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The Worst Press Conference Ever # 1023 (Ep 1023)

2019-07-16 | 🔗

In this episode I address the disastrous, Trump-bashing press conference by “the squad” and the real reasons they’re doing what they’re doing. I use some troubling video and audio to show the far-left for what it is. I also address Joe Biden’s huge political blunder and the re-emerging Obamacare Debate. News Picks:Shock poll reveals how unpopular these radical Democrats are.

This NY paper is demanding that feckless NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio be removed from office.

The ANTIFA terrorist responsible for the terror attach this weekend had AOC’s concentration camp language in his manifesto.

Blue collar workers are turning on the Democrats

Some GOP operatives are revolting against this new fundraising tool

These statistics on defensive firearm usage debunk liberal talking points.

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee know ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the dead body not showing the longest day ever in the history of the i'd just kidding a lot of work very hard darted into their fingernails you local three people out there carpenters steam banners knockers you all who you you you grave diggers i was a guy worked in a cemetery once it was given a grave things you guys worker but yesterday not a sob story was a long day i got some sleep of opera nego got up and a morning knocked out to show gotta car got titty airport got to the five finish the five spread back to the airport j f k got back home at like one one thirty interesting night after that woke up this one
woke up this morning what this will put this year together producer joe we cannot rynch reduced to show of course with us at our asking you how you did a light the remains i wanna be sedated after all of that jeez your we yes i know i thought about it this morning how when i'm not actually for pretty feisty this why feel you i got terms i get a lot of the show last night from do stuff creep up this more but i got a lot of it prepared here and i hope you enjoy the five years following a little here thank you sir i appreciate our by the press conference we shall address today by the squad which was epic disaster of mammas proportions are let's get right it would bought you by bodies that twenty three may we live in a world we have access to data that gives us more personal incited to whom we are once more personalized in your dna now it turned to our genetics for personal health traits and more twenty three may allows you to go beyond ancestry to access more personalize insights about you based on you
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calm sledge bond gino again that's twenty three the complex bungee no two three and me dot complex budgetary go check it out today our eye job nice gets a lot about ok okay i repeated repeatedly stated to you on the show the left and their love air with calling everybody erases sergeant is like dogs kittens measures their love affair with identity politics what we call the easter phobic vote before they will call you anything ending in an extra foam racist massaging is transfer of xenophobia is liable for that's your thing i have warned you and repeatedly that this effort will eventually implode and collapse on itself idle say it in any kind of a celebratory way i'm just telling you it was because it's a tactical fact you don't you i'm not saying it like all this is so great because the reasons that great because while it upstairs on itself
we will all have to deal with these lunatics on the left calling us all racism xenophobia and everything else rang like they do and like they did with trump yesterday this is go on for a long time but i promise you will collapse more evidence of what i'm telling you that the left cannot detached from this reason they cannot detached from bogus charges racism argentina xenophobia and otherwise these labels are put on the reason they can't detached himself from it ladies and gentlemen is because it works it's a grossly oh a disgusting label nobody wants to be called nobody wants to be called a racist and the meat we'll cover for these disingenuous charges of racism when left this hurl them at conservatives because the meat they are full time activists are not real journalists they never were none if they dont do you while not now there are some decent misleads i want to be more precise and want to be like a stereotypical idiot like they do with us
there are some decent journalists out there who are called the stuff i say thirdly there are very few to be precise precision does matter but largely the activists posies journalists in the media community will cover for the left because they just take conservatives folks no more complicated than that identity politics charges bogus charges of racism turn your thrown conservatives works because the media will advance the charge and ruin people's careers and ruin their lives which the media wants to do because they enjoy it because they just don't like you it's as simple as that now i have argued repeatedly on the show that this effort will emerge the boy implode upon the left because the left will find it too tempting when power is up for grabs to not you the very same charges against themselves ladies and gentlemen my predictions of absolutely come true we have in common harris attack joe biden during the presidential debate
implying at least he's a racist and she did a job in the most uncover way possible miss madam president i am not exactly saying you're racists but you oppose bussing arises that's what she's really ok let's get over that's it we had mayor p buddha judge who had a police shooting incident in south and where he's the mayor implications again that he's a racist because he handled poorly folks when power is up for grabs in a democrat primary all democrats fighting for our the presidential nomination which is power make no mistake means power it means money it means donations image influence it means a social media following a cable news contract later if you lose there's big money in this data station to use charges of racism to destroy your opponent is too great it is a tactical in eight is a a devastated or
i mean nihilistic weapon and i told you they would implodes now we ve siena folks happening now in hollywood to wear this endless search for new outrage campaigns and new people to accused of racism transit phobia choices trains via don't even these phobias and is the phobias and is the phobic former global phobias i'm losing track thereby dad i'm losing track while the labels that even in hollywood there is now a temptation to search for new outrage campaigns this story in the wall street journal today it's worth your time identity politics i'm a little mermaid yes the little mermaid even area has been subjected to when i yes not really all from the little mermaid paula do you remember my daddy's the law
that malta is i love the little mermaid there's a song and then she goes for the princess ice i've watched it will be a towns i can't even remember the song the little mermaid has been subjected to an identity politics campaigned ladies and gentlemen hollywood is eating itself alive now on their this yes that's right under the sea yet the policy to the rescue again save me last night you shows crazy out controls are needed for the weak man are you do right we do you like a passionate fine sell what the power dynamics now i want to be clear on this because again a common register is one thing but i need to give you some color to it and understand what's going on
the power dynamics in politics are different i just explain to you why the left is eating itself alive what identity politics charges which democratic versus democrat your raises arises neuron transit phobic raises euro hobo phobic transit phobic is above all because i came back from their fatal you know it's all right that's because they want power cobble hours wants to be the president i'd state she needs to take out your body do it charging people racism works very varied full stop or gets better not the dynamic in hollywood hollywood nobody is vying for the presidency well not yet at least the reason people in hollywood where by i didn't forget the little mermaids i'll get you in a second but i want to set up the different power dynamic what's going i'm hollywood is very there is a social cachet a value a prestige to fake prestige these patrol up a chest puffer report yeah it being woke what
the broth call being one in other words being social justice warrior who aware of the sensitivities who under stands the plight of victimized people around them so this there's it there's a hierarchy in woken up and you did they remembered to leap frog there's like we're just worried where's common heresies once political power right the people in hollywood want social yes and there is no greater social power in libya hollywood being the motion woke sense social justice warrior around now to virtue signal two others in hollywood do your woke and you get it and you are sensitive to this and you see all this immigration everywhere in europe warrior further cause you constantly have
seek out outrage campaigns and fight against them what's the problem joe their hard to find in other words what i'm saying racism xenophobia transphobia islamophobia doesn't exist that there people who don't like people bizarrely for all i'd have reasons unrelated to their character none the less but it exists but in the united states of today these there's these examples thankfully because we're a good people here are very rare as you said yesterday on bread bear shout racism instead traditional de facto endangering open racism has been relegated to the radical pockets society that are not accepted impolite conversation anymore i mean think about foes years ago sixty years ago in some pocket places you could go into a board meeting and probably say so
thing openly racist and you may not be fired for now forget it we have entirely evolved this a society overall to relegate you gave him say joe develop get down to the insane pockets is that where if you said that a bore me you're out you ve got your finished i see that where we don't deal with areas like that right the problem finding these outrage campaigns is their hard so you can't signal your woken is and how much of a social justice where you are because it's hard to find these cases so they have to go hunt them down which rule wires in this search for social power and woke is for them to each other alive what happened with the little murray so there's an actress name halley bailey not how we bury halley bay whose apparently very talented young perform who happens to be black
who tried out for the role of a live action little mermaid was a cartoon can be like that with the lion king and latin there do yet you know there's a lie that she tried out and due to our dirt talents apparently got the bar so some people like it said well you know she's black and the little mermaid is white with red hair and the left erupt oh my gosh that's racist why you guys can say that she's a black actors relatively little murray now as the watch your journal peace point that's awfully ironic because the left made the exact opposite argument about actors scarlett johansson play a trans person in a movie called robin tug which he had a pull out a follow me they are too complicated but it is a bit is the perfect example about how hollywood can't even they don't even understand what their own rules are so when the scarlet
way it's in case karla scarlett johansson is a woman she's playing a i think it's a trans woman in a movie called robin tug to family we shall well leave the description out their ip she's force to pull out of a movie no pun intended there she's forest out of the movie because hollywood says you're not a trans person ok so you should not play a trans woman or man in don't movie what acting actually it's cold days acting you don't that's what acting don't you was that an actor joe was a performer one boy though but he's acting yet asked your job yes so the having let me just get this straight out of china digestive daddy oh so the m o here i know dealing with your principles does anyone have any is confusing but so you're principle now is when you're an actor we cannot play a part that does not fit
exactly how you identify who you are i don't is that the rule so garlic joints and is not trade so she can't play a trans man in this movie that's your principle and they only did it why joe because the people in hollywood that turn this outrage campaigner scarlett johansson data really mean it they say wanted to signal public we are woke look i woke we are we are sensitive to the needs of the trans community we have social power right yeah right you play some you don't fit exit equally the mould of but then when it comes to aid black actors to my the way earns the part sure whose play a white cartoon character and in some other peoples well the characters why would red hair the left one crazy
nor are we should be able to play what does she want she's an actor what yeah even the journal by the way which is a pretty moderate me three mao led the journals like i don't get it what are the rules to do why actresses have to pay white actors the white parts a black actresses by ladys german care will poised what i don't care i dont get into this is james bond gonna be black or white or especially if you're a good actor rock and roll bite it back don't care it doesn't matter i always thought that talk of uterus alber brian james bond is pretty cool i'm not virtue signally you're too i dont care he's a good actor and he looks pretty tough on screen don't care it's the left it cares but ironically when the less own rules you have to be exact
the role are applied did including the left goes crazy that people don't like you there is no consistency because it's a signal system of wealth is now what really going on here now joe as the ombudsman does that make sense the story that made perfect left is upset some people are complaining that a black actors is poor a white cartoon character there can because there's that death but then there also complaining that college yahoo answers not trans is playing a tragic irony unimaginable app that's right the rules are different here's the reason show their day don't mean give it's all disingenuous and the scale virtue signalling and woke this you have to signal you're social power it seems to them we complain about the complaints about the little mermaid role that they are being sensitive to the black community
i know it's hard to figure out folks but i'm telling you it is to take wave from this story and it's gonna play so that the squads press guy got its footage go anywhere i've got some unbeliever or video from that i want to get into that too is this is why happens when you engage in mary yourself this is to take away to identity politics as you only political weapon it is a matter of time before virtue signalling and power hungry politicians holly the leaders and others use that sir in tool against other people to gain either social or political power even when rules are completely inconsistent you might play exactly the part someone complaints he's not playing exactly the part that choices that's racists but i thought you just do you have to play the part exactly that is racist now
you don't believe me that this is gonna this is gonna entirely implode into a member joe joe why should w w e growin up was doubly debbie halfback did pleasure like them i think what they call those matches we're dead every everyone would go into rhythmical royal rumble and the last guy standing dippy like forty guys in a ring and end the hamon eggers would get thrown out first like that like iron mike sharp used of iron might use to get beat up by everybody ire sharp peter first guy drawn up at the last guy would be like hong kong inaugurated giant or show that this is what you have to understand that this love affair with the left an identity politics this a royal rumble we're sooner or later everybody's gonna get thrown out of the ring everybody there will nobody left standing nobody because it will it is cannibalistic by nature they will start just like the role
you no doubt me listen to this ten second clip of some knuckle being a racist because they have fallen in love with the tactic you doubt me listen to this ten second class of some knuckle msnbc making now a universal declaration about every trump order in the world you are all racist now for supporting try you are a racist at this point i am not afraid to say that no one should be vague is tat vegas tunnel but who namely sky vegas pennell maybe vegas tell you no moral authority whatsoever vegas tunnel to be calling people around the country racist none you haven't met them you don't know them you don't the reasons they vote for trump or don't vote for trump you have no idea you're an idiot vegas tenfold you saying that is disgusting and growth but that's what liberal idiots do they
cage in gross stereotypical rhetoric like this meanwhile we a woman ill hano mario c and others engaged in one of the most vile attacks i've seen in my lifetime in that epic fail of oppressed convert s happened wives on the air and the five and i'm sure vegas then all said nothing about that every has vegas send me an email happily put it on the show you can issue a statement condemning damning hano more for her group by the way stay it required no interpretation openly at these magic attacks on jewish people openly not even a hiding it i'll wait for your statement on that of course you won't issuing you're all racist now folks baroness ashton by the way joe remember worked so well illegality campagna member that one
you're all deplore higher your left never learns because they can't let me die this sub now to bring it back to the beginning i can't and they can't get away from these racist echoed charge racism and xenophobia these identity politics tax they can't be they have no self control and because it works but ladies and gentlemen it is a long term disaster you might throw iron might sharp out of the ring but eventually yet and thrown out of the ring to it's only a matter of time we witnessing an out ok i've got some really really great video and by great i mean awful of this epoch fail of a press conference yesterday by the squire showing how they just completely lie and their otter refusal to condemn a terror attack base
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some of the things they said that our outrageous i dont want to play the whole thing because it saw if there were moments of it that we're just bizarre but i am a presley who is a congresswoman probably the least known member the squad from massachusetts you space thy name i d i oughta presley opened up by talking about how powerful these four democratic congresswoman our say the squad is powerful and its large one there's some pulling out there that seems to indicate quite the opposite ladies and gentlemen by you know that calm in the showed us that please read it out internal damn paul reveals a yossi omar wildly unpopular ladies when the squad which is for some reason decided they're going to attack donald trump would bizarre racism charges listen whether you like between don't like it reads about the president going back would have worded differently i wouldn't know i guess i city essay on the five no one wants to be called the races folks
ok you know i don't buy into all these charges of forty chess all with no one wants to be called the racist having said that the president is categorically not a racist that is an absurd com and i met the presence stupid about the media feeds off it but air sea and i and oppress the ill hano moron rashid to leave indicated they have some kind of political power they may have some messaging power on twitter but remember they put forth the green new deal how many votes they get they got zero yeahs zero as in the air since the value as in one minus one they got zero votes in but that some power joe but zero quota in comparison my bill the dance bond gino bill to make the damned bomb show the official podcast of the can servant of movement that oh god as many votes
college education cortez this green new deal i'm not kidding emily saying there was a bill now they got no votes there was no pale but it got the same amount as the actual bill which was the green new deal which is zero today in bonn gino show as the official pod the conservative moment got the same amount of votes alexander her case your cortez green new deal which is zero that some power there their effort to stop the book yes stop i said that right stop funding or the border crisis and get these kids these facilities at the border up to snub they tried to stop that cause that's what they because i don't want to help the kids at the border they did we they got out for four they tried to stop they tried to block the bill and it was those four now on the bonds you that companies which is fascinating there there was a pall taken and it leaks believe me democrats in our someone who do you think leave this by the way now let me
they just give you a little background so here's the did the top line take away the poor with devastating ale see and ill hano more have some pretty substantial name i d in the party so that's a good thing in others people know what they are the worst thing in politics nobody no one who you are right right even worse ill hano favour ability joe was nine percent line not nine zero right nine nine percent sees was in they can to remember what was far from areas i think something in the thirties it's in the peace their favour billowy was awful now those numbers wouldn't be bad if nobody knew who they were but people know who they are and they don't like them right so you got four votes just u foreign squad four out of
four hundred thirty five members of comes on new effort to stop border aid you got for all four of you talking to each other you got zero the same amount i got on the damned bomb gino bill on your green new deal you're favourable he's at nine percent you i've no allies in congress on the hill at all in the media who nobody listens to any more but completely disregarded by saint members the american public and her first comment i oughta precedence because that is the squire large we have power now you really don't thank you not to mention blue collar workers are turning on these proponents of these ridiculous programmes like the four members of the squat here's another interesting pieces in the show and i encourage you to read eric and minors god bless you were for a living and one of the most difficult jobs out there minors are now turning on the greek
new deal head of the miners union in the hill calls green new deal main goal quote almost impossible you have enough you have a nice twitter following that is it your seller book you'll get a netflix documentary you have done nothing to actually implement the change you think we're implementing this is all bluster folks it's all bluster i tell you this not to insult them but to tell you that our efforts to highlight their ideological inadequacies in their ignorance about economic policy or working some of your questions which is fine i laid my email for the show is i want to hear you have to say how many emails we get stop talking so you're giving her that you're you know you're given her megaphone she doesn't need we got these emails all the time no folks what they were i wanna do is creep under the radar and be ignored and boom this is how people
the socialist government venezuela take over class warfare eric rhetoric boom next thing you know we get a maduro or a job as elected me look at the implementation of socialist policies there are open their open we running all this stuff are you challenge you to break them down is calling them out and driving down their political capital we me and many others are not taken credit for this at all i would net wouldn't dare be that pretentious me and many others rush mark of hannity have at age to drive their approval into the ground because now people know who they are of course this moments like this don't help either this is alexandria case your cortez congresswoman leaving me hearing yesterday being asked by that apple tv this is their video had tipp to them
skinner if she's willing to condemn the anti terrorist attack this weekend and can into coma washed and watch answer or lack thereof will you condemn anti for for the attack in washington meeting its easy to condemn a terrorist attack we'll be condemning antipater fire bond american facility will you condemn them will you be condemning them do you feel like you're some responsibility with your rhetoric about concentration camps are irresponsible to feel ashamed how hard is that now listen because we actually do facts here unlike the left yo see johann omar and others who lie so effortlessly
fluidly all the time that the president and conservatives like vegas too and whatever his name was ill of aid see did issue a statement later the daily collar saying yes she basically condemns anti forgot good for i have no reason i that but you know how hard that in that question to answer that you had in it if a member engaged a terror attack who tried to blow up an ice facility at tacoma washed it was killed by police officers in the process of the attack in a tea from them by the way who in his manifesto was you see in this daily collar peace up put up in a minute and eighty four member we incorporated in its manifesto eo seas concentration camp language when a yossi referred to detention facilities is concentration camp here thou job by the left so logic right conservatives incite violence by talking about liberty and ok whatever this guy this terrorist actually
corporate and eo sees language into its manifesto so by the less own rules as she responsible now because we're principal tee and went out lunatics like lots of course she's not as i said before about the dead virginia shooter shops thieves police and the ball field idiots our response support for their own idiot criminal actions ok end of story but don't now because where principle but that's not the less rules the left fuels are if you were a tea party member seven years ago and you go out and kill some the two parties responsible so how is a yo see by the less rules not mine how is it we'll see not responsible for this that the answer is i don't have rules they don't have just made it up to attack conservatives only i believe she was forced to issue that statement but joe how hard is it when am i
for once in your face the you condemn anti for the territory yes you hard yes yes the judges that data lickety two seconds being that's not hard my gosh conservative at any issue at all with dead maniac in chose for the ran that lady down you condemn it unequivocally yes it is august possible terms has trumps condemn completely of course we left out because the left are liars we're not i'm not gonna miss i've just tell you she couldn't for the questioner for some priorities now it's not just her johan omar another member of the squad is asked the same question by rare tv and hears her answer or lack thereof will you condemn the anti vitality in washington only the weekend easy terrorism we condemn it
and if a firewall facility to come over the weekend it's an ice facility will you condemn them for that i mean firebombing concentration camp is kind of a lot of things that actually is concentration camp you must be happy that they didn't know are you pleased should more people do it it's easy to say no i think it's really is insane up how hard is this how hard as is she was ass it so i got video the pressure mcdermott that's or stay to want to get to that last but she was even asked at the oppressor yesterday if you condemn out she couldn't even do that how hard is is how hard it is a job that we
have to engage in this silly ridiculous exercise i'm going to do it just for this make of showing liberal lunatic how easy this is i supremacy racism transphobia xenophobia massage any papa phobia cattle phobia photophobia fall before the ban all bad very bad ban gas k ban joggins it bad a day all bad bell al qaeda very bad a tea for terrorists parent or other many of us by removing this is difficult i gotta do diagrams look because and i need a sharp reader do look
this is good it is this who this is not copper guy can't do what a panic as you can see this is them its point let me do this again to hold up this is a desire to forbear comma cricket guy as this is not our job please it's hard ever like you on the street you get a little bit of a public profile and our people know who you're a good came up to you on the street a liberal lunatic and plunge the making your face a job is white super missy bet would you be like all hold on all i gotta think about this gimme the bad bad bad bad doub object it's bad it is but it is what is already here this is the work with these people these are two we're supposed to take
the squad seriously can you damn it diva hold on let me think about this but it just keep working you pretend i didn't get this requested they just attacked facility would bombs and rifles bad bad it is bad this is not hard africa them allocated at the press coverage ill hano more she does this like this loaded sir they gal qaeda bad they kill people it's bad no one's accusing you are being responsible raining qaeda's bad it doesn't matter if you're muslim jewish christian hindu it does it matter they kill people it's bad
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bon gino to take advantage of this incredible savings that's all max health that come to get twenty percent off your first box and her promo code by gino or max health dot com au max health dot com enterprise a code bond gino for twenty percent off ladies gentlemen i'm telling you stuff is no joke man get your wife has been significant whenever the do the little head scratchy thing after this max health that camp out out snoring mummified and you wake up feeling shepherd getting back to the year the pressure yesterday which was again a total disaster so here is ill hano more at the present who she thinks she's convincing with this little law many monologue she goes on here is outrageous out she spouts off a series of three lies so effortlessly you there are like does she know she's lying that she does not know the facts or she
doing what she dies trying to impunity a desert lilies wisely i've done what i warn you there are here you know what that's a good point i'm sorry to break in papua thank you joe no no no no not that is your dear that's why you're the best producer in the business the language in this it's a family for they show ladies and gentlemen is a little salty so give you a three count that if you have kids listening you may want to turn down zeal on omar will do with three two one this is a president whose called the platte black act leaks sons of bitches this is the president was called black people who come from black and brown countries shit holds this is a president has equated neo nazis with those who protests against that ok eyes all made up he did not and again thank each of them when
but for those of you who tune down because you had kids in the car whatever that's why i just know this it was hon omar reciting a list of horrible's that allegedly president trumps that i say allegedly because he didn't say any of it he called out we too neil in this respect national anthem i'd say s so bees you know what that means he was at calling black athletes s obese he was calling as it's who meal in this respect of our national anthem by the way which many americans agree with this position so bees you know like the salty language by the president fine but you hot omar suggesting that he was targeting people because they were black and not because they were kneeling is a lie but that's what he'll hano martin she just made it up she answered of course with the charlottesville slur that somehow the
president was equating neo nazis with antifraud protestors charlottesville rally he was not he was chris no clear in his statement as we discussed on the show a thousand times when he addressed the murder at charlottesville that he quote complete we condemn the neo nazi crowd that showed up and the guy of course they killed that woman by moving amos heather higher folks just look it up here so you don't have to take my word i i get it i know you love misinformation and you enjoy being misinform but where we treated a yo see fairly by this closing that she made a statement to the daily caller later condemning antigua because she did do i think it was genuine no i don't i'm serious you couldn't dave i mean if she was
anyone just what a command said it i think she found herself political box given that our own statements were used this manifesto is we this daily collar peace i think she found theirs a box the daily collar peace by the way be up at the show notes today i t a member who attacked i sent an echoed day sees concentration camp language in its final manifesto by petersen will be the shone out i think she found herself political box but honestly folks i that's a prediction oh my god speculating based on your sees pass baby i can't get in your head but i'm giving you both sides vain allowing you to make the decision yourself if you a gay or sea was genuine the left will never do that we're trump this is a sitting member of congress heelot obama who is openly boy lying about what the president said about the charlottesville murder openly he did not say that you can read it yourself i completely condemn the white supremacist
what part of that did you miss the answer is she didn't miss any of it she's just a liar she's just a liar it's as simple as that she is built her career back up of accusing other people who oppose whore radical far a vision of the united states she has built a career of accusing them of racism circling right back to where we started why because it works and the media will not call her out how is it that someone at that pressure yesterday did not say rep that involves are that is not in fact what the president said he would just making it up joe you sure you this show if we were to show that a see peace by rebel tv without the card extra later comments to the daily collar some loan it
get media matters are also big they left out the car i remind you know show their day well do none of that with the president its days because they're not interested there doing journalism its activism full time ok unbelievably obamacare returns oh this is like gum yes yeah it's battle its back now i know i was always privy to see the clubs before the shelve court as a general idea joe never knew where i was going on the audio only show in the past because i do not want all at once in a blue moon had sent over equips another we know more joe courtesies or sell remember jaws three like jaws one was declared a joy to was our right by the time you as three three d came around and jobs for like their revenge
i was really ridiculous rights so obama air one was pretty awful obamacare two after the supreme court upheld it was even worse obama three porno is the equivalent of jaws three d which was the worst job while no jobs for which the jaws treaty was bad i waited on line to see that two mediators only one movie it and what we did i waited alive my dad we were like what just happened memory all three areas the worst thing is that once he where they shoot a harpoon it's this show is not three d so you won't see my finger come an actual like tat it was so bad now you would big after seeing jaws three three d that you wouldn't acre jaws work now joe biden after seeing obama care one in two point or you would take it would run from very specific statements attached to obamacare which have now entirely discredited the bug and used as basically talking
by conservatives to bash the failed obamacare what do i mean this is clueless happen sloppy joe up on this day talking about as healthcare plan and in the most tone deaf statement ever he says this how many of you have when you were working like you're an you may still be working many of you how many of you like your employer based healthcare did you think it was adequate if i come on there's a finnish you can't have it anymore i should marry therefore all does you cannot have it period number those hyenas spot when between by the way how long this good take so idly people the option if you like your healthcare plan your employer best plan you can keep it fact you have private insurance you can keep it
dude i'm like everybody else i promise you that like me sniffing audio lohala historic nero so used to cut onions and tat is to reassure and he's a later there are no onions on the table in the army suggestion is polluted with stop erica where are where's our jose with theirs the creek crick i got holding five yards joe biden that's actually a fifteen year ardor first now what the probably the worst political health care line inhuman history used by a politician if you like your plan you can keep it air by obama debunked even by the activists at the washington post
political fact who had it like the lie of the year at one point and joe biden de most tone deaf politicians in the history of the united states this was a good idea i mean this is this is like the dewy winds headlines like put up again that acts that you know what i'm saying why do we do we will look at it you did we're doing you don't put it up again you don't go back to the if you like your play we keep it because you quoted red line up if you like your plan you can keep your gas gas tat was pure gas that is why george w george w use it is that's why
read my lips no new tat at its authority i cant do we gotta get that people in the crowd because republicans are generally savior than some of these liberal lunatics if you said that if george w forty three repeated the dreaded read my lips life people would have really showing their finger my elbows show barricade even reach my mouth you don't say it that's a perfect example you don't say it you just out but this guy is so tone deaf sloppy oh because if there is if you like your planet by you haven t i can't believe it now why and i bet that doesn't i ran that let me just explain to you quickly for new letters why this is such an epic disaster for him folks there's still confused over what oh care is
and why you couldn't keep your plan if you liked it it is bedrock two principles you must understand i understand why obamacare is a disaster it is as big of a disaster as dramatic therefore all and government run healthcare because over i'm obama care won't work because it can't because of these two things number one community rating obama care instituted a pricing worst pricing model the ratio of health care costs for all the proud don't worry the second row of me there she always instituted roughly three two one meaning obama care said you we cannot charge older sicker people more than three times what you can charge younger folks
ladies and gentlemen older sick or people cost about five times you get what i'm saying for product costs a hundred dollars and the governments as you can only charge fifty but he loses money should be ensured companies who are paying five times the cost not three times what did they do they up the price everybody else including you anything folks out there the body come from somewhere there were bills to be paid back what community rating is a price controls are you track at me it had a three two one ratio not based on what the cost more just based on what the obama people said be a corvette caused five times as much as a chevy vault and the government this is u can only charge three times they
you want your corvettes how does chevy make the money back there i urge more people first of all they charge him higher premiums on the vault or cause it's as simple as that that's why health care costs one up it is no more forget it that when those costs one up some he's insurance companies couldn't offer those plans anymore because people didn't want to pay them so if you liked your plan you couldn't keep it that's a myth problem number two would also community ratings number one number two they insist this thing called guaranteed issue where you have to offer insurance with some restrictions but basically at any time well what's the problem with that well the cost one up for the chevy vault of insurance plans because every dishevel had to eat the cost for the corvette now as the costs one for all of us people
started to drop out of insurance plans because they didn't want to pay my premiums what do the roof so what happen joe with guaranteed issue people got savvy they said right so let me get this straight porthos hurt them thousand tat you have to issue me due to our bomber care in the insurance companies as you have to issue mean insurance plan and almost any time that's right so you too i mean if i get in a motorcycle accident tomorrow and i don't have insurance i can basically call hospital we get insurance so little the dramatic example but its roughly the cod because of what happened people waited till they got sick i don't call these we have as you know you have to have reinsurance that's not it sure it's that's a welfare programme that's not insurance insurance is when you would surely gets a future problem not a current condition that isn't that insurance you get it
you cannot have car insurance get an accident call guy coming up i needed shirts that's not the way it works so what happened sick people then at the last minute when they got sick took off of care money they haven't been paying premiums at all from the health insurance companies who then added watch your past those costs off even more to other customers that's why you're premiums or through the roof obamacare was a disaster it can't work because it won't work and no you will not be able to keep your plan if joe biden doubles down on no bombing care where you couldn't keep your plan in the first place joe that was your finest moment by the way read my lips thank you sir i really we're fine our european law to find her but that was your finest hour just siri rats and good comedy moments some good skit moments but on your materialise but not think of a better example than re it would be this is like again coming out
repeating to read my lips they think you're gonna get a different response sullen now arrive finest twentieth his quick showing you again how little yossi knows about anything in the health care whole bug storyline here a yossi treated this year absurd ridiculous showing again how little she knows about anything she treated how we're rationing health care in the united states by price check this out it's just absurd yossi doesn't know anything so basically which she suggesting here is the tweet verbatim she's a zero p often cries guaranteeing health care in the u s will force us to ration it thing is what fashion and care now people wait too long to see a doctor if they go at all because i can't afford pay cash because their insurance is too pricey it's time for medicare rough ladies and gentlemen the reason people are waiting doctors now is precisely because of the government involvement we don't have a price system
government intervenes and pays for about forty to forty five percent of health care in the united states now when the gun it pays for the third party payer effect which i can't about enough on this shell kicks in when the government pays for something not the pace the patient knows he's not paying or she doesn't care about the price that doctor or hospital the patients not paying doesn't care about the price either because they take what they can get because you're not getting it from the patient this is not hard the third party payer effect is real the reason we have an out of control pricing and by the way she's completely wrong about the way i get to this daily single story to the wrap up the show on that ladies and gentlemen the third party payer effect will always interrupt costs costs will be how to control quality will be terrible you're not pay now some people have emailed me and there are confused they said well is and health insurance a third party pay the health insurance company is paying for your health
no they are not it is not a third party pay or model there it is not too that the greek government is when you are paying for health insurance you are paying for a service in other words about it and car analogy when you go in and you say you are you know you you cracker headlight near car you go away you pay for the headlight to be replace when you pay for cod in short you are paying for a service you are paying for peace of mind to hedge against the risk of being bankrupted by a major accident you are not paying for car repairs we shall please tell me makes you recall work oh yeah jos car insurance for collision is not car repairs he's paying for a service by god forbid joe an accident joe does not want to be bankrupted by having to replace the whole front end of his car so we pay for a service that will come in and cover the cause he's not pay car repairs when you pay for health
george you are not paying for health care when you i went to see vs and by airborne or some product as you have a cold when you buy aspirin add will you pay view of camp when you pay for real true healthcare outside of the government's intervention which we don't have now europe for insurance against being bankrupted by a catastrophic medical condition we don't have that we don't know because the government mandates that ensure companies pay for health care not insurance i know that's convoluted but it is the governments intervention in the insurance market that have instituted third party pay are facts that have a full traded the insurance market in the united states that's why it doesn't work because of the government because health insurance companies can act is health insurance they have to cover i i assume doktor visits called sniffles europe insurance should be covering life changing conditions everything else should
got a pocket and prices would come down like they do nor collusion business but government is mandated insurance companies act this third party pairs so your you're wrong yes insurance companies that are party perfect is real but it's because the government mandates as they are the problem by aol sees common as you'll see is daily signal peace which is up in the shown is good one about right swimming in the united states is again guided by her the rights to the economics of the situation always ladies gentlemen the daily signal sixty three thousand canadians ear but an article by kevin pham instead of american healthcare treats canadians we cannot wait sixty three thousand canadians a year please amateur where they have quote free of care government healthcare sixty three thousand that we know about
to come out of surgery the united states why because forty percent of em less than forty percent of them receive surgical and specialist care after four weeks less than forty percent get to see especially after four weeks what's the number in the united states even without broken system seventy percent after four weeks he especially so our seas wrong again she doesn't the data thirty percent boys more people get to see especially if before we see even in our busted system than they do in a single page this the mechanic she just doesn't no the numbers ever she just makes it up i think that was a statue yesterday really appreciated thanks again for watching the five while keeping up data upcoming fox appearances please over subscribed or youtube show youtube com slashed by jean we appreciate that it's free of course also
your show an apple podcast google pod guess i ha radio sound cloud elsewhere the subscriptions help us move up the charts means a lot to us we really appreciate hope you enjoy the shell i see on you just heard tan bonn gino shit you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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