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The Real Story Behind the Infamous Susan Rice Email (Ep 1254)

2020-05-20 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disturbing new information emerging about the infamous Susan Rice email to herself. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. No, don't worry! I have it all decoded boy you what this Susan Rice infamous we're doing. Every by the book, email really means- and yes I believe it or not it's worse than you can imagine. Will lay it out for you in intimate detail. You will know this up down and sideways view that a few programming, those faggot started, I will be co hosting again. The five on Fox at five o clock this Friday. The twenty. Second, please don't mess, it said, dvr now. I always look forward to you I'll check it How will we can argue with people on the five you know I like, that we will be doing an interview? Show this week with the great Sidney Power lawyer for MIKE when
it'll be a little bit of a longer format. If you, like usual, we'll get to the bottom of a. I hate that term get about, but we will get answers from Miss Power who seems to know the case up down inside way, so check that out. Let's get right, you're welcome the demagogy or. Joe. How are you are doing good man and you're going to do that decoding? So we don't need the Bonn GINO Decoder renown very around. I don't need my own dakota, any marinated. Yes, there are marketed through this whole thing. It's gonna get us remember this when you start Susan Rice New MIKE when new Yeah and Susan Rice New Might lender you're right you're right it does you. Couldn't you sell summers I mean here, ladies and gentlemen, as some are like no other in many ways and show many celebrating you with the reseller waiting with assail, like no other right now get the classic Jenny Self bags and populist and the jolly we ve been in Germany, will double your order for freight. Where are you staying home? Go back to work or simply.
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now to ourselves. They don't worry. This whole aspire. Gating Barack Obama investigating people using and weapon eyes in government, despite his political opponents d, Worry. He told everybody, due by the book day ago case case closed shows, of course, shows not overcome. That is just the beginning. There was something very capricious. However, about that email there is a large block of it reacted now. We know why, before I get to the reductions in putting this worst examiner article B, the shoulders, Please check it out by the great Jerry down. Maybe, but you know that complex newsletter, you can check out the shown us here's a summary: what happened with this thing fully the class By Susan Rice, email reveals reluctance to share sensitive Russia information with MIKE Flynn, who interesting now remember Susan Rice, who was Barack Obama's national security adviser and, ladies gentlemen, she's not knee deep she's waist deep
if not neck, deep in all of these spy gate. Malfeasance remember what I said to open up the show today MIKE Flynn, New Susan Rice, New and Susan Rice, New Might Flynn New keep debt. As we go along in this hall uses dossier and political information aspire. The opponents Susan Rice knows everything. Now. Susan rice is a documented known broad and an absolute liar of the highest order. Susan Rice's lied about Benghazi. The barber doll, situate She was in Obama, mouthpiece, here's. The problem issues arise from one ever met, maybe not a problem for her, but the problem for saying people had to analysing the Susan rice. I'm hearing from insiders. Susan rice was one of the few people in the Obama administration towards the end that was well to go on camera. There were few and why, knowing she was lying back the Benghazi jewish embargo in us where she was just basically a puppet for Obama to go and put false information out there
so Obama wouldn't have to embarrass himself. They send Susan Rice at their here. Is Susan Rice or they could you probably see two thousand times they both worked worth repeating here. Very short, a clip of Susan Rice on PBS, when asked about the masking and stuff. We all now know happened. Metaphorically no, Susan Rice name was on an unmasked request for migrant here soon Rice outright lying about this whole thing check this out during the transition. After President Trump, had been elected that he the people around have may have been caught up in surveillance. Foreign individuals and that their identities may have been. This closed. Do you know anything about this? I know nothing about the broken. That's a lie. That's just lie. She go she's lying because
her name is on some of the unmasking requests. But ok, you got all that. You know the background now. Let's give you the original, thereby GINO content which you're not gonna, get anywhere else and explained to you. The details. Of what really happened here. Why Susan Rice and an absolute panic right now, trust me she is behind the scenes. They don't know what to do right now. Let me refer back to Sydney. Power will have on I'll ask or about this during a review, and I can want to Missus will launch it probably on Friday, recorded tomorrow, Thursday, so check this out this. Is it legal brief Susan Sidney power to use me? She five- and I want you to read this footnote because it's very important she says a letter delivered by the british Embassy to the incoming national security team after Donald Trump selection and the outgoing national secure advisers. Susan rice
The letter apparently disavowed former british secret service agent, Christopher Steel, causes credibility into question and declares him untrustworthy. Ladies and gentlemen, they had a problem. What happens after the shock election victory of Donald Trump, Barack Obama's national, secure adviser, Susan Rice, who's been involved, Barack Obama, the entire time here and the Clinton team are involved in these spying operation using Pfizer warrants a spy on trumps into the FBI. They know it relies, follow me here, absolutely one hundred percent on this dossier. They got from crisper steel, which is fake after the action for what I'm getting from sources. This is important. Critical ball in the show here, the United kingdom freaks out there television services realises that they ve been involved in Spying operation They thought Hilary would win that benefited Hilary.
Hilary didn't win and that now the incoming presidency going to find out just how deeply involved the United Kingdom wasn't this. The United Kingdom itching now to separate themselves from this former intelligence member, Christopher Steel, and they then send this letter to my language. The new powers already acknowledge and illegal briefly know it's there. They send letter to Flanders, the Incoming S, a secure adviser. He probably gets that December transition timeframe, Sousa Rice, still in office is Obama's, Thorn offers genuine and they say hey this deal, guy he's totally fuller, crap. What's the problem, ladies and gentlemen, it's obvious Obama, Susan Rice, in your whole people, spying on Trump, based on a fake document, now the even the United Kingdom is going to come out and disavow. They know. We're in trouble. They know they ve got nowhere to go, they ve got no wriggle room. None of this is ever been corroborated. The woods file on it shows that not a steals information was verified. They're gonna,
admit eventually that they spied on trumpet his team with Nothing Dona Goose egg zero. Then what does this have to do with email. Well, Susan Rice knows that Windows Susan Rice got the same letter from the UK. The source you can use this by on Trump he's totally full of crap. We Rice got the letter to shoot, Mr Flynn has the letter. She must be kept, Obama were real trouble here. It's going to come out Should we be spied on this guy? We have nothing we're going to have to use all our efforts, projects in the media to get out and call where this thing up and an flip description, member that Tucker across uses line all the time- and I strongly encourage you to commit to memory because it's true the left always accuse you of doing with their doing themselves. Why? Because they
No, the media are complete, utter malicious, morons and terrible I'll fees and actors. They know that the left knows the media are either too stupid or to tactically Mouth, engaging malfeasance, rather miss visas. To know how to sift through narratives. The left knows they have to do is say: tromp was with the Russians and the media will do no homework and parrot than ours, and then that will distract the general public real story which was Obama, had esteem. With the Russians. The entire time, Ladies Germany, cannot emphasize you, and I want to get the strategy is going to be an important job. I cannot emphasise to you strong enough terms I genuinely awful and corrupt the media is I'm begging you please ignore them. You have shown. Like this, you have writers, I chuck Ross and done we and Molly Hemingway and Sarah car
salmon. Are we giving you the through? The media are active, conspirators in this entire collusion, hoax. I want to show you how Ignatius played a role in this later from the washed impose. Do they know they? Panic White House Meeting happens on January. Fifth, this is the majestic fifth twenty sixty trumped up trouble is about to take office. Fifteen days later Obama's tee their freaking out. They don't know what to do cause they're going to be discovered the day, but war is a matter of fact. The FBI tries to close the case on Flynn, knowing they have no derogatory information and call me gets involved. They then pop into the White ass the next day. And here is the email. Susan rice sense yourself now in totally unread acted Vashon memorialize in that January fifth meeting and here's the paragraphs we just found out about. Actor calmly affirm that he is proceeding by the book. This is the paragraph of just seen for the first time as it relates to law enforcement.
Financial security perspective call me says he economies. He does have some concerns that the incoming at essay Flynn is speaking frequently with russian Ambassador KISS Leah. This is big trouble, ladies and gentlemen, He also says he has indication that fled. He also says that he has some indication that Flynn may pass some classified information and that the level of communication is an is unusual that he could potentially can share that. If me, what are they go away from here to take a ways in that emu to ourselves. Susan rice, set knowing this is gonna, be discovered are, ladies gentlemen. The cover up begins now, so think of this ass, a of the borough bomb, a two step. Think of it as your battues step number one: what are you laughing at eleven of them deferred Obama, Tuesday? step. Number one of the Obama to step is first, they have to cover up They were spying on tromp, because now
everybody's, going to know the dossier they used and they swore to in court. This dossier is real. The people to stop. They know it's fake, Even the UK is not going to stand by it. They know it's back there in big trouble, so step number one is the cover up step number two is going to be the establishment of a counter narrative. The current counter. Now not did Obama colluded with the Russians. Colluded with a foreign spy to spy on Donald Trump. As far and steel, it's gonna, be there Trump colluded with the Russians. That's all hatched on January. Fifty this meeting Susan Rice, what this is the cover up against and the here to take away. There are two things that they didn't want you to see. They rejected up until yesterday, number one commies predicate from the the advocates of remembering the email, Susan Rice, destroying call me under the bus, she's saying in the email to be clear again cover up and counter narrative. She Oh don't worry. Obama wanted.
Who everything by the book- and it was Jim call me you add- concerns here. Folks call me, is an atrocious, really bad actor in this, but this attempt to minimise The role of Barack Obama by saying I'll call me had turned the concerns about this frequent contact is absolutely absurd and ridiculous Obama's running this whole thing. I have no doubt he murmured to get to that you in a minute, So they take away commies concerns now going forward. Accord member this is according to Susan Rice in Romania, are frequent contacts we kiss Leah. Noticed state or a large anything illegal show you He says that he could potentially be sharing in full with him. Folks, that's absence Lately, none of Jim Commies business. This The incoming national security adviser, the United States, even if the contacts were frequent, were they not
notice, you doesn't say we sharing classified information. He says he could potentially be sherry classified information. Where's call me has nothing nada, he has nothing. The cover up is going to be from this point forward. Tough focus on Flynn and TAT now flame, because flame, there's gotta be trumps number one national security adviser and if they can nail Flynn on anything with the Russians, they can continue the counter narrative. Now the cover up art is gonna, be if you read that email all the way through. At one point, Susan Rice indicates that oh has concerns in their about sharing information with the incoming administration? Think about this the peaceful transition, a power in the United States has been entirely thrown out by Barack Obama. You haven't exiting Is it getting ready to leave and fifteen days now according to Susan Rice's, email, instructing the FBI and the Department of Justice,
You call me a sally age from the deal J who were in that dreadful January fifth, meeting instructing them to night, share information with the incoming administration regarding Russia. They really mean cover up Obama to step step, one They don't really mean don't share information about Russia. They really mean is don't share any information about the Russia hopes we created through this fake dossier? That's what that really needs so step. One. Cover it all up, don't share anything will use the useful idiots in the media for account or narrative. Step too, will advances coward counter narrative by investigating Might Flynn for ties to them and we can't even prove he did anything wrong now fascinating. Question posed by Margo Cleveland on Twitter to good one had to her?
Cleveland then asked on Twitter she's an excellent attorney price for the Federalist. If any of this was true, any of this meeting call me says some suspicions: according to Susan Races, email them. You know flints talking to the Russians too much. If concerns were legitimate genuine, ladies and gentlemen, and they thought Flynn was a potentially compromised russian agent. It was going to be the incoming national, secure adviser. Why didn't they brief trump about. Way. Where were you can't not that allow? Now you can have this both ways you as documented in an email, Susan Rise, a meeting. Perhaps Obama himself, the outgoing president, where You claim the FBI told that president
some concerns about the incoming nestles you're adviser, potentially being compromised by the Russians beings. Kind of a russian asset because, communications and you didn't warned the president. You cannot have it both ways. Either your concerns were legitimate. That Flynn was a russian agent and you through the United States under the bus by allowing a russian agent to take office and
never gave a defensive briefing to Donald Trump about it or the real scenario. You knew this whole thing was bs you're, trying to cover this whole thing up with this stupid, email and you're, just looking for a reason to continue this imposing the slogan acting to Jim call me whose end telling you yeah these russian contacts are really suspicious. Now they were, they were total nonsense. No one believed this for a minute. Remember now I'll explain the beginning that Sidney power. Legal brief where she indicates Flynn got this correspondence from the UK about still be in full. Is everything rice, no Susan Rice, that Flynn got that email got that communication Flynn probably knows rice. Has it too everybody now is staring each other down, knowing the other guy,
another guy knows what the other guy and other gaol knows. Rice knows: the dossiers are fake windows, the das. He is a fake and, most importantly, rice, inflamed know the other one knows the dossier is a fact that they have been spying on the president based on garbage this. Is absolutely critical. Now that they know the dossier is a fake, remember the Obama to stab cover up counter narrative the cover up ass, the start. We get that the second. Let me get my second sponsors. This is gonna, be important about how the cover up starts because they cover a portion of this is absolutely critical. Eye today show also brought you by friends at nets. We waited Joam. If you don't know you numbers you just don't know your business, you gotta go to nets. We, if you run a business, you gotta know your numbers. The last few months have taught us words We might also taught us that we need to eliminate or change the same for business. What are the changes you need me
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in time. This meetings happening in the White House, where the Obama teams freaking out, because the youth he's telling their came? This thing is crap this dossier there, like we got Robert. We been spying on this guy based on crap information. What do we do now? Well, who did we get crap information from we'll Hilary paid this guy to a law firm, this guy, Christopher Steel? Well, He has an email, trail and emails. From all of us, showing how, where this information is crap and how resources were garbage and wasn't real, I mean a UK gonna out is what do we do no idea. If those emails disappeared, would happy, grace thou again. What are the chances on this a day, the Obama team in the oval office with Jim call me and the spy gay Cabal Rice, Brennan clap. All Sally AIDS, the whole cabal of idiots involving this spying scandal. What did it
it is on the same day. They realise that this thing has gone really bad. On the same exact day January fifth of twenty seventeen, Christopher steals: emails are just magically white. Let's go to the national view, article and check out from the article, this isn't a deposition, sworn deposition Christopher steals, giving it a lawsuit here, it or elaborated steal that not only with the documents relating to the russian bankers deleted, but all other documents underlying his intelligence report quote we're. Why in early January? Twenty seventeen he also the communications refusing GPS, which are which the firm, which funded the dossier, we're delete from his companies orbits computer network on Jim anywhere if, with twenty seven key,
Man is an addict Winky Dink, Whitehouse realises January fifty eight gonna be able to rely on. You anymore. Why? Because the UK is already drawn up under the bus. We have this. Our legal, finding ways, it's been worn. This guy's fuller crab he's full of it proud. I can choose Patrick breaks out. What do we do? What do we do? We pay this guy to create a fake dossier. You now everybody knows where we better white dead paper, trail clean and can In on the same day, steals, logical email trail with fusion GPS, who was working for Hilary and paying steal all magically disappears. So what happens after that? While the FBI probably figures out there,
Call me that hey, we have some serious liability here. The guy we ve been relying on his fuller crap. We now know is full of crap. We gotta put some meat on this dossier and make it seem legitimate. This is our audience referee. Joe put your audience. Referee. Ombudsman is important. Maybe go this additive seven, nine or two to seven. I'd turn me at this point a long time ago what the FBI.
I should have done on January. Fifty looked Obama in the face and said, listen! Mr President, a very sorry what we did was wrong. We spied on a presidential campaign. We had flimsy information to do it. The information is unverified, we're gonna have to come clean, we're gonna, have to take our medicine and I'm very sorry. You been a part of this Europe Presidential daily Brief staff directed ass to be involved in a lot of this. We are people know the White House is running. This was one of the text. They sent we're in a lot of trouble. We need to apologize. I saw what had What happens is in this January fifth meeting with the Susan Rice Email and why this rice email so import, because she stolen call me under the bus call me said we Edward. My concerns about Russia should share that suffer the incoming administration she's telling them the boss and call me think realises he's gonna get thrown over the bus and again this is the new ones point they realize the dossiers crap and they know it. But it's time
four call me in the FBI and in Mahler when he takes over to try to put me on the dossier bone. I've use outline a lot of support. They need No mistake. They know this thing, this dossier, the PPP tape, stuff all allegations of russian collusion in the dossier. That's the only place they exist books, they know it's garbage. Steel sources are garbage steel made it up. He wiped his email clean. Its garbage. Eight is fake. This stuff is crap, but the FBI makes a critical and tragic decision. In early January,
Not only they interview, one of Christopher steals primary sub sources who tells them this is crap the FBI, the sides it's time to put me on the bone. In other words, they are going to go out and they are going to investigate the people in the dossier. Man afford page they're, gonna, win, vest they gave them anyway and and by men through the Mahler, probably in IRAN, which is just a natural segouin from the original conspirator, because what they figure is on this point I have no doubt this is the calculation ok. They're gonna find out this thing was crap, but if we can arrest the people involved in the dossier, our defence laid will be Nelson month. We screwed up CS garbage, but hey look the people in Carter, page Paul Manifold others. We're really bad guys. Remember true lies our warnings. Integrity, find that despite the wife did, you ever kill anyone? Yes, but they were really bad guys. This
the annulled. Sorted. Agar, true lies defence. Here we knew that this year we scrap. Look, we arrested Manifold, you. They were really bad guys, so we may have screwed up, but we had the best intentions, as evidenced by our investigation. Later we were the good ass. They were the bad guys. That is exact. I call it. The meat on the bone theory is, just coming clean, they die. Hold down, we investigator these people mad, affordable, based on a false dossier? Now, instead apologizing these total hacks and tyrants, double down, and use the Mahler. Probably member call we wanted. The mullah probably admitted I leaked memos to my friend. I needed a special council by why, because I needed some one else is supposedly in the and another the OJ to going continue this right. Do you can't you? Jim the tyranny here, the FBI. This is a document. Despite a presidential campaign lies about it gets caught and industry
in early January to double down or rest of people anyway,. They need meat on the bone. They double down and they're going to continue on Flynn to now. Here's where this gets interesting in a big mega had Tipp to add John W Huber on Twitter to take off on a USA. Huber is an undercover you would just a great Remember the whole reason this rice email, this we going to get on the show you're not going to get anywhere if you're not going to get this kind of analysis, because we pull the analysis of all the best people out there, and we put them right here, you're not going to get this minute segment anywhere. Reason, rice is email. Matters is cause. She see why eying in this email and trying to trot throw coming under the bus, because rice knows the dossiers are fake, that is, story? The? U K, told Ike say this about? That is the story
because, ladies and gentlemen, despite all the gas lighting all up the media nonsense, all the distractions, the work red squirrel, stuff, look, shiny object, all the only story here is a bomb spied on Trump using a fake dossier, Daddy's it facon from it. That is the story all of what I'm telling you is F, B, F B. I efforts to cover it up and all of it. It's all in effort to cover that up. If we continue with the meat on the bone, theory really bad guys again had deep under Cover Huber for this genius. He put out a genius thread yesterday. I swear I'm getting some of this from an alleged to it later with some other. As well. Not only now do they know, steel is not credible and the dossiers junk, but We need to get their media people involved.
To start a new narrative. I've been telling you about this for two and a half years again. This is one of the big big big mega take away from this case for three years you ve been getting here. And I'm not that many other places of worship, the FBI I now not only has to put me on the bone of the dossier and say why That dossier year we use there, but those people were really bad, but that wasn't the whole thing. The FBI has to change the story as to the reasons they were investigating Trump in the first place. What's the reason, this is a quick way for the eyes the dossier. That's the only reason, but the embryo We want you to know that so they change story to what we gotta tip the Australians at this meeting with its Trump foreign policy guide, Papadopoulos? Mother? That's why what that the dossier it was papadopoulos- and use their media tools,
Porto losers in the media were not an outsider shred of dignity or integrity, total, probably like soviets, they use the media to get the story out there. Where does that story? First appeared in the washed imposed in December of twenty seventy with the infamous George Papadopoulos. Total gas lighting by the FBI they feed into the lab dog losers at the worst. They both who, without an ounce of critical thought print this story in December of twenty seventeen about not all this didn't wasn't a dossier was Papadopoulos Mega had that the huge later on Ignatius Righteous articles about a month later in the Washington Post and he doesn't even realize tearing me She's plays a role in entirely shredding the FBI's krill credibility with the dossier in Effort sketch confusing but didn't lol. I need you to run this William, remember what
The ice main goal through the washed imposes get the public to believe the DAS was a secondary thing because its fate and make everyone leave. No, no a friendly government Tipp this off with this Papa Dapple is thing and this meeting. So there are two stories to narrow the real one: the F B, I use it ass. Yet the fake story, Papa Dapple, is, did it Ignatius Prince this article in the Washington Post just a month after the puppet, apple origin story starts in the washed Impose David Ignatius January. Sixteen twenty eighty against a month later after the puppet apple is origin, starts the truth about the FBI's Russia David basis. The truth, that's Larry is put back It's really body keep him why? Why he's writing this because sense he's writing this article again to distract view from the dossier because to know which fake and to get you,
pay attention to? No. No, no, but was the puppet apple, is a strange thing. So look at this screen cap from the peace I want you to. This is important. This is critical, quoted Mesas Soviet We had Ignatius. The FBI was now very interested based on the australian account. Here they got with is Papadopoulos Crap knowledgeable sources, say the bureau request Another meeting with steel to dig deeper tat encounter took place around but first in Rome, we'd steals all the F B. I contact at this. The FBI official at steel, if he had ever heard of Papa, doubtless according to an official familiar with the matter. Steel had come back to me, but I'm just keep their ready for me to go back to sway, still haven't hurt, hurt her department, still havent, heard a puppet apples, and I told her: where does it fascinating.
Remember, keep it mine so why my audience you're so much smarter than yours so prepared for this case. Ignatius is only writing this peace because he's a easy, a parrot for an FBI leaker who wants to get you away from the DAS story so in trying to disconnect the dossier from pop adopt this story. Ignatius just takes this FBI gauge where the hay and rights it that's deal has inherited pop it up. But, ladies and gentlemen, that one simple sentence: Ignatius was too stupid to figure out the box and discredits the entire dossier, and he doesn't even know what he's doing he thinks he's trying to parity FBI narrative. Now the pop was story. Did it look student, How about you, realize what he's really doing is discrediting the entire dossier had dip undercover uber for a brilliant brayley fine there. How? How that one line.
Steel doesn't even know Papadopoulos discredit, absolutely everything. They Ed and rice that everyone else knows this and their freak out. We gotta go back to the idea report a little bit here. Let's go back the idea, the edge Youporn check this out. This is them confirming in Michael Horowitz aside, you report. We look at this. Internal affairs investigation that the sea age ass, confidential human source that steel see he advised is that he was not aware Papadopoulos, so the worst imposed gets that right. Ignatius could Ignatius is too stupid to figure out what he's doing now. We know that even according to the idea report, still has no idea. Papadopoulos is. I thought this guy Joe he's wired in steel girlies russian sources, for he knows all about people, tapes and a trumpet This collusion deal, but he has no idea
up adopt MRS Lynne, passengers, as was really weird- that's gotta. I e g report screen camp here number to feel like to read along at home you to back I'm slashed by GINO That's interesting because when I spoke to steal and his primary sub source, they say that, example. Steel identified a sub source person, one who's, this said, was in direct contact with steals primary sub source and a person. One is quota by a boaster earn egoist. Ok by me translate that boy, mancino transit Yeah person one is believed to be an individual named Sergei Amelia, so just to be clear, What that in the energy report is saying is Chris First deals main source, what they call the Ps S, Christoffersen. Primary sub source. The guy's he's dealer for all this, stuff, we know is vague but still says get it from him: the Ps S primary sensors, the price
some source says I gotta familiar. You got a familiar, you sure. Thirty million gave you all that. Follow me o me. Let's go back to the edge report again thing person. Member person, one is billion whose allegedly talking to another person, steel, sorceries talent. Is this the back the edgy report? person one again million was the subject of an open FBI counter and count Zawoiski. Why so, when I get this, keep that up their forbidding support so Sergei. Millyard has a counter entails. Investigation open on him too your words really colluding with the Russians in the uprisings that's a big guy, her away, did counter intelligence in bed, suspicions that the United States so much, and then there are
this guy to be a source for a guy music is, if probationary court, despite a callback, this word gets even better, not at all This person, one million, have an open counter intelligence investigation that New York Field Office open the case after salting with and notifying case agent one and specify special agent, one prior to October, twelve, twenty sixteen, when they nine days before the fire, the application was. But what does that mean I'm under title IV? Don't you worry Whose essay one senior special agent one job- we are guy, you know job here. From yesterday's the same guy who interviewed, might Flynn at the White House January, twenty fourth repeated stroke and a framework for false statements, member that guy the same guy responsible for the woods file? In other words the file with a supposed to check off the information, thus yea and actually verse.
It's the same guy Pm The knows everything to seven either things Iraq is cooperating, that's way was fired, you may be right, I don't know all I'm telling you is piazza. We need to hear from you like stat, job, the argonauts everything he interviewed might When he's framed at the White House for false statements, it'd make here, the DAS yea and maintain the file on the dossier was never verified, and apparently here was about person one a million and a countered budgets investigation person, one the same either using as a source, this drop. Your use, Guy you're investigating for suspicious ties the Russia, this spy Donald Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, what await a report this morning possessed merely questions she doesn't get. Our Susan rice could be so stupid, said this email keep in mind my axiomatic truth about this case.
This is a spy story for idiots, stop thinking like normal people. These people are really dumb. And rice knows. This whole thing is based on a dossier based on a source whose got us information from another source whose already under investigation by the FBI. Now this is where this gets really really Harry Dislike, Matrix father hook. You know, mobility with that. You follow the way man sees NEO Ways person one Sergei million, that's what's the or says they got the information from it.
Can't do this other guy, was he ever a source at all haha? No, no! That can't be okay. Let's go cuz. It always kept me to go right back to the IG report. Just when you think this can't get any worse. This is from the idea report you, so the primary sub sore steals using the osanna. Get me information from this cat. Who say again, I get it for a million primary substantially at Newport also told the FBI. Interviewers that he received a telephone call from an individual. He believed what the sub source, but but was in certain other persons identity and that the purse
never identified themselves during the call by resisting footnote their sent over to that. In the idea report. I have two had tips even Mcintyre at climate order on Twitter for some actual investigative pointers on this one. As well, I love to be an aggregator. A fantastic information were bombed. Gino report that comments by so just to be clear, what's happening here. One of the footnotes indicates in that report that Youtube videos had emerged prior and Christopher Steel source, so he says: he's gettin, spake dossier, information from that Susan Rice noses vacant. This point: are you got a nice? He lets read the footnote hears forty three, forty, five chill jobless. This is another area so that this paper primary substances saying I spoke
committee on on the phone. How did you know a million? I didn't? I guessed, you never asked them and how do you know it was merely on the primary sub source, told the five B. Tat? He found a Youtube video, the subsoil speaking and it sounded like the person on the telephone call the guy on the phone. You're sure seals main got his deep throat who say I'm getting any information Familia admits. He never No, it was merely on the phone up at this. Never even happened by the way men says. Well, I It was him because I saw Youtube video and they have the same voice Joe. This is not Your question, but to control this outer, you ok way. You call someone near or someone calls you and you want to know who it is
how do you handle that? I take a moment if you needed, if you get a call number, how do you handle it out? probably say something like one who is that The verdict, deserted arbour cost is engaged in a horizontal reform, especially if you're going to supply on the president and purses information. I'm just saying you may want to bypass the Youtube, video verification procedure and just say hey- is this: Sergei million on the phone, just a guess,. Jim, it's just for gas figured it out on Youtube folks, please! I again, I had a good policy morning for no less pause. My wife is you don't know I gotta be. There was confusion about who followed. You must be really nervous, but that's, ok, ok, respect you, Norman.
That's some Randal! I have in my office here Can't figure out either how they could be this dumb. They were, they were this stupid these on a presidential campaign using formation. Steel gets from a guy who said he's getting it from another guy immature, and even though it the other guy that is voice, sounded like a duty heard on a Youtube video value Its use and rice is like we
problem here dude. I want to get back to the collection of linen the second through, and I've got some other stuff song in bed. Folks is really can't get any worse. Let me just tired for you in a neat little ball. There were a lot of details in there and a lot of meat on the boat, but the January twenty. If e mail was rejected for one reason and one reason only, it lays out the whole plot. One simple paragraph, Susan Rice, new ass he was vague. Susan rice knew they spied on Trump and his team, because our fate dossier, she knew it was vague, because she knows everything. I'm telling you here that the information came from a fake source. She knows Flynn knows because he's got the letter from the UK saying this is all fake Flynn is gonna, find out
They then have a plot, the White Ass, to cover it all up using the media. Let's change this dossier narrative to a pop up, less narrative and then let's accuse counter accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians, which is in fact what they'd morons one more point to make my less monster they and I get some other good stuff. You cannot get another point on Flynn. That's important. The gas lighting going on is ridiculous. Remember the big scandal here they used a fee, dossier to spy despite the daddy's it it. I can't say this enough so once a feed and your favorite pet is big for a reason, and I'm very sorry, I can't have anybody having any guesswork about what's going on here. Anyone at the risk of repeating myself it's that important. This is the scandal they want you to four at about, but I said to you: I don't know three visco for whistle. Equality source here that even
the dossier was fake. It's a fake dossier and everybody knew it Flynn Rice, everyone, Obama, The names they tag to it to give it a patina of authenticity, were real. That's scandal them two scandal number to the dossier is fake and everybody knows it, but real people Who were real sources for the intelligence community their names were pinned to this. This information came from Joe. This came from Bob. What's the problem Joe and Bob had no idea, Joe and public, what the hell are you talking about, I didn't say any of that. Some of you, entrepreneurial listeners, are now saying yourself
Well, if I'm trying to set up Joe, I say Joe Rob a bank, and I say I got the information from Paula, the FDA interviews, polymers. I have no idea what you're talking about. I never said that the sixty four quadrillion dollar question, then, is how the hell did they get all his name, steel. Nobody, these people still live no Papadopoulos, As you probably wondering that initial, but I'm sorry has still been no papa, million knows Papadopoulos Dapple been dealing with Papa, doubtless Millyard, as a relationship of pop up was and still does it know, any of you get it full circle. Still doesn't know what he is here to stay. No Papadopoulos, steel, saying resources giving information, Vermilion Milly has met with Papadopoulos five times and still has no. Idea who we is none. Jody. This makes sense
The owners are nowhere near these people they are made, in this job. The only question is where did they get their names from somebody had access to a file? of sensitive? U S sources and gay If someone names they give the Christopher Steel to tag vacant for me I wish to make it seem real, where millions name came from remember. There was an open counter intelligence investigation on Amelia who gave him those names. Can you imagine if upper level, intelligence and law enforcement officials in the Obama Administration talk names from sensitive? U S, sources, giving information in the? U S, government and put their lives in danger and gave those names to a paid political operative for Hilary, the fusion GPS, the accrue and said say this came from their mental, seem real.
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Noah, where it's just a quick point of personal privilege, Paulo member a couple years ago. We we found the story for so fast in Poland. I would sit at the table and showed the exploding by the day. Remember our conversations will, I guess, all gonna end and you will have to go back to talk about mundane stuff. That's ever gonna end, because this story, just every day just keeps getting better about how stupid these people were still really credible. He is it's funny. All sources don't seem to know anything. All resources say there talking to people they found on Youtube and then, when he asked you about one of his since that is connected with pop up as the USA is even open up was, but the FBI's trying to tell us the pop up with stories started the whole case. That's she's the basic
the gas lighting going on you do here is now just a fully discredited former Intel official who has zero credibility anymore. I'm sorry to say that pains me too, and I mean that might morale former deputy director, the CIA, who wrote aid embarrassingly awful gas lighting soviet style up in the washed imposed here it is this guy's lost his mind a long time ago. So might morale washed up on the only culprit in the FIN Flynn on masking scandal is a Trump administration. Ladies and gentlemen, here we go again with this. Myth fairytale that the Berlin Hall with the russian ambassador December twenty night was unmasked, in other words, the FBI story and the media story, and the now might morale story now fully discredited. Human being is what it was all accidental We were listening to the Russians and we just caught Flynn by mistake. Folks, that's what the unmasked myth is Flynn call was not unmasked with the Russians on December. Twenty other calls were that was now
there are no I'd masking request around the data that call that is just not true. The FBI has the call separate twenty nine. There are dear, oh on masking request for flinch call on December twenty nine. The same day the call happens December twenty night of twenty sixty. Please stop MIKE morale. Now from up it, showing you how we just gas, letting this unmask- and it's not masking stop lying. He said some of Spain. He waited these on masking request here we go again must mean that the requests were huh. Four and knew they were I'm asking Flint Ladys German. None of this is true. There's no one masking. This is nonsense. Flint says the whole Is it for making it? I'm asking request that didn't happen by the way is reveal a name that an official doesn't know and they need to know their job. Indeed,
there's no way of even knowing whether the unmasked requests were aimed at the. U S, person who is when I get this decade even take the skating were noticed what he does there. Some of you may pick the down so may not. If flame was unmasked, his name was just found because they they found some guy talking to the Russians and all will golly. It happens to be my plan, the Obama narrative the cover up, remember January. Fifty hatches plot is gonna, be this was all by mistake. We just listen to the Russians and we happen, incidentally, catch when we were in as as morale MIKE Morale says, it is washed imposed that ridiculous operate Joe. We weren't hunting for floods, nay, ladies and gentlemen, they weren't hunting for floods. Name has morale even ready and caves book, which we ve now put on three or four times in the last few days, Andrew Mackay, deputy director, the FBI in his book, the threat how the FBI protects American, the age of
has already admitted that this was a request from the period be sterile the presidential very brief. They issued a request to the intelligence grieve we came up baby in the Pd B, Anyone who had information on the topic gets Flynn and of Russians was offered you was there invited to offered for consideration. Listen Nick goes on in response to that request. The FBI queried our own holdings. We came across Mason indicating General Flynn had held several converse with a basket react. Ladies and gentlemen, it's right. There did Michael around. Read this air. They make is admitting they. What hunting for windfall call at the request of the presidential daily briefings staff would do you not leave em. Why would he They may cave a known lie or by the way, but I don't then why he would lie about that? Knowing there's a paper trail? It is, book? The peace
maybe staff, the presidential daily peace. If there's going to be a paper trail that request he's why he cared. The rules lying to you to get you leave. This was all an accident and that they weren't quote hunting for Flynn when we Europe has already admitted they were hunting for wines calls. Oh my gosh people for this stuff. It's so ridiculous. I couple other stories unrelated, but as a weapon of the show, but their important, so Jerome powers to chair the FED made us pretty stunning readmission that really studying in economic terms but stunning and that it is willing to admit for the first time something have warned you about in the show. In the five years I ve been doing this.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are essentially printing monopoly money. Now we are printing money that has no basis in value. When you think about what money, I don't want to get a lot of emails from people on this topic and that's fine. I appreciated, but you're not going to convince me. Otherwise, it money is some money, fairy type object and it doesn't matter people don't know how much is in circulation. So Not a big deal, we can print their way out of this Mamma you modern monetary theory. Stuff is terrific, I'm the guy list. I read them. I list whom I respect your opinion. I'm sorry you're wrong. Money is in exchange value right. If someone works their building, fridge raiders whenever it. Maybe you give the money in return that money supposed to represent the value they put into? That's what is, if you don't believe that and you believe you could just printed doing nothing. That's called counterfeiting. This we're doing a droll power given interviewed. Sixty minutes have the transcript. Here. I pull this off our continent. Thomas got any basically emits. Louise s buy Skype Pelee of Sixty sixty minutes. He says you know fair hey, the chair of the Federal Reserve
I refer to say, simply flooded the system with money palaces. Well, yes, we did that's another way to think about it. We did Scott police as well. Where did it come from? Did you just printed? Here's power they just admitting it yet we printed originally so as a central bank, we have the ability to create money digitally and we do that by buying. Three bills are bonds for other government guaranteed securities, and that actually is
Just the money supply we also print actual currency. You mean distributed through the Federal Reserve Bank folks, do you really believe we can print up trillions of dollars? Digitally paper wise, doesn't really matter whether you spend it on a credit card. You spend it in the store, you're still doing a transaction. You really believe we can do this without creating more products and not create mass inflation. I'm just asking you to do some simple Mathieu for the haters who don't like when I talk about this stuff. If you're going to print three three to four trillion dollars and extra money, probably more by the time,
mothers and inserted over a series of years into the economy since we started doing quantitative easing power because to a decade ago and their chasing the same amount of products. How are the price of those products not gonna go up? It's not possible. Inflation is Milton Friedman, says, is everywhere a money printing phenomenon. It is I worry about that because in the future, when this money starts, they hit the system and economic area.
He picks up in the velocity of money, picks up as money start to spin around. They got money, go around the economy, slowed down the shutdown and all this new cash printed, digitally and printed in real, actual tangible touchable feel about money starts to chase computers and equipment and cars and gasoline again we may be looking at a Europe of inflation like we have never seen in american history. I have warned you about it repeatedly over an hour in another quick note into the show I like to throw these in the end, and I owe to our old sticky notes before memories, Did you know she is sticking to member states as well as they should point that liner get these they'll have Elinor hanging around all. That's the old old listeners near wholly mose. You have to be like an original precepts. Twenty eight listener
I saw this and the New York Times account above for yet this is their tweet. The New York Times, which obviously are you know four blown collusion oaks using Gaslight their terrified their terrified, along with the washed imposed in the other liberal activists out there, because they were afraid people are getting red paled everywhere. What's readville red Pills become I it's a take off on the and the matrix member, the matrix where Lawrence fish Burn says to me. Oh, you know the red pale blue pill and if you take the red pill, you'll be you you'll, wake up from the matrix. Well, we talk about red, pilling people, obviously red pale, meaning wake up and become a conservative and stop buying all this liberal mindsets. Ilan must tweeted out something that being read pill the other day and the New York Times is freaking out and what are they always resort to and left this than full blown activists like New York Times or in a panic about conservatism, taken hold in the culture?
accuse conservatives of racism. Here it goes right here, I'm not kidding you want to make a car company racist. They do it right. I'm not messing with you. It is New York Times. Tesla owners are grappling with a new fact that their cars make Harry new connotations after Elon Musk tweeted about taking the red pill in reference to the matrix that have been co, opted by the right and disgusting. In my sergeant s thick and racist forums Eric follow they kept. This is why I am telling you please: I'm begging you with humility in the greatest of respect for you in your brain, ignore these utter a complete morons. The New York Times probably has a sign in its office whenever they get worried about conservative starting to crack into the culture. The culture forget: the parties to culture, Isla Mosque, actors and celebrities. Kenya, west types, people you don't think for yourself oversight or take any my advice from celebrities, car owners or anyone else, I'm simply suggesting you. They dont want conservatism and freedom to ever be cool origin
So when a society is good and benevolent, is ours Joe? What's them the quickest and easiest path towards making something, not cool, fresh, hip, edgy and new two people to call it racist because we're a good country and racism is one of the worst things you can possibly tar on someone. That's their sign up in the office whenever you see someone starting again: headway in the culture just accused of being a racist and just totally make it up now a reference to the matrix about a red pill, ironically offered to NEO by a black man. Lawrence Fitchburg is somehow raised. Their totally makings of these people are the worst dregs of society have ever seen. If there is a growing festering cancer in this country is being done by activists and not the good journalists by activists in the media who have entirely wreck this country, they have destroyed, it
They will never tell the truth about anything. It's really gross. I folks about those Biden cause I'm still work in order to address the issue. I just want to be sure these Biden called many. Heard them they're on Youtube, I'm hesitant to put it out of the show until we can verify their pretty damning if real they're, pretty devastating, alleged to be calls with Joe Biden John carrying the Ukrainian President Bush. If cause a real, a devastating. You may say why they bring up I'm still waiting because he saw friction air. While out a news outlets awaiting some other dates and times don't appear to marry upright. But I didn't forget about it. We'll work it out at an interesting piece of the show notes from red state today about it. You can read it if you want to see what's in there, but the calls. As I said you, any history show if true could be really damn. He thinks the opportunity in a really appreciate a prescribed. My Youtube Channel Youtube COM, slash
GINO thanks. We training, finds that subscribers will be there soon. Thanks to you now see autumn, you just heard TAN bond GINO. She followed, then on twitter, twenty four seven at De Bonn, GINO.
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