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These Two Are Going To Eat Each Other Alive # 986 (Ep 986)

2019-05-23 | 🔗

In this episode I address the growing battle between Comey and Brennan and the real reason behind it. I also address Kamala Harris getting caught in another liberal trap.

 News Picks:Nevada is the latest state to try to upend the Electoral College.

Brennan unhinged again!

We need to see the secret George Papadopoulos transcripts

After announcing a fight against the “wage gap” data shows Kamala Harris has a “wage gap” problem herself

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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bonn jean i want my thereby average jar you too ready to go on this fantastic thursday i just had some people may we ordered it yesterday and innocent i loved you paul i made one of my favorite things to eat but when you get i eat a lot so when you get double rice and double checking new expected double check and a lot of chicken and right it was a double too so i tell the job according to my party voice chill polos can we get a system whole line please give core gunnar order domo chicken can you give me the darn couple chicken to this is not the soviet
you knew where we're all try it spared a food before the public can you give me the double check still hungry double check my wife hates my bertie imitation loves i've gotta go with jawad this what i may get take us out of this act and i put it so we got a special guess what s right to my daughter amelia help show today who seven years or if you want to pop indoor to show amelia sale i listen i got a statue of you today you want to say how you can come say a load of europe each year nancy policy go and full tinfoil cap conspiracy theory here's my younger our way through the eye and say hey you like this is my daughter amelia is not a socialist she's a capital they alone are gonna talk you know by sailor say i'm emilio
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can i go little video for years comic relief at tipp to my friend caille appalled and a lot of funny videos follow him nepal i don't know exactly what is twitter handle is but he puts out of bunch of these now need policy launch day introduced these civil war yesterday with donald trump i declaring that something what's going on the trump was doing something right before media trump losses my she's talk this was a very positive meeting about respectful sharing of ideas we believe that no one is above the law including the present and we believe that the president of the united states engage in that region caleb j all you saw this great hits
very very funny very of course you said yes betsy brought her tinfoil cabinet magically appeared at the either if you're missing folks folks go to youtube council s budget but that the point of the video is it that the tinfoil cap they may put it's kind of a joke by for audio listeners you always come first of course is the point of this story is it she policies now lost your mind she is accusing crazy united states of a cover up with a presidential who wait there's forbidding president more open in american history donald trump listen to me the time out of because i have a lot of listeners i don't say that like in a laudatory overcoming level this is ice because we have a very diverse audience we get a lot of hate mail from liberals who sit in this if i put out by any mail for reason you want to listen was free right but you know we have democrats it listen you regardless of your feelings about donald trump it is illogical erratic
no i just pure unadulterated idiocy to claim that this guy donald trump has not been the most open and accessible president in american history the job listen we're both biased we're both conservatives i get it but should taking yourself that firm it if you can is everything saying i mean we argue every time the guy gets on marine one right gives oppressor he's gives pressures all the time he's constantly answering questions he gave unprecedented access to his staff to a witch hunt crime he knew we didn't commit and now policy is sabotaging everything in this this countries too the republic any possibility of any kind of immigration package anything throwing it all down the drain too double down on the president now accusing them of basically a crime that he's come
what he's covering up nobody can figure this joy interesting we carry picket got this congressmen carry pick it who's a great reporter needs to work whether cherry picking it gets this congressmen says hey up what exactly is covering up or obstructing the congressional investigate oh how energies the boys how is this any different from the euro i'm administration recalled her and a guy goes well you know it's different use they have been pitched in holder impeached obama and accomplishments not going to get into a legal fight with you because i don't want to answer the court what does he have zone or waste by a time i was just kind of a funny video but still meets ridiculous nancy pillows he has gone full blown conspiracy theory tinfoil cap what have i m sure not letting miguel testify he spoke tom mahler for thirty hours as the white house council what what
president gives up his white house lawyer the white house lawyer to testify to way which hunting former fbi director appointed as a special council to investigate a crime the present knows didn't happen i didn't you up your lawyer for thirty hours to talk to him and your obstructing and covering something up folks we really reached peak stupid really i mean it's beyond if now what's gonna get some serious stuff lotta news though we have breaking news early we want to get to this all before friday one quick note again by the way for tonight you're angry to channel ibm please watch it please i need you they're folks it you to show a great you make us look great i deeply appreciate i will let you down nine o clock tonight unhappy befell in it for shown foxy shall check it out set you dvr if you can't watch live or its story number to some new stuff we missed
i'm over the last few days abonati are the creepy part lawyers back this guy was you know painted by the media is the trump nemesis and it was not on a cover of a naughty story cuz there's no we to dive into the guy is a buffoon he was always a buffoon even he was a loser he gave a bad name too i like voyeurs lot of smart people i know a lawyer i know sometimes it's fashion about it so it's better run kidding i summoned smart people i've ever met our lawyers there's always a few bad seeds in every group and it has no need of but this guy wasn't embarrassment to the you profession from the start was obvious to anybody with their eyes he was an embarrassment he was this guy is awful p was awful now the story i'm on it but that is not about ever naughty the story here is about how low our media has sunk a guy like you a knotty who joe me paula my seven year a daughter amelia figure
out early was creep was a loser was only in this way the fame and the money we figure all right away because our antenna what up that this guy was an awful human be now these are allegations again unlike avenant nonsense urge everyone is everyone's innocent are proven guilty but haven't oddy is alleged to have stolen the book advance from his client adult tourism scholar stormy daniel stephanie clifford you stole a book advanced from an adult films actress oh my gosh if that happened as cici's these allegations that after these proven guilty of this i'm u can get any worse for this guy but this story here is why a guy like this suspected of these really discuss thing grimes why are guy like this was even injected in variously into the national discourse why why
to show you snippet of a video had tipp washington free beak in another knock em out of the park video the video is law it's an hour i would choose me an hour omitted thirty six ice cut it out if you like thirty three sakhalin but isn't like i always say that because this goes on for forever i can play is over this is media clips of these auto complete buffoons in the media who i place abba naughty above them if there's a tolerable followed so stupid i taught the media if the bottom the total ball is a lesser set of values i put a media beneath avenue eighty who most people think about he's not i put a lot of media folks blood here's the media surgical attaching their lives to the rear end up
creepy poor lawyer michael evan these donald drugs worst nightmare my journey has once again is michael avenue audience pain like an identical have not michael ever not michael haven't you thank you very much mrs outlets amiable and iran egypt as you may be the saving of the republic give you are something of a full cairo now michael having already an apology i've been saying and not for writing michael i've seen you everywhere what do you like to say as wrong you have a lot to say i am just dying what you think is people all like you i am the only person right here donald trump fears more than robert never did say folk euro and twelve shot i think i seriously weaken partners nor what are all democrats billy matters they go out with you are wrong dumber for having heard that that's the media folks i love your map but that's that's still we are no danger aids dendritic
it is our collapsing mile in she ciller neurons are degenerating right now act soto connections are dying or might a tiger your dying take your foundation from brick ivan commercial yet techno foundation maybe creating an eighty percent some of those that pensions are this is the media in our society their trial of needs job we ve been told the meat his tree age of these number one is to get the facts out there this is not true ladies and gentlemen and it be clear not everyone there was media some of more you know bill mars an opinion guy that's fine stephen call bears a comedian i don't like their comedy but that's why they're not news people an colbert can anybody they wanna but their worse quarrels serious news people in their new call this bela wallis who should we had this guy on the reason
he was on because in their in our hierarchy of needs the media's for and he was to take out donald trump any useful idiots and tool they can use to take out donald trump no matter how potentially corrupted they're all blinded to they will use him to kneecap donald trump not real rising in the long run what an absurd strategy that is because it destroys your credibility deploy for the media as they have no credibility left to destroy the worshipping the avenue naughty golden calf hostage one of the lowest moments in modern media history and that say in a lot nay litany of low moments absolutely embarrassing embarrassing for the media sorry enough bernie tonight my wife's can the commission ok i story i miss yesterday that george poppet apple is transcripts might we have like a movie by like john told us the pop up
let's chronicles are coming to george papadopoulos of admission to steer the dead i just want to bring this up not a realistic date an old story but there raised doubts about to go public he's gonna be from us explosives wanna over use these modifiers here that you know these terms the whole case spy gay cases about to get really nasty anyone who defended this thing like just then a marsh and others in these so called you know liberty lovers who support a martian and democrats and socialists who have failed to see the threatened the spider case are about to be humiliated the media people it's going to get ugly there are a number of what hannity and solomon devon unesco buckets of information that are about to come out to be the declassified mission of the application that declare suffocation the fbi three or choose a series
of emails between the fbi the cia and others also what's about come out our transcripts of george papadopoulos being recorded i covered this earlier in the week but you may save yourself who was recording george papadopoulos good question there a number of suspects one b therefore help the spy who interacted with it's probably topless another one being alexander down or an australian diplomat interactive which proper topless if there are recordings of submit should we are in a world of trouble i don't bring this up to talk about the story i bring this up because i want to prepare you for what the democrats there is going to be ladies and gentlemen the democrats absolutely refusing as i said yesterday to take the loss they want no matter how much comes out exposing these people how about smile a little book somebody get the press during the same they will history will humiliate these people hit you
always speaks with clear eyes were always living in a fog in the present and why is that because people alive right now have a vested interest in making this story go away media people i've invested their livelihoods in it bloggers have gay a garnered international fame and a vision shows like rachel matter have invested their entire reputations it people but but a jail if the truth comes out people what i'm saying just like the reason present sure is always what who is immersed in a fog where we can't see our own hands in front of our face is because people have an interest in keeping that fog thick there's nothing deep there it's it's it's obvious but i don't want you to get the press that this segment with me saying that the short run the media is not going to tell you the truth taking because in the long run the fog always dissipates people die off people serve their jails people have actually want to write books in verona even admit their own guilt eventually
all comes out we even found out who deep throat was in watergate you know you to go there would use the most tat you know it's a big member joe lives i was too young remembered the who deep throat was was a huge the authors out it was a senior manager in the fbi it all comes out this will all be litigated in the inn and new people who continue to back this story up are going to be horrified now the democrats are refusing to take the loss on this they are still in just think the biggest spying scandal in american history did not happen how they're good say that when actual transcripts of a trump team member george papadopoulos being recorded u s intelligence assets and people working with them how there clay me wasn't spied on joe is insane where do you take these recordings appeared from two they like like the two
harry there's a recording fairy like theirs of runs around recording people's conversations and leaves a month you're pillow at night when you lose a tooth where do you take these records escape these recordings mysteriously men the u s government how do they do that to the reporting very obviously you mess that provides the recording varying rip out too what are the calling of george papadopoulos the recordings day will they will not take the owl the loss about that's why arms don't shoot my arms they don't straight anymore that's
for they are not sitting because when i was a kid in future too and you'll get our board i'm a few ip like hold on i try to curl my way out of it and now my elbows don't work just tap out they won't i was set new up with that because i'm telling you what the democrats counter is to be get ready they're gonna say not only these transcripts exists thick and i have to admit that because there is no record of fairy my pop up this according to what i am hearing is on these transcripts telling people not only is the trump team not colluding with russia that to do so would be treason and a puppet apple appears from one i'm hearing angry on the transcripts that is even being asked the question thou eyes can a george as well and i can confirm for georgie side that george was pretty angry that people
we're saying things then that would be treason thou joe does that sound like a colluded with russia if you mention colluding with russia eddies angry that you would even mention the idea accusing you of treason yourself like that that nets called exculpatory evidence that yes that's right that europe that you're fired up at the mere assertion that you're involved in this matter do you not admitting to it he's denying a job maybe it's a better way to say he's tonight it's so passionately that he's counter accusing the other guy of treason not delude democrats take why the note had no thank you thank you for something that i've still got joe joe always gotta lotta collusion that he always as a way of the really right over its basic sometimes at forgive me i do that because i feel like if you leave your understand what's going i feel like you mrs ladies and gentlemen the democrats excuse and it's gonna be oh papa
police knew he was being recorded so this was like a triple quadruple reverse like i love that sound if it is really do you get out of this is jobs which are they're gonna say bark why words get ready for that george understood he was being recorded and because of that he was running like a reverse colleges sign up on the guy and he really was cut jobs like really this is really dumb but it gets better he was referring reversed psychologists i am still and even i'm a guy your gear we have treated he was so passionately just defending his character against these charges because he really wanted that he wanted to get
while dismissing trail on this somewhere else ensure blanket liked a bloodhound papa dapple it is such a united papa day policy set an example here my son we should ask this pop or double get this kid oscar i've checked for guys these were here both he's just give so you're telling me just will be aware is now i want to give you the counter dammit that's count its covered its common i'm telling you it's gonna know nada pop up was really guilty ok we were spy in autumn there's no recording fairy we did record him but he was just no one is being recorded so he was just leading us on a different path so europe i mean let me get this straight you are now acknowledging that but intelligence ass it with a lifetime of working with the central intelligence agency in foreign intelligence disguise the fawn helper if in fact he has the recorded or those recordings made by him or someone working within europe
may he managed liberty dupe i love george don't get me wrong by a young man really know big time care paid experience that he took them into this kid needs at us get about at all then go they would be the greatest act there ever they can never get their stories straight first it was pop up was this dopey kid you got fooled into this russian collusion scandal now he's now he's james bond he's matthew born or jason no one ever to how is matthew mokanna jason bourne though is the act not even watch movies anymore you don't work target values the most of these hawkeye from the adventures he's here is black widow most they created intelligence s in human history he managed to spin the c i a guy on the tape but listen debate we are together a prediction show not telling you
toby i write right again this will be there come back now sparing the c i a guy so you see i guy your intelligence ass it was so stupid he couldn't figure that out gasser you guys dumb tight but what can i tell you this is a spy story for periods for emphasis ills i may be haven't a little too much fun with today show i don't usually do comedy folks it's not my bag adonis but sometimes i get a little be doors who's that i mean that a good way and align variable you i like you i hope you don't mind i'm not try to take over for joe rogan random corolla comedies thereby thing but i like laugh once in a while to preside but god fearing citizens greatest country on earth america you know either but we been under attack by a bunch of morons it still worth
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so it looks like got arnold schwarzenegger from terminator one the i'll be back cat remember him he does a bigger as you go and by the way hand down in pairs island at the end of next month the guy mummy raw daddy you get darn right our man we too credit on these yet a little joke to because we love little job yep fight for this country darn right said providers marines out there i wish i was one you bear stairs fighting force on a planet that's right proud i love you guys and ladys out there the best the best marines libraries are liable to say i was getting so either we're gonna have we are where we got forty minutes left at the shop was a guy henry separatist they focusing their story about liberal happen christianity stack in these up all week i showed you my notebook was packed i get so the story sometimes i don't get too
tough comma harris running for president on another rejection far less bernie sanders like liberal platform democrats senator from cat forty a couple hours joe made a big deal that yesterday about the wage gap in other words here's a story and ideas for madison dibble one day after answering wage gap planned report shows some funny phocis cobble hours and keep out of place that version you could see it already of spoiling already video viewers come harris made a big deal as a liberal recovery has trump about a mythical age gap at america that women are paid less than men for the same work it's a myth it's been the bug get alot of this one day announcing wage gap plan report show me are paid more than women in kabul
good satellite gary from now onwards third she'll be reduced public cry i can't take it i can't take it again easy with these workers it is it's not even are what job would you think if you're sure you're right were present for the right job only costs may get so much name idea you probably could kill you would win primaries it probably like ten or twelve thereby giving cause twenty twenty four i probably get if you were running for president and you are go out give a speech you know the national media watch you she's a serious candidate to say that our policies are serious but she's a serious candidates not a junkie raise a lot of life and you're gonna put out a statement
that you are gonna fight against women be paid less than men for the same job again to debunk talking point i'll hit the minute he check your own office first be ok fellows ladys are we women disabled or no word are actually looking back time where we can withdraw the foundation about your red flag to feel somewhat get us red flag founded on board for review torment effort now i have the numbers here just to offices couple hours has a u s senate campaign stamp office where whim there are paid ninety four cents forever dollar matter pay discrimination discrimination sexist clearly joe democrats own rules is it not does not sexist well there squares airless dan is this not massage monistic isn't it obvious thank you
do sir for jobs and always at the right moment now oh i'm not done it's even worse hearken that was an unintentional bernie i was even try it just came up even worse there paid a risk for president in our care it offers women are only paid eighty seven sets for every dollar sexism sexism massage any obviously there it is yo equal opportunity employment commission you better get in their star investigate their sexist by their own rules you you would have big she would have the basic math just some basic maverick hey maybe we should check the office and make sure that women are being bet they're not sexism right at work right there with ill it later they're all frauds the reality is yes kamel ours is age gap thing is fraudulent but is her pay for different
both men or women sexist now i'm being facetious there it would be easy for me i'm joking obviously about that last point it would be easy for me to say that if i was a liberal kamel ours is obviously a sexist massages there's not a noble trees got really silly dopey policies and she likes to talk about myths and fairytales and above talky points like the wage gap but there are are we legitimate reasons why people in are office or pay different amounts joe now this is prepared so this is only hard for liberals for regular smart people conservatives need a moderate democrats some democrats republicans and others people get ready show people are pay different amounts because they have wafer type dear friends skills
now i'm shell job just like the guy ok baby at the guy came enemies dealers all joe agrees young people you'd different about four different skills but now the fact that i have to talk about this is deeply troubling but i pulled up an article from forbes it's a little bit older but it was cool this way to sum up for you for liberals listening again why i there is a quote wage gap between men and women so that article four twenty sixteen called dope into the gender pay gap myth by carrot agnes lapses in all their wanted forbes but i did i use for reason just to be clear i know i do want to follow this trap and a future but joe i dont want to use a right leaning out that even though i know they're right because this is the one thing he can't be wrong on listen if women were
generally being discriminated against i have two daughters and a wife it's a pretty bad thing so as you know play with a straight outlet forbes not that the facts or any different but i don't want any liberal ignoring i am about to say so from the forbes peace and ironically the forged peace joe quota to be less and a slight article so they called slight a left leaning out of it and the bier less the u s governed the bureau of labour departments statistics it says if we want to have a fruitful question about a gender wage gap we should have an act the comparison is adjusted for those factors although one second the factors you're talking about our men take more dangerous jobs on average talking joe about avc wages men more dangerous jobs on average than women not an end uk on average liberals that it's not me
this single subject design therefore there is a risk premium built into the salary people who do more dangerous work are compensated at a higher rate number one number two they don't do the same jobs either some offer a more flexible schedule that may be more preferable to women and men that flexible schedule they come with less money in exchange for said flexible schedule its while more women than men or teachers not in every case ah ridge work comparing averages finally as pointed out in the peace the government's own data the bureau labored department statistics shows that this seventy seven cents number they urged seventy seven cents on the dollar gives them she met a man and woman standing next to each other doing the same job for the same
of ours could pay different cell salaries that's not at all the case all time officially means thirty five hours but men work more hours than women that's the first problem we have a big problem job is it not that's a big brown ladies and gentlemen the baby that we will need a thicket the jobs we need the armor cause collector series teetered sombre that's a big problem dance folks let's get history so men pick more dangerous jobs they pick a different set of jobs with more with less double hours which will would have to be compensated for and men on average work more hours and women when you can role for those factors ladies and gentlemen there called
founding variables for those of you liberals out they can't do basic science in other words they create confound in the data set that alter what's your final out come can be based screw with your testable hypothesis because their confounds when you control for those an you judge the same job with the same person working same hours there is no wage gap it's a myth folks i only bring this not bore you with monday nonsense because i want to prepare you for coming in this election twenty twenty around the corner we have to win if we lose god help the country that's all i can say you are going to be arguing with people and liberal friends and you may say why don't argue in liberal friends i'm not trying to convince them fine i get it don't
try to convince your liberal friends of anything but our with them anyway because someone else may be listening and whenever a person hears you rationally lay out the case like hopefully absent the humor me and joe just did about the wage gap hopefully that third personal say you know what i watch these to go back and forth here and the conservative guy a woman is right twenty he twenty is around the corner don't argue with low or to waste your time argued liberals in the hope that you may break one or two of them of their ridiculous ideas but a likelihood you want but you may convince two or three people listening that we are on the right side of this lady discrimination is never ok ok they said that the mai preaching t we all know this where conservatives we believe goddess touched the shoulder every single human being on this planet given up god given big our rights asked what we believe
discrimination due to sex race or any kind of characteristics sided job skills ridiculous unworthy of the united states of america that goes without saying we don't need the get about it we agree on that but we cannot agree on how to fix our problems if we disagree on what the problem is you want to of a wage gap that doesn't exist how how do you want to do the couple hours i want people into report tonight united states government you mean the same government work for we are not even paying women as much as men in your own office in two of your staff office or your campaign office you may not govern i'm no i'm not that one but my government is it i've got the government did give the governor mars somewhat what are we talking about you work for the u s government you can't
mater your own care paid office and let me get this straight you a monitor every corporate board room in america oh my gosh give me a break the arrogance of these people is astounding isn't it i it's hard to that govern the government has a knowledge problem you know i can't say the snuff the bob eureka the act an very bright guy says probably get i'm going to close it in our record for the times have quoted father bob's eureka with the same quote maybe upwards of fifteen times we were using this would show and i were according to my basement maryland i was this not c span and give a speech one time and he said the greatest line of her in a long time because it so simple and elegant he says that the government is other than
it's too big aesthetic hope it's too stupid whereas two throbs up back you were about to thumbs up at agrees with father boss eureka who's this guy the government is too stupid remember be it in the secret service is that the people in their its them organization of the government the layered bureaucracy that makes it impossible to get anything done in the government i will never forget working for the secret service at the end of the budget period right around september october you know what i'm go with a sharp men obsidian training centre and airline gum hey we have some money star and i'm in my head i'm thinking it's ok so give it back it's not our money you like its attachment is always a conservative with the secret service not all we ve got to spend it right why because then we will get the same next year you like for example what we're to jail
doesn't work for me he works with me over here though in a budget awake we have a number of people we pay we have money going it at can you imagine me saying the polity under the earth policy we need to waste sixty thousand dollars so next year we can be sure to spend more money should be like are you would it are you are you something wrong did you eat something was theirs jumping in the in the double chicken did they spike torture pole that's really get a cabbage she's ubiquity you stupid we have sixty thousand i was left over in savings of anticipated money we were going to spend that we didn't and you want to spend it so we could spend more next year that's how to government works because it's too stupid i'm not kidding that happen they were like go by some i forget
but it was digital cameras i can't we already have six of us we need ten while here but this only six people squat carry to keep the two rookies with one well i'd rather just carry one two or i keep the senior guys with one rookies the four rookies with the two i don't how many people in this rapidly but that was a serious gaps that actually happened with the cameras are really with cannon by a gps they come with the cars there at another one the car one may break go get a flashlight rob i have one we were given a free one lately does it matter the battery camera i could replace the battery where you could replace the flash lie just happened other funds their different sizes its
say movement you could use some one of them is a night's thick get the big one what's wrong with you you're like ok whatever this is how the government works it has a knowledge problem it is too stupid to figure things out my guy you want to put them in charge of your tax dollars you wanna let them crack open your chest by running to healthcare system you want them to educate your kids man you wonder why i'm a libertarian real libertarian leading conservative don't spend government money anything you don't absolutely have to because what ever our spends it on it has no cost incentive or quality incentive to keep the costs down and equality up because as milton friedman said it's not their money and are not even buying this stuff for themselves anyway there giving it to other people total harsher moving on
no i only get through this economy commie branded stuff i enjoy today shy once in a while i neither i need to let loose man you guys i looked forward to this we did i hope you all now am i talking deeply intellect swallowing the mike here how much is show means to me it is my i dont see a therapist have refugee think this is my therapy and i went to graduate school for nurse psychology in bed you're a learning theory i loved it i don't need a therapist i dont i i have you all and i clearly as you can tell i went on the show all the time you have been everything to me and the fact that you made my voice matter cash means the world to me no means a lot to joe to yemen direct ok today show brought you by bodies a b c m bravo company manufacturing ladies gentlemen
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oh there's a whole in this added sola so they could say god i love this yeah yeah i don't buy that i'd always it's got even there it's got a little bacon that go until sheep but there it is there's all you sought yet no doubt as all my way so please it's threads covered atropatia i've had this if reverenced lying in as i share by show off the rails complete battle between jim call me a job branded continued but of their price or article if you don't mind the battle we need to was going to go on there are going to start selling each other out the already have i told you that two weeks ago bright border i am spy gate obama administration cut situation dream video feed during meetings on a rush investigation there's an interest story i put in yesterday's show knows but it's out of cutting the video feed that's fine interesting in it but i'm not really to worry about that there's a snippet from this piece is more fascinate they talk about
jim call me a brenner at each other's throats over who asked for the the die cs information to be included in the i see a little bit a background i want to do this the other day but i ll just give you a short we just i just summary now the iter since community assessment that was done after the election remember the old seventeen agencies agree the russians try to hang the election if it donald trump everybody remember that while obviously wasn't seventeen it sees that was a hoax it said that it was really brennan in his cabal and what they were doing is after the election they were trying to do a see why a or their cases bt a cover there reds let's say they but what they had done they had spied on the president they had used a faulty source and steel and they engaged engaged in a parallel construction scheme parallel construction is when you at information from a source you cannot use or you want to hide and
reconstruct the case using a different source even now the way the kick their case started was we sit and potentially illegal are you reconstruct the case do another source that's what happened here central intelligence agency head john brennan clearly and wait i gave a little blank for those audio decision will see that often little bleak risky way for it to break about just how tight and cozy the relationship between christopher steel maybe john bread and wise wait for that one coming soon and that the predictions real she'll intelligence agency is not supposed to be spying on american citizens but what if they want to well joe we could get some information from a spy spying american citizen which were not was be doing an
it could tell another guy to tell it to the fbi and they can open up a case that's what pair well constructed is now why does this matter for this story there's a p so this is a separate from this area client peace at the emerald talks about a call me at brennan are now bickering with each other back and forth over who demanded that the dossier be put me i here the dossier information was put in the intelligence community assessment as an appendix here's a piece of questions trade gouty when he was in congress and jim call gouty you call specific conversation or back and forth with then director brennan on whether or not the material we say about the dossier and steal information should be included in the icy assessment call me yes i remember the conversation let me think about it for a second i number there was conversation about what form its presentation should taken the overarching document that is should it be in an annex being the body that the internal
its community broadly found its source credible and that it was robert iv of the central theme of the icy yea and the discussion we should put it in a body or in the attachment then call me goes on sam hesitating because i don't deborah whether i had that conversation with brennand but i remember that was a conversation about how it would be treated brennan is saying call me wanted in their eyes didn't want it in their call me is saying no brandon wanted it in there it wanted in their how is that call me just tat he had a conversation were brandon about putting it in you get was just on the screen there that clearly joe now my hermes now saying nano breaded wanted it in there and i did not do i found confusing you i'm sorry the reason they were all running from it now this
their zeal to get it in their before is because it's been totally one can talk donald trump chopper be a peach find out is story would go away now as it and operate in cross fire boomerang is coming back the ball in the face and there being asked to testify about what they did to authentic for me different steel there are being forced to recognize show that the dossier is garbage from the start and what are they all saying i didn't ask you to be put it no no you did ladies gentlemen hears what really happened of course call me asked it to be put into the icy i why think about it think it through if you like last week show and this week shows it makes perfect sense commies fbi commies fbi was led on i'm absolving them of guilt don't take this the wrong way for the thousand time they want gotta be duped they
it drop but they needed a reason to be due to the fbi the cia has extensive paperwork requirements for court think about now the cia i was talking to my source yesterday very deep in on this he may disappointing wanted me to get out there the cia is an analytical intelligence agency they have most no court requirements at all the sea a joke gives an opinion right i think george cost is a spy ware why when i talk to him he was sweating i noticed he had some russian contacts when i spoke to him at his friendship nick off he if shady answers i think joe may be a spy we're going to spy on show it is an analysis of series of data points
the fbi has two at some point presented prosecutable legal case nobody he cares about european in either christopher steals a great guy i don't care is he a verified source or not did you actually check the information no but what we really like up he supervisor israeli cutesy jude they are a law enforcement agency you get the difference rachel ia this year i provides right subjective analysis the f the eye needs to provide provable facts to be used in a court to establish the necessary evidence predicate so what is what am i telling you hear brennan clearly had engaged steel steals people others could we know we had the information likely earlier but no less
in august of twenty sixteen breaded as this information about steel he's problem we telling call me this information about leading them on the fbi but people then go out there and try to build a case and they don't bill the case and run within anyway you saw the ridge since in this case just to be clear on board inside is using faulty analysis driven by his political whims not by an honest subjective analysis unit of saying any clear eyed and verse and listening to steal would have known he was full of crap brennan blinded by political hatred for donald trump and wanted to spy on that's his regional sent the original sin the bureau which they are trying to cover is that its i'm going out and putting together a prosecutable case or even in the case of a counter intelligence investigation they wouldn't bring the court they still had have a reason
swear out of war a probable cause an american citizen was workin on behalf of a foreign government a violation of our laws they didn't do any of it so the be eyes original sin is in breaking their own procedures to target trump bread and all the analysis jim call me i awaiting their procedures both to spy on an american you dig kim call me if you understand that what about the sale make perfect sense ok call me needed that dossier in the intelligence community assessment joe because call me starts to figure out after the election that everything he's been told by brennan did not come from corroborated source corroborating the information commie ass from steel right it came from steel too call me figures out after the election he's been duped so what is common
say in the old did she do flipper risky he says j bay johnny basil you are gonna put that torn down yea it that i see you get it yeah because any gives probably it out say it like the intelligence community body to put you follow what i'm saying where would you baby that is why breton keeps insisting i didn't see the dossier in december i did i'll call me to put it in there i think what you got that right call me and brennan is across liar hurricane their crops website right they cross why their circuits rightly to cross our croatian second swiftly did they crossed the right fires instead of candidate and i'd call me figuring out their bread and giving them the same information corbies getting from steel johnny
we're getting information from the old not all we're getting it from other kids all good cause it operates what we're getting from steel then he finds out of the election the precarious work better design right hey j b you told it was other kids so now called these to save as professional reputation so the genesis of this fight is obviously there both lying como saying told of it did you certainties testimony call me needed in air there only run from it now because thou they no conclusive weeds total garbage but he's testing if he doesn't deny that there was a conversation about putting it in there but he denies it now he needed it is there to save as rapid asian and say look i was the fbi director we investigated this case because what the intelligence community body to its even in their assessment wake weak not not a big deal
and get to that story the entire week because these to argue eat each other align it was a parallel construction scheme don't forget is co meeting brennan's giving him information from other kids it's the same for me should from steel being reconstructed because brennan can't have the american people know he's running a rogue intelligence operation to gather information on a presidential candidate he uses the fbi to do it there it is folks that's the spy gate scandal in a nutshell i say that because the viewed between call me and branded in clapper is about to get a whole lot worse jacket episode nine eighty six you didn't hear it here first majority here loud i folks say cigarette fraternity hope you're ok with the tone
showed that i i had a lot of five we subscribe to the german youtube dotcom slashed by gino apple podcast you can subscribe sprout is which govern my heart santa claus as well helps us move up the charts all free means a lot to us a subscriber base is going like growing like crazy really really appreciate thanks a lot have a good day i'll see you on tomorrow take care and don't forget added unite not a clock you should not be found it thanks yet you just heard tan bonn gino show you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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