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The Rats Are Scurrying # 977 (Ep 977)

2019-05-10 | 🔗

In this episode I address the liberal media’s latest panic attack over devastating new information about this prominent Democrat. I also discuss Jim Comey’s disturbing appearance on CNN yesterday. Finally, I address the latest revelations about the FBI’s spying operation and an interesting piece on inflation. 

News Picks:Former AG Jeff Sessions stands by Bill Barr’s spying statements.

The FBI claims they “lost” notes from the Clinton email investigation.

The FBI’s story is falling apart

The Democrats in Congress look absolutely ridiculous with their contempt of Congress stunt.

Either Christopher Steele lies to the FBI or the Russians played the FBI

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i welcome the damaging i shall briefly jar you did i owe you know its variety yes he's gone very light today very mellow it's friday for john will add that through our and the aim of joe i'm across the openness that pay first before we start to have to dispel may a major controversy i have to knock this in the teeth of major controversy and yesterday show asia i was wearing a shirt yesterday and people if you watch yesterday's your show episode nine seventy six that people say my god how could you where such a dirty shirt that was not done that was it's in a sure that shirt is only like six months old it is it's not it wasn't dirt i mean even my mother in law who i loved the deaf called my i've been said how can you
daddy where such a dirty sure it was not dirt the same wisely aged is it inside your notice it joe i said what was it inside out it was a fender like tar company would you know well sure that was age my wife's like i'm answer and emails l day how can you let your husband go on the air with a dirty t shirt it was had dirt ok i'm a lot of things the dirtiest one of them unless i'm coming out of the german the sought after that other than i i'm a pretty clean a myth dispel myth busting number one listen i got a really stacked showed a lot of important stuff go on johnson i met again bring in it i got that inflation story from yes it's really interesting if you even remotely interested why our economies doing what is doing and i ve got some other stuff about german now try to cover up the biggest scandal they are in another pathetic attempt to be activist for the media they have said
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ongoing nobody trusts the media anymore because ninety percent of republic kids don't take the media seriously in the media is done this to themselves they are juncture what's going on or less i'm not sure how did show lobby on tucker karlsson show tat i for my news round up the news sport which i love it tucker karlsson showed they watch it is the best said good movie i love it i'm sorry self praise but it's really call me a talker just go out for like five minutes it's great with the news explore but last night i was unhappy i was talking about oh binds ukrainian scandal how job i looks like at this point what early i get it pulls at this point a kind of worthless but joe biden isn't heavy in the democratic calls for the democrat nomination to run against president donald trump is reelection efforts by he's got serious problems i brought up the fat number one that he's been in office joe biden joe biden got elected to the senate
for i was born not a joke not a joke i am forty four years old this is not fair literally joe biden there's been an office logger that i've been alive joe old were you and nineteen seventy three was born in fifty six so that a couple simple math eventually always you tell me where job applicants for this region was a young man i believe because i put a modest poverty tried outbreak this outboard ok i'm lost your wazir joe by this better off as before i was even born at such jobs but a young man here is this the eyes the joke licences to change age it you ve been looking for a debate so poor zero lives another george you're looking for this is the guy second joe biden happened be a white male i don't care
josie care paula doesn't care how did you didn't care either but to the identity politics left that's a big deal but most importantly number three joe biden has a very very serious ukraine problem i've covered it on the shell before in one sense joe bride and the evidence is overwhelming colluded with a foreign power to get it the hunter biden off of corruption best the geisha for a business steely add new quaint simple as that that's it we ve covered it before in the sharm not gonna beat it to death because i want to move on i've got to tell us that they get to but how wariness absent we hilarious now rudy giuliani one of trumps lawyers on its legal team that jury he has uncovered information tat joe biden advice in this very serious collusion scandal with a foreign government the media instead of advanced the collusion scandal joe has attacked
giuliani for forgetting to keep in mind ladies and gentlemen this is the same hack discredited the bugged i can very onerous tinfoil cap media inside our you'd like i call the hack a little keeping a family friendly here try rights these are this media hacks the tinfoil cap whereas who told us we're too here's a collusion hopes which any site same person knew was a hoax this russian collusion nonsense anyone could the evidence i mean mature our people on on and on twitter who had no journalism experience turned out we better in the end much better by the way and i applaud them then the professional journalist who miss the biggest story of our life time how the collusion hoax was advanced by democrats and their sycophantic boot licking surgically it
actually lips to the rear ends of the democratic party media now this tell you finest remotely ironic that this same loaded it's in the media who totally below the collusion story fell for the biggest hoax of our time willingly by the way they laughed at like thirsty dogs draken from a water ball they live did up despite the story being so obviously false now that there is hard evidence joe biden collusion with ukrainian officials to help his son hard evidence lobby because in ukraine talking about it trips to ukraine appointments to bore money changing hands corruption investigations tapes actual evidence abiden here's the tree
we get here's what from cat vulgar from the new york times this is this is all areas she tried to left off at the same time to scoop keep it he's this is just an actual tweet scoop cow caps you tat ye say scoop joe biden big time ukrainian collusion scandal coming soon that's not the story soup regionally oddy is headed to kiev to urge the incoming president to pursue probes that could help trump politically by catch think suspicion of the orient origins of the mullahs probe and the metaphor case as well as the involvement of joe biden sudden ukraine this again this is a cool i think he'll asset republicans pounds report his pals what is that all those who are in who and who just started listen my show recently you may not be familiar with the hack sycophantic boot licking media and how they operate here
but the media does and what vulgar trying to do here is to adjust the saddest sorry is peace and pathetic journalism journalism airports i've ever seen when a story pops about how awful the democrats star and their awful you should be embarrassed to be a democratic right now i'm sorry you're parties a joke infanticide ninety percent tax rates bring rights for terrorist free college so she'll ism parties just gone off it's it's a party of complete utter lunatics right now whenever one stories breaks the governor of virginia talking about how babies die on the table after abortion done that happen that actually have we have video you went bernie sanders says he wants the boss than bomb or to be able to vote when alley that's your case yo cortez proposes a green new deal exactly zero senators even the sponsors don't fall for that's never the story in the media this story always how the republicans
outside it you track and big time in other words it's not junior governor describes infanticide it republicans pounced on virgin governor connally it's not alexandria ok theo cortez proposes a green new deal which exactly zero democrats vote for the story is republicans pals nato sees environmental plan when the story is joe by there's hard evidence is involved in a massive corruption scandal which ukrainians and his son and money transfers and evidence and tapes of emerged in this case the ukrainian lawmakers you're going public to john sound but they about it that's not the story the stories scoop who did you reality and republicans pounds on this story about your mind is nice led that's my brother jimmy's nice kids
now this guy's not a journalist interpretation protection other conspiracy theories but here's this guy miller matt millard msnbc and other conspiracy theories again story here is not about joe biden and the corruption this story about the administered but the trump administration fire bring me ambassador to ukraine this week after she took the prosecutor giuliani is but burying up to merits a lot more scrutiny so now again just amazingly the story is not a binding corruption it's about the trump team looking into their corruption republic its path now only conspiracy theories of all of us who can there stay out of embarrassing himself the biggest pack will attitude to say the biggest adler and so a well are definitely and competition for the golden the gold medal of hackers no question about it man met now learn swore while our move up the rags quickly but only
a hoax europe up on a hill adam shift look at me out a pile on two today julia he admitted to seeking political help from a foreign power again his defence meddling in election were meddling and investigation someone somebody could say it's improper use when look at a ship yes it's a moral and ethical unpatriotic about standard procedure again shift makes no mention whatsoever of joe biden kid involved in this massive corruption investigation in ukraine appointed to on the board of a natural gas company hunter biden jos kid with no experience and natural gas right after joe biden went over to visit ukraine by visit ukraine son thereby gets ukrainian natural gas or by the way i've got from a very good source that those events are definitely really why not own creepy
its sleazy conspiracy theories tinfoil cap wearing adam ship don't focus on that focus the fact that giuliani exposing the corruption republicans pounds gosh you you know this leads perfectly to my neck story i literally have this story title bobby can't that can you read that i can't you must be an idiot to be a democrat ok there was the only way i could shake this egg way to this second topic other day ok first topic biden career she isn't the story the collusion hoax here's the story is that republicans powder one more to say one more thing before we move on to the you must maybe it's it's a great site where they have no other way to title this i've sidney yours do when i'm like how do i keep the street my head and i caught you say what you think it you have to be able to be democratic but one of very serious know what's going on with his biden thing is the media
not a serious entity the new york times unwashed impose cnn msnbc the mat miller guy and others if you take them seriously i genuinely feel sorry for you you ve been made look like an idiot over the last two years they told you the collusion hopes was real that the spying skin was fake they totally got both stories wrong they're not rational people your taken them seriously is news i'm serious i really feel bad for you but what happening now is this by story is devastating devastating to the democrats is devastating to biden and its devastating to their efforts to take down trump because it not just that binds involving this far and collusion scandal it's at some of the same ukrainians involved in this scandal with biden where some of the same people trying to take out donald trump steeped oh who were feeding emory gas were feeding image information excuse me too the democrat party shall loop others meaning what that this story is bad two reasons its foreign collusion and it's free
inclusion in our last election but with the democrats which now he's gonna make the media look ridiculous because they bid it on the russian collusion story they bid it on the spice or but now they're gonna have missed the third biggest story of our time intentionally they are try to get out in front of it by saying look republic in shouldn't pressure anybody you investigate this this conspiracy theory its garbage dismiss these media people they're not syria its people george could stand over its cnn whatever his name is brian smelter you're h your mad cow these are not rational chris cuomo these are not saying rational but the new york times the washington post they ve gotten exactly zero important stories right their only running interference for the democrats right now ok moving onto our you must be an idiot to be a democrat thing
want a kind of double down a story yesterday because stories can explode soon and it so important this contempt thing against bar travellers peace up on the wall street journal today title what now the really wants kinshasa is an excellent fantastic reporter a penny person journalists cheese fantastic to china joel to work to which i raised a monopoly couple apportions ever peace in a second here but i want to tell what's goin on here the democrats drafted up attempt charges against our attorney general bill bar the mulder report because there are certain reductions in a smaller point i discussed it a little bit yesterday but just know this mahler issued a report the report is a joke it's basically a four hundred page up ed written to attack the trunk team you know report i said there was no collusion that he wouldn't they couldn't prove obstruction now bob according to the guidelines just justice department federal guidelines federal rules
taxi there's information that report grand jury material that has to be rejected i discuss the yes and it just no this is something we said in front of a grand jury its secret the grand jury is secret by law it has we rejected the meddler snake number to rapidly encroaching on snake number one atom shift jerry adler hack run this committee has now far contempt charged he says he wants to see these reductions knowing full well it would be illegal absolutely illegal for bill bar close at grand jury material bill bar the attorney general would have broken the law if he did that never knows it this way so you have to be done to be a democrat but french trestles peace age you just males this guided the wall making it even worse are you have to be a moron to be a democrat today right so they're asking bill bar to break the law by of this kind the grand jury material and mothers report it's totally illegal she says already april eighteen bill bar made avail
what a senior members of congress the opportunity to view a version of the report more complete than the one released to the public it contains the minimum reductions required by law only one point five per and is rejected compared with about ten percent for the public version mr mather could have weeks ago ten the flurry of new detail about mr mullahs investigations at evidence but neither he nor any other democrat has even visited the justice department to view the full report again ladies and gentlemen you have to embrace me iran who had to be a democrat you understand what she saying about last line the ernie generals already offered these knucklehead democrats the opportunity to come to the the justice department and review the documents they said no we don't want to see him but we monitor if we want to charge you with contempt what it wait it's worse put up the second part recipe stressful did it again this week turning down
offer after offer from the justice department to give him most of what he claims to want the deal j offered you expand the list of democrats you may read the minimally rejected report in other words there saying you guys but over a view where you want to see it goes on to peace it offered bring the material to congress ok you guys are lazy slobs you dont want to come over we'll bring the material you want to you it gets even better joe it either offered to accommodate prioritize requests for additional documents based on it maybe a review of the less rejected report mahler said there said no each time oh my gosh we are dealing with people who are so epic we stupid i oh my gosh i can if you listening out there in a public space in our democratic how are you would democrat how are you
same rational want a democratic the saint how can you balance a cheque book can be a democrat now bar has literally offered them everything they want offered to bring it over within the legal constraints of the document they say no and inert charging bar we contempt of congress now eighty mccarthy but this pieces in the show today it is definitely worth your time fox news that come eighty mccarthy's a great guy congresses contempt stunt against attorney general bar that's the title of peace where mccarthy who is one of the most skilled lawyers i know a former federal prosecutor i know for a while now he's a terrific guy but listen eighty mccarthy is no you're all big trump cheerleader mccarthy's very
sober is on its analysis he plays it straight every time that we know but he plays it right down the legal line theirs to take away from mccarthy's piece about this ridiculous contempt stunt hey you doubt anything i have to tell you we can produce the evidence number one about mcivor case there was just their case that want to court about can age even let the grand jury material out although every second of the cases key reverses bar right right by case just went to court dick this was about grand jury material in the mother in it was at the grand jury material but the grand jury material in the mall report subject to the same federal guidelines as i just said you cannot disclosed secret grand jury material in the mulder report or any report so a case went to court they said i can judge order it mcivor versus bar in the case
oh they said no judge can order it outside of the rules need to go from the peace the first thing to do we would point out that talking about this contempt case from now they're going to court is what counts since demanding bar do is illegal mainly to the close grand jury material to congress in ways they sir of a hearing never pointed out there was a time when federal prosecutor would have joined with congress to seek a court but are permitted disclosure yes but what nebular conveniently like to mention one this was before last month when they d c circuit appeals court whose jurisprudence concerned disputes between congress and the attorney general decided mcivor versus bar which said they can even disclosed by a court order if its outside the rules they are the words matter can so about it matter it's the information it's illegal for border this clause
bar would be breaking federal law matter noses math or knows the courts have already decided this eddies filing contempt charge anyway because he's in eighty eight and eighty follow idiots second from occurring peace this is even more embarrassing for these congressional zeros district judges in washington bound to follow mcivor so a court order couldn't even ordered this closure even if they go to court it doesn't matter then there's this their embarrassing pointed judge would make rule sixty which has to be clear the rule that prohibits this closure of the grand very material in the mulder report this is great if you watch it s like it's you doc obsolete budgeting you probably reading ahead rule sexy always congresses all law this is classic maybe congress has the power to amend rule eddie judge were there for i have to ask these idiot house them
rats i added idiot there that's not mccarthy's bees but i'll do i would have to have these alien house democrats hey while you do while this raping and raving in holding the attorney general content have any of you fine lawmakers proposed the two light amendment to rule sixty that would authorize disclosure to congress inspirational council investigations cheap loans ladies and gentlemen you have to pay up all run you have to pay any aren't you we'd barest are you with powers that ought to be a democrat bill bar disclose the grand jury material in the mulder report sir would be illegal i'm not violating the law that laws bs chernobyl that's your law i'm gonna through actually sir someone sued last month and you lost decade the array is all mike guys ladys listen i get it as i said to you yesterday with people like
richard bar and republicans lots everywhere the alleged republic from north carolina subpoenas down trumped junior i m not suggesting to you and i never will that every republicanism the answer to your problems i'm not but i register is a republican because i know that a lot of good people out there that i've that i know firstly who are really fighting for the cause and i know our a book in a conservative ideas are the right ones but being a damn crash requires a level of stupidity frame the unparalleled at any time remember being sent the and being in my lifetime do you understand how stupid this cases against bill bar give us the info it's illegal i don't care what's your law i don't care about that either will through somebody already did you lost
i give my grades you hey poppy i mean this is the sole stupid i'm sorry to bring this up two days in a row but it's just in a larger problem we have in politics we just general stupidity infecting the populace you don't like trump whatever man i support the president he's been great aunt conservative policies that's not a mystery i'm not going to lie to you ever i take a beating their death why don't you show we did joe the terrorist show people email me other i can't believe it you're that's not what people are they know why i don't agree what everybody all the time but you understand that being a democrat on this issue and insisting you're on the run side of it is like it's not even a horse blinders it's like openly professing you have the iq of a river of a road it's been law in congress they can change it they don't want to
may say the why are they doing all this because they're all the show democrats ladies and gentlemen there are all about the show they hate trump there what have the colonies to impeach him so what do they want to show trial they want to keep these can a show hearings open non stop endless subpoenas richard burton a game with dog junior you know fake republic in richard bert apologies through upper future mister briggs word i did i as richard by mr briggs worth from the austrian doktor evils cat it's coming here is typical sparse that's richer by mark watts is jobs josephine thanks to our listed by the way said that over the meme mark warner the democratic the senate intel committee is is the effective
chairman of the committee even though he doesn't run the committee he owns richard bar he richer bars mr bengals worth they take god person i've run it for reelection what a disaster that guy is now moving today right you buy seriously one of my favorite spies i got a lot more gets a great stuff ahead don't go anywhere but a blow your mind with some of the others do cat in duke cannon solid cologne let me show you this that i love this and now tomorrow night date night my wife rapidly uncomfortable right now to look at this day i just you a little dividend there you see that's because i've been using this that this is solid cologne salad smell unbelievable by the way unbelievable paula loves it date night is i'm just gonna leave there is tomorrow night they may soaps too this is their big ass brick herself literally that's what it's
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a calm right now get fifteen percent off i love this company so why was it because i like do can you have no idea what you ve done for saturday night what is our fire and lastly i open up my pay for this afternoon curiously date no tomorrow are moving up though i have some just the insane video jim cobra who is just lose it is my genuine are shot amity as the best advice for jim call me jim you have the right made silent please please exercise that like every other citizen in the country has exercised the morgue call me opened his mouth the more he discredits himself now jim call me didn't radically firstly a town hall on the clinton news network yesterday cnn by now long town hall where he can get up to humiliate himself for an entire our right but i it was hard ticking just two pieces of video in audio out of this
no jo leinen because he semi enables where these are great cuts we're so this is call me humiliating himself on cnn yesterday but i just want to set this up i'm gonna play three but the body or two by jim call me a one by alexander down or who mysteriously reappeared why here jim call me and alexander downer the australian diplomat who is a leading player in the collusion hoax right why they reappearing now pregnant pause what's coming out joe and a couple of weeks this is a trick question i expect you to answer i don't worry a couple of weeks or a couple of documents that are going to be released and the one of those documents is the inspector general michael horowitz his report on the abuses of the pfizer process that jim call me was part and parcel to ask you this is it possible just possible the jim call me and others in the intelligence community may have we
and down or call me and others that hey this inspector general point is essentially our governments internal affairs operation that's about to come out about your abuse is it the spying process on the trump team it's really really bad jim ball you may have to go out in the far is linked to take some of your stupid twitter pictures with the redwoods recent look who takes up by the way jim call me takes pictures himself in the far staring at three does that who does that just take a picture of what you really like guy thumbs up you got your hand around you know i'm a round your daughter your why you know you are who hey take a picture me staring at a tree and a force what a dork what a daddy why mean that is the working is thing i have ever i love people take pictures looking this apparently one when i was ready for office let me right jobs the czech german demo for you now the winds
one tells you to look off into the distance you looks years someone s return a political campaign to take this picture watch for those unita right the report also decide proper taken literally my hand on my chin looking off into the did you look like a dork ok you look like a dork at all with general rule don't take pictures during a trees in the forest pretending to be some kind of descartes like deep thinker you're not socrates you're so creates from billet ted's apt excellent adventure ok you're not plato your plot oh you look like a dork dude stop trying to as how did he calls you this super patriot deep thinker mirror discredited debunked former hack who drove of the fbi's reputation you know sir three under water call me knows exactly what's coming from me i e g i call out and public saying really stupid things which he's great out like this you said
despite what do you think it turning gentle bar used the word spying which is obviously a word that the president is used as well i can't explain it when the only explanation i can think of is he used it because the president uses it which is really supporting he knows better than that and knows that the fbi conducts electronic surveillance by going to federal judges and getting warrants based on probable conflict sending an investigator under cover to meet with somebody who is connected to the campaign they claimed later on just coffee boy that an extreme step no what's a reasonable that was the guy papadopoulos who was subject of information we got from the australians that he had talked to the russian did you sign off on the investigator going i dont want and we're talking about that particular step of my team i knew they were trying to see if they could check it out that totally normal step see if you can get somebody close to the person and see if they
firm what we heard from the media struck what a hack oh what a he's such a liar there's so many take away from there but in the interests of time here i want to just hammer a couple number one he noticed when the spying question comes up with a lady german i can argue euphemisms there was spies recent eighty eight euphemisms are are the tools of the stupid which commies and export out ok their camp with spied on you call it whatever you want it was a spy when the spy question comes what does he do joe key was right to all the courts a was court order folks for the fish ten thousand times the show ok not that many but close i was a federal agent the judge does not have the faintest idea what your cases about when you go in front of a judge whether it's a pfizer judge
a magistrate a circuit court judge they have no idea please tell you understand this the judge sits on the bench puts it our glasses on or off or whatever reads through that if they questions they ask him if not they ask you to raise your right hand swear that its true and they sign when the warrant georgia has no idea what you're cases about how does the judge find out because the fbi and the investigator tells them in the war into application in other words call me this any it who thinks you're as dumb as he is wants you to believe now that they were spying on a political campaign which they were as coup anderson cooper finds a journalism bound for second actually s i'm i'm stun i shouldn't indices benign you mean a path that this matter is is this is this is a war of ideas here
i threw carry any water anymore he's are to blame the judge or will we i dont them because it was court ordered it was not court ordered its court approved the court did not order any body to do anything they approved a war in the f b i asked for that is a lie what do he do now after blaming it on the court because he's a hack her picture redwoods regulates the shop beautiful hey somebody get a picturesque look at the redwood the shocking you guys gonna fisher redwoods ha ha stupid the court in order if then what does he do he goes right to papadopoulos again all puppet ladies and gentlemen the papadopoulos tipp to alex their downer that this trump campaign
gee member george pop up was told this australian diplomat in london that the russians headed for me they are about to release on hilary did not initiate the fbi investigation the fbi had met with the weeks before this tipp even open their investigation you and us what i'm saying the f b i was talking with christopher steal the dossier guy before the open their investigation they said was open because a papadopoulos try this is a cover story to cover up the the fbi was spying on the trump team before they opened an investigation ria christopher steel and others whether it was bright proxy or not they were following in
permission in from far and spies from russian sources into the fbi they're trying to cover that up i said no we don't open up their case we waited for pop up less then he says something absolutely stunning at the end take away three points records blames papadopoulos anderson cooper who again discovers journalism here says hey man isn't that kind of an extreme step that get this random tipp about how people may have get have been forward hilary news flash everybody had that and you send a spy over and call me remarkably like this is just how i do business how we do business the fbi ladies and gentlemen mommy's either a liar orange case i believe he's telling the truth
and man joe this is not the constitutional republic you when i thought it was my gosh we're now spy hang on opposition political teams because some random diplomat alleges that up a bottom level guy at the trunk team thought that the russians may have had information and he disputes this account by we're opening up massive spying investigations now here's part who have jim commies s stupidity i him outside of the redwoods trying to make himself sound somewhat intelligible involve worry you overall overseeing the investigation has again and this is investigation where at this point for on the monopolies in open the door from had already been the candidate for the republican party i was involved in the directive should be involved briefed on and on a regular basis but the director never runs and investigation but they kept me close informed because i told them this import
i want to keep a very close hold but do what you need to do under our authorities to figure out what you're saying you're not sure if you knew they were sending somebody undercover talked about monopolise why i don't want to confirm i want to leave it to the fbi to confirm what investigative steps they took that news wasn't i dont think based on an official release so a common on particular steps but in general tell me where following through to try and understand when there is evidence to establish this what have you got redwoods to look at their vat with someone get a picture call me this guy is such a wordsmith he is the most gifted deceptive wire i've seen in a long time listen i'm serious this guy's got a guy's got issues real issues ye the fact that he lies so fluidly uncovered we should really disturb you it's evidence of some underline trauma their notice what he says everything
what are you telling me this story about the f b i spine you are aware of it or you weren't he goes well the f b i they in other words not him haven't release that efficient yet ladies and gentlemen call me sign the first pfizer application to spy on the trump team he signed is john hancock's signature to a document the spy in the trump team he's not with mitten what the anderson cooper said he didn't know about the spy thing so you're spying a presidential campaign without even knowing your using spies when the idea that he may know about it comes up because well i don't know what they did not know was in vain it wasn't day it was you you a pen and signed your name to the first pfizer you jim call me did you oh you are using spies or not
what they did there's no day there's no day it's you you signed off on the first pfizer you didn't know you were spying on real i want to get down here but i got them it's gonna be there explaining how down or fits this whole thing again by this going on that damn it just gets better irritation we brought you by bodies at e t asked or speed loaders us in your time at the range is valuable spending more i'm loading mags instead of shootings that helping your accuracy and its destroying your thumb listen when i was at the range it down the federal unflattering i don't want for retraining centre and in new york city police academy you spent half the time on arranged beaten this not at your thumbs load in rounds one by one the magazines wasting a bunch of time you be sore the whole day thumbs it be killing you as a better way to do this save time
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i own page wise call me doing this because he's a free it he's gonna be exposed and out and for the happy was now somebody must have now examine or down or to the fbi cover story here for a long time has been we weren't spying on the trump team we just got a tip from this house valiant diplomat in london all he met with this trump team guy papadopoulos you said something about russian russians have information on hilary hillary papadopoulos disputes this story by the way and this is so innocuous of a conversation that the fact that this started the biggest spying scandal of our time is ridiculous as am i breadbox sexton put out on twitter this morning who was in the cia by the way you're serious claiming that a random conversation for a few minutes in a bar in london about people having negative information on hilary is enough to spy on political campaigns and you're saying that with a straight face well somebody got to counter this what's a little over a minute
maybe a lot over a minute but closer to two minutes ladies and gentlemen this clip is worth your time this they brand new appearance by alexander downer he just pop stop joe i don't nowhere why right as the ig reports about to come out showing what a hoax his whole story is and all the sudden he's a warrior for western civilization again now that's a quote play i'm not making a play alexander downer this is the guy at the centre piece of this whole fbi cover story there was no suggestion from papadopoulos nor in the record of the of the meeting that way send back to camera there was suggestion that there was collusion between donald trump or donald its campaign and the russians all did what's your poet what double said that was that he thought the russians may release information might release information that could
it damaging to herald hillary clinton campaign at some stage for the election that he didn't have to tell me that i didn't go to the mating thinking he was going to them even mention russia iran in that context like the election combine no idea what he would say he chose to say that to me hey is apparently says he said it also to the great foreign minister week or two later i have no idea why he was blubbering this if you say that sort of thing to somebody who is part of the by vice intelligence community vein i would regard myself as a warrior for the western alliance aesthetic drawer to my attention that the russians might be hacking into the campaigns of magic can that's in western elections
then using that information to try to influence the outcome of those elections that would really worry me i mean that russia is not a friendly power when it comes to western interests and of their hacking into our elections something we should try to stop i don't know why he told me this buddy did we reported the rest is history but there's no defence for him saying it some sort of wid conspiracy mandates what he told me down or somebody got through a somebody two down or before the idea reports it man you better come out defend our story that you started this whole thing couple it take away from this george papadopoulos told alexander downer absolutely nothing about russian hacking nothing you that's how the end that we leave that but that's what he told me tat he had how should i know there was nobody has said that down
has not said that in the past papadopoulos than i said there is no evidence at all their papadopoulos ever said the russians hacked anything the factor downer is jump linked to that conclusion that papadopoulos according to follow me here this may get a little confusing papadopoulos story denies all that's it that's assume first second assume downers tell him the truth downers store he's only that papadopoulos up the russians have negative information on hilary there we're going to release that's it period this hacking thing that was never in the story not the fbi story nobody story hours just making this up why would he be making it up job because the russian the allegation that they had to the sea came out after down or met would papadopoulos in other words
it's down or making a connection papadopoulos never did you understood drought yes papadopoulos never said anything about russian hacking break down story and immediate weeks later about allegations that the russians acted dnc and it's down or who is like while puppet apples must have been referring to that that's not what puppet apple is said puppet apple is made a questionable but relative we benign statement at the russians way about information and every according to doubt by the way not even to george so he's making that up number one number two issues i had a report is joe if you i bet you deem to be accorded down or such serious intelligent near about acting operation is all set go to a bureaucrat or you go to intelligent sufficient just ass yeah well up
are you telling you ve like yourself but i ask you why do you not intelligent sky subs could tell you think upset you you don't go to them don't what it down or do instead of go to us australian of intelligence counterparts saying hey reach out to the cia we ve got an intelligence problem that's not what down or did what do the d the number two about the american embassy in london elisabeth dibble a bureaucrat state department official to make georgia that information went through poland gold channels first how do you understand when devon nunez says things like information never came to us through official channels it didn't info she came into the u s government do political channels ladies it was supposed to be intelligence the reason
we're never went to his intelligence counterparts is casino we'd be left out of the building way mister down you're saying that a trump guy said that the russians may have something i know very well what do they have i don't know i didn't say what are you talking about i don't know thanks have a nice eighty then even worse doubters says in that you can rely the folks you ever rhine but i can't remind myself and lifetime doubters says puppet was made no claims whatsoever about trump colluding with the russians so what's the yes that's the fbi's whole case jim call me that case restarted because of downers tipp doubter there was no collusion with the russians what you investigating then this is make any sense to rational people you understand why we sent a panic right now at doubters out
you're talking about russian hacking the papadopoulos never talked about and they are desperate frame their story so when the i d report comes out you already have a pre set notion of what happened even though it didn't happen to alex down or never alleged collusion he's making up attacking stuff any never reported this through intelligent channels ok less part of this gonna get my industry here what are they hiding their hiding the euro virgin so this case it was not pop adopt listen downer stop the nonsense are hiding community nations likely from john brennan over an hour intel community cia director as i told you yesterday regarding info asian they had about collusion which originated from christopher steel why is yes the eye hiding that because as a source of my point
get out this morning and it was a very good paul we two pages already indicated follow me here so little confusing we support from the fbi the inner sworn testimonies already indicated that she did no christopher steals real name gentlemen for those in law enforcement may use a confidential informant or an undercover they frequently have an identity and reporting why would that be jail if you're they cover joe arm accustoming policed by what do i want your name out and enough in public document you keep it under cover baby the fatal because chose the undercover anita what people look at em up on facebook guys a cop informants get numbers the page and a brilliant point by my guy didn't know christopher steals identity because you only had likely his see i number and is confidential former number michael license plate some of the
people in the fbi not handling christopher steel ladies and gentlemen likely didn't know his identifies therefore the information came in from the central intelligence agency from on bread and if they had information about collusion that i'm telling you came from christopher steel there are people in fbi who problem he didn't realize that the information they got from christopher steel was the same end permission they got from breton all right all right bout as these rob the list tax makes sense area may have we check to our confidential inform at least against the cia is now we have it guys we make a problem this information we got from theo whatever see i number nine six to seven too that we just found out districts could i just found out as identity is the fbi talking we thought this is patient confirm the cia
sources information they didn't no idiots it's the same guy pc i number six thousand four hundred and twenty two with the cia who is at its christopher steel it's the same guy you didn't confirm everything you just repeated the same information twice that's what they're hiding that's why saying on auditing starboard area that started with down secondly john sound peace yesterday another bombshell at the hell this is important the f b i steal story falls apart for tell media contacts were flag before the fire a solemn and goes on in a peace even worse in acta
were ten days before the fbi and jim call me signs off on the first pfizer even worse job they find out from the peace that christopher steals been talking to this woman cadillac miss cavell like at the state department her she does it takes notes on this we just found the notes yesterday is covered john solomon species talking steel ten days before the fire the same sea i the cia and the fbi use and although i don't think they know what they think it's separate sources confirming this is crazy at the end paragraph five up on the screen caplets taking noted what's the teller christopher steel whose pudding is information everywhere tells us woman at the state department that the russians running this big collusion scheme would trump through the russian consulate in miami she writes kava lacheneur notes it is important to note
is no russian consulate my m o ah boy a state department bureaucrats in the snap of thought springer from infinity wars figures out that there's no russian what my any fbi using see i number six seven two point five can't figure out of same see i the cia asian i can't figure out there see i christopher steel is lying there running this up you should do the russian consulate miami that doesn't exist what jim call we do that which the of information he'd literally stabs verified on his information and walks into the pfizer court now you see what you call me citing holy cow joel the dude is running the fbi call me any care even figure out there's no consulate miami the state department
he figured it out days before the pfizer also solomons pc indicates its theo was adamant he needed this out before the election meaning what show his motive issues where political sir not intelligence oriented my gosh jim call me you couldn't figure this out all six what nine of you staring at the forests in a red words he can a picture so creates jim call me so creates he's ted from bill and ted's excellent adventure that's jim combing plato maybe bill on a good day the point on these points i last days i want to leave you with some kind of a good known i teach the issues are really cool story using article the watch you charlie you say about inflation listen here's the deal folks also economists retailer don't believe inflation is exclusively a monetary phenomenon which it is by the way you know they wants you to build
that a hot economy is going to lead to inflation that's not always the case in the economies hot right now so in an article in the wall street journal by time buckles yesterday it's called air being beheld sleigh inflation fascinate so in shall you're old school ridiculous i don't know what you're talking about wants you to believe that a growing economy is going to create patient because it's going to create more products is going to create more money it's going to create more jobs and those more jobs are going to create less products are going to chase the same opera products productivity won't be able to keep up it's going to cost the prices of products i don't want to waste your time of these dopey theory cause it's stupid inflation to monetary phenomenon you print more money more money chase the same amount of products the price goes up here's inflation in a nutshell unity i did states has a hundred iphones and a prince a hundred dollars well one dollar could jason iphone if it worked out that way right there dr folds and a hundred i'll do if you pay two hundred dollars that's
one draft still chasing a hundred iphones which means upwards of two dollars could chase every form because there's two dollars for i fought very simple explanation grant that little verbatim over simplified but in the interests of time inflation of monetary come on you print more money you're gonna get inflation ok the problem is lots of people but wondering where the heck is the inflation and this really hot economy the answer is is this just to fall then i'll decide quickly to pieces from this journal article number one fascinating point when you create a more what would be the way to tame inflation and that example i just gave you joe it would be a hundred more iphones therefore you now i have two hundred dollars and not one but to all your iphone which would be the same or for each iphone right so as they say in the wall street peace which is brilliant well the supply are your via phones or other things must be increasing but where is it increasing he says wait how
we have more land there's resupply or supply of land but with the same planet but he says thanks the couple like air b b which take idle real estate and make it available joe this effectively increases the supply land allowing more money to curb the teacher it's more land job and curbs the prey two vacations people inflation downright airbus greece the number of available rooms by more than twenty five percent u s citizens u s citys excuse me with that massive flux the hotel industries favorite measures daily rates in revenue peru have lagged economic growth should make us on how can physical capital grow how we get more capital like in other words if it's same hundred dollars choose me to draw chasing the same one hundred iphones where we get those more iphones ticket to curb inflation and things like cap well it says in the peace how can physical capital grow while upstarts like those are in yard club has boosted
apply equipment by creating a kind of goober for dump trucks caterpillar she's to sit idle construction sites awaiting the next task now i'll be a new stop joe we didn't really make a hundred extra iphones we just two a hundred iphones that we're sitting in people's desks and had them put into the supply in for people to it's a brilliant point because our later in the peace to talk about how the strong u s dollar is keeping imports relatively cheap to and its curbing inflation and that's it i think this is the be all and all through the where's the inflation question but i brought up in the show a lot and i you know i am fascinated by it as well because we have proof they do quantitative easing effectively so much money that sooner or later we're going to have some type of inflationary event but what's curbing it while this may be the answer gruber ebby and be dose or in companies i guess that are effectively making those two hundred extra iphones available when nobody built them
been there the whole time job summit just found a way to get them to the people need a very are all very really really copies very nice job todd buckled great peace go check it out and wash your job i folks thanks again for another great weak alice ship and downloads exploded this we please please i humbly ass you subscribe to our youtube channel youtube outcomes com bongino gino for our audio sharply subscribe apple podcast an eye heart radio sound club wherever you can search subscribe it's free at no cost you but it keeps us moving up the charts thanks a lot i will see you all on monday you just heard tan bond genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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