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The Russian Hoax Returns! (Ep 1186)

2020-02-21 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the media’s silly attempts to resurrect the Russia hoax now that the Trump administration is zeroing in on Spygate. I also eviscerate the silly claims that the booming economy is due to Obama policies. Finally, I address the real Ukraine scandal the media wants to go away. 

News Picks:How convenient. The day after the disastrous Democrat debate the media resurrects the Russia hoax.


Why did this Mueller team offer a sweetheart deal to this George Soros’ business rival?


Trump’s economy is the economy Obama always wanted. 


Elizabeth Warren, who said she would take any support from super PACs, is now taking support from super PACs


California’s anti-Uber law is blowing up in the lawmaker’s faces. 


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no right yeah hawks is back late the is back again i set twitter yesterday the russian a is like the jason voorhees of hoaxes rubber jason oh yeah bridge fridays and thirdly the jason voorhees of hosts seek was just come in yet take its dead j it keeps coming back just like the russia house votes today shows possibly express bbn stop putting your on my data at risk no good go to express vp and accomplished by gino today there they thereby gino show producer jack actor today finds
variety that's right back the folks there is much go at all i am going to just now to the wall these mean a lunatics that again i'm totally misinterpreted a bunch of intelligence that was given the house and then the president trump later how they used it to again resurrect the rush hopes but i want to tell you why something happened as very important don't go anywhere very important showed let's get right immigration about you by bodies at lifelong a taxi it could be a pain but it's all worth it when you open the mailbox you see that one envelope even waiting for unless it turns out somebody else is already filed your tax return can you imagine this happens all the time each to investigate this in the secret service we get the calls where's my check when someone already care states are doing tat i felt personal info like your name or number security number maybe calvin shared more than usual criminals can steal infer from your devices and sell it on the dark
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budget up our eye job thereof couple quick announcements as i said yes i'll be in force on any tonight on fox i we deeply appreciate if you do an inner shit you're dvr set your dvr mayhem they give you always make us number one member in there i really appreciate your support so please watched the show nine pm eastern time fox news channel tonight i'll be in for showing headed up after this a show and also by interview with jack oh well i guess your day we take leadership strategy tactics is new book absolutely terrific you're gonna wanna see that we will and she and her over saturday morning or so joe their work and on it now drew it mattered more impala so it'll be pretty you're gonna love it i promise you don't mrs when i so let's get right to the new york times has resurrected the russia hoax now before i get into why they're doing it which is the critical question let's get it
what there actually doing and how again i am very sorry about this separation of and i'm not kidding about being sarcastic or silly your dough beer i'm trying to mislead you i'm very sorry for you i'm sorry i empathize with you i feel bad for you if you actually believe that what you're getting for media outlets like the new year times washed imposed politico cnn msnbc and elsewhere is news if you believe that's news journalism based on facts and data there trying to relate to you i feel bad for you i really do my apologies you're being subjected to an ongoing never ending prob ly guess lighting lying campaign because they're trying to advance a very specific narrative in line with the liberal agenda which is to take down donald trump it's obvious citizen this is a veto rocket science or thy jokingly say sometimes not rocket surgery it's now
let's go to the new york times peace so this broke yesterday was all over the place see an amazon msnbc there you're my got russia's back the russians again on russia and russia headline new york times lawmaking warn that russia meddling to re elect trump classified briefing to house members is said to have angered the president who complain that democrats would weapon eyes the disclosure hilariously look at the buyer i had on this look who wrote this peace adam goldman collusion hoarser maggie abrams in another collusion boxer tat folks i how many times how how how many times are we gonna get played for some first by these people how many times again i'm an expert
do you know why this is coming out now but folks let's get into what the article says and what really happened i've got the kind of behind the scenes scoop on what really have an end of course it's nothing what maggie remit and adam goldman noted collusion hawsers fake news specialist it's nothing like what in writing in this article it's not what happened at all costs not a journalism peace this is a fiction tail let's go to take away number one one of the opening paragraphs of the peace from the new york times quote intelligence officials warrant house lawmakers last week that russia was interfering in the twenty twenty campaign to try to get president trumpery elected that is false ok that is not what happened it goes on five people familiar with the matter guaranteed by the way folks to be democrats set of disclosure to congress that anchored mr trump who complain that democrats would use it against them ok let's
into this are these sources the same sources they told you that spy gate was real no tromp was colluding with the russians as stated in the dossier that's now worth i would even use it is toilet paper you may get a rash are these the same sources that's all despite gate was a hoax in collusion with real we're supposed to take the new york times i'm just folks i'm just asking you we're supposed to take the new york times that what leslie ruthlessly promoted the now thoroughly discredited does yea collusion hoax based on it we're supposed to take them seriously that their same sources they told us that lie are now telling the truth that russia's battling again and twenty twenty and its two electron keep in mind and a great point was made last night on fox news and for get me for the life of me i cannot remember who said it i looked apollo watching lord ingram always definiteness devon newness active devon
he was more angry show last night i had that had he went to bed was watching i looked over paused that's a great point actually i did say that i'm sorry paul but i was thinking that now what you got you paul you ready for sleep and i wanted to temporary and want to wake you up but i was thinking of telling her that nunez said isn't it amazing joe how we ve i didn't election since trumps election we right the twenty eight team in terms that everybody miss that a third the senate was up and the entire house of representatives was up which is due to its up every two years for a member that twenty eightth intellectual liberals forgot the liberals did very well matter of fact democrats retook the house joe you know it's amazing is never nunez put up great point serious tipp of the cap to you congressmen unit how come they were no rumours of russian interference i thought the russians were so powerful that they can
if elections but did you notice tat narrative joe only these surfaces when the demo that's are in trouble and may lose an election like after a debate that was a real disaster for a demo you haven't got all that has nothing to do with bad how dammit that's when in twenty eighteen do very well for themselves yet russian seemingly disappear no one hears anything but now they have a disastrous debate nanny bloomberg fallen apart elections collapsing bernie sanders is the front runner at all the sudden rumours again the russians your back there back and they want europe today but the democrats in the mid terms or did they want republicans and about jobs and the russians are just so an effective at doing what the media tells us there so good at that the democrats want what so yes if you media lunatics what story is it either
christians are interfering in elections which they always do their belated they always do i was a security rational we consume intelligence for a long time does a man might have tip and myself i'm telling you the russians interfere in our elections are political process they ve been doing it for decades point one hundred percent stipulate nobody's arguing that no what i am suggesting you is the media narrative is that the russians are so effective in doing it that they got trump elected seems too take a vacation when democrats get elected so the russians what would try republicans elected a twenty can it sucks so bad that the democrats one pretty over farming we in the house not known they just took a vacation in twenty that's not what you're saying to media tell the russians are there all the time what argue are you trying to make so now of course right
there are conveniently dreaded air quotes conveniently after the democrats have an abomination of a debate of a sudden this led to the new york and the russians meddling in twenty johnny and its to re elect trump let me give you inside scoop so can you take away here number one indeed how the russians only take a vacation with democrats win and number two are these the same sources they told you about the dossier maggie ape man how great it was and our collusion was real and basically put egg on all your face these same sources words jackie because you have zero credibility now let me tell you what my sources are telling me i mean actual sources like real sources that's not what was said in this intelligence briefing to quote to new york headline can we can we put up headline up again just i wanna be sharing the precision matters i want to get the quote accurate the new york times headline my source to tell me is
total garbage lawmakers warn that russia is met going to re elect trump that is not what happened this is fake new what happened is and intelligence professional our elections interference centre gave a briefing and in that briefing appeared to indicate that the run on a separate matter related to the russians are meddling because they want to get trump elected on a separate matter indicated that the russians think trump is a deal maker and they take it potentially deal with them that he's looking for it he'll peace prosperity maybe some economic rapprochement here by the way none of this this in any way controversial trumps been lookin for a deal with north the north koreans he's been look the deities even offered a channel the iranians he's looking to make some case
their open up a channel right now with the taliban not a controversial point that should say controversial it's the wrong word precision does matter because it may be controversial somebody's but to people who don't agree with transparent policy it's fine fair enough it's not a secret is a better way to say it had again precision does matter it's not a secret that president trop is willing to deal with people a deal making table even who are our enemies if he thinks we may yet the united states may benefit from it that's not a secret now that the russians have seen that does not mean the russians are interfering in the election to get trump elected and i think that's insane tromp has expanded nevsky he's expanded the sanctions regime his arm the eu training is again policies you don't have to agree with that's fine but
yes thing those policies will benefit russia is idiotic descent he's levied against russia job recent sanction against gazprom one of their largest natural gas providers in russia trumpeted that his battle against the nord stream to pipeline from russia germany that would significantly benefit the russian its trump fighting that suggesting the russians are trying to get him reelected by meddling by misinterpreting what the what our intelligence in turn rotation of the russians was is down idiotic nobody said that folks nobody said that in the briefing this is fake news telling you what your hearing is a lie that is not we said that is a maggie haber meant adam goldman collapsed
b s story because the democratic debate was a disaster democrat lawmakers led by shift and other need to change the narrative from the debate because it was that bad and the way to change the narrative from the debate is go back to the old tried and true jason voorhees of hoaxes roy yeah and suckers idiots imbeciles i make level morons forefront basic into better media people that is not what was said why the hell with the russian support trump over a communist in bernie sanders missis make any sense to you for you don't lips listening to the show i'm just ask you for a moment to take your dunce caps
i know they're like sown do your skull but just think this through are you always this stupid you have a devout socialist who is perfect this love for the soviet system on recordings i've played on the show and you believe vladimir putin a soviet style autocrat once dot tribe who is sanction this not out of his regime and armed his political enemies the ukrainian you believe they want their meddling get trump elected rather the burnt do you realize what kind of a more on you have to be sorry you beat too hard steady dna i'm sorry i'm be into our but it's true these media people are really the stupid that is but what we said in the briefing the russians are stupid their aware of trumpets reelected that there may be a potential
the deal like as a potential for a deal with anyone would drop because actual trump does he makes deal that doesn't mean i prefer up over sanders or that their real there there and their engaged i'm collusion scheme this making all this up again folks i'm not kidding i really genuinely sincerely feel bad for you if you are believing end this garbage do your own homework dont trust anything these media people tell you this was a strategically time bleak after a disastrous debate the change in our let's go to the second take away from this new york times report because this is important to explain to you how ridiculous is pieces i am ashamed even after highlight this garbage second take away from the peace quote this is a congress meant
public and comes from mister stewart disk decline within the briefing declined to discuss the briefing but said that moscow had no reason to support mr trump is the republican congressmen talking he pointed to the president's work to confront ran a rush it ally and to encourage european energy independence from moscow talking about the nord stream pipeline i just reference stuart said quote i challenge anyone to give me a real world argument where putin would rather have president but not bernie sanders steward said an interview referring to the nominal democrat primary race front runner folks how does the eu have to be very few christine for stating the obvious you believe the russians would prefer trump who is sanctioning the hell out of on combating their pipeline and arming putin's opponents over a devout socialist
it was praised communist regimes in the past ladies and gentlemen please if you are a liberalising the show wake up i love bigger god given rights and i will always always fight for a free press always but gus attire folks it's hard at times it is i will never change my mind in it but it is difficult we give them rights because a matter the pressure should be reporting on government malfeasance facts and data in real journalism also gives them the right to be stupid and did they have to take gets up on that offer every single time how many times maggie haber minute adam gomin go to promote this russia hope without asking any critical questions if we want to drop at doesn't seem to make a lot of sense portmanteau trample trump are they really this dumb ok now
let me show you why this surface now so again just reiterate my sources tell me that is not at all what we said at the briefing it was simply a intelligence analysis that the russians no trump is a deal maker thing to do with their meddling the reelection that's just maggie haber men lying to you again but the second away from it why is shifting his intelligent screw desperately trying to change the narrative back to russia sucker cross and always says russia russia russia why why now my reply the subtle montage the gravy and montage bad minute twenty so long this the media freedom now over the disastrous dumpster fire debate that happened a couple nice girl on the democrats i wear bloomberg melted down buddha judge melted down a club which our melted down biden was again just there no show how
they left this media response by this debate now you know why they need the argument to go back to russia check this out great niver bernie sanders i thought it was a great need for donald trump i thought it was a terrible night for the democrats the truth is bernie sanders is on its directory really democratic nominate to me he i just don't see him having any shot in a joke action on patent i am absolutely no one but bernie stephanie come on he's anarchist he would love to burn down the united states if we nominated socialist like bernie sanders we're gonna lose it'll be like george mcgovern a blow out nobody just says the obvious bernie you're full of it there just pandering to the red tape when you know why pandering gets nothing is certainly does he get your respect tamper as needs to step down is a joke peace a clown he can run the democratic party anymore it's lost its way don't say how democrats do
anything by bleed out when they put a socialist at the top and then take it it is day a challenge for the party and to donald trump reelection the loser as leslie put it are the democrats i've gotta get out since i disagree with socialism i believe in the markets and i think he is wrong i think you'll never get it done in this country will never go that directed by the level of forty nine states corbett didn't work in england bernie it can work in the united states let anyone but burning that's not republicans folks well steve's made a pretence of republican listener he's really democrat but the pretence of europe of those a democrat or left leaning media types who see the writing on the wall bernie sanders could be the nominee there is a strong strong possibility
and although i disagree with chris matthews you you won't trumps when i can win forty nine states i'm sorry that's not realistic why does i've been telling paula joe often i think the potential is there to win thirty eight or thirty nine states if bernie sanders is the nominee states we lost last time new mexico the vat colorado i think go back into trumps column i think minnesota goes back in the trumps com i think new hampshire goes at the trumps column i think you're gonna laugh but i think in play low probability but even in play we'd be now jersey and virginia virginia which has gone almost deep blue me i can see that but i think new jersey and virginia are it new jersey blow probably virginias in play folks it will be a disaster
main goes the trump it will be a disaster for the democrats do you understand and why they are now desperate to choose change the narrative because if ernie's the nominee they no they will lose and when they lose they can't possibly have the election being about idea verses now please follow me me i wanna get overly complicated moby but just follow me for a moment the democrats are socialists oliver ok that's what they do not believe in i sense that there really capitalism bloomberg apparently there that available even if they are socially hard core socialist some of em just disguise it better than others they never ever want an election to be about ideas that's why they always cow
elections in terms of emotion income inequality you're a racist they never actually say to you what they want you doubt me before bernie sanders came along they never safety what they never say to you i want to tax you at ninety percent they never say to you i'm gonna forbid you from choosing where you could go to school they never say to you i'm gonna cancel your private health care because the governments gonna take it they never say that when you tried things like that mcgovern and walter mandaia they have been annihilated in elections because eric as a liberty loving country period full so what they do is even though that's what they want they disguise it terms of hope we change e you're a racist emotional nonsense to get you not to vote for them because no they're ideas are a loser excuse me they can't get you
over there are they know no plurality majority will ever support ninety percent taxes government run health care and government for schools they know that so they use emotion hoping change e and the other guy's a racist hoping your vote against the other guy not for them that you'll go and pull the lever for barack obama excuse me thinking that john mccain mitt romney races and income inequality proponents they want to take all the money this important step burning the first guy who carries out o authentic he's a fraud but he's consistently abroad he has been consistent and he will not back that he's gonna cancel your insurance he's gonna tax you into hades and he's going to base the institute give europe
has been consistent and he will not back that he's gonna cancel your insurance he's gonna attacked you into haiti's and he's going to basically institute give europe fought for years i raise a warrior school joys and he's a warrior against the constitution it'll be the first time these ideas will be out the open joe where they can't run from them because bernie sound running from he's that using hopi change e he's actually telling you this that and when it's on the ballot for the first time in a long time basically since monday and they get racked reassuring katy wrecked when they get wrecked in the election member these are real socialist all they do not want the narrative to be like it is in the uk right now after the corbett lost just cited in their peace they do not want the narrative to be americans were of a page socialism amount
kids come out in droves against socialism elect trump they can't have bad they can't have so their prepping a narrative again now we didn't lose because the ideas not on i wasn't socialism vs freedom that's not what happened joe the russians did it again listen to me please mark my word check this show what time is it here one thousand and thirty three eastern time one thousand and thirty three and twenty nine seconds i got the atomic clock market market will be the media narrative it'll be nothing about socialism losing maybe i see a few sprinkle pc ryanair it'll be about again the russians there's another reason there in a panic though this one special he may not be here and this too many spots i got a few tweet summoned a high life we before we get to that we give them respond
this is important it's not just that they want to stay away from here they know they're gonna lose with burning is another thing happening that they have to resurrect the vorhees narrative of russian this is critical i take issue also parts by bodies that patriot bobo listen i'm asking you to support patriot mobile you know why we talk a lot about supporting president trump defeating the democrats in a deep state but what are we doing about it unites additions show the do matters talk is great but they do we don't have the luxury of looking the other way round neither support companies who stand with us patriot mobile is the only cell phone service that donate a portion of your monthly bill to organisations fighting for the values you and i believe in like the right to bear arms life religious liberty and supporting our vets i know switching cellphone carries a scary patriot mobile makes it super easy and keep your number bring your own phone or by they want and get the same reliable nationwide service gotta patriot mobile dot com slash stand today
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they pay attention to these names a source close to the matter tell cbs news that national security council staff or cash now remember the name tapped airbus senior adviser ambassador rick grenelle act it was gonna be the acting intel chief that unite source says that the mandate to grenelle patel the queen house including a top to bottom review the dna operations that expanded dramatically since two thousand and five you know i get a lot of these emails from folks live i tell you feel free to vent i don't like that you know some of you so much i wish they wouldn't do that when that you but that's ok whenever i mean if you if said about stuff but people went to be other nothing's happening ever ever nothing's happening listen i wish i can't say what can happen and legal side who's gonna be arrested who's not gonna be ok i don't know i don't know i don't
gunnar at meetings daily we're billboard i can't i'm not in the justice department i get why people angry at me with a show or molly meanwhile or chuck ross or others you been exposing this thing is bizarre but whenever make you happy things are happening on the political side which donald trump can control the kick want a respite require now for those you missed and derivative i was there a bastion of germany has been appointed as the acting head of airing in intelligence infrastructure the dna catherine herod you as impeccable source is not lying when she says grenelle has been given the mandate to clean miss sharp up and start quote cleaning house but it's just grenelle that was in a tweet there was another name who with any oh cash patel many of you are thinking cash battalion ring a bell whose cash patel always gash patel cares patel
one of the unsung heroes of the spy gate the exposing the spy gate scandal cash patel worked with the great congressmen devon noon s hand in hand and painstakingly did all the homework and uncovered the whole spy gate scandal defies abuse the unmasked things they want the obama administration was doing in conjunction with brennan to target their political enemies that was cash patel ladies gentlemen again for those you out there now things are happening ever it's a very small number again a month not in i love my audience i mean it you owe me in the world to me i'm here for you i do the show for you it's not a criticism i give you my email for reason but i just encourage you again stay vigilant be angry stay angry that the justice system
very well right now metrics working harbor but on the political side trump can control he is finally making now for you to get rid of christopher rate the fbi things will be terrific yeah there is a reason he appointed grenelle grenelle is a bull dog patel is the why bravery of information the bulldogs gonna need as catherine center source told her too clean house in the intelligence community i wish it would have happened sooner it didn't but it's happening now
now you see why the democrats are panicking again and they need to resurrect the russia thing folks there's always a story always that's what i'm here to do for you you don't have time a lot if you have a really complicated busy life i'm here the translate all of this is going on now you may say how do you do that translation thing well typically i wait for sources to call and give me the inside scoop i view she'll probably block me shortly i'm surprised she hasn't done it yet by the way but whatever you want to see which really going on and the panic can always go to maggie hey minute at the new york times who over let leslie promote a left leaning narrative but if you want a dissected narrative this one's not as brightest i gave her men she's really not that good disguising her intentions natasha bertrand from political
is always there to show you what the left leaning focus groups wants you to believe and she's not good at this i think it either hey permits a little bit better just marginally better at this natasha bertram no such luck not very good at this little no russian collusion hoax their hopes there prob ly gaslight or bertrand she put up this tweet which clued me in as the member tweets are always a good indicator of what the left is worried about that's the point i will try to forgive me for being so circuitous about red birch ran and you'll find out what the left is worried but so here's the thatcher bertrand from politics knowed noted and discredited russian collusion hopes are bertram cos breaking now causes great cast patel former undersea official who also played a key role as a hill staffer for newness by the way it illicit how she phrases this show played a key role in helping the gnp discredit the russia pearls nobody discredit the russia probe they cover
spargo you knock allowed but notice this is what you're worried about is now a senior advisor for new acting dna richard grenelle according to for people from were you with the matter folks listen i'm tell i'm not messing with you ok she had assured macerates animals i'm not messing with you if you ever want to know because bertrand not even clever enough to strategically word or tweets she just takes the pop focused who points right from the liberals mouse protein darcy s he knows about steel he knows about steel meeting fbi agent data london way before the fbi probe was said to have opened in july to identity first the f b i says they opened up the probe right well what was crisper steel meeting july
steel he knows about steel meeting fbi agent gator london way before the f b i probably said to have opened in july july thirty first the fbi says they opened up the probe right what whiskers were still meeting july fifth in london with fbi agent data for patel knows all of that potential knows everything and bertrand this freaking out because she has promoted the russia thanks to you for three years patel also knows about the media's role and propagating the rush out on behalf of christopher steel and others so their aiming to discredit battalion noticed the language he uses that they tried to discredit the russia probe the russia probe no no no they discredited the spy gay the hall spy gate hoax you are
at spy gate was scars via gave was a hoax that's what bertram wanted you to believe patel and nunez exposed you for being huckster spiky was real you're collusion narrative was hopes she frames that though in the way the focus group wanted to because that's what she does rather ineffective we too cheese and i'm actually some serious i'm stodgy as a block me if i go right to her reached my go to moving on is that explains it our folks i hope you gotta for corn you copy of exactly what happened yesterday don't buy into this this is just like the freddy krueger of russia sequels their terrified and they need to have a reason to lose the election because they're gonna lose at this rate moving on active james would you know the actor james words he's back on twitter for those of you
bernie bro is out there again you have a problem with this thing called arithmetic or or matthew don't know where the arithmetic is james woods did a little quick calculation on his twitter feed yesterday had fifty two him and he put up this just goes to show you how the parties give us free college he's gonna raise went away how when you don't we stand cash flows how the government only spends money it takes from you there is no be very how when you don't understand that and you believe the government spending money is the governments some money fairy like money or something like that haven't you understand math and cash flows you get confused by things like basic arithmetic so once did this quick calculations is genius and i hope you can retweet this and make this go viral again from his twitter feed their quote he says so bernie sanders set at the debate last night that he wants a minimum wage to be fifteen dollars per hour so follow me your folks do you want to watch the than on youtube youtube dotcom slash punch you know you can actually see it
he did so mad so fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage joe by a forty eight hour week means you make six hundred dollars a week verona times that by fifty two weeks a year you get bernice fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage you would make thirty one thousand dollars a thirty one thousand two hundred miles per year he goes on james would do so so the burning minimum wage you gonna make thirty one thousand two hundred hours a year great everybody celebrating minimal way free money great sources bernie sanders once free health therefore all and was asked how we would pay for his answer was to raise taxes to fifty two sent on anybody making over twenty nine thousand per year while let's do the math fifty two percent the thirty one thousand two hundred dollars you make under bernie minimum wage equal sixteen thousand hundred twenty four thousand taxes so if you subtract adam from the thirty one thousand two hundred you be making on the burning minimum wage your left with your pay being
fourteen thousand nine hundred seventy six dollars when you divide that by fifty two weeks ain't you make towards radiator hose prolific which means you peacemaking hello made about wage right now which is set twenty eight hour the minimal wages seven twenty five why didn't i think it is james i took my friend i am i am slightly envious i did nothing to do this math earlier but good content is good content had tips or had gibbs wonderful see when you're dopey and you don't understand that there is no money ferry and then what bernie sanders is promising you to be free healthcare in college has to come from a tax bull that has to be paid for by taxpayers when you don't understand that you believe things are actually free when you're saying and rational and you're not a birdie bro
start doing basic math and you figure out that the government gets its money from you you figure out that burn these plans are actually going to cost you a salary going to impose upon you a salary below the federal minimum wage now but again don't let that basic math get in the way of your argument that hey man feel the bird brother outside about the birdie brows please make that week of viral i retreated it to everybody go to twitter follow james woods go to that account and red tweet that's not out of that thing because there's no refuting it what he said areas mathematically correct you be making less than the federal middle way is now under birdies new
fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage if he institutes is healthcare point i want to get this rudy giuliani them you know committee this is quickly our last part session our good friends that express vps they sponsor the beginning of our show to as many of you have noticed we love express vp i'm a use it our house because we're interested online privacy and security folks it's as simple as that i dont want people you know out here log onto our wi fi system i just don't want it we are concerned that our house about online security and privacy there are tons of gps as you probably heard of a couple them some of them you know you may even you some of their gdp as before but would you research on responses we don't mess around we only use companies we can recommend here and i only recommend express vps here's why express vps abbess bbn on the market couple things they don't log your data
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we pay and our complex bungee now in an extra three months free and a one year package that's express vps that calm slashed by gino express vps that car thou com slash bond gino today to learn more go check him out thank you i folks i've been piece of this all week it's important and i'm sorry i have been able to get to it but it's been such a stack loaded news we sometimes these you put on the back burner for given its importance i feel the need to put this out there there was an appearance last week by rudy giuliani talking about again what the democrats are really hiding in ukraine remember as talker says austin whatever the democrats are accusing you of is what they're doing themselves cuz they know their media lunatics you know the havermans and all these other folks in the world will propagate their now there's a not be critical at all and not actually do journalists they're hiding something but it's i just their collusion with the democrats in the election where they were giving the dnc information used to target trump operatives like poor man afford
and were now you are from fusion gps as she was working with the ukrainian lawmaker it's not even now that's bad enough there's other things are hiding notably get right to it a monstrous money laundering scandal before i get to that i want to put this daily collar article up due to show you how these names in ukraine just keep creeping up rather than eight hours talking about the other day so alan dershowitz does an appearance on bright bar radio during that appearance he says hey listen people keep talking about people lobby in tromp for prosecutions in investigations and quid pro quo but dershowitz claims to have information actually it was george soros himself who was lobbying obama to have people prosecuted what sounds kind of like a quid pro quo to me and i suggest to you that that person was likely business rival to sorrows dimitrios vertex look at this chuck recipes headline report mothers pitfall talking about andrew weissmann
it was mothers chief investigative offered a ukrainian oligarchy sweet deal to provide dirt on trump ah crazy who is that our guard in ukraine dmitri fur tat george soros is business rival who its alleged by john solomons reporting soros wanted targeted in ukraine and who i believe may be the personnel and theirs which was talking about that soros was poking around while bomber to get prosecute even think it s yourself the question is this going to be the focus of my third book sour government for sale to the highest bidder where the highest donor soros types are we for sale had an eighty weissmann find the material first that's why you find them so interesting told you the same names keep
open up and many of them are in ukraine moving itself talking about the ukrainian scandal how it's not just this information sharing how they keep going to ukraine for information on trumped suspiciously i believe there hiding a mass of money laundering scheme follow the money ladies and gentlemen follow them i always let me start with this article from forbes set this up there's this guy informs the skype call a mosquito i'm saying this last name right forgive me but this guy's interesting forbes has this little piece on him check this out we as his name is eager columnist and he says he i hate be founded this bank or provide back in the early ninety nine his could be a key back in ukraine handling more than a third of private deposits and serving approximately half the country's population sounds like a pretty big bank folks
in twenty sixteen ukraine's government nationalized the bank and investigation suggested large scale fraud at private bank over a period of ten years private bank column escape private bank call a misty interesting eyes we went out ball when hosted on the radio that time screwed up interest and skip saying you can think of making us say so we have this guy in ukraine column escapes make us real simple who starts this bank provide bank that was investigated by the ukrainian government for a massive fraud ok let's go to this daily wire peace where columnist in provider addressed again we'll see why the democrats again or panic about ukraine this is partly a peach minnows daily wire port do evidence shows utter biden ukraine payments were flag as suspicious only twenty sixteen gotta screenshot format daily
a peace gets really special london so the matter government there investigators put out a memo which quote identified a series of loan payments totalling about sixteen point six billion dollars that will rooted from properties in belize in the united kingdom to barismo hundred by this company that's really odd through what bank so these payments are out at the haunted by this company brisma through the provide bang you mean the one that was under investigation for front how can that be between twenty twelve and twenty fifteen john sovereign rights quota flagged funds routed through private or partially transferred to hundred biden aboard member referees persons may twenty fourteen three other officials oh my god what are the chances of ass so just to be clear the latvian government to investigate a viewing
flags suspicious payments our aid through multiple countries why would you do that folks i'm just keep my comments to eliminate the vibrating encoding off your skunks it why are you around artemis multiple countries like you investigator job where he's investigator you're welcome because when you routed through multiple places and multiple countries and multiple companies as geologists accurately stated it makes those payments hard to follow when they reach the end user which was in many of these cases accord to the reporting hunter biden son of former vice president joseph i knew of course was a bomb is point man in ukraine so you're telling me a bank alleged to be involved in a massive large scale fraud is a key conduit in payments being transferred all around the world totalling sixteen point six million dollars that wind up in the pocket of the vice pray
inside and where's the media on this covering a fake russian who collusion hoax friday the thirteenth freddy meets jason part sixty two because their dances because better both juilliard he's all over this this is why the media so terrified rudy giuliani all of this giuliani knows so giuliani last week was on television former mayor animated plates use pure to cuts here's the first category let's talk about hey the latvian government that this was awfully suspicious you know like why did we ignore this whole thing check out come what have a document here that case milking done it comes latvia it described onto binds involvement in laundering fourteen point eight million dollars it's a government document of latvia fourteen eight million dollars being more than three different
disguised as low so he has a official government doc it's not an email that's a conspiracy theory it's an official investigative document from the latvian government about suspicious payments totalling non that document fourteen million routed through these specific banks i just reference julian nobody that document keep my no one in the media is just incredible job nobody in the media start to ask giuliani how can we take a look at that isn't real because we don't have a media it's a joke we have a budget teddy spend you drop a quarter of the military use of fable media people media they live laugh at media people don't ever call me a journalist i'll be deeply offended ever of the block you on twitter immediately journal
i want to be with those people journal are you kidding me he's got to here's giuliani talking about another media myth that well ok maybe there was an investigation but when joe biden demanded the prosecutor in ukraine looking into all this stuff the money laundering i just told you about giuliani just needed so we're clear the meat a man narrative which is a myth which it always is is that well paid most all that out one by one of the prosecutor fired why are they saying it's obvious folks because if biden who is on tape say he wanted the prosecutor in ukraine looking into this fire was still looking into it any sane person is going to be like while of course by
why did the prosecutor five because it was looking at these payments to his son so the media narrative is been are now that investigation was closed down ladies and gentlemen that is categorically one million per cent false the investigation when biden demanded the prosecutor looking into this be fired was not closed down that is just false i dont know any other way to tell you it is false it is inaccurate rudy giuliani on that point on in february second twenty sixteen investigator shokhin who wasn't investigating raided the offices of bereavement and put them under arrest on february eighteenth we received a notification from the latvian government that hunter biden was under investigation for substantial money laundering activities
he had issued numerous subpoenas i have all the records the prosecutor's office for the dutch the crash can lie all they want it is a matter of record biden son was under investigation ok i'll show you even more the occasional advise and was under investigation again folks you don't like the facts get in the way of another stupid media narrative thought that investigation is close by just one and fired because while he was corrupt or whatever it was closed it was called so how come giuliani as a stack of sufficient government subpoenas from ukraine prosecutors fired in march of twenty sixteen for those liberals were confused about the timeline how come giuliani as a stack of subpoenas an investigative documents and formation about a raid that happened in february a month early how that happen if it was close better understand if the investigation was closed how is it tat you
weeks earlier their rating people's homes investigating this money laundering scheme which may implicate people in the binding speed and his giuliani seems to indicate biden himself in this investigation how is it possible if there are rage going on subpoenas being issued i'm just asking folks he has the actual subpoenas do you understand again too reiterate the ongoing theme of today show if you are reading the news you being lied to if you are not in the past that doing your own homework you are being played for a more on the documents are out they are for anybody to see they just don't want to see him
because they are liars the impeachment hoax and they fake ukrainian quid pro quo was always an effort to get trump out of office and destroy the reputation of rudy giuliani before this information eventually makes it into the mainstream press because they cannot ignore it forever folks that is they can try but they try to get right air joe and i'm sorry it took so long to get this out it really has been just a heavy news we aren't i ve got one final quick story but it's in the show notes today and i really like you to read is an excellent article the washstand examiner about again this continued pepper perpetuated myth that trumps economy is due to a bomb is passage which is utterly completely absurd he was always get the shipowners by going to bind you know that conflict newsletter sign up there will amount to remove this is a really please check this out you can read it for yourselves can we do a few quick takeaway it's their editorial or had trumps economy is bob i always wanted but never got they make three quick
by the way the examiner is not some pro trump ballot they do news they just do the news of the day check out take away number one if this were a troublemaker if trumps economies due to obama how come the c b l predicted that obama's policies if continued we're not gonna do what they did it says here you better phrase this way if it's drop economy that top economies achieve what obama dreamed of ever accomplish one side of this is that during its term economic forecasters did not expect or projected you'd expanses after obama left office it is less forecast before watching the cpu projected unemployment rise between two thousand and seventeen twenty nineteen and that the labour force participation would continue to decline ladies gentlemen the opposite happened on employment fell
fifty year laws and the economy pull people back into the labour force again don't let that get in the way of your dopey narrative that obama's policies did this take away now on the robot beginning in the second half of twenty nineteen african americans in the bottom ten percent of workers saw their earnings grow only modestly quote despite obama's concerns about racial and wealth inequality these gaps only began to close after obama left office again folks factors i know their hard for the lives of the robot but beginning in the second half of twenty nineteen african amount the bottom ten percent of workers saw their earnings grow only modestly yet their earnings have grown twice fast under trump and other trump wages of black workers have grown faster than those of white workers and the bottom ten percent of workers wages have risen faster than the top ten percent again i know this is
liberals get your pet though i know it's a may locks moment for you but you just continue to lie to people and it's just really sickening this point nothing you're saying is true everything obama said he didn't lied about happened under trump black workers are making more their wages are rising faster than white workers and the bottom ten percent our poorest americans are wages you're going faster than the top ten percent that's out of their obama that's under trump finally as for obama's claims that he was going to slow the rising of the seas that he wanted the rise global emissions continues in spite in spite of america's free market economy not because of it we'll carbon dioxide emissions from the u s have continued to force its obama left office they fell in twenty nineteen and our fourteen percent
two thousand seven levels before obama took office they are forecast the fall again and twenty twenty and twenty twenty one folks again i'm sorry to have to give you facts and data all the time but we ve got an election coming up and i promise you every argument being maids you by these liberal hoaxes in their media allies is chronic bs the chronic member that doctor dream that was the best man when i was a kid that what you said he was referring to something else still people i follow you like i want me she will more until a who is your guy who issue is she was always in the club like the spanish clubs and you didn't listen that's enough didn't i care i vote says you have repeated it i really appreciate it do not bear my interview with jacko willing on leadership we get into everyday work in our procedure gypsies
stories from his time in the navy seals leadership lessons learned its really terrific interviews by forty minutes i promise you gonna let me go to youtube dot com slash bond gino unsubscribe against jack oh it's a video whenever you're not just a foreigner this time i think you really enjoy turn inanity light nine p m really appreciate your support be guessed joseph machine and i will see you all one you just heard tat bone gino show you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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