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There Should Be No Mercy For The Bad Guys # 950 (Ep 950)

2019-04-03 | 🔗
In this episode I address the grotesque hypocrisy of the liberals running for President in 2020. I also address troubling new revelations about George Soros money influencing the anti-Trump agenda. Finally, I address the real reason Obamacare will fail and the troubling allegations against Joe Biden.    News Picks: Preorder a copy of my new book about the dark secrets of the Mueller witch-hunt here.   Victor Davis Hanson’s tremendous piece about turning the tables on the anti-Trump conspirators.   Another great piece by Chuck Ross pointing out the involvement of George Soros in the scheme to attack Trump.   Here’s the list of the limousine liberals running for president in 2020.   Unbelievable video of a CNN “journalist” calling for speech suppression.   Jim Comey is terrified of an investigation into his behavior during the Trump probe.   Big government Democrats are folding again on government spending.    Weak Republicans continue to fold on Obamacare.   Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved.
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Ready to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee. Now I wonder they thereby GINO shall producer Joseph Armor cost. How are you doing? Well, we have no time to waste. Stand, let's get right to it out I know I've got seven stories today, which may be a record of which means I'll probably get the four of them all, but the first one I want to get to is great I've decided. Secondly, I am they really tired of being tired of limousine limber, deliberately liberal crowd running for president extraordinary. These are only capitalists and also list who were all wealthy. Scrooge make doc types. Yes, you were swimming around and Gold Bowen have details of the vote as a kid. All of them as they read didn't. Rave gets capital it's so thoroughly, so I want to start with a wash them examiner peace. I get to that and emitted really
don't go anywhere. I got some updates, including some great pieces by Victor Davis, Hansen and others, and A CNN journalist now calling for speech, suppression, which is pretty I'd, say pretty busy, but it's not it's here and I have come to expect. The words are I write. It nobody by bodies have Freedom Project Academy, year nearly seventy billion dollars of taxpayers. Money will be spent on public education need. A new report finds that just two in five a merry students are ready to attend college gash. That's that's unbelievable many of you ve been searching for a school with traditional values and help students develop strong foundations in Maths, science, english and american history. This kind of education designed to teach students how to think not what to say, this is the right kind of education at their while you're searches over freedom, project cadmium happy to partner with them is an accredited online school built on judeo christian values in classical curriculum for students from kindergarten. Do high schools we're talking about a complete in Iraq
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Odin, namely hang around a guy, we're not even allowed to say right away that set of data. The other guy patented that Bruce Buffers brother, Bruce buffers. Another you'll see A limousine lives, worse than examined a story about the book deals and the wealthy lives running for president. So I you bring this up not to make fun of butter. fine, because I am a free marketeer. I believe the economic freedom in Liberty- and I believe people should be privy to them routes through their own labour. They should be able to work. Work hard, spend that money and themselves their families are watching these amateur story. Today by Emily Larsson businesses book, feels twenty twenty Democrats to deliver socialism on their own silver. Her bladder. This will be in the show notes today, Baghdad, upon GINO dot com. If you go to the party, I think it a menu. These articles be associated with it, subscribe to my email list and our cities article every day to good. Let's go through the list, Of wealthy Democrats number one bade O otherwise known as
so where's, Tucker Hosting, if it like a gossip but based on his Effie see filings has an estimated worth job of what ninety k hundred Kay nine hundred k beta is worth it anchoring nine million dollars job for better. I good job, so I love it. I this, the accumulation of economic liberty and its byproduct wealth and prosperity good for you, I'm just asking that use being such a phoney? Would you fake socialism garbage where you want redistribution of wealth, except for yours Buteux as machine causing bozo what a fraud be proud, you're, a conservative or a libertarian out there, and that you don't have to be concerned about any accusations of hypocrisy use,
or to economic liberty in freedom and hard work and the results of it. If you support for you and other peoples, even baton brutality that problem. Nobody sees a fraud he's now I told you to stay puff, marshmallow man he's goes from ghostbusters. She becomes whatever you think he is, don't pay gray don't take ray. I can't help it. I thought of the staple marshmallows. That is better. We becomes whenever you want. He ran a moderate and Texas. Now he's a big socialist liberal in the Moldovan see, but he's a fraud parents Where are the cool nine bill? the warrant, big socialist, now read distributor of the fruits of your labour Elizabeth. Why as assets in the neighbourhood of what forty K fifty gay two hundred cake? No nor to I million over Pocahontas. For eleven male Joe S, pretty nice very good for you a little more and I dont know how survivor of that work? You earned in it in book, deals
it may be, but the wash examiner examining peace lays out pretty thoroughly nice Elizabeth WAR, Corey Booker, who of other people, I'm reading about is the poorest of them and believe me, by poorest, I'm using the term whatever loosely by poor, I mean rich by anyone else, is still Corey ochreous assets in the neighbourhood of six hundred k to one point: three million again another limousine, liberal fraud, fake forty percent. but look at themselves into mere every morning. They want to redistribute everyone else's well, but apparently not there by the way Corey, but so and Poker hot this Europe every time you wish to give your assets and your wealth to other people. According to your own modus operandi, socialism, what you recommend the collective accumulation But go right ahead nobody's, helping you donate this stuff to charity. Don't
it is to the g. The government do whatever you want, but you stand for some. We would respect you more. I will do it segment on this shop seriously. Where I will celebrate at least your intellectual honesty night. It is stupid, we, the dumbest thing ever to give that money. The government has a flush without a toilet, but will celebrate your intellectual honesty. If you dare is my challenge, let's call a job too. Every child Pocahontas challenge naivety began to say, Bernie Sanders nobody's a unique case in and of itself he is the proudest socialist them all and the biggest hypocrite. That's the challenge! Donate half of this so Baton, we're. Gonna do some simple man, but toes nine. May I got my pen out, maybe four point five million so come up better, I will do, is show celebrating you you're in actual odyssey. If you make this five point, million dollar donation to the government of Elizabeth Warren
go: eleven million lower assets, be let's go on the say, yes to be four million assets, less say you're. She has four million assets: less divided by two two million and assets if Elizabeth WAR and will give that over the g, we will celebrate your intellectual honesty, you stupid, but intellectually at least stripe. Morey fucker, let's go on a low and against six hundred k and assets will expect a three hundred thousand dollar donation to the government programme of your choice. Corey we're always now there's a couple more Out there you have the lady who I ran against worth an estimated ninety six million John making move forward. Please! I like the lady. I ran against him. He is not the crazy the Democrats is actually the most rational of all the Democrats running, which probably means and fortune me has no chance, but let me just days before. Yet the Bernie, whose a special case and the fraud Olympics here he's always the gold medal, the high, jump fraud, Olympics Bernie, always the gold medal winner. I mean this. What I say we I
Evidently it vigorously Jos heard the story a thousand times her when I bring it up. He's gonna be like again with this guy, but I disagree with socialism because its deadly and it doesnt work. But again, I intellectually can respect people who live by their own credo and I I shall never forget the seminars in the police academy back in Eighteen, ninety, five and it was hot New York I mean it was like New York is hot significant agrees as this like the urban jungle. Where that black, you know what I'm saying that loud street just reflects. The heat in your face is hot. I mean Florida and I'm telling you haven't lived in Florida in New York, New York, summers worse, I mean they're, really really Beth, I remember being the police Academy Uniform, which is awful. Had the gray Sheraton, not the blue shirts. Everybody knew you are lucky baby, like broken because I do you arrest, read them the amateur technically you could. But you know you wouldn't do it. You know They knew you are carrying a fire him. It was like put like a bolt on your back. Look you edit every laugh you they had had, but one day
sit. There get ready, we get our now you get on a train and, see that that act then act. Matthew Modi, he was that movie outbreak and he was the ressler and that movie you know what that guy shoot and stuff like that, and you know you he's relatively famous- and apparently even thing is degrees around New York in on a bite. even a ninety degrees, and I thought even back that I was politically active. I turn up At least I can respect that at least he's not a hypocrite like the guy's, a big environmentalist. He does this thing right good for you. That is not the case with these frauds, including a colonel Amy Fraud, Army, maybe a lieutenant general, Bernie Sanders declared this guy is incredible so in I still examined peace. They lay out of Bernie Sanders has three homes. I've said this before, and I want to beat this thing to that. You don't three home. I don't care that you have three homes I am who I want
by another one, I'm trying to buy one right now I would love to, but I am a free market here. An ivory care that with you, you don't need right now they want to. somewhere, that's gonna, be like some luxury thing: you'll, be difference more of a business decision and some you know I'll explain later on, but birdy doesn't mean three homes, You can always live in one. A warm cub We can only Fetnah chair in on the whole matter. Time be mad three one, not three Bernie risen but birdie tells you what you need all the time because he's a fraud now the kicker and the new thing, found out about this, according to the Washstand examiner peace, by that by the woman who wrote it among. Thank you, Paula at the policy. Airbus of struggling everything, Emily Larsson. Forgive me Emily. I forgot you name, therefore, minister, terrific peace by the way so happy to you,
Bernie, Sanders borders? Third, home a lake House in Vermont, which is not a nice chauvelin? We all like a lay chasms, listen for five hundred, seventy five thousand dumb and your whole job uncle birdie paid in cash and who we are pays for accounts in cash who pays their listen, I'm not married you, your two people, braver homes and catch criminals and really registering that's, not suggest, burning and criminal law at all. I dont like burning, but I'm not alleging any job, but that's it. true criminals enrich support, which means by default it burns criminal than birdie isn't really super rich dude who pays for house in cash, but did you show up? Like a brief you're, nobody carries brief nobody cares satchels or man. Purse is now a merciless whenever they call you back it carries the old school handle briefcase anymore. Badger Bert shows up slides into a kid who is
five hundred seventy five thousand a cat listened. We do really well. I dont have five hundred seventy five thousand. I care by Allah, calcined burly, two four five hundred seventy five thousand get but party can already is over. I can only imagine is deal job, they're, sending arrest her right, like like spy games right. There sit there in a restaurant Bernie real estate guy in the banker to get ready to deal. Bernie leads downright right. Just like this. Here he saw heights, they came with a five hundred. Seventy five gay right across the table course division is available for free at Youtube, Dotcom, sledge budget. If you want to watch the show as well as listen, Why so? How should cash rich people do burning,
he's the one percent, or he keeps railing against this guy- is an apocalyptic, fraught now. Job yes burning in response to this, yes, well likely be that if he didn't by the house in cash that this would happen, people will die played against young people will die This is parties responds to everything I asked Joe yesterday to bring that up again, because I saw Bernie on a weekend show again insisting that if the Obama care Billy ray and if we don't go to Medicare for their people, that this is burning, liver people will die, people are going to, we had a people will die montage at one point. This birdie loves that line people that Bernie. I promise you, you will not die if you don't play for that, if you don't pay for the item and cash and he will not die. If you don't have three hunt,
we'll, be just fine. People will die like one of those homes to charity B, and birdie step up step up, burn plows some people die every year you will die biggest frauds ever. I wake up every day eaten and the Lord? He bless me with the powers of reason to not be a phoney fake, hypocrite, liberal gosh, I'm so tired and limousine lives. It's pathetic. Somebody freeze, the fairy story number to further. This is incredible. This, the CNN has gone off. To deepen, firstly on about poor or I you know, if you want to say your name is out of his accoucheur mob her. If you want to sound, really sophisticated, you always go to Christianity. I've CNN she believed, sees the smartest person in the room always show There's interviewing Jim call me and I've got to tell I've seen some really dumb stuff. What CNN I mean ethically stupid of me just tune in to George
and the show on the weekend. I now on CNN unreliable sources, and you can see stupidity and listen to it every day, but this thing takes the cake for one. the dumbest lines. I ever in my life. I've heard from someone who pretends to be respected. Journalist play this cut of Christianity at her interviewing disgraced form FBI director. Jim call me about the law, corruption, during the twenty sixteen elections. I I'm saying to investigate a perhaps others do fear that getting that's coming down the pike. I don't feel personally, I feared as a citizen right investigate what investigate that investigations were conducted and what would be the crime you'd be investigating. So it's a terrible cycle to start he's already started it with calling for the locking up of his political opponents, including people. Like me,
and so just be more of that dangerous step, and I would hope that we continue to disappoint me. The Republicans would finally stand up and say we don't do that kind of thing, but at this me personally My questions go ahead, I'd like to answer them in the daylight. If I could because you just said locker up or lock me up. Of course look. Europe was a feature of the twenty sixteen trump campaign. Do you in retrospect wish that people like yourself the head of the FBI. I mean the people in charge of law and order had shut down that language that it was dangerous, potentially that it could have create the violence that it kind of hate speech should not have been allowed. That's not a role for gum,
to play. The beauty of this country is people can say what they want, even if its misleading and and its demagoguery the people should have shut it down, were republicans who understand the rule of law and the values that they claim to stand for. Shame on them, but it wasn't a role for government supply chains coming, F B, I directed thank you very much for joint measures to be with you. Thank you. What you want just operated, what this happened. This is a journalist aircrew, illicit the dreaded airports. If there was ever a time for dreaded air quote here, it is a journalist. Jeanne Ahmad Poor, asking a former FBI directly in a rare moment of lucid thought from me. Corrupt Jim call me right rare moment. Where is this something that makes sense, and I mean wreck, as he said, almost nothing that's made sense over the three years call me says wonder what will shouldn't you have
I still find that is hate speech and shut that down the locker ruptured colonies? we look at around Joe, like you know, I'm not that bright, but this is possibly the dumbest thing of her. She was there's, no for government you. Why is this lady serious, so where'd you get this shape she supposed to advocate for freedom of the es in civil liberties, Rob S and she wants political speech at a rally classified as hates me. Can you imagine job Christianity, my poor everybody walking out of top right? Here's mine, your black folks, I invited lock it everybody Joe they wouldn't even use the metal handcuffs they'd have to use the zip dies because any aid after what you know what I was with him. What a pity, if we had a lot of arrest like on those prostitution, John Mission, Junot Universe, like twenty thirty three, will you bring to Patty way, bring a party where goods and get the zip dies? People walk. Iran zip does minded order. Miser. You remind me of that movie, pink Floyd. The wall of labour
fly the wall. There was a movie Bob Geldof. Was it at the end of the concert? They just don't arresting everybody at the concert here. I can see that if the shrubbery they starches Pollack people out like Saddam Hussein, stop what happened. You said locker up, Sir, that's a speech. What helpless God here the country's collapsing. We have pressed people mouse who does not believe in freedom of the press anymore. They believed your. I have underlined this webs that's their new big business freedom press freedom of their lives. If you are not a live- and you don't say, liberal things and and and prostrate yours, In front of liberal ideology, you are to be locked up, for taking it up is opposing political position so little is amazingly, will die that is, our message will die if they don't do it. This is a group. This is supposed to be a respected journalist. Now I plead that could, in total across Europe parts to air.
The fort it actually won in reverse. But do you know how to play that this sector first part was interesting to because she asked Jim Crow Christianity, my poor, if he's concerned all about an investigation into his behaviour? We have a piece up on. You know a calm about this today as well, and the answer, ladies and gentlemen is yes call me, is terrifying. call me he's, got a lotta liability here. Folks say we're here for stupidity of that question, no, the journalism other flock or up stuff to the gym call me problem. Much called commies got issues. Economies worried right now, and despite the brave face or pseudo brave face commies putting on he is in a world of trouble. Now I want to this to a peace by Victor Davis, handsome which will put up in a second that is staggeringly good.
Is it my show notes today again up at the website and if you subscribe to, my email is called the tables turn in the russian collusion on I need you to read this piece because it's so good, I'm going to tie that into the colonies during the second. Just get this quick, read and then we'll get to it. Also brought you by bodies a brick, ass nutrition. They make the finest nutritional supplements out there. I love this company, they been with me from the beginning. I work out a lot vigorously every day they I love it. I enjoy it. I wouldn't be able to do without their products when its EVA fields, means today feel the greens is a fruit and vegetable powder, but it's a real food. That's the difference. There are a ton, I'm not gonna smoke, you up a ton of these fruit and vegetable pills out there. These these Kool aid this thing, powders latest German. The problem with the majority of them is their extract. It's not real food field of greens takes the freshest ripest, healthier
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He loves him check it outbreak ass nutrition, that conflict in feel the greens back to the call me question: what is Jim call me worried about wisely freaking out, while these ridiculous, you know pseudo gave outburst unseen and I M not afraid of anything Brigham on I'd rather testify in the daylight. Of course you would cause you want to make a public spectacle with the hope that your switch liberal political leaders to your side, which will push the press to the full. That's the only reason wants to do that before we get That point to make sense in June, call me only wants to testify in public and not behind closed doors, because he wants to ban the president in front of the cameras, with the hope that the media will defend him, which will create political pressure to leave and Bobo alone, because he's worried about a couple of particular thinks number one got it. I don't want to beat this dead horse, but Jim Commies worried about the woods procedure. We ve talked about a thousand times just quickly. They walked in the physical
fake information. Everybody knows it's fake the dossier, they know that's fake. They know it's fake, because the mother, probe concluded. It was fake. That was the only allegation of collusion is in the dossier. Yea Mahler said no collusion. Therefore, dossiers vague, the the procedure says that before you walk into the Pfizer court, you have to sign off that the information is true. Call me, in fact, the FBI director, when thou wouldst procedure was in place, meaning they signed off on information that was false. Problem number two for Jim combing. A series Five weeks at the FBI, which both Andy Mckibben Jim Baker to have is to have his lieutenants is tat. Lieutenant is deputy director and its legal counsel are under investigation for right now, criminally criminal Weeks of classified information to the media, call me: was their boss? Did he Authorize those leaks, we'll see finally figured
if his hands and has a tremendous peace who put up before it's it's an american greatness today. It is definitely worth your time. the gist of the peace. Ladies and gentlemen, a double down on, is it Jim TAT? Jim oh me, has testified upwards of two hundred and forty five times in front of Congress and multiple times has insinuated intimated or directly said things that are not true one of em. which he sat under, which he said in Congress. She said in Congress, which is going to be devastating to him. Is that they closed the Hillary Clinton email investigation after they interviewed her. His own notes now dictate the opposite. This is in the media, age, peace, Victor Davis, handsome, which is worth your time call me as in a world of trouble. Ladies and gentlemen, now in the victim
David chance of peace because I've cover this expensive. This I'm not going to go through each one of them, but he goes through how every The people involved in this are in a world of trouble. Jim clapper, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, gone Brennan, Jim CALL, Andy Mackay, they're, all any all the trouble they have either things that have been proven categorically false. They have signed on on masking which their name, where names attached you, which now they're claiming eighty sign off on that all in a world of trouble. I've covered that I'd, nausea, The point I want to make here before I move on to my neck story here. Is there should be no quarter, Ladies and gentlemen, there is a brewing in the Republican Party amongst them. Let's call the moderate class being generous by that description by the way. To just let this go and focus on the economy for reelection know. That is a bad idea.
that is a horrible idea there will be no quarter. We'll be no mercy. Did you do Jill system will be use legally. Unlike the Democrats, I'm not advocating extra duties judicial or actual legislative or or extra constitutional, powers to anyone, but if you lie to an FBI agent. That is fair game. If you lied under oath? That is fair game. If you leave That's right information, that is fair game. There will be no mercy if any of you, there are listening there in Congress, your staffers that listen, I What are the advantages of this show? I think, in contrast, other shows. I've run before I've run for office. We can win, but we were out there running a couple states. I have a pretty good flavour for what the political environment is, I'm still and activists at heart. I still keep contact with many people, The activists community I go out and actually talk to me in the real world and candidly, I'm not famous enough that I live in a bubble which is great. I've got
now notoriety that we make a nice living, and I love my show when our influence, but I'm not Sean attitude, I can actually go out and public and talk to people. You know what ma by twenty million people. At a time. I see what people are talking about. Folks, they are Furious about this? furious is issue number one amongst the conservative base that is gonna, go out, volunteer and vote for you in the twenty twenty election. You must you absolute They must the Trump Administration members of Congress and the Department of Justice purchase. Do justice to the n? Nobody we'll be given any mercy on this we'll be now. Let's move along, there will be no hardening of Nixon? None of it. Everyone who is involved in this must go down legally the right way, but there will be no
You listen, I'm just gonna want one last time. Nobody move on, I'm telling you. I have my fate. We're on the pulse of this, like no other issue, Paula I put our personal email out there in follow up, and you know that guy Because we like reading your emails, because one we like back on the show it makes it better. But too we know exactly what you're thinking. How because who tell us every day in hundreds of emails, we read, people will be furious. People will die people who do you have that guy paper will die people we'll be fury, won't die, but tat will be furious. If you do not pursue this If call me like he's goin down if Mackay blight frozen Stein like all of them, they will for the same legal legal fate that you imposed
morally and on ethically upon my flight and others do not make the mistake of underestimating the wee wee anger in serve at its base about how Justice- this abuse when it came to Republicans in Trump and now everybody seems to be getting a pass on the Democrats. I there's also what I saw up in the Wall Street Journal the other day say it all, we shouldn't really push for prosecution of the Clinton team. We should go with all due respect. My and Thou Dershowitz a nice guy? Why talk to and green rooms all the time Brodie legal legal analysed, he want to let it go to shouldn't criminalize politics, know we're not criminalizing politics show criminalizing criminality. Mrs Clinton broke the law nobody's above the law; they all need to be prosecuted,
do not underestimate the base year. These are people who work for a living. These are people, building houses, mopping floors, saving lives and hospitals out there in patrol cars, fires is firemen ribbon our plan. The system is as plumbers: ten knockers steel workers, carpenters, steam fetters. These are people who work for a living They feel like the justice system, has crept all over them, that Contrary to represent them any more while a boat, I wearing flog raw eating class of a leading, limousine liberal snobs sit there. A all over all the time and get away with everything, because
the two republic matters because of fidelity to a constitution. We believe applies to all of us. Ladies and gentlemen, nobody believes that anymore. We'll start even when the elites, the Walker, snobs disuse eaters. At lunchtime I love sushi surgeon, the foreground use at lunchtime when they start getting reflect, we can still and Patty wagons you imposed upon man afford and everybody else, then maybe believe that delity law matters, because not the law if it's entirely discretionary and absolves political elites of any responsibility to obey the law at all. To disgrace.
Death. I just want to cover this story quickly, Chuck Ross as another phenomenal story up the daily call about the George Soros. This guy's name just keeps creeping up everywhere and as I told you. Last week I show ports in the show notes today, please check it out again Chuck Ross Daily CALL, sir. Process. Name just keeps popping up all over the place. Now, as I explained in a show last week, you oh you're, over the target with liberals always every time. This is the barometer like your friend, your put it up to the wind wind is blowing when you make out the year the year re saying your five year of sergeant is your honour. Their summer. Yearners love of overturning of all border for we married. We You know he's gone. Is the phobic Father fobs that these two phobic far before herbaline, that come when ever you're over the target. With the Democrats, every single time now as the sorrow stories are start a break, and I get to the details of this in a second I've noticed then,
Greece and traffic by the lunatic stalkers media matters any time Imagine source? You must be an anti Semites because he happened to be jewish. These stories have absolutely nothing to do with George Soros is religion at all better back. I only found it George Soros was jewish because of these nonsensical articles by media about these are fact based stories. About Soros money being filtered to org this that are running eighty chop resource that was used in the dossier, yea too, Leave illegally spy on innocent american citizens headline of peace firms diffusion, GPS, Christopher Steel will pay three point: two million dollars by Soros backroom here. A couple Take away from this piece which are just staggering Soros. Let me just lay a wiser problem. First Joe it's not breaking news. George Soros funds, liberal groups that want to attack Republicans. Ok, that's not the news! Who is here is that
sorrows back groups that democracy, integrity, object and others that these groups so already admitting Dan Jones. You runs one of these groups, former Diane Feinstein staffer,. Their admitting that their sole purpose show is to give information to the FBI and to feed stories to the media, in other words, think about this, and why is that are we putting George you together. Why? This is an issue you now have a liberal mega donor. Who is right, basically the editorial a news. Pages of mass media outlets read the peace. They talk about our DNA. and spread of peace to writers. So George Soros is running. The news organisations that are supposed to be giving us the facts, not opinions and he's figure of their groups are feeding information of the FBI. So now I think we can groups do that. We have that avenue. So conservative
It's worth millions of dollars get at what an instant liaison of the FBI to go, prosecute. Liberals story. That would be if that was happening to folks. That's why this is a problem. Our list. let me take away our media and law enforcement apparatus is apparatus apparatus and the country is being weapon eyes by liberal mega donors, novel its focus on a cold brothers. We're married, I because they can't stand a coat brothers that they give the libertarian causes, but get the fact that George Soros is money is managed to be filtered down to groups. Weapon icing law enforcement and the media gets Republic is nobody seems care about that? Let's go to take away number one from the pc you go. This nonprofit grew partially funded by Soros from this Chuck Chuck recipes paid firms diffusion GPS and Christopher Steel. More than three point: eight million dollars in twenty seventeen Joe to provide real.
surgeon analysis to dreaded airports again. Government entities now? Why is this a big deal, because every Clinton's campaign do Perkins Kui only either mammalian think about this, ladies and gentlemen,. Soros? Is group see where was funding provided? three times the funding to investigate trump and feeding information to government. If it is me, then or equipping did herself you see where this the problem now. Let me be clear: Crystal clear there is nothing illegal or unusual about liberal people, like Soros. Donating money too liberal causes that attack conservatives. Conservative do it too. However, folks, and keep the lead in mine. There is some thing very unusual about providing
Three times the funding to invest chop and feed the information to government entities. Government works for the people, allegedly not for George Soros is money group. take away number to this group did the mark she integrity projects run by Dan Jones Forwards, Diane Feinstein, staffer, liberal Democrat Feinstein, Jones is also working without Em Waldman Adam wild men whose also working with Christopher Steel. We have a piece up on the screen? You can read yourselves snippet and the Youtube com Select Mancino, but take away here is so you have this former Democrats, staffer working with it Austria, author, providing information to the media and government entities whose also working with this guy Waldman. This lawyer, farewell
by the way Joe also was working with all like Darrow Pasqua aversion oligarchy tied the hip to suddenly a prudent. I talk, Color words. Martians was bad. That would involve Democrats, Soros Money and by information being fed to government entities I can't say that enough. Ok, ok, cool! It's all cool, yet I think, Z Joe said Uncle John. He gets Democrats good job What are we worry about? What's the point, it is, of course, its allow Democrats colluding with Russians and russian connected people. It's all good. Thank you do said that voting. Yes, tat was one of the best lied. Your radio or good, very good, well done their job final taken from the peace before I move up so as You discuss during yesterday's shout the deep connection so the Atlantic Council, the Atlantic council- the Erasmus, which higher Joe Biden kid the Atlantic, Council unable and FARC issue blocked me on Twitter. That's hysterical, reworked she's the lady, whose basic yeah she block me
through our bodies at the Atlantic, council and donor Victor pin shook was a big couldn't foundation donor. How the Atlanta counts people on the Atlantic Council Board were involved with the the Seattle analyzing, the hack, the Atlantic councils. Knee deep in all of this is basically this group of alive The far left these and rhino Republicans that I believe it was simply involve the knee deep and a lot of goings on during this whole scandal. This is hysterical from the Chuck Ross Peace, democracy, integrity projects. This: is this group funded by source to restock associates had not been previously reported, the company's fathers? your Barnett, a former journalist who has recently investigated possible russian influence in the brakes campaign, hisses killer, Joe Partner, Co, author report released October: seventy twenty eighty four, the Atlantic Council, a wash you did this evening day which focused on this british businessmen.
Barnett also suggested in the report for the Atlantic Council that the Trump campaign received millions of dollars in illicit donations, possibly from far his adversaries, but its argument, but always ridiculous. It so stupid that small donations recovered from Florence folks again every This is a that the swamp runs deep. You can so yesterday show for a full recount the Atlantic Council's role in this, but we find it odd sources. When he goes to the democracy integrity project. It then gets shuttled over to this stock associates with this it used to work at the Atlantic Council, which is me. deep and a lot of this produces a or suggesting tromp as colluding with the Russians to small donors. It's just utterly absurd that people keep falling for the stupid. The stupidest deepen, widen this case, Our last sponsor a great company just got off this thing failed terrific. As I love it, kind of a teeter high from this thing. Teeter fear not you
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calm Slash Dan, that's t, T, r, dotcom, slashed, anteater, dot com, slash dearly loved here, it's a really terrific product can reckon Ok, let's see moving on raw lunchbox Joe strikes again. Oh listen folks. I have a right, dress. The Biden Ukraine stuff yesterday at length, please watch that show and Joe Biden. Let me be clear, I think, is real trouble. Is studies show, was an exhaustive review of Joe Biden extremely suspicious ties. The Ukraine far the collusion there, an alibi issues that he pressure to prosecutor dumping investigation that may have involved a company added to his son. I did cover yesterday intentionally the creepy uncle Joe stuff, because you know It's tough, the area, because this is so weird but be another. cover Outfox Fox lately, and I didn't it it's on Haiti. Last night I got a lot of positive feedback. I wanted a quick
The address touchy fairly close talker job, and This is gonna, be an image problem. I dont think its catastrophic if he runs for present because he's a Democrat they get away whenever they want very probably be over with, I think its Eu Croatia, but let me just This article, the washing salmon up at the surest way to more women accused creepy. The guidelines to moment, accuse Joe Biden of inappropriate at physical interactions by Caitlin Corral, interesting piece. Here's a couple take away from this year's. Why it's gonna be a problem. folks. Liberals are shared in a new series of rules, liberals and conservatives conservatives, like I said this last night on Hannity, I said if the night before I Laura Ingraham I'll, be on Lou Dobbs tonight, seven p, DOT M Fox business. Those are always great, hits me in lieu, usually just shred Sahara's go. You may want to watch the had at seven o clock on fact, business eastern time. liberals. I in these roles, concern
it was Joe. Can you agree you and I both have been entirely consistent that the hour conservatives conservatives out their libertarians men in them are some democrat it was still believe in the Constitutional Republic believe that victim of sexual harassment or alleged victims- are attacked, to be heard absolutely night to be respected. Their allegations are to be taken seriously and investigate my going to give you the if two daughters line, because it does I'm a human being, I don't wanna see other people abuse that you don't have to be. My daughter river me to say to you: that's all right of some do put myths on your yet you know I don't you know. I've said that before, but I'm I want to get a it. Doesn't matter Human being- and you should have empathy for others that those guys partner myths, although in a really inappropriately this, it's not not so that any conservative supports the problem is, We live in a country where people are entitled to due process
Liberals want that rule changed to women are to be believed period. The dreaded full stop, that's their role, you heard amazing, her own o, senator from a why liberal Democrat say it: men should shut up. Women are to be believed, no matter what that was the cabin all rule. That was the Trump rule, each time an allegation. Women are to be believed, folks. That is not the conservative rule that concern but of is this evidence to be believed? Now the problem. Liberals are gonna. Have we creepy? those touching he's the course talker dude he's that everybody hates the call stalker. I can't stand the close talker if you meet me in public on. I will talk to you for ever, but I can't stand it.
A talker do and the close talker, like Joe Biden, grabs your elbows. Don't do it, I'm shooting a double like take down on it I do not want you grab my elbows nobody's done that kind, serious Edna riding with, but please dodge Weird just stop chose the owl, reopen wherever there's video out there of him? When is the Hilary he's getting off a plain she's in a blue parachute, Eddie grabs or with the double elbow, and she looks like We would pay anything to get away from this guy she's like I can like she doesn't know how to duty arm shiver, because this you know the ship job. They are we, having a secret service. They called the unbend alarm. We use the unbearable arbitrator pushed me. No, I mean she's it, but she sees the cameras oral she's like this she's trying to create this. I wish I could stand up she's like the other back away from migrant this who have never done better she's like desert, here's creepy job right.
so the hips are closer. She can't get away hips, because if she leaves in the face, I think she's, afraid Jos gonna like like the web. cheaper something so she, besides she's gonna back away top the top part at, but then you got a lean in the front. So she's like this in the face of pricing and the face to create more, distance. I know you have in order to create more distant use. What she does with the face, because, if a face on because it's no no she's like that, really try to get away from creepy job. She can't get it from this guy Quickener rolled over my head. We think that over my she can't get away creepy, Joe quick enough? Why what's not allowed me RO policy like Paul, is inside and stop moving a messenger
Oh really now is, if you see the videos, you that's here's the problem, Joe Biden Joe fails on both dick. serve active and the liberal test More specifically, I dont away finds its not ports. I have no idea. Did Joe, it's really Don T fail. on both fronts. On the liberal front, if the rule is women are to be believed period, full stop no furthers needed them. the floor as in others, and the two additional women come out. Accusing Joe Biden of creepy touching are to be believed period that job their role. Is it not the answer? They said you, it means Joe Biden Creepy and touch people inappropriately, if the liberal roars, true so accord, the liberal standard number one Joe Biden in a lot of trouble and is a creepy torture and close talker. Secondly,
Neither the conservative rule evidences be believed. Everett. This is everywhere. Bates creepy the guys always gives bees. Captain adze he's always again. Let me rub your shoulders. Unevenness smells people's hair. Does that I don't even like smell my wife's hair, APOLLO me smell your hair. I do not say this to me yesterday, she's, like this Air smelling thing is creepy. Like you I don't know, I don't get it leading. What is what do you smell? What his hair smell, like aquanaut, don't pull out, let me get in there. What are you going and there you got some Croats smells like hamburgers wit me. One is where you wanna live guys, you gotta, let your pull lay says you're here. What is he doing? What that's probably dude, you don't he was so according to the conservative rule, which is evident the be believed TAT Joe Biden
We too shall, while I dont think its catastrophic for his campaign. If we used to run for president, I think the Ukraine stuff is serious note. I do think it's going to create a lot of problems for him, because nobody wants to be the creepy guy and on the two roles of creeping. He fails he's a hare smell or that's just freakin, we're dude, that's just weird to be done: elbow grabber, don't be too creepy, hair, smaller! Just don't. Do it there's a Deliver what did rules just me? one moment. I've ever agree with Nancy Pelosi, treat everybody like they have a call. I just got over a call. You probably my voices little different yesterday. Why I'm a little odd that stuff up today, too I ve got no y know, I told you never do a sheriff. I felt bed polo
see set it right away. You never get to hear me say that again People are, you said. Joe Biden has to treat everybody like. They have a call everyone, German, I'm good, God sees Ami obey the seven foot rule we learned in a police got me twenty one free, safe distance for a sharp their job weapon attack. That's the Joe Biden rule twenty one free way from everyone? Don't shake hands. We're going to your anyone and you'll be ok, creeping show? No, I don't feel bad for me, the folks, I'm sorry. The people out there I see a lot of these moderate Republicans shows sky! Does lot of charity were tried, so do we we the guys guys, brag and on a council of foreign relations thing that you get a process you're fired in Ukraine whose alleged to be ass. The getting accompanies it sounded is sons involved, which was what voting for present. Does he donated to charity me a break man, the old donate, to charity lot of us too
you know, there's a mean you should be elected. President right. Crazy are. couple a news stories. I want to get out there today, one on Obama CARE, listen, I we is to be heavy on Obama CARE and to show, but I gotta tell you I am losing my mind, others a lot of washed in his amateur stuff today, Susan ratio, is a piece of and washed and examined today about. Basically, how publicans, r, r, steamroller tromp on Obamacare shit; I'm sorry, David Drucker Republican Steamer, ultra Obamacare up in a youtube. Now you can see the headline. Ladies and gentlemen, this is just outrageous. What is going on here. Let me just frame it this way out Care will not work because it can't work and the problem with them. Mama care now in these weak spineless Godless republic who took our money our time who we volunteered for
and are now blocking tromp on any significant Obamacare reform, but down. We don't, of the house care. Explain the american people, why Obama carries a failure? They refused to do it. They refuse there for you have to come to shows like this to get information through the baker. Liberal friends on Obamacare. There are two central cork opponents of Obamacare, which will do this thing to failure. No matter what happens, Obama care will now work because it can't work because of two things: regular listeners, you ve heard this before Trump is right. This needs to go Obama care is bedroom in something called community rating and guaranteed issue community rating, dictates the prices you can charge to older people and younger people on a ratio. Why, All this work. Ladies and gentlemen, because the ratio is wrong. It dictates
you cannot charge older Americans more than three times what you charge, basically younger Americans, or what's the problem merit in the problem is older, Americans, consumer health care at a rate Joe of not three two one but five to one whew. Well, what's the problem with that The problem with this is why I can't get over these younger people support Obamacare, you but once getting screwed the problem. Folks is it older Americans who consume more health care are also well than younger Americans job is this, breaking news on the ship. Let me guess you quick question, not attract. Ok, are you wealthier? Then your son knew I'd love to little Joe or is little John wealthier than you not believe that I'm promptly and wealthier than Joe is yes thank. You
now. I know I have a fifteen year old daughter, my promise you, I have more assets and wealth and she does you. Why is my fifty while that fifty but you she's, not in the Obamacare market yet, but you get my point are your twenty year old being forced to subsidize the expenses of older americans. You cannot George, some one three: alors about this, the poor man, because liberals have a tough time with this report. Here's. What explain this the younger people- maybe they opened their eyes. You are charging Americans three dollars older, wealthier americans for a product that cost five dollars? Therefore Joe, what five minus three job magic trick. I know it's a tough trying to this is my proposal. As you know, I think it's locked
refugees back to jail terms to guide you how's it going about. Your job has figured it behind all. You have to do this war because liberals, unless they write five by industries to meeting Few charging, older, wealthier Americans, three dollars for a product that cause five dollars, then two dollars are missing two dollars come from Europe. People who are paying two dollars bore for health care, not even using and people in individual market who are being destroyed. Why, ladies and gentlemen, why do you think you're premiums and you're deductibles under Obamacare through the roof, because ensuring companies, what a piss you off! No there, the rules because you're subsidizing, older people, their health care. Despite the fact
they have more assets. Now, if you take, is hey, listen, all their americans. We should pay for their healthcare, fine, be honest about it and stop lying. run on the truth run on the truth, I'm Bernie Sanders running for president. I leave younger American should finance the cost of older America's, even if they have the ability to pay a fine. I will respect you like respected Matthew Modi you are wrong you're saying, is wrong? It makes no economic sense, but I respect your honesty that not what they're saying they keep making and like Obamacare is about pre existing conditions. What it's not states have had protections for them: before Obamacare Bomb, there are tons
is the do that. Writing a volunteer care by hospitals and doctors. You state to state laws cobra. There are tons of ways to do that without a massive federal programme. Stop lying and informed my play some point: number one Obama cares about community rating charging. What three dollars for a product that five and asking younger people pay the difference the math doesn't work. Secondly, The core component of Obamacare is guaranteed issue. Even worse, what does that mean. it means that not only are we charging people three dollars for a product that cost five and asking younger people to pay the difference. We're telling younger people that are supposed to pay. The difference show that you don't even have to pay until you get sick? We as right, in other words
A guaranteed issue means almost any time under Obamacare. Younger. Everyone is a matter of fact can going. get insurance bearings because now there's no individual mandate for not having it. That's like saying Joe, we're gonna get a motorcycle. I dont want to ensure it because it costs too much. Even though paying the two dollars more for other people's insurance. Are we using it supposedly, but I'm not gonna get motorcycle insurance, Joe until I get a motorcycle accident and add by the way. After the insurance pays, my medical bills for the. I'm going to cancel said insurance, go folks, you do the math your asking younger, healthier people to pay the two dollars per
five dollar product you're only charging people three dollars for and you're telling of don't bother paying it until you get sick too. So you cost us twenty dollars for the two dollars you pay their results. that is a care in eight minutes and what fifty seven seconds on my timer. That's Obama care community rating and guaranteed issue under charging, for product that is super expensive and am telling the people you want to pay for the under charge prices for other people. Don't worry, no Paypal, you get sick either. Therefore, your cost us a fortune to that's Obamacare Trump is right again. Republican frauds are wrong. If you with just explain this to the american people. It would make sense that is in look it up, unity, rating, guaranteed issue. It's a fraud, just be honest,.
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