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The Democrats Reach A New Low (Ep 1152)

2020-01-07 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the outrageous media response to the killing of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. I also address a fascinating interview with Devin Nunes where he drops an explosive piece of information. Finally, I address what John Bolton, and the Democrats, are really up to with the impeachment hoax. News Picks:New, deeply disturbing, allegations emerge regarding Joe Biden’s son Hunter.


Devin Nunes releases some explosive new information about the fake-whistleblower’s allegations, and the subsequent investigation.


The question resurfaces after the IG report's release, “what the heck was Bob Mueller doing the whole time?”


Who is Michael Atkinson?


What is John Bolton up to?


The liberal media mourns the death of Soleimani. 


Soleimani funeral postponed after dozens are killed in a stampede.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee pathetic pulse absolutely pathetic u s journal i sat fake journalists bake reporters a b journalists there all morning today it's unbelievable therein more it actually saddam believe it's very believable therein more gray over the death of one of the world's number one terrorist i've got some just stunning tweets video photo screenshots articles about the eu s media seemingly in mourning that president trump ordered the killing and one of the world's number one terrorist i'm still am i really we are in a very very bizarre time the just a viral explosion of tv s level six infections everywhere should encourage you strongly define areas outside of that contained in the zone for it first
if the and shelter when the tedious infection breaks out of that containment so later it's just crazy welcome the dan gino show producer joseph because our euro morning agent bonn gino i'm doing quite well see yourself to hear in the finest thing with eyes than ever i yes we got a lot to get through i got that i get another devon newness interview where he just lush grenada i these things he has so much information we have to apply the new now got their right more don't miss the show i was wondering if you re going to translate our today show brought by circumstances not accomplish let's face it mostly these resolutions are hard to keep get more exercise save more money we all know we all have em well i've resolution that easy to keep stop wasting time go to the post office and use stamps thou com said what we use here at the bonn gino egg headquarters which stands that com you can do you think you do at the post office right from your computer plus stamps can i get you something you can't get at the post office big discounts on postage stamps i'm brings all the services the u s postal service right to your computer
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but an inclusive for weak trial plus free postage and digital scale no long term commitments are contracts just go to stamps that calm click on that microphone at the top of the page it stands back on and type indian dna and that stance that calm promo code dan stamps that calm promo code dan stop going post office and wasting time stamps that calm promo code dan by clicking the microphone at the top of the page i jumped ok i get an unbelievably u s journalists appear to be in mourning over the death of solar money as i said there was a wonderful article at the free beacon wage summed up some of the more atrocious responses to the killing this savage terrorists that is unquestionably made the world a safer and more dangerous place by andrew styles it'll be a the show notes up on you know that com by gino report and if you want to discourage why newsletter bungee know that consultation it will send you a great articles everyday u s journalists or in the death of iranians terrorist because i'm ceremonies quote historic
tehran gets somber coverage only would have provided such somber coverage to the green revolution around where people are actually fighting for freedom i would have been really wonderful maybe it would have pressured obama actually do something about which he didn't have money and he sat in his hair lament always does yeah so the first clip from the free bacon switch that describes the new york times michael bar ro quoted the new york times highlighted the amazing images and audio from the pr team at the funeral of solomon several hours late barbara posted a bizarre podcast interview with the times reporter helen cooper in which cooper lamented lamented lamented for the that means the woman said that the u s military was quote try usually very good at killing people thank god i'm reasonably confident that is one
ways of terry operation if it has the initiated to terminate targets that may be looking to do us harm there said the new york times that the u s military is quote tragically good and killing people folks i asked yesterday and i will ask you again i'm not kidding sort of joke that hyperbole some men for effect it is legitimate question to ask these liberal guph balls out there and their media bootlegging but kissing acolytes what hell side are you on man your concern here is not either repercussions are that you concern here and it is not the elimination of terrorism what it might do to promote national security and deterrence you should have thought you concern at all you can see
does the somber nature or the funeral and the fact that the u s military quote tragically good at killing people ladys german these are real cause these are these actually it doesn't near i've got or the interests of time here is good morning america who sent arthur rabbits over there to the funeral and around of this terrorist in the street and martha rat it but this is about a minute longer listen to the somber told us that can you imagine if this was done it take at the end if they had a funeral for bin laden who thankfully we disposed of the right way right dumper the ocean right can you imagine a few anyone else cover this december nature this is the this guy was the equivalent to it national security threat level often osama bin laden if not worse according to david protracted and listen to the cover i make i want you to know how much it will pay particular attention to the and how they make it very clear that the us
supreme leader the i told they were crying because they were so sad check this out i have been in the midst of anti american protests in iran before but nothing like this a powerful combination of grief and anger with shouts of death to marry echoing through the streets around us this morning mourners feeling the streets of iran's capital of tehran for the funeral the general solemn killed by the u s drone strike sweet aerial images capturing the sea of iranian hacking the streets to pay tax to a man revered by many here from made a big mistake jude view sola monies image everywhere the impact of his death profound grants are massive and emotional there are many tears here many signs with solemn on
picture on them but the message is also very clear these people want revenge i know that as we made our way through the streets of tehran people surrounding us shouting death to america many mind me read i've made from inside the funeral service the emotion justice powerful the supreme leader of iran weeping and praying often draped in the iraqi flag al jazeera network but goin on here now do now now nano cowboy dna and fortunately i wish you well folks i don't know i thought i i don't know i don't know anymore went what side you know these people are on low wages parts out a couple of points from that
at clip there she's never seen anything like this martha rats why again i saw millions of people on the street under the obama administration trying to fight for their own freedom i minions who cared about freedom and liberty who were ignored by the obama administration i remember that pretty well so i've actually seen something like this this guy on the street or martha radically gotta find a cry i always have to die in the crying i you know tears always lead to the creation of course you need that crying guy in there and what does he say about the crying i we crying guy says a killed our hero oh my gosh with the crocodile tears wealthier heroes terrorists it's that's too bad maybe you are on the wrong team buddy maybe you should rethink this thing then of course they have do ya make sure they focus on the tales tears from the ayatollah the ayatollah lost his main terrorist you know he's really sad about that so the
it allows the said so let's make sure we put that out on gm aid to meant that that was pretty produce day and they ve really went out of their way to try to make their point i guess you know its powers that thing one i saw it for three minutes that was a gigantic cut that thing off after a few because it gets even worse folks almaty and on yeah there's more again the meat in mourning that salamis been been lost design and this is really and we are living in peak peak stupid has been reached we are on the and to rise and of a black hole of stupid that we ve already crossed here is a another portion washed in free bake in the eight pay the associated press more propaganda stare published a touching peace and ayatollah ali khamenei rare display of emotion the tears at the funeral of the terrorist general with quality shared a divine well maybe we're gonna pick terrorists as they are the bon sharers maybe you should re evaluate what your position in the world really is just saying the eighteen
that the iranians desperate voice cracked under the weight of the moment as he cried openly one morning the death of his friend there a peace practically roadie laudatory eulogy for solar money in their peace there this is just starting now this guy's not a friend mine by any stretch banal arrived at a good tweet his long story beyond the scope of the show but no a rough men had a good tweed up this is washington post national parity columnist who read it tweeted reach we did this stupid tweet so for those rivers there is a saw surinam vecchio who tweeted to resist not retweeting ness and it's a picture of saw embodies funeral and people in there and it showed up for versus trumps inauguration crown in other words that there are more people what's all the funeral taking a shot of the euro jason send inauguration grant a washington post
i security this missy ryan retweeted this remember folks democracy dies in the darkness the darkness the to antipersonnel rossman rightly so call their call them out missy ryan out on that and basically listen you know in the future this is why newsrooms you going to stop any their people from tweeting because of stupidity like this unreal this actually happen what one last one here is a tree by hapless new york times again them in the washed imposed are causing the darkness they allege democracy dies in but the new york times that's the washed imposed tagline of course new york times quote knowing general saw a mighty without their made me feel safer set a student about the commander kid then an american john strike he was like security umbrella above our country listen to today's episode of the daily my gosh both this is where i mean this is real this is important it's important
stand before an election that these people are not on our side these are these are not you're not they are not on the side of truth they are not on the side of america they are on the side of anything that makes us president look bad even if elaborating the death of one of the world's most dangerous people if they have to do it and highlight pause to take a ways harm it they will do just that do you know what enough on that because i can talk about media stupidity all day and it will only make most of us dumber but again it's important highlight before the twenty twenty election so you understand the places you think you're getting journalism facts and investigate reporting is all complete garbage what side are these guys and ladys on the answer is not ours moving on so devon nunez given interviewed sarah corridor and good something i had not heard before folks and its
little bit more profound than i think media coverage picked up here because i haven't seen any other than this washington examiner peace so worse things when a peace dividend is gives innovative do investigative reporter sarah carter dan shape wrote a piece it'll be up again in the show notes today please check it out yeah but you know that consolation newsletter if you subscribe to our newsletter will be sure to send these rights devon yunus republicans haven't act investigation into the air elegance inspector general biagi you maybe say way away all the time out what does this mean what's gonna this is a major wanna try harder i have a written down on my notes here why as later not yet because i got a lot of that government because i don't take this one requires a new day our answer to deal with this pretty strange logs so new as long as this grenade onto the battlefield here i'm like really so why does this matter ok well from them i still examiner peace who is the eyes
why does this matter and with this resolution how does this tie the spider stick with me this is gonna be import quotas what nunez said during the interview with sarah carter everyone he's to see the testimony of the are based the idea who is who is involved the whistle blower cases what he's talking about nunez that adding the reason it hasn't been released because it's very damaging not only to the whistle blower but to atkins and the idea himself we said house republicans have an active investigation open into atkinson really will so i can atkinson who's the intelligence community inspector general the kind of the internal affairs officer for the intelligence community assigned to investigate remit malfeasance or miss reasons right what's the jet since this what's going on why does it matter and what is this tie it what i believe is a bigger more devastating cover up and why immediate and cover the story at all i can say
the inspector general who the fake whistleblower brought their complaint do that pet engaged in the quid pro quo with ukraine's everybody follow me on this is complicate the fake whistle blower goes to the east the general says hey i've got word press tromp was on the phone call in july twenty five with the ukrainian president he saw that the united states and its quid pro quo deal he made under everybody to quit broken never had in president trump beat them to the punch released the transcript of the phone call the republic indeed call up the icy edgy who receives the complaint from the fake whistleblower and they start talking to him a little bit and they find there's some major discrepancies in what happened and what at what are the discrepancies number one the fake whistleblower who said
the president trump engaged the quid pro quo with you created you know they said our information provide and we want this information and will give you military aid that ever happened president trump released a transcript it's not you all remember that guy here's the problem the problem is that the requirement to make that report to the inspector general is a first and reporting requirement you had to have seen or heard the information yourself the fake whistle blower did not hear the information himself now there are many suspects as to who we may have heard the information from a lot of suspects but the whistle blower fake whistleblower did not hear the information himself or suddenly i see i g requirements all of a sudden change there's a a
a re evaluation of the rules and the complaint is allowed to proceed despite the fact that it does not meet the guidelines for a complaint to presented both those goalposts so they are not yet brought the icy idee uptake of and questioned them and apparently is testimony is very dammit now we haven't seen his testimony john radcliffe and others devin nunes have been saying need to see this testimony from the icy edgy who my guess is probably said something up there made himself look really bad when it came to changing or re value waiting the requirements for reporting this complaint in other words his changing the rules could it have and politically motivated what was he doing why change of rules why of the rush
to get this whistle blower complaint out there despite the fact that it didn't comport with previous inter rotations of the rules what was act in sin covering up by trying to get this week more complaint against trump pushed into the pipeline washed over to shift and to get the imf committing rock and roll what was he doing who always atkinson folks there's a greatly supper red state by our by our friend elizabeth via some great work i retreat our content often she covers the show and we really appreciate that elizabeth red state the resin the inspector general behind the whistle blower airports because it's a fake whistleblower tells us all we need to know now this is an older peace from october to be clear but again it will be up in the show notes the title who is atkinson because we but our pieces that are evergreen here and irrelevant now today so though the inspector general who what is this complaint and read
our pursuit of ways to make sure that complaint moves quick gets to the people get to that peaceful and fast who exactly is this guy atkinson why busy doing that was he politically motivated well let's see who was michael adkins well from the peace we find out julie kelly from american greatness took up shot at our concerns resume and it tells us everything we need to know he knows that in july of twenty sixteen atkinson became the senior full of john car with mrs good whose john carling if you remember the name for my show you already know but don't worry i will clarify act it was the senior council to john carl and ahead of the national security division in the oj carla this bob mahler chief of staff when he ran the fbi was appointed national security vision cheap by barack obama twenty thirteen for why does this matter
if your regular listen to show you probably already know what matters but if you just unit and now don't you worry will clarify so on carlin was barack obama's department of joy this he was the head of the national security division ladies and gentlemen job carlin was one of the final people you ok the pfizer warns to spy on the trump tee not the final person but was one of them in the chain of custody that had it will prove defies and warrants a spy on the trump team carlin was one of the final people to say yes this guy atkinson was this lawyer yeah you know that words that have been now entirely discredited that were based exclusively on the fake steel dossier the hoax this guy atkinson was karl heinz lawyer carlin was signed and openness this of our and by the way he was by mothers old chief of staff which
gotta go we go here is our chart there is perhaps obama lee monaco carlin all connected to mahler all worked with anti weissmann on the enron case they all people although each other catherine kathy rumbler obama's white ass lawyer and fixer was representing nator who was a mahler witnessed keep this short of a second of ugly monica worked for obama job the prison our position was taken over by john carlin look carlin from all our monica work for weissmann worked for mahler weissmann the genie re at democrat donors these people all knew each other again then we can we gotta squeeze them into chart now paula atkinson the lawyer to carlin folks i listen to me you don't get to this excellent piece by margo cleveland in a moment kind of em they tie the show all end at the end but did take away here is this
why was a fake whistleblower complaint about a lie a quid pro quo that never happen on a first person requirement which was waved in this case the we are basically rewritten to let this guy this fake whistleblower reporter quid pro quo he didn't even hear about himself he heard about second hand why it was it allowed to advance folks it's simple because all these people are trying to cover up what they did in the spying operation operational trumped they all have their fingerprints on this now to be fair some of you out there i know some of your saying this and you should be why does the president's administration let these people stay there why not fire atkinson why we letting the guy who obviously has its fingerprints on the holes i gave dossier pfizer spying scandal why we letting him staying govern ladies i don't have a good answer for that
clearly it is they tactically terrible decision i can propose sums if i d is ideas and that's all i can do maybe it's getting bad advice from swamp rats you were saying little make you look more fair if we keep some of these obama people on i don't know he's telling you the result of that are things like this the same end factor general who puts the fake whistle blower case by reinterpreting the rules to make it move faster to get trump and teach is the same guy who was the lawyer to the guy who signed off on the fire of warrant they are the same guy who is bob mothers chief of staff this is over you by the way none of this is open for dispute now can challenge my interpretation of his motives fine fair enough that's fine you can do that but the facts i just it out are absolutely true carolyn was via mahler chief of staff who is investing
in the president based on a fake dossier based not affect us john carlin signed off on to allow the present be spied and what lawyers is now begins check your general who signed off on another investigation to the president that was based on another hoax a quid pro quo they never happen the peace by elisabeth von it is definitely worth your time and then read it ran breathed out first and then read the nunez piece about the interview that now nunez just to tie this up apparently all the kids are now looking at the atkinson finally value i mean gosh it seems like president trap is always on the receiving end of this stuff when do we start looking into the swamp itself my gosh i i'm get back there margo cleveland please don't go anywhere you want a motive to a few more things is a lack of users a heavy heavy news they vote and i don't want to leave you in the way this joseph as always
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fishermen k supposedly for the democrats is john bolton is opening his mouth i gotta know what john bolton is doing but jump off and say now hey if i'm subpoenaed you know i'll testify almost like he's eager to do it and can i just get this other listen i i know john bolton well that but well enough i guess you could say i've run into him quite a bit but what this out there and i m sorry for you john bolton fans out there but if there's something to say just say it do you know jumping of course for those we would of dino liberals wisely conservatives course already noticed but for the liberal listening you may not know this john bolton was the play it is the national security advisor well thank you saying area if there's an impeachment trial understand you know how to get a job you have some say just say it what's with the dance
i'm not kidding i got ok you have something to say you have something to add to this man i don't understand why you need a senate trial if you have something to say just saying it i think it's kind of weird don't you think i mean oppressed the president has with his advisors are privilege the fact that exists is ray of it again fair enough we can dispute but the fact that executive which exists in the white house that sir conversations the president has with his advisors are privilege the fact it exists is not in dispute by same people again by saying people which the media and other people out of the degree we can argue both in has something to say outside of executive privilege conversations then just say it man what's with the dance this device years of fine great i'm getting tired of this now byron
york as a really wonderful piece up at the examined a lot of washing examine content analysis behalf important decision what decisions that its decision yesterday john bob put out a statement say again hurry of descended testifies before choose me subpoenas me to testify in assented try opera you know to follow up in the impeachment removed from office i'll do it if you have something to say just say it man that did dopey day hence aware what do you need this day you trying to raise money for something i should like this guy member i don't get this really are you just you try to get twitter followers or something i don't understand what you're doing enough on let's go right so early what are the four herself screen shot from the waist and examined abuses couple other take away from what's going on with the impeach i haven't given in a piecemeal update and while so by
europe is quoting the end democrats which characterize both mulvaney and others is critical witnesses did not lift a finger to compel their testimony hosting human health strategy sessions it after the house pass their appeasement oracles has already passed shoe then demanded that witnesses who the house did not even try to compel to testify absolutely must testified before the senate folks here we go i wasn't debbie i may others want to giving a quick interview and i brought this point to the liberals listening whether in their cars are watching on youtube or now and k in los angeles this is a serious crime not messing with you yes we don't like each other on the conservative euro liberal we disagree i get there but can you put that aside for a moment and ass answer a sincere question about them not messing with you here you already asked the impeachment the president has been a peach them then again surely not in dispute right no reply
look voted for zero sum democratic voted against its so was by partisan against and tautological just by definition but you did pass and it each depressing united states night you through the hole country at the turmoil freely the our time in u s history you and peace to present for a fake quid pro quo that didn't exist posted inspire inspector general who is need deepen the whole spy gay thing you through the hole country in turmoil and now you're admitting you didn't have witnesses you need to do it so we are just at the gavel is drop its assent this question is it not has now set a democrats who have it eighty impeachment articles from mouse and hold a trial senate chemical it's like humour as others it is now suggesting if we don't have balkan and mulvaney and other trot
officials then we don't have information to remove the present for modest way way way way way i'm out here we need to read their whereas that flag rio the affair was going through his pockets looking further red flag is sought there's the glass is half the boss the officials finding everything but the red flag but what i was about their policy our new cabinet or new security at the first we have to go under the hood for a view here there's a read this laundry on the field you just in peace the president said the he was a threat to national security you edit and are you admitted the democrats that you did it without any of the requisite information to do so the job as the audience somebody's man is the argument are making here this is made here are you kid dude
seriously i'm not kidding i thought you'd have reflected we say you what i'm saying my church humor hack democrat is now saying hey we don't have the information we need to remove the president from office pursuant to impeachment because we the balkans information mulvaney is balkans doing this dopey dance i don't know what he's right they teach opponents everyone lily s gas i dont get it how did you a preacher reviewed enough information to democrats this thing in their cars and watching us on youtube i'm that messing with you it's a serious question why new just way why didn't you come our bolton to testify maybe wait it's urgent we can wait it's not urgent i really i'm like i wanna gabble my head like a euro they have the the gavel block here from the nice person at a time
really ready the gavel my head hoping that if i hit it harder baby this will make sense now now they would it's gonna get even worse because remember shifts argument was now we don't want away for this testimony we have the information we need humor say we don't have the information we need so humor and shift for saying opposite things shoe and which they told you a shift in the house you can you can take it to court and get pull the testify he says i want away because we have the information we need humor says you don't have the information we need and we bottom and now we're going to take it to court holy moses if your students are getting ready to strangle yourself going what the hell's going on up like if you read it i mean this is like the oxygen level of my brain is dropping precipitously this creates problems number two from byron york peace so problem number once again this is the house this generally admitted that they apply
the president without the witnesses they need to do it there's no question did they admitted they were really stupid when they days but the second take away is this this interesting angle by byron your caterpillar he says even if there's a rubber stamp that is what he is talking about jack just to be clear when we set the sub soda by john robert supreme court just this john roberts if there is a trial in the senate which they will be now to remove the president justice roberts we'll be there and even if he's just a rubber stamp this is a quote from york another way of saying is is that he will give the imprimatur of the judicial brass to the senate actions so say the senate which chief justice roberts presiding vote the issue is subpoena to ball in vain or anyone else i'd say them cypriot subpoena challenges in court house this going to work york goes on
federal judges are not in the business of saying the chief justice supreme court is wrong would mulvaney this appeal to the u s district court ask a judge here to declare the roberts approves subpoena valid folks this is well point by byron your remember rose have a tough time at the mechanics of government conservators thankfully generally don't even the impeach articles will be forwarded at some point by pelosi when she figures this whole thing out set a trial will happen and the chief justice is supreme court presides over the trial john roberts church humor then says the opposite of adam schiff who said we don't need to go to court to get baltimore testify but then humor says no no we need bottom to testify because they democrats cake it there's stories straight its roberts the chief justice presiding over the set of trial who is gonna be the decision to sit if that's a venus valid but this is a brilliant point what if both in
mulvaney balding dab here is very unlikely to challenge it is already said he's going to testify but say mulvaney president's in shiva step goes to court and says now executive privilege you take local district court is gonna basically every where judicial superior injustice john robert folks this it's a major conflict of interests this is a brilliant boyd byron york always this framework big be does it not does a great job this creates a huge conflict of interest but again a conflict interesting problem created exclusively by the democrats who in the house voted to impede the president based on evidence they didn't have and were willing to wait for the testimony people they now say they want in the sun can't move forward without cash folks they
crazy and stupid is endless its endless i know what a move on today show some i'm rapidly is a cornucopia earning my danger of stupid it really is it is it's a thanksgiving vision my blown do they weren't quick promo by the way for us to point a personal privileged please again check out bond gino report your new conservative alternative to the draft report by gino report dot com thank god we get tremendous reviews on i appreciate all the email and feedback drugs and did you a long time ago folks we look for the best conservative news of the day mancino reply that can't you see a lot of these stories up there is one that is a separate website from buying gino that com what we produce original content but please bungee no report that calm check it out bungee or that country looking to read some cool stories as well
so i just a quick when here i've bernie sanders years they figured out the new code word virtually no you know bony virtues virtual where i met the say bernie and folks which turned out to be first they figured out that's true poles live how i got it by the way the audience wants you on camera that i've some why to see why camera they a guy you me i say it's only fair paul ass my wife for these new lists or should that produces a lot of the show we have a big team here had they why she said not today why not tat i did you a great now make a wonderful you once you comment but never she said forget it she's left i guess we're in a background so bertie they ve left so i figured out a new buzz word for the tar it is killing of terrorists who romani now did you hear it now some of you who were
voluminous consumers of content the or consumers have voluminous content more precise way to say it in the media probably do know the bus what the buzzword is this was your age assassination now we addressed this yesterday and if you yesterday i show you know why the new leftist a media buzzword is assassination why is that because assassination of the buyer is is private i mean our own simply made say submitted by the u s government now targeted assassinations and taking out of terrorists and military our guests are not in fact this ass a nations but the democrats have settled on this word because it sounds really awful number one and it is prohibited you doubt me listen this half bernie since you know about it beggars fraud
this is the word assess it i just like you used a billiard as bait these guys the biggest fraud on the running and effect he may get the nomination is like a gift to the republican party because he's such a fake in a phoney you understand this guy's a millionaire seller so listen to this cut is equate video listen to what he compares the taking one of the world's number one terrorist listen to what he compares to the end this is how crazy the democratic party has become check this out those guys was the bad as he was an official the iranian government and you unleash then if china does that you know if russia does russia has been implicated on the putin with assassinating dissidents so one you're in the business of oscillation you want more than very a triple encore people will die ladies course had dug it it's all a mighty grew fainter
yeah i got that people will die fire that one what kinds of people will die come on we're more than just a triple encore performed overbearing diet of course talking about many folks listen nothing please pay attention i'm begging you guys i've run for office few times it's really ugly the whole process i been in this aim a long time now but a body ears nothing that emma crowds do or say they do by accident nothing at the loose cannons out there like a sea and the other with a date say whatever stupidity comes to mice over their twitter features that i'm talking about more skilled politicians like whose skill politician is wrong on everything but i mean the guys grace hundreds of millions of dollars and finished second for the nomination for present i couldn't do i mean
he's at ease scale bothers not a good that a good guy i believe as a shred of morality to nobody sports communism does but he's done dumb their new code word is this was an assassination and dirty go so far compare the killing of solid body to pollutants assassinations of his political enemies ladies and gentlemen these people have gone completely off the deep i only bring this up examine you to pay attention going forward how during the campaign this word is strategically weave then any time so le monnier topic a solar monica dear sir because one it sounds bad and number two tar getting targeted political assassinations by the united states is illegal that is why they do or doing this nothing they do is by mistake not big no favours by mistake trustworthy bernie did on purpose before i get to margo cleveland story where i tie this back in to the inspectors
one thing i wanted to give you some time for the idea story the steward little bed just a quick and out on how quickly before i go these tweet up by that's a tweet by stella mccartin before i put it up what i do it's a pre show production here and she didn't get this given that this is an effort by left this in hollywood designer clothing designer stella macartney is a pattern of its former colonies daughter and i dont know how the fashion world that knocking at idle creates a lot of jobs i just don't think about but stolen apparently the designer and she says out these tweet i want to show you in a minute where she's so abrading joaquin feeding very talented act under this guy's got acting chops i didn't see joke urban i heard a guy he's been used johnny cash that movie walk the lock it was amazing but she said writing joaquin phoenix fur i'm not messing with you you
aren't you signalling us their eyes for job wearing this same tuxedo further whole hollywood award sees this israel he said this the push you didn't get it here's the tweets tell em occur the ads stella em according to about keen phoenix man is a winner where in customs stella clothing because he chooses to make choices for the future of the planet he has also chosen to wear this same talks for the the tyre reward season to reduce waste i am proud to join forces with you act so still wholly moses this is real she did not get the joke she's like why is the wider assume with their celebrating i'm like that's the joke that people are yours disguise
i'm kind of big environmentalist green warrior because the whole award season he wore one talks folks listen you have been very good to me my life has been a gift thanks to you the last five years as pod guesses exploded we do ok we're not million as like bernie billionaires like bird he's gonna be soon after his book the ok we do ok i have won t and paul when did i get it for the audience dyke you you like what did she say yeah just this past here i got a we do ok life is good faith the lord and i mean that and to you i thank him every night for other some opportunities put in front of me i'm not kidding that is not reading the lord's name in vain as it is to you the greatest audience
you have no idea how i talk about you yes you listening or watching me you right now on you too i talk about you to everybody the people at fox the people at westward one all my business partners my book publisher to gino report people you are so loyal to me you have made my life a gift i mean that i can't believe i'm living life i'm living thanks to you i only have one tax and i just bought it last year you know why because i got invited to a ball inauguration carries out a joke and inevitable veto and i can't read any because i'm gonna wanna where other people's clothes but secondly i've weird proportions dead lifting and stuff i have an enormous now leave that for another day it's not what you think
is i too much k already by measurements are all off she's laughing supported talks worse el operating this guy because he wears one tuxedo do the whole what is this is this this is what i want tweet i saw forgive me it'll never sent it this is what a hollywood a leader and liberal snob specializing quote symbolic gestures that elevate themselves forgive me i really should edge a tribute that it was someone on twitter and i just had a rush to get the shy for matters that but it will never wrote down twitter you know what you symbolic gestures that's what they specialised where they live eight themselves of everyone else will give me one talk hollow words who
listen that knocking joaquin phoenix and mad i dont even its on his tweeds hers among the guy's a great actor but as you say some of you heard this term for when i was in the police academy in new york back way long ago you we need it was hot summer you'd be injured these horrible grey no forms everybody knew we were cadet said make fun of us get aware that that is weird hat but what the things that always think out to me is the actor matthew mo dean remember him he was the ressler in that movie and he's been in a lot of different stuff you probably seen his face but look above but matthew rhodesia a pretty big liberal and are you to see him in the heat in the summer he would ride is by to work around monad we see him a couple times that i restart like arrived at these two guys not a fraud legacy gotta green act diversity in a way that takes us back to work well
there's really about these other leaders snobs is most of them are pretty much frauds i do you stella mccartney and others are what are they are they doing the thing to curb their air travel they do anything i can they drive around in a previous she may be you're welcome to tweet can we put it on the show tomorrow what are you doing you in some kind of like environmentally friendly as what are you doing to support solar power i mean are you involved with the the people in nantucket tell him to put wind farms to me or the rich liberals and what put wind farms off the water in nantucket cape cod house where tell them to do that flag anyone virtues signalling folk for that's nice i gotta get through to this one just going to tie the whole i gather so before i don't let that do a little bit again the new ness just grenade that he launched out there that there is now an investigation into the inspector general who pushed the fake whistleblowers claims by reinterpreting rules yes the same
inspector general who apparently was involved this vibrating now the guy he worked for the inspector general carl and as i said to you before john carlin who is one of the final officials to improve that the approve the dossier john parliament's bob mothers chief of staff ladies and gentlemen let me just say this right of front bob mother was clearly brought it to be the bag man here there is no question in my mind any more that when bob mahler is appointed may tenth of twenty seventeen as the special council to investigate tromp on luzhin charges the fbi and everybody as already knows is a hoax that he was done he was brought in complete one hundred percent absolutely to sweep up the fbi's mess that's the only reason you understand what a huge scandal this is why bob mahler and his team not being investigated right now late
you shot him in the eye seized the ip report issued me that atkinson our talk about horowitz the other asian the department of justice inspector general different inspector general horror which is report the one we just addressed there came out a month ago that just wreck the b i jim call me in everyone for investigating false charges in the dossier spying on the twenty five report is damning why are we now not investigating the mahler team for continuing this hoax knowing the whole thing was a afraid now margo cleveland has a stellar peace up in the federalists today again be up in the show notes that is worth your time please read it yet sign of fur newsletter but you know that complex newsletter ali melting essay the work headline january six twenty twenty margo cleveland inspector general report
that was the special council replicated the fbi's abuses folks how is this not under investigation right now i'm gonna get you some take away from this peace in a moment we now know something i told you eons ago by my pet myself on the backs of listening to show you heard this off it that no later absent we know later in january of twenty seventeen the fbi interviews this steel said he used to put together at oaks ca to be used to spy on the trump team in the fisa warrants the fbi interview steele sources in january two thousand and seventeen they come to the conclusion that his sources have said steel is full of crap this whole thing is garbage at the latest the latest of january twenty seventeen ever nobody knows collusion is a hoax listen to me everyone
mary member i gary odin seldom from the other from the specialists who do we get everyone free one everyone knows every we need that cut em everybody knows it's a hoax so what always bob mauler investigating they not you instead i know it's a hoax there's no doubt the fbi you still sources they tell mrs hawks in january five months later baldos appointed now at some point as cleveland in this first take away points out something i've told you before them hard for nunez do newness said this on multiple interviews on tv at some point the fbi comes over its file that says does a hoax some other quote margo cleveland the eye g report noted its all on paper now folks quote on mason
can twenty seventeen the crossfire can't cases were transferred to the special council and fbi agents and analyse that worked with the special council transfer to allow more than a month later the fbi ass the oj to seek a fourth extension surveillance very much carter page the fourth renewal obtained under mother's leadership include the seventeen inaccuracies and omissions in the fire a warrant the idea identified gentlemen how is this not a scandal are we missing this again serious question for the left your hero bob mahler he is boy did in may on may tenth f b i knows their cases a hopes documents their interview with the guy in january saying the steel information is a hoax
on may seven people turn the file over to mahler who then investigates the president for over a year on a charge he already knows is a hoax not only does dismal no it's a hoax the mahler team is in charge when these another pfizer warrant extension to spy on trouble how would you know i'm not doing a good job if you're not getting this right now mother investigating a hoax the fbi transfers while over saying it's a hoax and instead of going in front of the people pick it up the migrant dear this is bob mahler this case is a well pile of dog
i'm very sorry america we're moving that's not what he does then goes out and an extension on the warrant that includes the hawks information to continue this violent trump all in the family i'm waiting for me to see you margo cleveland disintegrate pierre you don't eat every it's got on with the impeachment hoax i ran the eye the report also how is it fact escape people this is a wonderful piece worth your time we now know when the idea report the democrats celebrated the idea the june obama pointy this guy's gonna be honest he is now pointed out
mahler continue to investigate a hoax and double down and hopes and nobody is questioning whether we can question mauler his service to the country thank you bob fine you serve the country news flash so did millions of other american veterans out their law enforcement officers first responders firefox teachers and others who improve them how's the others promise you if they committed a serious act malfeasance there but would be investigated why do you get a pass what she's some kind of like justice league superhero the peace gets worse second take away quote cleveland peace most significantly in june two twenty seventy the bfdi that's a general council falsely representative carter page had now been a source for another federal agency when reality page
and approved as an operational contact and the fbi his attorney had been told so when an email yet the final valence renewal warren application failed to inform the pfizer court that while page connections with the individual's connected to russian intelligence he had provided information about those contacts to another agency is an approved source do you believe that any rap the warrant prove to continue spying on the twenty f durham alors appointed malaysia fourth june for the in may for the lives the warrants approved in june based on information mahler knows is a hoax and not only that there's approval to continue bio carter page repeating the seventeen lies from the prior pfizer warner locations lies at all categorical i would they to advise the court and the biggest lie of all that mother does nothing to stop is that carter page
when contacting russians illicitly could be a spy when he was contacting russians on behalf of the cia nobody cares so mothers investigating a hoax he knew was a hoax he repeats the hawks repeats the lies continues to spy and the president and impure the character of a patriotic american citizen see it takes with russians to help out the cia and use that against the spiral and done all we can talk about mahler we care to serve the country thank you a lot of people did please raise your little quote by the way from alors report you don't this is from this is that this is a mere out this one that this forum alors report policy looking around for a screech out i could see the scramble this is just me from alors report quote
you didn't officials had form relationships with carter page in two thousand eight two thousand thirteen notice what strategically left that's from the mulder report notice what strategic left out who was a who car working with yeah yeah maybe you buy waterbed should not bob maybe that contacts with russia to television where at the behest of the u s government she's gotta why you cared question bob joe you cannot question bob mahler god forbid understood then he served the cut uk question understood then repeated a hoax about page repeated the lie and apparently approve defies a warrant the spy on the trump team based on car two pages contacts with russians at the behest of the u s government one more quick and wrap it up another thing
the idea concluded that given it there are thirteen different meanings with our over a period of months the use of resources a conduit between the fbi and steal created a relationship by proxy that should have triggered pursuant to have guy policy a decision about whether to reopen steel is humans confidential human source or to discontinue accepting information indirectly from folks this is important christopher steel is allegedly i say allegedly i believe the story terminated as an fbi contact at the end of twenty sixteen because christopher steel this name is on the fake dossier was talking through the media is not terminated at source joe bianca from the the eye is handling bruce or from the department of justice who is still too the steel do the entire your timing supposedly been fired and passing information of the fbi agents who are giving it tomorrow
just the sum this up mahler noses cases a hoax mahler contain is the spying operation in the president knowing it's a hoax continues lying about carter page even always working for the u s government to impugn this man's character because they're so desperate to spy on donald trump they all we continue to use a source christopher steel who they ve already been told by the fbi by a source in january whose information is complete garbage the fbi allegedly for and a mother team continues to use them as he has fbi handler do out the time he's allegedly fire but let's not investigate what mahler did folks god forbid i can only hope the investigation and to act in since new nunez cited in his interview with sarah card i can only hope someone opens up that investigation through the mahler team to oh yeah oh yeah new rules folks we you lose its time to get at the truth here thanks again for tuna really appreciated prescribed our youtube channel youtube dot com
i spawn gino i'd really appreciated enshrining the foreign two thousand subscribers we're almost there also subscribe to your audio podcast on apple podcast google pod yes i ha radio sound cloud wherever you get your podcast we really appreciate i saw folks see autobahn you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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