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They’re Trying it Again! # 1036 (Ep 1036)

2019-08-02 | 🔗

In this episode I address the astonishing charges leveled at this Democrat which mirror the “collusion” charges against the Trump team. I also address the latest jobs numbers and the breaking news about China. Finally, I address the real story behind what’s going on with Jim Comey.

 News Picks:Solid news: 164,000 new jobs in July.

The Obama camp isn’t happy with sleepy Joe Biden.

If Baltimore were a country it would be the third most dangerous country on the planet.

Unbelievable! They’re trying the Russian collusion scam again!

This company is losing billions of dollars after its disastrous decision to cater to liberal social justice warriors.

While the lunatic left was busy throwing out absurd charges of racism and collusion McConnell was busy getting Trump’s judicial picks confirmed.

The trade war with China heats up.

My first New York book signing. Here’s the information.

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waiting to hear the truth about america on a showed its not immune to the banks with your host dan bungee now welcome to the damp argued our show good to see you all produce to show how are you re at my right i do a very very ever you know last friday we had a hiccup before the show sir jos it's friday was cut a little short because he had with why so he s vocal course worthy exhausted couple quick analysis than the one it is a special day in the annals of the history of the world it is time for a multi day extravaganza the equivalent of marty grass in down in the in the wheezy annie in new orleans this is it really is intergalactic celebration of celebration of course i say that with a little as sarcasm is my wife
was party she wanted six today putting its just a couple anniversaries passed twenty six yes amazing she is the best thing that ever happened to me so a big happy birthday to my wife and my dad to buy food other terrorist share the same birthday wishes ironic because i share the same please what my death these we got it all out of the way at the same time they happy birthday burnt standing of adding yeah yeah yeah man he's a cold cathy and one more thing my first new york book signing ever you know i don't do a lot of book signings i only usually do two or three taxi asia did you want to have their he's about by works i think it is time we gotta do like two or three backs new york september twenty four tuesday seven p m book review that's our evie you tuesday september twenty at seven p m huntington new york book
review on long island i will put it up in the show notes today upon gino darkened the information it's on my twitter on my facebook there is well you check it out i'd love to see you dare say hello i spent a lot of time at these things they usually have to kick me out because they spend so much time talking ok announcements over state showed it fair to day are trying to russia thing again again you eddie i'm gonna believe this day yes don't go let's get right to attend today show brought you buy a bodies that wax are actually know much about my sponsors this is one of those products i recommend highly enough cause i had a real problem my kid you not with your wax build of my here's i gotta wear these eye of bees all the time not only now but when i was with a steady did see services well you know the squiggly earpiece that's the thing always in the ear i couldn't get rid of it and you can't stay goes cotton swabs in you
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the website go wax or extra com use africa there are i let's go yes our using don't rush story again listen ladies and gentlemen i am a fan of tossing gabert she's a democratic candidate for president either she took a couple ridiculous shots at present trump the other day but regardless i am a fan of law order and fairness we know these of freedom within the united states people who want to usher in the police state joseph that those enemies of freedom i've been using now for over decade the colluded with fill in the black movie script forever it has been a constant you mean this shell headline democrat our going and added radical democrats again what happened tossing was on the debate stage the other night on round to edge
he just filleted kamala kamel harris we have all the sound clips and yesterday show episode ten thirty five you want to check him out comma harris is one of the front runners in this race right now along with joe biden apparently some democrats got up that's just what leaks convened italy why leagues recent article eighty intercept by glenn green while not a conservative by the way a very liberal guy but a guy who is very like me frightened by the advice so the police state grand glenn greenwell february third twenty nineteen this is important look at us what happened what broke over while going this nbc new the claim russia's supports tell gathered relies on firm that just caught vote was caught fabricating data for the democratic party so this is our coming out again this story this madison back in february this is now coming out again this is being pushed in bed van
this same exact to keep in mind this is right around the time tall see announced and people started to get support amongst even some libertarians now see in this story just go to twitter you will see this story everywhere about the rushes not tat story by green while this is the story that not the stuff to the grand you're going to see this russia pushing tossing gabert story everywhere now from green was peace this is really good stuff ladies and gentlemen embassy he was published a predictably viral story friday can this back in february claiming that experts who track websites and social media linked to russia have seen stirrings of a possible campaign of support for her why them cried policy gabert don't wash or back you can see this story everywhere but the horse for he was a sham the only export cited by a b c in support of its key claim was the firm knew not new knowledge new knowledge where do we find new knowledge etc will you i we say remember the name knew now
all the same firm that got caught by the new york times fabricating rushing troll accounts on behalf of the democratic party in alabama in their set a race to manufacture false accusations that the kremlin was interfering in the royal more doug jones electra dilation of this is important group while these already expose this company new knowledge for ridiculous subserve allegations against listened with love you whether you lover aid these guys dow jones roy more tossing gabert kamel iris whatever these charges are nonsense there are companies out there are being paid by key democrats too joy the characters in reputations of american politicians running for office who go against the liberal agenda by doing what by tying them too russia it's the entire premise all my second book on spy gate exonerated when we talk about the book signing a murder its theatre saved the entire premise they trot this out every time folks
story has already been debunked and there sir old trotting this out to attack gabert again i'm not anna gabert i support the president and i thought or charges against the present where ridiculous but ladies and gentlemen why am i bring in this up first i always think hard about what stories going too first because i don't want to lose anyone on our so story this is critical why because i told you about that not argument back and forth i had with the gentlemen in the jim who was once the model hearing was over was sure that the democrats we're gonna stop with the rushed up now ladies and gentlemen they won't you are we're gonna have friendly's in the media who will vance an enemy of the democratic party is tied to russia's story using the movie script everything what time it is a simple movie script where they are change the character the bad guy from venom too thought
to miss theory outlining the same story every time the bad guy is trump the ban guy is gabbard the guy is roy more the bad guy is john mccain the whole book by second book is a dial grammatically account of how they do this we single time and got busted they don't care that they got us that these people already got nailed months ago and go to twitter facebook i'm not kidding you're gonna see stories again about our gas it is a russian stooge listen some of this stuff i think i'm too far apart it is extremely questionable some of our meetings even worse but she's a stooge an agent or russia based on a company that already got us creating their own fake russian troll accounts take a deep breath yeah before you believe any of this stupid it's just a matter of time before this came around again just a matter of time dan every single time yet rush hour
a shower rush you folks every single time so there you are an important story none the less ok let's move lot of big news to get you re friday get you today i don't want to lose the weekend and you guys been left in information black hole decent jobs the number just came out job numbers announced this morning friday morning came out around if it was a thirty yourselves hundred sixty four thousand jobs as reported by the wall street journal added in july solid number little let us i mean sliver under the prediction the prediction was for one sixty five so agenda for all intents and purposes was the same as the predictions solid number u s economy added one sixty four thousand jobs in july some take away from this folks for if journal peace you'll see the liberal talking point they constantly throw out there about wages wages are suffering is going to have to it's got a it's gonna disappear like an alcoholic
atomic waste germans just natural here we see from the how to make youtube video in a minute average hourly earnings increased by zero dollars and eight cents last month to two thousand seven hundred and ninety eight wages are going up they were up three point sent from a year earlier the annie gain remained solid especially considering inflation is love but it's down from a recent peak of three point four per and february ladies and gentlemen wages are going up these are solid numbers now he's really this morning i took from above douglas whole taken who is an economist he was on cnbc talk but how the democrats did you notice in the last debate generally stayed away from the economic talking point even though on twitter and social media you see them still trying to advance this wages are going up nonsense even though they are but hearsay in saying hey listen the economy's grey eventually going to run out of things to say check this out it will the economy be a positive story by the tiny election rules around or will they be signs of a crack in the economy by the time of ember of twenty twenty is it is it a tail wind or will it be neutral headline in the absence of a pie
i'll see air is gonna be tailor states can benefit the president's arm you you way right now we held the election the democrats are not talking about the economy because they have nothing this it's doing really well nice now there i say cairo at the bottom what i would call the lower thoroughly industry or cairo in the car at the bottom showed labour labour force participation is up to sixty three percent meaning number of people in the eligible to work in the workforce is going up ladies gentlemen that's a good thing that it too deep on the weeds because i got a lot to get you today in the show clinic some explosive stuff i got a lot of feedback about call me yesterday some of it i totally miss guy some of it on points i want to get there too but i this is an important figure here ages are going up and they're going up at a great rate did inflation in other words if your wages go up and inflation goes up at the same rate your wages didn't really go up folks right you may get
hundred thousand dollar raise a year but if everything costs a hundred thousand dollars more it doesn't matter you can't buy me additional stop pretty simple stand right wages are going up inflation is relatively tame meaning people are getting what they call real increase is not nominal increases real greece is in their buying power what they can buy but why it increases if swallowed a little bit but i would even suggest you and it's not me trying to put lipstick on a bigger anything that even the swallowing up it of wage increases even though there there is substantially higher than the obama administration and very healthy that they're not going but the rate they were in february ladies gentlemen because of what i just mentioned you about labour force participation why think about this think this through a right the obama restoration had historically low labour force participation rates people were leaving the workforce wow that overnight people are leaving the workforce because the availability of good jobs with slim the job growth
the obama years as we saw from donna brazil the former head of the democratic national committee heroic now she area obama was big kitten job growth decent job if there were a garbage jobs part time jobs jobs below you work capacity and what you what value you could add so what was happening people get the jobs they wanted so they were leaving the workforce follow me labour force participation of people leave the workforce goes down when people obviously participating in it before what happened with a lot of spokes a lot of those folks it left the labour force field had their skills atrophy common sense you have a resume you work in a technical field i'll give you joe joe a perfect example my joe and paul i i mean it's can be but they literally the perfect example for this john paul we'll work in a highly technical field paul has to do the live shame she manages the web all this others it's very complicated i honestly have no idea what she does show does podcasting ass to deal with all of it
how to deal with the cuts how to get the cat had a process to stop the equipment we do and the way we post on part guess it's not how joe dated twenty years ago i was a sound engineer on the radio dealing with a sound poured forth switch is the right here we kodak i asked the headlines nobody uses anymore i talked to joe on the internet that's how it works we don't even we but you skype ready we did technology has gotten past if now if always out of the workforce and joe correct me if i'm wrong for five years and came back in joe there be a steep learning curve you to figure out how to do its part christoph right am i received no i might be lost man that's how fast the stuff the ages now if that were the but i like joe at hiram i think i'm going to hire you in a little lower stud salary or i'm going to higher it a little lower reimbursement rate if i had hired him because i got to train you now because joe you get what i'm say forty that's what's keeping the wage growth down you had so many people on the sidelines in the old
i'm a years because the availability of jobs it met their skills weren't there that lot of their skills of atrophied now that the trump economy is in way is on fire a lot of these folks these men and women are coming back into the workforce but at a little lower wages than they would have had if they would have stayed in the workforce so what i'm trying to suggest you was even the fact that he's got this floated tad even that's not a bad sign because labour force participation is going up don't be fooled by the liberal talking points the economy he's very sophisticated now we're not an hour our cultural economy anymore like we were a hundred fifty years ago you go outside you tell a field you sell your goods that's not what we do now even paulo whose act you what is the best web designer i've had to figure out how to do all this live stream stop this video stop was a small operation folks she had learnt i gotta what she does if she was gone for five years gosh who knows how long would it take us to figure out how to do
this video shop so don't sweat it the economy's good the debt inside is i've told you before i think our debt situations ridiculous ridiculous let me get this china store choose i gotta go i gotta get to call me and a ton of other stuff stacked showed please don't go anywhere knew just threat terrorists on china that china trade wars exploding present trump said yesterday that the trade war talks with trade talks of sheep meet with china we're not going well he's trying to impose another ten percent tariff on china september first china's you see in this age of our report warns of retaliation if the trump threatens these fresh new tyre sets and october second report you could check this out in the show notes today as well have all these articles up for you ladies and gentlemen let me give you the ups and downs to this trade wars are never really good for an economy in the short term folks i became the remit i love the audience to show to death but i
i read my emails purpose purposefully because i want to know what what's resonating you always what's happening what are the visitor her to be as and i love your feedback don't take it there always when people even about things i never said adam i can't defend what i didn't i don't believe it happens a lot it's ok it's cool i get it but what i want to be careful you're my language because every time i matches i get emails about things i'm not saying trade war in the short term are never get in the long run they can be beneficial for an economy if we win an would suggest to you that what's happening with china that president tromp if you understands the goal long run which i think he does it free and fair trade is a good thing that something had to be and about china and i dont have a beef with his strategy now at all we have got to break the back of china
trade their stealing our intellectual property they are engaging in holy unfair trade practices their government procurement methods the way they mandate other companies its steel massive our intellectual property in the gut their governments to buy stuff locally very unfair to the united states let me give you the ups and downs so you can make your own informed opinion about these new these new terrorists that will be imposed of temper first of china doesn't come to the table seriously on the positive side for you have to whether you like the president or don't like the present you have to give this guy credit for having colonies he's got a title i'm spine folks what do i mean by that on the pro side the chain he's government but i'm getting from good quality sources here the chinese gum this plan trump for their calculus joe the chinese government is that there is no way president tromp is gonna go far with additional tariffs in it
election year coming up knowing the short term damage to the economy there is going to be some there's no way gonna do it so the chinese said you know what let's forget it forget these trade talks as we know we're not doing what you say we're gonna keep steel and you're intellectual property go pounds and what its trump do trump comes back ass his own k ten percent another tear of coming on september first i you know if the chinese leadership which is hitting show i'm just telling you dance the wrong guy he is not going to back down he is not and if there's gonna be some short term pain for a long time reconciliation with china and a free and fair trade environment he's gonna go forward with it you dance and what the wrong guy he's not kidding around there to help you what you think in the sky for a full you're not he really is committed to this on the downside so there's the pros
the downside is again short term it is our economy a little bit now we are growing job growth is healthy it's not gonna be catastrophic but we cannot ignore the eggs or our people in the united states who deal with china a regular basis while being hurt those terrorists china is devaluing is sure you'd have to try and make their products more competitive in that tariff environment folks investment in the united states the investment the last gdp number that calculates investment is a part of it what is it then she pussy poseidon it's mine assemblies egg its government spending consumption and i men exports minus imports that's how we get our growth number investment is a key porsche that in best is hurting a little bit and what some economists will tell you is a lot of our american companies have some factories joe over in china substantial presents a substantial president and some of that business investment number in those chinese factories and
but the ambient by the way some of the numbers because their buying inputs by the way from china as well the tears maybe hurting them a little bit pros and cons i'm giving you a balanced approach you figure it out short term there's gonna be some pain but i think long term he's taken the right approach they are dancing with the wrong guy folks i'm tellin you they are playing with the wrong guy he is not messing around ok on the call me story man than i get a lot of emails about this yesterday tweets and dan your message that folks missing i promise you when i get mailbox something i'm happy to correct the joke anew for me who can alter i told you of what i did was rob right on spite me read my books by gate we nailed ninety nine percent of their a couple things we were wrong a blind alley but the ford would show up she showed up sessions airport too much faith in granted five points
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they say it is the foundation is keller it works you will feel great on it it is awesome gonna break ass nutrition dot com slash stand today that's brick house nutrition that consular stand today pick up your bottle of foundation i promise you you will not regret it is the best nutrition supplement i have ever taken ok so getting back to the call me story folks i get what's goin on ok their stand before the digestive story yesterday resist john salmon is now reporting that jim crow maybe inspector general has been referred for prosecution based on the investigation of the inspector general and commies leaking and act the depart justice turned down prosecution i don't agree with the decision modified email me yesterday euro missing the point there's a bigger why i m here to get commie fine i'm not suggesting
bill bar is incompetent i just don't think this prosecutors strategies can work i'll get to that in a second first i wanna play some videos lesson this is john solomon on hannity shahrazad right after him last night on the show john sound explaining somebody the problem the car right what about the call me stuff let's go why call me is in trouble and why call me may be out of trouble little bit and again formulate european here is on solomon reporting on why call me is in a world of trouble and just so you have the headline call me signed one of those pfizer wards agree that the information was verified and in that fight said they had no derogatory information about christopher steal their source ladies and gentlemen clearly not true listen asylum unless i am usually they try to hide the fact that they have in fact paddled brandreth there were two paths
by on the trump administration that we know james call me was more right are literally warned of multiple occasions you broke both more at least one of those stories and that was the case a catholic catholic at the state department about ten days before we signed the first five warrant in october twenty sixteen before the election he was also warm we now know by bruce or as was everybody else there are potentially there are cases where he was warned about the dossier might it not be an verified about it being political but that's only one path now in the mother for correct me if i'm wrong the professor joseph misfit radio in fact they thought it was a russian agent we find these worsted intelligence guy now us then you have stefan helper he's fine on carter page so clovis and papadopoulos ah who set that up what do we know who was involved in that and wasn't origins farmed out to other countries allied countries because it
ben otherwise illegal to do it in this country and they were combating america law to do so why can report absolutely that the durham investigators have now obtained an audio deposition of joseph i've seen where he describes his work why targeted papadopoulos who do you didn't do that what directions he was given and why he said the entire process of introducing george papadopoulos to russia in motion in march twenty six in which is really the flashpoint the starting point of this russia collusion narrative i can also can the senate judiciary committee has also obtain the same that position so you now have the another tape you others prosecutor wow ladies and gentlemen there is a lot there i lied to shovel into first on the call me stuff here is the the the prow for us yes call me
apparently representing he's not going to be prosecuted for the leaking of classified information on the ro side apparently call me has been absolutely nailed to the wall about signing off ladies and gentlemen on an publication he says was verified claiming they had no derogatory information about their source to tie output solomon just said there solomon gave you two bullet points take away you should never forget about commies credibility so again joe call me says all this information is good we don't have any derogatory information that are not true solomon says of two pieces of information you have the kathleen collect from this department interview with chris we're still we covered in detail yesterday where steel tells cava like things that are not true today are not true cavil like has a five page file she gets europe's theo full of information that's false
scheme was run out of a russian consulate miami there is no rush and constant miami michael call and went to prague he's never been to prague that russians were giving information does the i thought this was about russian collusion but he points so we cover that yesterday in detail collect from the state department as information before call me sides the warrant that the info false and call me sign that anyway but secondly what the other take away from solomons appearance apparently the bridge or three o two's you're gonna be reclassification what are the three or choose what does that mean bruce or was the number for official in the f b i excuse me in the department of justice he was ward mating with the fbi's back channel information he was getting from steel his wife work but the company that hired steel right the issue is a summary of an fbi interview they write down their notes when they interview you and they entering into a form call the three o too quiet
these sources of hold me and others and solomon i assume as well that those three yo two's are let's just say not good for call me why because now in a day into the cabin like negative derogatory information there's all apparently information history or choose about christopher steals political motives oh but words ladies gentlemen it steel was an acting as an intelligence official or former he was acting pure political operator folks you understand what that means that when the united states the fbi swearing i'm warrants to spy on american citizens because their political opponents want them to that's what that needs i care i'm are to take all of this was an appears as it got lost with the trump rally and in a rush bobby and on shall because he's always a big draw and i understand that but that was a devastating parents by solomon that now call me not only
one piece of information the cavalry file but another the bruce or three or issues that the information was junk and i've also told you that around the time they are signing the first pfizer call me and others in approving it call me at all many fbi had already interviewed monitor steals russian sources and found them to be nonsense call me isn't a lot of trouble a lot i get there and i got all these emails dan is a bigger plants i am not suggesting there isn't that billboard isn't aware of this i'm simply suggesting to you this here's the downside but waited it's the mr they neither thing i got that knocker here's the downside folks the law jack for i'm hearing from sources and others behind not prosecuting call me for his leaks to daniel regiment of the memos that we're late are classified
a member who led me into the media is that they didn't think the case was air tight and court folks listen i'm not this is not like i will repeat myself but i did this for twelve years i worked federal cases not just won a lot of very big ones i am not speaking with forked tongue when you have a big fish like call me the former director the fbi who is clearly right now a key player in the most corrupt political spying scandal in modern american history without a doubt you not always gonna get joe and air tight case now let me show you what the failings in their case were why government failed to go forward and i'll explain to you why that's a poor strategy in a minute let's go to our friend under cover huber at john w huber on twitter one of the best the cancer he has to tweets now keeper mine i'm taking
tweets from is it's a thread he doesn't agree about failing ask com he's just giving you the reason i want to be clear on one tweets nasty grams too he's just giving you the government's logic behind not doing it the deirdre we clear on that so here are the trees he says one of the reasons the oj based waiting prosecute commies could call me also didn't leaks certain contents jobs some of the members that remain secret to this day i e whether flynn was under pfizer trumps calls with putin etc these are still rejected the fbi we don't know their content to it agenda jury this would show that call me was being somewhat selective about what really you track that and for votes you you track where undercover hubris go with a network at certain portions of the memos call me did not leak he kept some of em rejected there still reacted to this day so even oak some information that was later classified was leaked some of it was kept out call me in court
you carry look we were being careful tweet number two about why that in prosecute also the classified memo was rhetoric actively classified by the fbi after call me it already led to his defence it would be that he didn't know was classified it the time call me can also say here i survived so memos secret level and didn't leave them so in other words some information that will lead to the media through commies friend was only class later nor do i read is tweets verbatim for those you guess who may criticise the language of others tweets fair enough good at it now humours thinks that they should have one foreign showed why now folks there's the again given you the data one of the reasons why bars the oj said this is not an air tight case we shouldn't go forward folks i in turn we disagree on i've done these cases i've worked these cases i'll tell you about it we work that i can give you all the details like a boy to that but we had a guy
father a major international credit card fraud scheme hundreds of millions of dollars the guy was a bit player he was a bit i already had unquestionably committed crimes we item on tape visit we had a mail to the wall ladies and gentlemen the dude wouldn't talk he wouldn't talk but what did we have next week next week we had been are there appeared of his daughter same credit card on videotape there it was the guy they put daughter was an even bigger bit player this whole question mind she committed a crime now was the case airtight no was proper will cause therefore an arrest undoubtedly a hundred percent but we do want out picked up the daughter y all of a sudden dad wanting to talk their weak always right yeah you don't want to
but the time don't do the crime saw my fault you got your daughter involve all of a sudden started getting information about the bigger fish and a bigger fish and the bigger fish the case may not air tight against call me my point here folks as you get the bracelets on the probable com for the arrest was there get him in this system get him i can get him softened up make him go higher a lawyer where's that strategy sound familiar joe when it is my way of my poor matter for george papa dapple is just about anyone else the trap that touch the trump orbit i disagree i'm sorry disagree from experience that a lot of folks email me you're missing a bigger but i'm not missing the bigger point the bigger point is you get com in the system you had pc to arrest them you serve the warrant you serve a search warrant at his house yourself but i'm up you get the bracelets item yea interview
listen if you lose the case later fine he's the big fish knows everything i figure from this very come sorted out more changing my might i deeply appreciate your feedback in follow up and you know that send this your emails ivory we read them pray i mean that but i disagree i don't think i i think is a bigger plan to nail call me to the wall but i think prosecutor you're making a mistake by now getting them on the lower level stuff to soften up to talk about the bigger stuff joe is making sense new year now if you put me in bracelets maybe because as other people think about sing and a little bit you know where you go i love your brother brilliant a job wasn't even at eighteen eleven federally brit yes all of a sudden oh my gosh they just arrested the former director only if classified
promotion govern the law applies to everyone he doesn't get a pass great point you know it's we think that cause i'm so think about my story yes so you see call me in there in the bracelets like wholly we better start talking quick good point you saw from everybody else up to thank you now secondly another take away from that dumb fantastic here's my solomon anatomy i did miss the message enough ladies general apparently john durham the united states attorney prosecuting this this spy a fiasco we can reach here that right has tapes of an interview with joseph visit mr starts this whole thing the maltese professor meets with papadopoulos and according to the conspiracy theories out their tells papadopoulos about shouldn't dirt on hilary and basically starts this whole spy gate
a look of russian connected guy miss this maltese professor told the trump guy about russian dirt on every folks the fbi's mattel is forever all we can't find miss nobody knows him as soon as i apparently joseph barely somebody's got types of an interview mr listen i'm going to leave this year cuz i want to beat the stories that we talked about it and nausea and i got a lot of other stuff to get to god forbid in those depositions with miss stood on those tapes mifsud gives the dirty deed the dirty details about being a western televisions asset towards the russians didn't tell me to reach out to papadopoulos friendly's did ladies gentlemen it would be biggest entrapment scheme in human history right in front of you very eyes now one more note on this its source of mine reached out a good person and told me there and i leave you with this
ladies and gentlemen there is no way there's not a larger conspiracy he feared airs and not a theory this is reality this is a key source with quality information and he this out to me he said there in order to use and intelligence asset a financial human source targeted at a u s person overseas there is a very specific chain of command in other words ladies and gentlemen what am i telling here number ombudsman joe get involved here and my own place right i don't like where does this go and men there are you shouldn't it is not one person who had a sign off on the use of stefan how poor and if miss suit the western intelligence ass it is well on miss it is well there are multiple people who would have known about it in the u s intel in law enforcement community let me just give you some titles of people would be involved in this effort
there are always a conspiracy it's just not a theory there is some signatures somewhere on us the counter intelligence desk in the washed in field loves the f b i would add nine off special agent in charge of the washed and feel that the fbi by the way these are just some i'm going to go through the whole this fbi age queuing cutie including the idea and deputy assistant directors in the counter attack this division stroke and price that sound familiar section chiefs national security branch folks the deputy director andy mackay i'm calling himself the sea directorate of operations the f b i ve got here yeah we got over in london cia up the station chief over in london folks by the way this is an even the exhaustive list geese i'm trying to tell you is if miss said was a western intelligence asset and we know how poor was
a whole lot of people knew about it including jim call me again it's not a theory that conspiracy when the conspiracy actually happen then at that than that ok i kind of love and hate stories like this you know i can't stand i hate boycotts i think it's really dumb we can disagree with people politically i hate boycotts but liberals decided that boycotting companies for whatever advertising on station this is the way to go so conservatives of new rules folks had paid back to favour i got a story for you about one of the most epic fails in the history of corporate amerika don't go anywhere less bozrah they want to my face do candid duke and the duke the duke we love due care what is this what are my holding it but it's checklist that is their solid cologne look at a little dividend
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man smells everywhere my papa how much you loved you can date night tomorrow's gonna be spectacular double well i've got a driver believe driver to our yeah around i'll do that often do kanak at a bar soap patriotic that's a lot to ask it just a bar so bright does it got a little flat waving around consider this do canada superior quality grooming goods for hardworking manner tested by soldiers not boy bans due care and this is cool part active duty military develop new ideas and review products any this meeting i stand for soldiers doesn't happen do canada so committed to giving back to men and women serving our country it's why apportioning proceeds directly supports veteran cause duke can answer everything you need nothing you dont soap news anchor per month beard why smell like manhood superior grade aiming cream solid cologne my favorite nice and when you you
do canada's soap or premium hair goods it give evidence tankard get no news ankara they care a beard shaving has helped to put your best face more don't be surprised you start humming a national anthem visit duke do you k e candid cnn o thou comrade now get fifteen percent off you first order promo code bonn gino shipping on orders over thirty five thousand that's do canada comparable goodbye jean of fifty percent of duke canada com promo code by gina we love the duke derive friday joanna love friday at least but i really afraid i'll explain our one day maybe you have to do a different show anna s w much your pallaby thou that for so out so unlike do canada should accompany fuller patriots abdulla thought it would be good idea to attack toxic maxilla masculine oh yes gillette the razor company gillette
at this idea about toxic masculinity some social justice warrior garbage other the ad wisdom what with the percentage is this the best man can get up ok whatever i don't buy your razors to be lectured by social justice words why gillette thought that was that idea side are i don't know so what's the axiom what is the number one axiom right of of corporate amerika job get woke broke here is a breach of media story of the showed us today to lose billions after she hymning men in care bade by jim to reach her august first twenty ninety paula loves these stories by the way their hysterical because i just can who sits in a corporate board because this is a jack i got an idea ok tony let's hear it i think you should do it it had cropping all over men telling about they have toxic masculine and everybody system or the brilliant that is
great idea that one little like the brook vegetarian dies you have that one who did the back right the one who's who sets are sure that's a good idea and he's afraid to speak up but still a guy bobby you will think you got some say we have a little bit of here we need a little bit tat we sell shaving products to men and we're gonna take a big job all over men maybe that's a good idea bobby get this guy story about immediately same you're gonna put on jim call me put him in the brain can get him out of here prosecute this guy for followed this while premium people this guy's not woken up get get about all about everybody get a bamboo stick about a back on the way out is baggy bobby fire mediately fired them metaphor affect retroactively claims was less two months of salaries like a reverse severance
one guy was jack's gillette folks i'm not making this up can eight billion dollar right out bill this is not an austin powers it mainly in the billion will be right down stupid idea was this too how folks we seen this before that remember netflix word are going to georgia they won't allow me to life be terminated in the womb up to nine months georgia they passed pro life that we are not going to go to georgia netflix we're supposed to add three honey fifty two thousand subscribers hour period right after that announced they lost two hundred sixty thousand that's a big difference up down
doubt here's a zero line negative was we buy netflix was we above negative below zero negative positive above netflix here negative get woke colebrook and you know what folks i hate boycotts i do they're stupid to buy products because a good or bad it's how an efficient economy works but new rules folks you're in a culture war here and all of us better wake up real quick you want to start playing up to this also justice warrior nonsense fine we could play that game to logic the choices and razors we advertise one here logic choices and men's health care products we just advertise one you make those decisions and your money wisely get woke go broke ok given the popularity moving on
of our map colombo my residence the bunker in fact checker he has become an up i'll wait debunked this which is a must read before the election he d bunks all the liberal nonsense to bail bond amazon now go check it out matt wrote a piece about baltimore the peace want nuclear on our website we had wouldn't you say paul our largest traffic day ever la budget the outcome has been expiate joe i'm even talking about so much going on right now but you know that calm thank you all you mean the world to me you have been blowing our website up mats p a large part of that when he wrote this piece about what's really going on in baltimore stimulus money crime rates so i said to madness i'd like you to follow up and talk about the public safety situation in baltimore and how bad it really is but i dont tell me but they do he does his own thing matters editorial control over its own content i just give him ideas new p up today i'd like you to check out folks this headline is everything this is this not a joke
it's not funny not meant to be silly business to highlight appoint listen to this articles up at the show notes and upon you know that come by mad if baltimore where a country it would be the world's third most dangerous folks here it's not funny it's not jokes a silly start that silly time i can't say this these are our people our citizens in our country and one of our cities they live in a city that would early be if it were a country the world's third most dangerous paula put up their charge this is in the peace that the shown us baltimores homicide rate by area the murder rate per one hundred thousand people joe would rank only behind el salvador and jamaica slightly ahead of honduras if it were a country folks that is on fire favourable why is that happened we know why because the relentless liberal pandering
to this end the police atmosphere which we saw the debates here tonight we're people act like police or the bad guys has caused this ferguson effect where cops feel like they're not gonna be backed up by political leaders that govern their cities and they do hands up folks can i tell you what kind of europe the scenes of why this house that one one good thing about the analysis to be fair mad addresses this in the peace to cities and countries are somewhat apples and oranges obviously cities have concentrations of people country more dispersed areas of people but its thin this is not inaccurate if it were a country b the third most dangerous bottoms is a very dangerous place i believe will be the twenty four most dangerous city in the world which is still horrendous horrendous here's what i'm getting from a police a police officer friend of mine and this happened post fergus the right has been going downhill ever since its continued with the plaza these big city
errors that liberals attacking the cops the cops they're just human folks you don't have to agree with this just giving you yes i basically about what's happening a lot of them dialing back aggressive policing because there fraid they're gonna lose their jobs and not be backed up by management catering politicians who gave me this example whereas five or six years ago you know maybe a decade ago in the rue de giuliani new york you saw a car in the street clear you doing something in violation of law no one listen i'm a libertarian it hard no one's no one advocating the police they bother me i'm just tell please tell me this guy you see someone in new york it's illegal to make a right on red they make and on red they broke traffic laws you'd pull them over this is him talking in the past
joe you now you smell marijuana coming out of the car you too have probable cause a reasonable suspicion for some kind of a terry frisk you know you pull them out frisk them a lot of times you found a gun neck turns out that guy who made the right on red and wisdom some wait in the car was going to commit an armed robbery or the woman with them or whatever so when why do they call toilsome frisk gum on the gone they get em off the street they prosecute him that robbery didn't happen that's why the crime its we're down ladies and gentlemen is called broken windows policing it's not complicated it works what my friend army is if it's not what's happening now right on red this rather marijuana you're like maybe marijuana maybe not bright the guy a ticket or just give him a warning and let him go you don't have to we therefore disagree with it i'm giving you a police officers perspective
i'm not on the shriek me more i left the police farm in eighteen ninety nine but that is his explanation from that happened city wide why crime rates in baltimore in other places are going up there appalling these guys out of the car when they have resumed suspicion suspicion anymore get me guns off st doing it is aggressively as they were in the past because they just feel like there gotta be backed up it's as simple as that vote a very dangerous trend again i am i be clear and i am not suggesting you know rampant stops people for no it's not about absolutely but when you meet the criteria reasonable suspicion for a fresh gone the sri whether its per se the weapons possession drugs or whatever it is then you don't work should do it out of what those folks in my neighborhood either i want anyone in profiled outside of behaviour
a characteristic everybody pricing only broken when thou police guys gonna hammer i mean that's a baby about because a physical character no one suggesting that i'm simply suggesting view that aggressive policing the rules and procedures in the constitution ladies and gentlemen works its not working now because you're not doing it because politically we have failed that's why you're seeing a situation in baltimore like you see now listen to me a lot of police officers listen to the show if you think i'm wrong and my friends wrong fair enough shoot us an email shoot us a tweet the emphasis on twitter facebook whenever maybe i'd love to hear your opinion i have said this before i've we're gonna know on that just let you know ok last story the week how i miss this last few days i'm sorry i just we ve been so this has been such a stacked weakest show spinner best weak ever prolateness listen ship so big thank you knew folks its
fascinating how liberals whenever you want to see what a liberal whenever liberals attack conservatives for something is typically something liberals are doing themselves liberals have been for what for the last two years you all that the drug trade the rigged the election with the russians screamin and yellow mike lunatics folks its liberals as i just said but you do they call me story the hills story steel using russian sources actually liberals who tried to read the election which any use higher ups and the fbi ideal j and cia to do so it's not us as the liberals but it's fast learning about rigging elections how the liberals are doing this right now in the mainstream media is largely ignored the story through that native woods check out the story in california california the unbelievably is trying to ban trump from that this is a real watch your journal joy thirty first twenty ninety two heads is literally california bans backdrop to stay passes what a bar shrunk from the primary balance this is not a joke whose rigging
elections now here's the store here's what happened having newsome far left radical governor of california driving the state to the ground has now decided to bid to into the legislation into law a bill banning candidates that don't disclose their tax returns from appearing on the primary about clearly directed who were trump fine you disagree with his opinion you think trump should this closest tax returns leads to emigrate reform that that's fair enough but joe there's a guy he made that clearly prescribes and lays out be done for you to run for president you may have heard of the document show how the constitution that we define no that's not the magna carta right now you're it's it's not the accra got a bill of rights it's the constitution of the united states constitution lays out very specific criteria
at present the united states and no war folks this thing can i get thrown out if it goes to the supreme court is no question about it states have tried this before they ve tried term limits at this eight level on congressmen it's been thrown out the constitution lays out the criteria for congress descended the presidency that is it there is no state ah that's going to supersede that's the point here is is too point out the absurdity of liberals continuing to claim that trunk tried to read the election when that's all the liberals have been doing for two years a russian collusion fairytale trying to abandon electoral college trying to pack the supreme court trying to get tromp electors after he won t not vote for turning light state laws sewing they think that's what they do that trying to throw out the electorate college in total it's the left its losing your mind it's not us those the maniacs not us and now there
keep em off the primary bats are gonna work it's stupid but the fact that the trump team has to waste their time in california with this kind of stupid insanity is utterly ridiculous that hake from off the general election ballot by the way but this primary it's just an insult then a slap in the face and another effort by which law we buy any economic measure now a stain on a downturn sadly to tape the trump team for gave a nuisance political gain it's really gross stupid stuff my folks thanks again for great weakest shows best weak ever prescribed they show on video youtube dotcom slash bond gino it's free of course are you gonna apple podcast google podcast are a cloud as well go check it out we really appreciate it and you can always listen ombudsman without comment we had our biggest weak traffic ever you all the best i owe it exclusively to you the best audience the business love you did that see all on monday folks thanks again for greatly
just ten bonn genomes you can also get dance podcast soon itunes or sound cloud and follow then on twitter twenty four seven at the bonn gino
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