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The Epstein Fiasco Gets Even Uglier (Ep 1105)

2019-11-07 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive new revelations about the efforts to punish the real whistleblower who outed the Jeffrey Epstein/ABC scandal while I also address the continued efforts to attack the fake “whistleblower” who is responsible for the false claims against the Trump administration. Finally, I debunk some 2020 election myths about gun control and the “shrinking” middle-class. News Picks:The “whistleblower’s” attorney has some explaining to do.


I thought Vindman said he didn’t know the “whistleblower”?


Another transcript is released from the fake impeachment proceedings. 


A key Sleazy Schiff impeachment witness admits he never even spoke to Trump about the Ukraine military aid.


Support for impeachment is falling as the Ukraine “quid pro quo” hoax is exposed. 


John Solomon’s latest article address the complete failure of the FBI to vet sources in the Spygate case and others.


Is it time to revisit those Bill Clinton rape allegations?


No, the American middle-class is not disappearing.


New Zealand’s gun confiscation law is looking like a complete disaster


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no thank you a big collective groups to everyone who came out through the fox asian patriot awards s night tampa back in my home studio seven hours a drive in to get there it back to see you all it was awesome i had a blast that's nice there's been some great media coverage of the event we had a lot of fun one big outside for me though i blew it last night at the patriot worsen as you saw it on air on fox i believe during the week day civilly job it's bad codes the famous coach of the minor league cocky team dead what
i am told these players if you think you're gonna need for the hatch you let them get the added here right now that i read it to john crumpets give a coach backstage in a green room i didn't click right away who we was so john please call me ebay i wanted a pic i dont like selfies or eight i never take pictures you may instagram i really take pictures with any other talents vanished probably here i can underline job because the viral ram ever the red he's telling us players you're going to for the national anthem get up at bottom my locker room i started this guy and i missed it it is so upset a welcome to the dead body no show producer joe how are you and this way might well man and show much go at all and we hear something like that you're looked straight as somebody locally and it is just a note a lot of people are asking for you folks joe and i have mentioned we are gonna do a public of land
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our maryland bodies by the way i will be up in maryland tomorrow saturday at six o clock to celebrate the event my friend a delegate up in maryland public and good guy brian chisholm so i'll be stop it in there to say i if you wanna go to his web page brian chisholm like the movie so tat out if you want to say hello melbury he's wearing my bodies i grew up then grow up with my kind of grew up in that it should win them over identical advantage i check that i did years area is my body i love deca so taking a trip back home a joke jos barrio i folk so yeah man was policymaking for this job there freaking out their free i'm gonna book in this segment they continued impeachment fiasco farce joe fake whistleblower controversy coup stage number three member states treat first was a coup oaks in the mall or hoax now we're at the whistleblower house right i'm going to book on this route i'm gonna start here with a video audio of adam schiff adjusted cup
we ve got who job hell bent on getting the whistle blower opted a hill to tell everybody behind closed doors about this devious call where trump cuts this deal with the ukrainian sets out very saw the country at all why so we're going are we then we're going to end with the appeal pulling at how bad i'm telling you this is really getting for the democrats and that the gist this segment here is going to be this entire fiasco is collapsing on the democrats in a massive face planted the concrete and now even with the help of a unified anti trust media they can't say this fiasco anymore let's start would shift this is a few weeks ago leezie lying adam ship he's
car but i do need to get a whistle blower out there he needed and keep in mind anxious hiding the whistle blower now get to the second night but play this cut first check him out just a few weeks ago when you spent two years and was alone very soon i get it will depend probably more on how quickly the director of national intelligence can complete security clearance process before the whistleblowers lawyers but we're ready to hear from the whistle blowers soon as that is done madame always going out one year ago i can write me to get that next pocket me like a wave or something so shift a few weeks ago is absolutely made it where's this devastating information joe of our trump selling their country out to ukraine information on by we need to get tat would supply up there there were changed what what's a little you what are what area where are aged is obviously we found out about the bevy of connect
hence between national security council staff who were supposed to be working for the white house providing national security information now appear currently spying on the white house leaving the white house going to work first shift and now we find did adam shift lied about his contacts between he bore his staff and people representing the whistle blower no south hide alike collusion georgia in yeah sounds like there was one a plot going on with intel connected people inside the usa to gather information on the trap line us we will call spying and passing it but a sleazy adam ship who donald trump completely here stage one and when i'm framing for you now is again a book in of the complete collapse impeachment farce and fiasco which is going to end how even the public despite for media unity in on the lie that way
the lower house they cannot save this now step one ship has been exposed as a polluter with people in by the end of sea to spy on the white house about a foot story about a transcript we can all red and a deal that never hap shit it does not want it out there how he whistle blower who'd been identify babies nuclear investigation is charm ella eric charm ella real clear it's got that store we covered at last week the connections between share charm ala people on the indices staff the the you crazy and interference in the twenty sixteen election and key people we're dealing with charm and others during that fiasco with you are devastating ok so yes again the media all n we were
that the shower j the charge eighty affairs whose the number two for the united states in any embassy around the way of the ambassador in the charging europe the charges in ukraine a guy named bill taylor who clearly at this point hates donald trump tailors tests the was put out there yesterday i remember the secret testimony in the star chamber there run it for impeachment that was put out yesterday taylor stare my what we told joe again by the hack media we were told again job this is fifteen different fact point data point confirming that there was in fact a deal although we have the transcript and there's no deal but we were told taylor said that you have now this is where the it's fascinating i'd like to put up the actual transcript of white taylor actually said and i think you are get a real kicked out of how taylor
for the sharp j disguise the number two for the united states indicates how he got this information that tromp was a deal with the ukrainians for investors he should about biden and he wanted information right listen what amateur put up this testing this is a total trips by ladys at selden good congressmen up there from new york district one so he did some question any asks taylor used to be the ambassadors of charging for the purposes of this taylor says selden says third paragraph down on page twelve tell us is ok paragraph down a page twelve tell it's ok right in which he described the phone conversation with some linen president trump yes sir so seldom says this is the only reference in your opening statement abiden other than the one prince to the july twenty fifth call your folks the transcript called we're talking about this whole thing started with he says and this is the first in other words all out before you go on
kelvin selling that as suggesting to tell her that way you aren't even on the call did you hear it from someone else who was on the call so seldom those are he says it's our only not first in it's not second hand but thirty neither he says but if i others then this correctly you are telling us that too orson whose an eta see another necessary gigantic i told you that ambassadors i told him that president trump told someone that's a linsky would have put investigation by capacitor taylor that's correct probably do you heard it from another that lesson that's not even accurate joe the actual versus i heard a proper pray do heard it from a friend who heard if i'm afraid i'm afraid from a your who around this is even dart did for me so this guy taylor was not alma call he did you hear
directly he heard it from a dude who ordered from a dude who are to do told another dude that there was a deal that's nowhere to be found in the transcript of the call who did do who told the due to told the dude set was on the tragic but the calling allegedly hardly call if this as it is now you want to see if it is all right how crazy double daniel do there are still why this whole impeachment fiascos collapsing nobody can point to wear this deal actually happened it's not actually in nepal that started this it's not there we have the transcript whistleblowers says it's a first hand the word for word account through the transcript that's for standard breaks the whistle blowing up it's not actually in the transcript these guys
complaining about the deal that never happen heard about the deal from a dude who heard from a dude who told the do that another do told another dude about a deal that nobody can seem to find pinned down if this is like dan this is stupid exactly you know he gets this the democrats thought this was an open and shut case and candidly folks it would have been if the transcripts what the whistle blower who says in his own memo it's a word for word transcript as per standard practice if the transcript had including the deal the illicit the of democrats china peach trip over this would be an open and shut case for them maybe not for the senate but you understand not this alleged quid pro quo doesn't exit nobody can find it and the only people testify upon the hell about it despite what the media the media least
taylor confirms quid pro quo no he doesn't he confirmed that do told the dew told another due to told him that another dude saw something it doesn't exist that's what actually happened man that's the test the morning look at yourself you ve got making this up i got an update on the efforts thing i never saw the little way i never saw him before that was that was killer i mean a friend afraid of written but about about it unbelievable doing not even third action there man got even thirty i got more on this hope i can book this because its get folks this gets crazier i've again what they are actually don't go anywhere folks they get a loaded show for you today we have they didn't get this is getting really briefly our show yesterday blew up out of a muslim and you shall ever is about the us if you miss they go back and listen up petition a member what we're book ending this why ship who was so anxious that the whistle blower who
pensions this illicit deal with ukraine four hundred bind information why ship is hiding the whistleblowers their hiding them because this thing is totally collapsing despite the media is best efforts in these leaks transcripts and now these public transport or to tell you there was a deal nobody can find the deal the pit we're alleging that word you didn't even here at second or third hand and nobody can pin point what the deal was because it's not in the transcript ok let me point this drug text out bill tailor the charge aid the same guy alleging he heard from a friend who heard from a friend mamma you getting about the deal here's the text from a couple weeks ago i showed you from gordon someone to build taylor and actual text about the deal here's taylor texting gordon some as i said on the phone i think it's crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign in other words tailors texting salmon are you
ambassador about the quid pro he thinks he knows about from a friend from a friend from of right here's sub someone's text back here on the youtube youtube com accomplished punchinello redeploy bill i believe you are incorrect about president trumps intentions the president bring clear no quid pro quo rose i believe this folks i'm my sincere apologies to you for the median after the show i hate that you know what the economic growth going on there were some charter school issues from school choice that somehow care stuff that we wouldn't i would really love to be covering other things right now during this twenty twenty election but i'm telling you i am not wasting your time this is the most important crisis right now we have to put a turn it get on entry as this now
because the media are net this there is no media in this country anymore there's a problem like gas lighting false information an outlet whose sole purpose is to get rid of the present and based on false information if we don't day after day knock out these brush bias in a dry forests the whole house is gonna burn down so we are forced every day to come on the year through you the voice of the people out there for the president to fight back and not these brushfires them before this because another collusion hopes were dealing with two years late none of what you were told to some this little sub section of the larger why the impeachment farces falling apart the sub section here is the testimony of tail the sharp that was released yesterday theirs that say there was a quid pro quo it says the opposite than he was oh there wasn't one in a text and with where he but
leaves it was what he heard from a guy from a guy from another guy who told the guy another guy said now there's an excellent piece of work fred was please read the shone out today about you know that come subscribed to my newsletter the website will send them right here i got big news on that coming soon by the way state you accept peace eddie inimitable sean davis you if you're not follow me on twitter following him she's me you're making a big mistake skies work is just knocked out of the park ever cared say enough about it shone davis friend was blue checkmark guy worth your time is article here again up at the jonah testimony the transcript this the same transcript we'll talk about from from the testimony of their shows william taylor or even talked and shrub what's it even the judge your buddy phone call a top any trouble it is perhaps democrats taylor admitted
he was it on the july twenty five call joe added never even spoke at a trump about the military aid we have mentioned we now let me just called to because it gets even better for from shore davis's peace vote member this this is supposed to be the kill shot against trop tellers going to bring about a key democratic witness taylor against trump admitted testimony last but that he was not part of the july twenty five call between trumpet the ukrainian present that he didn't even your transcript read out until it to late september would he classified and that he's never even spoke in the president's donald trump oh my gosh i'm gonna need like a frontal lobe lobata me here one flew over the cuckoos net style with the early
they are one the electric electro convulsive thereby being serious eminent need to scramble maya neuro trans but i cannot believe how so let me just get this straight to some this portion up about taylor he heard for pan about a deal that never happened instead of asking the president about that deal what he runs in front of congress and lies about a deal that never happen he never spoke to the president about a deal he claims happened it didn't happen that's not in the transcripts he was not even on nepal where the whistle blower blew the whistle on a deal that is in in in nepal taylor and even on an tailor them even saw a transcript of call until september after trump declassify we're going to appease the present over there
right that's the deal the proper gonna kick the president's office over this we're kicking the president out of office over a transcript of a call that doesn't it yes the transcript you say exists about a deal doesn't exist cause that's not the real transfer the focus is really unfathomable what's going on right now now i want to get this we're still in this fuck you i haven't even book it it would how this whole fiascos collapsing in their faces i haven't even got the pole again which is now turning disastrous for the democrats why they don't want this whistle anywhere near congress right now i want to play this for you do this last night the louisiana tromp rally this is tromp at the rolling and he gets a story onstage unsurprisingly to my listeners endures he gets a breaking news story
about the whistleblowers attorney i believe its aim is size is the hiv marks i don't have to say pronounce itself forgive me i'll put the tweet up in a minute don't worry about that but i what are you seventeen tweed from me whistle blower fake whistleblower democrat operative a twenty seven tweet from his attorney that's pre godard scary i'll put the tweet up admitted but i want you to watch tromp as he gets news of the breaking news at the whistleblowers attorneys tweet on this stage good for tromp for laying waste to this guy on the stage in front of a national bodies less i checked this things have happened cuz you know i don't know if you saw it just got off i'm coming off the plane and they had me look at this character okay then the story who is whistle blowers attorney said in twenty seventeen when that once there was a long time ago it's all right
january twenty seventeen a coup has started and the impeachment will follow ultimately george it's all out it's a scam and you know help them these people right back here the media and then set up their lights going to go on for cnn light is gonna go it said from the lawyer please ball it said i predict at sea we'll play a key role in at real donald trump not finishing out his first term can you believe this this is and this was done a long time ago then he goes as one falls to more will take their place referring to outgoing trump administration employs
by the way have been put through hell by this sleaze back there and by crook politicians show which is rather this by the way did what reminded me of a member output gino sent the woman i love that lie when he's in court or put off after all on that that's trot like he's just burning down now like the whole schwab rodents as did disaster the all mass he is just that the point here is weighing burning this thing down burning it down and good for him it to the ground because its such a rat infested mass the fake who filed a whistle blower complain about fake information about a deal that didn't happen that nobody can describe and that the only
are describing the fake deal heard it from a person who heard it from a person who heard from a pursue heard from another person that too oh in twenty seventeen put up the tree please we're talking about a coup mark s i why we make some sense of sophisticated who is started first of many steps rebellion impeachment follow ultimately hashtag lawyers are you sure we could another hashtag imbecile that is really really stupid so obviously the plot to take our tropical what thousand and seventeen tweet began a lot earlier with this lawyer that we suspected but if you watch this show off and you weren't you know that because you know the history of alleged whistleblower char umbrella and others in our dealings with
ukrainians and democrat operatives interested in taking our trump you know all of that new know all of it you think this started with the july twenty fifth uncle folks the people involved in this who attempt lawyers the fake whistle blowers the diplomatic action brad you hate trump had been planning this a long long time very quickly and i will put the other treaty because i want to buy gonna let's get you try pensions in that flame throwers beat right there which i love tat the lawyers also mentioned that he was expecting cnn to help them out in this effort the shock of the media complicit in this amazing i mean the lawyer for the whistle blower cnn we'll gaslight propagandizing public from such a joke such a joke so pathetic this whole thing is pathetic
don't let this block eggs they got another interesting angle from the excellent carry pick the washington them are meant to get you in a second and i'm wrap up with the the point i want to move argument epstein update and more really but it shows that to get you today show also brought you our bodies at ali ali ali this is the best i'm almost hesitated a dog food because dog food as connotation my dog food this is human grade food that your dog will love yes it is pet food human gratefully example i was just about our good ali is if you make a nice by state and you give a couple your dog eat dog food no it's just food you gave the order that's how good this pet food is ali now we have adopted a couple days in our house from my mother nor of course the beautiful linda baby who we absolutely love a hook it that picture oh my gosh command but that dog is thirteen years all you know why she looks like that because of ali ali puts down
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firstly when i was able to cherry pick picket rob clearly november six twenty in eighteen eighty nine march the examiner and then and whistleblower i'm stupid facon there wouldn't red women in fake whistleblower still work together on u s policy towards ukraine why crazy that's crazy so colonel women who again as oh first hand knowledge of this actual a deal because he doesn't know because the deal doesn't exist in the call he heard right remember not allowed question him remember you only allowed to western military people like mike flame when you think you can hurt donald trump but military we would all like you're not allowed to question them at all ever the media who thinks they're going to establish rules for my show which i promptly throw right out the window and double down i'm so women's work still with these alleged whistleblower char that's kind of weird and megawatts because in the peace we see this little gem first from carry picket former whitehouse aid so that you know it's probably pretty decent
cs i know carrie she doesnt work with crappy sources told them that is a mere mathematical certainty joe the curled event men knew the whistle blower and at the whistleblowers being used to provide analytical support to the usa on the topics of russia ukraine they would have cross pass you know who they are they know who they are made cats are surprising danube been saying that all these people been working with each other and pushing this coup stage three give it s but women said check out part two of harry pickens preserve this is an easy one women added i don't know the whistle blower is and i would not feel captain speculate as to the identity of the whistle blower ok ok sure nobody knows anybody now chow nobody knows anything i'm noticing
now a body knows nothing mass amnesia a mass amnesia retro interior great amnesia they don't remember backward and forward nothing wouldn't that be weird if he testified kind of veronica congressmen minute he had no idea where's my right i have no idea the whistleblowers and he was actually working with the whistle blower and may have known and coordinated people on shifting wouldn't it be crazy if that came out at some point that be what language earlier and a little bit yes we caution but we could is he time ok wrapping up bear it's a segment of the show on how the impeachment fiasco is totally collapsing sleaze ball ship is in a panic i told your book ended with these gentlemen impeachment is a knotty criminal process since the political process its design remedy towards crimes crimes misdemeanours treason and bribery but make no mistake
it's not a criminal trial is a political one meaning you need political tactical public support political capital to win payment and removal meaning you should probably have the public on your side for this this is a quite work it out here's the morning so i believe me by no way a right wing our support for appeasement also karim aarhus the new phase folks support for impeachment has dropped from fifty one percent or above all to forty seven percent and i guarantee you as this fiasco continues to fall apart and their whole story continues to collapse those numbers are going to get far worse gentlemen this is an embarrassment for them a total epic embarrassment of historic proportions there is a bipartisan effort involving the impeachment mission there is we are thereby preserving cannot do
exactly zero republicans voted on the impeachment resolution and to democrats voted against it there is by partisan port against this stupid impeachment based a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who told the guy about a transcript and a version of it it doesn't exist this is i promise you this is that forty seven is gonna be the high point of this thing because this fiasco he's gonna totally collapse nor can we get to the asher tween i'm sorry i went on water always always confusing the yacht well oiled machine the production crew we're the only rusty non well oiled part of this is me because i constantly go out of water i mean i it was labeled number one what do they yeah there's a door and about one not to that of course i messed up with i put the number one at the bottom
here's a tree for me i surely does he covers the media up day well way but we forget that all this is convenient i'm actually calabria they sat at work so whistleblowers are sacrosanct right show the media told us and they just tells us but we don't ever met will jump whistleblower whistle blower you cannot mention what is it what's harry potter that i'm not a harry potter frame it isn't one of the bad guys like you thou who shows name shall never be maturation people treat me this we're never supposed dimension with all mention of a supposed the whistle blower is never to be question he blew the whistle i don't have a match his name we are to be out of five sky we are to wash his feet we are believe him we are defeated beside even allowed to touch food would it take grapes and wrap them in the map make sure he doesn't choked up where they get the big member the egyptian like palm braun band we heard a fan the whistleblower where we're manicure and petty commanding petticoat cures feet painted is
whenever washes face wheel do we are to take massage the whistle the whistle blower is to live a life of luxury for he is to never ever be question god forbid out now see blowers arson ro sank saints of our time what about the whistle blower blow the whistle on abc effort despite a story about me our deceased alleged pedophile jeffrey epstein lasting young girl what about that was so block not on this guy can be fired me list this guy caring about updating yasser two sources familiar with the matter took many bc spiking the epstein story which i covered yesterday tell me that ps news where they believe is now working this alleged whistleblower has fired this africa what joe this is not possible continues
comes after abc informed cbs today determine who access the footage of aimee rollback expressing her frustrations about the fc sergio this is important that they do this has clearly alive now dona back and i don't know i don't know i don't know i'm confused cannot could few but above all who is the job of any on confusion i darkness flowers would be sainted when are you have legitimate whistleblower no one disputing the authenticity of the footage he blew the whistle on about it age your news network spiking a story about a legit pedophile molesting young girls and not only is this whistle blower not to get the manny petty and the egyptian palm front fanning this whistle
you understand they don't even care anymore about looking like idiots i'm not folks i'm not kidding no matter by yasser he put the update that knocking him but he's source knit electrical vacuum of peak stupid on the left i do i don't know when it's good i dare not you understand they don't even care anymore about looking like idiots i'm not folks i'm not kidding no matter what ass he put the update not knocking him sources are pretty good but he's never any kind of friends maybe it's fine informations information good about you know i'm not cured fight this guy over nothing but you want i'm not kidding that they don't even care anymore about their reputations they are on the same day telling you about a sacrosanct whistle obviously made up a story about a fake tresco who is ever to be out it is too
he bathed then massaged right on the same day this network that are saying this are found during a guy who exposed one of the biggest stories of the year the spiking of another dude story about young women being molested this really i mean we are living in a vacuum ups stupidity i dont think we're ever going to get out of right now you don't let me not dislike went out in an i wanna do i've got some just awesome video of don junior many get this book in a second by the way here it is triggered which is terrific but i get that the second i got some video dog junior its history which is great this guy's got a holidays of steel i gotta get that decided so don't go
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slash bond gino my last name be oh and giant owes it precluded that conflict punch you know stop wasting time anywhere else they totally saved our butts recently more that get more on that the future you're not gonna wanna misappropriated check about ok so without further ado here is don trumped junior who i really think will be i think he should seriously consider being met entering into the candidate space point in the future here's my cbs news this morning about its new book triggered get too in a second and he's asked by the path their cbs news of clearly you now their left this habit inform he's asked about what are you now upon her binds business deal what about your business dealings and he just slaves and but keep this in mind i want to set it up because when you hear it and get i've ever more vectors like one hundred biden became rich like after dad entered office meanwhile
using business deals after our deserts kind are not the same thing mout check this out this is worth your time you criticise hundred bible joe biden zone in this book as you have done out of the camp on the campaign trail effectively in their features for even the appearance that you might have tried to benefit financially from when joe biden was vice president aren't you benefiting essentially muslim you're we all believe president we're not even a little bit from that from the politics i've benefited from my father's name i'm not gonna hide from that so has hunter i can't even fault him for that there's a difference the one hundred bite and is getting bored seeds coming back with one point five billion from china because of his father's tax payer funded office hundred bite it knows nothing about energy never invested in his life he gets a board and accompany a corrupt ukrainian oil company and a language he doesn't speak because his father's handling that region we were international business people gale you can vouch for decades and more importantly we stopped doing new deals we have deals that we were
obligated to finish that we signed up in two thousand and ten budget we have a good andred actual it's you have expanded some of those deals you're spending in scotland you ve traveled to india indonesia too we have to finish out the deals that we have that our existing we have literally a contractual what we have not signed a new deal abroad since my father took the presidency we said we would now be able to legally we chose not to and did that publicly so as not to even create the notion of impropriety but how we didn't magically become international business people because of my father's office we frankly stopped or international expansion because of it and disappointment at the lack of utterly i get around by the way had tipp act for america for their video i love this guy i tell you this guy really needs to seriously consider down junior being candidate the future folks
this is such a stupid comparison these paneless are trying to make it most embarrassing on junior and his family were act what business people before donald trump senior the president ran for office since then they have stopped signing new deals even others nothing illegal even remotely about it dont sharpshooters at the present somewhat ever daily once they stop doing that to avoid the appearance of impropriety hot thereby did the opposite hotter barton started the deal's after his dad became vice president started stop started stop one stop do avoided propriety one early created impropriety in the appearance of a bright by initiating new deals after his dad became
the most a second most powerful person the executive branch folks i gotta copy dance buber triggered it is excellent recommended enough there to take away from this at least is out of paid spot this is this is they legitimately really really good book it is working time down trump junior triggered i'm hoping to have him on the show sometimes whom big surprises i will say one another if you do jag always on the step he addressed some things you are gonna be very interested in one the inside baseball story about their fight with me there are things in here i had never heard before animal spoil the book view but there be real eye opener is about what went on behind the scenes between him his family and our ongoing fight with the fake news media but secondly he goes
two things like the youtube fiasco by carlos miser stevens crowded and others and its from a very interesting angle the book is definitely worth your time go pick it up today triggered by the term junior really really good book and i had to be done for that segment cbs news good for fighting back there you know they deserve that that's a child they comparison they make with him is total nonsense jack ok or did you have other stuff i'm gonna get you here just quickly on the i haven't discuss second amendment in a faint gun control legislation suffer no one actually controls guns are minimal on time there are two interesting stories up in the showed us that i really like you to check out first ones from the daily signal there's a new study out apparently that the concealed carry population that where that concealed carry killers in other words show what's the left this narrow remember the media is not there to tell you that story there there to tell you a story is different than the story
the new story that this this violence policy centre put out is that they conceal carry population apparently dangerous that these conseil carry permit holders like you and i that we're out there check out the screen shot from the peace that we out there terrorizing the population and we are a real clear and present danger to everyone as you can the violence policy centre joe includes many fatal what is there where the shoe conseil carry permit was relevant because it and carry could see weapon in public this is what they could find policy centre is putting out a study that we are the real dangers want but this dead the statistics there using around manipulate check out the second screen from this i want to show you how this violence passenger study about the conseil carry population are dangerous we are this is all complete nonsense here's the real data amy where the daily single totally worth you time this peace accordingly the actual data folks america's eighty million could seo carry permanent others accounted for just eight hundred and one fire alarm related homicides over fifteen years span which amounts
sheriff reach zero point seven percent of all firearm related homicides during that time how gets even worse peppers but its jobs even lower if any of the defendants and the seventy two cases still pending in court are determined to have acted in a lawful self defense folks daddy is garbage i just gave you the data conceal carry weapons permit holders are not a mass of violence group threatening people in the united states every day the data actually says the opposite don't rely on them for any kind of facts peace in that story or weak i wanted to point that out their throw that data point mc garbage but secondly is another piece by came edwards up in bearing arms is worth your time again up in the show notes here arms jesse owens gun confiscation is shaping up to be a massive failure now surprise year foes mass gun canvas asian doesn't work from the peace we find out that people new zealand aren't exactly comply i'm busy
it's gone grab instituted in the wake of the christ church masker isn't going so great in fact with less than two months to go before the deadline fewer than twenty percent of the estimated number of bad firearms have been handed over again joe stuff only the liberals who think they can servitors exercising their god given right to defend themselves and their families rightly conservatives and even some liberals who do it you are going to hand over their weapons to government bureaucrat matt not gonna happen folks may have tried this before nobody's gonna pay attention to you you can sit here and pout and pound your face and scream i poppy foul weights on behalf of all the elderly cares nobody's going to listen to you thanks try again and even working in new zealand this and other important piece of video a guy tortures loaded showed that it so john solomon as a peace i get too in a second it's very important it's up in the show doubts
about how the i report he believes is gonna start honing in on one very specific thing job and the very specific thing inspector general report about the whole spy gave vs going to focus on is how the fbi and people are feeding information to the fbi the d j others working with the d j infusion completely utterly failed in epic fashion to do any due diligence on the vote ass it either sources you track and oh yeah i guess solomon peace in a second now with that mine i urge you to watch jody jennifer another flame thorough and his wife victoria dancing amu dobbs show and i why you to pay attention very closely when he says that the end because joe got good sources and ill tie into the sound and peace in second and a couple a tactical nukes that are about to be dropped
check out the general joe your thoughts on that horwitz report it it doesn't sound like it's going to be a tepid matter expulsion you say i would say explosive and i would say for people at the high levels of the fbi and other i have levels of the justice department more important the justice department it's going to be devastating it's going to ruin careers it's going to make people have bar problems it's going to be the mar problem no no no no of bought bar association problems because what's boots here and now we know is that the senior levels of the obama justice department were complicit in knowingly submitting materially false applications to the a court for the illegitimate counter intelligence purpose not for a legitimate purpose but to spy americans for political purposes and it really
it will end up being the beginning of the greatest police go scandal in history and its being held up partially because of john dirhams new grand jury which by the way exists for one reason and one reason only because people are going to be indicted now as i always like to do let me tie in for you what's really going on in your folks the people heavily involved in the investigation to spygate john solomon sara carter degenerate i mean though the list goes on a karlsson chuck ross unites least smith me i'm alive of us knowingly or unknowingly share some of the same source is that all of us why does that matter where my getting i would put up the solomon peace and i ll tie it up for it solomon whose excellent work is outstanding this peace will be up in the shown us they do has peace as well
finally right around the time of the genoa and this statement the gentlemen after russian illusion controversy fbi faces red flag concerns over vetting informants posts there a reason these threads keep appearing in multiple people's heads on different channels and articles on appear on tv appearances so let's take to take away from there's a limited number of valuable sources in this case who have been feeding people information despite a fiasco so we have the job tv appearance suggesting that there's a big problem with fbi in the oj people knowingly going in front of the fire a court lying about information they were given you buy source in other words joe they did not do there homework on sources despite swearing they did right
really only comes out right around the same time john solomon rights an article about how the idea report is going to include a damning indictment of the fbi not betting sources what does that tell you again i like to dig through the fog in the brush here that tells you that if they have separate sources that some people are probably in a lot of trouble because multiple people are now reporting that keep people in need the ideology going to be nailed to the wall now because they didn't do their homework if they have this source it still probably a pretty deal because solomons information the jet of has been pretty spot on so there's this is pretty good i'm simply suggesting to you that this instead do general report there is a paper trail of the information and the interviews at everything they did to vat the infirmary
give it to them by steal that i'm telling you was really written by simpson add another guy that's gonna get fascinating and that paper trail is damning because you know what the paper trail here's what he did to verify the steel dossier says joe you know what it says it says we didn't verify this deal that's what we swore we then there's a reason did jennifer now is convinced it's gotta be now listen just to be clear on this i am a little bit more reserved about our they're gonna be indictments because we ve been let down so many times i hope there will be a times were committed but i'm a little more given the failures we ve seen repeatedly we hope and pray jos right but again for there's a reason you're seeing these threads pop up in multiple places its not because its fate news like it's coming out on the left why quick wrap up this their story one of my favorite places to go for news is
mrs dot org if even remotely interested in the economy economics and readable fashion they do really terrific work but there is a great pity sub it's a lot of detail maybe but i want not do much but it's up to joe notes today in the bronx one of the talking really drive me crazy but it handles it in a very non partisan why doesn't say it's all good news but the talking point we hear from the left show the middle as is disappearing trumps killing the middle class well he's a piece by ryan mc makin november five twenty nineteen argument applies isn't disappearing but it's not all good news from mrs started work it's up at the show not read it it gives you very sober analysis of the statistics and data about why the left is progressing you the middle class not disappearing at all in the trump here and now he causing this a bad news to about how there was a ten your period of stagnating comes due to the great recession others it's good for you ray we don't do bs year i'm that we're not putting anybody you know when
goliath arising anyone but foster data that support at all the liberal illiberal talking with a middle class disappeared from the peace is that's a long peace but it's worth your time he started taking out the categories and finds that the under thirty five thousand category people and lower income bracket show fell way way way way tat the poor we're getting poor nada the number of people not category fell from thirty seven point thirty four percent of households and nineteen seventy two twenty seven point nine percent of households thirty four twenty seven thirty four twenty seventh so low the middle category two we call the middle class shell from five two hundred thousand were largely flat while over one hundred thousand category more than double in other words folks quote the middle income group isn't disappearing anytime soon but we do find significant growth in number of households entering the panther high the income levels in other words joe
people are getting richer movement on up he goes yes shocker movement those households have to come from somewhere many are coming from the middle class but surely it is the imperative that the middle classes becoming impoverish the data suggested the middle class so actually getting richer it doesn't matter chris on these other people i debate will still go on fighting the meda fat i ain't sure it is ok i know you know do data facts skull seventy two feet thick i get it but are you ever do your homework and just read basic facts and data points are you even remotely interested the answer is no as i told you before after the epstein yeah sure tree where there being total hypocrites about whistleblowers get that was are these not whistle blower alone we even care anymore the wash them also those on shore parrot the talking point list
worn and bernie sanders the middle class is shrinking yeah it is because they're getting richer you dobbs do you even do facts moreau ever where i first thanks again for doing it in i really appreciate i support last night at the patient you it was really an honour to be there it was not me or fox it was about the people who were there and just final note i met a lot cops and firemen military foe people receiving awards last night and dumb god bless you man put that shield on your chest or that military uniform on putting your but on the line there is no oh great sacrifice then to put where's skin in the game for the safety and security of others and it was a tremendous honour and a pleasure you're an hubley experience to be among you all last night thank you for show up it was really great it was a real real significant honour and something i never forget i'll see autumn our folks
thanks for tuna just ten bungee knows you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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