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They Can’t Hide This Forever (Ep 1088)

2019-10-15 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the exploding “whistleblower” scandal and indications that he/she may be involved in a massive coverup. I also address the deeply troubling comments by LeBron James about the ongoing struggle for liberty in Hong Kong. News Picks:Judicial Watch has evidence that I, along with other conservatives, were being monitored by government officials.


The hapless AOC blames capitalism for problems the government is causing.


Conservative lawmaker ejected from the “impeachment” inquiry by lawmakers. 


Incredible! Fusion GPS to release its own book explaining their work on the dossier. 


This older Washington Examiner article has some devastating information about the relationship between the Clintons and this key Ukrainian


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Waiting to hear the truth about America on a showed its not immune to the banks. With your host Dan Bonn Jean, it's only get. Worse, ladies and gentlemen, I told you this whole whistleblowers saga was going to get worse, we're we're going to pile evidence upon evidence upon evidence that this is really a cover up for the prior administrations. Malfeasance and the whole stories coming to fruition now serve your tuned in here, you're weeks, ahead of it days ahead of it months ahead of it. In some cases, welcome those damned mancino show prejudge. Oh, how are you today so wonderful day in the neighborhood in I'm? Doing very well, then glad to be glad to be here Joe thanks to some Mister, Roger Can I cried Mama maritime element of that? Listen,
I've got some more really troubling details about what I believe is involved with the whistle blower. The National Security Council. You're not going to want to go anywhere for today show just bear where this is Joe. What have you to say? Well, we'll work it out some kinks in the new studio, some lighting, some sound. We will have this down just give us a couple days or so now. This thing, that's why you gave the show looks a little different every single day so were, but were where you're gonna love it by the time this product, nay over. I promise we put a lot of money it's a new story are evokes. The national Party harmonies outbreak, ass nutrition, brick s interest in the finest situational supplement on the market, gotta, brick, ass, attrition that come say, stand today and pick up your bottle of foundation foundation. It's the finest uterus and supplement I've ever taken. I kid you not! Yes, they are a sponsor. You see they pay to be on the show whether they were a sponsor or not. I would take foundation what is it is creating eighty people again at a creating eighty people like having to extra gas thanks in the gym, not just once folks I live.
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ok, folks, let's get right doing now. I want to give it had to do this at sea. Miss Bruno on Twitter, with age, ass, beautiful, what a gem, the whistleblower! Now, if you been listening for the last few days, you know I have my suspicions about that whistleblower may be or may be connected to. I find it off. We suspicious that the whistle was blown the National Security Council that is supposed to be working for President Trump to provide him with national security information, Joe to make key life. That decisions like whether to go to or not? We have to engage in a foreign intervention. These are kind of important things. It seemed strangely, like the National Security Council, those working overtime to actually work against the president leaked to the media and leaked. Democrats upon Capitol Hill to have the present impeach for nothing. One of
misery. Now Abigail grace when you're gonna be sorry. Palos. Give me look one of them. Abigail grace actually went over to work at the nationals from the net. the Security Council over the opposition political party for Adam ship up on capital hell. Why is that not illegal but kind of suspicious, now There are also other former members of the National Security Council who show up in media reports as being, let's say, illogical opponents of President Trump Eric Chimera
a b in one of em. Why? Why would you stay on the National Security Council to advise president drop of you? Don't like what is Cheer Marilla Guy just keep show up everywhere. I got a fascinating. Well, we got a whole year again had to do this serious Bruno. I want to show you something what to make a connection here. Walkie do some research obey the Ukraine, the alleged Ukraine promise on the phone call between Trump and the ukrainian President, where Trump was asking for again debunk delegation information on Hunter Bide in exchange for military aid? A promise quid pro quo a deal that never happened? It was made up that came from the National Security Council. I have strong suspicious about who that was and what their motivations are. I believe they're motivations or to cover up for Hunter Biden and the Euro I'm administrations collusion with key Ukrainians to join up this russian collusion Alex everybody track. I am with the on their journey is doing the basic
have hand. George could stands a gipsy. Do flipper Obama colluded, the Ukrainians and its administration. Not a deal they or their accusing trouble with the cover up. I know you get that so, let's go to screen shot number one, You will remember this name if your regular listener viewer the show this guy Victor Pincher, now many days connection through the Clinton's in a moment. So hang tight but Victor Pinch shook is a Ukrainian. He does I hears a company called he does it He deals with a lot of foreign steel foreign apes and things like that. Our companies again, yes, yes, some significant ties to the Clinton's foundation in the Clinton. Now this guy pin shook involve heavily. The Atlantic Council also has been a key player in both of my books by gate. Exonerated pincher seems to have this
interesting arrangement with everybody in this in this scandal right so here's pinchbeck, I want to show you for pinch, shook on this disclosure form funded. A couple of meetings in the United States, with its ukrainian lawmaker, put up the screen shot from this. This is just incredible. So look at this. This is from this scheme is Bruno whose I've been doing some work on this, so you can see at the time for this rejection at the Youtube com, if not on the audio, is pincher extension. Your former he's acknowledging that he paid some money to set up some meetings from this ukrainian lawmaker with the last named Beale Cover. Excuse me, if I say name wrong and she paid for her to meet a couple of people in the United States now Bill cover has some interesting relationships to get to that in a second, but look who bill cover is meeting with this is from a twitter account that see Miss Bruno Ah, look at that name meeting with air
sheer Marilla. She looked out, don't give up you ve created a meeting with Georgia is really crazy. Lotta bail covers also meeting we Kramer from the Mccain Institute, convened We right around the time this whole. Collusion thing at the dossier is heating up. This is just spectacular. So we have a ukrainian lawmaker with some kind, arrangement with this guy Pincher, who is got substantial ties to the cliff said the Clinton founding right. This ukrainian lobby becomes see the United States as the collusion hoax, is heating up and sets up meeting one of them is with David Kramer from the Mccain Institute, who we already know, pass the dossier off the journalist he's an Associated John Mccain again covered extensively in my two books. So we d immediately became the dough. Yea, all of a sudden, starts making its rounds in the media, and now we he again according to this guy gruner- that there also
Early was a meeting that she Marilla was involved in his well now. Who's Jim Gmail is a guy in the Obama National Security Council, whose one of appointment for ukrainian policy who is a hold over to the Trump Administration, who hates Trump and left the national security so alleging he was getting death threats. Parts of the CIA and fits strongly the profile the press has indicated the whistle blower fits. c! I a parent leaders like tromp. Didn't I first hand: knowledge very exciting. apparently the information leading to the potential that she umbrella and people from the National Security Council over on Adam shifts. Team are involved in this is extensive. So now let me get this A pinch of whose working with this ukrainian lawmaker bill Cover bill,
the first meeting with Mccain's guy and a meeting with an Obama National Security Guide. She Marilla, who was a hold over later for trumpet, doesn't like trump a further again that if this guy brewer here this is interesting from the Kiev Post about bill of his connections. milk of Norway Olga Field August, seven, twenty fifty widens candidacy would be News for Ukraine is also appealed. Uva Joe you, This is all coming together here for your key you, avian involved in major national deals with some reason: bobbing, steel and pipe and other staff. Pinch shock has I'm connections to democratic lobbyists right he all brings over Aiden and I
a parliamentarian from Ukraine built of a who apparently loves Joe Biden, Joe Biden, would be great for the United States are built of, as the second connection Pincher sponsor built meets with my Kinspeople people, writer, the time the dossier, the Mccain people passed on is out so in a meeting where this guy Cheer Marilla was an Obama appointment for Ukraine on the National Security Council who see Bread and guys well hangs out for the truck administrate. Now I mean does it make any sense why all these say to drop as having Susanna, whose authority focusing in other, more leaders and seizure now, basically it's why these things keep leaking out strange. How that happens? Isn't it my mind now, let's go back to this all washed in examiner peace check this out worse than exists
but a piece about Pincher pinstripes paying for this parliamentarian who loves Biden come over right around the time the dossiers gonna to meet when became people, and she marilla why silly amateur Sarah westward email show in that I'd then met with ukrainian donor GI. Who was that ukrainian donor, let's try to put to which you too, that complicated folks go to the screen shot from the bees. The ukrainian donor is Victor Pincher Victoria game from Sarah westwards peace. Victor pensioner, who has given up to twenty five million to the current foundation, appeared on the guest list. percent between Dennis Chang, an executive foundation and who now homer Aberdeen Clinton's deputy chief of staff at state. I have June twenty twelve dinner, He noted the subsequent email the gathering would be hosted in collisions home or that up there for saying so. Pincher cool. By answering this ukrainian lawmaker to come to the United States deal with Mccain's guy
deal with this guy on the Obama. National Security Council also gave twenty five million and couldn't foundation funny when they catch him. Amidst scrutiny, is the quota mid scrutiny of kittens ties, the pin shook and twenty fourteen, the democratic nominees Spokesmen Nick Merrill said: Pinchbeck had never met with Clinton. During that time he told the New York Times as from January twenty first, twenty nineteen February, twenty thirteen, the ukraine- Businessmen was quote never on her schedule, while that's fascinatingest. Today. Emails, inviting pinprick recollected? How here Clinton's actual house stutter
Guess who's commented one more time on this, never get a move on yeah. I've got a lot more to get too good for video from hapless chuck tied over in a and b c and abroad, and we gotta cover as well. That's fascinate would have when the broad James for the wrong reasons a colleague did mega her pinchbeck involved in international business. He could certainly use Hillary Clinton. The state department help on paralysed A huge fan of Trump sense ukrainian parliamentarian over to meet with Mccain's people, any Obama, National Security guy in Ukraine, right, as the dossier is heating up the dossier. We Oh Mccain's guy Kramer gave to the media. We know this guide, she Marilla had something to do with those meetings, and we also know cheer. Marilla was an trump hold over and above the hold over into the Trump ass, a security council right around the time. All these conversations with Ukraine and others are leaking, and now we have
emergency suspicious whistleblower who's, this justly fits the profile. This guy, Jean Marie, as people on the National Security Council, are leaving the executive. The White House, to go to work for Congress for Adam ship. Nothing to see here, folks Don't you worry at all, oh and by the way, pin shook was being looked at by mothers team to for weak reading, He was ties the Donald Trump baby to get Pincher to shut his mouth. I've got more folks we're not going anywhere. I have even touch Chuck Taddeo Joe Biden and now you see why this whole thing may be covered up. I may get my second sponsor today,
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I took a protocol used promo code, Dan and safe ten percent. I check TAT Joe, makes another appearance underhand show and always bothers me to have to do anything with Chuck Todd because, usually anything emanating from his soup cooler. There is complete utter pure stupidity, but Chuck Todd main appearance again. Yet an interview this week ever ran parlor can get you. Yes, we could. We had such a stack shout statue, but that is just taught who seems deeply offended that ran. Paul brings up the obvious point that we know the Ukrainian to our colluding with Democrats. We know in the art use articles in political left, leaning out. That's all the time we know, ukrainians metal than the twenty sixteen election. I've already told you that I just showed you the information that pin shook. The ukrainian lawmaker may have come over done all of these meetings and maybe central figures in the production of this whole russian collusion hoax. These people may about
significant role in this, the timing is due coincidental right. There at the same time, Hunter Biden has this business deal going Arbutus ukrainian gas company? All of this, so we have to separate scandals. You radium collusion in the election. in twenty sixteen and Joe Biden, kid getting a sweeter given the Ukrainians at the same time, so chuckle interviews, if you ran pony, seems deeply offended that ran Paul brings this up and it just goes to show you how this guy doesn't have. Any principles are always only in this to defend the democrat check. This out. I think which interesting about this is both sides him to be doing the same. Think of anything is consistent here. It's that both parties have tried to involve themselves in Ukraine. So, for example, for senators Democrats wrote a letter to the ukrainian government and said if you don't keep investing getting tromp. We may reconsider our by partisan support for your aid, both parties to be doing this. That's. Why think, ultimately, american people going to say they're gonna, felt their hands and so well Biden threaten the aid.
You know man end is that in the end in Romania's lady, I understand that that that they could get gas lit and think that it's all equal and and both sides of it I mean- is this is checked for real Joe Biden is. play this video again because it's getting to the point now words nauseatingly chuck, listen, I get it you're. A total liberal. Activists hack would not a sliver of journalistic integrated. All everybody gets that list. I know it sounds personal at its now. I dont like Chuck that, but it is a professional assessment of a guy who is not a journalist. He claims to be adjourned. and now he's making a ridiculous assertion around Paul that work a sliding, in other words, lying and lying to me, to tell you know to come together. You don't lie, lie often lie confidently and isolate people from the true. That's what gas lighting is he's. Making that claim on Republic is Biden is on tape, demanding the
our investigating his son Hunter be fire. Did he missed the tape? The fact that a hundred Has this gig and with Ukrainians. He, Ukraine, its wild binds the pointing to the region not at. This is in dispute Biden. I'm tired of it is. You are, and I I don't know, an easy solution. Obviously, none of us watch this garbage anyway, but folks, I don't care of me. I said this last week and I want to draw on this. I don't know how the republic continues. If we cannot agree on basic facts, you may I'm jack you, a big. The binding deal, is no big deal. Fine, that's
I can't get in your head. I dont have any magical Karnak like Johnny, Carson, impartial predict. What's in your head, alter it, you know Taylor, your neurons Dandridge, but arguing that were gay, slightly you because it had it did happen. The story gets even worse and again these next few clips, because Chuck Todd is that interested, even Bay, journalism, this total liberal activists. These are clips of fine and his son confirming that this scandal, the basic facts of it, are true the motivations and whether this criminality is still an open question. Fair enough. I believe there is some doubt, but this is by job by in his own words list this guy setting up the parade the scandal. So if you get a wife and his presence
vice president, given the promises that Centre Obama has made, would you get. Situations like you were just went through, which is race. Some questions were sound work for big, have interests in states. My son is never spoken me. I voted for every campaign reform this existed with regard to lobbyists. I voted for every single, solitary proposal to make it tougher. and, if you ask around here, asked try to find how many lobbyists have actually, I probably have spoken the lobbyists, but I know it's not a practice They want to see me. The ceo has to come and see me from the company, but specifically, what would this administration do again? Chalk? That's your own network I don't expect you to do journalism. You failed that but basic facts, Joe you heard what I need, as I did, I didn't say I don't talk to my son Tom Broker. That's it! you audio by the ways tat broke off, forgive me for you, audio, listen, that's Tom Broker, NBC, asking Biden about these berry
of corruption. We have how you know. Politicians, sons and famous people get these deals that other people don't get, and what does he say Oh, I never talk to my son about these deals. Ok again, that's fine It's not me, it's a strong words. His One word now: let's play the kind of Hunter Biden, Joe son Joe, are because this is this kid. Yes Daniel. We just said Joe Biden: Eddie doesn't talk to kit about this stuff right. Here's hotter Biden say the exact opposite would do and chuck thoughts. Homework form check this out. Did you and your father ever discuss Ukraine as I share The only time was after Agnew's account and it wasn't a discussion in anyway. There's no, but it is not. We never get your dad said. I hope you know what you're doing over. You know what you're doing it. I do it then I said I do, and that was literally the interval discussion. Why? Because
my dad was wasted, as in the United States is literally nothing as young man or as a full grown adult than that My father in some way has no influence over as it does not serve either one of us when he said. I hope you know what you're doing. Why did he think you were doing while he read As reports that I join the border region, which was a ukrainian natural gas company and and a lot of misinformation May not about my dad. Nobody by set but advises idea that I was unqualified to be on the board years. How we start set off. He contradicted Self Joe in the first three or four cents, is right, be he says a hunter,
Did you talk to your dad? No, and there are no buts, but I did talk to him after the you just said: there are no buts. No, but there are no buts. Don't cut that one! You can cut that one it'll be fine, but just going back to the show, I'm talking to liberals are there are no buts, but I did talk to after the press. Reports can show you dead. yeah. You got that right now, thereby I didn't talk to my dad about my business with Ukraine and tourism. No buts, lady says well what about personal, but after the press reports I talk to my dad about it. Can. I know NBC and Chuck Todd. Don't you reload up by the way that was ABC Hat Tip Abc for that at two going you again how journalism is completely dead and what they SIMPLE Dempsey do flipper. Oh that's all
cried side who are pushing for this in peace for Trump over Ukraine. It is a simple, deep sea you flip through that's all this is Trump did not collude with Ukraine Biden Obama, their administration and interference in the election. Did there just replacing it aims, would trump and they think you're done enough to believe it. You may say to me Deanna: it can't be that simple. Ladies and gentlemen, it is it's the exact same template for the collusion hoax. The Obama administration and Hillary Clinton talk information from Russians to heart. they simply replace the name with Trump took information from Russia's third Hilary. Its active, it's the same. They now it binds deal hunter by nets. Joe Biden, Son John, was not a big deal right. Then why not just be honest about it. False there are no bids This deals. I've been engaged in that I miss
endeavour wouldn't share on the show I did consulting for little. I was a secret service agent. We had a mixed martial arts company for a while what else we have GINO ink now did you want to talk about? Let's talk about it, Is that these shady nothing criminal, nothing, illicit were proud of our common. If he's proud of it, then why not talk to his dad about it?. Why? Why then about talking to your dad about it again Chuck time? This is their words. Journalism, journalism in second clip Roma had a baby see here. Here's hunter pretty much acknowledging Betty no qualifications whatsoever for this lucrative gig this ukrainian gas company. As craniums, or meddling in the twenty sixteen election against Trump and may have been in
than the creation, fabrication and passing out of the dossier to both Republicans, while working with Mccain and Democrats right. So here's hotter Biden acknowledging he has almost no qualifications whatsoever outside of his less him again chuck tied his words, not by check this out in You gave me the reasons why you're on that board, you did not least the fact that you were the son of the best course rule. Do you think that played? I think that it is possible for me to be on any of the boys registration without saying on the son of the vice president and sticks you're paid fifty thousand dollars a month for your position. Privacy is one thing that I don't have to do is sit here in open. My component as it relates to how much money maker make a deer didn't, but it's all been reported your last name. Wasn't Biden. Do you think he would have been asked to be on the border bereavement? I don't know I don't know. Probably I dont think that
lots of things that what happened in my life than that. If my last name was invited, you heard that damn right, I I I. just to be crystal clear near by this kid hunter who got this lucrative gig. While his dad was the point man in Ukraine and while Ukraine is interfering in the twenty sixteen election, just acknowledged on tape, that of his last name wasn't by. He called probable not, but what a woman ass if we were to get the jobs is probably not, I can say, definitely not and again folks if it was such an on me up. Up above the water line deal when there is nothing to worry about nothing, shady them Why were they hiring aim without qualifications? What ve Oh you added. Did a halter Biden bring to the company other than
political connections, Ukrainians could use to influence piles. He can't answer the question again. Don't expect Chuck tied to ask any of this because he's, if of hapless, liberal hack theory, is on tape, admitting in essence that this ukrainian gas company was paying for his last name and was buying paid a play axe its access to get too. Is that its own words? Folks, don't take my word for totter binding in his own words. I've got more on this and have got them Braun? I got him a yo see article I'm hoping to get too, and some of you have asked me about the connection with the Giuliani Behold, the restaurant Giuliani. I never puts thou until I read simply good bad. I very suspicious about the circumstances standby. On that I'm working on, I promise I got a few emails. I forget
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devices. We he's a key player in this. I want explaining. Why he's a piece in the Wall Street Journal, Gordon someone to testify? He took trumps denial of the ukrainian quid pro quo at his word folks, wisest critical Emma MECCA spend a ton of time by Gordon someone is the guy in the text with this guy bill tail right? Who these charges the number two with the ukrainian Embassy underneath our ambassador, he was our virtue with the ukrainian embassy. He clearly as our relationship with the EU were Bastardy Ukraine, Marie Ivanovitch, who I'll get you in a second who clearly can't stand. Conservatives she was watching us. We were on the list. Tromp recalls are pulsar backers, she's data, horrible job and her number. two tailors, clearly upset. He starts taxing this guy Gordon someone about this ukrainian phone call with a prop the alleged promise, which is false trump with Was asking for information on hundred Biden in exchange for military aid that false the point? We have the transcript Racine, it's not their tail.
texting someone and someone says there is no quid pro quo. That is the impeachment charts at this deal, information for buying for military it something for something quid pro quo. It never happened. Son lives in a text saying listen, there is no quid pro quo the liberals keep saying. Oh my gosh, but there's a five hour delay. I want you to be ready for their talking point is a fine Our delay between build tailor the number two with the ukrainian Embassy, whose upset about given it, I think, they're trying to set trumped up he tax on hey this this deal for military aid for political, purposes, seems kind of shady five hours later. Someone gets back the president's, bring crystal clear. There's no quid pro quo liberals jumped on this job there, like hey, listen. Why did it take him five hours to respond?
because he talked to the president, who could see in the Wall Street Journal outline what? How does that make you do others they like. How does that make your point that makes it our point exactly so now we have it directly from the president. It took some time to have the conversation that Gordon someone, the guy who's gonna test by this week, our ambassador to the EU that someone heard directly from the press himself. There is no good for a while. You baby scratching your head right now going I dont get it. The liberals are using yes, they're using it till it. While he took five hours to respond, which says he wasn't sure, sure. What did he do? We call the president who told them. That's not true. There's no deal. and if you scratching your head, I don't know again a block me, but that was the line of attack the other day off. He was so sure there was not a quid pro quo summer. He would attacks the tailor back
but he take five hours because he called the president and the President said what there was no quid pro quo. That makes our case not yours. What did that out there? Because our monitoring. legally, unlike Marie Ivanovitch trying to mine arrest on Twitter left this hacked am I going to say what accounts is again a block me, but that was the line of attack the other day. Our view is so sure there was not a quid pro quo summer. He would attacks the tailor back right away. He called the present you knock heads. Did you miss that? There's the journal headline now, neither interesting piece in the epic times of being the show notes a punch. You know that can't we shake him out. There is a lot of really good articles republican lawmaker from Florence
District one up in the Panhandle MAC Aids tried to attend one of these impeachment with airports, because this isn't a real impeachment. No votes been taken, its a fake impeachment. He was trying to attend. agree yesterday and Representative MAC each was thrown out epic times stagger October. Fourteen twenty nineteen Rep Back AIDS thrown out of impeachment agree here and now Why do I bring this up in conjunction with the Gordon online information, because I am here to help you debunk liberal nonsense, which is legion? It is everywhere. Point number one or someone took five hours: yes, that's because he was calling the President knuckle heads liberal talking point number two I've heard is Joe. This impeachment fake impeachment income We don't have the lead in republic in law makers or take a vote, because this is it.
Actually, a grand jury proceeding like in the criminal system and the grand jury is secret. What this is a grand jury had that's what it's? It's not rights in impeachment. It's not a criminal trial. It just now They say in an apple is an orange because they're, both fruits ones, it Apple ones at arm and impeachment inquiry is at a grand jury, Joe. I don't have the audience. Ombudsman, I haven't, unloaded all the prompt, the new studio, but take the fan. Audience? Ombudsman had put it on for second, because I need you to mostly manner at Saint Thomas Dismay right. Here's, the liberal logic they're trying to use in the federal criminal system. You can be indicted first, when you're indicted a prosecutor goes into a grand. Jury speaks to between eighteen and twenty yourselves.
I make an issue were true bill. Now the only person allowed the room with the grand jury in the criminal system. The grand jury members is the prosecutor. You may says: no defence, no different. Now And it is secret yeah. It is. He got a leaked, the proceedings of the grand jury hearing. If they issue the true bail. You are, in fact, indict if I want to die Joe for a bank robbery, I'm a lawyer for the government. I walk in two years. Why thinks you're rob a bank very we rarely are people not died. Why? Because Joe it has no chance to defend themselves. It's. Ok, when there is a wide and rob the bank. I wish you d not of that's a lot. That's why everybody gets indicted. That's in the criminal system. there's a trial later on, obviously were Jos allowed to have his attorney and cross examined, witnesses, etc, etc. The Democrats, in an effort to paid Trump as a criminal in their fake impeachment, are saying well
the impeachment par job, because the trial happens in the Senate, not in the Congress where the impeachment happens within the house. Representatives. Precision matters there Well, it's similar the indictment process, so we don't. need to let trumps people in the room and everything that happened in secret just like system that, just like it, isn't the criminals, that's not how this works. I therefore thank you, the president, before, during Dixon wasn't impeached resigned, but the process was ongoing. Other Nixon, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton for impeachment. The historical precedent has been for the house represented, take a public vote, so they don't have precedent on their side and, secondly, now, where the Gatesby May. So. How does this relate to the MAC age? Peace? Why you bring this up because liberal talking point number two did
again that all this is just like a grand jury. Joel. you have heard about- and I give forgive me I'm trying to be addressed with Joe Joe knows cops, but he's not a bit Youtube Joe region. He's been involved in the media for longer. Have you ever heard a case in a media, where grand jury. Members were expelled from the grand jury because of their political leanings. Beer heard that no, guess? Who now am I right and for the political leanings? No, never value can be ejected from it. A jury for all kinds of malfeasance, nigh corruption or whatever. So the liberal talking point that the House of Representatives, is similar indictment and it's supposed to be seen and trumps lawyers aren't or allowed it? Well, if it's an attack in the grand jury, members voting on a job would be how the members of the house
the representative. Yes, they would now you rejecting them from hearings, because their republicans, I thought this was like a grand jury, Republicans our objective from grand jury. Folks, You may say why it's kind of a nuance point! No! No! No! It's not a thing. They're saying is true. This is not actually in the minutes it impeachment. It's not. A criminal process is a political one and you don't get to reject the grand yours. If you, This is similar to a grand jury headed a diamond. I thought it was a grand jury rejecting them now.
Republicans aren't allowed to sit on grand juries folks, nothing they're, telling you nothing they're telling you is true. This is all be ass. I have a cough, but now job you button on its mix, I'll call you I can actually make myself. This is, but that's my personal me trying to keep it family from this whole thing is a sham final sponsor the day the sub so happy to have them on board. Ladies and gentlemen, this is just a juicy army pop up on my phone just to be. Georgiana would you were dealing with some new stuff? Yes, I want to be sure I got a double back up, because my eyesight isn't that good nor I take it all look at. I robbed there is great, is the news to we gotta follows we got him into prompted our zone, but every day President Europe is facing an unprecedented obstruction and harassment from the liberal mob and their fake news allies. You know it he's
exonerated twice and there are still calling for Isn t because they know congresses their last hope he needs. Support now more than ever Tax Dan D, a and aid. zero to two and receive official trouble, directly to your phone babies. Germans, very poor, don't make the campaign go hunting down your information. If you want to help our present trumped, get reelected is very helpful. have some data on you not yet all this are not opening credit cards in your name south dear to me, sure. You know what you're voting location is. Your updates on the election you'll gain exclusive. Twenty twenty up these directly from present trump himself. You ll be the first to know when neutron merchandise is available,
and you even be able to give your input on key issues to help shape the twenty twenty campaign. Again, all you have to do is Text Dan Dan. My first name to eighty eight thousand and twenty two important. While Democrats in the fake news media spent the last two years focus on bogus witch on President Trump is working around the clock to make America great again make sure you getting your news directly from the source by texting Dan to eighty, eight thousand and twenty two again text Dan. Two, eight eight zero, two two two:
this was paid for by the Trump make Amerika great again committee. A joint fund raising committee authorized by and composed of Donald Trump for President Ink and the Republican National Committee that is dedicated to making Amerika great again are important information information costs money, not a few voluntarily provide. It helps voter activation, your call, but would be a good one. I folks I wanted to get to this sum Lebron James fiasco. Many of you have this year where who Lebron James is? He has one of the finest basketball players in the history of humankind place now for the Lakers play for the Miami heat leaving Cavaliers, while very talent
guy. No doubt about that, and the broad James is spoken up frequently in the past about what he perceives to be social justice and equity is basically liberal. Causes he's obviously no fan, President Trump and that big controversy with him Lord Ingram, at Fox awhile, back where weary Ingram suggested you know they stick the baseball, Lebron James fired back. So James has no problem Joe again shredded air quote. Syria doesn't seem to have an issue speaking out he has something politically to say it. He's spills is on the side of liberty, freedom and at all other stuff. That's right! Now, let's check out Lebron James, this video of the broad James. When talk
yeah speaking out, he's asked about the China situation and the tweet by this guy Darrow Morley, whose a Houston Rockets he's the I believe, a g, Emily Houston Rockets or the general manager. He treated our support for the Liberty protesters in Hong Kong protesting against chinese tyranny. This use, Rockets, GM so, of course, Joe Lebron James use all about social justice, liberty and freedom for all, right, of course, Lebron James. You speak out in defence of Morley. Morally, the Houston Rockets. Gm, if course did check out this video abroad. I think when we all sit a mile from the situation. I haven't. I understand what you could tweet or could say and we all tat? We all talk about this freedom of speech. Yes, we ought to have freedom of speech, but at There are ramifications for the negative that can happen.
You're, not thinking about others in only on only think much yourself, so I don't believe I want to get to a word for word or sentence you would Darrell Maduro more, but I believe he wasn't educated on on the situation at hand and arm, and he spoke so many people could have been harmed, not only financial physically, emotionally, spiritually. So. Just be careful, we were we retweet and we say, and what we do even Yes, we do have freedom of speech, but there can be a negative because better what You Polly you other Tweedle abroad, like a big social justice warrior and is all about Here you add King James, on Twitter. This is Lebron James Injustice, Beware, Joe anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Our lives begin to
the day. We become silent about things that matter. Thank you. Martin Luther king, Bron, James Social Justice. Worry. Did you hear that abomination? Ladies and gentlemen? Listen I get it. Lebron James has a lot of fans. The man's basketball skills are new in modern times now unparalleled. I think you're miss better personally, but that's all public at a ton. It you may on that, to me. You're done. Bitter. What a colossal level ten out of ten total. Odd and hypocrites big enough this warrior hates President tribe can't stand them social justice, Guy HEAT
TAT, Houston GM, and he makes some red outrageous points in the process that aren't even points at all. Their negative Point C pieces: while the Houston Rockets GM retreated support for the Hong Kong Liberty protesters, he was only thinking about himself Joe eyes, zestful formulas. Was Darrow Morleys tweet about himself or about the Hong Kong protesters Dan. It was about the Hong Kong protesters, not himself the verdict is in broad James is an area that we were not about himself. The tweet was about hunk of protesters which have Rationally course, this guy Morey or More- I forgive me- I don't know they if costs this guy, probably a fortune.
Maybe you should think about more than just himself what like you, who then Leubronn goes on to say he needs to Did you get a broad joe? This is the guy my family, you ever needed a full history of China. Joe who do you gotta go to Roger die, would listen I what a blow Bron, probably was a ton about his is profession. He prob There is a lot at listen lobby, there's been a successful business may do not downplay that Yea guy is relevant to put up between the second by this guy Johnson rarely, but how much money? The brain is not easy to make that kind of money. I'll bet Labrador. A whole lot about the apparel and sneaker industry too. I can get, Do you want a debate on China? Leubronn would get smoke by anyone from a left, right or centre leading think tank that actually done their homework on China. He needs to think more about himself. He needs to educate himself
M abroad goes out at the end of that, to give a statement completely applied himself to educate himself. Some people are gonna, be heart financially or who? I think I got it thought himself, because bronze says we shouldn't tweet about ourselves. We should be thinking about, and just somewhere like Mary, was doing or morally was doing when the bronze critic as them for doing what he did. Here's a tree by this guy John Sarah Valley, Leubronn. his twenty nineteen, twenty twenty salary is thirty, seven thousand no thirty, seven million four hundred dirty wow. Well, how did I make that mistake? His night conscious? it is estimated to be worth as much as what does that say? One thousand. one billion billion dollars if China detains forcefully, if China detainees
forcefully get their organs harvested wow. What a difficult week, Philip and in the NBA Hashtag contact pro Hong Kong protests. So this guy Sir Valley, the bronze era we ve had a difficult week with this yeah people in China have, in their organs, ripped out this kind of difficult to sort of painful The Uyghurs following gang members, others have been persecuted by China, but Lebron doesn't want any kind of anybody commenting on that, because people could be heard financially. What like Leubronn and Nike significant business footprint in China, significant. The same Nike that has a up to a bill in dollars deal with the broad that guy you know. I said this is a job for the show and will repeat it here, because it was good people in the United States will forgive
listen folks, I'm not I'm not naive to the fact that international economics is complicated and the ethics and morals over tough they are. There are companies that do business in China can control everything that goes on there and there is some unethical business behaviour, and the answer is that, while this company should pull up some can't, ladies and gentlemen, if they who these multinationals go. Wonder costing people here. You know millions of dollars and revenue, I'm not naive to that. I'm not pretending, It is a simple moral, black or white situation, and I am not suggesting you too, I naturally that either, but unlike Leubronn, there is absolutely no question, That what China is doing to suppress the people of Hong Kong and attacking liberty in this country is an international disgrace and you simultaneously have to positions and save yourself. Listen everyone. We should
Freedom all over the world, even if your business person and say as our business partner, we will always push for those things. That's not what he said. He attacked a guy whose supporting the Hong Kong protesters, and I claim that the guy was making decisions at of selfishness when the bronze, the one who has the selfish business, deals what a fraud, what a total phony folks, I don't speak with forked tongue- is Joe and Paula, both known you know we don't take every deal here either. No, we don't believe me how to turn a few down at. but you're, not an aim that is there. But I honestly I'm not trying to make us about us at all, and I forgive me I mean it like you turn their I'm just trying to suggest you. There are some principle people out there
not every single company. Ever we do business will now. I cant do a background check on every employee and neither should multinationals. They can't be expected to police. We single action worldwide dinner the assets, but we know what's going on with Hong Kong right now, we know why their protests thing for their freedom. international arrangement, the Chinese, had with the United Kingdom, that's not being respected stopping at a phoney abroad. Someone told me don't comment on that: you're gonna to get emails from the, but why would you think I care about that. I already told you, but you know, mad respect for the guy's basketball skills and is based. Secondly, the guy's got a billion dollar contract. I don't have that. God bless you man, but don't be a fraud about an array tack in the other guy you kidding me are you know what
This tomorrow, folks, please don't waste time. Our show, I know tee stubbornly. Did it's really been a stack show today and I wanted to kind of summit are very quickly, but tomorrow I want to get through this ABC tweak as its import Matt Columbo, my resident fact checker, who, by the way I've ever mention. Well, if you like mats work on our website, he is a secular website called the bunk this, where he debunks liberal nonsense. All the time he is book is out, it's been out, you guys and Ladys drove it. There were best seller, the best seller list on Amazon, it's called the bank. This is book and it handles all this go check it out: MAD Colombo and Amazon, Bourns ennoble. It's a really great book. The boy
this homage to cover a piece tomorrow where he just eviscerate this ridiculous ABC tweet about Millennials their income college dead. It's very, very good. I'm gonna get that mark, but I just want to sum this up by putting this last story out their folks, we been monitored judicial watch confidence group has uncovered some potentially devastating information. The story I'm telling you about Ukraine, Joe Biden and his son. John by being the point, then, on Ukraine, while his sons getting money from Ukraine, ukrainians flying over the United States on at the at the behest of Clinton Mega donors to exchange information with people Valverde Obama, national security infrastructure people attacking Donald Trump during the election. This is all a hoax and its chuck tired. You see how the sole show weaves in together, let's gas lighting.
Boarding the chuck time everything I've been tellin? You is some big joke and where a bunch of conspiracy theories right. that's an according to judicial journalists Town all as an ice right upon this judicial wash peace. I want you to see the names of the people who are being manner. Why were we being monitored if every experience, has shown us that a judicial watch investigative ass, the Ukrainian up an ambassador, ordered state department, tomorrow journalists and tromp allies laws and ice right up on this judicial watch peace. I want you to see the names of the people who are being minor. Why we being monitored. If everything we ve been putting out, there is all false. Here's, a piecemeal for the show notes you should watch, believes the State Department, despite a conservative journalists and Trump allies, Heres a list, Jack go back Donald Trump Junior, Lord Ingram Sean Amity MIKE Mc fall
Dan Bond GINO rising, Rudy Giuliani Sebastian, Gorka John Solomon Lou Dobbs, PAMELA Geller and Sarah Carter. Folks, if everything I'm telling she umbrella Ukraine, David Kramer, the Mccain Institute Pincher, all these connections, I've been painting for you for the last two years and in my books, if it's all crazy, then why were they watch us, though, Mr Marsh, showing more that thanks for everything, please against discards, my Youtube Channel Youtube COM, Slash Mancino, trying to get those three hundred thousand subscribers we're almost there also subscribe to the audio podcast, an apple podcast, Google, podcast, Iheart Radioset.
Clayton S where we really appreciate its always free? Where we see a few thanks folks, I really appreciate your patients. While we get this new studio up and running. Thank you so much. I see what you just said. Dan bungee knows you can also get dance Pontiac soon I tunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter, twenty four seven at DU, bon GINO.