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The Media Desperately Wants This Story to go Away (Ep 1073)

2019-09-24 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the real scandal that the Democrats, and the media are desperate to suppress in light of the “whistleblower-gate” fake news. I also discuss a troubling connection between these key players in these recent scandals. I address the latest anti-Second Amendment hysteria and an incredible speech, in support of Trump, by this foreign leader.News Picks:

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ready to hear the truth about america on a show that not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i wanted it there might you know shall roadshow acted upon launched by the way i'm listening on a personal note i know these road shows always like a little different by it ordinarily in the past did make a difference we were an audio only podcast because i would just bravo the equipment that's right here in front of me out gear outside of the camera create nor your file and send it over to joe but i like video shows even when the background is a motel room in new york city because like to give you the visual so i'ma forgive me for that i could just send an audio file to youtube but i think it's important for the visuals and the videos and all that other stuff too for the youtube audiences well thank you from the bottom of my heart my new book i have a copy here they exonerated you all
listen i'm not gonna love sorry am at a loss for words here because you just latest audience in this business and i don't mean that hyperbolic we your like some kind of but see way i mean it because it's true you just the best yours ferociously loyal to the show paul and i thought that if the boy cracked the top ten on amazon it would be a big success we were number two which when we woke up this morning at you're doing awesome life liberty and and in the other stuff and watching it we were just die i can entire i'm just so overwhelmed by your support and i love you guys and ladys to death and i you mean the world to be soft i wanna get emotional but thank you very much please we have an order my book yet check it out exonerated we not sure by the time of this recording if will be at number one on amazon but daddy got paul s got a nice little graphic there so i appreciate that i've got a lot
eighty two including some updates on and listen i don't like being stories to death but this is important this whistle our gate thing is turning into an morphing into a bunch of different things got some new angles on this some new information and a connection to shockingly and the whole by gay that underlie the federalist cover that's amazing i've got it and so owens video that's terrific i've got it the video of nbc msnbc owning themselves and taking the complete opposite positions they haven't seen anything so don't go anywhere isolation you buy our bodies at nets we that's sweet of you don't know you of course you don't know your business ladies and gentlemen no your business with nets wheat the problem grow businesses have that keeps them from knowing your numbers so they have a hotchpotch of business systems that you know they mix and match stuff and it doesnt work together they once it recounting another for sales and other framed enjoy on and so one of the big inefficient mass takes up time resources who needs that go to
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she joe is listening our remote i have to do the joe bell ding ding ding like apollo does it at the end the rocky either to ding ding dig with about peace and remember that first just quickly on the back for those you caught life liberty and then on monday on she's me on sunday night it was again shell i revealed something many of your tumblr is already now but it's in the book tat i ve talked about before but the book lays out an inch detail that i dont believe a lot of people are talking about outside of a couple of reporters folks they had done this before this attack on on donald trump to attach him to russians and implicate him in a russian collusion scandal i want to be clear on this had been done before they tried this would john mccain campaign now had tipped my body to seven nine away i acknowledge and the book was always a great source for me of information we have to remember the imf occasion that john mccain was colluding with the russians too in the two thousand
i've presidential campaign against barack obama there are two tiki take away your number one ladies and gentlemen i want you to think about this who was running in that two thousand and seven campaign they saint aubert rocco balmy lazard that i am not up it the end at the end it was barack obama one the democratic nomination for president and subsequently the presidency but we already know that right point stipulate hilary clinton was involved in that raised up into the ended thought she was gonna win do you think it's a whence it is that the same charges of russian collusion levy against john mccain with the exact same players in the movie script the two thousand seven glenn simpson article appeal against john mccain when hilary steam was around they just right the same thing i go after this extensively in the book it's really important now i'm in a move on but i have one more point the difference here and what i want my sources reminded me of to bring out is also in the book is the make
ain t was warned there was a defensive briefing given to john mccain campaign after they had associated with some people that they thought were russians that could give them a problem they were good the defence of briefing saying hey listen you may want to get away with these it get away from these guys these guys could be big trouble ladies and gentlemen that same defensive briefing by the way was never given was never given to the trump t ever why because they wanted to set up the trump teams from when you read the book and you read the chronology of events i lay it out like a spy story you see that they were clearly from the start looking for these russians to make contact with the trunk team in an effort to entrap than they had tried this before glenn simpson wrote this story in a two thousand seven wall street journal article ladies and gentlemen there it is how lobbyists help ex soviet washington he already run this that's him and his wife it is it
he's almost exactly like the dossier they tried it against mccain they tried it against trumpet was a movie script they just inserted new actors and now i got so much stuff to get to trace and it's gonna be a stack she oh i know everybody loves outward stack of course but you know show inside humor freely offence or ask get the number two sub back to whistle blower gait which is scam there's no whistleblower there is stay another basically government swamp rat deep state insider that states donald trump is leaking information out about him to a compliant their basic a phantom you know boot lacking but kissing media that's eager to take this president out now you know i don't have any problems with this guy like this guy jim geraghty a national of you really i'm not doing this to be a jerk but i think he treated i want to show you treat the second he set out a tweet which was some confusing lets you sap ass gamma take it apart shadow my light jimmy's actually a nice guy but i think he's a little confused here he sent them
this tweet i wanted i put up for you to check out because it some strange talking about using foreign governments to investigate people so he isn't by jim gary talking about whistleblower gave trump where trump allegedly on the phone with ukrainians and ass to investigate joe biden than that and a hundred and scandal over their solidarity's tweet this way if the public the size that trump pushing you and to investigate the binds is fine and dandy some future democratic president will urge and others countries government to investigate its potential geo p rivals but again i like it that should be adopted that already habit it is absolutely chris
a clear to anybody whose followed the whole spied a drama that the obama administration in the day and see we're getting information from foreign governments through their subordinate officers the fbi was getting information from steel who openly claimed credit to getting information from russian sources again about not maybe jimmy he's talking about something else but if you want we would then have the there is since in the media and even in the conservative space where they're not waiting there not given trump the benefit of the doubt here that no it's acceptable but that's not what happened here the differences trumpet asking them to investigate the investigations already happened he's asking them to this call the information about a potential president in and in the future joe biden that's potentially devastating stuff because what happened could be potentially criminal that's differ didn't go into the russians and ask him to join up a fake i don't abbe
he this already happened enough about that when i go to this they saw but this is from the trunk or room so happy to them they have some good stuff on twitter and i encourage you to follow i wanna play this quick video this is msnbc was an airy val or i don't even know his name but he's msnbc amazingly again this is a total conspiracy theory like not channel now their debts insane step but here's msnbc owning themselves suggesting tromp has no evidence of by trying to interfere in a foreign governments when the videos already out there for everyone to see check this out president has repeatedly suggested without evidence that joe biden used his vp position to pressure ukraine to fight the country's top prosecutor victor shokhin are used i'm telling you now get a billion dollars i said you're not getting the billion i would be leaving here i think it was about six hours i like i said we leave in six hours there's not fired you're not getting the money
son of a bitch fire sorry sucking nepal over they're gonna give me like a bad signal to go until approaches what do you saw the club right you can hear it's going on there what are they talking about it is on tape with talking about with a quid pro quo quid pro quo something for something suggesting on tape we ve all seen no one denies the authenticity of it is clearly biden at the council foreign relations suggesting that the prosecutor investigating his son hunter furs involvement with this natural gas company bereavement ukraine on the roads but we shady at best and a potential pay for play operation that investigation the guy was investigating it binds on abe suggesting they're not getting money unless he shuts that investigation down at his fired or unless he's far too is without tapes has to be sites like msnbc folks
that's what they're accusing trump of you how crazy this is there accusing tromp of something biden is on tape actually doing and yet invest your mouse you whatever his name is is it if you'd have apposite melchior feathers asylum those veil sheemale she is on tape i don't always names i try to be at your age try it try to insinuate that donald trump has no evidence that bind to this end he's making a charge it trop is trying to influence ukrainian policy do you understand like the bad guano crazy world we live in right now biden is on it was an actual clad actual quid pro quo demand a prosecutor vests guineas could be fired edge in exchange for u s aid while the democratic alleging trump wants that in fact castigated the potentially a pencil of a crime overseas would biden and they're saying trump the same thing although they don't have any evidence but the same trump doesn't have any evidence ladies and gentlemen on time
we live in peace are supermarket by the way this hotel room is a little hot the air conditioner was loud so we had to shut it down a little bit get a little steamy right even for you even paula paula is always always cold always no matter what i put the ac seventy three i put it on sixty eight at night because of that you put around seventy three she's die and she d she's always always always please i want to get too more on this because i've got some more devastating information to show you how far crazy then left this gun lesson we ve got a few sponsored it we can especial sponsor at the end to the first time i did you gonna like a lot fits into a prior thing we did with the joseph state you know when you hate ratio also brought you by law she'll hey you carrying don't carry your firearm naked adami without clothes of course i can carry when our closer i mean naked without protection u s law shield i use em you use them sign up for months now get two months rape you heard me talk about my membership before at u s law she'll it matters that accompany it
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now is not obviously and we hope it is going to be either here's in political two thousand seven it seventeen showing you how bad this ukrainian scandal really is this is by kenneth vogel and david stern january eleven two thousand seventeen political you radiant just ladies and gentlemen just listen to the headline ukraine in efforts to sabotage tromp backfire he ever fish scrambling to make amends with the president elect talkin bout trump after quietly working to boost clinton folks i didn't manipulate that apologize you messed with that no right that's the headline thank you shaking her head now that the headline this has already been reported on by political a left leaning group of activists who have already acknowledged that ukrainians tried to help hillary clinton get elected this is about this outside of this is in the book by way exonerated i bet heap key point but i put a lot of work into it i appreciate you guys help me out debate is out there
they already are two separate ukrainian scandals involving the democrats ok and i was telling a bunch of people this tonight don't get by what when we already know very simple biden fire the guy forgetting my son you're not getting the money you ve heard that now i've played it now a few times on the shop there's another scandal gentlemen the one in this political pieces critical the ukrainians key ukrainian political figures we now i know this from the record were giving information to day and see this former dnc official alexandra trooper was sharing it with michael is sakharov and some reporters about poor man afford in an effort to impact and roy the trump campaign we know that its detailed out in the book to loop left the dnc to work on this diplomatic effort operation with ukrainians who got all gave
by the way is ukraine's you gave the united states government fake information about it by black ledger a series of payments to poor metaphor that nobody can verify the authenticity of these illogical payments is important stuff that is it huge enormous scandal with ukrainians we know that trump needs to keep the heat on them now from the political peace folks this is them report this is not me again i didn't write this article a left leaning out the wrote this in two thousand seventeen quote uk the government officials tried to help hillary clinton and undermine trump by publicly questioning is fitness for office they are so disseminated documents implicating atop trump aid in corruption and suggested there vesta the matter only to back away after the election and they listen this listen and they clinton's allies research damaging information on trump and his advisers a political investing she found folks what that sounds like to you it's
sounds to me like collusion again when you're friends keep bring up this collusion with ukrainians trump it's already been repealed by political that the democrats did this i'm maybe maybe we'll crack her when there are one more final angle on this so just to set up where we been we know about biden scandal now we know biden is on tape with a quid pro quo with their legend trump did a quid pro quo remember that screw quote tucker carlson the virtue with the scent right there virtue signaling but there their accusing trumpet the exact same thing they did the second take away from this crazy is unquestionably helped hillary clinton try to get elected colluded with declared the team this no doubt about that there's no dispute amongst rational people ok need to look into this we need answers it's time to double their say someone i want to try to keep a family four sided double down cut the crap with this given these people a brake on the time now from the federalist another piece of the show nor did i definitely worth your time i shall davis piece of the federalist this is
your time here ok tat this is our shown davis federalist russian collusion ukraine syria is pure projection by the media and the democrats now there's an interesting take when his feathers federalist peace i told you at the beginning of the show that out there is of course as always a connection and angled spike we single time because these people were davis they all know each other these our communities these insiders swamp rats it's all one big symbiotic that's what they do they all feed off each other in a symbiotic ah maybe i can you parasitic kind of way but they love it they all know each other so remember there was a law firm fusion gps that was hired but there's a war firm outside shoot me as a law from that higher fusion gps let me be precise what's interesting is
there appears to be a law firm at the centre of all this let's go to the peace by showing davis explains a pretty well enough in the federalists again this is up in the show no speech check it out bunching or that come to it's her all those questions the answer is a resounding yes despite being case a hundred by near despite being kicked out of the navy for cocaine abuse and having no demonstrable business acumen hundred i nonetheless and twenty fourteen landed a fifty thousand dollar per month gig on the board abridgment or you cranium oil and gas concern coincidental here s isn't that cute pow schiller previously hired or fusion j p s isn't that cute eighty opposition research firm retained by the clinton campaign the democratic national committee to concoct them sean collusion hoax threat interference for thoroughness also the infamous fake blood test income whose founder was charged with wire fraud isn't that fast
native elbows schiller was involved in all of this latest channel they all know each other again it's one big circle whether all patting each other on the back and do another stuff these maniacs there all involved with each other they all know each other this is what they say it's a one big ball of idiots they don't even cover their tracks well good piece definitely definitely worth your time i'd what else we got coming up ok sheila jackson lee that's next i'll get to that famous amusing the word famous very loosely congresswoman sheila jackson me i'm talking about guns a appointed so not just to mark up there's a strategic point to it i promise you get to that i've got reverse identity politics to an amazing trump appears let me just not these out of sorts important these companies want to be here and i really appreciate
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free gifts with iran or only one week less water now go to genocide that combat genocide that calm g and you see how use dan thirty at check out all right this is a good one polity rank is set at one to ten scale of of of doping is would this be like a businesslike about an eight point five when he says that all right like a deep ordinary birstall when he does the pizza things i'm you wanna go to high right it is about an eight point five back maybe an ape maybe i'm general high she hears a video sheila jackson we are talking about her problem with the eight hour fifteen platform it i want you to pay particular close attention when she talks about the eight of the fire on the air fifteen rifle apparently she's handled one recently ok sure and i
he talks about the calibre the rounds and how big is scary and dangerous air check this out this is great my mailed it i'm engine is dealing with a powerful weapon held in argentina my name it is his heavy as in bonn to that you might be moving is utilised fifty care over these guys boys need to be wise and do not need to be on the street by the way johannsen adjacent power than i found that are there the twitter fees i go through twitter sometimes i said that some of the best card that is out there it is quite videos you could see some of the greatest stuff ever folks sheila jackson lee office has no idea what she's talking about an ar fifteen doesn't weigh the equivalent of ten boxes i don't know what ar fifteen she's dealing with is it made out of have any of you ever handle gold no i mean real
i had a friend the secret service agent friend of mine his dad used to be a security represent for the federal reserve and they took us down there preserving the is the true story and they make you were like these magnesium shoes or some because gold is so dance carling led might believe it's even denser i could be wrong about the objective period a cable on that but all this so dense that your brain is a hard time processing how heavy than that piece of mass is i'm serious it's like it's it's so dense that when you see it like this you got that weighs five six thousand always like twenty about merlin people drop and crush their toes say after where these booty no cross your toes because your story about making it up you ve ever been the federal reserve you bobby see it you know they beg you put the buddha she was actually apparently things they are fifteen are made of lead or gold or whenever i don't know what she thinks there made of but bad and what our fifteen she's handling that has the equation of ten moving boxes i mean this is utter a complete ridiculous insanity unnoticed albert she said do and they are fifteen handles tutorial in five six
not all i you can you can rotate back and forth on most rifles they do not they are if teens handle fifty caliber rounds so that an add on to what she's talking about here's the thing now folks we laugh at this and we might is stuff i mean we should and i know a lot of us as as as moral and ethical people have a hard time mocking people but folks it if you're going to go out and make a fool out of yourself by suggesting people's firearm should be confiscated or ennis people have done nothing wrong should somehow be subjected to legal obstacles before they can protect themselves with a firearm their families likes you actually who proposes and supports all the stop don't you think it's it's it's just a simple asked asked that you actually know what the heck you're talking about before you suggest that obstacles should be put in my way before i acquire that item if you don't why do you think about the item in your obviously line is not weigh with ten boxes way it doesn't shoot fifty caliber ads you just don't know what you're talking about it is important for us to use it
i happened to highlight the pure utter stupidity of it to show you that you stand on principle knowledge in fact while the left just makes this stuff up have no knowledge base to work on whatsoever about what they even want to ban a fifty caliber round is mentally larger than a two to three or five five six ranch doesn't know what she's talking about again i don't like to your time with silliness i just like to highlight four others who were watching the show how this debate is fielded one side can if it is to understand the constitution and the need for bigger god given rights and the real right the self protection and and people on the other side who have no idea what you're talking about speaking of which have you seen this this is absolutely classic
this is one of the best videos i've seen in a long time now disclosure not to name drop it i'll do named dropping don't care for those who you know me i just don't care but i know kinda selwyn she's very nice canvas and i go back to when she had the red pill black gub twitter feed and it was terrific she's do these video as a register amazing what can this takes exactly zero from people she does and i love that about canvas because i feel the same way and i ask you know having said that some people thought why can the so i don't like me for that too because i think we should constantly sit back and take a bunch of guff from people because i know good conservatives we should sit back and take it that's what we do now that interested that many i'm interested in a fight i'm interested in taken it to these people big time every single day and making them out to be the force that they really are are you want to attack us game on new rules we win you lose and the story full stop period here's can do so
so by capital held hearing about white supremacy a phd who's up their testifying who clearly hates can the sullen can this makes a comment about something being hilarious that they're trying to impugn her integra should not talk about white supremacy or terrorism being hilarious the woman the ph d use trying to it i caught this capital he'll hearing makes big big banks huge mistake going after canvas attacking her here watch can this by the way had to prager you at prager euins what are their awesome they put this little thing together here disc and that you'll hear the phd first and then you'll see and this at the end its about bear with me it's a little more than a minute or so canvas whiting this woman on fire this is how you on the lips check this out i just have to that i object strenuously to use of the word for word hilarious to me
this feels a lot like your reaction to being named and in one of these manifesto is now you're of course not responsible for the worse if somebody writing that document but i do but laughing at it is a real problem because these are real families that are impacted by the silence and i think our efforts towards talking about this have to start from a place of mutual respect mutual respect mutual respect you just tried to do live what they mean it dies all the time to republicans to our does it intend to conservatives would you tried to manipulate what i said to fix your narrative and the audacity of you to bring up the christ church shooting manifest don't make it seem as if i laughed at people that work slaughtered by a homicidal media maniac is in my opinion absolutely despicable and i think that we should be above that works to try
you assign reality or any meaning to a homicide homicidal maniac riding a manifesto which by the way the record shall also stated spiral dragging the child's cartoon as a source of inspiration he also cited nelson mandela as a source of information i dont think i dont think that nelson mandela has inspired mosque shootings you can correct me if you think i'm wrong you won't you rather assigned meaning to a homicidal maniac than to actually addressed that i said to the things i said today that are actually harming black america number one father apps number to the education system and the illiteracy rate illegal immigration ranks high abortion ranks high white supremacy in white nationalism if i had to make a list again of one hundred things would not be on this hearing in my opinion is a farce and it is ironic that you're sitting here and you're having three caucasian people testify and tell you what their expertise are do i know my xp teas are black in america
black in america my whole life all thirty years i can tell you that you guys have done the exact same thing every four years ahead of an election cycle and it needs to stop folks folks this is how it's done all i love the glasses at the end by the way i was home i put my glasses on my own on them his glass spokes this is how it's done you know as i have said repeatedly there is if i may be careful here because i want to i want to why what are you laughing at the item on the screen all you got the on the lips they all thank you i didn't know you had better roadshow i wanna be careful high phrases listen i'm a sinner i get it i say i get a lot of mesopotamia centre a crazy i know he saves a but i am a sinner i try my best but you know i feel like i was my brother jemadar mammoth preaching you you all do your own thing
it's fine freedom of religion in this country and i love that at its you we should do that i think we should be morally and ethically upstanding individuals all the time the problem is morals and ethics this is a grey area when you're on a battle i use this analogy battlefield morality all the time things it they have mattered and more peaceful a you know non end of i'm manichaean terms don't necessarily matter entrench warfare when you're sitting there next to a guy in battle any sooner whatever he sends a you know nasty tweets to his girlfriend weakens out may bother you when you at home and user friendly i can't say that that's growth you know what went sending hot lead downrange if he's a good soldier all of a sudden you like or at any this guy with me that i brought this up about trump often i think this is where the left and the anti trump rig it misinterprets where we are right now and why people like candy zones or necessary people like i think my
to and i don't mean to put us above in the same box but i cuz i get it sometimes i get negative feedback from you know old school boat wearing republicans we're like dad you know your little grass ceremony air maybe if you took it little bit of a com the cooler reproach i'm not interested ladies and gentlemen the other side is looking to crush us politically right now they are looking to impugn people's care after destroy their lives are continuing to bread cabinet brick avenues acquire boy the guy's a boy scout the guy's been nothing but a decent good man entire life and they do not only want to date only want to hurt him they want to destroy him they want to reckon they want to make sure you can never work that he should merely aid for the rest of his life that requires us to fight back that request the fight back on twitter that requires us to fight back on facebook that requires us to go out there and make these videos and do these things and not to take any crap already got from these left this you want to mess around with this ladies and gentlemen this is the time and when i say fight back
by the way i hope you understand i'm talking about rhetorically the violent service for the left that's their thing the anti for crowd the anti first amendment group that's their thing but i'm talking about rhetorically this whole idea you know i get nice feedback from you about fox appearances with chris on and her i'm not taken any crap anymore i'm sorry you say something stupid on the arrogant to call you out about and the story i'm going to sit there and try to smoke the peace pipe with you because i'm not interested people like candy someone's or necessary when this stuff happens that is where you fight back you don't sit there and try to play patty cake these people that lady try to attach or to a white supremacist labour and you she became so it said she was trying to it should this manifesto this killer robots candy someone's his name came up so did what the dragon guy sex is the kansas is like he also mentioned like a dragon cartoon clear the guy was psychotic they will not give you a pass folks this is a different time we need to fight back if you simply
the old republican bow tie wearing ah we need engage and several discourse not as yet this time for that when the left wants to be several i am more than happy to go there i welcome it i cannot wait for the day when we can start to engage in this we're conversation again that day is it now who told you otherwise but they lied to you because it's not true that day is not today these people want to do serious damage to our political prospects our country and our constitution report they have spied on the president they have bankrupt in our country they have gone after innocent people they have targeted conservative groups these are not rational people anymore anyone telling you otherwise is lying to you fight back rhetorically
the right way right final sponsor today this is important you know i've quite often i've i've sent you that it's important on campaigns that you let these campaigns you you know i am not going to tell you what to do you vote you whenever you want our democratic republicans do you thing the shows for everyone we just do facts here right you do what you want with it having said that it is important to give your information campaigns if you want to vote because we also have to pay to get it and if you just didn't get new president reelected it matters avenue sponsor today i read this is important here everyday present up is facing unprecedented obstruction harassment from the liberal mob don't you know it in their fake news allies been exaggerated twice and they'll still and there still calling for impeachment because the they know congresses their last and only hope he needs your port now more than ever text there de i am dad folks make it easy for them to find you please i'll say after
hey refiners gonna cost a fortune text dan to aid eight zero to chew that's dan my name dan text its eight eighty don't shoot you and receive official trump alerts directly to your phone your game there two job while democrats in the fake news media spent the last few years focused on bogus merchandise is available in you even be able to give you an update on key issues helped shape two thousand and twenty campaign again all you have to do is text dan to eighty eight thousand and twenty two dan twenty eight thousand eight hundred and two while democrats in the fake news media spent the last two years focused on bogus witch hunts president trump has been working around the world to make amerika great again make sure you getting news directly from the source by taxing dan to eight eight zero to two dan too eight zero to two this was paid for by the trump make amerika great again committee a joint fund raising committee directly authorize buying composed of donald j trump for president ink and the republican
our committee that is dedicated to making amerika great again happy happy ecstatic to have you got and bore all right i got you more stories to go ahead with this was pretty cool this is about one of the biggest gypsy do flip peru i've ever seen such a great idea read about this in the wall street journal about how to beat hackers that i'm takin i'm hoping the trunk pain is listening you guys the lady should be doing this to israel start right when i set up part of the story the wall street journal here i read this not even if it quick i just want to what happened especially if you wanna companies may not be a bad idea for you to do too how do we keep actors outright this is the big thing title article is french dummies foil russian hackers deceptive tactics can counter online criminals by brian finch september twenty second twenty nineteen
so the big questions ban ever since you now spidey backing the emails others have had are we keep daggers out folk she can't keep backers out good actors are gonna get in eventually again and everywhere they acted government accountability office my records or the opium records my secret service records were out there i got an email from the opposite personnel madame nay body by the way all your stuff the chinese have agreed act ok thank you so what if don't try to keep about out if you let him in so what did the french do i just heard this by reading this peace the mark my throne campaign emmanuel micron when they were running what they did was it created a separate set of emu address is fake documents about his campaign and i guess they lie i did on their servers server assuming they would eventually be hack they probably label did something attackers come look here this is sensitive stop i mean joking but something that would ensue
and devise a hacker to open that file and try to steal it well what was a problem not for the mccrone campaign for the hackers it wasn't real so be ass it was all artificial fake news stuff just made up so when the house there's got it a broadcast the staff the mccrone campaign without a guy's good luck nice job and get it before you that's all fake now i say that because of your running for office you run it he's congress bob representer state centres whenever the u s senate you're running i've run a few times myself it may not be a that idea for you to do something like that yourself and there's a twofold benefit of us think about it then it's in the peace by the way it used to read at the wall street journal the twofold to take away was s number one it makes the hackers giddiest present arguments are obviously false you know their names it up a bunch of fake document that so ridiculous that when the hackers who were so proud of themselves he's russian accurate out of them they look like fools themselves
they were publishing a centrally fake manifesto is about like mickey mouse and all of a sudden the people read it like while what a bunch of dobbs like they did no this stuff was fate sets benefit number one he made the hackers look like fools but secondly that secondary benefited is that if they get your real stuff nobody what's with real what's fakes you everybody just discounts what the hackers put it there anyway and i thought to myself this is different get brilliant probity for the south dropidas would bring this brilliant the greatest idea you hear that by the way you hear that town we were up in new york and eu ends going on is goes on all night the cops i member i used to do this for eleven this way the police i was all night how bad did you sleep last night poor miss barry my gosh folks between like i can't even going to take you love this hotel the greatest but we're in the middle of times square
and it is just lad are last one so did you see the sub prime minister modi in india but the they had a it was a couple days forgive me for not getting to right away but you know that shows have been pretty loaded it's been a shockingly busy newsweek whistleblower gain everything else going on it's really important so the minister of india modi he was out and texas for this joint indian amount get kind of coalition event they do i'm it's an important event and ladies and gentlemen i just want to play the end i wanna play a lot but i've got to tell you i watched it on the plane you watch the to write you love the budget it was great wasn't it the prime minister of india gave one of the most rousing speeches about president tromp i've heard in a long time i mean it i mean i i've heard a lot of these again haven't done this in a prior line of work we protect foreign heads estate i was actually shocked at how effusiveness praise the president tromp was an
said at the end this powerful line modi about introducing you to my family and it was fifty thousand indian americans in texas ladies this is an important voting bloc of american patriots herendeen american front there a four point four million indian americans in the united states we are not and have never been and i refuse to participate in any conversation about people being the imminent we're not aid the emigrant were eighty illegal immigration you wanna come to the united states be up a patriotic american citizen who produces value for this country in your family you will always be welcoming that has never been our partners give us a crap the democratic party of open we do not care about any of that stuff that's not us there are indeed american friends have always always added value to the united states via its countries four point four million i want you to the end of the summit a play about thirty seconds the end as modi the prime minister of india's introducing trump ladies the applause at the end of these fifty this
not a partisan of empires not a trump rally this was a bipartisan the applause at the end it doesn't come there is much in i assure you have i was deafening check this out larry any then the man i read do you mind up bryn mr byrne what is important is that this is not it's not a small thing that happened there this was fifty thousand an indian americans non partisan by where she sat by parts of at the republicans democrats air hearing from afar foreign leader the importance of doing business with a president like donald trump this is
do you have to build coalitions to win you have to kabul to either a coalition of people to win an election right now we have to just be candid honest about where we stand right donald trump performs very well amongst middle class working class white voters i don't like categorizing people by that's a left this thing unfortunately the rest of the world does it and because the worse the rest of the world the liberals and everyone talk people like that and silo that might that and we ve covered them three they do it is for a very simple reason the left one you categorize in a box nature is black americans white americans hispanic americans in the americans for one reason one reason only they dont like the eye do you have a collective american spear because everybody thinks in terms of values and god given rights they don't want that they want a sick people and see each other black versus wide hispanic versus black because what do they do the democrats income and in fill that void left by the pain of the scar of of seeking people against each other in one country and the democrats say to this
however it may be if its black versus white look we're going to protect you when they come for you who and your education and your money and donald trump you're right you saw their taken our rights away and the democrats you assault on them and to be the saviour for people on its nonsense should be doing any that we should be die dividing carving up america these are big your brother's easier sisters of ours they these your american patriots in this country given rousing round of applause donald trump you have to cobble together coalition if we can break down these racial and nonsensical lines the democrats have set up between us and these individual silos of people they sick against each other and we can get pet people to think in terms of of of values and not in terms of the melanin content or skin what country you were born or alleged what religion you practice and we can get them to think about it is it really matter school choice
education policy for kids health care healthcare options patient control healthcare health and the taxes economic growth low taxes pro business environment we can get people to think about those two things modi the prime minister and trump or time and nina simone he's not perfect mode he's got some issues too but he did a fantastic job means jobs around of a plus if we can get people to think in terms of collective values this is the one time collectivism worst when it comes to value if we all believe in price already economic growth educational opportunity for off and we don't start thinking in terms of well what boxed wife it it well i happen to be a tie in america while italian american who supports us worlds the democrats they support us against irish americans are coming to give no one's coming to get you this is all left this conspiracy they re not sets you are always welcome here the republican party will always welcome you here black americans despotic americans indian america's this is too we care about your prosperity about your kids about your school choice about your health care options your business
matters to us that matters deeply and i can say this enough personally i'm a conservative with some libertarian leanings otto camp whatever box you want to put me i'm interested i just i know what i believe in you matter to me on the show i mean it i don't care what religion you practice with the color of your skin is where you were born or anything if you believe in bigger god given rights if you believe this country should be back in value individual liberty you are welcome here always always former i don't care if you been in jail you are a former fairview repented you're you are all welcome here everybody's well that the republican party is the one that does not the democrats and i just want to i took a little note am i cheat for joe ripe i did a little note on the at the hotel stationary here let's do reverse identity politics
the democrats identity politics is what putting people in these boxes and seeking am against when each against each other in this big national battle where we can just see each other again i've like hannibal let's do reverse identity politics in other words the thought focus at all what they tell us makes us different but what makes us the same on the preacher d i'm just telling you there are specific values at that some kind of pollyannish not set individual liberty healthcare liberty school choice educational value of economic growth this is the kind of stuff in madison with trump talks at language he does a fantastic job he doesn't like no one else and i think he made a big big and norma stanton the indian american community with that plastic intro by modi i folks thanks again for tuna and i really appreciate it please if you wouldn't mind out drive something a my book exonerated i put a tunnel work into it again you can read it the july twenty seventeen civil war i call it where they molly
team finds out about all the tax and doubles down your also going to read about the movie script how they tried this before and john mccain the views on the book the earlier views would you say i'm pretty amazing i am now so whether they really were really good one lady put it down read it and why not one city i really creasy go check it out amazon bonds ennoble exonerate at our plea check this out at our remaining book signings we have left in florida and out i have one i think what is it tonight book review and huntington so we really appreciate it i thanks a lot folks i appreciate it i will see you all tomorrow you just in bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and followed in on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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