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The Democrats New Witch-Hunt (Ep 1074)

2019-09-25 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the latest Democrat meltdown and their ridiculous impeachment push. I also discuss a troubling development in the liberal effort to confiscate firearms. Finally, I address the push to eliminate the Electoral College and why it matters. News Picks:


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slash dan ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i'm only thereby gino show sorry another roadshow tat will be back in studio tomorrow but again i always want to get a showed you don't like taking these off especially with everything going on joe biden the renewed absurdities with the impeachment call nancy pelosi taken another ridiculous step forward towards impeachment donald trump for winning a presidential election tromp will be the first president in american history have to go through impeachment if they proceed forward on this for winning an election this is completely outrageous folks a total joe before you get started again you very much for the support of my new book
yesterday i exonerated really appreciate it we're still top ten on amazon which is a huge accomplishment thanks to you and it means the world to me so thank you thank you very much i sincerely from the bottom i harm on a thank you for all the support you made this such a rewarding experience so bright gay again yesterday tromp is authorized the classification of his call with the ukrainian said the widow whistleblower gate i think that's a big mistake we get to that knife control is now a new thing you may say what knife control we moved out from going to short yes yes we have i told you that was gonna happen eventually course at to fruition now will see my got that finally democrat being honest about the gun control agenda gets caught on that off i got something on the electoral college and of course the by ukraine stuff that's been blowing up as of yesterday so today show barton
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lower gay thing as is usual with the hack lunatics in the media who cannot keep their heads on stray who can't you proper journalism can't fact check anything are falling for whistle blower gate mischance there is no whistle blower ladies and gentlemen there is a deep state swamp rat that is leaking the private conversations of donald trump with foreign leaders out to the media because they know the hack lunatic media that has no scruples and no bearings and is not centered in reality at all will run but these allegations as we saw yesterday with policy and the full i joe biden speeches china flip the script at least some of its working in the mainstream media but not here joe by is now calling for a president trumps impeachment which is ironic now you are the backstory trump talk to i e the new president of ukraine the allegation is a whistle blower saw a conversation where a coup into the whistle blower at least trump made some improper promises were held back
military aid because he wanted ukraine to investigate the joe biden the joe biden family scandal there were his son was employed by this gas company in ukraine honey despite having no experience in gas was being investigated and his father joe biden wanted the price secure investigating fired so that's the quick backstory in a nutshell now we have some new news on this ok biden despite calling for some peach yesterday which is absurd utterly ridiculous its bide no should leave the race biden is now he's been on caught on the record by peter do of fox line he was ass joe biden very specifically what did you know did you talk to your son communicate to your son hunter about this illicit gas the oh you got to sit on the board of erasmus in ukraine did you know anything about it and biden got angry and biden said no i didn't know anything about it i want you to check the cnn video here
i want you to be the judge if joe biden telling the truth about just how much he knew about his sons unscrupulous behaviour check this out listen to this when the line was ass viral porter about here hundred biden and his position on the ball and that ukrainian gas company listen to this how many times have you ever spoken to your son about its overseas feeling never saw him he has never and then the new yorker peace from this summer in july quota turbine as saying talking saying his father and he did discuss that company and said and said quote i hope you know what you're doing i said i do does it raise any questions for you what clearly subsidies to be cleared up he's lying ladies and gentlemen he's lying why biden be lying about this because by
clearly knew as we already saw in this new yorker article which was a predicate article in the past just to get out in front of this than your commission you know what i'm saying the new yorkers do the biden family a favor obviously realizing biden is gonna run for president so the euro while in the business world take a bath just put all the bad numbers out one quarter let the bath the bad numbers out one quarter let the stock take a hidden you can recover next quarter that's what he's trying to do that new yorker peace was meant to fly dazn with this information and get it out say i'll look it all gonna go away we reported on this in the past now that all those same reports are coming back to haunt bide now we know it's all a lie because agnes already emitted talking to his son hunter about these business steals over in ukraine and everybody knows that it's a scam i have a pizza with our idea review they'll be up at the show notes in a pond you know that com i strongly encourage you to check it out please read it you'll see goes through how biden is clearly hiding is
is knowledge it said the title pieces biden claims he never spoke to his son about ukraine dealings forgot tat the sun said the exact opposite folks it's a scam you are being misled here this is a this is russian collusion part two here this is a toll a this whistle blower thing is a total fraud donald trump is he is the commander chief to conduct foreign policy as he sees fit there is no allegation of criminality here at all this is an effort to subvert and destroy the presidency again after the collusion because the collusion hoax completely fell apart and collapsed that's all this is and the sycophantic boo lacking but kissing media is falling right in line doing what they do every single time taken there talking points from joe biden that was the whole purpose of his press conference yesterday for joe biden give the media there talking points go forward i'm warning you this going to get worse before it gets better i promise you he's gonna get a whole lot worse this impeachment
is gathering steam with these lunatic democrats because it's all they ve got and they are genuinely worried about it donald trump reelected twenty twenty they are terrified of it moving on i've got a lot to get you today so i saw this article legal insurrection deeply disturbing you know of course that the gun numbers on the left and want to take away your big are god given right to defend yourself they never let out because they are course you don't they and they and they feel like they are big our god given rights are really still small our state given rights they are not so i was personally you insurrection by kimberly k uk tersely ask the government to ban pointed knives knife control has arrived folks i warned you about this a long time ago this is the problem with the left and why people i think who feel like me who ve got thick skin you know what chopped up fingernails and are ready for a fight this is why we need a warrior like trumpet there because
left is not looking too slowly august answered dissolve away tablet europe real there looking to take him in one fell swoop take away your rights have warned about this is why were in this battle field mentality right now where we need a warrior like trump who is not going to act down is gonna sharp and his knuckles and move forward move that battlefront and not back away and constantly apologize to your way doing things in the past the republican party was the constantly apologise for being wrong acquiesce to all the democratic points and in hope and beg you got reelected trumps not interested in any of that i told you that the gun control thing was not going to end now the point where they want to get rid of actual pointed knives is so ridiculous i can't believe or reporting on this now from the pieces sure thing i'm take away from the peace there are some british mps political fate as parliamentarians every they want to
did they're going to move they want to move forward with church officials on this point cuz i having a course after gun control was implemented in the uk what do they have they have knife all right as you see in the piece it says church of england leaders in the diocese of rochester join forces with leading crime experts as well as hempies and community leaders in a letter asking the government to consider banning pointed kitchen knives again time we we beam make a slippery slope arguments have left what do they say it's happened on social issues it happens we're gonna control what are you guys gonna do next come after point at and what the brutal say to you that's ridiculous i once coming after knives come on we just want to stop we just want to gun violence and a cause you don't look at me stop convinced by the way i got an excellent email from a reader she so you know its people violence like unto the gun doesn't that you know the gun is a tool in the hands of people in your right you're absolutely right but this is the left this talking point here i told this was going to happen and all
stuff eventually filters over to the united states if we were to do this stuff too that you know the uk and parts of europe i'm testing grounds for far left radicalism now i want to do read that just the again so you understand that this stuff is not some kind of chimerical fairy tale that this is actually happening there are people power and foreign governments and elsewhere who are pushing for this cast up but moving on gun control debate because this is going to be a hot one for the twenty twenty election of music from cnn yesterday ironically it's the same interview with the same person but was it poppy hard oh she's asking the same democrat lawmaker was on before about the biden stuff she asked him about take on gun control on he hasn't one honest moment here which is shocking where papa we also ask someone is gone control gonna end these confiscation of firearms you saw weapon bans is it actually gonna save a life and i want you to pay attention to dancer because we have data to back this up in its
to be ignored by the liberal left to our mean of course the fact and data check this out i don't know that taken everyone's by no one's going is going to cure the national massacres that we ve and what is worse it it save lives i'm not sure that's one thing we we don't know it may be a social issue that needs to be addressed that hasn't been maybe an intense social studied what's happening america in the last two decades that has brought us to this point three where we're having mass shootings almost every single month clearly if i guns back i mean i think that that should be like the though the but the last resort we need to start where the path of least resistance and see what changed can be made that would cure the problem that will happen in this country but folks river he tried nassau weapons ban of course under the bill clinton administration and we ve seen exhaustive studies done in the us all weapons ban in what in fact it may have done to reduce violence to reduce crime we ve ready seen that and the evidence
and in this lawmakers democrat why i don't know why i said he's probably in a swing district it needs to get reelected doesn't want to be on the record has a gun grabber that's the only thing i can possibly imagine why he would give an honest answer scratch are rarely if ever honest but you know on the show we do facts and data unlike the left that does you know highly toxic opinion screams a bunch epithets at us all the time at every opportunity did the assault weapons ban that there are now proposing to reinstituted again the democrats many from running for president including that better robert frances all wrong did it shelly work so i thought i be the favourite pull this stuff up so here's an article by pro public ok pro public is not a right leaning out late at all obviously anyone who knows what they do over there so it's gonna be in the shone out it's worth your time now it's it's back for more than twenty fourteen but it is a fact checking einstein and on the assault weapons ban talking about of course democrat centre diane feinstein who had made some
dicky s claims about the assault weapons ban one of em saying the evidence is clear folks the ban worked well well did it so the sub headline says except there's no evidence it save lives and the researcher behind the key statistic feinstein sites says it's an outdated figure that was pay start a false assumption kind of problem no i make my reading out wrong again this is pro publicly this isn't like conservative review or bright barnett those are great outlets i love the but this isn't a right leaning out that there is no evidence he saw weapons ban work now see down later in the peace there's this portion which clearly lays out that that is not the case read this to you because this is important again with this i know you love i say should point but it's true this is that is not case the assault weapons bend there's no evidence it did a darn thing the car violence from the peace and i quote but gunnar once experts say the exact opposite quote there is
the gun debate when everybody sit up it goes on a definitive study the ninety ninety four wrote which book the gun debate sale everybody semi automatic guns it goes on definitive study the ninety ninety four law which prohibited the manufacture and sale of semi automatic guns with quote military style firearm such as pistol grips or bayonet mounts as well as men means holding more than ten rounds of ammunition found no evidence let me repeat that found no evidence that a reduced overall gun crime or it shootings bless lethal weak i clearly credit to ban with any other nations recent drop and gun violence the d o j funded study concluded in two thousand and four it be renewed the bans effect gun violence are likely to be small at best in perhaps too small for i measurement ladys engine in other words it didn't do a deal
am thing the assault weapons ban except keep firearms out of the hands of law abiding people who could no longer by them just citing do the research what you do with facts and data of entirely up to you i am not i ain't a push you in any direction other than to give saint sentient beings and thinking adults who care about their kids in their own lives the meteor it'll go forward and form their own intelligent opinions that's not liberals do they vote nato entirely on emotion we need a bad guy their dangerous listen hammers and dangerous to we don't ban hammers alcohol could be dangerous to we don't ban alcohol we let people make this visions in realising we try to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and bad guys which we have rules for rules chrome break all the time they saw weapons ban was worthless and the demo that's one reinstituted worthless because they want to get people on a list the democrats loveless
i got that by the way don't go anywhere please i'm an end showed it able to story that's really a bother you think i'm making this up about this i shall this story no paula before we put in the show sex is a joke i make no it's not that's why they want universal background checks because they want everybody on a list that way when they d institutional weapons band they know exactly where to go to get your fire in the only way they know who has them as if they institute a universal background check which is really a list they wanted the list to i promise you the last story tat emma tried i teach you to keep your i'm just eggs i got to get you but my last story he's gonna blow your mind the democrats love less and i don't mean that a good way i mean in a really really bad way right moving on to show also but your buddies a brick acid attrition ladies and gentlemen these are one of my original sponsors we love brick house nutrition they have finest nutrition supplement on the market foundation foundation is a creating atp bland it's like having to extra gas thanks in the gym before you try found
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article by the daily signal i get a lot of questions on this surprising way because it gets could be perceived this kind of a wonky issue it's really not but i sometimes people why will email me as again you really need to talk about why the demo that's what i get rid of the electoral college so why bringing the how is this relevant to today's news wise it on my video showier well folks twenty twenty democrats were seeing increased calls as you can see in this daily signal peace i'm going to call from you seeing increased calls for elimination of the electoral college what is the away the royal college delay what college is the way we elect president's each state say number of electors determined by its number of congress congressmen and women house of representatives members in other words and centres so florida we have twenty seven members of congress we have two senators of florida gets gets twenty nine electors now of course
to get the two seventy that's how it works are yet to come to an end when serves to under seven the electors and i do not choose a president that's how each we dont use based on the popular vote i've said repeatedly watching for the president member states is not a national election international result but it's a series of fifty state elections so that an end i bob its sincere apologies i'm trying to talk down anyone's a very intelligent bodies but there are some people were busy and may not remember how exactly works so the way florid is twenty nine electoral votes are obtained by a candidate for president is you win the popular vote in florida that's how it works lord it not whose its electors for president based on the national vote it makes sense you dig what i'm so in other words if i'd trumps running for individual states and those elected will be allocated to the person who wins that specific state happens outside of florida is absolutely irrelevant for these alex
florida electors in the electoral college for president its irrelevant now why is it democrats want to make that go away think this through the democrats want a national popular vote election why because they want the next president to effect we be chosen by new york chicago california you sanford's go in california ally in california in new york city and basically big cities that ten to traditionally democrat they want population centres to pick the president because the population centres are dominated by far left ideology or a lot of reasons behind that by the way you know that would actually make poland interesting maybe one hour episode one day i did a speech on this one time you people just take it for granted that be the articles on why that is an and i gave a speech on this one out of people don't at and i must say a lot but you don't see a lot of articles on why that is an and i gave us each on this once haven't research did a little bit and theirs
theories out there tat say ever alliance on public services public services obviously being associated more with democrats and big government whether it be although transportation you think about a manhattan residence residents typically don't drive unless you really wealthy no parking spot here is like a million dollars just by a spot so the deer in the summer there the reliance on public services policing you know sometimes if you live in the country by yourself you call the police and off then i'm even garbage patch some things people who live in densely populated areas tend to rely more and government there's also a crowd effect you know when you are people who rely on government intend to be fans of the democratic party you know you dont want to be the outlier yourself if you live in a rural area and you got one or two neighbours who were tromp support as you know you don't feel any pressure to vote like them you do your own thing so that's a whole other story having said that our sorry got off on a tangent but i love that topic the democrats make the electoral college go away because they want new york in california pick the present simple as that now the daily sing
please i just showed you breaks this down beautifully and there are three key take always why the electoral college is not a perfect system no system is but it is a better system than or other choice so there's the elect the royal college right choice one choice to would be the popular vote so let's go to the first take away the daily single piece up at the shown once again absolutely worth your time one of the best piece i've seen but explains why the says i mean obviously we really do not want populations as we know we want people across the united states to pick the present but they get into some some bigger issues here this is a good one quote from peace the question is not whether it is better for president's a presidential candidates to care about and travel to the entire country or just a portion of it the question whether it is better for presidential hopefuls to focus on winning over swing states are winning over big cities every as they would if a nation wide popular election was instituted given
chew realistic alternatives the elect our electoral colleges college system issues me as far healthier for the country as a whole brilliant brilliant well said so assuming we have these two choices right one being the electoral college to being a popular phone explain how the electoral college worse if you had a national popular vote election ladies and gentlemen who would pick the boy who had picked a present the big cities obvious as well the people of new york therefore near chicago miami baltimore jackson they would take the pressing united states because the popular vote we boob whip where obviously hinges on population with more people people in rural areas in the united states and their preferences and needs would largely be left out so the question is in an election that's based on the electoral college where granted against perfect system in a mass suggest to candidates tend to focus on swing states why because you have to wear
the popular vote in florida in the electoral college system to get florid is twenty nine electors to get to your two seventy number of electors to be the president so you're not going to spend a lot of time in california or new york why but simple if you're a democrat you're not gonna spend time in california because you know states voting democrat it's a hundred percent sir why would you waste your time there if you're republican you're not going to california often that or that is you got that array some money maybe but you're not going to help when you because you have a zero percent chance of winning zero goose egg you have none so again a perfect system there a good conservatives in california and liberals to who deserve to see their candidates so that's it adjusting the electoral colleges perfect having said that it was a puppet vote election given the alternative forty in new york and baltimore and big densely populated cities miami chicago and elsewhere are the only places that would see these candidates so the quest
becomes again do you want candidate only in big cities or do you want them swing states now the p m yet more to second the peace goes on its very well done gives give five stars in swing states ladies and gentlemen they are swing states for a reason florida is a swing stay because it has a mere we'll portion of democratic independence if this state goes when when people women florid elections they win by us lever in equal pay voters will show up generally on each side of the political while there are big city he's in florida we have miami we have jacksonville we have our lando we have tampa saint peter he said he's all over than may in florida so do you people visiting swing states where there are big cities yet there are rural voters suburban voters ex urban voters or do you candidates only go in a big cities the answer is
again given to imperfect systems i want the system where the candidature go in a big cities and talking to people outside a big cities to hence the the royal college being a superior system to the disastrous popular votes system interesting takeaway i i take away number two is again really find peace i can't card you enough to check it out send it to your liberal friends were convinced the popular votes today they use the andrew cuomo example whose andrew cuomo you ask andrew cuomo is the governor of new york of course now given i just told you the electoral colleges not a national election it's a series of stay wide elections right so if it's a series of stay wide elections the electoral college and we switched over to a popular vote what what would happen where we actually have that kind of system a popular votes just himself from the peace quote like states new york selects its governor by popular vote they wide governor
drew cuomo has governed state for eight years listen to this still has not visited three of its rural counties ten the counties of sea the governor only once by conch as qualm always made six hundred and one trips to new york city and another two hundred and twenty three trips to the three suburban county surrounding the big apple one of which i lived in growin up going back to the peace if the the royal college were done away with its national popular vote election of course it we ve got a presidential candidates like new york governors we'd homemade on big cities and rarely set foot anywhere else ladies and gentlemen we already have an example of how the popular vote works they have popular which within states for governor we ve already seen it and what happens as you see in the new york example rural folk suburban folks exe i've been folks who within the excerpts as well they don't
the governor pops in once and gives you a little salute maybe a pat on the back i see later a gulf we have some problems over your farm land all this others have yea i tell it that administrative assist in here about eu it back at a suburban had me back to new york city when go get some thoughts that's gonna but on the national level and you're in even if you are a democrat living in a rural stay generally open area kind of abuse colic place you can forget it you will never see you're here from your presidential candidates again good luck with that i like to peace rally told you i know you're not a car third take away from the peace this is a good one swing states change ladies and gentlemen swing a change all the time the swings it's now are not necessarily gonna be the swing states in the future so if some of you were saying logically and i understand you may be safe like while listen if there's only a few swing states and there are here
florida you have ohio pennsylvania michigan wisconsin continent that many swings these may be colorado virginia although it's kind of being lost through the democrats those each were not always swing states let me quote the p and station so i'll explain a little more partisan fault lines will move the democrats demographics swing states will shift eventually other states will become the battle grounds of presidential contestation so time mississippi may well get a chance to host the quadrennial maelstrom just as deep blue california and dark red arkansas once did folks arizona is becoming a swing state much to the chagrin of the republican party it wasn't in the past it was not a swing stay so if you're point and if your counterpoint and you would you are liberal you want the populace out and your counterpoint is well you know what then you
linking to visit swing states while the sweet since swing states aren't necessarily gonna be the swing states in the next cycle you don't even know what they are texas yet the many i had a hard to believe our call rove give a speech once when i was running for office in maryland did you know access it has something like twenty plus statewide elected offices that a couple decades ago all of whom were occupied by democrats now everything's changed again who too the colorado would become a swing state or arizona would become a sweet stay folks who thought in slovenia was a swing stay we hadn't one pennsylvania since what george w bush the republican party you don't know the swing states are so this bs fucking point about your only gonna go to swing states it's ok list them here no idea and then let me pay omission that list again into election cycles you have no idea what they are they please it would never leave california and new york otherwise it's a disastrous system i moved on unless sponsor the day but a new one i want to welcome on board lace german whether financial happy
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tromp yesterday at the united nations given his speech sites whereof warner odd recording cycle back to normal again tomorrow so no sweat the worry disadvantage don't like the skiff show sway appreciate your patience with me in paul and trying to get our content for you so trot who's at the un and gave what i think is one of his finer speeches when he's on prompters teleprompter you speaking off the teleprompter you can sound a little scripted at times but yesterday was very good i think it was a great moment for him to be scripted with all that hilarity going on with these ridiculous charges from whistleblower gate but poor fortunately speeches important because getting tired i think you are too with a virtue signalling phony laugh talking about open borders as if some kind of gift to the united states allowing people into the country unchecked we have no idea who they are to the chagrin people who entered the country via the legal immigration system so note donald trump and this against slightly more than a minute and a half clip re frames
the open borders argument in front of the entire world and does it just beautifully this is a great job i presented tromp check this out the migrants themselves are exploited assault then abused by this is coyotes nearly one third of women who make the journey to our border sexually assaulted along the way here in the united states and around the world the growing cottage industry of radical activists and non governmental organisations that promote human smuggling these groups encourage illegal migration and demand duration of national borders today i have a message for those open border activist who to help themselves i was in the rhetoric of social justice
your policies are not just your policies a cruel and evil you are empowering criminal organizations that prey on innocent men women and children you put your own false sense of virtue for the lives well being and endless innocent people when you undermine what security you are undermining human rights and human dignity men the country's here today coping the challenges of uncontrolled migration each of you has the absolute right to protect your borders of course this our country today we must resolve to work together to end human smuggling human trafficking and put these criminal networks out of business
both now i can re all about open borders all day and grant rave over how awful the policy it is but i think what trump did there he did beautifully he lay the why do i say are often the why matters the why why are open borders a bad idea sometimes sadly we have to explain this people who legitimately can't figure it out most from canada just plain lena a liberal silly facts facts vaccine games but some people can't you're out some people are impressionable they hear things and they well why shouldn't we the bomb bay must welcoming country in the world well we are we ve let millions of people in like would you even know the data what are you talking about nobody generous to people emigre into the united states is we are nobody but there are two practical reasons why open borders are obviously a bad idea number one on double down what donald present donald trump cheese sandwiches right there's a basis
security issue here folks the reason we have control borders and a vetting system is because act this control matters you know what we don't let me go into way into a football game without a ticket why you have to be want to know who's coming in there you have to go through security first they have to make sure the people that come in should be there at the game later a country doesn't operate any different access control matters people he stated very welcoming it always has been welcomed me give out visas we give our green cards we give out immigration citizenship status to people who earned it in this country its nets on a mystery we have to know who you are it's not complicated we have to who you are to prevent people who may be involved in illicit criminal activity people whom they made voluntary activities it this isn't hard to comprehend that may that this is what i like a trump gets the opportunity to do this in front of the u s and he doesn't pull punches he talks
open borders in terms of the legitimate danger they present and gives real world examples of what's going on in europe right now but secondly if we and i appreciate his re it there he has the bully pulpy should use it by the way i mean nothing it often a tangent but this decision to declare so five that ukrainian call with the ukrainian leader was not i'm sorry was a really bad one this is settings such a bad precedent this is i do nothing to appease the lunatic left now in the on turbulent really they fired about so much news governs hardy keep it all straight a secondly on the open borders issue as milton friedman lay great economist stated many times you cannot have is a pure mathematical problem open bore there's any welfare state meaning a state it supplies taxpayers money to people to provide better its health care food stamps rant whatever you can
have a social safety net to use the left this term sadly that encompasses the entire well that's not a safety net that's hammock that's like no that's a double layered mattress made out a lay tax that is not a safety net that is mathematically not feasible are too many people in the world to be supported by the u s tax base as a practical man if anybody coming in the united states can lead claim to the taxpayer in its dollars and benefits of citizens of the united states what would stop the whole world from coming while that's not an eighty told us knife control wasn't gonna happen to you we ve already seen it happening you open the door what does the united states without some kind of immigration control you are inviting security and economic disaster its basic common sense i'd speaker that speech yesterday erin rupert who is why have the disguised appears on the show often and it's always free are ridiculous reason because he is so silly i ever did you write for vocs with
the not fox vocs he's left this he always tweets really stupid dumb studies are liars fraud conspiracy theory help i was a big she collusion hawks or two but at that seems yesterday and i just want to put this up quickly and want to dwell on it but it's important because i want to show you how the left again manipulates what's going on at impressionable people you know just by it group are treated this utter absurdity about the present speech how it was dog whistles r word dog whistles of anti semitism now what's the problem with this area between for him eighty rupert again noted liar conspiracy theories and fraud he says tromp uses and anti semitic dog whistle during his u s speech the future does not long to globalists the future belongs to page we its aaron rebar said who interesting so he's using anti semitic dog whistles and his speech trump if our group are whose a clown add a conspiracy
where's the gatt had just listen to the rest of the speech trump dedicated an entire support in that speech to calling anti semitism precisely so you think i give trouble be trainers hey let's use a few dog whistles for the these semites out there but then later on much call out the anti semites of the same species that only makes sense if you write for vocs with a v ok these hello lunatics their liars swallowed i recall that opposition on twitter yesterday had tipp amber amber ass either daily collar i saw a nail the two eat listen to the speech or did listen species alive or so he's either don't be silly or he's just a manipulative why are there really is no other option there and i'm sorry to have to say that about these guys but it's true just like people worry the worse story of the day we do you like a little data like a bachelor whistler actually i'm afraid the do those d the whole other start with this is by far
the worst story every along tat paul has left she is what i'm talkin about folks the democratic love less that's the whole genesis of why they want universal background checks it has nothing to do with keeping guns out of the hands of criminals ok criminals don't buy their guns do background checks ever they buy them on the street saying people know that liberals down to our they just pretend they don't because they're lying universal background checks as a measure to get everybody in a computer system therefore the democrats will have a convenient list for confiscation later when they to go remove guns for people's homes they love less because there there it's planners and when i say planters i don't mean that like wedding planters i mean planners likened the marxist tone they like the plan society not talking about like jennifer low as a net movie central letters which is a really awful thing meaning your freedom dissipates as government bureaucrats and a socialist system make decisions for you that you can make for yourself
having lists of people like they do in the surveillance state and china right now makes that very convenient why because when you want to dictate to people what to do it has a yard let me give an example we'll use why use the gun issue before it is obvious if you want to confiscate guns because you want to centralize power and the monopoly on the use of force of course then you have to take away the firearms people but you might know where to get him if you don't have a less but think about it from an economic perspective too let's say you want to institute a socialist system which of course is a bernie sanders i dream i been a bad this is all bernie ever talks about the confiscation of others wealthy obsesses over others well even though this fraud bernice a millionaire himself well what better way to be able to confiscate people's money than a heavy lists a handy and the list of wealthy people so you know exactly where to go by
i stand that sounds hyperbolic like your euro your knife control thing was an hyperbolic either really check this out national review peace be up in the show notes today not make it read the article yourself it's not you know me dramatizing for effect here this is an absolute doozy bernie say there is cause for a national wealth registry to enforce new tax by my red mccartin september twenty fourth twenty nineteen you thought i was kidding i'm not ladies these people are dangerous i'm not kidding these are dangerous people who in order to whittle away every individual right you have and every individual liberty you have your choice to make an earn your own money your choice to keep a fire to protect yourself in your family to make your own healthcare decisions and your kid to the school of your choice are all be whittled away and they said this way to whittle away individual freedoms is to have a list of people who are non compliant this is how they do it now in that peace
also burnished proposing a massive wealth tax which wouldn't be a tax on income and the attacks on your accumulated assets so if you have be wealthy by burning measure which will change in wind up being people who make thirty thousand dollars year or more by the time it's over there will be a well tax meaning no matter what you earn everything you ve saved and already pay taxes on your income you put your money in a bag and acid bernie attacked you again on that as well and what better do it then to aggregate an enormous wealth wealth database to go in target people just like your universal background check on database folks be very very careful this horror i gotta keep it up today i really really appreciate your patience over the last few days i love do my show and a white commission on the road even though the visuals obviously can be a little trouble me the audio pretty solid dodge always does a good job source pollack keeping yadda gotta audio tight we have some book signings coming up as well that out of my website in florida we still have a few laughed i think we have one on thursdays
virile paula oh you haven't up in this christianity if i saw you there come up say hello thursday september twenty six p m viewer beach book centre saturday determined twenty eightth barnes a noble pop each garden sets at two p m on saturday september twenty eight the hurry that one's gonna be packed them philosophy and friday i toper forth at four p m barnes and noble in the villages folks at we appreciate it if i saw you there come up say hello we take the selfies and all that other staff i'm always happy spending time around people and if you haven't at please pick up my new book exonerated its veil one amazon and nobody's is now ready to go you'll get it stat so really appreciated thanks a lot folks they are you just heard tan bonn gino she you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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