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The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War (Ep 923)

2019-02-25 | 🔗
In this episode I address the massive constitutional crisis staring us in the face. I also address the latest embarrassing comments by Green New Deal proponents. Finally, I debunk the media story that “hate crimes” are rising due to President Trump. News Picks: Conrad Black’s devastating new piece makes the case that we are in the midst of the biggest constitutional crisis since the Civil War.   Clueless Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez brags about spending more of your tax money on her office expenses.   This one question turns socialists into capitalists.    The top 5 arguments against climate change alarmism.   Are “hate crimes” really on the rise?   Some Democrats are increasingly worried about the radical shift in their party.    You are making a big difference. The unnecessarily political Academy Awards program is struggling to maintain its audience.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome the gdr shall produce jail how're you do i do you get a site so i buy eighty here over to vietnam i was just in the gym the german hotel here in vietnam into noise actually really good hotel jim the worsening this jim is really good they have like for high tech preach creek or equipment is that not a model a free ways but enough to get a good work and up to like fifty five pounds and i'm in a german i'm thinking to myself i what are my costs is gonna say he's gotta definitely go and robin way i knew it i could have totally predicted that before the shovel so i made over your folks shrub really nice tell people are great are super nice very very kind adopt it was like the longest flight to our right to miami six our stay allay three hour lay over twelve hours
kristen nikita and red excuse me this isn't it we affirm nikita to the reader tokyo to our lay overran at some cool the s s guys diplomatic security service guys me airport recognize me they're like these secret service for the state department so i talked with them for like two i was seven hours six and a half hours i know i am like an hour to the airport so it was called majority getting over here but as you know i dont skip shows at out i sell ann arbor cost that shows like you sound do you not just chipper event i am because folks i didn't sleep for any extended period i'm for about thirty six hours i got horizontal at one point you know at the like i was dying but i only slightly two hours so when i got into the hotel folks to keep in mind if you're on eastern time in europe where exactly twelve hours ahead here in vietnam so i get it out like two in the morning so my brain experts to any afternoon right new york time dc time florida time so
really tired i i haven't slept play but i want to go to sleep i'm trying to stay on eastern time so the i guess sounds like you know with should sound and at the end i can do the fox gave long story short is i go downstairs for breakfast four hours later i wind up stay up unbelievably another four hours i'm dying it's six a m mercosur six be your them couple that henry from fox and we're talking you know the people here we are wrong the same same without an opt out we talk for like two hours so i went to sleep at eight eight o clock in the morning local ass to break and slept twelve straight out twelve hours i got up a little while ago this fail at fight so i'm ready to go sorry for the long winded etc but i i you know i love my audience so you know something i feel like i wanna regina what's going out my life because i i did you guys so much today i shall we get to the good matured tracer but my buddies it lacks our economic how by sponsors where companies that i believe it and have a
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she has ratio arch eo sego cos you quartet shouted disaster the democrats are all socialist listen ladies and gentlemen yes a lot of democrats are there party has taken a far left lurch but there are still p over there who care about power only power only lighting them i'm not applauding them i'm not giving them any credit for anything i'm just telling you that today a crasser obsessed with power and some a scratch you were saying are starting to realise it going out there and talking about farting cows paying people not to work and a ridiculous green new deal which would bankrupt the united states in record time is a disaster for their party not everyone the democrats it they're all power hungry and they're all big government self destructive folks but not the rats and they're getting that she is blowing up the entire party shall first i want play this sound i sent over the job which is just listen
i don't even know what to let me let me just play our camp comment on it if this is so bad and an attempt by the way ryan major from the daily wire who put together this little what we inequality comparison of alexandria case you cortez and someone we views on the show before play that cars are deploying all its unrealistic oh it's vague oh it doesn't addressed this little my new thing and unlike you try you do you have your now so until you do it i'm the boss have you heard of here in early july so funny stuff missourians laugh in our did you do so the lesson tat so the art
but you can't buy get you outside one's what i just say she did it about through that that that that's rise of major daily wire someone said that to be we use the how bout dat late young lady from the doktor fell before that that's true that is and that's alexandria case you cortez in the beginning talking about the green new deal arbed charge how about that homage of you if you don't proposed something different now so we could make fun of this all day i think right does a good job licit humours a devastating weapon joe but the reality is there's a very easy come back on this occasion cortez is turning into a total disaster for a party we have tried something different joe
called economic freedom in capitalism that's why the united states is leading the world in the reduction of of carbon dioxide emissions from their own fact using carbon dioxide even attacks it is actual byproduct of respiration having said that even for left that measures seo to emissions as some symmetric of fidelity to their economic cause right even their own standards the united states is leading the world and co2 emissions so what ok seo cortez goes up abbot charge have you either propose something different or you may should be shut your raw bad about that and she says she's talking like the doktor phil gal right we did try something and it worked by your measure i mean this woman is a disaster for our party a total how do you think that looks
charge at what you're not in charge give it a rest take it down a notch you're one of four hundred and thirty five members of congress you represent roughly seven hundred thousand people in a district in queens and billy portions of the bronx take it easy calm down i'm in job alex you some kind of a tyrant ahmed charge we the programme how bout on president and play it again madam president when you're not exactly now there is one guy in charge of the executive branch of governor third of our system i support you know of course you chirping power anywhere but the president does act we have power over the executive branch i believe in the unitary executive model and he isn't charge you or not you're not even the speaker you're not even shorter the floor sketch about that this guy i love this guy i look like
joe academic just such an integral part of the shell god forbid nothing can ever happened to you ever guys indispensable how about the perfectly time she sighed even in charge of the floor scheduled now it doesn't just but i wanted to leave that not just listen it's easy to make for an humor is a potent weapon i say that all the time but folks this argument is simple the left is to support the screen who deal that's turning into a total embarrassment for the democrat party are coming back to this argument that if you dont propose something different to their self destructive in destructive hilariously stupid plan that vat is in fact measure of your failure not theirs that's like saying cause i'm gonna kill you with a changed you got some deaf reminder that we will do it what's wrong with you idiot like you're the more so you need to so folks argument back is simple the united states is leading the world and co2 reductions a measure of their success because
we are one of the more economically free countries who have found ways to reduce what they consider to be pollution not ass through economic freedom that investments purpose market investments i was thinking that story the paper factory i went to when i was run for congress in maryland where the guides me years ago they used to throw away or the scraps of paper now because it was economically made sense for them they found it recycle it back to pulp and make money off it's called capitalism numb skulls liberals i'm talking to of course figure it out are another thing that happened with ok seo cortez and i refuse to boot we can stop talking about because she her profile in this party is gaining amongst the rest go left ass she becomes a pariah further yet you know that the power seeking moderates in a party so another story came out this week joe at her she celebrating on twitter account ridiculously so did you say the storage of celebrating that pays her staff and entry
level salary of fifty a thousand dollars i did not see that the gap is she celebrating she could look what i did i support living wage for all these people i pay them fifty two thousand dollars you showed me a quick question you pretty familiar with politics and members of congress is alexandria case you cortez paying her staff with our money simple question now that's not right pay with your my she's paying with cure my job and my money so this is the whole larry's absolutely ridiculous laughable demo a party that the only time they support economic inequality and quote living wage is when they're paying with other people's money this isn't even her money now what's even more ridiculous about this is how do you think her senior staff members feel that of their raises in their benefits as they ve been more experience they worked up on the hill they ve spent time school or of overseas and in an end the diplomatic secure she's me the diplomatic corps doing work and fire
countries that have some experience how do you think they feel that their raise or their money is being given away an entry level good for them entry level personal who hasn't doesn't accumulated evaluated skills yet this is the democratic party you understand this so that you take away she only believes in a living wage and income equality when it's not our money not she's not giving them the extra money and secondly how do you think we also the people the accumulated skills worth more than fifty two thousand dollars a year theatre is a problem he was pretty crappy now but she's not having a hard time recruiting because he's probably some ideologues who just want to say they worked for to get dyke jobs with radical the left lobby firms after their done but this is just completely outrageous that the report i've cortez doesn't even understand basic economics now yeah sure ali on twitter he's you know i mean a matter before i got the rapporteur was about but don t you be you know down this a guy sometimes and sometimes he goes but he treated
that's just i'm sorry but it is wrong to turn i pick a fight with the guy he tweeted people who are criticising the say you see thing about her pay an entry level people fifty two thousand thousand year they don't understand the budgeting work she gets a fixed amount of money and she allocated as he sees fit ok points it points the appeal what does that have to do anything it joe i don't get it what does that have to do what they want is still not her money its pot of money she gets is from us it's not her money it's our money number one and number two money that's unused she's free to refund all people don't do that el rainfall does it all the time so just to be clear but it still our money like that's it that's not in dispute so because it's our money she can afford to pay staffers not young her skills they dont yet have because it's our money she can overpay them and because it too budget who care she can we find the money on each other that's some up the problem of government right their kind of reminds me when i was in
secret service i you know one partners like all you gotta go out before the spending deadline to spend this money we don't get the money next year whatever do that in a regular business in a power in a free market you would it's because its other people's money that she feels like she can allocated because all she's been given its so she has to spend it though she doesn't have to spend it if she doesn't have but who work those kinds of skills then don't pay them and give us our money back step up here exactly one if i mean seriously you wanna you know you you want to be a leader in then lead by example what mean ran paul does it now are today but you by bodies agenda so haiti wish that double and we just disappear others bags and he's getting a little worse every day just listen a robin asked from blow with lubbock texas i put the shoreline cream of my neck like two or three days ago that is the best my neck this looking over twenty years several people tell me facebook young i am blown away of works my mother my love which anyone
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is coming to an end and an unceremonious end as i've predicted the entire time i don't mean they're not putting me on the back but it's you know it was pretty obvious i think but from joe and i and everyone else from the start that this was going to be a big fat empty airborne and it looks like it there get a lotta process crimes they may take stone down but this is it's going to end with a bigger whimper i've been getting emails and tweets from people say well now that it's going to end what is that trump waiting for the de classification side and let me be very specific what i mean trump as ultimately classification authority is the present united states he can order people too classified information to let the public see it now we ve all suspected from the start based on information we got from david nunez jim jordan mark meadows genre if and others who have followed this case extensively up in congress that somebody information has been classified both in the fire warrant joe and some of the email information in the
when i say that i mean the emails from the fbi and the text from this individuals back and forth is potentially devastating now why isn't he doing that well i let me go on the record here and say i am sure he is going to i think he's waiting i think he's waiting for this to rap let mahler finishes thing smaller sign off on the project get mahler out of the pictures mothers clearly right now his only goal this entire thing has been to obstruct trump and keep the heat donald trump as i've said from the beginning mother's not a good guy any and i'm sorry but anybody i have a lot of friends in this business doing great work in this case we have sincere disagreements about modern rose aside and that's ok i doesn't ring i respect them a thousand percent but i think they're wrong those steinem mahler are not good guys in this i am sure of it but one of the things i think their hiding show is the is the united kingdom and the australian involvement in this entire thing
i bring this up now because the which start i believe this whole debacle is the tip off from the british in about the fall of twenty fifth that they may have had something on mike flint now i've talked about this before might flynn was hated by the obama administration lieutenant general fled was running its intelligence agency under the obama administration as important keep this in context keep my we're talking about your the lead of the story is what is going to be in these in the declassed what's so damaging that their hide that what they're here it is a clandestine effort between u s intelligence agencies and foreign intelligence agency today in u s citizens for political reasons that make sense show that's the way the story so let me go so there is a tip off clearly in the fall of one of twenty fifteen from the british about flint
remember this flynn has this flint hated by the obama administration why because he opposes the i ran deal here broken out vigorously about the dangers the iranians present to us how the ariane deal is a bad deal and flynn is any general whose very well writ well respected in the intelligence community scattered paraded career in the military he's a real pain written a hero bobby knows this guy is dangerous because of his you use the dreaded dc where groggy tossing the icy he needs the sky sidelined or he needs this guy to appear dirt that he somehow conflicted by these foreign contacts this is the genesis my humble belief of the entire russian collusion skin they ve already tried this template on john mccain they try mike flynn they're going to try it again on donald trump the rush thirdly it is easier to nail the russians with it for a number of different reasons so conveniently
right around december of twenty fifteen might flynn has this dinner flat a mere of lie to me a potent at the dinner it's an hour to dinner and he's their russian television dinner and right around the fault fifteen is that the state or an accusation start to swirl that he's had some inappropriate contact with the russian women there that the charges are debunk know what its total nonsense i wonder you keep maybe even saying it in you know is bad impugning why there's no there they are i assure you that the ilo into it this threat in woman is it is as a vigorous denied any of this is like but she was showing him a postcard of sunlight naked person or some mrs so stupid the charges are absurd but because they have this template because remember if you feel a regular i show you know the democrats tried this russian collusion narrative already on john mccain when hilary was running the last time against obama for the nomination of this has been tried before we already know from the world eternal article the glint simpson who use the right for the wall street journal has already
numerous pieces about the players in the ex soviet empire trying to woo american politicians so the movie script is already there they try it on mccain they're going to try it again on when how do we notice folks do you remember the text from peter stroke the counter intel investigator who is knee deep in the healthy scandal he is deeply connected to my cave and everyone else and he the guy who later goes on this is very very very important he's the guy who later goes on to be one of the lead investigators in the tropics right around the same time flynn meets with web has this day sit at the same table is putin at this hour to disruption television dinner text comes out about how they are looking for approval for oh colonies wars o
meaning outside of united states outside of the continental units that stands for o colonists outside the cardinal united states in other words people who are far lord people who are let lawyers like bait debate people and so the lead in this forget her at the time in countering tell is looking for approval to use these foreign wars this happens right after this meeting its autumn meaning i should say we're flynn attends this dinner for russian television that there this happens right around the same time folks now the question is always been what the heck are they talking about who are these o conan lords who are these people these bait people they're using debate people in while the ox at this point knowing what we know about the investigation or quite limited a number of suspects one of the lead suspects in this joe is the fawn helper stuff i'm a helper now here's where the connection is member would lead to the story of their hiding aid illicit connection between u s
foreign intelligence to spy on american sets a lead here so at this dinner looking for some foreign lorries people out of the united states to lure people in what happens after that dinner dna state starts getting negative information on flynn reg putting that dinner announced were from the fawn helper who a known central intelligence agency asset who s deep connect said the cia to his family and otherwise he's been used as an asset by the intelligence agency before how per starts feeding information negative information about flint i wish the law or someone at the dinner was the war how per there's a number of suspects here but it's important because prs ties are not just easy u s citizen help but he's deeply connected through do yeah through and this cambridge intelligent seminar hopper is deeply connected to united
the adjusts officials to focus is very important all of this this is what their hiding with the with the with the fire and the communications back and forth everything that seems to happen as a foreign kept connection to the united kingdom where some foreign intel agency because joe it is this make incentive armor class yeah we're good our intelligent she's a very restrictive rules and spying on american citizens so the polluter spying scandal here that is bigger folks than anybody can imagine i bring some because a lot of you sent me this article by conrad black which is wrong the really good anything that title the articles this is too big constitutional crisis and the civil war is a damning article it appeared in the daily mail and some other it's as well i will love can't make it shone out something a little note here see black our offices but i will put it to show notes happens you know that calm you go to the menu podcast and all the other articles are connected the shell show my email is thus animated
but conrad black ladies and gentlemen is right the united you miss terrified that they're going to be expose their intelligence agency as political players not intelligence players this is constitutional crisis because its clear right now that people on the president's team were spied on using foreign assets were not subjected to the strict i see rules the intelligence community has to prevent spying on american citizens is a huge scandal and expect nobody in the media at all to cover this nobody in them she's nobody in the media and another thing that the hack me like the real meat people talking about like the sea and any other folks they will cover this at all so i ve got a couple of points your number one that tax appears right around the same time december of me fifteen they're looking for permission for people outside of the united states to more people in that happens right after this this flynn dinner he's out where putin is they're all
the sudden information starts pop into the united states how flynn is dirty they're trying to dirty up a decorated lieutenant general with malicious discuss charges of basically treason and being a trader and a sell out to the russian government when they know these charges aren't true now just a few months later stroke again peter stroke was the key to this whole thing fbi agent counter intel connected to all the big players at the fbi is just a few months after that to be precise three months after the flynn putin our t dinner were all these accusations at flynn zack you no deal with the russians in and untoward toward manner he's dangerous all of this stuff so it happened three months later stroke text his girlfriend again this is about the same time papadopoulos
switch joseph myths said another guy connected to western intelligence papadopoulos besides take western intelligence by his own lawyers admission own lawyers admission been talking a lot lately about miss it three months do that stroke taxes girl ran fbi lawyer lisa page our boy is talking that happened around march twenty sixteen so they need approval for these lawyers i woke up people setting as it's a war people and bade the men who were those people where they people at the dinner now is becoming pretty clear that myths should that joseph myths said was being used by western intelligence potentially the united kingdom is well debate papadopoulos in again like they tried to
linen at this dinner with putin it's pretty clear they're trying to bade him in to try to get him to talk about anything russian connected so they can do the same thing they did to john mccain same thing they did to our two but my flint excuse me and the same exact thing there try and now i'm papadopoulos this time line is important our guy is talking the text right around the time miss should meet papadopoulos now who is our guy who's our guy is it a helper is it miss said folks i believe the b on rejected
periods in the pfizer are gonna be damning and those materials are going to expose questions like who were the oak bonus lawyers who were the laws they were loot using to people went guy is taught she'd minutes as our boy is talk no our guys issue is as is our guys talk who's that guy who is that guy are they talking about miss said keep the lead in mine here folks don't lose rum go and this is scandal and a constitutional crisis of epic proportions conrad black is right did we use far intel debate u s citizens in and violate them constitutional rights simply because they were political opponents of morocco bomb and hillary clinton these are devastating devastating questions now this is from i believe us from the new york times a from the new
tat i was going through some of my notes on this on the plane over to make sure i was prepared for the show for it this is the new york times it is unclear whether they highlighted the british role which has been closely held in the briefing but as a critical part of the timeline because suggest that some of the first tip off in the fall of twenty fifteen came from waste intercepts computer traffic or human sources out side of the united states emails and other data from the dnc flowed out of the country holding him in a go on to say that this is important it suggests here that their monitoring in life time voice com an fear the british our tipping us off in the fall of twenty fifteen about information about you as citizens
and their tying it to the hacking the dnc despite the fact that there is no connection between these two what i'll show you see worm go with as they now need a governor they need a reason why they're doing as the recent campi because their political opponents we don't like i'm so they figure out if they could tie them make a connection to the dnc emails they'll be golden because on the british picked it up and we may have had it about the same time said one cyber expert who's been briefed on the finding british intelligence firstly the signals intelligence unit gc h q has a age role in tracking russian active now there's been some breaks on that and two on the ace of the gc h the british an asset that clearly as a knee deep role and the monitoring of u s citizens to circumvent u s lodgings the cheese the age q is had problems to that
you see h q has had problems bob had again there the red their resigns basically right after the trump election victory not neither there at resize for very suspicious reasons now it just came out i just saw this story that has again may have had a role in writing a letter first pedophile i was where the church over there supporting role and that this is one of the reasons he resigned now that story is to have been any denials that story that he wrote this letter and support from some assuming the stories accurate but it's a chicken a rag thing joe in other words what i'm saying is did had again really resign because he wrote this i mean listen it's pretty disgusting there's no doubt about it or did and again become someone else's political opponents how to give us a real rising star over in the uk and other way
after he figured out he played the wrong side had again did again become a target as well and someone say to hand again i am all that you c h q spirals yes i really gonna work out you this letter right away back in support of this guy you know this guy's pedophile right doesn't look at your side interesting new developments as the rent for declared vacation comes out we see all the players involved in this all of a sudden all this stuff starts to come out as she's crazy and that happens now one more thing you know when i talk about this case i would prefer to plan a plan b and plant see plenty with clearly despite was to use human sources intercepts and the british to just basically spy and political upon when they got caught
mike rogers outs them he requests an audit of the misuse of the nsa for spying mike rogers i believe is the good guy in this tale move on to making this formal they move onto and being planned see of course is the mahler clean up operation clean up i'll forborne been about bring your mama mahler effort so joe it's clear at this point in that they understand when they get out that they have to move on to a more robust plan that they can't just relax who simply on unmask kings and an unmitigated spying anymore because their set after many alarms so what are they do they move onto the fisa court now remember april thirty twenty sixteen remember the text from broken it'll start to make sense joe stroke texas girlfriend about month after the myths papadopoulos encounter the our guy is talking stuff here
as and now we ve switched from the patriot act to a wire carrying current let me translate way probably means their stroke genesis a month after they probably got some information from a human source hence the text our guy is talking was at helper was it miss said was someone connected to miss mislead was someone at the mr papadopoulos meeting was vinegar for the russian at the meeting clearly somebody is talk now he says guy so i'm assuming it's obviously guy but you never know i'd take these people out there won't take take at his word framing so stroke again and now we switch from the patriot act to a wire carrying current here's what i think he needs they had accumulated enough information at that point show a visa the british and the misuse of the usa database on my show last week now your conveniently a contract a russian ah you know rationally
which person language specialist all of a sudden we have all these allegations that they're using contractors to tap into database it just awfully convenient isn't now we know nellie or may have produced around dossier which he handed out to her husband in the justice department folks all the pieces are starting to fit together now what that says to me now we switch from the patriot act the patriot act we referring to the business records provision that is used to spy on people under the patriot act which by the way so we're crystal clear i have never ever agreed with ever not that i've been accused otherwise but you know sometimes you are you get these liberals will where were you speak out against the patriot act before i don't know just google my name and you could see when i was right for office two thousand eleven screaming about the patriot act in how terrible it was so i don't know just do some research i just upsets me people do that your question my credibility the patriot act was a republican measure passed by george w bush administration which is terrible but i think
broke is referring to joe is a business records provision which allows them to spy on american provision merkin citizens using it spanned the definition of what business records army whether they talk about library card i made it up a business emails so i think stroke is saying we're moving on from strict spying under patriot to why we're carrying current meaning people at the locations human sources who may be recorded the question is how many recordings are out there now bring this up and want to revise it goes up to get you to the reason i bring up the idea of recordings folks is because jim jordan devon newness and others who are intimately familiar with this case have said multiple times that there is exculpatory the information out there that you have not yet seen and other work there is information likely about papadopoulos and others involved in this case potentially michael and that are likely recordings there
decades watch out that they are not guilty of the accusations put out they are presented before them what does that tell you folks says that not only was the government involving a ridiculous absurd outrageous unconstitutional spying scandal in the brok obama's administration but that the spying and of itself produce evidence of it of of innocence not guilt and they still ran with it anyway conrad black is right folks we are looking at a massive constitutional crisis of the highest order and people will have will have to be prosecuted over this frustrating very very frustrating talk that i sent your frustration i read your emails folks it we can give up though i know i know a lot of you get it no one's been arrested yet i ate which we have to hang nothing else we can do i'm not given up should neither the prey it knows what's coming he's intimately from it
what's going on here those once he d classifies all these questions are gonna come out everything edge document the british is involved the british british involvement excuse me i'm but i promise you not like losing my mind i slept great the british i've been in circumventing u s intelligence restrictions the fact that its scope more information is out there and the fact that we may have used lords to war people pay people in otherwise known as entrap to nail their political enemies this is devastating i folks today show party by bodies a g co g holsters love their holsters many of you have gotten your feedback on them and i really appreciate it we have a lot of advertise companies at advertise codes one of the one of the better ones out there really really enjoy their products a cinema bigger what are the second amendment i know you are too independent state you live in conceal carry latian want to protect your family when you go out that's why you need it
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what are on line arrange five that come that's range the number five that come range the number five that can't be sure to use the code bond gino for a terrific fifteen percent off that's range five tat come use code bungee no for fifteen percent of go check chico out your lover ok where we owe let's see you wanna go to next at about six or seven stories you hate crime is there a crowd promised are we need like a jack don't you have any kind of dramatic like think we we need one of those four david hake crime is seriously the skull and operate everything's a you know the reason this is happening after it's just a small lad active from empire joe after that case fell apart the media understanding their role in propagating the the myth that smaller was attacked by
people wearing magda hats who hated him and scream these racial and an end anti gay epithets adam after that collapse the media needed to somehow save their reputations chow so that the line just like you know the aim line on the green deal is changed from the others thinks thing what would you do you god how bad what are you gonna do charge about just like they ve changed to produce something or i'm in charge the hate the these let narrative now as well just but small that may have been involved in a hoax here doesn't mean hate crimes are exploiting its all donald trump fall so of course show we have our resident factor checker on our side who will we brought in hey man colombo to do one thing and one thing only i said matt i need you to look at this hate crime stuff i want a detailed analysis of this one question he's the headline headed nonetheless go ahead like our heads
crimes going up under the donald trump administration the answer is folks not the way the liberal media say in it which is no surprise at all ok let me give you some heads it's worse this is in my peace forces is a really terrific peace are strongly strongly encourage you was scattered text hope journal caught the sounds might my amelia as is my wife just tell me from home amelia has a sigh and our eye is bad do you know anything about that just kind of like a pink i think it is a lot is it bad now it's pretty common with kids and saw adults as well yeah you can leave us angie i love my ass my wife just take sorry felipe europa really irritating to deal with me in rural areas it is ready why does this all you know and for those eu travel don't shoot this it happens when you are on the road did you notice that well if you are
that if there is any docks in the audience can you imagine my wife in for weapons you know if you know if the size of that sped bushel take her to i'm not a doctor yeah yeah i know but i dont looking for the judges happened here so late reducing headlines this is the washington post dispatch san francisco chronicle in united press chronicle respectively here here headlines after the smaller case fell apart hate crimes rose seventeen percent last year according to new fbi idea that's obama hate crimes are greasing alongside trumps eradicate save the whispers crimes in the u s california surge in the first year of the term presidency san francisco chronicle fbi surge these crimes are two dozen seventeen the largest since nine eleven yet press chronicle ok each arguing a similar messages matt writes that hate crimes are on the rise in the trunk we can blame donald trump for police folks read this peace because it shows again
how almost nothing the left ever tells you is bs now well put the facts out there you can decide here are the actual facts law enforcement did fact report seven thousand one hundred and seventy five hate crimes at twenty seventeen that is up from six thousand one hundred and twenty one in twenty sixty so there but so folks you may ok well you just making their point in hate crimes are up three thousand as reported in twenty seventeen ladies and gentlemen listen nothing the media tells you is this is data you things without context to leave you to believe legible had somehow the system of transport here's the real data stop peeling off the layers of the union and get to them such underneath that you can be rest assured i'm telling you the truth you what they leave out of that folks is there were over in it one thousand additional agencies contributing information through the fbi's unify crime reporting programme in twenty seventeen in contrast to twenty six
each new agency therefore would only need to report one hate crime to explain entire rights so let us be clear the headline from the media hate crimes arising at the trump here they leave out the fact that the age she's reporting arising in the trump here and now you may say a dance so it's just more agencies reporting but there could also be more hey comes out doesn't absolve us that the news four of them of their out of their responsibility towards their not wrong their arms hey claims being reported even though this more agencies ok let's take into the data even more i would ask you a question the audience i bet if donald trump is thee anti muslim anti minority racist their painting i'll be right so the point one eight crimes are supposedly increasing in the trump administration a corner the hack mean yes don't you think that
hate crimes if they believe you some kind of a racist which is absurd would be increasing against ah again black american citizens and muslims is at reasonable simple quite random mass and within an courses ramble that you would if you're making the allegation that this anti muslim and eighty black and the dose are in fact the groups that would be on the sad receiving end of a glass palace the case of course because the media is never telling you that you're here from apple impose peace crimes not only to increase joe they decrease to get some of the groups and twenty seventeen that the media would like us to believe are under siege in donald trump america hate crimes against muslims decreased from three hundred and seven incidents two hundred and seventy three from two thousand sixteen thousand seventy foxes may i don't understand the day is so easy to read when you get past the stupid media headlines that you wonder if anybody out there is actually doing genuine journalism anymore if anybody even cares so
amber reporting agencies went up which could easily have led to the thousand emily which corresponds by the way directly to the increase a thousand more reports of hate crime a thousand more agencies report secondly your me king an allegation absurd on his face the trumpet somehow eighty muslim ready black and in fact anti muslim hate crimes the report's went down not up meanwhile the number of transgender hate crimes declined by a third and the number of yet the male hate crimes triple but this due to an extremely small sample size for most part the greece in hate crimes increase that their local member there were more reporting is was proportional across the board that writes a great point which is exactly what we would expect if the rise was due to increased agency reporting and not increase targeting of a particular group folks if the increases across the board amongst all these racial
i'm an add on sexual orientation and sex based groups that were categorizing people if its across the board thousand new agencies and it wasn't isolated to one specific group that your alleging trumpets targeting it rabotchaya and an end based we knock down your entire point that its trumps rhetoric that's involved in this increase there was no increase in the group utah yet the most that you say it always trumps eighty muslim he's not it's stupid you making it up here's another one some one of the other talking points at the door i went out there jos while there has been an increase in anti semitic hate crimes and they did in fact rise fifty seven percent when he seventeen zero but here's mats peace again the entire rise joe was attributable to one guy who phoning in bomb threats the synagogues without him when you take him out of there his one maniac anti semitic
violence actually decrease by forty seven percent according to the anti defamation these own statistics folks again nothing the media is telling you it's true you need this information to get into a healthy back and forth the liberal friends who are trying to gaslight everybody make stories up the paint donald trump as they try to paint every conservative primary concern as a racist anti muslim zena fall not of is true hey crime reporting one up because agency reporting went up it was proportional across categories which indicates it wasn't directed at any particular group and the one group they always come out on tv and indicate trump his aunt i being anti muslim they give number of reported hake was against muslim groups actually went down and if you take the one i out of the anti semitic category here the one
i calling in the bomb threat synagogues all over the country anti semitic violence drop by forty seven percent but don't let that get in the way of your fairy tales cash some ok moving on i have another article two national party cover this right after the ecosystem and other article about the green new deal any decent article with some nice sublime sub links inside of it youtube videos and things like that it is five at the time the five articles against climate alarm asthma makin a cover every one of you can read the peace yourself in this a lot of good some links in their videos as well i haven't covered this but given the prominence now the green new deal in the vigorous defence by a yo see how bout dat have ahmed charge now about it you know given all that i feel that we should engage in some of what one of the things that you here being thrown out thereby climate alarmist like a yossi
and other shows that the famous barack obama tweet about ninety seven percent of climate scientists agree that the world is going explode two that that climate change is a fact we ladies and gentlemen that is a bogus nonsense statistic is peace addresses it undresses it breaks it apart even a video wanted if you care to watch it would actually happen with that with is the number of people who responded to a survey directed at certain climate scientists in the question was not you know is club change going to lead to the destruction of human kind it was basically is there i'm a change showed the knob that it was not some kind of formal study now there was a pretty diesel survey down of people who are members of the american media logical society other would show people who understand meteorology meteorology the effects of whether in climate which are not the same thing and an interesting result from this which largely debunks this ninety seven percent remember it was only the people who responded so
i guess the best way to describe that this ninety seven percent numbers the p who are always most motivated to respond to a survey think about customer service you surveys you get right if you ok experience on an airline do you respond to those maybe not not know right now either i made you just you know me joe a busy or business homey working at the democratic kids rank food on the table if it was an ok it was nothing particularly greater boy awful about was it can always an airline ticket either chat or do you just delete it from your email you like ok fine about thanks but have a nice day who were the people spot the people who respond by a lot of these reviews tend to skew negative like the world's gonna collapse climate changes real are the people who have a vested interest in doing it
a refund for a crappy experience they had an airline am i just took one of these recent going to say what airline but tonight because it wasn't gonna wanna hurt them and it wasn't that catastrophic but i get on a plane you usually would usually would i carry my suit what i have to do fox and stuff i fold folded up i just hang it if i have to i stick it in the overhead another small that half of in a wrinkle but you know now you're not gonna have a hundred times there's a closet the flight attendant i'll say when we to hang out for it so i the lady elmwood zero lies at my k you mind if i hangs issues now felt me no she does now may be more keep in mind a closet like the last guy and apply causes empty so i look at our not like me may i make a sea about my comp ok some work in the back and the other ladys as all the other flight and because you should ask her to hang on a product why did she told me now she was ok and i just jam resolve wrinkle but and i we so i actually be surrounded and serbia is i was motivated like what kind of crappy customer services as do if you could hunger the beta crazy start so that the whole point is it
who are most motivated to respond that's what happened with the serving it's not coincidental that night seven percent people responded indicated that the climate change was real the climate is changing in israel should but a hundred percent the questions there have been more appropriately stated is man human beings are we causing changes changes in climate while the question again sorry to get that should discover that boy is was to these meteorologists only fifty two percent said that is primarily manmade so your points about that are just nonsense ninety seven percent others also some interesting charts in the peace indicating that a new usual weather events super powerful hurricane super storms like that and it dramatic increases in temperature folks are really of up a largely manmade myth on them when you look at the charts and peace i haven't shown out your seafolk that the temperature hasn't changed much at all
and the number of unusual weather events has gone down not up so again the left this making this up representative cortez and others are making this up it's clean an alarm ism its climate alarm is for a reason they want command and control economy just like socialist government chose the means of production in their vehicle to do that and get in there is going to be through you know the environment with it they call mom the red green access you know what war prior communists and socialist you just wanted a command and control economy because they are covered talk of meat bureaucrats could do better when that fell apart as in the soviet union they move onto environmentalist environmentalism as awaited institute things like government control over the economy you can see that alexander case you cortez his new deal so think about that one other thing is you don't believe me when they use measures for historical temperature folks they use things
ice cores and dando chronology then though chronology is the study of the yard the depth of of tree rings and they think they can coralie at the temperature ladies and gentlemen it absurd to try and make percent now there is some correlation to temperature and see co2 emissions in the atmosphere in the depth of the tree ring cuz that's the plant life that's what i can reverse respiration for us you know we breathe in oxygen exhale carbon dioxide they obviously do the opposite in a basic biology all mode so the presence of heavy amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be associated with a thicker tree rig meaning it was healthier that year but job level of precision in that measurement is is not even close to the level of precision they say it is so be very careful pre ring data when they saw triggering date as evidence of historical temperatures leading german they don't know that they can even coralie trimming data the temperature ten years ago forget about a thousand years ago
she cried is well read tea leaves here the every did they are that they do it read the basically that even one final story here for the day and i won't let you roll from yet you are having an effect they have a deadline dot com story you what you're doing is working with children hollywood receipts are down dramatically hollywood has taken a firm i left a lurch we all know that you and i have fought back i'm very limited in my movie consumption now matter fact one of the things i like about plane ride i can watch movies i don't have to give any money for i have to pay for anything and i could basically some all their content and not give them a dive which is absolutely terrific so see movies what my kids but not ice every week it you are having an effect this nautical deadline about hollywood receipts down but not just that of the academy awards for the first time the ratings having
going down for so long and there's still health i want to make it out like no one watches people are watching but the ratings down so significantly due to political bs at the academy award show that they ve had you're familiar the radio industry the street how advertising work with our show joe we don't give guarantees as we know needs yucas our show grows every month met the academy awards f give had to give their advertisers there looking guarantees for next year show in other words wild give us this amount of money for an ad we guarantee this because they are not even sure any more that the audience is gonna be there you having an effect folks it slow i understand i get with the trumps by gay case and dick the classification justice is slow real justice faked justice that the left engages in climate climate justice spying on political opponents esa real justice tyranny but when we do it the right way is slow and it is deliberate and you're having an effect i know it's hard you now have the robot paid
prime hysteria green new deal mindset that after you know either with demand people in hand it's right away listen i'd like to see that too in the spiky thing the real justice takes time and what you doing now it's quiet slow deliberate lead of the entertainment industry they start to attack us and take on anything conservative bed it's working it's making a real difference and advertisers are noticing the money is going to be the ultimate arbiter of where this comes out in the end that's why you seen a lot of these hollywood studios start there's a lot i faith based movies now has are starting to realize they may have gone a little bit too far in the other direction and believe me money talks and bs walks
folks thanks again for tuna in give you some updates on a trip here as we get go and have only been in vietnam for about twelve hours now saw gimme some up they started a week about how the summit's go and everything so i dont mr show this week is gonna be there can be a lot of good stuff going on you knock you be summer some low down on the skinny a ground to so don't forget our folks thanks again please subscribed to the show on itunes it is free gotta pod guess app and click the subscribe button you can go to heart radioactive an android or other phone equate the follow button it is free but it helps us move up the charter we really appreciate your support of that they see it see all about you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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