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The Disaster Ahead If We Lose This Election (Ep 1303)

2020-07-22 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Democrats’ increasingly hostile attacks on law and order and the role of big donors such as George Soros in the funding of anti-law and order candidates. I also address the 10 disasters coming our way if the Democrats win the Senate and force through their agenda. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks, with your host Dan Bungee, now you're, seeing the damage right now done from big liberal mega donors, that would Soros types and others what they ve done to influence local elections. Local elections Not globally impact full elections, local elections, this show going to blow your mind a little bit, then I got this. I've got a ton of news to get to and how it's impacting people in the United States right now, like the Mccloskey station about you by friends, I expressly beyond your online activity. That's your business, get a VP ended. Dont way go to express VP and outcome. Slash bond GINO go today, Welcome to the damaging I shall produce to show. How are you today doing? Ok, I guess considering
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George Soros, God forbid dogma. George Soros accuse you of Anti Semitism, explained out again. You follow the history of Soros. You may want to reword that that's a whole other but we're not gonna be dissuaded from talking about what we want on the show will do whatever we want when we want, because we're talking, she's in are affecting Americans are. What does this have to do with this story? Up at the washstand examiner, it's gone, national, in some cases international attention to store, of a saint Louis couple that, prior to what two or three weeks ago was probably pretty anonymous outside of their local area. The mcclosky remember them. That was couple who brandished a weapon at the protesters according to wash them examiner title and was charged article by my breast, hear them a class to when a group of violent protesters, they were not peaceful, they were violent. They were violent that that that that statements tautological they ripped their front gate down on private property.
Edward threatening them with violence? That would mean protesters for all the liberals listening, who have seven inches thick skulls dances, really stupid. People, I'm sorry who keep insisting that the mcclosky who left their house had? I appear to be an eight hour fifteen and a pistol and work funding their home to the girls. You keep saying on television and in Russia although they were just intimidating, peaceful protest, they were not peace fall. They were not peaceful. Stop. Advertising stupidity for the world to see? Nobody believes you were laughing you when you say that, because you are a dance when you break Someone's front gate, you tear it down with a mob. You then the whole Mona wood burning, their house down and murdering them. That is not peaceful. Nobody believes you, no one. We're laughing at you, we know what
doing. We know your gas lighting efforts and nobody's buying it, so the mcclosky were charged by the just read the Leslie outrageously, bad, corrupt, local prosecutor, Kim Guy who is really probably right now, one of the most dangerous politicians in America. She charged them for daring to defend their own property against a violent mob, threatening to burn their house down and kill them after they ripped their front gate down. She, the prosecutor charge them a class keys. If you haven't heard this story, you probably have been unless you're living in a cave somewhere. So most of you probably heard this story, but if you, and You'Re- probably again you give this- is you got the story right express your head like baby, so you're tellin me just to be clear here, your tell him, I dont producer, drew loves the hand. Gesticulations is an italian thing. I'm sorry, he loves you. If I don't do, it is very upset.
Telling me here that a violent mob ripped out a couples front? Gay storms, their house threatens them trends that are basically break it to the house by a forced home invasion The couple does never fires a shot but walks outside with their weapon, defends their home and the couple defending their home, which are yes, yes, that's what I'm telling you what the heck does. This have to do with George Soros and liberal mega donors. Ladies and gentlemen, is it plan the whole time may get this article and a second here? But how did this corrupt, absolutely grotesquely corrupt prosecutors, who it was who charge the couple defending their lives in their home. How did she get into office, sir Liberals joy! Could Sierra hardened sorry liberal! Further Africa Prayers ACT. I
it s a three, this just the news: Peace, John Solomons, terrific website, The news Saint Louis Prosecutor, Kim gardener targeting the Mccluskey gets them the eight thousand dollars fusion from Soros, Laker attackers, I did as well. Because we can see the money trail. Now wages just decide note my next book, which is available for pre order, now follow the money. Have chapter on sorrows and how exactly he does what he does paying people all. Look at that Politburo in a book a very nice they follow. The money is to come right. There is a whole chapter on what sorrow stars, but so just news hook. Part. Can you put the just another piece of exam at Sharm reading this right, John Solomon and his sight? There were reporters over. They do actual reporting just intersect Saint Louis CUP. Not pleasant
the joy link it sixty or seventy eight thousand dollars from a source like group there by Christine Dolan, I'm just king job, I really not headline raw, say those prosecutor targeting because He had seventy eight care from source. Think ok, I'm not reading there right now. What's the problem here, what are they really doing? What are they up to? What Soros up to what source is interested billionaire? In a local race and Saint Louis False, this is my warning to you has been my warning to you for a long time, these liberal communists and socialists and anti american american hating antifraud types and pigs in a blanket flyer, a frame like bacon types. They will not stop, they want to destroy the country, a new and the process. You understand that please horse blinders for a minute, my gosh. If there's anything, I ever tell you you need to be crystal,
we are about this right away. So you understand the fight ahead. You think you're walking into fight with an experienced guy you're going to win in a minute, and you find yourself in an APOLLO creed Rocky fifteen round their head at the end of the 15th round, you're going what the hell just happened. Please, to steer these liberal groups are in it to win it. I'm not talk about all Democrats in the country have talked with these radical left us. They are in it to women and men, version of a win is the destruction of everything you know as America today. Soros and his liberal donors in these liberal groups. They work. We figured out a long time ago that you have to fight what's been called some friends and a group I roll with or used to the thirty front war.
Again. You can call it a conspiracy here. If your left, the story you wanted only means were over the target. I don't care, I disregard you buffoons all the time. What is the thirty front war left, knows jealousy audience referee step in a final explained this well, please, I, Sir the thirty front war, war on local elections, national elections, the court system, the culture, entertainment academia, withdraw the technical of the Tec, tyrants out their Google for rising everywhere. Why a thirty front war? Why not just spoke? Is your energy and say the presidency or national elections, because focused Our system is set up with checks and balances, both horizontal and vertical and our constitutional republic. It's difficult
to get major initiatives like destroying people's liberty, destroying their right to defend themselves. I e the Mcclosky S. You get it to take out the second amendment to take their money. Confiscatory taxation to implement new forms of socialism, taxes, taxation and are ready nation to take your health care away to indoctrinate your kids, it's hard to do that. There's always have obstacle in that one front. If this, the president doing so when you hit them on all fronts. You are like people locally like gardener com, their takes away. Your second amendment right by simply charging people. Now People in Saint Louis are afraid that if they defend themselves against the mob- and God forbid, have to use a fee. IRAN to defend the lives of them, their kids or their family, or protect your probably they're afraid, they're gonna go to jail. Ladies and gentlemen, whether you, whether the second amendment is there or not it Saint Louis, is irrelevant for them now. Do you understand that yeah yeah? If they can't get this second
members taken away legally they'll just get it. Take it away. Facto, not de jure amen, deal good, so ineffective and so useless that forbid. You use the second amendment to defend your property. Your families. Are you go to jail? Is the second, Emily even real, then what's real for us, but not if you live in Saint Louis, they couldn't get it done Barack Obama launcher. They figured let's fight on every front at the same time and overwhelm people Who believe in big our God, given rights and free, much overwhelm them, get them banned from too Sue them put them in jail if they defend themselves and item sore figured that out. That's why? What is George Soros care about the prosecutor and Saint Louis? He doesn't. He cares about this thirty front fight. That's why his money and not just but others, liberal mega donors
linked in guy and elsewhere that by their money filters, its way down to different fronts: the Culture war they attack wars, the caught the academic institutions, front groups, Antigua prosecutor, international, like in my book when I talk about this money in Ukraine. Ukraine want to fight this fight globally to attack political enemies. Ladies and gentlemen, these people are stupid. They want to wipe you out and any resistance to their big. From an agenda? This is very serious now. Luckily, his I do have a lot to get through various people still standing in the way. The purpose of this black, though, before I get this Ex videos, the Missouri, the attorney four Missouri, the entire state. Obviously now
Same who s being in misery? Obviously the mixture major Missouri attorney general. It's up to say about this ridiculous, corrupt charging, the mcclosky by came gardener, George Soros sponsored local prosecutor. He had something to say to I just before we get to this clip, I want to express to you the importance now in twenty two thousand and sixteen two thousand and twenty. This election coming up in just over a hundred days their walk into the election booth. Folks and yes, vote for the presidency and walk out. Please with humility and the greatest of respect do not Consider that down I'll races are just as important. If Soros knows it and left this now, We need to know that too. It's you, reset. It actually presidency sanity, have one on. If you have one on the best Senate race on the ballot, then it's your congressional Rebs, then state delegates. Ladies and gentlemen, Republican down the line ban.
Applicants aren't the answer to our problems there. Not they ve, largely sold you out to, but Democrats are most definitely the cause of all your problem. I'm not telling you there's a good choice. I'm telling you this! Unless bad choice you have to deal with the world were not the world who want to live in its no more difficult than that to understand Republican down the line. I very sorry they are not the party we thought they were, but the Democrats are exactly the party we think they are down ballot races matter because when you don't vote down bout races, people like him gardener get an office and slowly whittle away your second amendment by default. Here's a measure it turn general fighting back against a ridiculous charging. The mcclosky check this out I'm sorry to read your in their arms, is even higher social protection and the Missouri constitutional laws behind charge would forget. It these include Loser Castle doctor
We provide broad rice miseries examined within their personal seeking property against those who wish to be the norm in yet in the wake of radical calls upon the voice. It was great violent crime skyrocketing issue. The same, was circuit while suit against the scene was so. Who Gordon, report say they were doing just that bending the singular failing in a right and proper enough is enough as long as one person officer, I said, will not see lie while Missouri Walpi ignored That's. Why says in seeking the dismissal of this case? protect the rights of those areas that have themselves under various castle. Bottom prosecution is one we are ensuring that all miseries exercising the right to self defence the law on those areas cleared and must be protected. Do you want stand when he saying there Eric Schmidt this disguised, not stupid. The Missouri attorney general knows exactly what's going on.
Ladies and gentlemen, you can cite the costs driving up for the constitution, my format, getting you carry around a hard copy. Now it's on adapt everything strictly technical. Now Second amendment you understand is meaningless. If people like him, gardener can put you in for exercising it, those bigger God, given rights, you're not going to defend themselves the constitution, greatest governing document in human history. But, ladies and gentlemen, let us be clear that it is just a piece of paper: the principles size did it when appropriately defend are the greatest governing principles in the history of humankind, so document a door and the men who wrote it were brilliant. But it's meaningless. If it's not defensible meaningless. You have the right defend yourself, but if you exercise it will put you in jail now, folks, the media is in on this. I'm going to get you a quick, but by MSNBC contributed one of the legendary dope seven.
Can be saved but I'll men who system more on, but I want. Understand before I get to this one. Eighth of my second sponsor before I get this I want to just quickly. Such for this the media's in on this too, they understood the thirty front war, political, legal, cultural court system, condemning the media's role as activists and probably like propaganda like the Soviets. They have make sure you understand this? Well that the criminals are the good guys? And if you defend yourself you're the bad guys a play that a second today show also brought you by friends at branch. The gentlemen, those comfortable sheets, I've ever sleep down a great part about bowl B, O Alan Branch she's is the more sleep on the more comfortable they get like a fine line what a millions of Americans three former? U S, presence having common bala sheets of the soft, this most comfortable, pure organic cotton sheets, on earth.
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and branch dot com, promo code, bungee. No restrictions may apply, see bowl and branch that copper details. Godaddy sheets are superfluous. I said it's really bad road tolls, as the only dancer. Sometimes I got to travel. Ok, the media is one of those. Thirty plus France is more like a fifty fraud. More they know their role, higher Msnbc Cnn, you know the Soviets, the Prob ly propaganda, adjured properties. So their role again is to make sure that your big, our God given rights, are whittled away. So what are they? Do? They go tv and say things like gas to make sure you know. If you're in the resistance, the resistance, the chaos and you choose to defend yourself- that you're, the bad guy and the criminals are there I listen to the way home and describes President tromp sending in Their allegiance to stop you when you're buildings are being burned down check this out everybody.
It has been said here I think is about this particular issue is right, but not doesn't go far enough. You know we're talking this not just perform before a terrorism, MRS Authoritarianism misses a these are apparent, military units. These are the kinds of things that we have seen. The Inter go on Terry regimes in third world. Countries throughout the twentieth? Second half of the twentieth century. This is not a there's, not a mystery. What's going on here, and I think that to put it to look at this through the Prism of symbolic politics? The morn ordered campaign trump. Try to re, run the Nixon playbook. Is true, but doesn't, as I say, go far enough. We're looking, I think, here, and this is a dark and I dont want to be overly alarmist about this, but I think this is the time to be alarmist, knowing where dollar, stands right now, politically, standing where we are headed in this election. I think we're looking at eight Actually, a trial run for a kind of
J a genuine attempt to two to true temptation, potentially through force to try to what would you try? feel this election. The gig do, you see really did their arrival, if you stories totally upside down trump now is the one using intimidation and force drop. You have people in port news, businesses and buildings have been under relentless attack for almost three Now relentless attack graffiti ACT burned down, people attack people being punished in the the videos are everywhere. Just gotta. Andy knows account. Is social media accounts? If you don't mind You could see the videos yourself. Do you know the terror Antigua, the fascists. The fascist, caribou painting in Portland Violet, we're trying to overthrow the city president tribe sends in
relations by the we notice you calls and paramilitary paramilitary their federal age do not military or paramilitary their federal age, send them in to protect the people there and where the war since the citizens. These people represent these federal ages, where the ones guilty of intimidation how It was exactly what he's doing he's worth. King on behalf of big liberal, big guns. And socialist communist activists groups that are trying to build, down any resistance to their plants. They will attack you at will. They won't. Basically We and ate your big, our God, given rights and you will shut up and you will be re, educate disgusting. All right moving on has always every spend more time in these topics any plans they can have to get to I'd, showing you how this you think, I'm crazy here in this is just the media. Cultural, cultural, elitist academically does no no this is elected. So I came gardener elected politicians and the worst
turning general in the history of humankind anywhere Keith lesson in Minnesota, our former congressmen an ongoing disaster. This isn't it actual clear this is not the onion or the Babylon. Be it's not a satire site. It's not meant to be sarcastic. This an actual clip of the attorney general of May Your american state Minnesota saying if your raped, that cop should not respond. Folks if you're saying to me that this can possibly be true? Your clearly using hysteria here, just listen to the cod you'll probably have a different Then, on the other side of it, Euro London husband, of mother sexual assault and they asylum is ran away with, you rather talk to somebody who is training in helping you deal with it which are dealing with As opposed to, somebody whose main
meaning is that they know how to use a fire right. I just heard a groan over from Paul, which is rare, which is run work and I'm getting Paula might by got all your feedback and now she's as one of the show my beyond my friend, but we have to do this too much feedback people want they want pod. When I hear a groan, I typically know that that story has been. The guy punch show you heard what I heard right now here so you're, the victim of a sexual assault. I mean a violation of your body, its unimaginable
and Allison suggesting Nano. We dont want the cops there. We want a social worker. Ladies gentlemen, listen I'm not here. I am I I think assent. I spent a lot of time in school, studying psychology gray, who care about knocking social workers and all I don't intend to and don't take built, don't take my words in any way to mean that they do a lot of my great affixed, though you know a lot of lot of problems for a lot of people, God forbid you're the victim of a sexual assault I want that guy locked up locked up, quick. I want the guys with the guns responding because they are the guys with a rest powers. I'm not kidding when I tell you if a conservative said this yeah woman's rape, the victim of a sexual, saw no cops. Let's get a social work in their instead cancel culture, youth mewed potentially be subjected to
the guilty. I have not heard a dumber idea proposed by Ernie General, of a major state ever then this time idea and by the way just a question where the women's groups on this. Where are you know? Women's groups are for women's right where, where are you on this? Have I haven't heard anything now Joe you here, and I think your women's grew Holler shoe women's groups analysis now, not the mare either nobody's at the door nobody's. Have your there s nobody, my door, that's interesting! Syria on your computer may judge your drugs for aiding either way are you having prison when it recital fourteen people shot in Chicago last night, my life
matter. I got the black lives met, met manner. We met her eyes. Ironically, no man a black lives matter. Well, where are they wear? The women's groups on Keith Allison? Had social workers should respond to sexual abuse case or are they answers? Are nowhere because Democrats are enjoying the suck? I'm talking about elected official, They are there enjoying the suck near the sack you ve been in their military law enforcement, embraced the suck means you're, really hard work conditions, you workin, whenever you doing you're on a mission and it really states embraced the suck. You have no choice, crasser embracing the sack all over the country. They loved this chaos. I think it's great God forbid, you're the victim of rape. They want a social worker to show up real folks, I'm just playing their own words. Ok,.
These are their words are not they're, not my son. This God forbid, like this happens to you. I want the cop showing up, and I want the dude locked up like stat idiots, morons moron. I speak in a medium or answer me in Bulgaria. There's been a heavy shall so far on a lighter note, the great cayley man Maybe yesterday in our pressure at the White House, had an interesting moment now. John Carl, who doesn't know much about anything, means an alleged journalist. We say alleged cause. He doesn't really only thing about anything and you think journalists would their expertise, will be an facts and background of things like TAT s. It ocean of k we may make, as you know, the media is on the side again, like parliament and others of chaos. The criminals are the good guys and you're the bad guys for defending you're. So so Carl, ass, Makin Amy in this pressure. Yesterday, the Brady Press from pay out as President trot
have the authority to go in there with federal agents and do crazy things like enforce the law you didn't You didn't know the answers. What Joe? What's that, all than rule writing about when you're in politics never ever ask a question You don't know the answer to it. If it is about the golden rule, job is never ask a question. You no know the answer to in advance just say and John Carl would have fallen. This role. He wouldn't have been totally completely. Why a hundred percent are Katy, racked by K, Remit
Can any yesterday check this out there in the constitution? Does the president arrived the authority to send federal law enforcement officers to the streets of american Citys against the will of the electorate? Officials in no sense? Yes? Well, I am referring to. Is port linen forty? U S code, one! Three! One five gives the age ass: the ability to deputize officers, department or agency like ice customs and border patrol and secret service, quote as officers and agents. They can be deputize for the duty. Buy in connection with the protection of property, owned or occupied by the federal government and persons on that property and went to federal courthouse is being lit on fire commercial fireworks being shot at it being shot at the officers. I think that that's all pretty well within the limits of forty: U Dot S code, one thousand three hundred and fifty I would have made that cut better. I have these linked rollers from if she went like this, like don't you think,
I have these everyone. I do you not know it would not have a great deal. Just walked away like pulled out a liberal or she had a black dress azure its way. Classic that would have been the greatest moment ever though she just like lit rolled or like took a sip of coffee after that is my job. Yeah my drop, like all Obama time by drop, never the question you don't know the answer to that, you don't know the price you you, you are real. John Carl respected reporter folks trust me, doubt, would reporters my prior line of work. They'll, I'm not kidding not all of them and want to stereotypes. The people I with where some of the dumbest people I have ever met my life, I'm not kidding if you heard their kind safe. You would be. I can say this enough. You would see
your head, like what did this guy finished a third grade, He was unaware the president has authority to defend federal property, he's the chief exact, of the federal government men they give away the everything Thank you I was going to end this Bob sorry, George, you stated we extended decide its here's a trick for you reporters out there I get it. You know when Nation double digit iq stuff, the price the computer doesn't get that, but. When you see a descriptor in front of an object that says federal like Federal Court House, federal property, depressed. It is probably has some authority to do something. Law enforcement wiser just throw it out
There are just draw out there. You know I'm not a journalist, like you, guys, elaborate that small. I'm about smart enough to be a journal. What am I right? Ism dopey former Cobb Joe? priority when you went away tomorrow when we know federal, do anything who Shaggy fatter Court have federal guy I swear to God I'll somewhat. There is the greatest tool ever because I have the like hammers set my one, the melons, sometimes to make sure that computer still functioning some of these people really this stupid. The answer is yes, they are good for Cayley, MAC and Amy for setting this done straight. I've got another media clip, I'm sorry for little media matters where I get them into gets my money by next bit: CNN Brianna Killer up there with on call member, what I told you these are some of the dumbest people over ever me. Who apparently, does
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Had some interesting words about Hydroxyl clerk, when I play that minimum we'll put up some interesting commentary from CNN that calm afterwards. I guess she doesn't read that check this out, but remember when you're talking about things like this. You remember the hydroxide chloric win fiasco where the entirety of the media was dead, set against anyone ever talking about this. Simply because the president expressed optimism, now? Why three has it kills? Hame arrogantly gas and everybody embraced a study that showed that at that Was a failure and then that study had to actually be withdrawn and now there another study that shows that it can actually cut deaths by as much as are duly presario talking about european values? That are you talking about the study that also includes corticosteroids, which are helpful in corona virus? It's not hydroxide chloric. When that helps patience I mean.
You're, not a doktor, clearer. You check your traffic again, your chair, near cherry picking, your chair. I got here like that I'd like to underline clearly you dollar. So then, why now in bringing this up Again, I m sorry to keep you. They are some of the dumbest people. You will ever meet collective collective. I q is in the possibly the single digits, so Doktor Brianna Killer. Just came. She journalist. She says you know: Hydroxyl Corcoran kills people, you know. I talked to scientists and doktor. She says: do you talk to the people had CNN that come where this article just boy? This is who gosh. Her Joe you see about CNN Health study.
Mine's hydroxyl clerk when may have boosted survival, but other researchers have doubts by Maggie Fox, Andrea, came and Elizabeth Cohen. So there too Myrtle was right. There's a study, the finds it hydroxide Corcoran boost survival. A study covered by CNN but Brianna Killers on here. By the way, if I was a producer of hydroxyl cork, when I would sue this woman, I Dropsy Clark when kills people. She said. I do actually clerk. When can you standing by that philosophy out there who are aboard today and have nothing to do. I suggest you, email, CNN and respectfully ask Is that statement accurate we'd, like Brianna, killer redress that again on the air that Hydroxyl cork, when kills people appear she's give medical advice on the year. Does it not just asking pierce machine Icy is so if you're on a proxy cork went
could save your life. You have lupus and autonomy in disorder or its being used to. You under medical advice for the dreadful symptoms of corona virus Brianna Killers telling you that you're going to kill you Let us a little bit of a problem on our hands here. But what would you say if you she was really confident about it? She tossed aside, This is doctor is apparently you ve told her that I guess what Made it up what scientists or Doktor told told you that exactly. Be a real shame! Female CNN and asked her to go on the record again with that. We would like to see or double down on that one if she really believes that GMO Brianna Killers Moura who doesn't know anything who can Did we would rather see would rather give erroneous outrageous,
on scientific advice on the air to try and attack president trumpeted communications guy. That's the only reason she said that she's not smart enough to say anything. Otherwise, that's a real clap. By the way down. We didn't it is that we just cut short everything you need to see. You saw right, there are moving on false. There is a lot of substantive, really critical candidly dangerous stuff to talk about. Today is what dangerous I mean: dangers for the future of the country. We opened up the show talking about the organised, an attack on your rights through the thirty front war, but there's also in that legal front, legal political that's one of the front. We have been very very concerned about folks if we Lou, when I say the political front, as you say, legal front legal, I mean by changing laws, but the battle by the left, obviously to take back the election winners for Joe by noon and for them to take back the Senate could be deeply troubling for a check out this article to worse than examiner,
come on, it's happened. My show no data from today or yesterday, but you know that calm, Slash newsletter, please check out the shone out. That's how you subscribe. GNP gallery of nightmares, ten policies, Biden and the Democrats would ran through after axing the filibuster folks, they should scare the living Haiti's out of every single one of you. Here's the Democrats plan for you, which will dismantle the republic in probably under a few years. If all this stuff goes through number one, they want to get rid of the filibustering filibusters Tucker Cross. Inscribe last night we talked about last week on the show, as well is the only thing right now if we lose the presidential presidential election in the Senate, the only thing between you and the chaos, the only thing to filibuster, is the way the minority in the Senate that Minority Party, which is the Democrats now, but would be the Republicans if we lose the Senate, it's the
the way the minority Party can stop disastrous things from happening? If that goal way in a simple majority vote: the sentenced way to pass legislation. Democrats have the majority, God forbid, you Going to see these ten things, I want to talk about, be shoved right down your throat and it ain't, gonna, taste, good. Because you don't believe me thou when you take out the Democrats, wouldn't dare get rid of the fella buster there's a hundred plus year tradition of the filibuster in the Senate. They wouldn't just casually throw that out what they again. Ladies and gentlemen, don't listen to me. Listen a church humor himself check this out. Vice President Biden recently suggested that you be open to supporting eliminating the filibuster. If Republicans obstructed where, where do you stand on that our new more receptive to taking a look at doing a job number one is for us to get the majority.
We don't take anything for granted, but it's looking better and better, and once we get the majority will discuss it, nor caucus nothing's off the table again. Folks, Listen to me, listen to the Democrats was a dentist green line. The good. They are who we thought they were. The Democrats are who they say they are. You need my for just listen to humor, they will dump the fella buster Day, one day, one by the middle of January? You will be looking at a legislative apocalypse. You cannot stop anymore. So, what's on their agenda, what are these ten things? he's got to him quickly the list of Horrible's that you can expect to see. God forbid, we lose the selection. There will be an assault weapons bent us all weapons. Now, why do I use them? crash terminology there, that's the point. Salt weapons that that term does it mean if democrats have never been able to define? Well, what's the purpose of we
it loosely defined, but his enemy wherever the Democrats say it needs for guns painted black. The guns really law. If it has a say ray a site on top of it as a, saw Bay and out of the bottle. Remember that Jim from the EU, the eventually oh, by the way- you are remember that mobility I'll make that's the whole point, an assault, its ban will mean the Democrats or ban whatever firearm. They want You think we'll be solved weapon. Secondly, Amnesty Bell: that's a lock you'll, see that not be pushed right, drone or filibuster no way to stop. Steve twelve to fifteen million people in the country, totally illegal. That one is a lock, your see taxpayer funded abortions again, whether you believe in life from conception to natural death. Like I do
Or your pro abortion, I think we can all agree taxpayers money should pay for all that'll be got they'll, be taxpayer funded abortions. They'll, be your tax dollars going to terminate human life. No doubt about that. Tax we already know that talk about unless we come out there and then I can a hike. Our taxes in a government imposed recession causes disasters lock goes out, although very said they will are you to know that you can either capital gains tax? I corporate tax sites, income tax, I'd find it the transaction taxes are you haven't ever you haven't seen any us? I'm really sorry if your liberal watching you under the mistaken guys- and I cannot hide my middle class taxes- they ve already said they will they ve already said that that is definitely come in your way, check so again, whether you believe in the power of unions are not again, I might add that union I'm at. I admit I force and coercion carjack so that
you don't have a secret ballot and more deciding to Jordan and you can be basically to carjack force. They submit a card. Instead. Democrats have wanted that four years. Democrats don't believe in choice. They only say that These e statehood washed in these he's. Not a state is the seat of the federal government. It has always been that way Washington D C, which I don't believe in modern times, is ever voted for a republican president. Ever These will be say you will have two more Democrat senators and that will never ever change. You will never get the majority back court packing. You know those five four rulings of the Supreme Court, Joe they'll, be fifty four as they packed the Supreme Court and we pact
Supreme Court. Next thing you know you have one thousand six hundred seventy to justice is on the Supreme Court. They'll have to expand the building cord pack met so thing next, whenever they get email, four or five, six more justice is then a Republicans. You know that the bad ones, but we know that in principle we get through the safety not only package through that will lead to more than Adela twenty, more and you'll be looking at the end stages of the United States public option for healthcare. That's coming the public. Have you no way? Oh yeah and why would we have a public that sounds great people can choose a government option for health care? You know government health, caring. That sounds fair folks. You don't really believe that. Do you feel what the purpose of a government public option is because it's a government can use your taxpayer dollars to charge below market fees, which would do what Joe run,
sure it's companies at a business? Therefore it wouldn't become me public option. It would become, the only option. How does that sound? You, like your insurance company now than you fight the public option, because your insurance company Beata Business, when the public option uses your taxpayer dollars to drive, you are from free market, of corruption right off the market, he'd say Cancun. Any worse always will. There'll be a full blown attack on the oil companies. I know of your liberalising scrawny, our companies I had on this now that for corporate welfare in any respect but having. Said that the attack on the oil companies will be thirty, France, meaning what here, spill probably go up by a hundred two hundred percent like that, like the idea seventy two hour guess vote Democrats find the green new deal. You know no more foreign cows, air travel or anything like that. Whether that passes, I'm not sure. I think even
blue state Democrat senators would be left out of the joint. I mean nobody voted Frequencies green deal, but to be candid folks, there's nothing stopping them nothing now, without that Philip I don't want to be too Debbie Downer either so good chance we hold the Senate. We can even add to. It is a good chance. We, when the presidency too, I'm just telling you, ladies and gentlemen, as I did on yesterday's show elections or contrast. There binary choices this candidate or that candidate. We're doing everyone on the show a disservice. If that's Happy pessimistic index doubts, I know no, let's explained the downsides, so you we stand. If you don't show up, devote exact what's gonna happen, you folks, I need to speak, I put this on my social media counterpart of the other day, I'm not kidding. I don't give a rat's caboose. If there
category seventy two hurricane or tornado! When your neighborhood on election day, I dont care for raining snowing sleeping hailing. I dont care of cats and dogs are dumping from the sky, I don't care. If the rain is horizontal, you have got to vote and take ten, your friends with you take twenty rent, a van and take forty. I don't care This is, without a doubt, the most critical election our lifetime. I've got more to get to the really too big loaded news. Let me get my final sponsor not to get to this relief bill, which is another disaster there proposing another corona virus relief bear. Ladies gentlemen, it's just I mean what are we relief bill, which is another disaster there proposing another corona virus relief. Bear. Ladies gentlemen, it's just I mean it.
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veterans and first responders see I save even more money. So please make the switch today call nine seven to Patriot, that's nine. Seven to patriot or visit pay treat mobile dot com. Slash then get your customize plan, starting it just twenty five dollars. Nine seven to page that's nine, seven to Patriot or Patriot, mobile back home. Slash stand. Go today, thanks, Patriot Mobile, for supporting the shell. So there's another bill out there you need to be aware of, and you have to be very skeptical about what's going on right now. Folks, sadly, is a lot of the good conservatives up in Congress and the Senate side of him, pointing out Republicans many of them Sadly, abandon their value, its annex used to stay home on election day, I'm very sorry that every republic, it is not and to live up to our standards. But as I've said you and I will say again, no matter what, although
Ah, begins may not be. The answer to all the problems are. Democrats are most definitely the cause of all of your problems, some of more abandoning their principles. This next pandemic relief, build their proposing is an example that they have an article in the wash them examined again be up in the shadows and please check By J half when what's on the table, and these pandemic relief talks, folks enough of the proposed relief packaged they're, not relieving anything anymore, here's what's in it, it's not all bad. Sadly, the majority of it is really bad. First, there is a good idea in it which we should be, as it should be: a stand alone bill, a payroll taxes that would be great a cot on your payroll, this would put more money back in your pocket to Morrow whenever you get paid for Jack would go up, go up for their report. Decent junk, a change. Do it's not listen! I get it
the short term stimulus. I, like more long term structural changes, it's better than nothing. People spend their own money because cost and quality matter the cost of what you say. Milton Friedman always says the cost of what you're buying there's an equality matters because you're buying it with your money. That's the good part. Secondly, is another good part to it, but sit outside we'll get to them There are some legal shields built building. Ladies and gentlemen. Listen. Some people and that in the in the trial of the legal profession, have taken advantage of this pandemic. Suing everybody in their mother. Listen gross negligence! Now you noted urban protection. You get your willingly or or just from your own, pure unadulterated stupidity get people sick. Then that's fine, but if you're taking proper precautions in your business folk, she can't be sued by every person that walks in the door will have
business is left. There are some legal shields built in. I think this is a very good idea where, if you taking appropriate precautions, you will be shielded legally good idea package that I am all for payroll taxes, legal protection, not just within there. We got, unfortunately, more relief checks going out. Ladies and gentlemen, these relief checks are coming from you. It's a fake it's monopoly money, it's your money being give it back to you just let everyone keep their own money to a payroll tax. Why are you taking it sending to the government to send it back in the form of a relief check. Has anybody. This through just let everyone here their own money in the first place. No, don't, let's take it and give it back to them. First, while we take a cut for ourselves more relieved checks. Let people
keep their own money. They won't need your check. They'll get a paycheck state aid. Ladies gentlemen, no more so eight. The states have to figure this out. I know that hearts and I know it did to do big boy rules now, but I moved to Florida to get away from profligate. Stay like Merrick, Maryland in New York, that just take their taxpayers money and just friend that whatever they want, I got away from that. I'm for New York anymore and neither should you stated he's finished. We gave enough state aid. I'm sorry! We gotta take the Europe of it back here and talk like a mature adults. I don't, but spending money we don't have. They want more money for testing Daniel Objective testing, our objective thing they haven't spent. The money from the last really package are destined. Kiddies spend that first, I'm Jack, I'm just asking questions the cares
Testing money has robbed spread yet before we do Our money on testing can we spend that just a question folks? Finally, there is talk for more enhanced unemployment benefits. Folks, listen, is a really dumb idea. If you pay people, more money than they can make working they're, not gonna work, not all of them, but enough of that you're going to cause a deep impact and a long term recession. We will never be out of this thing. If you pay people that not go back to work, good, the rest of this stuff, you I mean you're, just begging for a long term recession. I'm not kidding. I moved on these people. This thing is a really bad idea: the payroll tax and the legal protections good, the rest of this stuff. You I mean just begging for a long term recession, I'm not kidding. I moved on loaded Newsday today. The Tec tyranny continues Norway, yet how its head
for us again. I've told you a lot of my horror stories right twitter banning us from running ads and all big mistake. Bodily big mistake: it's probably whites jumped Ahmed parlor. It shouldn't have that way. National pulse article up it by GINO Report, bungee to report that free plug, but why here's the story of the national parks. Google appears the blacklist non mainstream new sites, causing quote a technical issue here. We gotta Joe again another technically you with the tech companies now to be fair to Google, because I'm fair on my people affair to us. What happened yesterday, I got an email, give you a little background from a listener: Sudan. The some weird happened, I will bunch. You know that com I have two websites punch. You know that calm and bind GINO report that com, which is the conservative alternative to the Liberal Drudge report. What have you use it every day we appreciate
but a listener email me and said I can't get it it's weird I put GINO reporting in budget report doesn't come up. I set it up. Lines. He was her Paul is the internet guru in this house. She was like, I don't get it what's wrong. Well, now it or make sense screenshot from this peace at the national level, the Joe Technical issue again that to block access to my website quote the surgeon Jim Powerhouse, Google, which lamented president trumps election and twenty sixteen and published a document entitled. The good sensor was for It is time that showing results for sites like the national pulse, bright, Bart citizens, free press, the daily collar red state, Bon GINO Report and more? What are they all have in common? Our conservative leaning sites here- and we are now again
fair to Google. There were some left this sites and they are. One of them was the daily coasts and occupy Democrats. But these weird technically that technical, issues always appear to impact. The majority of conservative site is not weird, we're gonna be not allowed to talk about this when I left their questions anymore. Such is that these articles we have shown us and by the way, break pardon conditioning peace to arise in eighty in tee in T Mobile Pair You have an issue of president trumps texting programme. They shut it down. Variety Can t t Mobile, shut down Trump campaigns texting farewell, really getting some by regulatory issues? Does regulatory issues affect other campaigns are
Democratic Abraham, just I'm just checking and we're just asking questions, or is it just the Trump campaign as regulatory issues just doin that out their folks? I am running out of time you I wanna, get these two story: seven hold them for days and I got a clean slate gotta clean the deck here so time as a piece about you know, I was pointing out liberal hypocrisy everywhere, so this is a fascinating one job. What you check this out time headline here from Time magazine they once We great magazine these millionaires, a billion or so they should pay more taxes to cover cover. Nike, gauze. Ok, just like her to have not only a more history it is a story. Prepay bore you! Alright, I'm going to stop where you go baby, theirs!
Nothing I enjoy more there pointing out these. Are you ve made their own money? Who now want to part taxes on themselves? Only what I just pay more there's a box check the box Send them, are you out I've read what was it with the number the highest amount of revenue the federal government is ever receive involuntary tax payments. Twelve million dollars, an additional tax money, twelve million twelve million one billion air could pay that himself. If all the liberals in America got together and put a dollar a day,. More money than the twelve million dollars the government raised, I think record tax voluntary taxpayers. They don't do with these people are total complete frauds and phonemes fakes. Every time total
rods. We want to pay more, go right ahead. Nobody stopping! You are. Let me get this last story because I got a clear the deck today and I want and are one of recent times I roll over news, could do so much to talk about our may last hour. Baseball I discuss this yesterday I discussed the beginning is show some and leave it to the end today to get in the other news, but is major league baseball intentionally trying to piss off its entire fan base and bank? that's all I'm just asking, because if you weren't going to do it, this is the way you would do and write anything peace up in the water examiner today by Tom Joyce. The last thing baseball needs is woke activism. In case you missed it. I played a video yesterday, major League baseball was proud of it by the way they put it out in their twitter feed without the San Francisco giants kneeling for the national anthem. You know crap on the country, disrespect and the country, that's just what baseball nationally, based both its great now so Tom Juries, some interesting thoughts about this. Are they trying to go bankrupt? Major league baseball? Let's go
our first green share from the species is, of course a good piano agree with everything in it, but this is a good piece. The handsome interesting thoughts to check this out. He talks about how the fan base year is Org declining. He says. Quota least popularity is declining already attendance, a straw priest, thankfully, in recent times in two days, Seven. Eighty million people attended regular season and I'll be games, including repeat fence. Last year the number dropped the sixty eight point: five million. The leaks fan base is getting older, is at risk of dying off twenty seventeen. The average fanned was fifty seven years old up from fifty two in two thousand six. Additionally, seven percent of their fans, were under the age of eighteen, even though minors were about one fourth of the population of the twenty ten census. I about you, but when my fan base declines, thankfully it hasn't. First thing I want to do is peace the rest of em off ass, a great man you. What do you do that the Chinese are by the way, through those view, semi emails and Facebook messages who worked in him,
be I'm not gonna, say your names, don't you worry wouldn't there and who, sons and daughters who work in major baseball and told was really go on. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, it's a lot more, it's worse than you thought. I ll leave it at that, it's your! Yet they were fascinating. It wasn't just one either. Now case. You think well worked out so great for the NFL. You know the whole disrespecting the national anthem alienating your fan base. Second screenshots from the bees did it. What a two thousand seven washed and postpone found that fifty three percent of people felt zone was never appropriate to kneel for the national anthem over there so the twenty sixteen twenty seventeen NFL seasons, the least tv ratings declined by more than seventy percent of GDP,
our pole and EU bs pull both found that the top reason for France tuning out protests of the national anthem. Choose your entertainment choices wisely. They want to kneel on you, you could stand up for something at them. Deal stand up I'll, put my hand on my heart and respect any of them. Every time you want to protest, you protests away, but don't disrespect the flag. We have choices. My folks, thanks again for June in please try to my show Youtube that consultation, GINO and Apple POD guess as well. Subscriptions are always free. They help us move up the charts. I help us other people find. This We really appreciate that basic. You just heard in Bonn, GINO.
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