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The Real Joe Biden Story isnt Pretty # 966 (Ep 966)

2019-04-25 | 🔗
In this episode I address the Joe Biden campaign announcement for President and the many scandals he’ll have to deal with. I also address the key question being left out of the debate about Spygate scandal. News Picks: Joe Biden jumps in the Presidential race.   Disgraced former FBI Director Jim Comey donated thousands to this Democrat presidential candidate.    Bernie Sanders’ insane new plan would allow 183,000 convicted murderers to vote from prison.    Unsurprisingly, it looks like the “Trump tapes” rumor was nonsense the entire time.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no one with damaging i shall briefly jar yeah man fuller vim and vigour ready to go baby i got an email from a guy or new jerry s yourselves picture jos rocker days paul i was astonished to find out tat she always the popular musician back in the day i already knew this story came on me for not telling bala about it but yeah you know a job i was just one of these days work voter off their picture you see joe and is rock or did you you re you look like the like the beatles you know but one of the good looking when it is really very much so yeah just bridger sad to say something else guy yeah bad it's cool stuff that's very nice all right i got a statue of you today job
i didn't sleepily joe as announced these ruddy for president boy do we got a list of joe biden scandals he's gonna have to deal with we got old ones ones we got me of why did we got medium rare once we have well done was joe biden list of skin i'm looking around for a six is like this big we'll cover that i have also some really really good information from us i assume that you don't want to go there are today show but you bob genocide yemen wasted double check just go i write this is there your wish is topic of mad with jedi cells raise your mother's day sale double chin sagging generalised and jos favorite turkey are real problems until now get rid of that turkey to introducing the new generation july treatment formulated with m de l technology robin asked from lubbock texas wrote us
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announced this morning with a video for president a video where he repeats the lie about charlottesville where president trump said i completely condemn the white supremacist that's a direct quote by the way completely condemn them of course biden has to resort to idea politics in this video he announced he's running for president and and placed charlottesville cuts because this is all joe biden as i made an appearance on fox this morning and i was talking about that because jobs can't run at his record ladies and gentlemen the worst recovery from a recession in modern u s history was under the obama biden presidency and vice presidency the obama care roll out was a disaster i'm a care was a disaster premiums are up deductibles rob the website crashed multiple tabs they couldn't even figure out how to activate a website excuse me took over the student loans market that's been a debacle their effort it red tape destroyed way
destroy productivity they average less than two percent growth rate the obama biden agenda pussy first is it and see our vice presidency in american history in eight years to never listened to me never reach three percent annual eyes growth rates you understand how bad that is thinking how long we are up to forty five president's now forty five presidents and serve with vice that is an obama and binding are the first ones the first ones to ever go through eight years got do every year than before eight years or even shorter than that somehow to leave earlier some of onward were some died natural course somewhere where bartell them in your jeff canada but some of the need to complete their term they were the first ones to never ever ever get rate reached three percent growth rates ever that is a rare distinction what is he going to run on so
can't run on this productive fruitful prosperous your record so what does he do he goes right back to the canal donald trump so i mean he doesn't have anything else in what we call joe the easter phobic form of nazareth when the democrats have anything to run on they go back to the east the phobic fall before but you out you call when a racist massaging the trans afar bomber phobias lama for that's all they have now the strategy is very clear the reasoning this is for reasons that because of true that republic have any these characteristics as you so let's made up it's a fabrication it's a lie i think everybody gets that same people that is the strategy is very clear and distinct jesus the strategy is get you to hate the republicans not get you to like the democrats was their ideas are always grossly unpopular we're going to raise your taxes we're gonna national
as your health care you get it we're going to force your kids into schools they don't want to go to survive i'm getting you to vote for their agenda they get you to hate the republicans mitt romney races john mc is a racist donald trump as racist george bush's arises all they do they believe any of this stuff as evidenced by new found love for mitt romney being that he's attacking donald trump now they just do it because they figure of thinking yet you to hate the other side you will by default support them this is eggs actually whereby and went with his video now i think it was really bad idea not here to give the chill i didn t any advice but the binding team should have taken the bill clinton approach with his launch the whole park and saw a video look removed from our borders are a blow it now i'm gonna go over this i've gotta have a couple minutes the dig into the buying stuff because i want you to have a comprehensive scope of what's going on many gimme the ups and downs today sir you have an idea of
and we shall why would you give us the ups to abiding presently because you have to know what the threats are a lot of to business school over these swat analysis shrank weakness opportunities threats how do you leverage strength by taking advantage of an opportunity how do you mitigate a weakness by mitigating a threat you do the matrix it's actually pretty doubtful if you run a business to do that kind of stuff well this is kind of a quick bought analysis here the biden prey of the biden presidential run we have to know what drank some weaknesses are so we cannot take advantage of first let's go was weaknesses because there are many this guy has a and though volume the size of war and peace he has so many scheme those he's gonna have to deal with that are going to be on earth again now that he's gonna be at the top of the ticket and not at the bottom that here somehow going too do address i wanna had tip
a twitter account at howard mortmain i don't know who this guy is but i saw this tweet this morning he had this video clip now i'm keeping my nobody talking about the new scales these are so the old scales pay attention cuts a little over a minute but its critical don't forget the joe biden scales are going through the ukraine stuff the new stuff in a minute but back in day when joe biden was running in eighteen eighty seven in a crowded democrat field against would eventually be large h w bush biden a drop out early because of major scandals that hit him back that watch this all footage its grainy the audio it's not gray but joe did a good job of clean it up i want you to listen to this here's all joe biden candle chapter one the chairman of the senate judiciary committee he's the man in the dark for using other people's words without credit and being untruthful truthful about the credits he received law school and at college i do with it credible reluctance
makes me angry angry myself put in a position but myself having to make this choice and i am no less frustrated for the environment of presidential follow be that may i that i will stop being a candidate for president united states why didn't you begin two weeks ago and i'll with reporting in plain to write a speech by fiery labour party leader neil kinnock generation why your wife is the his family ever god where and was more a video quit biting at a in new hampshire making exaggerated claims about his college for back the law school
that is my plan in those biden bundling conceded the humiliation of bottom of his today why you're there's your gary heart with demographic following like flies can anyone survive the intense scrutiny of modern campaign most insiders still say yes but they said again at its must recognise that in an age of instant communications keep your facts straight century if there was a kind of drifted across the country slow it's it's instantaneously tv every boy creepy joe let's not forget the old scandals chapter one the forward have a book for joe biden scandal volume one so we have scandals that have been forgotten about largely the eight years where he attached himself the presence of a scandal number one was the place prison scandal where he gives that's
reach i am for why am i the first one of my family s speech he ripped from that we're party leader in the united kingdom told we plagiarize this speech which is the act i can't even tell you how late met is now i've given gosh i don't even know it's there speeches or sell me somewhere close to that you know you their ideas and themes that are always shared amongst people i you know are you better off now than you are four years ago i mean you could rephrase out a thousand different ways and re give but the point is he ripped it's like this peace breeds like exact words then he took out the uk guy's name the uk guys like why are the first one in my family to go to college what does your partner what his own name and here one job i as to teachers ports is out there this is so great that it is his sleeve each hour he was
a sleeping he could even right is outspeed try is just why it up you know what job you no one here when you're swearing in like i did at the secret service here am i pity i state your name and is always one guy or woman who goes i state your name he says that the zebra is ready gave that speech neo kirk i mean your body by i was against neo correct why am i the correct i mean your body job i'm not our job to scratch that job i why am i mean carry the forecasts ivy guys can you hire you raw material and the applebee's i'll get you in a second when jobs its own material you get a machine you know we're gonna put all backing to put people package chains are you crazy she did you just say that to a largely african american oil that's my word that's joe biden words i need this is the war
generous you can't say that why would you that's good that's your offensive that is we don't have to explain that seriously we the biology or show why telling a group of of forget americans attending speeches that you're gonna put them back in chains does that really require an explanation why that's offensive but you know what joe go please back to play speeches but i'd would stop right in your own material job we are we talk about marge analogy right nothing's black away like a you know it's not like heat or no hidden whether it's how much he the problem now is not a joke they get in trouble or is he not it's not binary the question joe can we both agree is how much trouble joe i was gonna get himself in with his gang i would argue here i would make the case let me know if you a great job that joe biden we'll get less trouble if he plagiarize his every single speeding for four plagiarism
what if he advances all speeches and starts telling an african american alluc that how he's gonna put back to bed that's the safe choice i got i did not appear you know what it is to be no he said they're gonna put your he's ever learn the republic is put them back in june it doesn't matter it is so grossly offensive then he had the other way you could get the scandal number to you but for the other what about about obama how he's the first clean african american candor able guys listen to in saying this i am seriously and ladys out there it's really offensive to have to talk about this and its uncomfortable you can probably tell but joe biden actually said this stuff they're gonna put your back in chains that was actually said i can play the carpet or want to bore you don't have to do to see it a thousand times on cable news everywhere else let the common but when he was asked about obama hey man what a great story the guy
we can speak while he's articulate what would you you're right about a white guy don't understand like he's clean what does it mean when he takes a shower of politics guy pays man oh he pays edge oh baby what the hell does that mean job and he could speak well ok i went to college is more guy i mean what what is sport is that even mean but this is biden i dont like which was supposed to matter rigel member that story i told you a while ago i read a story i'm so sorry morning show washington dc at the time i was guess hosting and i read a peace that is it was now offensive to call oh oh gay people homosexual or or homosexual gay i'm dead seriously i guess i dont remember which were member i don't remember what was if and i don't know
that is why i don't know i'm in other words deeply deplore the peace was you not was to call people were gay homosexual it may have been the other way around that its now offensive like this one just said as of today this is offensive and but we're goin on here said i tat i had never heard this rule like who invented this rule people when they are talking topics related to the gay community they talk about using those words words have always been used damning there i meant to be in any way pejorative or export aids or anything nasty and was shocked at how the left instantaneously rewrite speech codes but i you on the show many times why they do it they do it because they want to take you by surprise a case you used the word word he said gay so that the guys no you're not my second confers com homosexual but why that's what you said i did actually right is if it got your moment so my point of bringing this about
speech matters and the left is constantly rewriting speech goats to catch gotcha people we gotta we got you we got you then how joe biden get away with you know a black candidate president is unusual cause he's clean how does it get away with that how does it get away with they're gonna but your back in chains comment about the seven eleven in delaware area member you can't go into seven eleven without a india accent or whatever is white i wait again i thought this was the woke generation has you gonna get away with it so joe go back who played your rising speeches you'll be much better off scandal number two from value one of the joe biden scandal because everybody thinks like job i'd measures this innocent guy lunchbox jaw from scratch knees in it for the working man he's not waited for the working man your wages
we're down the economy you were working in during is eight years as vice president stuck to the heavens it was the worst economy were coming out of a recession we ve ever seen in the united states don't take my word for it look it up yourself but let's not forget the so we had the plagiarism scanned the we also had is lies about law school now listen is about cancer began to think this one's gonna do a lot of damage but it still out their job it is a known hyperbolic fabricate he makes up stories all the time about a wonderfully is grady is and he was given that speed during that you know in the eighties in that event as you saw in the club and he's like while i want to live finished at the top of my class i well you know joe if joe by finished say in the seventy five percent i i'd say ok maybe and are not exactly the topic close to it even if we finished at the fifty first part
dollar students you could say variety finished and at least in the top half right that's not that did someone happen biden finished at the bottom of his class in law school you know again his eyes is gonna damage and long term i don't think so i really had probably been damaging for vice president not probably will hobby gloss over but the point is the guy's a serial fabricated he just is with this nonsense it's pathetic i mean i finished at the top michael s actually joe you were at the bottom of the class how did you mess that went up but i can't stand when people my education i brought it up on my personal edge asian or save ii on the show maybe four five times in close to a thousand episodes because ike and it was only in reference to top accounting because i can't stand when people do that smell people don't have to tell other smart people their smart member geology
people don't want to make statements don't make statements about now bake it stays just let it go just let it go joe ok movement on this is the big one now i covered this in depth on my biden special two weeks ago three weeks or so what you can go back to that it by name is in the title of the show i'll try to get the episode paul is pretty good with that maybe i'll throw it up on the screen where i covered in depth this scandal but i wanna hit it quickly before we move on because you're gonna be in a world of trouble here ion and his son hunter are neck deep in a corruption scandal in ukraine that i promise you is not going to go away here's the deal in dirty in the lead show by son hunter was hired to work a natural gas company in ukraine called charisma right after a very soon making a significant event are related
ukraine in joe biden vice presidency put up on this we met a headline from the washed imposed i want to show you better missile pretty much explain it why should imposed article by scott wilson dated pay attention to the date is very important april twenty first twenty fourteen years the headline biden i was in ukraine to show you s support is crisis with russia continues remember the date april twenty first twenty fourteen now flip through the new york times article about joe biden son hunter and his suspicious appointment he has no natural gas experience at all to a natural gas company in ukraine that had dealing with the cash for and job an hundred bind was making a lot of money this is from the new york times headline joe biden his son and the case against ukrainian oligarchy remember the dates here hunter by forty five
former washington lobbyists joy beryllium aboard that's the ukrainian gas company in a twenty four her team that month as part of an affair the issue of money laundering british officials froze london bank accounts containing three million that allegedly bob belong to mister lowe church loads low caskey sharp say his name who is one of the guys associate with accompanying joe biden visits you in april twenty fourteen hotter by an april twenty forty and gets a lucrative appointment do important charisma biden travels charisma appointment for honor now you may say our while there s just one big coincidence and coincidences do happen i i agree with you and say that may be a big coexisting if ukrainian officials not currently investigating the transfer of ard sums of money to hunter idle in companies he controls through barbarism
on the very suspicious circumstances and if they were in a credible allegation out there by other ukrainian lawmakers that the investigation into the transfer of said monies to joe biden kid if that investigation word being suppressed himself ass you do you do you do oh boy folks this is going to be the story of the twenty twond election by the way i hate to keep poignant about it puts a lot of work into it and i mean i'm sorry to bother you with it but my second book exonerated the failed take down of president donald by the swamp it's our vote for pre order now and amazon hammers this topic is might this my second book is going to become a big talking point for joe by for aid for the job but people line against show by because it hammers a modest i've got some killer information in their in other words folks there's an investor
nation into the transfer of money and disappointment this specious appointment onto the brazen abortive hunter binds kid there's credit all allegations out there in the media by sources of mine and others that there were pressure by you sufficient to make this investigation go away and the hunter by joe biden kid this is going to be a huge deal this ukrainian thing i promise you is not going to go away i got one more minute come back and get it there is some upside for buying which i'll get too and i only do it not to give them hands but so you stan how yes he's every week i understand these weak but we have to address some of his frank's as well or us we're not gonna understand how to mitigate them that's important important component of the show we are writing sure i'm excited to welcome a new sponsor check it out you may have noticed i got my sal vince share a watch on equality wristwatch rap dares one of those small things that every guy needs when you ve got a nice why
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ballot estate delegate races and things like tat let's be honest a lot of us working were really busy you don't have the time to research every candidate but you know what show you get to cheat a little bit you know there's a republican and a democratic libertarian and an independently and you say while i'm a republican that's my guy or that's my woman on about you vote for a right even if you ve never the name come on we ve and at some point as happened when i was younger i voted straight line republic it you know get to do that in a primary you go to show up there's no cheeky it's a name and where there from somewhere not even that would mean that the weather from public oh you don't say joe biden ip brutish edge bernie sanders and what a lot of people do they go within they recognise our ship so joe biden strengths and why i think he may at a minimum i'm not sure he's gonna win the nomination but ride this thing out to the end
is this name i d now secondly many these ballots are alphabetical it was an advantage i had my first time yes i named starts with a b are now wasn't on top on my first ballot but i was the second aim from the top end quote today to leave a guy on top and that race where i was i mean folks nobody knew who i was and at first but i won that primary with it with a plurality of the vote but nobody knew i was the guy on top absolutely nobody knew where this guy was i think he jumped in ten minutes before they printed about his name was what was it was it joseph alexander i think i'd have to look at the by think i'm pretty sure we evaluate the most of the no don't know it is the most famous disguise ever gonna be peach upset at the last minute he leave me ballot ladies and gentlemen i think he got nine percent of the vote i'm telling you because i remember the race well he jumped in at the last minute i dont think the
it did one campaign of it that night percent of the vote you always what was people want you to get off the workers and they may saw now five by he's gonna have the advantage of being on top of the ballot and he's gonna be the guy people recognise most this is gonna be a big deal so by national law as it can i bring us up because a lot of these primaries also are plurality wins plurality majorities in other words many of these primary you don't need to get fifty one percent of the vote you just need to get one more vote in alaska member the old joke a jobs you what your friend you're being chased by a bare do you have that the bear no no i just have now run use because the barrel get you first elite you and i'm gone that's the binding biden doesn't have i'll run the bear he just has to outrun bernie now in a plurality race like i said my first
there is one would only thirty three percent of the vote the primary which was a big surprise everybody sometimes we included right because we're nobody did we had no money back could win some of these primaries in a nineteen twenty maybe twenty two to twenty three percent field who knows what else is going to die he could win you're with potentially twenty percent of the vote that area because now as someone said i think was at henry said to me and foster francis weren't you could question while you plurality thing more work for burning them to an ad is right he will but the problem is biden right now if he runs as a fake centrist which i think you know he's not a centrist he's gonna run he's gonna be left this iran is lunchbox joe he's gonna try to take the central lane jail you understand i'm going oh yeah absolutely if we unless a moderate here as the moderate lane right now it's fake moderate just to be clear but he has the moderate lane to himself
there is really no one else was getting any traction whose in that lane i mean well see john delaney who i read it gets i like john i ran against these democratic is actually very nice guy he's trying to claim the moderately now but if you hearing his name for the first time on the show i just made my point job i'd right now unless delaney get some traction effectively has the moderate lane exclusively to himself so of by takes the moderate lane with twenty twenty five percent of the vote and the rest of the seven five percent is split up nineteen percent bernie eighteen percent buddha judge seventy percent kamel harris ten percent elizabeth warring nine percent but all you know i can't remember if the other people run wholly castro two percent i mean it's all good job i can win this thing with twenty thirty percent of the vote i mean it i re someone with thirty two percent of vote and it we're ten candidates is gonna be upwards and nineteen so we have to be cut
just this and why do we have to be cautious position you might say again why we worried about this year toying with appropriate because of a very key bring change i think this is most thorough analysis i'm sorry i don't mean to be a sound pretend this year in any who like celebrating cell celebratory but this be thorough analysis sobek having run before i can give you kind of the inner workings outer stuff there's a lot of new answers that you would normally here about dan yes that's good guys if job can skip through a significant number states with twenty five percent of the votes that have proportionality he'll get enough della it's that he will not be at the convention on the first ballot the choice there will be a broken convention somehow they will have to be multiple votes on this second ballot on this second ballot the democrats super delegates jump
back in i only bring this up because the super delegates are always always establishment guys ladies gentlemen do you think the super tab a soup delegates a stab who are unquestionably democrat establishment areas there are not till the yard the radicals there the establishment people do you think they're gonna go what bernier bide they're gonna go by of course so keep this in mind namely the plurality primaries and the potential for growth one two or three ballot convention biden has the advantage in every one of those thinks he's very dangerous when it comes to getting nomination that's why we have to keep talking about this let me of scandals this is serious stop need all the law school stuff not so much yours i'm starving pretty ugly but the uk and stuff and his son are absolutely devastating ok i got some good stuff don't go anywhere
i've got an interesting but you know element me justices were second member we could go so joe we did the show on john brennan clapper and how i set out john brennan was lying john bread and his said repeatedly on television upon capitol hill i remember brennan reformers a direct or indirect bomber that he didn't see the dossier until december of twelve sixteen year which i have argued repeatedly is not possible brennan breathed harry read in a gang of eight in august of twenty sixteen he says he hasn't seen the dossier of assembly and components of that breach thing were clearly about information in the dossier because harry red wrote a letter after that briefing to the fbi that contained elements of the dossier right here the bread and meat so said the eu bread it has to be why thanks
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because now i'm gonna lay out in a little more detail what i'm talking i heard the words gonna blow your mind near i think you did to write the left is talking point now on this because now the renault collusion is dead we know that it was a hoax the mother reports conclusive on it we ve known that from the start we do need the mulder report but now the tides turned and i like it i forget it was it was rudy giuliano called crossfire hurricane the investigation of the term course fire boomerang because now it's coming back our starting to look at joe biden barack obama hillary clinton and others and their involvement in the biggest political spying scandal of our generation so the spying is you serious ladies and gentlemen i i can't believe or having this conversation on my show we have the redress but the left is treating the fact that a political ministration the bird obama administration engage their political opponents opponents with human spies and weapon ized intelligence operations there treating it like it's no big deal
saying why are you always respond they may have spied but there was a reason to do so we thought the russians were interfering in our election so number one i have outlined our point one to five the democrats are arguing this point one that there was a predicate for this ok pretty soon so you're ready for this delay are gonna give up denying that the obama team in the biden team spied trust me they're gonna let this because they there's no it's it's a nonsense argument gonna give it up and their transition i have not been wrong idea these predictions their next by talking point i was gonna be yeah but it was for a reason there was a predicate some of whom are doing it now you can deny any more the spy so you see i point here they're not going to deny it just going to say it was adequately predicated on which there was a reason to spy asher here's your response
feed into this bread and dossier stuff ladies and gentlemen the pfizer courts they use the spy have to show two things picture of a crime for sure you're not just allowed to walk into the fisa court the surveillance course he secret courts we used to press express few terrorists had just make stuff up you have to show two things that the target you're looking to surveil is acting on behalf of a foreign government is a foreign agents but you to show that they are doing it in violation of u s law ladies gentlemen thing on behalf of a foreign agent is not even remotely illegal there are lobby in this country who file under fair other foreign agent registration iq lobby the u s government all the time it's not illegal foreign affairs a big deal foreign governments pay people to lobby on their behalf however and david you may think that is it is not even remotely illegal
no problem one by itself they met with russians talk with russia's is irrelevant it means nothing everyone on capital he'll every single centre or countries met with some foreign official at some point at carrying on behalf of a foreign policy that benefits that government because you think it may benefit the united states to joe is not illegal wrong to go is critical doing so in violation of u s law in other words taking a bribe from afar an official is illegal you have to meet both prongs not just one acting on behalf of a foreign government and so in violation of u s loss or follow me here the democrats arguing yes we spied or going to but don't worry it was predicated we had the information it do it your response should be ok well where is the charge that there is a foreign actor acting on behalf of reform
government in violation of u s what what it that's the predicate rachel because you need to go to the physical that's it's it's not optional you need to meet the two problems so your question to them should be well who is the foreign actor acting in violation of u s law that was predication you're referring to the necessary priest step before you get tat upon intended before you the step of actually spying good this is where there i dont all day i've have no answer because the only allegation of criminality remember foreign there are in violation of u s law the only credible allegation we have in violation of u s law that meets that standard right now joe is harder page and allegation that carter page took a bribe from rosneft they russian oil company to influence our
the sanctions policy towards towards russia magnates he and others please five is confusing we're good so forces ok so damn it that's going to argue they needed a predicate secondly data have a predicate because the only predicate information about criminality appears in the dossier now this is important some point number three was the only allegation criminality and at that point number for you there i'm back and say well the dossier fair enough was information produced by christopher steel and christopher steel was viable source and he just got it wrong no no no no no ladies and gentlemen the information was not produced by christopher steal the information was produced by sub
sources who were russian who fed the information tat christopher steel so point number five and they take away here before i die this back to brennan and the major bombshell made to seven i talked about yesterday he's not member of the board by the way i just don't want to give you his name rating obviously kristen first steel was not the source so the demo its argument that ok was in the dossier but it came from a reliable source time out it came from a sub sources who were russian as the mccarthy a national review is pointed out numerous times one of them s lawyers i know worked for the justice department ladies and gentlemen there is no such thing as vicarious credibility because christopher steel at work with
fbi before and he had on the soccer corruption case gives him credibility not this up source you fed him the information that's called formation laundering think about think about why this is this is common sense you don't have to be you know it's some kind of genius here data from a why you five out of figure this out book of dental it i have a reliable source and i'm a cop who spread me formation of local drug dealers and he's got a history credibility so i can use them in the courts and i get an unquestionable sore i mean you re a questionable source but really want to target someone anyway i could just tell the questionable source who i think is lying just give information to the other guy and i say i got it from the other guy of course that's not gonna worry there's no
thing is vicarious credibility does that make sense there's no way credibility by proxy this for me three there came from the already didn't any didn't so every argument they have that did spying but it was predicated but it was predicated on alleged criminality thus ok that that's here is bad news for reliable source it was from a reliable source it was from russians but wait but wait a second i thought was it i thought it getting information from russia's was a bad thing we were we told that our job we ve been told for two years now that any attempt to for while influence an election by russian actors is that we bear thing it's impeach
all its criminal everyone should go to jail we need a special council that is correct then will you have you read the pfizer documents what are the most amazing ironies of this whole process is the fact that the fight documents themselves lay out the fact that the yeah i was getting information from steel he was getting from the russians ladies and gentlemen assess what i'm telling you for a moment we please we have been told for two years russian influence at our election is unacceptable and i can't we haven't gotten this out to you sooner but if you read the pfizer die commenced themselves the fbi was tat this not talking point or that we not only would we have two things now i don't forget the branded stuff i've done
this is this is not require ombudsman joe defies documents themselves indicate the we're taking information from russia's how is this not talking point or that we not only would we have two things now forget the branded stuff i've gonna wrapped up in a second actually show you piece of the final document no hilary was connected to the russians that don junior trump tower through future gps in one case and through our staff in the other case the intelligence the russian intel guy connected gathered shows up admits to knowing people on the current staff connections coins that doesn't than i by the way russian lawyer that shows up is working for the company hired by hillary clinton agenda information on trot so we here we russian connections yourselves but the f the eye themselves with taking information from russians it's in the pfizer here's point number two
turn it all the way back to bread and now so brenda indicated he hasn't seen the dossier and if you notice they always to dance around the word dossier and the word now make all the sense in the world like a hammer this in my second book put up on the screen snippet from the pfizer had tipp to my body out their read this and read this carefully this is a footnote in the pfizer source one redirected has been an fbi sore since reacted did so worse ones report and keep a minor talking about steel worse ones reporting has been corroborated and used in criminal proceedings and the fbi assesses source one to be reliable gonna talk about steel source one gosh pay attention to this sore
one has been compensated by the fbi and the fbi is unaware of any derogatory information pertaining to source one now his work it's good source one who now owns a foreign business intelligence farm was approached by an identified u s person who indicated the source one next next slide put some sense at the background here their indicating here that they work with this guy before christmas theo eddies credible but he's also looking for a u s base law firm perkins kui i'm feeling to blame dad hired the identified u s person to can doctrine we should talk about simpson regarding andrei one hillary clinton tied to russia ties to russia the aid if i'd s person hired source want to conduct research the identified person
ever advise source wants to the motivation behind the research into candidate one ties to russia they talk about trump there the fbi speculates that the identified u s person was likely for information that could be used to discredit kid it ones campaign wait goes on listen to this source one task is sub source i taught source one was the source to collect the requisite information after source one reason the formation from the sub source described here in source one provided the information to the identified u s person who had sought hired source one and he provided it to the f b man is this damaging now you're probably listening and watching along think in i don't get it
did i get it ever yesterday notice how that footnote children makes a clear distinction between diverse veal and glenn simpsons information which they if the candidate to hillary clinton and they say and he was working with the fbi right now are the word games starting to make sense the dossier they're gonna this be where they're gonna go with this mark my words the b i and the cia are going to say we had nothing to do with the dossier joe that was a political hand it off candidate one no candidate to hillary clinton steep whenever he do we got our information from steel not the dossier you may say but there i don't get it the same information which it was nice
we're gonna carter page took the uganda but gives you what gives you plausible deniability and it allows you to play word games in other words breton baby right joe i didn't the dossier december it doesn't matter the fbi we're working which theo you see what i'm going to those in other words i tried to explain this to have a friend of my work on a book went right i said the equivalent of me making an index card joe arm costs rob a bank ray handing it off to a political person telling people from that political purse that political pertinent information to call the fbi about the information at any f b i don't we we saw the index cards it doesn't matter you saw what was you know what was on the index cards does that make you now into the bread and butter probably wasn't lying
see the dossier until december but you knew what was in it that's the point now devon new debts and his this line he keeps bringing up about how there were no formal intelligence transfers this was all in foremost have now it makes sense christopher steel had been working but the fbi the whole time the dossier does it matter i use the term dossier and this feel information interchangeably but i have to be careful about that in the future because now the william james make ceci are we didn't you the dossier we can use it doesn't matter you use this spurious charges edit read the footnote defies is clear as day are they working with them on this other stuff it's the same stuff it's the same stuff to take away from that pfizer footnote if you wanna check it out youtube can you to back complex budgetary ratification is a romantic but there's to take away take
what number one is that play word games we didn't see the dossier we want working would steal you admitted it nullifies it doesn't matter if you saw the actual piece of paper ngo you didn't you knew what was adi you're just playing word games because products not stupid i there is the whole but why does he keeps saying this i didn't see it till december because he's probably not why he's being malicious disingenuous and corrupt which he is but he's play word games and the fbi's about to do it too we didn't see the dossier was political stuff it's the same stuff you admit it you working with the guy who what is the name on the dossier but the second take ways critical to win their it cites a sub source what do you mean a sub source that those subsidies
they don't cry baseball you're either the shore when your credible or you're not the fbi lays out their own problem we deem this source credible he's not the source you set it right there visual vicarious credibility which leads us to take away number three i thought taking russian information from sob sources was bad you're to it in your own pfizer document focuses explosive stuff now just a hammer this congressmen john radcliffe from texas was homage jason shape its on monday night and i got to quick video clips firmness of ratcliff hinting around some of the problems to come for them in the future on the exact of play cup one hears the problem jason as you know
try gouty liar think we're the only two republicans that had the opportunity to see that probable cause evidence to see all of those five applications in under it acted form a centred around something called the steel dossier which was entirely false and fake and now bob mahler says it was false and fake because remember the steel dossier said that carter page was at the centre of a well developed conspiracy between the trump campaign in the russian government carter page charged he was never going to be charged idea that he was a russian agent was a joke so the folks at the the justice department like jim call me in we came and the folks at sally aids and others that verified this they ve got some explaining do they ever ratcliff it's too echo is again he's using the term as i have on that knocking them and when i try to clean my second book he's using the terms dossier and steal information interchangeably understand there not the same thing the informal
since the saint right but it's a word game they're gonna play i think i just set up but no the point he makes which goes back to point point three judgment only allegation of criminality necessary to spy on the trump team appears in the steel information or the dossier which again is using interchangeably that's it it doesn't appear anywhere else eddie makes point number two is information was never verified the woods procedure i've told you this a thousand times the woods procedure man data be verify now they ve in other words the f b i said this information from steel from russians really is all good it was not good now this second video clip is damning because radcliffe as you just said has actually seem pfizer's unredeemed acted he seemed so thing on the pfizer that is gonna be damning play this second cut but what about the fire court itself i mean is the pfizer court too blame for this
they just snug nerd no not necessarily jason because remember what they receive when when they are asked to grant for it to spy on carter page that they see in big ball letters are verified application all capitals so jim comin sally aids and everyone else that signed often those are verifying to the core what's in there and their verifying that christian for steel was a credible source their verifying that the steel docile had been corroborated none of them it's true so the signed off on that the court can only know what they are told and they were told that christopher steel was out yet donald trump they were told that the steel dossier was paid for by hillary clinton so the court really was at the mercy of the people who verified this information that's what bill bars no look at that's what he's promised to look at that
eat him to look at two whole folks accountable yes thank you congressmen radcliffe the linchpin to this whole case against them is going to be the woods procedure they stamped in bed bob letters in all caps accordant radcliffe on the front of the warrant to spy on the trump team verified application they didn't vera by any of it it was fake they raised their right hands they swore was all true they sign they signed off it was all fake we have been too king about this woods procedure from the start thank you congressmen ratcliffe for summing up quickly and eloquently it was a verify
application that had not been verified it was all fake i only that cut because i get a lot of emails from people furious at the pfizer court then what is it physical worthy i'm not suggest they should be acting quick i think they're waiting for the energy report to come out but i'm not sure i'm manufacture unreasonably confident defies the court was not in on this at all the pfizer court saw at big thick applicant should have information that seem devastate carter page took a bribe and on the front did said verified the digital it's not an investigator right is adjourned your she right they pursuing investigators aren't lie you when they say they verified it but they were this is gonna get really really good i folks thanks
four june it in i was really stack showed a motive to a pretty fast i think we got a lot of information there and i think that's a pretty big picture of the problem with the steel dossier the steel information distinction and secondly the ups and downs this biden presidency so i think we're prepared gone forth they see opportunities we check us out youtube com slashed by a slash bond genome shoot me and also check this out on ice radio and podcast you can subscribe to the show we really appreciate this inscriptions they move us up the charts thanks a lot i will see you all tomorrow you just ten bonn jean osier you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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