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There’s No Avoiding This Fight Anymore (Ep 1294)

2020-07-09 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the disgusting cancel culture trend and why we should ALL be concerned. I also address the growing tyranny brewing in the coronavirus era. 

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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed. Its not immune to the banks with your host Dan Bungee know about this fight is most definitely come into your front door. I said this a couple weeks ago. Well, that was the actual title of the show. This fight is coming to your front door. I'm not kidding the effort to cancel you from public life. Silence. You shut you up as a conservative subjugate you. Make sure you don't defend yourself in public when you're attacked. All this stuff is very real. It's time to fight back right now,. Problem, isn't a lot of our listeners. The problem are people sitting on the sidelines, thinking this fight is going to avoid them and if they do. Lay down and sit with me Legs cross
is little many tyrants coming for you are going to pass you over there. Not I've got a lot to talk about today. I think about you. Buy Express bbn, protect your online information today from prying eyes, get a Vps go to express, VP and Thou com. Slash bungee! No, don't wait! Welcome the damaging I shall produce Joe. How are you today, fine sir whales, Daniel Day, you'll Daniel I'm doing good, how you hang and do you you sound along, and I got a little guy now in You said that to me before the show that I'm not I'm genuinely concerned Photoshop, I'm not concerned about me, listen to me and my family here in spider Mean Palos little exhausted astronomy, I mean mentally exhausted. Our more That's some others. You sincerely believe that this fight is just going to avoid them. It's not fair. How many do this list at you can't even data conservative anymore? You know that just allow yeah yeah. I know that it's a joke come on.
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counselor Stan, let's stick together and support this great american companies too our constitution and providing a valuable service. At the same time, that's nice You patriot, nine. Seventy, Patriot, we're gonna Patriot mobile that Slash Dan? That's patriot, mobile dot. Slashed then go to it are. Let's go right. So a little background, folks, because I I've broken with wall on this show many times I feel like most of you know me, I personally, I see you out public things about me? I've forgotten. I can't remember three years ago when you talked about on the show and unlike actually know, remember that, but I'm sure I didn't. I appreciate that you remember. It means that there is a lot to me. Paul, and I are going through a lot here. It's not a sob story, it's more. Just day kind of esprit de corps, here that I'm in this fight with you, I have an abandoned. They dont think because I have a relatively successful pod gas. That
I'm sitting at some air conditioned loftier unworried about what's going on with everyone else out. They are fighting the fight in the real world and get their fingernails dirty. No, that's not the case. A lot happened here in the last few days in interests of keeping some locals. Ah, ah, no. Free from nation, wide scrutiny, which I think would be unfair, because my fights array symmetric the fight just Stop we got an email this morning from someone one you know involve with no, my cave, what's happening here at this place we send their kids and we're like wait. What and it only reminded me again that this fight is coming to your front door. The fight over everything gum an encroachment on your life to mask mandates and no woman email me yesterday, then you know that segment, yesterday, mass which I'll cover briefly again today. Why are you telling me not too. Where mask I said, Jody. Remember me saying that that I tell people towards human I quote, Michel! You never said that. No ok, never
that thank you Paul. You remember that you remember that either because it never happened right. So this is we get when we argue it left this who watch my? Shall I didn't tell anybody that matter I recommend that you do. It especially makes people comfortable around you right right. I simply believe that's a government decision that service decision for responsible adults to me folks, this fight come into your door. Roma, they may have on Martin Nemo, and I think it's time we read this and I think it's time you all needed to hear this. Listen to this written during the time of the Nazi Reign in the dreadful most one. It must sterling figures in the history of this. Why did we live on Hitler written during that time? But I need you to listen to this, but then up on the screen for a minute.
Because this is the attitude we need to avoid when we're fighting. What we know is evil attacks on free speech, attacks on good people. First, they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a communist, then they came for the Socialists and I have not big out, because I was not a socialist, then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because It's not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak out for me- powerful things. You'll ever hear folks. I think a lot of us now you
Me the to my shower pretty terrific people based on the communications I get from you. I think you understand what were fighting right now is evil, destroying peoples lives their families, not allowing them to speak in public cancelling get them fired from their jobs for things were written thirty years ago, in the the Boeing executive attacking P. Poland humiliating them to the point where they fall into deep depressions because they dared to what data republican. Silencing idea. Logical opposition through de facto book burning. Cancelling book contracts from people who have a different point of view, the new this is real. You know this is evil. You will not avoid. Despite, ladies and gentlemen, you will not.
Now? The reason this fight is so easy for a lot of radical left. This, ladies and gentlemen, is because they don't have anything I'm not kidding. They don't have any They ve been reared in their basements in them Mama's house, where they were fed Hot dogs and macaroni and cheese three times a day. They ve never had a real struggle. They ve. Never! He did a house, they probably don't. Even got the garbage and if they do, they probably being Pirelli, so they don't have to touch the garbage can and God forbid they get their hands dirty with, like Germany type things. So they find meaning in their lives by attacking us and the power they. Gas through their meaningless lives by attacking us and making. Saw going away, go outside the US deplorable, filthy, great unwashed, conservatism,
How are they get us in aphrodisiac? They enjoy it. People like power, folks, even the best of us people of power power notoriety, fame influence. They love it. People with meaningless of the power of making those dirty filthy conservatives go away. Going on the internet, starting aside starting a website like this being giants and others that meet the media matters losers in the other ones that are there. Of meaningless lives their lives. They dont have any real substantive meaning they never done anything productive, the power the only aphrodisiac they have. It's like a drop to care so you and make you go away the rest, I read that Poland is because
once all the conservatives are gone because you ve managed to cancel lemon attack them the aphrodisiac and the drug isn't available anymore. So what are you do? Then? They start to turn on their friends. They start to turn on their family. Because they don't want that drug high. That aphrodisiac of cancelling people in the power of gosh I had the authority and the power to my blue checkmark twitter account meaningless life. To make someone go away. What am I do now everyone's gone now. They start to turn on their friends and their family and they ve started a cancel. Liberals too. This fight is coming to your door. The slow march towards tyranny, though we do. Have to allow it to happen? The only answer to this the only answer to stop this is all of us to Marshal are forces to get together and stop it now, but we can't do that if large slots,
population who believe in freedom in Liberty, liberty and nowhere fighting real evil right in front of her face king, I send the God if ninety none of us sit the fight out, say! Well, I'm gonna leave this alone there really going after that. Guy right now, they're not come, and for me this is a beef in my own neighborhood, where people see Did they go now? My kids, ok she's, not unique jump in, don't put your toes in the water. What what do you mean? Then? You need start. Sending emails to your school, about the curriculum, send an email, your government officials, about unconstitutional mandates, fighting back and backing up people. Cancel culture, even though its uncomfortable, they may have said something wrong thirty years ago. Let them apologize, give them a chance at redemption be the one to stand up and say we're not going to fire this person. Today I mean listen if their awful, genuinely for people and they are not interested in redemption, that's their own problem, but don't fall prey to cancel
sure and make decisions on a whim because someone a videotape than accosts go somewhere, think it through allow people the opportunity, once we are collectively stand together will be able to put a halt to this and we get the real world examples about what I'm talking about. Just yesterday from my shell, This is from the daily collar. I was very upset about this mass. And ate my county, and I still am, and I'm in a fight this thing daily collar Averted scab Warfield, you could take your mass murder shove it right up your damned binding, oh vows, to defy mass goitre. I'm not kidding. I'm not telling you not to wear a mask, I'm not recommending you don't wear a mask. I am not aunt. I mask I built in some circumstances mass can be helpful to mitigate some of the transmission of this disease, which can be deadly for a lot of people. I thought that was crystal clear. If you actually listen
the shell, which liberals down, of course, but I will not be told by government officials what I can and cannot do with me body. When I perceived there to be a downside and a danger to this too, I want, be breathing in my own carbon dioxide for eight hours a day and scenarios where my risk of transit others are catching the disease myself is ignored. Equally zero. I may grown adult I've spent forty five years on this point: I don't have all the answers. Manufacture, missing more answers, and I found the answers to that's what life's about no, I believe, in freedom and liberty and freedom and liberty comes risks, and I will not be told what to do by people who. We want meet their own example, bypassing mandates on others. I am very sorry. I will not be doing that that articles in the show notes if you'd like to read it. Why this bother me this morning,
quick video here, as is president Trump. Yesterday, President Trump wants the schools open and again the left, this liberals, the tyrants, the anti science tyrants who constantly and she wants you to believe. The world is full of simple black and white questions good and bad answers, rather than worse answers which is the real world, the real world is of bad answers and, worse answers. The question which ones bad and which ones worse, and if you marginally, make society better by always just picking the bad answer rather than the worst one. Eventually, we'll get the answers, May be good versus bad, but we are not there yet president trumpet, open the schools usually said yesterday and the response by left? This has been again hysteria hyperbole. Eighty signed nonsense check this out and worse fully reopening our country and, very importantly, was safely reopening our schools. We want the schools to be open and going and now the fall, and
most of them. I think I looking at it that way, as very important were finding out that learning by COM there is not as good as learning in the classroom or learning on the campus, and I think you finding that too. We want to learn in the classroom, so our schools, We want an open in the fall of course so the hysteria from the left, which is now hit me again in account here in case you have any idea that I've met in this fight with you, which would be bizarre body, some of you. I totally understand no one stay here from was that song up in New York through a halfway crux right: They were people who were in it in it all the way you need to get in there. I'm in this fight with you, the schools have to open. I don't have a good answer for you. Can I be Crystal clear, I'm here to tell you the truth Be me in the eyes for a second I live in the real world. You live in, we're tough people have to me.
Tough decisions at both have consequences. There are very few decisions. New will ever make a parade o maximized, in other words, help one since, without harming anyone anywhere Radio maximization, you can check it out there are If you decisions at ever meet the criteria. We are living with a very tough deadly virus the people who are older? People have Komori bit come conditions. The virus dont pure science, is the chances being fatal for kids in school are very low. So of course, president, on pay said: listen. There is a significant downside to not opening schools, significant, huge costs to society. We have got to open up the schools, the liberals of course I want you to pay that as a simple you understand Joe good or bad, not bad or worse, and they say we open up the schools and public Can endanger may put a teacher and data we can't do. It
how they do that they trades form a quest. And which has a lot of new, wants bad and war it the simple, good or bad good shuts cools down bad. If you doubt one teacher could die. Evaporating all of the new wants in the grey areas in between that's what Liberals do why, because The broad don't engage in reason. Reasons escape them a long time ago. Ebay, view and emotion. And the only way to get you to feel emotional about something is too emotional, not a reasonable arguments and, ladies and gentlemen, nobody wants to see any teacher die. Can we all agree? This had not common sense, no one! That's him! national? Most of us generally like our kids teachers, and even if you dont like them. You certainly don't want him to die, not if
do you know a sane person and not a sociopath? Nobody wants that. So by transforming the argument from an hour in about downsides, the keeping schools, clothes versus the bigger, Dodd, downsides or lesser downsizing, pvc of opening them in its affair argument. We that's what they do. They make it an emotional arguing about making it about a teacher die. That's not reason. That's emotion! Reason would say: yes, there is a chance that will happen and we can take measures to protect them, maybe face for teachers, maybe gloves these are read these are of actual actions. We can take. Maybe that's you're stays in the front. The students are habited from contacting the teacher, and I dont know, telling you these are good or bad. It. I'm telling you their ideas, but I'm telling you now don't open the schools you are talking about. Kids forfeited another year of it
any cases in school education which in many not all I'm a big support of homes going don't take. This is a knock as it's not intended to be at all at all, not every pair It has the ability to do that. You: have single work single, keep their together. We're both parents have to work to keep their heads of what they can stay at home with their kids. It's not an option. Home schooling is awesome. Love it some of the smartest kids I have ever met. I kid you not our home school, not every pair. Can do that. All that's me left out when we opened the school teacher or die yours you're. Turning on a dime from what should be a reasoned argument where we reason out and think through the pros and cons of both sides with a simple emotion laid nor me that you just want to teach her today. This is what the left does, because they, what you shot you up! That's why
included it this manifestation of cancel culture where, if you even bring up the fact that hey the EU should wear a mask if it makes people are, businesses feel more comfortable, but I don't need the government to tell me all you just want people to die. No, you just want to be an imbecile. Nobody said that. That's what the lady dared to put on my facebook causing chaos usually of inciting a riot. I'm not kidding. Citing a riot by telling people not to wear math. Why. Are you? Are you weren't hallucinogenic acts even watch the show, or are you that stupid? that you didn't care process. The information. Kids losing a year of education, Falling behind dramatically. Kid sitting at home who can't be left home alone, whose parents have to quit their jobs. Who now? What
the ability to feed or support their kids? Did you think any of this through before recommend. We keep the schools clause because trouble said we should open and of course you did. You just want to cancel people, who say common sense. Things like listen. This is really sad, we're going through and there gonna be some teachers had a really at risk and we can make gate that by measures were not going to turn that risk is zero our job as conservatives to lie either hyperbolic way to make them feel stupid. It's our job to seek the truth, because the truth matters. Yes, you are correct. There is a teacher somewhere who may get sick some of us may we have serious health complications and that really terrible Ternata custom shell, and we will try to fix that buddy
is no scenario where people were Suffer in this only question is: where will People suffer more and if we keep kids at a school, enforced parents who leave their job. For year their learning, so do indoor environments all day were there not getting out and are exercising, we have bouts of depression and everything. The question is Is that not worth considering two or Just your emotional arguments about a hyper a teacher who may get second die is that it that always post to consider noble, you're not reasonable, because you don't want to be reasonable. You just want to cancel people. Folks. I've never seen anything like this. My wife and I have really had a kind of a rough time. You bring bringing up my home situation, but it's kind of epidemic of what's going on across the country. Here's the neighbours Have you ever heard of it? It's kind of a social media site where you and your neighbors and a community,
one of my out what one of the places I I haven't. They have a house hook at that time, the very first world, but you know what I'm saying. The amount that up to me, it's another fake name. It's me There is generally a neighbourly place. It's not meant to be twitter or whatever, where people levels. This attack you all day the that the mace the mask mandate. You have to see what people are saying venture you're ready your children more of its I've, never seen anything like it. The government that they could have left it have to adult people to figure out. Ass. They can't even on a neighbours out get out of the way. I can't even on a neighbours app have a reasonable comes to everybody's, a moron who disagrees with you. Everyone challenger near ember cells, what a bunch I'm not kidding is actually happening, Oh my neighborhood, and that message with it. Because your own neighbours can take the fact that, yes, your where a mask, if you deem it appropriate
but you use your own judgment. They can't they want the government. The jam it down you talk and what do you think the responses. From the Roma the mask pirates out there, what do you take their responses? Will you People die again care, so you or you want people to die. Again entirely irrational and imbecility, but this is what takes the place of what supposedly a reasoned argument nonsense. I've got more. I cancel culture, I'm not kidding how this is coming. You don't! Let me get to my second sponsor here, our friends that we, the people hawser. Ladies and gentlemen, there's been a massive surge in the purchase of firearms, a lot of people, don't feel safe, sadly, in their homes anymore. The last two weeks is reminded all of us why there is a second amendment, sadly, by the way, There is a second amendment, but do we need these dreadful reminders every single day, the funding the police all this nonsense, thoughts it there,
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ten dollars off with Africa, Dan Campi that satisfaction guaranteed not a perfect fit, send it back for a total recent. We, the people holsters that Slash Dan. We, the people, holsters, that consular stand, go check it out some really good holster, my personal favorite, the constitution. There. So again, ladies and gentlemen, this fight is coming to your door. You will not be able to avoid it. The only way to fight back against the mob is to join. The fight. Now, with your neighbors, defend your name, those who were in it get out and defend the people who are fighting, the day, don't wait. Another data wait. Another second, don't wait till your door. Bell rings, please humbly and with the greatest of speck, I'm begging you not to wait another moment before you start getting politically active on this, because you we'll be? Next now I had a pit.
A limited number of stories in the interests of time about the absurdities of cancel culture, but these jumped out at me tonight, New York, Post. You gotta be kidding about the dating story. My he's acting like a lot now he's engaging in emotional arguments and our real. Not all this is real New York Post. I've never heard of this woman Jody where is getting cancelled over supposed trumped supporting boyfriend. This that's an actress Jody Coma. I again I've ever heard of urban, I don't know she is public, super talented, great, but someone I discovered that one a boyfriend are, there, may not ironic ever the article that not even sure it's the actual guy. The blue, checkmark, Twitter Brigade of Idiots, you know the liberals and their basements. You know them with the smallest mommy, coming down with the hot dogs, I can cheese three times a day. You know with their meaningless loser, lives, navies, because I have literally nothing to do that. They were
we then I mean literally, they have nothing to do. They have no lives, so they twitter and they saw this lady and I thought well, let's research she's dating she's dating a guide. Maybe there are to be short same guy Joe, who is our job, a serious, this a serious everybody get ready. Sir be seated. If you're, not the boyfriends, a Register Republican, I know you're waiting for the punchline Joe, that's it so that is the point That is something else that you are here registered Republican and an acute child molesters. No, no, no, no, no bridge or period. That's tat is the punchline there. Jody COBRA has to be, of course, cancel. Do stay and what a loser, what a meaningless vapid, empty vacuum of a life what a you, how of a soul has to exist inside of you too. It out on Twitter, an actress, probably ninety nine percent of America's never heard of me we hundred and ninety seven point you. I have no idea this person. Even is this
seek out her boyfriend, then go check, woman, voter registration and then on Twitter, go back on twitter and try to cancel this woman job because, don't even know Our duty is to try Careful coroner job because she's dating a Republican, again tell me again how not Dan ominous at this one out miss it this out. My business is ok, they have left me alone. Have they. Remember the poem I read in the beginning: you keep sitting it out because if you keep sitting as I gotta be anybody left later on to protect you when they cancel mob comes for you dating a republican date dating, but that's this is now a cancer culture crime. You think I was certain things Joe or sacrosanct. Bright cancel culture
mean Diana cancel. Science. I mean science is objective right now, yeah formulate a hypothesis tat. The hypothesis come to a conclusion and right Joe. You learn that must in the garden, maybe maybe first year Joe, what school when they actually taught peoples, we meet you. It's not happening much in many schools across American. Our Howard, then, is the area where they just make our history and the sixteen nineteen project use. I create a new history, is kind of like comic books. You know of the event. That, actually happened and see. If you believe in the left, this version is making makes them up adventures. You know I collapse and all that stuff happens if you believe the left, this version reuse make stuff up. So Early you'd say: science is not cancelled right. Nano scientist cancelled to vote because, again, they're coming for. You next set this out. Our own peril wash. You gamble. She's me Wall Street Journal tonight, kids, of academia has begun. So
scholar, Heather Mcdonald made a big mistake, Joe she cited in academic study The study is now been this about. Measures are not a joke; this is an actual abed and yet no, no I'm back so Heather Mcdonald. Who is noted scholar on use of force as it ever was. Surround race in America. Heather make them who generally leads conservative made the dread mistake, Joe just a few days ago and by mistake, I'm using the dreaded aircars for this. Citing a scholarly piece of research showing that there is a disparity and fatal use of force incidents based on race with policing all my gosh. You can't say that folks, because we ve been told what Joe, what do we mean to police Our hunting and killing black man in the street indiscriminately near the left is told that. The marxist at black as matters. What do we want dead cops crowd? When do we want em now, they're really want to
they want? Em now they're dead gaps, black clouds, Mary told their hunting hunting black man, hunting them. So because you think I'm messing with you put up the first screenshots from this piece of you know my tweet. Another word from the wash you, Germany, so Heather Mcdonald cited a study showing that that narrative that their hunting black man in the street is in fact not fact. It's not true, so man, what do we do now? while you gotta retract and, of course, from Heather Mcdonald's peace? So through psychologists at Michigan State and the university Maryland analyzed nine hundred and seventeen fatal police shootings civilians from twenty fifteen onto whether the rays of the officer or the civilian predicted fatal police shootings keep this up for saying so, fair hypothesis. If you black, where you more likely to be fatally shot by police, good, honest question. We should always right well this, found that the race,
of the subject, or the re police officer didn't have anything to do with it quote race. Civic rates of violent crime are taken into account and the author. Found that there are no disparities amongst those fatally shot by the police, all my guy sigh and you can't say that these things a chord with decades of research, showing that civilian behaviour is the greatest influence on police behaviour to be cleared up, No one suggested in the study. There are not police incidents that shouldn't be investigated. No one suggested that there are in use worse issues that happened, everybody so other video of George Floyd. Nobody miss that that's not the study sat. The study says basically that the premise that police, our industry minutely. Hunting black men in shooting them in the streets is entirely false. There is no evidence of that at all. Are we clear because left this, you want it's like the the numbskull who emailed me yesterday on them.
Sorry baby. We accuse me of inciting a riot and say something that you're a total numbskull not worthy of my time on the show. I'm very sorry. You ve heard that. But the nomes calls you watch my shows. A damp GINO said: police use of worse issues that are invited You know the rules, don't it not at all what I said. Simply citing to you a research study that comports we did kids of research showing that police hunting Men and killing them in the streets indiscriminately is totally false. That is a made up narrative. It is not fat. Its anti science. Why is this? In the council? Culture block cancelling opposing voices on face mass, cancelling opposing voices on site, those cancelling opposing voices are dating
as this study now had to be cancelled, be cancelled, know their retracting it if they can make it to some I've. Gotta pick two parties wash your journal, please just in case you think I'm just fabricating this out of thin air. Like leftist so having mcdonnel says I wrote this June. There journal operate quoting this study. She, Joe verbatim for the left. This list, that means word for word. It set off you're storm at Michigan State, with a steady emanating from the universities, graduate employees, union pressure, the Michigan States Press office to apologise for the study and the harm caused union targeted the physicist to forward proof funding for the research. They then the physicist from his administrative position. They also editorializing that you researchers court had poorly frame their article, the one they got through.
Three levels of editorial and peer review. I do not come into my front door. Good luck with that. Good luck, you sure so there's a physicist sponsors research that determines had black men do their race or not being killed indiscriminately by police. You would think Joe in the same that be a good outcome, Ray I'm just check meal. We all wanted that you're a good outcome. You don't want to find the officer, I'm just checking, commissioner, because I'm so confused these days and requests. Of course, what we can say it can't say I can't we see, but just playing the game for a moment that is a good outcome for everybody agrees. Ok, Joe agrees. Polly! You agree, that's good! That's that's! A great outcome right. Not you gotta careful that study. Why
because we live in a world of fabricated made up left left this nonsense based on emotion and if they can't gaslight you you into believing that cops are randomly shooting black man in the street, a non fact: anti size, a false lie. If they can't gaslight Europe, they can't get you act by voting out Donald Trump was clearly the cause of it. You understand the orwellian nightmare. We're living in guy gets fired Study gets retracted. The authors the study, which find a fact. Half do then apologised for the study poorly frame the argument for the friendly, Made by saying what. The conclusion that you're dead black, Being shoot it in a charge, shoot me shot the shooting telling a five year shy these three indiscriminately bikes Jack. You with that, somehow has to be that I was at poorly frayed that ownership. What is the better frame to me couple why to get people
Leave things that are in true so little benefit you politically, that's the better frame we'll frame around it. So now we're cancelling science science that puts out fact in the favour of lies, because the facts are framed correctly: cancel dating, cancel science cancel. Face. Mask opponents cancel parents. You want to send their kids back to school, but I tell you folks, when they run out of victims. The meaningless life losers. Blue check, Mark Twitter brigade in a basement would mommy. We ve never had there but kicked in a fight. I've never seen
up fur, no woman on a college campuses, gettin harassed, never stood up for that kid. We all knew amid grammar school. Maybe kids studied alive people picked item. They never stood up for that kid. They sat there and laughed with everyone else. Here. When I was six years old, I used to live in Smithtown before my parents divorce, and it is this kid member hot cycles, Joe motorcycles, those that we have a motor for the kids now wheels. How we use me wheels obvious as a big. We were kids, semi, older The younger folks made, I know what I'm talking about. Look it up is actually flag. We have big wheels. I think it was gone yet being we very much doubt that there are a couple of kids out in front of my house and they were picking on this kid they were stepping on the back. We'll is how we are so he could move It's not like. I promise you son Bake, it be have be I just I couldn't take it but the kid pushed me because I was turned out the other kid, but I just.
You understand, like these meaningless life. Loser liberals are sitting there basement, cancel people for dating and cancel science and cancel people who oppose government headaches and cancel parents who just want to get their kids back in. You understand, they have absolutely no lies that they were the ones put their feet on the big wheel back in the back, and where that kid was trying to keep his crime, never forget it. I mean I'm forty. Five now remember like it was yesterday: it was crying. I wouldn't let him leave and I felt bad and I just like kind of even today the bank is so weird think when you were a kid you don't you know you don't understand. My people do evil things. You know, I'm not a huge fan, a pearl jam anymore, that crappy politics, but that liability veteran one of the songs betrayed magic for fat.
He has no trade backs you now things are magic, Minero kid all people are good. Kids are going. You can't believe people do stupid things than that fact kicks in the teeth, and you get at the outset that the rest of your life and he got a commit to combating evil everywhere. It is because it's all around the. You may say cancelling science is roughly definitely not cancelling box. You be wrong about that two years ago again in the show notes today, but you know that calm slash newsletter if you'd like to read the article yourself. That is where you go to subscribe to her shone out front page mag, purifying publishing by Bruce The cultural commissar are now coming for conservative books, not kidding folks now I do our parlor every morning. I do a preview of the show, a quickie thy too many video. Do it's not even at into this? Isn't even book burning Joe book burning for
left would be a step up that a trick. Question Jawad, you think book burning for life would be step above what they're doing up. I ll answer for it me to play on the spot egg. It at least you would print the book then burn later right right. Is that better better than what to do now. They're cancelling about the publishing house she'd out the box to burn it's not like you could go to the burned pile and rescue one which is some searing marks on it may be read now they don't want the published at all. You think I'm kidding Here's this little loser quoted in this peace, but a piece about how we really gotta are basically put pressure on these publishing astronaut published conservative books check this out from the front page. May accordingly Shepherd I'm another attribute of many conservative boxes at their authors are in serious Joe. You know my books by Gate, where we actually had the true three years ago, but that wasn't serious the New York Times. People who told you about the collusion hoax
was serious that with serious. He quote. Kimberly Kim Kimberly burns. A good book who says: hey, I'm ok, with books being published from Differ political viewpoints impact in fact it's necessary for debate. And being able to see a whole picture. All good thanks came We all know she goes on job. The problem is when authors rights only to get themselves attention or make news is to enhance dialogue, apparent that's not a problem with left wing books now they're coming for your books. Do you think I'm getting. Some prominent conservatives, you and I know I haven't some real problems right now: books, books now awake, he bright them they're coming for you, folks, your next.
Don't doubt me just quickly before I go to my experts, or so the Supreme Court ruling about died. Donald Trump tax returns came out this morning. Supreme Court blocks Congress. We're getting trumps tax records sends it back to lower court, so will have some more information on that coming up in a few as well, but make it to my last point: six. They get a lot more to get to, including the India is actual at your Ebay, many Jew in total hysteria, all the time now in its candidly, getting embarrassing at this point beyond embarrassing for We can show body by friends. Bravo company manufacturing. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are in the market for a firearm, you need to go to Bravo Company manufacturing, B, C m. For short, Why? Because let me tell you what they're not first b c m is not exporting arms company. There are a lot of time of gray companies out that produce sporting rifles and those are great hunting fashion
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We can discover more about their product special offers an upcoming years. That's Bravo: Company M, F g dot com, check out their Youtube channels, while Youtube dot com Bravocompanyusa go today. These are the best in the business Bcm rifles check them out. When I thank Bcm for being a sponsor to show. We really appreciate that all right Why again, I'm not trying to not trying depress you with the shell, I'm not! There is meaning in the fight. Folks, don't ever fall into the trap, the meaning is life leftist to buy, having nothing to live for your fight is for something real freedom, liberty. These are big things, big, our God, given rights or constitution. This stuff really matters is that joke, it's not a campaign slogan, I'm not running for office. These are things that will your life, when you're done, meaning You are on the right side of his no matter the sacrifices we all have to make and there are Come in my way and unwilling to embrace him we, What do it on the show, because I want to make this a gamble, gene or self praise our that's.
What any that's about, but I prefer you again, I'm in this with you all it. So I predicted. What did I tell you a couple weeks ago, job the Trump rally, what did I tell you what I'll be a matter of time before the media tries to pin the Trump tells Euralia people org die, tromp, etc. Did I not say that you remember that people get to die, terminate. It holds a rally sofa while of course to take one hears a tweet by the worst, impose them as predicted. Tromp stalls rally, protests more than likely linked to Corona virus surge health officials say I again I told you, it was only a matter of time, I'm wondering if that's gonna get as much coverage as story in Yahoo NEWS. You know the actual protests that happened all over the country. Most people were not wearing masks. The soap protests, many of them somewhere somewhere, not some turn violent. Some turned into
we're. Chaos are now having being rig duet, American Citys, but here's a our story, I'm wondering if this will get as much publicity protests may have spread corona virus some city say show us that in the night we news every night to if you worried about a rally and tall sir, an oak lama that, by the way they said, was lightly attendant so which one is it you're? We was not lightly attended by the way that Rarely, but you say to trot out, nobody showed up. They all embarrassed, tromp trumps, an idiot, but that's responsible for all these. What Datsun and review Ok, how are the protest? Not just checking again. An artificially intelligent virus that only infects trumps support is unjust and I'm just checking if we can get equal covered John, that the protests were not lightly attended by the way, but that's your narrative at the Trump so which one is the greater evil if it's an evil, if you believe that premise: for people to congregate in a time of corona virus to express their political beliefs if that's evil, which once more evil the air quotes lightly, attended trump. Rarely that wasn't lightly, attended
the definitely not lightly attended rallies in peace about every big city in America, which, once a great deal because you can answer that question of course, because you're a liar and a fraud showing you how they have to have you at maximum hysteria at all times. Here is the great Thomas Elliot on Twitter over gravy, and here is a gravy and income of the media. That is clearly offended really deeply offended that the covert death rate is going down. Going down, but going down dramatically Governors across the country and some of these hotspot states that its good news that it's just younger people, because they have a better survival rate. That is a fallacy. President also points out the corona virus. Death rate is down. That's true.
For now, but the death toll. You can't celebrate it right now when you're seeing people heading into the hospital, because we ve seen this story before in some ways it never really ended in a lot of ways. It is worse than ever, course as we see younger people infected and going into the icy use, it spreads dollar populations that death rate will change. These people go home. These people, in fact their parents and their grandparents, those we'll get sick. They end up in the icy you and they either die or they from somebody else could have used it to actually virus has become more dangerous because it can in fact, more people, it's more easily be able to take root in the communities is changing in a worse way. This is going to be a catastrophe, a barren catastrophe,
to say, hey, look at the death rate now is is extremely superficial. Does the? U S that need another stay at home order if the virus continues to rage like this, we have no choice of the White House in their calculation is about trying to instil a sense of normalcy. Then we all know the life tat really feel like it's back to normal, can't feel. Americans can feel that they have the virus under controlled. We have absolutely zero chance and buys zero chance. I mean euros, ye are zero chance, a move, ass? This Donald Trump! In that job, rates, are going to go up following all of these large infections and doktor. Fallacy again is doing what he's been doing from the beginning. He's been telling you the truth, and you haven't want to hear it. Again folks. These are media hacks losers, largely basement, others again back and cheese. Hot dog shit up boiled, probably not even caught on a girl,
Mama serving them, here's your hot dogs, kids upset that the death rate Corona virus has been going down dramatically. I got no back and forth. This morning at social media with another moron who can distinguish the difference between pause, cases and people who die. What you rather have a very simple question: would you have rather have a large number People dying or fewer number of people infected by me, but what Do you care more about infections are debts. Yes, you the same people again saying not meeting the media people in India that only those clips in that and that had cut right there I think you'd all rather have fewer people dying, correct, I'm just gonna throw that out there. They can't have any of that their very upset about it, because I need you at maximum red lines all the time all day. Why? Because it's not you they care about it, the president. They need the power.
It is out of office and in ordered, make the president look insane silly and incompetent they have to stay statistics. The problem is those statistics like a declining death rate. Don't work for them, so what do they do? They attacked the declining death rate as if that's the bad guy again and emotionally laden argument that a reasonable one, which is all the left ever does. Moving on it by quick update on the tax case there. Actually a number of different angles to the tax. The president's taxes Supreme Court ruled on it. They just quickly amended Sri this. It came in earlier today, the Supreme were delivered split decisions as split opinions. In two cases about president trumped and its tax returns. They gave wind to the Manhattan district attorney. The Democrat who wants president trumps tax returns. He can get them. That was a wind for a loss for the Trump Administration by the Congress,
try to subpoena stack with tax returns, you know Pelosi and shift in the other times they lost. The case was sent back to a lower court, meaning there's practically no chance before the election. Adam Schiff is going to be able to get his hands on the president's tax returns, you can determine how you feel about that, either way that one's totally up to you. I move not because I have a section twenty twenty up day. We haven't done unless we days and it's important gentlemen. Joe Biden is entirely incoherent now, new argument is going to be as seen it already questioning Biden. The abilities, of course, Joe. It's probably racist like but Joe Biden like it doesn't matter. These are emotional, be reasonable. It's probably gonna be racist for some reason. They say you're not allowed to quit. Make it up. It is a matter for make sense that will be the new attack you question Joe Biden, mental stability because, of course, its racist or its problem to such an institute, but dad he's a man again
folks now that matters we're talking to liberals are not exactly. The smartest grew out there. We're going to continue to do that because Joe Biden is running to be present as states get his whole da get its hands on the nuclear football. The guy doesn't seem like he has all this faculties there and folks it is it's. I'm not messing with you again. I say this a lot. I know jovial semi. It said to watch the guys in trouble and it's getting worse I wouldn't worry, said on my worst enemy. Having a great grandmother went through early stages of dementia, its troubling to watch, I'm not a medical doctor. I dont know what Joe Biden is suffering from are not suffering from I'm simply telling you his public appearances had been deep. Troubling? I want you to watch his quick video and when I come back on the other side of this I'd like you to translate for me, if you can, what Joe Biden is trying to say here, because I don't think anybody actually gets woody.
I must say check this out. Lonnie knows, I believe, is every fibre might be we're post I would I propose is, is it can be done I think we're in a position to really make it happen, I team, in your t, already working closely together and light so light up the path forward here. Critical laws: like the proactive, strange and collective bargaining. I'm part like prevailing answer Yes, I'm going I'm taking too much time, but you know again. If any of you have abiden translator it was. He told my Davis Bacon prevailing wage. What does it mean real things fair to talk about it, the agreed with him. I disagree with my- have actually ran for office and talked about a quite a bit. If you want to look it up, you friend, but beyond the scope of the show. Today, but he can't even finished a sentence. You know You are prevailing geochemistry railing wage. I don't know because even finished sense,
because in the middle of a sentence he can't figure out. Where was this is a funny. I'm not believe me. Not kidding. I'm not celebrating. This sort of joke is real, but them and is running to be present United States. There is clearly an issue going on there. I think it only fair that we question what it is and if the man can perform the functions of the job, is it not. Now, the media noses believe me, the media noses the meat fully understands that candidate Joe Biden is not up to this job at all. His cognitive abilities are question. His ability to even complete a sentence- and I thought, are questionable. So they don't want him on the debate stage. Would President tromp, whose pretty sharp may not like how he talks, He certainly is coherent when he does it. They don't want him The base show the media. Joe, is already go in there,
Already laying the groundwork to say, hey, listen, we need to prepare use in advance? Why we can have this guy on the debates stage would tromp because he will get slaughtered on the debate stage. So to the rescue. I was going to cover this yesterday, talker baby, to the partial S name, but here's the hat was Tom Friedman at the New York Times wrote this peace yesterday by the day. Before or whenever saying a binding. Debate Trop. Unless sir, Conditions are met, Joe Tom Friedman, Biden, ship wrapping the battlefield now to keep hapless Joe Biden UK completed, thought off. The debris stage whether he will get crushed leave it up to Tom and at the New York Times to prep the battlefield? Now he has two conditions. One tromp must release. Is tax returns first, which he knows isn't gonna happen, so why do we keep buying off the debate stage by the fourth acres? Trump. Second are released,
but if you just have to- and secondly they want a panel of fact Checkers Joe. You know how fair they are liberal fast. Checkers from the media there why the fact checking but trot bad Breakfast, if he says it is a and if he says frosted flag Not at all it wasn't a brand name, frosted flakes. With sugar coated out thing ease. Does it hurt you conditions? We want fact checkers. Stage or night next time and trouble us releases tax returns. Of course, no going to agree to that. But Friedman knows that
Friedman is simply engage in a protection racket. The keep Zyobite, not the stage. We Donald Trump were promptly destroy him in a debate, because the man can't complete a coherent, fought or sense. Hammond skip over this next video feed, mindless Paula back there because it binds is, as you know, and I don't want to put the guy's a total train wreck. Very sorry, if your voting for this guy, you really need to seek another option here. This is really really bad and potentially dangerous for the country. I want to get this next story there. Inside saw my last year and I get a bunch of stuff I wanna get through these last few minutes. Thank you for all the emails about the wash the Redskins and the name change. Of course you can, say, Washington, Redskins or your racist animal, honest and definitely a xenophobe and power we anything else ending in a folder in this. Do you know that? Because the left told you, of course, you know,
so cancelling the wash the Redskins a publisher drawn this in the council culture segment, but I said the folks yesterday We can call him the Washington Football team either because by less rules Washington existed in the time of wave ownership, so he asked to be cancelled. So any you can't football team because American countries describe football. That football saw what we call soccer so that cultural appropriation, so I had a bunch of suggestions that the concept I think it was. The District of Columbia, why compare if organised Sports Centre came Enfranchise pretty got. I think, that's what I said you have to check yesterday shall be put to one side by side that did the CASA for something and my brilliant listeners got back to me Joseph dad. You are wrong, you are definitely erases per se and I was like What do I do now? You can't
the District of Columbia, Columbus, collaborates. Job definitely re sets New Columbus. You didn't you coming out after the show them. As you know, we have tried Josiah too, I'm not kidding Joe. I forgive me Joe did say it. I gotta give credit where credit is due. I did tons of email attitude, but I should have appropriately footnote a job do cult. Why did The team formerly known as the worst it represents a suggestion. We got them tons of them. We got some of them are very good. Thank you for all the feedback, but you are correct. I don't believe that about columbus- and I don't worry- I'm just the you understand the absurdity of all this now: the Columbia, Colombia. You can't do that. So I'm up Let me just one more suggestion and ladys German when you see the racism in acting as left this sense
you know? Of course we have to know. I don't wanna, because no idea why so we can, on this column you how about the match Europe. How it in Maryland, Slash Virginia Sports entered, came in franchise, Using a ball shape, like cones at both ends with a round protrusion in the middle folks, If, when you find the racism, it send me back to show we can corrected for tomorrow and its own for our sins weekends over. I forgot about Dc District kite we ve forgotten that the shame on me. The Marilyn Virginia regional consortia taming sports franchise, bilateral visa franchise friend as it a female name were appropriating female is not sure where they folks I'd, really
sure now. What's interesting here is the red sky want to change. Amy she's really put the daily collar piece of this up in the shop they wanted to to the Washington war. You can't put warriors that's gonna scare We brought the warriors your devoted to Joe. You know the pollution, Mark Brigade, I throw you know that the francs and MAC and she's grab you didn't. I gotta game with warriors someone can attack them to get it The pros hadn t it's fighting Joe. I way I have an idea that I just thought is now part of like a bit. Call them the warriors, but on You can call Washington either so meant the mare, Virginia soup been regional area team. Whenever you want, you can brevier them of ass, a survivor, something whatever Some of us have always trigger warning up at the front warning
during this stadium. You consent to be triggered by the term worries. Of course you can't do that because it was upset the snowflakes as well. You understand this has no end. Can I doubt this ban? At the beginning of the show where I told you this fight On a very serious note is coming to your front door, the you have there's no way out, they are running out of. They need to be victims all the time of oppression p, we're coming if they don't actually have actual cases where there are oppressed, they don't have that the self way class of talking about the Mama's basement crap, so they have to for it to give there an empty, meaningless lives, meaning eventually going to turn on everyone, the Yankees job, the Yankees, that'll bring back memories of the civil war, you can call the Yankees the Yankees
What about the New York nets? The metropolitans sets class warfare. Metropolitan, has a distinction, Metropole very natural, Kick Hall Matt. The cardinals the cardinals Red reg there's some kind of cultural appropriation Red written bread. Maybe back imagery, the Red Colchicum there have been back memories: the revolutionary war. There was storing at them. You can't have any of that. This fight will never ever ever stop get ready for now. I'm morning it. It is coming your door. I leave you with a good now cuz, I do gotta run the good part of this is we went to a lot of struggles in our life and if I may again take appoint a personal privilege cause it's my show we want your life. When I left to run for office and left my job, we struggle a lot financially emotionally their pictures in my my second book and read the fight. It forgets, but a few
But there are pictures in the middle of going to a lot of pictures, but we had him in those of the night. The election where we won race and an member that, when Joe the congressional yet and we lost I mean what I call the race like all their might. You know I was there a picture Paul and I like crying in joy, can't believe we, a seat in the? U S, Congress, and then just the depression hours later, as we found that they were counting absentees and it was a tough one. But you know the greatest part. Of the rebound since that low point in my life has been the ability to say I've been the rights on right side of a fight. It really does define you and it gives you life MTG. It's hard Not easy! You'll be shunned by a lotta. Your neighbors, your kids principle The schools just gonna want you to shut up and go away. Local a fish those are going to consider you a past, but you
you know that you're gonna go six feet deep one day a meet your maker and say I was on the right side are right at the wrong side of right, and it gives, Life, a meaning you were about something. Everyone else just took the easy way out. Don't forget that hold you had high, despite matter Had I see an for and in a really priest Please check out or Youtube Youtube com. Select band GINO subscribed to the show, an apple pie. Guess it's free, but the subscriptions. I haven't told you about what really drive us up the charts and help other feed people find the programme. We don't have a big marketing budgetary. We try to keep the shell lean and me so thanks for your help with that really appreciated seed about you just heard it in Bonn. Gino.
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