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The Most Disturbing Interview I’ve Ever Heard (Ep 1229)


In this episode, I address the stunning interview with this Democrat Governor on the Fox News Channel where he makes some deeply troubling comments. I also address the new report from Fox News about the biggest “coverup” in history. Finally, I address newly declassified footnotes about the Spygate scandal which will open your eyes to the malfeasance that occurred. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed, its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. No one of the most stunning admissions I've ever seen on live television last night, ladies and gentlemen, if you were watching, two new channel at eight o clock with Tucker Karlsson, his interview with Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey. You know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what I'm talking about, stay tune because you will know what I'm talking about after I'm done talking about it on this shell, I've got that I've got the declared vacation and more footnotes which are Salute me damning in this by gay case too but we haven't even seen before on the damning scale today, show sponsored by Express BP and don't let others track you're doing our mine. Keep yourself safe at Express VP an thou come so I find
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John Solomon about these spy gay case who now rights it just the news that cause you website. Ladies and gentlemen, it will be an in depth. Analysis, like you haven't heard anywhere between me and John. Don't miss that hope in a launch, Friday or Saturday. We will use our money today, so I spent the wisdom internet guy I was when I was watching a Bible this week in their limited. I later Let's go right. You here They piece of video last night from the Tucker Carlton Show where Tuckers interviewing democratic governor of New Jersey, Phil, Murphy, He asks spill Murphy, what specific delegated powers is the governor of New Jersey, where you using two basic have people arrested who were praying and a synagogue under your quarantine orders in light of the war on virus from China. What specific powers it was that adversarial end of units, obviously a very fair, if not appropriate, question right now.
And I want you to listen to his response. The governor, specifically his response about the bill of rights, She appears to believe is above his pay great check. This out was the right decision to make so you made that decision and, as I noted before, fifteen congregants at a synagogue Jersey were arrested and charged for being an. Synagogue together now the bill of rights. As you well know, protects american he's right enshrined their right to practise their religion. As they see fit and to congregate together to assemble peacefully by authority did you know the bill of rights in issuing this order. How do you have the power we were there. That's about my pay great talker silence, I wasn't thinking of the bill of rights where we did this. We were to all. First of all, we looked at the day. I can tell science and it says, be people have to stay away from each other. That's the best thing we could do to break
the back of the curve of this virus that leads to lower house. The delegations and ultimately failed I'm not contented and say what so I'm a random Annabella. Let's do our best year there listen I've got no power no beef with governor Murphy- and I understand, even though I have sincere part, felt ideological differences with these democratic governors com. When Murphy, that this is a serious public health crises, sought virtue, signalling that just a fact where their politics, you know, don't matter when it comes to you know I criticism. This is a criticism of a guy who is clearly clueless. So he suggesting that arresting people for praying in a synagogue is ok, because Bill of rights is above his pay great. It's yours, the governor of New Jersey. Are you kidding me and that, because
some scientists told them people have to stay away from each other? Now, joy reasonably confident. I've read the bill of rights once or twice media, if not a couple thousand tired to be sure, I'm that message I'm not sure there's an asterisk in there. That says, but if scientists say there's a contagion out there that may infected we were very close to them that the Freedom of assembly, believe. Freedom of religion petition all of those rights. We have, in the first amendment enshrine that those rights No, I don't. I don't remember reading that anywhere in the constitution and even worse, reasonably confident as well. If you're, the governor of the pigs are one of the biggest states in the country in the northeast corridor, that you are absolved of your constitutional obligations either because there's a contagion out there. I didn't read that New Constitution eyed the bill of Rights Asterisk, but
scientists say otherwise asterisk member to and not a fury governor of a big stay. I didn't read dad. I don't know if you did to our liberals in the audience. If you can show me that asterisk in there I love to see is it a sub bullet? Is it in an appendix pendency somewhere. Is it in the photo section of the book? I'm not sure. Is there a photo constitution, where there's a photo binder in the middle and there's a little photo that says, doesn't apply if there's an infectious disease Not sure I read that gonna take some real investigating, then I've added folks. Do your investigative thing eyebrow, simply confident you're going to come up with not NGO with zero. Now. Ladies and gentlemen, that I asked the question and talker followed up with another actually question yesterday and all
Ask you this because a governor had no answer so Maccabees, no answer he had made no sense. There are a lot of infectious diseases out there. Some transmitted read in a respite refashion through airborne droplet some sexually transmitted some transmitted to blur a ball and others bodily fluids. So you're suggesting? If there's an infectious agent you have. Now the power to keep people in order them away from even if they're praying out there in the service and they can take upon themselves public health nurse. I'm just checking, ladies gem. If that's the case, it's all over the Constitution Republic is dead I said to you yesterday, folks, it's time to dance, it's out the first person who dances right. It's the first person who follows that pursued them.
And then person three in everybody's dance and at the same time it's gonna take some bravery to step up out there. We all know it by folks is ridiculous. Now I said to you yesterday I believe the law suits are going to change everything. I know that doesn't have a home and add, forget me: and have a William Wallace, like old member with spears hook, Does it have like a William Mollusca kind of like feel you know what goes law suits nobody. I get that But, ladies and gentlemen, the effective said the lawsuit, as my friend Tom fitted from judicial watch, always says the process in the last few days. The punishment is no what's to be sued. It's not even if you're gonna wait, it's the fact. You have to go to the lawsuit that costs you. The money Ask me what I tell you, although it doesn't they William Wallace fight kind of. Let's go esprit de corps attitude. It's the lawsuits,
going to bury these tyrants now even the left is picking up on this. This is a follow up to yesterday show because I'm seeing these articles appear soak it. Here's dinner the goal, slate magazine, I'm warning you there's a narrative alert. The left is war about lawsuits now they're terrified because they love this. We state nonsense they take. This is great, Ladies and gentlemen, there trying to soften people up times have someone my eye there, trying this often people up and get them accustomed to the idea of a big government footprint in their lives or that had they loved the police state, the greatest irony being many on the left, their tea. For you know a lot of these What do we want dead cops when they want to actually hate law enforcement, but if can use one enforcement, the soften people up and get a big permanent imposition of central planners in your life and get them accustomed to it. They'll be on the side of law enforcement till the end the times. So there's a narrative brewing here so.
I said to you, so you could follow me, and I want to confuse you and do a circuitous kind of reasoning here right. These democratic governed, and some Republicans Racine it would Hogan in Maryland and others that the single him out, but others engaged in really soft tyrannical acts in violation of the bill of rights and using this virus is cover. Firstly, the governor we're all adults here. You can recommend to people public health measures is we can do certain things we can rewrite some laws with respect to the bill of rights that don't stop all over people: civil liberties, while still containing this virus. That's not what we ve done, that the governor this again a total disaster, Gretchen Whittemore, whose turned into King George overnight you can't buy. Seeds that a superpower I mean this is absurd and ridiculous basis in science here she's making it up because she fell. Levin Lord ACT in absolute power corrupts absolutely Gretchen Whitman
She can seems to think she has absolute power. The left loves it. Tyranny left, loves tyranny. The lead needs to defend tyranny. Cause there's been a public backlash, as evidenced by the Patriots in Michigan who showed up yesterday in their vehicles. That said that, I'm not on my watch. Many of them showed up so now the I've had to build another story to defend their tyranny because they don't want to come out. Tell you there, tyrants, so the next. Joe, the narrative alerts gonna be, is This is all partisan, Nonsensus lawsuit. You don't believe me. It's already out there look at this peace and slate, not a down the centre magazine this. They left, leaning, magazine slate and here's your article by David go off. It comes up and just security, because I found that it's late that governors and mayors, beware: law, suit, opposing corona virus mitigation. Orders are a real threat,
so narrative, it's happening, the law suits, are coming in Greenville. You saw Greenville Mississippi where the mayor's now in response to issuing gets for religious service the mayor's backing off that the dreadful governor, turkey! Bashir is already have laws, lawsuits against them. On these religious services thing the loss it's gonna be the great corrected through law. Shrewd believe me, it made have the same aura, but it's gonna have the same effect. It is going to change how governing works here. The left hates this. They love the police, tyranny and they don't want any of you fighting back so already issuing warnings to the governor and listen to the net narrative alert narrative alert, in other words, the let left as a fairy tale to tell you that this geyser tyranny from this slave peace is tat. You'll see more of this as time goes on, quote its difficulties.
Lloyd, seem partisan motivation. Partisan motivation is nothing to do with the bill of rights of freedom or anything like that. This is all part of some motivations. Listen to the expertise you behind He's judicial decisions there talking about the decision in Wisconsin to let the election go ahead and others the most striking feature. The Supreme Court's decisions, however, is the extent to it ignores the existence of the corona virus crisis damage, already. Silence appears to suggest that the threat to public health posed by the virus is simply not its view, a sufficient basis for it, ordinary measures who here we go. These people are not stupid. Now one of the benefits of listening to the show was. You were always two to three weeks, if not months ahead of what the current narrative in the next narrative is going to be in the sequence of left, lefty bs narrative they need cover, they need this scare people they're trying to frighten the Supreme Court debate
up there, Gretchen Whittemore, like left this tyranny in Michigan, because they love left this tyranny. They want central planters to be able to play and and shut down the economy and open it up when they say so. There try. To intimidate the Supreme Court by suggesting, if you rule against us, we're going to say got blot in your hands and we're going to say it's a partisan motive there. It is right there always always what is it? things. I'm telling you I adore about doing this show and having run for office and having you worked in the White House and done all this stuff. Cop, is, I think, I'm I have this antenna thing They think what I see narratives, I know what's coming, because the left never tells you what they're the real story, what they really are mysteries. I just love tyranny and any when they could get to enforce their tyranny and central planning, copped bureaucrats, or otherwise they are going to support because they want their boot on your neck night than the economy. So that's it it's no more complicated than that, but they kids You that I may know these
suits they are gonna, lose an air. Gonna lose bad. So here's the left warning people putting out a little bad signal. Hey just say it's partisan and frightened these judges into ruling in our favour. Every time. Every time we pick out left this bs narratives we're all over it. Ladies and gentlemen, just a double down on yesterday's show the now breaking news yesterday in a I'm, not kidding really explosive report by bread Bare and John Robertson Fox NEWS. The Washington Post has now been fully exposed as a full blown propaganda that what do I mean let's go to have my me put up yesterday? This was the washed imposition had lie, not doktor it at all. It's their information, the washed imposed by Paulina. Ferrars Quote Tom cotton repeating a corona virus. Conspiracy theory that was already the bump centre of cotton
Peter French theory, suggesting that the ongoing spread of of the corona virus is connected to a research. In the diseased ravaged epicenter issue on China. So that's a conspiracy theory. Now, as I tweeted out right before the sheriff, you check the timeline. Whenever the liberal media suggests that a major story is a conspiracy theory. It probably should suggest you there's an element of truth and they're trying to cover up that sure, because this damaging the Democrats, you should do your own homework and then double and triple down conspiracy theory. That term means nothing now. It means nothing. So the wash the approaches to be clear that democracy dies in the dark. As they promote the darkness, was suggesting that any evidence that this one virus originate in the lab and move. That's a debunked conspiracy, theory folks, like crazy? We see this story yesterday. Bread Barrett Fox NEWS, from governments sources again this by the budget. No rule twenty four need two hours. I've just put it out there,
The evidence is starting to build and we're getting outside that seventy two, our window with this story, where it's starting to look like this, is likely the story, a fox headline up in the show notes today, but you know that less newsletter. If you want to subscribe to our e mail will email you these stories, Everyday Fox NEWS, Bret Gregory, this believe corona virus outbreak originated in a warm lab as part of China's efforts to compete with the United States. I thought that was a conspiracy theory. I thought it was already the bunk. Do you understand how pathetic the washed impose this? How fake this outlet is? How fake pathetic. They are how they are nothing but a full blown propaganda. Mouthpiece now now I covered this yesterday. It was building that this leaked from China lab the one virus we get that the bread air story. Now has apparently Forces from the inside telling him this information indicating this is likely the story, but the store
gets even worse. You like, I can't get worse the train. He's lied about this saying it originated in these wet markets, but if originated from one of their own labs after people. Warn them but the biosafety levels that are almost always gets worse. Why now now? It starts to make sense to why the media is in a desperate effort or was to cover this and call it a conspiracy theory, because Trump came out early and spoke out about and against China and do the travel ban, the W h Joe then came out attack trumpeted that travel ban is xenophobic. W show them lie. Trop attacks, the W H show you may see me: what is it w h I'll have to do with this virus leaking from a level? Let's go to the Fox NEWS, peace and we can find out. We exclusive. Quote. There is increasing evidence that the virus outbreak likely originated in a war on laboratory, though not as a
a weapon, but, as part of China's attempt demonstrates its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal or greater through the capability. The? U S, multiple, so sue been briefed on the details of early actions by chinese government and seen relevant materials. Tell Fox news! Listen to this quote, ladies and gentlemen. This may be. The costliest government cover up of all time. One of the sources said sources believe the initial transmission of the virus and naturally occurring strain that was being studied. There was bad. The human a patient zero worked at the laboratory then wanted to. Population and move on. You may say what it gets worse than that. Why were they? Why is the media so eager to cover this up? The washed imposed and tell you was quoted the bump quote conspiracy theory, because Trump had spoken out and taken. Against China and the W H. Oh, how does that there be a joke amethysts? Let's look at screenshot two from the fire
these peace. Additionally, the sources tell Fox that the W Joe, was complicit from the. Getting it helping China coverage tracks, oh really, really. Really, immediately Trump announced that a breast briefing that he pressed review, halt or funding to the W H out, saying it Papa. Michael correctness over life saving measures. You believe this. You have a major media outlets with a significant readership, no question about it: the garbage hot garbage Washington, which claims to be doing journalists, which is clearly now engaged in either a misinformation or this information campaign, because I too bad we tromp we have to own shop on this will be have the wreck Donald Trump used in the truth. Natural doesn't matter forget the truth.
The w h always complicit in this, those sources now because, Tromp has been going after the Debbie Rachel and suggesting that they work was it this and we're gonna have to re, evaluate our funding of The media reflexively has to defend the W h out. Even though make no mistake latest German, they know the W h. I was wrong. You look at this tweet by the W Rachel. So now the media will double down on a misinformation and this information campaign, because that's what they do can see in this tweet w h, owl, which now sources are telling people was obviously obviously envy, than a cover up. That's the sources, here's their own tweet January, fourteen
preliminary investigations conducted by chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human to human transmission of a novel corona virus, a den of five, and we are trying to. Ladies and gentlemen, that is clearly an accurate information. The only question now is it intentionally accurate did they know it was an accurate or where they being played by China. To now the media can have trouble. Right about anything, although he was right about China early on and he was clearly right about the W H show- is well so narrative alert again now if a large sum be narrative section one sub be first now Was why what tell them? What you tell him? Tell him what you tell em and tell him it's all about and remind them again. The first inadequacies lawsuit. Roll partisan. If you rule this way, judges, we're gonna, say your blood in your hands. That's the new narrative. The narrative here is pretty clear. Tuneup tromp was right about that. You ain't show in China from the start. So now there we back to a tree where Trump praised China. First
piracy? Clearly in an effort to be diplomatic and clearly in a tweet, it was wrong because trump tweets that this means always right and they were not transparent. Tromp was clearly as the lead diplomat for the United States being the President s chief executive, United States Estate, apartments, technically diplomats, but you get my point. The representative of the United States on an international scale. He was we're trying to work with China engage in some diplomacy over twitter, which clearly turned out to be wrong fair enough, but that has nothing to do a job because trunk, three, two one thanks to present a g for their transparency. Something to that effect. I get my point mistake. Not knowing Was it being transparent trot? May I believed him, the time, but we were wrong. Trap is now a man A call sentinel are you a job is supposed to be doing that at issue has nothing to do with the World Health Organization world
organization tweeting out a tweet about, human to human transmission, being no evidence that was clearly wrong and clearly This point may have caused hundreds of thousands of lives. None. They are not related The media is going to try to inflate the two. Why follow me because they have to defend the W H show and they know they can, because the evidence is everywhere so you're saying the W H covered up the leg, bleak sources, We don't need so you can look at their own twitter feed. No, of human to human transmission. Are you kidding me, I'm gonna put up. Its intimated from a national view, preset, of course they knew you. Wouldn't human transmission existed, so what they mean he is going to do now is an ordered, a nail trump civil, the wall, because that's all their obsessed with they're going to I'd, say well too
screwed it all up to with China, so the w h always being misinformed by China, so nobody knew any day and trouble you're an idiot to look at the dreadful, Caitlin Collins from CNN, who used to do decent work, trying to do exactly this conflate two separate issues because she doesn't want trumped, they get a win and the double check this out the debate over praising China being transparent, but you also praise China for being transparent, diversions, transparency and you re there. While you know, if I'm so good to China, how come I was the only person, the only leader of a country that closed our borders tightly against China and by the way, when I closed aboard, that was law ahead of what anybody you can ask anybody there was in the room, twenty one people is the one person that wanted to do it. Deborah content, that better than anybody. I was the one person that wanted to do it. You see which is trying to do you see it narrative. Number two is gonna be out. They know that.
We were just wrong, forget what they know. I don't know it's only the story they want to do because they have to beat up on Trump, they're not extend the true Trump card, We singled out the w h or early and knew something was up clearly. He also said that China, by his actions that is tweet a tweet, was wrong. He did say that next, but it doesn't get what he did What he said is what he did. He shut down traffic from China, the W H spoke out against He did. It was called the racist by the media. Other media now pointed to that tweet is going to try to save what trouble you gotta do by everybody. You praise trying to China's transparency. Therefore, who are you speak out about the w a job you see what data, instead of Caitlin Collins, doing journalism, what she doesn't ever stand here. The question, Mr President, you know that W h or situation, Scott and serious. What do you have to say about this Fox news claim that they may have been complicit in the cover up of the lab like TAT a serious course. You know, that's not question her courses.
Your daddy and orange were bad. You tweeted about GB it or nice guy dope, Tubby a joint, so bad. Nelson Months Style Journalism, folks, journalism pathetic, pathetic by way of any more w actually started. Last year from the result, great W h hours debate show their budgets to million they spent two hundred and ninety two million on travel was a story from p. From last year, New York Post covered it you're doing a great job. Folks, you don't knock out your biggest Denmark. We ve had in a long time at least infection why death wise ass. Far, thankfully ended w a job that spread a hundred ninety two million on travel, leisure, tweeted out the wrong information and immediate wondering why Trump tweeted that she's, a good guy.
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we would call out the w. I show you is depressing United States deal with a pandemic. You more answer you that dopey, that's their new life Jim Geraghty as a good piece of a national viewed and again up in the shadows, punch. You know that consultation is then please take it out. He says, China to hide this thing for six days, because there's no way peace story, I'm gonna put it up. I met a because this covers the Eap story. Maybe there are sorry Jim Geraghty national view. China's information about the virus was in six days late. In other words, about take it was It was more like six Reese Life six days, the APC six. My God, China really screwed us. Now. I don't know it was It was six we hear is here, It's from Jim guarantees, peace, it gets worse, sick, they voted. We give up appears. There's a new, I believe the virus was spreading from patients the doctors by Christmas. Please evidence of human to human transmission. Can contradicting the official assessment from the war, Municipal Health Commission. This was
from early autumn right from the very beginning, the first case Joe, who had been who'd on see food market gave the virus to his wife, the wife who never. Furthermore, give the lancet. He puts the onset of symptoms in the first recorded patient December. First, on January, fifth, the womb, Municipal Health Commission put the earliest onset at December. Twelve, ladies, when they been lying the whole time. Now, here's a little bomb If we, I got an email from a female listener. You know you are actually my facebook honour messages on some as we get messages there as well. Fair enough good email, because it may really your emails are great because really condition me to be sensitive to how I word things on the shop. The Chinese, ladies and gentlemen, really really enjoy
Insignificant malfeasance here and screwed us royally as my father's. As if a royal screwing was any better from a royal now we know they may have known about human to human transmission for six weeks. So I'd Something the other say and the show this where that email comes in and now woman email me it's a dad. If you have it for me, about this. You said you're gonna, put it in your next book. My export follow the monies. Gonna have a whole section on this, the W h, oh and China, and what they did here. That's gonna open your eyes and I said I had piece of information I was holding out. I mean I was holding it for the Balkans Fair enough. She said we need to all this, I don't try to make money. If that's nice, I of my life, Now, when I was suggesting- and I responded back there- I was holding because we weren't sure we could verify yet that's the only reason. Well,
some reporting yesterday that this piece of information may in fact be true. What is it and will put in my book half tipped to one of the people and those assisting near the research here. It appears not only Joan of the Chinese NO for six weeks how contagious infectious. This was why they lied to the world, but think about what I'm about to tell you and I want to press. I want you to processes, It appears highly likely now that day, restricted travel for move on within China, but didn't restrict travel for moving around the world. It's not good price, this that one man and woman, so the chain he's. No, this thing is infectious highly. They know their dealing with a possible pandemic.
They know, human to human transmission is highly likely. The evidence is everywhere they lie, say it came from a wet market when it likely came from their land and will see not absolutely confirmed yet they allow people to travel from. One around the globe to contain every one else, while they restrict travel within China from war Oh we slight torpedoes, I'm not trying to be funny. No, you didn't you're not wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, how is that not an act of sabotage amen? Road not engaging in the upper level conversation I think you're gonna was not yet, but that's the point. Information and an we could broke it on my show. But again I am always very cautious and his burn me a few times. Sometimes I get information there is out to be true later, but folks, my
credibility matters and I was not holding it for the book just completely wrong, and I appreciate the woman's emacs. I may phrase that wrong. I just met. You imply We wanted to confirm it now that the stories come out on on Fox last night. I heard someone suggested last night and it started a leak out. Those are devastating allegations, but that's the reason I held it. Because when I get information, I want to be sure I'm feeding you, the appropriate proper verified, checked information seat on embarrass yourselves and use name this in every single broadcaster once in awhile gets one wrong. I try to keep to a minimum even know we scoop this thing a couple weeks ago and I was kind of a deposit Laos headed meal, right she's a cash you gonna break. Something was wrong. Might not my credibility matters I'd rather, let it still four bits enough on automatic pet myself on the back and for their crops operates thanks, but I just want to get that other. Ok, you. Let me
despite a sponsored, is important. Sponsors are important, keep the show paid for, but I wanted These by gay footnotes, because man or they juicy there's some worthy, that's if I've footnotes. How can this case get any worse trust me it can, and it will in the next few minutes that I shall. Finally, but you are a good friends, lending Club Wendy Club is very easy to use. Ladies and gentlemen lending club, you can consolidate you're dead or pay of credit cards. One fixed monthly payments in two thousand. Since two thousand seven lending club help millions of people regain control their finances with affordable, fixed rates, personal loans, it's easy to use super easy, no trips to a bag and no interest credit card, just go to lending club dotcom. Tell about yourself how much you want to borrow pick. The terms right for you and if you were approved, you alone, is automatically deposited in to your bank account in its little enough as a few days, lending club is the number one peer to peer lending platform it over thirty five billion in loans issue: gonna, let
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Forty seven, which has now been declassified- this is from Catherine Heritage, is twitter account from CBS. That's her handwriting and her notes. I enjoy because she always highlights exactly what we need to look at some point out. Three, forty seven from the report has now in the it suggests this the FBI information early June. Twenty seventeen, which revealed among other things that day were something's, Rebecca. Personal business ties between the subsoil since the US primary sub source. Ok, so just let me declare let me declassed by that for a moment steel, Christopher Steel, who allegedly rights the dossier. I dont believe that, I believe, is a small part of it. I believe was written by Simpson and possibly help or to steal. Is aim is on the DAS, he's the one giving it to the usb FBI. The dossiers which used to spy on Donald Trump follow the the tape stuff in the nonsense when they. The worries getting his information from he says. I have a network of sources, my primary
source and they may have networks as well. So I get my information from you Joe tells me gets it from time now, No vicarious credibility, that's a whole other eighty Mccarthy's delved into this former united. Currently, there's no vicarious. The other is, I have to verify the formation myself a farmer source. I can't just pass off my credit, We owe to others, and there are others that other us we're playing the telephone, gay right, Needless to say, the FBI standards went out the window. Obviously with this joke of a case so well said I have this sub source and they have some sources to now. For those Watch Youtube got to read. It had put up their footnote again. This is what this is unbelievable. What were we Ladies and gentlemen, Trump One the Russians, they collude. And the Russians wanting to help Trump Wainwright. Well, that's not what reduction in this footnote size. So it says that contacts tween steal some source
the in the russian presidential administration in June and July. Twenty sixteen and such sores voice, strong support for care that a clear din and it's ok. Clinton and a twenty sixth evil at that can save combined do debts every we haven't. That's at least a triple back. Are you serious doubling same goin? We haven't seen you won't go. You know why you're here on earth does at least the triple motley on our this is hollerin. Wholly can worry, is stated, stupidity so. Your own evenly and I'll talk to Chancellor about this. In our view later today, you're only need to be a spy gave Axel bird to figure this out. This story, We ve been told by the lawyers exercise in the media. The free again, the artist you told us that the war on land thing was a conspiracy theory, and so is spiky. Is that Trump,
Loaded with the Russians, because the Russians wanted to help us win and they did right. I bet a hard story to follow. The deeds can be night. The details. But the overall headline of the story. The media wanted you to believe and promoted endlessly Trump colluded with the Russians who loved them was that they wanted to help him. That's not with that footnote says. That's what that footnote says at all. Therefore, no doesn't say that: do you understand that what did some source pulls? The oval told the FBI, they call them exact opposite you'd, NAFTA, hubris told, is true. Just you're, like after yesterday's show in a day before this case, can possibly get any worse. It ponchas you in the face and does.
I'm gonna, have to provide some law enforcement translation and I'm issue more footnotes. I wanna get you one of whom was declassified. Unread act did a few days ago, but again begs larger questions now that it's out there to here's footnote three fifth it's a rather long. What am going to read the whole thing, but did Still it is this that the FBI had saved information, indicating that there was a potential for russian. This information influence The other election reporting now scrap that back me. Thank you really appreciate how seriously the best he can read my mind now, for I went ahead of me. So, food, no three. Fifty we now have clear indications that, at a minimum at a minimum, the FBI suspected some of steals information may have been russian. This information from the rest,
Enshiu supported Hillary Clinton. I thought you said they supported Trump parlour was Emmy tonight. Need some thought not or not. I know what I mean something she gets the inside you're right. Nothing to do with the show today, at all but for this case it means I'm dying in the first footnote to the second footnote. So now we know one of steals: a legit sub sources. We know supportive Clinton, and this may have been russian. This information, I thought all of this was to support trump, so now too big question should be exploding, in your cerebral cortex right now, Nora transmitters should be popping here and their acts then dried connections, so low
fine right now. So if the F B, I suspect, that russian this information was being propagated. People who supported Hillary Clinton. What job, Bob Mauler doing this Is anyone in the media asking this question so Bob Mahler, who supposed be according to his edict. From ROD, Rosen Stein supposed to be best, and you can read it yourself, russian interests, parents in the twenty sixteen election. Weiler, does nothing to the Hilary team investing No one number hilarity nobody, and yet we now know the whole time they knew This was a russian this info up, some of it I'll get to that part. As you know, some of it because I know what you're saying.
I made it was done by some of them who ported Hilary. What the How was Bob Mahler doing pleased me- you carry such a noble honourable guy,. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry with all due respect to the man's prior service in the military, this man disgraced himself. And the country and how there is not a full blown investigation right now into what the hell Bob Mueller was doing with Andy Weissmann who knew steel was a propaganda, He learned about it in August of twenty sixteen Weissmann, ladies and gentlemen, it is We're is day now they were engaged in a witch hunt, the entire time with no basis, in fact, Ignoring the evidence in front of me, the real Russia probe should involve Hilary
while they were simultaneously trying to entrap present trumpeted obstruction of justice TRAP door, question about anymore mcfee amongst serious people again not talking about the media, which hung about serious people now so question one again if even slivers of this were russian? This information and some of these people supporting Hilary, what the hell was Bob Mahler doing, investigating trump entrapping obvious but question number two is more important. As I told you yesterday, don't fall. Free was russian. This info that trap there may have slivers forbidden there we were. But, ladies and gentlemen, don't fall That it's gonna be the media excuse. This was all lies deliberately done, made up story with the Hilary Cabal John,
be Jim call me may came all of em suckers in this whole thing. Falling into this, Hillary Clinton trap lobbying for jobs later on, who simply knew the stories were made up and attributed they are faced a dull forget this. Don't forget this the dossier is a fake story attributed to real Russians. The information is It's a lie: It was all made up is it entrapment scheme from the start, the Russian, This information is a small portion of it there still it is made up of stories a tribute to real Russians and now swear Johnny B is gonna, be in real trouble, bread. It because question remaining
the question of a one. What was Bob Mahler doing question number: Who is gonna, be where those real Russians come from? If its fake information made up stories, I heard it from Nikolai, bull calf wrestler? Is our market to use names? Yet I heard it from Nikolai Bulk off I'll call comes into go to hell. You talk about and say that howdy person a saying you heard from Nickolay evoke off: how did he get Nick alive? All costs name, let's take five seconds here of just radio silence to think about that.
The press how'd MC alive, all costs name get out there. Oh boy, somebody's in trouble. Had access that W w e file LINEAR get Nikolai Balkan name unemployment records that happen. Think Johnny, Durham that nobody that will simply does with it. Ok, let's move onto footnote number three. Let me do a little translated for you. What I think is confusing a lot of people. There is a foot inspector General Horwitz member. This is his report on the FBI, spying on trumped. Just so we're always clear. I don't mean again done this down for you, I'm very sorry, but you know there's a different level. You know a lot of work for them to have time to do the research that
ten percent of our masters on this. Do so forgive me for repeating myself but another Declassify footnotes, gaming, but there's some confusion about their about what the heck, this year's footnote. Three, seventy nine and it's written only the way inspector General Horwitz Rights Horowitz. No believe believers, our friend, I think, he's ever been our friend he's the one who wrote this, where he writes in this deliberately confusing way to just confused people. He says in footnote three seven I we now know has been declassified that accord. This letter from the National Security Division, the F B, I took an retained on an FBI issues, cellphone photographs of certain property taken in Kenya. With a Pfizer, authorized physical search on July. Third, twenty seventeen it. Basically support with minimization procedures In addition, a separate incident July, twenty nine twelve seventeen, the F B, I took photographs in connection with another Pfizer, authorized Physical search and transfer the phone,
yes to an electronic father on the FBI's classified secret network. What is this a lot confusion about their about what exactly that means and that footnote damn you look good today, Paula. Darwin that in their she just left the desk in his walking around your distracted me DORA, the Shell SAR getting back. But three seven their the kid you you get what that means. No, looking forward doubt let nobody asked Asea, here's what I again speculation based on experience, I'm just trying to put something out there, because I am reasonably competent. That's what this is. What they're saying here is the FBI is supposed to engage in minimization procedures, in other words, in simple man terms. If I get a wire tap on jobs and that wiretap Four Jos felonious Mulberry Ngos and on the phone talking to whatever little Joe about this time in the Marines, I'm not supposed to
since it because it has nothing to do with Jos, alleged felonious mope, where I it's called minimization we're supposed to you. Gotta have a say we're not supposed to their minimization procedures involved in this, because we were not supposed to do that. Those minimization procedures applied a fire of words as well. They apply to a lot of different things. What you're saying years the FBI use one of their cell phone to take a photo on a physical search. I think the physical part is confusing people daylight. What what did they take a photo Carter, pages dog I mean. What does this mean here is what I think happened put together the physical search and the photo and the five warrant and some you bells ringing, and what do I think happened? I think an FBI agent took out their cell phone bother with searching Carter Pages computer saw emails not related to russian collusion, Joe, maybe campaign related stuff took a little. Lapeyrouse Ki Adi Mundi
minimization procedures and probably sent it to one of their body, say: hey, look. We got some campaign and forward drop. Our makes sense. Thank you. Thank you. As Official designated audience, ombudsman and referee Joanna Canada now to be fair, I'm speculating here, but with a healthy degree of experience to back it up, and I don't mean experiences that I've done this I mean exe. You said that the way horrible this wording? This is the confusion about what actually happened. Physical search doesn't mean a physical item. They took a photo of. It means they probably search through Carter Pages computer or phone or whatever it may be, and knowing they were seeing information that was supposed to be minimized campaign.
Information, personal emails from card a page that may have been interesting if you're looking for political stuff, not law enforcement stuff, they knew they weren't supposed, look at it. So what are they going to do? They can't forwarded to themselves will be an email trail. Encarta pages computer got your phone snipers. Everybody said this to my pal. Whoa, I'm Maurice hopefully carve, but it I will be proven correct and the reason it's written airway is because my guess when is it was supposed to be minimized because it was political information? Why would that be a damning that the idea has to write about physical, just otherwise were taken on another device to another device and lower Vanessa MP that they appear Southern European you anyway I didn't know you every they did the ESA beyond the? U waving Nobody is why, instead of just taken say, and why do these numbskull take a picture of his screen? Why did you not right that
because, ladies and gentlemen, that it's more evidence that this was obviously a political attack from the start on the present his campaign totally unrelated to criminal activity. You can't just write that up. God forbid, stay on top of foot and mouth I haven't spoken to two thousand seven hundred and ninety three. I know you watch the show you want to dig into that a little more and do some car Just give me a little chat, a risky later Of their ease, always good on this stuff, having been on the receiving end of a lot of visa title three wiretaps, and otherwise I think that may be the most dynamic footnote of all personally, even bigger than they were trying to help Clinton. I dad's bit, but I think this one wait. You were taken pictures Of something why? Because it blows up, there are no political bias, narrative. Let's go to moving on another story
We have just another hard of its one of these stories. You shake your head, Joe Disbelieve guy. I had a double and triple check this we have a stir. If a bunch, you know that calm about it, but in fairness, daily collar broke, it Matt wrote it on our. Pretty sites the daily call which we linked to and I you to see the daily caller start, because it's just what our stories you read the headlines like Joe this camp Possibly be true, the level of stupid here so fairly, even for the binds, there's no way this cat Beecher Andrew Kerr invested the rapporteur at the daily call, which actually does actual report. Unlike the wash deposed, listen this headline, not a joke hundred by new still listed as a board member. The chinese company pledged to resign from October business records show this can't be this carefully. This story, the show knows the vertical. Then, if you do read it you're, not a real fan of the shop, read this or go to the daily call. If you dont want to give us the click, that's cool too. Don't care, just read it.
It's in the showed us that data such as the clear your hundred vine, middle of this whole Ukraine scandal who we know for a fact. As a member of this board on this company associated with China be HR and we know work for this moment they were involved in a corruption, investigation for potential corruption, who we know for he knew were reaching out to the State Department in forward some other decisions we you would think being at his dad is now the default Democrat nominee for president this nuts would be smart enough to resign from these countries. Go now don't give. This number stop much credit he's not smart. Look at this from it We call this is the sure business rugged thing Jim now, which is an independent service that provides a registration information for chinese corporations? Registration and his Chinese also listed
hundred binders, the member, the beach our board on too stay here. It is you took the counsellors. Podgy Look at it right here! Look at it director Robert Hunter biden- this is Tuesday one day to the map last year's Tuesday like a Tuesday that just happened before the Wednesday that was yesterday that Tuesday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday, that April family three, twenty seventeen, twenty four? This is the Tuesday that just happened one of the most highly traffic stories on our website. Yesterday, big had tempted the daily caller for again just I chuck Ross and others over there who have broken stories about how far as they are the real reporting, ladies and gentlemen, is happening
Conservative ecosystem. If you're, not there and you're reading the washed imposed, I'm sorry you're being lied to and you enjoy it. If you continue to do it. And Democrats want this guy. We praise, you know it's daddy's, it would get Joe Biden reading that dough, and it does not make any sense he's like whose hunter by Jonas even a hundred, so it doesn't even matter Joe, doesn't even care there tell them they go. Joe matters on a board of his chinese company. She still we got this thing with China there's. Some suspected follow the money, Staffordshire Beer, my neck book next book by one may we it's a good idea, Hunter Liese Josie whose how to find he has even I made you want this guy to be the present United States. Are we getting my cash? We live. Pizarro. He stayed a feud near views. I love that. Where do you fix? I wake up in the morning like now
I get your big twenty minutes. Everyone and I don't know, I don't even know what statement I mean that by the thought of it have coffee alike. Where do I even live here? Is this guy who's this woman next week? I have no idea at the time of confused that twenty minutes later I pick up on everything. I get the show is care, my address your story, I'll get you have, but I want to talk with economic. More devastating economic numbers. Today, five with two million more unemployment claims, but that's a longer segment and I want to get to this debt story. I said I get to it today- we're gonna get through tomorrow. I want to just finish up on this again, I'm sorry to keep doing this to you, but More evidence that these are not serious, journalism outlets, any more a calm. The national acquires a national targets story sometimes CNN washed imposed in your times. It's rare occasion the biggest story, every time there neuroscientist did use.
You catch us, your CNN, their little fight with you. I must from Tesla we now look at this job. Thou go to. Iran must twitter to see. The full fight by CNN puts this tweed up again. Inside, even appall us like I. Why did they do this? Unlike what you mean? Why did because it CNN, like they never against Georgia. Cnn puts this tweet up, see at CNN Three weeks after Tesla CEO Ilan, my city obtain more than a thousand ventilators help. California, hospitals treating the corona virus the governors off says: none of those promise ventilators have been received by hospitals will be the last resort. Restoring I'm leavin, it's not a story at all. It's totally made up and joy that that a trick ok mom. So I know you're always doing show programming and distracted by some NASA,
you think yes or no not attract, and it would be a good idea to reach out to Ilan must for the story and five sure before you print it, I'm just ass. I think I think so. Yes. Thank you too, for I need your help so that others are policies more. As you said, the same thing I'm talking to Bob was used to say: why didn't you as you all know, because you see that's. Why that's? Why? Because there are not serious Here's the deal, bus, twitter, feed, showing tweets from the actual hospitals, Do you live much further. The leaders in its? I can't help it? He learned Moscow's emails, he's honest: God is twitter feed. You Lima he's got the emu these other artists, twitter, hey, may take. The very or you do with areas come all you want. What is the purpose? What is the purpose of this network anymore CNN. What is the? Why
even exists. Why what's the point? Just like this do reality? Tv do specials the news for you guys it's not for you all How to do is ask the guide for common this news thing: it's it's past! You news, CNN News, Sierra they never eaten This is not a serious network. I expect, of course George stands otherwise known as Brian stouter and is his coffee, Meda, Oliver Darcy there they go get coffee for everyone to see that I'm sure they'll for this purpose? Abomination of his story this week- and I am sure, They'Ll- have some stupid experts so as to why CNN could simply reach out to Elon Musk and get Elon Musk opinion on the story before they printed the stoop between whereupon chariots folks, I'm Allah. Boy space subscribed to the show you to back I'm slashed by GINO. I will see your mom
thanks for tune in it. You just heard in Bonn GINO. She followed, then, on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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