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The Most Important News Story You Haven’t Heard (Ep 1206)

2020-03-17 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the explosive developments in the Spygate hoax involving Bob Mueller and General Mike Flynn. I also address the growing fake news problem in the midst of the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic. Finally, I address our level of preparedness in the United States. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee now has always a huge Newsday update you on the corona. I will update you the response to the corona I will do What's now becoming our daily fake news segment, exposing the fake news on the corona, I also have actual other stories going on for those of you who are tired. The corona yes, there's big developments in the MIKE when case huge development to fake Mahler. A lot of other things going on what can be done by Gmos should start putting your online data address today today, show sponsored by Express Vps, get protected, an express vps dotcom, Slash bond GINO. Today, as I said, welcome to the Durban GINO show producers, How are you today, fine sir? No, just like everybody else, I'm gonna buck up and kicks sums
various pervade, ass and get this done with? Yes, let's do it. You know we are. We can do that. I really love the cs. Louis quoted here, the noted. I that's why I read it: let's not pretend that this is unique our tonight. It's Syria it's a serious situation, but as that Cs Louis Court about the atomic age we'll get through it. Just like the vikings got through the threat, from other Scandinavian. She would kill them just like that in nineteen eighteen they do the spanish flu we will get through this Get through to show we always as always Tuesdays a busy do a day for our sponsors. Rio is appreciated, patients that each of us, But he's s parlour no better time to get on par p r earlier. You know what happened the day Twitter release their new money be related media tag the sharing of Joe Biden, video, basically endorsing truck. That's all what the clip wasn't me
violate it was extracted from the speech. This is the latest attempt by the left this in Silicon Valley, to manipulate our political dialogue, score silver and prevent us from seeing things, and it wants to see it's a disgrace. They rigged the grow them. They shadow ban users and they d platform, people they don't like, and yet we keep you in their red gap. Why folks listen it's time to bring our friends family a file, the parlor on their dear. It is on my phone right, dear Pierre, bright day, Zuma, Pierre our earlier. I been there for a long time before they were a sponsor. Parlor is a news and free speech, app everybody's going to that won't silence your opinion or violate your privacy, simply download the app create your account post share and speak here's a novel idea, Joe we gotta parlor dot com or a shocker or visit the app store today today go. Do it stop giving twitter your information, for free. Make short invite your liberal friends do on parlour and you can follow me. I'm de bonds. You know that p r, l your dot com or find this in the app store parlor that compiler Dotcom Godaddy
Then there are ok story number one because listen again, I've as I've been saying over the course of the past few days. The corona virus story is not just the corona virus story. Why? Because the people, its effect, thing. Ninety nine point: nine, nine, nine, nine, nine nine nine percent of people do not have the corona virus, but they are suffering not from the virus. From viruses of misinformation and from the economic damage and fall out pursuant to what's happened with the corona virus. There's a big economic story here leads a story here, ladies and gentlemen, the response to it. Now yesterday I addressed a potential government proposal that could be big and I think it's a good idea, but we need to do it. I should say it's a good idea. It's the least bad idea, we're out a good options that there are no good options. The only question what are the least bad options
I am not a supporter of government intervention, the economy, this particular situation is different. Because the government right now by shutting everything down on a government, and aided in many states some quarantine, you have some curfew, someplace out nationwide protein misinformation, but some places you have the force busy shut down here. This is obviously having an impact. The government is doing saying they're doing either I'm just saying businesses are losing money not because of any thing the restaurants are doing wrong, but because of some imposed upon the fact is require some extraordinary measures, even if they are not good ideas but their least badly spent. Yesterday I addressed this idea of a FED Lending So you, ladies and gentlemen, the bank's get money from the Federal Reserve in Asia. They can, they can go to them. They can go to window. They can get their money, they get bailed out all the time. It's time to consider something
while she journalist, good piece up today, let me get this and make its most. Seventeen go back the corona lengths and I want to saturate you with this- that you get a twenty four hours David. It's! U critical Wall Street Journal, well today about a proposal I think, could work to mitigate some of the economic damage by their editorial quote: dancing in economic shut down UK closed an economy without the way it went out a way to keep businesses and individuals liquid. You can't fool. You can't shut down an economy for a month and pretend nuns. Laser Joam Garral going to go into a self quarantine for a month Worry we're all going to come out of it Scot free. That is not going to happen. I've got friends in the restaurant business. You are being crushed right out many of them and, as we read in an artist the other day Restaurant owners have least is secure by their personal assets. Ladies and gentlemen, these are our friends, our neighbours, meaning if the rest, neurons go onto by no fault of their own. These were prospering businesses just two weeks ago. Do you know what happens their houses, take in their cars, get taken
collateralized on personal property for for nothing, they did wrong right. Of the Federal Reserve is going to lend money to banks and financial institution Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to consider opening up what we talked about yesterday. That government backed facility. Where you can get money at at least stay liquid, it's gotta be at a premium, but you can stay in this and keep your employees working. The feds should open that up to from the peace again Did you stop going down and yesterday story, but it's worth readdressing today, because there was so many bad ideas out there, including Mitt Romney stupid. Let's give everybody one thousand dollars, which is the dumbest idea. I've ever heard my life, you giving me your thousand dollars is about the dumbest economic idea. I've ever heard of from the journal piece about discovery, back lending facility through the FED. They say hey and I agree with, and we don't like temporary government roles in commerce, I don't either the amen but stained federal
are essentially ordering the economy. To close this isn't a meltdown the mortgage market caused by bank lending. This is a health crisis, The government is addressing with command and control emergency power. That's a fact. Folks, however uncomfortable for even us, libertarians out there to acknowledge companies cannot be blame for missing what the government also missed and being prepared for Democrats. One reason: Americans pay the government so much of their hard earned income well said yeah. If the government can what's the purpose of the government. They didn't see this coming to China. Government Curtis over with this whole thing. Putting our mission, The nation in the beginning, so that the restaurants fall, the journalists alike, government intervention, the economy- I don't like it either and I know most of my republican libertarian conservative friends tread the idea. Having said that, this is a government
command and control decision, is not the fault of the businesses open up that lending window? They need the money people have. Stay employed right now. Ladies and gentlemen, I got a video from Tucker across not play later. We he nails at about China, but one of the things tuckers been talking about as well, and he is spot on her agree with everything talker says, but I like personally and he's right about one thing: the hell, And wellness fall out Joe I'm talking to you. Where do you notice, So, from years of unemployment that could result from the EU I'm a calamity ahead. If we don't do something will far surpass that of the corona virus alcoholism. Dependency depression traumatic, psychological issues. Ladies and gentlemen, not working is a big deal. We, a lazy country. People here want to work, mulatto magical, have lazy people in every country, but we have them people who want to work here because we're America we get our, but
How can we go to work? Work is dignity, it is pride is power. We have keep our people employed. This is not, therefore, this is not the banks make. Stupid bats and at us Would we baling them out. These are your neighbors who had prospering businesses and help or other neighbours prosper by employing them who are now being put out of work of command and control decision by the government? This is different. Sometimes people say this is different when it's not member George Bush, we gotta be, nor would it get a dump capitalism to save capital, Nano we don't! This is not capitalism now at all. This is commanded, all decisions based on a pandemic. Nobody saw coming from the journal so that this government back lending facility, which again, I think it's a good idea. The facility,
Let's companies decide if they needed rather than politicians, picking, winners and losers? Ladies and gentlemen, bail outs are a bad idea. I'm sorry. They are really bad idea because goes on. If you when that this lending window again, you could go to the FED to borrow money. Do they sped back facility government back facility? This would prevent an ugly bidding war and capital hell of a witch industries, get relief and which down and its design so the governmental get its money back as opposed to cash grants or other subsidies. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the way to rock and roll the peace clause on about the payroll Can I get that a minute existent breaking news before we got on the air about put pro stimulus plan, so I get to all this. Don't worry about it. I want to go back and forth. Please mother stories to bail out Sir That idea. Folks, listen I own a lotta air livestock. It would personally better fit me right now. If the airlines were bailed out, it's a bad idea,
It is a bad idea get we got to keep them in business, no question. We have to keep them employed There are ways to do that then, or a bail out, because what happens next, ladies and gentlemen, the restaurant business, what about them? What about the entertainment. But Mr Hollywood listen. Ladies gentlemen, Hollywood is an all Brad Pitt and dopey leftist actors- Hollywood's, you know for we artisan Woody gaffer. Joe. You, bananas and Adrian refers and building age hands. What do you think all these people? In Hollywood liberals, these people work for a living to? Why do they get a bail out bail out or a bad idea. Let them go O money keep them liquid, keep them going and we will get through this. There will be a burst in economic activity when this is over. I'm gonna to get to that later to you were going to buy a car latest. Germany put the decision off. You're gonna still need a car in a few months. A lot of you, activities, gonna go away. Don't get me wrong. If you skip the restaurant trip, I'm going to eat twice on an extra they give it to me. Instead, that's series,
I guess I got a job, but it is true. Nobody's gone run out on me to minimize the impact put a lot of it is not gone. You're moving because your job you're still gonna, have to buy a house you just going. Over to the next quarter. There will be a big burst in economic activity. Should we just have to get these companies through this? We have to keep America employ. You need stay in your job right now and we need to propose things to do it. This is not your fault but bail out. Or a really really bad idea. There not bail they're. Just your money exchanged other people just like this stupid, Mitt Romney idea to give every American a thousand dollars. Why are you giving me a thousand dollars Don't need your thousand that why? Why do you think helicopter. Money is the fairy. Why are people giving me the thousand. I don't need it lets lending facility and let's keep American employed. It matters little gem does. I would appreciate
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that right and it does so have Tipp to are one of the best accounts on twitter, our body, techno fog, Techno underscore fog of Europe following Techno fog and out of there Huber ethics at John W hubris actually to handle Miss out on all the good stuff in a lot of these cases. Some folks, you remember that Hezbollah Bob is dreadful: team of horrible prosecutors, Genie Ree, Andrew Weissmann and others. Member that case they brought it. The russian troll farms, russian shawl, far there's grown with the election. They were. They were sent out propaganda on social media like pretty much every year. Adversary does the trade? That's true of bodily scrap the country, but screw up our elections? Remember, Mahler was tasked with investigating trumps collusion with Russia that a budget like Russians sit. Get a factory. You know with what within outhouse. In there and a couple weeks, all coffee sending out stupid means on Facebook. I thought we were invest.
Getting collusion, not like that. The Russians don't like us. So am I would you from the start Mahler knew from at the latest. He support It may have twenty seventeen to investigate fake collusion with the Russians. He knows right away its fake, but even giving Malo the benefit of the doubt at the absolutely. By July? Twenty seventeen irregular listeners know this, but Mahler knows the collusion thing is a total fantasy farce, debunked lying hoax? Why? Because he gets the texts in July. Seventeen from the FBI invest. Matters. There turned over to him by the inspector general subsidies. Reading the text about this hawks. There's no they're they're on this other stuff. He knows it all In July, twenty seventy the FBI the translator present at the Trump Tower Meeting, with Donald Trump Junior, Manifold and the transit are there with the Russians, tells him now Don trumped juniors tell him the real story. We never mention calorie or election interferes
translated, says and by the way I don't even like down Judah Mahler knows so, as I said view, and we now have it, as I just said- So my book exonerated at length. As I told you the only Priscilla Mahler Probe, was never to investigate collusion because they knew there was no collusion. It was they keep the HEAT Donald Trump and make up. You ve arrest to make it seem like there were some there there, even though there was no there there, it's kind of like investigating a bank robbery that never happen? No bank was rob. Using people of robbing a bank that was never robbed and no bank was rob, but then arresting them for a walking in saying, hey, listen. He crossed the street was a green light. Joe and the bank was close by There was no bag, rob but the jaywalk near the bank, you you, you get it
You get what I'm saying lawyer that smaller, that's all It is doing that's why they arrested metaphor. That's why they arrested pop up ass. They had nothing nothing arrested when they had nothing at all. These people. But whatever things Mahler could never do was to find an actual rush. In that colluded, with Trump so you just made what up like Hell. Let's call prosecute this russian troll Farm, where they colluding with up now Rona that no doubt we're trolls? Ladies and gentlemen? No doubt they were up to no good some sense. They were trying to? They were posts, they weird stuff was a criminal that's correct. Stretch. I know that. Because the hapless pathetic Mahler team last night totally drop their case without prejudice, why?
That's crazy! How they dont want to prosecute right during the corona outbreak. That's just not so that happens. I get had Tipp the great techno fog on Twitter. Here some screen shots from the judicial documents. You can see them in full on his twitter account, so This is how they originally prosecuted Concord management, this management, something else, Egypt, that allegedly was curio worry it was getting. The information warfare gets United States. Here's the actual indictment, the indictment on this, the most dismissed him, sorry, they say? The indictment alleges that the defendants Concord engaged in what Doug Joe. Formation warfare against the United States, systemic effort to show political discordant influence and influence the out with twenty sixteen election any charge the defendants conspiring to defraud the federal agencies responsible for preventing and counteract
improper foreign influence in the U S election. Oh my gosh! That indictments bad wages. Job is no doubt again conquerors up something, of course,. But this seems like the most Lucy Goosey. Let me just invent the boy the circuitous language. It goes nowhere to make it seem like they were colluding with the trompe the impact the election folks disk Forgive my language sought so bad that even now was smaller problems all the assets they had the FBI, millions of dollars to press you, member, I have no, they went after Concord to say: look. We got a russian user there's a Russia, they need interaction you got them their Russians this case so bad. They had a drop it yesterday, comedian timing, without prejudice. It's got a screenshot two from the legal documents to govern quota.
It therefore has decided that they calculate whether a substantial federal interest is served by this prosecution has changed see the hybrid was returned all really and the better is to cease litigation as through the conquered defendants, why have I telling you a job You know me: you do not do a lot of self celebrations Leah, because I know I know I know it's bad. It looks bad and it serves no interest for me to do that. But if you ve been list through the show. I warned you probably over a year ago that the arrest sue me the attempted prosecution by the hand. Less incompetent Mahler team of Concord, we're going to result in a big face, and was only done because they needed a scalp tat had so They do with Russia Elbow head bro I think, you'd better. I got one more. I show
You would get how incompetent mothers team was about use. The Mahler teams using by the way is well. If we go forward We have to release national security information unawares, implying we got a lot of stuff on Concord. You do know that before. So, just to be clear, you national security, information on Concord. You don't want out and open trial, because Concord has the right to defend themselves. They have access to it. You just you that out yesterday,. Now you see why we counter: intelligence investigations in the United States different than criminal ones, because times. Ladies and gentlemen, the United States has an intelligence interest in not taking a k open court Mahler wow I realise that there are some details. It's here Joe, please your body for
I was just getting I didn't know you actually have just messing with. I don't even are you add that I was just messing with you. I really above everything about I, why I was up as they will. Catch Mahler just figured out that this was a potential counter intelligence investigation. One more court document again prove it to you, how helpless and incompetent this team of just complete legal buffoons were. The lawyer for Concord is confront Genie, Ray. Clinton EAST, nor with a lawyer per annum, Mahler team searching for I'm saying you didn't exist with the Trump team and Jimmy RE says: hey man, we got it
terabytes of information from Concord, implying like dude. We got a lot of stuff nice to do this a lot and criminal case interview bad guys, and I put a video tat. With their name on in front of him, but I would never mention a videotape ever This leave it on the desk. Why, Sir John interviewing you for counterfeit right, passing counterfeit, put a video, VHF tape, I put Joe armor costs on that date. I live in Canada has nothing on the take. What the hell she got on me puts going up, and how did you ever think about Xavier Mikey, we'll talk about that later and you move it aside? They worked every time. Was my favorite trick, This is what GDP with China do we got it of information on you guys on my cache. What have they got? Look at this, the lawyer for Concord S, a simple question: you got there terabytes of information. He says
what language is added Jerry says: well primarily Russia. He says that this is not funny, but have you translated in Shiraz? Oh, no states borders as well. How do you know what's in it You don't wanna talk anymore, more that its main start where bigger shirts. I please I need them to clear the tears. Folks is that even if it's not it's just so pathetic, this case was pathetic. If there's a c, I investigation against Concord for militias intrusions into our in in a you know, our electoral process go for it. I am a patriot, the Russians are not our friends. Do your thing, what my gosh d, competence. You was stunning, we gotta talk. Bite of information on you. I, what language
have you translated Nada? So how do you know it's a job? You are party again. And we'll get him right. We ve got under way. Folks are other things. Go onto amount led many of his skull now by any of the skull none of it all right. I got another one laid about the flint disgrace. I got more success. Try to make that go away to the judge to MIKE when case just humiliated himself. Yesterday again always appreciate patients turn up front, though these we can get rock and roll, but who companies want to be here and thanks for sporting response institutional But nobody that express Vps, ladys German, express the p, and You heard them in the beginning of show protect your online date again with Expressvpn hey when you use the bathroom, you close the door behind you right. You don't pass me by checking out why do you go on the internet without gotta? Do it? Ass. We pianist like not closing the door go to the bathroom is drew. You know your eye, spear in service provider knows every single website you visit, which
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shit, there should be a lot of folks out there doing the math and saying gosh if there's a big outbreak amongst elderly folks and safety. Developing pneumonia are there enough respirators and So you better. Take everyone great question. We should ask, what nobody gets a pass because you're a republican or Democrat. Having said that, the question: is are we going to have an icy you bed in a respirator for every single person all the time? The question is, prepared all we relative to others right now. What are we doing to fix the problem? So, what's your journal has a sober. We should all look at. We need the data the data matters America's intensive care dividend, the. U S is more. I see you beds as a basis for corona virus cases. And laser Gemma, given here like the Great news, I'm giving you the least bad news and of all the countries prepared, For I see you bed where the least worst is so good situation for people winding up, and I see you from the Wall Street Journal, peace and critical information. You need you know. Yet but their puppet government run healthcare. Well, that's nonsense. Quote some movie
We're government run healthcare, pointing out that the? U S is fewer hospital beds per person than other countries, but Here we go, ladies and gentlemen, myth busting here, that's him Hard because more surgeries are performed that outpatient centres Patients are less likely to catch infections, yes, been Florida is now patient. Surgery centre on every corner take a seven eleven, because on a more Orton metric? Is the number of intensive care it's. I see you units by dishonest twice which have sophistical aided equipment and a high staff to patient ratio. The are crucial for patients and respiratory distress now having sex an email or we may my show. Thank you for the great emails was a nurse I believe said. Listen. You can have all the ice You bet you want. If you have the people to staff, a mirror trouble ass, an issue too. Maybe some people had a retirement. No doubt again, I'm telling you the really good options you I'm telling with the least bad after but
parroting myth that we have to push these myths right away, nonsense, liberal dogmas, these so this run medicine those countries. There is far better condition. We look at all these hospital beds. Yeah, Ladies and gentlemen, that's because of the outpatient surgery centres, we don't need all those hospital beds which, by the way, could. We'd be quickly converted into hospital beds. If we were in a national emergency, I'm sorry I have to do this, but really we need the fact and if you watching the news, you're missing all of this, we need to be more like UK with their system. You sure about that. Peace goes on to prove my point, but I see you bet. A twenty twelve review in this medical journal found that the? U S s! Twenty to thirty one point: seven, I see you beds per hundred thousand people compared to seen in Canada. Seven point nine in Japan between three and seven point: four in the UK differences and how
countries define. I see you account for some of the disparity. The article knows me needs more. I see you beds because it has a higher incidence of chronic conditions like heart disease. Fair enough, but importantly, article finds that health spending is correlated with increasing delivery of critical care again, folksy only point of I gotta get through to you now is do we need the availability of icy you beds, respirators and personnel to staff them. Yes, that's a fact, indisputable that this has been exposed and this crisis, but again see Just think that the solution is to go to socialize medicine, where this situation I just gave you the data, is dramatically. Worse- is pretty much Tipp of the sphere of peak stupid. That's regressing not progressing. One other thing: I got an email yesterday from someone who said to me dad you're wrong. We don't need universal testing. Forgive
May I say you didn't go back investigations show, but that's not what I was suggesting. The court I read was about randomize testing that universal tests. We don't have enough gas. He's right. If we don't have enough reagent and forgive me I've by set a wrong, I will go back in this. Later today, but I'm pretty sure what I read that about universal testing? It was about widespread random testing in different areas. Now. Another word: you pick a random pocket of people showing symptoms are not to get an idea of how deadly the viruses I wasn't. Ass. The universal tell that's been possible. We have three and thirty million people, so forgive me measuring a correction as a matter of I have the correct or not, but if someone read it wrong, I have the correct or heard of Rome. I may say I'll check it out today, but that's important. Ok, moving onto our fake news update for the day, because you probably heard somebody stories and even the best conservatives out their pro We are my best. I mean people were loyal because you might believe somebody story sent your fault you or their employees, work for a company. You won't accompany you're soccer mom and dad your father's
and others here have time to researchers have this is what we do for a living, so some of you may have gotten suckered by the litany of fake It came out yesterday. The media has been an absolute disgrace in this crisis. Let's go to story number one New York Post, the great mark, Hemingway Why like a lot, I've is article in the show notes today. There's a lot of good stuff in the show knows about fake news, bungee, no doubt com or want me to email you these articles, but you know that calm, slash, newsletter, sign up I'll, send these articles right to your New York postmark, anyway, even during the corona virus crisis, the lip Romania cannot resist spreading lies coarser. They were acting like Germany, dignity. I just the least surprising headline they mark knows he's been that you speak silicon. Understands that that's what the media does spread. This information, that's what they love to do so from them. Europe Post BC unknowns out of again see, I suppose, illegitimate news that work to really dumb people on the heels of the president's announcement of a sweeping travel ban from other countries and a declaration of emergency
they see it. I'm Cairo that that lower third of the screen, they run a new house red Trump on corona virus from the national emergency. Here we go Joe now again, tribe suppose, call them out totally debunked, even by left, leaning outlets and fair. Book, he never called the corona virus out. Hemingway goes on the troubles in trouble, recalled the corona virus a hoax. This is an You written misleading distortion of what he has said created in power, created by a major media outlets CNN and see it. I won't stop repeating it. Why me why I am sure. No one takes them seriously. Why would they stop repeating it Brian stout? Works there, how do you take them seriously? The dumbest guy, a media, always member our charge? Number one number: two, Todd always creeping on that number. One position across that maybe number The bronze is always upper, so we set for debate like use that raise one stealth are always finishes ahead. Chuck Todd right behind them,
you never know it gives punched up back joy, rhegium costs than others, it's tough twice over hesitant to award the bread number three position. Stout, there's always Thou, misguided CNN hires. They're, not a serious news, avid even Sunday. After this trump called Corona virus hope has been thoroughly discredit six different ways from Sunday, the bump, by every serious person they still run it. It's not a serious news outlets doesn't in there. Washed and examined by Beckett Adams. Nbc news is actually printing up ads based on full Chinese pro they're, gonna, again up in the shown us today. And we see no spreads chinese communist propaganda amid corona virus outbreak not kidding folks, not a joke from Beckett Adams. Peace NBC, lose published in up an opinion. Pieces weaken titled. Folks, please hold your laugh Do this stupidity titled
Rona virus in China kept me under quality. I felt they for their than back in the United States. Is this person a moron? Yet it gets better. The Abed was written by a music professor american music. Professor was in China. Sabbatical he's not a health care professionals, crisis management, expert he's, not even a government worker history the guy who saw with the chinese government allowed him to see as a Chinese too as a tourist and shine right. I'm sure that Chinese were shown on the worst that this situation Joe right right, look we got here. These people are all cured TED, of a dead there's no they're, not dead or just a little white, but there you. I promise you the mere under there's, no, not breathing there. There. Ok, dude! I'm a guy right not bad pc knows publishes the chinese propaganda dude. Listen, I'm again my deep sympathy we
to do this? But this show is committed to getting you the truth in a time of crisis? I'm sorry, if you believe me, you know most union believe any of us, but some people, all the time, did the bunkers Trump CALL Corona hawks fake. I felt safer in China totally fake news here's a clip by Tucker Carson S, and I welcome that who is not falling prey to the chinese propaganda. All this is a virus. That originated in China. It is its in these corona virus. That is what it is. I'm not gonna be subjected, pressure by any foreign government to alter my show content if it originally it in somewhere in flight. They can call at the South Florida virus. If didn't it originated in China like smiled near West Nile Ebola. Near the APOLLO River, they Bala Zaire near these are your portion of the APOLLO River. That's how we name a lot of these things. Here's Tucker Carson, say a math, madam. I shall check this out
The krona virus is a chinese virus, the matter what they're telling you it originated in China was able to spread to the rest of the world because the chinese government's hid. The true of what was happening early in the outbreak from the rest of the world. They lied about it and that caused the terrible consequences for watching now. If virus causes a global recession. You can blame China for that again, they'll tell you and see- and that's not true, you know perfectly well. It is true and sort of they now. The government of China's protein conspiracy theories spreading social media. The lie that the virus originated in here in Amerika and state propaganda and tried his musing about cutting off drugs exe so this country and killing Americans, that's not the behaviour of a friendly nation. It's the behaviour of a deal adversary, so was Congress ready to treat China like what is Europe? That's right.
You wanna, be a sucker, the liberals this and has shown you want to promote all the while virus has racist. You go right ahead and be a sucker that moving on we're fake news, maybe heard the story this weekend. Folks, this is in the past few days show you again why the fake news is the fake routes I've heard the story propagated by if this media that Trump, the dastardly president tribe Joe, he found a vaccine and he wanted to buy only for the United States and no one else in the world they want, and I'm gonna die just us headline bright bar writers, They'll fetid stood the bunch story claiming troops. A monopoly uncovered nineteen accuracy
See the story: disregard Reuters, Tromp wants a monopoly. He told this company only sell it to us You notice they stealth edited the story out. Let me show you what happened first, some entrepreneurial news outlets that actually do news. Unlike fake news, Reuters, actually called up this company that put out this tweet. The company at allegedly was called about a monopoly, only sell it to Us Act, back Agee terms. Clear again, on, corona cure back, has not received from the U S, government or related entities and offer before during and since the sports meeting in the White House on more second cure vat region. All our nations from the press again more obvious fake news, which the that Poland and other Joe that's not the way. The worst part of.
They were used to the vagueness new hard member, the pond general, if there was ever a time for the bog Juno rule twenty four seventy two hours. Let us story fester before you tweeted. Because it will almost always breed above if it reflects poorly on Trump, almost always not all the time, but almost over you followed by Jean a rude and fall prey to this one so general by I think he's from the wash your journal, I'm not sure, but he put out a tweet pointing out the writers stealth no itself that its are when you edit and article, but you don't put in editors, note like hey. We change this, usually because you found egg on your face check out this tree from general buyer. Hey that articles change by Reuters, but without any kind of editors, no notice what they took out quote content. Goodbye Reuters spokeswoman for the german Health Ministry said we confirm the report and why damn suntan while they deleted that. Where'd you deleted. Not let anybody know. Did you just
That operators, that quote obvious The story wasn't confirm, can a weird here we have here: it is to end fake news. All over political aspect knows You are figures you not calling herself a is fake news. Oh it's worse again. But you know that com are resident fact checker in the bunker of Liberal, Miss Mapp, Colombo, New York Times report just can't, stop lying out, if that's, not the most obvious headline of all time. I don't know what it is, but I guess Matt ran out of things to write about the New York Times, so he just repeated the obvious. What happened here?
Another story that came out it was retreated by and treated by. I think up to five to ten New York Times, reporters saying President Tromp Joe. This is bad. Not only try to get a monopoly on a vaccine, fake news story, but this new fake news story is told this aids in the governors on a conference call hey those respirators. We need go out and get him yourself. Jobs. Can I help you at all going Ganem. So let's go to mats peace be up at the shown its worth your time. The New York Times repeated this. Here. You go call New York Times reporter Julie, Bozeman, fake news, artists treated out of court from a new article of theirs, claiming their president Trump told the governors during a conference call their quote: respirators ventilators all the equipment. Try again. It yourselves attempting.
Trade, trumpets saying that he told the governors that they'll be fighting the war on Corona virus pandemic along pajama calling it will welcome. I like that they now that court is accurate. What really? But what happened after that sentence kind, it's a little context, but they can't put an air quote formats piece. Of course, that's out the full quote: cassettes but the media does actual journalism only when the quotas caught the exact way, but Did they give you the impression Trump told the governors to go pound San? What are you actually said, which is in the article nodded their tweets, because the tweets are we going to do the damage. China was actually opposite, Joe. Here's the rest of tribes statement rest raiders ventilators. All that equipment, try get you yourselves! Here's the rest! We we'll be back in you, but try getting it yours
point of sales are much better and much more direct. If you can get it yourself, wow I'm kind of different religions, quote Trump gave the double barrel middle finger to the nations governors. We will be How can you isn't it? Sense, job yeah, we're back you if you can't get them, but it's probably quicker. If you can get him yourselves, I'm left scratching my head with the gamble here, going. What's that, conspiracy. Here I don't know Then you want big, Daddy federal government to do everything, even if the states are fully capable of speeding the process and doing it themselves all hands on deck. Do you know not not according to Julie Boy, has also retreated by marriage. Gave member merit gay, the lady Sweet who said that might Bloomberg spent an hour money to give each American a million dollars, because your basic math on a piece of paper fake. God for the news right now, Joe
the news is fit to print when you gave cause fake lose because you are Almost nothing you say is true person, you I'm a fool. Total one or two percent advocate for the free press, I'm not suggesting any Measures here at all, but you have the freedom to be so and you take us up any offer every single time, you're just liars and we're going to expose you here's one more. This is the best one. This festered. Even if you followed the bond GINO rule no deciding for this story because I I knew what was fake but even side of the Bonn, GINO Rule window of twenty forty. Two hours, this thing festered for a week and I was waiting for some did the bunker, because I knew it was false, but I didn't have the deeds.
Do you hear this? One has been festering for we ve now trompe so stupid. He disbanded than the Security Council's pandemic taskforce. Oh my god he did this Is it up in the well give the washed imposed any credit by the wayside wash. It was an opposite. Their news division by a guy was actually there Joe TIM Morrison who says no the White House didn't die. Of its pandemic response office. I was there now again Have you repeated this? I don't blame you because it took a week to get rid of this one. The Bonn Gina Wait: twenty four to seventy two hours, not seven days now we have the true. What does TIM Morrison right? Well, they didn't disband anything. What they did at the Vienna see with the National Security Council, was to create the counter proliferation and Bio Defence Directorate, which was the result.
Consolidating three different directorate into one, given the Abbe overlap between armed can arms control, proliferation, WMD terrorism and global health and bio defence. It is this reorganization, their critics have misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented. I think it's, the latter. If, thing. The combined directorate were stronger because related expertise could be coming home again. Another A canoe story story entirely, discredited that is being propagated ever where I cable news trumped disbanded the pandemic passport, he displayed anything You idiots he consolidated to a larger, more efficient unit. Many take Bryanston there's more further, the guy who is actually there still
where is sluggish and is at its height cocoa right now, sending out to still be newsletter everyday traffic, perfect, the proliferation of part time I thought I shot up more people are so stupid. Any a job where the conspiracy theories, but with a sort of spray a watch fox, lose God forbid. You listed a right wing, lunatics idea budget yet got her bed, you re God forbid. Let us and get the actual truth. What did I tell you in any this? That's false, I just gave you could from the vaccine company saying your stories false media people, I just gave you actual fact, checks and quote some trouble. He did not call it a hoax. You made that up what else tourists in China you publish it up at who, as is the no way a professional has no idea. What's going on in China at all, you probably set up at the respirators quote fake I gave you, the real quote or its caught to make it look fake. My
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as an interesting up at I'm, showing that you're just basing their future and your problem What what's gonna has all we know. No one can predict that, obviously, on what, and the past, which is how we do things. It's how you know everything from black shoals when you do in financial analysis and price options that thinks it's all a finance works. You only based on what you know when the only thing you know is already happened in the past. If we base add on the market, the markets will recover or there is a high probability interesting article up and like to just hit quick investors. Keep your eye in the long run. Markets always come back for major disruptions, or it may take a while. I'm not gonna go to the screen. China, peace and we put up at the bottom line, is its after nine eleven after the financial crisis after the October crisis, back in one eighteen, eighty, seven, even after the great depression after the spanish flu, the markets always recovery in the long run. Some of us don't have the long run. I get it. I M not suggesting what's happening now is not a crime,
is because it is especially is financially speaking, but I address this early in the show. I said I'd hid it later. Ladies and gentlemen, we frequently see in acute crises like this v shape, recoveries, which could happen here. Vitiate may we had a bar not you shaved, where we go down and lags for awhile and comes up with acute crises like this, we frequently cv shape recoveries ban. We hit the boom we go back, I could add, may may not, but why is that? I want to re redress the point I brought up early in the show folks. Not all economic activity stops and assist delayed. A lot of it does. You know see a movie. That's out now, you're, probably not going to see a month from now on all when, hopefully, when all this we can get through this you're, not gonna eat twice in a restaurant to make up for lost visit you're. Not
The paper towels you didn't use for your concern. Conservatism, you're, not gonna, use extra just to throw them out later on, but stuff does continue. You do have to eat. You have have to get around lot of. People have to and you are going up if you needed a new car, because your car right now is failing and you're not buying it now you're probably going to buy a month or so, but I'm suggesting when this rebounds the potential is, it's gonna rebound dramatically. Because our economic activities being compressed into within a timeline echo activity that we spaced out over a month. That's now been shut down is all going to be launched into when that recovery starts again. Not your financial visor adhere to lecture anybody. Just telling you long run. We base our decisions on the only thing we know the past and the past dictator. We will recover from this and there will be a review
don't be caught on the other side of it. I'm just a quick note there, some whisper. Now come out today about a relief age, eight hundred and fifty billion dollars, supposedly Stephen since idea some good stuff. I think this payroll although this is not a solution for long term investment, they want to dump the payroll tax. We need. You get a rays of between six and ten percent businesses it also get a get some money in their pockets to because you wouldn't have to pay. You know Medicare fighter Social security. We will have to pay them. This is a solution for long term economic growth. Now it's not is it a solution for immediate liquidity, so people can see their jobs? Yes and it's definitely worth entertaining. Matthew under fifty billion. A small business loans again might be a really. Idea right now. We need to keep people employed, no question about it. What
like again, if there's a proposal for fifty eight billion in bailouts, not a good idea. Folks, it's just not a good idea. It's not going to look fair to Americans. If we bail out one industry and not the other bad idea, the other stuff, pretty good could work quick, never tramper update. We forgot this guy yesterday, we should always included, but David from that debated that political and humiliated on the stage when you started baby about spying did piano the attend these after the Trump Tower meeting was embarrassed and horrified pizza. After some intellectual superior to the rest of us, our great on washed out there, David from never tramper treated this jam out today, he says nobody calls the nineteen nineteen nineteen twenty pandemic, the spanish flu anymore because we are soft on the inquisition. It's just not useful way to name a disease that was yesterday. Let's go back to the act. We're thirty first, twenty, sixteen David from Account tweet a great
war debilitated. He fell victim to the spanish flu, not yet they're nice. Again, one of the dumbest guys immediate ladys German. I debated this guy political. He was clueless He was so embarrassed that would he thought to be a grunt blockade secret service agent. Like me, just humiliated another stage. He was sweating begging the moderator for help here, so that interview tromp, Tower Gas Job dog June. That was so awful. What he did I sit here. They attend these. He had no, de, I didn't even know please adopt, but he forgot entreated about the spanish Where was just telling us all not to call it the Spanish will everybody calls the spanish flu out of me again. British get to amazing need speed up the stories. Look at you our I like last story day, we had an amazing read the might flame disgrace and used by Say MIKE. When I mean what's happening to Michael Lieutenant General Might Flynn,
now, officially political brought prisoner the judicial system? Listen, he deserves a part just do it now, just do it now! Mr President, if you watch my shower, anybody close you does. Please I'm begging you, please pardon this man. This is an embarrassment. It is a total disgrace. How many hats of Catherine Herridge Great reporter from CBS. This is a screenshot from her twitter feed and her highlights to be given appropriate hat, tip and credit here. So the judge is Judge Sullivan. In my lens case his excellent lawyer, Michael in Sydney powers like hey, listen, you know you accuse MIKE Flint of lying to the FBI, but the interview you accused him Why do the FBI angel there's a three hour to? where's FBI notes from remunerated com. Three o Juliet's, the numerical designation for the summary form. Is that kind of an airport
no joke. I accuse you of lying to me, I'm taking notes about your lives, then, all of a sudden, my notes just got a pretty good job cause, I don't know what happened. Kind of wages disappeared again the jungle dreams. You was terribly unconcerned about the action, interview, notes alleging MIKE what I'd when the f. I told you coming Dickie light. They seem to have just been lost, but don't worry job. The judge said: don't worry at all, just put your fears at ease. Can you calm down, and here said the judge said Joe? Don't worry things happen things happen, though, if you don't believe me again had to Catherine Heritage. Scarcer are highlighted, handwritten notes from the judicial proceedings, the judge, the government has spoken about the FBI, I'm sure they will address it. I don't want focus on any other cases before the court, but you know sometimes do out the best efforts. Notwithstanding
best efforts of everyone things happen Joe arguments are lost. If this happens so popular way. Further governments, submission judged, don't worry about it. You know whereby method worry about it. All things happened. Body things happen So, just to be clear, my point is accused of lying to the FBI, Joe P Aga peach stroke. Interview him go back and tell Jim call me, we don't think he was being deceptive and the notes that disappear. The judge like and Brow Julia, unlike Bill in TED from actual Billy, heads or even better beavis about it from the Missus Bardell shows member may what Mr Andersson, guy catches amended trailer screwing around all the time that was,
There was other kids. Don't worry. Fbi was other kids, you lost it. Things happen, Mr President, pardon this guy. This is a joke and a bad one. Please I'm begging you this will do zere. I listened and unfortunately politics is everything I get- that I'm not naive to that. I assure you this will do no damage whatsoever to you, your administration, the left, this lunatics and fake news. It was a lose their. My oh, my gosh, by when we shut when crucified, because they don't know anything about the case in the role morons, police state, tyrants. Anyway, the serious people who actually vote well. I understand that this was just that's your pardon. This is a joke. This is it total disgrace at this point. We just lost your things happen. Here's another German, the show knows by John Solomon, about the flint case
apparently Sally Yeats, another liar member, the justice official. We have some went away. I was targeting Flint Well letters surfers surface Joe wow My dear J official celebrates privately told Mahler. They were alarmed by the FBI treatment of when this letter surface through a few bullet points in their about the flint case. That was right, by the special council about their interview with the OJ. You ve tracked me in a discovery, pursuit or special council wrote a letter about an interview they can with the OJ about what they were doing for fleet and look at these little gems that were uncovered mothers. Team apparently accepted, when's guilty plea on line, even though just told the OJ, they taught the former general was not lie and simply out of forty memory. She that's import, no yeah the OJ. Officials also believe that, if the threat, the F b I was using to prosecute Flynn
an obscure Llanos. Its Logan at was quote. A stretch seems like a pretty major detail where you say No that's not it! No! No! No! When was more by the FBI into a faithful interview with agents believing he was not legal jeopardy which caused it to seek a lawyer sounds kind of two. Well, let's go to the last little nugget somebody Theo Jays official assessments to the Mahler team were backed up by former deputy director Andrew Mackay wholly smokes. Meanwhile, Sally AIDS, one on CNN in May, of course, Seventeen and said quote this could be. Compromise situation. Meaning Flynn may be compromised by the Russians, iris
Please, Mr President, pardon this man. This is an embarrassment and national cosmic level, embarrassment of the highest order. We not stop covering these stories. Folks, serious situation going on we're going to get you information, so you can appropriately risk and and cost cost cost and risk analysis for you, but we're going to cover what else is going on too cuz, I'm not going to let these stories go away. Things happen, things do happen. Crappy just That's what happened here, nice for tuna and police in charge. My Youtube Youtube Youtube com slashed by GINO, where three hundred eighty four thousand trying to get the four hundred by hopefully by the end of the month wash down subscribers Youtube, is free to subscribe, to check out the video. The show we really appreciate your son,
with their thanks. A lot I'll see, watermark you just ten VON Gino. She followed then on twitter, twenty four seven at DE bone, GINO.
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