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They’re Lying to You, Again! (Ep 1068)

2019-09-17 | 🔗

In this episode, I address the latest intelligence community “leak” and the real reason behind it. I also address a game changing attack overseas and my concerns about our security future. News Picks:The NY Times new Kavanaugh “witness” is a Clinton lawyer!


The drone attack in Saudi Arabia is a game-changer.


This story from Yahoo News is a deliberate leak designed to distract you ahead of the IG report release. 


The chances of a Trump 2020 victory increased after the disastrous Democrat debate.


Democrats want universal background checks as the first step to a gun registry.


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ready to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee no i told you i warned you i might say hey joe folks by gino rule please please that i believe with the greatest of respect asking you as loyal listeners and friends that the show and people have communicated with an email please did you not report a perceived eighty tromp the cavanaugh eighty jean pierre de conservative story you hear from me times the worst washington post until you ve given it twenty forty seventy two hours we now see the cabinets we are discussing a new allegations against supreme court justice bread cabinet have now been thoroughly completely discredited the bug ladies and gentlemen the story was a hoax i got that i've got these drones
acting in saudi arabia for my old security perspective what is a big deal also i have for you another leak strategically time from the intelligence community first very specific reason that they are not telling you in this story don't go anywhere welcome the budget are shall pretty should show how are you today means good to be back after being off keep everything up to snuff you know given the listen viewers that high quality they want and deserve yes but to be here while i was sprout yeah that was how did you get your jody behind the scenes of yesterday ruiz schedule this week you all saying we want here like that we will make it up don't worry i will not miss out on the story but where you have a recording skinner's report shows been a victim of one reminding my work they second book on this it gave scandal exonerated comes out a week from today dave you priority now at amazon bonds ennoble the store
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created lawyer a guy named style whose as we heard from someone that cavanaugh may have done this thing that the alleged victim of this thing says as no recollection of it actually happening now what's this is all coming from a book joe had they picked excerpts from both the rapporteur and their new york times story right joe question for you cuz i didn't have an audience of buds when you if you were going to print a story that this guy joey bagger doughnuts not negatively exposed himself to this person right yeah if you're gonna print and there's a book written about it do you think it's import to include the ex in the book where the alleged victor this behaviour says she does recall the incident i'm just not with that attitude if it gets important duty and i think that that would be very very important thank you producer job you joe you now joe who is not a journalist bite aid is inherently a better journalists then the sleeves
also the new york times who we left that extra about i warned you on monday i shall be very careful of this story now we see this editors note the new york slides having and humiliating lee embarrassingly walk back a another absurd allegation here we go editors notes a member of it twenty nineteen your version of this article which was adapted from a book did not include one element of the books account regarding an assertion by a yell classmate bread cabinet that he pushed his into and of a female student at a drunken doin party the buck reports that the female students declined to be interviewed and friends say she does not recall the incident the information has been added to the article algae thank you thanks a lot he probably now little margaret there well thanks a million this very
listed by the way sent this they pop plant that's jim more why didn't you play off like a gym play house there this is really funny thing i could shipments play off folks who is the key part of the story that the alleged victims she has no idea what everybody is talking about you kapital victim when you're gonna let you you're a victim mike i warned you yesterday cover this so we're gonna move on i you're going to out of this on the news today and as you know i like to get to the stuff you're not going to see on the news to sell pull a plot pleas for the love of everything that's good please apply the bonn gino role with these stories to avoid acting like the new york times and have to constantly face plan it's humiliating just wait twenty four hours the story will be debunked bunked ok moving
so are fox news reporting on this really devastating attack happened over the weak couldn't get new it yesterday had a stack show this drone attack on the saudi arabian oil facility fox news stephen source damage from our i ran link drone attack on sell your facility captured in satellite images the damage with significant folks other backing to spend a ton of time on this i just i wrote about this in one of my books i didn't it's called protecting the president where i write about the secret service and ways to fix it and some of the problems i see in the future it wasn't best selling both but it wasn't designed to be i wrote it s kind of a cautionary tale about ways we can fix things i really i did not believe me i tell you it did not write this book is a moneymaker my by lovely spouse can attest to that i did not get a lot of my job want a lot of money for it i really wrote the book cuz i just want it on the record that the agency i work for a terrific but there were flaws and i think the flaws and some of what we do
are not due to them they know what the problems are it's just due to politicians and bureaucrats you hover over them so long story short i warned about this drone problem this drone problem is going to get worse it is in germany it's going to get dramatically worse i'm not recommending some massive government intervention where we ban drones please i give you my email but that's not what i'm saying period as it i'm saying i'm simply suggesting to you we are going to have to develop syria countermeasures to this problem the military has some of em now but some of their solutions are not practical in the civilian work here's a couple we're gonna have with this drone problem from my perspective haven't been on the inside when this first started one is obvious when i was an agent at the white house if you a drone break the security parameter in contrast is a ground break a brake on the ground of the words that say we'd be at the white house and without
bring up security secrets everything's it's called the break this area we have a break in zone whatever so what would happen an agent or uniform division officer would go out usually uniformed vision after they check out where the break or the alarm trip was an you'd here over the radio nine hundred ninety nine out of ten times clear lots of times you dear clear you know wildlife like it was just the squirrel or something like that but we ve been check it out well yes use obvious jonah jd knows this is a very soon well the issues obvious jonah jd noses because every discuss other show before we can why it's really hard to go check a drone because we can't fly it's not impossible there are other technologies you have i know you have other systems i'd say that can detect these things but you can't just fly up we say oh don't worry it's just the drone from some knucklehead trying to get a look at the white house right so the fact their airborne alone creates an obvious security issue
negation of the threat in determining its not a threat is difficult because we can get it we need technology that's what we don't need for a ground braced that's obvious sub breaking news here the other issue we have with this but i say that i know it's obvious but i say that because when you see something think about it they leave that out of it the mixed it these are really hard to clear these threats because of that obvious fact secondly much more important and not so obvious is the way to it set these guys we can't fly to them at least whether we need technique i urge you to do it the way to intercept them is to find out the communication patterns and to interrupt a lot of these drones have be communicated with an operator sir move on ladies and gentlemen do not that's the real problem i wrote about my other book on protecting the president now means that some of these now can go on and you ask them replant planned yes because there's no communication so it's gonna require
some hard interception or some hard for other mechanics there's no operator of the operator punches in the cord is boom goes folks it's gonna be a big huge problem in the future i was it the dam the dumb but of those papers in the u k one of the bigger ones actually quoted my book to this end the skype is on top of that i just say it as a warning to anyone out there has a facility anew facility and oil facility financial facilities other facilities it may become the targets of terror tat you really it'll be looking into this stuff there's some texts ology out there's some interception based equipment you really need to be but this because this is only going to get worse are moving on but an important story nonetheless the leaks ladies and gentlemen day just i'm it's it's just so transparent what's going on
in light of what happened last week with the latest leak from the intelligence community that we had an extra trade this russian spy from russia who is so valuable in the russian collusion case in getting the bottom of the collusion in the city for two i too am impact our elections would vladimir remember that story last week i told you that with a strategically time yet and that league with strategically timed why folks the idea report is in i discuss this yesterday it's about to draw publicly soon maybe in the next few weeks maybe in the next month when i get information on it i will obviously pass it on the report is in the process now being declassified meeting fbi officials the oj officials and probably people some of maybe leaking too in the intelligence community our reading through it director general's pfizer report now of the massive spying scandal on the trump team and how they abuse the pfizer course joe and they are probably saying
a boy there probably say poplars you're probably say we are in a world of trouble so what are they doing folks please see through stuff see what i'm here for if you don't have the time to study this autumn drive you don't you have lives you're working for let me that's what i'm here for the leak last week of the source in russia they had a pull out a russia because allegedly trump burn them false fake news story that was done to give the f the i cover so they could say later on look this guy was so serious our source in russia was so serious we had pull him out because we thought his life was endanger therefore when screwed up as the report which is about to be released is going to say my bag but it was very serious that was the purpose of that there is a new leak that is just surface that i'm gonna tell you what really going idea so we yahoo news very rarely do
use more than a few screen caps from one article i mean gonna want to put the whole article but i will put the article up in the show notes today although i hate to give them the collects but it's important to read this and understand which really going on here is a peace by our citizens dwarf men gentle mclaughlin and sean naylor report have reporters this is funny yo nuth and reporters now right sure i'm exclusive russia carried out a study just stunning breach of the fbi communication system which escalate despite game i knew a soil studying astonishing overwhelming unprecedented now let me get you first and i will put this type of solidarity which is really going to try to
i know you know where i'm going with this i promise a lot of the liberals and the artist will be stunned by this cuz i think this really is a study new we when i give you the date of when this actually happened you're going to laugh at me here's what's really going on the headline in this story is that we kicked out he's russian diplomats from maryland in new york at the last days of the obama administration i saw these tell the diplomats remember right the russian plot to infiltrate and over king them out because of their right right the russian plot to infiltrate and over throw the election results obama was so mad these russia's that that was the original story that was the firstly great why are they changing the story now so the yahoo new story which is about that same incident the brain obama turns out from maryland the new york because of their platter
europe our election process in evil traded why is the story changing well let's go to the yahoo peace the story is changing there trying to change it so we learn from the yahoo peace that on december twenty night the obama administration announced it was giving nearly three dozen rush three dozen russian diplomats just said two hours to leave the u s it was ceasing to rural east coastal states owned by the russian government as the russians burn papers and scrambled pack their bags the kremlin protested the treatment i did these compounds the dockers we're anything but then vacation spots for their personal i've not covering for the russians they were pull out of there was probably a really big deal they probably worse buying out there but just to be clear your second stage
this all happened on december symbol twenty night in the waning days the obama administration something else happened right around that time to order on oh don't go don't go anywhere we will get to that now the whole story and shit but let's continue with the yahoo peace we can set up to now so now we know yahoo saying this was really serious the obama found so that's your bob administration at the end of december the obama administration quoting yahoo public rationale for the explosions in expulsions enclosures the horses you u s diplomatic reply of repair it was taken against russian several decades was retaliate for russian meddling in the twenty sixteen election but there certain other credit oh i see great reason why those
ok since a diplomats retarget shall we are spite although these this other secret reason we have not heard of untold just today dave leaked everything including trump lights to watch you may remember that starts from paralysed and watch tv the morning in his robe and checked i echo everything about up has been leaked about spiky decade damage trump but real reason obama expelled these diplomats joe s secret i tell now while must be a bombshell by these reports because i hear now they're setting up the new member the old reason was rushing efforts free with the election why we the changes are here we got here we start to tell the new story ok again with a broad effort to try and penetrate our most sensitive operation set of former cia official gee i wonder if he's connected the brenner now no chance goes on american
officials discovered that the russians have dramatically improve their ability to equip certain types of secure communications and had track devices used by elite of i surveillance seems oh no oh my gosh officials also feared that the russian may have devised other ways to monitor u s intel including hacking into computers not connected to the internet why mine blowing joe is that new reason i'll keep in mind the old don't forget the old reason was the russian collusion russian interference that reason serve the purpose at that time on this we're twenty night i'm gonna get to now we see the transfer to the new reason and the new reason is this explosive i should ability to de crypt all this stuff why well thought out over
does it flag holding me are you yeah reap waivers there we go about let's out the day job check out the day yes on when this new reason got moving off how do you mean you can read this all yourself there provisos fbi systems occurred not i gave to the white house is twenty ten twenty had hit that i read that we read this against the compromise of fbi systems occurred not long after the white house is twenty any decision to arrest expose agreed of illegals russian opera tibet is american society what you ve just to be clear our way because i think this is great here cause so now this happened in twenty ten expulsion happens at twenty sixty so they waited six years i guess after because god forbid you know you do it when it happens here we go here comes reporters list
this is this a work of art by them this is just basic just a few after these illegal russians they're talking about pleaded guilty in july twenty can the f b i opened a new investigation into a group of new york base under cover russian until after ah is russian spies the f b i discovered were attempting to reach a ring of u s assets a carter page here we go high back trump an american businessman would later act as a foreign policy advisor the donald trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential election really i mean after almost applaud you on the on your stupidity i mean because you think we're dumb you really think we're stupid so just to be clear narrative was and their hiding i still haven't told you what their hiding there's a reason because if you look at the back story what their hiding will make no sense the old story
we find out when we get to the end of the peace that the allegations actually serve for six years earlier nothing was done to interfere in the election we find out when we get to the end of the peace the allegations actually serve for six years earlier nothing was done but they serve after they started investigating this rush inspiring and carter page trump card had something to do with a notice a key fact joe they leave out i oh i'm gonna get you already know so i'm not put on the audience ombudsman how but the key act they leave out of that carter page peace is that carter page was it informant the fbi in that case it s he was helping the fbi he was helping them get these by the periodic off case carter page
fbi in form and in that case they leave that out conveniently because are not real report we get that but there try they're trying again to say this now i'll give you that tie it altogether and i'll tell you what they really hiding there trying to suggest that a twenty sixteen removal spies wasn't just due to russian interference but it was really do to this russian spy operation that was so serious and that trump people had a lot to do with it and therefore that's what we should really have our right here early to keep eyeballs on what are they hiding let's go to the washington post peace is fascinating back you very nice like a few times in washington post isle of apollo whatsoever democracy dies in the dark
you guys are the documents are you kidding me watch the boughs carolina may sixteen twenty nineteen arousal and held them judge orders public release of what might flynn said in a call to the russian ambassador what does that have to do with this story well let's put up a little portion of that washington post peace in the december twenty sixteen call way urge that the kremlin market to round up about u s sanctions that president obama had just announced against russia and to give trump tied to take office that conversation some twenty six team intercepted by you intel raise grave concerns about russian secret and frequent contact with trumpet lies in advisers during the campaign and before his inauguration wow so now we know
few things joe we know that they yahoo news alleged journalists out there are very concerned about the eye g report that's about the drop very soon we also know they're very concerned that the original story the media told that these russians were kicked out around december twenty nine that we care with that original story anymore more we have to go with a new story and the news stories the russians worse i am not us and we found them in trump people carter pagers involve why are they flipping the script their flipping the script ladies and gentlemen and if your regular listener you already know because that kicking out of the russian lamar set expulsion by the obama administration ministration convenient he took place right around the time national security adviser might flynn the appointed in coming secure adviser by donald trump had taken a briefing asian overseas than the dominican republic
mike flynn was a noted obama administration enemy on i ran policy wasn't it the united states use enemy the obama administration the obama administration couldn't stand mike winters a patriot saw the writing on the wall was a known enemy of the obama administration they are targeted aim as far back as twenty fifteen in a spying operation mike when was the incoming national secure adviser they had to get out my foot new a lot of what was going on behind the scenes of the obama administration he is the one guy they one guy obama worn trump about personally because he was afraid of what flynn knew now the idea report about this pfizer things about to drop and all of a sudden we get a hey look over here about that december twenty ninth expulsion ladies and gentlemen why did it really happen that expulsion but not because of yeah whose new kindly the call made up fake news reason it happened because they waited
for referring to leave the country knowing when they kick these russian diplomats out that fleet the incoming national security adviser was going to have a conversation with the russian ambassador kisyak they waited from the if the country for his guard to be down of course they were monitoring and spying on him in the circumstances that by the way are not as clear cut as even people thing don't be quick to blame it on masking the open questions with wise on flynn to they way it for him to leave where he wouldn't have access a lot of those secure coms where he wouldn't have summit access to its security network he would have had and they monitors is phone call matters folk matters call getting him to talk about this on those lines for the soul purpose of using it later in either a logan act violation which was proposed by sally aids or when she went to the white house and see
yes that there may be a logan act and blackmail problem or they were going to use it later to get him on a false statements charge the fbi ladies and gentlemen this was set up it wasn't obvious set up the whole time that exposed we ve done because they want to create some turbulence within the russian security community and political and diplomatic immunity to get flynn other tromp people on the phone to talk about it to advance their collusion narrative that's why who news is spinning the story now to say not only wasn't about that anymore they're trying to get out ahead of it just like the new york times was you dig that makes sense bunch of idle exactly what their covering a guess yeah yeah makes sense if folks daniel do
you i am sorry but you cannot instruct the media anymore listen i do we need a free media i m not suggesting any political intervention but in the free but they are free to be free and they are free to be stupid but they assume your stupid to please translate what is they're right now it is critical you have to learn translate this stuff these leaks are being done distract you walk squirrel we kicked out the russians because of any kind don't carter page no we kicked out the russians to blackmail mike flint and you may see something like that surface that's what's really go i've got a stack shoulder had got the critical article about why democrats really want universal background checks while the article covers up and i want to tell you which really gonna have also goddamn story about this
nbc framing of her up the up i'll get through to please don't go anywhere support it just goes to show you again how people frame stories to get you believe some it's absolutely not sure but an important story but almost universal background checks they regulation also partly by our bodies break ass nutrition there it is the best interests and supplement right now my bottle foundation have a couple of these one having opened yet i got a couple more inside foundation by brick ass nutrition what is this why do you need this this is a creating atp blunt folks discuss three things why and i always s don't take my word for it please i'm about making that up a self confident of this product britain eighty four eighty people and will make you look better feel better perform better you don't believe me take the day by gino mere test go give yourself a look see in a myriad of take pictures or anything in all of its weirdo whatever just take a look think a mental snapshot of what you look give it about seven days for the product to work foundation velvet brick house nutrition that consular stand give
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lose this opportunity look better feel better perform better today go check it out pick up foundation brick house nutrition that calm slashed end this is worth your time ok quick story before i move out of it don't worry i wanted to get to this last week s interesting piece by joseph sternberg at the wall street journal and i know they get some backlash on this story and it's ok i'm not here why do you i'm here to tell you what i believe economic truth is the financial fiscal and monetary truth in the future and some of them others you that's not my intention my intention is weak to tell you that we can solve these problems i discussed on yesterday's show without economist story with a flowing grow productive economy we can solve some of our debt issues but we have to recognise we have a problem first there's a lot of this see no evil here no evil such sternberg peace is a good one how do you tax a baby boomers a smaller labour force were forced the cat demanded turned to consumption and wealth the fund old age benefits here's the core the story there are three times ways in three worries i have i'm dead i want
gotta be aware social security ladies and gentlemen and medicare are currently eating up fifty percent of our budget and it is gonna be a lot more in the future as our population ages this is a significant problem before we had just put it in perspective because people are confused sometimes about how much money we spend federally and what spend it on people think that safety at programmes welfare and others although we spend a lot too much in these posts they think that's the over coming portion the federal budget ladies and gentlemen it is not those safety net grants are only nine percent of federal spending as of twenty seven team we have more for complete dataset who keep that in mind less than ten percent of another it's already too much but i'm just trying to give you some perspective on our debt deficit problem how bad it is where the money is being spent our safety net programmes that things like the income tax credit and others
only less than ten percent of our federal budget defence spending people think you talk the liberals they think that's ninety percent of our federal budget is spent all the money the fence no in fifteen percent are there trims we can get their productivity enhancements sure cost savings of course nobody can be exempt where they were looking at a fiscal apocalypse renal fix a debt situation folks health care medicaid medicare s chip and others obamacare is twenty six percent itself it almost double what we spend on defence social turkey is twenty four percent the drivers of our budget album are these entitlement programmes we have to fix them we don't have the money i've given you suggestions i'm not going to leave you out there stranded i don't suggest any changes for people or fear five in order because they were made
this is by our government which is us our govern our government failed these people live these people took their money and spent in flustered down the toilet bore but twenty times there's no trust fund the trust fund was taken and spent having said that people fifty four when younger we have to look at changes now sternberg peace addresses three possible changes and all three options right now the options to pay off this growing entitlement basically burden we have to pay these off there's only three the period number one because the workforce issue the king gos people are aging out of the workforce we would have to tax working people more fox it there's no other way the workforce is shrinking baby boomers or aging out where they won't pay taxes anymore but they'll be net recipients of textiles or social security in many cases some that also must obey capital gains others real estate local taxes things like that but
what are the solutions will have to be to tax be working people more there's no other way on the taxpayer if you're going to base it on income taxes on income tax the second when we can look at a consumption tax folks are not suggesting any of these by the way i'm suggesting the third way between got to yet but folks the irony of a consumption tax which i discussed yesterday as well is a tax at every level of production is basically a minor sales tax on you the consumer is that who does consumption tax effect most the poor the middle class because consumption is off their income is a higher percentage what they spend on food and clothing is a far more significant percentage of their income than what wealthy people do again i addressed that yesterday that would be a regressive middle class tax to pay of these entitlements in that poor
number two solutions yeah is a wealth packs a wealth tax who wealth packs affect every consumption tax with a hammer the poor and middle class who do you think a wealth tax would attack the most folks whose wealthier as a group of people our baby boomers or twenty thirty year olds just a guess or that they give you a second i think about that the wealthy obvious as measured by a group of people based on just they chronological amount of time in the workforce are our older americans because accumulated more wealth because they ve worked longer this it's not hard to figure out some four knock do what in contacts the number one solution the second solutions that consumption tax in that body while the consumption that we may have to do a wealth tax due which would ironically take away
the very same muddy we're giving the seniors as the social security benefit what good is ass have you a hundred hours more or month idiot benefit we're gonna tax you two hundred more how does that help eighty answer is it does it of course there's a third way folks we are going to have to do something to reform these entitlements for people fifty five and younger in the future there is just no other way if you're going to x the working class more you're going to get less work everybody noses eddie base econ one wants to attack something you get less of it you gotta tax consumption more you're gonna get less you gonna hammer the middle class union attacks well you're going to have for the same seniors you think you're helping third you're gonna die and tat you can cut you have two you have to do something to cut died in which you have to either make them personal accounts you're gonna have to give up
some kind of of a personal health care system without third party pay or problems of government there is other way when we recognise that problem we can finally fix it ignoring it is doing absolutely nothing for us i don't want to get to the story about universal background checks in the semi see story to because it surely get me a fury and finally our last a sponsor the day mad sweet lady jane you don't know your numbers you don't know your business but the price growing businesses that keeps him from knowing their numbers is their hodgepodge business systems they have won in inventory system for accounting she's we once this for accounting other for sales and other free inventory and so on its an inefficient mass we use sweet here upon gino ache in our house we have to we be lost taking up too much time me resources that hurts the bottom line nets we buy oracles the business management software that handles every aspect of your growing business in an easy to use cloud tat a platform giving you the visibility and control you need well your business so
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background checks with the democrats and as always we should be asking ourselves why why why why do they want to do a quote universal background check top democrats tell trump gun bill tell trump gun bill must include you background checks have you thought this through why they really want this ladies gentlemen overwhelming majority a firearm purchases in that country overwhelming welcoming background check the background check firearm she's from either firearms dealers are gunshots that was a gun show loophole there's no gun show loophole if you buy fire many gun show in a private sale like you would outside of a gunshot then there is oh legal requirement for a background check that is not a loophole that's actual law now folks what are they really looking for with universal background checks and you thought about this
folks what they really want is a gun reggie yet if they get through why folks so few of the illegal firearms on the street cause this carnage and an inch i'll go in big cities elsewhere shriek crime these these these targeted violent shooters the wellmere majority these firearms are bought illegally giving a law about background checks will not impact criminals don't care about the law news flash that's what makes them criminals so if you have the ask yourself as i do every morning when i wake up well what are they rose really trying to do here if they understand that a system of quote universal nothing's gonna be universal back brown checks what are they really trying to do ladies and gentlemen liberals have wanted a registry of firearms for years they want to list
joe what do you think they want to list i'm destroyed his adversary if you sign up those who want to list the gun or something by getting your guns i think some bad that it is in the summer cost is right i hope you will be right job that's why i missed you yesterday it shows is not the same thing it ain't no of course that way when the liberals institute their new bands which start with as bait oh said he should pay a beta robert francis patel rourke wants take your god sees how yeah we're gonna take your guns ladies and gentlemen it will not stop you think this is good start at rifles sporting rifles you think this is gonna stoppage i'd go this is going to be every firearm in america and the only way they can do that is by creating a list because think about it this track of that and if they don't know when they can't get a registry of who owns tat drives him crazy they want to know
to my brother one time we were both secret services i had no need for any more was him to me i forget but the fact that the governor lose track of that and that aid no when they can't get a registry who owns tat drives and crazy they want to know everything and the reason they want to know everything is because what beta set metabolic debate eyes fully pulled away that we now we see the wizard the cartons been pulled back they want your firearms but to get them they need to know they're yours and a universal background checks system there recommending is really a back door to a gun registry ladies and gentlemen make no mistake learn to see with their really doing there's nature never what they say there doing the democrats you can't trust him ok two more quick was this nbc stories really infuriating i just why quickly put this up the show you have framing works framing works because what
you don't understand how to see through the framing you get nail by these stories to so historian nbc by this trend gender the cafe worker was fire after kicking out a conservative activists the conservative activists was with the nebraska family eliza quote profile of airport then quoth pro family lobbying group that campaigns against algae bt curate so by reading headline of this story what's this i'm sure you walk away with that is the trans individual in question transgender person was fired because they were transgender and in the the conservative activists walked into this point what's the name of this place it's some kind of a cafe express osha so conservative act response was a woman by the name of maryland cynic who works from the nebraska family allies they don't tell you in the story number
on the orders of the place of already come out said aid were really liberal like we just want you to know that like we're liberal joe the one he walked into the play sat down and was immediately confronted by the strange gender person who comes out the woman does nothing wrong whereby there no account through this story says what the so did the woman a conservative the walks in says nothing to this trend gender person nothing about about major exhort i want to give the because then they make a martyrs there's a reason i'm doing this and the transgender employee walks up there but whose done nothing said nothing regular customer and says quote i thought i recognize you you should get the f out and never come back billy does not that the woman because you're perfect there's nothing my
so instead of the real headline being employed fired being dishonest and rude to customer paying customers headline becomes and its framed in a way to make you believe the transgender person was fired because they were transgender and the person was a conservative agnes that's not what happened the headline of this story is very simple it has nothing to do at all with this person being transgender this is a non story because the story is rude doctors employ treats paying customers like garbage cos there's atom in threatens them and gets fire but that's not a story in the liberal media like nbc so it has to be framed this pro family person dared to walk in and this eve transgender person confront sir and throws around in nonsense this is how we get hold nonsense
a simple story joe about an obnoxious human being who treated someone else like crap in a business with a paint customer and god can end the story thank you moving on there's nothing more to report that is the story my gosh they have to always spin this stuff it's outrageous meanwhile joe you know is the rolls were reversed i always atto here you know man location with a guy de and a liberal walked in and the liberal said nothing and sat down and paid and a maga hat wearing owner walked out so you need to get the f out of my place oh my the media be all of to raise bloated trump psychopath brave liberal activate such we asked is pathetic doors smells good i pointed out that it was really good because
a lot of times you don't know you're get work you don't understand the framing of a story and how it that's enough but that was good have been very people have to know that you don't even know if people are why they do this now joe they do it because they know and it's not your fault not knocking the audience i'm not believe things through our work as i do this do so in the interests of expediency because we all are busy life my shown prep takes a long time yet i don't read every single story i see on twitter i can't there's a quadrillion stories i think they know joe most of us want red passing heavy yes and they figure that by the time that what happened in the russia story when you find out that three quarters way down the peace this happened in twenty tell yes but it's the same way here as long as a headline is trans person i'm doing my guys guys cried driver did private they know and it's really a shame but it takes people like us to go on he went about this nonsense every day ass my last story there
but an important i wanted to cover this last week but again suffer you have heard the mainstream media because what california latest journalist is typically an incubator for liberal policies that will happen elsewhere i saw this in the book state of maryland when i lived there you see these policies it started blue states sound early ridiculous they minder pass a big controversy in maryland right now montgomery county pact if the machine marking to organise the really big rally down there against their just disgraceful immigration policies there now prohibiting montgomery county folks in maryland from having their local officers contact ice and we ve seen an explosion in actual assaults by illegal immigrants and montgomery county if so is it port we get these stories out their people talk about them and these incubator policies we see imbues states can go my but there is a california story last week that was fascinate you may maybe a topic you may not find interesting but it speaks to again the utter failure of liberalism to grasp economic reality ever was what a tory aboard the world's d
miss housing policy first caliphate it makes homes unaffordable then it imposes statewide right control what is a story about ladies gentlemen california has some of highest housing price is anywhere in the country if you ve been to california my wife and i are going to see if you visit there often but often enough for us and i i've said and i'm i mean this i'm not getting around i really california i've never been treated obnoxious by any one in california i mean it we gotta we ve spent time los angeles beverly hills i where were we mt view pallaby give that speech mountain which is very a very liberal area was at mount view yeah we spent the people there were wonderful i never add one ill word said to me i'm not getting so that the our foreign residents you stay behind and fight the good fight and listen even the liberals in california some of em on forty very feel what sort of a more tolerant of others police good for you are you vote do your thing but there is unfortunately
the eight a psychotic far left liberal base in california that's ruining this day so what's it just to this story the reason you can't buy a house in california in many of these high population areas is precisely because they have absolutely draconian zoning was you want to build on that plot job we need sixty two thousand five hundred and forty six environment the waivers first when you're done with the environment the waivers we need those what those realtors from beverly hills realestate show our rapporteur come ethic lived there check box or whenever there is probably a forty thousand page manual on how to build a home in los angeles now put yourself in a builder put yourself in their shoes if forty two thousand pages of the california construction code environmental laws have to be followed who do you think's paying the higher lawyers and specialists to do that the builders to recoup their
body on the building project they have to charge extraordinary amounts of money when you combine that with california nimby ism not my backyard you any problem ere you ain't bill than air you april there what are you have you have a recipe for explode of housing costs even higher red sometimes now is that of seeing through this like the mayor of san diego who is a republican who had an interesting interview in the wall street journal this week and by the way talking about producer republican mayor in san diego i gotta be asked me i was a little i was unaware that can surprise he's the only mayor republican in the country in a city of a million or more which was an interesting statistic the rest he became the republican mayor one of his tenants is what he calls mba some young bs for yes in my back yard he came out and said no we are not going to accept these high housing prices i don't know the guy i'm not vouchsafe i'm just saying i've read some of the portions of speech he said not are women
to build more and the building more homes and apartments is what's gonna buy supply and demand the one wanna one bring down the prices california joe instead of is the state instead of seeing this decides that rent control so another way to spike rents through the roof rent control putting a limit on every time you see a price control what do you see you see greece demand but why why would you want crease demand why would you see increased demand if the rent control procedures but if you get a price in apartment below with that apartment should actually costs than a market increase people gonna demanded if you're pricey corvette it a thousand dollars rather than a hundred thousand some of the elite ones are worth then you're going to see a bunch people demanding corvettes you're gonna see decreased why why because you're not gonna build up you can't make money on just like you're not gonna build corvettes you can't make money you also see black our in quality problems ray single time you see a price control you see those four things rank controls no different
increase the man a decrease supply instead of the oh yeah liberals and i use that term sarcastically in cash forty figure this out they have double down joe and now they want to put a state wide five percent cap on rents and other stay wide range of controlled whence they looks like new survey site so you have high rent costs because of rent control so let's added they stay by now they point out the editorial board peace what's wrong we gonna happen now well and i quote the red cap couldn't come landlords the to increase rents up to the five percent limit each year other than actually responding to the market not are you could put that debate that is going to happen i could that will happen landowners might also decided more profitable to convert build these the condos which would further limit talk of rentals the biggest harm so far but the increase uncertainty for developers building permits in the
for seven months this year fallen seventy percent compared to twenty eighteen despite an increase in state subsidies the only other time building permits a plunge by this much where during recessions folks as i've said europe liberalism is a cancer it is the religion of the stupid i am sorry if that offend you but it is true it is a pity oh who believe in liberalism are devoid of facts or reality they don't live in the real we're all they live in a fantasy land the problem is that would be ok a lot of you eleven fantasy lands for a variety of different reasons but when you are liberal fantasy land destroys the lives of others you can find a house can't read than apartment camp fire ando and can't house themselves in your great state of california because of precisely what you're doing you are drawing the lives of others and you are the problem
folks thanks again for tuna and i really appreciate again please pick up a copy of my books coming out next week i really want to crack the top ten on amazon mean a lot to me and i appreciate your support some majority picked it up already thank you very much upon amazon barnes ennoble as well exonerated that's out now can be out on a shoot me out a next tuesday but if you are now to be there just in time it is the back story of the movie script plot how this was all all drawn out in advance none of this stuff they tried against trump with new you're gonna be sorry i offer i really appreciate it thanks for tuna in a sea are you just heard tan bonn genomes yeah you can also get dance podcast zone itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at de bonn gino
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