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There’s A BIG Fight Coming (Ep 1207)

2020-03-18 | 🔗

In this episode, I address an enormous fight on the horizon that could change the media, and free speech, forever. Everyone is going to have to pick a side in this fight. I also address the latest troubling news about the disastrous collapse of the Mueller probe. 

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Just waiting to hear the truth about Amerika upon a showed its not immune to the banks with your host Dan bungee? No, not a good night for Bernie and there's last night, pretty much. Got smoke in the three prime we had last night Arizona Illinois Florida got that got it. Data on the Mahler story. Hours talking about yesterday got a fake news update and I also have an up about the media. Useful idiots in this country. Desperately pumping chinese propaganda today show sponsored by expressly Ladies gentlemen, you have the right to online privacy exercise. It today go to express VP and Flash Montana Welcome, thereby Juno show priested show. How are you today fine surname. Madame du it pretty good. Being a good citizen are watching the world go buy from indoors yeah. I think They get die now it is to get a little cabin fever, riding a sorry sea and those two red rum girl,
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What party was thinking but Florida where I live on south largest, specifically, which has a heavy poppy? nation of venezuelan cuban residents, who have unfortunately live the ravages of socialism in their lies before many of them came here or their parents and who know. Directly the impact and horrors and the evils of socialism. Why praising fidelity Castro's literacy programmes? How Bernie thought that Gotta, be a tactical successor, says one of two things: one either Bernie is so ideologically align with communism and socialism that he can't in his heart break from his love air with it and therefore is at least not authentic, but Is a believer sort things out there because he's a millionaire he's a fake abroad, but he's a believer, You know, socialism is always know, always makes the government in the powerful rich in the working class poor anyway or.
Number two. He is quite simply the dumbest politician in american history that in the country biggest swing. State Florida, where people have been victims of socialism Castro, he thought praising Castro's fake literacy programmes, who's gonna be a political winter. It's only one of those two either is such an idea like he can't divorce himself from it or he said stupid. He couldn't figure it out. There is no option three. He got crushed in Florida last night, crushed annihilated now, who won Sleepy Joe, whom I why not only already seen a video Jos live because I go gets the preview. The video like yeah afore, the shell right. So we know this there's nothing new after last night, we know number one Bernie, still a communist and number two. Why? Installers? No worry is you doubt me this is By giving a victory speech remotely was covered
maybe see new c span and elsewhere. For those we listening on the audio on me and I K Bc. Radio you can lose and do all are paid some of the visuals we at the ebony he ends speech and in these dead spots its bite, at the podium. I dont know what he's waiting for. There's no crowd, it's a remote speech, because he has my crowds around The confused worry is What is it easy waiting for a round of applause? I hid his wife, Joe Biden comes and rescue them. So to this end. He's uncomfortable silences here are not Joe, it was a cricket, editing, report. Little man consider to be funny. This really just waiting for some round of applause from a crowd
that is their put by this cut. Your listen, that's! Ok. Ok, ok, I know it's a series that I can't do it. I cannot do twenty four hour corona. I can't do it, I'm not doing it. It's uh, it's DR and everybody crazy. There are other things going on we're going to talk about, I'm not doing twenty four hour corona and that again later America. We thank you. What why's that plugs? Listen! I get We will always be an audio. Show first always spoke, word was how we started is how we will finish by please
If you ve ever had the impetus to go to Youtube Youtube back Obsolete by GINO, just watch that. I know the audio you're like what's going on exactly he doesn't know. What's going on he's at the party looking like that, he doesn't like wife comes and get some story doesn't leave, but here sure what you should do likewise for the Showtime at the APOLLO guy. You know to guide it takes you off the stage. If he doesn't know what to do, I mean you would think jewel. You would end the speech I say. Thank you have a good night, I mean to say: is this an hard I've read for office Joe? didn't Joseph very smart guy job like we were given a press conference about the growth thereby GINO shown Joe. It say. Thank you very much for your loyalty. These show we appreciate it will see your next week. What I got it. I got Paula remind me. John you to the end of the show tat? Yes stay tuned to the info. We are going to do it. Uncomfortable ending just like job. I don't
We forget this called after all and on what we. Gonna do a Joe Biden uncomfortable and let me preview just gonna go. I guess thank you for doing it then gin. Yeah. I just gotta give verbal accused show's over and Paul, get a common rest state you delete today will be don't let me forget the accountability. That's how we're going to wrap this. I just gotta that true cut that up for its own separate, uncomfortable, ending youtube. We have a Youtube clipped channel to fresh. Oh, this is gonna, be great. I ve had some serious stuff they get through TAT. I got a job. There are twenty four hour grab. Just not do I can't say it enough, I'm not doing it. I'm carogne it out it serious. I get it. There is nothing to for world. Do we need to do we're so Distance we're all getting cabin fever.
Rum girls are appearing everywhere. Good trumps and what he can? I'm not gonna make it miserable all day. There is other news till I get again the crow stuff in a minute, but Pga media. As a great recap of the Bob Mahler VS Oh that happened yesterday that again has been entirely lost in tidal, wave of Corona Virus Stores Victoria TAT. The great Pga media soil being shown out again bungee no dot com, newsletter. If you go there and so, grab to our shone out. We will email you these articles every morning and to go hunt for headline first, no collusion now no actual Russians in mothers, disastrous russian collusion illusion,
As you know, I covered yes, that's a bit people other than we did a lot of those. Yet because the law enforcement helplessness in this and the corresponding invest poor, invest gate of work done by the legal team by Mahler is unbelievably bad? I mean historically bet I covered a little bit Yes, and I want to repeat the whole thing, but there's some highlights inherent sum up dates in the Pga me You start, you need to know what happened in a nutshell, headline mothers, team prosecuted this russian troll for that was being run by this company called Concord Management the only reason Mahler prosecuted, this russian troll Farm, in conjunction with that, Bless rod roses then I got video m in a moment too wise to make it appear and keep them. Russian collusion storyline alive, despite the fact that their
is no allegation anywhere in this indictment anywhere because it didn't happen that this russian troll form that was sending Facebook means. Had anything to do with the trumpet. Forgive me over explaining this a little bit, but we have some of our audience is a little older summer. Younger some are more hip and savvy. I just want you to stay This russian troll form was doing they're, not friends in our bodies on that celebrating anything, they did I'm not happy for them. They really did. Try to mess with us, they put out Facebook me you like gum images with textiles, Matic, say something funny you're, some stupid or a political message. Clearly doing it to mess with us. Want to be sure, because it wished me most people confused about what they were doing. Sending out fake facebook mean. I mean we were means would messaging it there that they thought would mess with people this. They're, not heroes. Ok, that's not the question. A lot of people are heroes. The quest,
It is worth it in the interests of the: U S: government: to try and fabricated crime they committed way. Clear. Now, the U S government knew they committed no crime. Now the question becomes about the press, The commission led by the Mahler team against this troll form that was, When social media, why would they prosecutor case they knew from the beginning? Was a dog ate doc. Member that Batman Movie with christian bail when he comes up with the monster. Any bank, like it doc, member that this case was a dog, so why they do it? What we describe some of it yesterday but again well done, and this piece check this out. That's gonna take away number one from this: Pga media peace by Miss TAT there, the charges. Against the three russian bought farms in thirteen individuals in mothers so called,
in collusion case where drop. This is important. If prejudice on Monday, but The conclusion of the case was never in doubt. Thank you to the gentlemen who email me by the way, and I failed to bring up the legal distinction. The case was dropped with prejudice that Does it mean that the judge was a racist, doesn't mean the prosecution was engaging in identity politics, it's illegal term, meaning it's gone simplify legal terms possible for good. They want be bringing it back without prejudice, maybe was without prejudice Forgive me about a lawyer, but by sperience haven't worked than the investigative side. You get a witness you die. Eyes you now you may have to drop the case without prejudice may bring it up later. This was dropped because they had nothing
with prejudice meeting Joe. It's got a good. I see you later. They had nothing ever ever. These were not our friends, you gotta bodies are not some free speech heroes, this russian troll farm. That's not the question action is they commit a crime, and even the government right now under the Mahler team is how to acknowledge. Probably not you know why they process cannot get to it. At the end, when I play the rose and Stein Clip, you'll understand exactly haliae fingers bounds than ever.
You'll understand an Italian you'll see exactly why they prosecuted a case and dumped it with prejudice, meaning job. I have a good day. We won't be prosecuting this again. Of course you want yet nothing that's going to take away a number two, while why did they prosecuted if, as Anti Mccarthy, a former prosecutor who we ve had some disagreements? you didn't twitter, but still a friend and very astute legal. My auntie Mccarthy put wrote a national review peace. Not that long ago you never ever indicted case you're not willing to take the trial, so I just told you they never had anything. The case was dropped with prejudice me. You're not going to get anything and they don't anticipate any evidence in the future. They have nothing. They never had anything. Why did they bring this case in the first place? Well, obviously, was I needed a Russian. Like I said yesterday, they had to arrest the rushing to keep the collusion hopes alive, but why
this case, if they knew they were gonna lose while when we see take away number two from Fiji, media piece. It ah begins to make sense. Deputy Agee rod. Rosen Stein announced the Mahler teams much ballyhoo charges in February of twenty eighteen and more than a minute. He knew they never have to prove the charges, because the bought farm operators, one of whom was Vladimir Putin's acquaintance by the way, would never show up in court. Nor could they be compelled to be thus giving Mahler a paper russian prosecution. You get it. You dig baby again, there's other there's. Other she's means other news going on right now. Mahler knew or thought he knew along with his hapless legal team of hacks, Andy Weissmann, Genie Ray and others. They said either over in Russia. They're not gonna, show up for this
This is great. Shall we get the prosecutor night and put out some warrants? We have the way, but I think we get a big pressure or all big pressure. Do a big press event get that video still teasing roses that we get a big pressure by. We got them Russians this goes away away than ever show up tat somebody up and the Russians again, not our friends that our friend. But they hired a high price lawyer everybody's entitled the legal protection we are still there states, even Russians in the United States, are entitled to going to charge them in our legal system to legal protection. Shocking to many on the left, who love the police state, the Russian? Did when anyone but do charge for the crime they hired a pretty decent life who said we're gonna fight this thing and all of a sudden motorcycle malo look like Joe by in that speech her thither. He don't know what to do. They never adequate
Now you're gonna fight and coordinate gonna prove I don't have a case. Has I'm going to work. Ever wonder what I'm lookin out by the way of a tv over there, and I have a screen over here at the time. If you ever wonder in the show, we have to break the four, that's what I'm doing so. It's not like. I ever you know that some I connecting problem where I can connect with the audience and always check it stuff out. I got a kind of stay active all the time, just deaf. Why case you wanted to know that showing you again how awful this case was from the start. Let's look at this tweed that this treaty from Robber barons, who is a lawyer, This is embedded in the Pga media pieces. Well, he says this incredible. The old I quote the only case smaller brought to prove russian interference talking about this case with Eddie. France is now being dismissed by the OJ because prosecutors knew they couldn't win a trial. He says repeat the deal
They could not find this single case. They could successfully prosecute to prove the active quote, russian interference. Ladies and gentlemen, this case was a dog from the beginning. So what is it all about. Well, let me play this video from twenty eighteen of rod. Roses time, membranous, breaking news
Cable new channels broke in this was the only purpose back and twenty eighteen of trying in this case they knew they had nothing. I check this out good afternoon. A grand jury in the District of Columbia today returned an indictment presented by the special councils. Offs indictment charges, thirteen Russia nationals and three russian companies for committing federal crimes. While seeking to interfere in the United States political system, including the twenty sixteen presidential election thou, That was the only purpose of that in time. The purpose of the diamond was that justice was not to bring two. This flatter me a potent troll farm operators. Ladies gentlemen, but a hundred thousand dollars on Facebook, the screw with us. No doubt this
here's what we're wasting millions of dollars around law enforcement assets on Michael Bloomberg, just spent a half a billion dollars and got crushed one delegate in American Samoa, he could be the of american, smaller right now for a half a billion dollars. You're telling me a hundred thousand dollars and Facebook is by a bunch of Russian. Miscreants trying to create some chaos was worth what three years of collusion narratives of the hack mainstream media milieu dollars and taxpayers money. Humiliating court case where we just got wrecked by the Russians. You know I took a little note here. I want to make sure I got this out before I go on to annex story and I am sorry to have to say And we should be covering this the right way again. These people- Who did this are not our friends. It was really matter.
Bob I made out or in any other way to say why foreign you know we listen, I'm sure we do it too. Like this. No moral relativism here these are totalitarian states paying Money you two hundred thousand dollars, not a lot of money, but money in any. Just a screw with us during elections. It's not it's like something funny about. Maybe we should be celebrating these Russians. I see a lot of commentary out there were you know, people think. Look. They re We know that none of that but any this is about. I say that because Putin's laughing at us right now and you know who gave him the opportunity you know, gave him the stage Mahler played right into his hands. Ladies and gentlemen, and I'm really deeply sorry to have to tell you that Bob Mahler and his team got played for more arts. Why,
As I said they thought they were going to have this pressure embarrassed. The Russians we got you guys were you troll form collusion wig. Wake now had not, even though it does like any collusion. They knew they keep the Russia hoax alive. What Putin do Putin said? Wait you're done enough to it. Night, this company with my guy here. What am I running it knowing can take advantage of your legal system to engage in discovery where I can get a hold of the evidence myself I'll take that member Robocop I'll, take that for a dollar out they got to which the majority Where are we can give Putin evidence in this case, you didn't anticipate that you were the director of the F B. I you didn't anticipate their Putin was gonna checkmate you he played us for fools. The Russian.
Played us for suckers and Mahler played right into the game by allowing this red dick Iulus indictment to move forward. It's really astounding that all these great legal minds with airport anti weissmann Genie reimburse Molly did not anticipate even one step ahead of what was going to happen. Embarrassing, embarrassing, three show us too bright remedies that sip recruiter, sip recruiter, yes, factually second type, zip recruiters making it appeared. Inside joke for those of you in studio today tries it procured a. Why listened zip recruiter is the place to go because hiring is challenging but there's one placing go, hiring is simple, fast and smart. A place were growing. Businesses connect qualified candidates that place is zip, recruiter, doc. Harm slash bond GINO. My last name, ladies and gentlemen, zip recruiter supervision.
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Angie I Anna Zip recruiter that calm, slash, bond GINO, don't waste any more time, don't waste any more money, zip record the smartest way to hire. Ok, I so getting back to some corona coverage. I again we're not doing twenty four seven corona. You want that you can go anywhere else, but there are some important stories out there because, as I have said you repeatedly over the last few days- and I say to you again now- the corona virus story is not just a story. Virus. The ramifications, honour liberty, on our economy, on everything from the second amendment, downer dramatic near daddy, second amendment what he may look at this very saw this on twitter off from the Philadelphia Police Department.
Folks this is really scary stuff. This was a. I guess a memo that one out somewhere from a Phillies PD, it's hard to read, but the gist of it is, is that effective than Tuesday March 17th, two thousand and twenty that they're not going to be basically incarcerated, going to be given the equivalent of like desk appearance tickets to people in, aged in some of these crimes here thought or fat burglary, vandalism stolen auto because they don't want people. I guess in close quarters in these jobs, which is a serious problem, because you ve been arrested. Does it mean if there's a corona outbreak, you should be sentenced to death? you know infection is well. Having said that, ladies gentlemen, there has to be a better way than now. Without dwelling Too much on this specific story about the Philly Pd Acres, I'm seeing this in a number of different places now as well. Now do you understand why we might and laugh at liberals who constantly and laugh at us.
When we want to exercise our big, our God given right to self protection of herself and our families. Folks, if you can't lion caused by no fault of the police. Officers themselves, I'd indicting the individual. This is clearly a leadership management decision here. If you can't rely on them, will you gonna wished the bad guys away? You know I do if I may, for point of personal privilege, for my China today, Many these, but during an interview I did it ever you ba I'll. What used to be Jos competitors station with a host over their c4 was a good guy, Clarence Clarence Mission for the good man still on re air. Now Joe knows him he's pretty popular guy oven the Baltimore reasonable Democrat? Yet we had a debate on the air about bout firearms and it was, one of these attacks, smash, shooting events and, of course, scimitar draconian responses.
By the left in Vienna. We need to get everybody's gardens even a good guys, and I I brought up a very simple point here, I had my house burglarize not long before that and I Adam. If I were to come down it, it was burglarize when I was home, but I won't, I didn't see anything they they left before. I got up, but I had been. It was a secret service agent at the time or or find not. If not it now, I wasn't. I bet I start my guy said my firearms. Obviously we have. I had left the secret service of sorts. Dramatic, but I had my firearms obviously- and I remember saying to the host if I were to come down the stairs and confront them and they have the weapon would eat a serious question. What do you do you Talkum out of violence. Are you going to negotiate with them? We negotiate from what you are no point of strength. Firearms. So the great equalizer for lobby having patriotic Americans who are in dont have kept in America incredible Hulk.
Superpowers that's only exists in Marvel comments and I believe at least based on a debate where we talk about a year that that this model of an act that he's a second amendment advocated this day, but I remember clearly say to me: that's an interesting point like we make this. Larger airports. Collective issues like the collective you, but when you bring it down, The individual being granularity when you and you make it about individual decisions. What are you gonna do if confronted in this situation in a big city in America, where they tell the car listen, we're not incarcerating these people anymore. Basically, Those are roaming free. What are you gonna do its assent. This question. I would have liked nor are we just eliminated that possibility now? What do you do? Well, I'm a liberal. The negative attack me I'll talk him out of it. I'll do some
you know verbal massaging the situation? Luck with that. I won't be so one of the reasons I own firearms I safely and provisionally own firearms, and I practice with them. Also the reason, ammunition and firearms are flying off shells right now and I'll bet, some of whom are being bought by liberals who publicly advocate for you not to be able to purchase a fire because their hypocrites and their frauds? No doubt I want to make one more point on this a police officer and a federal agent at one point: nine percent, from the federal and local site. Ladies gentlemen, liberals or under the misperception, often that the police department is your personal security force. Are there to protect us? They are not fair to protect you. That is a myth. Please stop perpetrating that myth, police departments
Rywhere sheriff the pot shares departments from localities to municipalities, big cities. The state police, two parts are not your personal protection force. They are there to enforce laws you may say: that doesn't sound right. I can prove it to you if you were to walk into the police, the power. Stupidly. Tomorrow Wednesday, I demand a police officer be kept outside my house for personal protection, thereby protection force they would look and you'll be like a what are you Talking about why? but you said in your personal protection force. You just request in your right to a personal protection for, of course, they're not they're, going to laugh at you. They are not there for that. They are general enforcers of a law in the penal code and civil violations. They are not your personal protection force, you know who is you don't forget that don't get confused
Because if this gets worse, you're going to see more this refusing to it, you know incarcerate and take off the streets criminals even for more serious crimes, potentially. A good? Ladies and gentlemen, not good our eye. Here's your daily, sadly, but you needed. We all native Desir, prolific we all need to be taken? I now hear daily fake news up day in the midst of a national emergency said we have to do this, but again we now watch the show you're getting tidal waves of garbage information from the meat, that even during a national emergency does not take a break from fake news What do we got today are related Ensuring great peace by the great Margo when at the Federalist debunking a another persistent myth we ve been hearing in the media, who doesn't bother fact check anything anymore, Being the show notes worth your time headline Federal
Joe Biden lies about corona virus testing. To make Trump look bad at Sunday. Night's debate Biden blatantly lied to the american public about the Trump administrations handling of corona virus testing. What happened, ladies and gentlemen, Joe Biden at the debate repeated a false patently false assertion again totally made up fake news that Donald Trump offered his administration, they were offered the testing kids. They available and they were going to to us now bride and proclaim the W h Joe Debate show had him and we were a few they Biden said we didn't by those W Joe KIDS, the democratic front runner claimed so again just putting out there by the now nominee who doesn't know when to leave the stage unless he's rescued by someone. Apparently, at the end of a speech, Joe Biden occasion, that videos did you find this claim falsely acclaim again,
repeated by many in the media that the world, organization offered the Trump Administration testing kits early return them down. What a scandal you shot a quote right there now, then, the federalists peace in Israel Scully Reality, which of course, is never what the media tells you so the misunderstanding was corrected, noting that it was not. The w H shouted did this, but actually accompany in Germany that develop a covert nineteen test. Read this endeavour further explain that the CDC is developing the test. At the same time, And it had already been approved by the FDA, while the jury and test would need to go through the FDA approval process. By now, ever ignore this reality. Instead pedal than other hopes to the public, but don't expect mainstream media to point that out, amen, Margo Cleveland. You are absolutely right. They will never point out this stuff.
You watching this you're getting at every day, and you are way ahead of the BS news there was no w h, our World Health organization task. That is false. There was a german test that was not approved by the FDA, that I'm hearing to multiple channels had a very high false positive rate, meaning what that the test was not entirely. Do it and would tell you you had corona if you didn't too often to make it a useful test for our CDC, There was no w h, o test. That is a myth. Totally made up perpetrated by Democrats their hacks in the media. You say what acts in the media Well, look at Luke again can never get out of its own way. Cnn here at lines from CNN.
I can claim the U S chose not to take corona virus tests from the W h up, while into headline? You may want to fact check that before we put them down in the peace in the middle of this same piece, whether reasserting binds hoax about the W H out, as this is a very strong in the peace. They have a fax first section, in other words their fat check so you think they say. While this isn't true Biden misspoke, that's not what it says. The middle of the pieces of facts first whiteness correct way why the? U S, along with other countries, chose an aptitude test, kids from the W h, oh, and instead decide to make their own. That is false. There was no w h, o test. That is a false story. See. I cannot resist Trump fake news. They just can't they love it. Now tat. We see around a few days ago, here, CNN now, after getting checked by actual facts,
yours and shows like us, and people like Margo cleave owing to actually do their homework. Cnn, how headline. February Joe and CDC, never discussed providing international test its to the? U S, global health agency says oh tire its exhausted every morning. Put this. Why am I mumbling make mumbles from their Tracy, because I can't I just can't take it edged with its em, you have these media idiots out their blatantly advancing chinese propaganda. Don't you dare call? The Chinese will want corona virus that China one corona virus because it raises its racist. I said last night and fight. Calling a virus from China a virus from China's racist by lady. No China was racist. China's a country. China is a country right, I'm a little confused about how cold
A virus from China, a China virus is racist. Geographically, We have a real, more appropriate terms. If you were running we're good call with the identity, bother figure, the media matters, people work and fused about that. Of course, they don't understand that now bright part has a great piece of you have before you the bright boy. Let me do it actually arrive, one less bunch of them. They get you because I want to go through this list. Avenue do quick bright part. John Multi has a great compilation. Because we ve been covering up over the past few days of the most damaging fake, News headlines are minimal through seven or eight of them, quick, real fast? Because I don't want you to forget How much misinformation, the media, people that told us spy? gate was a hoax, real collusion was real. It was a hoax perpetrate at all kinds of anti trot. Mr Deutsche Bank story, the Wikileaks story that scare about you all these stores all hoaxes the meat
but on the wrong side of every major story. From beginning the Ukraine hoax, the whistle blower hoax, the impeachment out. All this stuff, we're supposed to believe them on the corona virus. While they continue to perpetrate misinformation, I'm gonna get to this list. Don't go anywhere. Could you may have forgotten some of the fake news, because it just comes out you so fast. This monster. These are friends of Bravo company manufacturing. Ladies and gentlemen, if you were in the market for a high quality, rifle or firearm, go to Bravo Company manufacturing, don't make a mistake and go elsewhere. Now listen, this is out of sporting rifle company, there's a lot of sporting rifle companies out there and that's great you, my country. There really good products are I quite that's not. Bravo. Bravo makes life saving And I can't say this enough: Bravo Company manufacture sporting arms manufacturers they manufacture an engineer lifesaving equip because Bravo CUP Manufacturing assumes when a rifle leaves their shop, it will be used in a life for this situation by irresponsible citizen, a law enforcement officers, soldiers overseas.
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Its go pounds and find the ventilators yourself fake fall story. It's not what he said, he told them if you Get them yourselves at the point of sale would probably be more efficient if you read the whole. Quote, you knew that if you are in the New York Times you a man, gay and others. You course cut the quote off to make it seem like he said, go pound sand, which he did second presidential looking for a monopoly on a vaccine. False we put out the tweets yesterday from the company it was contacted. They said that stories completely made up, not true Three there's gonna be a national quarantine interesting. Heard anything about that yet so gotta be a national court in the only way to make that work would be would be too excuse me. I now actual national courts, the yet again more fake news. May happen. Aberdeen trumped thieves like that us than before, google website trappers lie about it. That was it
Google came out saying we're building a website news. Number. Five. Almost done you dropped disbanded, National Security Council Pandemic taskforce, totally false two Morrison railways, their throats and road peace in Washington, post recovery. Yesterday it was just basically. All of them were put together in a bio defence tasks where it was not. This ban that again completely fake made up news number six. Thompson, corona viruses a hoax. He never said that The bank, by everyone with an iq above forty two tribes, said the coverage of these response to the corona virus was a hoax again. The media can't read and as poor reading comprehension skills when they do. For seven, which I'll get you a domain exists important. This is the new chinese propaganda for, ladies and gentlemen on board. He ran out going down with this ship go to Bed I hope I am not going to fall prey to the chinese propaganda here. Number seven
calling it the rule on virus is racist. Interesting. Nobody ever said that about Ebola, Zika West Nile, Rocky Mountain, spotted fever. Why? disease lime. Canada can know what's area. I went chinese money and propaganda is involved. The media's, like don't call it the one virus fires a break, the baby age, our kids, we just talk about they offered debate, show to sell us kids now It is made that up sorry, nine Trump block testing Zyobite the numbers to go up. I can tell you from personal conversations that is patently false. The trumpet ministrations pushed for widespread testing from the start. You know They know what everybody gets tested that needs to be tested. That the death rate break vitality, rage gonna, go down dramatically. That is a made up story again. Finally, Doktor Anthony Fatuous Muzzle this one's action, funniest, one Doktor Anthony family, be muzzled. You say,
Or I beat immediate, really cause I've seen doktor factually on the air, probably from six thirty in the morning to midnight. Every single day for the past two weeks is getting who lives here: Muslim they're doing a really bad job. Now I also have to include a quick, never trump tedious infection level. Twenty to update for the dumbest tweets are today here is an MSNBC legal analysed. Yes, this guy actually appear like cable news, I don't love this guy claims to be a lawyer or whatever. It is I don't know who this guy is. I've never heard of my life is in its tweet as twitter feed. I think, he's a lawyer. I what's his name Glenn Kirshner, he tweed. This is an actual tweed folks, this unbelievable did. I'm we really are living in pig stupid. Hey all. Can we talk about one of the few topics. I may actually know something about homicide. We, what specifically whether Donald Trump may have criminal exposure for some,
full of negligent homicide or voluntary involuntary manslaughter for the way he's is handled the corona virus crisis. Ok, I have nothing to add to that. That mean that's not you know. What's the top level of tedious stood six of course right? That is that I mean that's peak six right. There get the tinfoil No, you can't get a radar dish for one of the earliest signals come at first, but I mean you are crazy, dude that is just inside the dumbest tweet I've seen all we are moving on quick examining it through this Pga media. As I told you rightness other great story here. Folks do not fall prey, the chinese propaganda. They are having some success, altering the narrative uncovered nineteen by Rick Moran folks. This virus originated in China. They are hiding something
There is you may say, and that this would be if I'm just trying to both sides. For a moment, trying to understand not Liberals and media people acting in bad faith with them, which are the majority of them, but there are some people Yahoo in good faith are saying, but why is it necessary to call it the China Corona Virus Because, ladies and gentlemen, that is a an accurate term, it's a corona virus, covert, nineteen that originated from China. There is no evidence that is its prima facie. There is no Two new evidence that it originated anywhere else other than China, none. That is a factual statement. Some of you may say why sadness, there's gonna put our chinese friends and they are you really. That little of Americans our people in danger near the Ebola River, where the ball. A virus was named after you're like that's dumb, it's the equally is
Tom. Is there not calling it the chinese corona virus? What it's the corona virus from China. The Chinese are doing this for a reason they are pumping out, not the people, their tyrannical government their pr machine and there machine and are bought army attacking people like me and elsewhere, because there are high getting something. This is not a joke. That's The reason none of us should fall prey once your silence. Now people like me and others who are not in practice this I will call it what it is, once were silenced itself. You're being silenced for a reason, and that reason matters. Ladies and gentlemen, let me just go This news, we tweet first to show you how useful idiots media organisations like news, we our help the chinese side and suppress what their high I'll get to it in a minute. But look here we go Newsweek one of the double publications in America, State media is trappers, pandering to racists and pandemic response, and its
copy and belated. Why you even repeating chinese propaganda Newsweek? Why now before we get to the Chinese, are hiding there the Lord name not using his name in vain. Thank the Lord President drop is having none of this watch. This video present trumped shutting this nonsense right down at his briefing Esther the others criticise you, the using rephrase chinese virus. How do you feel about that creates continue? Price was putting information, which was false that our Miller, We gave this to them. There was force rather than having an argument I said, do I have to call a word came from it did come from China, something it's a very accurate. Turn, but no, I don't appreciate the fact that China was saying that our military gave it to them or military did not give give it anybody.
I use the phrase crazy stigma. No, I think, saying that our military gave it to them, creates a stigma noticed what that media guy did. You have to remind everyone play the end of that and you'll see that media guy He says critics are saying that it creates a stigma, know they're, not no. No, they are not. The chinese pr propaganda machine is saying that in your repeating it, because you re Maura ago and trumped just shut, you down, critics are saying the Chinese are saying that. Ladies and gentlemen, we have diseases and bugs four places in the United States line disease. You didn't know that. Why isn't it racist? That's done line diseases
I get. It is equally dumb is telling us not to call a chinese karate virus and chinese corona virus. But when you are a useful moron in the media, you say critics are saying: no critics are saying that the Chinese are saying you're done enough. The repeated I got more in another more on in a minute media, but before I get that I want to show you what there actually hiding or even wait for this. Yes, we're Here is an article on Hong Kong's newspaper over there. Why did the Chinese want this to desperately go away their connection to the corona virus, traces of chinese chroniclers. Headline China could have prevented ninety five may have prevented she'd, be ninety five percent of virus cases if it active measures after its size, whence the whistleblowers warning are you forgot this story, China, doktor came out around that early infection period November December was true. A worn, the world about what we say.
Coming, and we are now seeing the fall out from this plague unleashed on us. What happened to that doctor Oh, they shut him up. He's not around anymore died of They shot him right down, be. If we would have known how dangerous was, we could have acted sooner now, this more here's another piece, the Times UK chinese scientists destroyed proof of the virus back in December. Oh, we did you didn't see this one, I'm sure that media guy in the press room actively promoting chinese propaganda, like never tramper, Wick Rick Wilson this morning, desperate to try to sounded smelly guy, I'm sorry, I can't eat really smells awful. I ran into been an airport I can't I know its, not I'm not making it up. It's not a pot tat. He really did smelter. I just can't get out of my head. That kind of odor does
it's like. When I worked in a cemetery you smell a dead body. Bandits thinks you never forget that that was right he was close, so Rick is trying to keep people quiet too, because EAST there are useful lady it or he's from in chinese propaganda for another. It didn't want anybody to talk about that, Chinese destroyed evidence of the virus in December. They I'd about human to human trans, transmission of the virus as early as November, and we're supposed to disconnect the corona virus from China, because their chinese overlords are telling us do. I can't say everything: now, I'm not hiding every anything from you. I promise
But I'm telling you right now, I'm going down with this ship, I'm not shut up, not a chance, no child care. What we have to do. I am that shutting up about this, I dont think you have any idea of pressure. By the billions hundreds of billions of chinese dollars, money and influence and their pr in their turn, ethical, Pierre, monsieur. I note that you have any idea. What's going on this behind the scenes, the effort to shut people like us up, I'm begging you, Mr President, humbly and I know you're, stick to this. I know people watches shall do stop. This is not a reflection on the residence of China on our Chinese, can citizens everybody knows that this is a reflection on an awful terrain, the chinese regime which unleashes plague on the world and is desperately trying to hide it using the word.
Weakness. They know America has our stupid media and their ability, actively engage identity, politics at a moment's notice. Further evidence. Here's this dub basement dwelling blogger at media. I, who am, I had the unfortunate experience of running into it, see pack, here's a tweet this morning again, another dope. There are obviously too young to figure out what is doing actively promoting speech suppression. He cut, see edited this video of me and it has over the past week. Factors contributed, thereby Gmos gather network multiple times, come enraged and demand. The novel corona virus be called the wolf on virus once they all want to quiet, same exact, delirious or something
I also want to quiet, media interesting, a company that's supposed to represent media store once everybody quiet about the one virus, it back, it ain't no initiative. She's young and he's probably just too stupid to figure it out, but Rick Wilson and others are not There is some motive to what they're doing. Lot of money going around folks a lot of money. I want to leave you with a little but a good news today, because that Everybody in the media, thankfully, has been awful on this. Most of them have in some politicians, either starting to understand the gravity of the situation we are in and when I say But again I M not talking about the severity fatality or they can t. Business of the virus? I'm gonna leave that up to the science and the data when we get a better grasp more, it is because we don't know right now. We know it's contagious. We know it can be fatal. The question is,
is it contagious, are fatal, as I've said from big it's how contagious and how fatal on the margins? What's the risk. We don't have a conclusive answer on that you, but I'm talking about the. Satellite ramifications our economy, our rights, people, talking about mandatory curfews in places Here's some common sense shockingly to see an end but listened credit where credit is due at times, I'm sure they'll never repay the favourite asked, but it's ok, here's, Anna Bash on CNN yesterday, shocking the entire set, the entire world and, probably all of sea, and I'm surprised if she has a job today, acknowledging that President Trump is stepped up and is doing, but he can right now in a national emergency to basically get this problem solved, check this out and look. This is he's coming back to where this conversation started. After the press conference, I hear with Sanjay saying about Tony Voucher, giving
you know a little bit more wriggle room than than others. But if you look at the big picture, this was remarkable from the press, of the United States. This is a non partisan. This is an important thing to note and to applaud from an american standpoint from an issue from a human standpoint. He is being the kind of leader that people need, at least in tone, today and yesterday in tone that people need and want and yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty. Yea illusion is absolutely no common furiously I haven't got my bed elbows. I can't even reach my horse. You get the point. I was stunned, is anywhere but said credit where credit is due. I I don't expect again any favours from them back to us.
I'm also Andrew Cuomo, who I'm sorry. It's just been a dreadful governor in New York, and I none of that changes, but we can get back to partisan sniping about politics and policies afterwards, but New York's been hit. Our my family's in New York, I was born in New York. Go up in New York, my wife live there for a very long time. You know. New York was always going to have a place in my heart by how bad it gets up there politics Andrew Cuomo, actually add some nice words to say about the present yesterday, to which again or shock. My point is that data like pump sunshine up the present its bite or anyone, I'm not interested in doing that either. Molly doing to suggest to you that hey folks, listen! This is serious. Obviously we're in a real emergency here. When economic emergency, a financial emergency and clearly a health emergency? clearly as an issue going again you can debate all the scientific she's about mortality and contagious, nor that I understand,
but we can do. As someone said, the media, which was genius. We can do report guards later there's an election coming up. You want. The present d and F a bee. It's up to you, there's an election coming up and that's what they do. That's not the time for this now. There are republicans. You live in Washington in California, in New York in every state of the union, states run by far left level is not the time to abandon. You all know that, of course, not by any means any kind of a lecture. You will get that already, but good for Cuomo put in politics. Aside from it, is saying To date, we ve done about three thousand tests, so that is a very, very big difference. Testing is probably the single most important thing that we can be doing now and, as I said it, would will double will be able to do about
in one day, all the tasks that we have done to date, believe it or not, so again. I I want to thank you vice president, and especially the president. Who facilitated this and moved quickly well, but for him we can all do report cards later at the time. Now, let's get through this first, Or I folks thanks again for unity in and in a special owed to our friend Joe Biden. Are you done my sport, but we're worth raising my wife it?
Why are you on this first ago opposed to go? I'm sorry! Thank you. All you like to see the beautiful Paula rescue me and Joe helping with audio assistance for my body owed to Joe Biden, ending Youtube Durkheim slashed by GINO, currently knew all here, of course, just born GINO. She followed, then, on twitter, twenty four seven at the Bonn GINO.
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