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The Spygate Lies Are Unraveling # 1041 (Ep 1041)

2019-08-09 | 🔗

In this episode I address the explosive new revelations now that key Spygate evidence has been released. I also address rumblings of trouble for Bob Mueller and his team. Did they perjure themselves? I also address explosive media clips showing their true bias. 

News Picks:This article addresses the REAL problem with “red-flag” laws.

WATCH: More hilarious video from the Democrat Socialists convention.

What was George Soros doing meeting with the Obama State Department?

Did Bob Mueller perjure himself?

The “movie script” returns!

The Second Amendment is NOT a collective right. It’s an individual Right.

Another crazed media appearance by an anti-Trump lunatic.

The media crossed a line last week. There’s no turning back. 

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ready to hear the truth about america on his shoulders not immune to the banks with your host dan bonds you know i love the damaging our show roadshow today thank you to everyone to danish ray i'm up here in new york during the five i appreciate everyone or tuned into the five you shall be on today friday again on the five hosting the show and i'll be in for hannity tonight as well nine p m on fox deeply deeply appreciate much love out there to the audience all your support you always make us number one or on their show thanks a lot listen folks this is a huge do stay i'm sure a lot of each tuned into had any last night i was a guess ass night as well and you found out about the bruce or three o toole coming out what is to me what does this mean for all of us basically means that bruce or was senior level d o j official whose wife was working for the cup
he hired by hillary clinton to sabotage donald trump his interviews with the fbi the notes the three oh tool which is the numerical designation of interviews summaries were really yesterday and there is some absolutely damning information i promise you is gonna blow your darned socks off today it you and got a lotta screenshots some videos to throw inherent stuff it's gonna get very very very deep in the week its but he's gonna blow your minds the craziest by story ever taught aright today chauffeurs brought you buy a buddies at my patriot supply my featured supply this ladies and gentlemen lock on right now we ve seen all this unrest all this crazy this out their course we're in the middle of storm season specially downright em in florida at some point see whether appear that blackouts up in new york where i am today folks you have to be prepared in short everything in your lives it matters think about rights mature your health you ve dental insurance for your teeth car insurance insurance your home we have ensured for the things in life that matters how can you
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again assuring you that you have not been wasting your time here the movie script theory looks to be correct what is the movie script theory i was on fox and friends this morning and i address this i found it quite odd me in a couple of my sources that i've been dealing with that the dossier a prepared to attack the trump team prepared by well hired by hillary clinton resembles is article you see on the screen from the wall street journal now i want you to notice something about this wall street journal article she journal article there was written in two thousand and seven but is house we its help were well how it how lobbyists help ex soviet washington look at the author ladies and gentlemen look today glenn our simpson and his wife mary jacobi april seventy two thousand seven two thousand seven twelve years ago this peace was written i refer to this peace often because it is staggering the overlap between the information the content in this wall street journal articles and the dossier
by content i mean the names that appear in the article or some of the same names that appear in the steel information in the dossier some of the same name so that article are some of the same people who appear targeted by bob mahler and an endemic cave and the fbi crew folks what happened here but we now have additional evidence i'm telling you is true is that we ve been team was shopping around for a movie script in other words they had a stick donald trump in as the enemy in a movie that was already prepared why did they need a movie script you may see i don't get it why do you keep using movie script analogy ladies and gentlemen there trying to frame donald trump for a crime he didn't commit so what better way to do can i go to a pre prepared crime movie scrap day let's ride this story about robin a bank and let's just say trumped in it and let's use this guy simpson already has this movie swift already has its information let's use him in his company to prepare this information and then let's put a face on it makes the information the legitimate cause remember a movie script
gotta be credible people think it's a movie it's only gonna be critical medical she'd me up credible if they think it's based on a true story now what so we have more information i want you to look at this so last night the three choose get release has gone through last night got some great information we hear a couple screens what's that are key here screenshot number one and i want to compare this to the movie script began to show you how they just stop donald trump a man in a bad guy in a story they wrote twelve years ago because this he's totally made up and then they put a face i let it before i get them i don't mean about but this is really important gathers they had nothing on trump they go and stick him it is a bad guy in this movie they wrote two thousand seven but in order for the movie ripped the seem legitimate they have to put a face on the face they put on it is christopher steel why because gets right the steel darcy s the simpson dossier even though the simpsons information
they had already worked with the fbi he had been a credible source pass them the soccer case the fee for corruption cases by the international body that govern soccer so christopher steel was credible director producer actor he gave the project bona fides putting steals name on the dossier folks it's not steals information i wanted joe you how this happened i say that because we now know accordingly studio choose s night nellie orbs puts bruce oars wife whose also work refusing gps which deal that nellie or puts it the reductio herself on paul metaphor i can almost aren t you nellie or had significant input into these yo choose this information and this thing he'll dossiers while you might as well have called it the or simpson dossier ok go in active screenshot one from the or three or tools i psychosis is check this out but i mean it off my screen here
or met in washington dc and late september possibly close to the time when the aarhus new dark news article was published in september twenty thirty thousand sixteen door that meeting rejected advised the alpha server in the u dot s is a link to the trump campaign and sergey millions russian american organization in the u dot s use the alpha server every two weeks ago now i'm gonna get to the second part of making that keep that having public comeback eminent show alpha bank here we go again with alpha alpha is this company this conglomerate in in russia alpha is a major major player and again what's alleged to be the steel dossier but what i'm telling you is the simpson or dots steals this is on it only because he was a credible source in the this makes sense power but as the audience ombudsman now you have joe spot could be wearing roche has ok policies it makes sense steals faces
the information it is not his information it is the check it out if you would the the first screenshot from the movies repeats the wall street journal movie scripts so alpha banks playing a key role in what bruce or so you understand what you just read these are bruce or interviewing with the fbi these are the note that you just saw that where sure say no christopher steel told me this thing about alpha bank and something about thou bank that offer bank all look we're out all look at this look we're out for appears again here is absent but from the wall street journal peace in two thousand seven written by who christopher steel no no no written by glenn simpson but i thought it was the steel dossier here we go we ended raymond a powerful member of russia's cabinet close allies putin uses a washington public relations can solve remedies the federal investigation in the u s over money laundering is locked in a high stakes battle with moscow conglomerates alpha african
role of a russians telecommunications empire alpha has paid barber it's an rogers are lobbying from co funded by mrs be governor heavy barbara nearly two million in lobbying fees you you get it you dig you may say also what you got alpha bag this character repeating in the movie script in an appearing again and steal member airports steals information now there's more folks this man afford this for s a whole bunch of people who appear in this two thousand seven peace that ray pierre later in this investigation against donald trump despite having little to no connection with the exception of man afford to the trump team at all they do sprightly needed away to collect and to connect alpha who they wrote about
glenn simpson in two thousand seven this this russian conglomerate that was involved in an influence operation in the united states they needed to connect alpha to donald trump because as part of the movie script are they do steel as you so if you can up again there were three or to the original one steel was broussard now listen alpha got this communication server in true tower ladies and gentlemen this story has been the bunked six different ways from sunday the alpha banks but was it was like a spam mail connection nothing to do with tromp a secret back channel alpha at off but here we again steel telling or or telling the fbi that during that meeting revise the alfred serve in the u s is linked to the trump campaign ladies and gentlemen it has been the bunked over and over and over again that alpha bank story is garbage even the anti trump managers of the f b i hated the guy said that the alphabet
job restored is nonsense over spam email sent everywhere there was no illicit connection the illicit connect was blind simpson and christopher steel as a face on this information trying to connect previous actors in the two thousand seven movie script peace to donald trump today all there's a server and trumped an alpha bank send an email show what they get the spam email that any bodies have been your colluding with the russians folks this is a scam the movie script theory is true back to the door three hundred and two the original on this another important point i've got a bunch to go to hear going to bounce around a little bit of support in the second part of this is critical to the fbi at multiple points during the five on all the original pfizer warrant despite the ciampi and the three additional research patient they apply for they clearly put in the foot
they had no quote no derogatory information about steel why is this important age and keep this up you know what's this is important because steel is the face of simpson and oars information it's not steals info it is clearly information simpson is already known about as far back as two thousand seven in the movie script steals credit poverty cannot be assailed still has to be that guy still has to be the guy the honesty bible credibility she has to be the guy was the prior fbi source and they can possess derogatory information which is fastening because if you look at the second part of this interview they did with brochure the fbi it's pretty clear well they said they had no derogatory information they clearly did let me read this in our view bruce authorized by the fbi november twenty second two thousand sixteen steel was quote desperate that donald trump knock it off
it was passionate about him not being the present or belize rejected this steel wanted the blunder foil the kremlin's plants i am saddened and reductive could have met with yahoo or michael isaf jointly but or does not know if they did or providing copies of no teach a gap in the meeting with reductive maturing closed as attachments but let me get this straight the bureau raise their right hand and swore swore in court documents that this information and was true in the court document and in the court document they filed with the five reports clearly laid out a footnote saying they possess no derogatory information about steel despite the fact that or had told them a written three o too that steel intentions were not intelligence gathering steals intentions were political ladies and what do you realize what a bomb shall this is again the word bond joe is over used but it's only as bomb shelly because this case
is so horrendous that even big bombshells get lost in the nuclear blast and the fact that the united states government spied on a presidential candidate in the present united states donald trump understand what you're being told there the fbi the court to swear on a warrant spy any presidential campaign team in the present the united states through the two april they did it said they possess no derogatory information about a source they were well aware was likely not the source of the information and then not only lied about the source not being the source but lied about the sources credibility because the source and ready told him he was engaged in intelligence gathering that it was a political operation is the focus is just staggering staggering stuff let me put up the second screen shot from the or three or two zero tonnes of these are many more of my monday please don't listen to the showing a sorry about the visuals on the roads
no but i don't want to missus video shows in the ability to interact with you and all of these green shots at helps in the video program you to backup slash punching let's put up the second screenshot this is important from the or three or tourist theirs more critical information here because you're going to sea again names and and and and theories creeping up in both the movie script peace and in the screenshots again from the interview bruce or on december twelve twenty sixteen member org if over a six month period if the trump campaign ties to russia comes from nets reductive simpson does not know simpson much of his collection about the trump campaign ties to russia comes from nets reductive simpson does not his name so that's rejected in a former trump campaign official possibly rick wilson i think they get the name was talking about a sum of trumps ties to russian the trump campaign tried to shoot him for violating his nba this is where the gets super interesting and gentlemen because it ray
forces theory number two i have active to seven nine zero is coming to an clutch a russian senator mobster named torsion may be involved in running the central bank of russia portions name comes up in law enforcement organised crime circles as he is well known and fast famous spanish case sewing showing linkages russian organised crime torsion in the russian government she may have funneled russian money to them and are national rifle association to use in support of trump in an hour a lawyer rejected found out about the money pipeline was very upset but the action was over by the time she learned of folks why is this relevant this is the number four special in the department of justice repeating a debunked conspiracy theory ladies and gentlemen the lawyer they're talking about is clearly clean mitchell who was a lawyer for the entire who as under no uncertain terms said she was not set about it she had no idea what they were even talking about show that again there talking about
clean mitchell this is a bunk conspiracy did that the entire re lawyer was worried about russian money coming if the entering ladies and gentlemen it was true this is it debunk nonsense conspiracy theory what did the entire been charged with laundering money for the russians nobody ice to work in an hour hiv i dont work there anymore it's a disclosure it's i'm just speak there's nothing to do with our covering this at all vienna re was involved in a rush in money laundering scanned i'd be the first to talk about a right now the lawyer here listen and in our re lawyer reductive i'm telling you the name it's cleaner mitchell found out about the money pipeline which doesn't exist by the weights it's a fairytale and was very upset but the election was over by the time she learned of it she has why thousand percent debunked this nonsense conspiracy theory why my telling you this wisest relevant now because
folks theory number one i've had which is looking absolutely confirmed by the day that this was a movie script in a movie script from the start is apparently now correct which i never had a doubt an folks please please pick up my second book please exonerate i put a lot of work into a much showing anything voyage want to buy a five you of any money i get it it's not a bit so that that expensive i put a lot of work into what this is all in there the movie script theory in my second book exonerate us available now be out in a few weeks exonerated spellbound amazon bonds nobleness will pick it up you will be stunned and what's in there they tried this before why is this for important because theory number two is that bob mothers entire job and the d o j notches bob mahler from day one was never to investigate russian collusion ever bob entire job entire job west
lend credibility and put meat on the bone of what he knew was a bunk dossier how would you do that if you were in it innovating german put your fbi secret service de issues on format minute put your legal shoes on if you are bob mahler in the oj in your whole per this is to cover the deal jane the fbi's but knowing they used the bunker described it movie scrap how you save their reputation think about it you would say if their reputation by going out and arresting the people involved in the dossier then the movie script even if your resting of people on charges entirely unrelated to russian collusion why would you do that then you can go back later on guatemala the deal jane s francais wow listen theo jane the f b i screwed up using a faint dossier movie script from two thousand seven a spy in the present but look maria boo vienna from the i've ever met with the array russian they arrested with the red hair what we got
she's russian she clearly as russian connections and look this an hour think it had to be real look might flynn was deafening he doing something wrong of me we arrested him for line of the fbi none of these p well i've been arrested for russian collusion now when you get to mahler in a little while to our mothers and a little bit of trouble spot but i'm not done with the movie script yet so follow me we have to take away here again number one the movie script theory is right it has been rife start my sources nailed this from day one this whole thing was based on two thousand seven movie script otherwise the wall street journal article written by glenn simpson they simply tried the connected the trump and made all of these reports he was assertions second mahler was now investigating collusion from the start he was trying to invent investigate and arrest people involved in the movie script to make the movie script
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that conflict stand that's brick house nutrition that complex then look and feel your best try feel the greens you need that fruit vegetables sharon's this important ok here's where this gets really really really frightening what's up here's where this gets really really really afraid you gentlemen let me show you something i'm trying to figure out what order to use because i want to confuse paula show you something from the movie script again we're talking about the same characters the movie script allergy works these people who appear in this two thousand seven article appear later connected to donald trump and this collusion legation although there not involve donald trump or the collusion investigation up we don't back there my daughter actually creeping up on two may when a sailor sailor the elevator
there can be a sailor shall this is my daughter looks like whichever jaguar eva my daughter was hers about his hour i can i bury finnish jonah they rode shows vote we're not gonna miss out the opportunity judges good commissioners whose creep it look at the but the power for the global options peace veto my freedom will be scrapped here again back to the two thousand seven wall street journal work i want to read this from and i want you to pay spam drew attention to the names that keep creeping up again and again and again here we go global absence has worked with former soviet the business men in the past again this is from the two thousand seven gladsome symptoms it as for mr livingstone said lobbyists at barbara griffith introduced global options to cyprus base firm called high rock holdings rock is key for all by to meet trio furred tash all gosh i've heard that name before ukrainian businessmen who acknowledges the camp
major shareholders once included make mr magog magala vetches wife sorry but the name in two thousand three two thousand five mr fur task brokered several billion dollar deals between gazprom and the government of ukraine that met it big profits for high rock and criticism from the where's ambassador to the ukraine at the time for the deal's lack of transparency now don't worry about the fine detail what that say with their basically saying is that this guy dimitrios fur tash ukraine in connected the individual there that he's in i've been some lobbying efforts in the united states to influence people ladies and gentlemen again this is two thousand and seven this articles written what i saw some aiding peace by a body john solomon at the helm crept out yesterday
and these names ladies and gentlemen keep creeping up again in the mahler probe and these influence operation such check out this john sound and peace of the hell this is just fascinates why in the same movies could be used to attack donald trump and as we can see and solomons pisa gonna be in the show notes that hey here's the title george soros there's his name creeping up again used to attack donald trump going to be in the show notes today here's the title george rose there's his name creeping up again seek george sources secret two thousand sixteen access to state the state department exposes big money hypocrisy of democrats john solomon august seven twenty nineteen case a follow me here why don't you study shows can be a little complicate about well well worth your time so back into them seven glenn simpson who in just a few i was paid by hillary clinton to fabricate this story about donald trump involved in russian collusion goes right to us today
seven movie script again in that today seven movie script he writes about this guy dmitri offer ashley he believes is involved in trying to influence u s politicians what does that have to do with george soros trying to influence u s politicians well for those you dont know george soros is is he's a very wealthy nor liberal and he donates oh if not hundreds of millions over the years to liberal causes soros is creeps up in a lot of these activist organizations his money is filtered through the democratic party he has been involved as info its peddler in the united states for a very long time now nothing wrong and manage alleging he's done anything illegal we another republican donors as well but what i find interesting dont solomon peace freedom and go into this apportion the biggest look at them aims maize and how the script players the actors in the two thousand seven movie scriptures keep appearing today
so george soros according solomons peace had unusual access to the state department who we now know the state department was a central figure kathleen cavalry jonathan wine or and others they were relaxed deals information to the f b i too in the state department so keep this up so george soros liberal john solomon alleges has very deep detail contacts with the state department working with soros about some foreign overseas activities listen to this putting the solemn and peace pay attention to the names ladies and gentlemen this is gonna knock your socks right off like why sorrow set out a bold vision in an internal twenty fourteen memo offers open society foundation to help root out corruption in ukraine remember you in fact the same government there helping lock up get forget poor metaphor investigated member that we already know that has now already admitted it they were looking build civil society have been made on revolution ass ass did the country's russian friendly present the to talk about
ursus open society foundation worked with the oj officials to leverage the so called cryptography initiative to fight corruption the end should have enabled the oj prosecutor seek ass if forfeitures and foreigners suspected of corruption even if the crimes didn't technically a car on you soil such initiatives are noble imprisonment but you cry some targets had political and business implications as well listen to this gm ski check this went out for example one d o j investigation and twenty fourteen targeted ukrainian oligarchy dimitrios far too ah well here we go another player in the dossier in the movies gripped whose name creeps up again when he just happens to be the guy who had significant business interests which george was in europe and rival plans to build ukraine so another way
hold on heaped up there so in other words dimitrios for tissues a rival of a big liberal mega donor who has intimate access to the state department that was intimately involved in passing the eels information and simpsons information into the fbi nothin see here ladies and gentlemen nothing to see at all because on after four ashes indictment soros business sources businesses announced plans to invest one billion dollars in ukraine since then signal problems have arisen with the deal j case against protest wording efforts to extradite for accession to the eu we're trapped notably the case was bs against for attack what have i been tellin you from the start was it some of it is really a managed in my back i padding myself on the back i'm just they didn't you patting yourself on the back because i don't want you to think the hours of show prep investigation we put into the box in the show has been a waste of your time i've been telling
from the start that this is a bigger story than that from my original book was called spiky not trompe because the obama administration juice of extra governmental figures as influence operation people too did attack and combat their political and economic enemies is long long predates donald trump a liberal mega dollar george soros whose political an economic arch rival dimitrios fur cash soros has access to the state department the state department then goes goes uses a is used to attack donald trump the same state department its feet information to the fbi that also as far back as twenty fourteen is investigating soros is economic rival in ukraine and buy them the same guy that appears in christopher simpsons movie script in two thousand seven that also appears in
steals information and the dossier type information for tat you may say how to steal radice vertex reappear outside of this twenty fourteen investigation fur tash is alleged to be some cod out for russians and elsewhere because he's friendly were poor man if whereas some kind of business dealings with poor metaphor folks i know this sounds complicated it doesn't need to be what you need to understand this s they took a movie script they wrote twelve years ago with the same actors the same players and just replace the name of the movie with christopher steel rather than glint simpson to make it appear information they were fabricating out of whole cloth the alpha bag connection you know four for a fur tash being like some kind of trump carve out all this stuff is garbage it was made up none of it not if it is true i ve got a couple other quick takeaways let me just get this
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all other take away from these two or three issues and i want to move on just two quick things what's mobile yet you i think a little more on monday and tuesday next week i still have to go through all of em it's a pretty lengthy document or spoke to them for six months and has allowed a juicy information but one of the take away there's oars relationship strike that wars relationship with steel obviously this long was more prolong than either or or steel headline on what's the our relationship with the state department ladies and gentlemen is a lot more detail than anybody wanted you to know christopher steel apparently was talking to the state department for a very long time now wisest critical because folks steel interviews with calf cavalry the state department right before they signed the pfizer warrant the fbi i signed the initial phase one and the information he gives to catholic cavil i cannot possibly be true barely he met with
avalanche multiple times in the relationship with the state department and other officials jonathan minor in victoria knew was a little bit more sophist kate than we thought moment here we knew this from the start we may talk about this information laundering operation for a long time but folks he was wandering through the state department while the state department with simultaneously sending them was the fbi questioning steals credibility why is it important remember that footnote i told you about that appears in these fine words there is oh derogatory information about steel folks the auto kathleen cavalry this operation was being run out of the russian consulate in miami there is no russian consulate miami he told you told collected he was getting information from to russian intel sources i thought this was about investigating russian collusion folks this is a big big story the state department knew there were problems with steel one fine i'll take away from this note move onto a big problem mahler on this paul peace
folks they were using christopher steel after the f b i told us they had already dismiss christopher steal this is a big problem obviously this one does this is the easy take away about they and i quote the fbi got rid of steel november or says they did and said not suitable for use because of leaks to the media and other things the folks that's not there was still dealing with bruce or who is giving the information job bianca the fbi well past embryo twenty sixteen so you can be not suitable for use and swear out three pfizer warrants three renewals and an original start a source exclusively who you already deem that suitable for use it's gonna be a big big promptly f b i got for ok this onto the second piece real clear investigations excellent excellent piece by paul sparing over there you will be in the show knows it is worth your time folks by mothers in a world of trouble so remember the second take
way from before the mahler investigation from the start the entire purposes that best negation was to do one thing the purpose of that investment we must put meat on the bone in the faint movie script story and make the players players in that movie script story the actors look like bad guys malo is never invest getting russian collusion now read this real clear pieces title mahler i did doubled deception first in court than before congress disguise and it well the trouble folks what happened in mothers indictment of these russian troll farms that were engaged in social media operations to influence the election in the united states mahler gavi basically intimated in this mala report the mahler call the mother up at beat you can now it's called the mulder report obviously bet it's an opinion pieces were mahler hinted the smaller report that these rights
jeanne troll farms were connected to the russian government follow me a policy that makes this doesn't make sense this is important molly had to make a connection between a formal government run influence operation united states with russia and the trumpeting because he's here to make the trump team look bad even though we could establish a former can actually want to make sure he right he wrote about it to make should make this russian info cooperation with bigger than it really what so you this choice farm that was basically we social media power they were russian in the united states to influence the election folks the problem there's no evidence they were working for the russian government the evidence we have now as it was some private russians that would entail in some kind of social media every we don't know what they're motivation was made may very well be in fact they were working for the russian government is no evidence that now but there now my mother said the mulder report but what's the problem but folks
people involved in that russian troll farm operation of already said we want to go to court we think this is bs ass well you think we're home is perfectly legal not suggesting is unjust suggesting they presumed innocent like anyone else in our system will be large and a u s court your presumed innocent of the right to defend yourself so you understand of saint malo report these russian trolls workin for the government the russian these the russian trolls you are working for the russian government proven court so there was a hearing the other day in this case a mahler is brought in front of judge dab dab friedrich frederick and what happened well we now have those court documents and the judge told mahler you well a clear they stopped because if you're gonna prejudice the jury by saying you have information there connected to the russian government before the trial you better produce it ladies and gentlemen what happened the next day after this we just found out about these core documents the next day molly
comes out and gives that infamous press conference remember that in front of the blue backdrop he gave the i met a press commerce and walk and what did he say oh every in this case is presumed innocent he makes no mention whatsoever of his allegation that these she's involved than the mulder report were connected to the russian government i really do that because the judge called his bs now he might put it this transcript real fear this is congressmen tom according a republican asking mahler about as that keep my mother's under oath and what listen to dodge the fundamental reasons for this is how mother dodges is the question basically is hey listen it mama clinton mccone taxes to him your report famously links russian internet trolls farms with the russian government yet at a here on may twenty eighth in the concord management i are prosecution that you initiated that's the troll farm company the judge scoriae did you and will
bar who publicly recited mollusk claims in the report producing no evidence to support this claim why you suggest russia was responsible for the troll farms when in the court you been unable to produce any evidence to support it mother well i'm not gonna get into that any further than i already have folks mothers lie mahler weissmann and envy the hack alleged lawyers who put together the smaller report basically fabricated this connection or have this connection evidence if you have to show it to anybody else between the troll farms in the russian government mother gave that press conference the next day to cover his butt in front of a judge that basically ripped them a new four go in public on a case he had no evidence at them he had produced no evidence to substantiate mothers in the world the trouble folks and again additional evidence at his only purpose was to save the reputation of the eu
make a connection between these russian troll forms and govern we can you say you know colors it may not happen but the russians are really bad people they are in a like us but molly job was to save the reputation of the deal j was not approve russian collusion moving on a boy this is really at stake interview msnbc red state has his peace up it's interesting i put in the show notes today about how the media across the line this week in the light of what i am i like great state and it's a really good piece worth it but i don't know because i d media across the line a long time ago but i do agree with their assertion that is really no turning back speed by peace by bonci it's called them media across the line this week and there is no going back red state be up in the show not very good piece it discusses situations like this which we saw on as we see this week which are oh beyond disturbing here is a quick montage msnbc heads by malcolm
tourism in an interesting character to say the least and then make a brzezinski anna and what's joe morning joe it doesn't seem scar joe scarborough i just losing their minds and msnbc check this out this country has had several of these mass incidents but i think overdue for braddock style real massacre of a political nature and as they have said these people feel that they are the foot soldiers and executors of of what the disenfranchisement that the white races feeling and donald trump is giving them subliminal orders in their heads there are no different than the mobilized you know so starting radical itself radicalized terrorists isis here in the united states in europe who take cars in i've done streets and we're going to talk about that and a little bit there a lot of things you can do what he wants and you have to ask the question chow i ask you isn't it
aid to deduce that at this point this is what he wants he is inciting hatred inciting violence inciting racism if he doesn't unequivocal call it off and say says wrong and stand together against this and we are doing this this endeavour to help fight hate crime i mean this is president who seemed to want these things to happen so how'd you get it to get them alchemy so let me stay by malcolm nass came my wife and i unfortunately met malcolm that's at a political convention in california in a courtesy band they given us back to the hotel to political convention for people on both sides a guy i didn't i honestly on that being silly had no idea we was he just started talking on the bus not remember that conversation we claim to know how every black voter in the united states was going about he said he he speaks for itself
voters which i found interesting i had no idea this guy was really didn't know he was an official representative of the black community yet what came on me for thinking that black voters are like every other boat or think for themselves and he was i crazy i'm he then i'm not kidding ask him how he knew what every voters going to think and he seemed puzzled by the question why with their question this guy is not write a major leaving he was he was so annoying on the past and i think a couple of people i turned up the volume in their earphones too known the president to speak subliminal subliminally about anything first piece msnbc telling make a brzezinski job lose their minds all the time it's pretty typical but what stunning about is nancy the president is using subliminal messages to can communicate with white supremacist one the that whole wine is ridiculous but ladies and gentlemen have you ever known the president to speak symbol
subliminally about anything one thing about the presides states present donald trump she does not speak in code ok donald trump just beaks and says whatever's on his mind the idea here gracious this absurd in and of itself man is the real idiot for salvation make it that up because he has nothing else to say the guy is really i'm telling you a troubled guy but that the president's speech subliminally is is frankly hysterical one of the dumbest thing shall ever see on tv i just want to put that out there because they're still losing their minds now that's gonna led into next cut here speaking of the media not doing their job during the selection cycling feeding into this propaganda nonsense it trump is a racist here again joe biden negative joe pollack by the way who confronts him on this job paula confronts joe biden finally on the charlottesville lie we discuss the sun was it yesterday show its important you check that out the lie that the president was refer into white supremacist when he said about the charlottesville incident and the ad
murder of heather higher that he was talking about good people besides that he was referring to white supremacist he did not say that so jaw pollack confronts him and watched by spineless character free corrupt joe by he's got his own ukraine problems we discussed often ukraine keeps cropping up in this amazing joe biden sons very questionable dealings in ukraine he's got his own issues but here's joe biden repeating again doubling trip quadrupling down on the lie that donald trump was calling white supremacist very fine haze walls yes if a guy's going steady walked out any let's get this straight you said there were very fine people of both groups their charity generic services carry why do i don't know what to tell you folks
what is there the transcript of donald trump post charlottesville speech for any sane person a right now that's it testing radical liberals are saying you're interested saddened i'm just suggesting intrude you may want to look at the transcript this recovered and yesterday showing that prager you video clip you can the whole and yesterday shout donald trump clearly clearly says i am not referring to these white supremacist he come a quote completely condemns them dont know how completely condemning a group of people is calling them very fine people the answer is it isn't but we're not dealing with rational people and joe by is a really shameful spineless of leech for doing this he really is it's really disgusting and he's double in tripoli that an folks up again i put this in with the media block the show and their media peace by msnbc because i'm asking just any entrepreneurial
out there to do their homework and show joe biden the transcript and aunt highlighted ask him this anyone but it be nice about it when i violent liberals you know that deal with violent lives can do their own thing will do this the right way show him a copy of the transcript highlight the eye completely condemn them part we are talking about the white supremacist their highlighted and ask him he thinks that transcripts of fake ask him watch we me is a sliced slimy sweat of little sleazy slimy you get the hand joe biden try to weaken this way out of them last story the david german from forbes you been talking about this all week i just want to wrap up on the china situation important we did a pre deep dive on there a show about china i warned you about china that trump has them in a corner and china can talk tough all they but when china loses those factories you receive swarms peace kenneth repose on sis ii in your country
they're more u s company seem leaving china after september i checked this peace i'll be in the show notes today i said to you that china the trade war against china the town because you're stealing our intellectual property how honest short term there's gonna be significant pain but long term we can rearrange our international trading relationship with a partner that become very parasitic symbiotic their stealing our stuff folks theirs knowing our ip and engaged in extremely unfair trade practices erin about a terrorist guy but sometimes you have to get these blunt weapons what's the problem as these terrorists increase them some chinese goods imported into united states these companies are not willing to pay the tariff anymore these multinationals taking their factories and them out of china and putting them in vietnam putting them in mexico let me tell you something those factors i'm not going back there the chinese or in a panic they are being hollowed out right now exactly what they did to our manufacturing base there
hollowed out there's gotta be going to reach a point of no return soon i'm telling you they're starting a panicky ladies and gentlemen there is simply no way they can continue this keep on the he i know it hurt short term but keep the heat and eventually they're going to break their trying to outlast us to the next election is not going to happen it's not going to happen or i folks savannah breviate it show today but i just have a lot of good information i will definitely be back with you on monday i'm more of these bruce ohr three hundred and two is please turn into the five today five p dot m eastern time on fox i appreciate and how did he showed tonight at nine p robbie guess toasting will be bring it out of course you will not be disappointed thanks for tuna in i'll see you good day sir you just ten bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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