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The Media is NOT Helping (Ep 1199)

2020-03-09 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the outrageous media response to the Coronavirus, which is contributing to the panic. I also address the shameless reintroduction of the false 2016 election narratives by the left. 

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waiting to hear the truth about amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee media is not helping obviously a very troubling week in a lot of bad information out there a lot of information that's bad out there that's not the same thing bad information and information that's bad i've got a lot that today obviously a lot of updates on the corona virus some of these also some other big stories loaded show today show sponsored by express bp and protect your data from prying do it today at express gps dot com slash bond gino welcome through the dim mancino showing a somber monday should show how are you today sir man i'm doing ok ready to move will move along its all we can do right now that's all we do is not much to say about the year but we will put out
facts in data so you're inform folks i got that another story also i'm gonna cover later in the show about the media is not helping here in a number of different situations are already hurting us during the election hurting asturias corona virus thing that's a damn shame are let's get through the candidature parts but he's at bravo company manufacturing when our founding fathers crafted the constitution the first thing davis ensure the rights of an individual to share ideas without limitation by government in our strong they feel about freedom of speech i also feel strongly about your individual big are given right with a bigger to define yourself and your family it is the most important right out there bravo company manufacture makes the fight rifles out their view in the market for a rifle or a fire bravo company manufacturing should be your number one stop their homes as bravo company manufacturing b c m for short listen it's sporting arm sporting arms company for looking for hunting rifles that's fine their allotted gray companies due to its neighbour bravo does they make life saving equipment
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but we need to do here our latest german i wish you were gonna hit the corona virus first the stock market upon opening today's down dramatically between five and seven percent depending on what time you look i am i again i i say this enough it's not a financial advice show i'm not here for financial advice i believe in them our the american economy we ve been through spanish flu two world wars the civil war the american revolution vietnam the turbulent sixty street chaos street rights and we have always always come out on top leaving the power the american economy and listen if i'm going down with the ship that i always by the depths because i believe in the power of the american economy in america that i'm talking point about running for office i'm just telling you as it is esben strategy invest in america you will almost always win again i think the around corona virus the question the only question here is the the attic surrounding corona virus again not helped by many in the media the price were pay
non corona virus you just now severe wherein lay severe mode deaf commensurate with the threat i made this point over and over and i will continue to do it like a broken record because it matters the question it is not the cause is the corona virus a threat that is yes yes it is obviously a threat at a serious one period for complete total stop the question is the costs were imposing on everyone paddock sell off ab you sweeping out of of toilet paper enhancing desert in instead you can't even find some vision of toilet paper in some places are these commensurate with the threat or are they commensurate with the threat the media is telling you is the threat remember sometimes the media is telling you a story not thus story now for some honest fact based coverage which i think should com some fears hopeful
with a high state of vigilance which we need is a serious threat right but calm some unnecessary fears let's go to the wall street journal they had a very good article come to putting out honest show in these really panic times networks a network of facts supply a viral threat this is a peace by now ferguson he says this is merely a bad flew season covered nineteen is spreading far faster the most americans realise so this is the bad news segment but the news we need to hear regardless not here to cover any not for anyone i told you i'm convinced based on substantive information i am the administration the trump pension mysteries doing everything possible to see everything within the bounds of there constitutional power they can believe me not passing odd probably propaganda like the left us i'm telling you for a fact everything they and do or could be considered is being done right now regarding the peace here is the crew
go question right now which i brought up for days if not weeks what is the or not the are zero the infection rates from the wall three journal nobody's really sure we're sure this is really infectious we're sure that how infection is the question of data that is this an infectious virus of course the question is how infectious is it from the wall street journal peace the swine flu h1n1 was a form of influenza the reproductive number that this or not i keep talking about this are zero the number of people who carry we'll typically in fact are zero for short for each one and one was one point seven five meaning one carol in fact of close to two other people in the u s the cdc estimates the h one and one infected the age when i'm one flew infected sixty point eight million people and killed twelve thousand four hundred and sixty nine for immortal the rate of zero point zero two percent goes this new corona virus which is not influenza appears
have a higher or not anymore higher mortality rate obviously folks very bad news that rate is almost certainly lower however than though w h our suggested last week of three point four percent but it is still much higher than h1n1 south korea which probably has the most accurate data given its aggressive testing regimen reports fifty deaths from seven thousand three hundred and thirteen infections in mortality rate of zero point six percent it has many americans catch covert nineteen is called swine flu the death toll could exceed four hundred and forty thousand serious very serious the question again is that serious or not serious it's how serious the day embedded in that quote there are important it's been report by media tides i think this ingenuously in many cases that the death rate is close to three point four percent you saw in the peace
clearly from the data from south korea and organised first world country with a pretty i bring health system south korea reporting a mortality rate ladies and gentlemen of zero point six ably even round up the zero point seven it's still not three point four percent that's a big deal having said that if in investigations and stopping the infection doesn't work we could be looking at a pretty significant death rate in the united states when i gloss over anything again how serious is the question not serious or not and if the media can at the story right on the how serious front and keeps reporting death rates from there world countries in many cases that don't share our health system our city see are and i ate in our private pharmaceutical industry that's excellent agree i watched you story this morning there's a company that was on foxes morning apparently says they have a vaccine sequenced already there
they now we'll see where that goes not reporting news by scaring people into believing upwards of three to four percent of people catches are going to die that is likely what's going to happen here it doesn't mean it's not serious but you have to know two things right now you have to know the imf generate bee mortality rate is pretty clear that the imf generate as high its highly contagious now other fascinating part of the wall street journal peace it's worth your time ladies and gentlemen this should be fairly obvious but isn't the sum especially in the media can you say point a personal privilege here is really impacted my family and i'm here for us here we read your emails as many as we can but is not it
it is not a joke focus is really serious my wife and i both that pits and our stomach all morning we were at sea pact there was someone at sea pagel apparently had the virus has become very serious in person for a lot of people this is no time for hysteria cheap shots were bs i will be highlighting people who produce this bs so you know who to stay away from natural some on the show shoe you would make sure you know who absolutely are sources of this information the block these people and get away from because they are not helping that's the reason i'm doing this right this is deadly serious my wife has been reading or she hasn't glued her eyes from our phone all weekend on this is not a joke and people need to step up here and start being responsible now second part of this peace your social network matters from the peace it says it better than i can
there's a researcher nick nicholas christophe is forgive me from seeing your name wrong has shown there is a similar pattern that talking about infection transmission at harvard when the flu eighty one and one flu virus came to harvard campus quote the speed with which people are wired the flu during the epidemic depended on various aspects of their social network position this is important it goes on quote those with more friends those who were more central in the network and those whose friends did not know each other got the infection the swine flu sooner again a fairly obvious point to some but social isolation and social distancing of this gets words should be a priority for you by social distancing i'm not suggesting anyone out there should go into caves anyway there should become hermits simply suggesting basic measures
paul and i and and add apollo asked me to put the centre writing but i didn't want to sound like a jerk so i didn't she's getting people understand if i if i've met you and public over the past few days i have now i just respond people are really not trying to be rude i swear i'm just out of courtesy to you and me not smart for us to exchange our hand bacteria it's just not so i see you do please don't take a part that guy in the airport i met and i do i wouldn't want to shake your hand i wasn't being rude i promise that you go for everyone if i go to shake your hand that have just custom i will not take a personal gimme a bob gimme your elbow i get it that from the wall street journal article is critical it basically said people with a lot of friends and whose didn't know each other meaning what joe they had various groups of friends who not connected to each other meaning you were parts of numerous social networks not just one big one you eta
your likelihood of getting this h one edwin flu virus on that harvard camp has turned this study i get an obvious point to take away is a simple one to social since matters we shouldn't be handshaking anymore i know it's weird it's not panic which is not necessarily give a fist bob given elbow bump give a four hour bump give the mark maguire sammy sosa but you know we can do that you know my church did the passing of the peace just for that reason so our yes weaken and i thought it was brilliant the pastor for father john said before the mass gentlemen a kind wave for the sight of a sign of the peace sign at the little if not the head that's good enough we don't to be doing at hand shaking is an old bizarre custom to show your opponent medieval times your unarmed you showed him an empty palm shook her head make sure you work in a shiver i promise nobody's gettin shift we don't need a handshake shake
it is common sense advice right now for the bad news part again so take away their what's the are not that's really what's the infection how high is this and what mortality rate those are two key figures we should base all future commentary on and we should frayne until we have a solid idea of what those two data points are here are of course the people not helping at all doing it deliberately and the people you should avoid avoid like the plague pon intended at this point because they are absolutely not helping they are tanking businesses people's jobs you're driving store shelves baron they are creating unnecessary public panic is all for nothing these are very dangerous people at this point saying really stupid things here is that the awful dreadful call wallace and msnbc and her oh conspirator here on the panel practically
revelling in the fact that this could be president trumps katrina this i mean you want to talk about stupid irresponsible commentary listen to this but i was about this in terms of politics right we talk about the business community finally not kind of sticking with donald trump this may be an economical i should mention this with little trepidation but this may be donald trump katrina have carried my role in that i do not let lenglet stiffly and ended that for a minute i mean katrina was the moment when all the things that felt incredibly in common and about the bush presidency the appointment of harry admires to the supreme court the botched attempt to pass security private as they i mean i i lived there through the whole less were realized we gave them a fifth point that we were indeed incompetent as also people die i mean this is this has the making structural aid for the same kind of moment for if there's from me a moment that would shake that forty percent
the folks who would allow him to shoot someone and right now there's any moment it's this one not sure i'm honest to god i'm not using the lord's name in vain i am sure how any this helps what is the point oppressive that commentary other than to win peace upon the present united states during a national crisis severe political damage what is the point of that how is that in any way helpful ray mitigating hurricane katrina there's a hurricane in the gulf coast have to do at all with the outbreak of a virus in the united states what they're not even the same entities many entities that responded to that there were major mishaps weren't yet that he's yours father enough for instance fema doesn't have a significant role now is they did then for that specific crisis this is more cdc at age how
is this even remotely related while the answer is obvious both party political damage to republicans and our touted as hinted nod nod well she's katrina why because campaigns and political operations as i've only set on this show probably ten thousand or more times are snapshots and soundbites any campaign any building a political capital any political momentum are good pictures and good sound bites and if the south the media once out there is this is it katrina you will start to hear that over and over and over again and believe me it is for one purpose and one person burst purpose only to inflict maximum political damage on the president now showing you please avoid them at all costs most of you do anyway understanding it's a disinformation channel i am recommending all costs you avoid these people they are due
drawing our economy right now destroying we worthless to me ladies and gentlemen we will get through this we are the most powerful country on earth we have been through pandemics but democrats world wars internal strife civil disturbances troubling elections horrible political candidates terrible leaders we have been through it all and we are still a beacon of life for every other country around the world there is no safer place to invest your time your money your blood wet and tears than the united states of america we will get through this there is another side to this i know it's bad now i'm not don't play anything i gave you the bad news first but the settling the question is what are we doing about it what the costs and have we effectively price those risks yet we price everything everything everything as a cost is the media telling you what their cost is or are they focused on politics shown you again another waste of you hi more outlets focused
on solving this problem at all and getting the public are not information infection rates information mortality rate information none of that focused on a bunch of other stuff they cover that but if this is the important step here's chris from this horrible network msnbc who cares about what we call this thing but he's very concern if you wish you can see from his tree we just astounding we grows to call it a war on viruses crusades msnbc responding to a tree by republican paul gostar he so offended that were calling it the war on virus why doing that because pogo sars a republican until you to see an end to eat you find out that sea and i was calling it the although we go but we had hires quote cnn of all the aspects of the thirdly developing whew on virus let's go to political wing political clearly they don't call the one virus conspiracy says he's got this is what the wasting their time on in the middle of a on question national crisis
jim i know many of you feel the same way me and pollen jody right nasser we feel like we are living through something the count in the definition of that something will become clear looking back i don't know where this is going now look a political what their wasting their time with the left the trumpet durations quarantine a travel ban in response to the war on corona this is what we're wasting time on christine this is serious it's not a joke people are treating this like it's some kind of romp a room game wake up here's a story by legal insurrection showing you again gravity of this but how i'm not sure the panic is commensurate with the threat being insurrection by kimberly k airlines enough why empty ghosts flight storing the corona virus outbreak to avoid losing flight spots patently in europe
some kind of a regulation that if you don't fly eighty percent of your legs on a flight you lose your spot with its terminal space whatever it may be airlines are burned tons of jet fuel fly empty space loser spots and can we get governments and bureau that's around the world get our collective heads out of our rectum and figure out this stuff maybe maybe a problem a meagre why is government always so useless when you need a most on the other fronts i told you about last week the trumpet strange maybe get a mention the other administrations because i'm not making this planet or want to the trumpet ministry figured out there were fda regulations preventing state local labs from getting their own tests out there from corona trump accurate really scrapped it a kissing the guys but i'm just tell me the truth that regulate it was by another administration and yet they want
crap on trump at every opportunity because as in a coal wallis said they want to make this trumps katrina i've got some tweets and some other stuff coming up like a lady jane we have a lot of show today so just please with me i'm the psalmist concern with you about this i am its is i again i feel like we're living through something momentous for all the wrong reasons and i feel like if we're not responsible here this could be an affliction point when i get to that in a second this issue also brought you but my friends a brick house nutrition ladies and gentlemen some of the time to be healthy to break ass nutrition dot com so i stand we love this stuff field green's listen to new year many of us are making resolutions when i get a key because we said expectations way too high if you want to eat healthier stay healthy way to jump like a simple solution for you feel the greens we used to stuff all the time in a house it's a real superfood it's rape we love it in the house you take one scoop i put it water sometimes i put in green tea sometimes i put in the eight it's not like those fake health
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again phocis a serious it's very serious i can't say that enough but i can't tell you with a straight face because i've you're my audience you ve dedicated a lot of time to me i dedicate a lot of time to the show i can't tell you with a straight face anymore not to go on stock up on things i i wish i could but i can and the problem is those explained in nepal this weekend we were talking i wish everybody was prepared all the time and i live in a hurricane zone so many down here and south florida where instinctively prepared we just go out by staff because we just do it's good to have it because there's always the ever present threat hurricanes having said that not suggesting anybody should go out there and panic by a million different things you don't need seven million gallons oblique but
we doing you a disservice right now by said don't go out and pick up maybe some extra supplies kind of the reasons as responses today and last week too and would provide you the ability to do that but were him we're living through one big prisoners dilemma right now my now for those of you economist out there you probably know what to talk about for those who are not economist it's pretty simple it's not difficult it's pretty much an econ one hundred and one thing but the prisoners dilemmas s it's basically coordination problem why did prisons are even exists when you think about your thousands of prisoners nearly have maybe what ten twenty thirty forty fifty guards on duty at any given time you think about the prisoner s dilemma and economics is this how come the prisoners don't take over the present every day thankfully they dont i'll probably a lot don't want do but there's still even if half of them why do they should we have the manpower to take over the prison the prisoners dilemmas recently dollars because it's probably a coordination problem in other words affords them
spreading around the chow hall god forbid ever gonna to take over the present prisoner raise ensure prisoner brisco to follow through you know one of the first guided george and the only guy to charge now you're on the look you know what happened guys you're not you're not sure your adequately coordinated so the prisoner s dilemma is in these these situations like that you're living for one right now with the hoarding what i i can tell you in my heart is don't worry don't go out don't buy extra stuff you dont need it we're gonna get through this is fine the pro maybe you don't know your neighbors gonna do the same thing that's that's the danger and if i just stack that onto the media coverage that's the danger inappropriate risk scaling by the media is imparting upon society now all over the world they are good out information and misinformation in many cases that are making the threat
although severe more severe which are which is in incentivize in peace to take the most severe action i need seven thousand cases a toilet paper and on industrial take a bleak preparing this is great i recommend that all the time the quest did you have to prepare with all of that and when someone else does it it's hard at work prisoners dilemma it's hard for me to tell you not to do it i'm gonna let you off figure that out yourself and i'm not going to avoid the social psychology what's going on now has its a trouble yet fascinating study in what would happen in a real in a pandemic that was more severe with a great or are not in a higher mortality rate you know have lock alice as the saying i use often that civil
nation is a thin crossed on a volcano is right but i'm telling i've never been more confident we will get through this takes some basic preparedness measures they carry your neighbors keep an eye out on the seniors in your neighborhood and we will get through this matter here for each your vitamins take your spanish speeches i'm just telling you i'm worried you should be worried too we will get through this there is another side to this again showing you how the left is firmly committed to the politics of this and not the reality it's going on they want to do maximum damage to the present here's a tweet by this a complete not job on twitter whose to have somewhat of a following the only reason i high later tweet is because this is one of i'm not kidding thousands of tweets about our people see back where i was you may have been exposed
we're corona should die i tweeted out a few this weekend couple people hoped that it was me and men and sell go were infected that is there died no exposure to this person i know of it all by the lamp we're fine here just so everybody understands here's a tree by this crazy person on twitter and again the enemies they put it out there because this is not uncommon at all she's replying to die trapped she says oil prices drop ports are empty treasury yields fall airlines care of livestock marquis crashes states declared a state of emergency are you tired of winning yet trump swamp hashtag market crash nice job air psychopath crazy person
not understanding apparently andrea junker whenever a name is i get it it's probably conqueror suffer its junker on the shelf junker apparently forgets that people died from this families of loss people families have lost fathers mothers grandparents people could lose their jobs if this represents in the stock market route you have oil companies and shell companies could go out of business highly leverage companies that have massive amounts of loans out there and with their operating leverages some of these companies extremely high they can't afford that oil prices are twenty hours about movement is there's a lot more to get through showing you again how the media is not helping that
we as the media not helping whether as regards twenty twenty election the corona virus albert or anything else they love the air to panic and even worse the media loves to recycle fake news even recycling fake news about fake news now a little background here for those of you who may i forgot the term fake news although frequently attributed the donald trump was not gas lighting narrative started by trouble it will start by media people many of you forgot this you remember during the twenty sixteen election cycle right after president trump one there this mainstream left a mainstream media but you know democrat operatives when i mean for short narrative that fake news did it russian trough putting our fake stories and they impacted the amount
in population to vote against hilary and it was all fake news you remember that folks a lot of you have forgotten this but if you go back and you cover the top mind if i think i cover this is my first book spike the time line of events about where the term fake news came from it was the canoes who made up the term fake news and the narrative was meant to tell you this bullet points trump won the election because russians put out fake stories about hilary debts they take what you member that job i do a while ago that he will be a long time ago i've disrupt then took the term flip the script one eighty on the democrats who started using the fake news term against the media which infuriated them because they wanted fake news to be an attack point against republic they only win because they use fake news meanwhile trump called the media that he's is excellent this there are not done showing you again how these media people love to contribute to chaos and destruction
of it but not only they do it there really not bright because they can even be creative their trotting this out again look at this pr tweed here we go right before the twenty twenty election were months away now adam pr their twitter feed here we go again folks russian trawls have evolved there this information and agitation techniques now joe to become subtler and tougher to track according to new research availed unveiled on thursday here we go again ladies and gentlemen our trotting out the exact same campaign playbook please footnote depression and by don't doubt me as limbaugh says all the time please do not dare on this one doubt outlined by the back door doubt me this showing zero elements of creativity whatsoever it is the exact same playbook they prepping the larger public and their media allies who will now site this stuff
ray narrative that's gonna look like this is we get closer to election they get ready for it now yard it first if trouble up any paul in any state they're going to save i saw ambrosch it adds in that state it's definitely pennsylvania falling prey again irrational russian we cleared out yet bargain tom's tire spent rough a billion dollars these two wealthy left this billionaire that's where i couldn't get even what would they got one delegate between a might take in american samoa one of em russians are going to spend one another a million dollars across the whole country and fake facebook is and this is gonna flip pennsylvania michigan with things are eaten up by march nicer by monday march nine eleven dirty thirty eastern inevitably to mark the date and time whereas we get close sir this will get picked up and cited this movement
pro tromp or whatever it is if trump makes any move in a positive direction anywhere they will go right back to its clearly fake news disseminated by the russians they have creativity whatsoever not smart now you may say that a lot it they're gonna go back to some other stuff to showing you how it's all ready spreading into the media ecosystem this its republic in fake news its republicans doctoring videos its republicans editing content that's only reason that truck doing well in the polls already started this it is right for me six don't get to see i get to see the videos check i strangely out so here is a tree by the new york times suggesting that a manipulated video feature biden and spread by president shrub has ratchet
up an online more that's put twitter and facebook in the middle of a debate moment political speech folks i want to show you the video in a second our it's a binding ah was not meant violated it may be did for time and put on tv it was not doctored is knowledge would it not manipulate there's no not manipulate this this is a please now it's not the whole speech and let me be clear before i play goes on the correct himself later but they can't pay is under no obligation whatsoever to include binds rapture is obviously here not endorsing president trouble the reason campaigns are now putting out the republican campaigns and the trump campaign oversee videos of joe biden stumbling constantly over its own words is because demands running to be present in united states during a crisis we
least want of monopolies is all there but the times again parroting the fake news out of look at what republic instead arson testing we manipulators videos and up and manipulated check this out turkey is planners and campaign does about now the tax in the one about four because we cannot get reelect we cannot win this reelection me we can only the elect diatribe now again to be fair to sleep creepy joe he goes then the correct himself i'm not endorsing folks come on r u addicted the new york times really think the public is that dumb that they believe joe biden endorsing down a try i'm serious i'm not messing with you it's not it's a serious is on a rhetorical question i mean that anyone out there really believe joe ireland is endorsing there when he says we have the reelect donald trump that was not why the
was put out there the cut was put out there to reflect the fact that joe biden does not appear to have a good grasp on thing lately near this it's gonna have the nuclear codes it's a fair question to ask about what he's statuses and even if the area tells you it's not a fair question asked because their fake news no one police he's biden endorse trump that wasn't if you luxuries actual words again they are going right back to twenty sixteen let me show you is ryan leisure cnn joker political guy don't even know where this guy's from suggesting again quote and a tweet i didn't realize this was a whole coordinated thing they did information campaign being launched against by of course
is putting out a warning sign to all his fellow liberals that listen any time a conservative commentator mentions and stumbles and gas and potential mental state we're supposed to say this is fake news just on cue joe just like i told you npr signal before all fake news maybe the russians did it did you get your door did i just to be clear but that's right unless a leftist i believe cnn and political commentator suggesting it's a this information campaign to com on this candidate showing obvious signs of a mental decline commentary always this information here that's principles right i am i'm just put not after so joe if those are is prey what would it be fair to say my comment non tribes mental state would then be this information to absolutely vibrant ok let's put up a tweet by same guy think i saved realism quote he quotes a piece in the star
what's unmentionable questions about trumps mental health are started the bubble into respectable american forms again showing you ladies and gentlemen these are the real sources of this information oh dear comment on joe biden mental state despite obvious signs of some serious trouble but when it i'm still trump open season baby it's a document frauds nothing by total frauds ok on this anathema display this i'm gonna go to two separate stories that may seem unrelated to my headline here that the media twenty twenty two going right back to fake news is gonna help electron i think we made that point pretty clear restart even common a binding mental health fake news this information there are cut
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dot com and a promo code by gino ladys german they also have their migration multiply which i highly recommend stay hydrate especially now during this flu season a liquid ivy that calmly at twenty five percent of everything off their say they have their sleep they have their end solution and their migration multiplier that's liquid ivy that calm promo code bonds you know go today don't wait stop feeling registered i checked the stuff out its super good liquid ivy dotcom promo code tangier thank you are so other broke in casting filthy twenty sixteen media narratives in addition to the media is fake news elected trump narrative which are resurrecting again saw piece in the daily call this weekend actually i start first and then the dreadful daily beast i sought again at the daily collar much better outfit here christopher steel far daily basis tried to resuscitate career apparently chris we're still under the author of the hoax
yeah so chuck ross as historical up in the show notes please join my email is punch you know that calm slash newsletter i'll send you these articles every morning we don't spam your inbox christopher steal the thus this university event end quote defends what we did etc ladies and gentlemen voters were steel is defending his sources for the dossier that has been discredited seventy two different ways from sunday and why because ladies and gentlemen the democrats are not creative nor other media allies there that smart they know entire case and twenty sixteen to spy on tunnel tromp was based on christopher steals dossiers so they feel like the only way going forward to save their case against drop is to resuscitate steals reputation along with the fake news narrative now what's fascinating but the story and i could spend a lot atomic so transparently obvious what take away as i just want to warn you the resurrection of christopher steals reputation by left wing media access begun because number one
chris diversity i think we are born the boy christopher steals dossier i believe he was only a partial authorised by the way is all the democrats in the media ever had to its actual there are no yes there is option the dossier is the case this by interim it's the only case they have no whether choice now than to lie to you and suggest that the dossier authors motives were pure and resources sources may have been correct what you'll see this over the coming months take it to the bank ladies and gentlemen the second take away is still can all he wants that what we did noble and i believe and my sources despite the fact that the dossier has been the bomb the hard core by wine put a line under it take away from this entire thing is christopher steals as i have already spoken to the fbi and authority
told the fbi they christopher steel is full of it still can say all he wants my sword we're great his sources are telling the f b i know we're not great this is false formation doesn't matter they were desperately trying to resuscitate the reputation of this christopher steel models were pure he's a really nice guy he's such a sweetheart because that's all they have folks finally on this vague news media block resurrecting broken twenty sixty narratives got a lot of emails about this one dan what's going on here you mentioned its name all the time or unburthen aims your i remember the names is correct member that aim eric
france so you eric prince was a associated with the trump orbit his sisters a trump cabinet official sisters betsy divorce the education secretary eric prince was the former had a black water now they ve sold the company sense i've told you many times i believe eric prince was part of the russian collusion set up just like george papadopoulos incarnate page people who were introduced to russians not because they wanted to introduce than the russians but because those people were in the trump orbit and they wanted to make it appear that people in the trump orbit were colluding with nefarious lee russians set up i have no doubt prince was one of those people long story have covered on the show quite a bit but he's introduced to this the russian direct investment fund the russian direct investment fund had this intersection with these clinton butlers he was introduced by a guy george nadir who introduced prince to this russian george nadir conveniently later becomes a bar bawler source name
late arrested and charged with some pretty disturbing crimes himself it's pretty clear eric prince was set up to look like he was colluding with russia so i see this story sent to me by a number of eagle eyed viewers this weekend sit down what's going on here near comes back to govern eric prince again i ask for the reasons you think though so you're ready map is only an atom gold made from the new york times again oh gosh this guy out of monopolies always seems to get leaks from the ngo community i used the airports these people are engaged in intelligence theirs in political terms government has been one of the lead spy gate holders from the star amazingly gets this story right on time this weekend mart seven twenty twenty headline eric prince recruits exe spies they help infiltrate liberal group so my gosh that sounds nefarious vice known spy gate cos
plotter here or i should say propaganda artist adam goldman who amazingly gets these leaks all the time ladies and gentlemen you think this is a mistake you think this is just a coincidence that the rehabilitation of christopher steel and his reappearance as weak as covered by the daily beast chris firstly a we did it right man you think it's a convinced instead steel reappears the media starts covering how he had pure motive while at this in time and article appear with known spy gay propagandist adam goeben in new york times from an end hell community leaker sidney they met hey people associated with the trump team who by the way may have been set up they were using foreign spies to get information to you can put those two and two together this you did i got a lotta smarties out there i get your emails some of you
ideas for the show you're so bright a lot of you pay some of you may i miss the boat if you believe this is a coincidence i have a bridge over in palm city here not far from my ass i say on the cheap now let me just point line up front the new narrative being recycled is gonna be well steel wasn't guy after all who know some of this maybe legitimate even though it's been thoroughly the bug a lock republicans do it do they talked a foreign spies to happens all the time no big deal you get it polly you get there now you didn't get the connection joe what about you to make sense my one for two once into effect that sheriff boxes i can't leave you just like you have none of this is all coordinate now i suggested goldman from the new york coordinated with the daily be not suggesting that it all right i'm telling you the p
behind this spiky scandal many some may know each other some may not like to leave narratives that do maximum damage they know that how to become a store you can buy to him so that the book they're going to write it off as hey christopher steele was a really good guy they were just some mistakes that'll be for them it was you the centre the biggest spying scandal in american history and narrative virtue to her travellers can make work this trap associated geier prince you never rest directions they were in foreign spicy christopher steel to it's not so bad then just doesn't know yes global justice i understand that he's part of up again operation because he's not there i dunno maybe he does i like to err on the benefit of the doubt but you can form you're an opinion general adults watch your always a few months ahead of the new cycle if you listen to me
like there's another important interview last night and sixty minutes fiona hale who i was on this morning would on fox friends o brien kill me unoriginal back and forth between us brian seems to think fiona hall was doing some good bye bye talking much let me give you some back my first point is that upstairs that was not i could wait opine fiona hill i say national security council adviser specializes on russian and regional interests she was there the obama administration she was here for the trump administration too she was also a key impeachment this she was the one who said john both in said that the ukraine thing was a drug deal she's also the one who falsely and believed this ingenuously stated at the impeachment hearing which he repeated outside i'll play they got that ukrainian interference in the twenty sixteen election is russian this information fictional narrative it's not that's u fiona here sorry should open up that having said that she would peered last night on sixty minutes continues to propagate nonsense and i believe
she is not helping the back and forth i get into a little bit brian which i always appreciate as i'd like to be cast on the ear and elsewhere during the have you fiona hell at times appeared to defend donald trump finite disagree with that idea but i get about here to defend or not defend people i'm here to defend the facts fiona hill said last night and sixty minutes the bizarre interview at times some of it is patently false this formation itself listener the cut i'll come back and provide the evidence and you can decide for you check this out this whole issue of blaming ukraine for meddling in the twenty sixty inhalation that you spoke out against d the hearings i mean that really isn't it that really is spreading russian disinformation right this is very much a fictional
our active that has been propagated by the russian intelligence services and a lot of those republicans were promoting it and do they not know that its russian this information congress have been briefed repeatedly on issues like this what about the democrats have they also the gate at any russian disinformation yes they have now go on talking about how it want to play the whole rested a clip but again in our defence the issue of time she says democrats information aimed at promoting is a trump is an illegitimate present of course i mean that's obvious but i said this morning and i stand by this i don't know miss hale it's not personal she's embarrassing herself either she doesn't know what she's talking about with regards to the ukrainian twenty sixteen documented interference in our election or she doesn't she's lying folks i'm just being candidate
don't know which one is true because she's not stupid there is no way she doesn't know this now when i say this what is this while regular listeners have seen the show before i've seen this peace before forgive me here is a political peace a left wing out no friends of donald trump by kenneth vogel and david stir a well researched peace from january twenty seventeen one of the few times that happens political quote you radiate efforts to sabotage trump backfire folks this peace never been retracted still there because it is true did the russians interfere in our electorate twenty sixteen yes had they interfere every election since the priest soviet union i mean pre russia soviet union i guess that a separate distinct argument
from me known ukrainian collusion miss hale is suggesting is fictional it is not fictional a ukrainian lawmaker lawmaker not the biggest shop owner by the name of sir hayleigh shako held a press conference talking about the future general black ledger which allows payments to trumps care pay manager paul metaphor which we now know is a fraud the black ledger held a press conference about it you can go watch it that black legit is alleged by many people in the no to have been paid the democratic party operatives who then use did to pass through the press to this man the trump campaign painted decapitated by taking out its then campaign manager paul metaphor that is in dispute none of it merely or spouse
two bruce or the number for official department of justice during the time spy gave is happening was working for the but a fusion gps paid by hilary steam the target trump nellie oars on the record having raised her right hand on capitol hill saying on the record that you getting our information about trump from who lukashenko this same ukrainian lawmaker we know was involved in the distribution of a black ledger now again to be fair shako denies any correspondence with male your now yours not retracted that statement however the ukrainian ambassador to the united states wrote it up at missy up at this positive then it's way sixty million voters now attacking donald trump ukrainian government officials put up facebook ports attacking donald trump there is a ukrainian staff member andre
i shall go who ways repeatedly that there was an effort by blue star strategies accompany higher by hundred binds cup bereavement influence u s lawmakers betty work that there were some suspicious activity there tell shake always said repeatedly on the record that he had meetings with people in ukrainian embassy you ask them to work with democrats dart donald trump that's on the record whether you believe him or not is up to you you can determine its credibility but tat is there any journalist to look onlooker by the way this is covered in the ukraine peace i just showed you we could have yourself all avoided by leslie stall magically last night who is by the way sixty minutes is a garbage show i watch it only to see what this information are putting out but the irony of this that six the minutes of all places at once spected news albert is now full time problem
this information while claim where promoting this information is at a meeting unbelievably ironic slap in the face the ukraine's efforts to ukraine's efforts you craze efforts in twenty sixteen and key lawmakers to interfere in our election by attacking donald trump are open and out there and are documented facts it is not a russian hoax it is not a fictional narrative do the russians benefit from that ukrainian interference being boys let me be clear on this they probably do and they probably want to make sure the story keeps going because why joe it takes some of the blame off them i have no doubt about that that's it point four miss hale to make that clear
in ukrainian interference in our election is fictional is should all itself she knows this here later on she's like praising trouble whatever inner backhanded compliments she is actively promoting severe this formation in the u s electorate by suggesting we're all crazy for highlighting known documented facts are one last thing pollack me skip that for other people for peace i wanna get that my i got a really interesting article four more police office to marshal on election twenty twenty notes about trump campaign their efforts to get data really interesting i'd entertainment of time today even a promising anymore just one quick story a lighter note showing you again these liberal frauds aroused or check out the story in the new europe post you don't remember this guy's guy carlos maza this guy is a deep lad former in chief ok youtube
so is carlos mars is being showed us that islam is the wealthy but lived in luxury by john the new york post a bet at this guy carlos maza for those you forget with the guy leading the efforts stephen crowded conservative easy commentator in comedian has a big youtube channel maza was the guy leading the effort to get him demonetized and thrown off you too he's a socialist a self proclaimed communist sky mazur now find out new levine story check out one of his tweets by the way these are set these frauds these guys are this is from this guy carlos maza he's had gay walk on twitter just found james carbo who spends its time lecturing democrats for being too far that lives in it absolutely obscene for story mansion dear god can we stop taking political advice from the altar wealthy that's twenty it was this one you know where he's register devout i live in florida i noticed there
he's not going to say where give it but how do you know i'm like them i know what you know with as a matter of the conservatives don't do this anyway liberals do but in the interests of registered in bulk ojo bulgaria wealthy part of balkan area in a home he was wretched voted soul just in twenty eighteen hundred thousand two hundred thousand three hundred five hundred he hates wealthy people six hundred me what's a wealthy eight hundred million five million seven eight nine way can be registered a nine million bower home come i i did a half myself about ten point eight million dollar ouse bourgeois oh yeah closure of the bodies that are worth the guys is mob super well dear rate i'm a capitalist great good for you mom apparently evolved some software company good for you
your name is vivian good job with i'm not kidding tell your son is a huge colossal fraud register devote a ten point eight billion dollar beggar man should in bulk these are your liberal overseers and masters if you're out psychotic borg like ultra left this these are the p deleting your moment millionaire bernie and millionaire basel frauds choke i vote state you in all weeks can be a serious weeks a lot going on and just again we are the greatest country on earth will get through this we'll get through it together i promise i appreciate really since really appreciate you come into my show for information it means a lot to me during this time of crisis joe me i know i speak for paul and everyone associated with the show drew as well we deeply appreciate and we will do our best to get you informed fact base data
and more importantly to tell you how to avoid really important just ten born jean osier follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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