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The Democrat's Impeachment Story Collapses (Ep 1099)

2019-10-30 | 🔗

In this episode I address the liberal media’s hypocritical attacks on Trump after the testimony of this military officer on the phony Ukraine scandal. I also address some explosive developments in the Nancy Pelosi faux impeachment. Finally, I discuss the disastrous Medicare for all plan and the real reasons behind the California wildfires. 

News Picks:Text released of House resolution formalizing impeachment. 


Vindman testimony alleges White House left details out of transcript.


This Fox News article addresses the “whistleblower’s” memo where he claims transcripts are “word for word.” 


October jobs numbers surpassed expectations.


The liberal media somehow finds problems with the death of ISIS leader.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now if you're a democrat in the trump administration presidency right now i'd know how do you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror knowing your can pre ear you complete total frauds everything good day some of you may miss my boy last with her all i will incorporate into today show which is absolutely loaded front to back don't miss it this damage you know pretty should show how are you today go daddy oh i'm doing very well be here and i saw you with her aldo i saw that no because you were talking about before your yea it came out of nowhere because our although shocked me again by making native outrageous statement on how did he show letting i had that i have to contradict sir i'm gonna get to that i want to cover the developments in the appeal other did you can put you
and scrutinise anyone in the military from this point out if they say something you get your ever from their new rules by the media whatever they made that one up yesterday i got that and i've some serious debunking of liberal nonsense being used to are basically alter your life your finances everything else don't go anywhere folks today brought you our bodies at stamps thou cobb stabs dot com we use them stay calm in the bud you know how software business we have the mail box we have the mail documents invoices everything it would be a nice they are going to the post office every day right paula we would be lost without stamps that come when i talk about stay calm i always wonder who in the world still goes to the post office and why would you do that you yourself why did you do that steps that can break the post office to you media interrupt your work data by fight traffic by to get to the post especially now there are nowadays when the post offices extra busy with people sending holiday cards and guess is lines or law so are you stamps that come anything you
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top of the homepage and i've been dan at stamps that camp click on them before the top of the homepage and add your dan stamps i'll never go to the post office to get alright joe let's go so democrats are total frauds we know that they've been total fraud they have no principles but i say and a very serious know this is kind of why i got into a spat with geraldo play for you i use you don't like to play clips of myself because i am myself but i'm here today can just say it again but this one is good because i'm are we getting tired of fact that as a country which post to be he's the semi unified country in view may soon unified eighty you would think it up they called discourse in the friction we have democrats and republicans conservatives liberals communists verses us you get it that we get it he's degree on a set of rules will me enter the boxing ring you know one guy that allowed to bring in a baseball bat the boxing ring we're both going to wear twelve hours gloves why
we do that why when we engage in sports and everything else are there you know in courts if there's a common set of rules for the defence and the prosecution you know we do that's so it's perceived this fair folks a let's have given up on any semblance of fair they don't care anymore their fighting right now in a blood sport they want republic an opposition crushed they want president trump crushed they want you silenced in some cases jailed yet they want to confiscate your firearms take away your ability to speak they want to come your money they want your kids indoctrinated into their social justice warrior life stuff they don't care you would all that's why i have suggested you repeatedly on the show that we need this adapting to some new rules ourselves because we're fighting it boxing match will where there were twelve hours clubs in the other guys in there with a baseball bat and the marie supposed to be the media referring this the arbiter of truth is actually they can and is being is ideologically aligned with the guy with a baseball bat yet what do i mean
that where my gun with this segment folks is important i want to go this the military official of indian who has as if as a and a great record in the military great but now is apparently about scrutiny but before i get that i want to show you how again there are no rules in the boxing ring and this political fight room at the left and the media as a total joke and it is a waste of your time their complete garbage save your time their complete garbage and they just don't care about the truth so just quickly here remember one or an interference in elections was a big deal right near the russian collusion home as well as i do you many times with this ukraine story that's morphed into whistleblower gay and this other faye coke story well can vulgar and david sturm wrote this peace and twenty seventeen about ukrainian efforts to sabotage trump you can see headline here in the youtube i political this a left leaning website political that wrote an article literally not figuratively about ukrainian
efforts to sabotage the election in favour of hillary clinton nobody cared nobody on the left cared in all matters the media outside of this let it go writer has been trying to kill this story ever since you are so remember i'm argue here there are two sets of rules meaning there are no rules at all the left gets you whatever it wants interfere in elections pay far and spies christopher steel to interfere in our elections work with ukrainians interfere in our elections and nobody cares because your frauds your losers you don't have an out of principle not drop of a spine you are the jellyfish in the modern world you disgust me and everyone around me and i kid you not you don't have principle interference in elections sticks the we didn't you did it and we didn't your wires you are liars
this is moved on again they have no principles at all collusion matters now when the democrats do it there are new rule and some background on united a but on yesterday show you have this colonel on this guy valets alexander women who apparently went up the capitol hill yesterday to give some eighty trump testimony about a transcript of a call with ukraine we ve already seen for the ten thousand one hundred and ninety seven time joe already seen it we ve seen the transcript of a call we ve seen it i don't need women's comments on the call to tell me i can read myself i said yesterday and i say it again and i mean it sincerely i thank demand service he apparently is injured in combat listen thank you a grateful nation period that has nothing to do
when men colonel vestments interpretation of a transcript of a call we can re where am i with this on the principles or lack thereof front now the media and the you know that as i call them last night surgically attaching their lives to the assets of the democratic party has stated with their democratic body joe disk i'll beyond reproach colonel vincent here you are not allowed to say anything about colonel women's testimony despite the fact that his testimonies that comport with red transcript and reality we can already read near both women's suggesting somehow that here concerned by this call great you work it national security council for the present united states expressed our concern and move on you colonel women work for the president the president does not work for you he is the commander in chief expression
concern that if you dont like your role in the national security council you are free to go i dont mean that as a jerk i mean it because sure you don't like depend its foreign policy ass to be removed i didn't like per hour obama's policy at all i resign from the secret service to run for office if you're free to do so don't lecture me on public service and concern i did it that's where joe and i almost went bankrupt nearly lost my livelihood doing it so please our pass on your concern thereof it for you to leave here your concerns go run bureaucracy gives the president you don't do that you lodged a complaint fine but we in all read the transcript the media assessing you can't you do not allowed to scrutinise colonel than men at all he was in the military yes
really so yet so far in collusion matters until it cynics exposes the ukrainians colluding with hilary to attack tribe and on this one we're not allowed to attack military fishermen are scrutinised or even suggest they make what they might be saying may be wrong no ever they say has to be taken as gospel there we know scrutinising and military officials at all really look at this hour bbc article by the way could appalled one of a million this is an interesting one by the bbc december twenty eighteenth my point judge success acts aid sold you s out we had a federal judge suggested dick raided military officer patriot military hero lieutenant general michael flynn present donald trump former national security visor we had a judge
actually suggested mike when sold the country out i dont were not allowed to do that didn't you just say that where are we also make industry as well colonel women's testimony hurts donald trump there and we're not allowed to humanize vary but its mike flare that's it and you think you can damage donald trump berry here about all call guess ok i got it ok you got to you whenever you want to call these thing either because we are certainly not rules berry at all costs military officials who back donald trump i don t dare scrutinised military officials who say things that attack their credibility the trap administration that's the rule non rule rule rule number are you think it only extends the republicans note of this all about hating on drop this has not
to do with scrutinising military officials there's a doozy about tossing gabert who happens to be a democrat against trump who dared to attack the clinton machine opinion allay times healthy gabert by the way military official herself may not be russian asset but she sure talks like one brian boil october twenty eighty i thought were not allowed to do that so your basically accusing tulsa gabert are being talking like a foreign spy working for the rushes she's a military officer that that wasn't allow i thought that's not not that i thought that that said that that that up it's a lot weight so it's allowed oh so you and scrutinise accused of treason cell the country out at being austrian assets that are in the military as long
it may mildly benefit trop and reflect poorly on democrats but a minute don't you dare scrutinise colonel redman you know that don't you dare scrutinise colonel redman you know that's porch and you know it said the job before the shop in a far less or capacity and i mean that i hold our military and our high disregard far above level of sacrifice that i made i put them on the top from polish sacrifice kid you not i say without any the era of uncertainty at the top of the total of sacrifice i put i sell from what i did way way below them but ladies and gentlemen i serve the country to i say that not to be laudatory or self congratulatory it's just the fact right i spent time in secret service nobody knew
the ever gives me a joke as we say in the shop ladies and gentlemen please don't take my word for it go look it up yourself i don't even want my own audience to take my word is gospel not to scrutinise me what because i was in the secret service create their amelia the federal agents and cops and military people out there and ninety percent of them are our patriotic loyal terrific wonder all americans would hearts of gold but folks not but parties motives are pure overtime one very good i mean this from the bottom up get to the horror although blob in a minute i mean this i got tons of emails last night sorted paula i got tweets facebook messages from people after the lab with her although about this very thing how we're not supposed to say nice anyone in the military ever as long as they say something anti trump i got a ton of emails from military people
soldiers officers marines saying i was during combat i got a purple heart i got no ass at all give me for saying that i thank you for your service emails meant a lot folks were talking about overturning in election and and trying when peter duly elected present in time we economic prosperity and relative relative calm and not just to be clear why when we directing is your key witness colonel women were not allowed to question his reading of a transcript we could all read even always reading doesn't support reality because he was in the military was injured what is one up do what the other while it speaks of his character does he clearly as i character that doesn't mean his motivations or his a transcript is correct it doesnt you can
to now i again received a boat load of emails from people because folks theirs and i need you to pay close attention to this job get your audience ombudsman had get this ready to go certain ready brother i need this and i need a death really need this because i can see what's happening right now and as always our show two or three weeks ahead of the new cycle the devil i'll try to get an shown us that the numbers on impeachment are turning really bad for the democrats because they see for the witch hunt it is the paul numbers are not good democrats are now impeachment are turning really bad for the democrats because i see for the witch hunt that is paul numbers or knock at the democratic figuring out show that trump to shade them he checkmated by releasing the transcript of call because their whole case is what trump called the ukrainian
as an ant information abide in exchange for military it what did trump do he released the transcript of a call and none of that is in the actual transcript right so now joe you copy top a transcript other call does not say what the democrats primary impeachment charge says it as there is no deal and the call that democratic sensing they are losing the initiative and their political cat what was dwindling because a merry you can read the transcript and what they're saying is there isn't there so out there trying to do to van men and others is their choice this suggests and i got into a twitter spat with chris hahn will be debating tonight oh lord ingram shall please tuning i got into it better spat with hon who's trying to do the same thing cigarettes
thing job that no there's a deal in the transcript because the transcript is not a real transcript locked and somebody's hiding something as this new york times spoke out new york times abstruse me article six you get it re headline new york time white you create experts sought to correct transcript of the trump call my gun i just put some of whom i thought to before the show that script so you get they were john there's no doubt all the tricks gripped america's seen that doesn't have this illicit trump deal with ukraine in it that we say exists as we see not real job it's a reconstructed transcript and
then means yoda correct direct now yeah ok he is so the transcript isn't what actually happened on the phone call that's funny because i'm reading come at matt woking who is worse with the trump team i believe here's a tree i am quoting the new york times themselves i've just read in israel the trance released by the white house of mr trumps shall i call mr so was accurate and comprehensive or ukrainian affair let me tell you with it said adding that significant an information was not omitted by the ellipses ok so democratic talking point to talk boy one illicit deal on the phone call now we released a phone talking point about you that's not an accurate transcribing the phone call that's funny
what are you crazy as you say airing that significant information was not at o t omitted rage yeah i've got his fox news article from a little while ago to which will be in the show notes and is a must read it's an older peace from a from a few weeks back by catherine eric and bradford bets why is this peace interesting the tiles and the show notes but you know that calm such guard to my newsletter i'll send a mighty whistle our wrote memo after learning of ukraine call saying white ass official called it crazy and frightening there what does that have to do with the transcript the democrats are now saying it there's a supersecret other transcript out their joe with this listen deal very men knows about it he dies that's interesting because a thing had started this whole faked scandal hoax joe was a way
so blower complaint right yeah well from the fox news peace what does it say in the actual whistle blower complaint it says the whistle blower memo appeared to rebut criticism that the white house release transcript notes or a summary writing that it was be standard practice for the wider situation room to produce a word for word its grip memorialize is the call the whistle are also stated that the transcript was produced and being treated very sensitively ok so talking point number there was a deal that was illicit i'm should be impeached ok let's look at the transcript where the deal was made hey there's no deal there there's no deal view
no deal there's no deal better that georgia and you get a lot of you no deal because we ve seen the treasure now talking point number three the transcript is definitely not accurate that's funny ukrainian seem to think it's accurate and the whistle blower himself it is own memo if we standard practice for them to produce a word for word transcript so the whistleblowers saying its word for word creating saying no significant information was omitted and yet there still going the u s really interesting we enough what why did have to say joe in his testimony oh well here interesting little ted bit from women's own testimony on july twenty four twenty nineteen ukrainian president zalewski party one parliament the alert electrons and a landslide victory the illness
it proposed that president trump call present zaleski think let me get this straight so press tromp was so eager to extort the ukrainians threatening military aid for kosovo information on biden tat he jumped on that oh he did want to make that and men himself acknowledges his own national security council that been worked on push them to make what's that scrutinised when bit at all now we can we can ask any question again we can weaken annihilated our actor of decorated military hero mike flynn and shred told he military us at every opportunity hath looted x and the media liberal side but god forbid you question women who seems to be it is testimony suggesting that trouble
to extort the ukrainians reformation abiden despite the fact that it wasn't even his idea to make the call i tell you i like a man maybe a record for joe grunts in in twenty two minutes the shell fifty is non human primates is it is not it is not even its animal level stupidity is its animals are smarter than how you know animals you know descartes i think therefore i am confident that all those ruminant animals no there they and a dog does it know it's a dog is i think you're like a big dog it doesn't we we think therefore we are you have a concept of self like you're supposed to smarter than this we read the transcript of call the whistle our own member states its word for word that standard practice the ukrainians you're saying there's nothing omitted there
then made says he was concerned yeah we're all concerned at the fact that the democratic lying about a deal that never happen now without further ado about a minute long here's where last night on hannity her although one i just one added big time and again forgive me for paying cuts of myself but i've been getting a lot of email some of you missed it and i don't want to talk about it not played even though it's kind of goofy to play your own cuts i try to limit this stuff is joe a mouse but here's hurrah those suggesting as well the windmill despite the fact that he's not contradicting thing in the transcript he couldn't apparently look like a deer and headlights when they asked him if he had information about it you know what was that he did he did have any idea already demands made of ukrainian president but we're not supposed to
give all cuz he's in the military and apparently said something that you know it's gonna negatively impact from check this the colonel bindon by earning the purple hard serbia's country honourably deserve pass i hated what they need to know that i know that is a bit it already gets a man's certain major service area is like gets a pair you gotta get solution now you don't get a pass we're although that's total crap did matters might fling didn't get a pass my point could you kids these nets it's not withdraw it may not your jewels it made up for you lay he's a patriot iq we're gonna be tolerated in the slow do not appear that is garbage now you are wrong take that
you are wrong that nobody gets oh yes on against our diet can i should tell you a good job dino that's the first midge well we ve ever had deserve one my friend now folks nobody gets a pass you want to the present united states you want to throw the country determine you want a little is literally the most over use where an english language but you want you literally nullify the votes of half of the vote population of the country over a fake scandal and your star witness is not to be question because he served in the military heroically i made it no no sorry
i am very sorry but the answer is hell no i love debating hurrah though and i don't take any my fee things off the air ever but that was a deeming pile of hot garbage i mean folks if that's that somewhere applying that rule you can't scrutinise the military anyone ever why is clint lorance and all of these other people why are they be impressive by the u s government for use you couldn't scrutinise all like the where use of force was applied in a war zone so your point securing all of these will i thought we couldn't screwed i thought they were above reproach ever
when you can prosecute prosecutor we should scrutinising would you can prosecute mike flynn because you work for trouble then of course we could scrutinising you're total frauds you make me sick i'm not even kidding i wake up every morning every morning and i am so thankful that i am not a liberal fraud ever a single morning and i'll bet you're thank for liberals i'm not too which makes me even more thankful that your thankful that i'm thankful i dont associate myself with you lunatic imbeciles thank you kids scrutinise the military ever for any reason ever shore only what is this a junta what is it it will work in under edi army now any time anybody bliss and i can't fight demand enough research i mean it doesn't our mother responsibility to tell the truth
telling the truth it doesn't come with the transcript there was no deal i'm sorry i'm fired up about this today really still carrying over from western i don't blame you which i although cut me off guard with that i mean if i don't you on a little behind the scenes one of the best things about it back and say that hence my emotional reaction you never know what he's gonna say our two i think most of viral fight moreover israel in this and both times you supplied and expect him to say that hence my emotional reaction today also brought you remedies at simply say folks we just stalls installed simply safe in our house again we loved paul installed a bipolar under now right folks i'm not looking at my phone for greece my folks there's yeah there it is on my phone you can turn your alarm off on you can the app is so easy to use simply the system is easy to install we love it believe this
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material is jewelry says in under an hour to give to you to fight back against liberal nonsense just remember the big take away from that first segment the whistle blowers own complain suggested a word for word transcript ukrainians are suggested no information was emitted from the transcript either do not fall the liberal argument number three that the transcript is an accurate you're your first question should be to them is the whistle blower alliance sets out what is member says they would like they will know what to say because our railways confused by things like facts i moved out a lot of e mails about this due to the the horrible tragic fires in california i ve seen some of the footage weatherby on twitter are you or on the news its ran i mean i'm familiar with the forum i've in that area my wife and i go to allay a lot it's beautiful i received feel bad and we ve always been treat and i can say this enough haven't we paul seriously is the i have never
a bad interaction and allay with anyone ever i know california is run by you know lunatic liberals and the government but you ve california conserving you know the guy i'm not going to say your name or your restaurant cuz i don't want you to be boycotted but we wanted a restaurant is super liberal area in beverly hills and the guy could i been nice your manager restaurant we spend some time of them outside afterwards thank you but i genuinely feel bad because we're going on right now you're being lied you with these fires i'm your being lied to you because again the media's sole purpose job is not to tell america that story there not doing journal journalism is dead it's to tell you a story and story is not best story the story i'm telling you is usually a liberal version of events that is entirely accurate what do i mean by that regards these five one hears us from a business insider peace that wants suitable something that is a story but it's not the real story the pieces
i don t need announced power outages for two million california is after acknowledging that a broken wire may have sparked the sonoma blaze this is the down i want ya what because subtle snippet from the peace and i want you to pay very close it shit about again the story there trying to get you because it's not the real and check this out as the world continues to war way what at the world continues to warm wildfires are expected to keep getting bigger and more frequent aragon so pga chief executive bill johnson is indicated a black ass might be the companies go to strategy when the risk as i so let me get this straight revisits insider global warming gulf war it's a hoax global warming it said the biggest hoax outside of the russian collusion hoax the ukraine gate hopes and the mahler hopes are this is the this is actually about i hope this been going on longer than those houses so this as hoax senora hope in
because the longer you perpetrator hopes and you have hopes and you the more people be suffered by the hope so business inside of one you do believe just to be clear that this is a global warming global warming cause he's wi folks what's causing these wildfires is a confluence of events do the really horrible atrocious liberal policies that are creating dangerous conditions which are the precedent for these fires to erupt i'm sorry if that bothers you but if you are looking to solve a problem you investing all the money in the world than fighting folks like global warming i promise you is not going to stop one of these wildfires let's go to peace in the wall street because now what the liberal governance and governor of california are trying to do is given that they failed theirs they and they have a now third world electrocuted they're trying to blame the problems not on them which they started there trying to blame these
problems on pga and others and i took a little note you know it's fascinating the liberal governor california gave a nuisance otherwise known as cabin newsome joe him and his allies to two hundred and eight thou four hundred dollars and donations whereas two thousand eighteen election how'd you do that i did you do that i thought their terror appreciate any and all those people i got the rifle the electric what do you want to blame i thought their terrible why did you take their money because you're a fake and you're a fraud you wake up and when you look in the mirror know and what a hypocrite bony you are let's go to the wall street journal piece of this is stakeholder capitalism inaction or what is what does that have to do a pga in a wildfires that liberals want us to believe disclosed by global warming splay that for us the members stakeholder capitalism we thought but this a couple of shareholder my capitalism membership holders actually own accompany liberals want capitalism to robert stakeholders in other words
cater to everyone who doesn't own the company a stakeholder environmental goodnight no no i won't actually cater that people who own the company even invested their money but stakeholder cap as a new woke expression you see a company prospectus that says they were involved and stakeholder capitalism sell that stop stop because you are in a world the trouble why what's really going on which stakeholder capitalism pga in the wildfires in california well is it take away from the wall street journal peace is quite good joe member pga unease at fault because their horrible cap listener profiteering really cool utilities are amongst the most heavily regulated businesses in california their rates and their return on equity that is their profits are set by the california public utilities commission the federal energy regulatory commission every three years pga must submit funding plans
if you see which holds public hearings with stakeholders including customers and activist gives way way homer time out here not work so we were just troll by lip oh hacks dead greedy pga anti capitalist mercenaries are i think these wifi cause of greed corps i agree now we find it the data on actually set their own rates at the state does it so just to be clear their pro gearing in conjunction with the state or the state is more showing the profiteering or is the state somehow profiting from the profiteering they regulate because hundreds of thousands of them then floor win through this state wrapper
additives it is like the governor who are then running for reelection don't let those unkind facts in the way of your story media act let's continue to blame it on global warming that doesn't exist you understand you got that right now i got it's only we take away never one o k utility their blaming is regulated by the stated that even dictate the row profit but why i don't know anybody appearing at a reasonable cost but i dont own any portion of the company i have no sk in this game it all i don't live in california i mean you're not going to change aim whatsapp stakeholder we know why stay call them at all i feel bad for the people yes ma drafting it
not bad at all that the global stakeholder you put that of a teacher take away number two capitalism and tv and he did this really called from the journal peace the commission and the state legislator in california can also dictate energy investment so to get the straight then i think it even dictate the real profits or their investment strategy state law in calif choirs utilities to have say a page sixty percent of their power from renewable sources by twenty thirty the commission is also warrant utilities to buy energy from our waters with solar panels paying furthermore as a higher rate then a wholesome providers even get last year the commission directed pga restore seven thousand five hundred electric car charging stations that apartment building and workplaces so let me just be clear on this so now pga there's evil capitalists who this state regulates and tell them what they can make and not make our pga these donating back to this
stayed office holders who are profiteering electoral from this right hey katy would dictate their own investment strategy now when you find out that p gnp is not engaged in a massive effort like we do down here in florida to pray trees to get rid of debris that would catch fire other now you ve that what they can invest the mac as they ve been told to invest in electric car charging stations for electric car population usually comprised of wealthy people can afford electric cars and then you find it by the way that when californians express concern about the burned danger from accumulated forest debris that you're not allowed to do control ernst environmentalist goose don't like that either you write folks it was you know what kind of a moron you have to be to believe this i'm serious
what kind of an idiot you have to be to ignore everything i just told you we have debris could catch fire well maybe we should do a control burning array of not all environmentalists and now you realize it's burn out a lightning shrike right or at at a mild ember hitting it and it's gonna burn everybody's house down in an uncontrolled bert that's ok the environmental groups said it was ok now bge did you mean appreciated donated to liberal governor in that's regulated almost exclusively by the state and federal government that katy with decades on profit
this point or you mean the same state legislator that regulates the investments pga can make and regulated towards hoax global warming goals rather than safety but you are keeping suckers lips don't worry about it gps sucker for the media narrative out there yes global warming near that did it is global warming hawks suckers man
big time suckers i finally today show by two our bodies that i target folks you want a firearm many of you do like you of six hours three sixty five lovett glass forty three there are two priorities if you want a fire in this order safety first always safety first and proficiency folks god forbid you're ever in a situation ever where you have to engage a hostile target to save the life of yourself your family where someone out there in the general public with your fire up you must be proficient you cannot afford to miss we were responsible during my prior or career and secretive for every round they arrested drill that into our heads even in those simulation games all the time every round proficiency matters you have to be able to hit me you're firing out of your inner life for this situation but how do you do that will obviously the easiest way to go to the range of practice with that fire with a qualified instructor your practice your site alignment your site picture your grip these
all the components of fine marksmanship folks that's hard to do let's be the range typically is enclosed your house some may have some may be lucky most people are it's a hike it costs money after clean your farm and although you have to do that it's good to fire live rounds folks you have to also dry fire practice and its more convened in between you go into the range of you can't make it through the range try far now what's the problem job what is dry firing dry farms when you you depressed the trigger any safely check it check it twice check it three times unloaded weapon a practice your trigger pull your sidelined your grip the problem with a dry fires is no round you have no idea
where the round would have landed on the target cause there's no round its empty while i target pro solve that problem go too i target product come use promo code dan for ten percent off they will send you a laser round it fits in the fire and you have now you have to make any manipulation second damage or hurt your firearm in anyway you drop it in a safely unloaded weapon it comes with a target it emits a laser you'll now see with his rounds would have landed on the target first you'll start like this then like this after a couple weeks your group's you're gonna be like that you can be sure
golf ball swings off a firefly it is a good people send me pictures in their targets and their their groupings go from this that is to this that this this even if your groupings already like that get em like that go to i target pro their camp that's a letter i i t our gee i target protocol used promo code dan pick up the eye target process them today it works in conjunction with a phone up you will europe proficiency gonna go to the room i target programme com use promo code then save ten percent moving great system we love it i get tonnes a good reviews about you so folks you know what paul can move around the impeachment thing is excellent and i could see you smile unawares i can cause any issues with do the videos new features that arts
i don't like upset my wife but you know i am where we still have to live in the house after which he gonna wanna gonna wanna get her up sad sight so i do have a lot of stuff on medicare fraud amateur try to getting the sheriff i can't we'll get to it this week aware have done a lot of ammunition here no pun intended the impeachment panic is breaking out amongst the dams we have an article about punch you no doubt com it's a good red is worth your time tax release of house resolution formalizing the impeachment inquiry folks i brought this up yes we democrats are in panic over impeachment of a bunch of of of audio and video out there they do know how to accurately described what's going on why well i touched on it yes yesterday i want to elaborate a little bit today and play a couple video cuts that you're gonna wanna watch about this meltdown going on in the house right now they can't call it in peace even though that's exactly what's going on now from the body you know that compete look
steady hoyer senior member of the democrats side of the house but a lot of whack joe knows and whilst in asia congressmen up in maryland were jo leinen steady hoyer talkative fox news this is not an impeachment revolution resolution while it is a revolution yesterday house you're nancy policy also insisted it's not impeachment resolution ladies and gentlemen its that's exactly what it is it is a set of rules to resign teach read resolute why are they saying this i showed you the video yes i've never was not an appreciable resolution because ladies and gentlemen moderate democrats and trump districts are freaking out we discussed that yesterday they are freaking out they know they beyond the record saying they voted repeats what you get it what are they gonna say gonna say i didn't involve for an peaceful resolution i voted for an investigation folks
the resolution lays out rules which you can read and our peace a budget that camp for impeachment it isn't it each man resolution do not you're in conor lamb or guy max rose from new york if you are in these republic and leaning where they elected bizarrely democrat juno let them off the hawk one made it light up their phone lines our voting for impeachment make no mistake now here's these scully for laying on this somebody of republican steve casale showing you just how stupid their rules are and how these rules are just the soviet style school start chamber for an impeachment trial they don't want out the public check this out its clear policy needs to declare a mistrial this has been attained it process from the start what happened today it confirms even worse just poorly adam shift is handed
this process in denying the ability of a republic to even asked basic questions that are pretty so the harder whether not a president of the united data impeached is by the way something that himself warned against when he was riding in the federalist papers expressing concerns about how congress would handle impeachment this is exactly what we talked about this to high heaven this would be allowed not the united states of america so folks just to be clear what sleazy adam ship is doing here who incomes and she would sleazy jerry adler and nancy pelosi on the democrats side our marshalling impeachment removal from office process that will be job in the senate in a trial a removal from whispered to nullify your vote to remove present brokers they don't like the election outcome their due getting ship is doing two things not allowing republicans to ask questions of any the witnesses can you
but secondly grand jury really no one in the grandeur what the grand jury only half the grand jury lobbyists questions is that this goes in a grand jury nets at the grand jury i remember they are running a mock trial where the rope look you are not allowed to question any other witnesses at all but secondly what they're doing this cop this got to do is say oh see this start is different this is important number one no questions number to joe they're holding multiple hearings at the same time the democrats sleazy democrats why because they don't want publicans with knowledge of the scam the transit scam the ukraine hoax they don't want the republican in those hearing so they're doing all these hearings have attained at the same time aol sees not bright enough to figure that out what
to do what see she makes the critic mistake of troy a call out north dakota congressmen kelly armstrong about why he needs to adjourn hearing because he asked get you another hearing the sleazy democrats are all the same to see but she's not smart enough to figure that she makes the mistake of asking kelly strikes what you gonna here is a yossi why do you want this hearing that because she doesn't realize what's going on but you know re overhead and as always and then you can see here jim jordan another excellent congressmen from ohio jump at it at the end explaining to see that our party but your hacks this is really great audio video check this out i just want to know what the reason for such disrespect of our process would potentially be do we have a real for why this this hearing is trying to be adjourned or you know do we are having a cocktail party has i have one i've really easy one doyle interest
the second largest industry in my state my constituents expect me to be here we're running we are running in impeachment hearing down in the basement down in the basement aid out all right whale industry or it's about the economy of the state in order to quota and this my constituents areas the revisiting i wanna hear and heinous hearing but also need i feel the need to be in the in the skiff because we're only one of the three committees that's allowed to be in the room i can do it the things i can't be two places at once i'm completely comfortable having this hearing i just prefer to have it at a time when i could participate in this is a conversation that was brought up and could not have been brought up before we convened the senator governor we're doing
when are you re we express this last week without having to things going on at the same time is now that we have a dog about this but you guys continue to do hearings at the same time their depositions going on as the dome of north dakota said we can't be two places at once you talk about one do your job is no way to do that when you have be two places at once and just to be clear there was exactly one democrat in the room when they started yes to grow we of tomatoes on the republicans you know tomatoes she delay puts a miracle grown and wherever who have we it start a dream seeing this a little more vocally good for you now i play that for a couple reasons to expose the damn about with the dual multiple here's what the share eo cease clueless she's even though she set ourselves up or a total faced palm ratios
the stair but are all parties doing good for you kelly armstrong ginger i do want to get through this medicare frothing quits kabila story don't miss tomorrow i stuck i get this jimmy came over me i want to get too tomorrow is just a loaded news weak and i want to give everything is proper do and that women story is critical folks so medicare for all become a big talking point for liberals and elizabeth warrants moving up in the polls it's obviously support bernie sanders who i see is that is moving up the paul's again in new hampshire in iowa these are socialists authorities a communist that they're gonna take your money your education everything so elizabeth warrants proposing this medicare raw plan and there is an interesting breakdown of the taxes that will affect you that will be required to pay for this government run take over the health care system is a fastened study check this out is by these see far be people just to give you small idea of the monstrous tax bill you can expect the pieces culture
for financing medicare for all a preliminary analysis by the committee for responsible federal budget get your while his power and mine now however i checked out here you got i got lives with worry gets elected here goes the dolls row money here you go the big here is my mom movie you put the bina you put being around the outside think about about just me the way this is party give me the wave of usually i agree with the beat randy outside i've got it but there was war and what i've done what he wants i thought hours we get him we are going to give it the was scary me anyway policy she's usually right you're wrong about this would give the period this war and knows that a mob there's that zimbabwe you pick up the hundred dollar bill was ass return fragile but i
daddy brass godaddy brass got left here but the meat i can't sign here are the taxes get your wallets you're gonna have to forfeit over to list with warrant had tipp committee for responsible federal budget where africa to thirty two percent payroll tax thirty two percent pay rather wow so if your make it a thousand dollars a week you're gonna pay in a dish no three hundred twenty dollars a week manner petr it's a good health insurance a twenty five percent income sir tax well it's cute have give revival this is in addition to what your pay now though others there this is in law while this is their taxes you're paying out plus this year pray of forty two percent value added tax basically of nearly fifty percent tax on everything you buy you can pay mandatory public premium averaging seven thousand five hundred hours per person the equivalent of twelve there
per individual not otherwise on public insurance or musical jonah where it gets better than what they could only double all individually corporate income tax rates as an easy way out hook maybe you could put an eighty percent reduction in non hetero federal half brother there's another way out there after nearly cut the entire federal budget outside elsbeth they can enjoy a hundred and eight percent of gross domestic product increase in the national debt in other words we could double then total now we're already a trillion in that you could double that you could use impossibly high taxes on high earners corporations in the financial sector or joe don't worry you could use combination of all these awful sir but what you tell me that dan to be clear as the year of the free better care health gears it's not free is that what you're saying
can you be elizabeth why put show up on the screen you act as it was before men put him up and if you don't mind ok gimme that money dan gravel you don't have to put out away all right if this is what you want to vote for this war value baby saying oh elizabeth warrant told us you did tat it was only gonna win back millionaires billionaires these taxes were burning billiard as earlier that is going to affect the middle class worse still examined or as a great piece of about that there's a lot of these taxes that i just told you putting into effect you fill up quite worst enemy confiscating the wealth of all billionaires wouldn't even paper three years
here's an interesting little snippet so if you manage to do that because billy there's a leave the country to morrow if they knew their wealth was going to give you confiscated every bring thing billionaires have joe you'll see that their net but that they what about eight point seven trillion in collective net worth so if you confiscate everything let's see the plan is going to cost pretty four trillion over ten years so yet even if the u s government magically vacuum up all the wealth of the brilliant is without economic discoursed distortion it would still only add up to a third of the cost of elizabeth warrants black just as you can it doesn't mean that i'm not here mr bongino hit me i know you're there and i know you're still creeping in my wall i can feel you get your damn hands out of my pockets it's creepy it's creepy happy to see me or is that elizabeth warren's hand in your pocket get your
and out of my pocket i buy while it alone gosh confiscate everything every day you would decimate their businesses their lively they move advocate you still don't even have a third of the money the real money is always been with the middle class and you are well what's our commercial capital in your while the answer would lose with war it is nothing you took its folks thanks again for two thanks to everyone who pick that my book exonerated he put his back on the amis best seller this yes i really appreciate it thank you very much please pick it up you haven't pick it up yet also subscribed to you to channel egypt that calm slashed by gino really appreciated roma set three hundred thousand subscribers are moving quickly
thanks a lot folks i really appreciate your support you just ten von genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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