spends it everybody say gray you don't have to tax this listen this is wonderful we print the thirty hours we go spend it on the roads whatever we want to do and nobody gets hurt now ladies and gentlemen you get her that thirty i was by the way is roughly twenty five percent of a hundred and thirty ballpark right church still twenty five percent of the economy the problem ladies and gentlemen is now you have a hundred and thirty dollars chasing the same hundred dollars worth of goods that are produced meaning was the price everything goes up so that economy produces a hundred chairs and a hundred dollars in that economy before they printed thirty hours each of those chairs could affect the dollar
a hundred chairs hundred dollars now with do you have a hundred and thirty dollars chasing joe the same your chairs the economies worth a hundred thirty hours they just printed the thirty which bees every chairs ices gonna go up as more circulating money chases the same amount of products meaning what everything just gets a hurried spencer this isn't a hard by costs this is it hard ok seo cortez they pray could you for the money so no value added at all what i can i add any value which can start printing money miss cortez are prices of everything to go up as the money you prince starts chasing the exact same amount of products i really think that went through of course you two years democrats you never think of etc so that peace is really good it breaks down into these four categories it's it's so very very well done and i could front your liberal friends about but the charges grape people rest
people who want to expand the chart i don't do in charge are the four idiots here four categories of idiots you want to do that is worth your time i final story the day really positive note yesterday showed did of really terrific i appreciated at all by the way my wife wants me to bring some i am so sorry about the audio quality is a hundred percent my fault my wife paula put a lot of work into this and the micro we have to make this mike the already twenty if you go and listen to yesterday's show that joe puts it after the audio show on itunes or south the audio qualities peerless its job as a great it's great but you watch the area on our youtube channel yesterday the audio quality with was horrible sound like we're in a tin can the mai i'm a little laugh might below that you can't see it on camera mystery i do it go ahead will get that you
you see that can you see that and i keep it attached to this issue oh man i didn't notice so it sounds like annexes youtube britain can but we still got forty thousand views you can hear the show it's out horrible but it's not it's not our it's not up to snuff so policies but we wanted to get to show up so our policy please that wasn't me that was you wise it was under reset my fault but today's quality should be pretty good so our but we that's why we have it is a guy like you put your behind this is we have to separate microphone ok final show that day yes george bush story that they choose me yesterday we discussed hey make a scene it's time to make a scene i'm glad you like that the show did incredible numbers yesterday really we were caught a surprise and woke up this morning don't take it anymore parents are the kids in arizona or mega had school who got that principle on tape and held a rally outside a school god bless you good for you i'm with
so all everyone in listing audience today kidney berkeley campus a punch in the face and now we find out it is alleged attack or now speaking charge the very serious felony put that kid in jail don't accept any plea for this do not let them play it out someone really magda head off your head call the cops have morass don't let it go follow them all the way down the street get them on video humiliate them forever make them subjected youtube in for me for the rest of their lives make a scene i said yesterday my grandmother used to tell me in church grown up don't make a sea now it's time to make a scene with jack philips made a scene whose jack philips jack christian is a christian baker in colorado besides this outbreak
for anybody want but i will not put a message on their cake that conflicts by religious beliefs good for you jack god bless your brother is jack philips went through a lot jack philips was harassed leslie not once but twice by the colorado civil rights commission they attacked him they attacked his business better are not making a scene jack fought back all the way to supreme courtney one in seven to ruling that he does not have to put a message about a gay wedding on a cake that he too he can make a k but he is not gonna put a message it conflicts with his religious beliefs is not about game which focuses about the freedom of religion in this country i don't let them for you on this so they came back for jack thorpes again joe even after we won seventy you really the supreme court because what i tell you yesterday about liberals you can split tree into his many conservative places as you want they want ever stop folks we
pastor made the united states because it's never ever going to stop you doubt me that it stopped for jack phillips jack phillips one of the supreme court and they came and asked them to make to restore again and ask them to make a transgender kate with a message on it disagreed with jack phillips made a scene again good for jack jack threatened another lawsuit which would have the right to the supreme court again and jack would want again and you know what happened to be found out yet but i have a story in the daily signal today the sick rights commission in colorado who is harassing this service patriot finally back down because you know what happened joe they were going to be held personally liable personally these people are civil rights commission for harassing him ladies and gentlemen you shoe the living out of these people every time you can they harass you you
them personally pay you put me on that boat you put their skin in the game they want to rats you and hide behind their the veil of government bureaucracy take their house you take their assets the time for not making a scene is over god bless jack philips in this fight your warrior for the cause your name will go down amongst religious patriots in this country and people member you for something more important good for you brother you fight on where with you i folks thanks again for tuna in i'll be back with you tomorrow maybe there i don't know how my left arm a look yeah let's hear it is so everybody get a picture there's a microphone let's not make it a modest oh by the way you look at me where's where's that it's the way you know tat look like they say no muscle apples
see i swallowed it is debar i'll show you my left eye tat used to be a joke growin up link with pay our where's the park guys i struggling to make a much look about check out the wealthier swollen is let's get a measure because i won't be able to work out my love it become a week it'll probably be like a string being by the time next week crimes but my doctors and awesome guy love the guy so god bless his hands today i hope everything goes ok i hope things go well then thank you rather yeah joe joseph chose gotta be card and i appreciate that block i folks happy ash wednesday go out get your ashes today for all your christmas out there and i will see you oughta mar thanks for tuna really appreciate it you just heard in bonn gino she you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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