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The Greatest One-Punch in Political History (Ep 1174)

2020-02-05 | 🔗

In this episode, I address President Trump’s incredible State of the Union address last night and the real genius behind many of the memorable moments. I also address the continued meltdown of the Democrat Party after the Iowa Caucus and the problems they’ll have moving forward. News Picks:The State of the Union address last night was one for the ages.


The hapless Iowa Democrats may have screwed up the entire nomination process.


President Trump’s approval rating hits an all time high


Was the fake whistleblower plotting from the beginning to destroy the Trump presidency?


Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.


The debt crisis continues to grow worse.


Democrats are trying to change the language again.


Here’s the real story behind Michael Bloomberg and the NRA.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee seal ass i am assuming most of you dare ladies and gentlemen i listen i've been in politics came along time many of you have met many view billions this gave a lot longer than i have i have to tell you and i'm not kid i think last night state of the union address by president tromp is going to be one of those moments where you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard it i'm not kidding folks i am not being hyperbolic i say that in an end as much of an objective fashion we need all the summer conservative everybody knows that i dont hi dad but i remember where i was for other speeches to i mean paula you can for me when i remember where i was when i first herbert obama speak at the democratic
national convention when they were nominated nominating john kerry for president i remember thinking to myself that was an amazing speech in this guy's gonna be big trouble for conservatives in the future german gentlemen last night was a tour de force of speeches sir i've got what for you today welcome to the damned mancino show pretty should show how are you today men do well but listen we got so much to get too that's that's just go ahead guiding arrow now i know what we do with loaded did i now eyes as always i'd like to get you today the trying to figure out how to frame it cuz i don't want to be hyperbolic and only do the democrats get crazy fall in love with a look like idiots with the sound bites weeks later when everything collapsed i want to give you the real genius of what happened last night in truck we need some other things outside of the fantastic overall nature of it there he'll genius of the species last night some of the things he did which you may have missed some of you may have caught onto but it was tactically
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i reach something this morning from a guide i follow me on twitter i just ran into him this morning that's what our someone had retreated him and you know it i really do so can i read this is it's ok policy so catering at yale gave me two days i didn't plan partnership but this is a really fantastic tweet i want to read this team joe with me for saying and i saw this morning this really sums it up this is a martin make philips on twitter he treated a friend of mine had a toast he would offer at the raising of glasses conferred into your enemies trappers not as an opera confusion to his enemies he has brought madness to them madness yes i at all there i'm just say i'm martin is total complete madness child it hey
now yeah i've had a theory on this from the start about why donald try has driven the media lab even now moderate democrats into complete madness and the reason is this they are so used to through the air limitations of force with the big three to steal of bread siegel who wrote a great book called revolt against the mass is one of my all time favorite books the big three our congressional committees the media and academia and how they use the power of congressional committees to call people up there i've the media and academia debate we may their institutional their ideas there liberal ideas seem like their winning the culture warlike everybody believes men should be in the women's you're my they set it in academia we're having a study on at any mediaset that's all they do it they do it the big three right those based
are you scared republicans for so long and republicans have traditionally back down when anyone media academics whenever they be call embraces massages visual nonsense they back down and they're afraid is it a trump doesn't back there he took it to them through the democrats last night like i have i've seen in my forty five years on this planet i'm not kidding and the dynamic i think about it if you're so used to here's a declining to vehicle analogy of surrender some people like him some people here but i think this matter i buyers a boxer before jujitsu guy and you never one box with a guy who always lets you win you know maybe they're right in your presence here like you know you're but mike tyson i think that neither thyssen needed guys would challenge of interracial you'd be a better fire if you're sparring guys you are constantly letting you when you're not refining the edge of your skills you're just not you getting appointed difficulty in the guise of letting you went all the time and when they're letting you win you for
what it's like to lose and you forget what it's like joe to get punished in the face and donald trump is about to today deliver not just a punch in the face but one two three combination that the democrats she saw it you still because republicans in the past have just let them when the sparring match every time he won't do it now there's u unfamiliar boxing have one to threaten jab cross hook pretty standard combo who what's the one to three combo you have an absence lou tour de force of a speech last night emotional fact driven later this is is is presidential resume what he's done for the american people it was
everything you want it in his speech what's gonna happen today today will be acquittal day where the present united states is exonerated ahead for another hoax now you may say we knew about the one to punch what's number three well right before we got on the air ladies and gentlemen today the bp jobs report for january was released joe the expectation for the jobs report january the expectations that our economy would add a hundred and sixty thousand jobs the number this morning an astonishing two hundred and ninety one thousand jobs almost double what war with drawing up believe me that one even shocked may get almost double enormous what is planned
as a huge tremendous he's not kidding that is a one two three punch the likes of which you will rarely see in politics so now what's not only that despairing partner title his workmen who was let num win and now tat s not really getting sharp because he's been up on a guy's willing we get beat up now the sudden sparring partner turns around and its our partners like mohammed ali like those sorts kicking crap monetizing thyssen doesn't know what to do remind everyone what of it are only feel then all we feel just wouldn't give it to a crisis started to what our desire for nobody you know the do the democrats are german writer they don't know what to do a people knew was dropped down them last night it's gonna be drop dunham again today and everything left in there in their ideological village is gonna be wiped out by the ecb
closure of jobs report that will have to be covered by the mainstream media or let's get to them potatoes now you may say why then you know you're a conservative you're just put new shine on this now known our folks no no no no no hard left this van jones we covered yesterday the shell for employ you the obama administration even van john said i ve got some carving stuff remember the raging cage and i got some of that later to four msnbc bit here van jones on cnn and i want i said i'd get to the real genius of the speaker s i'm tactic take away number one is it in trumps appeal and outreach to black voters last night was nothing like i've ever seen before the g opiate it is a sin the lack of outreach we ve done a black community that in my experience running for office myself running in this
it was the largest percentage of black democratic voters merrill i experience black voters a line of course not all stereo positive or negative are still stereotypes in my experience i tell you largely align do my experience knocking on doors with our conservative values steep deep in faith spirituality economic growth concern for public safety and the community's these are not why asian hispanic values these are american values shared largely by the black community it is a sin we have failed to crack twenty percent of the black boat at national level it is a sin president trump noses this intervention van jones and see had at last night do president trumps outreach at the speech listened the van jones who is literally literally warning the democrats
and a way of communist sure you'd better get ready check this out he mentioned h me see use our black all have been struggling for a long time a bunch of them have gone under he threw a lifeline to them in real life and in this budget he talked about that he talked about the criminal justice reform here about after miscalled choice darted out stage what you listen wake up he doesn't have to be effective to be found there you have it should have margin stages and in the thing about it is and i think that we got a wake up folks there's a whole bubble thing there's always they will he said s whole nations therefore all but you ve been hidden forever that ain't necessarily so and i think what you can
see him do as they may not like my rhetoric but look at my results look at my record to black people have you narrow cast that it's gonna be effective which means as we move through this primary process we ve gotta pay a lot more attention both to what's going on with the lehtinen vote is we're gonna get a benefit in terms of having them respond and with the black boat is it going to be a split off for especially for blackmail both we gotta be clinical about this stuff we get so emotional about it that was a wrote that was a warning to us a warning shot across the bows democrats that he's goin actually black box because this problem is not just a white to britain both as you like but listen let me be clear on this issue for as much as i disagree with a lot of van jones is nonsense especially that don't be comedy covered yesterday about how iowa because a lot of white people we should give embassies dumb van jones is in stupid his analysis of what's going on is absolutely accurate folkestone
forget me cover this ratio i know joe you remember it if g o p candidate for present this time obviously it's gonna be donald trump work who acquire up to twenty percent of the black but just twenty percent the democratic powers it would be done for generations that is a statistical fat and al gore make tautological certainty the democrats cannot win a national election if republicans national vote they republican candidate for president gets twenty plus per cent of the like what there's no match for them you would these states like pennsylvania with large black populations in philadelphia and some of the cities and some of the suburbs around philadelphia you would see pennsylvania of turn the geo p column with their what twenty seven electoral votes overnight it be over michigan large population a black voters if president trump pulse
ninety percent of the vote in detroit it's over it's over i dont you find a comical that the big three meat academia congressional committees in unison joe present dropped such a dope yeah where's your members even in your mouth and your geography free and you lie and automobile germ rule zoos do petrov member it we see her well who's the dumb more now press i've been bad the weak the superbowl runs and add to a hundred and forty eight million americans you watch the superbowl targeting what criminal just again not appalled candidly i'm a huge fan of but there's no question
i've just giving you the numbers a policy proscription he signed argue president tromp that has law our support in the black community that was his ad paul what did i say to you during the civil war one at air aired did i not you can go genius is nodding snatches ignoring me today because you think someone abed would you say brayley ita bro you see she's not ignore ok my for my apology i did i turned our i said brilliant that's exactly what if you're right i forgot what i said brilliant he now takes his state of the union address ray oh genius of the state of the union address point number one to focus but we on issues that matter the black community knowing the democrats have no choice
and could be generationally wiped out if he can turn the tide and get even twenty percent a black voters in america to say you know what to host she'll peak eyes aid so bad historically low black on employment he's like school choices which these made a video number two fold full candor i'm not going to say who were wire when because i don't want to do that don't your personal conversation but i told someone not that long ago a matter of fact i addressed it my interview a president trump onto youtube channel youtube that conflict by jean if you go to the interview section you can listen to yourself i brought to the president of the united states himself that an issue of critical importance to the black community and specifically to adult female black voters schools why why the answer is obvious because female black
others care about their kids like everyone else it's obvious is not hard this is not complicated and yet feeling a black voters have to send their kids sadly in baltimore detroit new york and other places to crap schools where you know damn well if this was a middle class school they be burnt down the state out and nobody seems to care and the democrat party so what is pressed trumped trump do last night again under the real headline real should we then real genius tactical take away point number one chopped targets the blackboard he's persists we highlight the democrat pencil you're governor pennsylvania joe swings name right my is crap like crazy ok wake not present he admitted ridden my nose i would be so stupid really so stupid he brings up a swing state like pennsylvania with their critical moreover as a state
one when no republican could when it for decades he brings up the democrats pennsylvania governor vetoing a school choice bill and he does this play this video chat check this out what should i have some good news for you because i am please to inform you that your long wait is over i can proudly tonight that an operative kennedy scholarship has become available is go do you you will soon be heading two the school of your choice folks i ran for
it's ok you know that three times i enjoyed it sometimes sometimes i did but i do not with forked tongue joe you knew me we were first race i've known joe along polemic ass you close to a decade now i met joe at a radio station when i was running for senate maryland and he came out and he's like we do know what you even said to maybe like i love what you had to say and you offered to take pictures member joseph joe member that he's whenever you need me to do no charge you joe and i've been friends a long time a joke and vouch for me so kampala i have said before now over ten years then it is a sign that the geo p doesn't focus more more on this school choice issue it happened down here in florida where our excellent governor around the santa's made school choice for everyone not just for black to benefit our wife families in crappy schools yes but it's
big issue in the blackness and he made school there a central focus of his florida campaign for governor and got a story clean high number of female black voters to vote for it and the answer is simple and its right in front of your faces black hispanic white moms doesn't it matter asian mobs care about whether kids go to school this is not complicated brilliant brilliant move by president trump last night for those listening and audio only version the family that he just dumb pointed out in the in the state of union address he had his guests was a single black mother and her black daughter again a fact
irrelevant to conservatives you don't care about race but when identity paul ex becomes the central focus point of democratic politics you all right kids are racist and its us fighting for policies that will benefit black mother like the one president trump invited as a guess i end their children whom they love kind of makes you're talking point look kind of stupid than it and then when he points out the activity democrat governor of pennsylvania is the one getting in the way of this did young woman and our single mother trying to get an education in the wealthiest countries are kind of nature good point like even dumber doesn't it but that's what you are which is stupid nonsensical moronic identity politics garbage which were all get tired of so the real genius of his speech last night take away number one focusing heavily on black voters honouring their tuskegee airmen hero promote
the brigadier general in writing criminal justice form again to be fair beside you facts here change my position based on anyone policy i supported but again a policy that has a majority support in the black community politically genius romanian man we're so stupid we need start taking advice from rick wilson cnn me through the size is important the real genius so this peace take away number two i've heard this from insiders to so forgive me and they have given me the people have told me it made for mrs general ever share anything without you do you know that if you write me males and say keep this quiet i never repeated on the air shout out to that guy who sent me that he now yesterday too by the way at i responded back to
i want to talk about but i've heard this from insiders that nancy policy has a volcanic temper and that she can't control herself anymore that trump has driven hard as i opened up the show with sheer madness she will never be president she knows it and she keeps getting out fox by president trump a guy she considers to be a moron i'm telling you what i ve been told from inside pelosi similarly believe she is intellectual heavyweight no trumps alai way and she cannot figure out how this white way keeps out axing her a beating earned a chess game she thinks she's a master at i've been all this for many but it's driving her while a nut people have told me this so what she do last night i walk you through this maybe side some of you may not know he walked
into the chamber to give the speech after nancy pelosi disrespectfully ignores the standard opening addressing the president and she extends a handshake and president shrub turns around and promptly ignores her genius now there are some in the conservative movement ignored here completely ignores the handshake leaves what we would call on the streets italy's or hang you know listen when you get this like that just like you gotta do like right like i'm just call him i just do you just got the uterus got wrecked ok you just correct mouth so conservative moment i've i've seen a twitter there well don't try and a kind of cover for the presently i don't think you to do it you didn't see it now there will be a global why why recovering matters daily what's the problem well you know we want to make sure we look i would take the moral high ground y yeah
do you not understand the new rules there is no moral high ground this woman is accused the present are being a trader the united states a peach them for a fake crime that never happen and we're supposed to around and shaker i said on fox and friends on sunday if i was the president i say i wouldn't know gotta stop trying oh yeah well hidden really mean it and you know why because what there to do which i think is mistake is the many we saw a major policy rip there really was a disgrace for a moment and then try well you know there are the democrats defence that is going to be well trump didn't shake our hands double folks this or that stop choice what were you going to be a real system where it's like who's gonna take that there's no moral high ground there's no taking of the moral high ground there isn't any it is a battle field mentality right now for politics you're in there branches in trench warfare as our
you don't care if the guy next to you is like the stall of a bazooka gum empathy sucre finally just a couple bazookas from the daily on a corner you just want sure in that direction where our war i back i don't care what we'll talk about your pension for petty thievery later when we get out of the combat zone we're not i too take the moral high there's no moral high ground it's time to fight back unworthy squab take of off and debt no it's there rocky dream all by where there where five rockies fighting thunder lives chemical absorbed by giving the worthy right now now you may see ok great said you give us the inside baseball what was the real genius of that well it relates to what i just told you pelosi trump noses has a volcanic temper
and cannot stand cannot stand to get wrecked already katy so what does he do joe right at the beginning of his speech here since leaves our hang and humiliate sir in front tens of millions of americans good but i dont think you just did it a humane he's actually been very kind of magnanimous and above board when it comes to stuff like that he as i mean i've seen him you know when when people in congress of loss people analyses key calls them democrats or republicans i think you data for reason he knew but she wouldn't be able to control leah throughout the whole speech any new the visuals of her what would she do when the whole speech ladies and gentlemen mumbling bumbling grown in bad mouth and the press look in a way not standing went out what matter fact when at their clip we just showed you of the of the year
woman who got the opportunity scholarship preschool choice she sat she sat the democrats sat through that he knew if he got her sufficiently aggravated upon the open the speech that for the rest of the speech the visual imagery america was going to see is an out of control temper dominated nancy policy and the vision we're gonna be offered as i tweeted last night if optics is a thing and it is from what i always tell you what our politics snapshots soundbites all politics is he knew the shots shots in the sound bites for the democrats would be awful and ladies and gentlemen which operate in a new man for guy who so stupid according to the democrats it he can't figure this politics thing out he absolutely wrecked policy last night icing on the cake dude the ripping of the speech was like
ah ripping the speech at the end of finance is gonna be when she's remembered for embarrassing wow so duff again take away number one target the black black vote in hispanic vote brilliant absolutely brilliant making it a central tenet speech number two thoroughly pissing off nancy policy at the beginning of a speech knowing she wouldn't be able to control herself throughout because she's got a volcanic temper and he wins again all the objects of the entire trump written about how great america is the great american come back there oil renaissance is production and oil it median job in prague a media monopolies we middle class job growth most closely groaning and moaning and rip and stuff you got so will you may be
its word words bade war gotcha user worrying about more but that was our standard go to do i've been using back where work is probably back let me get things they who had a lot i got more get it now than when do i get things that may have may have may not oh by the way i'm at a cover for european issue also rightly remedies at you said i use genocide before i go on the air especially last night their immediate effects because i'm was so tired less happy at those gonna pass out i've been appalled at the latest the skin gears instant result introduced the brand new jenny sell our age from showing that genuine our age delivers next generation retinal aid the aging of facts with zero redness irritation plus the orchards complex provides ironic acid crucial for superior retinal affect areas polly oh my gosh looks like she's thirty tissues pose in right now you can thank jen yourself
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other com jenny sell that calm down three zero check out for the special off your love genuine i'll check it out now wash them examiner as a story is well i believe it was david drucker this will be in the show notes folks sharks are really good today is a couple real winners in their winners in there out you gotta binds you know that honestly newsletter you could subscribe to is that it will send you the showed us every day if not just go to lunch you know that commerce right there in the park guessing but the worst exam i had a piece up about president trump doing exactly what i said targeting the blackened hispanic vote last night david i'd like to use the state of the union is part of a strategy to break democratic lock on the blacklist down there buried in the peace is a narrow little now cause you notice i've been saying to target the black in spanish and some of you we catch i'm goddamn you haven't said anything he's down the target hispanic vote or not or now some of you caught at last night policy i now turn to you either when we saw one guido
the legitimate president of venezuela not like that hack fake phone socialists are murdering thug madeira the the president of venezuela made a surprise appearance last night at the state of the union from david truckers peace mr president talking guido job said i quite or not it from the house gallery listening to this folks at this is powerful i wanted to read this person i gotta get the clip but i did this on purpose because i really want to read this it was one of the most powerful moments i've seen as stated the union along tat president trump to guido please take this message back to your homeland all americans are united with the venezuelan people in their righteous struggle for freedom socialism destroys nations
but always remember freedom unifies the soul you are damn right mr president god bless you man that was powerful that that is something only president trump can do he understood last night that having wider up there which may candidly while a lot of us are busy some of you may have made mistakes not mr budgets not understood the significance of it ladies and gentlemen there has been a mass exodus out of venezuela due to the murders thug maduro job as and the implementation of socialism a lot of those venezuelans headed where
we're gonna florida we hear reason may present trunks stupid he can't figure out that flawed as a swing state tens if not hundreds of thousands of venezuelans livid florida there we upset that their homelands been destroyed i'm sure it was all a mistake that one wide always at the state of the union last night you know what they call the ral in southern florida it call a door elsewhere you know why they call it that because this stance he populated with venezuelans i bet you didn't know that democrats tactic we genius you have venezuela's now have seen their homeland there once beautiful country still beautiful by the way
but wrecked wrecked by murderous thugs socialists animal savages you i'll have this freedom fighter and wider illegitimate president trying to take back power from maduro this and the press it puts him up at the state of the union and honours amid tells the venezuelans we are there in your struggle for freedom and joe just a quick why not a bernie sanders who is now the leading front runner are one of them for the democratic nomination here its claim to be a socialist before i am just check in albania me on the spot i'm not crazy likely be whenever dames socialist when you read you may have and your job and your lines on the map butcher gradually robes you sure about that prison be so stupid
oh yeah he's lupin alright ok stupid enough to win one largest electoral college landslides and modern electoral hysteresis so stupid you think wider with their now listen the modem they got him saying i believe president tromp deeply care deeply about the free other people venice well met if i cannot think i know based on information i not privy to share in society bad it's just that i chair personal conversation but again i dont want to just give you today the present speech was gray i know it was great i was there i got emotional during that's like do you any good i want understand exactly what he did from a strategic person if is well sometimes or from the emotion because one been told by liberal eighty it's an media leaders is you're the stupid one trap is the stupid one and knave
grasp what america's really thinking despite the fact that they got worked again last night and they don't even know it all right one more now listen this is one of those moments last night at the state of the union you guys job right here why are you crying right what may rightly possible our juice man allergies this was one of those moments last night president trump is speaking to the spouses if our brave military heroes acknowledging his service overseas and in the middle of the state of the union in something i have never seen before nobody on there's no by pierre were arrayed in any present from so stupid he so down that nobody understands the power of visuals like this guy no one but the democrats think he's done they think he's done no one
there stands the power of the sound bite and this have shot like this president nobody in the middle of the state of the union speech he brings back onto the onto the floor in the gallery he brings back this a patriot soldier who surprises his wife and the wife s the point out to the kid there's died away check this out but amy there is one more thing tonight we have a very special surprise i am thrilled to inform you that your husband is back from deployment he is here with us tonight and we couldn't keep him waiting any longer i'm not crying you're crying not me with my red cryin come i drank cover argued for folks i listen i got this framework brian he's my free doesn't care from
he's a retired we went to the police academies now retired he doesn't tax me a lot he does it we talk a lot of it because it anyway in politics but not like i am my job he texted me about four five i was a kid but the power that moment he was just floored fort but remember president tribes the stupid one right nobody understands the power of a snapshot the sound by like this who loves our military by the way you can't fate that and he don't need because his emotion and welcoming their patriot back was genuine and now you saw to couple final notes before i get to carve out
really asked pause like you gave me all this stuff you poor while our poor wise gonna put together this whole show and i barely got to a web we're like we're having a quarter the way too i'm sorry last night was just one of those moments i really feel like i owe you the inside me well what had how damaging this one to three punch is gonna be through the democrats acquittal huge job numbers massive speechless i am not sure that democratic process today how bad this really is for them couple notes so remote we'll get to carville and some james car the sound bite you gonna want to watch the democrats again just like the angels acknowledging up here this is rash last night i have both brought it up on hannity i'll talk bother you of presidential metal freedom was awarded that last night and actually did the award of the metal vienna first eighty millennia tromp at the ceremony i set it up
a couple of shows i said it yesterday russia's an icon he i would not here today without russia lumbar just again a powerful incredible i mean other worldly type moment where you're like my watch this lists is hoist rapid yerkes is really happening i mean a figure who is transcended president's listen its german president's come and rational about doesn't wrestling i've been a staple of the american conservative movement for thirty years i love this president but maximum you can do is eight russia's carried that torture the conservative movement forever the awarding and the placing of the metal around the neck of limbo by our wonderful first lady again a snapshot that just move the souls of so many conservative so again just now take away
targeting the black vote last night genius absolutely right king nancy policy at the beginning of his speech making sure the optics we're gonna be terrible with her fostered and moaning all time genius bringing one guido their target the venezuelan spanish vote that eighty socialist vote q in venezuela to understand the damages socialism genius finally finding the one figure who pretty much can solid it's the entire conservative ecosystem even some anti trumpets who have listened to job rush for years finding that one figure and bringing the presidential metal of freedom at the state of the union genius one last point the worst these hammer article just in case you are still holding out you're a democratic watches by showing your welcome here i have no animal towards you u liberals that's a different story just
case you're a democrat still holding out gonna this one to three punch job numbers state of the union in acquittal today it's really how can it be that bad let me just put up wash them examiner article they gonna be up at the show notes a bunch you know that com i strongly encourage you to pay attention to buy our good friend paul but dark headline impeach not drop drop approval highest yet have said he deserves reelection joe let me we're not a trick account loser if this michael was published this morning and that paul took some time do you think those poor birds were taken before the state of the union are after not messing with you david davy idea before you get there they weren't they had to be of course they were taken before because paul's take time what am i telling you if elections are based
one person winning more votes than the other and if half of americans have that's fifty percent for the liberals who have trouble with math if fifty per se of americans roughly a week ago before the acquittal before the job numbers and before the tour de force speech last night a fifty percent recent yeah the president deserves reelection and is reach last night and this it gives them a one or two percent bob joe another where i'm sorry i'm throw in a lot of complicated math today but if trump gets fifty wonder fifty two percent of the vote take about this for a minute from time to time ok do you think he will win re election or not if you need it james abacus out you can do that but just take some time i think heat think that he win and i have read and and about it and i know romania has tried in my bed you geography anywhere
it would be correct those pole numbers were taken off or the state of the union don't worry dams it's going swimmingly forward manually swimmingly yeah there we are adamant that is happening good i had papers our final sponsor a day in and i want to get the car of police state juvenile carville the rage engagement guy i know he's got a spring or the post democratic politics he's terrified right now so what happened and i work does not get a lot of major uncovered right today show us brought by bodies at my pay supply ladies gentlemen you in short everything in your life that matters don't you think about right you show your car even show your house you ensure your health some of you have eyeglass insurance some of you have insurance for your teeth how do you out of a food insurance plan that's crazy
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i'm serious i buy them too we could get him for maybe messing with you and i see guaranteed judy delivery discreetly rightly your front door take action today see already for what's coming and say seventy dollars those it know what's coming are preparing now go to prepare within that come that's hair with dandy common sure your food supply today prepare within dhaka ok so she's very excited about today show because speech was so good and you know so much dour political news it's good finally get a windy vanity would mahler gay collusion gave all of these houses the impeachment hoax fake whistle blower gate at the sea president trumped so you know resoundingly defeat all this nonsense and come out triumphantly is great not the only one saying this you saw van jones before here is james carville noted democratic political strategies name the rage engaging here is carbon msnbc
say and listen democrats its panic time we're in a lot of trouble eddie brings up a point about the eye of a cock disaster which recovery yesterday will bring up a little bit again today course that this is that we still don't know one the i will caucus because the democrats could even manage an app and in their back up hotline failed at today s people too next pictures of their result which is so ridiculous a whole said this central planter democrats want to run your health care system entirely collapsed yesterday in a simple kok is couldn't even report results but one of the things without the analysis in the complete chaos was joe but our turn out which we ve been told by the media establishment voter turnout democrats a try that's gonna be incredible it's gonna be crazy he's gonna be record turn out could it be people jumping over each other to vote it turned out one that great listen carvel talk about it
the thing that worries me apparently to turn out and i was not words i would expect it to other people expected at another numbers are still come in but tell me it's more like two thousand sixteen two thousand eighty two pulling reduce or not have not been very good the last ten days and things pretty good posed that that show enthusiasm among democratic is is not high is if we bite like it so there's something as people are watching this process that is concerning yet but i do want to take a stance congratulate may have paid new staff that was a remarkable night they had in the moment but i think tat there this is not going particularly well so far you don't need to hear from me he said dan i get this email what're you put on so many democrats whose foxes what we're doing here what we do we put other nano is that now but we're
here like the purpose of this show and it's always been the purpose of russia has been they give you the mental ammunition is joel we says everything you need an hour to go out and fight the fight all i'm about to show never about the money it's listen we get paid well my blida you were spent with it was never about their joe and i did the show for what three years have we ever soldiers commercial i'm not kidding well listen to our early librarian sancho noticed there's no commercials s because i paid for the shot like this it has always been about giving you busy american citizens at work for living who don't have the time to do this job i've been blow you don't you have to go to work if the to take my goal is always been to give you in an hour the ammunition you need to fight the good fight for freedom and liberty that is not a damn campaigns on i mean every word of that if we don't get it
to the democrats heads and what's the point this is a prominent prominent make no egg democrats strategies to set its finger on the pulse of the democratic party for a very long time saying we are in real trouble now this means something what does it mean it means turning up now area go it cliches but strike while we irony super hot now's the time don't need some money to your favorite republican candidate of the present go to your local republican club and volunteer to go registered voters go now i endorse real local congressional candidate the present now's the time the double down because the democrats right now are weak and that predicting the elect i don't know this stuff could change overnight i'm simply suggesting to you right now is the time to yes pie
on it twins blown up in their face the economy is motoring the president s had a litany of policy successes supreme court justice disappointed federal on a pellet federal appellate circuit court judges appointed regulatory reform and exploding economy middle class way just rising this is the time to pile on and its so the time to pile on because as i explain to you repeatedly both on fox in here on my show every election every single election has three lanes to victory three and the best candidate in the best wayne because the land can be dictated by the larger political circumstances i must point out the second the best candidate in the best we'll take the nomination for that party
those three lays the establishment lay the radical lane and the outside world every election has one everyone you tell me your election i'll tell you the candidate in each lane was donald trump of course it's obvious in the twenty sixteen election filled the outsider late now there's a dynamic here annex what you may see what where we go with it i'm trying to tell you why the democrats right now are in deep deep trouble they are trying to defeat the president with the best candidate one of those lines ladies and gentlemen candidate wise the we candidates who will win in their lane our kids each exemplify what delay means if you're the estate i can't candidate you damn well better be the safe pick if
the radical candidate then you damn well better be a radical and it or an you can't a better be an outsider tromp was outside zero down october hate him there is no disputing that he was now a political insider period full stop you saying otherwise makes you look like an area about us oh what's a problem with the democrats the problem with the democrats is try it they don't know what they want and where what lane they want to go and the candidate at the head of each layer pay close attention later germ of telling you i'm not wrong self praise thanks this is a good analysis delegate the problem is the democratic decided what lay may want and the care that
at the head of each of those lanes don't fit the brand at all on the first point the republican party clearly in twenty steve jobs had committed to we ve had enough be ass we ve tried europe lookin tricks for why you gonna cut spending all that you're not doing any of it and we want an outsider side of the swami who's gonna shake things up they committed to their crews one iota tat it was a landslide after that it was obvious the republic so committed to the outsider lane that's what they wanted to go and president tromp was in fact they genuine outside a lot of people miss that me i endorse crews early and i still alive tankers what but i realized when it was over they wanted and outside the democrats can't decide what they want you
two months ago they were all about listen guys ladys i know i've heard it i still following my twitter i can tell you i followed the black me they were all about we have to pick the best candidate did the feet to donald trump in other words joe we need the safe pack but now where the democrat party is joe passion and the turn out although albeit rather low low amongst the younger voters and others who support who are not the same thing they support bernie the radical but then the wing of a party like not we gotta toss them all out and we need an outsider go it may your people who fears you have won the i will carcass report
never know but what they should draw straws at this point sorry paul alas i realize must be funny because you never left and i dare say she they invest money they succeed by straws i owe you i really be trifled with eyes of the world that at some point number one the democrats have made a decision unlike the republicans twenty sixty collectively at what lane is report but number to all of the laser led by frights mayor peter not an outsider he's a failed mayor of south then who's been trying to obtain political offices entire life it is not in fact a radical he's multi millionaire real figures were billiard a billion euro worse we don't www there's a billion where's my checkbook let me right a million check for my turn to a piece of fraud he's a total fraud our goal and the safe pick mobile
three like joe biden isn't safe what order do does even i want studies in these the dinosaurs ohio the canada serves the united states is evil the countries in this area great to unaware of discharges vermont whatever same thing he does no now you may say you left worn out i didn't i may have to walk you through this one again but split in the back if you add my video va taken buys again all through your lunch when it was you have that here interesting video some guy cod there's iphone of elizabeth warren landing landing in a a plane and its fast with warrant would warrant does when she gets off to bed again keep in mind warren supposed to be the radical millionaires there's a billion do a good elizabeth worn imitation there the worst we gotta go after them
green new deal private jets are the worst check this out this is part of this poor forgive me paul if i'm saying your name wrong takes a sort of video look how its warren getting up a private judge you see someone's recorded or job because these are behind our staff are this is the greatest danger why are you serious she stuck cedar ogre thicket he just ever doesn't even know who this is it turns out the other way like you pretend to be waived because this is a case of fraud they sent i have no problem with people take private your ipod been on that a lot but i've been autumn as a great it's wonderful capitalism people gotta build them people work on them they maintain up i love it it's great but i have a problem with is big for
just like bernie sanders who claims that we radicals hopping around the country and private jets and when you catch are getting off the private jets using it just looks she stuck in it bob and weaving did they say they did they seek me maybe it's embarrassing see the visuals youtube duncan slashed by junior you can watch that it's embarrassing she should have got off the private jet joe what are they trumpeted down he got off their private jake wave baby oh yeah you come over shakespeare stop or yoda phony ladies gentlemen now is the time to strike a week they can't side on a lane and they can't decide if the candidates
out of those lanes are genuine or not and they're not they are all frauds or i didn't get to rent palm and i forget that woke up with just a couple of quick things saliva so this is kind of ironic to here's a tweet i remember the issues we use a headline the daily call never joe biden little whenever this is supposed to be the safe pick their job suggest call minors should let her colleague who put by tier aside who has a cool book out about their technology yeah yeah this is from december twenty ninth joe biden call minors go learnt the code tat ice is this i saw this attitude is great look at this contrast that hitler nbc news new i met the speed up record you have cockers resolve suffered from a coating issue joe maybe that the democratic party fred spurs and finally ramparts of tomorrow whistle the is going require a lot of explanation that cut and it's a deep deep
ran paul is like way way ahead of his republican colleagues on a lot of stuff so it's really good bye you know rarely do you get the chance to own the lib as zalm successfully is done tromp junior on the lips yesterday i mean again we better think about work getting worse getting wrecked completely so here's a tree by the hapless former democrats centre now we know why she's a former member air clare over the guy she was taken a private jets that stops and in getting on about some pretending it was a state wide tour one july the josh holly she's a former democrat centre and still full time hack socially it's out yesterday this genius tweet which it's totally wrecked on so there was picture out of this plain coming back me i will call it was a charter jet and present rob had a lot of his team you could see mark meadows jim jordan good republicans in the back is banned carson of true of course remember tromp cabinet ya know being carson claremont
making a racial kind of in intimating and hating that there's some kind of racial atmosphere says one of things is not like the other hint they made him talking about ben carson want me i'll so he was visible so for those can see it it's just a tweet of the plane taken from the front back and you can see ben carson squatting in the also but clear mecca school hack former dammit that centre and again full time hack now she has given that position is true you say that anybody saw racing they made the black cabinet member squat the middle because you don't even have a seat on the plane in one of the great moments in twitter history dont rubbed junior i'm not kidding tweets this little photo there's a reason ben carson didn't have a seat in the back and a plain folk that's
we were sitting in a first class with the programme we are brought a triple viewed with europe about lee handy come on i think we did that's at least a double one will be rather at least a double motley at least the double might we choose carson we're sitting in first class you numb skull what are you gonna do sit on someone's lap yes i do not wish to morrow i wanna get outta this ramparts of bitter i will get through tomorrow when you add this servicemen and covered in depth please to try there are huge channel youtube dotcom slashed by gino that's youtube back on last by of course subscriptions are free requires no effort on your part on this the and you get video version the and if you want to watch tv and you have comcast hit the expenditure button
see a screen comes up absence overthrew the right girl overhead apps go to youtube and you can watch to show in your tv we watch it every reverie not like to see where we went wrong in some of the stuff we can fix so go check that i would really appreciate it so our folks aviano you just ten bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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