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The Real Story Behind the Fake Whistleblower (Ep 1102)

2019-11-04 | 🔗

In this episode, I address stunning new details about the “whistleblower” plot to take down President Trump. I discuss the identities of key players and their troubling connections to Spygate players. I also address the radical policies proposed this weekend by these two leading Democrat candidates. News Picks:Why did these Trump administration officials leave the White House to go work for Adam Schiff?


Check out the work history of this key “whistleblower-gate” player.


This story is a national disgrace. God bless our law enforcement.


Black unemployment hits a new low under Trump.


Suddenly coincidences involving the “whistleblower” are everywhere.


Elizabeth Warren’s 52 trillion dollar disaster.


Elizabeth Warren is planning to crush your finances with her government takeover of the healthcare system. 


The threats to Donald Trump and his family are through the roof. 


Pete Buttigieg proposes the craziest immigration plan yet


Debunking the “97% or scientists agree” nonsense argument about climate change.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now and always stack loaded news we get folks i've got some really terrific information for you i have a source as you well know a very good one on with actually i would say to the national security council with a fake whistle always involve complaint originated i'm gonna walk you through some connections here that i promise are going to open your eyes and make you look at this fake whistleblower complaint entirely differently don't go anywhere a loaded monday schoeffer you woke up to that about you know shell producer joe how are you on this fine monday happy monday morning to you and i are happy monday morning through the audience and it's a great day for others good to see you all as always hope you show me a fox and friends this morning where i unleashed on adam ship and the
montgomery county maryland executive doesnt want the blue light matter flag and the police stations yeah yeah i know you're familiar with that starts oh yeah that was good on one that the show notes that eight you if you want to check that out the video from my fox and friends appearance this morning which is gone nuclear of course so that was great aright today show brought you our bodies out patriot mobile patriot mobile phones listen about most of you or funds i would assume probably all of you why you paying money to mobile phone providers many of them who don't support us at all matter fact i know that they don't support us in our cause and liberty and freedom they actively work against us donating causes that i mean against liberty against freedom against the things we very you know we believe and why are we doing now about one of our new responses patriot mobile and why i want you to support them right now we are just fighting the left and the media are fighting the deep state countless activists feckless right
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whistleblower whistleblower complain i i've been describing for weeks who the whistle blower we believe it is what their motive issues are how conveniently and i use that term loosely the whistle or appears to have connections to people involved in twenty sixteen twenty fifty scandal to feed information from foreign governments into the media in the united states to empty i can destroy the trump campaign and later the term presidency the connections we in the west of war and keep people dealing with the ukrainian government who are trying to hurt trump are becoming obvious and candidly are painful look out because the media of course is doing now do their homework on this at all now a little background for you so friday i believe it was friday one of my contacts who heads deep time as to the national security council i'm not sure you comfortable me putting his name out there you did say not through but i'm not going to be less says otherwise later but i kind of choice
hit about it so if you want to check out my twitter feed you could probably put two and two together but we deem ties to the national security council put together why too time line on this whole whistle blower thing that i would put together for using sources and i i think this is going to explain to you why what's happening right now is happening why face three of the covered at present against president trump is going on i let's start with step one so joe there's an excellent congressmen by the name of john ratcliff who i think is terrific he has been off all over the spy glass case he is a republican representative a former prosecutor sky noses stuff he has been all over spy gave from day one is it is on a par with devon newness and other great congressmen who have really done a lot of homework mark meadows jim jordan others trying to get to the bottom of why the present with spied on during his campaign what is john ratcliff have anything to do
whistleblower gate fake whistleblower gain i'm gonna get to it john rat cliff was nominated by president trump some of you remember this some of you may not on august second which is a great day and this house right paula palace birthday of courses a national holiday or shouldn't be august second something here friends with john rack of excellent congressmen again whose wired in to the hall spy gauge scandal he's nominate by president trump to be the next year to have national intelligence other swab job always quaking when they hear every because we can have an array of ireland on establishment guy remember that we need an establishment swap brad in their and our position we can have a guy like radcliffe who right you stand spike aid because then god forbid he gets to the make of it and the public understands the deep level a mouth vs involved with the spying operation so check out
article two hell you see tat out ebay dries trump which arise ratcliff s intelligence picked this was on august second now it draws because as my source is telling me not just the democratic we state tyrants involved and the spy gate scandal are terrified these pick up what are put down here radcliffe knows by gate soup did ass he was going to run our intelligence infrastructure and the swamp was panic because he was going to out them all so the rhino public and you know richer bur fake republican north carolina and others who were involved in spite along with their democratic police state tyrants who initiated this spying operation and the tempting got really really really worried and in august finally pressure president trop enough to withdraw radcliffe saying you may they were boy i'm in trouble for joint folks he had a approved by the senate write it
gonna happen because the rhinos we're working with the democrats i guess i'm not trying to give anybody a path we're not worship golden cast the show just telling you like before you jump down president trumps throat withdrawing ratcliff understand it wasn't his call he d be nominated related and approved by the can to the senate and the rhino republicans didn't want radcliffe anywhere near spy gator atheist ok where we go with this what does this have to do with the whistleblowers gonna get good let's look at article number two from political which you see me cover repeatedly may show inanity others been all over this story this was an hour by can vogel in political by no means a conservative i mean woody i would even call him a moderate reporter i think this guy's left leaning at best this was article he rode back in january twenty seventeen about ukrainian efforts member ukraine's at the heart of the whistle blowers whole allegation that there's an illicit deal between president the ukrainians right might run disorder
was causing them a lot of problems i say them i mean the democrats in the rhino republicans ukrainian scrambling to make amends the president elect after quietly working to boot i'm going to make amends the president elect after quietly working to boost clinton ok i've covered this thousand times is no need to be an already dead in decay and horse here but folks it is not a secret nor is it in dispute that the uk the government key officials in the ukrainian government worked with democratic party allies to try and destroy the trump candidacy in the trunk presidency later it's not a dispute left leaning outlets like both political have already covered it so we ratcliff who understands all this the report begins panic as he's nominated to be the head of intelligence war whoop kids demands would draw we know it
background theirs is undercurrent of a story about ukrainian collusion to destroy the trump campaign we know radcliffe knows about that tunisia let's keep quality or put this story together so now we see is was a cherry pick it from the washed and examined it was done some great work i really like carries work a lot she for it is the worst in examiner on october lever the story then i'll be in the seas are being shown oats today but you know that come policeman our joint newsletter two websites send you all these articles you have the information and you can fact check liberal friends you know nothing right around the time joe but all this is happening the ukraine scandal with the democrats is blown up from political rack who knows this is as do under pressure to resign pull this nomination is the dna we find out right this time block your adam shift hires adam shit sleazy democrat higher to aids who use your work with the your bore at the white house
on the national security council where my sources intimately familiar with the inner workings up so have abigail grace and sean miss go who used to work for the white house the republican white house on national security council job i ran their alleged purpose because it wasn't there real purpose we know that is supposed to be to do watch you provide as the united states where they can still stream of now civil security oriented advice data and intelligence so the president can makes then sensible national security the seller is any of this complicated for the liberals everything is is the nest security joe again neither you nor i wear intelligence official pretty clear right never when i try to pretend we're but you and i are pretty astute observers of what goes on there ladies gentlemen the mission of the national security council within the white house the executive branch of government is
aid to provide the president would national security vice or be spy on the president for domestic intel agencies and political opponents and to impeach and based on false charges although let me think about where we have the jeopardy sounder too i am going to say what is a alex purpose is not to spy on the president so why the hell are jews efforts who worked at the inner city for trump they kill grace and sean miss go by the way friends of the alleged whistle blower been ousted by real clear investigations as eric cha marilla why going to work for adam schiff sleaze ball democrat fake fake russian collusion oaks why did they go to do that right around the
in time the rhino republicans panic they want ratcliff that is dna and writer same time this ukrainian story they started again some steam but the democrats collusion with ukraine and a good now wow here's what's going on i think you're starting to put the pieces together because it's not complicate its becoming obvious at this point that our body swamp exterminator johnny radcliffe was about to blow doors off of all of the spy gay you any inclusion in the election the political story the democrats are in collusion with foreign intelligence friendly's unquestionable friendly's to impact donald trump they patent they work their rhino republic embodies who were involved in spy gate some of them and and winked at nodded while trump with spider and they say we got a push this guy out because he's gonna get to the bottom of it now conveniently
when did these two staffers leave the national security council to joe you know we need have you know we have the nunez translator i need a buzzard of you can create a sounder initiate liberal now now thing a these tools i will be granted a lotta soldier i wrote a nurse narrative folks and you know the media they're gonna say this right opera area when these two staffers leave in august right after rat if this pushed out why is it that you know why right waiting there waiting to see what happens rat phase out because of rain what in areas the dna joe the director of national intelligence right do you think a fake whistle blower complaint submitted
to the eye g works for the dna do you think that that whistleblower complaint would have been allowed to proceed given that it was false the thing i don't think so either mr jail riper so they wait forever follow you pick it is up to science a bypass an audience buzz majority you get what you gave a day we for radcliffe to get pushed out all of a sudden initiate narrative too former staffers at the end of work for adam shift its becoming pretty obvious at this wait wait there's some communication between shifts office and the end i see whistle blower they initiate the narrative in the narrative is what right around august after racked with this out ah there's this secret transcript of is call at president shrub meda
with the ukrainian government or by of course all of it for the whistle the complaint is totally false as i said on it's an friends this morning there is no so blower because there was no whistle to blow because everything that whistleblower said didn't should we happen but we forget to meet my computer none of it happened you care blow the whistle on crime method as a citizen tromp didn't rob the bank i keep useless example it's that no it was rather there's no deal no quid pro quo nothing the whistleblowers said is true in the complaint but you're not that is because the media these sycophantic boot licking losers who do journalism couldn't journalism their way out of a white paper bag of course they were going pick up and run with this speaks to initiate narrative now they got one run within their setting out there crop beta we solve the country up but they wait for radcliffe to give pushed up now
the final piece of the stack show frida including for years you are you ready for our you you have see folks out there the guy some really real the us and video dana why come enough so don't go and get you you have seen we used to be the head and anonymous roy is now president but is the best then he really did don't go anywhere tying this together they wait for ratcliff this year that out if they work with ships team shifts themes highs people used to work at the annex c the industry has connections tat adam shifty now they're supposed to be working for trump who do they submit the complaint to what are the inspector general check out this red state peace this is a really good one who is the inspector general is increased by it with one reza may have inspector general behind the whistle blower tells us all we need to know who's the whistle blower get our act in sin yeah
jensen whose atkinson why does that name ring about convenient how the whistle blower waits for radcliffe to get out to move aside submits the play works with sheer steam where their former comrades are over there and they said better to the eye gi who used to be joe the senior council to john carlin at the j now well now some of you listening or already kind of putting two and two together some of you may not be familiar with that name one of the central edicts and the credo we built the show on is remember the names keep the name john carlin in your he is a key spiky player follow me right right they initiate the false narrative they know the false narrative or move because ratcliff won't be there to shut it down its fake and they know the media or suckers and lie so they'll run without of course they submitted
atkinson near to the inspector general who runs with it of course an act used to be the senior council to john carlin who was john carl i'll do they try to cover up everything did john carlin was the head of the national security division and barack obama's department of justice john carlin was one of the latter power with a sharp look at this obama lisa monaco john carlin bipolar all these connections and our youtube right here obama somatic i work for monica was abolished former chief of staff who took who took the spot but after him job after her john carlin monica worked the enron case we cathy rumbler obama's fixer rumbler was representing george nato a key mahler witness the enron case would be our shared by anti white men who worked with bob mother of course they all
eugenie ray and air and severally who worked with weissmann who are clinton donor container aficionados i'm sorry seized me this chart is great by the way but john karla notice is at the centre of the chart john carlin was bob mothers old chief of staff folks he was the head the deal j national security division that was marshalling the effort in the oj to get the warrant despite on trump approve this guy atkinson who approved the whistle our complaint ran with it was john carl inside senor council all in the family they all moments rather charmers little complicated but it was worth your time we're vote but further purposes it is all you need to know is this the whistle blower defeat whistleblower submitted their complaint once radcliffe was out to an r e g who is me deep and spiky case who is a sea
your council to bob mothers old chief of staff carlin who worked national security divisions the the head of a of obama's the urgent who signed off and blessed defies the board this violent rub you think i'd get since got something to hide you may so why does introduce fire actors and carefully folks i don't know i have no idea but i consider how to know this was a fake complaint this was face three of them phase one was rushing fake russian collusion face to face the smaller which ought to try to impeach him face is now fake whistle blower gate i run we being run by the eggs i see people who set up collusion gate and spider insane carlton's guy carlin which bothers chief of staff you understand i'm all people know each other folks
this same scammers schiff bur all the people involved and spying operation on the president are right we're running the mahler probus well were involved heavily in the mahler probe pushing faked they were the media representatives for the mother prob essentially advancing fake narrative to keep the political capital and mothers corner that collusion exists i have evidence even i wasn't true then face are you create gate is the exact same players the whistle blower was bob what the obama administration who pass this complaint to an inspector general that was the council for the guy we approved the fires to spy on top and phase one fact check all of this i beg you some entrepreneurial media type there some people on the left very few but a couple theirs
a frank set vanity fair was not an ok job i spoke at the can i have spoken him in the past nice guy personally he saw the cinema the guy's not a conservative media guy but he's done some work exposes matt i d be rolling stone who seem very sceptical i believe it or not at spiky these the actions are all their visit this is strike you as odd that folks at this you may say to yourself connections comply gill fair enough nerve near vert your correct look at that absolutely correct you that's a very fair criticism but folks they can actions between all these players who clearly have skin in the game spy gay turns out to be what we say it is the biggest scandal in american history based on the evidence the pliers investigating phase three of the coup de another fake scandal clearly how scared the game spike aids expose and have a reason to get the president obama's motive
matter mode this matter these are always looking for motive all of these people folks know each other we again the deep state the swamp that's not real oh my gosh again just waiting for some entrepreneurial media type to finally open their eyes and say ok guys this may not be proof in a criminal level at the level of it we need for a criminal conviction but this is at least vote suspicious that this same names keep turning up repeatedly in this same effort to propagate fake hoaxes against the trunk and all of them have a motive to make trouble if so their role in the prior cutum isn't exposed joe fair enough yeah yeah
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basis do not listen to the swamp mainstream media there that public starting on trumped they want em out that's nonsense when you ask people the queen about impeachment you may get forty forty five percent of people say they want to remove for office conveniently joe those are the same people who hated trump from this are most from couldn't we tabled impeachment is anyway i'm not worried what what time to worry i'll tell you i am worried at all i being a one hundred percent open and honest i'm not worried at all about the impeachment pulse about with the democrats doing i'm not worried about the poles i don't think you should either showing you because you can always gauge the level of concern we should have joe by them of concern by the liberal act this media or the boot licking sycophants through the democratic party when they worried about something you're it
your encounters should go up to that there's something going wrong in their latest talks now joe gets to cheat he gets to see the video before it but here is our friend lie in shock tat one of the damage guys and media just a dope constant one hundred percent liberal activists seven days a week and twice on sunday here's chalk chuck and nbc collusion hawks network here's here nature this is funny this videos great data i did do man on the street interviews about impeachment this is envy clearly the answer that looking for jobs at the year the embassy collusion net worth we want drop teaches the worth so they go out grab mikey interviews three or four people online i want you to listen to the answers they get at sea the pic pattern god chuck tat space he went out and try to find some voters guys to talk about impeachment we had to bring it up to them here's what they told us
just don't waste time it's not a town nothing was elected we have a system of checks and balances which work is that you know the house just then a kid you what is set out in the constitution i beg the document and there is absolutely nothing i believe these were states yeah they are think of chocolate they need to debate i hope these where it is adult life or old chuckie you see the panel is still being the paddles oh yeah here they are these folks those the early voting states what happens assuaged they wanted the media the original guy they talk to whisper minnesota folks euro b c was dying to get three or four people they ve theirs this guy impeach this fool ipc
even find anybody folks they are losing and father lived we're losing the initiative for black aka democrats hope initiate democrat narrative media for the media out there now but it is falling apart trump released the transcript i said this way just given a speech yesterday been daytona great crowd thanks for all the hospitality our terrific up their evolution county florida but i said as i was talking folks listen the democrats that's will bewilder you with both it figured you know what i'm saying i have been doing debates on fire for eight years i also brought the southern fox in france eight years now one of the things i learn and you should take away if i had to do with debate school is do not lead dammit at lose you down a rabbit whole they do it all the time what do i mean by that they will debate you three plus three was an eye and what they do is
get involved in complex mopro krugman says econometric models and one thousand nine hundred and ninety six show that foal be a critical theory based you know there was some white power and three and four and it was a racist who said that four equals five and by the end you'll like starting to go what the hell three three what are we even talking about joe go down the rabbit hole with their identity politics carbon critical theory nonsense it's all crap you have to learn when debating leftist to stay on point that there is a take away to that debate and they take away to this debate is this impeachment is based on a transcript that does not say what the impeachment a hoax errors are telling you it says that is it the verdict is in you said he made a call and made a deal that was illicit and we need to appreciate the present that is not but to call says that is now
nowhere in the hall does it say that that is it you tellin me red men tommy told tony told joey told mickey bag of donors that bobby said none of that matters the complaint was about of course nothing you said within the call is in a call and folks certain bring back now i started this portion of the show the segment here that is why people we're not stupid voters are like this is dumb this is can we just move on healthcare taxes well then said he was uncomfortable birdy concerns like real stuff we are losing the narrative because its false stop getting trap these well said he was uncomfortable irrelevant irrelevant
colonel government does not like trumps policy fine it's a free country resign military you can't scrutinise what god forbid resign as i leave the national secure ass to be removed from the assignment colonel men doesn't dictate national security policy he's a subordinate officer to the present the united states the democrats i notice it doesn't what he said is not in the call he's not the president let him run for office oh my gosh its frustrating i'm telling you they're losing the initiative on this big time by moving i've got a lot more to get if i kind of thesis before i'm a big for those eu listen to show you know that i am a big makes marshall for some kind of as marking me on twitter today that's ok i used to do
but you show so we search twitter for an eighth because we might the target in here it's called marketing liberals don't know that's how we develop the second biggest conservative podcast in the country so levers thereby judo google's out no idiots up that's not how this works but about to leave the complicated markedly suffered under the bottom eyes i read this one is one i found a kind of funny guy stab demagogy to talk about mix marshall it's a secret serving whenever i mean it's what i do what you want me to do it it's called the damned by jean or shown at the joey bag it don't i show you know so i of mixed martial arts it's my passion caused a lot of damage to my boy but what has further and i love watch you have see so president trop many of you heard the story what to a i've see match in new york this weekend and an immediate created and of course not initiate bs media narrative now president trot was boarded the you have seen your folks that's not what happened there were
related pockets of people who wanted a born fine great he was not you look at any of the videos there were more well cheering the president then we're boeing and i'm not going sliding you lied you watch the videos yourself there's couple idiots pulling for the ten or twenty other people cheering the president is just meant again to confer a narrative upon you that the president i say just grossly unpopular and we should get rid of that we should get rid of that's all that is its annex located narrative the china put out there now i want to show you why this is important not just putting this dana white clip who is the head of the eu have say who invited trump i'm not just putting it up to play it for the sake of it i'm putting your voice is very important the culture war matters it matters there are people in the general public i wish aren't you ladies germany but it is who will
the presidential election who have zero interest in politics you know them come on tell me you don't sure everybody's got a neighbor who will vote because feel it's their civic duty for knows nothing about the issues at all nothing they still think trump colluded with russia they heard it from sleaze ball shift three years ago they do know anything about politics because they don't want to know on forcing it's a lot of people but they do know a lot about baseball football you have see whatever and in that way what's your war they're getting information from sources and ninety nine percent of those sources in the culture war our trump hater we need are people with coneys like data the head of the eu have see who said this this weekend after the trump fight about donald trump check this out when we first bought this company venues did
one us no then you wanted that you have said and at that time tromp reached out and asked us to come to the taj mahal and that's where we ended up doing our first to events under the super banner cut us great deals showed up at the first fight stated the end we did to events with him we moved on to the to the meadow lance and we left and went to the middle and she showed up to that event to came to the first fight stayed all night was always good everything that ever happened to me and my career compass the first got to pick up the phone and reach out to me from getting back on pay per view getting our first tv deal when we did the big fox deal i mean the guy always reached out to me that's important folks dana white's sat on him god bless dana why dana white as millions of followers on twitter and facebook in a lot of americans you don't give a damn about politics we're going to hear that for the first time some of this
a people been told for three years and trumps a trader a potent stooge collude all lies a mob stirring gangster a treasonous thug all lies and now from a guy with deep cultural impact waste dana why do you have to change the country fight sports everything gave an of respectability which deserve to a fight sport that data here the cock fighting was ever human cock fighting idiot say that maybe in the early stages when they hit all you have to see what was on rough but this is a professional sport i know a lot of these people like i grew up with them in this war with it these are good men and women who they fight for a living just box zuma hate each other shake hands after the fight competition it wrestle ty boxing jujitsu a guy like dana way can never dramatic impact on people who ve been told how awful a guy trump is this in what he says who was
for me when i needed a trump now false i've shared with you i sure but you many times are shared again the story from my mother and i always tell the story of people who listen when donald trump had the trump airline out a voice at level but he apollo issue worth gordy right how shall be squandered i ain't in handout tips to the women and men who were clean in the plane i will tell you that voting on amendment suggesting it should impact your vote i'm just suggested you maybe you're being why do about how awful donald trump is it was doing it for media coverage thinking i was gonna run for president one day i've dealt with the press i'm not name dropping i'm not trying to be the hey look at me guy i've read aloud personal conversation with the president he's decent guys paid a lot of mistakes we all have on the sooner we all are but where you been all about him is be ass he's a good guy eddie
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this tells you the truth about is tat even if you don't like i'm really you may not like it but he is out there in front of the media just firing likes it ideal upon ideas about ideas the devil answer just like you they're totally full of it so let's start with the democratic just talk about gas lighting fudging then here's a quick video elizabeth worn this week in saying one of the dumbest things i've ever heard about her fifty two trillion dollar proposed government i jacking or of the health care system is going to cancel your private insurance point this is so dumb it's hard to believe anybody's taking this if you buy right treated this ring if you believe this i'm sorry you're a moron i don't have any other way to gloss over the years was with one lying about our government take over reason what is right here are two hundred percent it doesn't
taxes on anybody but billion years and you know why a billion years can afford at nine calling middle class millionaire that's where it worked anyone that's what it's not opinion that's exactly how the boy such a limited let me just do this i'll walk through the smoke so cease posing a fifty two trillion businesses in austin powers mobility in reality trillion with a t dollar healthcare plant and she said casting on the video i just play we did not add any thought he was real joe kind of work through a little bit was lower but y'all made it happen for us she's proposing if they do train out why did she suggesting that no but he is going to pay for this but the billion is a burning to the brilliant nobody's gonna pay for it but to me you are not going to pay for this ok so we did a little man
map colombo as a terrific peace up and our way type on gino dot com into bunk this it's up in the show notes to its worth you time warrants healthcare plan as a fifty two trillion dollar disaster by mad palermo way there's some numbers out it's kind of dig into some of the voyage so vote there is hundred and seven billion airs and the inability of in the stay here that have a cold the amount of wealth valued at eight trillion dollars show ledges dig into this little make it real because there's a thousand different numbers i could go to this is the simplest one for you to understand for your ridiculous man compromised intellectually challenge liberal friends who cannot see tat if this six hundred and seven billionaires if all of their wealth was confiscated eight trillion down now assuming they allow it to happen meaning made a move data lee
elizabeth member this has to be enacted and you retroactively go back once they leave their got it you think this hundred and seven billion billionaires currently filing tat need i say i'm going to stay here while elizabeth warrant confiscated well are when i'm sorry i'm in i'm not trying to be rude but are you are you stupid a tough time i mean my involvement was it wasn't mungo from blazing saddles was at the guy punishes the horse mom yo there is a useful point of view symbolizing sound here but it was a while back here i can't remember what the gay i think it's mom guy come but this is like a monk up over like you have to be an area you think appeal you there's are gonna let you do that a show me let's say you you can get seventy five percent you're not you're gonna get none of it they're gonna leave immediately say you seventy five percent of it sixty percent you get between that or no five and a half
six million six six trillion thou did happen was comparison but six and actually allow folks we're still over forty trillion dollars short gosh is hard to i mean really is this partnership again do which i might it could be i'm not here to dictate to you and i the country who you should vote for on doing is giving you information hoping we edifying you before you cast about i'm just telling you elizabeth is be asking you if this plan goes through your taxes are gonna go up dramatically they're going to double every that's the only way and if it doesn't go to do we won't go through because she's lying to you a boycott pro because once the real numbers come out there not going to be a democratic swing state that whenever a vote for this now that wasn't the we'd better stupidity this week hello this is more yeah not done joe there's more this
may the democrats side is just a rotting in a volcano of liberal stupidity that it's getting hard to escape the love of flow from so people to judge current outside or candidate who is really one of the biggest insiders i've ever seen people to judge has a plan to it greece the bars things amateur by naomi lynn limb me people to judge u s o separated migrant families compensation so let me get this straight this is how bad i feel this right now but i made the case of honor how did he show this week i feel this collapsing you have the established take bide new cases even though it statism cake literally take it so we thought he was in iowa ohio even in iowa you have the lip a pick and elizabeth warrant who just lies endlessly about our pie in the sky dreams to destroy your family finances and up your taxpayer at anyone z
the three lanes establishment left leaning and the outsider always the three lanes and pretty much any national election the outsider lane right i was occupied by buddha judge who is turning into the liberal and it's not outside would always have failed the insider mayor from a town he decimated he's not an outsider putin judges plan now let me get this straight you enter the three illegally by breaking our laws judah liberal court ruling in flores we let you go with your kids we shouldn't we broke the law and now booty judge wants you the taxpayers to go pay families that broke the law compensation this is rather making this up i would apply audio but i want to get through this quick as i've got others that i would have played the audio about a judge but this is
so dumb i break it up to show you how the three lanes are occupied by a high our goal hypocritical broke in lying candidates and there all running towards the maid towards the other left now you a pay compensation the people country illegally seems we're in a little bit i've been waiting for that for not if you listen were a little upset you you didn't drop them i know they thought it was a real everyone here did you at the ems yeah i heard and as a matter of fact i heard you but you were saying i don't want you know that's why didn't i adore let me get in your head with didn't you do you always it's just that i read already asleep i get there you do job and sometimes you know we have the satellite wherein out the drops out that's good i shan t but it is feared
we should also pay our tax dollars now to everything joe that work any kind of incentive by the way for nobody around the world hague he's good order is not only do you dont have to obey you s immigration law when you come in with a kid they're gonna pay you to who wrote this the green light paschal men cycle any advice whalers finding it my drives us right now you did he probably wouldn't even when there are the venezuelans are smart enough denied vote they easily folks up parliament at schiphol emily at the seller can you go to start there is that ok rude i wanna play this word two year because yeah i know i know it's still it's just like it so easy and you know cause stands did you see the george could stands a media paw haiti segment that's dealt a bit you brian stouter historically hostess show called reliable sources on cnn this is one of the
primary antagonist of liberty in freedom of our cause really a abandoned limits on the media and being kind because partisan like when i shreds spelter too much but i i really this like this guy good after people personally here is aid video clip here video audio of brian stouter and cnn again sir see a reliable source joe desperate to salvage the narrative tat bag daddy the worlds number one terrorist rapist murder whose now thankfully dead thanks to our brave soldiers and there are there dear dog companions our special forces it i did this this cockroach down and kill them the law does not want this story out their folks tat baghdad when he died was whimpering crying like president trumps say can't have it
operation parisian initiate narrative now save the reputation of baghdad he has begun hears brian other hysterically final died it'll show reliable sources trying to desperately say the reputation of baghdad check this out games or made it out this is par for the course in the president but we get used to this you know we teach our children to tell the truth and we teach our children the president is supposed to tell the truth so even when the united states celebrating a major military victory still hold the bar as high as possible for the present united states that you know integration the whales press budgetary took issue at the new york times reporting and said here is it not possible just a cell the terrorist murderer and rapist has been killed yes of course i think it's been very clear week there has been a celebration it all daddy is dead but it is also possible to expect the president to tell the truth and for how it seems republican party is ok with him spending
these stories even about u s military action it didn't list i was there a couple of things here because it listening to i mean this guy really is equipped every time you think we ve hit the blind ryan stealth are stupid floor he blast through we get in there brian self they're stupid basic wherein tat like the mantle and the core of brian stealth are stupid now one take away number one bryant stout earl last time i checked yoke stands up not on the raid right on my people he's not a special force guy just georgia as europe buzz window you recently competent that's true i really just real time d b to brian they'll do could not for
it is way out of a soaking wet paper bag i assure you was not the lead point may carry in the breaching shaka on the special forces re stuck this guy would brian spelter would not make it passed minute one a boot camp for like the boy scouts forget about special for he was not there brian spelter has no idea if bag daddy was whimpering arkwright none he's not the president he's and on the entire committee he hasn't been briefed about any of this he is not in beer or even an informant your guy dc circles he's laughed at for being too collusion osier he no idea you the president may have some inside incited to what happened in the last moments based on maybe
a video or things like that you think that maybe possible you're probably right it ok by maria let me even give stuck a stanza the benefit of the doubt here which he will never do it anyway because he's a clown let's just say job that yet maybe he wasn't way bringing crying and trump is that but he sang it for a reason maybe as a journalist given that you don't know otherwise you might want to let tat girl why oh do you suggest proper pass not so what i'm suggesting i'm suggest something a little more nuanced and layered that kiss stanza who couldn't graduate you know of a boot can't take that data to sell girl scout cookies that daddy and is rapists terrorists thugs recruit base on an air of foe fake bravado they put out there
using social media and you too propaganda that sadly folks and i mean it tragically week mines fall prey to look it up you know they show the guy the ninja suit going through the tires she a gun at me i'm so brave me by the guy's a hundred twenty pounds soaking wet guy sit near watchin like got there porn all day the internet is eaten marshmallows and all of a sudden he's an isis killer because following what he thinks is a brave guy in baghdad is not brave he's a chump baghdad he's a fat slob he was a rapist who probably stuck a b o he was a degenerate loser and any media pursuit of kant factually prove tromp was wrong she probably give em a pair based on the sheer united
it's our own efforts to destroy it propaganda showing in exposing what cowards they are you dig isis there propaganda people are in any effort to defend the entire many of our show soldiers you know they're really great even urged whack their guide now cheer brien's delta jumping to defend the integrity of our bag daddy knowing baghdad he and his people make up these fake look how brave we are narratives and you got a stealth the while we shouldn't say was whimpering cry we don't really know euro no we their cost and you weren't even air mr potato head you all know goofball it was a withering growing presence tell the truth you don't know what did is now i like them
you guys don't their box on the line i love dumpling robocop whereby that our food i mean you our guys these patriot hero special forces guys you know with it probably have dogs braver than their people running down tunnels to catch these thugs and we have our own media where we don't know even whimpering and crying pathetic pathetic stands a go act aside felt you are better there i forced pigs had four june and i really appreciate it please let's go are you to channel we're almost at our goal three hundred thousand drivers symbol set a new goal after that almost their use dot com slash podgy is upon gino their budget bud youtube accomplished by gino please check it out subscribe it's free also subscribed your audio pod guess on apple podcast google pod guess it's subscriptions even other free that's how they
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