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The Left’s Battle Plan for Street Chaos (Ep 1346)

2020-09-15 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the Left’s dangerous obsession with street chaos after the presidential election. I also address the latest Adam Schiff, anti-Trump hoax to completely fall apart. Finally I address the most dangerous part of Biden’s post-election plans. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee now get this straight. They want to take money away from the police, the heiress, I did Minister Yes Harris by not Biden hours. Please stop the nonsense. Nobody really thinks Bides can be president. So take away. My Away from the police take your guns again, so you can not defend yourself. You don't have police, do not defend you after they take the money raisonably. So no guns, no police, while com hours tweeted out a few months ago, a for a bail fund to release rape. This murderers and violent criminals on the street again sounds like a great public safety plan. Folkestone nip, that's the Harris. Biden too twenty plan Ok I'll send your neighborhood keep support. Mad nonsense got that I've got the great irony of liberalism how wealthy folks are praying for private
purity and their neighborhoods, which will push. The crime Out into lower income neighbours, which again liberalism is the greatest cancer to actual liberals, you know they take care. Little guy. If you may take care of him by pushing crime into their neighbors, they take care of them very well. That also got a incredible stupid, factual by CNN and another timeshift hoax collapsing additional budget by express you by. My savvy listeners and viewers. They get a vps to protect their online activity. Prying eyeballs get one today go to express v, p and darkened slashed by GINO Can they thereby GINO Shell pollution show? How are you today, fine sir? Now I'm doing well good to be here to show The fund never ends
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I'm going to show you video, however troublesome? It is to watch, show it's become up in a few minutes, for those you have, kids are watching I know others an audio. You won't be able to see it, obviously the videos without sound, but out its brief and describe to you it's happening there, because you need to see it. You need to look at it. You need to stare at it. You need to embrace it You need to see the horror come our way. We don't stop this unfolding catastrophe in our streets right now. Today, Ladies and gentlemen, a hierarchy of needs, if you don't have safety insecurity, none of it matters, nothing, not food. Now, water, if you're not safe and you're, not secure and your dead, it doesn't matter what you eat or drink forget about entertain, and other lower level leads on your hierarchy of needs. Those mass low folks out their none of that matters if you're not safe and secure and alive. You want to worry about your kid.
All day, I was just read: nah nah parlor, then account of a friend of mine who he built a area on the apartment complex for people to go, walk their dogs in one of em Eric is liberal cities, because no one wants to go outside because you're afraid of being murdered, raped or kill kind of problem now, so Biden. Of course, it's all over this safety and security issue in the street. After this dreadful attempted, murder aren't you a relic deputies out, so here's binds tweet about These are the deteriorating conditions in liberal cities and these ongoing attacks and our police officers. Here is right here, Biden taken so Pulitzer Wrong, tweet that this one is about weapons of war. Have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons that high capacity magazines Joe, but that's the wrong tweet Pollack and you put up the one
where he says: listen, we gotta clean up these liberal cities. We gotta do something about these. Never ending attacks and our police officers black lives matter, and this call for dead cops. It's no good Paula that tweet please, but there were no. Thank you very much for that. Again. She makes the mistake of putting up the buying into weapons of war, have no place in our committees. This is it am I what what am I missing here? What I'm, over the years on that missing anything that is Joe Biden Tweet, which is meaningless after this attack on these two deputies? Now he did put out a tweet. Be fair to this bozo about to condemn all violence. We need to condemn this violence. Violence and police officer than innocent Americans being are sold in many cases by be eliminated. That violence right now needs to be condemned. Yes, all I once is bad, especially politically motivated out. We get that a third greater get that this is an incident where two deputies worse
in the face for the active going to work you need to be, specific right now. And everyone needs to pick aside, because this fight, sadly trash. We come into your door. How many I'm sorry! I have to warn you about that. So that is, Biden Tree politics and have another Biden tweed about him specifically going too bad for the cops and Well I'll be eliminated tee for further attacks on police officers. Now we don't know the motivation of their savage who shot he's too sheriff deputies, yet we'll have to figure that out. But would anybody be surprised if it had some kind of action to the ongoing streak ass out. Anyone so They opened up the show with. Ladies and gentlemen, what's the Biden Harris Harris Biden which more appropriately? Because that's really what is going to be? What's the hurry? Spied on three points,
for your safety in your committees for the fight that is unquestionably come into your door let's go to video number one hears TAT number one. Component number one of the Biden, safety and security plan. I say that what our courts for your a member redirect responding away from police take away firearms, I'm so redirect firearms away from you and in bed. The criminal, so they can prey on use you have no cops, are no fire sounds like a real gem command Dan Binding ever said he was gonna- redirect money away from the police. Ok, let's go To the videotape forty umpteen, thousands time, that's a real number, but it is now here's Biden in an interview when asked if he wants to redirect money away from the policing, absolutely check this out. So much generic point. We agree that weaken redirect some of the funding. Yes, absolutely,
one of the things that we also need to be doing. Ok, Bob. His Joe you caught derive together, we manipulate tat at all is at manipulated media. No, no. Thank you to clean cut To a clean question answered precisely The individual speaking is being through an artificially enhance voice. You watch video, see whites to redirect it could do you want to redirect some of the funding. What is binds answer absolutely sober funding from police. You we play the interview and contacts, so you understand the question now: get it some of the liberals out there, of course, will cover for everything. This bozo says Biden, they'll, say now binding That up later and said the opposite, he doesn't want to defend the police. Well, ok, which Biden is lying
Odin Biden, we have new Abiden versus Biden debate again, like we did two weeks ago, where debates himself, I'm thinking about that given how he changes its position. So often we can do Biden divide to the sequel Biden strides back his words. Folks, not mine, Is anyone, could I ask him which bind was lying well? Why did you say you want to redirect money away from the police. Why did you say that all I just set for quick pull it will gain to appease leftist. You did interesting Are you gonna? Do that? God forbid. You are elected president too Ps Johan Omar, receded to leave more our key areas. The base when they come to providers of what? What? What when they make demands, are you gonna fall? The chosen F prefer question right. You don't have enough guts. Stand up against an interview and now ass. You would dopey question by taking money away from costs, but you're sick, a thing when you were elected president. You can have enough guts to stand up to the beach
terrorists the lobby and the rest. The radical leftist who want to defend the police department, Johan Omar, who set it on a microphone publicly choice to abolish, police in Minnesota. Your you, then you're gonna have gots to stand up for them. It is it a fair course, of course, as a fair question, but you're not going to get it because our media is a joke and embarrassment that disgrace. Kay tat number one of his plan redirect police funding, number. Two again, we saw the tweet the streets at a joke. It'd manipulated by the street after these to L A These were shot. He says weapons of war, have no place in our committee's, doesn't mean anything weapons of war. Folks, it just to focus group tested word: radical labour use made. I want to say anything. We need to bear all weapons and high capacity magazines, which will, by the way that means rifles and standard capacity magazines for those you don't speak liberal or Joe Biden
Salt weapons is a meaningless term. It doesn't there's no perimeter around that it doesn't mean anything. It's like is talking about a truck You mean a car. Why don't you set a car that looks like a truck enemy? It means anything that You say when you say a soul. Why? Because there's no, not a soul weapons just like when you talk about a truck. There are non truck, try, bikes cars and you have if characteristics of those things that make it a truck, that's why it's a category while an assault must a category because you want to ban it well, what's a saw weapon, theatres, nothing everything's at a sob weapon. It that's why they use these terms. Weapons of war. High capacity magazines, what it means is standard capacity magazine, which means you will in fact be destroyed Ladies gentlemen, again these are words are not mine, I'm not Papa Sizing, I'm not adding anything to it. I'm simply reading to you what he is, what he's tweeted out and in social media account or
whoever is managing his brain and any given day and in playing his own words in an interview, money away from the car. Firearms away from? You sounds very safe. Good luck, folks, gotta be living that Vigo Mortensen Movie the road. Soon Moody goes in the basement, every scream and MRS Limbs, it's like watch time. You watch the movie. You know what I'm talking about being axed than the abide administration. No firearms, no cops either good luck with that not no cops to be fair to him. Last unless my not all, he was just lying when he said that all k, sorry for we again hearsay evidence here, one three: let's bail out criminals and bad guys here is his vice president, actual jeez actually running for president. He knows binds them a couple hours if your age to chip, and now the Minnesota Freedom Fund tell posed bail for those protesting on the ground in Minnesota. So just to be clear, the soon to be
as it and if they win Kamel hours, God forbid buttons. I gotta be presented again. Our spied administration wants you to bail out. Is one of our old tweets. She hasn't deleted it by the way the people who burn down the city of Minnesota Fats fastening because Minnesota CBS, the local CBS at the National CBS. These are actual local reporters and we have had this article up. I saw which was fascinating lie. TIM's accused in another serious assault. After being held out by the Minnesota freedom. Fun if that was what a comma Harris's dollars that went there to bail out Lionel TIM's accused in aid, quote another serious assault after being bailed out by the common Harris crew. Is your soon to be president waiting. If she went you like that plan. No firearms for you less Cobb's, for you to lead to bail out the back.
Guys the beat the snark out. Are you so you can defend yourself an even better if you do. Let's prosecute you like that, lunatic in Saint Louis, you prosecuted Mcclosky for daring to defend their property after violent protesters. Bastard a gate to a private street and threatened to attack them. Yes, it's very safe. Good luck. I want to show this now's video again. I forgive me to our audio only listeners but I'll walk you through this, though them any sound, saw talk over it you're my dead air, but you need to see this. For those you have young kids, you may not! You know it's a tough one! Look at and it's about thirty seconds long, so we started you may wonder have a look away. Some of you seen an already, but for anyone who, as the capability of sixteen or other, are looking at this margin, is you need to look at this video you to look at it stare at it? You need to own it and keep it with you.
River because, ladies and gentlemen, this is what happens. These two, the who was shot right here. You see this is a female deputy bleeding. All over her shirt shot in the jaw trying to get it. Market on our partners arm shot as well in the forehead bleeding all over notice? What she staring around for? Why is she staring around because she's not sure that guy who just shot both of them in the face is gone? staring around trying to render aid to a partner, we're trying to call and help what's the catch. Folks she cared She was shot in the face. So what she saying to central the dispatch to get help is blurry because she was shot in the jaw. By derange lunatics and what binds tweet about gun control I didn't he gives a speech yesterday, while these too are recovering. Thank the Lord thank the Lord, thank you God,
these two deputies Erika I that is not using the Lord's name in vain. I been out from the bank, you didn't by war, save your Jesus Christ for keeping these two alive, and what is I didn't give a speech about yesterday light bulbs and electric cars how bout a speed on these two police officers nearly murdered in coal black. Can you keep that up again? I'm sorry, but you to see this again, every body look at it. We need to see what's going on. We cannot ignore this anymore. This is the crap. That's comedy your hometown! Look at this guy bleeding out. Rendering age is putting a tourniquet, honest armies, blue. You could tell he's weakened, could barely stance, so she puts him down on a knee. Looking around good police officer what there she got Turner had looking for this subject as she's bleeding out to render to our partner, trying to call out there. She go he's behind a pole here looking around again,
She's bleeding out from her face. Again tell me, as we talk by yes: well, you know all these points worthy of being heard. Black lives matter, If you are not worth the paper being hard anymore, you have the right to because you live in the greatest country on earth, thank God, you're not worth being heard You're dead cops. What do we want? Em dead cops? When do we want em, now you're pigs in a blind Get fry em, like bacon, talk your talk Guy hawk on the Martha Mcgowan show the that Vietnam guy remember him. We're we're going to take away a tear it all down when every set Martha Maccallum show you could take. Literally, however, you want to know you not worth being heard anymore pitch. These colours the founder of Vietnam. Yes, we are train marxist organizers, you're not worth being heard anymore, and when is the rule looking Party in Mass, not the voters out there, and not just good people on capital hell, but the ones the spy
unless losers, like the Mitt Romney, so the world, when are they going to come out when are they can Take a stand that they now they say that they are not worth being her anymore. These groups, the cops, are worth being heard legitimate. Oh testers. You fight for civil liberties. Have people listen to a gap. Cops are imperfect. We make mistakes. I made mistakes. When I was on the job, that's fine. Everybody needs checks and balances and oversight. Legitimate, this is our always worth being her. That's a spirit of American. These are not legitimate protesters. Some of these people are terrorist. Hooligan thugs. They want to bring this fight to your neighbor tomorrow. Look at tat, look own that check it out. Still, rapid look at it as often as you can, because you need to see it. Everybody needs to own this and say this fight is coming to my door when I, only. I don't mean it's yours I mean we don't want this. Look at this everybody look at this, put it on your facebook. We don't want this here.
They are our front lines, use police officers between innovation, chaos. You have two choices: chaos, Safety and security and a civilised respecting regard God, given rights aside, there's no and between pick one picket today, no more bs picket. Now I get a move on forget that I get a spy. Here, but I wanted to talk next about the great irony of liberalism which have warned you about in the show. Always is that liberalism as the greatest damage to liberals? It's not a cancer. We too conservative. It destroys liberals to and their seemingly blind to it, because their are immune to facts as watching a tunnel so video yesterday on Youtube. That's what I like to do. My wife's equity listened and Tom saw. The great Thomas saw how it was in a team in a video of him asking liberals for the evidence of their claims and then being able to produce none. What what's your evidence,
pluralism is helping make liberal community safer, secure there. Now you're destroying them, because your frauds I'll get to that in a minute later. Second, sponsored air for at my patriot supply this and you know. What's coming next, I've talked about four days. The Democrats have a and for a street fight after the election, their words, not mine. I got another go through in the Atlantic out to get you wait about a shriek battle they're changing their words, Joe Sri find out the street bout, ok, anything violent. They love it. You ask yourself a question: you have enough supply and food on hand. The last thirty days you shut you everything in your life, the matters think about right, you and show you how you sure, you're home. You share your car. Why do you not of a food security plan? It makes no sense. Here's reality most Americans, don't they don't have a when, for more than a couple days of food, avoid the panic masses in a last minute rush in the event of an emergency, you dont need those problem. What are your forward? supply of emergency food. Today from my patriot supply Dotcom, don't wait
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help set a minimum levels, may hurt those also all those actually those awful deplorable conservatives. You know those terrible the smelly, Walmart people when they are there, but it actually does it hurt us we're eleven high life man. You know liberalism, liberalism the total ball of good ideas of courses at the top. I warned you from The greatest irony of liberalism is added curses. Liberals, too combine that with the great irony of conservatism. Is that conservatism there's only benefit. Conservatives have benefits. Liberals chip, it was minority groups into the Trump Administration prior to the play and lower income individuals at the lower end of our income, earning scales that were making the greatest gains under the trap: administration in the job market and the income market, what the big Those are indisputable fact, ladies and gentlemen, ignore them at your own peril and, under bomb administration. Captain liberal Obama, you ribs openness, surety got a big AL on his chest, Reps captain liberal Obama, it
people at the lower end of the income scale, who was struggling the most under above? Don't let that, in the way of your argument up here's another not John, the bedpost of liberal bad ideas be funding. The police, while what's happening here, yet this was your journal are now going to get this yesterday, we were loaded yesterday Your city, business groups aired private security. Is crime rises Wall Street Journal this leaders, site quality of life concerns as firms reopen and workers returned to been had novices by Ben Chapman? Whilst you journals timber from forty, why that's interesting for those who you want familiar with them Manhattan city may not live there. I mean you know my dad, but you may be from over how wars there are five burrows in New York City. I grew up in one of em. My wife did is, while she actually spend time in two. The Bronx in Queens. I was the queen's guy, my whole life
Queens and Manhattan, and Staten Island are generally the more affluent based on median income boroughs. Righteous five M Manhattan is definitely at the top. People in Manhattan who live in their central park and Fifth avenue. Who, in all these inclusive areas even downtown. You know all that I don't even know of a neighbouring areas, anymore. The east side website its expensive, the rent. The men had this through the properties through the roof. I don't know how much anymore average of everybody's flame and are now, but that's rather he is a man, don't you find it then that be well. Folks a mammoth knocking them for doing this by the way. Please don't mistake this for a criticism. I don't blame them one bit successful. Well, folks him and at Genoa like we defined the police, don't I can respond to my business? Ok, the higher my own security, where okay, so then what happens. You have what they call. The outer boroughs you have out about. You have Brooklyn
You have other boroughs, like the Bronx, where you know he's, not as flush people are doing as well and some others, those out some parts of broken some parts of Brooklyn. A very wealthy. Where does the crime goal when the private securities making Manhattan more secure, the crime gets pushed out to the? lower income folks in other boroughs, we by the way are largely minority. I'm just saying vote from the Wall Street Journal business. Is and how this always seems to happen. New York city business associations have hired additional security guards this summer in the midst of a surgeon, violent crime and a decrease in arrest by the police. Brazil improvement districts in Manhattan and a neighborhood grouping queens what'd. I tell you that you wealthy boroughs, so they added private car to patrol streets in public spaces. Folks, it's just. I mean The stupidity here not of these folks doing this. I don't blame them one iota. No, but the lip right. The liberal idea, let's G fund the cops, so they make less arrests.
So rich people higher private security, so they say so all the crime gets pushed out to our both great joy lives. The verdict is in you guys are geniuses, type that many. Odin pole of intellectual aptitude, an achievement you guys are definitely at the top. You tell me your idea. A stupid liberal idea, anyone gap, we need callers on the show. Can we do that by the way, email politics, Folks, I'd like to know how many of you be interested in a live stream of the shell alive street, when they would change the bitter. I will give a great if we having alive we get people. Tell me a liberal idea, I'll tell you how it burns liberal still coming illiberal idea, man, Ballistic, public education, no school choice? That's a liberal idea: they hate school choice, who gets hurt most by the lack of school choice.
Minority families in minority communities, where a lot of these public schools are failing, but Oh, don't worry toll Members of minority can, we liberals are in it for you d, never their rich kids go to wealthy schools, either public or private, where the parents are You have all the money to donate all its other, make their schools really nice. It's your schools, they don't care about your king Gos Crab school. You worry about me, our taxes on the ridge. Yet when U S wealthy rich liberals, because I've done this How much did you pay more voluntarily? How much I'm just curious ten percent more time percent more you dont, eight, that the government you claim is some philanthropic cause the government, a government less money than it or theatres. Oh, no! I dont do any of it. I do the job. Carry out sharpen approach. Where I do everything I can to avoid paying higher tax. Oh, oh! So ideas that paying higher taxes is a public good, but I don't want to do anything for the public good manifesto amount to do less. I want to pay less. It sounds like a
their great idea, healthcare. We need more Medicaid Medicare. Do you use Kyoto. Margaret now, man, I'm a rich liberal. What are you kidding me my own concierge private docked? That's for you, idiots, dopey liberals. We gotta defined Always there randomly murdering black men and women on the street every day they are what's the data we don't have any, but we definitely need to define them. Ok, how about we you find your neighbor. Don't worry we're private security where good screw. Those guys. I forget them. You know the Bronx in Brooklyn those struggling minority area. Forget them weed. I don't live over there. How do you wake up in the morning? Is a liberal knowing euro more on, I'm very sorry how To do that. I got up talking about all Democrats other if you're a radical left this? How do you wake up in the morning? Look in the mirror, knowing your ideas are stupid, their fraudulent,
you don't really believe in any of em cause? You don't live by the credo yourself and your actively this the lives of people you claim to want to help my door These are people who are poor. How do you do tat? How wake up every morning, knowing your adults and you're, a you, the world worse because of your stupid ideas. Do the most it. My wife was bring this up this. Why do the most miserable people you have ever seen? Thieves gins morons and dances. I live neighbourhood down here in Florida, just a cup We know there were trump signs everywhere, because liberals are feeling lunatics all the troops, your God. So if you drive neighbourhood now there's a few Biden so riding whip mine by riding anywhere folks, the guy can barely get out of his own way. He doesn't even leave is basically nobody's riding anywhere we'd Biden. Ok, there's room
with bide inside you get the impression my neighborhood supporting by why, because pearl thieves, enraging lunatics, because that's what they stole the trump size. I showed the video last week on my shell of the, by the way we they have an update on that soon again, the moron, who did it seem to big stealing people's property like campaign sites is ok during campaigns is a big mistake. Huge like you want to press charges on my hand, pick up a year. I want to press JOR El show up the core. Personally, I want restitution to both sides cost us. What fifty bucks we had to have a movie about fifteen out five fifty, but I won't restitution to donate back through the Trump Gimme, the by more sign from the loser stole the site I bought for more by the way. How do you feel everyday waking up with this rage.
This rage rage, because you know why you aren't you want your enraged all the time and you steal people stuff and you attack people and your violin hooligans. You know why, because you wake up every morning and you hate yourself, you hate yourself, Cause you know your lie like yourself, your light, your kids. Your ideas are rely. Your life is a lie. Everything you believe this ally in your enraged by you, hate yourself, and it manifests itself. These extinction bursts of behaviour. Will you go out and steel and beat other people and destroy the life fathers. That's what the modern radical leftist is a plague on this society. Disgust me I got article coming up by big. You know, I'm speaking, a radical left this losers, the media, which is entirely collapse in the United States. Nobody trusts to many more surgeon, CBS Paul s we per se, but where do you go for your information on the corrode of ours? You would take the media right,
Media that sole job Joe, is, let's get them the fact that we are job right, facts, media journalism is re supposed to be. Who is that Bottom of the chart, the media, who have actually trust and immediate as if it were here, because they are not smart enough to figure out the whole business model collapsing because their life, so I got a story about a sea and in fact, check up that's just a classic before I get that yet to make their sponsors today show also both you by a good friends of policy, Jean issues like having a month. Shop policy genius, September's national life insurance awareness might, but with everything go and a lot of people if they didn't get life insurance right now you get it right now that you know that don't follow trap. I can't get it, I'm sure you can see the chapel insurance right now, once, depending on your income, you should do it now. You could say fifty Dollars more year by using policy genius to compare life insurance policies when you're shopping for policy can last for a decade or more. Those savings add up big. What is Elsie genus. It's an insurance marketplace built and backed by a team of industry. Experts use how works step
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So again, going back to my story about how the disintegration of any respectability for the media, the Romania media there are some decent reporters out their fox and elsewhere who do good work here. This joke of a fact: shaggy disguise one of the persistent clowns I gotta whenever any comic relief on any kind of social media play. For my go, read this goofball, then then they'll at sea- and I mean works at sea and answer- I mean that you don't take them seriously to begin with arms, I mused billing renting a clown for your kids party and I can ask what you're feeling about the Julian Jaynes book, the origins of consciousness and the breakdown of the by cameras Mine, Mr Jo Class, it may be smart, clad in a world where you really don't care about, is any one of these clowns stuff for Uk Policy, in the same way you go there for clown stuff. We want a laugh a little bit. You go to see no gonna for actual news sea and so the federal
as a great piece of the shown us please check it out, but you know that calm, Slash newsletter subscribed to our daily shown. Artists working time are the federalist by tree, injustice. Cnn erases, the bay of pigs, a word to accuse Trump of making it up. I wasn't but this in the show today, but whenever I ve the story I can't get enough of I figured it myself and I may be wrong, but I do have a good. Think for this. We wouldn't have the number to show in a country. I would guess whatever I read it I can't get enough of, I feel, like you, probably Would love this story so just a little background on this president, retreated out a few days ago. How had received this award from this group, this veterans of the bay of bad that fought the bay of pigs I obviously an issue very important to the Cuban Commute Community Florida, so he was too to show due is tweet that he has the support of a lot of Cubans in South Florida where I live, and he said
And I got this award from this bay of pigs. This group there were veterans of the bay of pigs invasion, of course, that CNN had a fact check that there now award theirs. Definitely no award so here's this Daniel Dale on again. If you ever need clown show humor go to this gets really funny. As fact checks are quite bearing, he said, quote: confused by trumps, claim that he got the highly honoured Bay of Pigs award. He'd gotten into from an at twenty sixteen from the bay of Pigs Veterans Association. It's not an award has a long history of turning endorsements and other non awards into awards. Keyser CNN, act check, or so you know automatically bs right. So he says that this is to be clear. Joe Vienna is Joe. It's CNN member. There not a banana zone around the sea that stupid it's not make lemons. So Dan, Elsie and are in fact checker dreaded airports say
there's no bay of pigs are weren't. How do I know that? Because I work for CNN, we know everything. So here's a tweet the Tramp war room is weird Joe that is present in terms of the mental right. Yes, it he up something right there, Japan, just checking that looks like an actual award. Doesn't it some getting ahead? Not all jobs that is holding up a wardrobe. Yes, you shielded from organs. Happy is finally get everything right. Looking gray nice in ten years, trope worms text, here's the award it's a hand painted brigade twenty five or six shield the media will say anything to dismiss president trumps hispanic supporters, you got a nose. You call on the EU to take us out on Youtube Youtube, backup, zest, Mancino, Miss Polly was NICE actually zoom in on the photo of, in fact, the award to people giving president trumped the award
I'm busy survive, but I see it I said: are you wore doesn't exist so clearly that pictures gotta be a fake job? Photoshop did you do that? Come on just numbers, Paul but no doubt polish Nottingham. She had nothing to do with it, that's an actual photo so justly, Europe any confusion. This group up, that gave him the award showed us. The letter the actual war, but don't worry, see then they all told us. This didn't happen. Press release, Bay of pigs, Brigade, Association Committee. Even Paul is laughing it this week, It was with great satisfaction that we read President Donald J trumps Twitter Jamie event in which the Veterans Association Brigade, twenty five or six presented a recognition award? this figure of an emblem used by our patriots during the battle
the bay of pigs, invasion, Cuba in eighteen, sixty one a command we do that yeah I was able to give our views. Are your judgment? That's? Why did I never call? I just had to say that's it: we rarely do a triple much. It's only been too quadruple, not least in the history of the show. A trip was exceedingly rare, maybe five to ten of those revamp, a double motley, are usually does. This is definitely a triple bottom this is this clown from sea? It I'm telling you. If you want clown time, just read is tweets. Their hilarious he's a fact. Checker. All we have to do is reach out to the group. Yes, we did in fact give president trap
He wore their words. Ma bind the war that use the word award matter right, here's a photo of it, but don't worry CNN fact, checkers told us. Otherwise, following a lotta editorial, for we were here. If you want to use you just kind of throwing stuff in there now randomly, but that was good judgment on your part. That is definitely a triple mildly cake or quadruple. We have to say that for special when India, nice job Sienna. Well, sought an apple for banana. However, let us remember that call I'm an eleven or Adobe article that stupid as they did moving on Here is our I'm trying to do these a couple times a week, because they're so need a fine, but I just want a boy you, so I found a short one today. Is it good for by an earlier in the week here we're trying to do. Confuse Joe Biden, clear, ladies jumped just to show you how you I know Joe get to see because it's their everywhere
They deserve Jonas. Nowhere is anymore. I told you my sources, you're telling me the guys deteriorating at such a rapid state right now that their genuine concerned about how every day is gonna begin around because they dont know if he can do the events anymore? I'm not kid. You legitimate source of. Never let you down a source is right. Here's is confuse Biden Video the week where I went away Joe. He does trick again, there's about a twenty. Five! Thirty! Second, could you not interpret whenever Biden forgets what he's talking about in mid sentence. He into himself. He'll say something like I've been talking to law or ITALY, wrapped himself with something else, I'm at us myself before? I say something I want to say: this is a trick that binds Miss taught him when he forgets where he is in mid scented watch em what right here as he's talking about drinking from fossil. There's something I don't even know what he said whenever he doesn't know. What he's saying that's, why stopped himself check this out?
fired maladjusted, so we can turn a false drawing board. Clean air I'm sorry, I'm about to end, but the live yet the live. So we have this. Give people Imagine being sign language, Guyana, sign language, guessing. What do you know? I don't know sign language. What's silence. I have no idea what this guy saying. I dont know sign. I I dead of the universe. What does he say you can drink from the fountain in the water green New deal found fossil water autumn size, you have come on man. I don't even know what you have back. This arsenal
sure you with man, my videos, price, I'm sorry for those are you listening at home? I have their occasionally. I have the white, my after months of starting right, I want to touch my face because we got this. Lucy dog is the greatest and I've dog allergy. So I can't touch my face to have to use my shirt await. My eyes were drink from a passive. New deal farting cows. I don't know what I'm saying. So let us stop what I'm saying before I say more about what I don't know what I'm saying you know the boy, that's as others,
reviewing. What do you guys can? Nobody is talking about it right, because the thing potatoes and thing give a governing documents a constitution that things you don't think you got. The thing you're going to swear on. On the other thing, the Bible we're all your member, those words man. I let me get to this great do the substance cuz. You know we can just ripped into shreds all day because he doesn't know where he isn't any given day and he's running for president, which is a darn shame everybody evolves. Dangerous. Stop like getting this guy gets elected. This is very dangerous that article your journal yesterday, as I mentioned beginning to show we had this tragic. Did homicide of these to allay deputies and bind gave a speech yesterday about the deputies course not. He gave a speech about light bulbs and electric cars tell our cities are gonna burn because of what be eliminated now because of climate change, so the watchword was a great opinion pieces morning, called Biden of the climate apocalypse,
it gives a speech on wildfires and never mentions better. Forest management, of course exist actually know anything so Biden yesterday, here's a speech about light bulbs and climate change and wildfires without mentioning arson or anything else which is amazing anyway, each one of the most. Pernicious, persistent liberalize. You will hear that we will debunk right now This second on the show when you should carry with you, ve ever liberal, lie number one about the context. Remember what I said about Liberal: they hate them that's because they lie about everything they have no data back. Anything else are never the Thomas soul question. Whenever you are debating levels, don't ever feel the quest Mitchell puzzle them. Every time is, what's your evidence, they'll, be like What do you make of? It is evident sovereign required to produce evidence on a liberal. I've never been challenged on evidence, so he said something yesterday by during his light bulbs, peace that storm frequency and intensity. It's getting Worse man, man, climate change, store everywhere everywhere? Intend storms
worse than it ever- was. Tell me your liberal friends. If you ve had em over your house, God forbid. Tell me your liberal friends: have intelligence command storms are getting worse. There's no evidence for this illegal Wall Street Journal Rynch number one check out the work? scientists used on extensive work on this they say quotas for climate and hurricanes, sigh, let's repeat that there is little evidence that storm frequency and the Mai Global warming of the last century are linked as scientists right. You're Piercy Junior has noted Keynes, hitting the? U S have not have not have not increased in frequency or intensity. Since nineteen hundred this is why? But that's what liberals do really look up its work to play. Ladys Germany's data on this. You know what a story Its Florida Can't hide it. Ok, when a major hurricane is irish, everybody be quiet, big,
conspiracy hide the Erika. It doesn't work that we actually have data people know when their houses blow away for hurricanes, they Joe Shocker, I know, but your house Roof God, my house words. Could? What, I thought it was a thunderstorm. They only broadcast coming hurricanes in Florida. If you lived on you for like two weeks prior to when they arrive, we have a what do they call it a disturbance? That's how is right if you live in Florida, you're here on the news it'll be like, it'll be on the local news, they'll say job it shows up in Marilla, rises that we know we don't. Luckily, outside hurricane isabel- they don't get hit much there often, but for we can hear you every year, they'll say: there's a disturbance, It is really there's a disturbance and then you see where it's gonna go. Gonna go the Gulf is gonna. Come you, that's gonna go to the gulf. People on the EAST Coast are like. I, we may get a pass on this one becomes self our side to people in the Gulf of my guy. We may get a pass on this. What we know about these things there on record So if what Joe Biden was saying confuse Joe Storm frequent
seen a tense he's getting worse because of climate change. That would require store frequency to be getting worse and may be more frequency, meaning more for the liberals, hissing and more TED's, meaning their category five, set a category three. Now none of that actually happening, you know, data and stuff. This actually not what's happening. You just making that up. You need more but she's, making this up here from the Wall Street Journal Pay check this out. No, you know the National oceanic and atmospheric administration, the definitely not popular, It would far right. Wingers folks, Manoa has said, quote its mature to conclude that human activities, and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that clause global warming it cause global warming, have already. Detectable impact on Atlantic Hurricane or global tropical cycle and activity. End quote that means they actually said that for the liberals, the United Nations. Here we got Joe United Nations. You know that bastion of
conservative right wing hysteria, the United Nations Intergovernmental panel on climate change, says it to lack evidence to show that warming is making storms and flooding worth get data facts that kind of thing so the United Nations, which will take on any left wing, cause especially to humiliate Donald Trump or anyone else, is say. Well, there's no way storms- are getting more frequent or worse. We don't have any data sport, the EU, along with no up our national. She in graphic and atmospheric administration that she has data on this, along with scientists who this, where they do for a living, is track this that there are also now that's actually not true, but it doesn't matter bide, no sane explained there's no, it's true. Tibetans even already said, I'm surprised. If we do that statement in the hold out. Let me stop myself before I say something. I know it's not true. That's what I'd be saying next to interrupt himself, because he forgot what he was actually talking about. Frustrating.
I got another story max coming. About more media Biden, malfeasance narratives. We have to debunk because there's election coming and election coming up and I'm sure your liberal friends, if you have any left our on Facebook, telling you again how store frequencies the climate is changing its causing it and there definitely telling you there's no problem web mail in voting at all relevant united. Like say that on social media, your band instantly for her lighting problem male and voting that the media talked about years ago and is ignoring now. I get a story on that in a minute. Let me get to my last monetary today shows that you also by our friends at almost stakes. I may get ready my mouth waters when I'm talking about oh my stakes because they have the most delicious meets. You have ever tasted their burgers extra top notch. They are perfectly aged one hundred percent american Grain Finnish B for the ultimate and tenderness juciest and flavour. Every orders flash frozen vacuum, sealed
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The grocery stores- become a hassle, skip the crowded lines, unmasked, sambo mistake: ship right, your door safely, the world's greatest stakes plus prince, meets easy, delicious meals. We love him in this house. Everything to ensure your family stocked up for the long haul, all back by a one hundred percent money back guarantee almost states that come in urban GINO in the search bar check it out. So yeah. You know the left is in love with lies. It's kind of a theme running throughout the show today and is our job to set everybody straight on the right path, because you start to believe this stuff. Afterwards, So you know right now, we're being told by the liberal left not only that storms getting worse which are in but the mail in voting. Don't you worry, there's nothing wrong with male and voting. That's why they saying that because of course, president Shrub has called out the All those who mail and voting they want to do a mass mail in voting campaign. The Democrats, because it Democrats are in love with voted for they just always happened. That's why I don't like vote right
now mail in voting mass mail and voting is different than absentee absentee. You have to go to a website. When I do you have to put in your name. Then a fires request the ballot ballot comes to your house. You send it back, that's not with the Democrats want. They want every we set about no matter who we are dogs, cats, donkeys. Of insane or care everybody gets about it hears about. There's about here's a is about to everybody gets one, no possibility. Fraud there? No well, what's the problem about that. When mail in voting. Our military folk, sending in male and ballots some of our older folks waste largely a republican thing. Older voters attend to lean public and military folks. The barrier had a real problem of mail and voting. They did here because it was a republic getting worse.
Weird, while street journal at a great article about how the media just changes their story overnight, depending on the story, benefits the Republicans or Democrats, never facts. First folks, facts. First,. Watch your journal jar beggar. It takes us for spreading and always super spreader articles about how the media changes are story about these super spread. Rallies and riots. Based on who it is it's a riot for the Democrats. It's ok! It's a trap. Rally. Everybody's gonna die, but they also to this end? They change the narrative on voting check this out. This is fascinating. Voting by male dissidents, quote this it this. Is clearly a presidential tweet rifles. Listen voting by mail is now common enough in problematic enough. That election expert say there been multiple elections in which no we can say with confidence which candidate was the deserve winner, Joe definitely a present what we need right now right, winger
I know that was the New York Times. Sorry, sorry Arma costed me to set you up to that was the New York time talking about the systemic problems with me, In voting club try to New York Times that was front page news story published just before the twenty two presidential election three times care grave doubts on the reliability of widespread mail. In voting noted, it was much more vulnerable to fraud than conventional vote about a weird quote: New York Times. Folks quote NASA Trump, while fraud in voting by mail is far less common and innocent errors is vast. Firstly more prevalent than in person voting front there we go again New York Times, bigger arms mail in voting and fraud. Folks, why why? Why did the New York Times twenty twelve states obvious that mail in voting is more susceptible to fraud in personal energy. Why would they do that? Just the facts? Folks, just the news really
maybe there is a political motivation. I remember everything view to the New York Times: CNN lenses. Why They writing this start Republicans and help Democrats. When you start to see two, although stories everything makes sense, let's go to screen shot number two watch your turnips and now it all make sense quote times change last month, times rent a headline that said Trot is pushing her for sorry, you may not vote by mail from Saint same paper, folks, say paper they go on. They say it's possible suppose that all that fraud- The paper worried about has just disappeared in eight years, but the real cool who is too by the New York Times, along with virtually the entire media. Now clear male and fraud, mail and fraud or a false comes down in twenty twelve election news. I quote: here's a they said and twenty two Ah now it's making sense so now the voter fraud they said is real, isn't real anymore, but back at twenty twelve, they said
public ins are in fact more likely than Dems devote absentee? Oh, it's you then a general election in Florida. Forty seven percent of absentee voters, Republicans thirty six percent were Democrats. There you have it. Folks quote When voting by male seem to be a republican thing, it was fraud nebulae, should now the Democrats or expect in the vote this way by mail in much greater numbers. It's all don't worry nothing to see here. Folks, don't that story reboot. We wrote and twenty twelve about mail id, being a really big deal. It's not a big deal. Now we only worried about it, one Republicans male than their votes. Now the demo that's a mailing about. We don't want you to call of fraudulent, so all that stuff
memory whole all that memory Hog Memory Hall. I just hit the brick house nutrition in it. That's what that sound, much memory. Just the fact, though, don't you are New York Times: twenty two, our big problem, a male and voting New York Times, twenty twenty, no problem, a male and voting paper. By the way I have no problem with any of this to listen to me. Why do they do I get this question a lot of people we moment? Why do they do that? They understand. Nobody trusts me anymore: they don't care, they don't care. Why does Oh Biden lie about climate, storm frequency and intensity because he doesn't carry thinks you're an idiot and he wants to get elected Mps hoping Maybe it's unbelievable! You comparing the time to jobs, ask you the same thing, liberal activists trying to get power This is very, very, is a newspaper
people seriously. There's another clown cannot take seriously so Buddy Adam Schiff exert their body whose, as what I call the dog now those who make me a body when you buddy anybody's needs buddy. I don't get out of my house, my Tumblr buddy but I am sure our non buddy buddy. You know how to shift the king of houses, the collusion hoax, the whistle blower hoaxes, Adam Cheval embrace any hoax all the time. So as a new hopes, I covered a little bit less. We shifts new hoaxes at The De Hs insider Joe Department of hormones, ready for the liberals listening who is now come out and said: tromp is suppressing intelligence, suppressing intelligence that the Russians are interfering with the away then again he's ordering is the age s people to squash it to help the Russians. We all read the psyche.
Is this tromp is added again with the collusion than ever happened a first time, amazing. So of course it's from out of sheer, so you can almost automatically assume it's a hoax and I'd like to waste. Your time is, why put it the end of the shop seriously clear, the whistle blower about. Why? Don't we weren't, plus a name whistleblowers, wasn't job, wasn't at the thing that was initially that don't aim. Yes, that was the thing robot exonerating anymore. Adam she's got his neighbor. I doubt that this whistle blowers, ay, ok, so Brian Murphy, I know, will be and, I M sure, put his name, but there are not us. Ok, but we weren't was the name whistleblowers but Adam, he's, got his name in the documents, but this whistle blowers. Ok, so only We other whistleblowers, we're not supposed to name. So it is clear out of sheer say this whistle blower from the age Brian Murphy saying we have, soon tell about the Russians and trumped, doesn't want it out there and they d agent my supervisor, decent? They d just told me to suppress that information. Big huge, had to further
Catherine heritage, it CBS used to be a Fox news. She got a whole this dossier just memo where it's real interesting that is fake, whistle Catherine haemorrhages. Writing inner highlights here that this fake whistle are you saying a supervisor Tom, the suppress all this information about Russia. What they ask have emails, Joe so dear has put the emails out there in this member and in one of these emails this guy, Mr Murphy, this alleged whistleblower was owing to other department employees in July. Twenty twenty stating quickened triggering quote the acting second, Mary has never given me any direction on what to do regarding these threats, the same apply, through the acting deputy secretary. You can leave, I see taking notes over there. You can, even unlike that stuff it it's coloured and shop, where this dynamic between my wife and his back and forth when she pulls mice.
Down too quick off that's out the bed. I mean the elements that the show come on mine now You just said, of course, I just said that is my show as they would everyone so just to be clear. What fate simple number? Seventy two? Maybe six seventy two fake whistleblowers- six hundred and seventy two we said I was told to suppress This information about this Russia, threat, etc. The factory other colleagues say they ve given me any direction on those threats, weird weird how another whistleblowers is promoted by Adam ship, has absolutely no evidence behind the raw, Joe crazy. How this happens? Isn't it. It is it's insane in its just sitting there every cover it up come on man. Every time Joe Biden we'll come on man. Can we just stop with the sheer foxes why do you take this guy seriously? Anyone this guy
Clown we're gonna whistleblower these Russia threats were being so ass, except for the fact that email there what they didn't tell me suppress Eddie, I'm just saying shit. Maybe you should read the emails first. By the way did it. I'm going to throw this outer again. No one takes the media seriously. I forget that too, but I think even the media, talks are tired of being humiliated by this buffoon. Did you notice? The story went nowhere, it's up because they like Trump and data. They don't really care about their chiffon to lie a lot, but their seriously worried about just liability losing money in this case being sued or something after mix and managed signals. Are there no one takes shifts years that you notice the story got no wind at all. I hated and bring it up, but one of your liberal friends on your facebook or whatever is going to say to you is another.
So blower out their trump suppressing threats. Really because that's what the whistleblower email this! Colleagues, if you read the emails of course in Euro Liberal, you don't actually read anything. Let me and the show with this on a good note, so um for those of you being subjected to the tyranny of the dreadful Pennsylvania. Liberal far governor who is turned into a lunatic? Who is China shut down the state, crusher businesses and everything else. So downs. What in front of a federal court judge yesterday appointed by troops who are finally getting back to some respect for the constitution, job man, man did this guy get smack down the dreadful, far left radical governor of Pennsylvania? This is just beauty is so the judges name is Meda! Let me just read you quickly, a brief of what he said about the unconstitutional lockdown. Ladies and gentlemen, this is just fed tat. Stick judge statement quote the liberties Protected by the constitution are not fair, weather freedoms,
ass in waste when times are good but it'll, be cast aside in times of trouble statement wrote he goes on quote this ok given that this country is based and more face emergencies of every sort, but this into a national crisis can never be permitted to supersede the commitment to individual liberty that stance. The foundation of the american experiment. The constitution cannot accept the concept of a quote new normal, where the basic liberties of the people can be subordinated to When ended emergency mitigation measures, end quote he mad Brothers statement. Now you see why reelected Trump, for you never trump lunatics out. There is so important. I don't like your tweets yeah, Judges like that who quote these documents like the constitution kind of important?
now when everybody's freedoms and businesses and economic freedom and livelihood their kids are starving because we can have jobs and rolled the press is or not in school. Where judge, as you know, we do have this thing called the constitution check it out once in a while. I love this. Guy Is it occasion why don't you know? I don't have a care gerasa, be the way, love you, some of which gives picture or pick put em up and show her I don't even know. Why should a check that out does it matter? Can you, Google, for me, Judge statement waiting for policy? If you forget a picture that put him up for her Again, he didn t understand why I get so upset than ever Trump card. We don't like is tweets they're, not presidential yeah, you, like conservative judges, you, like your taxes, being cut you like economic freedom, you like Deregulation, you like protecting the lives of unborn human beings, who does what
patient control, healthcare care as well as you like aberration, warp, speed, vaccines in record time. You liking control of our borders. Electron. You want more chaos, Gopher confuse Joe, may I first icy opportunity and I really appreciate it. You know I haven't plugged and I know you: I try not to overwhelm you with play restart, but please check up on GINO report. Are we put a lot of work into it. The traffic spin exceptional. It is your conservative alternative to the now dreadful, failed Drudge report, the liberal Drudge reporter Completely abandon any semblance of reality, pick up on GINO report dot com? We really appreciate the traffic spin exceptional. Tell your friends about it: there is Drudge Alternative out there Mancino report our camp and please try to my show Youtube com, Slash bond GINO and on Apple pod, guess
LA folks say you just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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