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The Questions That Must be Asked # 995 (Ep 995)

2019-06-05 | 🔗

In this episode I address the surprise development that a key Spygate figure plans to provide testimony to investigators. I also address the latest absurdities from AOC. Finally, I debunk the latest liberal nonsense about minimum wage.

 News Picks:Here are the key questions that need to be asked of Spygate conspirator Christopher Steele.

AOC continues to make embarrassingly silly statements.

The Mueller report uses creative editing to paint a false narrative.

We must never forget Tiananmen Square

Minimum wage hikes are economically disastrous. The latest research confirms this. 

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want my damaging our shellfish ajar you did i dunno it's bearing a third i got baby it's still now for those who you miss yesterday show you what it was joe knows it's wednesday worm s way with you to open up the joe didn't however yesterday no yesterday with tuesday in areas where there is democracy to enjoy so they come up here to tell him it's thursday least you'll be consistent error my dears it economics lesson in this job and this is why i didn't tell you this before the shop i wanted you to do that for a reason there is an equal makes lesson in this ok that data and research ladies and gentlemen
be valid but not reliable on their economies can be consistently wrong betty evaluation is not reliable no don't shoot me i gotta backwards reliable but not valid in other words if you get a scale that is off consistently at twenty pounds right yes it's reliable highway to thirty it'll say i wait two fifty it's just not a valid measure my way to forgive me i get that backwards but that's important she always consistently off by one day you can see is reliably wrong that's why there's unless it is you see that's the different thing about this shall we do what other people care that because we're not subjected to any kind of executive producer guidelines we do our own edit occur member liberals do this all the time they can view
its validity and reliability you can be reliably wrong all the time which liberals always are so thank you shall providing any competence we got some really big news media christopher steal the british spies started spiky shut accordingly now that the president trap is given that the classification order now he wants to talk to investigators daughter the number one stone or for those you remember that back then i'm to get to that some key questions we asked this guy and i want to call out by far joe the worst analysed in tv news and in commentary law enforcement sat there she is so but she is a success record of failure that is close to one hundred percent so i get a lot more yes good hour i shall brought some of it but you by bodies that open fit my favorite work our plan rather take it anywhere watch it on your tablet row
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three zero three zero text and b to thirty thirty thirty standard message and data supply all right let's go oh nine gabby my favorite combo right to the bottom and and split the metal right up at the upper cut that's my favor when i was boxy goya you could do really my pleasure exit out if you had it just right you forget it it is it is crickets for that guy now are you may see chick let's have a dog i'm not i'm just saying that you're boxing we're talking about sports yes without liberals here talking about street violence just to be sure we are not required doubting we are not liberals set by wegatta video about that later to which was surprised men have you been followed ice crystals agreed to be questioned the former british spy hired by hillary clinton basically to provide bogus information about the trump team which was used to spy on them you all know it is before i get it the christopher steel
question and what we should ask him last night again again chris on liberal i debate a lot on fox news i get kick out of these democrats going on cable news and continuing to propagate a lie cable news where they get called out some of you may have seen at last sign of martha maccallum just quickly what did he say i said oh martha maccallum shops i just want to know christopher steel was paid by the republicans first to get the dossier that ok whatever it's totally false martha maccallum stop them in his tracks chris that's a true what she's like one be corrected for the audience who was very embarrassing for chris but only bring it up because this was said to me by austin goals be to another democratic debated on the show said the same thing they just makes up steel was there are paid by the republicans the dossier project was a democratic project and the story period full stop the first question i want to ask of christopher steal this is important this is critical
by the way it's convenient again right after the declare suffocation or he's coming out and talk because now the depth of his depravity is going to come out to the open once we see the declassified documents number one who was word were trip nick often sir after you now we know you told according to the notes kathleen collected the state department took when she spoke with you you cited shrub nick circle too since in the inner circle of latter me a prudent as we can see from this note is that the state department official took when she was kathleen capital when she was talking christopher steel what was your relationship with them who were true the coffin cirque off this is important this is a key critical point i will i know who they were and what they were talking about you why were you dealing with trip nick off in search either directly or through a third party trip nick off was there was a former higher up russian in elegance operative sir was with
the great cardinal the kremlin was putin pollutants ideological architect these are who caused copied of putin why were you taking information from putin cooperators isn't that evidence in its in and itself of russian collusion you heard that before no need be dead dead horse but those are alex o notes from christopher your comments are clearly she asked him or he volunteered who is sources wherefore this negative information on tromp and he says trip nick off and circles to russian of coffee odds of latter me a potent so question number one what was your relationship with these two now question virtue is an obvious corollary to that if you were getting information from a former high level russian intelligence operative trip nick off close the latter mere putin
ideological architecture cough did you consider the possibility you numbskull that this was a this information effort designed to so chaos that ever occur to you with these guys are spread my wheels for political power these guys are spread my wheels for political purposes i am not aware of it now you are not a spy now i was not aspire was an agent not us by this very different but i think common sense would dictate that rush into experts in this information campaigns and former intelligence people do this for a living could be feeding you potentially bogus information it doesn't take a train for central intelligence agency operative to figure that out putting did you ever ask that question question number three why couldn't you recall your own story eight days later after that meeting when i
that meeting i am referring to the october eighth meeting christopher steel whose now going to be question has with the stated our midst kathleen catholic what we ve been doing it the state department that meeting you specifically stated that michael call and want to prague to arrange its collusion scandal i get paid for yeah days later you wrote it up a memo for the dossier the member the dossiers a compendium of memos it's not one continuous document is a series of memory one of the members in the dossier he writes just days after that meeting he says its source don't know where the common meeting happen how is that chris so quest number one who's your neck offered cirque off to you too do you consider it russian this information question three help you couldn't remember your own story about common prague eight days later is it possible you didn't the dossier as i covered my second book
sounds more we close to a wash your journal article written by going simpson back in two thousand seven what we refer to on the show as the movie script now why would he signed a dossier memo if he potentially didn't write it because he this accord verified source by the fbi they do they use before he's not verified wasn't his information and if it were this information the alternate explanation in the dossier how come you couldn't remember at eight days later question number four keep in mind i think i know the answer to most most of these questions in advance that's why i'm asking him did the fbi i interview your sub sources you said trip nick off circle where your sources of information did you oh that trip nick off was also teaching a course over at cambridge and
united kingdom which define how for the same spy who the cia was using aspire george papadopoulos in the trunk team did you know that is there connection there between you hack lydia college and the private intelligence firm over in london helper and trip nick off you all working in one big circular firing squad there to shuttle and skin shuttle around the same information and make it look robert you guys although each other was this all big set up who giving you instructions to the other interview you're sub sources the interview in january was era we owe to honour the fbi summary of that interview did they make any tempt diversify those sources i think you know i from a very good source that the answer is yes they did and the fbi
january two january twenty seventeen before they renew defies a third and fourth time and there's apparently a three hundred and two it a written summary of the interview that one of his sub sources was completely illegitimate and full of it did you know that steel let me add one more in include this in his a fifth by the way have this story up at my website today punch you know that combat colombo has it down it's a really nice job it'll be in the show notes today please subscribe my email is to my website is called theo to be last year's what investigators need to ask by a body matters are very very very good piece i have another question about steel after you were terminated by the fbi and your services were no longer required and the ecb i deem do not worthy of being used not suitable for use to quote their exact terminology
in november of twenty sixteen the one who tried to bring you back in amber later on eighty mikhail tries to get the deputy director the f b to go back to christopher steel to get information again if they tried to back in what was your stated reason what did they say why did you have after they deem do not suitable for use try to bring you back it is a source and all of a sudden deeming suitable for use again they give you a reason for that did they everywhere they paying you again ah interesting questions that need to be asked now ladies and gentlemen call out the worst analysed on television by by me bar none when i say analysed keep in mind i'm much talk about opinion people its listen raise your mad cow chuck tied chris quarrel all these are discredited liberal activists they were you know that their kids piracy there is there not really worthy of your time and the color
i've seen ratings are cnn and msnbc and the utter a complete collapse the audience with rachel mad i shall prove to be europe you should smile a little bit because it says to you that even radical liberals understand they wasting their time would mad cow in these other shows they studies show that fed them or not thence collusion conspiracy for upwards the two years and alive from probably fear because europe audience is collapsing look at the numbers yourself you don't need to take my word for it for mad cow and other shows that it's pretty sky high ratings see and never had that of course but even their low ratings are now hitting an air there i mean it is that if they are at the bottom of the mountain cnn at this point people generally don't want their time wasted trauma talk about them is being because you're not analyse their opinion people just promoted a conspiracy theory when i say the worst analysed i'm talking about this body of people the phil i that
former fbi personnel dio j person other go on tv as and provide supposedly expert advice i i you to be very careful about these people tom another guy tom nick or something like another guy right wrote a book called the death of expertise and was one of the lead russian collusion hoaxes for the long time do wrote a book called the of expertise ironic they were had he had received ass you might want to ask for a refund on at once but these are the people together but this one by far the worst innocent elvis asher rang papa she is really awful she is a performer agent who ironically only worth three years in the fbi so i started my wife this morning when you know it's weird i it directed agents in the secret service academy as an instructor longer than she was actually a federal agent yet she block twitter because she was constantly calling raffer nonsense because she does nothing but the
and this police they tyranny we witnessed inspire gave as she does it at the expense of our alleged principle she doesn't have any she doesn't have any bigger had tipp to add w huber on twitter again one of the best accounts to follow out on twitter i don't know who he or she is all i know is information on there is just really really top notch w huber pointed out an interesting problem asher rang a pauper the worst analysed on television collusion hopes or has with her latest threat she puts a threat out there again trying to defend dig entirely discredited garbage spike investigation and point number two of our thread is this this tree which is just a joke this is an again three year fbi age and the second is the bizarre idea that verification source material in a fisa application meets the fbi s the hunt down the sources sources and get the info directly what would be the point of having a source i'm a correct me if i'm wrong
i'm almost positive has never actually worked defies the case directly but she was the case asia nor a pterichthys case nor accountants tourism case which why how i'm a rather large one love asher clear is either saying something she knows not to be true or is so ignored of fbi policies do we too are limited experience with the fbi that she just this our randomly not realising she had written some quite the opposite a little bit earlier they had lied from earlier peace by asher by and large fixed a twenty seven did he get no pfizer warrant i was an fbi agent and i should know your pants we don't because you said this in the peace directly contradicting the tweet i just put up here is this is for me way down i'm going to read the whole this is from a rapidly in the woods the shown by the way
procedure and the levels of verification that d o j verifies the accuracy accuracy of every facts stated in the application can we went back to the tweet ok so now she said the fires application must have been legitimate because of the woods procedures and the fbi verifies quote every fact here's a tree from yesterday the second is the bizarre idea that the verification of source material otherwise known as facts show application meets the fbi is to hunt down the sources so in one case to solve the problem would being unprincipled we're gonna being headed for the money what do we know dvd daddy brash guarana totally daddy brass get out of there is every time for daddy basket the drop down when we hear though my wife's favoured trapper i don't know what to say this is the about being on principle you have to remember
ro lies when ashen when they appeal toward disappeared o authority in asher wrangle papa is absurd she was it we hear agent i'm not discredit three years but what are those was probably spent the training two years in the field i dont know what you could have passed you done in two years to make you this i would appeal to authority that when the washington post where that up at appeared when they needed someone to defend the pfizer they gotta asher who says the fires it's not our fault it shoot up the f b i must have verified it because this is how they work and this is the woods procedure now that the fire applications but entirely discredited what does she do she says hey it's bizarre to say that the fbi had to verify the information she's you just say the opposite we don't have this problem on the right we don't have this problem with which we defend
our present we'd have to lie about anything i was against patriot act signed by public in president george w bush for the exact same reason i am a vocal opponent of what happened in this fight eight scandal because i dont believe we should be spying on american citizens in some cases without a warrant at other cases in a secret court with a warrant we're we're even bothering to verify the information in a knot adversarial setting your fourth amendment rights go out the window there's a there's no hypocrisy here when a republican does it it's bad when a democrat doesn't it's bad when the mccain team spread the rca around to the media it was wrong he was the reply and his team was when the democrats did it it was just as bad that's not what asher does
you sure why are you pick it honour because she's using hurdle very limited experience and the fbi to attack people like me who ve never wavered on our principles while she is clearly unprincipled herself yeah yeah the f b i verifies every act in the world's poorest abusing the woods procedure second it's bizarre just the fbi s to verify the information which ones rise the answer you're opera was right europe at risk your tweet today is a lie i just want to be clear this ashes suggesting that a dispute conversation between one guy and another guy about this you did other conversation about hearsay is enough to open up a surveillance pfizer court warrant at the spy on
and implement the two opera innocent american citizens is that what you're suggesting we're getting paid well by cnn because you raise your right hand swallowed up all the constitution clearly forfeited that away and what i mean by that whole lengthy thing there was you me george papadopoulos allegedly telling down or about russian dirt that both of them than i even happen that he heard for another person who disputes he said it weeks earlier in another disputed conversation about hearsay that's enough to start the biggest finally investigation we sooner most impact for more modern american history you're sure about that if that's the case and there are fbi agents out there like asher who believe that i am i beg you please resign today please please resigned today because ever oaks you it's not the one item i have no
wish you would my principles at all if a democrat president has done a republican president barack obama what the obama team did the candidate trump weed having the exact same conversation on the shelf back on it not with asher actual whatever the which moistened a finger what we see what direction the wind is going what you see it neither today cnn need you today said the woods procedures above all tweeted out impose need you to write an article how great the woods procedures are out the article that's what being unprincipled look like bar none the worst analysed on television she has been wrong on everything and its important not to make this personal big these appeals to authority on the left involve unprincipled people who lying to you are moving on i get a lot more to get outta here ok
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now you see stuff you're promoting i'm not promoting her ladies and gentlemen i am not theirs reason i do that the reason i do this is you cannot ignore it this is dangerous gas lighting this propaganda effort if it's not counteracted you're assuming its going to go away since a lot of people the things that are fundamentally untrue could have basis in fact this is dangerous this gas lighting the propaganda effort if it's not counteracted you're assuming its going to go away what whether i ignore her or not she's building or profile it is our job to go there are counteract some of her misinformation while yesterday she made another call forepaws you says i'm so often they becoming your stand the waiter she be talking she says that so economically ridiculous it's hard to believe people don't jump on active bag for my twitter eighty was right of veto pull this off of an account from america first duty free forgive me macpherson inputs business video video see again confusing
rights and obligations a subject i bring up all the time when you declare something right don't ever forget that health care is a right housings all right if you did you make it if you declared a right you can for an obligation on someone else if you think health care is a right that obligates at doktor hospital to provide that service to you for free right well that's how it works they really until they go bankrupt i mean there's the world the complicated place ladys german she constantly give users rights and obligations here's heartache now on you should work to pay your own mortgage but you should have to work pay someone else's mortgage listen this nonsense what are we doing to make sure that housing is he is legend what does that mean how
someone else oh my gosh had by the way forgive me america rising so to speak here on this i know the audio larger did the best and god knows i'm really hard you for a model that spilled on cell phone cameras as best we can do but i know you raised that are because when i said to you i could barely here to do a good job but i think just to be clear see saying that your privilege to earn a profit is simple ordinated to someone else's right to own a home ladies gentlemen about how not to send a signal that is about how the dumb that is actually does it matter the left wing cholera so just to be clear what she saying by that this it's not a leap of faith clearly implying that it is your privilege it is not right for you to go out and work and an early
proof of your labour that's a privilege let's or why not marty did that not in a free market that this is some kind of privilege meaning what dead it's extended to you by who while obviously being that's you just so she's a socialist she means by the government so hard is that you will get paid when the government says you can get paid this is a privilege that you should be able to work and and if people decide to pay you you can rely solely on the imprimatur of the united states government which it all out like communism to me have but that's for another conversation but tat she follows up with an equal absurdity you have a right to own a home now let me too let me explain to you using a single subject example how ridiculous this actually is which he said because no left this will call out on the problem some of you already getting this by the way
the giant have you pick it up put down your like now's the time joe for the off some of you whenever you haven't a brain italy yes every single subject design that would mean that i don't have to work because me working in collecting revenue for it is a wage a subordinate my right to have our thing go no that's not what i say now that you said that's exactly you said that exactly what you said so technically joy up shows that we consider europe the work when i don't worry i gave her my house i consider my house right now my studio politics is grave yo see said that i the right of our meeting other taxpayers have an obligation to pay for my ass i don't have to work now she said you for your privilege
your private that's not a right i don't know be right obligation to work at all she said it's a privilege i don't need that she's that clearly enough you listen again you can know why it you'll see she said it is simple ordinated to your right it comes after you right to own home so news flash the liberal this is the question for your liberal friends defend this totally ignoramus she knows nothing she has immense power she has a few which following a people who fucked up poor people applauded this sub didn't know what did anybody stop and say to themselves this case your cortez presented evacuees yo cortez giver the proper respect she won the race if i do work do i get a house to why would love to hear her answer why were you just said it's my right a right meaning other right media say right
big all right right i have a right to ask why it is something you can claim you have the right to free speech you claim it means it can be infringed upon why have the right to a home do i get to walk into a house for sale claim it is it's a right of prima nor to remember remember brave are prepared to play my right prima nor do i the calais my neighbour's house not always that kind of what what kind of right is it why can't i to buy they are selling is that's why can't i take it while you don't have the money you didn't say that you just said i don't have to work you just said that right you just said that working and claiming procedural my work as a privilege that comes after my right to our house is eddie are you gonna call her eddie interested media person out their other any
there's this guy on my work with a fox he's a contributing a democrat forgive me i'm not being a jerk honestly i remember his name but he's a democrat very nice guy eddies very save and rational is what is moderate democrats who sees like the street no party now with a yo see a bernie sanders is like nuts he's he's older guy i cannot resist bob i think it's worth aim is bob forgive me i'm really i should bring it up but he's a supervised can we you guys like this trip to speak out political friction and work in a country is in a bad thing that multiple parties people have different feelings about different issues that's fine but what people say things that are clearly insane where are they we're going to represent vocational cortez that's kind of dumb but you that is an even doesn't even actually make sense you ever right to a home means that right care be infringed on
me to you can claim other people's property with no compensation did any i do not see this i mean seriously that this kind of stuff whitman republican say stuff that is dumb joe do we not call them out we carry emails from peoples have seen a ease up on senator so kind from sounds all right that necessarily from our stand bother peoples there you guys talk we i dont care we try to stick to our principles here this is just dumb ok i'm on the video front let me describe this before you for audio this is a short video but it is i was taken in the united kingdom its ave i'm approximating here about an eighty year old man with a mega had on you'll hear the rockets in the background add a rally in the united kingdom and eighty tromp rally
and the man is viciously thrown to the ground by a bunch of anti trump lunatic in the united kingdom this is pretty disturbing stuff is short bobby you can hear the scuffle in the background this out i mean really really you know i said yeah she's is where we are is this really where we are as a country right now miss what happened in the united kingdom outer happens here to base
possibly share some of our enlightened values freedom freedom of speech freedom of protest freedom to assemble but apparently the anti trump a decent liberties psychotic left that's supposed to be the lighten ones that one's interested in diversity and so called tolerance in the united kingdom and here free free democracies in our case a republic they have a parliamentary system obviously over there this is where we are you know i ask you some of the left is that listen to the show i get your emails like i said i want to thank the bernie supporter last week very nice email cyclists and i voted for ernie ellison your show i think you're on time you're welcome here any time but i just want i want you to understand how to stir being that video ways in context of two points and why we're seeing what we're saying because again you know anybody
ray i talk radios fuller answers on the left and the right that's why i love it shows like michael vick where he goes into like deep deep tell em the legal implications constitutional implications but and this show if i can provide some context to it screaming and yelling i'm going to do you any good i wanted to show you that video and contacts that you points point number one is this here's the difference between us and liberals are marching with a fringe elements on every movement has jerks we call our jerks out that's different left embraces theirs but i'm talking about largely the difference between conservatives and liberals our ideology has an emergency brake on its behaviour we believe in bigger god given rights those big our god guy peter you are born believe in god or not you still have the require you to believe in god i want to be clear on but we believe
and god given big our rights that are not granted you by government their great to you by your creator you are born with those rights they may be enshrined do a governing document we have a constant you should the united kingdom does not they use case law there are other documents the magna carta and others that speak to some form of higher power rights given to you by a creator why is that relevant to this this are all gentlemen being assaulted by a bunch of eighty tromp lunatics ladies and gentlemen if you believe in god given rights you believe that that higher power is given those rights even to your ideological enemies and creates an emergency brake on your behaviour that liberals don't have folks
ninety nine point nine hundred ninety nine percent of the people listening to my show right now we'd never thousand years consider doing what happened to this old man this old gentleman ever just ask your you know i say to my my daughter at my older daughter you are obviously love to death i say the word and i this somewhere so forgive me for not attributing it because i just can't remember but what are they great ways to teach your kid a sense of morality is to tell them a junior watching yourself in a movie are you proud what character did or are you embarrassed and i thought caution a great way to remove yourself from a situation you ran at least psychologically for a moment to interpret your behave here too a different lens i know for a fact my listeners if that was them on that video
it be like oh my gosh did i do that i pushed an old man to the ground not the liberals there are liberal i'm telling you right now watch my show the media matters lunatics and others who think that's grace this guy's a nazi he's a trump support he deserved it ok we have an emergency brake and our behavior that emergency brake is the almighty that is a sin violence in the absence of self defence is sinful behaviour punching so in the face because you disagree with them politically there's zero x is no excuse for that there and is not i am sorry and at listen once in a while i get it once in a very blue moon i got an email from someone who's like it's time for evolution broncho
i'm not really sure you understand what violence up austin personal looks like but i gotta talk too much about or need to get into this again i'm just telling you having spent the lifetime jason bad guys down hit me with iron boards get outta my first night out a patrol get into a foot pursued that guy who took a shot at us spend most life on mats take it beatings for bigger and stronger guys i'm not sure you really understand how hot mobile violence is the left has no oh emergency brake on this day see violence a tool to suppress using political voices and sadly may if of them not all many of them will celebrate that video while i can guarantee all of you watching that are disgusted by it let's take away number one we believe
god given rights even when you disagree with us which requires that i allow you to peacefully assemble because i can't get in the way you have to go the rights granted by god that i how you to speak i can't get in the way those rights you by god i allow you petition the government again rights when you by god i kick in the way that nl i allow you to practice your religion freely even worse it's not my because god grant as you those rights even if you don't believe in him the second disturbing portion and take away that video is an explanation of why they do what they do i kind of hinted to it and take away number one by quickly summed up for you is in this pull at point i use alarmed when i speak in the media about it the difference between us and liberals is
we believe that these are in most some in their i've essay said there are fringe elements were just bad people all around but in most cases we we liberals are people would bad ideas but these people there rights have to be respected no matter what is your gun i've given rights but these are people with anyone we bad ideas and we confront using our rights to air our ideas but if not how they feel about you don't ever equate the two they feel that you are people bad people with ideas there's a big deal hence we think there people would bad ideas they think you're bad people if ideas they are not trying to combat the ideology oh sure they are there really that's what they did to that guy they just decided to attack on why
because he was a bad person now when you understand the left in critical theory and they're not since you understand why they say things jolly speeches violence wait i thought they were trying to combat us on the field of ideas if you're trying to combating people on the field of ideas which we should do you here your argument i make my that how is speech violence how speech violence they don't believe that they think speeches violence because they want to join the fly that you're a bad person with ideas they want to justify attacking you it literally attacking you and destroy you know that speech was violence and we cannot allow violence thrown open about joe i know you do joe stays very quiet when he sat on iraq as you let me just go but as the audience ombudsman i sincerely does that make sense what i just said absolutely sure because it
you know you and i've been doing this show for years and this has been a running seem to this you cannot there have been a lot of great thinkers who have broken down the ideology left i read a ton of stuff and in it all has this common theme that this is the difference between us and them that they since early believe you morally should be shut down from the battlefield of ideas because you are a bad person and many if not all but many them feel that violence is justified to stop you because what you would have said would lead to some sort of violence which is third thing go thank you very very troubling and ladies and gentlemen i say it because as i said to you yesterday when i went on a little bit about how damaging this case was to the republic i sincerely candidly from bottom of my heart deeply concerned about
direction this country the united kingdom and other free democracies constitutional republics parliament to parliamentarians systems around the world i am genuinely concerned about the direction we're going this stuff is becoming justified by cultural elites you had better meddler tweet this morning something about shipping someone a shit like a print like a prison shift what i mean this cultural elites act dammit thought leaders dreaded airports media personalities condoning this stuff god forbid you did this on fox news you before you would be fired tomorrow i'm telling you a hundred thousand percent certainty if you were caught at a rally
aren't you forget it and not in any way self defense breeding this not out of someone but i would be john damsel off the air of done finished justifiably so not on the left they ignore this stuff really said ok i got one my story said it's a good one so don't go anywhere maybe i'll get the two more but this about minimum age again hit just shows just search complete a pox you have you should wake up every boarded i'd say to yourself they gotta conservative a libertarian really because no you are on the right side of shoot the rest is just garbage can weep i wonder if they can create a shadow my face by blocking the line for me i just realized that sometimes i do that what i read that no good you got to keep the line
only on this show can we do this we have this obvious may apologia run all shows no secular but you can't say that on the air i can say whatever i want my show i love it all at once above all we cannot be if they showed me like maybe you should have a couple times ratio brought by the best tastes take me business alga stakes we love omar states they sent me i sort of package roma stakes and burgers the bargain i ate them all i love them i for one night for that's right we're almost stakes burgers and they were so good i you know sometimes you don't even was not true story i didn't want to drink anything afterwards joy notice as we were given the taste the new method so good i wanted to leave programme like this burger we're so i want to give it a few minutes that is aging story i love almost they listen you ever uneasy affordable for fathers there's their stock up on summer grilling big omaha stakes
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i have a freezer my garage so if freezers a cheap one the magnetic strip on the freezer is not very good so the freezer sometimes does enclose a few bumping so i put the ass they said it we can eat em over the course of a week you know you get the stakes the civilised and it left i left it open so this stuff into frosted so far a correct all of it one night and she's like we're what did you say to me that this is a tuesday is now part of the commercial awful she goes this is great i've food for the week how long did it last paula yes yes the whole thing me pause the ticket from about the kid is that a job river there's thought it was a good ok isn't it minimum wage toy but because bout minimum wage a walkie economics but because this about again left is telling you things constantly that are just not true war stall who does really terrific work at the washstand examiner he does really what economic pieces when i see them i try to pick em out put him on the show spain again how liberals lie to you constantly title the peace
should be in the show out it is definitely worth your time is yes a nationwide a fifteen dollar minimum wage would be quite damaging and the premise of the pieces this they knew study out that's exhaustive on the effects of minimum accordingly journal of economics which is a reputable economics journal it's not like you know people magazine or anything it's very reputable journal and at the end the jolly comes away with the conclusion paradoxically that the effects of minimum wage our muted that summit if you stop area like or what do you mean liberals must be right liberals or are we saying our minimum wages are gonna hurt anything is only going to help people right then and then stopped there it says paradigm secondly the effects a minimum wage or muted as law long is the minimum wage relate stays add or relatively below what
overall median wages let me translate that for me please do it basically says wages and a problem as long as it's not needed it put the left is our debts really what it says that's eggs that make noblest keep this headline in my day about you you know pull above you listen and showed him the resident factual appall remind me to says i want him to write a piece and easy to understand language again just like war stalls peace why this this is that line minimal wages grade as long as nobody needs it that's the report but rules are already using this report to suggest that the minimum wage could be high now without getting it overly complicated median mode averages wages and summer wages parttime wages to report centrally says this that a lot of these employers that employ people at the lower end of the income spectrum joe fast food law skilled labour admit it some
forms of into some forms of administrative work some very complicated bookkeepers who have a tremendous mask elsewhere but some form administrate you know people who may be in the tourism industry people to lower you get what i'm saying here that minimum wage does really hurt them as long as it's there are already pay so they suggest in other words a minimum wage if you the fifteen dollars now would be a big problem only because it's about what are already ready when the federal minimum wage which is seven dollars seventy seven twenty five now what its way is what the market wage are already paying is there are relatively few negative international governance angel in other words you are forcing them employers largely what are already paying people anyway supply the bad some ladys the screen ceausescu make the most incredible faces on your youtube sure she sent me a screenshot i mean he's one
if we have been waiting to be i get excited about this not because the report liberals already saying what does that the media and wage dictated according to this new research minimum wage could go up a few bucks an hour according to this end it wouldn't lead negative ramifications but think about either saying agile they're saying up employers are already pay people a media and wage up ready higher than the minimum wage is called for why in the bad this supply for their labor is small enough that they demand forces them the rays wages above the federally mandated floor so they're saying that the minimum wage doesn't hurt right now because employers are already paying people must not make senses on media but browser then say therefore we should wait raise the minimum wage
using this report that's not what the report says the report doesn't say that it says that the mid wages largely irrelevant until you make the minimum wage high enough likes fifteen dollars an hour that it starts to have sincere negative effects on both employment wages and ours but you i guarantee you you will hear liberal says now when you read war stalls boston peace you'll see why liberal or conflicting median wages from full time workers for our time and seasonal workers in other words for i'm worker wages show obviously always gonna be high yet for obvious reasons than part i'm or seasonal workers that goes without saying you're full time forty hour week you're right you can probably more scales and working around seasonal be tourism things like that but liberals are suggesting that the
it says the medium of the minimum wage could be fifteen thousand our because that media in wage amongst full time workers is so high that look it's not gonna do any damage has just raise the minimum wage because wages are ready i know that their already that high right they're leaving out seasonal workers and some temporary part time workers and median wage using this scale is closer to ten bucks an hour in other words capitalism is already one we don't need the government there are already paying people above it right it does not back up your liberal argument please read the peace i can't then do you enough to take away to simplify made him away this great as because it's not necessary thank you from the peace i forget is a quote from the peace this is how we leaves it warsaw the by many may embraces the bite by the way you talk about the bite minimum wage laws i have on the economy the bite is of itself the trying to
push wages above the rates that are already being paid like i just said to the finding that a minimum wage about what is already being paid isn't a problem really tell us it hasn't tell us at all their pushing way it is up by forty percent i either fifty dollar and our men and wage won't be a problem but that is the argument war stop predicts large numbers of people will start using again made wage is not an issue as long it doesn't go above what the capitalism free market wage already is in other words we give me the government company already pay people born but yes count on liberals the point to this research study okay i can't leave without doing this the tiananmen square also it is the 70th anniversary of d day so i want to leave you on a on a laudatory to the heroes of our past first i neglected to me
turn yesterday's the 30th anniversary of the student protest in tiananmen square many of you are familiar with the iconic picture of the i mean incredibly break you wanna talk about it attaining him spine student standing in for the chinese tag in tiananmen square i'd just incredible parallel bravery we have a piece up from the washed in examiner today never forget tiananmen square as well worth where through time worth reading but a really speaks through the you know almost unimaginable bravery i say that on imaginable because a lot of us can imagine that we live in the united states i mean it literally not figuratively its hard to imagine what it would be like for a u s tank rolling down the sri trying take away your right to protest and you like the chinese student in tiananmen standing their blue fucking its path that picture
she's so iconic and thirty thirty years later it's worth remembering what happened there now i think it me so a lot of sense why i'm constantly bringing up this threat to our liberties by violence liberal activists and speech oppressors and police they tyranny you know legs german i'll bring up this spy gate starvin liberals attacking us and yo sees conference of state rights not god given rise because i get bored before the show i bring it up because this this is my heart's my passionate matters what matters to me i gave up my career secret service to fight for this stuff but my fight honestly is nothing nothing pails in comparison to the bravery that chinese student a tenement also i had a grandfather this involved in the end the normandy evasion he did not landed only highlight that utah beach which was not as violent is omaha they had their own issues of course over there but this is the seventy five
anniversary of the dna invasion now many of you have seen the pictures now you see movies about it banned the brothers saving private ryan can you agent can you imagine for a moment what it must have been like for our forces did ready to hit the beach yamaha be trade on he's higgins boats these what about where the front gate drops down and nazi germany fire is taking out the first two or three lines of people and then having to go for five hundred yards aren't you a relatively flat beach where nazi gunners are have come just about every inch of the beach covered with heavy arms fire while your friend next to you are being mode down a keeper as i heard this morning on the news it was a great point allow the soldiers there i just got a boot camp
they were some of more account school teachers some of whom were kids who just got out of school these words at most active casualties we're not career so you ve been in the military for twenty thirty years were kids but some of the bravest souls among us i saw this picture on twitter this morning because it was a picture taken on by higgins boat and if you look in the upper left it sergeant sandy martin upper left hand corner but that looks like a pack a lucky strikes member lucky strikes i bring it up because you their picture was taken likely hours before he died before they hit the beach i don't know sandy morton i never met him but i do know my grandfather who is anew tubby she did not die over their tea he died
but you are truly not a huge fan of tom brokaw but i'll tell you what this line the greatest generation your darn right god bless you patriots all over you freedom fighters everywhere god bless you you have my sincere respect i see on you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dan's podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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