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The Purge Begins (Ep 1107)

2019-11-11 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the stunning developments over the weekend regarding an effort by tech giants to suppress conservative content. I also address the latest sleazy tactic by Adam Schiff to destroy any effort by the President to defend himself. I address the latest ridiculous AOC talking point, which has been picked up by the Democrat candidates for POTUS. Finally, I have two big upcoming announcements. News Picks:The Pravda Tech-Overlords are busy censoring conversations about the whistleblower


This liberal “fact-checking” site was caught lying, again. 


The alleged “whistleblower’s” lawyer admits his real motive. 


Adam Schiff continues his Soviet-style inquisition by refusing the GOP’s request to defend the President.


Stunning testimony about Christopher Steele’s credibility has surfaced. 


The Trump economy is experiencing a middle-class boom, despite liberal lies about it


No, we’re not ALL working two jobs to pay the rent. This is a dopey liberal talking point. Here’s the truth.


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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean a vague heartfelt thank you to all of our veterans out there are those who have put their personal safety on the line to protect our freedom and liberty united states of america on this veteran stay a sincere heartfelt thank you very much welcomed the dan bongino gino show producers oh i am absolutely sure you feel the same way there is no doubt about the old exactly the same way had my whole found we ve been through this continues today so thank you all so very very much from the bottom of my heart and from everybody here the bonino shown sure yeah annual endanger call joseph me asking them again get good good see i've been oh i've been a busy weaken folks i've got a couple of actual say a quick story before we get started with the shell but i'm here on this monday to
what did i do want to like oversell anything but i have two huge announcements coming why huge you're hugest than the other one but both pretty big so police they too in the rest of the week i am what i like oversell it but i can't say anything yet i just want you to be prepared for some big announcements come in this week from and you show don't miss out my let's right to it today show today show national budgets by bodies at my patriot supply ladies and gentlemen you in short everything in your life that matters think about right health matters right you have health insurance your house matter therefore he would sure you're all your car new vehicles matter you would sure you're vehicles right you ensure the teeth people have eyeglass ensures insurance how can you not have food insurance here the reality here emergency strike without warning lectures he goes out you have hurricanes of financial crashes you have god for
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no no it's coming used today to prepare be smart about it go to prepare within that context prepare within that common save seventy dollars today pick up a couple a two week emergency food kids all right let's go so you don't my prior line of work i was graciously graced with the presence of summit finest men and women in the military have ever been around i was a secret service agent i was not in the military lost uncle heroically in vietnam many firefight who was shot trying to save his friends and it's always had a deep impact on my life in the life of others it really is seated by respect for them to serve the utmost respect there's a ceiling on that that just goes on and on forever but what are they a quick story that really hit home for me i was up in maryland this weekend with a friend that i told this you know what i was led age with the secret service i die coordinated the trip present obama took the bog remember base in afghanistan and
when you're the lead agent you have to go out inside and and and check out everything you do obviously about a week or two of advance work and this was a particularly complicated trip because you're in an act of war zone obviously and one of the things president obama was going to do on this trip was he was going to go into this medical facility on the base and he was going to give purple hearts others who had been injured i may just been george i'm out near lifetime but these are people who had worse still in a medical facility because of injuries sustained and relic in combat but i did ad was a portion game day when president obama was in town where they are one of the military officers came up to me who was in the mill aid who is involved in the trip this guy he was an eighty seal he was the navy melted and he said dan we're going to go over to this jim facility after within it wasn't really part of the initial walk through where they although you know i was just kind of a surprise a the trip and heard about so i
said you're my city no mad but what why we go over there is i go inside and and you'll see keep a mine brezil opposite an extreme really minutes we haven't seen any of this see the base i've been there for a week but i hadn't seen what we were walking into so again and they were forgive me if i get the exact number wrong folks it's been a long time and i as i promise you this is added by get the number wrong gimme you'll see what i mean in a second so i walked in this jim area and there are these rough he twenty soldiers or so and they have the officer who had led these soldiers and i was still confused and i said and i wasn't try be rude i was really just trying to figure out what we were doing there so i could explain to the president and i was talking to the officer charge and i said surges forgive me first but what are we doing in the jim with you all with and he said well there's this twenty of us and i said yeah i could see that
he said there were twenty four of us last night air and our tire i never ever forgot that again forgive me if i get the exact number wrong i am pretty half witted that's exactly what i was just devastating to me told me the story about how they had been with an afghan a soldier and one of the soldiers turn bad on them a mind of shooting i mean he's either two or four guys such an emotional moment i i i couldn't believe it and i thought to myself veterans day stay in some for you to think about two it is that ever happen in your line of work i mean try to discredit when aid but he doesn't including myself in that i dont show up to work this is what a four five percent operation depending on what i mean given day we have contractors and stuff that work with us
we don't go to work and assume you know whatever a tenth or a fifth of our workforce will be killed in the line of duty soldiers do that so thanks you got titanium spines need deserve every answer respect those veterans are moving on i've got don t get it today a big bab really stacked veterans day shall wishes lie by the way we live today on monday were not there we can take this over the weekend rating just borrow a little bit of out of a lighter note on what can be asylum day when you think people for their service president shrub this guy just correct me if it's a very very short video by this was here last how to put this out there because this guy i mean the troll level on this guy is just intergalactic cosmic this is i got thought oh so small from the edges of the media he comes out onto the south one is get ready to jump on marine one
goes over shakes his hands with some people they do these south ground departures like secret service staff bring their family and you see in it there to the left when you come out of it diplomatic reception room and the press is always to the right so as an trappers made a habit of talking through the press after he goes over and shake some hands on the left were hearts you at these sectors when he comes out of breath others were again troll have all cosmic intergalactic platinum check this out cricket guy dave you sent me the cricket he's me a sound machine to which could cause a lot of trouble don't hear here's the round of applause this bag you cricket bed they very buddy i love it a good way to start up again i don't want to depression
rather i just want to make sure we recognise our beds by president trap is a guy cracks me have some effect is let's go you just tell me baby boy i'm sorry folks the first were kind of like tiers of ain't anxiety stress about that story and tears of joy i have over trouble just cracks bia so map alibis a great piece of gaining a lot to get to other whistleblower and other stuff do for those you follow my twitter over the weekend and how the problem overlords on these social media intact giants have been actively try suppress our car that you made one of our shows is missing story here are resident fact check at a website mad colombo did a great piece on these check or at a website mad colombo did a great piece on these fact jacket tat are trying to influence the twenty twenty election because their fake fact chequered political fact which has been subject in my eye are frequently because if they d poses a fact echo when it's just a left wing opinion site so this
but the show us today and i put my website map pull up a political fact we his caught lying again i don't know it's better than i can ever green topic on the shaggy was this piece is worth your time because its policy act again trying to run if interference for one of the most far left radical left wing proposals because i think they're sensing that america's starting to look at this twenty twenty fiona go oh my god what are we got here ninety percent tax rates open borders health care for illegals this is crazy so political fact is trying to run interference to get you to believe that your eyes are lying to you so genesis of this is is this political factory that matters it is peace again my newsletter on my website in the said democratic presidential candidates these articles giving illegal immigrants quote healthcare trump our said politically we rated that mostly false now a florida geo be later made a similar that mostly false bower florida
ethiopia leader made a similar statement it still mostly fault it is so as well what's in the pieces video joe was kind enough to cut for us here video evidence you know evidence facts they don't know liberals you don't want to do that staff member poet of acts doing jobs there said saying that the far left large of the democratic candidates are ruining their chances to beat up so polyte effects trying to tell you what you actually heard you didn't hear hear the video of there being asked if we legal immigrants should get free taxpayer healthcare and watch all of these candidates raise their hands but don't worry put a fact told you this was all false check this up raise your hand to cover if your government plan would provide coverage for and documented immigrants ok folks did you not did you catch that everything oh candidate on on the podium podium during the debate raised her hand did you miss it the poet except we rely we're just making that up but that statement is what we did mostly for you
there's still what they're doing right they're trying to take the edge off the bernie sanders wing of the party who are leading in this debate to get there emanation for twenty twenty because they know after the debate the primary he's over that centres never going to vote for these lunatics now matt twenty thousand up in peace with a list of statements made by other candidates in the field who have also supported free which means taxpayer for good health care for people who are not in the country legally check this out he's a core from joe biden people who are sick no matter where they come from no matter what their status is go uncover ok corey booker you cannot let people who are sick no matter where they come from nowhere what their status go uncover people to judge document that immigrants should be able to buy coverage through the public option hooligan castro i support bring undocumented immigrants bernie sanders my plan cover all u s residence elizabeth warren
come a couple hours kirsty gilbert cosponsor sandridge medicare furl bill which would give free healthcare for illegal folks i'm only what stressing this point because you are actively being lied you by the left wing media who is sensing this far left large is dismantling chance they have a beating trumpet twenty twenty they are running their fears by actively propagandizing you under the guise of it being a legitimate nonpartisan fact check it is not political is a left wing hack site that sole purpose is to discredit the geo p and bolster the chances of democrats want to start with that today because it so much going out with a whistle blowers other surviving want to forget what's going on twenty really matters you ok moving on so here is i'll another just jim mad uncovered this as well the whistle blower his attorney mark zayd didn't appearance
edward joe and i know well w b a ballot was a former competitor to jos old station w c p m were used to working in baltimore used the guest house there i know the guy doing this interview brian name and i know well nice guy he's the live in the neighborhood i lived in in maryland this an interview with the way so blower airports break with the boys out a real listerine blow the whistle on anything right those you so my appearance reject janine this week in the present trump retreated i laid waste there is no whistleblowing blood which lie here is the eyes attorney mark z on an interview a while ago before this is about over two years ago this is day the whistleblowers attorney promoted conspiracy theory about trump and all already anticipating a democrat house take over what they were going to do after was showing you this guy's intentions were now legal remedies for a whistle blower this guy's intention
for it to be a hard partisan and remove trump no matter what i showed you some of his tweets last week there coup is started such as such rama queens by the weight so ridiculous i get over here please do not living in a movie but why listen listen if you had the map columbo with another great peace by having shown us where this color whole clip is in there this is him the attorney promoting a conspiracy theory about chump check trump check this out but we find out that i have a feeling the democrats taking the house this is only one of us key things on their list of their mother may already noticed who did donald trump junior call the the block number on the day of the term tower meeting in june twenty sixteen in meeting with the russians there's a call what they number and they have denied that it was then candidate donald trump now with the house switching
the dams will have subpoena power and we will soon find out who that block number was an that may open the door now don't worry folks this is just a non partisan attorney look in a blow the whistle for in the sense of open government transparency and better government marmee do you believe are you a sucker you actually but this is the guy on my brain even for w b ale over two years ago already say wrong we may find when the house takes over and i takes over well i've moribund would get to the bottom is that call trump tromp junior made the block number has been debunked sixty two four ways from sun it was not to his dad that was a conspiracy theory it always was this guy is a conspiracy theory promoting woman who is already put out tweets always but got this guy it is a hard left partisan under the guise of a legal attorney protecting government transparency who is sick
we in this to attack donald trump that's it he's it can piracy theory promoter he had already at this plan i have no doubt to me soon effort using adam schiff and hard left partisans on the in the house and in the committees planet already been hatch before they even one the house back i want put that out there so you're not into the illusion anything that happens is in the interests of the american people and fair and open government don't be a soccer please now before i get to the next hour sweating four seconds possible this stories important shift who now as you see mark the whistle blower fake whistleblowers attorney already had these ideas we take over overhears we're going to do shivers already continued eddies
continuing now he's soviet style acquisition of the president which is charged to a total embarrassment and finally the ruling is in fact finally some republicans with some go holidays are stepping up in fighting back i'll get that a second don't go anywhere i supported by bodies that lending club when they club ladies then go to the club lending club that calm slashed in check your rate in minutes at lending club listen for decades credit cards and telling us by i'll pay later with interest despite your best intentions that interests can get attic troll fast you know how that works with lending club consolidate your debt or pay of credit cards with one its monthly payments this is so easy to do since two thousand seven when they club help millions of people regain control of their finances with affordable fixed rate personal lawns no trips to a bag why interest credit card just gonna lending club dot com slash dan tell him about yourself tell mama
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i await the rabbits punjab around and have for a few minutes i can you please try to hide the rabbit who submits so here's a priest worst examining the showed anywhere you time so the republicans final fighting back you devon newness and others have i was they list of witnesses like you would in any kind of a fair trial joe in defence of the present right now so here is an article by shoes of reaching the washing senatorship signals people reject geo pete sham witness request sham witnesses ship is produced thing but sham witnesses every witness he has brought up i told the story that is not there's not a at all with what we ve been told follow me here folks and this is important ok shift has alleged this eyeing sleaze ball has repeatedly as one who had evidence of russian collusion he had none he was a liar discrediting conspiracy theories now he's allege they have evidence of some illicit deal trot made on a phone call with the ukrainians they wanted a he's in trouble
what evidence against hunter biden in exchange for military deal is not in the phone call we have the transcript knucklehead please liberals read the tragic what you said is not true so he keeps parading this list of witnesses the capitol hill and leaking their testimony and the witnesses parading have not said what she has said they said bill taylor while i was the charging nutrient again i would have to go this gives its critical you understand it this is if sweetness list the number two when you create shower bill tailor the charge eighty affairs under the ambassador tell her do you know about the quid pro quo profile no i what about a guy word about it from a guy who heard a i told another guy that is literally what he set for handy hard heard that there may have been a quid pro quo to fight despite the ukraine is denying the quid pro quo the administration that i get and the transcript than i through its lot bigger than they pray
gordon some of the ambassador to the eu for the united states who says he presume there may have been a quid pro quo but when you talk to the president on the phone is literally what he said and he s the president about it the president told him quote i want nothing from you quaint ukraine i thought it was a quid pro quo so what this for nothing quit propose this for that not this for nothing i speak latin fluently but i know quid pro quo what is latin for nothing i could say a spanish not of course pro nada there was indeed that's what he told them and someone subsequently tax bill taylor and says bill the president crystal clear no quid pro quo then right up colonel women who were not supposed to he was in the military they which colonel acknowledged we on the call they said colonel there is a kind of colonel there is a transcript here the call which women acknowledged was an accurate
script by the way that's always left out because the left wingers are not people my folks these are its witnesses colonel can you point where this illicit quid pro quo happened in this transcript apparently took him minutes to read through it and he said no i can't why because it didn't happen these are shifts witnesses so now the soviet style and by the way i'm so you know jonah goldberg in our own national view online i dont like jonas work i do i am that may you may not like jonah i know he's not a huge fan of the president's five i like jonas can i always have i can i dont have to agree with people enemy but joan is for it's on twitter and he said against us a me people we'll talk all its soviet style again i respect demands work is that some great but that's
it is obvious that they have a list of witnesses they kid think can establish devon newness and others the republicans what a legitimate defence of the president secondly they can establish the fact joe important that this may be ongoing collusion effort between people within the eu mc side of the field and foreign governments this whole crane gate scandal lie to disrupt the presidency that's a fair to france is it not yeah yeah i mean how is this not soviet style at this point i must say that i am not going to pick fight should be what really i think this we get too much into this republic on republic in violation of distraction when i so one of the streets because i follow mr eddies it while we i wouldn't describe in detail i would per i that's exactly what it is now
a nunez put out this letter which i saw this weekend here is by the way right really really nice job again by come renewed as holding their feet to the fire here's the witness adam she calls a sham he is he's the sham while guy adam shares employed there's war is a threat to share my guy here's the witness list letter check out some of these names devon archer who is devon archer devon archer was one of our hunter biden supposed business partners and associates is sitting on purisma archer also some connections with john kerry requested meetings with john kerry when he was the secretary of state ladies gentlemen kind of course go and understanding the nature and extent as they say of ukraine's pervasive corruption information that impacts on president trumps long standing and deep he scepticism of the country now get that hunter by that's an obvious one
you said that this was all about hundred biden a quid pro quo give us information about hundred by new work if you military far i let's hear from honour what is hunter know why they want information on honour by maybe something was going on there folks look at this one witness number three check this baby do not referring to alexander tube as baby by the way that would be ridiculous i'm just saying as i use that term often alexandra cello performer former dnc ceased what's her role in this this could be devastating shall opa who as a let's say interest in making this story go away why when she have that while as we document extensively in my first and second book on this topic spy gave exonerated alex churchill loop of was the main figure in a democrat operate
its operations used to work at the dnc she is a democrat as we know obviously to get in for me seen from ukraine about paul matter into the justice system to create an impetus for the justice this this system excuse me to start to spy on the trump team all eagerly air quotes through the pfizer courts now why is this important why they want to make this going well let's get to witness part number two first and explain the whole thing what gave a new a trying to do and why it matters to you witness he what is more these here and call for a call occurred vulgar another witness was already claimed it you know anything about a quid pro quo we kind of be important given that he was the envoy to ukraine the anonymous whistle blower let's see you that could be when they come up to testify
cost of all individuals who relied on the second hand information to promulgate this big hoax he wants them up there to fair enough a great witness list thank you congressman nunes again for fighting back or what is he really doing you hold on justice i liked it still yeah initiating noon yes translator den lerigo i dont worry forgotten i don't use it i dont like joe got sick or something or other i swear i gotta you like to go to the bathroom i what do you think you want a whole series of what you said that i want to be i abide reply for what about the new nature had noticed at its outside dead it's there right but i that we need a new day translated bag eugenio because we have to translate would nunez does because newness unlike shift leaks that is always very careful about how to get stuff them folks the picture here starting to develop about an ongoing collusion get collusion scam i'm not trying to play word game between key people in the media the democrats entail
ginger operation under john brennan and the fbi all colluding or working with each other to ensure the trump team with spied on and that the information tat was used in the media to destroy the political capital donald trump you know that's not complicated but what going on here and why new nets with this particular list people by the way now yours on that list you i'm sorry that was an important one that's got actor in here yeah sorry about that there were two ass in the ukrainian dis information effort in conjunction with the democrats in the media there were two pathways the democrats in the media doing a check to ensure maximum damage to the trump campaign so imagine a fork in the road both of those ports are equally relevant fork number one was a political operation in conjunction with the media to plant false stories about the present foreign collusion each at the time candidate trump poor man afford
dirty dealings overseas and it was an effort to damages political capital before the election for what obvious reason to ensure we lost very simply as we would state in in federal law enforcement when people were doing this the bad side they wanted a dirty someone up why do the dirty up trump through metaphor the x was the exposing of the black ledger of payments to matter for which no one has ever verified this all use as an impetus to reopening law enforcement investigation into paul metaphor who at the time was trumps campaign manager number one the fork in the road number one this collusion operation that nunez understands and is trying to expose is there was a coordinated political dnc operatives al andrew chill open others effort to work with foreign government and disseminate negative stories to the media to do extensive
it's too donald trump understood why you know you get yet fork number two both equally important was an effort to make sure that that information that they knew was political solution was a form the sea operative hillary clinton had aid for a lot of this information provision cheap gps and steal there was an f to launder that information clean it of its polluted origins to make it seem like legitimate non partisan intelligence law enforcement information used start a criminal investigation or a counter attack just investigation which they needed to clog up the plumbing of the trunk team it sure the fbi and all of and the others were involved so they could get access to the trump campaign information through spying you get it isn't efforts it separate the political media operation because the fbi's not done the uppermost
call me these were not good people by they call me mckibben others on the the agents site i think generally are very good but the uppermost you're involved in this they weren't stupid they were malicious but they weren't dumb they couldn't very i'll spy on the trump team and use that information and leave it to the media to damage than do the law enforcement apparatus that the political one an information they knew was political and urge so notice nunez to exist i was the political media operation that destroy trumps political capital calls up trooper hunter biden devon archer and other ok the budget whistleblower fake was blown to x both the laundering operation cleaning the origins of the information to make it reappear on the justice department fbi site
with other origins they have now you're come up genius sorry forgive me for not matching have right so important people even if there are no yours on that with this list y know yours husband now your works for fusion gps paid by hilary member they got a wander this nellie yours husband worse where is the number for official bruce or at the justice department nellie is clearly passing information tool husband she he has an fbi handler joe bianca which is making information seem like it's coming from separate sources although which all coming from the same political origins all bruce got it at the oj it's gotta be legit two operations to its political media law enforcement the oj spy both by the way leaking back into the media
to make it seem like now it serious joe the fbi's got pfizer warrants on them this must be real simplify known as it is no doubt folks known as knows exactly what he's doing exactly here the dave sounded here's the here's the carnatic on milk getting ready to explode on the battlefield when the idea report comes out of noon nunez better get as witnessed by cricket guy dave i gave out or no habit of the cricket by websites are removed and stuff all over this it inside out and a mere my door got infected member the wreckage we get people sensible so shift of course is calling them sham witness a sham while guy ship because shift fully understand what the once up once the republicans get an effort and ongoing to bring their own witnesses of an ass those questions are these people that multi pronged operation to collude with foreign governments do
pollack do the political machine the media machine a lord force an operation the united states is gonna be fully explodes exposed and it's gonna absolutely horrified public they know exactly it's gonna newness is no dopey understands exactly where this has gone i have got a lot more to get you one final sponsor today but another great company can i use my son i we were tired this week in my wife and i had a busy travel we can hopefully knock on board things calm down a little bit from this point now he'll exley folks helix has the most comfortable customize mattresses you will find at a price that is going to absolutely blow your my folks we have two helix sleep mattresses and our house we love them paul how greatly we couldn't sleep on anything else you know why he'll except as a quiz teachers to minister completed matches your body typing sleep references to you that a mattress with someone else you aside
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but is one of my shows one thousand one hundred just disappeared off you while i was there fastening no fear we will be working on plan b now we will be posting it elsewhere and it was the charlie episode now what where's the left in our our big tech overlord so terrified about me i wish charlie spying on the white house episode why what scared you about that so much facebook is now censuring the name censoring the name of the year of whistleblowers you could see mats peace facebook removing any mention of alleged whistleblowers nay fascinating in that now folks again we are being in an earth of free speech nightmare right now this is happening everywhere this
hey legitimate news story now keep in mind what i find fascinating about this are these same people on youtube and facebook can elsewhere who are removing content don't worry we'll work it on plan b because i'm livid about this their say well could create some kind of threat one we never ever ever advocate violence on the show that i mean if you listen to my show you already know that from a guy who sadly is you know some experience with policing on the street being attacked by people it's not it's nothing it's out of you oh it's at one time when it comes to that is a serious topic should be treated response we every time we don't you they're saying our the whistle blower you know he can be subjected to a more focused and that applies
anybody so we're not supposed to cover news stories that may reflect negatively on people who may be transforming their country because you have one or two lunatics out there may do so why does not apply to trump then why does that quite a mike when i mean some of the same people are on youtube left this nuts calling mike flynn decorated u s patriot lieutenant general a trader you don't think that could inspire violence but keep her mind neither mean or anyone else i know when the conservative moment is suggesting that we should rip down liberal accounts are criticised mike when i strongly agree with that criticism but show of we have call for a censoring that never never what kind of platform is this what kind of platform is is this is a legitimate news story about it
what did whistle blower who produced information that has not been verified couldn't be corroborated that is being it was to impeach the present righted stage and overturn election and these big tech giants are censoring it i've got more on this we ve got announcements come up we ve got back up plants we're not gonna be anybody sucker here ever and please if you not heard that episode with charlie spying on the white ass you can go to a pole i tunes i hard down cloud but you know com listen to it and you'll see terrified the problem overlord so much that they felt the need to pool the episode down in a book burning type episode on it this is disgraceful in a bit of good news and x and i want to try if anybody into a depression cliff
so i was up in maryland this weekend and this is one of those stories it's a little bit harbour had some other stuff coming up ahead by the way i've got a great story just completely annihilating in other stupid left this talking point bay received bernie sanders being used to pay out of propaganda you in terrible when it's not don't go anywhere it's gonna be an important aim but this were matters i started a picture this is some roxy enable mob roxy is a super patriot here i was up maryland and i had the distinct pleasure of meeting her what why does it atta why my showing this photo for those you and the youtube you wanna check out you too that conflict punch you know encourage you other shaggy may why we still using youtube folks because the message matters the vehicle can change but the message matters right still encourage you to subscribe and watch she is at all ro x y and d be you
am i d you added or twitter account and i encourage you to for everybody ready to give up in democratic terms pulse by the way and i know unless we get told you get out of new york which i did i gotta say i was even shocked when i heard the story roxy ran in it joe is very familiar with louie which has imprints georgia's carry merlin joe is that a stronghold for you jos laughing your marilla policies better minimise buoy is about ninety point six seven to live for said democrat i dont think a republic it is as the even sniff the seat and buoy in forever so roxy who by the way it happens be a black female which doesn't matter to conservatives but of course the left that's all that matters that's because their identity politics connoisseurs that's all they do she decides
to run for a seat on the buoy city council ladies and gentlemen i have to estimate our chances of winning we're probably one in a thousand well had tipp to my good friend and former campaign higher up brandon coup brandon who knows prince georgia's county well this then he was gonna help her manager campaign she won she wanted to see in a folks i'm telling you this i believe a bully ah charismatic she i mean you want to know about triple threat talks depart acts the part looks to port see it's gonna be a rising star and i just want to start to acknowledge people in the party who are really doing big things this is a republic in black fee now again does it matter at all at us matters only left who just took a seat in regrettably left leaning place in maryland prince georgia's county and what good for you roxy please
follow her on twitter i also treated about her a few times say hello to wear and give her a pat on the back she deserves its a folks fight fight where you can when you can you never know what's going to happen i had a double take on that story when i first red x i still follow marilyn politics ok i shall proxy i see you don't eat i have these stories label i have to we're sixes that i forget the six this is seven great story on me sir i love me sustained org is one of the best websites out there if you want to get real accurate economic information financial information and you want to be told the truth in plain talk about the liberal economic talking point what is technically garbage this is gonna be it the show notes today debating if i should do this right now fashion you'd want hold off second and out but you'll be seeing a lot of some of these articles somewhere soon saw missus that are alexander case you're cortez peace by ryan economic makin occasion
cars is wrong we are not working eighty our work weeks now wisest story important folks i've seen this stupid talking point creeping up now in every way see numbers as the economic data on trump the trumpet duration stay strong they're trying to fathom kate new reasons cannot back the ec to talk down the ec now why is tat folks told you in a show over a year ago that the issue that democrats we're gonna have in this election twenty twenty presidential is how many democrats voted for the trump tax cuts ciro donut none the problem they were gonna have going forward is given the trump tax cuts and the subsequent effect on economic but middle class incomes rising median income rising gdp growth far above obama administration the democrats we're going to have a problem the problem is twofold
number one they didn't support which creates an obvious problem because if the economy is growing on a policy you did not support you can't take credit for a second the democrats now know that the american people consumer confidence and elsewhere that their feeling of our economy and our consumer confidence is down a little bit to give you a fair at you know i'm not gonna do liberal talking with but it's far above you know do by country right correction wrong direction where we weren't the obama administration this problem is you can't deny the obvious people talk around the kitchen table but they don't want to see is democrat politicians on tv sounding jimmy carter blaming the american people for the more abundant com you all stake is terribly economies awful go pounds if they don't want to hear that its debbie down talk in american people don't vote for things like that they want to talk to but a positive vision for the future at the twofold problem
because people their creative ways to get around saying the eighty thinks they keep making up new talking that and one of we promulgated by do facts and others is that believe call me really isn't a good and a middle class as wages they middle class major way big maybe going up which they aren't i get that a second to but there are only going up because people are being forced to work to jobs and eighty our work which while ladies and gentlemen that would what we call we do facts and data if we believe in science and the scientific method and properly reviewing data points that were bobby what we call your way testable hypothesis now yes so but see bernie sanders elizabeth warren kamel harrison others prominent democrats have told you just to be be clear what they're putting out there and here is the here is actually a quote from a yossi in case you think i'm making this up that you're only getting but you're only better off on their trump because you're working twice as hard well here's yossi club
well here's tim ryan first was running for present he says the economic system now forces us to have two or three jobs just to get by common harris has made similar comments this is from the meat is peaceably in the shone out these claims echo statements from elizabeth worn in alexandria case your cortez in july or insisted unemployment is low because everybody has to jobs employment is law because people working sixty seventy eighty hours a week and feed their families that they mud elizabeth warrant stated people are working two or three or four jobs to pay the rent and keep food on the table again because we facts on this show unlike the imbecility comments from the left that is what we would call a testable hypothesis our people working more hours and are those people working more hours as stated by the liberals joe people who are poor ass we sat right can pay the rent that two jobs let's check that out from the peace
interesting points here they were in the mrs peace in fact in response the common house come it's the washington post yes they left leaning worst impose reported the number of working americans with more than one job is lower than the mid nineties way that can't be true i read that he'd that can possibly be true because yo see those with more just told us more of us are working to jeff here's that called from the washington post it all there other seven point eight million people hold more than one job just percent of americans with jobs that person she's been roughly steady since the great recession and in fact is lower than the mid nineties when it hovered around six percent do you understand you're being lied to the verdict is in that talking point is complete bs is a fabricated man europe why being told
impressionable idiots to make you believe that your income is going up only because you're working twice as hard when in fact the percentage of people working to jobs is down it's just not true their people working to jobs yes a lot damn it turns out but there are let now then there were before trumped got an office so you're talking point that the trump economies growth is due to more people working to jobs is ok now there's another part of that there were two parts of that number one you're all working to jobs you're not and the second one joe is that it's the poor who can pay the rent without working you just that's testable too who works more hours the poor or the wealthy now there's another part of that there were two parts of that number on your all working through jobs you're not less people are and the second one joe is that
the poor who can pay the rent without working you just that's testable too who works more hours the poor or the wealthy accord liberal talking point is definitely the poor who from the peace thank god for the hammer here the gap is seriously about a carpenter either from the meat is peace also it cannot just be assumed that people work only more hours because they risk hunger innovation from their homes by the way as stated by the left after all there is going body of research showing at its high income workers who are more prone to working longer hours folks again this this data i know this bothers you on the left but let's just read from the data for example
according to one study the authors found their quote between nineteen seventy nine and two thousand and two the frequency of long working hours increase by fourteen four point four percentage points among them top quintal of wage earners but fell by sea point seven percentage points in the lowest kinda you know i get it you know and the left you not debray pushing me i'd say that evokes it's true your really dumb or you're just lying not what you're saying is true the percent your people working you jobs is down and two percent your people who are wealthy working more hours the percentages is gone up while the prison of ours people working in the lower cuentos gone down don't let get in the way of your stupid argument and i know liberals who was in the shop because i get really nasty hate mail from them
i know none of this will dissuade you from lying i know about because you're you're so locked in i say on this issue was false of golden calf worshipping middle ass incomes are up gdp growth is up is it up dramatically no i wish it was up more than national debt is up is up it doesn't matter that is your republican set it or republican and why we need to fix it that didn't change when trump became president for me that is a now with the a problem obama and problem under bush liberal we'll never tell you the truth they will lie to you constantly i will why do you want the shell and have warned you repeatedly we don't clean up this debt situation we can be looking out of recession do regardless of the tax so the regulatory reform hope principles things it matter things that are true
unfortunate liberals are losing out by the day is another piece by opposite excellent one kind of hitting on appeal i told you about census beer data last week's even more fox fox news that come work your time what's the other liberal when a middle class incomes aren't going up some lunatic like posted on my facebook than i was lying about this i figured let me address it against even more chop economy is really experiencing a middle class pool the data doesn't like a guy some crazy guy seriously is like a maniac was posting wildly in my facebook you're lying middle class incomes are not folks the data comes from the census bureau it's there from its own data it's not that i'm lying or not lying i'm just regurgitating to you the government's own data it's not my fault europe liberal with a letter adam antium covered skull who can't read from stephen moors peace
because he's being attacked you now for writing a report on the senses we our data here's a chart me being a household income gains underbrush hundred one dollars not very good under about thousand forty three dollars median household income gates metaphors middle class income growth over their terms obama eight years thousand forty three dollars engage trump it three years five cousin two and forty dollars so now what happens the media are now a gauge squares more says is peace and care painted discredit this news on family incomes left wing pundits havoc drop of ex of using phony numbers it's the census bureau you dobbs the washington post region ran a piece of metal here's how donald trump inflated his economic record folks it senses bureau
now look at the attack on stephen more who again is simply regurgitating the numbers i was telling you about an friday from this senseless bureau not an outlet of wing talking head pundits they it trump numbers of having originate in a pair of colleagues from the heritage foundation stephen more who whose research from a private firm called sent the air research more says yeah ok stop right there is the data came from cynthia research a private firm but what's not mention them i supposed article is that the data comes from the census bureaus covered population survey which is the gold standard of economic data again folks don't let that get in the way of your stupid talking points at trump manipulating or inflated it's not trumps data from the senses bureau it's not my fault obama could
grow the economy because we focused on overwhelming burdensome red tape high taxes and a ridiculously fair though care mandate that destroy private businesses that's your problem not mine was my problem when my pre my charge policy i can't stop lying to yourselves i'd almost sure have to get to it tomorrow but please folks stay tuned arms drive to my youtube channel if you don't mind you dot com slash bond gino i know what they're doing i get it but folks it helps us get them message out there in preparation for a plan b and others so please subscribe check it you'll see why in the future will make a whole lot of sense plan he's coming youtube back oddslife birgitta also gradually audio part gets an apple pie guess iheart sound cloud now well i really appreciate your time last week we did a great job and get some huge huge upcoming nourish you gonna wanna stay a tab
state you into the show the entirely i see ottawa you just ten bonn jean osier you can also get dance podcast soon i tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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