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The Latest Liberal Giveaway Will Blow Your Mind (Ep 924)

2019-02-26 | 🔗
In this episode I address the latest, radical, liberal nonsense proposal. This will blow your mind. I also address the one question to ask your liberal friends which will immediately shut them down. News Picks:  This one question turns socialists into capitalists.   The media wants you to believe that Trump is especially vulnerable to a Primary challenge.   Sleazy Adam Schiff has serious collusion issues.     “The Trump administration announced on that it will ban tax-payer funded facilities from promoting or performing abortions.”   Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez thinks the planet will be a disaster for your kids and cites “science.”   Copyright Dan Bongino. All Rights Reserved.
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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know about you know shepherdess jar you did i well good morning vietnam there again that's the idea i knew you were going i told you yesterday i can read your mind do we put together so long broadcast think from ice station sean happy in vietnam using the haiti studio we got a bunch of special guess here we got linda from the shot out he shoved most you are familiar with my good buddy bob blair as well so this is gonna be like an ensemble should i had a start up before go on the show how to start up a timer is i'm so used to use their own studio that little tiber and a quarter of addition yanhamu had a hypothetical but i'd sure that a start a timer on the phone so listen i gotta get can i think it would be an interesting show because i
stop all night and i'm i'm i'm a little loopy and for the first time in a long time i actually took a sleeping pill you know i'll read you one of my program and i woke up here so just to tell you what our folks who were at the opposite of eastern time so it is six in the morning there it six at night here so i'm try to stay on eastern time like linden arrested hannity team is all my work pod guess everything's armies and so i go to sleep at eight how can a morning here which is eight o clock at night in florida and i'm figure and i can wreck out for at least like five hours and i'll be called it so happens of course midnight twelve fifteen i get up and i am up up i need up like i had just run a player call in marathon disguise i could try athlete next to be embarrassing thing of all our threading had fallen apart against guidance we say four percent body fat and i am wired at one thousand two hundred and fifty and i cannot go back to sleep and you know folks i am mister like auntie pharmaceuticals no matter what i don't even take advil for my disgusting
riding joint so i'm up and i'm like i got this long day i got to meet producers in the morning i had all this stuff going on i got to get some z's so for i had an ambient with me so i pop in ambient and man i was out aus ivy like walking dead zombie like comatose out i get up at five in the morning and i pass over too in france over at the m j w mary out here in hanoi where we're at that the studio assets were trumps they do when he gets in at would kill me too anna and asia heart can kill me like mad you're off ship or this body no jet lag feel like bab rather i'm good like i can reply i think european i wired i'm ready to go lays down like you have see to thirty seven main event right down so i'd like you to tell of a little geek up so that we get it
show you public get up used in ordinary treasure brought in by a little to cheaper than but you buy a bodies it probable company manufactory hey you know big supporter of the second amendment these guys have the best rifles and pistols there are just tell linda they were kind to send me to samples rifle and a pistol i picked it up at the low call a gun shop i go to all the time and the guy behind the counter i can do not like man you are really lucky to get these he's a really high quality rifles i'm not messing with that is destroy the guy the good job losses to the show three knows messing around owning arrivals in all responsibility building rifles is no different from copy manufacturing we started a garage by marine veteran more than two decades ago bravo copy manufacturing a b c m for short builds a professional great product bill to combat stand because bc embassies in the same level of protection that should be provided to every american regardless of their power citizen or professional is not sporting arms company design engineer manufacture life saving equipment bc amis
when a rifle leaves her shop it will be using life for their situation by responsible citizens want foresman officer or soldier oversee so quality madison every company a b c m rifles at hand assembled and tested by americans and heartland wisconsin to a life saving standard learn more about b c m bravo company manufacturing head over to bravo company m f g dot com tell him we said we can discover more about their product special offers an upcoming news that's bravo company m f g d come be more convincing check out the youtube channel youtube dotcom slash bravo company usa i let's get this year or so you don't this this twenty twenty primaries brought out the worst with the left that we always knew they were radicals big government socialist something that's always been just embedded in the genetic code the democrat party but in order to obtain power they occasionally tried to moderate bring back to the center we saw that in the second term bill clinton you know he gave the speech of course
the state of the union where he said that europe a government is over you know sort of way cain power they realise that far left radicalism big govern power big of macao really doesn't work well that's gone out the window they are following the same model they tried as i said a prior podcast earlier in the week with a second ronald reagan where they sent but walter mondeo up their running on this ridiculous plath we're going to raise your taxes mondeo promptly got absolutely annihilated and smoke he loses forty nine so we're seeing that same mistake again reason we're seeing that mistake is the anger at reagan is the same as the anger a trump now where they think that the angry get and the more radical they get the more they're going to appeal of their money people in their volunteers and they'll be the ones to get the nomination for twenty twenty i bring this up because i've been getting a ton of emails on this and i
got it i know we're in vietnam and want to get some of that too and i'll give you some of the skinny underground but there's talk now by elisabeth warren and common harris about reparations ladies and gentlemen this is it this is insane now that this list of this no question that obviously human slavery in the universe is a unique stain on our country that point absolutely stipulated amongst any sane person we all get that but reparations for people whose ancestors were slaves in the united states ladies gentlemen this is not just this by definition now elizabeth warrant kamel harris has just come out now on the record talking this about reparations for both a black americans and native americans now a couple of questions on this number one or before i get to the questions keep this in mind the very idea about justice is not that human beings are centres and don't make catastrophic
mistakes like obviously the stain of slavery and our country was but the idea of justice is it you will be held to account to account for your mistakes not the mistakes of your family not the mistakes of your ancestors and in the case of reparations certainly not the mistakes of your ancestors ancestors ancestors b i wrote it here to explain this very simply joe you didn't do this now you didn't do this and i am that you're not going to insult me my ethical or moral code this and i'm a sinner like anyone else i get that have said this on the show repeatedly we all need redemption and saving all of us but i am not going to be held to account for us they came on human civilization that me in
the other sane person is horrified by what why why what am i doing about i didn't do this you didn't do that is not justice justice is not making you pay for them moral crimes and crimes of other people that is not what justice is getting past the moral and ethical dilemma that operations create by making people pay for the crimes of others which opens a pandora's box by the way ladies and gentlemen that where does it stop where do you go with that this giver did joe i mean that the japanese were interned in world war to this was a unique stain on our country to do where does it stop i mean there are people who have had land confiscated this where does it stop where it is if you are going to force people to pay for the mistakes of ancestors ancestors ancestors they never knew have no connection to and they have fully recognized the stain that this wasn't our country where does it in
but beyond the moral or ethical dilemma this creates folks there is a real costs to this and if you are going to run to be the president united states elizabeth or camilla harrison you're gonna call for something like reparations you have a responsibility to lay out exactly how this would work so wanna had tipp a friend of mine on an list serve but you say an email group who laid out some questions some of my really good lay out how this would work right so question number one when does look at em and agreed that it is necessary to eliminate the little side i like mr newman lydia i queried words what which what are you gonna have who gets the body now it's fair question right who gets what's the criteria gets the money and how much how much a fox is real
money this is real money you're gonna have to work for will have to be taken out of social security medicare medicaid who gets the money as it if your wealthy to you get the money if your native american and you're worth a million dollars do you get twenty thousand dollars from a working class say white call minor in west virginia ladys and shut these people are running for president you have to put some meat on about how is it's gonna work you don't get to just makes of our representatives yes slavery was troubled i it was it was a horrible stain on this country that we teach about so it never happens again but you don't throw something out there i didn't you say i never who's gonna pay no to be given to pocket you can read out did you hear
you can hear joe sylvia chose drop is always there were twenty laughed like what you are kind i gotta get off the siege i know what he's ladders and excellent impersonal let us do good and for no good but isn't i'd ask others do someplace you throw me off i don't you realize how much are they gonna get twenty thousand fifty thousand is again is it depended on your income you're running for press you have to put some meat on the boy you can't just say that without laying out exactly how this is going to go down question number two is the money dependent on what percentage frequent american or native american you are listen it is in general is a fair question what if you take off you're gonna be a dna test is it just gonna be anybody at any point can say what we think about it what if you're you know you're from jamaica or you happen to be black but you have no ties whatsoever you're your answer
there's two of its epic staying with slavery in the united states in earlier do you get the preparation its job is it not a fair question that's what i didn't even bigger is it while these questions are from small person allow thought this through and said listen if there are going to debate this i want to know exactly i was going to work so we know what we are debating again is it involve a dna tests to why do you want to give your dna do you have to if you're a fifty percent native america fifty percent why does your check less than someone else's fair question here's another one now i expect some entrepreneurial media type now that this has been proposed for a major presidential election will ask these questions what is your name testers came here after eighteen sixty five where there was no a formal slavery after the civil war of bright i mean if the reparations for the damage
done by human slavery then if you were not in fact here before one thousand eight hundred and sixty five do you get the same check if someone else ladies and gentlemen this these are questions that have to be asked this involves real money for real people that workforce are we paying p a war wealthier we only paying people who are poor how are we measuring it are we met are they taking some kind of a dna test is it just anybody can claim the money any to their fair court just give us an answer so we know if your policy is anybody who comes in who happens to be blacker and the american says they are an can claim the money fine but let's debate that another question if you're if you happen to be african american m native american the art why does outward do you get are you gonna get to checks how does that work who's paying that finally and this was good one listened slavery was a unique stay in our history because we or a benevolent good country and i love this country's everything it stands for and it was
mistake but it is not a unit staying in global history matter of fact tragically human slavery was though he was the rule was not the exception if your answers tapping to be slaves in a different country other than the united states new came here are you getting that money too ladies and gentlemen he's a real questions really tragic portion of our history that require yahoo answers because you're looking entitlement programme proposed by people running for president united states that you think that a new deal was gonna cost a lot of money to check for this would be extraordinary you ever receive stability to put some meat on the bone and tell us exactly what you're talking about now come alive has had some real issues i'm getting to the the core of what she's talking about common harris likes to throw things out ere she was in that cnn was it there her town hall at sea and emma jane tapir
and she was on the errand she was talking about get rid of your private insurance and she just throw it out there like it's no big deal and she was talking about like you know let me have you no stop and local bodega for a cup of coffee remember that when you got here like we're gonna do you know what that healthcare early you know we ve all got surety right you have insurance i believe i do now i know i am sure is a magic coming into our guy you gotta call some government pure crowded worse for common hours to get whatever you're like what are you ribs taken out or something i don't know what are you the like of all the medical procedure is not even a real medical procedure pleasures look at me i don't think they do that they take ribs out i don't i gotta loaded down there's a thick back to get that i ask you to have to have a larger they'll have to have you see look at us i got this fatty tumor oh my arm and a leg is crazy at this the joke on the show if you have a look it becomes like did they embody no medical malady outright shall heathenism always complain i only per country
no i'm just so bangs out like i think he's going right now i swear i'm just a total train wreck works both fallen to pieces labrador retriever jonah i've always liked complaining about something the audience i saw it what's it awhile exceptional events because i hope i give him my emails i read it and they'll be like dude i'm not your dark medical work hard for its people like i get some sympathy result people so i love your feedback your folks don't take it the one thing that you will get from people when you talk about all the different things that are wrong with you is all their solutions the ep is that you know it it helps no big right they have a lot of solutions out there i doubt eighty greatest audience so ever i have one quick story folks when i had i have really bad shoulder problems right so i will i was complain in one day and i get an email from
guy and he's like listen i literally wrote the book on stem cells to call the stem cell revolution is like i'm a doctor out and allay i can help you and that dude doctor bourbon hook me up there's themselves save my but now i've ground it down again cause i'm a maniac and i won't stop doing the brazilian jujitsu so he's like brown not like a miracle worker like i fix your shoulder nigger
after you get the soup lacks by a russian guiding boris in your procedure had you wonder why you shoulda i care for your brain like don't be a moron so happened at audience they hid he did help me some gonna go back out there and do my shoulder go my stem cells which is good they give you a little like oh into back so i told him doc you need a lecture you know you could donate that the charity or some he's not i'm good we got about an hour so may i take this couple pounce sir i heard not enough you up so folks how it works with stem cells they take a little canny leather they know me up in a back would like some light a cane and they take out your fat he centrifuges it gets you stem cells you get an ivy in any injects it right in a joint and like six weeks later i've i felt like gold real listen i don't know how it works i'm not at that all i know is my shoulder was riding to death and i was i couldn't sleep at night and for two years i've been five and now it's hurtin again because i keep doing the jitters stuff and listen i think i had to pick blair up off the airport floor was pretty
it was good but where's the jackdaws so folks blair i work with linda blair blair is like mr altered triathlon guy andy's is pretty too how old are you anyway forty yes we have for years younger than me but i'm a member we had dinner in new york and i told you at forty at all falls apart you live in dog years after forty someone you organic every year weightlifting is seven years of accumulated doggie accepting this this package is really uplifting tissue renders party however this applauded this up with this is that we have for we have been able to do so right now this is fantastic i love it i listen get it back to this thing where the democrats never want to talk about cost jobs play that cut of a cobbler harris this is our talking about the costs the green new deal and how basically cost are really matter although worries votes you cast herself on the campaign shows a truth seller you say we need to tell you what do you say or at home if you think this is fair that it should talk to democratic voters are hungry
and they want ideas so you'll hear things like the green new deal you do things like medicare for all while you're here things like whether its tax issue here thing right what point to say that's our northstar but we have be realists wait there's no question actually practical but being practical also recognises that climate change is an existential threat to us as human beings being practical recognizes that greenhouse gas emissions are threatening our guard our air and is threatening the planet and that it is worth within our capacity as human beings to change our behaviors in a way that we can reduce its effects that practical to reform of course we can afford to do three trillion dollars a year from adequate for all by some studies out due to kenya which portions of the green new deal you pick to do first that's money you know what the republicans gonna say taxes liberals pie in the sky but what is it
is that i admire and respect is the measurement that is captured and three letters our ally what's the return on the investment people in it i have a sector understand this really well decide about a car it's about an investment and then the question should be is it worth the cost in terms of the investment pretend are we gonna get back more than we put in so what you and your lumber amy clover chore some of your potential fellow democrats say no to much it's too ambitious is too expensive you think they're wrong i look forward to that debate on the debate stage i look forward to a very nice da dark showed why three where do i look for that to be so she's though how she just casually glosses over the contradictory which uses in that then the same sell by this is that this road like you i we say about bill clinton to use the gulf he hid he began with a guy and the guy had a really bad shot at any had a great shout and becoming go
same guy got so we would take notes in the golf cart the board in a secret service about how many times quick but i got so this lady at once in one sentence says you know listen dont really matter it's about return on investment what listen i went to visit i never ever and ever talk about my education cause i hate people would do that hurry up on a visit to the usa it means you're a moron could you have to tell me about smart europe but in this case i only tell you why the business school not did like impress anybody but because this even like accounting seven o seven this is i kinda hard won a one return on investment requires a cost what mozilla let me give you a simple issue for the liberals out at their having a really difficult time with this you must put this together joe have you ever had an investment adviser you go to a guy i financial guy with you got a financial guarantees gotta financial guy right they won't i get you gotta go
he's got a job is not getting you gotta go let everybody knew from philly they gonna guide levels but he's got a guy got a guy for everything from genoa hoagie on the block or hope i use it if billy tuck in new york so just out of it you know that's that's an that's an ode to linda very impressive so everybody's got a guy but when you go to a guy for an investment like that there's a guy ever say to you i tell you what joe we are going to make this big investment whatever it is
she d stock is moving today we're going to do it everything is great this is terrific but it's going to cost you nothing have you ever heard that your life now that destroyed now ok was not a trick question right now not setting job of course not you have never any investment involves a cost this is itself restraining i dont i debate these talking about these topics i mean it because i love my audience that death like i respect your time and i don't ever want to wasted on them like the topic of the topic stuff and sometimes i sit there and i ran a wrestle with this like do i even talk about this stupid how stupid this is but i feel like if i don't think you don't know what's going on and you don't have the tools to go out with the let there she says one thing it's about a return on investment abraham an investment return is all about the cost of the investment hurdle rates opportunity cost not a hurdle rate is
colonel rate in just basic again amount of my talk i know a lot of you very smart no that is but an investment in say whatever chose t shirt company if you want to get new tee shirts if all can invest in a government bond for say for five percent or secure investment vehicle weak knows he's gonna get for five percent a blue chip ah bon jour always not going to invest in a new t shirt line that only gets three his hurtling rate is five percent because that's what he can get by investing in money and doing nothing that make sense show yeah like these are basic business concepts that you would think somebody running for president united states would have at least a eighth a second are your tertiary grasp on of course there's a cost wrong with you that's what a hurdle rate that's what that is what our hostelry what level of of of turn do we need on our cost our money our inputs to make this investment she glosses over this completely
and she talks about oral why and when the guy mentions is gonna be three trillion dollars frenetic issues while the return on investment what return on investment doing listen i get a lot of people like i guess i got a lot of delight you drugs you i get a lot of people were you know love medicare i'm fine and i understand you planned your life around it and i've said many times i'm going to get a ton of emails on it i get it grandmother on medicare you did not ask for the programme the government took your money and if you are fifty five and older we have an obligation because we basically have scrooge you over to take care of you i get that i get a guy to its abroad but here's the thing understanding that period full stop the programme is broke there's no money listen to me there is no money there is no money do you understand it reminds me of like always it rocky five where it gives power of attorney
the lawyer and adrian's like tat still body personnel body wrong there's no there's no body turn on investment on medicare was like make it if sixty five thousand you put in money it was not enough i am not blaming you please if you see that i am not blaming that advocated for taking anything away from you guys and lay he's out there served you served in world war two and these you'd your government made you promises and we are the government it's ours and its scrooge you over we have an obligation to take care of you but after that it's over there is no money return on investment the pragmatic care is broke it is bankrupt social security is bankrupt it is full of a bunch of io use where the government took its own money and left itself and i owe you a pace
we took money from its right pocket spent it and putting his left pocket a note that says i owe myself that you would have trillions about there's no money folks the program is bankrupt independent non political actuary who look at social security and medicare know there's no money there is no money you accept that if we're going to fix the problem i understand i'm gonna get emails that's cool like that's why live email away i read them i love them some of you are like go nuclear around me that's cool to every time i taught by this is fine i appreciate your feedback even the negative stuff i just want you to accept your point yes you were screwed over and yes we should take care of you point number two there is no money and pretending and papering over that fact and pretending it doesn't exist is doing nobody any favors at all and that's what this is zack we would heresies did comma harrison well you know that i think it was cnn
forgive me i remember whose outcome is doing the interview but finally some journalists randy we never see this right and that the rapporteur there ass well better care for all component alone of the green new deal is gonna be three trillion here thanks you understand our attire federal budget is four trillion and we're running trillion dollar deficits by year you're talking about doubling the amount of of of many were spending per year back by tax revenue do you understand what that means right doubling these were required to double your task is to pay for it now it was snowing dead i'm just asking you to be met radically honest with yourselves is no money it's not going to happen it's the it's the fetch from mean girls fetch is not good at regina george gretchen tried to make fetch happen forever patches not going to happen
it's not this is the one time regina georgia's right fetch joe they should approach i mean girls that the green new deal that we'd love to go back mean girls to and insert that job dinner the green new deal it's not gonna happen gretchen just like fetch stop trying to make fetch happen dude we need that i gotta get here we have look i'll get it i've i've said it so many times you know what's gonna happen will get ten thousand you don't don't even bother cause i know he'll get settled annual survey about
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a situation that calm slash the and pick up a bottle of foundation that you will not regret semi or of used cars i love rhythm and send them onto miles and the president of the company he loves him he thinks i'm sometimes they put some of the reviews with your permission of course on a website because there that good this stuff is the real deal so check it out i would also like this is this is one of those stories i always debated i get to this last causes potential here for me to go on a rant they could last forever and i would like to keep the show and under an hour but so let me just get to this one now because this is good i was gonna hold it to the end but it could go on so long i may melt the microphone cord so here we go adam shit you know my sleaze bala slime beg shifty yet if one or more danger yes if they buy this guy is just the captain of the sleaze brigade he keeps on what you no evil
let collusion go he just as he knows it's a joke he knows it's a hoax it's a farce it's a scam i'm shifts not dumb but he keeps going on and on and on with this hoax now i i didn't appearance on fox and friends yesterday morning arrest and shift came up and i stop the fact ladies and gentlemen adam shift has his collusion problems that are not a hoax the russian collusion if your regular monsieur you know it's a total scam it's it's a fairytale it's made up it's in a sobs fable it's garbage right now the collusion with adam shift though is real it's legit now i want to play this is now i got lindy hereby they sean uses this all the time this cut but this is a this is a real cause not a joke by the way adam shift a while ago was it's about a year ago you think this russia thank you guys been using this alarming i love it it's the greatest cut out the funny think that some of you may not have heard but even if you have
this is worth and of our debates about eight minutes unwilling to play like a minute but i'm into play the best minute of olga boost little shoutout oak cupolas look i gotta get caught by olga pool of like you noticed something was wrong that really i could say it's a family friendly gibes get to say so but i realize i somewhat did this to me once when i was when i was on the t s the telephone switchboard i was a young cop and here they mess with you so a guy called as you say like they're like i'm looking for a police officer heyward most of you know the joke know what the last name was i can't say because kids listen there's shale gas but let's you say what you want over the period set up market for hey what you do this to me yet was pretty embarrassing now how i didn't catch our back then but i'm pretty sure for russian call me and said that they had evidence of donald trump engaging in activities let's say with all caboosa i would ask your question like all good big it is possibly be real so this is shift getting prank call he doesn't know it's a prank he thinks is
would you buy to russian holsters and actively trying to engage he thinks he's a real russians to collude to get dirt on donald trump way back hi arrayed i'm gonna put mr ship on the phone and then i guess there you going to transfer him to mr kirby the usual course great thank you how are you who missed issues think of return futurama and i appreciate the upturn speak with you i know that you work for investing asian regarding tramp and russian government yes what else important information about it that is documented as well and matured you wanna provide to us yes explain you where were you yes of course but you know again we just caution that our russian friends maybe listening conversation so i wouldn't hear anything over the phone that you don't want them to hear now i dont think but the real impact on our investigation but were please go ahead them
when there are two thousand footmen mr travel visited moscow he visited competition miss universe and there he met with journalism and exchanges of shock absorber can explain that again he was in moscow in november twenty four team he met with it the journalist and well she's poor journalists but anyway she became famous because of folk watching this here the godfather ok who does godfather she also known as a person who providers girls forest court for oligarchs and she met with tramp and she brought him while our russian girl celebrity get outta here so known as the person is a strange trepidation o guy i'm and have you spoke her name vulgar buzek
oh god fake it all up with at least produce like at least when they did like the papa dapple is set up the russian neighbouring was all governor grid over like i was a name that bade more cell giving augur boost by and its normal skull i could get and i love the one point he's borders these poor journalists knows and i felt like a whole like fake news like you take this guy would catch to poor journalists and did you bring war should run our russian awful proposal and it looked if i love the way that this russian prices i don't over these and i let you say she has poor reputation at this very likely never catch is odd at all this thing goes on by the way folks for eight minutes this is this is shift he's keep a mighty thinks he's actively collude with real russians you don't realize he's gettin smoked up here the whole time now that's all news i just play that for a little comic relief to show you what sleaze ball shift
but the newer news on this is a great peace and washed and examined or to have up into shown suppose you know that com please read them the articles really good day including one by map colombo punch you know that comets crushing it right now what is oh yeah the one question as socialists i hope we will get to admit but check out the show knows there's an article examined that chief is a real problem here folks he met at this aspen conference out in colorado why the whole hearing was going on he met with glenn simpson ladies and gentlemen is a big deal i said our fox infringe yesterday morning that you have been to stand simpson is the producer effusion gps up this entire dirty dossier that use the entire time to spy on the trunk team and filters its way into the fire the court has as a weapon eyes document political document to spy on the trumpet he met with him at this conference now that you know his shifts people i'm letting me to say in his defence
can't believe anything coming out of their peoples mouser such slime bags but they're saying oh well it was just a casual me you this is like everything with ever noticed like everything with them is always it was just a mistake member like loretta lynch under tarmac we quit the like always just the mistake meeting like this is why like joe and i barely ever leave the house because if you're a republican and this quote mistake happens right you're done can you can you imagine like sit near one day and like you know me had shown how did you meet with someone who produce that awful thing on obama that was used to spy on your poverty like that picture would be on the front page of every newspaper but because adam shift did it he gets a complete get out of jail free car this guy is a swine bag he needs to get off that can he's the chairman now he have no oversight role in this whatsoever any needs to accuse himself until we can fully explain and account for why
he was meeting with the person who produced the dossier used to spy on trump that he's investigating this guy is already colluded and attempted to collude with russians that we are just play for you the tape no one is denying by the way that he met with one since no one is denying that happy that actually happen you haven't he said when he met with him it was a casual actual chat casual like you didn't real casually this do you of course without a church varies very meaning no he's wearing a salmon pants on the golf course you know it's now what's through scary we the people are fully accept is i'm so out of new york cabin out of new york it as twenty years is not officially acts and that's the problem is that if i were to hear that now i'm i've lost my new york edge i would think it was a new york eight isn t like acts and basically my axe and his it's it's bastardize version overwhelm it's like because it's like they're married and they hate each other and they can't get divorced psych york at the althea rap
my mouth you know in a vicious way this failing to summarize our arsenal had any of you but you turn your my gone on the radio show i'm like i she's such a new yorker but uptake i know you're not from new york it signals villa men's i've been in new york for so long so how long have you been in fifteen years so the issue is the issue is is that i have this new york accent but then he say hoagie or phone or home that weird o thing that only people and fell out that's all night long worth living in that year border all right jellia t there is no t amongst native marilla theirs is bob bob bomb reimer yea al emmy are ripe hammer i soon as linda said that i went baby being i got a whole year sir it's terrible when in fairly does that rocky statue drive them chris no obsessed with that may hear my brother just went wrong he has my museum it's the art museum rent
and i noticed instead of keeping it at the top four years ago they moved it down to the bottom and someone said because art museum hates it that the fact that its procedure tarpeys even all really cares about is the rockies than the hell do you think it over there because everything that happens in philly happens because that's that's that's having already goes there is somebody who comes from nothing from philly i'm tellin you right now the streets against in south fully abuses there how will we get it it's the best thing ever bear like row homes i haven't iraqi below and from a row how really i used to live above a bow berlin yeah real child rapist and keep a real overnight chris rocks they could keep river camp way that all this will be i get from every other big was group ah well i've got a true story three stories here to go and i'm only guy like twentysomething minutes so let me hit this one
persons got alexandria case your court too i know i know and i believe this i know if i get fifty fifty two feedback i'm just tell you that we need more court has she doesn't deserve that were holding its she's become a total train wreck and i think the democrats or regain read now she's attacking feinstein feinstein like another far left liberal from california because of their interaction feinstein had with these kids were apparently she wasn't senator feinstein wasn't accommodating enough to a bunch of kids you showed up here but agree medea but there's a deeper this is a problem with occasional cortez i believe already shown that she doesnt really know much about economics and other stuff and as i have said and i think i've been fair i ran for office almost one almost one that matter i lost she won a race great congratulations by you actually have yet to actually no step she doesn't know stuff so she came out i have this story from the daily wire up today i'm here's a quote she was
one of these you know ok you're cortez like my story things whenever an instagram or facebook live out on what she was doing it she said quote our planet is gonna hit disaster if we don't turn the ship around it so it's basically like this is a direct quote i'm not had so it's basically like there's a scientific consensus that the lives of children are going to be very brief no there is no scientific consensus on that at all and the only reason i wanted to pray sub is because box this has been done before and when i say done before i mean the apocalyptic naysayers this is the all this thing in the book since like no strode damas now if you if you are familiar with the work of malthus or appall erlich the population bomb guy do you understand like people frauds like representative cortez have for decades if not century now been saying humankind is coming to an end humankind is coming ten there is no evidence of that at all global when you look at the global level
relation the percentage of people working for a dollar a day or less that's gone down dramatically when you look at the principle that the death from disease and the world it's gone down dramatically when you look at the people starving to death it's gone down dramatically when you look at countries around the world gdp per capita gdp it's gone up dramatically there is no evidence facts or data whatsoever to support the assertion that the lives of your children are going to be worse than they are now we have technological revolutions on the horizon whether it deep learning a i whether its material science treaty printing whether its breakthroughs and alzheimer's in cancer research we just saw that report from his but where there may be some breakthrough on cancer will see you know i'm always kind of sceptical but there is no is it all that that is true she is becoming another malthus now mouth malthus is the original human population is going to cause everybody starve we're all gonna die guy there met effect even of a name their call malthusian that was taken
by paul in a book he wrote decades ago called the population but and then and i want to point out that this is important because this is just ok seo tat is doing the same thing made the mistake here is that human population is going to grow geometrically while the feuds food supply is only going to grow arithmetically it basically means that the human populations gonna grow like by factors of ten and ended while the food supply will only double so well out strip our food supply we're all gonna start ladies and gentlemen not have that has happened none of that met effect the biggest problem in the united states would food joe is what opie city it's to watch aids that too little food and its because these may say malthus and early there's two things they missed on this they never into account the human ingenuity we're going to find a way to decrease the amount of land and increase the amount of crafts you
to productivity we don't even farm in as much land as we use them when the human population was half of what it was and we're all eating too much and dying from its rise we figured out ways to farm management watering seed technology to feed everybody so much that were dying of eating too much secondly what these idiots didn't figure out is that there are very we there's an awesome taught you eventually are going to reach in human population a point where people become so wealthy where you don't need to have nine kids because three then we're gonna die because the medical technologies and good you're gonna need them for you your farm on your farm human beings don't need that anymore i love chill i have two of my own but human beings now are not basically just labour units for people living on farms your kids are your kids you can have them because you want do not because you need them to survive if you live in it ag society two hundred years ago never any kids and you reach fifty in your your spouse died you were dead you and your own that was that it was
johnny yeah that was it you ve done that is what's happening any more and occasional cortez is playing this same malthusian discredited paul erlich garbage nonsense that the planet can handle this we're all gonna starve everybody's gonna die the ground can't take it the sky can't take it everything's gonna be member dude dude we need this somebody please out there i love my semi ghostbusters cut i know you're good its raided dogs cats are rebecca that waste who's that it affects the guy what it's the end to the world dogs and cats are gonna be friends or whatever so but the other day the greatest kind i always get them wrong my pop culture stuff is terrible but this has been done before we put down this road paul erlich and malthus are completely described there is no evidence what she saying is true that the planet is somehow incapable of handling the population we have now like less than zero of it is all crap she's making it up
and she's embarrassing herself again will the press what year did you ever got a new apartment did she was it is actually based on right that's why i thought your gun with all this now what apart boy would think if you're going green you would take up a smaller footprint what it says he moves rejoice scarlet to bedroom spain and i quote on quote hood wearing your in the bronx and ass she she got this to read or heard her koran quote bow about i don't know the halls their boyfriend above but she's out of you things out for the kids i'm gonna have a day many who are about to say she she got his appointment as she didn't instagram from it and like all they guessed people are doing like the reconnaissance now they're going to like where she has her address nobody cities like who issue we don't know who this woman is derives here so then there like a she's like i moved ok and like and her head like publish my address pillar trying to kill me if you want to kill the democrat is it is it a play out like myself i think i should
like me listen when you go from a one bedroom to a tube undermine new york everybody knows it's a big deal yeah oh yeah it's a really big deal so she's clearly pay more money and i think she should just give that money back to her poor neighbours not her body no north her money it's we all share money right she's a socialist shouted our light richard but the funny thing is i covered on yesterday show that when it comes to the taxpayers paying her staff she's like i'm going to pay them fifty two thousand year everybody i'm going to read this repeat everybody's income which is ironic right you ve been doing this for fifteen years you suddenly we really been in this business that law scary but put when our staff shoes right that's a real nice thing to say when you paying with taxpayers money right by sought her money but how do you feel if you're a staff or on a yo see staff and you been at this fifteen twenty years working your bottle you been alleged committees finally you're some chief of staff or whatever
and you're getting paid like are someone who just came out of the international money come on this article it that i don't know but what was your starting so i don't have my money three thousand so what about alice i dont remember it was twenty thousands honour over was eight hundred but it was twenty thousand and i got checks from the am i pity and i think we got paid every two weeks i'm trying to do and i think a check was like five hundred eighty i'll tell you written and i lived in a three hundred dollar month apartment barely pay the bill my apartment was it started out at some fifty one of two thousand dollars month a rice krispies every day was nearly dude like legitimate laid all of new york anymore though you bow i just moved here just moved we can't you unlike our case your cortez i can't tell you and then leaving russia these are browser company law about don't kill me they're like with jet dangerous i would ask our historic said this before and i want to
our website right but i gotta promoters so my body map colombo who is the resident the fact check one more thing about that so that this lunatic seth abrams sent on twitter whose lose my not at the collusion fairytales bonaparte disguise allegedly some professor somewhere yet jonah i bring about bulgaria but he went after us on twitter he's by these talks about the russia hoax in iran liberal books that are like fire and fury or whatever other books and don't buy these books craig jarrett demagogy to any says these books are full of misinformation so he gets ratio to death people are just destroy him on twitter and i like you realize budget a footnote at it with left leaning sources right like the new york times this red the poor folks just don't eat benefit don't even read the book just got footnote it's all cnn new york times worse than we did that intentionally because we knew lunatics like south abrams and we try to discredit the book where now keep monies never read the book i printed up and in terms of met some of his writing because i d a man like that
someone vietnam i get so much go and armenia like i don't have time to go after this lunatic today but you know i like a good twitter fight so i had to outsource my my my trolling so i said just go after this maybe upsets me of course you posted april cities like please show us where the misinformation why i'll take you just one thing just give us one page where were wrong and of course utter complete total crickets radioset because he doesn't have anything so mats good at that he's like the resident fact check so he did this peace it's a really good one by the way it is the report of my front the internet service here's killer bandwidth so good better than my house something so that peace is under out upon this sector site but you know that come and its title this one question turn socialists the capitalist at its great so he lays out obviously the question is are you willing to pay for this are you willing to pay more yourself for these programmes so he gives the two programmes that are really popular right now amongst these liberals and stop one of them being better care for all and of course this thing poles
seventy per cent amongst these liberals that support this medicare for all or seventy percent achieved among just general functional support medicare for all but when you ask people if they support medicare for all and you include the price and the tax cuts all of a sudden support dropped dramatically only thirty four percent snow favour medicare fraud so that can this goes back i'm kind of wrap up the shows me the less segment here tying the beginning when we talk about everything from the reparations to have common our support the green new deal how everybody likes to talk about it the willing to give away but they never like to talk about where the money is going to come from you know milton friedman one of the good his lines ever he said you know the big joke our government spending as you think your neighbors pay for what your neighbour the same thing
you think your neighbors put your neighbor thinks you're you're all but it's you like dude you are paying for it so it's funny with this medicare for all that when you to be pinned people down and you tell them the taxes is gonna coonskin across britain but basically a doubling of your tax load now all of a sudden i support gets cut in half and that has all these citations inner now he's another one paid family this is a popular one now things limousine liberals like bernie sanders we bid absolutely crushing on twitter that video clip we did on friday shall but nobody other speakers were in vietnam but i will be back next week on video the video clip we put up just destroying bernie sanders and his three homes idea that thing is that likes i've been a hundred thousand views on to greater right now so that bernie he's a total fraud so bernie likes it out but every other major cuts we in the world as family we gather all broke but he has mentioned that either so this is another one
things that when you actually site people the cause he never mentions the cost to pay family is mad he says and if he if you never mentions the costs of a programme here he could have success in advancing it that's what they but according to the washed in time support falls even more drastically than for medicare for all once the cost of paid family leaves included at four hundred fifty dollars a year and higher taxes every year the mid minimum price votes were being generous here because we're not liberals and we don't exist the minimum price re small scale federal programme fewer than f of americans would support paid family leave when they find out even at the low and how much it would cost actual costs would likely run china the heritage foundation estimated a twelve weeks leave programme with benes equal to forty five percent of pay would cost the typical household five hundred and seventy dollars and taxes of year for for wage benefits the costs the third teen hundred thou when everybody when you when you that's right that's big dough that's a big dog
we don't know how bernie sanders money has three houses and lay cost burden when you finally include that the cato institute found that even less people supported only twenty one percent remember bernie you know we don't know have you lay com you burlington vermont home in euro home in dc somewhat tommy jobs like a nice fancy car to the guy's a complete fraud he doesn't want to tell you what it costs because he's messing with you because he's a big time socialists who just want and don't don't let this guy off the hook do not let this guy off the hook one bit ladies and gentlemen disk i would regarding socialist he's thou trying to run away a little bit from what's happening with maduro in venezuela now that the shots had been fired by these maniac socialist down there and swollen regime do not let any these clowns off the hook you supported socialism you own it you're an accomplice to its death and destruction tat to it on their foreheads do not let them escape this wrong that's a different kind of social no it's too
social nepal its kind that's the only socialism out there you much don't let them get away from it at all it's true total debt tattooed on they supported socialism mainly to own it bedford ten forty eight p m vietnam time appear right i folks thanks again for doing it in i don't forget to subscribe to the ship we really appreciate if you do that helps us move up the charts your itunes and click the subscribe button it is free also i heart radio if you have an instrument rather phone click the follow button and you can always listen gino dot com managed by the treatment the staff and paula who knock it out of the park so good job on that i will see well tomorrow i want eventually by the way i'm gonna get the sum up dates i'm on vietnam but that the president is just gettin in so we don't really have any breaking news yet so up i'll get to that though i promise i'll give you some status on it
here too i see automatic thanks a lot you just heard tan bonn gino show you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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